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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] Devon freedom [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of the choice and now here is your host Marc Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're watching what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com ladies and gentlemen government is slavery and here on water on earth is happening we are ending slavery one mind at a time thanks for tuning in today we have a great show lined up for you here today today is Sunday May 5th 2019 this is episode number 208 and today's show is going to be a call-in show that's going to act as a follow-up from last week's show the topic of which was least harm possible plant-based nutrition vs. carnism revisited so we're gonna be taking your calls almost the entire show I do have a couple of quick things that I want to wrap up on because we sort of like you know didn't really beat the clock last week we ran out of time during my last couple of slides and I just want to go over a couple of things that were left out of the show last week very briefly at the beginning of today's show and then we're going to be taking your calls on discord for the duration of the show today you can get the link for the discord calling on the what on earth is happening live show page at what on earth is happening dot-com slash show so that's the show for today coming up now I want to just do a very brief housekeeping I am still looking for a video editor live here in house we have a couple of editors that we work with but they're remote and I would like to do some projects that require a video editor being here on site working with me in real time so if you have skills particularly with Final Cut Pro and you live in the Philadelphia area or you're within a short travel distance to my home in South Philly please get in touch with my assistant Leah Boone at Leah at what on earth is happening calm and she's gonna ask for examples of your video editing work and you know if you're interested in helping out on a volunteer basis with what on earth is happening so that's le IH a at what on earth is happening calm and my assistants name is Lea Boone so please get in touch with her if you're interested in being a video editor here on site at what on earth is happening headquarters that's really all the housekeeping that I have for today so I'm gonna get ready to jump into the show just give me one moment so last week's show went pretty well and I've gotten a lot of very good feedback on the show there has also been a lot there has not been a lot but there's also been some negative feedback and I expect that as well because I don't expect everybody to understand the totality of you know what I covered I'm just getting my slides together folks just bear with me one second so you know I will take anybody's call today it won't i will not really um you know discriminate if you want to disagree okay so there's you know nothing that's going to be forbidden but I am gonna if people do disagree with what I talked about regarding the morality of the topic of veganism versus carnism are just in general plant a plant-based diet versus carnism I am going to ask for I am going to ask certain questions of individuals who disagree and I want them to answer those questions first before they make their points because I'm gonna kind of hold people's feet to the fire you know regarding you know what their beliefs are on this topic okay so that being said I think we could jump into the slides for today and go over to the to this computer slides so this is the artwork that Brett came up with for today's show again it's a call-in show and I want to let everybody know even before I go to the calls I'm going to do a few slides and then go to the calls but I want to let everybody know too if you're if you are call via the discord chatroom do not listen to the live stream the live stream will be delayed by often several seconds possibly even up up to 20 or 30 seconds depending on your internet connection speed okay so you don't want to be listening to the live stream or watching the live stream you should only be listening to me in the discord chat room if you are planning on calling in because that's where the real-time voice interaction will be taking place if you're watching on the live stream I will probably call on you and you will it will be delayed and you will miss me calling on you to go live because as soon as I call on you you should jump in you know with your question or comment okay so I'll go over those uh you know technical things in a moment but let's jump into the last few slides that I really wanted to cover from last week one of them which I didn't even really have a slide for but I wanted to mention so last week you know we got into all of the aspects the moral aspects of a plant-based diet versus a meat eating diet and I talked about all of the aspects regarding natural law and morality that have to do with making the decision about how a human being should eat and how we should view the eating of animals in a in an immoral capacity if we're being honest with ourselves I covered all with that and then I got into some of the positive aspects of just general nutrition okay like what I think people really should be doing and the things that they should be looking into and this is something that I left out okay I left out talking about the importance of iodine in the human diet as a supplement okay iodine is not something that the body produces but it's something that's very very important for the regulation of a thorough health okay so sorry about that folks I just I just took care of that my laptop power cord was up plugged into the wrong jack so sorry about that but I wanted to let people know about a form of iodine that we all really should be taking as a supplement okay on a daily basis and I've been taking this for several years every single day of my life without missing a day okay as a total regimen as something that I have habituated as a regimen every single morning when I wake up I take nee-san iodine okay now nascent iodine is an unbound atomic form of iodine that really has been removed from anything that once even contained it like certain types of sea salt okay now you have processed salts where the iodine is actually removed okay and this they've done this deliberately they've taken it out because they know how beneficial this is not only for the thought the health of the thyroid which it very much helps to regulate and the thyroid have regulates so many other functions of the body that really being deficient in iodine as an actual health issue can become a detrimental health issue so arm this is something that I will highly recommend it's something that I've been doing this is the the proper way to get it into your body is by taking the atomic form the unbound atomic form of it and not a polluted form of the iodine so there's many different forms of nascent iodine on the market you can research that look on any of your favorite health sites or or anywhere any shopping sites that you want to check out and you can often find really great deals on them so um you know do your research and I'll purchase something that you feel is a quality product and I'll take it every day you know because it really has made a tremendous difference in my personal health and I highly recommend it it's something that shouldn't be overlooked I mean this is like something isn't to me that is as important as juicing and blending in your daily regimen you know fruit juices vegetable juices you know and blending you know making healthy smoothies you know often you could even add protein powder to smoothies that's what I basically do I'll make fruit smoothies with added protein powder in them or you know even green smoothies you know with spinach or kale or celery I mean that that's the way to do it with a high-powered juicer or blender now I would say nascent iodine is right up there with importance and it's also right up there with things that people lack and don't do they don't supplement their diet properly they don't take the right supplements they don't take you know the right things that when you add it to a healthy whole plant-based diet Whole Foods plant-based diet based in nature as undiluted and unpolluted as possible straight from the earth if you don't supplement with iodine you're making a huge mistake it's as big of a mistake as not doing fruit and vegetable juicing and blending okay so that's what I wanted to say regarding nascent iodine I also wanted like I talked last week about like all of these health fads and these diet fads you know these um you know fad diets and crazes that that you see pop up and how people will follow them because they don't really have the information that they need they haven't really done the research and the homework and then they're like so you know craving to look for something that some some expert knows about that is you know gonna help them and gonna improve their health or change their body type you know or make them feel energetic again and it's so simple none of these fad diets like I wanted to talk about like I did talk about like the keto diet and you know the the Paleo diet one thing I didn't talk about is like the blood type diet this is another big craze and it's another big fad diet you know all of these fad diets or just get rich quick schemes by the people that come up with them as far as I'm concerned okay and that one one of the things they never talked about they always talked about well here's the things you need to restrict completely from your diet don't ever eat this don't ever eat that as soon as you hear don't ever eat this or that unless it's something that's completely artificial like artificial sweeteners okay dyes colorings all that shit that's in our diet all those poisons okay as soon as somebody starts talking about any natural food that grows in the earth okay that is actually here for humans to consume I'm automatically suspect and I will say that that's automatically some type of you know fad diet that's being marketed to people because they know how gullible they are they know how little they know about real plant-based nutrition and they know how you know just desperate they are to go to you know some sort of an expert and you know follow everything that they say I'd group the blood type diet in with all of that okay I would also group the grain free diet in with all of that and I know there's gonna be people who hey they're gonna disagree with all of this okay but grains aren't in and of themselves poisons as they grow in the earth naturally okay no one is going to convince me of that okay it does I don't really care where your studies came from my take is if it grows in the earth naturally and it's not something that's like inherently poisonous like poisonous berries or things like that there are certain inherently poisonous plants that human beings cannot consume obviously okay that's common sense knowledge that things like that exist in nature grains have are not one of those things grains have certain grains have become poisonous because of the way human beings have genetically modified them and I'm gonna say genetic modification okay so how certain grains have been modified and this is why there's a stigma in many health diets and fad diets against all grains and I do not agree with that stigma I think it is a false equivalency okay that being said you have to be very careful with many grains with most of them because most of them are genetically modified and here's the problem with this folks they don't have to be labeled genetically modified because they are not genetically modified in a laboratory with some type of actual chemical or physical modification of the grain they are genetically modified through the process of genetic hybridization in the fields in the way that they are crossbred grown so that type of genetic modification which is called genetic hybridization does not have to be labeled as a GMO food in almost any place in the world especially in the United States I'm not going to say that that's true for every country in the world in some places that may have to be labeled if that is the case but I'm telling you definitively that in the entire United States the no product containing genetically hybridized grain ever has to be labeled as a GMO food as a genetically modified organism okay so this is where people don't understand the difference between these things and if you research it the the process of genetic hybridization creates a poisonous protein in many grains specifically modern wheat okay and if you look at modern wheat versus ancient we could actually see the physical difference in the size of the wheat berry okay but that that's like just you know that has not really the size of it and shape of it has very little to do with what's going on inside of it okay because that's ultimately way more important okay it produces a protein that is not really found in grains as nature grew them and intended okay and it's called gliadin now if you research gliadin this is a poisonous protein for the human immune system reproductive system digestive system everything it's it's a very very insidious poison it's a poisonous agent and this is contained in just about all modified modern grain strains okay the the the genetically hybridized forms of wheat okay now if you go back to ancient grains you're not going to have these problems okay you're not gonna have this this poisonous protein in it and this is what almost hardly any researcher or any person advocating grain free diets ever really talks about and what they'll say is avoid them all because you're not gonna know the difference if that's untrue it is possible to know the difference in which grains are hybridized and not anything called wheat plain wheat is going to be hybridized okay but if you get an ancient form of wheat like einkorn or an ancient spelt okay or an ancient comet we then those things are not going to be genetically hybridized so you want to look for organic and ancient grains okay so amaranth quinoa you know a millet things like that not only are many of them gluten-free they're going to be glide and free if they're organic and non genetically hybridized so ancient organic grains okay so I just want to let people know that we need to break this whole idea that anybody's saying just avoid this whole thing in nature 100% completely is selling you a bill of goods as far as I'm concerned I don't subscribe to any of these restrictive forms of dieting okay I I subscribe to a whole and a complete nutritious diet based on plant foods that are largely unmodified by the work of man if nature grew it and it is safe for us to eat okay and it's a largely unmodified and and not polluted by what man does to it so almost completely unprocessed use it in your diet it's called a common-sense approach to nutrition and health okay and all of these other fad diets are just it's it they're there to sell people build goods in a naive state and in a in a hungry state to get you know information that they lack because they don't want to do the research themselves and opportunists will come in and sell them all these fad diets and that's exactly what's going on so you need to research glidin which is the poisonous protein that is created in wheat and others certain other grains but mostly in wheat through the process of genetic hybridization okay last week I kind of ended the show trying to rush through what adaptogens were and I think this is also very important and also very not understand by people when they study nutrition and health and yet these are some of the most important herbs that we could be using to supplement our diet adaptogens are compounds which help the body to adapt to stress and exert a normalizing effect upon bodily processes and I'm talking about across the spectrum of body functions okay just about every way that your internal organs function to weight regulation to energy you name it it will normalize things if you are underweight it will help you to gain weight if you are overweight it will help you lose weight it will they'll give you a lot of energy by taking these in and in the right amounts okay some of them you have to be careful with if you take too much you know it could actually you know wire you up like caffeine can okay so you want to look into adaptogens you want to do your research on them some common examples are ashwagandha I take this all the time as well okay a struggle this route great for detoxification and energy that's an also you know something that I try to take whenever I can cordyceps mushrooms ginseng licorice root rhodiola rosea okay all of these you want to do your research into and start getting on different adaptogens I highly recommend ashwagandha it's something that's also very much helped with my you know energy and just um overall regulation body regulation okay it's really good for men and women as well so Ana straggle acai I can't say enough good things about that and then you could look into all of the beneficial mushrooms you know the cordyceps mushroom the Blas a mushroom the chaga all of those you know you know different types of fungus in the form of mushrooms can have an extremely high health benefit on the diet when they're used as supplements you put them in smoothies etc there are certain forms of coffee that have these infused in them you know nutria Cafe is one example okay so the whole point here is adaptogens regulate body processes and they help with stress they help reduce stress or effects okay so very beneficial and they're another thing that a lot of people leave out of the the diet and don't know anything about and have never even heard of okay so that's something that I left off talking about last week and then I just wanted to wrap up this whole topic by just saying that eating well is actually a form of self-respect when we make our food choices we are choosing between putting toxic and poisonous substances in our body or putting life-giving substances that came from nature came from the earth and ultimately came from the Sun as I talked about last week you want to talk about what the source of everything here is it is our star the Sun okay and you know that's where all energy and life is ultimately connected to folks and like I said it's something beyond what we even understand we don't even know what the Sun and the light that comes from the Sun even really ultimately is it's a form of energy it's a form of spirit it's a form of nurturing and it is it's like the core of nature okay it's everything in this solar system no life would be possible without it and that's where these plants really get their energy connected to the earth you know through the process of photosynthesis and then they transmute that energy to us when we take them in as we are meant to okay so respect is what this is all about you know especially self respect so many people are in this self-loathing state they don't want the truth they don't want real knowledge they and and therefore they want to treat themselves as if they don't deserve anything better in life this is why we're in a state of slavery ladies and gentlemen