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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] you've got to groove on freedom book space [Music] welcome you are listening to what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches its critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're watching what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com ladies and gentlemen government is slavery and here on what on earth is happening we are ending slavery one mind at a time welcome the show everyone thank you for tuning in today is Sunday July 21st 2019 this is what on earth is happening episode number 216 and today's show is an entire call-in show all three hours your calls and the main topic for discussion is the topic that we covered over the last two shows here on water on earth is happening which is our entire society is one big satanic ritual of course you can watch the show live at what on earth is happening calm / show.we multicast on youtube on youtube live on facebook live on vimeo live and right at what on earth is happening dot-com / show you can click on the calling link at the show page on what on earth is happening and that will take you to our discord server our discord call-in server and we take our calls through discord we'll go over the rules for calls when I start to go to callers I have a couple of quick housekeeping announcements for this show today let's actually cut over to the slide presentation I will be speaking at an arkadelphia 2019 this is the inaugural an arkadelphia conference hosted by the people at the state of anarchy the conference will be taking place September 13th through 15th I will be speaking on Saturday September 14th and my presentation my main presentation for the conference is entitled the sacred gift of anger you could order your tickets at the banner at the homepage of what on earth is happening or you can go directly to an arkadelphia calm there is a 5% off discount code with the promo code passio if you enter passio at checkout you will get five percent off of your ticket sale and five percent of the ticket sale will be donated directly to water on earth is happening also at an arkadelphia 2019 will be the debut of my first full-length documentary film called mark passio and the science of natural law now I want to let everyone know in the interest of full disclosure more likely than not unless we really you know make huge strides it looks like we're only gonna probably have a rough cut of the documentary ready for an arkadelphia if that changes we will have the final cut ready but I probably won't be able to have you know DVDs and flash drives available for sale hopefully we can turn that around and you know kick it up into higher gear and have a final edit ready but I just want to just prepare people that we may just screen a rough cut for the the conference so we're working as hard as we can to get that prepared in its final form but just in the interests of you know total disclosure and honesty when it comes to advertising I just want to let people know we may just be screening a rough cut at the conference that being said on the day after the conference on Monday September 16th I will be delivering an all-day seminar entitled teaching natural law with Mark passio this will be Monday September 16th all-day event 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. with a one-hour lunch break in between this is hosted at Papi's Italian restaurant 31:20 South Street South 20th Street I'm sorry and tickets for the old day workshop following the Anarch Adelphia conference are $120 you can get your tickets at an arkadelphia calm for both the conference and the workshop we did a summer t-shirt sale and the shirts are completely sold out so we have no t-shirts in inventory at the what on earth is happening dot-com gifts area at the donation gifts area so thank you to everyone who took us up on the offer of t-shirt sales we are completely sold out of shirts new shirts have been pressed and the order is coming in this week so I will probably have those on the store sometime later this week in addition to that the anarchy and the occult part 2 presentation that I gave at an arc apoco 2019 in Acapulco Mexico back in February has been edited and is complete the video is now in my hands and we are going to basically be pressing that in the form of flash drives and DVDs those will be available in the water on earth is happening gifts donation gifts area also later this week with a new t-shirt designs so definitely check out the gifts area later this week and we will have some new items up there plenty of new items actually also the Tesla and humanity's missing paradigm shift presentation that I gave at the Tesla conference back in January will be available for free on YouTube later this week so a lot of new developments happening here at what on earth is happening so stay in tune with the website and I'll check out all this new material I think um after the following week's show which is going to be on some of the aspects of the Major Arcana of the Tarot I've been wanting to deliver that Tesla and humanity's missing paradigm shift presentation in an extended form so I think in a couple of weeks I'm gonna take the whole show and really unpack that presentation that I only had a few minutes really to deliver at the Tesla conference because of how many speakers they they have at a conference like that I'm gonna really unpack that here on what on earth is happening in a couple of weeks so I'll be doing an extend format version of Tesla and humanity's missing paradigm shift I think that's all the event announcements that I have this is the show for today the artwork it's the call-in show for the topic we've been talking about we've been discussing over the last two weeks I did six hours on this topic that our entire society is just one big satanic ritual and I want to just preface the calls with one brief thing a couple of things actually the first is of course I didn't cover every aspect of how our society is a huge satanic ritual there is so much more to it I just barely scratched the surface I'm sure people today when calling in are gonna bring up topics that absolutely fit into this discussion but yet we're left out of my formal presentation over the last couple of weeks so I'll be looking forward to that if anyone has any questions that they want to ask regarding clarification of these topics that's also completely on you know on the table and there's no taboo topics talk about you know anything you like ask any questions that you like in general we're talking about the last two episodes and you know I just want to reiterate I'm gonna do this a few times over the next few shows for any new listeners or new viewers to the show you have to realize that water on earth is happening is a tapestry of information no one show stands alone on its own you cannot really deeply understand each show that I do here on what on earth is happening unless you have listened to the previous shows in order at your own pace and take them in in their entirety and also look at the ancillary material links documents videos etc images that I post with each episode it's a study course that's what what on earth is happening is it's not just a normal podcast you have to stop thinking about what on earth is happening if you're a new viewer or even if you're an experienced viewer who have heard many shows you cannot look at this show as just an ordinary any other podcast it's not it's a teaching course okay like any other college course you wouldn't start taking advanced calculus unless you took algebra and precalculus because those are prerequisite classes okay and you wouldn't take those unless you had basic mathematics okay so every episode preceding this one from number one through number 215 are prerequisites to this episode so I just want to reiterate that I'm going to keep reiterating that over the next several broadcasts because I think a lot of people still don't understand that no one episode of what on earth is happening stands on its own they are meant to be taken in as a tapestry of information and each episode that I do well no matter what number it is every numbered episode before that is a prerequisite to understanding what I talked about in the most recent episode so please understand that okay I hear people saying you left this and this out of that episode because I don't rearrange this you know go back from number one listen and order at your own pace and the tapestry will emerge in your mind and you'll get it it'll all click you'll have several aha moments and you'll be like oh that's what he's talking about in later episodes the worst thing anybody could do is go to the latest episode and just start listening from there bad idea bad idea okay so I just want to make that very abundantly clear for new viewers okay who don't understand that aspect of this broadcast okay this isn't Joe Rogan's podcast where you can listen to anyone isolated and as he just has his guests on and that's it and that that episode stands on its own that's not what on earth is happening and that'll never be water on earth is happening so please understand that for from now and for all time okay so that being said I want to show people something that was kind of brought to my attention through some people posting about it on social media in relationship to the two last episodes that I did so I'm just gonna step out of my presentation for a moment I'm gonna go over to my web browser oh and uh real real quick let's switch back to the to the computer but real quick I want to let people know first of all the an arc adelphia banner for tickets is right on the home page of what on earth is happening but if you go to the news section right here or if you scroll down on the home page of what on earth is happening and you go to the latest news section on the left I have posted my latest interview with Carmen chironji of the state of anarchy okay and we talked about a little bit about what my presentation at an arc adelphia was going to be about the sacred gift of anger the other topics covered were New Age bullshit and how I've exposed that and talked about false New Age spirituality teachings and offered corrections to the types of subtle deceptions that are offered in the New Age movement and we talked a lot about true spirituality and true spiritual teachings from a streetwise spirituality perspective in this interview so that's the latest interview that I did and that's up in the news section of what on earth is happening calm I just wanted to mention that and get that out there for people now the thing I was getting ready to get into is that some people posted some very appropriate material on some social media comments that I happen to take note of regarding the last couple of shows on Satanism and a lot of people have no clue again I I started the whole broadcasts over the last two shows on Satanism with a quote from Thomas Jefferson saying a person is closer to the truth who knows absolutely nothing then a person who believes that they know but really they have an erroneous belief system about something okay they are way farther away from the truth someone who thinks they have the correct answer and believes it yet they don't have the information that they really need to understand a person who's totally ignorant knows absolutely nothing about a topic and doesn't think that they know something about a topic is way closer to the truth than someone in what I call negative knowledge meaning that they have a false belief about what they think something is all about and believe that they have the correct answer and believe that they have the truth regarding it and let me tell you something folks this is almost 100 percent of people when it comes to the topic of Satanism they have their head lodged way up their asshole about what they think about Satanism and they have absolutely no fucking idea about it whatsoever at all zero zilch nada okay and they don't want to hear it they want to believe their belief is correct and that's it and nothing can dissuade them from that fact so some people corroborated exactly what I've been saying about real Satanism I'm not talking about Hollywood Satanism in any of these broadcast folks I'm talking about the power structure that runs the earth I'm talking about the the grip the iron grip that this planet and its people are firmly seated in okay those masters of the world they're not devil worshipers in the sense that Hollywood wants you to believe Satanism is so that you're totally off the path of what you think this psychopaths who run this whole planet are all about you know nothing of their mindset if you think that's what Satanism is and you got jackass fake-ass Christians trying to tell me I don't know what Satanism is and these ignorant fucks do you don't know one fucking thing about what you're talking about when it comes to Satanism and I'll tell you so just like that to your ignorant ass face all right I'm sick of being told I don't know what I'm talking about when this was my personal fucking life experience I'm tired of that shit you're not gonna tell me what I've experienced in life you don't you haven't been where I've been you haven't been in the rooms I've been in you you haven't been around the people I've been around you don't know what the fuck I know you could think you do all you want it doesn't make it true boys and girls so don't tell me what my life experience has been your heads up your ass and you're full of shit I'm fired up over folks because up more and more people try to do this to try to get under my skin you know and they're not gonna like what happens they try to do it in person with me don't go up to a man and tell him he hasn't had the life that he's lived it's a bad idea you'll do it on the internet cuz you're a little chicken shit coward keyboard commando hiding behind a fucking screen try doing that to somebody's face and see what happens you know I'm not playing games with this anymore folks I'm done with people you know call me I say call me a liar and tell me my personal life experience didn't happen no not to my face you're not doing it all right know that so sorry about just the direct confrontation about this but I'm fed up with it okay and I need to get it off my chest and say something about it the nerve like that the straight up balls the people have it's like me telling you let me tell in a Parisian you've never been to Paris you don't know what the fuck that city's about now you know and I've been there like once or somebody who's never been there saying something like that you know very presumptuous and high-level hubris that people have about this stuff so getting back to what I was going to talk about I want to let people see right from the horse's mouth I'm gonna go to the Church of Satan's official website right now in real time let's switch back to the computer I brought up the Church of Satan Church this is WWE Church of Satan calm okay this is the official website of the Church of Satan this is an organization that I was a priest within again the other thing you hear I hear people saying all the time is that I've ever claimed to be a high priest of any aspect of Satanism you will not find me ever in any footage in any audio ever using the term I was a high priest I was never a high priest of anything I was appointed to the rank of priest the simple rank of priest within the Church of Satan that is one of their ranks in their ranking system in their hierarchical system in the Church of Satan that is what my rank was when I was a member as Reverend Mark rokahr which is my assumed name that I took in the dark occult in Satanism which I've gone over in my presentation called occult mockery of police and military personnel and I've also gone over extensively in my presentation called demystifying the occult part to Satanism and the dark occult but people want to talk out their ass and not look at the data that's what they do they form an incorrect opinion based on their beliefs don't look at the actual data and then claim to be right and then say that there's somehow researchers and they know what's going on when they can't even think properly because they have a burnt fucking brain right on the Church of Satan's homepage okay you can click I'm gonna show you where to click you go right here to frequently asked questions this button right here FAQ which stands for frequently asked questions click that button this will take you to a page called Church of Satan frequently asked questions if you scroll down on that page it will give you a list of FAQ topics okay there's something called internet presence press and student fundamental beliefs is number three and they go on and on with other topics up through 21 topics okay I want to call people's attention to link number three on the Church of Satan's frequently asked questions list if you click that link fundamental beliefs it will take you to the FAQ on fundamental beliefs of the Church of Satan the first question asked is why do Satanists worship the devil and the answer from the Church of Satan is verbatim quote we don't Satanists are atheists we see the universe as being indifferent to us and so all morals and values are subjective human constructions this is the 1st and 4th 1st and 2nd tenets of Satanism their God and morals are subjective moral relativism now listen let's keep going our position is to be self-centered I'm gonna highlight this our position is to be self-centered with ourselves being the most important person or the god of our subjective universe so we are sometimes said to worship ourselves our current high priest Peter Gilmore calls this step moving from being an atheist to being an atheist Satan to us is a symbol of pride liberty and individualism and it serves as an external metaphorical projection of our highest personal potential we do not believe in Satan as a being or person what more proof does any asshole need because see what its coming from folks is people who don't want to know the truth it's coming from people who want to say my religion has it right fuck you I don't want to hear your research I don't want to hear your knowledge I want to hear what my pastor down on the church corner says about it and listen to his jackass opinion on it when he's an uninformed dupe that knows less than nothing because he has an ill-informed unread uneducated opinion and belief about it instead of actual knowledge about it you don't know what you're talking about Stumm because that's what you are religious believing scumbag is it an ad hominem attack you're damn right it is because an ad hominem attack can say the truth about a person it has nothing to do with what I'm saying we're going the truth about what real Satanism in the world the real Satanic ideology that runs the world is all about cuz that's it right there this is it right there that's it right on the screen okay look right there on on the screen that's what real Satanism is boys and girls and they're all too happy to tell you publicly right on their own site in their own frequently asked questions section corroborating exactly what I've been trying to explain to you about what Satanism is for the last 12 fucking years because these people aren't even covert about it and let me tell you something this is the ideology