Cosmic Abandonment

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well Chris thank you very much for posting me this evening and I want to thank everybody in the audience for attending with that said I'm gonna get started my presentation today is called cosmic abandonments an explanatory synthesis regarding human origins psychopathy slavery and the current psychological and social conditions of humanity I want to point out here this term an explanatory synthesis okay we're not talking about absolute proof here there will be some conjecture all right we're talking about a synthesis of information that come brought together explains is is an active framework or model for the current human condition that's what this presentation is intended as I would like to respectfully dedicate this presentation to the memory of Lloyd Pye if anybody is not familiar with this gentleman you need to be okay his work is invaluable and unfortunately the truth community has lost this truth warrior this week he passed away this week from cancer so again I'd like to respectfully dedicate this presentation to the memory of Lloyd Pye I'll start with a quote from Aristotle the philosopher he said it is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it and with that in mind I'd like to give a disclaimer for this presentation the information contained in this presentation does not constitute a proof I'm coming right out in the open and saying that Nora wasn't my intention to attempt to provide a proof here today okay proof of anything of such magnitude we're covering all aspects of such topics could not possibly be accomplished within the limited confines of a two-hour presentation also please recognize that I am NOT attempting to convince anyone to accept or believe anything contained in this presentation I am asking those here today and watching on video those with an open mind to seriously consider this explanatory model by asking questions and researching these topics for your because that's the only way we're going to come to the truth about anything this is my third foray into the field of ufology in the form of a formal presentation the first two that I gave I gave this back in 2010 it was called don't count on disclosure and I went through all the reasons why not to expect disclosure from any kind of official channels the second presentation was called morality and disclosure and it involved the moral issues that are central to the ongoing cover-up of extraterrestrial intelligence and the UFO phenomenon in general so this is my third active foray into ufology I'm going to give it in three basic parts three sections an introduction and then three three parts okay so this is the introduction it's called starting from where we were left off and you understand what I mean by this as we go on but when I say starting from where we left off I mean this is actually a continuation of my work that I've done in in other areas like in what on earth is happening podcast series on my radio shows the interviews that I do on other people's shows my video presentations etc I always give this caveat at the beginning of all my presentations there's five essential boxes for human consciousness there's five things that shut human consciousness down five models that tend to keep people rigidly inside of their walls okay and if you're inside these these boxes you're not going to expand your awareness to understand the actual truth of what's going on in our world and those five boxes are politics okay so if anybody identifies with left or right conservative Republican you know a concern Liberal Democratic cetera going to be sorely disappointed with this presentation religion in general and by this I mean the cultural religions of the world scientism not what I call real science but what I call ultra rigid skepticism in the form of quote unquote science that's peddled for modern science in today's world and of course the New Age movement which I've done a lot of recent exposure of the the fifth one is the monetary system in general the general belief in money period so if anybody is coming at they're looking at the world their whole paradigm or worldview from any one of these boxes good luck because you're already putting yourself in a limited confines and I don't think you know many people who are coming at looking at reality from one of these five perspectives is going to take a whole lot away from this presentation because it's coming at it from a closed-minded perspective to begin with and again I would recommend not trying to filter this presentation through any one of these boxes if you do you're not going to get much value out of it what I highly recommend is to try to shed these as much as possible to the extent that any of you here today we're watching on video or in these boxes and to really do that what you're really saying is I'm not going to I'm not going to stay in my comfort zone I'm actually going to search for the truth that lies beneath okay that's not really contained in any of those that goes way beyond any of those five boxes all right so with that in mind saying starting from where we left off my other work really covers that the current human condition is slavery okay if when people ask me what my work is about I tell them it's about slavery and how to end it okay slavery and how to end it and that usually gets people's attention that perks them up a little bit and you know puts the minute in a mode that you know they can understand where I'm coming from usually and you know for people who don't understand this is the case of the world they're also going to find this presentation difficult alright so a kind of a second disclaimer for those who do not already deeply understand that the current human condition is slavery and I'm starting with that as matter of fact I'm not asking anyone to believe that I'm telling you it's true I'm stating it factually that's the case okay I fully recognize that at this point in time if you don't understand our condition is slavery you may not even be able to consider with an open mind much of the information in this presentation due to a lack of prerequisite knowledge meaning if you don't understand that I'm telling people upfront you haven't done your homework and you don't understand where we're at right now so therefore hearing what I'm about to say this is like the advanced class let's put it that way okay so if people don't already understand this it's going to be very difficult to hear what I'm going to say here today all right for those who haven't come to that understanding this is a great site this is my website go up to this site listen to podcasts in order and your entire paradigm will shift if you have an open mind if you could take that information in with an open mind and an open heart and do your own due diligence I think you'll start to understand the big picture of what's going on on this planet so check out what on earth is happening calm in what on earth is happening calm the main question that I have delve into up to this point is why is this the heart current human condition why is the current human condition slavery trying to get at the underlying causal factors that have led to the condition