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freedom man that's what it's all about you've got to groove on freedom like the good book says [Music] welcome you are listening to what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches its critical moment of choice and now here is your host mark pascio [Music] welcome one and all you're watching what on earth is happening i'm your host mark pacio my website what on earth is happening dot com ladies and gentlemen government is slavery and here on what on earth is happening we are ending slavery one mind at a time welcome everyone thank you for tuning in today is sunday july 19th 2020 this is episode number 231 of what on earth is happening and today is an all-call-in show today the topic is your calls for any questions that you may have and any clarification that you want me to explain regarding any topic that has ever been covered on the entire what on earth is happening podcast series so if you have ever had a question that you want to ask me personally today is the day and we will do these call-in shows periodically from time to time i am also introducing a new email address for questions because you know my inbox gets super super crowded and i don't have time to get to all those questions i'm isolating questions now with a new email address if you have questions you can also send us an email to questions what on earth is happening dot com and i will keep this inbox permanently and i will field some of the best questions from there for uh highlighting on future shows so let's jump over to my slides take a look at the artwork for today and i'll go through a few slides before we begin thank you to brett and the graphics team this is show 231 there's the title card a couple of quick announcements we are still accepting donations for my premier documentary film entitled mark pacio and the science of natural law it's coming along great we are really on target with this thanks to your generous donations we have five donation tiers at gifts.what on earth is happening.com all donations go to production costs all donors receive a free copy of the documentary on flash drive and dvd please do not use the regular donation page use gifts to make a donation toward the documentary okay gifts.waternothishappening.com and then you can click on documentary and then you will see the donation tiers there also at gifts we have new t-shirts including the mark pacio in the science of law design science of natural law design and we have new long-sleeve t-shirts and three designs so all t-shirts are back in stock you can get them at gifts.what on earth is happening.com along with my latest presentation that i delivered as part of a teleconference out of madrid spain which is entitled worldview violence and the real pandemics again another popular item that we've been giving in return for a donation is the complete mark pascal one great work collection solid state drive that has all of my publicly available work all on one solid state drive it's been a pretty popular item people are really getting a lot of value out of that so all of that is available at uh ford voluntary donation at gifts.watonearthishappening.com it's a way that you can help fund our efforts here at walden earth is happening i announced last week that we are now proudly working in cooperation with the autonomy unlimited group and um this is the brainchild of richard grove of tragedyanhope.com i've been working with richard for a while he is the gentleman who uh he and his crew recorded and edited and released my natural loss seminar so if you want to check out more about the autonomy group i highly recommend it you could check out getautonomy.info the how to become the true media seminar is ongoing last week was our second class it went really well we had a lot of good discussions and questions uh i've gotten a lot of good positive feedback thus far i trust that i am moving at a pace that is acceptable for uh total beginners novices and intermediate people alike um class number three is going to be this coming tuesday july 21st the webinar is launched at seven o'clock p.m that gives people one full hour to come into the webinar class instruction begins promptly at eight o'clock p.m please be on time or you might miss important information that will not be repeated during the course of the class so people were pretty good about being on time last week let's keep up that good habit i always recommend to keep a notepad handy for taking notes and questions and then again people have seen i stop you know relatively uh at frequent intervals to take questions during uh the class time and then we can also continue with some questions and comments at the end i've been uh basically keeping the seminar the webinar open for at least an additional two hours after a formal class instruction ends at 11 pm headphones are recommended if you want to interact with the class if you don't want to interact at all or ask questions you don't have to use headphones but if you want to interact with the class please make sure you use headphones to eliminate feedback or echo if you have any technical problems or any other issues regarding the how to become the true media seminar if you are an enrolled student please email truemedia waltershappening.com and we will do our very best to field any questions or concerns you have as an enrolled student so once again this is going to be a question show uh cl a a request for clarification anything that i have ever talked about on what on earth is happening is fair game uh you can i i'm gonna ask people please do formulate a question okay or formulate a question regarding a clarification that's my only request for you as someone who is calling in today okay please have your question ready okay it's not a long comment that we're asking for or feedback i really want to field questions so it's a show for you to ask questions of me and then allow me to respond and clarify to the question that's really what we're looking for here today okay as always we take our questions via discord we take our calls via discord so if you want to call into the show via discord you can go to what on earth is happening dot com slash discord i'm also showing that we have that here in the lower third i'm also showing that in my slide if you go back to the slide you can go to uh download discord at discord.com app get the discord app i highly recommend the app not using it over the web okay when you join the server with that link at the bottom what on earth is happening dot com slash discord you will then read when you go into the um server room uh the um the text chat has the instructions for the room please read them thoroughly definitely use headphones okay we don't want feedback coming over the air or echo coming over the air and uh just follow those guidelines on the discord text chat okay discord is a very easy app to use it's come a long way actually it's gotten a lot more robust and i feel user-friendly so once again if you don't want to use that and you just want to email us i'll be monitoring email during the course of the show okay you can email questions or clarification requests too questions at what on earth is happening dot com this is a brand new email that i just set up and uh if you have any questions or clarification requests you can fire them off to that email address and i will perhaps take some email questions as well today all right that being said let me put up a few slides while we're waiting for some people to join the discord server or send some questions off to the questions email okay so you know i've been taking pot shots at all the people that believe in the nonsense of the covid19 psyop okay so you know i'm uh you know putting this one up which is a meme that i came across this week in my uh internet travels it says it's two amish guys talking says i wonder why covet has not affected us and the other amish guy is replying because we don't have tv and i asked the question if nobody paid attention to the lying horror media the lying whore mainstream media of the major networks and the major you know mainstream websites how many people would even be aware that anything different has occurred in society it would be business as usual there would be no higher alarm there would be no higher danger there would be no higher death rates than happen any other year all around us the only difference is that the media is telling you to be panicked and afraid that's the only difference the mind controllers and their little pets called the mainstream media you little whore pets okay just absolutely lying for a paycheck because you had garbage for parents and as a result your pieces of trash garbage you lying whores that's all it is that's all you ever are that's all you are it's all you ever have been and probably all you ever will be in your useless miserable whore lives okay and you're just lying to people for a paycheck and dumb people believe you and that's all this whole thing really is folks you want to really come down to it get as offended as you like it doesn't mean i don't care about other human beings i care about actually the truth and human freedom and what's going on regarding human suffering probably more than just about anybody on this planet okay so don't pin that bullshit guilt on me it won't work on this one because i know what my true emotions are and you don't okay so don't ascribe your nonsense to me and and you're um you know a virtue signaling to me because i know what real virtue is i know what real rights are i know what real morality is and most people don't okay so you know i'm gonna continue pointing out the hypocrisy and the virtue signaling and the nonsense because people believe the bullshit mainstream media all right and it's 2020 and it's too far too late in the game for people to still be accepting the word the the the completely tainted word of the same people that told us there were weapons of mass destruction in iraq okay the same people that told us that iraqis were put taking babies out of incubators to kill them the same people that told us that smoking cigarettes was perfectly healthy the same people that told us that spraying ddt on children's heads was perfectly fine as a disinfectant method and on and on and on the lying and lie the same people that told us that jeffrey epstein killed himself you still believe these horror liars you they're horror paid liars and people still believe them wholesale and just do an experiment go into a population center okay not don't go out into rural america go out into a deep population center a city okay where the bulk of the population is at we're like 85 to 90 percent of the human population in america is at go into a populated region and start asking people if they actually believe what the mainstream media says and if they are trying to tell them the truth do this as a social experiment if you don't believe it from me if you don't accept that it's the truth i've done this i don't need to believe anything because i've done an experiment social experiments with people with my friends we have gone out into populated centers and asked them if they believe the mainstream media and the results that we've gotten are so horrifying that almost every single human being has said yes we believe that the mainstream media is trying to do their best effort possible to bring the truth to the american public they believe that these little naive children in consciousness doesn't matter how old they are doesn't matter whether they're 15 years old or 90 years old it goes up in every age range they believe the media is telling them the truth that's how naive the american public is and you know mo people can make the case oh it's getting a little bit better yeah but not that much folks and certainly not that fast okay so you know this is where we're at you know here's a here's a a facebook post that says there would be no division over mask wearing or social distancing etc if if the official story was true if the official narrative that the media is pumping out there were true everybody would know there was a real threat and they would do they would all do it voluntarily to protect themselves there is an artificially created non-crisis so there is pushback exactly i call it a socially engineered perceived crisis that is my terminology for the covet 19 psyop an artificially induced socially engineered perceived crisis not a real crisis or a real true truly dangerous high death level health threat because if there was people would take the mitigation efforts necessary to protect themselves it's a bullshit story from the mainstream media and it always has been from day one to make people afraid so more freedoms can be taken away secondly the way the contagion is alleged to work is not the way it really works truly scientifically there is an unbelievably huge body of new scientific evidence coming out from cutting edge scientists and scientific institutions who have a vested interest in telling the actual truth that do not care about government grant money funded science or science that is propped up from modern scientific institutions and universities that only focus on government grant money and tenure so their ego is not in the way of new emerging truth okay and i am going to cover some of that talking about what the entire exosome concept of purging of toxins and how that looks similar to what we call a virus the entire model of disease transmission has to be reevaluated in the scientific and medical communities and it is being done that is actively being done you just don't hear about it in the mainstream media because they're paid whore liars and if their masters don't tell them to cover something it's forbidden and it doesn't get talked about that's how it really works whether you understand so or you remain ignorant of how it really works but that's how it really works okay and my world view is not informed by dumb people's uninformed ill red opinions i inform my worldview and my understanding by reading cutting edge scientific articles in true scientific in institutions journals that is how you get information regarding new emerging cutting edge fields of science and i do that because i have a scientific background and i keep abreast of new scientific discoveries most people don't do that so they're dumb ill-informed ill-red human beings that only have a dumb uninformed ill-red opinion of something that the whore-lying media told them to believe that's not me i don't my mind doesn't work like that and if yours does you're unqualified to tell me i have to adjust my world view according to your dumb shit for brains world view and i'm not going to do it and you're not going to intimidate me into doing it you got that good get it and understand it okay so let's continue another great meme going around the most dangerous habits in the world today aren't drug habits they're ideological habits unexamined ways of thinking about reality this is exactly the case people have uninformed opinions and aren't concerned with determining truth through the truth discovery methodology known as the trivium which is the true scientific methodology and the true liberal arts education methodology most people don't give a damn about that they don't know how it works and they certainly aren't employing it they start certainly aren't using it to discover true facts okay they have a completely unexamined way of thinking about reality and that way of thinking about reality is given to them by social engineers and they're paid lying whore pets called the mainstream media and if you don't understand that's how the world works by this point in time you're a naive child and i'm not here not to insult your delicate sensibilities and emotions i'm here to tell you hardcore truth so get as offended about it as you like all right so that's the truth about what's going on in the world the most dangerous habits going on in this society is uninformed ways of thinking that people stay religiously attached to that's why religion is the one and only problem in the world and religion doesn't mean the cultural religions it means ways of thinking that do not serve where we as human beings say we want to go that's what it means there are wrong ways of thinking that are false and untrue that totally block us from our stated objectives and goals as a society like freedom and justice and getting out of ways of being that cause suffering for everyone we're never going to get to those places because those things have prerequisites we'll never get to them until we change our thinking and that informs our behavior and as a result we change our ways of acting and when you tell people that they say screw you we want nothing to do with that because we want to point to the outside world and say oh there's the problem but we don't want to do this and point to ourselves and say we're the problem nobody wants to take on that personal responsibility for themselves they want to point the figure out finger outside of themselves but never right at their own face never look in in the mirror and say the problem lies with me and it's my personal responsibility to change my thinking and therefore change my behavior so moving on here's what we should really be focused on because this is what the whole psyop is geared to take our attention away from it's all geared to take our attention away from the highest level power brokers in our world being pedophiles this was all emerging during 2016 and and and after and boy oh boy did the mainstream media put a kibosh on it at the request of their overlord satanic masters the masters of society said hey we gotta stop all of this emerging information coming out about how we're all pedophiles and this is ultimately our form of money yes ladies and gentlemen the power brokers of the world don't give a damn about paper money they don't give a damn about electronic credits on the screen they don't give a damn about golden precious metals ladies and gentlemen their true money is children for sex and murder make no mistake about it and if you haven't understood that you're also a naive child in your consciousness and this is what it is all about distraction from ladies and gentlemen and ultimately it's about distraction from the understanding of natural law the understanding of the dark occult and