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freedom mat that's what it's all about [Music] you've got the groove on freedom [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're watching what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com ladies and gentlemen government is slavery and here on what on earth is happening we are ending slavery one mind at a time thanks for tuning in today everyone this is episode number 226 of what on earth is happening and today is Sunday June 14th 2020 we have a great show lined up for you here today we are going to be going into part two a continuation of last week's show called remaining loyal to first principles in an age of psyops and disinformation and as with all what on earth is happening shows this is built on prerequisite information and prerequisite knowledge show number 226 is built upon all of the previous 225 shows so if you're a new viewer a new listener this is not where you want to start you want to go back to the beginning you want to go on my podcast archive of my website what on earth is happening calm and go back to show number one and listen in order at your own pace and then an entirely new worldview will emerge for you as a listener and viewer of what on earth is happening so please keep that in mind we have a lot to cover before we get into the main topics for today hopefully there'll be time for call ins we take call ins through discord you can go - what on earth is happening calm slash discord or on the show page what on earth is happening calm slash show for the discord invite now let's switch over to the slides because I do have several event announcements for today this is the artwork for today's show always looking great great job Brett and we'll be getting into this topic in a moment the seed for conference which was originally scheduled for this year has been postponed we have the postponement dates we have the rescheduling dates seed for conference has been rescheduled for May 14th and 15th 2021 now barring anything changing those are the scheduled dates for it to uh you know be held on and I am still taking part in that conference in a physical capacity I will be there in person in Athens Ohio so it's been rescheduled I'm glad to hear that and the rescheduled dates are May 14th and 15th 2021 I delivered my presentation this Saturday at the other perspective of reality conference out of Madrid Spain thank you - Nuria - Misha WA and all the other organizers it went really great and I participated in an hour and a half question-and-answer session as well after the presentation was shown I will have the flash drive and the DVD of this presentation available in donation gifts which is gifts not what on earth is happening calm the gifts sub-domain of my website that'll be available this week hopefully I'm gonna try to get it up by sometime tomorrow we'll see if that if that can happen you know since I do most of most of these things myself I am you know going to have to see how things go with my schedule tomorrow but certainly by the end of this week certainly by probably the middle of this week for sure that presentation will be available in gifts also available in gifts you can make a donation to help support the effort to produce my first ever long-form documentary it is called mark passio and the science of natural law there are five donation tiers on the website ranging from $50 all the way up to a thousand dollar donation 100% of all donations toward the documentary project go directly to production costs namely paying a video editor and producing the actual physical items all donors will receive a complimentary copy of the completed documentary on flash drive and DVD and that is why we'll be added to the dock the donation price so that is what that shipping is for we are going to send out physical copies of the documentary to all donors toward the documentary and you will get that on DVD and flash drive you'll get a standard definition DVD and then you'll get an HD version on flash drive a 1080p version that is all those donations can be made via gifts that water on earth is happening comm also we're going to have new t-shirt designs soon we are finalizing it we had to slightly modify the artwork because certain color on the front could not be printed so we're going with a two color design a beautiful two color design of gold and dark purple and when you see this shirt in person I think you're gonna be very impressed with it this is the new documentary t-shirt from mark passio and the science of natural law we're going to be having this we're gonna have new long-sleeve designs in the gifts area as well coming hopefully in a couple of weeks we are just finalizing the artwork and the order and gonna get that in and the t-shirt company will turn that around soon so we've been out of most t-shirts for a while we're gonna be repressing them very soon look for those in the gifts area of the website also in gifts this is something I'm gonna cover for another couple of weeks this is a relatively new item people have really been taking advantage of this and I'm very happy to see that it's called the complete mark passio one Great War Collection it's a beautiful solid-state drive by SanDisk and we have loaded this up with every thing that I've ever done publicly all my presentations are on it all interviews that I've ever done since 2009 are on it the whole what on earth is happening podcast show whether it be in the audio form or the video form is on it my punk rock band's first EP no masters no slaves from my band the founders and this is all on a nice and ruggedly built solid-state drive it's very small very lightweight we put a nice keychain tag on it and it comes nice carrying case this is available at gifts not what on earth is happening calm and I think people have been really liking this item so I wanted to mention it once again the Ark Drive is also available from what on earth is happening calm slash Ark you fill in the information you'll get the shipping details it's a one terabyte drive filled with all of my research data that helped me to understand and come to the current worldview that I am at and to make sense of what is actually taking place in our world this Drive contains about 1,800 videos over 8,000 digital books and over 20,000 digital audio files this is a free offer I only asked a donation from my time and effort in putting in assembling this and shipping them and we are very soon going to be releasing Ark 2.0 which is a 2 terabyte version of the one terabyte hard drive with a whole nother terabyte of data added and it's very impressive I don't have a finalized date on one that's going to be available I would say that I'm probably about 75 to 80% complete in adding new data to this drive so you know it will go as my schedule permits but that will be being available soon I will be giving new instructions for that obviously because at all you'll it will necessitate shipping me a two terabyte drive instead of a one so I'll be upping updating that you know on the site but you know when it when this is available you'll hear it first here on what on earth is happening last week I introduced something that is probably the most exciting project to come down the pike and what on earth is happening in many years it is called the how to become the true media online technology seminar this is an intensive 23 week technology skill set sharing class hosted by myself and it will be done through the zoom meeting software which is free software and people have had a lot of questions about this seminar I'm going to attempt to answer them all today on the show there is limited space available in this semin our spaces are going quickly I'm very happy that there are so much interest in this seminar folks it's actually very humbling that people are signing up to this and looking very excitedly forward to taking this seminar I think people are gonna get a lot out of it so this will be taking place every Tuesday evening from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. I specifically chose that timeframe due to my schedule and also because I want to respect people on the west coast ability to take this so it will be you know in the evening on the East Coast 8:00 to 11:00 that means out on the West Coast this is 5 to 8 p.m. per specific time ok 8 to 11 Eastern the beginning class will be Tuesday July 7th 2020 ok it is $523 93 cents too as a personal donation toward what on earth is happening is cause in order to receive a private invitation to attend this online seminar this is a private closed seminar nothing is being sold it is being offered as a free gift in return for a donation toward the what on earth is happening cause of that amount ok so you can enroll at gift stop what on earth is happening calm I'm going to show you that enrollment let me step out of my slides briefly and switch over to my web browser I'm going to do that okay we can switch over to the web browser alright so right at the top of the page when you come to what on earth is happening there's a link right there that you can click that'll take you right to the item to enroll ok so I'm gonna click that and I'm sorry for some reason that went to the homepage let me click it again there it goes ok now I'm at the item where you can enroll it shows you the artwork ok and you can click on add to basket okay now this is also a link here online tech seminar right underneath the home link on the left hand side and the navigation ok you can click that to get to this item as well but if you click Add to basket it will add it to the gift basket if you hit view basket I'm signed in to the site it will allow me to go to secure checkout okay and then you could pick from all of these donation methods PayPal Bitcoin Bitcoin cash Bitcoin SV like coin - and aetherium so there's PayPal and there are six different cryptocurrency options I'll leave it on PayPal for the time being and hit continue okay that will show you this summary page no shipping is added for this item since it is a online seminar and nothing is actually shipped to you if you click the donation link okay then you'll go to my PayPal dot me where you can continue and make the donation and then you will be enrolled in the class people have had a lot of questions about how enrollment works what you will receive as proof of enrollment I'm going to show you that now okay because there's no sensitive material in there so I'm just gonna go ahead and show you that so if we switch back over enrollees we'll get this link okay and it will say thank you for enrolling so when you sign up and I confirm your donation you will receive a link that will take you to a section of the backend of my website which will show you this webpage - how to become the true media seminar it says thank you for enrolling in our 23 week seminar for 2020 it gives you the dates where the seminar is going to be held every Tuesday to attend the weekly classes you will need to create a free zoom account at zoom dot us and it is highly recommended to install and use the program called zoom client for meetings this is the zoom client application it is available on Windows Macintosh and Linux operating systems so that link will take you to that software where you can download and install it it is free software use the zoom mobile app on a tablet or smartphone only if you have no other option to join the class this is highly not recommended to to take this class via a mobile device I want to say that again I highly recommend not taking the class via a mobile device I highly recommend taking the class via the zoom client for meetings on a desktop or laptop personal computer not a mobile tablet or mobile phone okay you will be emailed an invite to June join the zoom meeting the week preceding each class you will get an invite each class if you enroll okay because it's a private closed session closed meeting by invite only ok the invitation will be mailed to you via the email address that you enter when enrolling in the seminar on gifts on the gifts area of my website you will need this weekly invitation to join the class meeting each week so please do not misplace or lose these emails if you do not receive an invitation to any of the weekly classes please let us know by sending an email to true media atwater on earth is happening comm classes will begin promptly at 8 p.m. Eastern time every Tuesday starting July 7th the zoom meeting itself will be started at 7:45 p.m. each Tuesday to allow 15 minutes for all students to join the meeting please be on time so you do not miss important parts of the class classes will conclude promptly at 11:00 p.m. Eastern time the zoom meeting each week will work like a virtual classroom mark will be sharing his screen similar to using a projector in a real classroom zoom has a feature where people can raise their hand virtually via the software to indicate that they want to ask a question mark can then enable your voice so that he can take your question for all students to hear text chat will be disabled during class due to its potential for distraction while class topics are being discussed we'll look into an option of maybe making either a discord room or something like that for people who are students to talk to each other I haven't really decided on whether we're going to be doing that or not but you know we can I'm sorry we cannot look into that option I'll switch back over ok so if you have any other questions regarding class enrollment or schedule please email true media at what on earth is happening comm and that's that's the end of that now I do want to go over other questions that people have had regarding this seminar so bear with me because there's quite a few of them okay so and I think this is important to address on the air to allay some people's concerns regarding how this is going to work okay so I'm going to take questions one at a time as they've come in to us regarding the seminar and hopefully if people are watching this they'll get a better idea of what this seminar is really going to be about so question number one will the goal for each of the candidates or students be to build their own true media news website to get it up and running by the end of the course my answer to that is while yes this is a potential goal okay that will not be definitively expected from every single person who enrolls in this seminar okay I would like people to develop those skill sets however this is admittedly an introductory course and I personally would not expect everyone who enrolls to necessarily master those skill sets in a 23 week time frame even okay this is giving people building blocks of knowledge that they can build upon themselves okay so nobody's going to come out of this seminar total expert folks okay you're going to work at your own pace you're gonna work with your own drive your own internal sense of Drive okay so you're gonna go as far as you want to take it that's the ultimate answer to this question okay so the course however is designed to start students on the path to becoming able to do something like that certainly alright but no one is going to be expected to have your own website up and running by the end of the seminar I think that would be a little bit ambitious okay some people may have the internal drive and they are very if those are certain students are very autodidactic meaning they're good self learners then yes they'll take the skills that I am going to impart to them and they'll run with them okay and maybe they will do that in that timeframe who knows but that is a very optimistic goal I'm saying it's a potential goal but I don't expect out of every person who attends I expect people to learn a lot and then start to apply that in their own timeframe so there are no set timeframe goals for students you will learn at your pace obviously I'm going to cover material at my pace but you could then explore these topics further on your own and go as far as your driving skills take you so that's my answer to that too will we have weekly tasks to complete outside of the course time based on what we learn each week and my answer to that is no there will not be homework for the course okay I am NOT going to give homework and certainly students will not be graded this is not going to work like a traditional you know school course in that regard students will be expected to learn at their own pace and apply the skillsets in the way ways that they choose okay so the next question how much time should we dedicate to completing tasks each week and again that's not applicable you could see my former you could hear my formal response that you there will be not be homeworks for this course or grading what equipment materials or programs or software are required to complete this course I am sure this will all be explained in the first week or throughout the length of the course and that's true I'll be getting into that but you know nothing is really required except a desktop or laptop computer is the suggested equipment and the only software required is the zoom client for meetings if people do not have a desktop or laptop computer yes you will still be able to attend the course via a tablet or a mobile smartphone I don't recommend that though and there is a zoom app for mobile devices but again that's a last resort okay will it be useful to have two computers one to take part in the live seminar and the other to practice using software in real time and I am answering that that that is not required but you may do that if you wish to okay so I don't expect anybody to have two devices but if you want to have one device to watch what I'm teaching and another device to you know do some things in software for yourself you are more than welcome to do that you know as long as that doesn't detract from your attention span in the class will students be able to receive each weekly lesson as a video file so that they can refer back to the information for future reference we are not currently planning to offer that as an option because it defeats the