behind the whole political slavery system this is the ideology behind the whole slavery banking system this is the ideology behind all the other satanic aspects of our society that I talked about for damn six hours over the last two weeks so don't take my word for it here right from the horse's mouth itself okay I just wanted to say that and left I thought I want to thank the people for posting that bringing it to my attention in certain social media posts for you know putting that out there for others to say here it is exactly what he's saying is exactly the way that it is and you can go on and on just read their literature just read their books go read Lovaza writings go read the Satanic Bible the satanic rituals The Devil's notebook all the other works from LaVey the book the Church of Satan by I don't know whether that was Gilmore or it might've been a key no I'm not really certain go read that the ruby tablet upset from Michael Aquino go read you know all the other works from the temple of sent and Michael Aquino you know it'll corroborate exactly what I'm saying you know you don't have to believe anything I'm saying it's all out there publicly but what you have out there are bullshitter fake-ass Christians that just believe their bible thump bible thumping version of reality that's all they care about and what they're doing is a disservice to humanity by trying to tell people this is about going in the forest and black robes and sacrificing some dogs and work being the devil worship and devil yeah that's what it's about you're a smack jackass who doesn't know what you're talking about Punk I know exactly what I'm talking about because I was involved in it and you were in and you weren't you just think you know and you don't know ass I'm just coming out and saying it just like it is in plain street language because I'm fed the fuck up if you can't tell so let's go to your calls on this topic and I want here's what I want from people if you're willing to go in this direction again people can take into whatever direction that they want what I want to see on this call-in show is I want to see I want to hear questions to clarify what I talked about on the last two weeks and what I just said it here earlier I would love your questions to anything that you want me to further elaborate on or clarify and I want to hear aspects of the Satanic society that I missed that I didn't get to or I left out of the presentation because as I said I guarantee there are lots of those and people can bring those up on this show so let's very briefly go over the rules for the calling show cuz this is something I want to reiterate from time to time on certain shows as well okay so the call in room is in a chat room when you go on discord you're not gonna have cross talk you're not gonna be able to text others that's off-hours we we implemented that as long as it's done respectfully and people have been being pretty good about that I thank you for that okay and you could you could post you could talk you know you could chat off hours during the show I don't want that distraction okay so the callin room is in a chat room member discussions take place when the show isn't live okay it's highly recommended to use the discord desktop app I don't care how good people think you know phone apps are right there not as good as a computer I've said this before I'm not a big fan of mobile platforms I particularly hate iOS think it's a jail literally it's literally a prison in the mobile computing space I don't use iOS I use either Windows you know on a tablet or I use Android on on phones and you know other tablet devices because it's at least somewhat customizable not as restrictive as iOS I don't really think it's a good idea to call in through any mobile platform personally I think you should use a computer with a USB headset or a good microphone a good clear mic and you will get the best quality and the best experience that's my take on that okay you know you are click into the calling room to enable voice calling okay during the call there's no video you're not gonna have your face anywhere you know on on the show ok just our cameras live here in the studio or life okay so it's just your voice right don't listen to the show on the live stream during a call-in show listen in discord the live stream is gonna be delayed right then you gonna be listening to me like 20 30 seconds behind and when I call on you you're gonna miss me calling on you I'm gonna go to someone else so when you're when you're a caller if you're just watching the show that's great watch on you know what on earth is happening calm slash show or YouTube live on my my youtube channel okay don't do that if you're a caller listen to the show in the discord app okay I keep my mic live during the show all right so please mute any device that emits any sound in your room you shouldn't be not be having your audio come through speakers in the room your room should be perfectly silent to anyone who walks in the room you should be listening through earbud headphones or a headset like I'm wearing okay please don't call into the show if you have your audio coming through speakers that is are audible in the room it's going to create a feedback loop there's going to be echo and/or feedback which is I'm gonna cut your call off okay so to use headphones or earbuds okay if you're not using those and it creates an echo I'll cut the call I'll determine what calls I want to take him in what order I take them okay so it's like this isn't necessarily a one after another you know order it's like I'm gonna say if I want to go to this person next I'm going there next I know that's not totally egalitarian but it's how it is okay and there's no call screening so you know nobody's gonna pick up and say you know hey what do you want to talk about I'm gonna pick up and say you're live on the air that's it so be ready with your question or comment okay have your microphone unmuted on your end have your mic unmuted I will server unmute you when I go to your call and say you're live on the air I think that covers all the rules we've done this a couple of times and when we have call-in shows I usually like to reiterate it and go over it so let's go right to your calls this is episode number 216 we're gonna go live to Ron Ron you are live on what on earth is happening episode 216 our entire society is one big satanic ritual welcome to the show thanks man it's good to be how you doing today I'm all right I'm fired up as I have been for the last many weeks because we're degenerating rapidly into this yeah it's kind of crazy the last couple of weeks I've been listening like normally but yeah you've been pretty amped up and in fact my wife and I just watched a documentary yesterday called heal and it was just a big warning for me to to chill because the cortisol racing through our veins 24/7 is not healthy so I'm gonna try to stay somewhat mellow cuz I could get amped up and heartbeat and just dance with you and blow some stuff up or something yeah I hear you so I got a couple quick anecdote I was gonna share with you and you know stop me and riff with me anything you want of course but like I saw I'm a professional coach I'm a writer my job is help people live the the best version of their life I wrote a book called uncompromised awesome cool I teach coaches all over the world and man oh man you have nailed it with fake you know fake-ass Christianity and the New Age bullshit hundred percent I mean this is i live in new in Massachusetts and this is what I do for a living dude I live behind enemy lines it's crazy I believe it especially up there I mean it is they got people people there are gotten people here in Gaul adelphia are gotten in going but I'm telling you it's even worse up in New York yeah but New York is insane I mean the whole abortion thing insane now this thing with the vaccinations let me to get to the vaccination vaccination thing in a second I'll start with a little bit of good news because you know you often talk about being a teacher of teachers and I want you to know just to feel a little encouraged that you know I've been teaching this you know some version of natural law and kind of patchwork for years because I knew I'm not the center point of the universe right and you know there's got to be a system I went through a phase of being a hardcore Christian and you know it that just that that that way of understand the universe didn't quite work out it's not quite it it's got to be and I'll tell you what I had somebody mention you and I checked you out and dude I watched natural law back-to-back awesome intense work I've been enrolled and started to included in my coaching work in my teaching and I was asked to teach at the International coach Federation which is the international governing body of coaches at one of the workshops in Colorado and I I missed them up I left them all pretty much speechless at the end which you know because I walked him i trapped him with their own ideology which was and it feel just bear with me 30 seconds I'll run you through it and I'll stop talking but I asked him look do you believe in karma which they all do karma law of cause and effect law of compensation which basically means everybody that you if you put good out in the world you're gonna get a good back if you put crap out there you're gonna get crap back of course every coach is like hell yeah and I knew I had them so I said so good you live in a moral universe right and they're like yeah right absolutely okay yeah and I said fine can you initiate force against someone know what if it's for good like old lady down the street and you know where I'm going old lady down the street you know she's she's indigent she just has to get to Chicago and I hold a gun to this guy just to get a hundred bucks to get her in a Greyhound can I do that be like no you can't well what if I vote for somebody to do it what if I vote for somebody who's in a nice suit somebody to point a gun at somebody else to take their money they're like no way can you do that and I'm like laughing my ass off but then in the next breath they'll say that they'd go out and vote but I do that what you bet you bet but I said how in the world then I mean this took this was over the course I'm doing it fast cuz this audience and of course you know what I'm doing yeah yeah I do this over an hour so I tightened the noose little by little a little and I said guys you vote as soon as you vote you're saying I vote for this band of individuals I didn't want to you know build it up too much but these group of people to say I accept your form of violence for what I want you to do and if they go ahead and shoot people or gun them down or microwave them or ear blast them with sound cannons I think that's fine to get their money to give to a kid so we can school him in Alabama and I said how is that moral based on what you've all said and they nobody had a word to say nobody could say anything right because it's cognitive dissonance they're holding contradictory notions about reality in the mind simultaneously and if you really run that through the analytical processor of the brain it doesn't compute and it creates an error and right people have to see that about themselves that they are lying to themselves about our condition being slavery and that they can somehow delegate rights that no one else has because their violence to anybody else and once you see that you understand that the only moral position in all of life is a position of anarchy of true anarchy meaning that there are no rulers there's no ruling class government becomes inherently morally illegitimate and if we're being honest with ourselves that's the truth the problem is the majority of the human population is not only not honest with themselves they have drank the kool-aid and wholesales subscribed to the satanic cult that runs the world which is the powers that lie beyond and behind government behind the ostensible realms of power and they go into the occulted realms of power they can't see that this whole process of keeping people in this type of inversion of moral inversion and in this psychological cognitive dissonance is part of a huge satanic ritual to turn society's morality on to a head and get us unconsciously creating chaos collectively well and in the personal growth world - and you think about coaches well my job is to help you get clear about who you are what you want where you're going and to end to make it happen and so though though most coaches would say well we don't solve problems like hell yeah people come to us because they want X they can't quite get there themselves they need a little bit of help to bounce some things off of somebody has some good questions and so I say to them look what is a problem a problem is I don't know what to do or I know what to do but I don't have the moral courage to do it and so and I said to them at the end I said look the already's being quiet here and that's because you don't know what to do with this information we've just I've just walked you through I said that's okay but you said you can't go back and now and pretend you didn't hear it or you don't forget that you're kind of trapped that's right and it's great that you're planting seeds like that because as you just said that truth cannot be unheard you've spoken it into creation and that's what helps bring people further along even if a few of them eventually get it down the line that happened as a result of you planning those seeds in their mind right right so good work man because you've made a huge impact on me and now I'm able to take it to a community that would be completely too deaf to remotely come anywhere close to it and they have impact on hundreds of thousands of people these coaches around the world so well thank you very much and I want to thank you for what you're doing regarding that because you're helping people be exposed to this in that sort of indirect way where they may not come and listen to my work but they're getting it you know through you and you're bringing them along in the end of way that you can do it and that's what the great work is to do and it can be done this way not everybody has to take it from Marc passio I've said that an innumerable amount of times most people will not be ready to take it from the the transformer that I am like that's like putting you know a 10,000 bolt line right into somebody some people have to step it down and give it to people in a way that they can absorb it more readily and I appreciate that you're doing it like that and I wish more people were whoever he's got to do it and you know you've said this in so many other venues that you've spoken at where look do it your way and if you're a garbage man then talk to the people on the other end of the truck if you're a fireman you know you got hours to sit and shoot the breeze with guys and you're not or not helpless talk to people at their level you know I wanted to you know make people aware I'm not trying to talk down to the least common denominator level I'm trying to reach the other potential teachers like yourself who are already there and or maybe even most of the way there but they need that just little extra you know you know motivation and just helping them to get fired up to get out there and do that work so you know I like hearing stuff like this that you know people are doing it in their own way with their own aesthetic applied and at their own pace because that's again what the great work is all about you know one has to do it like I do it you know I'm I like the way I do it I'm comfortable in my skin this is my personality in real life you know which I've shown over time progressively more some people may not like it I don't care I'm comfortable with who I am I'm honest with myself about Who I am and where I am spiritually in life you know I'm okay with you know the anger that I perceive and see and express and you know that's what my talk at a tad arkadelphia is going to be about this year and many people don't have to do it that way you're free to do it in an entirely different way you know and so that's what being individuals are all about you know it's all about some people will do it an entirely different way the key factor is that you're actually taking action and out there doing something so thanks for taking that action and developing the courage to do so you're welcome brother I was going to show you the other thing about the vaccines do we have another minute sure go right ahead okay okay cool so you know you were like you know like I said earlier man you were you were knocking out of the park in the last couple of weeks but last week you were just all over and the vaccines thing and the abortion thing and it just it's absolutely heinous and you know I'm still I've still got a lot of affinity for the potential in Christianity because you've got people who believe that there is a God there is a truth there is something that can be done and we can be done and we if we follow truth they're just so asleep it's in sane and people are saying well God is going to judge us dude when we are celebrate busting up children's bodies inside the mother that's God's judgment it's already here so wake up everybody the other side of this is if you once they get out and we don't have the pedophilia shit going down all over the place we're gonna do some full of thimerosal and aluminum and formaldehyde which are carcinogens and neurotoxins well New York State in case somebody knows is just the latest state that's passed a law that you of course you've got mandatory compulsory education for anyone under 18 in New York as well as many other states now in order to go to public school private school or parochial school you must be vaccinated my children have never been vaccinated and the bill I'm gonna get the date the days a little bit wrong but basically you have 30 days to comply we between means you got 30 days for in case of my children to get vaccinations which means like 30 doses because there's oftentimes more than one dose in each vaccine followed by immediately a second series of doses and there's no choice I mean it's like you're either doing this or you're homeschooling or the choice of course if you follow it out is people will come to your house and say where are your children and then if you say get lost men with guns will come for the good of your children of course to make sure they're vaccinated if you resist someone's gonna die someone's gonna dive in a cage for the good of your children it's why I'm saying it's almost time for open armed rebellion against this tyranny you know I mean that's it it's almost time for that you know and it's gonna come time for that there's gonna come a time because these people aren't gonna back down they're not gonna back down and it's gonna have to go that way at some point unfortunately I don't want to see it go that way that's not my desire because war is beyond hell and I'm telling you it's gonna end up it's gonna end up going hot war in America unfortunately because people aren't listening to the warnings they're not then they they're just not moral people that's why a revolution is always kicked off when you have an immoral population that is willing to allow violence to go on unrestrained like it is you are going to invariably end up at bloodshed invariably