we're in a state note no self-respecting species could allow themselves to remain in a state of slavery we are in a self-loathing state as a species and our diet has a lot to do with it see this is a big end point for a lot of people I I've told people many times this came last for me I got all the other stuff folks I got all of it all the aspects of the conspiracy the worldwide conspiratorial aspects all of the political and financial nations that are taking place in the whole political spectrum I got the whole you know polarization dialectics the mind control techniques the occult all of it the last thing that fell into place for me personally was a change of diet and an understanding of real plant-based nutrition and how powerfully mind changing that could be for the positive to help us to get the brain fog out and help us to really clarify and develop a true sense of self-respect clarify our thoughts emotions actions pure it's a process of purification I would go so far as to say it is internal alchemy okay and then when you get yourself in a state of health and strength then you are ready to do the great work of external external influence which is a process of alchemy but by putting this information and knowledge out there for other people and that's what the great work is to really do okay so I'll wrap up this formal presentation right there okay and another thing I neglected to do last week because we ran out of time was to just you know wrap up housekeeping as far as you know talking about what supports our efforts here at what on earth is happening we couldn't do this without you I have a fantastic internal team that helps me a produce the show every week I want to thank the crew and all the people who assist with that it's their efforts are absolutely invaluable okay and you know the people who don't necessarily directly interact to help the processes here at what on earth is happening you can help indirectly and if you want to go to give stop what on earth is happening calm or just go to what on earth is happening calm and click the gifts button or tab okay there's hard items that you could order okay that are my DVDs flash drives we have t-shirts up there we have keychains and stickers and buttons and coasters you know just little simple you know merchandise items that you know you could make a donation for okay and then they'll be sent to you as a free gift okay so there's it's a it's a mixture change of a gifting it's an exchange of gratitude basically is what we're talking about here so thank you to everyone who has contribute contributed at donation gifts okay please keep that up because it helps the efforts continue here at what on earth is happening so thank you for for engaging in that site if you want to receive the Ark Drive which is a collection of all of the research material that helped me to gain the best research material that I've put together and assembled in one place on one hard drive that helped me to gain the understanding of the world that I did you know post coming out of the occult the world of the dark occult all right I I started to become an obsessive researcher in all of this once I understood what who was really running the world okay through direct involvement in groups like that and then I became an obsessive researcher and I started gathering digital information from every corner of the internet and what you might call the dark web okay and I put all of the best research aggregated all of my best research data onto one one terabyte hard drive you know and then I started copying that for people and distributing it so if you're interested in receiving all of that research data that I put together many years ago you can go to what on earth is happening calm slash arc the arc stands for the amazing repository of knowledge and if you fill out the form there you can then get the PDF document which contains the shipping instructions for how to obtain the arc Drive many many people have now taken me up on the arc Drive and it's great that that data is proliferated and it's out there and at some point in the future I haven't I've started the project but haven't had the time to completely finish it I will be building 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people have been really taking me up on this is our Amazon wish list for technology we're always in need of different technological items as you know the operation here expands and grows we are trying to bring some new workstations and you know basically bring some new people to work on graphics and video here and you know there are some items in the Amazon wishlist if people would like to contribute by donating that way you could also do that thank you to all the people who have donated in any way you know who you are and we completely sincerely appreciate your very generous donations for what on earth is happening we would not be able to continue to do this to make this effort to continue this cause without your generous support so thank you so much that being said let's all let's go to your calls in a moment okay now what I want to let everybody know is I'm gonna read some of the basic ground rules or just like the setup that needs to be understood for calling into discord I've I've covered this a couple of times I'm gonna do it one more time before we go in so I always have to put these headphones on before I take calls because I'm actually taking calls right on the computer that is connected right here so it's going out over a different mic what I've been doing the last few shows is leaving the microphone for this headset on at the beginning of the show so the people in the disc court room could get used to hearing my voice live and see how it's different from the live stream okay so what you want to do I'm gonna basically read some of the read the instructions okay so when you go into the discord room using the using the link on the show page the link to get into the call section to get into the call app and in the server where I take the calls is at what on earth is happening comm slash show you can click the link that says click here to call in live using discord right on that page okay that'll take you into the the discord server that we use here to take calls discord is like just Skype on steroids you know or Facebook messenger on steroids or Google Hangouts on steroids okay we're talking about basically just a chat and a voice and video app okay that you could you know just talk to other people throw it's mostly used for gaming largely okay my producer just asked me thought it would be a good idea to just show people the discord link on the show page largely I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna pause the video that's playing there okay on my browser just show you this is the link right here okay you can get the discord app using this link right here the word discord is linked and that'll take you I'll just show you real quick that'll take you to the discord page where you can download the app for your operating system okay so you that's really the best way to do it is to get the actual desktop app if you're using it on a phone that's great too I recommend using the desktop app I'm gonna just continue to go through the instructions but I just want to show you here here's the link right here click here to call in life okay that'll actually take you into the server once you have the app installed okay so yeah we can cut away from that great okay so I'm going to go back to the instructions that I was reading okay so when you when you go into the server then you're going to click in what on earth is happening calling room you want to click the actual voice channel that's listed under voice channels what on earth is happening call in room okay so you're gonna enter it by clicking that okay and then you want to realize that this is not a chat room at least not when we're on the air we've allowed some off-hours chat after the show but during the show we don't want that going because it acts as a distraction okay I want you to be paying attention to what's going on on the show okay so this is a waiting area to speak to me live on the show it's not intended to be a chat room okay so you don't want to stay in the room the one earth is happening calling room unless you actually intend to have your call taken live on the air I highly recommend to use the discord desktop app or the mobile app and not use the browser interface you can if you want to but I don't recommend that okay so you click into the calling room to enable voice call and you have to unmute your microphone in the app okay now on the desktop app that's down here in the bottom left hand corner so if I click this I muted if I unclick it unmuted you want to make sure that that is unmuted I have everybody muted from the server end okay so I have to physically unmute you to take your call so you want to have your own mic unmuted on your end okay all right so during the call you won't be heard but you will you will be heard but you will not be seen live on the video stream okay so there's no video it's just live audio okay don't listen to the show on any live stream while you wait for your call to be taken live streams can be delayed up to 20 seconds so you may be you may miss being called on instead listen to be called on onto the show by me right on discord right in the discord app okay mute any devices that generate any sound at all that that includes any other app that includes you know anything you might be watching the show live on you want to mute all of that okay quit any program except this cord that may use the mic or your headphones okay and you have to use headphones because if you don't your speakers are gonna be feeding back through your your your microphone okay so use headphones to make sure that the sound only goes into your ears and don't loop back into your mic okay if you're not using headphones and I hear an echo I may have to terminate the call I don't want to have to do that okay and I'm gonna determine what calls I take we don't have a specific order I look at who's in the room and who whose calls I want to take and you you will not be screened there's no call screener when I go to your live on the air okay and what I call on you by name you'll be live so be ready with your comments or questions alright so that being said let's jump in okay all right we can yep well we can cut away from that here we go let's go to Shaun McCann Shaun you are live on what on earth is happening episode number 208 Shaun welcome to the show hi there mark good to speak with you again excellent thank you for thank you for participating and thank you for being ready I think I might be the first time that the first caller I called upon was totally ready to go that's good I'm glad to be part of something and be a be remembered I just wanted to say how how my experience of how I've grown to to my understanding of doing least harm is best and I wanted to say that that your your work has been an influence to kind of push me over the edge my whole life my my mother was vegetarian and I've always loved animal it's always been a big part of me and the cognitive dissonance was just blind to me and all my ears and like I like everything that I'm learning about spirituality it didn't click for that you know until it's almost been a year it was my birthday and I stop you there for a moment ladies let me ask why why do you think that aspect of spirituality didn't click because I agree that doesn't click for everyone even if they study spirituality particularly from a quote-unquote new-age perspective you know you do have a lot of New Agers who become vegetarian ok it kind of overlaps with that community but it doesn't necessarily directly overlap with spirituality in general it can but again it doesn't necessarily overlap and click for many people so why do you think that that wasn't included in the types of spirituality that you study particularly I I can I can guess that maybe it's because it's so it's so tough for people to make change and when they face change they don't they want to reject it so any kind of spiritual course kind of makes an excuse I mean even Manley P Hall says that animals die willingly to give us their life you know and I can tell that strongly disagree and he's a spiritual man like like any sailor you know it doesn't make sense you see you see a lot of contracted even in the spiritual source I have an aversion to that just to start with and that's probably why people don't even try to push that subject do you think it's because it's polarize the spiritual sense right you think it's because it's a polarizing factor that a lot of people who consider themselves even spiritual teachers leave that out of their curriculum so to speak exactly yeah and in order to get everybody on board you got a you know you got to make some sacrifice and be moral relative and morally relative in some ways well folks this is why I kind of didn't revisit this topic for so long because it's so polarizing I see the polarization in the community on this topic and I again I did this show last week and the subsequent call-in show this week to try to bridge that polarization and make people realize it does not have to be present if we're as long as we're being honest with ourselves see I don't have any problem with people continuing the carnist diet as long as they make the spiritual realization that this isn't the optimum way for human beings to be in the world right the the were I consider the hardcore ignorance coming from is the people who actually have come to the incorrect conclusion that we really actually need this in our diet and that they don't understand that there is a proper way to convert from a carnist diet to a plant-based high density nutrient diet based on plant food plant nutrition there is a right way to do that there are wrong ways to do it there are many wrong ways to do it okay I'm trying to give people the tools the information and the tools that they need to do it properly so that they transition it's a journey and a transition it's not an event as I said last week you know they're transitioning to a plant-based diet is not an event it's a it's a process okay so yeah tell us a little bit about how that happened for you and how long it took and how difficult was it well it was I mean it was a journey but I'll tell you what pushed me over the edge was an event I I imbibed what it was my birthday and early morning I had my coffee and certain entheogen which put me in a in a mine space and before my girlfriend was awake I was you know just scrolling through internet and I happened upon Facebook like I I knew it was a bad idea but I went anyway and people were discussing how grass-fed beef is great and it's organic and it's good for you and people were debating you know and somebody just posted a photograph of an animal that's enslaved its face was bound with metal and ropes and its eyes were crying and looking at something horrific and you could see the fear and the pain and the anguish and I just cried like I opened up and I cried for must have been like an hour she walked my girlfriend woke up to me sobbing she's like what's wrong and I just couldn't take it I mean my everything shattered for me and now I see I see meat as different than I used to I used to see it as you know and now I like I see what it is and I understand what it you know I have to choose to ingest fear and pain you know and I have to choose to be that animals captor like three times a day I have to choose wrong you know and I just couldn't do it anymore and that was almost a year ago I mean I'm only vegetarian I'm still just technically I'm still my attorney you know all right so it is a journey but I stayed I stayed vegetarian Shawn for 12 years before I made the commitment fully go to a plant a total plant-based diet and it was difficult you know I'm I saw the you know desires welling up in me to you know stay attached to you know certain animal-based products and you know it was a process of you know developing that willpower to say I don't really need to stay attached to this and that's something that like we work internally with ourselves to do and some people do it at a faster pace some people do it at a slower pace for me the actual stopping of the consumption of meat was far easier than stopping the consumption of different associated products like dairy products that was I was much more addicted and you know attached to those than I was to actual animal flesh even though I was a big meat-eater when I was a carnist okay I mean unbelievable I was going to tell people about the some of the you know anecdotes that happened to me too - how you know of what I was like before and things that got me out of it so um Sean just let me let me know how long have you been vegetarian for now it's been my birthday is June first so that's it'll be your fantastic congratulations thank you kindly yeah great job you nice Sean I'm I'm gonna unless you have anything else I'm gonna let you go I'm gonna tell people a couple of quick anecdotes before I you know get get into another caller well sure I'd like to for everybody to participate I suggest speaking with Nathan ridet I did do that I'm actually planning on taking his call next believe it or not okay great tell them I said hello yes we we spoke a couple weeks ago on Evelyn's program Good Vibrations podcast and that was that was a vegan roundtable we discussed veganism and he's very intelligent and I'm glad you're speaking with him absolutely Sean thank you so much for the call great points very good thanks for having me you got to take care so I'll just let everybody know like you know how much of a meat-eater I was I used to go to like those Brazilian steakhouses the Brazilian barbecue steak houses you know with friends and just you know there's some in Philadelphia here that have this little gimmick that they give you like a chip like almost like a casino chip or like a coaster okay and one side is red and one side is green and they just tell you keep this in front of your your your place mat here and if you want to keep having meat serve to you different cuts keep it on the green side and when you're full flip it over to the red side and we won't keep bringing different cuts of meat over to you to you to your plate okay and like we'd be sitting at a table with like ten people having dinner and like me and like one other guy you know would still have it on green after long after everybody had stopped and flipped their their chip over to the red side and then we'd be like almost like competing like to see who could keep going you know and finally you know like literally people are done and we've had like you know eight more helpings brought over to us long after they had finished and we're still going and everybody is just looking at us like are these guys serious like you're like machines or something you know were you even putting it you know and I we'd keep that chip on green and finally and like own like the ninth round he turns his over to red and I left mine on green for let yet another couple okay that's how big of a meat-eater I was so I'm not talking about somebody that just occasionally participated in eating some meat I was like