purpose of a live online seminar and a personal seminar environment I may look into the option of doing that we will see but right now you want to not expect that and we want to treat this as a live in-person seminar with me as an interactive teacher okay so that's my answer to that let me go to the next question okay will it be possible to record the lessons myself well I will not be enabling that feature in the Xoom client but if people you know know how to do that in their own software I can't prevent anybody from doing that so you know again I'm offering this as a live online seminar to help sort of fund what on earth is happening in the projects that we have in the works here and potentially even pay for people in you know positions of help that I'm going to be asking for that I have asked for so um you know people you know have software that and they know how to do that I can't stop anyone from doing that so that's my answer to that how many spots are left for enrollment I don't have an exact figure on that right now but enrollment is limited and there are still spots left but they're filling up so try to get in with your enrollment as soon as you can if for some reason I miss a class can we download it or make it up so I have already addressed that I said that is most likely not going to be the case so don't expect that I am expecting commitment to attendance each week otherwise why you know put forward you know your hard-earned money and take the class if you're not going to be able to do that I am looking for people who are committed the same kind of people who are going to be committed and taking this class for 23 weeks are the same kind of people that are going to be committed to doing the great work of teaching natural law so do not expect any classes to be gone over afterward it will be a live event each week Tuesday evening are there any specifications or programs that are a must have I'm truly a beginner to this know for this class the only must have again is a device the zoom client for meetings and a focused attention span those are the prerequisites for attendance okay next question I'm curious about preference for laptops Apple Windows etc I was about to order a laptop because I need a new one I was wondering what you could recommend and I'm answering that that's a personal preference I can't tell anybody what platform or what specs to get on a device I recommend at least good mid-range equipment I don't recommend super cheap equipment that usually is not really worth the cost anyway and it usually breaks down much sooner so mid-range to high-end equipment you get your money's worth and it lasts a lot longer but that's a personal preference of what each student feels most comfortable working on if you're comfortable on Windows or Linux or Mac that's a personal choice and I can't tell anybody what to use you will be able to attend no matter what platform you are on okay I'm interested in the seminar but paying the whole amount upfront is a bit complicated I would prefer to pay for every week separately as the course goes along and I I'm answering that that I will not be offering that option again the timeframe and the donation is part of the commitment to the seminar I want to see people who are fully committed to doing this and that means you are putting for some value from your life into this so it's not ever going to be offered on a week-to-week basis that's my answer to that I wasn't able to access the tech seminar enrollment link before it expired I had a technical problem we're on the back end of the server the enrollment link to get the information about what's going on with the class that I just showed everyone was expiring and I have fixed that and the link is made permanent for all enrollees in the seminar so if you enroll you'll get that link digitally it will be emailed to you and that will not expire if you are an enrollee of the class so that technical issue has been fixed on the backend of the server do I need to do anything to get the link when for when the class starts yes you will need to check your email account that you signed up for the seminar using in gifts not one earth is happening comm you will need to check the email that you put in with your account at gifts ok for the class invitation each week prior to Tuesday we will probably be sending out the invitations either Friday or Saturday before each Tuesday class to make sure all students have the invitation link ok you will click that invitation link and that will open your zoom client software to enter each class ok so you will have to check your email preceding each class and do not lose that invitation link that link is your entry to each week's class I will be working all the time that these classes will be broadcast and was wondering if those who sign up have access to these classes after the live session again this is a popular question and most likely will not be doing that so please do not expect recorded classes this is an online live personal interactive seminar that is the whole point of the class is that you will receive private tutoring lessons live and in-person from mark passio that's the point of the class folks so I think I want to keep it in that spirit and in that regard keep it live ok so do not expect that is the zoom client free software how do I get it okay for my computer all right yes zoom client for meetings is absolutely free you do not need to join up to any services that zoom offers to take the class the only enrollment is my enrollment fee on gifts okay of my gifts area of my website there is no do not sign up for any additional services in zoom that is not required to enter each week's class okay you could download the zoom software at zoom not us slash download and you are going to click on when you go to that link zoom client for meetings okay zoom dot us slash download and then you're going to click the link that says zoom client for meetings that is the only software required it is available on Mac OS Windows and Linux operating systems I have a Toshiba laptop with a core i7 processor Windows 10 operating system eight gigabytes of RAM 64-bit based processor is my laptop computer advanced enough to take your online class definitely absolutely you'd probably be able to take it with much less specs much lower specs than that ok that's that's a decently configured laptop system ok the system requirements for zoom can be found at support zoom dot us so if you're concerned about system requirements you can go to that page and click on desktop or laptop system requirements ok so support zoomed at us and click on the system requirements link that will give you all the requirements necessary to run the zoom client for meeting software I was wondering if the free version of zoom would be sufficient yes absolutely I'm not use in before I downloaded it installed it looks like the free version is somewhat limited regarding hey the the zoom client for meetings free versions all you need okay that's all that is required to connect to the class each week as I've said will sessions be interactive to where participants can ask questions from the instructor and/or interact with other participants participants will not be able to cross talk or chat with each other in these sessions students can however raise their hand virtually while in the class to indicate that they have a question that they want me to address I will then be able to enable their microphone to take their questions so that the whole class can hear both the question and my response to their question that's how questions are going to work during the online seminar so we've also had some issues with at least one individual enrolled with more than one enrollment they purchased more than one enrollment during their checkout process which is fine people can do that okay for example if you and a friend want to attend or you and your spouse want to attend separately or you just want to give gifts of attendance to this seminar you can certainly you know on gifts donate for more than one enrollments however please in the note what you are given an opportunity to when checking out to type in some comments in a note okay before actually checking out I am asking people who want to donate for more than one enrollment to please provide whatever additional emails are going to be required for me to send enrollments to so if you sign up and you have will want to send an enrollment to a friend that means your email is going to be used for enrollment number one for the second enrollment please put the additional email that you want that enrollment sent to in the notes area before checking out okay so provide the email link in the notes area before checking out if you have a second or third enrollment etc last question I believe I'm wondering if the skill set that is acquired through your training course will be something I could apply to a range of subject materials such as my own product line ecommerce site etc so my answer to that is I cannot stop someone from taking the class for such purposes however that is not the intent of the spirit of this class the intent of the spirit of this class is to try to inspire new teachers of natural law to apply these skill sets to go out and do the one great work of teaching natural law so that's my answer to that I can't stop anyone from just taking this because they want to take a tech class but that's not the spirit of what this seminar is for the spirit of the seminar is for potential teachers of natural law to learn skillsets to go out and teach natural law publicly on the Internet ok so I think that answers all the questions if anybody has any additional questions you could send that to true media at what on earth is happening calm and I'll endeavor to answer your questions about this seminar to the best of my ability ok I think let's jump back into the slides I might have another couple of quick event announcements I'm hold on let me get out of here all right go ahead we could jump into there ok so that covers everything I wanted to cover for how to become the true media except the skill sets these are the skill sets they are beginner and intermediate skill sets that will be taught in the class ok so I will be teaching basic operating system skills that will translate to any operating system platform ok I will be showing my screen on Mac OS platform because that is the computer that I will be sitting at to host the seminar I will more likely than not have a Windows disk image virtualized through virtualization software that means that I can switch between Mac and Windows basically I will be only showing some basic things through the Windows operating system interface to show how things translate over I will be doing every single thing twice or three times I want to emphasize that I think it's important people have also had that question okay so I am NOT going to be with every single task I am showing people I'm not going to be jumping from Mac to Windows to Linux and showing them on every platform I'd say over 95% of things I'm going to be showing on my computer which is a Mac that I'll be hosting from and then some things that I think are critically important as far as operating system skills like for instance how to format a hard drive I will be jumping over into Windows and showing people the difference between certain programs like apples Disk Utility program and Windows disk management feature okay I will be doing that for certain operating system things but do not expect me to do every single task in the seminar three times on Mac Windows and Linux that won't be happening I will be showing tasks from the operating system that I personally use and explaining do not memorize individual steps what you are doing is trying to get the conceptual idea I'll be covering this stuff in like the first class you get the conceptual idea of what you are trying to carry out and you learn the method for carrying that out and then it translates slightly differently on different software and different operating system platforms that is called conceptual learning versus memorization of steps or individual tasks okay so that will be part of the skill set operating system skills file systems and disk formatting will be another skill set I'll be teaching and not only well and then file and folder management is the third one this is called HFS or the hierarchical file system how to organize large data sets of downloaded data or created data okay this is also going to cover backup I'm going to show people how to make you know timely backups of their data so that they never lose anything workflow and best practices best practices is highly important when it comes to computers this means that there is a ton of different ways to get the same job done but I'm going to be attempting to showing you I'm going to be attempting to show you the best ways or the best practices of getting certain tasks done word processing and publishing internet and networking basics searching the web and the dark web because guess what folks there's a lot of censorship and you have to know how to search the dark area of the internet that search engines don't index because things are being taken down rapidly so we'll be getting into deep searching of the internet graphic design skills print publishing skills building presentations audio editing and publishing video editing and publishing and again don't expect to come out of this a professional video editor just letting you know that right now don't expect to come out of this a professional audio editor you're going to learn introductory skills so you'll know how to do things how to crop a podcast an audio podcast and or if you want to edit something and take take it out and save the file in video editing I'll show you how to do very simple things like cropping video like adding you know two parts nonlinearly together like maybe doing very simple layering very simple compositing nothing dramatically enhanced folks you got to start with baby steps and the building block so if you're already an expert and stuff like this this isn't the course for you this is the course for people who have the drive to be a teacher of natural law and don't know where to begin technologically I am going to be showing you basic beginner and up to some what intermediary don't even be intimidated by the word intermediate somewhat intermediary skillsets in computing okay so please keep that in mind this is an introductory course I said at some point maybe I'll do an advanced course okay for for people who have a lot of these basic skill sets under their belt and want to know more how to do more advanced things okay so web publishing basic web publishing video conferencing how to like bring a guest into your you Podcast or something like that or host a zoom meeting basic sharing via cloud services and the only reason I'm putting that on there I know most people want to avoid cloud services and I think that's generally a good idea in some instances people want might want to collaborate with others remotely and do not know how to set up an independent server for that purpose so I'm going to show very basic cloud sharing services only for the situation where you may have a remote helper and you do not know how to set up sharing on your personal computer or setting up a customized web server for that purpose and you may just want to use something like Dropbox or Google Drive in order to collaborate with another individuals so we're going to be doing the very basics regarding that and then discussion and showing of some hardware and equipment physical hardware and physical equipment those are the skill sets that are going to be taught in this class ok so I think that covers everything I wanted to talk about regarding the how to become the true media seminar thank you to all enrollees and thank you to potential enrollees I think it's really going to be a huge success and I'm really looking forward to it last week I told people we are still looking to fill 4 positions these positions are still open we have been B we have begun the process of interviewing people and we're going to be continuing that this week we need people in graphic design video editing and tech support here in person in the area of web development people need to be a full-stack developer I'm not looking for people who you know are like a bootstrap developer please keep that in mind with the web development position I'm looking for a full stack developer ok not someone who you know takes shortcuts you need to know how to code for real okay so web development is the one that I will accept the remote positions if we can find somebody who can come here and do it in-house that would be magnificent but that is the only position out of these four that I'm even accepting a potential person who is not local to Philadelphia the other positions please keep in mind and don't add signal to the noise that we are looking for people in house to sit at a workstation here in my home studio for graphic design video editing and like by the love of God if someone is a good technical support person who wants to come in and take some of the technical support duties off of my plate please respond to this one this is the one that's killing me dead okay is having to be the tech guy for everything here if there's a good mac and Windows technical support specialist that can come to my home studio here in Philadelphia we need that help more than anything else okay the graphic design video editing and technical support positions are local to Philadelphia if you are remote please do not respond the only remote position we are even considering is the web development developer position one out of four the other ones only if your local please respond the email address to respond is Leah at what on earth is happening calm that is Ellie I H a at what on earth is happening calm that is my assistant and she will be fielding requests and scheduling potential interviews for people that want to come here in my home studio and help us do the great work