invariably and that's where we're headed folks I mean people better get psychologically and physically prepared for I keep telling people if you don't have if you're not first of all spiritually ready that that's a big problem if you're not psychologically ready for what war is going to be you're gonna be caught you're gonna be like not able to mentally function when it happens and you have to be physically ready if you don't have arms and ammunition ready to go you're crazy at this point you are an insane human being I've been telling this people this for years if you do not have the ability to defend yourself with a battle-ready military-grade weaponry you are mentally unstable as far as I am concerned because you're not looking at the state of reality as it really stands and then accurately preparing for what may very well be the eventualities and to me that means that someone doesn't really care about themselves they have some form of self-loathing where they don't engage the self defense principle that's why the the whole thing of the right to keep and bear arms is so important to me and in this work and there are many people that still can't understand it and still will not prepare you know especially people from Europe that's a big thing over there they that has been removed from them that like a lab animal literally the social engineers have gone in and extracted at a DNA level at an epoch eugenics level epigenetically removed the desire for self defense and that's a scary thing that these social engineers and Satanists have been able to do and you know there's a place to be a horrifying horrifying and they'll still fight me on it and say I don't have it right I'm wrong and that should never be done there's no place for any kind of physical rebellion you are out of your rabid-ass mind if you actually think that you think that's spirituality there that's nothing spiritual of the sort if you're willing to let tyrants run roughshod on all of humanity without physically stopping them right nothing spiritual in that it's an abdication of our of our well natural manhood for guys like us and vote for women do the same thing to let their bodies be treated like like just dumpsters it takes to put stuff in and leave it take it out yank it out like it's nothing so I can do it grab one last thought 12 seconds I'll let you go right ahead I just want to say that and this course is any of us who have gone down this road and you know you you're a big fan of none dare call conspiracy you read that you're you listen to your stuff you you you get to really know what's going on in the world it could be completely overwhelming and this is a spiritual condition and I I just want to encourage everybody and you know to preaching to myself to is if you got to turn the fountain off a little bit or turn it down a little bit to get a little breather so we're not just running at full throttle all the time you don't want to drop dead at this and all this is is an indication that we just have got to keep growing spiritually so that we can deal with the truth head-on and not be afraid and that's a great point that you make there Ron because that's something I need to remind myself on sometimes I am way more spiritually armored than 99% of human beings out there I have extremely thick skin and armor when it comes to just being being affected by things it doesn't mean I'm not affected or I don't have a full emotional response range what it is is I'm super armored when it comes to that because of what I know the knowledge and experience of what I've been through in this life has protected shielded and armored me in certain fashions that I have to be aware other people don't have they don't have that type of shielding that is in place around me I'm not saying that to toot my own horn or like say I'm better than anybody it just happens to be the case and a lot of people like something that would just not affect me at all or that I would be able to deal with and integrate just melts them down you know and it's something that I should be aware of because like I said I do I am stronger than other people in many regards in those aspects well you told you said you went through a year of just pounding out death metal and confronting yourself again and again and again if people haven't done that they didn't do their death-metal year and looking at themselves then there's they're busy going out for ice cream tonight and sitting in the pool and hanging out and right and anything that messes with that is just devastating let alone the full load I'll tell you what you just brought to my attention by even saying that you know I just I want to throw a shout out because I've been watching some of his work and it's it's really great stuff like South ACCA's Boza from Black Earth Productions has been putting out some good work about the shadow work that we have to do to strengthen ourselves spiritually you know he just interviewed Jordan Maxwell the stuff that Jordan was talking about was just fantastic and uh you know I spoke with Seth kis about a week ago and like went through some of his more recent stuff that he wanted to turn me on to and it's like I think that's what this is the kind of stuff that we need right now is showing people how to work through this material and be confrontations most people don't want to go there and don't want to look at that stuff I've been doing that type of stuff for so long that it's like it's like nothing to me you know it's like going into the gym and doing your normal workout that you could just knock out in like you know half an hour you know it's like it's and then other people you know they do five minutes of it and they're like curled up in a fetal position weeping their eyes out you know so it's like I shouldn't take that for granted be and realize there's a whole spectrum of where people are at regarding that and many of them it's just like you know you're lobbing a you know a 30 pound medicine ball at them and it's like they're gonna get knocked over today they don't have the strength or the will to deal with it because they haven't done that much work on themselves you know it's a stepwise progression so you know thank you for that reminder to me as well and you know I think people should definitely check out more material that delves into the occult shadow work because it's very profound and important I think Michael deSario and does a lot of good work on that as well you know and I think people should look into people who are really doing stuff like that I think max Egan does great stuff regarding that talking about the things we have to confront in ourselves that we may not like you know so there's many good teachers out there that are talking about this type of work and you know we have to realize it is a spectrum in people and we have to try to take some of the people who haven't you know shielded themselves as well and built up that spiritual armor and help them along to go further down the past so they're gonna be ready for what's coming because what's coming it's looking extraordinarily deep and dark because we're not really turning it around at the pace that we need to be so you people like you doing the great work may help to turn it around so I appreciate that and I want to encourage you to keep going thanks brother very much and yeah you keep up your good work I know you will and look forward to connecting another time thank you Ron great call thanks so much for all your insight today thank you see that's what what on earth is happening is all about all right let's see who else is holding here plenty of plenty of people holding let me look at the let's see hold on give me one second all right let's go - lets go - Nick Nick you're live on what on earth is happening episode 216 welcome to the show hello mark yes great to be able to talk to you I just want to do a quick sound check to make sure that I'm coming in at good quality you're coming through loud and clear you sound perfect okay fantastic mark I just wanted to talk actually just hear your opinion on something you said a number of weeks ago this was when you came back from that anarchie conference in Mexico yes mentioned about the avians and your dislike for them so before I get into it I was hoping they'd just give you some background so you can understand where I'm coming from okay okay I'm on the boat with you when it comes to the blue avians as this is just something completely as I put it it's just a modern-day fastened eyes fan is not sorry it's a fantasy but it okay yeah yeah it's just something made up like what we see in a high production Hollywood movie it seems like actually I just want to ask real quick is it alright if I just throw out some names that are attached to this blue avians yeah sure go right ahead okay um I have listened to a lot when it comes to the blue aliens mainly from David Wilcock and Corey Goode dole shirt seemed to be the two pushers of this narrative and mind you I I do respect David Wilcock to a fair bit just because he totes a lot about you know ascension the higher being higher self where you know it's like last caller was mentioning about Karma I could respect him about that but when it comes to Corey Goode he's various as a suspicious person he seems to have claim to gone through this secret space program and then somehow miraculously went back in time to be a younger self if I understand it correctly which i think it's just a name but I tend to agree with that general take regarding those individuals I've checked out a lot of I've checked out a lot of work of David Wilcock and he has some good material I think there's a little bit too much open-mindedness to listen to some of the potential experiences that he talks to and kind of takes their information at face value instead of really vetting it enough that's my critique of him but you know the whole thing with any savior element of someone coming to do the work for us coming to rescue us from ourselves or from our own ignorance I really have to leave at the door you know I have to say that's a PSYOP in and of itself anybody telling you that anybody is going to you know improve our own spiritual understanding and get us out of the situation that we have worked ourselves into here on this planet is selling a false bill of goods unfortunately because they know that that's what a lot of people want to hear part of it is um they there many of them are opportunists and sense that if you put a lot of really super positive good feeling like that makes people like you know energized in a positive way and you know happy and and and positive emotional response that people then want to contribute and donate resources to you when you say the hard truth to somebody that to really understand what they're saying you got to look deep long and hard into very uncomfortable places in life most people go screw this guy screw this woman I'm not interested in doing that I want to feel good I want to be entertained I don't want to be told that things are really dark and and are going in a worse direction by the second you know they want to that feel good you know the truth is not here to make us feel good the truth is here to make us be free that is the purpose of discovering the truth not to feel good discovering the truth should make people feel horrified in the modern world where we are at not feel good anybody telling you that the discovery of the truth about the human condition should make you feel good is an absolute out of their mind lunatic but but that belongs in a loony bin okay the truth should make you uncomfortable and it should make you almost depressed unless you you build that you have to build up that spiritual armor against falling into that deep dark depression and again I have to work on that I'm on the verge of that myself I'm a human like anybody else believe me I'm very flawed I have things I got to work on on my personality and I'm telling you I fall into the same things that other people fall into and one of them is I get extremely depressed about the state of things especially where I live most people don't live in cities like this or that listen to the show I guarantee most of my listeners are more rural areas where they met maybe have a little bit more affluent have time to spend on this to listen to it don't have a total you know are living in a total inner-city environment like what I see around here a living here in the middle of Philadelphia and I'm telling you you so you come into urban centers and see how far gone it is how far gone the mindset of people is it's depressing that makes me depressed I'm not immune to that I have to work through that you know so it's the this whole dynamic of you know people in this disclosure movement and ascension movement telling people all these things that they want to hear you know how much more in donations and say you know sales of their merchandise they bring in because people love to have smoke blown up their ass they love to be made all gushy feely happy you know and that's the role that these people that are opportunists like this often play and let me tell you something they're raking it in they're raking it in and it's not really pardon not really part of the great work what are they really talking about ending human slavery and talking about morality and natural law where are they mark even when I was doing some research into this blue alien this secret space programs and everything else these two gentlemen talk about is that when when I look into it it all seems to stem from the late 1800s Early 1900s there's something that I was actually hoping that you could probably speak more depth in about because you are always on key with the occult with secret societies someone and so forth but something again something that you even stressed yourself is that us listeners we have to go back and review your material just go ahead and hit me with that material and if I'm familiar with it I'll elaborate on it and tell you what I think so what it is it's about breakaway societies and this mainly comes from again the late 1800s early hundreds it one thing I've really hit on is I don't know if you know about it but it's the Sonora Aero Club this is from the United States but when I looked into it they were financed by Prussian industrials just realists from back in Europe I believe it's a bit of a tongue twister as well but nimza and YMCA that it's a shorthand name for their national sorry I should I that's a really good now can like that yeah anyways they were Russian industrialist in the late 1800s Early 1900s and of course as we seen as time progressed it what happened in Germany it turned into the National Socialists yes the Nazis is better to say and of course you know all we hear these people tout about is you know UFO secrets the flying saucers that the Nazis created I went to Antarctica all this really you know fantastical stuff but even again when I was doing more more research into it I did see that a lot of this connection comes back to where Sumerian legends and the Indian legends about the you know the edicts and the ninth planet Nibiru right Oh Swan and so forth I mean like as I was doing my research more and more more it looks like it just goes back to where this group the Sonora era Club nimza and these Prussian industrialists where you know at that time a million dollars was a lot of money so these guys from nimza and the snore era Club they spent all their money trying to create free energies and these you know the Manas as they like to call them the flying machines so when I see this and I think back to where you would always talk about secret societies but what about the breakaway societies what about the groups of people that had millions and billions of dollars that have snuck away from Maine Society have gone say to Argentina we all know now that there's a good chance that Hillard did escape and go to Argentina to live out the rest of his life so yeah there's so much there's so many avenues to explore on this I'll give you my general take Nick and I want to thank you for bringing that topic up because it's a very interesting one and it's a very deep one it's a deep rabbit hole to go down that does take an enormous amount of research to cover so regarding the secret society that you're referring to I have heard of it but I do not know a lot of details about it um there are many many occult orders and secret societies that had to do with the creation of Nazi Germany and the subsequent technological research that they went down and the subsequent path of the reimagine Sandri discovery of occult secrets that came out of the ancient world that the Nazis pursued I am going to be covering a lot of this in my presentation that I've been talking about for over a year which is going to be worked up after the an orc adelphia conference and probably delivered in Philadelphia next year sometime which is the occult origins of Nazism and communism and I'm gonna have to be doing a lot of research in these fields to put together for this presentation but um the individuals that you want to look up are the some of the occultists that led to the creation of the Nazi regime like guido von lists Lebon lists and rudolf glower and Lance Laban fells you know and how they twisted and perverted some of the Theosophical philosophy that came before them to come up with their theories on like a Theo zoology and you know the whole race Arianism and Aereo sofy theory so you know that's the first thing the second thing is you have to understand that the SS was actually a secret society within the Nazi Party the NSDAP the National Socialist German Workers Party and inside the SS was another secret society headed by Himmler okay that was referred to as d schwarze son or the black son now within the black son you had a technocrat named Hans Kammler Hans Kammler was the chief technical technologist of the Third Reich and people don't even know about this guy okay he definitely escaped war crimes tribunals disappeared into the the thin into the mist probably ended up in Argentina the amount of wealth that the Nazis took from Europe absolutely came back into other countries and ended up in you know military budgets the military industrial complex operations and intelligence societies within other nations and slowly spread their ideology slowly spread I mean you know you could essentially call the East Coast the Nazi Coast and the West Coast the commie coast you know that's basically how it operates in the United States people don't understand how these religions that's what they are and it's ultimately one religion see people maybe may have listened to Nick's call here and say what does this have to do with Satanism the answer is absolutely everything you know you might have thought I was gonna say absolutely nothing wrong it has absolutely everything to do with Satanism because that's what we're talking about here it's a breakaway civilization within humanity that stems out of the ancient world and the rediscovery of technologies that came from the ancient world and again this goes back into what I refer to as the interference theory of human origins not the intervention theory that's what a lot of ancient alien hypothesis refer to it it's a intervention theory that makes it sound like you're trying to get somebody off of drug bad drugs you know that are messing up