how it rules society through mind control and it's a it's also about a distraction from these people are a child trafficking pedophile cult at the highest levels here's a nice cute picture of jeffrey epstein in his house in the middle of the image known pedophile who did not kill himself trafficking children to the elite of the world as a scapegoat so if it ever gets discovered oh here's the low-level punk who who oh we can blame it all on him no he's just the patsy he's just the low-level initiate he's one of the you know uh you know helpers of the true vampires that's all you know he's one of the golems doing their bidding here's james stanley at the left a former uh jp morgan jp morgan a banking group executive next to him on his left your your right is the former treasury secretary secretary of the treasury under the clinton administration larry summers satanist pedophile okay then of course epstein in the middle satanist pedophile then you have gates right next to epstein bill gates mr vaccinate the world you know mr i'm a philanthropist but i'm also a eugenicist who wants to call the human population yeah sure you are bill you're a little punk bitch coward nerd and that's an insult to actual nerds you know you're you're a little punk bitch insecure button dick little boy is what you are how's that okay that you want to take out that you never really experienced any care from people around you any true love and you're a little psychopathic bitch boy that thinks now you're god and you're in the big club guess what guys you guys aren't even really in the big club pictured here you're little low-level fucking puppets who will get thrown under the bus at the first opportunity you little shits you're a little shit nothing who when you do the bidding of your masters you're going to get thrown under the bus as soon as they don't need your little lackey clown asses anymore okay and you're too dumb to know it shithead you're too dumb to know how it really works boy all right i told myself i wasn't going to get real nuts in this episode folks i just came back from a little mini vacation i went down to the jersey shore to try to relax you know with some family and just you know get out in the sun for a little while i'm trying to tone it down i'm trying to get it you know get my emotions on the wrap and not affect my health with my rage because it you know it gets considerable and it can start to affect your health for the negative so i'm trying to contain that a little you know but guess what i you know i get angry how many people still don't understand this next to gates uh is boris uh nikolic who was the bill and gates foundat uh the billmon the gates foundation science advisor okay so it's all a big club you ain't in it you don't understand that these people serve the true elitists of the world and they're they're all involved in child sex trafficking and pedophilia next slide sorry guys i accidentally hit that twice you think the wayfarer scandal is bad wait until people start waking up to what this picture means and you know for people who don't know what the wayfarer scandal was you know that was all about potential child trafficking because it's like you know a company that sells like you know different pieces of technology and they're all basically very affordable until you get to some of their interesting file cabinets that have absolutely no technical reason for being more expensive than other filing cabinets except they're selling some of them for upwards of ten and twenty thousand dollars because it's not a filing cabinet they're selling they're trafficking children through it this is a classical example of how child trafficking works you could find luggage on ebay that you know sells normally for a couple hundred dollars and people are selling it for like thirty thousand dollars because it's not luggage that they're actually selling it's a it's a listing for the trafficking of uh kidnapped children so what this society is it's it's known in the dark occult world is the red shoe society if you look that up they've hidden it very well under the guise of being some type of a charitable organization that is underneath the ronald mcdonald house because they care so much about you know um handicapped children sure they do yeah they care a lot about small children because this is an image of the the satanist in the middle and child trafficker in the middle right on the right hand side in this image of the blonde woman is anthony podesta john podesta's brother john podesta was the campaign advisor of hillary clinton during the 2016 presidential campaign and podesta is his anthony podesta is his brother they're both known pedophile criminals you know satanists you know child traffickers and here's an image from one of his favorite artists okay he has these sick twisted artists we're going to show you some of this imagery you could research it you could type it into google images you could type it into any image search you want to type it into duckduckgo images whatever okay and this is what this is all about this is an image of one of their rituals where they hang a child from his arms in a pool with no water okay the side of a swimming pool with no water in it now what do you think and then below it go back to the slide below it there's the shoes okay well what do you think's coming next and you'll see that his bathing suit is red you could see all kinds of images with little girls sitting with red shoes on the edge of a pool with no water on the on the ledge okay no water in the pool bound in most cases hanging on the on the ledge and then their shoes below them because they're going to gut the child either at the the neck or at the intestines let the blood drain down onto the shoes or perhaps cut the femoral artery in the leg let the child bleed out onto the shoes and then they continue to dye them red leaving the bloodstains in them okay that's the sick twisted rituals of this satanic cult that runs the world this is how the cult operates and they do worse because occasionally they will make these shoes for higher ranking initiates out of human leather they will flay the face of the child by cutting with a scalpel at the hairline of the child and then they will pull the skin down over the face flaying the face and exposing the skull allow the child to die like that and then make shoes from its skin of its face you want to know that's how how bad it goes that's the extent that it goes to ladies and gentlemen and worse and worse than that and if you don't believe it gets worse ask my friend jay parker where it goes who witnessed these rituals personally ask my friend and colleague kathy o'brien what happened who has razor carvings in her own labia from this sick satanic cult from the torment and torture she endured my friend personal friend jay parker has neurological issues because of being hit with cattle prods the electrical shots from cattle prods that cattle the cattle has hit with to push them into their slaughter pens okay so this is nothing compared to where it goes to how sick this cult is back to the image you know these people are proud of it if we could switch back over to the slide please these people are proud of what they're involved in they're laughing about it and some of them know and some don't but i'll tell you what the ones that know are laughing right along with anthony podesta who certainly knows what it's really about and folks we could go on and on with this i'm going to step out of the slides momentarily let's switch over to my web browser okay yeah switch over to the to my web browser okay here's some of the art that comes up as a as a result of just a simple search podesta artwork you know here are some girls you could just look at the image okay again in a pool with no water often you know you'll see the the um uh binding implementation of ropes or chains and then look at them all covering where would be the anus you know little children stripped down and with their hands in that position because what it symbolizes is going to be rape and torture and eventually murder you know this is this is the sick artwork here's anthony podesta in his own home with a uh a sculpture of the murder of one of uh jeffrey dahmer's victims who was depicted like this in the home of jeffrey dahmer headless and in this sick ritualistic position of forming a loop representing this will be endless we will always get away with it and it will be forever that's why he's positioned like this it's a symbolic uroboros meaning it's eternity it will go on and on and on and on and on and we will never be brought to justice okay and then you could just keep going into this artwork you know you get to sick things like this with people dressed up you know as animals you know there's that image i just showed you children in cages on the backs of human beings dressed as goats humans raping children here look at this one this is one of this is one of uh this is from the artist rhea pratt who depicts a lot of this pedophilia and uh child torture and sacrifice and if you read about rhea pratt who's one of the podesta's uh favorite artists she has multiple personality you type rhea pratt art you can go into all of her artwork and it gets sicker and sicker and sicker and sicker okay but the podestas love this you know here's an article um from you know from a magazine the woman who shares a body with 14 different artists because she has did dissociative identity disorder which was formerly called multiple personality disorder okay so you know because she's probably been through this satanic ritual abuse and she constantly depicts children chained up being tortured you'll you'll always see this half image of the child in the same position that represents them being dissociated from the experience it could also represent them being killed and the spirit you know being released from the body but it's largely about dissociation you can keep reading about you know read all about that in an article like that i'll link to it okay um but look at some of her art you know i mean you look at something like this one here okay and it's a child being raped when while being held down by another person but then you see the the there's beings in the image who are halfway in and out of reality and this could also this can be be a depiction artistically of entities that are really controlling the physical beings this could be the entity who's actually controlling this body you know this could be on the other side of the bed the entity that's controlling this person holding the child down okay and you can see this over and over and over again here's them torturing a child often they'll use electronic methods of torture okay but it's some sort of a sexual act stepping on the child and then there's the child's body dissociated and or in the process of dying look at this one children being laid out on tables the dissociated or dead images spirits of the children and then dark beings all around it you know these don't even look like human heads okay and you can go on and on and on and on here's the use of cattle prods often described by you know people like jay parker when they talk about the satanic ritual abuse methods okay and then again of being in the same position as the being doing the torture with the child chained up in probably a pool with no water other children covering their ears why is he covering his ears because he's hearing the electrical discharge of the cattle prod which is extremely loud you ever hear a taser discharged you ever discharge a taser yourself and hear how loud it is well imagine a cattle prod and how loud that discharge is so it's almost deafening especially to a child so they're in a fetal position recognizing traumatized by the torture and with their hands over their ears and then you know you see the electrical discharge of the child who's chained up and you could go on and on and on and on and on you know and this this is their rituals this is what they do ladies and gentlemen you know here's a rape with all these other beings feeding off the energy and the child dissociating and or dying and you could go on and on and on with it and this is what the podestas revere they revere stuff like this okay they have it all hanging in their home you can go all you got to do is type podesta artwork you know and it's not by them it's what they put inside their own homes you know demons hugging little children you know sick stuff sick stuff folks this is what they're into all right that's what we're being distracted from with the covet 19 alleged crisis okay this is what it's all ultimately about folks it's not about anything else it's about because it was coming out publicly this is what the whole fake media narrative came out of this is what the whole russian collusion narrative came out of that this is the cult that runs the world you're not in it and this is their practices it's described by a ton of people it's been described by children it's been described by hollywood insiders that have been the victims of the cult that back to the slides because i'm going to move on now okay and then we're going to go to calls but this is a low-level part of the club this isn't even as high as it goes you think the podestas are as high as it goes they're low-level minions rank-and-file minions who at the first sign of any trouble will be the first people thrown under the bus like their buddy jeffrey epstein you know just to detract attention and make idiots who don't know any better think oh that was just some sick person who formed a child pedophile ring on his own no it goes up to the highest levels of power in society all the way up to the highest levels of government and beyond to the real power structure through the shadow government or deep state and up into the high levels of the dark occult the real mind controllers and social engineers whose names you'll never hear moving on this uh individual angela king is running for in discord we apologize for the delay all right folks what happened was our streaming software seems to have uh crashed out on us i apologize for that it looks like we are back broadcasting again uh you know hey when you start to talk about this stuff folks look at what magically happens hardly ever a problem and now you know our stream goes down in the middle of talking about this it's very coincidental don't you think you know no it's just a coincidence folks you know it's just a technology problem don't worry about it nothing nothing to see there back to the slideshow okay if you can uh please adjust my monitor there full screen thank you um you know uh this uh potential candidate for the house of representatives is saying this isn't about covid 19 or black lives matter this is a major cover-up for pedophilia and human trafficking amen amen hey this woman understands great you know let's try to get the public to understand that and then another piece of social media not from the same person please don't confuse it this did not come from her just a different you know slide i wish people cared more about who's trafficking children and who's wearing a mask amen amen because mask wearing doesn't do anything to really slow the spread of a contagion period certainly it has nothing to do with what what we're calling a virus is which is actually an exosomal process in the body which is about toxin removal contagion does not occur the way you think it occurs you want to keep believing that you're believing in what is essentially what essentially amounts to disproven old science and old scientific theory that's what it amounts to you're not privy to the new shit man as the dude would say okay as the dude said on uh the big lebowski movie you're not privy to the new shit man okay you aren't reading the new science you aren't looking in the new scientific journals you aren't reading all the new articles you're going according to disproven outdated old tired science methods that now are actively being disproven in the s in the real scientific community you know there's another thread that was floating around out there there was about scientism quoting my quote about scientism saying scientism is the belief in science as the only arbiter of truth that you cannot ever obtain truth about anything in the world but accept scientific institutions and people want to hear what they want to hear about that they want to think that that means there's no such thing as science no i firmly understand that there is such a thing as science and scientific truth i am not knocking science folks what i am knocking is scientists that do not pursue the truth scientists that stop halfway up the mountain and say there's nothing more to see here there's nowhere else to go when they don't have the truth in hand because of their tenure and their money and their position and their ego you think scientists aren't human beings selfish human beings selfish egotistical flawed human beings like everybody else if you think that you're a naive fucking child just like them to place your faith in scientific institutions and scientists as if that is the only arbiter of truth in the world you're a naive child and you are a believer in a religion just like lunatics of cultural religions are a believer of religions you're just as fundamentalists as fundamentalists christians jews or muslims are just as fundamentalists it's no different of a religious belief system to believe in science as the only arbiter of truth to believe in scientists and scientific institutions science okay if you have firm true science and scientific methodologies in hand and you've come to an accurate understanding of how the laws of nature work then wonderful fine then say this is the truth and you don't have to be worried about you know putting out dangerous information and or information that if other people graft onto they're just spreading more illiteracy and non-awareness to other people and getting them to graft onto it like it's the the gospel truth and it's not that's what i'm calling scientism and people don't understand the difference between the two there's a difference between science and scientists there's a difference between science and scientific institutions get that through your thick fucking skulls folks there is a difference between those things and but yet people want to hear what they