so let's jump into the topic for today which is remaining loyal to first principles in the age of psyops and disinformation part two last week we covered the corona virus so-called pandemic which I called a socially engineered perceived crisis it's a crisis of managed perception not a real event that needs to be feared as mainstream media is telling us to fear it that is not to say as I said last week that there isn't a real illness making the rounds but the infectivity and the morbidity of that illness is not what the media is making it out to be nor is the cause and the vector of that illness what the media government and even mainstream science says that it is and that that's my position on this so-called pandemic and my position is backed up with a tremendous amount of knowledge it is not speculation okay it is borne out from deep study of these dynamics now what we have out in society is not people who are engaged in the Trivium process of truth discovery we have what is the equivalent of cult member true believers and here's what they look like folks the masks speak if we switch back over to the slides please you know they speak volumes I live in fear I believe the mainstream media I'll snitch on you I believe in agenda 21 I want safety not freedom that's a big one there in the middle row on the left I want medical tyranny my parents are yeah I guess it says my parents right are hurt hurting my immune system the masks are hurting the immune system more than anything else I love Bill Gates I do what I'm told I want mandatory vaccines I enjoy virtru signaling it's all Trump's fault this is the new normal and let me tell you something folks this city where I live is rife with them I even apologized for even using the term and insulting royal Raymond rife who people should look into the work of and then they wouldn't be so stupid as the fall in you know to this SIOP mind control and be wearing masks everywhere first of all the masks ain't keeping anybody safe you or anyone else okay secondly it's a mind control tactic that's it it's it's too put people in a mindset of submission that's what the mask does okay I have not worn one since day one I don't intend on wearing one I will not wear one because you know what the mask really does folks and is the last thing I'm gonna say about the coronavirus issue the kovat 19 scared em ik okay because that's what it really is you know uh the mask says I accept the world view of Big Daddy government that's it that's all it says and you know what else it says I want to push the acceptance of that worldview on other people and you know what folks no one's pushing their worldview on me because I quite frankly and more intelligent than that to by a bullshit worldview and I'll look in any bought any human beings face I'll look at a straight into a stranger's face I'll look into an idiot on the streets face I'll look into a cop's face I'll look into a politician's face I'll look into a judge's face I'll look into any clowns face and say I have more knowledge than you you don't know what you're talking about and know nothing isn't gonna tell someone with my level of knowledge what my worldview must be forced to do be fuck you you got it get it okay nobody's telling me what I must believe or think quite frankly you don't know what I know at all you haven't studied what I've studied you haven't eclectically gathered the unimaginable volume of data that I have and poured through endlessly that's a huge bulk of what I do with my time and have done with the time of my life so and know nothing clown that listens to the mainstream narrative isn't telling me what I must believe fuck you okay just straight out there in street language so that's really all I want to say I want to conclude that section I'm gonna reiterate some of the things I talked about about the protests and rioting regarding the George Floyd situation but ladies and gentlemen no one is going to tell me what my worldview must be and what conclusions I must come to especially parroting the bullshit mainstream media and government narrative about this nonsense you will not violently impose your worldview upon me so continuing again these are some questions we attempted to start to ask last week let's continue it this week what is the whole protesting and rioting really all about because people have a lot of unanswered questions about this type of stuff you know what's driving the violent aspect of it what do some of these groups want etc so last week I talked about that there are at least conservatively five separate groups involved in the civil unrest that has been taking place in America and throughout the world regarding the George Floyd situation regardless of what you believe that situation to be I'm not going to get into is this a false flag is it a hoax all of that okay I'm not even taking it at face value that it happened as what people say it was that being said I still don't support the police and never have I'm not not going to go back on that position because that position is based upon first principles that's what this whole show is about first principles regardless of what situationally may be occurring so the five groups of protesters which we should stop trying to loop loop yes lump altogether and saying the protesters were the rioters no there is no thought and one group following that there's no such thing there's many groups of people going out into the street for different agendas for vastly different agendas and people have to understand that and understand how this is a nuanced and complex aspect of this and not trying to oversimplify what is a complex situation there are protesters with legitimate grievances about police brutality and violence absolutely I have legitimate grievances with police in general with their existence number one with the powers they are given with the violence they conduct with the brutality that they conduct absolutely I stand in solidarity solidarity regarding those things I personally don't believe in protesting because I believe protesting is just begging the government you know to beat you a little bit less each week you know that's that's a slave class saying big daddy government plantation owner please don't beat me as much as you beat me last week beat me a little less this week that's all it is I don't accept that I don't believe in saying to the government please give us a little bit more rights government has no moral legitimacy to exist that's why I don't believe in protesting i ladies and gentlemen use your imagination for what my next statement means I believe in saying no to government with teeth let me say it again I believe in saying no to government with teeth interpret that as you will and use your imagination okay and you'll get the idea if you have a little bit of intelligence by what I mean by that all right I think people have to come together and say we're not accepting slavery anymore because is what government is and if you don't know it's slavery by now you're a fucking retard all right that's all comes down to that's what you are if you don't understand the government is slavery by this point you haven't gotten the message from day one go back and start the podcasts all over again from podcast number one if you don't understand that and listen in the mall about ten times each maybe it'll hammer into your fucking thick skull then all right so I stand in solidarity with anyone saying we don't agree with the police's behavior I don't believe I don't agree with police's behavior regarding anything I don't think they have the right to exist quite frankly because it's part of slavery called government and it's based on violence intimidation and duress and I stand against those things I believe in voluntary human interaction and all human activity that's what a true anarchist or a true voluntary astiz and anybody saying all because of riots we need police and we need protection and all this you're a fucking coward and you don't stay loyal to first principles just like people when a so called disease rears its head then you want to take away people's rights force them to wear masks or another they're not allowed goods or services fuck you you never had principles to begin with jackass you don't know what principles are cuz principles don't change with respect to circumstance or situation they're eternal immutable unchangeable truths that can never be changed altered or abolished ever so there's three other groups in the middle here and then one group at the end okay the three groups in the middle which I'm going to eventually explain our basically one group are police and government agent provocateurs agent provocateurs are people that conduct violence during a protest to try to give otherwise peaceful protests a bad name in the eyes of the media in the eyes of government and in the eyes of the public of the dumb manipulated public so police hire their own membership in the thin blue line cult secret society to go out and smash windows and beat people as a way of drumming up sympathy for the police and saying oh look at this violence that's being done we have to put a stop to this because these protests are no longer peaceful police are doing that violence ladies and gentlemen it's proven they've been caught doing it they're called agent provocateurs and they are on the police payroll or actual police members with a badge that just go out on the street without their official police costumes and badges this the next group in this middle section here are radical leftists or communists agent provocateurs with an agenda who are paid by radical leftists or communist organizations an example of these would be an Tifa they go out on the street they damage property and they conduct violence to people again to give legitimate protestors and peaceful protesters a bad name then you do have some white supremacists agent provocateurs who just hate people of color and want to go out and try to give them a bad name and say that they are violent but the white supremacists agent provocateurs are conducting the violence themselves to make it look like that all of these groups in the middle ladies and gentlemen are funded by the same people these are all people hired by government police and NGO groups that are aligned with leftist and communist elements of the police okay and you could also say the police and government agents are aligned with extreme right-wing aspects of the government so you have both sides of the political spectrum involved in agent provocateur for their own reasons that want to turn what would ordinarily be peaceful protest violent what happens is I don't want to let the public entirely off the hook because people of all races often are easily led it has nothing to do with race there are opportunists krema criminals common thugs and thieves of all races who are easily led okay and when people start busting windows people start hitting people with bricks people start hitting people with baseball bats etc okay people just start to follow and think oh I could just do this and get away with it here's an opportunity for me to conduct thuggery and thievery this happens in all so-called races of people the whole idea of race is bullshit there's only one race the human race okay if you haven't figured that out by yet you're a fucking retard okay you know you're falling for the divide-and-conquer strategy of race as I'm going to talk about a little bit later in this presentation so please folks stop lumping all the so-called protesters together as the protesters there is no the protesters there are multiple groups of people with multiple agendas that they want to see carry out carried out there are people with legitimate grievances about what is taking place in this country and throughout the world there are agent provocateurs of at least three different persuasions that are funded by the government and funded by nongovernmental organizations and then there are just opportunists people from the you know average members of human society that are unfortunately not moral individuals and are taking advantage in a time of uncertainty and in a time of chaos and they're adding to the chaos by conducting violent behavior and by destroying other people's property and taking other people's property I stand against all of those things the only thing I stand in solidarity with is raising your voice not necessarily the government put it out publicly and explain to people there's no right for these people to do any of these things they the police themselves are violent thugs and criminals they are stealing they are thieves they are stealing freedom they are stealing rights they are putting people in duress which is coercion and violence which they have no right to do they are the agents of slavery of human slavery which is government it's not the slavery of any particular race of people based on the tone of their skin it is human slavery ladies and gentlemen that's what government is but here's the thing most of these so-called protesters and you put the provocateurs and even the common street thugs in the same group if they are all the same in many respects just about everyone I brought were de to everyone here I won't say a 100 percent total blanket statement but I'm gonna say overwhelmingly almost every single person involved in the protests with an infinitesimally small percentage involved in the protests and or riots believe in the legitimacy of government and wanted to continue they are not true anarchists they are not true voluntary us almost all of them believe that government has moral legitimacy to exist and they don't want to abolish government they want to take the reins of government and have it do what they want it to do and there's nothing more than that even the legitimate protesters most of them don't have it correct what people should be raising their voice to inform the whole world about publicly is this is a problem of statist Authority belief that's all it is it's not even a matter of police you know beating and or killing black people more than they do any other race of people which it is true that you have a much greater chance if you're black of being having violence done unto you by police okay now that's an uncomfortable statistic but it is a true statistic nonetheless and it is true look folks I could go into whole shows about how racist people are up how racist police are in general in there as an institutionalized organization and fanned the flames of race division okay you know what I do want to do one day I'll tell you what I'm not gonna do that because I think that fans the flames of race division and we should all be coming together as I'm gonna conclude in this section all sensible races of people we need to come together as the human race and stop identifying with tone of skin the identification with tone of skin is so ridiculous that I can't even express how ridiculous it is it is a method of divide and conquer and unfortunately a lot of people fall into that divide and conquer strategy but do you know what I do want to do and I'm gonna publicly today ask for someone who I once knew and associated with and I'm not gonna mention their name because I don't know whether they want me to mention their name but I'm going to say there is an individual there's a male individual out there who may be watching or listening or some people may know who I'm talking about who used to take part in the group here in Philadelphia called truth freedom prosperity he worked as a dispatcher for the Philadelphia Police Department or it may be it may have been a surrounding area Police Department in a suburb okay you know who you are we spoke many times at truth freedom prosperity events when that group was a very active activist group here in the city of Philadelphia I was one of the organizers for that group and this acquaintance of mine who used to be a dispatcher sat down with me several times and informed me about at some of these truth freedom prosperity meetings about how police would behave especially on no-knock rates and the things that this person told me was so horrifying and maddening and made me so violently angry mainly because of what police would do to animals deliberately and as a dispatcher he spoke with police when they would back in to the station and they would tell him that they were doing these things to animals very deliberately it was not something that they felt they were scared and needed protection from these animals they loved what they were doing to dogs in particular if the individual out there is listening I would like to bring you on in future show maybe as early as next week because I have many things that I want to cover about police in general on future shows on what on earth is happening I'm going to be reading something called confessions of a former cop a former bastard cop okay I'm gonna be reading an entire article on this and I want to bring someone on who had direct involvement with the police department as a dispatcher if they're willing to do it I can't make anybody have that level of courage to come and publicly talk okay but I from firsthand experience I would like to have you on as a guest if you would please email us here email my assistant and she will book you on the show Leah at what on earth is happening comm send an email to my assistant l e IH a at what on earth is happening comm if this individual who I am referring to is watching the show where if anyone out there knows what I'm talking about I have since fell out of touch with this individual and I do not believe that I have their contact information anymore I can look for that and search for it but to my knowledge I unfortunately have misplaced their contact info and I would like to bring them on the air publicly if they have the courage to do so again I cannot force their hand and doing that I can only ask and tell them that I'm interested in hearing their first-hand testimony and sharing that with my audience so the point here is folks everyone involved believes in the legitimacy of government