their lives we're gonna have an intervention it's for your own good you know that's not what this was folks this is direct interference and the natural progression of the evolution of a species that's what happened here on this planet that's why we're so messed up that's the only thing that can really explain why Humanity is as messed up as it is this isn't just a slow fall out of ancient knowledge that humans had and held so close one what you know at some point in the ancient past it's not just a slow devolving like that that many people insist that it is this is something that it's absolutely operating in a nonhuman realm in the realm of non-human intelligence you know but we have to be discerning about it and understand the difference between the real aspects of that versus conjecture and speculation and things that people want to just make a lot of money off of I'm not here telling you oh we need to look into non-human intelligence because some aliens are sitting out in orbit and ready to come here and save us from ourselves you know only people who want to believe in whoever save your complex and want to believe that like we don't have to do this work for ourselves want to believe that stuff and you know that it makes them all gushy inside and go oh wow this is in hand somebody else has this they got this you know I'm here telling you that all of the work has to be done by us and all this knowledge has to be taken in for us in order to do the work I still hear people say mark isn't there shortcuts to this isn't there a roundabout way of getting there you expect me to read all that you've read you expect me to listen all that you've listened to you expect me to watch all that you've watched yes yes I do expect that if you're going to become enlightened enlightenment happens through knowledge enlightenment isn't just a you know airy-fairy magical flowery spiritual process in the ethers you know that's not what enlightenment means folks enlightenment happens through knowledge through knowledge of self and knowledge of our world we live in most people aren't ready to handle the truth about either one of those dynamics they don't want to hear the truth about themselves and they certainly don't want to hear the horror of what our world has become or how it got that way and like I said I've only ever been censored or attempted to be censored on what on earth is happening poorly at that by talking about where institutional origins came from where the origins of institutional bodies that have grown to be the institution's that they are today came from in the ancient world that's the only time anybody ever hit me with a computer attack okay and when I said look they're trying to block me and knock me off the air you know they're trying to MIT and make the show disjointed so people won't listen to what I'm saying and what it's doing is exactly what I did earlier with posting this stuff on the Church of Satan by showing you that it exactly corroborates what I've said because I know what I'm talking about I have researched so much of it again I'm you know I'm a let a call or talk and I may get up and go get all my disk bags in the other room today and show you how much I've studied and taken in they all write on air here today I think I'm gonna do it okay so you know this is the point people don't understand how much research and data this takes to take in you have to be a hermit and almost be obsessed rabidly obsessed with taking in knowledge about our world and the occult and that's that's the problem yeah I'll have my producer do it go go get take every one of those black bags in here all of them I'll show you what I've amassed over the years and you try to even wrap your mind around and get an idea of we're going to stack them up on this table right here and I'm gonna show you okay instead of doing it another week we're gonna do it right now okay so going back to our Knicks call the breakaway civilization is real and you know what it's called the dark Oh cultists of the world because we are living folks we're not living in a matriarchy or patriarchy we're not living in an oligarchy okay we're not living in any kind of a political hierarchy we are living in a technocratic okk autocracy a technocratic okk autocracy we are ruled by techno sorcerers let me just say that again so it sinks in we are ruled by techno sorcerers here's some this is only some okay turn the camera toward this yeah there we go there's only some I'm gonna start showing you okay let's let's pull these apart right now before we even get continue with callers okay here stack them up stack them up every one of these is full these are bags of disks here get our switch to the other camera the forward camera okay here's bags of disks okay all of these documentary films every one of them 200 over 200 and some odd films in each bag okay and these are just single disks okay on and on and on that's one bag okay here grab another one every one of them okay that one's only half full cuz I'm still filling it here's one that's full here's some audio these are all mp3 files on DVDs and blu-ray discs backed up think about how many mp3 files have to be you have to gather to fill up one blu-ray disc or even a full DVD it's considerable okay on and on it goes over and over okay all mp3 files the whole fucking bag okay and then it goes on and on on and on okay that's how much data I've amassed that's how much of a hermit I lived as for for a decade of my life doing nothing but absorbing absorbing absorbing absorbing absorbing and that's like only a tiny portion of it because I have more backed up on hard drives it's like way over like 25 30 terabytes of data you know and that's what it will take to really become enlightened you know and then people want to say they have started to know that same amount that I've taken in and it's not a this isn't a pissing contest folks I'm just being honest with you I'm just telling you what I did with my life it's all it's almost sick it's almost superhuman that's how much I cared about it though and there's a reason because I got involved I got involved to a point where I said I need to fully understand what I just became involved with in the form of Satanism and dark occultism and to understand the little peak that I got behind the carters of power to the Psychopaths really running this planet and yes indeed they are a breakaway civilization and they are technocratic sorcerers they are a technocratic occult aa cracy we are ruled by techno occult sorcerers you can believe that or not but nothing will make it untrue you know and this is the problem folks the people don't have that grasp of reality because they haven't looked deeply enough into all the data that they need to look into it's out there folks it isn't really covered up it isn't truly occulted people are just dissuaded from looking into it and they stop in the pursuit of that knowledge when they think they figured it out and they figured their ballbag out that's what they figured out you figured out nothing because you haven't gone far enough in knowledge again you know drink deeply or taste not the perience spring you know people think they go into a little bit of research listen to a few podcasts and they have it all figured out most of them don't know their ass from their elbow so Nick thank you for bringing that up I hope that gives you my general take on it I know you know I didn't go very in-depth on that but the breakaway civilization aspect of what some of the researchers that you referred to talking about is accurate regarding their savior aspects of it I wouldn't place too much faith in that I would take it with a heavy dosage of salt and you know I would not really I don't really think it holds much water as far as I'm concerned okay to use some you know typical phrases but it's it's done because many people won popularity instead of telling harsh uncomfortable truths I've never been looking for popularity I'm looking for people who understand the causal factors of what's happening here that has put human beings into the state of slavery which we are in and who have the thick skin and the will to move forward in knowledge and become teachers of natural law and because I understand that is the only way to get out of this state of slavery is to help increase moral behavior which will increase freedom and decrease immoral behavior which will decrease tyranny and slavery if we we haven't understood that from this point in what on earth is happening yet something seriously wrong okay so Nick thank you for that call very interesting let's go to our next caller let's hear from essence of an account essence of an Archon II you are live on what on earth is happening 216 welcome hey thanks for taking my call mark without a doubt alright I got a couple questions and then a ritual that I've noticed that I don't think you touched upon in the past couple weeks so the first one was the other day you mentioned looking into the Whitehall churches Satan material about the I guess you could say dark alchemical wedding yep I was looking in I couldn't really find anything you have any titles or authors yes it's it's harder to find um I cannot think of them right off the top of my head I would have to go into the Ark or some of my archives I have some of their original paper documents that are not even like like actual bound hardbound books or even like paper back bound books they're like binder bound you know like I have stuff like that that came their organization back in the 1990s and into the early 2000s and they're very very very rare you know so um but I can tell you one of the things that they always talked about and put out a lot of you know written material on and that was androgynous aasaiya tea and this is an aspect of the st. Anna fication of our culture that I did not really get into so I want to right off the bat thank you for bringing up the Whitehall Church of Satan and that's out of Whitehall Pennsylvania and and reminding me that this is an aspect that I really didn't get into you know we can connect this all with the unholy feminine presentation I mentioned it last week the satanic epi eugenics agenda okay this is part of the whole Satan ofin of our society is masculine women and feminizing men and again this is no sexist statement here this is talking about what they are doing to human being is how they are manipulating human beings at a hormonal level at the physical level and how they are then epigenetically manipulating human beings at the epigenetic epi' eugenics or what we're if we're really being honest with ourselves or we should call this epidemics this is satanic disk genex because what they are doing is they are setting the sexes against each other they are destroying human sexuality which is extremely important for cohesive bonds between men and women in our society and that's absolutely in the shitter in today's world and they are and drogyn izing both sexes by diminishing a sex drive by taking women and putting more of a masculine aspect and quality into their genetics and personality chemically and they are feminizing men in the same way because they know the more they can break down social cohesion between men and women the more they have society on lock the more they can control people's behavior they can control their mindset and their behavior they know this they've studied this for thousands of years they know exactly what they're doing they talked about it very openly talked about it openly in their documents I don't know maybe um if my producer wants to go downstairs and my small you know shelf library that I have down in my living room ask try to find it or ask Leah to find the books from the Whitehall Church of Satan there's a couple of them down there there one of them is orange it's bound it's a it's a black bound orange book and then there's a red one if you can find them bring them up I mean you know we'll do this on the fly folks you know a it's a live show anything can happen today let's let's just do some you know off-the-cuff you know spontaneous shit today okay so um you know let's see if he can find him and he's gonna come back up I don't know if they're even here but we'll see because a lot of my books are still back at Barb's house cuz when barb and I were together I basically kept my library there because I don't have the space to keep all the books here and I don't want to put him in boxes so they're on shelves at Barb's house and she's you know keeping them in trust for me which is fine she does a good job doing that but I don't have most of my library present right here right now where I live but I think I might have those books here because I think I may have recently lent them to a good friend and he I think he just gave them back to me so I think they're here but I'm not positive so we'll see but I don't know what that's what that's what people have to do you got a hunt down material like this and guess what they're making it harder to do my friend that censorships making it harder to do that's why I sites like conspiracy central you know concen or yeah I've got a few things off there since you people got to know how to use BitTorrent you know you got to do an end run around these technocrats you know because they're they're changing the algorithms they're making searches harder to come by to find material that if it's not in there whole narrative they don't want you searching and finding it you got to get off this the traditional search engines like Google and Yahoo and all that you got to get alternative search engines you know use DuckDuckGo or or you know at least something that doesn't track you like start page or some you there's not many really great ones you know but there's some out there that are at least alternatives to the type of tracking and censorship that Google is doing and you know some people still use Google but you know they're really making a headway to try to pull this material like you look on YouTube certain searches they will give you know related videos anymore related oh yeah they pull the related searches and you get one video on it and then you got to do a new search to get another and if you don't know the name where the researcher specifically or the title specifically they're not gonna make it available in the related searches that's how their that's how they're modifying these algorithms and that's how they're censoring this data so you know get on sites like concen org conc en org conspiracy central org I mean it's uh you know it's and learn how to use BitTorrent you know learn how to use BitTorrent folks it's it's the one thing they really can't censor that's the same technology that you know Bitcoin is based on you know that's why it's called Bitcoin it's based on the BitTorrent techni underlying technology and uh you know people have to learn about it and start utilizing it they can't really censor that it's practically unsensible so that's one way to go but yeah you can continue I think my producer still down there looking for them if he finds them all I'll put them on the air ok yeah I did find that satanic witch and that seemed like I was gonna talk about that sort of thing that I was gonna finish up the chemical wedding at Christian Rosen crude some in I'm doing that one right that's good alchemical tome so and that's higher-level occultism that yeah it seems pretty good yeah that's light occultism for sure that's also material people should delve into don't just look at the dark side of this folks you know there's an opposite side of all of this the occult is not just satanic and evil and bad we have to keep that in mind you know there's a flip side to this where there's powerful true spiritual teachings contained in light occult works now you know and they've been perverted in turn you know to this dark aspect that's all this satanic element can do it can't create it doesn't create all it does is take something that's already been created that is there for human benefit and it twists it it distorts it it perverts it and it inverts it you know that's their only dynamic that they can do they can't really create anything of their own that stands for all time and and and you know really goes off into the future and creates a legacy all they can do is twist and pervert what's already there toward their ends and Eames that's it and their agendas yeah that those aren't it no that no no so look underneath the end table where the light that the lamp is at I think they might be under there underneath the end table they are binders they have a black plastic binding that looks like when if you go to Staples and you buying something they have that and their short look they're like this tall they're not big big books like that they're short okay so if you can find them bring them up okay so continue anything else you want to yeah yeah things when you were when they approached you to join the Church of Satan after they initiated you as a priest did they give you any kind of priest school or training or did they just assume that you're new enough to fill their agenda they had very extensive psychological profiling in their joining process I've been through this in the presentation called demystifying the occult part to Satanism and the dark occult where they actually make you write sa long answers to questions that are deep probing psychological questions about your background and your mentality and your psychological makeup and your personality characteristics and preferences and in doing that they really have a whole psychological profile on you as an individual in addition to that I put out a lot of writings through fanzines yeah and that there were little small works that people would put out through the music community that you'd get in like corner stores or you know record stores back in the day they were called fanzines just look them up you'll see scans of them in pictures of them and I wrote for a lot of fanzines that dealt with the occult and death metal and black metal and things like that and I wrote articles on Satanism in a lot of these and my work was my work as an author in some of these was noted and noticed by Anton LaVey that's how he sort of I guess vetted me that I knew what I was talking about regarding the Satanic ideology and he wanted me to head a grotto in the Philadelphia area that's what they call their covens and he put out on the table through personal correspondence with me the offer to head a grotto in Philadelphia which I subsequently declined so we can't find those I'll have to go look for them myself and maybe either you know scan them and post them you know or see if I can find them but they're difficult they're difficult to find they may not be scanned digitally online the work from the Whitehall Church of Satan you'll probably only find some mentions of that organization because they don't have a big internet presence to the best of my knowledge yeah I was having a hard time even finding reference to the right right you might be able to find let's see let's uh let me do it live with you right in real time here let's cut over to my web browser and I'll try to search the person's name who ran it was Jay Solomon but he reversed the letters of his name and he went by I'm sorry Yash no malice so why AJ which is Jay backwards and no malice which was Solomon backwards and let's just search for a PDF