want to hear past yours anti-science you know no i'm firmly for science and firmly against dumb religious belief systems that have nothing to do with truth or knowledge i am for the true scientific methodology of truth discovery through the trivium process or the liberal arts education process or the true scientific method not believing in something because some scientists said it not believing in something because some scientific institutions said it they're driven by money and ego they're driven by tenure and position in society just because they say it doesn't make it the truth you have to research eclectic understanding you have to research eclectic publishing eclectic information and then come to an understanding by using the trivial process and weeding out the logical inconsistencies and understanding what potential theory and or explanation and or hypothesis makes the most sense in common sense and understanding according to real scientific methodologies that's how real science does it not science funded by money that's not pursuing the truth that's funding the biggest paycheck and you don't think that that's how it works you haven't been in science you i i worked in scientific institutions in my life i saw how it worked from the inside most people have never ever been in a science institution you've never walked into one let alone worked in one for years you don't know what the fuck you're talking about if you think that's not how it works okay i worked in scientific institutions at scientific and medical research facilities at major ivy league universities worked inside of them and saw how the process worked from first-hand perspective with my own eyes so you're not gonna tell me how it fucking works because most of you know exactly shit about it and i've been there and i saw it with my eyes and heard about it from their lips to my ears and saw it saw how it's really run and you don't think you think they pursue truth above money you're a naive fucking brainless child is what you are okay i heard them say don't dare look for a cure for this there goes our grant money and we'll all be out of a job and if you ever say the word cure again you'll be looking for a job i'll make sure you'll be looking for a job you'll be out of here so fast your fucking head will spin heard someone say it with my own ears so don't tell me how quote science works and how they're holy and how they're so worried about what the truth really is and they give a fuck about you they give a fuck about lying in their pockets with government grant money so they can put another lexus in the driveway that's what they give a fuck about i don't care whether it's your family member i don't care whether it's your friend you don't know how it really works boy you don't know how it really works girl and i do could have your dumb uninformed ill red opinion i lived it i was involved directly with it and i know how it works for real and you don't i'm not going to listen to someone shithead opinion when i've lived it in my own life and saw it firsthand you're not gonna tell me what i've lived and what i've experienced you know i'm not taking bullshit from people okay that's the thing some dumb fuckers are gonna come and tell me that's not how it works the media told me or i just believe these people you're a dumb fuck boy you don't know how it works because you weren't involved and then other people who are real super low level who have never seen it up at any higher level i worked with department heads at major universities at ivy league universities okay i saw what their fucking sick fucking satanic twisted egotistical egoic selfish fucking psychopathic mindsets were first firsthand every day working with them you don't know how it really works you just think you have an understanding of it and you have a dumb uninformed fucking opinion about it all right here's what's really going on whether you understand it or not this is about distraction this isn't about anybody caring or giving a shit about your health it's about distraction from the one big cult that you ain't in child you ain't in the big cult that runs the world even the people who think you made it to the big cult you're a low ranking shit minion that they could give us shit about and when the first sign of trouble rears its head and the high ranking members are in trouble you're gonna get tossed like a piece of dog shit under the steamroller you dumb fuck that's what's gonna happen to you people who are doing these people's bidding thinking i'm gonna be insulated i'll get a kiss my ass card and then i'll get off scot-free or i'll be the last person fed to the big monster i'll be the last person fed to the big beast no you'll be the first one fed to them so you so they don't know how it was all put together and done behind the scenes they'll feed you to the big beast they'll throw you under the big steamroller first you dumb fuck that's how it'll really work but you keep going and doing their bidding and you'll see what's going to happen it's already started happening take a note from your boy epstein okay that's what will happen to you and some people say oh no they just funneled him off maybe more likely than not they took him into a ritual chamber and cut his fucking throat okay that's more likely what happened so he could never talk they probably gave him the colombian necktie you know to say this what'll happen if anybody and showed it to their other members and said this little happens if you ever talk cut your tongue cut your throat and pull your tongue down through the opening in the throat that they just cut and and let you die bleed out like that okay that's probably what they did to epstein more likely than not and showed it to all of their other membership and said that's what will fucking happen to you if you open your mouth about what who we really are what goes on because you know what and again folks whatever you say about mel gibson it doesn't matter whether you like him you don't like his politics you don't like the things he says it doesn't make a fucking difference he has been trying to tell people the truth about certain aspects of this cult and this agenda for over a decade like myself over 10 years ago everybody thought mel gibson was crazy here's a quote from him over 10 years ago hollywood is an institutionalized pedophile ring it is a den of parasites who feast on the blood of children every studio in hollywood is bought and paid for with the blood of innocent children that's exactly right no matter what you think about this person no matter how you feel about what how good or nice of a person he is it doesn't matter that's a true statement and what they're making from that blood that they let drip out of traumatized children is adrenochrome which is a drug that forces cells into a younger state it's not a total fountain of youth that will keep you young forever but it makes people like marina abramovic who's 73 74 years old or whatever she is look like she's in her early late 30s early 40s you know okay so these people know what they're doing they know how to cover it up they have the media at their disposal they have the financial institutions at their ex at their expo at their disposal and they own the police and military call them their pets their animals their dogs that's how the cult rolls and you ain't in the big cult and all the people who think just because you're being given the marching orders of the big cult you're not insulated from them you're a little dog pet that they have on a leash that at the first sign of them being in trouble like pedogate coming out publicly because of the release of the podesta emails and showing their child trafficking and showing the symbology and code words that they use they will throw you directly under the bus like they did with epstein like they did with maxwell you know let's see how if jaslane maxwell talks or sings like a canary and we'll see what happens it's going to be interesting to see how that plays out more likely than not that woman will never see a jury stand mark my words the woman will never see a witness stand something will occur whether it be a murder whether it be a poisoning whether it be some type of thing that they're going to attribute to a natural cause of death or or say that she got coveted 19 or whether it's a natural disaster something will occur and this woman will never see a witness stand mark my words they the cult will not allow it to happen okay so that being said i'll just go through this and end this so we could just take calls for the rest of the show if you want to pick up a 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cash or cryptocurrency donations and i think it's a great way of donating to the cause because you know what it's going toward right up front and you purchase it and then have it shipped to us here at the walton earth is happening headquarters all right so that's all we're going to go to your calls and questions now questions are already pouring in via um email so we may have some of that but i'm going to go to some discord calls first let me get my headset on which is required for me personally to hear the discord callers all right let's go let me switch out of my slides and go to discord uh show me that one more time my producers get my attention okay great all right let's go to discord let's hear from luca from germany luca you are live on what on earth is happening from germany welcome uh luca are you there just on mute your microphone from your end let's give you let's give luca a minute to do that luca you're live on what on earth is happening unmute your mic and go ahead all right lucas seems to be having some technical issues i'm going to skip him we'll come back to you all right let's go to um let's go to um one shoe one shoe you are live on what on earth is happening welcome celebration can you hear me already absolutely loud and clear oh bro so good um man i i called a long time ago and i didn't get i didn't do the discord thing right and you called on me and i was like damn it it happened anyway it's a learning experience like anything else but you were persistent and you made it you got through uh celebration yes thank you so much for for all your everything bro um i i wanted to say a couple things about what you were just speaking sure and then i do have some some clarification questions i would love to get out maybe we could just do them kind of quick absolutely um about the pedophilia thing just a little story to demonstrate how uh how how mind control at least people i know are i i was traveling with a friend playing music lots of long drives and he told me about his brother raping his sister as a child wow and how angry he was and how much he wanted to he didn't know what to do with his brother and so on he had all this fuel and fire about it and the next day the topic of pizzagate come up and he was in complete denial about that as even a possibility of course so so i i and i didn't say anything at the point i was just like wow how could you tell me about your brother and then imagine that these people you have no idea about you have no idea how many children and even adults go missing every year that end up being part of these types of satanic ritual abuse rituals and murder rituals you know i very rarely bring up any other researchers on the air because generally i leave their work to them but um you know i encountered a researcher and actually met him at one point who wrote the books called missing 4-1-1 i can't even recall his name off the top of my head but i brought this up to this researcher who wrote this series of books which is sort of like an endless mystery that goes nowhere that is about like we have no postulation for how this happens we only know that it happens who's a former police officer which ties very nicely into my uh former um you know information regarding the police and their supporters who i brought up satanism to and he had such a convulsive negative reaction that satanism could be involved in any way whatsoever with all of these missing people that go missing from national parks and you know it makes me think he doth protest too much if you take my meaning right the people who are going to have the most vicious convulsive adverse reactions to bringing up that this might be cult activity at high levels then when i when i actually brought up satanism isn't what you necessarily think it is it isn't you know teenagers burning fires and sacrificing animals out in the woods of the national forest it's very orchestrated very organized abduction for the purpose of high level rituals at highest levels of government highest levels of institutions of power throughout the world and a lot of people who you think are on the good team might be in that cult and on the bad side like police military bankers judges politicians etc okay and you know what his he actually actually i'm not talking about figuratively ladies and gentlemen and if anybody could bring up his name i'll say it on the air because i really don't care okay and i'm not trying to quote embarrass anybody i'm telling you we this caller has brought up denial i've never met a better example of denial than an alleged researcher and i say alleged because again he sets up his tent on the side of the mountain before the ascent he says i'm going to make the big journey up to the top of the mountain and in the mountains all the way off in the in the distance and he moves forward moves forward and then when he gets to the foot of the mountain and looks up at it and where it goes he goes set the tent up right here and he goes no further he makes the journey to the foot and then he says yeah i'm not climbing this big bad boy no way okay that's not research you know what that's called it's called fucking ego and thinking you know it all and thinking you have all the information you need and therefore you say this is all off limits and you know what it's called it's called being in a low level satanic mindset and not even understanding that that's the mindset you're in and i don't really have any respect for that mindset but you know i didn't make it confrontational because let me tell you here's what this individual did to me directly in person okay i've brought this up to tons of other people and they were able to have a respectful conversation with me whether they immediately accepted it you don't immediately accept it you don't immediately reject it that's the mark of true intelligence that's the mark of true respect for other people you don't say i'm going to immediately accept this because that's blind belief or you don't say i immediately reject this well this alleged researcher and author okay immediately rejected that out of hand without listening to any piece of evidence to the contrary okay and do you know what he did at his own table at a conference where we met okay he physically turned his back on me at a 180 degree angle facing me like this yeah his name is david paulides by the way his name's david paulides okay i don't really care who knows him whether anybody who knows him is listening okay he struck me as incredibly disingenuous and and not concerned about any moving forward of understanding what may be occurring regarding missing people it seemed like it was all about selling books that give you a nice endless mystery to pursue one after the other after the other and really it postulates nothing and they go nowhere and i've checked out his books okay and it seems like an endless mystery that lots of people love they love the endless mystery that goes nowhere and postulates no real explanation okay but when i brought up satanism that can't possibly be true and how dare you even insinuate than anybody at institutions like the police or military or or politicians are involved in stuff like that you know yeah absolutely rejected it out of hand and let me tell you something folks he was facing me like this and when i said people at high levels could be involved in even police because he took severe egotistical offense to the fact that i insinuated police are involved in satanism as well because he was a former police officer right and still in that mindset of believing that they're the good guys and they're necessary and it's not about slavery okay literally went like this put it on the other camera lit the front-facing camera literally was facing me direct face to face he actually in his space in where he was standing in his face did this physically turned at 180 degrees turned his back and showed me the back of his head and the child's move coward that's he thinks he's a man words caused him to do that i didn't know aggressive action or behavior he wasn't even opening openly willing to listen to my words and folks let me tell you something folks it takes a lot for me to ever mention another researcher on the air to even mention their name i never do that shit okay i never do it i'm doing it here for the first time today because this caller brought up people who are in abject denial of something that is very real and they don't understand it and they've never looked into it and they think they know that's not research that's not the pursuit of truth that's satanic ego that's satanic ego getting in the way of the pursuit of truth and then somebody who thinks they can speak to my life experience once again this is who i'm people like this or who i'm talking at when i say you don't know me you don't know what i've lived through you don't know what my personal experiences have been you don't know what the personal experiences of personal friends of mine have been who i know are not lying who are telling me the truth because it directly corroborates my life experience you haven't been in those places so don't try to tell me that i don't know what i'm talking about and i haven't been in those places and i'm some kind of a fucking liar because i am not and i've lived it and you haven't so that's when i get very highly almost violent toward individuals like that because nobody else is going to tell me what i've lived through you don't know because you aren't there okay so you're not going to tell me that all right that's when i'm going to get nuts okay because no more am i going to tell you the life experiences you have lived through but don't dare try to tell me what mine have been and have not