in these so-called protests okay and they want it to continue they are not standing against the protests they're not standing against government they're not singing against statism they are not stinging standing against the very idea of authority being vested in humanity they're not teaching natural law they're not teaching true objective morality they believe government has the right to exist morally which it actually does not and they want government authority to continue and that is entirely based on violence which means that they ultimately want violence to continue and don't want it to stop and that is ultimately based that is ultimately the expression of slavery in the 3d world and that means that every person involved who still wants government to continue no matter what element they are in human society is an advocate and a condone er of slavery so let me say that again because that's a very intense harsh statement listen to what I'm saying folks every person no matter how much they may be standing up against the police involved in these protests who does not believe that government itself should be abolished who does not accept that government itself is slavery who does not accept the government itself is based upon violence and is morally illegitimate on its face is akin donor and supporter of human slavery that is an unwavering eternal truth dead as offended as you like it will never make that statement untrue and that is what you have to understand if you are going to consider yourself politically awake or spiritually awake if you do not understand that you are neither you are not politically awake and you are not spiritually awake and here on water look I may take it easy on other things okay and like invited to someone's conference I may not say it viciously like that right invited onto someone's radio program via audio I might not say it as viciously as that invited on someone's video show I may not say it as viciously as that for spec of their platform and for respect of their viewership who might not have been already privy to all 225 what on earth is happening episodes but here on my platform and here on my show I'm gonna say it that viciously because this is for people who have gone through all 225 previous episodes and if you still think that there's something broken in your fucking brain boy or girl if you haven't gotten that message yet if you haven't gotten that understanding yet you're beyond brainwashed you're you've got a broken soul a broken soul okay so do your own internal self work and get your head together and get your soul together okay bring those together and integrate those alright so there's my perspective on the protests from a perspective of who's involved now let's look at some other dynamics of it okay this is what these people have to understand about government in general okay there's no law that is so trivial and again it doesn't matter what you believe about the George Floyd situation it makes no difference okay makes no difference what you think that situation is this is still true there is no law so trivial that the state will not kill you to enforce it no law and cops will say oh we don't do that yes they do they absolutely do it may be up to the discretion of the cop in on that particular day based on how he feels whether he wants to do that but guess what any little minor statute that is passed by government in any area can result in your death for not complying to it and not complying with the police they think they're your owners and masters and they think you are their slaves that is what they believe that is what they think and if it suits them on that particular day they will murder you they are more potential murder and many of them are murderers and when you hear what I'm going to read in confessions of a former bastard cop many of them are proud murderers and want to go out and murder some more and I'm gonna ask my producer please ask someone to take care of the dog barking and try to calm her okay she must have heard something outside it's coming through I'm distracted and I'm sure my listening my viewing audience can hear as well and it's you know it's part of I am now full-time living with my chihuahuas and occasionally that's gonna happen ladies and gentlemen so I apologize for the background noise but it's sometimes I'm not gonna be able to prevent that there are people here just monitoring the show and so I'm asking anyone who is down there please try to come my my smallest dog so I apologize for the distraction let me get back on point this is what people who want policing of any kind to continue are asking to continue that is slavery and murder okay and it's a true statement it's not a statement that is based on opinion it's a statement that is based on fact that's what all laws are commands of compliance instituted by the ruling class and backed up by their henchmen class that's it enforced by the henchmen class that sits between the average pub members of the public and the ruling class as strong armed men the problem is many of these protesters in their misguided state want to replace the existing police force with some sort of a policing force of their own ladies and gentlemen there it's that's like saying what am I going to when I cut this cancer out of my body that's going to kill me if I don't cut it out of my body what am I going to replace that cancer with certainly we need to replace the cancer that we're cutting out of our body with something of a similar aspect right well if we're cutting one tumor out shouldn't we be putting another two back in the body I mean that's how retarded people sound who say we need to cut this police force out and replace it with another form of policing I mean that's just this jack ass headedness as saying i want to replace the councillor I just cut out of my body with the another cancer where's my vomit puppet right yeah need need to add that in at that point another time let me just say one thing folks the things that could potentially occur in this situation are very very similar to what occurred just prior to the takeover of the German society by the Third Reich of the Nazis very similar it's very similar to how the Bolsheviks eventually took over what is now Russia and instituted communism in Russia and what eventually became the Soviet Union the USSR the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics okay but I want to go to the Third Reich as an example a lot of people don't understand the political situation that led up to the takeover by the NSDAP the National social Socialist German Workers Party National ista National socialista Deutsche arbeiterpartei and I probably butchered the German but you know I don't speak fluent German so blue and German so I did the best I could but it stands for National Socialist German Workers Party which became the Nazi Party for short that's the the English you know pronunciation of the first part of national so Silesia okay which means National Socialist okay so that got truncated because of how it sounds to Nazi okay so before the rise of the Nazi Party in the German Third Reich there was the Weimar Republic in Germany so the Weimar Republic is what the country of Germany basically had as its form of government before the NSDAP took over and they had their own police forcing okay now what happened was the Nazi Party as it was gaining vast political influence needed to strong-arm the people into supporting that as the only party and enshrining their dictates as unquestioned law okay in the new Reich the Third Reich in order to do that the leadership of the Nazis which was occult leadership it was dark occult leadership that came out of other dark secret societies such as the Thule Society the German and orden and other older secret societies out of Germany that were based on some German dark occultus ideas such as Theo Zoology rate the Germans and and/or Aryans being the master race class a lot of other dark occult ideologies which we'll talk about here on 100 at some future point I again have had to push back I have a extensive seminar I'm probably going to just give it record it and release it publicly not even at a public location and put it on the gifts area it's going to be called the dark occult origins of Nazism and communism and show their dark occult origins and show how they are pretty much identical in what they will create in the world and how they have identical agendas and how they really are just two aspects of the same religion called Satanism many people do not understand that they do not understand what dark occultism or Satanism is if you want to look more into that I recommend my work called demystifying the occult particularly part two Satanism and the dark occult well going back to this what people what they did in prior to the Third Reich is the German Workers Party which became the NS or National Socialist German Workers Party knew that they had to reduce the power of the traditional police forces of the Weimar Republic so what they did is they start started conducting a lot of street violence through their agents their agent provocateurs that were called the Sturmabteilung the Sturmabteilung or the SA are what are known as the brown shirts of the German Workers Party and eventually the National Socialist German Workers Party so the essay or Sturmabteilung would create a lot of a Gen provocateur on the streets of Germany and there would be an outcry that we need a strong police force so they eventually replaced the police forcing of the Weimar Republic with the SA the Sturmabteilung okay so these were you know the German stormtroopers okay and they became the police of the Nazi Reich of the German Workers Party and subsequently the Third Reich what happened was these useful idiots were then assassinated physically assassinated their leadership and many of their ranks were thrown under the bus and assassinated all on one day which was referred to eventually as the night of the Long Knives so people who are not familiar with this part of history should research on whatever search engine they want to use the night of the Long Knives and I recommend looking up a documentary by the same name the night of the Long Knives watch that documentary and you will understand how the SA which became the essential barbaric German police force when they replaced their police force because a lot of agent provocateur had been done and then it's they said we need to get rid of the traditional police and replace it with a more citizen oriented police force that's the they replaced their first of cancer with the second form of cancer the SI then when the real occultists knew that they had society where they wanted it which was the SS which was headed by an inner order of the SS the SS stood for the Schutzstaffel or the storm detachment which meant the it was the I'm sorry not the storm detachment that is the SA this the Schutzstaffel is the protection squadron the protection squadron was literally Hitler's inner secret police force so the SA high-ranking membership or who set the night of law Long Knives into motion to assassinate the high-ranking members and some of the lower ranking members of the SS on one day so that the SS could come over and basically take over policing in the Third Reich that is how it went down chronologically and who really ran that operation was an inner order of the Schutzstaffel where the SS called - wart son which means the Black Sun order it was D short son jeschill chef I don't know if I'm saying that correctly but it means the order of the Black Sun that was the inner occult order of the Schutzstaffel run by hon Heinrich Himmler who himself was a prominent dark occultist of the Third Reich he was really the one who was really one of the high priests of the dish warts on order and was you know conducting the real occult activities of the Third Reich and this is what people do not understand is a very significant danger of what's happening right now the call look I am for abolishing all police forces and replacing them with nothing you know what you need to replace them with an armed citizenry that knows their rights and will defend violence in any form against human rights period that's called first principles and do you know what that force is called it's called the militia of the people period which is a natural right to self-organize with our that can never be taken away by man or his government or his government agents organizing individuals into a militia of the people has absolutely nothing to do with government it means an organized fighting force that is regimented by the people and the tactics are studied and the equipment is kept in order by the people themselves and they protect their own communities because they have the right to do so from criminal thugs agents of the state etc anyone who will conduct violence against their natural rights that's called first principles ladies and gentlemen and I have never advocated anything other than that oh I will not advocate anything other than that because first principles don't change therefore we should not change our positions once something different situationally comes along you have to stay loyal to the principle of the matter by knowing what rights are most people are not doing this and they're sad disappointments and there are many many people who you know who I'm talking to there's not a few there's many many I'm horrific ly disappointed in you as a human being forget as marked from what on earth is happening forget as a teacher of natural law all of that I'm horrific ly disappointed in you heart to heart as a human soul those who have not remained loyal to first principles in this dark time you disappoint me sir you disappoint me ma'am I'm horribly disappointed at a soul level and I shouldn't have to say that because I've been very clear I've been meticulously clear in the principles that I have shown and taught here on what on earth is happening and there is no rhyme or reason why the volume of people who have betrayed their principles should have done so at this point in time it's tragically sad tragically sad and my heart mourns for it that's all I have to say to you personally so let's move on in the presentation everybody wants to make this about race instead of statism most people and that's also tragically sad and very unfortunate because there's idiots out there that are preaching power of an individual skin color and it's utterly fucking ridiculous and utterly fucking retarded I don't care what side of the equation you're coming down on it's utterly ridiculous and it's utterly retarded if we're not at the point as a species where we can't see past skin tone you are literally fucking broken at a soul level so cut the shit out making it about race this is about the state and it's minions of violence who believe in authority over other human beings which is slavery against everyone and that's all it ever has been so they don't give a shit about talking about any power or superiority of any given race the state does not give a shit about that folks as a matter of fact the state wants that they want that because that's how they know people will be significantly divided against each other and seeing each other as the enemy instead of the state as the true enemy and you got too few fucking people talking about this dynamic and explaining it just like that too few we're running out of time people we're already out of time this is eleven fifty nine fifty nine and point you know you know half a second you know later into the split second to midnight that's where we're at the only power that's going to scare the establishment is that power of human beings of every so called a sensible race and persuasion coming together male and female and every tonne of skin stop seeing some identifying yourself that's all this is all again what I talked about as ego identification go back to the earliest podcasts and listen to them again nothing has changed first principles have not changed the dynamic has not changed I spoke out against all kinds of identity equate equation political identity race identity age identity sexual identity class identity X cetera I didn't fit him you can go on and on forever how people will will identify themselves it's all ego it's all ego identification and you know what it is a divide and conquer strategy I've covered this extensively in former episodes go back and listen to them or watch them again the only thing that the state is going to be concerned about is everybody coming together to challenge the legitimacy of the state itself not any particular things that they're doing they're gonna be worried the state's gonna get worried when people all come together every human being no matter what their so-called race or will no matter what any other aspect that they egoic ly identify themselves as all come together and say you know something government has no right to exist on its face this is morally illegitimate because it's based on violence coercion duress and it is ultimately slavery then the states going to be concerned they're not concerned about anything happening now they know they have people balkanized polarized divided and conquered and fighting against each other because they're too fucking stupid to understand the divide and conquer strategies in meth it's and they're too identified in their little own corner of the world of what I am I'm this I'm a Democrat I'm a Republican I'm white I'm black you're a fucking retard is what you are who egoic lee identifies with some bullshit that can divide everybody so the state can fucking enslave you dumb ass got it get it understand it get as offended as you fucking like it's never gonna make it untrue you dumb dunce and I'll say it right just like that to your fucking face on the street you don't know what you're fucking talking about and you're played son you're played played like a fucking fiddle played like a little bitch your Playboy you're played by masters who you will never see who forgot more about your dumb fucking mind