on that so yep so here's one satanic rites and ceremonies by yeah this is the book that I own right here and this is what we were looking for it's called satanic rites and ceremonies by Reverend yoj no malice it was up on eBay someone was selling a copy and it's not there so you know so let's see if this links to a PDF no that links to eBay see someone was selling this we make this bigger so I could show you the graphic here I don't know if you can you're on discord so you may not be able to see that but that's one of the books that we're talking about and it was from left hand books left hand path ebooks.com I'm not familiar with that and they're all the links are taking you to an eBay site which was obviously an item that people were selling but yeah this is it you know his shop in a tiny basement in Allentown Allentown is just outside of Whitehall so you know that's he had a little shop there I went to it many many times there he is right there that's that was the head of the Whitehall Church of Satan J Solomon alright so you know there is some some stuff out there it can be hard to find you have to know what to search for you ever know the actual terms to put in so you know obviously this was a copy of that you're seeing what I was talking about it was a short red book what with a red reddish orange cover with a black binding in plastic this is the type of just underground material that they put out about you know their take on Satanism and it's slightly different than the Church of Satan's take because this is a you know it's a different faction or sect and they really pushed and drogyny heavily in this particular group and it's probably came down from higher-ups you know because this is what the globalists are trying to do this is what the social engineers of our society have worked for for decades now and you just won't know I you know I say this all the time I walk out my door and see this I don't know what other people say when they go out and they're you know I think most people live in like more isolated rural communities where they don't have a lot of neighbors they have a lot of space they have garages that they drive their cars back to at night you know I come back from a grueling day doing something doing works on place I try to park my car I got to drive around my neighborhood for like 35 40 minutes to find a damn parking spot that's how compact everything is here in Philadelphia and we live on top of each other it's like caged animals living on top of each other you can't park your car I walk six seven blocks to get back to my house when I parked my car someplace that's how you know at a premium just pop regular parking spot every day is in this neighborhood that's how you know dense the population has become in Philadelphia you know yeah I lived in a city for a few months many years ago and I don't think I'd like to do it again it's it's really shit it's real really shit especially here I mean you know I want to try I say I have a love-hate relationship with Philadelphia but honestly it's mostly a hate relationship you know it's it's really degraded I would give anything for it to go back the way it used to be back in the 80s and even early 90s because it was a much better city to live in and now it's a communist town it's the Communists have taken this place communism outright communism okay it's entrenched in the in the whole government of the city it's entrenched in the whole culture of the city it's people with their heads jammed so far up their assholes that are never gonna get them out you know it's bad it's really really bad worse than whatever people are thinking who aren't from here it's worse than what you think okay I'm not even doing it justice okay and you know this is part of what drove it go switch back to the computer you know like organizations like this this is the kind of stuff that drove it you know these people know what they're doing they're social engineers folks they know what they're doing these people are working maybe not exactly this organization I'm talking about Satanism in general they're working with social engineers intelligent societies think tanks they are pushing society toward their ends toward their agendas toward their goals without people knowing there are people who are involved it'll say no that's not what's happening and they themselves don't know they're being used as useful fucking fools and dupes the that are acting on instructions that it can have come down from on high from from a high level dark occult sorcerers and technocrats and social engineers and think tanks that they've never heard of this isn't something that it just goes like I'm gonna tell you to do it then you're gonna do it you're gonna pass on the order it doesn't work like that folks this is mental and psychological and spiritual manipulation of the highest order this is mind controlled dynamics mind controlled dialectics social engineering subtle mental influence mental influence through media that's put out that smells like a virus yeah I'm sorry go ahead oh yeah that's the best way to do it because people aren't gonna realize it unless they're aware which most people aren't covert control was always going to be much more effective than overt control over control what are you gonna do you're gonna say listen I'm the master of the world and I want to rule everybody and I want to make them my slaves I'm gonna subjugate them as my slaves you're gonna get on board with that agenda and help me do it what do you think kid we're gonna go yeah sure let's go let's have enslave everyone including me as your dumb dupe that's not how it works ladies and gentlemen that's not what Satan is and that's not how Satanism works you know the idea of the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to make people believe he didn't exist these people want to remain hidden occult 'add in the shadows they don't want you understanding their agenda they don't want to go understanding their methodologies their goals the ways that they work they want to do subtle occult it influence in society and they're very effective at it they know what they're doing because they are ancient psychological masters at work that have the knowledge of all of the ancient mystery traditions in hand and they know that the dumb bag of shit public knows nothing knows less than nothing believes that they know what any of this stuff is believes that they know what's going on has an erroneous belief about it and his ego attached to that erroneous belief negative knowledge and they know that that's exactly where they got people and they got him by the balls they got this society by the balls and look again I am NOT trying to tell people that essence of anarchy our caller and and viewers to discourage you and make you depressed I have to say the way that it is I lie to my viewing audience and tell you this is all turning around Trump's got this the blue avians got this you know the or the Arcturians are on their way I can't lie to you about it I can't say everybody's getting it they get what real anarchy is they get what real Satanism is they know that the problem is moral relativism and believing rights come from human beings we don't get it most people don't get it in the documentary we're putting together we're gonna show you how people are dumb bags of shit on the street total bags of dumb dog shit for a brain uh-huh I'm sorry I have to say it that way to my viewing audience I have to I would feel like I am doing people a tremendous spiritual disservice not to just come out and say it that way I feel like I did do a tremendous spiritual disservice for many years by should by in my opinion sugarcoating it other people still can't even handle my sugar-coated version of my delivery which I gave for many years leading up to this current format which I can't do it anymore I can't as I've gotten older I've gotten less tolerant to ignorance and I think we all should be at that level of no tolerance for ignorant because ignorance is evil and we shouldn't have tolerance for evil and I'm done letting people who are ignorant pablum spouting nonsense just drooling nonsense out of their mouths every time they open their mouth go unchallenged I'm not doing it anymore I'm going to say in plain street language what I think of people who are that ignorant because they're killing the rest of us they are that see they're ignorant is our enslavement that's what our our viewing audience must realize you Ehlers brother and sister on this planet that that's your average dumb human being they're ignorant is your enslavement and my enslavement and if we allow that ignorance to just go unchallenged and say I don't give a shit what they think or or believe and you don't answer and confront and say you are incorrect that is wrong it is immutably true that that is incorrect and you have a false belief about that that is not how it works and I am NOT going to let you go eclis just spout that out to other people in my presence unchallenged see people don't want to be confrontational what they do is they go I don't want to start an issue I'm just gonna let that go I'm not gonna say anything and that's what we do over and over again in society because we don't have the courage to say to another human being you don't know what you're talking about and you're wrong because we know that could potentially lead to confrontation physically possibly not just verbally but it might get physical wellin really that's the best part or the best time to do the great work it seems like because in your head people that have never even heard of this sort of thing before as opposed to people that are seeking it out that's right that's right I'm not backing down I don't care if someone wants to try to take a shot at me go do your best good luck good luck because guess what you'll be answered with a 45 ACP you know after I'm if I'm have to after I'm done using my hands okay like I'm not taking your bullshit unchallenged physically I'm not gonna take it verbally either I'm gonna say what I know you know and and I don't care what people think so this is the problem is we let people get away with ignorance without answering it with knowledge with truth and then truth becomes watered down and diminished over the years over the decades over the centuries and we end up where we're at now in a total slavery situation that's probably going to require a physical rebellion to even possibly have a chance to solve it more likely than not which is going to have to come America because the rest of the damn world has been D bald you know they've been defanged and D bald by having their rights taken away from him the form of self-defense of arms you know so it's gonna fall in our lap and we're gonna have to do it for other people you want to look folks you want to look to a savior they're the only possible savior of humanity right now is America as sad as that sounds because guess what when it if it goes hot and becomes physical we're gonna be the only ones that can get the job done nobody else is coming to help us you know not one other person's coming to help not one other nations gonna come to help you know so all the shit other nations want to say about America this is still the most conscious nation in the world and it's still the most armed okay and that's a sad sad truth to have to speak to have to verbalize are allowed you know when you see we're the consciousness of other places is that because they don't even understand the self-defense principle okay and they're still totally ensconced in socialism and outright communism throughout the rest of the world if there's going to be any savior of humanity it's gonna be the people of America rising up and the rest of the world's like sitting on their fucking hands waiting for that to happen you know then this is what I'm trying to foment you know straight up I want to do with to consciousness folks but guess what if it can't get done through consciousness let it be done by any means necessary so well in the fervor month my last point if I'm a true say kind of ritual that I'd noticed really relates into all that stuff you just said I mean in the media you see so many satanic rituals from the news to sports you know the divide and conquer but the one of the biggest ones it seems like lately is the reality TV and you hear people a lot say and all reality TV is not based in reality but that doesn't even seem like the point of reality TV they're trying to use this as a satanic ritual to summon the reality that the I guess de loominatee if you want to call of that are trying to turn the world into just world full of idiots that are only concerned with hedonism and if you look at them one of the first reality TV shows was cops she's supposed to watch these cops just trample all over everyone's right for things like putting substances in their own body and not even hurt anybody in there you're supposed to cheer oh yeah tackle that guy tase him so reality TV that seems to make it big without a doubt I mean that's something I didn't get to I I really appreciate you bringing that up as a point you know I could have talked a lot about the overt satanic rituals that take place in sporting events that they trot out in front of people or at music award shows or Hollywood award shows they do rituals right they're out in the open that are somewhat subtle that you have to read into a little bit but there are rituals nonetheless can you cut back over to the computer real quick I want to just let essence of Anarchy know I did find it's a site called the hermetic library blog you can check that out there's another book here from the Whitehall Church of Satan that's called the Magic Circle it's successful organization and leadership by yashna Melos and this is about how to organize the Satanic grotto as he sees it so they put out field manuals on this stuff you know it's all out there folks they're all too happy they're recruiting people like this it's oh they're all too happy to tell you how they work you know cuz they're there they want there's two fields of thought there's two schools of thought when it comes to how the Satanists and darker cultists and high-level Luciferians dark Luciferians really want to operate in the world and the the television series allegory that that paralleled this these two schools of thought was true blood as hokey and like you know be TV series as it was I highly recommend people to watch the series True Blood okay which was about vampires because it is talking about the Satanic hierarchy in the world you have to replace vampire with the modern ruling satanic ruling class okay and the discussion and subsequent war that breaks out between the vampire factions is between those who want to stay covert and rule humanity and feed upon humanity from the shadows goes to war what who they called the mainstreaming vampires the mainstreamers as they call them that wanted what is called in the occult world the externalization of the hierarchy of Satanism in the world of of the rulership of human beings they want that taken out of the shadows and they want it they want the agenda minute manipulated and brought forward at such a pace that they can openly say we are your kings we are your masters like they did in the ancient world they wanted to go back to neo feudalism they wanted to go back to a feudal society where the king is the unquestioned ruler and everybody knows that's the king he is the dictator who rules over all of us like they've done in North Korea that's the building block that's the template okay that's the template for the rest of the world is North Korea where a god-king rules their society and dictates every element of life in you if you disobey you die their henchmen just kill you okay if you do with it that what the god-king doesn't want you to do and just look at that just study that studying North Korea just look at the kind of Sikh religious shit that is their government that's what they want to bring here that's the New World Order folks that's the dark New World Order believe it know it and the Satanists who really are trying to bring that forward the dark occultist they want what Alice Bailey and the Theosophical order referred to as the external ization of the hierarchy read about that term okay and that's what they're doing this is a process that started you know over a century ago and they're moving I would say a couple of centuries ago and they're now moving at a breakneck pace and people are still asleep at the switch and can't see it unfortunately this material is out there okay um I will try at something look I'm getting ready at some point to start really digitizing some stuff that I know isn't out there and believe me there's a lot that I know is not digitized that needs to be digitized rare stuff okay I mean rare stuff on how intelligence works real rare stuff on how the occult works rare stuff on how organized crime is connected in with this like there's a lot of books in the pipeline that I want to scan I want to digitize I bought a document scanner actually it was a you know donation - what on earth is happening you know and I just want to say thank you to everyone who is technologically donated through the Amazon wish list that's like one of the best ways anybody can make a donation okay thank you to everybody who's donated to this effort in whatever way that you have but particularly the technological donations help a lot okay and somebody got a document scanner for us and it's a fast Epson document scanner it's badass okay and you know this can scan a whole book in like a few minutes you know and then I can run it through a optical character character recognition software make it an ePub or or a high-quality PDF you know so I really want to do it with stuff like this I have to go through my library and pull some stuff for digitization that I know has not been digitized so essence of anarchy thank you so much for the call and tapping folks I'll check into those resources you got it and I just got my in Arkadelphia tickets so I'll see you there I'd love to meet you there in person and listen if you do find any of these resources that you're talking about online upload them to conspiracy central you just seed that torrent for a little while get it out there you know that's one of the best ways you can share rare information like this and it is quite rare so great call thank you all right dr. lett if you got it all right let's go to Shaun McCann Shaun you're live on what on earth is happening welcome my friend hi there mark I wanted to bring up something that definitely belongs in this list that you've done in the last two episodes go right on I'd like to say circumcision there's a there's a big one that I missed thank you yeah thank you it it isn't is an ancient trauma-based mind control ritual designed to harm the child and to literally manufacture a slave like highly aggressive order follower without it are that's exactly what it is folks this is is a satanic dramatization of the young as soon as they come into the world that's exactly what it is right and it it it the the bond between mother and child gets broken because the the mother neglects her duty to protect the child and gives him away to the dark cultists you got it just just like the ancient you know the sacrifice to Moloch the parents would willingly give their children to be