ravenously devoured it and yet when I made the decision to start even weaning off of meat I thought it was gonna be this like gigantic struggle I thought it was gonna be like I would be having meat cravings 24 hours a day I'd be getting up wanting to go down to the refrigerator and you know make something with meat in it and it was just it never happened like that when I finally did make the decision to even start weaning from it it was miraculously and strangely easy for me to do and that was the shock to me it was a shock to me more than anything else like I was never expecting it to be like that I was prepared for a battle willpower battle unlike anything I've ever done and it just didn't happen now dairy products cheese in particular you know was the hardest for me but and that took a lot longer obviously but I was mentally committed to eventually making my way toward a plant bay a fully plant-based diet and I mean I'm gonna try to not even use the word vegan because of the necessary the the potential connotations Atta conjures in people's minds I don't particularly have a problem with it but it can develop into a religion when it becomes militant I've was never a militant vegan or a militant plant-based diet person okay I think that this is a journey a process a process of self-discovery a process of being honest with oneself and then a process of using one's own internal developed willpower to create a change that I feel we should decide to engage in that's it and that's the balanced approach that I take to this like I try to take a balanced approach to nutrition I don't want the polarization that's going on in the community but I do want people to be honest with themselves about the moral aspect of it so another quick anecdote before I continue with the calls is I also as Sean was just saying was quote unquote helped by a plant psychedelic slash slash entheogen okay a one day I took some psilocybin mushrooms and I it wasn't a large amount it was a probably under two gram amount which is not blasting you off into outer space you're still gonna interact pretty fine with the everyday world and it like didn't even like obliterator I was still hungry and wanted food so I went into a Boston Market believe it or not here in Philadelphia and I ordered a plate of roast beef and sat down at the table and was eating it when I guess you could say the peak part of the experience was coming on and it was basically saying you don't really need this you believe that you do but you should look into what is done with the animals that you are consuming and how this ended up on your plate being eaten by you and like you know it's like an external voice like it literally it is like a teacher if you're using it in the right context and I was I was simply trying to be observant and you know let it guide me you know where you know and just commune with it okay because then this is a process real anthea genic communion is just that it is a process of sharing consciousness with a aspect of nature if it's used in the right context obviously they can be abused okay so it's for people to learn how to use correctly as we've talked about on other shows okay I don't advocate for just the wild use of psychedelics it's to be done in the right mental preparedness State okay and that's how I approached it and I was open minded to hearing that but when I heard it it was like where did this come from I know I I'm not thinking this it didn't come from me okay so it's like if you use psychedelics in a context like that to try to change consciousness it can gently nudge you to that way some of them can be more brutal and be very harsh you know but this was just saying you might want to look into what whether you really do need that and whether it's actually necessary for your nutrition in your body or whether you can step away from that because of the violence it's based upon and because of the harm that it causes in the world and again that's what this show is called this is the addendum to least harm possible it means we can transition to a way of life that is less harmful than the harm we were previously causing that's what anarchy is all about and that's what a plant-based diet is all about so you know that being said I think that people have to understand more this is less about just polarizing people right we have to move away from that polarization and get to the core issue and just ask people to be honest so like you know if I don't disagree on the this topic with someone else all I'm gonna ask you to do is be honest and see where your moral aspects of your thinking are at and you don't have to lie about it you can just be honest so I like I've had conversations with people who still eat meat and they're just like I know this is causing harm I know that the animals don't belong to me I know that my body does not require me if I transition away from a meat-based diet properly yet I know also that I don't have the willpower to do that so I'm going to continue to eat meat and that's it then we're honest with each other and we know where each other stands okay then and that's all I've ever asked just don't lie that's step one of a cult initiation stop lying don't lie to yourself or other people but most of all don't lie to yourself first you know if you don't have respect for oneself you can never really display respect for anybody else you know and this is kind of almost where I struggle myself because I do have that form of self respect developed for myself but I'm living in a world where the vast majority vast majority of other people still don't have that developed self respect so then I struggle with giving them respect and I almost fall into like hating people like that who are in that state of self-loathing because they're the ones who are really fucking up the world you know and I'm not just talking about obviously like plant-based diet versus carnism I'm not going to say that there are the ones fucking up the world but the people who still advocate for human slavery are okay and don't understand the more the moral implications of what they advocate for okay so when it comes to Anarchy I fall into the the you know what you might call trap of you know really descending into the lower emotions of just hating people but I acknowledge that and I admit it to myself and I say okay this is something I have to work on to try to get people bring them up more right instead of just giving in to that to that emotion but I'm not saying we should should just like the state that it is we should be working to change it it shouldn't be tolerated okay it shouldn't just be accepted right so there's a balance that has to be developed between just raging hated people who aren't really trying to change for the positive versus trying to help uplift them and get them to be honest with themselves and others and develop self-respect because that's what this is all about folks this is about a species that is in a state of what I would call cosmic abandonment with deep parental abandonment issues okay and real worldly abandonment issues in the very real 3d world okay of people who have not grown up mentally psychologically emotionally and spiritually enough to be honest with themselves and that's all I'm going to demand of my viewing audience is just honesty okay so we could do that we have mutual respect between us here's a gentleman that I certainly respect Nathan R a debt nathan radec you are live on what on earth is happening welcome well thank you very much mark and thanks for the kind words from Sean as well can you hear me okay absolutely you're coming through loud and clear fantastic fantastic well there's only one mistake you can make on the path to freedom and that's not being a vegan anarchist excellent um yeah I'm excited to be on your show again this is a great honor mark so it's a big part of my work as well I really try and get this message across that it's wrong dominate you know it's wrong to dominate both humans and animals so it's a hard lesson for people to learn that a lot of them don't want to hear that they buy into the idea that simply because we are more advanced and more capable species in many ways than the other members of the animal kingdom that that somehow puts us in a position to dominate and own them and use them as we see fit you know what led you to the understanding that that's not the way reality really works or the way we should be acting in the world to get to help you to understand that their lives belong to them they want to live they want to survive and that we can change and not take part in that harm is coming up moral relativism okay you're learning the objective difference of right and wrong and and you hit it on the nail last week when you're talking about heart based intelligence so not only do you do you know that you've got a care as well right so if you don't really know if you don't if you don't actually act on so through Intel or gents you know and if you if you really develop that care yourself and you're going to read the card base that you've developed that care the animals there we are base then certainly for the planet as well now let me ask you are what how long did it take your transition to go to a fully plant-based diet did you go through stages like weaning from meat and then becoming vegetarian then becoming fully plant-based sure sure so it's about five years ago I went veggie mmm-hmm and then within about three or four months so I went full plant-based and I guess entheogens at a big part of that as well Wow whether these are the quotes from your show just kept niggling at me you know to know and not to do is to really not know or care or just niggling at me and the only the only two mistakes you can make on the path truth is not done and not going all the way so they're just an ignorant me all the time especially on antigen so I just had to take the plunge still just stopped by and the dairy stuff and what I found mark is that if I at well and are united full belly order I didn't miss it sure always I love juicing in the morning you know it's there's a great piece for the day how was your in the dark how is your energy now compared to how it was when you ate meat well I guess I've been pretty energetic but anyway I'm I'm not I'm not a star J anymore no I do martial arts weekly do you hear the argument often coming from people who are still engaging in meat-eating that somehow vegans will become less energetic and weaker because I hear that a lot of the meat industry and I will tell you emphatically unless you are doing the plant-based diet very wrongly very incorrectly that is most certainly not the case folks I have so much energy it is difficult for me to burn it off most days okay I have such an abundance of energy that I don't even know where to place it and I find myself even wanting to do more mental activity to just try to get energy out of me okay the for people to say that you're not going to be energetic and have energy and and strength on a plant-based diet like I mean they obviously haven't done it right or haven't tried it or haven't followed the methodology purple properly yeah I just want to say one thing actually on their Shaolin monks right that they you know from an early age they're on a plant-based diet and they they do superhuman feats all their life and they had done a simple plant-based diet so you know that then alone just completely dispelled a bunch of the meat-eating myth you know this is the boxer David hang Germany Strongest Man there are meters you can record a lot of vegan based athletes sure a lot of athletes and moving over to plant based as well as MMA fighters you know it's also proven it comes back to this people filtering it through the screen and mesh of what they want to and what they do not want to believe mark doesn't it absolutely absolutely and that's that's really the the wall that we have to try to break through is it's what people want to be true versus what actually is true you know I mean if sorry yeah not bad I still say no if we if we're doing the Trivium on this you know we know what what's biologically correct have you seen an empty male gist presentation actually what humans are meant to be I have not thoroughly recommend it it's a cracking presentation give give the name and title again please MD Mills are humans supposed to be eating meat wrong it's along those lines anyway okay drink that you've got super juice me as well have you seen that one I have seen that yeah and then you've got earthlings yep no if we're doing a homework thing another good news fat morons I think fat sick and nearly dead is another great documentary that deals us juicing and how it transformed one human beings health and I you know just just doing basic juicing to detoxify the body from all the harm that he did through you know a very high pollutant diet obviously that's an extreme measure you don't want to be on a liquid diet for a very long amount of time you could do these things as juice fast to detox and then you want to go into you know a something where you're taking solid food in addition to doing juicing and blending as well but fat sick and nearly dead is about a gentleman who doesn't juice fast to reclaim his health after being very sick and you know having serious health problems very much like the super juice sweet yes really plaid that was a really powerful one you know when I was very is changes oh my god oh I've got a question I'm being so well at first into Satanism okay obviously one of the tenants is keep putting people in duality and you know I think carnism is a morally relative limited as well sure do you think as part of the control system that it puts people in a state of duality that the realizing and then when you're not saved relative I'm really going to know the self without any doubt without any doubt whatsoever in my mind it is part of the Satanic agenda without any doubt so in in love the doggy dog social donut that's right because if we believe we can do this to animals it's only a measure of a step up in psychopathic mindset to then get people to accept that some human should do this to other humans you know so one of the questions always posed to a carnist is if you're being honest with yourself shouldn't advanced species far more advanced than human beings arrive in our solar system and they say this is a perfectly great human beings would be a perfectly great nutritional requirement for our diet ok and they decided to just start scooping up humans and eating them at their convenience would you be the first on the plate because it's like that's how you think about the chain of nature the the so-called natural order of of Darwinian macro biological evolution so but by that definition you'd be perfectly fine with if in more advanced species turned up here to just hop right on their plate and not a one of them has ever said yes and I'd be the first on the plate you know which is proof that they're lying to themselves that's all so if you're honest with yourself and you really do take that Darwinian you know so-called natural order which isn't natural and isn't doesn't create order you know approach to life to nature then if you're honest with yourself you would say yes I'd hop on that plate but none of them ever do but to go back to your question the whole continual blood sacrifice of the the slaughter of animals on a daily basis 100% is the practice of satanic ritual in the world active in the world abso yeah yes and another thing that focusing on this is what I really try to focus on today autiful hopes as well but the law of Correspondence regards that which into authoritarianism carnism I really think that they need to be done alongside each other just reserve those two naturally laws that bind us in a positive way but you know just to get people to understand this wrong to dominate both humans and animals I don't think get to a state of freedom now or either direction if both have to on the aggregate force or not well said you know and I think part of what keeps people from directly viscerally understanding it is that they don't have to do the work of actually slaughtering these animals themselves I think if they did and we didn't have factory farming practices and just general you know big Agri practices and people had to do that for themselves they would find that they would actually really that the compassion centers in them would be more engaged because it's very difficult for a person who hasn't been harmed by another life-form to take the life of that life-form you know and you know even be if they still believed that it were necessary which it isn't we know scientifically that that's the case if you wean off of a meat diet because again you're gonna do make changes to your physiology by eating meat your whole life you don't want to just suddenly you know put the body into a you know a distorted state I guess you could say by suddenly making that change you want to ramp up okay just like anything else you know you consult any body who knows anything about the physiology of the body and they're gonna tell you avoid very sudden drastic changes that are going to affect the physiology drastically all at once you know we come to a state of homeostatic equilibrium in in in just about whatever we do because the body will make adjustments the the whole immune system and the processes of the body are amazing in their ability to adapt okay so you don't you know they'll adapt to even negative stuff being thrown at it all the time and be used to that so when you want to change the something that is even more positive you should do it over a process of time you should do it suddenly I think a lot of people when they go plant-based or vegan they try to do it too suddenly and they find that processes in their body can you know go haywire then they blame it on that and say I needed the meat I get this a lot too you know oh I I went to a plant-based diet never saying anything about how quickly they did it okay or about what they ate right they just say oh I went plant-based they could have been eating plant-based sugary cookies all day okay you know that they could have not they could have been eat enough totally grain based diet with not a lot of you know real phytonutrient nutrition's in it okay and then they want to say oh this caused problems with this organ or this process in my body because they didn't do the dot they didn't do the the transition to a plant a healthy plant-based diet correctly and so then they blame it on the the plant-based side of things and say I need meat for to maintain optimum health and it's just it's not true and it's based on a lot of presuppositions and just wrong ideas about how the science of this works that they didn't come to fully understand by doing proper research yes going back to what you're saying about how they're that's what bodies work in the energy the high quality juicing the hemp seed you know and they collect coal ganic plant-based diet that's right I think I think you can transition fairly quick because your body you know it's getting everything needs to be feeling full up obviously it's not since they don't even know what you've seen them do um see I do yes that's a I think that's one of mine sure I take hemp-based