and you'll ever know about yourself moron alright so there's some righteous indignation at idiots who don't know themselves that's what the word idiot means somebody who has no idea what they're really about has no idea anything going on in the psychological and spiritual processes inside of them because they're cut off from those things by their own ignorance and their own fear and your owners your masters know you're a fucking idiot and they're pissing their pants down their leg laughing at you boy laughing at you girl you're a naive moron who doesn't know how the fucking world works and I'm not the one going to sugarcoat it to you and treat you like a dumb little child that you are I'm gonna just tell you have your head up your ass you need to get it out and you need to work on yourself and no one can do that for you you got to grow up put your big-boy pants don't put your big-girl pants on buck the fuck up and do the work uh I'm out of patience folks I'm out of patience okay I don't have I do not have the patience to take a little baby baby's food spoon and baby and highchair here take a little take a look no we're done with that those were episodes like maybe one through a hundred if that we're done we're long done with that on this show and the problem is most people don't want to rock the boat and then we don't want to say anything to anybody else they don't want to say nothing to anybody else because they're afraid of creating any kind of tension or conflict and you know what folks everybody goes oh that's a divide and conquer strategy no it isn't because there's one true divide go back and watch my presentations over and over again I talk about this concept over and over again there is one true thing that divides humanity into two groups those who believe in the moral legitimacy of Authority and those who know that that can never be morally legitimate because it is based in coercion violence and duress and is ultimately slavery there's only one criterion that divides people into two groups truly in nature whether you believe in the moral legitimacy of Authority or whether you know that that is an illusion that can never be true nothing else divides humanity except that one thing that is a true criteria for a true criterion for a divide in humanity and what we are doing here on what on earth is happening is trying to explain to the people that condone Authority and slavery that you are morally illegitimate and that that concept is morally illegitimate condoning it is morally illegitimate your moral immoral for condoning that very concept because you are saying to other people you legitimately have masters and other people are legitimately your masters and your owners and that means you believe in slavery it doesn't matter what the color of your skin is doesn't matter what your political persuasion is if you believe that government authority is morally legitimate you aarika donor of slavery those folks the whole debate about which lives matter is a moot point to government no lives matter I was looking for it couldn't find it right before the show but there's a there's a meme with Cthulhu coming out of the sea you know from HP Lovecraft horror fiction that says no lives matter maybe that would have been even more appropriate for this slide no lives matter to government cult members and this is the cult members of the political class this is the actual true darka cultists who sit behind the ostensible throne of power in the political class this is the enforcer class in the military the police the National Guard etc this is the bureaucrat bureaucrat class the lawyers all the people in government agencies and you know intelligence agencies people in government offices offices doing office work and paper-pushing licensees etc all of them right right down to the average cult member on the street who votes for this slavery you want to really know which lives matter none of them but you know what that's it's really kind of not true it's not true that no lives matter to them lives do matter to them but only in a certain way oh it's that I would say that human life matters to government in a qualified way so what is that qualified way that I'm talking about well here's what it is human lives do matter to government but not in the way people think of lives mattering the lives of human beings matter quote unquote to the Koch called government in the exact same way that the lives of animals quote unquote matter to meet farmers that's how human lives matter to government officials I'll read that again the lives of human beings quote matter to the cult called government in the exact same way that the lives of animals quote unquote matter to meet farmers that's how much the lives of animals matter to farmers who sell them to slaughter factories to be carved up for eating and that is the exact same dynamic and way that any government government agencies members of government agencies or their henchmen the police the military the National Guard etc that is exactly how human lives matter to all of those individuals to the extent that they can can control farm and butcher them and if you don't think so once again you're an extraordinarily dumb naive Punk fucking child that's how we're rolling on what on earth is happening these days again other platforms altona tone it a bit out of respect for their platform and listenership but this is my platform this is my area of free speech and I ain't toning down shit here now because we're beyond that point going back to the slides so you see a black man murdered by a white cop and I see an innocent man murdered by a corrupt cop we're not the same we've seen this slide going around this meme going around in social media and another person who does understand the dynamic very well posted and said actually I see a house slave minion thug funded by theft murdering a field slave that is highly accurate folks that's accurate that's accurate so let me read that again you'll see people saying that do understand that the corruption in the police force is being carried out and taken out on people of color and people have posted well you see a quote black man murdered by a white cop and I see quote an innocent man murdered by a corrupt cop we're not the same you're damn right we're not the same because I don't see anything here's what I see I see what this other person sees that has the truth in and actually I see a house slave minion thug funded by theft murdering a field slave that's what's happening in America with the police brutality and violence and murder let's make it very clear and not mince words the police are house slave minion thugs they're murdering people summarily murdering people in the street and that's because garbage attracts garbage when you have garbage as set up in your society it attracts garbage so what do I mean by that see this is a law of attraction like attracts like like does not attract opposite like attracts like the more you're in a higher level of awareness and consciousness the more higher consciousness and other people in higher consciousness are going to gravitate toward to you the more you're in a state of garbage mentality and low vibratory consciousness the more you're going to attract garbage well government is the lowest vibratory state of consciousness that there can ever be because it's based in violence coercion duress and slavery so going back to the slide I want to make this point very clear with the paragraph right on it government itself is a straight line vector for people who are Psychopaths control freaks bullies racists etc to be allowed to carry out their desired form of violence upon others and I mean be allowed to carry it out folks this is something in police forces which is known as qualified immunity look it up qualified immunity I did not place those words on the slide I'm just saying them while putting the slide up here but please look up that term in policing known as qualified immunity it means that police members as individuals cannot be sued and held personally liable or responsible in almost all police departments in the United States and at a federal level for actions which they take which violate human rights they are immune from that and then people can only sue a department that is then going to launch an investigation of themselves and we know what happens then murderers get off you know with either a paycheck still intact or at the very worst maybe get fired and no other action is taken against them government is a straight line vector for this garbage in our society psychopaths control freaks bullies and racists and believe me the police forces are full of every single type of this trash trash vermin human fucking vermin and if you don't think so you're a fucking naive punk bitch child who knows nothing about what goes on on earth right to your face I don't give a shit who you are I'll say it right to you you have no idea what goes on in the police forces over the next couple of weeks probably I'm going to be covering first-hand accounts of what actually goes on inside police forces hopefully I'll have a dispatcher from a former police force on the show if we can locate him to tell you how fucking sick these fuck heads are they're sick sick diseased mentally ill people they want to carry out their fucking hatred on on the whole human race or whoever they can get their hands on that's the majority of them it's not a few bad apples that's the majority because this is what government that conceptual idea of authority over other people this is what like a magnet gravitates other people toward okay and the brainwash public believe these thugs have the right to conduct such violence to others you'll hear brainwashed asininity spout and out of there shit spewing pie holes like this well well government very intrude gun can pick over I got a pie where is my puppet just step out of the slides for a minute I'm Devon that puppet is coming out see if I have him on this machine if I could find him here he goes let's step back into the slice well well little government I mean what violent street gangs will take over you know we got to have government we need police otherwise you know who would beat people to head to death on the street and smashed her head into a bloody a red bloody pulp all over the pavement you know we got a lot of police forces you know don't sir know that fucking imbeciles just clown fucking imbeciles you know it said it's really really really sad we're at as a society how fucking dumb people are and Pete you know people ask me the question what ministers take this as I go just take it at my pace I was asked a question on the question and answer session from the other perspective of reality teleconference in Spain yesterday mark how do you deal with the idiocy of these people how do you deal with their willful ignorance and how stupid they are and you know my answer was to the woman who asked the question I deal with it very badly unfortunately I deal with it terribly I don't deal with it well I try not to let it consume me but no you couldn't say I deal with it - well I think you could hear that I think if you're if you have a little bit of intelligence left in your in your brain I think you could hear I'm not dealing with it - wealth you know I don't think it should be dealt with too well quite frankly you know I think it should make you angry I don't think that you should dwell and just stay in that anger at all times and places I think you should express that anger I think you should express it by channeling it into public work to explain to people that this is unacceptable and that it is slavery and that is teaching natural law and take teaching the great work and staying loyal to first principles regarding rights okay so let's move on in the slides sorry we have a phone ringing we'll take care of that all right we stopped it already so the next slide is called cowards attract garbage so now not only is garbage attracted to other garbage but cowards actually attract garbage into our environment and that's part of why we have police forces and don't really truly have a militia of the people as soon as most quote unquote freedom advocates they're nothing of the kind their freedom advocates in word only okay in name only as soon as these so-called freedom advocates become afraid that their life might be in danger then suddenly they want the police force and the National Guard to come and run to there's there are you know saving and handle the problem for them I mean imagine this this is what people go oh well why should we take personal responsibility for our safety that's the first and primary personal responsibility you have to take is for your life and safety if you don't you don't value your life very much secondly no one else can protect you these people aren't protecting you they're protecting the state they're protecting the dictates of the state that's what they're protecting they're not protecting you or your life or your rights they don't give a shit you're right these people don't give a fuck about your rights you naive shit-for-brains person they don't care about you I don't care about your rights I mean just imagine how fucking dumb people have to be to believe that these are mainstream media the television heads their television watchers you that's how dumb you have to be to believe that that the police the military of their National Guard care about you or your fucking rights that's how much of a moron naive little child you need to beat it to accept that as being true and even in the freedom community I'm telling you it's been not just one not just some many many people in the so-called freedom community saying alright all this violence happening all around us I need the National Guard to come in and handle this no nobody needs to come in and handle it you know what created this you created it you created it by not teaching morality parents created it in their midst in the midst of society bad parents and other people who don't want to pick up the slack of bad parents by teaching morality created this fucking situation and that's the dynamic you need to understand and no amount of force or violence will ever undo it you know how it's truly undone it's truly undone by teaching morality in a widespread way throughout all of society all throughout the world true morality true objective morality in other words teaching natural law you do that you won't have to deal with problems like that it'll be so infant infinitesimal that it'll be cleaned up in seconds minutes maybe hours but it won't degenerate into the madness that we see and certainly you won't need enslavers coming in imposing as protectors which is what all the police forces all the military and all the National Guard of any country ever have been and are and ever will be in slavers posing as protectors and liberators you don't protect shit boy your no nothing punk boy that doesn't protect fuck all okay nothing your your mommy and daddy never sat you down and told you like it is so I'll play that role and I'll tell you how it really is you don't know shit you got liquid shit for a brain you never learn how the world works and you're in a fucking cult as a result and you think you're the good guy when you're the fucking bad guy don't get me wrong I think common thugs and criminals are the bad guys too but you're right in there among them you're a different kind of common thug in criminal you're one that people actually believe have the right to do your thuggery your criminality your violence your theft they actually believe that you are a morally legitimate thief and criminal imagine how much more dangerous that is having police is infinitely more dangerous than having a society with violent criminals running around because no one believes violent criminals have the right to do the violence they're doing and therefore they would step up to them with physical force to defend themselves without thinking there's gonna be repercussions for this because oh what's going to happen if I should you know pop pop possibly take physical deadly force against someone who has the right to do these things no one believes that common thug criminals or mafia members have the quote right to do the things that they're doing so they'll swiftly deal with them but how many idiots out in the population believe the police have the quote right to do the things that they're doing and so they won't physically stop them with possibly deadly force from doing the things that they have no right to do almost everyone you know and almost everyone out there saying that they're a freedom advocate are abandoning their first principles at the first sign of trouble or a first sign of danger and you know what you are you're a fucking phony you're fucking phonies your fakes your fake-ass little bitches you always have been a fucking fake you're a phony fake motherfucker alright to say it in South Philly Street language you're a fake-ass phony punk-ass bitch cuz that's what you are you are never real or genuine you never had principles you pretended to have principles and then you threw the fuck in the garbage can soon as a situation that presented a danger to your physical being came along and that means you're a punk-ass bitch pussy how about that get his offend that as you like punk bitch here's a little slide I made to see how extreme we could get with this okay there's me lying on the ground this is us still from the Walking Dead series there's me there's Mark passio lying on the ground being eaten by zombies and I am saying with my final breath yes even now don't call the police I don't want their help ever for any reason now have we gotten extreme enough yet have I gotten to the point where I'm explaining how extreme I am loyal to my principles do you understand so if you don't understand we can make a more graphic slide if need be you get it yet that's what it means to remain loyal to first principles it does not matter what happens to me I don't accept the moral legitimacy of police and I don't want a fucking cults