sacrificed to the Carthaginian High Priest Satanists of that culture and they'd put them in the the huge burners you know and now yeah that's that's what the whole concept of what was that movie that came out about the what's his name Nicholas Cage I think was in it I'll think of it was a recent was it that Mandy there's two versions of it there's a modern version they put him in oh yeah yeah bad bad lieutenant no no no it's like a stage with a new bad lieutenant it might not be caged I think it might be I'm not really sure but basically they it's a same kind of a satanic Society and he ends up being ritually sacrificed Oh wicker man wicker man there's two versions Oh that's about that's a Miss Isabel exactly like they I mean it was he willingly gave himself you know I mean he volunteered to be their sacrifice right right and if you if you look into the psychological effects of circumcision like the actual nuts and bolts of it it uh I mean it causes intimacy issues that's right it and it it spikes cortisol it it causes here it actually it's an attack on the synapse point between man and woman the actual point of contact between the male and the feminine is at men at exactly it's attacked and they I mean that's where creation is that's the combination of man and female and that that is basically severed I think how it like how deep can you get with that they know what they are doing at all levels this is what I try trying to explain to people for decades they know what they are doing they know everything there is to know about us they know how we work physically they know how we work emotionally they know how we work mentally and they know how to diminish all of those aspects of the individual you know and they're doing it they don't talk about it these people are talkers they're not visualizers and talkers and be like oh we're gonna get to doing that they lay out a plan they work together as one as one mind they call it a mastermind all getting on the same page what are we doing are we all on the same page that there's the freedom movement the anarchy movement this is it does it constitute a mastermind or is it all over the fucking place and a Miller scattered in a million different directions and anything but unified you know what yours aren't like that they're very unified and all one Accord in what they are doing in their agenda they might have some skirmishes here and there when it gets into really big levels of power let me tell you something at the society at the societal level that interfaces with the rest of the slaves these people are all on the same page and they know exactly what they're doing right yeah and they they they infect our minds so that we can't even all right not even the family can be on the same page you know what I mean the woman might want to save her child from that abuse and the father says oh I want it done because I want look like me and it's as if the father has been he doesn't want to look at the trauma that he endured and as like a risk as a protection for his own sanity he's gonna give his son the same torture so that he doesn't have to look at the fact that he was tortured himself diabolical just think about how many ways we're offering up our own children to the this whole satanic medical system because of the beliefs that are entrenched in our culture through circumcision through vaccination you know then through the eye the diet the children are are given in fed that totally destroys their brain you know lack they eat they tell mothers not to breastfeed and they try to give them Similac instead boy yeah it's disgusting well that's a fantastic point that I very much had an oversight to leave out there I really should have put that in the formal presentation but I want to thank you for bringing it up and I just want to say that you seem very well researched in this topic maybe I should do a presentation a formal presentation on it and deliver that either you know through YouTube if you ever need help with like you know presentation software you know just tips on it I'll just show you some basics of that and you could pick up a learn run with it you know what I mean oh my god I would love that if people are at that level of I mean that's why I need to put a seminar together about this we need a technological seminar okay you know there are people who know way more about like you know web technologies and programming than I ever will okay but I know the basics enough to get things out there and you got to know your basics of presentation software of graphics programs you know ROI effects manipulation audio editing video editing and then when you know those basics right you could put all that together you can get a nice polished presentation out there with good quality information because you know your stuff it's not a matter ID not knowing your stuff it's a matter of you've got to get some technological background under your your belt and then you might be able to put this stuff out there yourself so that's why we got to do a how to become the new media by learning basic technologies seminar you know and get other people here you know I'll be I mean if I could be there in person I don't know but uh but I mean if are you gonna put it online or are you gonna I might do it like a webinar session I've read I've kicked around the idea of just doing it for donations for free here in my home today bring it bring in a few people over every week that can at least travel here can you know once a week and doing like you know four or five hour you know you know teaching session and interactive teaching session right here in my home that'd be great I have to work something up because I the need for it is so great and yet the implementation of it in our society is negligible like we really need to move further toward understanding how to use the tools that are out there for us to use and very little people are using them what they're doing is they're continuing to argue on Facebook which is not going to change people's minds and it's not a forum for accurate deep learning going it refused to yeah going to there were these things in the past folks I believe it or not I know you may not believe that this is true but you know what in the not-too-distant past there was these things called websites individuals made these things they made their own places on the Internet where they published their content for people's consideration that's like called exercising your First Amendment right of freedom of speech which is a natural right that's supposed to be protected by the First Amendment okay guaranteed not to be infringed upon even though it is in our modern world but believe it or not you had these things called websites out there that were little nodes or little personal home sites for people on the net where they could put their own material not owned by big some big mega corporate conglomerate called Facebook or Google or Apple right if they disagree with one thing you say goodbye to your post you know that's not your place you think your Facebook pages your pace place on online on the Internet you don't have people don't have a presence online you have to have a place where a rolling rolodex of sort or a blog of your content that you have created is available for all time I'm building my hook my library took my YouTube channel down my podcast would still be up because it's my own site and every actual podcast and the XML feed that I publish weekly is on my own website so even if every single thing not the videos would have to be updated but every podcast would still be up they'd have to come after the actual domain which it's gonna be a much harder job than just saying no we don't like what you did on YouTube were we're bad because they don't own the domain you own the domain right right so you know this is what I just encourage people to do you have to learn how to get a domain to get web hosting to put your own site on it we need way more independent voices in that regard and people making good high-quality presentations with good material like this and I'm telling you man I can tell you would you'd do it you would do it well you just got to step in and rub it into that realm okay I will I plan on it I'm working on my my you know I have a number of podcasts under my belt that I've done with others who awesome you know I'm scheduled next year in May to be at the seed for nice event here in Ohio I'm a knitter the potential of possibly being a part of that if Brandon wants that that's something that we have to discuss and see you know what's gonna happen regarding that because I've seen that that has been announced and I really think that the work that that those gentlemen at at skatopia have done is very impressive so I agree you know if they perhaps want me to be a part of that I may you know take them up on that offer we looked around the idea a little bit maybe we'll make happen well I'd love for you to join me there that's great I plan on giving a talk about Lolita and Eyes Wide Shut and how it's about trauma-based mind control and monarch program fantastic that's another thing I have to expound upon that I haven't really gotten to yet is pizza gate you know I need to just go really deep into that stuff because I could explain it from a perspective that a lot of people don't have and having not been involved directly with these Psychopaths you know and uh right that that's what people have to understand like you know this whole thing with Epstein you know this is not unexpected to me I'm sitting back on it's about time you know really I've been waiting for this for like over a decade or more you know I've been talking about this for over a decade you know yeah like this is people are going oh this is so so shocking I'm like I hear this stuff and go yeah and like it goes way beyond this this is scratching this is scratching the tiniest of the surface of the surface of what really goes on you know it was like there at one of their mid-range puppets being thrown under the bus you have no idea how high this goes you know this goes up to the highest Carter's of government and beyond this goes on religious sector you know and it people have to understand this is what the occult is and this is what how they this is their monetary system their monetary system is the trafficking of small children slavery yeah direct slavery it's disgusting and Kubrick knew about it he tried to show us in a you know esoteric way that's ring and I want to I want to reveal that and I've got a whole lot of information I've been really digging in tough the movie Eyes Wide Shut is that book is a book in and of itself yes you know yes he was everything alchemical filmmaker you know right this guy did alchemy with his film production it's amazing you know I agree yeah I know you know Widener's work on it jy debate on fantastic work regarding the films of Stanley Kubrick I highly suggest people check all that work out I agree yeah Jay Wagner has some of the these are like pretty tough to swallow but once you see the film and you know what I mean you listen to where he's like the points that he's talking about it makes plausible sense you know a lot of it like the moon landing things that uh Kubrick's Odyssey the film that he did um it's pretty in-depth and I recommend people listen to it as well absolutely I agree and I recommend those films as well well some I'm actually on my work break and I really appreciate you taking my call and I thank you Mark it's not a doubt concern always good to hear from you thank you so much for the call also fantastic points that Sean brought up especially in regards to male circumcision in our society and that's a huge oversight on my part that I really should have covered in the main presentation topic so thanks for bringing up that you know oversight on my part Sean all right let's see who else do we have here let's go - lets go - Aries Aries you are live on what on earth is happening episode number 216 the call-in show on our entire society being one big satanic ritual welcome to the show hey Mark can you hear me yes I can coming in loud and clear okay thank you it's Andrew from Germany calling in great so first of all thank you for your work I have to say you're the only YouTube you I know in the whole youtubing word that does this kind of work on natural law and they all called this of course some people libertarians doing the work but not as profound as as you and I'm really grateful and really thank you for that first that means a lot to me thank you okay um first I want to have sorry I wanna ask a question regarding natural law sure go right ahead because when I teach people or talk to people about natural law and morality in karma sometimes I ask myself how do people get punished you know from the universe or God like people doing bad things like raping killing all sorts of wrong doings so in your opinion do they get the the consequentials or the consequences of their behavior in this life or how does it really work and do you see that in your personal surroundings or some other people my answer to that is it's more complex than if you do something wrong an anvil falls from the sky like in a cartoon okay it's a very complex dynamic that pervades throughout all of society so because some people will experience the negative result of immoral behavior in the physical lifetime that they live some will not okay some if they are allowed to continuously get away with it because of corruption and ignorance in society as happens with government and police and military the negative consequences will go to all of the rest of society that allows the immoral behavior to continue people don't understand that this dynamic of karma is in effect and that's how it really works see they say why does why do bad people get away with bad behavior if a cop does something really bad and then they cut their fellow police officers cover it up what's happening to them that's going to generate their consequence and and and enact negative karma upon them it doesn't necessarily happen to the individual that conducts it in this lifetime sometimes the negative effect spreads out to all of society in the aggregate because we have put this institutional process and hierarchy and whole institution in effect and allowed it to continue to get away with its corruption and violence without stopping it see this is what people don't want to hear how karma works they want to think Karma's just Oh an individual did something wrong and the individual immediately has the bad consequences and it manifests is very fast in their own lives in the physical world and that's not how it works folks the dynamic is way more complex than that okay and that the easy answer for somebody to swallow would be that's just how it works it doesn't work like that okay we have put the system of slavery in place collectively and we collectively reap the negative consequence of that system that we allow to stay in place through our fear and inaction no one wants to hear that no one wants to hear that that's how karma works that that's how natural law works natural law is always operating in the aggregate we have to see karma as an aggregate response in the human condition infinitely more so than just an individual response see people are hung up on the individual response of natural law in our lives right that's the part they want to hear because why that's what they've been told that it will how it works they've been told that through Hollywood they've been told that through depictions of how karma works and they've been told that through false spiritual teachings about how it works they don't want to hear the complexities of it and they don't want to hear the aggregate nature of it meaning how does it work on a collective scale the cop who kicks a woman in the back of the head and gives her brain damage doesn't necessarily automatically lose his job lose all of his friends get divorced from his wife loses money loses house and live destitute for the rest of his life it's not how it works he might keep doing that and and his members of his thin blue line cult might keep covering up his crimes as a psychopath and he might get away with it and die not never having those consequences but where are they going you know where they're going all throughout everybody else in society creating a whole world of slavery that's how that karma manifests why because the vast bulk of the majority of human beings on this planet think that the whole system that that individual is involved with is just perfectly fine dandy and moral and should be allowed to continue without stopping it perfectly fine so what's gonna happen is the whole universe looks at the aggregate morality not just an individual behavior oh yeah you do individual bad behaviors more likely than not it's gonna catch up with you even in this lifetime it can happen like that but it doesn't have to happen like that the more shield that an institution is from karma being visited upon it in the physical world through the behavior of people which is what government does which is what the occultists do which is what the police and military do the harder it is for individual karmic consequence to be visited directly upon the individuals doing it what happens is because we don't overcome our fear and physically stop it physically stop those behaviors from being done by force karma gets diffused and natural law consequences get visited in the aggregate collectively on all the people of the society who are allowing that behavior to institutionally continue does that clarify the point of how natural law really functions in the aggregate in a wider sense in our society yes yeah so you're saying that your or we are all co-creating the reality we are co-creating the karmak consequential results that all of humanity receives collectively through our individual immoral or moral decision-making and then our subsequent behavioral act actualizations of our behavior based on our decision-making and if our decision-making comes from a place of cowardice and fear and we don't stop evil people from doing bad things to other people in the world that they have no right to do even if it is the government the military the police the karmic consequence all of society through things called tyranny and slavery which is exactly what has occurred no belief required it's not a magical process we collectively reap the fruits of the behaviors that we collectively so that is how natural law works we get hung up on this Hollywood eyes the definition of Karma and this like boo this like false fake-ass Buddhist variant of karma of just being individual things that happen to people very quickly after we do a behavior it doesn't work like that it's infinitely more complex infinitely more diffused and working over the aggregate of humanity far more than over the individual the individual is still going to receive consequence whether in this lifetime or whatever domain or you know um a parallel dimension that our consciousness you know travels to upon physical death or other form of consciousness that it transmutes and becomes upon the the relinquishes the physical body the physical vehicle but we are not going to escape those consequences even at an individual level one way or another but nonetheless in the human domain as a species on this collective species level that karma gets