CBD oil every day as well as a supplement as part of my regiment of tinctures and supplements every morning what school yeah do you like all the hemp seeds are excellent too you could throw them into smoothies or on a salad it's an excellent nutritional aspect I'm sorry say again I just asking you how often you do antigen and I know there it should be done in infrequently infrequently so I can't give you any amount of particular time and I don't like to maintain any kind of a schedule but I do not do them very freely therapy - yes that's right and I feel like they should be used when you feel like you need another lesson when you're falling short in your life and you should be prepared here things that you don't want to hear and see things that you don't want to see that's what they're for that could be harder me yeah absolutely so it's about a mental and spiritual preparation and they are tools to assist that they're not going to do it for you either they're gonna they're gonna kind of show you what needs to be done and then drop you back down right on on the ground floor and say now you have to do it nothing will do it for you yes feels quite funny I'm going back to brother restroom that was actually one of the last times I ain't restaurant that was just you know gorging on all of the Smith just the point of made me realize just where the gluttony and that's here as far as one of the last ones I mean this place is how me don't change ways Wow yeah I mean it's uh it's a it's a whole difference in lifestyle you could see a come through in just about every way I mean you look at where low vibrational energy and what people pay attention to that's low vibrational and you'll see meat is always associated with it you know high density plant-based nutrition juicing smoothies you're gonna see in many cases not blanket statement but a higher vibrational state of awareness a company that you know they definitely go hand hand in hand so I noticed the shamans though I they those those conscious Jenna orientated conscious yes absolutely there are more such with nature in general and in touch with the land yes do I just leave you on another quote no man he will quote you shouldn't go through ages of suffering change through education to any true meaning of the word intelligent say the quote Walmart is it is along the lines of we shouldn't go through ages of suffering without something to pin down but basically saying that we should you shouldn't keep doing the same thing we should with Papa that's right learn from or less of the cause right learn from the lessons of suffering it doesn't have to be a constant repeated cycle we can learn the lesson pick up and move on and and learn and grow from that lesson even if it was a negative lesson you know there's no reason to keep repeating those cycles of suffering through continued ignorance that suffering is often here to teach us a lesson it's up to us to receive that lesson and acknowledge it and be honest with ourselves that's what this is all about Nathan thank you so much for the call thank you for your work my friend really appreciate it let's see who else do we have on the line let's go to let's go to Bill Church bill Church you're live on what on earth is happening welcome mark can you hear me I can coming through loud and clear how are you doing bill I'm doing great brother good good to speak with you always you too my friends I appreciate you doing this show because I've experienced the polarization on this topic and I think we all have yeah yeah yeah and and it's a journey that you know I'm on as well I'm on the trial and error aspect of this I longest time that I went vegetarian and I am currently a carnist okay but I see and I know the moral this is this is my biggest my biggest issue right now man it always has been so let me just clarify what you just said you you are attempting to go vegetarian right now absolutely I'm in the process always dude that's what that's what and and that's where I want people to understand and the polarization of this community you know we we can help each other much more than the bitter then by doing these literal attacks to each other I felt like I've experienced is has made me separate myself and and come to my own and and the thing is mark is that I I I'd use my own vegetables I do the hemp seeds I do everything I do the Teamsters my wife is a wild crafter sure okay and so she does right now and that certainly helped with it I mean you'll be able to get so much benefits and energy from from doing something like that that's a hugely added benefit well in the thing is is that I I need help you know and I need to find out what is gonna work for me sure and and that's where we can really come together as a hive mind community and and say hey look you know with love compassion empathy for each other there's nothing we can't discuss and there's nothing we can't figure out right and every body is at a different stage in that process because we've all been conditioned to believing that it has to be a certain way it's the same with the control system you know yeah well and look how we grew up market just look at how the hell you were speaking about the Brazilian restaurant that you were at I mean these are charged with emotional sorry uh hot hot buttons that we've grown up with like when we go to Thanksgiving dinner yup what do we walk in the house and smell all right you know when we go to a barbecue you know and even my friends that are vegans and vegetarians I asked them does that smell good to you and they're like dude it's amazing right I'll still walk by places that are cooking me and have to acknowledge that smells good to me I mean it's something you don't fully get rid of you know but I mean look at how our families like my family prepared meat like maybe six out of seven days out of the week you know it would be rare when we didn't have a a meal containing meat when I was growing up you know it just wasn't even considered it was just thought of as this is just normal this is just the way that humans eat you know well and what are their there's so many new options it's amazing I mean they're in Philadelphia this week actually I think yesterday was the last day of it the previous week Sunday to Saturday was called vegan restaurant week and it's amazing how many restaurants serve vegan options in the city of Philadelphia now and they did a whole week about like having all these restaurants having amazing specials that are just whole food whole plant-based uh you know meals and uh you know I went to a few of them during maybe two or three during vegan restaurant week and the meals that I got I could barely believe were vegan in some cases it's like um you know what the measures that they went to to mate to prepare meals like this and make them taste with the flavor profiles is amazing as they taste and it's like you could just be look at this and be like it's practically a piece of cake to go plant-based in today's world and it was even you know five to ten years ago that's right and take up for that because you know we don't know what we don't know because like you said we've had a lifetime of programming and with this issue it boils down to respect and self-respect that's and what does respect mean to take another look and that's what we need to do on a daily basis in my opinion and what I've stressed is that we have more pressing matters as far as a world as a whole as far as humans being dominated that's right and you know I loved what you said about the domestication of some of these countries and that's what I raised too when I have these vitriolic attacks from people is like can you I have a gun right now on my hip that's right I always do you know I have working on printing ar-15s because we can that's right you know and that's that's the other pressing issues that I want people to know is like look at you know the sacred masculine Sacred Feminine to me are just as important if not more important because then we claim our right as a human to really navigate and to a contemplate and to really get our diets right and to you know not not have that ever-present ear overlying that because we are being were dominated we're taking our health into our own hands we're taking our self-respect we're taking our self-defense and that's about taking the whole sovereignty of your own life into your own hands you know that we have the ability that ability that's right we have the full power to do that within ourselves you know that's right and together as a community there's strength in numbers and not only that but what you teach is that the powers that should not be are unified and that's what we need to be as a community is unified and that's where I'm so happy that you're talking about this and I salute this look at what's happening right here right a person whose transition to a plant-based diet is speaking with someone who still considers themselves a meat-eater but is on a trial and our basis attempting to go to a vegetarian diet eventually probably making your way to a plant-based diet at some future point but we can have a civil discussion about this process without hating each other okay like there's no judgment here it's like gratulate you on making a contribution to easing the suffering of animals by even reducing meat consumption and attempting to look at going to a vegetarian option congratulations on that and that's how any vegan / plant-based diet person should look at someone who's contributing less less you're contributing less harm in the world to the animal kingdom so you know I'm gonna congratulate you on that and say best of luck in your efforts moving forward in that endeavor that's what any vegan should do when it comes to reducing harm well you know the first thing I gotta say is I and I realize that and this is my biggest contradiction that I'm working on and as soon as I figure it out I will celebrate it dude and I'll let everybody know you know that it but it's it it's that process like you said it took you 12 years after you know and I've been on the longest span is eight months and I celebrate that dude I feel like I would never beat anybody up for not getting there fast enough you know what I'm saying it's the same thing when it comes to the whole authoritarian approach as long as somebody's moving in the right direction okay I'm still gonna try to nudge them further but like hey you just stop advocating for slavery you know what I mean it's the same thing with this don't advocate for more harm of animals right you can move in that direction and we don't have to beat each other up as long as people are being honest and moving in the right direction what I get angry about is when people are trying to lie to themselves and others and put out information that is false when it comes to the truth about the moral truth about these things all I'm saying is let's go to the core underlying root moral philosophy which are called first principles which are called the principles of natural law and let's apply them to any given scenario that involves human action and then make the the knowledge based determination based on morality based on objective morality about where which direction our behavior should go that's all I've ever really asked well how why I get so nuts and you know angry sometimes is because I fully realize many people are not even interested in having that discussion and they just want to continue to apply a religious belief to their behavior and all I'm saying is we could not even be in the same place as far as where our behaviors are but we can have the discussion based on first principles and as long as we're mutually honest with the ourselves and each other in that discussion there's no need for hostility regardless even if people are in two different places you know yeah that's how we bridge the gap right you know that's how we make change and look at the word converse right we come together to change that's right to change together that's right and that's what I want to do I want to again say thank you for making the effort that you're making and I wish you the best with it and if you ever need any advice help you know questions in whatever way my experience can help you out never hesitate to ask personally I would always help you out as a friend you got it buddy I'll definitely take you up on that I love and appreciate you thank you for doing the work that you're doing thank you for coming back on live and I can't wait till our paths cross again and the real world brother they'll thank you brother I really appreciate that thanks for the great points that you brought up during the call excellent all right let's see who else do we have let's go - lets go - Carmen Koran gee Carmen you're live on what on earth is happening welcome mark what's up Michaels oh yes you are how you doing man ah baby how eyes up good good awesome dude you know it's so nuts like I'm in listened to the whole show and you know every time before you call somebody I wonder if it you're gonna jump to me and both times I've gotten into the show like the moment before I feel like I have this like moment of psychic intuition where I'm like this is it I'm driving my car like is it so that's pretty cool but I gotta say man this this this show and the show before these topics and the way that you cover in death no BOTS has taken this angle when it comes to this very polarizing topic can I comment on that comment briefly okay sure I have to say I would really really love to see more people covering topics and dynamics regarding what's taking place in our world from the moral natural law first principle based objective rather than any other political worldly financial economic you hear all of these things there's a political talk but so few people go to the moral core or the moral center of something and and so few argue from real first principles and this is why I you know sort of some people will say oh I talk arrogantly about myself and I say there's there's nobody out there really covering things like this but in all honesty there are so few you can count them on and you know so I I do listen I do listen back to some shows to see how I do and honestly when I listen back one of the things I always say and I know this is gonna sound egotistical to people but and to trust me it's not it's actually something that I consider with somberness and sadness okay I hear the job that I do on some of the shows that I I do and I say to myself why aren't more violent there are a hundred people or a thousand people doing this like this and even better and I can't believe that I'm one of the only people that his car is covering these topics from the points of view that I cover them from we need to do better in that sphere we need to have way more people talking about things from first principles so you know it's not a it's not an arrogant or egotistical thing I'm just being honest that I don't see it that much but when I hear myself talking about it in these ways I sort of like him like wow I did a really great job in covering it from that perspective which is so lacking in the world and I wonder why it's lacking and I realize it's because people really haven't spiritually gone far enough into natural law and moral the true objective morality based principles unfortunately because it's very occulted and hidden from us yeah it's a cousin but on top of it we're so used to like you know extract advocate rationalizations for things that's all we get taught like nobody it's when you're a kid like you just you you do kind of operate from like first principle you're like yeah like mom isn't like electricity of renewable resources why do we still use like gas for like cars and stuff like the mom would come we'll try to remember whatever a weird explanation that overcomplicates a very simple you know thing and that's like what people is like modus operandi is yeah like let me let me ask you something as a person who's been engaging in a plant-based diet for many years what is the biggest justification that you hear for people not moving more toward a plant-based diet in your life what do you hear from people who won't engage this dynamic or just acknowledge that it's a better way to be in the world because it causes less harm and like where they're falling short in even acknowledging that this is true what's the justifications you hear spouted from people it's it's a it's usually like a dead tie between you know the misinformed people who believe that it's necessary you know and it's less than that they believe is necessary and more that like they need it to be necessary for them to justify their behavior that's what I've run kotas that's the biggest one for me I think more people still believe that human beings must eat meat to be in optimum health they admire 20:19 with all of the science that has been fully shown and like I posted this book that goes into a lot of the science I I said I wasn't really gonna cover it that much on the show one of the things I want to do when I hang up the call with you in a little bit Carmen is I want to show people what I posted with the last podcast because there's a lot of good educational material there that I think people should go through and one of them is a book called you don't need meet by a researcher named Peter Cox and basically he covers in this book the science that definitively proves that the human physiology does not require animal flesh in the diet or really any animal products so um you're an athlete Carmen yeah prepare who is helping me with my natural law documentary he's one of the individuals who was editing it Carmen is an MMA athlete okay so you pate you participate actually in mixed martial arts competitively daily beat down don't think about that folks I mean he's trainable in MMA and particularly trained in Brazilian style Jiu Jitsu and he competes in MMA in the sport of mixed martial arts and you're a fully plant-based eating a fully plant-based diet a vegan check this out it actually helps me in a lot of ways like for example in my most recent fight got hurt in training camp I got an actual bruised rib like it was like - it was like I would say like 2 pounds per square inch of force away from being a broken a fractured rib but it was like as bad as you can get without fracturing and it was like two weeks before the fight but since basically what heals your body is the rate of which you can you know get rid of inflammation right when you ever play a base diet things like that heal at a phenomenally quicker rates like I noticed that when I transition and now like I can rely on it it's actually I rely on it as a form of white magic to be completely honest to sort of like transcend the injuries I do sustained like you know what I mean being a V doesn't necessarily make me the best martial artist so I do take my lumps but the good thing is being a vegan allows me to recover from those lumps faster and also not sustained injury I mean I don't tear muscles I don't pull things everything is super healthy on the on under the hood you know what I mean and that's where it counts yeah I mean I also I think another thing I should have mentioned when it comes to like positive on nutrients to put into your body things that help with