help I don't want help from a cult you're a cult and I don't want your fucking help ever no matter what happens physically to my body or even my property anything I don't want your help I don't need your help and I don't want it so all you fucking idiots out there saying oh the first sign of danger you're gonna be begging for the police know some fucking pussy fakes are gonna be out there begging for the police but don't attribute that to this one ever don't tell me who I am inside and then I'll throw my fucking principles in a garbage can at the fur sign of trouble don't tell that to me Punk you don't know me you don't know the first fucking thing about me at all so don't tell me what I'll do when trouble and danger presents itself you don't know fucking anything about what I'll do or who I'll ask for for help from the friend wants to help if an associate and the great work wants to help that's different that's fine I totally support people coming together and helping each other I'm not calling for agents of the state for any fucking for their assistance or help you're not on anybody's side just because all you come to assistance because Oh private properties being damaged or corporate properties being damaged where you just want people to stop protesting because it got violent I really could care less you're not on my side any more than any people doing violence or on my side because you're a person doing violence I'm not going to group you in and count you as my friend just because you may be against some people that are conducting violence you're doing violence I stand against all people conducting violence and taking away other people's rights and property that's called staying loyal to first principles because you understand what principles are and you understand what rights are so you get as offended about everything as I've said in this section as you want anybody no matter what side of the equation you come down on I couldn't give a fuck I'm not here not to offend you I'm here to speak hard core truth and that's the eternal truth and nothing will ever make it untrue it's not my opinion it's the eternal truth of the matter and nothing will make it untrue because that's what you have you have flip-floppers going back and forth with no principles your fake-ass phony bitches with no principles punk bitches conservatives for the last three months and liberals for the last three days this is when the riots just broke out freedom you know they're all about oh how dare you tell us to lock down it or how dare you tell us not to protestor or even riot but then during that whole time of lockdown liberals for the last three months were saying obey the law and conservatives when riots broke broke out we're saying obey the law well which is it the point is remain loyal to your principles and don't flip-flop people saying you're potentially putting people in danger and you should have your freedom of movement restricted during this pandemic well you don't know nothing about what viruses really are and you have no right to tell anybody that their rights are suspended no matter what the health situation is that means you don't have first principles that means as soon as a danger is perceived in the mind to you let me say that again show my image for a moment as soon as as soon as a dangerous perceived mentally in your mind then suddenly you flip-flop on your principles and you you drop first principles at the drop of a hat and then you had people saying oh because these protests got you know violent and agent provocateurs came in where's the police to protect me flip-flopping on your principles one day you were saying no the police are part of the state they shouldn't exist because the state shouldn't exist and then the next thing we need the police like a crybaby bastard crybaby bastards begging for other bastards to come and save them because they don't want the personal responsibility to save themselves one week ago stay inside all the Democrats here Hill we have the donkey Colt and the elephant Colt back at it again with each other one week ago stay inside the donkey cult says and the elephant says fuck you I'm not staying inside we're gonna protest this lockdown and now all of a sudden today the elephant cult says stay inside don't come out and join these protests and the donkey cult says fuck you and as a Molotov cocktail in hand flip-floppers no principles nobody ever should have been listening to people to stay stay inside and close down your businesses and people have the right to speak up against violence and barbarism taking place in their communities and shouldn't be doing violence to other people or property to do so I don't need to do violence other people or their property to tell you the government is morally illegitimate I'm philosophically explaining to you that those are eternally true principles on a video show so the point here is stop flip-flopping and stop joining cults you know this is what identity politics gets you this is what identifying with either a Democrat agenda or a Republican agenda gets you stopped joining cults they're both cults the Democrats are the donkey cult of authority and violence and the Republicans are the elephant cult of authority and violence stop joining cults anybody that identifies like this politically you're not awake you're not spiritually awake you don't know what true spirituality is because you still believe in authority being vested in men and women and political parties and you haven't spiritually moved past the point where you understand the true spirituality must as a first tenant and first principle negate any moral legitimacy to the concept of authority at all that's what it means at the very foundations ladies and gentlemen to remain loyal to first principles see this is the tarot card that I use to represent natural law it is the natural law tarot card it is the justice tarot card do you know what the universe always gives us it's a big mirror and it's always giving us what we deserve as a species on an individual level things obviously don't immediately work karmically so they could go that could go over wide stretches of time but on a on an agar societal level we have total justice always being done to us by creation itself there is no imbalance in the universe folks the imbalances in humanity for not understanding natural law the term Lex Rex means that the law is king no human being is king this is a symbolic representation of a king that is enthroned upon a throne that means that on the universal throne law is king natural law is king the actual cosmic law that governs the consequences that are actually presented to humanity in the aggregate sense as a species regarding the aggregate moral behaviors that were conducted by the species as a whole that's how natural law functions natural law is a set of universal inherent objective non man-made meaning naturally occurring eternal and immutable conditions which govern the consequences of behaviors of beings with the capacity for understanding the difference between harmful and non harmful behavior really between the initiation of harmful behavior and non harmful behavior so the initiation of violence versus actions that are rights because they do not initiate harm the difference between moral behavior and immoral behavior now i've highlighted two terms in this definition these principles this set of laws that governs all of nature and all of the universe in all human beings no matter where in the entire universe anyone happens to be in any society are eternal and immutable that means they don't they cannot come on and be shut off they exist at all times and places and they cannot be changed they are immutable unchangeable is what the word immutable means they are forever and they are unchangeable conditions law natural law moral law does not change this is different than what people have term situational ethics which means you can look at a behavior that looks similar to another behavior like throwing a fist to initiate violence to someone else and take their belongings which is called a mugging versus throwing a fist to protect yourself from violence being conducted upon you by another these are two completely different behaviors situationally circumstantially they are different behaviors that's why those conditions are called situational ethics I could throw a strong left hook at someone's jaw if I did it in one particular instance namely to try to mug someone and take their belongings through that violent action it would be violence it would be immoral if I did that very same action it's a kinetic action but it's not the same behavior if I did that kinetic action toward someone who was trying to rape a woman and stop them from doing so that would be a right to conduct see that's how natural law really works and what people have to understand regarding it you could have behaviors that look similar in kinetic action but are not the same behavior at all and we need to stop conflating things like that I hope that explains it clearly well folks so so these things should never change they're eternal and they're unchanging that means our principles as soon as we discover them should never change as long as we're in our bodies in this incarnation until the day we die they should remain the same and unchanging principles do not change we are only capable of discovering principles and then putting them into effect in our lives through our behavior namely taking right action but we cannot change them based on circumstantial things that happen no matter how much those things may put us in a state of fear the state of fear is what gets us to abandon our principles and not remain loyal to them and you know I want to put this card in relationship to the courage card or in most decks it is called the strength card of the Tarot there is a significant and intimate connection between the strength card and the Justice card and that is because more so than any dynamic in nature courage gets us to justice more so than knowledge more so than even heart or love courage gets us there more than anything because courage means we are taking right action in spite of our fear that is why you have the illuminated woman who is holding open the jaws of a potentially deadly lion and the lion represents the courage she is taking into her hands internally as a feminine dynamic that we then put out into the world externally through the masculine dynamic of right action which on the tarot card is the chariot card or the card that represents will to act in the world physically act in the world so folks what we have to remember first and foremost about remaining loyal to first principles is that principles have to come first and stay first and the next thing we have to understand about principles is that more so than any other dynamic interpersonally inside of ourselves and in nature the dynamic that is going to get us there is courage courage will take us to the place will where natural law and true cosmic justice is enthroned as the ultimate quote-unquote ruler of our society if we want to see our society ruled by true justice and true objective morality under natural law the development of internal courage is the very most important dynamic that has to be fostered and nurtured and it is the dynamic that will take us to the place that we all say we want to go which is to a society based upon true freedom so ladies and gentlemen that's the end of my formal part of this presentation for the duration of the show we are going to take your calls on discord as a wrap-up to this I just want to say if you want to make a donation to the cause here at what on earth is happening through making a donation in return for physical items such as t-shirts flash drives DVDs stickers keychains buttons etc you can visit gifts not what on earth is happening calm that is called what on earth is happening donation gifts it's a little gift shopping cart that you can go to place items in the basket make a donation for those items in return you'll receive those gift items in return for a voluntary donation personal donation if you want to take me up on the ark Drive offer which is a hard drive that you send to me and I fill it up with one terabyte of all of my very deep and very good research material material that I've taken in over the course of my life to learn some of these 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cut out of discord and go back in you're not seeing anything that your using even on the live screen so has MIMO crashed if we restart the stream people are going to be cut off from the live stream and then have to go back into it so uh that might even I don't know if it'll take a new streaming claim all right so what we're going to do here folks it looks like we're having a technological problem and the streaming software on our end looks like it has crashed so my producer cannot live produced the show to switch views so we're going to stop the live stream and reboot the live stream so please reconnect to the live stream momentarily for the question and answer session so let's reboot the stream go ahead you if you okay and then take that off I we're back everyone we're going to just take down the intro just stop the intro about alright we're back hopefully that clears up the issue I apologize for that but you know we're live here and sometimes issues happen you know we don't have a huge technology budget we are doing things ourselves in my home studio we don't have a huge staff and sometimes tech problems do a car and now we need to reset things so thank you for your patience in that regard so let's jump over to discord and let's start to go to live calls let me let me see I'm gonna put my headset on and hopefully I'm coming through loud and clear in discord so remember make sure your mic is unmuted and I'm gonna read I'm gonna unmute you on the server end if you want to join the calls you can go into what on earth is happening comm slash discord or on the show page on the website you could simply click click here to join the call in okay you okay folks my producer was just telling me something so here we go we're live with your calls for the duration of the show let's go to Cory Cory you are live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show hello could you hear me yes I can coming through loud and clear as a matter of fact I'm just gonna take your volume down a bit because you're coming through hot that sounds better here we go all right sounds good welcome to the show Cory what do you have for us here today well first of all thank you to producer Mike and they if I'm saying that correctly sorry it's just Lea it's it's pronounced Lea Gadget all right thank you for this opportunity I really want to thank that and I like this whole community by the way if you're familiar with high-impact slick she's another content creator you guys have amazing communities you guys are very open to speaking to the fellow people that you produce content to and I think that's very good as a content creator and I actually produce content myself but that's regardless of the point so I have a lot of information to share a lot of information I believe is actually transformative rather than informative and I can probably go on for an hour just on disclaimers itself but I'll make the very clear a big disclaimer that the fact I expect questions to be made of what I'm about to introduce I expect you to be very curious about what I'm about to offer here not really offer but really just show you what I'm up to working on at least okay um yeah so I'm involved in like the health field in particular just a little background on me I I produce video content on bit shoot as well YouTube although is youtube got me censored obviously a couple times not a surprise but you know I'm making my way through all that I've been a researcher for a while too and I just want to say you're my favorite researcher okay getting to the point thank you I appreciate so yes the getting to the point I'm also from Pennsylvania by the way okay so I will be talking to all my neighbors and I've already talked to certain individuals that are rather close to me because I'm waiting a little bit because of all the protests and everything going on I don't want people to think of me as if I'm part of them for example yes a lot of people are too scared about the virus going around like Oh some people already as it is don't want to answer their house store it's crazy how laborers don't oh you're gonna talk to each other yep there's signs everywhere in this world that we're in quite a bit of trouble I would say but what I have to offer here is a movement now okay right off the bat okay we don't want to start Colts right we don't want to be on this side or that side we want to simply live our lives and do the right thing objective right thing and it's important to understand perhaps all the different aspects some people will look into it more than others some are more inclined to look into it more than others and I expect that I expect certain individuals to just jump on board if they don't even know much about the underlying foundation to say the building that that's getting that then gets created I'm sorry if I sometimes speak a little different I'm a poet as well oh no problem it's kind of a Tennessee of mine but so you you'reyou're getting at that you have some sort of a project or a movement to launch now how would this operate or work and what is the nature of it yes actually you said it right there it's a blueprint I would consider so a lot of people in the truth community I have a lot to criticize of the independent media community actually a lot of people in the truth community they generally know what has to be done and like you say why is a very important question it gets to the root cause it's how we get to the root cause but I just said it there I also said how how is a very big question in my opinion because we don't typically have a blueprint or one unifying blueprint between all the independent media is that can bring