been so i'm gonna calm down and not go that nuts okay so call her please please go ahead i feel your adjustment great work my friend yeah it's it's wild how this uh um a scientific or scientism attitude or or um materialism feeds into this oh i don't believe in spirits or i don't there's no such thing as someone who would uh be hijacked by a spirit and sacrifice a child to them because i'm a scientist right so there's that whole thing that's just out of yeah could you imagine people trying to just ascribe their own moral sensibilities to someone else it's one of the most dangerous propositions you could ever make i've said this many times on the show people think oh they would never do that no you would never do that because you have some moral sensibilities and understanding of morality don't attribute that to potential psychopaths and first of all as somebody who saw all of the very harmful things that people could do to each other as a member of the police force you would think someone would know that from personal experience and background but this is how deep ego goes this is how deep uh the iron of the ego strikes you know none of my colleagues could ever be involved in that that's one of the most incorrect wrong and satanically egotistical things one could ever think it's childish quite frankly it's very childish is actually the attitude that i saw displayed by this alleged researcher and author now he's actually an author he's written books but you know so what you know anybody can write a book and still be in a childish mindset still being in an egotistical mindset still be in a satanic mindset a de facto satanic mindset a satanic mindset by deed doesn't matter whether you consider yourself that again look folks i could show you articles in the church of satan's own literature that was called de facto satanist they used the term where they're talking about this person is a de facto satanist we love how they think they think exactly like us okay they don't know that they're satanists they don't claim to be a satanist but they're they're praising people in articles that they've written called de facto satanists and they praise them and they go this is great that our ideology is infesting other people and getting into their their psychology and mindset pretty soon we'll have them all you know just as a quick thing could you call that something else real quick besides de facto satan and satanist in in action a satanist indeed the word the word de facto d e the word d e in latin means of or from or and then facto is from the verb faciare f-a-c-e-r-e that's the infinitive uh f-a-c-o means i do okay uh f-a-c-t-o i do and then fatchery f-a-c-e-r-e is the infinitive which means to do right so by deed literally by deed or in their deeds they are satanists you know it doesn't matter what you say by mouth you can claim one thing but be another you can claim that you have a you know moral or godly mindset you can claim that you are christian and follow the teachings of christ in in the new testament you can claim that you are a uh ostensible uh jew who follows the teachings of the torah you know however indeed you can act quite differently than that okay so that's why i like the term de facto satanist it means that in your deeds you are satanic in your thinking and in your deeds you are following the precepts and the ways of thinking and behaving that most satanists practice without actually even knowing it and guess what folks that's where most of the world is at most of the world are de facto satanists this religion has been propagated so i thank you for bringing up those points do you have any other uh quick questions yeah i would love in in the in the in the name of qualifying or clarifying some questions uh what i found in looking through your work which i've gone through all of the stuff that you have on your website at least um is that when i hold a question that pops up from one of your shows it it gets answered maybe not always by you but it gets answered at some point or totally true because you're asking the universe to provide that information by the very speaking of it whether in your thoughts or saying it aloud that's how the universe works that's why when you go off the word question is very revealing quest eye on the quest for the truth will turn the eye on we'll turn the central or middle or third eye on it's right in the in the word ask questions pursue truth yeah perfect perfect so i the whole the my question is about when you talked about the true holy trinity thoughts emotions actions um you seem to imply that there was an order to them one came and then the other that's right but i'm not sure if that's true and if that if you do hold that it's true could you elaborate that on a little bit yeah ultimately i put it in the order of thought emotion action t for an acronym okay because thoughts are the essence right but really what drives the quest for the truth is care care comes first right but we have we have to put the truth and principles first in our lives so we have to care enough to go deeply into information and knowledge and learn what's true then the order is truth love freedom we know the truth so we care enough to act the right way and create a society that is based in freedom okay so you can really say it's care truth love freedom you know love would just be the agape form of love is love for truth and love for all you know a love for um you know it's cosmic love it's not even brotherly love it goes beyond that okay it's love for the truth that comes first then it's truth care for our whole human situation and then creating freedom through our actions through our behaviors which is what wisdom truly is okay so it would be like care truth or attaining knowledge understanding okay that's the the love part coming to an understanding of what it means for all and then wisdom is right action okay so it's it's the trivium that has to be underlaid by cosmic care by capital c care or all cosmic i mean or all capital letter care that's the thing that holds the whole seat of life together in the image that i gave of the seven hermetic principles being bound by an outer eighth circle the lost principle as i call it so i you know thank you for your question i hope that explains a little bit i'm gonna go on to some other callers and maybe some emails so one shoe thank you great question and great insights all right uh i'm going to go to an email real quick and then to another caller email i'm not going to give names on the emails i don't know who wants their name because i can't actually speak with them so i've been wanting clarification for a while on this could you please define what harm is it seems like such a subjective thing i'd like to know your non-subjective response to this particular question thank you okay from the formulation of the question i could immediately tell that you have not been through all my podcasts and or even my entire natural law seminar in its entirety you may be a new listener so let me re let me frame the answer to the question with this caveat to begin with you should not be listening to or watching what on earth is happening this late in the game out of order or out of sequence i usually say this at the beginning of every show what on earth is happening as a podcast is cumulative information whose earlier episodes are prerequisite knowledge for this episode meaning you cannot skip around and go out of order for the podcasts in the whole series called what on earth is happening you have to start at podcast number one and then when you are finished podcast number one proceed to listen to podcast number two when you are finished with podcast number two you should proceed to podcast number three not five not twelve not two 201 only listen in and watch in order it's a progression of knowledge it's cumulative knowledge that that the later episodes have prerequisite earlier knowledge that must be understood first before proceeding i've said this so many times that it's ridiculous yet people still insist upon listening out of order and then asking questions that have already been answered and i'm not going to beat up the the writer of the email over it i'm just giving you that information you would already know this had you listened in order or viewed an order it would be very clear to you already okay so you're probably skipping around and going out of order and you have not realized this has been answered probably hundreds of times already okay harm is not subjective it is very objective people insist upon insisting that it is subjective when harmful behaviors are very real and physically definable okay they are very knowable and they are not subjective they are all objective behaviors that we do and there is a reason very clear objective reason that the behaviors spoken about are in fact harmful if you watch my natural law seminar in its entirety i go through this especially if you view you listen to and view my podcast in its entirety i go through this multiple times okay here is the answer this is the clarification and or answer there are seven harmful behaviors that anyone can perform to anyone any other sentient being in the universe there are seven harmful behaviors if you examine each of the behaviors in turn you will understand that they are all forms of one behavior one root form of behavior which we'll get to in a moment okay when you understand what a right is by defining it apophatically meaning you must define a right in negative terms meaning you will come to the understanding of what a right is when you strip away the things that you do not have the right to do so you a right is any action that you are capable of performing that does not initiate harm to another sentient being and this does not mean plants this means sentient beings those who are imbued with animus or spirit or soul capable of moving independently plants are not that they are not truly sentient they display mimicking behaviors or stimulus response mechanisms of sentience but are not themselves sentient independent creatures they are extensions of the one sentient form of life that is the earth itself okay they would be like hairs on a human arm which could be clipped and regrow without killing the organism if you look into rosicrucianism you look into high-level freemasonry you look into high-level kabbalistic tradition you will understand that all of this and forms of life and methods and views of consciousness regarding life in all of the kingdoms of life have been talked about explored explained and you don't have to take any of their word for it it's all a logical progression that is borne out by experimentation and true science methods of true science of occult science okay so stepping away from that for a moment we're talking about what you can do to sentient beings all rights are behaviors that you as a sentient being as a sentient being that is capable of understanding this difference between right behavior and wrong behavior you do not apply natural law to the animal kingdom because they are beings that do not have a developed enough brain to ponder conceptualize and perceive natural law meaning the moral laws of creation and what objective morality actually is therefore animals who will go along with instinctive stimulus response mechanisms and lower order instincts are not bound and held to the same moral law consequence of higher order higher thinking and higher brain function beings such as human beings who have the capacity for the understanding of objective morality that's called true holistic intelligence which is made possible by our higher order functioning brain specifically the part of the brain known as the human complex or human neocortex of our brain i've explained this at infinitum ad nauseum in former shows you can get all of that in the podcast series which is where all the bulk of the accumulation and uh teaching of all of my accumulated research is in the podcast series that's why it says on the home page start the journey to true awakening listen to the podcast in order here click that button and listen in order watch in order don't skip around take your time go at your own pace and you will understand if you do not do that you more likely than not will not understand but that's up to you that's your karma that's your dharma and karma okay if you do that work you'll be fulfilling some karmic debt if you don't do that work you're not doing your dharma and you'll stay as ignorant as you are now okay it's not up to me that's up to you people go oh that's hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours of material thousands of hours of material he wants me to go through yeah i do yeah that's the least you can do i probably took tens of thousands of hours to research it and to present very well organized findings in a very meticulous ordered way that is very deliberately chosen in order so that people can re-evaluate their stubborn egotistical satanic world view that's a morally subjective worldview as i can tell so many people are still in which is part of satanism de facto satanism as a matter of fact okay so it isn't relative it's very objective and here are the objective standards of what rights are not see to understand what those actions that you may do that are rights which there's an infinite number of behaviors you may perform that do not initiate harm to other sentient beings you have to know what behaviors constitute objective harm it's not about your feelings getting hurt it's not about you hearing something that makes you uncomfortable that is subjective because all that matters is whether it is true or not doesn't matter how it makes you feel internally your feelings can get hurt but that doesn't mean objective harm is happening to you that's why that's subjective and not objective objective harm means actual physical harm somebody being defrauded of property or rights rights being usurped freedom being taken without just cause meaning it's not justice it's a it is subjective morality that's being enacted upon them here are the objective forms of actual harmful behaviors these are the real seven deadly sins not the bullshit morally relative so-called seven deadly sins of organized religion which are the seven morally relative vices that are not true crimes that are taught in christianity catholicism etc are pride gluttony sloth lust anger jealousy greed those are the bullshit seven deadly sins pride gluttony sloth lost anger jealousy greed all vices all morally objective tell me who is harmed you are not pride if i'm prideful no one else is harmed it's a vice it's not great to be counterproductively selfishly prideful when you don't really when you can't even really back it up that's counterproductive pride okay but that's a vice at best it's not a crime gluttony that's a vice you're doing it to yourself it's not a crime might not be a great thing to participate in or help you engage in good health but you're not doing it to another sentient being another sentient being key phrase in the definition of what a right is okay so i love this question i'm gonna take a little bit of time on it because this is the essence of everything we teach here on what on earth is happening and it needs to be understood pride gluttony sloth laziness okay that is also a vice it's not a crime if you're lazy okay you're doing that that's yes yourself doing it okay so if you're ultimately a lazy individual and you're not motivated it's still a vice now when i say you're lazy about understanding rights that could turn into a form of a crime because you are actually harming other people's ability to maintain their freedom but we can get into that that's a special case instance in general laziness to perform certain behaviors is a vice and is not an actual harmful behavior that you do to others okay pride slutney pride gluttony sloth lust lust it's a vice you know sexual um you know uh greediness sexually and you know being focused on sexual gratification too much that's a vice it's not a crime rape is a crime as we'll get to okay lust is not it's a vice okay pride gluttony sloth lust anger or wrath it's been called different things in different traditions okay it's a vice i often engage in in anger i think my anger is righteous it's righteous indignation because i'm talking about actual crimes that are going unpunished actual ignorance that is taking place in the world not to understand all of the injustices that are taking place around us and destructions of freedom so you could say hey it's a vice yeah maybe it is but guess what it's not a crime against anybody else okay so again morally subjective it's the bullsh it's one of the bullshit seven deadly sins lost anger i have to say i'm in order to remember them pride gluttony sloth lust anger jealousy jealousy or envy okay once again just looking at greedily you know and and uh you know um you know desiringly at what other people have that you don't have in your life it's a it's a vice it's not an actual crime that you do to someone else or their property so that's a vice as well and greed greed is last that means like wanting too much material possessions you know it's a vice it could lead to actual harmful behavior that you do to others but in and of itself just greed is a vice you're not actually taking a behavior that harms others just by taking a greedy mindset it's not i wouldn't say it's good you know subjectively good to be that way and but again that's the difference between saying this is good for you or subjectively good for you versus being an actual moral behavior there's a difference between things that we perceive as being good to make us you know better people and stronger in individuals right versus being things that make us morally better right there's such a thing as being subjectively better versus actual morality being better and more enlightened when it comes to actual moral behaviors so to understand moral behaviors or rights actions which do not cause harm initiate harm to other sentient beings okay i've been really trying to be very good about making the distinguishment about causes versus actual initiation meaning who starts it right because then you'll say oh if you punch somebody who just punched you unrightfully that's the same behavior no it is not it is a different behavior that is a self-defense of behavior