inflammation like turmeric you know this is a incredible spice that people should be using for anti-inflammatory as an anti-inflammatory you know and then you mix that with things like black pepper you know piperine and it'll be absorbed into the body even faster and more readily so you know people should look into turmeric formulas you know or just buy a bunch of powdered turmeric and encapsulate it by vegan capsules and you know cap it up and you know just take lots of it because it's anti inflammation inflammation is the source of just about every disease exactly it's the root cause and see and that's kind of like how I like to try and approach vigas them I take the balanced approach but I also try to almost in a way like sort of like market it to the individual in the sense that like hey look this is going to make you feel like 50 times better then however you feel right now if you're carnist like on every level physically mentally and spiritually your your life is just gonna glow sure you know a lot of people Carmen I want to say thank you so much for the call I'm gonna I'm gonna jump because I wanted - one thing that you said there and I'm also going to show people some of the things that I posted with the with the very last podcast that I put up so Carmen thank you so much ladies and gentlemen also Carmen is gonna be one of the co-hosts of an arkadelphia we'll be talking more about that conference I'll be speaking at it here this coming fall in Philadelphia so Carmen thanks so much for the work that you do and thanks for your contribution to the show today awesome like thank you for having me I can't wait to hear the rest of the show you got it so our Carmen brought up a point that like you know when people do transition to a plant-based diet they do feel more energetic and healthy and a lot of people will dispute that and say that like oh meat makes them feel better okay well here's what happens with meat it's actually decaying when it was it's already decayed when when you put a decaying substance in the body your body releases a lot of things different types of chemicals largely from like the adrenal system that are identifying it as something that is toxic and that is decayed and that doesn't really belong in the body and that will often give someone an energy boost because of how the internal chemistry of the body is dealing with an internal toxin and then that is mistakenly identified as giving you energy okay the very small amount of nutrition that's coming from the consumption of meat is coming from the actual plant-based nutrients that make their way from the animal into the flesh of the animal when they consume it and really that's getting that secondhand and it not only uh like what Nathan Radetzky related to the moral implications of eating meat but there's another occult law that many people don't know about because they don't really see it at work in the world enough is the law of assimilation this is not what is considered one of the hermetic principles but something that is taught in the Rosicrucian tradition and in the free Masonic tradition and if you really study the law of assimilation we realized that in order to get the same thing that we can get directly from a plant-based diet our body has to work much harder break down the complexity of physiology that's why eating that's why most people tend to go on the side of eating herbivores or other beings that are eating a plant-based diet like chickens cows etc okay if you were to choose a carnivorous animal to consume you'd step up in the law of assimilation another layer of complexity because that animal is eating often an herbivorous animal in order to get it's you know nutrient requirements met as a carnivore a nature-based carnivore okay not a carnist that is not a natural state for a human being to be in but that natural carnivore is then eating an herbivore in most cases and then it's having to break that down and then you're having to break it down so like in the Rosicrucian traditions specifically talked about in the book that I posted with the last podcast this law of assimilation is mentioned and it's like talks about like that if you were to eat you know like a lion for example that would probably be like one of the worst meats that you could put into your body for that very reason because of that occult law of assimilation so I want to switch over to the computer very briefly let me just bring up the page and I want to show people what I posted in the last podcast I'm going to go to the podcast page you could switch over this is the podcast page for the what on earth is happening dot-com website if you just click the podcast tab there okay this is show number 207 okay and this is the description the date and the description of the topics underneath that of course I post with every podcast the related images okay that you could download as a zip archive and then I posted related documents we had talked a little bit about the note read um event during the burning of notre dom during the season of sacrifice so i posted folk and ali's pamphlet called or smoked you know essay called mystery of the cathedrals and then that post from the person who was a carnist spouting all kinds of inaccuracies about you know not eating meat I posted my PDF document of his Facebook post but then there are some books I wanted to just talk about the books that I posted with the podcast very briefly I posted natural cures an epub and PDF format and here's the book I was just talking about the Rosicrucian Cosmo conception this is a Rosicrucian text by the occultist the Rosicrucian occultist max hind l I highly recommend reading this about the differences between the kingdoms of life namely animals and human beings it contains information about natural law morality the law of assimilation etc I'll just briefly show you what happens if you click that in this case it just simply downloaded the PDF there okay so some people it'll come up in their browser and there might be a browser handler for the PDF and you can click save or you know save to disk from there in my case that type is set up in my browser preferences to simply download to my downloads folder which is how I prefer it then you can click it from there and there's the full book and you can see I can scroll through every single page of the book it is the full text okay so just showing people you know what I'm making available with the podcast this is only available on what on earth is happening calm I generally don't post this to video sharing sites this did all of these links so you would have to go to the podcast page of what on earth is happening to get this material okay and then underneath that there's next to that there's a book called you don't need meat okay this is an epub and PDF format this contains a lot of the science that proves that human beings are not carnivorous and can fully sustain their life and energy and health and optimum health with a plant-based diet you can read about all of those findings there I posted a link to the Earthlings documentary and that short video clip of the dog helping the fish who was out of water trying to you know push the water over the fish who unfortunately was probably already gone and then there are related links I posted information about reverse osmosis systems Breville juicers Vitamix blenders general juicers and blenders air for the intestine cleanse vegan protein powders in two different flavors so you get the idea there's a lot of supplemental material that gets posted with the podcasts and I just wanted to show people where they can find that and how they could download that material so that being said we could switch away from that and I'll start moving on to the next caller all right let's see who else do we have on the line let's hear from let's hear from Patti lager Patti you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hi mark how are you can you hear me okay yes I can great to hear from you yes and it was great to hear from my old friend bill up in Seattle so hi bill I'm glad you took my call and I'm so grateful that you are addressing this subject again I remember you know I became an anarchist through veganism actually you know when you think yeah when you I mean when you can see that animals are not being treated for what they are you know which is like a life a miracle that's kind of how I look at it I'm a biologist I'm a physiologist I teach human anatomy and physiology and I marvel at just the complexity and the biochemistry of everything that goes into making life express itself the way it does and seeing harm done to that and even at the smallest level you know with a little fly it does it up it's upsetting to me so then through that I realized well you know I guess as a human I'm being treated that way by a power that you know I later came to find out where were the powers that should not be and you know just all made sense it all started falling in line so so it's nice to see that and I know one thing as I went further and further on my progression along anarchy it came to find out that not a lot of anarchists saw animals the same way I did and you were kind of one of the first ones that actually brought that up as you know animals should be treated the way the same way we as humans should be treated as beings that deserve respect and compassion and so I want to thank you for doing that thank you I appreciate that Patti let me ask you something um how many years were you eating a plant-based diet before you tied it in with Anarchy and then went to an anarchy mindset how long did that journey take you well and I became a vegan in 2009 after watching Earthlings Act I was vegetarian before that but Earthlings really made me kind of step over to the line of veganism it's a tough one to watch yeah I mean yeah I've told people in the past I watched I forced myself to watch it twice because the first time is visceral and painful as it was I felt like I needed a little bit more of an urgent a hammering into my psyche of this - that's how big of a meat-eater I was how I knew I was attached to it I knew I was heavily attached to it and I'm forced myself to watch it a second time which was infinitely more painful than watching it the first time and I won't subject myself to it again I won't watch it again so I've seen it twice and that's really more than enough for people who really want to know what really goes on with the suffering of animals you should make yourself watch the documentary Earthlings all the way through at least once and it's traumatic you know so beep it is yeah it really is traumatic it's um I mean I still have kind of like I guess PTSD imagery from that movie where it just comes to mind and it brings tears to my eyes but I'm you know that was 2009 and then in 2011 maybe 2012 I came across stefan molyneux and then it was in 2000 2013 that I came across you so um yeah that's when all of the pieces started coming together you know that humans animals are all miraculous beings that are capable of respiration and feeling and sensory so it was just you know it all came together at that point and we should all be free I mean that's what we should want for all life you know it's like this is about freedom and it's not just about just freedom for us it's not my freedom its freedom with a capital F actually make it freedom with all capital letters you know that's what this dynamic is all about that's what life really is all about is endeavoring to be more free and we we are more free when we are more moral when we are doing the least amount of harm that is what will create the optimum amount of freedom that's how the laws of reality actually work that's what natural law is and that's how it works that's why it's so occulted that's why the occultists of our world do not want us to understand how those laws function they want to keep that hidden from us at all costs so Patti thank you so much I mean is there anything else that you want to bring up or ask because I you know I think more people I think should be coming to Anarchy through veganism I see more of it happening the other way around I see the anarchist movement eventually getting to the idea that you know that freedom should be extended to all creatures but I don't see enough to me of people in the plant-based food movement recognizing the illegitimate of government and man's law and seeing that as slavery I attend not attend but like I have attended some meat not meetings but like events that people in the plant-based community put on and host you know I haven't really joined those organizations or go to a lot of their internal meetings I know people who are involved and I've gone to some events that they've hosted and I don't see a lot of people who understand the illegitimate E of government at those so how do you let me ask you this then how do you how do you think we can bridge that or add more numbers to the people who are coming over to real anarchy of the way you did by looking at it from the perspective of all beings should really be free not just humans but animals as well and when when they're animal activists they should understand that you know the the the forms of subjugation that humans are subjected to often like animals through the slavery called government should also end how can we bridge that gap well I think it's just we need to be more vocal about the truth and who the real threat is you know all of a lot of vegans try to work through the government to create laws that are you know giving the the chicken a bigger cage or you know giving them a little bit more incremental freedom than they already you know are suffering from the lack of and we have to let them know that it's the government that's the problem government is slavery and if we want freedom for these animals we also have to look at ourselves that we are animals enslaved by the same consciousness and it's it's you know it's a consciousness that's trying to limit us so I think that the more that we can just speak that truth the better and you know I I do I've been offline for a while with regards to my own weekly live Q&A; I help people learn about how the human body works with regards to detoxification and I've been using your ideas and sharing that with people and I've been sharing or your podcast with them and people are you know they understand it they have this innate understanding that you know we are being controlled and there are there is an agenda out there that's limiting our freedoms and we should question these things so you know it's just slowly we're helping people awaken and become more aware and that's really what elevating our consciousness is is helping us see what we had not seen before that's right and it is a process like any other I feel like it's not moving fast enough certainly not for my likes and I feel a lot of people ignore the truth about it but that's where our job comes in we have to be more vocal just like you said we need more teachers of this one person or even a handful of people cannot do it folks you know that's what the great work is to do Patti I want to thank you so much for the call brilliant points that you brought up always great to hear from you thank you got it but Patty's exactly correct we need more voices you know we need more teachers you know it's or we're not we're not gonna make it things are not gonna go well you know and another thing that she said is look at how much the government's involved in the suffering of animals look at how much they subsidize the meat industry you know that's going on and the dairy industry that goes on all the time you know so not staying silent about this is a huge part of the effort to change it you know and this is where you know I see everyday people patting people on the back you know and saying great job I keep doing the work that you're doing and I keep asking help me help me you know and it's great when people want to contribute and do contribute that's awesome we we need that help as well okay the best way anybody can help me is to get involved in the great work themselves by developing the courage to speak the truth that is the absolute best way anybody can make a contribution to this work because the more people who are speaking the truth the more we're going to be able to get it out there to all of the people of the world and that's what really needs to happen because contrary to popular new-age belief as I've talked about in my new age bullshit seminars for a quantum shift in consciousness to take place on a planet such as ours with the type of species that we are living on it numbers are required it's not something that happens with small groups of people as many people believe erroneously we need large numbers of people to tip the dynamics and tip the scales in the opposite direction that's why it's called a quantum shift folks a quantum leap or a quantum shift in consciousness what is it based on the word is quantum that's the word quanta from Latin which means an amount a number of something an amount of something it's in the very word a quantum shift means a shift in the amount of people who are doing something we're thinking a certain way you know this is what people never really make the distinction in language and they believe this new-age variant of what it means for shift in consciousness to take place it's all this tiny little group of people is gonna drive it no it has to be driven by the majority of people for really things to change for the dynamic to be flipped and this is what a lot of people don't want to hear they want to believe this new-age notion that like a small sliver of people or it's gonna are gonna drive all this change it never has worked that way and it never will people can influence that change but the change doesn't take place until most people are doing it until the majority of people have actually converted that into real world action that's when the change actually takes place you can argue about how much small groups of people will influence something like that's why I continue to do what I do people will say what difference can one person make a lot but guess what a whole lot of people driving that dynamic can make it happen a whole lot faster and right now we're really playing beat the clock okay if you don't think that you're not paying attention we don't have an unlimited of time unlimited amount of time to change the dynamic that's taking place on this planet okay because evil can and does win and destruction can and will occur you know and if you don't believe that Nature has a tipping point itself where it says this far and no further with this species that's causing this chaos here well I mean you're very naive about how nature works and how eventually it takes things into its own hands and when it decides to do that humanity will not stand against that force okay so we need to have a an adult grown-up understanding of how those nature forces work let's see who do we who else do we have let's go - lets go - Ivan from Phoenix Ivan you're live on what on earth is happening welcome my friend Ivan are you there you are unmuted at the server end make sure you want to meet your microphone Ivan from Phoenix alright I'll try to come back to you alright let's go to ah