people together at least in one counter agenda against the main agenda of course by the elites so what I'm offering here is generally a unifying one counter agenda you can say it's pro-freedom Pro truth Pro humanity these are things that hopefully the whole world can agree upon I know Alex Jones even said to you aren't when you were on his show that natural law is more of a unifying field theory and that's exactly what the natural law often is my view of it at least and I even have on six-step speculation on the website of this movement I created Nita dot one and ITA dot o ne in case you want to pull it up or look at it the front page is all you need to know this is the one underlying printed premises which I call it the foundation to which everything can stand you don't change that through time because that will cause problems this is the underlying foundation now of course I expect you to criticize I know that there's words that perhaps could be changed I like I always liked how you're very particular with their word usage because it's very it's very important to be on point especially especially since I'm in the health field I see the scientific point of view often little more left-brain I tend to over complexify things sometimes I also eat them I also like the spoken word because it allows you to refine concepts over time by speaking to someone oh right I have not preferred myself the printed word as a medium only because traditionally this knowledge was taught from mouth to ear and the written word is very static whereas the spoken word is living and once you put it in the printed form it has to be so precise and exact okay so one of the things I find is texting is imprecise text messages for example if I you know want a task done I often have to send multiple multiple text messages to refine exactly what I am asking for in a task whereas if I just pick up the phone and call someone I can explain to them relatively click quickly what I need and we can go back and forth until we refine the idea and get it down to its essence and then it's understood better so you don't have to say to me that don't you know don't take it the wording as you know definitive it is exact because I already write I fully understand that and I understand that that is the challenge with printed word which is why I've made video and audio the medium for expression here at what on earth is happening because I think that people learn well I'm not discounting the power of books or printed word and in many cases when you don't have digital technology available you have to go back to the printed word and paper and that's very important to keep those mediums going but I think it is a much more powerful learning methodology to teach online via video and audio rather than having people have to interpret things via the written word there are many people who learn good with reading learn very well with reading I should say but to me for me the actual vibratory energy of the spoken word is where the real communication of first principles occurs in a deep fundamental way it's not through printed word exactly and that's what I'm doing with people too one on one is talking to them directly and I encourage other people do the same I don't call that people who do this either as leaders I call them guides you know part is part of being a quote unquote health coach is sort of here with this movement is kind of bringing everybody to be their own coach because I believe everybody should be coaches of one another right everybody has a social life so it's part of a crucial part of their health sure but we can all guide each other in the right direction we don't tell people what to do right and we see all the repercussions of that on all the reasons why we don't don't want to go into detail with that exactly but you you mentioned so many good points there and then you also mention nature right you mentioned looking at the nature as to why somebody does this and why somebody is that or nature as in some people like to refer to it as their God it's a universal religion if you will so this movement is called nature is the answer and so I do have labels behind this sort of underlying ideas right and generally speaking I have a process to this I even have diagrams that I could always share with people and I wouldn't mind showing my face in person also since I've also done that my videos I feel like it is more personable and what its gonna be the most guiding force here is actually using a human nature I'm sorry if I'm using up too much time no it's okay I'll try to make it Cory what I what I want you to do is give your site to people again and here's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna check it out myself and again we are building an active network that is going to be coming up if we can get the right programmer webmaster coordinator we're interviewing for that right now if we can start to build out this operation you know called the one great work network you're the kind of person that I want to come on the network and you know who has projects like this too you know either maybe you know highlight this maybe do presentations or or vidcaster or even just audio podcast we're going to give content creators a part of the platform of the one great work network to stream things that they want to stream in you know their segments weekly and then also be content contributors to the website and we're going to try to endeavor to keep it free we're gonna try to just do this and have everybody contribute and build a community that way that's part of what on earth is happening you know ways that we are going about building bridges between people and and spreading the word so um let me take the give your website publicly again and then let all take a look at it and we could talk about you know the potential for you having you know you know being on the one great work network this is the kind of stuff that I'm looking for folks people who are doing their own aspect of the great work putting it out there publicly and then you know we could all make a huge you know effort of a conglomeration you know a federation if you will of people who are doing this and you know put it all in one huge repository of knowledge and you know stream at all 24/7 you know where everybody would have a little bit of time each week to contribute and make it a 24/7 streaming network that's my vision for it anyway in the near future so go ahead and do that and then I will go to some other calls but I want to thank you for you know taking time to put an effort like that together and explain it to people so tell where they can find your site thank you that sounds beautiful the site is an ITA dot oh and II need a dot one and that's for nature is the answer it's the one unifying blueprint I believe by the way this is the most universal most unifying way we can bring together humanity and transition them from the state they are now to the perfect state of freedom or the closest thing to a quote unquote utopia which is simply living in accordance to nature that being the natural law natural medicine and all things of such well said I mean that's really what it's all about that's the ultimate goal Cori thank you so so much for you know all of that in your insights and your efforts you know that's what doing the great work is all about so yeah thank you - absolutely have a great one see that that's that's it folks you know it's it's about getting involved it's not about sitting on the sidelines in watching other people and just patting them on the back and going great job man great job you know that's not gonna get us there you know not gonna get us they're getting involved with courage and right action and putting it out there publicly is what's gonna get us there so let's continue with your calls for the duration of the show let's go to Sean McCann Sean you're live on what on earth is happening welcome my friend another mark thanks for having me on again I appreciate you being on the on the air these days it's critical to have a voice like yours thank you so much huh I was calling I'm glad you mentioned the Nazis earlier because I had kind of a history question well if I know the answer I'll do the best to my ability to answer it if and then if I don't know I'll just tell you that I don't know and we'd have to research it further so if you want to go ahead and ask anything yeah that's that's fine well with the chaos and loss of economy you know the the powers are collapsing on purpose I you know I've been looking into other things and someone from the what on earth is happening discussion group Facebook mentioned to me a term called the black awakening and it relates to satanic ritual II abused trauma victims that are in the cult and still intact with their programming people like sirhan sirhan or like Dylan roof or the other individuals that seem to all of a sudden they just go nuts you're talking about like potential Manchurian Candidate type people that could be acted in a given moment exactly like a super soldier type program where they use trauma to enhance the abilities to give multiple personalities and this there's a the term came from a gentleman called russ dizdar who is a it's kind of famous in the christian world research he's formerly a police chaplain and he does exorcisms and he's discovered this cult of programmed SRA victims that believe that they are they're programmed and they're demonized they invite demons in with Richard so you're not talking about demonized with other people you're talking about infected with potential demonic noncorporeal entities right like they create a personality that and then they invite in with with SEC you know like with ritual magic basically and that you know and this personality is hidden under the layers and can be called up like a Manchurian Candidate you know so you have supernatural abilities and the the cults name is the cult of the black flame well the black flame lacks it very well could yes I certainly know about the Black Sun ordered that black flame was actually the name of the Church of Satan's magazine which they put out on a monthly or bimonthly basis and I don't know if that's even still around but you know had several issues out back in the 90s and maybe early 2000s but um you know they definitely use black fire and black light as part of the symbolism of Satanism and that is because light and fire have been traditionally used symbolically throughout pretty much all esoteric schools of thought and cultures to represent knowledge carrying the fire of knowledge as you know depicted in the the Statue of Liberty for example the Sun as being a symbol of light you know which the bringer or bearer of light refer is referred to as Lucifer which is a dual aspect of light one could mean simply bringing the light of the Creator and one could mean trying to take that knowledge into oneself but then wielded for nefarious purposes of control and manipulation which is again why they call that aspect of the Black Sun or the the dark light etc so these are certainly hints symbolically that these are members of the dark occult regarding demonic possession slash inhabitation that is not my forte in work of exposing the occult or even really studying it I know I've looked into it a bit however go a shit magic Solomonic magic demonic and or spiritual summoning is not what I specialize in or focus on in my work I would pretty much suggest that if you wanted to ask more or any in depth things from a personal experience the person who might have some experience with more knowledge about that would be Jay Parker who hosted public shows on the revolution Broadcasting Network yeah Jay host two shows a week so he may be a little bit busy but I could try to put you in touch with him or you could call into a show if he takes calls so um you know that's yeah or just even just as I - Russ that because Russ believes that this only goes back four generations so like 1930 and I'm convinced may be that particular method might but I'm telling you that's yeah it's different right in a different form this is all part of the ancient cult that has been running the world since time immemorial exactly yeah for sure I believe so as well and that like it's good to hear your confirmation that because I tried to bring it up to Russ and he's like you need to prove that and like I told him about how I heard Jay Parker personally say saying to pre-fit his dad was saying the proof from the ancient world is like trying to say I I want you to immediately prove how the pyramids were built well you know you're not going to they're not going to prove that because much of it is much of that knowledge is lost to these stretches of time and or hidden deliberately by secret societies right so it's going to be very difficult to quote-unquote prove that fact what you have to do is research whether there is evidence to support that and then apply the Trivium method to all of that research and guess how long that takes it takes many many years of dedicated research to do that all I do here on what on earth is happening is basically present my findings I've barely shown people my research see that's the whole thing I'm an aggregator of knowledge and then I pour through it and present my findings regarding all of that data if I sat here and went through everything that I studied as data to support my conclusion we would be here for the 20 years that it took me to reach those conclusions see that's what the whole show would be so you know I'm just encouraging people to start that that field of study on their own and then you will be able to prove it to yourself you'll be able to prove it in a way that is at least removes reasonable doubt will you prove it unequivocally where there is absolutely zero room that it happened any other way probably not I'm not going I'm not going to say you're going to reach clinical proof like that I'm going to say you will reach a reasonable conclusion based upon reasonable collection of evidence like I believe Jay when he speaks oh yeah I put Jay is he's really good Jay has told me and in the past has told me and barbed things that he I mean there is no way that it's not the case just you know just just say I you know when somebody's telling you something that they experienced based on their emotional state and I'm telling you he knows what he's talking about regarding what these people do they're sick and they're sick Jay describes seeing his father turn into a demon is she changed you know what I mean so I believe based on that that his father was probably demonized by his you know traumatize errs and they definitely do traumatization through torture techniques to their own children now again you can look at it from a perspective of is that actually happening in the 3d space Jay could have been objected to substance during that or it could have been no substance and they really can call forward certain types of energies and if you look into David Ickes work everybody like busts on David Icke for you know saying oh there's a reptilian aliens that could inhabit people it doesn't necessarily mean that there are 3d physical reptilians they could be noncorporeal entities that people have talked about as subtle beings in some cultures they have talked about as jinn in other cultures and in our culture we look at them as alien beings and they could inhabit the consciousness and then control behavior from inside the consciousness of a human being that's absolutely possible because consciousness is a frequency it would be like taking over the communications band on some type of a communications device taking over consciousness and then controlling behavior where our body is somewhat like a computer you know good have you heard of Jerry Mars in ski I have not he was on he was on Freeman's show like twice he is a psychologist who worked in mental hospitals and he believes that people that are schizophrenic and hear voices are actually I don't put a panic date I don't put things like that outside the realm of possibility because who knows how the mind and frequencies that we can pick up really truly work you know psychology physiology you know biochemistry these aren't total exact Sciences you know they're what we study as much about them as we can and we learn and we add to that body of knowledge but we don't really truly understand how consciousness works you know this is an ongoing study of human beings in our experience here in this dimension of existence so this dimension is like the key thing that if they are in another dimension they want to come in play but they don't have a body right so they have to right take us oh sure and then they could be happy who knows they could be hacking the space somehow you know exactly there's a lot of possibilities that I do not eat disease energy they drain energy out of schizophrenic like like flute like food yeah that fear and and chaotic and you know the type of energy where people are confused and displaced mentally emotionally psychologically you know like a like a a drug that is not a psychedelic but it is a dissociative putting people into that type of a dissociated fearful state could be an aspect of nourishment for them who knows I mean a lot of researchers have speculated on that and I would not again discount that as being outside the realm of possibility but you know again actual demonic possession / entity in habitation is not my area of forte it's not my area of expertise I'd suggest you talk to Jay Parker about that and see what he has to say on it although I'll tell you that I don't dismiss it or think that it's impossible and I know a lot of a cultist certainly believe that that is the case and true and certainly try to leverage things like that and incorporate them into their quote unquote skill set or you know you know ability agility agendas and ability set yes they believe so just just to just a cap off with the black awakening is so these people are in society ready to be triggered and suddenly they get triggered on purpose by this cult of