which is not a wrongdoing it is a right under self-defense because someone punching you without right would be the total abdication of their right to remain unharmed by taking a wrong behavior which is called assault okay so let's look at what are the seven true deadly sins or the behaviors that actually break natural law morality in the real world in the real physical domain in the 3d reality in which we live they have objectively provable harmful results the seven deadly sins or seven true transgressions against natural moral law are these seven actions murder assault rape theft trespass coercion and willfully lying when it comes to information that is actually required to make informed decisions okay i don't look at little menial white lies like okay a husband doesn't like the dress his wife chose and she loves it and thinks she looks great in it and she goes holds it you know goes out in front of the mirror tries it on you know and walks in front of the mirror her husband's standing in the background she goes honey i love this dress what do you think about it and he goes oh i like it on you sweetheart but he really doesn't okay i'm not talking about one on the last one when we're talking about lying i'm not referring to what people have referred to as little white or venial lies like that there aren't about anything about important decision making i'm talking about lies like the horror prostitute paid and bought for bought and paid for media come out on the nightly news and go masters gonna totally protect you and others from this covet thing which spreads by viral contagion and you got to be very fearful about it we got to take your freedoms away as a result and if you don't let us do that you don't care about anybody you're a selfish person you're a fucking liar about something that's truly important okay that's the kind of lying i'm talking about that is holding back the ability to make in true informed decisions regarding the truth of the matter that needs to be understood by the general population and you're pa being paid and accepting money to lie to the public that's the kind of lies i'm talking about in action number seven in deadly sin number seven there okay so understand there is gradation when it comes to that last one but none of the other ones have any gradations murder the taking without right of life that is not yours to take now follow the progression of the true seven deadly sins which are not vices they are true crimes murder the taking without right of life that does not belong to you to take including animal life including human and animal life that is what murder is defined as the taking without right of life doesn't that does not belong to you to take is called murder you are taking property which does not belong to you number two assault you are taking the well-being of a sentient being that does not belong to you to take you are taking unrightfully assault is defined as the unrightful taking of the well-being or health of a sentient being which does not belong to you to take that is also a form of theft okay you are stealing that well-being from someone by assaulting them initiating physical harmful behavior and therefore taking their health or well-being from them you have no such right to initiate that physical harm rape you are initiating the sexual assault which deprives someone or takes or steals their free will of sexual association with another that is not your free will right to coercively take or steal from someone that is objective harm in the 3d space in nature okay that's rape also a form of theft taking someone else's free will sexual association without the right to do so never have the right to do that okay murder assault rape theft the taking of property physical items property which does not belong to you to take okay nor do you have the right to defraud people of property etcetera which would fall under lying is fraud descent deception okay and and fraud murder assault rape theft physical stealing of property okay simple theft okay murr assault rape theft trespass that is also a form of theft you are taking the security of another being in their own personal living space or lair you have no such right to do that you don't have the right to burst in my house unwelcomed that's called trespass okay you are stealing something when you do that you are stealing my ability to live securely in my own space that i am actively using and which i actively own you are taking property away in that regard you are violating property and its usage so that is a form of theft okay coercion is the next one you have no right to perform coercion upon another person what are you taking or stealing without right when you engage in coercion or duress you are taking someone else's free will away through coercion violence and duress this is what the government and police and military do every single day of their existence okay they are guilty of the seven one of the seven deadly sins of coercion by following orders okay so that's a form of theft taking someone's rights away their freedom away they're taking their right to make free-willed decisions away regarding their rights you don't have that right that's a form of theft you're you're stealing someone's free will and rights as a result of coercion and duress and then finally lying which we already talked about that's the stealing of necessary truth and or the deliberate withholding of necessary truth when someone does not understand it because then in the absence of that truth you have stolen their ability to make informed decisions about things that are truly important namely rights and freedom that's why deliberate willful lying regarding rights and freedom is such a bad quote deadly sin and a transgression against natural law all of these are objective and have nothing to do with subjective opinion all of these are forms of theft there is only one true harm that can be performed by one being to another theft that is it and again we are held responsible for theft as higher order thought-functioning beings who have the holistic capacity for the understanding of the difference between right behavior and wrong behavior that is why human beings are held accountable according to cosmic moral natural law principles and behaviors whereas the animal kingdom that does not have that holistic intelligence is not held to the same moral standards or accountability so animals have nothing to do with what i am referring to and what other philosophers and people who have studied and taught the occult principles of natural law referred to as natural law capital n capital l if other people tell you that natural law has anything to do with the behaviors of the animal kingdom that is lower level uh in their development and think and higher and thought functions than human beings which have a much higher order of thought and understanding capability than animals than the standard animals of the animal kingdom other than humans they are lying to you or they are totally ignorant and do not understand what natural law is okay somebody made a meme i might show it to people one day you know the guy the um um uh spanish guy in uh the the um the movie um uh it's uh princess bride you know great movie very good allegorical movie about truth okay who there's a meme floating around oh you keep using that word but i don't think you know what that word really means right this is a meme that goes around people who are saying that they think they understand what the definition of a word means like a right but they don't really have the definition correct in their own understanding and then they ignorantly spout the definition of a right or a wrong and then somebody mocks them by saying you keep using that word but i don't think you really know what it means right somebody made a meme of me looking like that guy saying you keep using the term natural law but i do not think you know what it means i love it loved it saw it a couple you know like a week ago and i think it's an awesome funny meme okay because it's true most people will not listen to the hundreds of hours i've spoken about natural law and then they come out and that here's who they are give me a minute and then we're going to switch over to my next presentation slide please switch over to the slides yeah natural law means that a lion can take down the gazelle in on the plains of africa and he can eat it up and that's natural law and i you know past you i've never listened to a fucking word the guy says but he's an asshole and he doesn't know what natural law means but i know it means that human beings are just like other animals and we could just do any harmful things that we want to other people just like animals can because because darwinism is true and social darwinism is true and it's all morally subjective there's no real objective right and wrong and i know what i'm talking about but i haven't listened to one second of what pacio's ever said in the podcast yeah you're a fucking moron duns fuck face little boy and girl who thinks you know like that and i'm done being nice about it and i've been done being nice about it for the longest time think about if you've explained it for nearly 15 years your fucking life how you would feel if you get jerk offs like that trying to say that you don't know what you're talking about when you've explained it in unimaginable depth and clarity i'm not your little shit ripping post or or sounding boy that's gonna just sit and take your fucking dumb verbal abuse i'm not gonna get obsessed with it but guess what folks you're not gonna attribute your dumb fucking level of ignorance to me either because i do know what i'm talking about and most of you don't and i'll say it just like that to your face i don't care anymore about really what goes on in this life okay whatever happens to me physically let the fucking chips fall where they may i'm uninterested in the physical domain from a certain level perspective because whatever happens to me i'll be back doing the great work again i've taken that vow i will not leave this plane until all are free every last soul that's the level of per persistence and if you want to call it total insane persistence that i have at my core soul level you don't know who you're dealing with and the controller satanists of the world you certainly don't know who you're dealing with and you certainly don't know the one that got away you don't know the one that got away boys and girls in the big cult you may think you do but trust me you don't know this is one you don't know as well as you think you do let's just say that yeah so let's go to some more callers i think i've explained what objective harm is enough times and in enough places online for people to get it please don't listen out of order and again i'm not going to go nuts on about the question but imagine if you were answering this question for nearly 15 years and you've said it in every conceivable way and form that you could in every media that you could in every interview that you've you could and then people are still asking this is the first question that comes in via email think about how it would make you feel inside your own mind and physiology i want to really hammer that in to people's perception i want you to really do the exercise picture saying the same fucking thing for 15 years and then when you open up questions the first thing that someone asks is could you please go over this again as if you haven't said it enough thousands of fucking times we'll go back to more emails a minute let's go to another caller all right let's go to bob bob you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hey can you hear me yes i can welcome the show thank you very much i can't believe the synchronistic actually you probably won't believe this yourself um the reason why i called this about 15 years ago we um first interacted via a series of emails didn't go on very long you were i think you're on red ice radio or something and yeah i was interviewed on there at least a couple of times yeah and you were talking about what you just talked about now and you've sent out like a challenge to the audience to come up with a form of harm which wasn't ultimately there right i thought about it for a couple of minutes and then i came up with something and i emailed you and i said lying causes harm and it's not theft right i don't know if you remember you emailed me back and you said um lying this theft of truth right and i emailed you back and i said uh lying isn't theft of anything it's not giving false information the truth that exists and that's pretty much this is true this is true so i would say it's stealing of by default or defrauding stealing by deception the ability or not ability of someone else but the the conveyance of necessary information so the you could split hairs about the def the wording of the definition right you you could try to get as ex into the exactitude of language right and this is what is known as semantics and this is what i try to explain we cannot get hung up on semantical arguments we have to understand that certain things are true enough right and this is the idea terence mckenna often put this out he said i have gone back and forth with people to such a level of hair splitting word splitting semantics that the entirety of the moral principle got lost because someone was demanding such exactitude and precision of what we would call imprecise language or conveyance of language so that's why i tell people understand the moral principle don't put out falseness into the world or deception into the world it's that simple because yes while you could say objective absolute truth still exists in nature and that can never be destroyed again i actually use that term myself truth can never be destroyed right but you can dissuade someone from looking into it or you can stop someone from looking into it because they've believed what you've told to them that is not true that is a lie so my my advice is while you could you could say technically if you use this word it it it still means that okay you could look at it from a different perspective and say well this you know puts a an exception to the rule in place when you look at it from the spirit of the law perspective as opposed to trying to get down to legalese exactitude of language and definitions right your you will eventually go into what's called the letter of the law and this is why this is why the mystery traditions wrote very little in the ancient world only in the modern world did they really start conveying this through books and word of printed word and this is why i have been hesitant not hesitant but in all honesty reluctant to finish writing a book for this very reason one word will be pounced upon one word will be pounced upon by individuals right and they'll go into the ripping apart of one physical word whereas a back and forth exchange of ideas through the verbal communication can clarify expound upon expand upon understanding internally okay this is why the ancient mystery traditions preferred the spoken word from mouth to ear this is why i prefer the spoken word through the forms of new media that we have at our disposal from mouth to ear because language through written words even communicated words in language is imprecise then it can be clarified through the spoken word to do it through the written language would require further and further and further written communication which is why the ancients did not think it was as good of an idea as a lot of people think that it is today and i'm not knocking or poopooing books i think they're incredibly important but you cannot get hung up on someone's wording and then think it makes the spirit of the statement untrue you have to try to understand their general meaning which is called the spirit of the law or the spirit of the message i think i've done a tremendous job in communicating the spirit of the understanding of lying as a form of theft and i think people who have an understanding spiritually of what this truly means and how it is a form of harm understand it from that spirit of the law perspective and are not going to semantically nitpick upon the word or the chosen wording of the definition okay it still is a form of harm and it still is a form of theft of necessary conveyance of information yes the truth exists independently of perception but you can always erect roadblocks to it unrightfully which is stealing someone else's path of getting there from them essentially you are you are attempting to cut them off from that path so i'm going to let bob come back on and ask him do you think that that is a sufficient explanation of my understanding of why theft is a wrongdoing is of why lying is a form of theft and wrongdoing well about maybe about three years ago i realized we had gone wrong and i was incorrect but i think we both thought this was this is what i think i think that lying is merely a tool um you use it to elicit a certain action from whoever it is that you're lying to now the intent of the lie may be harmful or it may actually be helpful and the consequence of somebody acting on the life may be harmful or it may be good well this is this is the reason let me respond to that the reason that the controllers only engage in speech they at some level yes they're doing these horrifying satanic rituals but many of them will simply engage in telling people a world view and then saying you go out and do this behavior and i would make i would personally label that as the distinction between satanism and dark luciferianism lying is still an action you have to modulate your vocal cords and move your lips to perm pro produce the mouth noises to do it so is it a behavior it is still a behavior it is not a subjective construct you are doing that with your vocal cords with your lungs with your air capacity and and muscles surrounding your lungs and diaphragm and you are doing that with your lips and tongue you are taking an action when you speak i would say it is probably the thing that you could split the most hairs about regarding lying which is why it is the seventh of the seven deadly sins and murder is the top one i would say you know coercion is another thing because it can be implied it can be duress where you are implying if you do this i will then take action but you never actually