let's see let's go to essence of an Archon II essence of an ur Connie you are live on what on earth is happening welcome hey thanks mark can you hear me yes I can alright well I'm pretty much in the same boat as a build Church there absolutely still eat meat trying to work on making the transition haven't seen earthlings yet how long was it between when you saw Earthlings in stopped eating meat I think I saw earthlings the year that it came out which if I'm not mistaken was either 2006 or 7 it was definitely before I became a vegan and before I became a vegetarian in the year 2007 so I'm assuming Earthlings came out at least maybe one or two years before that I don't want to definitively say maybe my somebody can my producer might be able to look it up and just tell me but I saw it I guess around late 2006 early 2007 if I recall correctly and I went vegetarian in April of 2007 so I have been vegetarian now for two over 12 years okay Earthlings was the year 2005 I'm being told good okay so 2005 Earthlings came out I saw in mid to late 2006 and then I decided in early 2007 that I was going to give vegetarianism a try and I started attempting to become vegetarian by weaning off of meat in early 2007 it took me four months to make this decision that I was no longer going to consume meat and I was going to be vegetarian from that point forward and I never looked back after about April of 2007 so last year was my 12 year anniversary of being vegetarian I struggled with going fully vegan and attempted it and kind of like fell back on just plain vegetarianism for about 12 years and last year in mid 2008 so it's been you know we're coming up on almost a year I think like at the very beginning of the summer around June I decided to be fully vegan so you know in a couple months about ten months I'd been fully vegan fully plant-based diet so less than one year for me about 10 months fully fully plant-based okay well yeah I plan on watching that movie pretty soon and even as someone who still eats meat the message that you've given over the last two weeks is so easy to understand and I don't see how I don't see how anybody could argue with it that's all I'm all I'm asking is to hear the argument from the objective moral standpoint in natural law that's it then let's be honest regarding that and then we could talk about where we are all at in that process we're not involved in it and that's all like it doesn't have to be this war between us you know it's like okay you're still eating meat we're having a civil conversation and you acknowledge the moral aspect of it and understand that you could change your behavior to do less harm and as long as we have that basic understanding then you can make the determination of how you're going to proceed I'd like to even just see that in the whole political sphere you know to help people to understand hey if if this is really slavery and government is really slavery what can we do to try to work toward eliminating it just like how can we wean our way off of doing harm to animals and eventually not do harm to animals they're living their lives they don't want to be harmed or killed just like we're living our lives and we don't want to be harmed or killed it's very simple to understand from a moral perspective but here's the key if we're being honest with ourselves you know I mean we just need t-shirts made with that on it if we're being honest with ourselves you know cuz and the word if needs to be the largest word because that's really all about it's like that's not like yeah so I want to just thank you for your honesty right thank you for your self-respect regarding your honesty even though you're you're still eating meat we can have a mutually respectful conversation because we're both being honest with ourselves and that's all I ask anybody to do oh yeah exactly and like I was mentioned on the last time I called I've got a radio show in town and since that last call I've been talking a lot about these sort of things on my show and talking to friends of mine around town about freedom of humanity and truth and this one people people are so hard-headed I mean there's people that I've considered you know decent people and I've liked for a long time and they just can't hear it it seems like up and it's like religion yeah be honest it's religion you know this is why I call religion the only one and the one and only problem because all incorrect forms of thought that we can't let go of our religions that are holding us back binding us to the lie and tying us back holding us back from getting to the truth which will actually help improve the human condition it's all religion that does harm you know hey oh yeah again as I've said in the past a quote that people have made into an internet meme is you know I've said we need to as human beings stop trying to make our religion the truth and start making truth our religion you know yeah that's definitely true and I got two quick things before you move on to the next caller sure I do a lot of gardening and just growing your own plants seems so important to and especially with when you consider industrial agriculture and I mean just looking at the face of it it's bad especially I was looking at a Google Earth shot the other day and you see all these farms and it looks like a low resolution digital photography or for photographs oh yeah but so many animals get harmed in the runoff and in the giant combine harvester that sure grow and you're growing your own food even if you do still eat meat that can help lower the amount of suffering sure and we could keep it local you're you're using the the local nutrients you you know it's another thing is like I have a few things to say about this because I have to be honest with myself and with other people I haven't really done much in the sphere because of how busy I am with what on earth is happening I have a little bit of land that I could use to plant some food out in my backyard and it's a very small amount comparatively but in South Philadelphia it's actually like considered a large backyard okay so but I don't really have the experience that no hell I have not really tried my hand much of gardening a little bit a very little bit but I'm beyond quote Ampang intended on beyond green regarding gardening okay and I don't have the green thumb so to speak you know I could use help with that you know and it's like I want to learn more about that and and practice it but like it's like most of my time is consumed with this I don't really have the time to dedicate to that here because I do this type of work this is one of the things that if I didn't have to do this type of work if I wasn't like like morally obligated and forced to do this type of teaching because if it was just common sense knowledge I wouldn't have to spend my time doing this and my resources doing this I would take up two things the the two things that I would want to devote more time and energy to would be creative efforts and nurturing efforts I would want to get involved in more art I love music and have done that form of art but I would want to get more involved in actual different forms of art like drawing painting you know a digital artwork etc and I would want to get more involved in gardening you know learning hell things optimally grow mate planning food for myself etc and these are things that I just have not had the time in life to dedicate more time and you know learning to because of the nature of the work that I do with teaching you know natural law and morality that's one of the reasons I wished humanity would get past this you know silly stage and condition that it's in by believing in false religion and you know turning that into heart and cult belief systems and you know then my time would be freed up to do more things like that but at some point maybe you know I should try my hand at it here at some point in the future because um you know it definitely is probably something that's also mind centering like a meditative oh yeah very therapeutic right and I was glad you mentioned old John Kohler the other day because not only does he had a good juicing channel he's got a great channel about growing your own green excellent the dude's great he's got a great attitude I love his information you know so I highly recommend people check him out oh yeah so Dan McDonald helped me a lot with you know green juice recipes made a lot of those did a lot of good for my health so I think people should check him out as well and again to me the king of juicing was Jay Kordich you know I mean I I grew up watching his stuff and just learned so much about what to do with juicing from Jay Kordich I didn't link to them in the last show I probably should definitely link to some of their videos or their basic channels on this with this podcast for sure so thanks for bringing them up oh yeah and I've got a juicer and I've done some juicing but I definitely want to get more and there's a bunch of good resources on the internet for because gardening's doesn't have to be expensive or hard necessarily there's a lot of good trick tips and tricks to make it cheap and easy sure I do have a little bit believe it or not a small amount not in any way any kind of an expert my grandfather was a carpenter he was like kind of like a master carpenter and um you know he taught me a little bit I have a minor amount of carpentry skill I just helped a friend build some wood based garden beds that she's going to pick has a lot of land and gonna be growing a whole lot of food out in her outdoor garden and I showed her how to replicate the work that I did you know basic woodwork to make basic garden beds and you know that's that's the extent that I've gotten involved in the last you know little while in helping with gardening so oh well that's a good start to I mean help out a gardener they'll probably give me some produce that's right you know that that's kind of like you know what the implied agreement was so you know rightfully that'll come to fruition at some point well and then I got one last question but you can shut me off after that and go to the next person what do you think about the health effects good or bent about fermented foods like lucha or kimchi that sort of thing it's another oversight on my part that I really should have talked about and and really given some visual images regarding you cannot underestimate how important ferment fermented foods fermentation in general is in the human diet it totally activates positive gut health which is where all the immune system really is starting at is with you know the the health of the digestive system and kombucha I drink as much as I can I I was brewing it on a daily basis you know I haven't done that recently you know barb it still does kombucha brewing and gives me kombucha from time to time my assistant Leah does kombucha brewing and gives it to me from time to time I buy it in store as well but I wonder if you can make it yourself that's the best way to do it it comes out the strongest and the most health beneficial that way especially if you've got a really good healthy colony so definitely I advocate for drinking and brewing your own kombucha and just any type of fermented foods making your own fermented pickles making fermented beets I drink because sometimes I like sauerkraut I mean making your own sauerkraut you know cabbage is just so healthy oh yeah it's just one of the most for that for the gut for anything in the gut stomach intestines the whole digestive system juicing cabbage is unbelievable but fermenting sauerkraut to make fermenting cabbage to make sauerkraut you should definitely get into that as well very easy to do very inexpensive and the health benefits are through the roof so fermented foods I absolutely advocate all right I'm glad to hear that because I love fermenting things yes but when you'd mention about me to fermentation causing all the effects in the body that's just meat base yes exactly okay all right well thanks for talking to me mark I'll talk to you later and keep having a great show thanks so much for the call really appreciate it all right okay all right let's go to let's go to a one-way see grati own a gratitude tone if i'm pronouncing that correctly you're live on what on earth is happening welcome greetings mark thank you so much for taking my car it's just it's one why okay weye like I see a stands for create sin grata tell this tone of gratitude excellent much appreciates you taking the call my friend we've never met I've been wanting to be in touch with you for a long time I've got like a list of ten questions here I want to handle through but okay the most important one that I think comes to my mind is have you ever considered if if the financial component was taken care of doing a tour of some sorts and like coming around so all around everywhere it listens to your podcast and if we can gather enough people in any given area is that something that you would be open to entertaining the idea of well I appreciate you asking and bringing up this dynamic I have sort of come to not really relish traveling unfortunately because of how much harassment is involved with it whether in any capacity I and I understand that is partially like giving in to what they want which is for people not to travel but I so dislike travel and I used to love traveling I used to literally I used to just get in my car and drive sometimes and just wherever I ended up you know just stay there not not for long periods of time but just like you know take a whole day and just wherever I drove I drove and experience what it was like there for a little bit you know and now I I just I won't even do that because of how much harassment sin volved even with driving with these scumbag Road pirates you know all over the roads it's just how many busting in the United States just like just they're all they do is harass working-class people that's all they do just endless harassment to try to extract money from them because they're just scumbag pirates of the the modern crown called the government and well there's trash they're just trash whose parents were trash there's a silver bullet though and anytime one of these people engage with you there's a silver bullet all you gotta say is I'm sorry I don't speak legal here's my lawyer have a nice day and just let him go back to the little computer type in whatever that means and generally speaking they leave you alone it's something I found to be successful so that's something for everybody to go out there and try please give it a shot absolutely wrong I mean some people may you know some cops may do that but I'm not gonna give that I wouldn't say that as advice because some don't care what happens to them and believe their God and above any repercussions and in many cases the cities they operate out of are that corrupt and they'll get away with killing people that's that's how certainly is in many cities you know certainly always be conscious of your time and is the right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing I always say be conscious every case is different I'm not giving any blanket shirt I'm just saying know yourself enough to at least come from that position of this is an adversary and you know I mean it is an adversary it's the art of war just I mean that's these people's Bible to go back to what I was saying about traveling I would love to have a quote unquote tour regarding this material they're just in general what I talk about on what on earth is happening or like a natural law course tour okay but at this point what I would quote require to do that would be some form of a private mode of travel provided for me on the ground because I'm no longer going to take buses trains planes I don't want it I don't want to travel in any capacity with anyone who is providing a service of travel because of what they quote subject you to and consider you to be a subject of so I don't want to use any public transportation services for any reason anymore so if someone were to say I'll arrange a tour with a tour bus or private tour bus driver I might consider something like that but it would have to be you very much talked about and arranged specifically beforehand and I know that sounds almost diva-ish but I'm done like all those travel arrangements for myself and I'm done taking public transportation anywhere it's absolutely true I mean security first always that's how we operate so that leads very nicely into my second question which is when is the best time for you and I be able to discuss some things off the air well I mean you could contact me by email and let me know what you want to talk about I don't necessarily you know can't always make time for things like that privately because of how many people want to do that but you know let me know what you want to talk about and I could consider that the other aspect of travel I want to briefly mention since you brought it up regarding this is the non reciprocity of defending yourself with a firearm anywhere you travel within the United States that's why I don't really want to leave the the borders of my state anymore because who is dares to tell me I can't defend myself with a firearm I can't carry it over an imaginary line I don't want to disarm to travel throughout the country because there's no reciprocity to carry a firearm anywhere I want it in the country first of all I shouldn't need any permit to carry a firearm like I do here in Pennsylvania every state should be a constitutional carry state without any question absolutely I mean in the state Dannette did not create my right to defend myself you got at all ever and you know that's the whole thing that I was speaking with my friend about this past week he said you don't have rights you are rights if they're doing that they're part of our general natural makeup because right the universe and the rights are embedded in the universe they cannot be ever separated from us we can only do the cult religious belief that that is possible to do and people believe that cult belief yeah unfortunately yeah right absolutely and I had a I had a meditation the other day and I was like I'm really curious about your thoughts of that day what what level is the top of that G encompass that Masonic symbolism is there a level where that stands for gratitude on the light side it's a duality to that yeah I haven't heard that specifically expressed in the free Masonic tradition but it is something I would most absolutely include in the meaning of the G in the middle of the compasses and square along with many other things like the generative principle you know which is care I mean care and gratitude often go hand in hand I mean I wake up in a state of gratitude for at least knowing what I know that I'm not one of the mindless golems of the world you know at the same time then that puts me in a position where you know I don't like the human condition or the pain that it causes to even be here amongst people who are so unconscious you know so it's like it's a dual thing when it comes to whether I feel grateful or bitter regarding the state of the world I feel grateful regarding the state of myself I often feel bitter regarding the state of the world as I think that's easily understandable but I would