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Welcome, one and all...

This Wiki provides transcriptions of Mark Passio's What-on-earth-is-happening podcasts as well as bulk downloads of podcasts and slides. A transcription is the attempt of transforming the spoken record into a well-formatted script (speech-to-text) for easier consumption. Feel free to make use of this transcriptions by creating your own content, e.g. by translating them 1:1 in your native language. I hope this critical knowledge will spread!

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I need your help! You may have already noticed, most of these transcriptions were auto-generated by algorithms. Of course, this is only the first step on a long road! Following tasks have to be done:

  • Add punctuation marks
  • Remove unnecessary information, like the intro or event announcements. Put a tiny placeholder instead like [INTRO]
  • Correct wrong recognized words
  • Improve text by correcting slips of the tongue and remove redundancy

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