do the action you just hold someone in fear of a potential action okay all the other ones start in the physical domain murder assault rape theft trespass then coercion and lying are the last ones which start in the non-physical and proceed to the physical okay so there is a gradation that happens as you go further down the list okay but nonetheless it is action and it does block the reception of truth so the dark luciferians are doing what you described they are the ones who are engaging in just speech the satanists who they control and ultimately inform the world view of are then doing the behavior and their minions under them that's the pecking order then if you really looked at the pecking order and you looked at the highest level dark luciferian mind controllers and social engineers whose names we will probably not discover or realize in our lifetimes okay perhaps but perhaps not more likely than not not understand or know those people's names because they are so well hidden and entrenched and they are covert and operate from covert uh locations and institutions you are going to realize they really don't do many behaviors all they do is put out a world view for other people to latch on to and that is how they attempt to insulate themselves as much as possible from karmic debt from accruing karmic debt it does not mean that they will not because it's still a behavior it's still wrongful behavior it's still a harmful wrong behavior to take but it is the least amount of wrong harmful behavior that can be taken taken by people who want to enact the agenda that they are attempting to enact ultimately who is doing the most harmful behavior of murder assault rape theft trespass and coercion the police and the military who they call their pets and dogs who they call their well-trained animals that is who is ultimately doing the most harmful behavior whereas all these people at the very highest level of this food chain occult pyramid are doing is speaking words that are untrue it is still a form of theft but they get away with the least karmic debt as a result of engaging in that behavior and they know it and they know they're passing on the true brick load the heavy truck full of bricks to the police and the military who get all the karmic debt because they're the ones performing the physically harmful behavior against other sentient beings so yep i think completely crazy about the police and the military yes but um i think it's the belief and the acting on the light which causes the harm not the light so because like i said lying is just a tool i could lie and the consequences could be good and my intention could be put to be good so i don't think lying itself is necessarily a bad thing well how how could you lie about something truly important and bring about something good instead of something bad the whole idea of truth discovery is getting to that which is correct because that which is correct is synonymous with that which is moral anything that is false and wrong is going to lead to behavior which is also false and morally wrong see what i would recommend uh to you bob is please read the works of richard w weatherill you will probably find his way of explaining natural law and going into what you might consider exactly of language enlightening and helpful and then you will understand he really gets into lying in a big way as well in his work okay you cannot separate correctness from true morality either that which is correct will lead you to that which is true so lying will always eventually lead you to that which is false and therefore eventually will lead you down the path of immorality and moral wrongful behavior and immoral wrongful behavior so that is why go deeper into an understanding of how lying especially about anything truly important you don't like your wife's souffle that she just made for you for your birthday because she thought you'd love it and you go that's one of that's a wonderful dish you just made okay you're not giving her accurate information and i'm not trying to excuse that and say it's great go ahead and engage in that don't get my words twisted right but is that the equivalent of lying to someone about something as important as that we're doing this to protect you when we're taking your rights away no a lot more harm is going to result you know is that like lying about who actually performed the covert operation of 911 is that like lying and saying there were weapons of mass destruction in iraq let's send the military in there and kill a million iraqi citizens no it's not the same look at the harm that resulted the physical harm that resulted so i'm going to recommend for you be right or go wrong by richard weatherill i'm going to recommend how to avoid problems and prevent trouble by richard weatherill i'm gonna i'm gonna recommend right is might by richard wetherill read those read those and i guarantee you you will come out with a much higher level understanding of natural law then you are already at this juncture and this will clarify the uh the uh what i call one of the seven deadly sins of willfully lying regarding what is truly important to understand as a truly harmful behavior that's my advice let's go to another caller um actually let's see um let's go to another quick email then i'll switch to a caller uh let's see all right somebody asked once the injections possibly become mandatory what is the best way to resist quote authority figures um first of all the best way to resist it right now is putting the truth out about the non-infectivity you can even quote their own studies in the national institutes of health and that are publicly released on pubmed that there is no asymptomatic transmission it's publicly acknowledged even by their own scientific institutions they tried to infect 455 individuals with sars cove 2 and they could not do it could not accomplish it but you won't hear about that in the nightly news you won't hear about that in the mainstream papers you won't hear about that in the mainstream magazines you won't hear about that on the main street websites no people will just ignore that one oh they're telling you the truth over here but here don't worry about this peer review journal no you know it's a cherry picking operation for their agenda and guess what you have people even in the so-called truth community insisting no they lied to us about iraq they lied to us about 9 11 they lied to us about all of this other shit but this one they care about us and they're telling us the truth fucking naive children who don't know how it works and don't understand how the cult operates because that you know deep down inside you know what those people are they never really got it it's a shame they brought their religion into the truth i'm looking right at a lot of people know who i'm talking about and there's a lot of you there's not one or two there's like thousands of you and i'm pointing right at you and i'm talking right at you at you not even to you at this point i'm talking at you you brought your religion into the truth and it's not welcome and you're gonna suffer as a result not from my hands you're gonna suffer because you went down the path of falseness you went down the path of deception your you got your vision got clouded by fear punk little boy and girl you got punked you got bitched you got played son you got played little girl your ego's in the way you can't admit it to yourself or anybody else but you're punked bitched and played and you're going to suffer as a result until you can admit you were wrong and then maybe you'll you'll go back on the path of truth and continue up the mountaintop but guess what the best way of dealing with this is don't be apologetic to people don't let them control the narrative and don't let them spread false information for others to believe and i don't mean physically don't let them i mean we have to make the truth a resoundingly loud chorus by putting this information out there to all how many people are doing that how many people are doing it unafraid how many people are doing it forcefully not violently but saying it's going out you're not stopping me you're not going to change my worldview by my actual understanding with your worldview with bullshit belief i have knowledge based on accurate understanding of true data that is out there by assembling all the grammar the pieces of knowledge and understanding them and and weeding out the logical inconsistencies and coming to an understanding of how it works and then i'm putting that out there that's a true world view based on knowledge other people listen to bullshit liars on the mainstream media have no understanding have done no actual accurate research themselves and they have a bullshit world view based on ill information ill an ill-red uninformed opinion and a dumb dunce like that is not going to inform my well-informed knowledgeable understanding with their bullshit non-knowledgeable opinion your bullshit opinion based on your feelings is not as good as my hard-won knowledge that is meticulously weeded through with the trivium process so you're not going to tell me i don't know what i know and you have a better understanding based on your bullshit opinion given to you by known liars that you've grafted onto and said well that's good enough for me because i'm a dumb shit for brains idiot you will not tell me i must believe what you currently believe or you will strip my rights as a result of me not capitulating to your worldview and your worldview violence and that's the attitude we need to take with these people not back off not back down the more you back down the more you're going to embolden and embrace in these people and guess what if we can't do it through words it's going to have to be done with physical repercussions in the form of self-defense because you don't own my body and i'm not your fucking slave and you're not gonna put a mask on me you're not gonna put a fucking needle in my arm and if you do you'll be met with incredibly harmful physical resistance through self-defense you want to play that game you're going to win really really impressive silly prizes brought on by yourself and guess what maybe that means i go and i've said it before then i go so be it then i'll sing my warrior song and go to that place wherever it leads but i've lived in righteousness and truth you will not coerce me and you will not own me and you will certainly not bring my behavior into harmful compliance because i know what the truth is and you do not and when it comes time to be ready to go we'll see who's more prepared look me right in the eye see if i'm fucking playing and see if i don't actually know that i'm more prepared than you to go let's look each other right in the eyes and take a moment see who's more prepared see if i'm playing yeah you'll know you'll know when the time comes that's all i'm saying folks and you better get ready psychologically and physically for that eventuality because the boomstick's going to be coming out pretty soon all the boomsticks going to be coming out you think these things are a game you think all these protests you think that's a child's game holding up signs and bull horns you don't know what's coming what's coming when the time comes you you'll see you won't see protests you'll see real opposition and you everybody will know it then you know it won't be people throwing some bricks through windows in some stores in center cities of cities across this country you'll know it when it comes yeah and most people be checking out of this planet on day one little shits you'll be shitting your pants and checking out on the first 24 hours that's what'll happen okay so that's going to be how resistance to authority figures are going to event it's going to eventually go if we don't wise the fuck up and start teaching this and not backing down and i'll tell you what it ain't gonna happen here like it does in other places you boys and girls in other places you're going to be really shitting yourself when that time comes in other countries because guess what it ain't going down that way here in america ain't going down that way here son nah nah you'll see you'll see trust me you'll see you'll see and hear and feel and that's all i'm saying i'm not telling anybody to do anything it's a prediction actually it's not a prediction let me be like paul heyman it's a spoiler it's not a prediction prediction it's not a promise it's a spoiler okay if you know who paul heyman is from ecw and wwe all right all right let's go to another caller let's hear from vinnie eastwood vinnie my friend welcome to what on earth is happening how you doing i don't know if you can actually hear me oh you're coming in loud and clear my friend oh my god i'm on the pacio show i love this uh bro dude this has been absolutely crazy in new zealand here man um i understand that government i understand that government is slavery and what's interesting though is i'm helping out a uh new zealand's first political party right now called the nzpp the new zealand public party and they've come out full on against agenda 21 against agenda 2030 against 5g at forced vaccines the military intervention new zealand has now announced that we're going to have troops clearing the streets they're going to come into your home uh within the next few weeks and force you to shove six inches of swab up your nose and if they find that you're being tested positive for covert and bear in mind they've tested these swabs that haven't been used and they've tested positive for covert they're going to take you out of your home away from your community and they're going to put you into a new facility right these are these covert containment facilities otherwise known as concentration camps now uh it's very interesting that this has happened directly after the emergence of nzpp uh today they have announced that they've signed a deal with another new zealand political party so that they are going to go legit and this sunday there's going to be a huge meeting a huge protest for our rights that kind of thing now my question to you mark is number one are you free 5 pm pacific standard time today to do a show with me for one hour about it and actually give these guys the info on what natural law is why government is slavery all of that kind of thing so that the party leadership can be up to play uh with reality because honestly they're going up against the uh the worst most ruthless psychopaths i've ever seen this country uh um uh be in the clutches of and i don't know if they fully understand the reality of what they're up against or how to steal themselves against it all right so 5 pm pacific is 8 pm my time that's two hours after i go off the air that is usually uh downtime where i am resting recuperating from this show for the three hours that i do it but vinnie i would do this for very few other people since you asked i will make myself available and i will do this absolutely mark there is a reason why i love you and that's why well look you're one of the people doing the great work in the world very effectively vinnie and i respect you as a as a colleague and a peer and a friend so absolutely you have asked this favor of me and i will do it for you yes now speaking of colleagues and peers i just had a very uh unfortunate incident happen i'm not sure if you're familiar with uh james wright the freemason whistle blower i am but he's been getting stalk gang stalked and messed around for like the last decade everybody's been uh kind of uh getting threatened and uh i think it's affected how he's um how he's uh behaving that kind of thing so he may not like it then he'll come out and expose some of the things that you know do occur in the lodge system and uh you know they're probably trying to uh you know give him some grief for that well he had uh he had two books that he uh that he wrote about the uh the filthy rituals of freemasonry and i i i think i forget the name of the other one but uh it's just recently when he introduced me order of the gestures oh sorry oh oh no no i don't think so but this that's not part of the conversation but um i was just thinking to myself how many colleagues do i have that i can actually talk to about this that might actually understand um and i re i sort of drew a blank so let me explain the situation um he was uh he met robert f kennedy very recently uh uh who then was very impressed with his work and and wanted him to go work for him that kind of thing and so uh then james introduced me to him but then there was a little bit of a thing where the assistant would go of and he doesn't have enough uh following he goes in to talk about the illuminati and reptilians and stuff like that maybe we shouldn't go and so james then sends them this incredibly disgusting abusive sexual uh uh innuendo uh email uh to them and uh i was just like dude that is that is wtf you know don't don't do that kind of thing um and told him that he might be he might have his brain a little bit uh wired because of uh how much stalking he's been under that kind of thing um and it's affected his mind like malware so now he's being being sort of antisocial about it um and and i said that out of genuine concern for him um but then what happened was he turned on me and then uh gave me an equally uh nasty sort of uh abusive response and so unfortunately a lot of people a lot of people kind of uh you know don't like my work or my personality because i do get confrontative and uh um you know um somewhat aggressive regarding my stance of these things for the purposes of something like this of course you know i'll tone it down and just explain it from a purely philosophical perspective i generally only get uh this you know expressed this type of emotion cathartically on my own broadcast which is exclusively mine and not affiliated with anyone else so that is why you'll see me take that type of a more um you know angry emotional stance here but when i go on other people's platforms i try to keep it as fact-based and take the emotion out of it as much as possible so you know of course uh you know i will tone it down for the and tailor it to the audience i am delivering it to i'm very capable of that and if anybody has seen all of my uh interviews you will understand yes i do do that and and you know respectful of their platforms because that's their