definitely say that the G in the compasses and square in Freemasonry could represent a state of gratitude because I think if we're we have gratitude about where what we have developed in ourselves that the universe will provide more for us to continue to go to the next level I think gratitude is a that's part of what is called in spiritual teachings the the law of allowing it's part of the law of attraction it goes hand in hand with it so you have to express gratitude for what the universe has revealed unto you that you have come to understand and integrate into yourself and that state of gratitude will bring on the next benefit the next state of bountifulness of abundance right absolutely and thank you so much for that I mean I've got my part of my path has been to ultimately recognize the self as a synonym for gratitude I don't know just takes a minute to realize but I mean every time I refer to I I've trained myself to be grateful for this moment to the best of my ability every single time and that's what I becomes that's why they call the moment the present you know it's a gift or even grateful for it previs and presence right that's right and that could be multiple gifts so excellent point it's this is about this is about present moment awareness it's a topic that's been very important here on what on earth is happening so thank you for that hey it's an honor and a privilege so would you think it's a good thing for there to be some form of codification to natural law in other words on a first principles just basic first principles trying to write down the totality of it probably would not be a good idea I think it's best expressed through the oral tradition personally which is why that's been the medium for my expression of it I think that's how it's always been taught because it has to be communicated I think through vibratory energy not written language personally this is my personal take on it and I think that's what resonates with the heart based intelligence the most is when you hear it spoken so I don't think there's strict and rigid codification rules like laws that could be written down as I've often said natural laws written on the human heart and it's written in nature so well if it's something that well I mean if it could be something that the individual would be able to manifest for themselves literally take it write it on a piece of paper and they put their mark on it now it's there cuz think about how many people operate having never signed to a quote unquote Constitution I would say don't just write in something words you've write it as two words then don't school that's the the simplest of easiest and a bust expression of natural law that I've ever personally heard and it sums it all up that's what we're here to learn we're here to learn don't take which that which does not belong to us that's what every natural law transgression is ultimately a form of theft so just don't take that which is not your property to take and we'll be okay we continue to want to engage in acts of theft we're gonna learn the lesson the very very very harshest way imaginable so thank you so yes we we have to admit that would be and I will be my last so we have to admit to this entire system and largely exists as a fiction right I mean it's pretty much it's a story that we're all telling each other and I mean and almost in time believing it religiously religiously so and it's a very destructive story were telling each other so my question is isn't it possible that there could be a more constructive story that we could come to there was sure oh he's of enough to be codify some way and then just be the rules of how the games would play and I'd love to take this conversation off there Mike thank you so much you got it I definitely think it's possible I would lean more toward not being too codified structurally with it I think what all the things we've talked about here since day one on water what on earth is happening is that story is the news story is the new better way of being in the world and that could be added on to and we could refine it we can look into the details endlessly you know but you know certainly the story that we're telling ourselves now which is a gigantic lie is very destructive and does need to come to an end by us not speaking it anymore and keep telling other people that it's true and supporting it and there is a better story for Humanity we have to learn what that is and then teach it to others you know and that is all about that's what natural law is all about so thank you so much for that call great points let's go to let's see who else do we have here let's go to let's go to mr. Miller mr. Miller you are live on what on earth is happening welcome okay yes I can loud and clear so um yeah thank you for taking my call and uh everything that you do the last caller brought us some good points about you are rights rather than you have rights that's kind of interesting concept since rights are embedded into the fabric of creation and we are part of that fabric of creation how could they ever be separated that's what I word in alienable means incapable of being alienated or separated from something yeah yes and I like the way that's put another comment would be that the G you said the generator if generative excellent I mean that's another thing you know that goes hand in hand with the law of attraction and allowing you know we have to be willing to give in order to receive you know when you put energy out energy comes back you know so it's all about that positive and negative polarity flowing circularly it's a circuit you know so yeah it's generosity and gratitude absolutely you know and that's why I'm so thankful for the generosity that's been shown here and I consider that that comes back as a result of my generosity to put out this information largely for free you know only asking for donations to continue to support the efforts and you know then step up the production quality you know which obviously has been done here on what on earth is happening and will continue to be done you know and that's you know why I always want to try to keep moving it forward you know it's about it's an evolutionary process to move it forward and step it up to higher levels and reach new people you know so it's all part of generosity and gratitude the great points that you guys are bringing up especially even in relation to that people may not think that that relates directly to what we're talking about here with plant-based a plant-based diet but it absolutely does because we should be thankful for all the the generosity that the earth the bountiful nature of all the the plant-based nutrients that the earth gives to us you know it's like this sustains our life you know and we should be very thankful for that so great point if I don't know if I've lost him you still there sorry it's somehow you were muted accidentally I'm sorry you still there no maybe we did actually lose him well I apologize for that but uh excellent point regarding gratitude that you brought up there so thank you for that let's see let's go to dutch patriot dutch patriot you are live on water and earth is happening welcome to the show thank you for taking the call absolutely okay you hear me yes I can loud and clear okay okay I hear a lot of good points on the legal legal side and and a lot of people are thinking that you know you have rights when you fulfill your privileges but then the first question I ask is what is a country a country it's not even a religion so you know if we embed all the people with passports country called America or the Netherlands or what people call the country you're living in then we fulfill the obligations or we give their government the power to give so we already have them we don't have privileges before we have our rights you know governments are built on our consent it's ostensibly yes they ostensibly are but if we really strip away you know the the the legalese and the the implications if you really look at it without the violence the force backed by violence it ceases to be a government and it's simply a cooperative effort so this is why I recommend Larkin roses book the most dangerous superstition because in it he very clearly defines the characteristics that are necessary for something to truly be considered a government when it comes to country versus nation or a nation-state I also make the the delineation that one could look at the the term country to simply mean the land and the people living on it which is why we he just had different names for different geographical regions were certain people with a certain cultural way of being in the world were living it together with each other so I look at III I see that you have the word patriot in your name and that people have often criticized me for using the word patriot but I think there's a true meaning of the word patriot and there's false definitions and ways of seeing the word patriot that a lot of people graft on to and think there's only one meaning of it and it's like you know a false patriotism states laws and ways of doing things whether they're moral or immoral and supports it no matter what they do but a real patriot supports the people and the land that the people are living on and once and to be moral and puts it's in his and his or her entire effort behind supporting the the freedom of the people on that in that geographic region by teaching them to become more moral and better people and that's why I consider myself a patriot of the the quote country or land that I am living in and the people that I am surrounded by whether they even understand what I'm talking about or not it's like I'm still going to do the work to try to teach them and and uplift them in consciousness so you know it's that's my definition or the way I see country and patriot so you know thanks for bringing that up and I think I kind of made the distinction or the delineation of where I see those terms but patriotism and anarchy as both the same stigma on definitions so now yes yeah they don't understand what they really mean they have their own connotative definition for those terms absolutely but getting back to the corporate the corporate the country illusion is that you know I've noticed that everything all countries are just like corporations and sure like they are just corporations and what people need to understand is that you know we're all playing checkers on the chess board yeah right now that's a good analogy of what's going on like people are not understanding the complexity of what's really taking place and are looking for very simple that they're seeing it from a very simplistic perspective instead of understanding how really far down the path toward evil and enslavement we have really descended and they're our masters are playing that game of of chess where we're not we're barely playing the game of checkers as a people and we just keep on playing the game checkers yeah yep where we have the confidence is terrible yeah we have to become the same chess masters that our masters are and understand the game that is being played on us we haven't even sat down at that board yet I think those are great points that you brought up Dutch Patriot thank you so much for the call and he's right you know we're not we're not getting how far psychologically advanced the people who are really controlling us are and all the different dynamic components that they put together in that game of control you know and I think food is one of the biggest what we put into our body is going to inform our brains and our mind and become an integral part of how we think and ultimately then how we behave you want that to be optimum you want that to be as clean as possible you want to be that as nutrient-dense as possible that's part of self respect that's part of building a better body which ultimately is building a better brain and ultimately building a better spirit you know and it's it all plays in to this it all played nutrition plays into one of the that the the lowest base building blocks the foundational building blocks of everything that we build up on top of it and so people so few people think of it that way the old adage you are what you're you eat is literally true it's not just a metaphor it's literally true because it becomes your brain your body and ultimately your behavior so great point there let's go to lioness lioness you're live on what on earth is how okay mark can you hear me yes I can welcome to this Oh awesome thank you thank you for having it for me becoming a vegetarian which was a long long time ago and I'm not right now was a trip that I made to the Atacama Desert and for some reason I came back from that freaking mountain of adit Aryan and completely changed it was a frequency thing it was weird it was really there and make the conscious decision no felt like it was something that you just had to do after literally being in a physical location yep yeah so that that common desert is in Chile it's a very very strange place and it's the driest place on earth there's this salt desert there are volcanoes it's an extraordinary place and they meet that because they don't have much so they have Lama Yama Rama and they have tomato and rice and very good meat the the the food was very very very simple and that's all they I'm not a lot grows in that this not me be quiet me maybe a place like this is what certain people called an energy vortex and who knows what certain places could how they could affect consciousness you know sometimes are more dense energy points like could be at a chakra or meridian line of the earth you know I definitely think that there is such a thing as energetic frequencies that flow in certain areas of the earth and this is what was known in the occult sciences as the study called geomancy understanding the energy flow and grid patterns of energy of the earth and a lot of occultists have worked with that type of you know geomagnetic energy so who knows and maybe very well could have affected your physiology and or mindset Oh totally no I I came back I mean I was how old was I I went I was about 25 24 and I I was shooting a show there and I was there a month and I I complete it was weird because I'm the way there I read this book and I forgot the book but it was kind of like as a actually very esoteric book I mean and he talked about all this except I mean I was not really and I mean my mother was and I mean I couldn't take it or leave it I mean I was just 24 hours just you know living my life and I and when I came back I mean my frequency had changed so much that I could not eat the meat like I you know I could not eat red meat I could not you know might like my thinking completely changed you know completely started seeing things in a different way you know my dreams change my visions change I mean I just changed I just you know I just completely changed me and I was think about it earlier how did your body and physiology react to the sudden change was it was it like did it go through a process of adjustment um no it was like a fish to water really I mean it was not it was not traumatic it would there was no of course our environment back then you know was not as toxic that is it as if now so I I imagine it would have been different but over there it was like you know I was just it was just like a click really and and I remember distinctly the volcanic and you know the the masculine the masculine and the feminine there was something there was something that what you're saying is correct I mean there was something there right and I remember the the frequency of the volcanoes and then going higher even so it took us we were at a certain altitude and then we wouldn't even higher also there was no even no electricity they always only to say from like eight o'clock to ten o'clock or something like two hours a day right many indigenous places like that don't have electricity store I've talked about on the show in the past how much of the earth population still doesn't even have electricity or even you know indoor plumbing they don't have water or toilets all running into their home it's amazing how much of the earth still live is like that you know probably over 50% still of people don't have access to electricity and running water it's unbelievable that we're living in what we consider the modern day you know in modern times the technological age and over half of the human population still lives in what we would consider a primitive technologically absent state yeah but the lack of electricity really does something to you oh yeah you know when you've noticed when there's a an outage there's like assignment so let's not be surrounded we're surrounded by electromagnetic fields that are burning through us absolutely because the whole AC current system that Tesla you know helped invent it and helped basically get wired to all of our homes you know was not meant to be the end of how we would power devices you know the new cleaner ways of doing it but those innovations are largely blocked in the modern world yeah he was working on that he had two ways of doing it one of the levels of the atmosphere and then also from the magnetic from the magnetic field of the earth sure so you're absolutely right but and you have your heart of the lily waves do you know what that is so there's a forgot his name but there's some physicists that invented a way to put on top of the electric currents a wave that would affect your emotions it's kinda like TV like programming and so you know they can ride an emotion my anger you know on top of the other things that would act as a carrier frequency that get out as well you so that's what these cell towers are they're like carry or free and they have to piggyback other frequencies on top of them absolutely so yeah it's called a little wave this thing anyway another thing I wanted to grab that you just floored me because I've I've never heard anybody else say it but me which is eating the Sun what I call eating the Sun yes and you said it and I can't believe you said that when I drink juices especially green juices or like maybe a good citrus juice I drink it and I'm I am sitting there thinking this is consuming literally sunlight literally sunlight converted stepped down from its pure form into a vibratory frequency of a liquid that came through that plant that then you are drinking to nourish your cells and you are literally drinking the Sun now powerful juicing is for those who haven't done fruit and vegetable juicing if you have an experience drinking a glass of fresh freshly juiced fruit or and vegetable juice and just feeling what that does to your physiology unbelievable and so and also getting fun directly like we don't get out of fun enough like they tell us that the Sun is bad I'm guilty about myself because I did so much technological work indoors before you got out you know I make a point to go outside and yes take off and go in the Sun yeah oh and all your skin everywhere brilliant points thank you so much for the call for bringing well good so you were mentioning gardening yes my theory is I am I love gardening okay that's one of my big things and I have this theory that the plants if you give them your DNA and that's easy with hair or