diffused and the consequences get manifested for all people because we are all allowing that evil to continue largely unchallenged because of our fear and cowardice so I hope that answers and clarifies that question yes thank you you're welcome anything else while I have you on the line just in a quick opinion on on Europe from your side because I heard you you're planning on making a presentation about the origin of Nazism and communism yes and if you follow the current politics in Germany and Europe it's going exactly this way it used to be 80 years ago so it makes America look like we're run by angels I mean it that's how it's you guys aren't a whole lot horrible because yeah and I I feel for you guys you know it's like you know people go why do you live where you're at you know because unfortunately it may be a lot better than other where other places around sadly and I thought like I said that hurts my heart to say that but I'm telling you like the people in Europe have to stand up like on a unified front and confront this and deal with it seriously I mean you guys may literally have to rush it you know the proverbial swords at some point like yeah almost unarmed just in massive numbers like that's what it may take over there here we're gonna be in a better position because we have battle arms you know you guys have been stripped of all that largely I mean not all of you but the vast majority here the average gun owner in America owns eight weapons eight of some type of projectile weaponry in the form of some type of gun the average number of legal legal weapons in Germany for example is about 10 million so if you have 80 minutes of happiness there's well over 400 to 450 million here and that's probably a very understated estimate because there's that's what they know about you know it goes way beyond that that'll never change as a matter of fact more and more pouring in everyday and thank God for it thank the creator of the universe for you want to talk to say that's violence no it isn't now conducting self-defense against tyranny and preparing for that has nothing to do with violence that's called being truly enlightened as to what may be needed up be done with tyrants you know the old phrase 6i6 Semper Tyrannis you know always this way with tyrants they don't back down until they're put down unfortunately what I want to say is for the population to awaken like the sleeping lion that it really is and to say no we're not going to deal with it and we're going to stop you from doing what you're doing and we're gonna awaken in consciousness and do this the right way instead of having to do it through the physical route that's how I prefer to see it you know I'm not pushing for war people go you're trying to push for war no I'm not I'm trying to explain to you how hellish war is and that it should be averted when it can be averted but there are times in places where you've exhausted all other options and then it has to go hot and physical unfortunately that's very unfortunate we should never let it get to that point but we're letting it get there I'm telling you and when it happens Europe's gonna be in a bad place you guys are gonna be in a really really bad situation yes it's gonna be bad here in America but I'll tell you what we're not gonna we're not gonna fall upon the knives the way you guys are gonna have to yeah you can definitely see like I'm currently reading a book called the United States of Europe and it's telling how the Nazis were already planning during the early 1930s how the European Union looks like and it it is exactly this way that's right they were running those whole strategic plans and objectives out of Evil's burg were - wart son that inner core occult Society of the inner core of the SS of the Nazi Party was run out of you know Heinrich Himmler you know at Viva berg was planning the entire New World Order as the Germans even called it you know they were planning that vivos Berg was going to be the capital of the world the center of the whole new Nazi regime you know I mean that this is what's really going on except now it's largely being run out of Brussels and and London you know it's and really it's all coming out of room you know you don't think that the Vatican is all connected to this you're totally asleep you know you know they see themselves as you know the keepers of the whole planet the Vicar of Christ those who own the planet and all of its people this is all coming out of the old religion you know the old religion just morphed into the new religion people aren't buying the old religious bullshit morph it into a new piece of religious bullshit cult and call it government and get everybody bowing down to it worshipping it and given their children over to it that's what this whole society is one big satanic ancient old world religion ritual and people are none the wiser to it because they have no idea what real Satanism is you know some are wise enough some are listening there some are listening attentively but it's a paltry number it's we got it we got a the people who do understand are not doing their jobs for the amount of years I've been doing this there should be when you went when you say my friend Andrew I'm sorry was your name again yes okay when you say to me that I'm one of the people on YouTube doing this at the highest level I get a a sinking sick feeling in my stomach when I hear I I appreciate it I I just like I accept it as a compliment and I I very much respect you for saying that to me but the fact that that is the case makes my heart sick okay because there should be I should be a small player in this right I should not be the number one person doing this type of work I should be one in a million people worldwide doing this work by this point and my work should be considered like oh that's that's low that's candy-ass tough compared to like how really people should take this as far as the research the presentation the production quality this is rinky-dink shit as far as I'm concerned we're operate on a shoestring budget with volunteers because we'd only can't even make the amount of donations to pay people that's what people think of this that's how much they value it that's how much it's valued worldwide you know I only in the last year was able to make like one third of the salary yearly that I made when I had a quote regular job that's thinking about living on that type of budget a third try to cut your your paycheck in a third and live on that and then still do this this is what I've sacrificed to do this shit you know there should be a million people at the level of knowledge that I am doing the great work like this and far beyond and for you to say I'm the person that you consider doing it the best I so appreciate the comment my friend but it's that's a horrifying thought to me so that's what I'm trying to encourage people you got to get involved you got to learn the technology you know if you don't understand how basic communications technology works in the modern world you can't do this and get it out there for people you're not gonna just talk to the people on your street corner and change the world you've got to put your voice out there publicly with no apologies and with no fear use your own name you'll need to make up a pseudonym Maine tell these people I'm not afraid of you this is my name I'm gonna speak I'm gonna speak truth you're not gonna stop me you're not you're not gonna stop me until you put me in the ground and you're still not gonna stop me then I'm coming back here until the mission is accomplished no matter how many aeons it takes that's how crazy of a motherfucker you're dealing with people say oh I want this to be my last lifetime I'm I'll stay here forever until all are of mind control that's the vowel makin to this cause and I may hate that situation but guess what that's how much will fills me and drives me I may have more willpower than every other human being on this planet put together because you're not going to defeat that drive in that will to accomplish the one great work of ending slavery on this planet and eventually everywhere because it's wrong and it shouldn't be allowed to continue and that's the only reason to continue to try to destroy slavery so Andrew thank you so much for the call I really wish you guys the best in trying to turn your own situation around there in Germany thank you and all the best my friend thank you ci folks uh I don't dislike Europeans this is a misnomer about me and my work I've been very critical of them harshly critical but it's like it's like a tough love aspect you know you have beautiful elements of your culture and beautiful land and great people in many cases but I'm telling you you've let this evil infection spread even further than America has you know and there's certain you know semi populous people that are trying to like turn it around and turn it back toward power to the people and you know getting away from this authoritarianism but its paltry it's all too few you know there's some out there but I mean your app is way more advanced in this virus of authoritarianism and socialism than America is even America as bad as it is is not as ensconced in it as Europe is and so you guys have a lot of work to do and unfortunately you guys let them take your self-defense rights away most of the countries in Europe did a long time ago not Switzerland you know they still they still have a nice per capita you know population of arms bearers there but other than that most places are in deep shit so let's see who else do we have let's go - lets go - Ivan from Phoenix Ivan your live on what on earth is happening welcome my friend hey can you hear me I'm at work so no worries io I know you always have good insights to bring so I'm willing to deal with a little bit of background noise welcome oh wow I couldn't hear anything sorry I said I'm willing to deal with the background noise cuz I know you bring insight to the table we can hear you so go right ahead okay cool well you know me with the movies and all that so it's I was listening to your last two weeks of Satanism ritual one of the first things that came to mind for me was how as a lifelong movie goer subconsciously and probably unwittingly participated in many energetic kind of satanic rituals you know in a bitter brilliant one comes to mind the one that comes to mind is like these Fifty Shades series yep because for some reason well I know why the reason but you know it's this feeling of being in an auditorium with 150 to 300 people he's seen sexual energies and stuff occurring on the screen and even though people aren't quote-unquote participating in doing factions those energies are all around us that's right we're in an auditorium yep yes that permanent and distorted aspect of that sexual energy reaching them and having an effect on their mindset in physiology without a doubt movies are a powerful medium of being able to put certain ideas in people's subconscious mind this is what we were talking about in the former call with Sean with Stanley Kubrick you know he was an outcome an alchemist when it came to making movie allegories and the very reverse can be true they can be part of Satanism and a very distorted mindset and be a part of a a ritualized element in our society definitely a great point that I also left out of my main presentation yeah especially what apples me once in a while and these in the theatres is when we have younger parents like 20 year olds that still bring their two three year old kids to see a movie that has some kind of sexual content and it's like Hello there's an energetic form of pedophilia going on when sexual energies are around and there are teenagers or young you know right uh you know young kids in there and I'm always you know baffled by this like boom there it is yeah you know unconsciously participating in these pedophilic energetic satanic kind of rituals and many of them may not be mentally ready for you know even witnessing depictions of that that's why exercising caution exposing their children to certain dynamics and then there are others that they have to you know really truly do have to expose them to certain negative things so that they know that they're out there or prepared to deal with them Ivan did we lose you no it's just that once in a while I don't hear you I don't hear you I don't pick up on what you're saying no worries so you know I'm basically agreeing with your point and saying yes this is part of something that parents have to be aware of and be prepared to you know protect their children against if necessary yeah and then going on to another level of this satanic kind of thing with the movies a week or two ago I went to Jaina espírito Santo and here our boy friend Noah they came down here to Phoenix and we went and saw that new film midsummer and okay that's pretty and pretty I haven't haven't heard it but I haven't heard about it what's the premise it's about a well it's the mid but it's a summer solstice and it's a ritual that's done over like an Sweden or somewhere over there and based on true things but you know hey the movie makes takes it to the extreme you know that's not what really happens wink wink you know but yeah it's very intense and what I picked up from this movie was we comprehend nature life you know the site who's and you know the human body and the fragility you know you know actions that might be done you know and things like that and as a movie goer it fascinates me how people can see Jason Michael Myers right thirteen you know all these horror movies slasher clap and cheer like oh man that was an awesome yeah he's all the way his head blew up man that was cool however when they see a movie like this like mitts Omar and it's supposed to be like a realistic ritual thing going on or like sacrifice thing and the person's head kind of hits a rock and is all bloody on there like oh my god oh oh they get it's like that cognitive dissonance where it's like wait a minute but that's what would happen to to a body you know the use of force against a natural object like a rock but people can't comprehend that I think that's part of a satanic thing too of the ego life is what they say is like no human body that doesn't happen life is right he is beautiful we live we die in our sleeps and in our sleep and and that's it and this is you know so that again it's that you know life is the way we say it is showing it's not harder not really it's part of this satanic inversion principle that I talked about over the last couple of weeks you know they want to give us depictions of things that are not how things work false definitions so it clouds human understanding and creates confusion and that's the inversion principle turning truth on its head turning reality on its head that's part of the whole satanic ritual that is our society so yeah that's absolutely being done with the types of fantasies ations that are in movies it's great when it's allegorical and teaching a lesson and you understand and your you know your you know suspending your disbelief you know for a particular reason but then it can go too far when it becomes this type of distortion of reality that you're talking about that gets stuck in people's minds and then they start actually believing it works that you know one of the ways that I think society is a satanic ritual ivan is just how much were embedded in screens in looking at things on screens because what does that do it puts people in a passive mode and then it also gets them to like look at like life in the real world in a passive way like we're viewing it somehow on a screen you know instead of actively participating in it so like this is like a very powerful way that they distort our perceptions and you know twist reality and turn it into a ritual of sorts so you know absolutely a great point in bringing up regarding how not yet another aspect of how our society is this one big ritual you conducted by these satanic social engineers correct and then even on the small screen you're probably familiar with the TV show American Gods full time the first season there was an excellent albeit extremely negative kind of scene where we had the God of media played by Gillian Anderson on a TV screen and she says the line to the star of the show that the new alter are the screen while we were TV screens movie screens laptops tablets that was all that humor alter and that was Kubrick what he was showing in 2001 a Space Odyssey the monolith yeah that's right the screen itself you know and then the kicker Ford in that episode is the next line that the god of media says where she says time and attention better than Lambs amazing now what was this I want to check this out because I have an American God American Gods okay I have to check it out you know and that's all unlike something like Netflix or that's on Showtime sure start the show that stars I think it starts okay I'll grab it from something like Cody or popcorn time you know there's other oh yeah and check out like allegorical content in shows like you know I've recommended strange angel you know I just I really think the direction they're going in strange angel is just it's it's spot-on regard like a cult teachings regarding Thelema and I never thought I'd see the day like that's a tiny little indicator of a potential occult resurgence happening in our society I can't recommend strange angel enough personally you know you don't you mention it and I started watching I did the first episode yeah I was surprised to see the second thousand bo goes way deeper into the philosophy and the second sense destroys the first season the first time very good yeah I'm sorry go ahead I was gonna say that we're kind of both surprised and not surprised at how much is being divulged and put out there but it's kind of self-explanatory and um down to such an extent that they can make all the TV shows movies videos music stating declaring and prophesizing all the evils that are being done that's right and nobody's gonna do shit about it they'll just be sit there eat their popcorn but you're entertained by it that's why I think a lot of this is coming to light it's now I have a great revelation that's right that is exactly how these people think that is their confidence level and I wish I could tell you it was unwarranted it is not they know that that's where they have people they know it they're they're running actuarial supercomputer Studies on all of this they know where the collective mindset of humanity is that they know where they got us they know they got us you know and until people start turning it around and looking at this nothing is going to change you people got to stop looking at this as some hokum or a quaint you know religion of some kind and understand this is the philosophy this is the ideology of the Masters of the world is what we are talking about and they utilize it to high effectiveness what I wanted to just say real quick is for people that want to look into some of the stuff Ivan's talking about an allegorical content of movies and television you know use BitTorrent use Cody Cody is excellent if you know how to install certain add-ons you know you get like the exodus add-on or something like that and you could you know watch shows you would ordinarily have to buy subscriptions for for free you know you checkout popcorn time make sure you get a legitimate