digital space this is mine i and i will do as i will here this is the digital space that is my quote digital property okay this is my show on others uh shows or platforms or meetings i will tone it down and you know take it back several notches so um you know there's no worry about that regarding me vinnie and i think you understand that yeah yeah and the the thing about it is i think so many of us are severely traumatized but particularly by our experiences and sometimes that makes uh trust or even listening to criticism even from friends a very very difficult thing at this time in history sure and that's why i go into potential healing methods for that type of trauma and again i keep reiterating that yes you you are not responsible for the trauma that was conducted upon you as a child but as an adult you are absolutely personal responsible for healing it for fixing it for healing it so that you then don't repeat the cycle and conduct trauma upon others or even continue to be a whipping post for other psychopaths conducting trauma upon others it's our responsibility to learn about ourselves to the extent that we can go through uh the traumatic experiences that we've had confront them and ultimately to heal them okay so you know this is something that i've talked about a lot here on water earth is happening and even give given people some of the methodologies for healing and again you can get some of those in with other researchers you know jay parker talks a lot about eft work and trans personal work and you know um understanding epigenetics you know these are things that i've talked about as well and uh you know it is each individual's responsibility to understand themselves and understand their experiences to the extent that they do that again part of my quote trauma in the modern world is living around so many ignorant people that are so vibrationally low harm they're harming other people's rights through their ignorance by not looking at the truth and ignoring it and refusing to bring it into themselves and accept what is true and the the destruction of human rights and freedom and even simple everyday tasks that we could once do that now we're being told were prevented from engaging in because of lies and disinformation you know and it's very angering it's extremely extraordinarily angering and i i say again we should never capitulate to these lies we have to get up in people's faces about these things you know and again you could even do that respectfully on other people's platforms you know you don't have to go as you can go nuts on your own platforms right that's the difference between property that's their platform this is my platform you do that on on the platform that's yours if you want to ratchet it up a notch and cathartically get some of that anger out okay if i may uh the uh my friends my band actually uh we were having a jam it was the first time uh jamming in a few months because of uh the lockdowns right and um they said to me you know vinnie you laughing at your own jokes on your show is grating on us and and i was just like this this is my band these are my friends i've got to do something about this and so i was just like okay let's reign in the vinnie eastwood a little bit here let's reign them in and uh ever since then i've actually become sort of a professional broadcaster it's it's it's i love it when you laugh at your own jokes vinny that's part of your unique charm so i disagree with your band members but that's okay oh but but still the um i understood uh what they meant by it is like there's a certain amount of laughing at your own jokes like for example if i'm laughing at my own joke and i'm still laughing after about 10 to 20 seconds and you're a live audience and you're waiting for the next bit of information i could understand to go to the extreme i hear you yeah exactly so it's all about uh raining ourselves in because the uh the key to being a moral man or a decent man is not what you will do it's what you will restrain yourself from doing exactly exactly and uh folks for those who may not know vinnie why don't you give out your website and uh vinnie's one of the biggest broadcasters of truth in all of new zealand really the all the southern hemisphere as far as i'm concerned so let people know where they can check out your work vinnie that's great i've got to go to look after my baby uh in the next 60 seconds so this is good you can look for me at the vinnie eastwood show.com that's vinnie with the y because it's the most important question and on youtube there uh what was it youtube.com forward slash c forward slash vinnie eastwood nz and the live links are already ready there uh mark so i will send those to you across skype so you can promote them and the it is already counting down so uh two hours and a half to go till show time mark passio on the video eastwood show i'm calling this episode political reality check because for the last uh month or so this this month i'm helping the new zealand public party bringing in experts from all around the world telling them and their audience and their voting supporters things that they do need to know if they actually want to change this country and we'll do this facts ladies and gentlemen it is about victory or death this time vinnie we will do the great work together and get those individuals informed okay and i'll just uh hit me up after the show and i'll just let me know you know how it's all going to work and you know we'll we'll talk about proceeding and um i thank you for inviting me to be part of that already popped into your skype brother i'll see you then thank you ladies and gentlemen the great vinnie eastwood awesome always great to hear from vinnie eastwood all right let's uh let's go to another email question this is working out pretty well we got a lot oh my god we have a lot of email responses too this is where i want to keep questions and i'll keep doing this week upon week maybe in the you know third hour we could take some you know actual calls and we can take some email questions why do i'm assuming that they mean when they say they worship bell that they mean the satanist or the big cult that runs the world why is that god so important so i've talked about this a bit in older episodes and i've talked about it on my formal presentation called demystifying the occult part ii satanism and the dark occult so the answer to this is bell bill bull bale however you want to put the v the vowel in there the the the the consonant combination of b l okay b l's above right bale bow right the bull which satan has always been depicted as a bull god the black the golden bull of wall street right the dollar bill okay you can get the liberty bell okay all kinds of symbols bells used in in rituals you can go on and on and on and on okay paying bill right paying bills right bill is the other name for this god it doesn't matter what vowel combination you put in the middle b l in ancient languages there really weren't vowels first of all okay it was consonants and the vowels were sort of substituted or implied so you go back to sanskrit ancient hebrew you know these ain't an ancient coptic egyptian there's not really vowels they're consonant sounds and implied vowels so bl the consonants b and l were the sound for the name of their god okay and all it represented was the sun depicted as or symbolized as knowledge knowledge symbolized by the sun i should say okay so bell was a sun god baal was a sun god bill was a sun god just look it up and you could just look this up in any simple you know website type it in god bell god bill right god baal all sun gods solar cult gods it represented knowledge light light and knowledge have been used synonymously the sun has always been a symbol of knowledge this god represents knowledge that they have that they understand and that they wield yet other people don't have it other people don't understand it and other people don't wield it therefore a tremendous power differential comes about as a result of this tremendous knowledge differential this is what is meant by the term knowledge is power no not quite knowledge applied in the world is power and knowledge applied in the world by a group of people who have a whole lot of it used as a weapon against other people who don't have any of it is a power differential in the world that's how they amassed a crude and apply knowledge as power so this is what their god represents don't get hung up on the descriptions or depictions of the god itself it's an idea it's a representation it's a symbol please understand that it has nothing to do with oh this is the god of the bible and so we look at this as the opposite of that and this is the god we've made in this image and we worship it it doesn't work that way it's a symbol what was it in the ancient world it's the dark sun it's not the true light the true light the true sun the true light the truth the star of our solar system is one of the sons of the universe that the real creator of the universe put there that's been referred to as god's son that's where the whole idea of christianity being represented by the son of god came from it's an allegory the same is true in the dark allegory of satanism and dark luciferianism lucifer is the light looks fairy bringer of light to carry the light to to ferry the light it's all an allegory who's going to wield and control that light is it going to be distributed like knowledge should be distributed in an egalitarian way to everyone so that they all understand and then we level the playing field so people can't be manipulated and controlled because they all have that knowledge and understanding and it's common sense or is a small tiny elite group going to own and control the knowledge keep it back from other people keep it occulted hidden or keep it sequestered in some way where other people are saying oh we don't need to look at that that's evil that's the occult it's all all manipulation game and then they wield the knowledge in a dark way for the purposes of deception control manipulation and ultimate rulership how many times have i said this though folks once again i'm not look folks i'm not knocking the people who are right and asking questions that have already been answered but i can tell you haven't been through my material this is the fucking problem this is the problem how many times do i need to say go through all my material and then you'll essentially have the basic understanding that i have you want to get all the details of that understanding then you need to read source material and books get the arc go through that that'll take you multiple lifetimes probably okay you won't go through it all because you're not as 100 percent um obsessive like i am i am obsessive and i don't mean addictive there's a difference between addictive and obsessive i have somewhat of an obsessive personality meaning when i go into something i go into it all the way i'm not a half layer i'm not a dabbler if i go into something i go into it all the way ask my family members what i was like when i was young i had an obsessive streak since the time i was like three years old okay if i'm gonna go into something i'm doing it all the way i was never a half-asser most people are half-assers you want me to look into eight hours of material how about 8 000 hours of material lazy piece of shit i don't care who i offend or turn off you don't want to learn this go fuck yourself it's your karma and it's your fucking burial it's your funeral s okay and i'm not talking to any caller in particular right i'm just putting that out there as a general overarching statement you don't want to know your fucking funeral okay i'm not worried about not offending anybody anymore you got to understand this is going to affect your life your loved one's life your freedom their freedom the end whether you understand that right now or not make the decision to go deep into the knowledge or it's your karma and ultimately it's your fucking funeral all right so once again a lot of these are going to be questions i've already answered many times once again go back to the beginning of the podcast listen to it in fucking order okay and once again people go mark you're turning off your audience you're gonna you know go easy on these people you didn't follow my instructions it's not my orders i'm not ordering you don't have to do anything you don't want to do you don't want to do it it's your fucking funeral but don't do it then stay ignorant but again you're asking me to take of and i'm putting this out there for people to clarify it's not something i haven't clarified in the past it's kind of all repetition at this point you know very few people have asked me to cover anything new or clarifying anything new but then again there is nothing new under the sun right it's probably going to be just clarification and repetition from this point forward because i've largely put out all of the important things people need to understand to become awakened and enlightened they just haven't really gone through it or done that work so you know i'll keep reiterating go back to podcast number one you probably won't have any more questions when you actually listen through in order to 231 or later all right let's go to another caller all right let's go to kaylee kaylee you're live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show hi mark hey how you doing i'm all right considering i'm living in melbourne and it's turning into a police state but okay aren't we all um i just i'd just like to say i actually admire um you're expressing your sacred gift of anger i find it quite inspiring thank you put me off in any way yeah i enjoy it so some people can handle that lightning bolt strike some people have a hard time with it you know again i made a decision a couple of years back that i was not going to put on a persona here on air anymore and i did back in the early days of what on earth is happening i i knew that my personality was like a lightning discharge you know and if it entered people they would not be able to handle it and so i really put on a persona in the early episodes and i said you know i it was it was a mask or a persona of this is mark from what on earth is happening.com and i'm gonna kind of try to take it easy on you so you get it you know and now i i really can't even stomach that i can't do it anymore i literally cannot withhold my true personality which was always like that but i will not withhold it by been put on a social mask for others 231 episodes in i can't do it i won't do it but i thank you for being able to handle it and you know telling me that you know it's okay if i go you know that angry from time to time i'll try to keep it relatively balanced though but thank you yeah no hundred percent it's actually inspired me and i got talking to a guy called brandon in the discord chat room and we decided to collaborate and create some videos and podcasts that are now up on his website called more loads more problems.com and also on bitchute so fantastic give the site again or the youtube channel whatever you want and so it's more lawsmalproblems.com and it's comedy all on youtube and on bitches okay so more laws more problems dot com okay and you can get that on youtube and bitch shoot and then what was the uh you you gave a youtube channel and comedy lol okay so it's actually brandon's website and his a youtube channel but we've collaborated on some things because i felt like i needed to start doing something and he's kindly helping me with that because i'm not really great with technology i did want to take the cause but we've got a time difference in australia so i couldn't do it unfortunately well i'm glad you're getting personally involved in the great work it's good to hear i love hearing that from my callers that's the thing that makes me feel like there's hope that people are actively putting websites together and youtube channels putting this information out there to the public i love hearing examples of that because that's what this is all ultimately about folks is taking right action in an age of deception disinformation lies and the destruction of human freedoms so uh kelly that's a great job i'm very glad to hear that you're doing that with others and again people can team up if you're not technically inclined but you feel like you've got a great way of presenting information you team up with a technical individual and you share the responsibility there's always ways of dealing with it and you know doing it as a team it doesn't have to be super individualistic you know i have a team here thankfully you know over time that i was able to put together i was very alone when i first started doing this it morphed into a team dynamic and you know i'm very thankful for that because i won't be able to do this to the level that i'm doing it without my team so um you know kelly i really appreciate that you've gotten involved in the great work to that extent so um if you have a question you can go ahead and fire it away yeah sure i have a question so it's regarding a you know the mandatory mask wearing which is in england and melbourne at the moment well it's it actually comes in next week on wednesday they're giving us time to go and buy face masks um which i'm not gonna do but um i just wanted to ask do you think it's not only a symbol of submission but would you say it's also a test for the level of consciousness absolutely that's what this is you could call it a shit test folks you know that's all it is it's saying how much shit are you going to put up with as a as a whole society as a culture as a species that's all it is it's all it is because it's not effective look if i thought there was actually a deadly illness that was airborne in any way i wouldn't take chances you know i talk about how important health is how important you know good nutrition and diet is and doing juicing and blending of fruits and vegetables do you think i want to get sick you know this isn't about getting sick this isn't about helping anybody this is a psyop to destroy human freedom and secondly viruses are not what we are being told and they don't work the way we are working okay and you could say you could say all you want then it's all the traditional methods of science the people who are going to take that position or the people who have not