the black flame and then they they cause chaos and violence and right this is gonna tear down the old drum up a call for more control and get this under order get this under control yeah well this is it sounds like the extension of MKULTRA projects where they want to you know use the mind-control techniques that were you know garnered and learned during the MKULTRA project which is really still ongoing and then put that to work in civil society to strike more fear put create more death it would be a ritual of death and it's certainly a possibility I'm not telling people to totally be afraid of that potentiality and work yourself up into a frenzy expecting it but certainly that could be a possibility I mean you have to psychologically prepare yourself for a lot of different possibilities I look at the purely electronic agenda how do we know they're not going to turn on certain frequencies that are going to actually be able to physically control the behavior of certain people not just influence it but control it that's part of what researchers in MKULTRA were working on like his Jose Delgado etc you know you ain't doing cameras right they were trying to physically control behavior through electronic means what if they figured out how to do that wirelessly that people will say oh that's fear poor or fear mongering no that's a very real possible technology that is being worked on and or they already have waiting in the wings am i telling people go nuts being afraid of that no giving in to fear is never the answer folks knowledge about this stuff and its potential is the answer and then you prepare yourself psychologically and physically for whatever may come it's knowledge is the answer in all given situations because knowledge is ultimately what dispels fear and and builds up courage within the individual most people who are in a state of cowardice are not in a state of knowledge that's why they're in so much fear and then they don't act rightly you have to get the knowledge which dispels the fear and instills the courage and then we'll get to natural law that's really the process internally that has to take place and guess what most people don't have the knowledge or they have bits and pieces of it you know Shawn I want to talk about just a brief aspect of that before I take another call so great points I'm gonna let you go and I just want to talk about this not this aspect of knowledge and courage because this is it folks there's so many people who are half where's and it's sad there's people who just don't have all of the information that they need and they think they have all the information that they need this is the problem again drink deeply or don't drink from the period spring the fount of knowledge in ancient lore if you're going to bend over and drink from that spring drink deeply take it in to the extent that you are capable of taking it in don't stop until you have an enormous amount of data at your disposal that you are going to pour through weed out the logical inconsistencies from and come to an accurate conclusion about most people have not done that and are rejecting knowledge that conflicts with their pre-existing belief system no one can accuse me of not knowing that and folks look I think next week what I might do I'm gonna I want to do a show about how evil police are okay that's that's coming on a future show another future show is I'm going to show people the database of knowledge that I have amassed and pored through I'm gonna actually try to show you the amount of data that I've downloaded from the internet over the years I'm gonna actually open my digital catalog I'm not just going to show you you know the case is that some of the discs that I backed up the data on ophthal optical discs are in I may show you that as an example but I want to show you the actual files digitally because I have them catalogued in a digital database whereas all the files could never fit on one hard drive clearly but I have them digitally at least catalog title and what disk they are on and I want to show you that catalog file so you could see what I'm talking about of what I've collected and I want to also I'm going to qualify that that's not everything I have because I have other hard drives where things are backed up because I have not been making optical discs backups for the last several years I've been storing it on either good quality magnetic hard drives or solid-state drives which I really shouldn't be doing I shouldn't be trusting the data to that I should be continuing to do you know decent blu-ray optical drive backups or something to that effect or even possibly at some point tape backups but the whole point is I basically have them as optical discs an optical disc catalog they're cataloging and then I have another hard drive that's you know pretty much loaded with more stuff that I have in catalog since I sort of stopped cataloging optical discs so I'm going to show that to somebody in a future edition to show you how much knowledge I've amassed and gone through a good portion of it the majority of it I would say and um you know that's the thing is people just think that this is a part-time thing and you could just quickly get the sound bytes and get everything you need and I'm telling you that's not how research works so you know for the people that want to not you know say that I'm not some kind of a deep researcher I'm going to show you how deep of a researcher I am and it's to me it's actually almost frightening I've used that term before because it makes me almost think of myself as some sort of a machine how absolutely brutally unwaveringly dedicated to knowledge information and truth I have been and how much time of my life I have taken to do that you know and I'm not bragging by saying that I'm just some saying what's true most people don't do that they get a little bit they say I got to figure it out and then they like don't don't bother me with any more because I'm done with looking in a new knowledge okay and I'm telling you that's one of the most dangerous things that can be done and this or any other community is thinking that you know enough see when I have conversations with people who absolutely have not studied some of the things I've studied and they start talking it's literate let me tell you what it sounds like and I know other people will relate to this and some people you know can't really relate because they have not really taken in the volume of knowledge that I'm talking about but it's like hearing somebody it's like you being a total mathematics professor and somebody's saying you know two plus two is six mark and since I've applied the method and the learning of two plus two equals six I mean I see the world in a completely different way and you're looking at them like this is this person is completely off and they think they know and they think they've gathered the knowledge that they need to understand and they're building things upon a totally erroneous incomplete foundation you know that's what incomplete knowledge will get you and I'm telling you there's tons and tons and tons of people who are doing this right now because they don't want to take the time of full knowledge that's gonna be required as a sacrifice of your life probably your money probably other things you want to do probably relationships and nobody wants to do that they want to say nope sorry I'm good I know enough and I'm telling you no you fucking don't you hardly fucking know a thing and you think you know and that's a dangerous place to be so let's go over to Brandon Brandon you are live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show thank you Mark and I just want to say that it's so great to have you back and I think that the news that your mother as the wake now is great because synchronistically my mother also awakened to all this and she said basically the same things to me you know everything you've been trying to tell me I see it now well I'm gonna just qualify right I'm saying that my own mother is awakening it's I would not say it's at a full level of being fully awakened embodying those 20 things that I talked about in streetwise spirituality which I consider someone being awake but guess what it's great thing it means that process has begun and she is no longer you know rejecting truth and sees the control system and wants to sort of understand what is happening and is asking questions and is you know beginning the process of looking into things for herself that does not mean by any stretch of the imagination that she's gone into that level of deep knowledge which I'm referring to but at least she's not cutting herself off from that through a process of willful ignorance so that's where it all has to start and I'll take I'll take I you know she doesn't need to be a master add depth in in to two months you know I'll take that because before that process of awakening wasn't occurring and now it finally is so that's a very good thing Capital G capital T good thing yeah I agree it's a stepwise process it's and a good thing she's on that path and that's what I want to talk about was more good news since the last time we spoke I spoke to you at the teaching natural law seminar since then I've taken my website which is more laws more problems calm and have added much more to it I've added a video section and I've been doing a lot of different videos and I was actually in the middle of doing a video in regards to it was kind of like I was looking at the end of the world prophecies and different religions and I was saying are we in those times and and then the pandemic happened so I'm like hey I think I was that's pretty close to my predictions everybody but since then I've done some interviews and I'm working on some more work and I just wanted to thank you for all the stuff that I learned in that class because it was it helped me a lot especially with making the videos and just putting out the content that's fantastic I mean and again that's great to hear that's what we need more of you know this is what it's about folks this is what this show is all about we got the best callers we got people who are already teaching natural law this is what the great work is to do it is not to sit on the sidelines and watch other people do it and Pat them on the back and say great work carrying all that weight help us get involved be brave be bold be courageous use your own name you know we have to get out there and just say I'm not afraid of this system whatever happens to me happens I'm gonna speak the truth I'm gonna speak it loudly boldly proudly because it is the truth and put it out there for other people to understand that's it you know so you know I thank you for doing work like that and again we need more people doing this just like that and you know hey stay in touch and contact me regarding you know a spot on the one great work network we want to expand this again I'm telling you look this network could be a great thing if it if it happens okay we want people like Cory we want people like Brandon okay we want people who you know put their material out there for others to see and are actively doing the great work we have a list of people that we're going to invite onto the show okay but we can't make that network happen without help we need a great web developer to say I'll be the webmaster of the site I'll be the coordinator for the site you know who knows his skills inside and out and you know can take on that responsibility and contribute as a a person involved in the boots on the ground war for our freedom that's what this is you know so when we get that we're gonna take off with this network build this operation out and make it something truly special and unique and you know there'll be problems there'll be technology issues you know that's how everything is when it first starts starts out hopefully maybe we can build it into something even better and better and you know get get smoother with the technology you know again you're gonna see issues come up and people have to deal with them and that's what the struggle for doing this is all about you know it's um it's uh you know you have to struggle to improve you know and that's all that's part of the job so let's continue on and let's talk to Ethan Ethan you are live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show hey Mark can you hear me yes I can I don't know where my earbuds went they were right here and now they're gone um but you can hear me okay yes I can you're coming through loud and clear okay excellent so yeah it's good to hear you back on the airwaves here I'm sure you needed the break that you know I'm glad that you took it for yourself really looking forward to the documentary I just put down the low tier $50 contribution to that a couple weeks ago thank you yeah absolutely and you know I'm gonna throw some more money your way eventually because these are tough times and you deserve it so I buy sheet that thank you yeah so I don't have any questions right now but I just wanted to say a couple things one as a result of what's kind of been going on in the world in the u.s. been feeling a lot more inspired to you know take some action stuff went out yesterday handed out some fliers for the exposed Bill Gates day of action talked to some people nice that was even let me ask you something briefly do you have more people being open to talking about these types of issues and sort of slowly opening their eyes to it or do you see them doubling down and going into deeper willful ignorance I actually believe a little bit of positivity that more people aren't at least talking about these things and being willing to listen what do you say Oh from what I observed yesterday and then just kind of being active in sharing stuff on Facebook honestly I've been surprised at how many people that I didn't expect mainly pertaining Facebook would be of the mindset to you know consider these things particularly about Bill Gates and write his agenda it does not what it doesn't seem like people are at least willing to hear people out and listen it's like that that you could tell there's something in the back of their mind that is going to them saying to them now this isn't right something's off and we're not being told the truth about this situation and we need to take in some more information to understand what's really taking place seems like people are at the very very very forefront of that it's not going in any kind of a deep way yet but they're at the very surface level of just getting that and things aren't as they seem mm-hmm yeah just as an example that was just a good surprise to me you know I had shared some content yesterday on Facebook and of course I had a couple people one of them was a family member of mine a cousin that you know came in and kind of on a subtle level where attempting to shame me and dissuade me from sharing the information and claiming that it was fake news and this kind of thing and the good surprise that I had in in that was that for every one person per se that was had resistance to it I'd have two or three people come in that I didn't even expect would be supportive of the information and they'd you know comment back and say oh yeah whatever like you know this guy clearly doesn't have a broad perspective what's going on and they were supportive of me and my stance on it so that was really good to see and then when I was out on the street handing out fliers and stuff I'd in the small town in Washington where I'm currently located there was maybe a 50 to 50 ratio of people that were receptive to it and people that weren't so well Ethan what I'm happy to see is again we're seeing people who are actively engaged right he's going out there putting the word out talking to other people publicly handing out flyers etc this is all part of it every step to move this forward it makes a difference okay so again that's what I love to see I like to see active engagement not just sitting back and say you know you know let me learn and all I care about is whether I know or not he's making in our educational outreach to other people so Ethan thank you for doing that and continue that effort and uh you know hopefully that even you know expands out and you know this is what I want to see this is what I think everybody in this movement should desire to see that we should be seeing people who are getting actively involved sitting on the sidelines not talking you know just what other people should do or what the the state or its agents should do or not do we should be talking about what are you gonna do what am I gonna do you know that's it turn the finger out from this to this and say what am I gonna do that's it that's what you guys have to ask yourself so I think we have just a very little bit of time Ivan from Phoenix you could take us out man how you been is Ivan there you're unmuted on the server end no all right let's go - lets go - paddy lager paddy you take us out how you doing I'm doing great mark can you hear me okay yes I can we are very limited time so what do you have for the end of it for the end of the show well I just wanted to thank you for coming back and I want to give you my heartfelt sympathy for your loss but thank you you know I love the message have having everybody go out and come up with an idea of what they can do and share that because we need options on this planet because too many people are stuck in this just stupid duality and they're killing themselves so yeah we need to get out there and do the good work without a doubt I mean it is all about what we are going to do as individuals to forward the great work of true sovereignty and true freedom and we're going to do that most effectively if we become teachers of natural law ourselves ladies and gentlemen that is all the time that we have for this edition of what on earth is happening thank you so much for watching my website what on earth is happening calm and remember government is slavery we'll see you right here next week [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music]