copy of it there's a lot of knockoffs that might have malware in them you just get it from the official site and you know you you could check out strange angel and watch it and you know they even offer like magnet links where you can download the episodes in something like popcorn time you know yeah I wanted to bring up to you mark just as a safety precaution for the people that might just run out and go back to that episode where you instruct them on how to use those bit torrents right yeah it's a site like that conspiracy sensual yeah that I doubt that the software on there the programming and stuff is tracked however stuff places where you might find conventional regular mainstream TV shows and movies like you know I know they're yeah it's still around kickass torrents major or piratebay or some other places highly recommend people researching VPNs yes privacy networks because if you do check these TV shows out and movies and download them and do it you know quite a bit I tend to track that and your internet service provider will contact you and say hey I know this copyright infringement so just to cover you know your stuff and those gems are great because it protects your internet you know browsing and stuff like that but it also hides your IP address so you know they don't need to know what you're looking at at the very minimum learn how to install a BitTorrent block list that goes that is updated on a daily or weekly basis and at least block known IP addresses that are trying to track people's IP addresses but a VPN would definitely be a more permanent and slash secure solution to you know browsing things that we know people really don't want us are looking into and and downloading to preserve you know you see what I've amassed I really don't give a shit what they want he's looking into or not I'm doing it you know again you're gonna have to put me in the ground to stop me so you know you you see the that when I go to do when I do something I go to the extreme and do it all the way you know that's just that's how my personality is so but Ivan is making some good points there about how to just generally you know exercise some self-defense and protecting yourself and people that might want to cause you know copyright infringement problems for you possibly so Ivan thank you so much for that and thanks for you know talking about the allegorical aspect in movies and television when it comes to these types of rituals so always great to hear from you and uh you know thanks for bringing those aspects to the table in this discussion my friend all the time good talking to you Marc take care you got it ok let's uh let's go to Gavin Gavin you're live on what on earth is happening welcome Gavin Burroughs are you there it looks like you're still muted at your end oh hey Mark there you can hear me yes I can loud and clear welcome it's great to finally be speaking with you I've been looking at your work for the past like I think three and a half years I came across tea when I was about 16 or 17 in high school and it completely flipped my entire worldview on it step and I'm for that yet honestly speechless with it all because you know I have like family and in the military and trying to explain certain things to him it he just got very defensive but um I want to try and stay on the topic it sure though recently I was watching um Elon Musk's neuro-link reason Tatian I've heard and I want to I want to get your thoughts on that yeah okay that is technology in the body I'm not for I'm sorry you know I believe that the human body is is a temple and should remain inviolable you know and I don't I don't believe in interfacing directly with technology in the physiology like okay look you need a hip replacement that different okay for trauma like that there's going to be medical technology that you know we may need to repair certain damaged aspects of us you start getting into direct human brain links with computers that's where kids I'm out you know how about we're going to exercise our brains and really use them to their full potential before we try to start linking him directly into computers through threads yeah yeah that's the he's not talking about fiber optic he actually used the term threads neural threads I mean this smacks the stuff like more gelatinous you know this is bio weaponry you know and it's a I'm a technologist I think that people need to learn technology and subdued technology to make it their master to make it their servant I'm sorry it technology should never become the master of people and that's where we're headed in this society we're headed again I I said earlier in the show the ruling class the real occultists that are behind the scenes of power are technocratic occult ah cracy they are technocratic Sorcerer's that comprise an occult och recei a ruling class of occultists in our society that's who we are ultimately ruled by they want this type of bio weaponry and bio integration of technology into the human physiology why because they're not looking at using this as actual human enhancement technology they're using it as using a control over people to using it to control them that's what they're doing with it they want this interface embedded in the human brain so when somebody's not thinking the way they want them to think they can influence that technology to make you think how they want you to think and therefore behave how they want you to behave that's the date yeah exactly yeah so seems like this is gonna be the sorry excuse me no this is gonna be like the peak the peak of the EPI dis genex program I mean if they implement and implement something into your brain in it and they're gonna have like a you know a Bluetooth device attached to your ear so it connects I mean first of all just thinking about the constant you know electromagnetic frequencies that are going to be think through your brain and everything right which can also cause you know a lot of a lot of neurological issues but just the fact that they can control the data that's going through and passing through that right through I don't know I guess some kind of server is just it's almost mind-boggling that people could actually chant for this that's right David mentioned in that press conference that there's this danger of it sort of being hacked and you know being able to put certain information through it you know a little bit I said that they even mentioned in that press conference that they held that you know it could potentially be hacked and people could possibly put information unwanted that the person would not want through into the human brain it's like they even recognize that that potentiality could be available and they were talking about having to make it secure so you know this is the whole agenda of the social engineers at the highest level of the dark occult they want to take things in the transhumanist direction and actually interface humanity with technology because they see themselves as the technocratic sorcerers that are ultimately going to be in the long-term control of that technology and that is the method they long term want to control people through exactly um also just how do you feel about Elon Musk in general because in the beginning it did seem as though he did want to try and you know better humanity kind of like with Steve Jobs where you know he seemed like he had great intentions and wanted to help people and humanity in general but it almost seems as though he kind of got hijacked somewhere along the lines and you know was being in shadows it's somewhat complicated he's somewhat of an enigma in some ways and I don't have a final you know take on him but I don't really trust the you know direction he wants certain things taken there is that aspect where you know he does want to like kind of change the way we we do certain things technologically for the better but then there's that other aspect where there's this transhumanist aspect and then there's this possibility that people like that just get co-opted and corrupted and get made offers and you know offers of wealth and you know offers of power and you know they're human and flawed and they don't have this kind of knowledge they haven't been involved in deep layers of the occult world and you know studied it to this extent you know like like what I try to put forward here on what on earth is happening so there's a certain lack of knowledge and information regarding who's really running the world and they may see it from their limited perspective level and they go like well partner with this person or I'll go with this agenda or program and they become useful dupes in that aspect and I'm not saying that's definitively the case with musk but you know I would be very slow to trust any aspect of really what's coming out of him and what he's doing I don't I would not just jump on board with it not saying he's definitively one of these uh you know globalist evil individuals but it's easy to get ramped up in that it's easy to get tied up in that look at what Apple became you know what you think like Steve Wozniak is some evil globalist I mean this guy was a tinkerer in his garage with early technology you know he had pure intentions you know Jobs took it you know totally turned it into a business and was all about the money aspect of it and you know they called him the spin doctor cuz he could sell anything make people think is the greatest thing in the world when in fact you know it's you know not as really innovative or or groundbreaking as it as he's claiming things to be and you know then Apple went and when Jobs got cancer like I talked about this in past shows and did like a whole psychological workup on the guy you know he went off he lost his mind you know he went into a very dark place could not deal with the potential of his own death and started really becoming a bad control freak and what Tim Cook has done with the company he's just he initially wasn't even his own man he was just following like the the the letter of the law of Steve Jobs from the grave trying to just do this things the same way he was doing it and now he's just become even more of a control freak than jobs even ever was because you know he got in bed with the higher level you know technocrats out in Silicon Valley and just started trying to interject his own agenda into everything and he's part he's definitely in with these high-level Global's I I think the same could be true of Musk but I'm reserving my judgment on that to say that it's definitively the case with someone like Cooke I mean that's the stuff that is coming out of Apple is pure evil pure evil you know and the same with Google and the same with YouTube and the same with Facebook Facebook is pure evil I'm saying that right on their platform pure evil at the highest levels the kind of data collection they're doing in the kind of censorship they're involved in satanic evil ok Apple Google and Facebook you know I think Twitter's almost right up there with them I'm not necessarily gonna put them in the same category as that unholy true Trinity but you know they're almost right at that level and you know I'll reserve judgment on musk and Tesla for now and say be wary let's put it that way but with this neural interface that's that's not good news that's bad news that can only at the level of spiritual development humanity is that that can only be a disaster that can only be a long-term disaster where human beings should not be messing with things like that in the in the human neural physiology at all that's my take on transhumanism yeah and and and or arguing with people over minutiae what is it okay so uh your question didn't come out over the air there so just repeat that we're Oh we're having some audio we're having some audio problems via discord it looks like the caller's audio is not coming through I can hear them in my headset but I don't think it's coming out clearly over the over the stream I'm gonna very briefly disconnect from discord and then log back in and see if that clears up the issue so I am I'm sorry what your Gavin burrows I'll bring you right back on after I make this disconnect and reconnect I apologize for this folks it'll be brief so just give me one moment to reconnect Gavan are you still with us is he is he back on I can hear you fine but it looks like you're still not coming through over our stream unfortunately we may have to make a a physical disconnect and reconnect say something again all right so let's let's disconnect that and reconnect it if possible okay you don't have to do that I can still hear you in in my headset but we are having problems in the streaming software with bringing audio from discord into the live stream say something one more time so I apologize for that folks let me just respond to Gavin's question and our producer will attempt to get the technological problem cleared up you know he's saying how many different problems are out there this is a unimaginably immense field of data we're just about any area of human endeavor is so degraded and so in a place of confusion hardship just complete backwards nasai I was listening to on black earth productions Jordan Maxwell's interview that he recently did with Seth cos boza and Jordan said something that really stuck with me he just said where he sees the world that is that the entire world is in the hands of the dark force the satanic force and it's just I've echoed the exact sentiment I can't agree more and how many different aspects there are to this problem in every area of life no you could delve into any one aspect of life human institutions I think the connection might have just been remained with what you did there because it reset on my computer go ahead and say something again yeah worse you cause um it looks like we're we're we're not bringing in people through dis strange reason maybe the server is having problems the discord server itself is having problems so that may be the case so but uh you know continuing with what I was saying like you could pull on any one of those threads folks any thread regarding any human institution any human aspect in our society and you could get to the core problem you could get to the core underlying issue that's going on which is morality which is aligning our behavior to morality and you know what people do they are they're working overtime to ignore all the aspects of the problem what they do is they go out they try to ignore it they work they try to have fun try to live a lifestyle of just you know a total pleasure you know pleasure pursuit and they never look at the world in any philosophical way because it's just a big game and joke to them and if they did he pulled on one aspect one thread the whole tapestry would eventually unravel and reveal itself they would be able to see the big picture because they get to the causal factors but they don't do that you know they look at tiny little minutiae you know instead of doing that what are people doing and then putting out the working of the world they're arguing about minutiae on Facebook or Twitter you know construct the work in a way that makes sense put it out there for others don't let your energy get taken down and misdirected and redirected by getting involved in just endless discussions and and fights verbal arguments on social media that go nowhere that's one of the reasons these networks were set up they want people arguing amongst themselves on their platform that they can shut down at any time instead of people putting high quality material out on a myriad of websites so Gavin is exactly correct okay the the amount of problems that are out there alone should influence people to look into any one aspect of it and from any end point you come in at you know all those roads go together they all come together in one big hub from any aspect that somebody approaches it from they should hit the bull's eye on and they should hit the center of it so think about how hard almost every member of our society has to work to ignore it you got to get ensconce Tinh minutiae and see just the the leaf on the tree instead of pulling back and seeing the forest you know or you have to it totally work to ignore it all and say all I'm gonna care about is myself and what I get out of this life I'm gonna live for creature comfort you know a whole attitude of you know pleasure pursuit and nothing else a hedonistic lifestyle that's what we have almost everywhere again especially in major cities that I mean major cities are ancient Babylon that's why they are the capital of The Hunger Games movie literally that's the kind of self-absorbed jackasses that you have in just about every major city just self-absorbed people totally an ego totally in hedonistic pleasure pursuit never looking at any one of these types of problems so let's just try it one more time Gavin are you there maybe we can hear you now yeah if you want to ask me another question I'll respond to it I'll repeat it and respond to it you're still not coming through on the air I think the discord server has has crapped out on us unfortunate okay we're trying to pick a side I mean all right wait we just got you back go ahead papa great we just got you back at the story quick aside I mean you the term you coined I think the week last week of the week before will is that this everyone is just a mini me Satanist I mean that's all I see and you know in the conversations I have the people's attitudes their demeanor their behavior you know life is what I've referred to as define serves people yeah de-facto Satanism see de facto means it's from the latin de day or d in english it means of or by okay and then facto facto means deed it comes from the latin fetch array which means to do your action to act okay so de facto literally means in or by way of action in your actions in your deeds de facto Satanist a Satanist in deed in your DS that's the word indeed comes from de facto yes indeed that's the case it means in your action so people don't have to proclaim that they are a member of this worldwide cult it doesn't matter whether someone says that they're living a satanic lifestyle or are a Satanist people can be a Satanist and not ever know that they're a Satanist I'm very glad you brought this aspect up Gavin because it's something that many people still don't understand it's powerfully important for people to understand okay people can be a Satanist and never know it and live their whole entire lives in the mindset of the ideology of Satanism never knowing what it's what that ideology is called and never knowing that they themselves are actually in that mindset and are therefore a member of that cult that worldwide call that that spouts and puts out that ideology for other people to absorb and live by ladies and gentlemen that's all the time we have for the edition of what on earth is happening I want to thank all of the great callers who brought up all phenomenal points in this great call-in show on the topic of our entire society is one big satanic ritual ladies and gentlemen you've been watching what on earth is happening government is slavery thanks so much do go on to the what on earth is happening website and if you found value in this presentation feel free to make a donation at the donate page we'll see you right here next week ladies and gentlemen thanks for giving [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music]