actually done the reading and research in the scientific literature and i'll tell you what they've done we can do a whole show on it we could do a series of shows on it okay here's what you you go into the literature and you show them the peer-reviewed studies i'll bring them all up folks i can go over tens of them on the show because there's hundreds of them out okay you go into the literature you bring up the the published uh paper in whatever journal it happens to be and they explain here's what we attempted to do we took a hundred well people and we took ten sick people and we made them all sit right next to touch contact sleep in bed with you know all different methodologies to attempt to have those sick people infect the healthy people and they say say we did this for you know multiple days could not produce transmission of the of the alleged contagion right so they went more extreme and they take mucoid material they allow the sick people to sneeze into trays to spit into trays the cough and the trays right and then they put that tray right in the presence of a well person and hundreds of people we're talking about at all different stages of the disease you know tens of sick people hundreds of well people cannot through mucoid nearness to their mucoid alleged infectious material transmit the disease so they go more extreme they make them you know put put a bubble around their head sneeze into it then put that bubble plastic bubble like an inverted fishbowl with obviously room to breathe it's not an enclosed thing they make them sneeze blow their snot out all over it cough all over it spit on it spit on the inside mucoids running all over dripping down the inside of the inverted fishbowl bubble put that over a healthy person's head hundreds of them can't produce the infection in the healthy person can't transmit it having them breathe in mucoid material right so they go more extreme right having them sit directly in front of a healthy person they breathe all out in a deep way breathe it all out their breath as hard as they can breathe out and the healthy person sits two inches from their mouth and goes and sucks it in sucks in deep into their lungs and holds it their expired breath can infect anybody hundreds of people they do it to no transmission no contagion no infection so they say this isn't this still isn't extreme enough we need to go more extreme we're gonna have them collect all their mucoids all these sick violently ill people collect all their mucoids pull it up into syringes and inject it subcutaneously inject all the mucoid material under the skin of healthy people still can infect them and make it sick and we believe in traditional virus transmission of disease and the traditional models of contagion this is how dumb people are because they've never read any of the science they've never read one page of the hundreds of thousands of pages of this very meticulously researched and experimented new field of virology and immunology they haven't done one second of research don't even know that it exists because the occultists in the mainstream media will never tell you that these fields of science exist and then the dumb population walks around like they know something they know exactly a bag of dog shit is what they know and i'm not going to say it nice to people anymore they don't know shit and they think they know when they have an ill-informed opinion and have never read one piece of medical literature or scientific study from any journals or any scientific institutions that have done tons and tons and tons of experimentations to the contrary of the official narrative or model and then you think you're informed and you are not informed so that's why i get a little bit upset with people who think they know and want to go off on their high moral horse virtue signaling when they have exactly zero knowledge and they only have 100 percent ill-informed ill-read opinion given to them by known liars okay so um i even lost threat of the question uh kaylee so you know i kind of went off on a tangent there uh the original question was is a mandatory mask wearing a test and the answer is it's a shit test okay all it's there for is not to try to explain to people that this is going to make you healthier or prevent the so-called spread of this so-called contagion which is actually a natural exosomal process of the body for toxin removal that's all what we're calling viral diseases most viral diseases are okay but all it is is a test of compliance and obedience that's all it is and it is part of the psyop for the occult controllers to gauge how well has our psyop disinformation and um compliance narrative worked in society how well is our social engineering our socially engineered perceived psyop agenda how good how well is it working and how well is it spreading as the real virus amongst the dumb ill-informed masses of the human population that's all it's a test for and let me tell you something folks they understand that actual numbers as do i as does anyone who is actually paying attention it is the overwhelmingly vast majority of the human population that is buying it i would say 95 or greater of the human population buys it lock stock and barrel hook line and sinker in its entirety with absolute religious fervor absolute religious fervor i would say five percent or less of human beings in the entire world know that something is even amiss or not right or there is a agenda even afoot in any way okay most people don't even know that there's an ulterior agenda happening or a psychological operation happening let alone understand the particulars of it let alone understand the real science okay so that's what i'm going to start to endeavor in future weeks to go deeper into and explain in more detail and guess what you nazis in youtube you nazis on facebook you're not liberals you're not liberals you're not certainly not classical liberals like as am i i'm a classical liberal and i'm a classical conservative i'm not a neo-liberal nazi and communist nor maya neoconservative nazi and communist because that's all you are you're a hybrid totalitarian you're a nazi in some views and policies and you're a communist in other views and policies because you're a totalitarian piece of fucking trash a totalitarian piece of fucking trash i'll say it right on the platform that i broadcast on youtube you're a nazi communist totalitarian piece of fucking trash go ahead and ban me and show them who you are bitch same thing for facebook you'll never stop me from speaking and getting the information out there because i stand in righteousness and truth and i will never back down and that will provide all the protection i ever require in this three-dimensional domain of space-time do your worst okay and i am not afraid fear is not just the mind killer it is the soul killer and that's where most people are at and i will never capitulate to fear it is the force as i said on show number one which shuts consciousness down and prevents it from evolving no fear or if you even have any move forward with right action in spite of it and the universe will come to your assistance most people do not understand that principle and are not acting in that capacity and that's why we're losing because we don't have that level of courage even in the truth community if everyone had my level of courage and this is not an arrogant or egotistical statement as it is simply a true statement if everyone had my level of courage we would already be free there would be no tyranny we would be free now the problem is is we have not worked upon ourselves significantly enough to develop that level of required courage and that's the problem all right so i hope that answers uh kelly's great question about masks thank you kelly let's go to another email let's see um let's see all right my question for you is masks have been mandated in my prominent province in quebec canada i've not worn one who will not wear one in any context i agree and i neither will i people i love and care for are fearful and lack the courage to not comply exactly what i was just talking about very synchronistic then i would come to this email now what do you recommend for these people how can they become brave and bold and not comply to this psyop well once again what is the factor that eventually leads to courage what do they lack psychologically that will lead to true courage they lack true self-respect self-respect truly is the only thing that will ever inspire a person to not comply with evil why don't they have self-respect again this is going low on the totem pole or the tree of evil okay you need to look at my broad my presentation i'm sorry or you can go into my extended form of it which is referred to as cosmic abandonment this all goes down into areas of deep seated psychological trauma brought about by bad parenting these people ultimately had bad parenting and or were abandoned in some form or fashion by their parents it does not mean that they had to be physically abandoned or left alone by their parents they could have been psychologically abandoned emotionally abandoned mentally abandoned not given any good information morally abandoned okay there are many different forms of abandonment so self-respect often comes from abandonment issues psychologically which is very traumatic most people will never look at their abandonment issues from their bad parenting and they will simply have them deeply rooted nested subconsciously and they never bring them to the surface and they go you know what my parents didn't really do a good job raising me morally they never taught me morality my parents didn't do a good job giving me good food so that my brain would work well they bought the shittiest cheapest food they could find that's a form of abusiveness and or trauma right my parents were never really emotionally connectively connected with me they didn't really care about how i felt or what how what i was emotionally going through all they cared about was my physical comfort right i myself went through some of this you you have to recognize it you have to admit it you have to acknowledge it first that there's that problem and that you're traumatized by it then you have to work through it and you don't work through it just by blaming other people because again you can understand why it exists what the that person went through and then you can let go you don't even have to forgive you don't even have to forgive the person that conducted the trauma true forgiveness as i as i have described it spiritually is a two-way street that person has to be sorry and recognize what they did at a conscious level and then they have to apologize for it and then say they'll never do it again and prove that they won't do it again through their behavior then you could slowly trust them and forgive them that's what real forgiveness is real forgiveness doesn't go oh i don't know whether you change or not but you're forgiven that's bullshit new age forgiveness okay real forgiveness means the person's truly sorry and they've made true amends to try to repair the damage that they have done letting go however is different spiritually right so that means the person may not be repentant the person may not even have acknowledged their wrongdoing but you're going to let it go you're good you're going to acknowledge it and say here's what they did i acknowledge what they did i understand the harm it caused and i understand that they did it and i was a child and i was traumatized by it that's called working through your trauma and grief subconsciously and bringing it from the subconscious mind up to the level of the conscious so that you can actually work with that shadow material that is no longer buried this is often what addicts cannot do and why they go deeper in depression and addiction but this is what most of society is wrestling with and cannot bring themselves to do because you have to tell hard truths to yourself and it's fucking painful and it's nasty material that you don't want to drudge up and you don't want to look at and you don't want to confront it's called dealing with the fear that's deep inside your heart and mind and wrestling and struggling with it in black ugly muck and mud you know but if you do that there's spiritual gold on the other side you know because you're dealing with who you really are and you're understanding i'm like this because of this you know this is what led and informed my behavior and why i behave the way i behave why i am a coward and why i am lazy and why i am apathetic and why why i am ignorant and i had to do all these things because i was all that i was trash i was the kind of trash people that i was talking about in the past i had to admit that to myself i had to conquer my ego by admitting that and accepting it and going through the long hard tragic dark night of the soul in which i went deeper into depression deeper into self-loathing but then realize here's the underlying causal factor reasons this is what the shadow work is folks there's no magic button there's no magic pill there's no magic technique you don't do a little bit of meditation sitting in a lotus position and all of a sudden that magically goes the fuck away it doesn't work like that it's hard deep painful mock work that no one wants to do it's getting grimy and dirty in your own muck and sleaze and acknowledging what a total piece of garbage in many ways in different aspects and areas of your psychology and your mental and emotional and spiritual makeup you have become and acknowledging that all of that is there and then you have to start right there that's where you begin you don't deny it and you don't refuse to accept it you accept all of it and take on the full brunt of that personal responsibility deep within the self then you start self work how many people can honestly say they have gone through that process and kept going through it very very very very few okay so that is the unfortunate answer to that question about what will create self-respect leading to self-courage is that level of shadow work best of luck inspiring it that's the real alchemical magic see that's why i put this work out to people and tell them that don't blow smoke up other people's ass and tell them it's going to be easy it is going to be the hardest thing you have ever had to do you will need to sit with yourself and acknowledge the worst parts of you that's the answer you didn't want to hear that one but that's the truth all right let's go to one more caller uh mifala i believe i'm pronouncing that correctly miphala mephila what's up mark hey you're alive welcome yes i can got you i was told i got eight minutes so i wanna talk about the importance of starting at podcast number one yes um so i've stumbled upon your work right after i got out of my new age funk after waking up to a bunch of truths about reality and i found your natural law seminar and i binged that twice okay and i've watched it a few times since then i was like why don't i start a podcast i started the podcast right and um anyone who's listening has not started at podcast one gotta explain how vital that is because you pack so much you break down reality as a whole and no one does no one does as well as you do first of all um thank you i appreciate that yes i appreciate you saying that thank you yes um and you know you've put me onto the great work and i i so what i learned and what i want to emphasize here is uh i'm just going to nail a few things you cute uh things you have wait we have less than three minutes so i'm just giving making you all the time you got it well all right vitriol the importance of vitriol uh the power differential worldview healing uh objective reality courage sovereignty of the mind body and spirit internal monarchy external anarchy natural law leads to god gnosis your beliefs are irrelevant and what your work does and the way you present it in the podcast specifically you start at level one and uh you ease people into the ability to take it to level 100 or infinity it was very meticulously calculated and formulated as a stepwise initiatory progression from someone coming at this with very very little knowledge that is where i began so i appreciate you acknowledging that and uh explaining that to the current viewership or listenership thank you right one quick comment sure i would be a cultural marxist with no knowledge of self on the streets right now with antifa or i would be a new ager meditating and praying in my room ignoring objective reality and not doing great work you know just my friend that is that is powerful that's powerful for me to hear and that that gives me some hope and and makes me feel a little bit good inside so thank you that's really powerful to hear yes yes sir thank you um if you if you want to hear more about my story and how you helped um i am monad of creation on instagram hit me up i i noticed you're on there a lot but i i would love to just let you know you know you've put your mind heart and body into this your soul like your your soul into this great work and this is fun people need to see the the uh the balance so keep vitriol and love you know you can you gotta have both you gotta know how to do both so much thanks to you mark thank you you literally saved so many people from an imbalanced world to you and appreciate you brother thank you brother i really appreciate you saying that and uh continue moving forward with your contribution to the great work great to hear ladies and gentlemen that's all the time that we have on this edition of what on earth is happening so um i want to reiterate um please go back watch all the podcasts in order at your own pace that's where you'll get the maximum benefit incredible callers as always on this question and answer session i think um even the email you know we're going to continue that as a practice here on what on earth is happening and i'll i'll try to cover these in future episodes uh all the uh questions that people have you can fire questions away to questions that what on earth is happening dot com i think there'll probably be thousands of questions that'll pile up in that inbox for sure right remember ladies and gentlemen government is slavery and we'll see you right here next week thank you for watching [Music] [Applause] [Music] is [Music] don't you ever [Applause] [Music] you