whatever spit on it whatever it will make stuff for you specific to you DNA interesting why don't you blow your mind with that that's something that I don't know not like in in what way like specifically like for things specifically grow according to what you need interesting yeah think about that okay I'll let you go that that did kind of blow my mind I had out yeah very interesting and I don't dismiss that I think that that is quite possible because there's so much intelligence that underlies nature through the plant kingdom that without a doubt when they that I would say that the earth has that ability to sense what we need and adapt to it and and provide that force that's how intelligent the earth is that's how intelligent the whole living dynamic system that we are all living within that's how intelligent it is so that's a very good point that you brought up I just want to just say regarding what she said regarding the frequency this is all part of nutrition you know this is all part of detoxification you know we not only should be filtering our water and eating as clean food as possible but we should be looking at the types of electromagnetic frequencies that we are exposing ourselves to and we should also be looking at the types of information that we expose ourselves to that's part of nutrition you know these are all stressors of the body you know and it's like that that's why like adaptogens are so important you know some of us have a more innate inherent strong physiology that can adapt to things like that some of us are far more sensitive to that you know and and are very easily affected by different frequency fields etc I find myself on the former end of that spectrum where I mean something has to be overtly beating on me for me to practically sense it I have a high threshold for things I have a high threshold for pain I have a high threshold for you know being able to feel subtle energies okay like frequency fields etc I'm not what you would call an electromagnetic sensitive that you could tell if a cellphone is on in a room or something to that effect you know I almost have a thick skin when it comes to that type of stuff and maybe it's because I've worked in the technology field and been exposed to it and it's like your body gets tempered in some ways but that doesn't mean it's not doing harm on a subtle level so we have to look at all of those dynamics when it comes to being in positive health it's all part of quote nutrition of what's coming into our physiology period and again that has to do with you know what we take into our minds as well what are you paying attention to what are you watching what are you reading what are you listening to you know I had a conversation with a family member in the past where you know we were talking about trying to mitigate mitigate the effects of diabetes and I was talking to the person about like what to do regarding diet but then when I got and the person was very receptive to that aspect but then when I started talking about well it's not just about what you'd put in your mouth through your diet it's also about what you take into your body and mind in other ways you know are what are you paying attention to what are you listening to what type of media you know are are you taking in you know and when I got to that they didn't want to hear it because they just wanted to continue to think it's only just the physical stuff that you put into your body through food and it's not it's about other stressors as well and most people don't take any of that non-physical stuff into consideration you know and we need to so great points brought up in that last call by lioness thank you for that let's see let's go to lucid nebula lucid nebula you are live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show hello yes did you hear me yes I can loud and clear shoot I'm not being able to hear you okay let me try to let me take off this or good try that real quick does that work can you hear me mark yes it looks like you're having a problem I cannot hear you okay I'm gonna I'm gonna jump unfortunately it looks like he's having a problem with his speakers or headset unfortunately so I apologize for that having a jump but if you get that cleared up I'll try to go back to you let's see let's see can I go back to Ivan from Phoenix let's see if Ivan is there I'm gonna try them again Ivan from Phoenix you are live on what on earth is happening welcome looks like Ivan is still having a problem this week sorry about that brother let's see let's go to - who else do we still have let's go - Ethan strong Ethan strong you're live on what on earth is happening welcome mark can you hear me yes I can loud and clear excellent uh so I got so much that I could say um just a little quick note on what lioness was saying about the plants producing specific compounds and stuff for your DNA I'm wondering if she read the book honest Asya because that is something that I got out of that book when I was reading this a couple years ago but interesting concept if you get out it's a good read okay yeah ringing Cedars of Russia Siri and the first one is called uh Nastasia I won't go into any details about that cuz roll off topic but anyway um thanks for taking my call sir it's been a little while so I got a couple of notes here um first I just wanted to mention because we're on this topic of carnism and by the way thank you for speaking about it in the way that you do I think it's really needed as you know and thank you at some point I intend to get into that as well so when I was really young like way back as far as I can remember you know before probably prior to the age of six even I distinctly remember being really disturbed when I came to the realization or found out that people kill any animals for food that just really bothered me instinctively intuitional II that really bothered me I thought most all of us are as children because we first are being given foods that are animal-based we don't really directly make that association when we're very young and then at some point when we reach the age of being able to reason that out for ourselves we're being told and understanding it by our parents then it's sort of an initial shock or an initial trauma to us to understand that this is what human beings do to other animal life and you know some of it it hits harder and that resonates more with us from a very early age than others and some of us don't really think too deeply about it so much after the initial understanding hits us mmhmm yeah yeah so you know just through familial indoctrination I eventually I never really got totally hooked or addicted to eating me but I did it for a number of years when I was younger all through my teenage years and then when I was about 25 I read a book I was in a relationship with this woman who was already vegetarian and then she read a book called Skinny Bitch and after reading that book she was like I'm going to be and I didn't even know what vegan was at that time what's that and so I read the book she was you know her just abrupt inspiration to do that got me curious so I was like read that I read the book and then I decided okay I'm gonna do the same and for me my experience with making that transition was quite easy and I basically went cold on all of it didn't do any gradual transition and for me I think it was easy to do because like I said I wasn't ly addicted to meat I ate it because I got kind of you know cold I got conditioned to think that that was okay in normal of course and then over time just consuming it a little bit here a little bit there and my family it wasn't a staple thing every night having right it was like a couple times a week maybe nice right so anyway for me making that transition and ID that back in that was like a little over 10 years ago 2008 I made that transition to going totally vegan and during that time I was working as a landscaper in Seattle Washington and I have to say I thinking back to that time I don't think I've really ever felt a whole lot better physically mentally just felt really good after a few months of being on the planet base program so just a little note for everybody out there who's listening who is on the fence about trying it or has tried it and did you know do it right like you said and you'll get the good results and I must have done it right the first time body was largely as you said accustomed to eating more of a plant-based diet in the first place because as you said you didn't really learn a big meteor or your family really didn't prepare a lot of meat based meals so it's like you know for people who are coming from it from the perspective where they really were having a meat heavy diet that's why recommend that gradual transition and even if you say I like just eating one meatless meal a week and then just go to two or three you could just do it like that there's no need for an abrupt a sudden change if you do were to try it like that and it works okay well you know I almost consider like the people who do it like that kind of got lucky because a lot of people who do try it and go very quickly with it they don't have as much success and I see that over and over again so it's it's good that you're bought your body your physiology kind of already had the way paved for it in that respect by the way that you were eating and to do it in a more a less gradual way let's say was successful and easier for you to do so and it's very fortunate and I'm glad it worked out that way yeah something that I wanted to mention that I think appreciate is sure so back then I did that it only did it here and I got into during that time oddly enough some of my co-workers I used to smoke cigarettes and you know I got on this plant based program and my co-workers called me out and they like so what's up with this your concern with your well-being your health your eating plant-based but then here you are smoking a cigarette after your burrito at lunch for a contradiction regard yeah so they called me out on that and I thought about it for didn't take long I was like okay yeah I wanted to get rid of this nasty habit for a while so eventually I worked into that and that was something I didn't do cold turkey so like like you're saying when you're addicted to something and hopefully people that are addicted to it confers to acknowledge that they are addicted because of Schubert's that brace that's exactly making a grant a gradual movement away from is totally necessary like I did some preparation when I quit smoking to get the body ready cleanse the liver and be prepared for the withdrawals or be more prepared to handle it and not go into shock so but anyway so it was on planet based program initially for a year then I got through my research into what I was preparing to quit smoking the knowledge I was taking in for that I came across dr. Mercola and started reading his newsletters and articles and kind of got sucked back into eating some dairy and some meat on the basis that it's okay as long as it's produced humanely right so for a few years that justification over and over yeah and the whole thing like it's natural normal natural necessary like we need certain things from the animals the proteins different than planet protein all that stuff so anyway I got sucked back into it and started actually fishing and I live in Washington and I got into fishing for salmon and steelhead and primarily when it came to meet that's all I ate for a while few years and I have to say for anybody out who's listening that thinks that the animals are here to serve us in that capacity to uses food I have to tell you it's not true it's wrong and if you haven't I'm trying to speak specifically to people who have never actually killed an animal if you haven't done it then it's easier easy for you to think that try killing an animal and then talk about how that animal reacts to the action you're taking against it because they don't want to die right you know I've never had a fish just jump out of the river onto the bank and be you know willing for me to just knock it out and cut it open and bleed it you know it doesn't work that way they want to live they have a purpose and it's not to serve us and our stomachs when there is alternatives that we could engage in that doesn't necessitate that again I've been honest and said in a very you know survival based situation where there were no other possibilities to sustain my life would I sustain my life by taking the life of an animal to sustain mine I would do it in a survival situation that absolutely mandated that you know that there was no other way but when there is another way to do it there is a viable alternative that can maintain optimum health this is what many people still don't believe is necessary that believe the necessary quote argument of meat justification meat eating justifications whereas it is definitely provable that it is possible to sustain our human life without doing that to the animal kingdom and that's all I like this level of honesty is all I want people to get to you know to just understanding that's the scientifically provable truth regarding the matter and we can make it now now to choice right and we can make a choice about how we want to behave in the world after we have that information clear in our minds regarding that it's not necessary and that we do not need to do this it's not a need or a necessity so thanks for you know reiterating that point and yeah it's absolutely true yeah so what I was getting back to what I said about something you might appreciate I I don't know how many years it was maybe like five five years would be actually about six where I was back to eating a little bit of meat and select very limited dairy products I didn't I had used to really love cheese but I'd tried not to get back into that because she seems to be pretty to do but anyway I when I got turned on to your podcast and all of your work it was you who got Mirian spired to go back to being plant-based because I'd thought back to my childhood and how I instinctually felt about this whole topic and you've you've brought to my awareness the occult reasons why we should not do this because of the negative consequences that will manifest in the world especially given what you were just talking about how we live in a type of society now where the structure is such that we don't need to be killing and eating animals to survive and provide nutrition for bodies we can get it through other means and um you know it's just not necessary and so for those occult reasons I got you know I got all that from you and I was like okay I have to go back now I'm very glad that I was helped able to help you to influence you to look into those matters regarding the occult aspects of this you know this is what I did with the earlier work that I posted regarding this topic in the earlier podcast again I believe it was episode number 122 and I posted with that occultism and vegetarianism which gets into what slaughterhouses - the American energetic field of the earth you know we have to understand we're all interconnected energy and as one suffers even one being there that contributes to the the negative etheric energy field of the earth because it's all operating as one living dynamic energy field you know and we have to understand we're all part of that and it affects us you know and it takes like somebody really being strong not to and to get themselves to a strong place in their mind body and spirit to be able to even come to the point where they're able to resist that overwhelmingly negative etheric field that's constantly having death and suffering interjected into it at the energetic level you know to even get themselves up to a point where they are able to process and understand truth and then work on their body in their mind and then help others I mean it's it's a it's a it's a process and a journey for any individual to do that knowing how badly polluted the whole etheric energy field of the earth is and how it got that way you know so it's like that's why I try to work I have a lot of shortcomings when it comes to understanding how weak other people are regarding that like I because I'm strong in in doing that it makes me automatically you know look at other people should automatically be that strong but they haven't done the lifting that I've done you know what I mean you know I may not do a lot of physical weightlifting I I you know try to go to the gym when I can but it's like it's the same thing you try to throw a barbell at somebody who's never lifted a weight before they're not gonna be able to handle it it's the same thing with all of this information it's like if you haven't done the heavy lifting when it comes to the information all of this info it's gonna be very very very difficult for people they're not going to get it all at once it's gonna have to be a journey where they start with the light weights and build their way up you know so it's it's a process so thanks for bringing up that point and you know I am glad that I was able to point you to some of the more esoteric and a call knowledge when it comes to that because that is the ultimate to understand where the truth of this all goes to in lies is all in that space where we understand this is all about energy and you know its operating at a higher plane of existence at the unseen level then that which is operating at the scene level there's a lot more going on at that level where our senses don't reach but there's a part of us that does reach there and that's the spiritual part of us so fantastic points I really appreciate you bringing up those points you know thanks for taking my call I'm real quick if you don't mind me adding your original discussions in the podcast series on these actually spanned more than just one podcast you had number one twenty-one number one twenty two and then part of one twenty three was dedicated to that topic thank you for reminding me of that and our listening audience so it's those three podcasts everyone 121 through 123 thanks Ethan cut out all right okay I think that's probably all the time that we're going to have for this episode I don't want to get into another caller and have them cut off so I'll just take us out and what I'll say about this whole series is I think it's been very great that I revisited this topic I'm very happy on how it all went the caller's are unbelievably astounding that's all I could say about it like the the I have the best callers in all of talk radio ever in the history of talk radio talk internet television whatever you want to call it could not ask for any better callers for an all call-in show so I want to thank everybody for listening to this and watching this episode of what on earth is happening I hope you've found it informative I want you to make sure that you check out the resources that get posted with the podcast for each episode that can be found as always at what on earth is happening calm click the podcast tab or just go to what on earth is happening comm slash podcast and that's all the time that we have for this edition of one remember ladies and gentlemen government is slavery we'll see you right here next week thanks for watching [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music]