that we are in now okay so all my previous work has dealt with that question why are we in a condition of slavery all right and the answer to that is provided on that site now what I'm going to do here is go even beyond that question here today but I want to just summarize briefly as as quickly as it can be summarized I'm gonna turn to summarize the answer to that question in for basically four short sentences or five sentences okay the reason that humanity is enslaved is it does not understand natural law it does not understand the spiritual laws that govern the universe okay and I call this natural law of these this body of nat of laws that ultimately govern behavior I call it I group it under this umbrella term natural law okay here's what natural law essentially is natural law is the body of universal non man-made binding and immutable laws which act as the governing dynamics for the consequences of human behavior now that's a you know a lot to say there in one breath I say it's non man-made laws that already exist in creation ultimately act as the governing dynamics for the behaviors that we choose to enact all right that's what natural law is now humanity doesn't understand natural law in the aggregate there are individuals who do but the aggregate body of humanity is completely ignorant of natural law it's why we're enslaved understanding natural law what is meant by that it means truly having conscience which is the definitive knowledge of the objective difference between morally right behavior and morally wrong behavior that is what it means to understand natural law okay living in harmony with natural law okay is different than understanding it one can even understand it and not actually accept it and enact it and live in harmony with it living in harmony with it means exercising one's conscience or in other words willfully choosing morally right behavior over morally wrong behavior once that difference is clearly understood when human beings in the aggregate the species lives in harmony with natural law and are therefore moral again in the aggregate it doesn't mean the just the individual when the aggregate of the species lives in harmony with natural law and therefore exhibit moral behavior they become and remain free when human beings live in opposition to natural law and are therefore amoral they become and remain enslaved that's how the dynamic of freedom versus slavery works and this is what I call the law of freedom that is the law of freedom it has everything to do with morality and is totally inextricably connected with morality and can never be separated from it okay that's natural law in a nutshell and about as quickly as it can be you know condensed I also talked about this concept the one true divide that there is only one true divide that separates humanity into two distinct types of individuals the criterion for this divide is whether or not an individual believes authority and therefore believes that there is legitimacy to slavery someone who believes in authority believes that there is legitimacy to slavery again I'm not asking anyone to believe this I'm telling you that's the fact of the matter that is the reality okay and this is where my other work leaves off explaining that this is the divide that needs to be bridged all the other things that allegedly separate humanity race class sex related religion all this they're all divide and conquer strategies this is the real divide where there really is two groups of actual different kinds of people on the earth that's the real divide and that's the criterion that separates them whether they believe in authority vested in human beings these are the two groups of people that that embody the divide okay these are means that I put in another presentation of mine the status and the anarchists okay the status and exemplified by a police officer say you know what this mean saying the brillant statism is the brilliant idea that we give a small group of people the right to kidnap imprison harass steal from and kill people so that we can be protected from people who kidnap her a steal and kill people okay and you know the mean that I found this mean this great mean what the anarchists represented by you know the archetypal figure of Jesus saying that I'm an anarchist but most of my followers are status meaning I don't believe in slavery yet most of my followers do so really what we're really talking about these are euphemisms okay these are just euphemisms words that we use as euphemisms this is what it really means this is the real meaning this is someone who supports slavery and this is someone who opposes slavery that's all it really comes down to those are the two kinds of people in the world the supporters of slavery whether they understand that that's the case or not and those who oppose slavery in all of its forms at which case I am I oppose slavery in all of its forms okay what this presentation is going to be about is what happened okay such that we do not understand natural law why are we in the mental state or the condition that people do not have a fundamental grasp of that truth that I just put up there and I'm not telling you again it's true because I believe it I'm telling you it's true because that is the universal law of creation and all anybody can ever do is discover it or not understand it it is there and what I just stated is true okay so what we're gonna look at here today is why are most people so unconscious that they don't understand that okay why do they refuse to live in harmony with natural law they refuse to understand natural law why are they so unconscious that they fail to recognize the rampant presence of evil in the modern day in their myths all around them and they just ignore it why are they so unconscious that they will willfully participate in such evil either directly or indirectly okay and this is where my other presentations have left off and I've been very tight-lipped about the things I'm going to talk about here today so far okay because it's this has all been preparing the way for this understanding of the the six years of work that I've been doing over the last six years that's a long time to stay tight-lipped about something - okay so my other work has left off with with this with this understanding I'm sorry I accidentally backed up the slide here let me just move this forward again I apologize for that the the this whole psychological framework this model that I've built up in my other work I've termed the UH the reasons why we're in this condition the tree of evil okay that's what this right side of the present of this slide represents okay now you have to envision this model at the top of the model at the top of this tree of evil there's all the leaves and the twigs okay and these are the fruits these are the expressions that happen after the fact okay and the top expression is willful ignorance people refusing to look into the truth for themselves willfully staying ignorant okay now people will say well isn't that the route isn't that the root cause no that's the expression that follows the root cause well what lies beneath that what's the bigger branches of this tree of evil beneath willful ignorance people have a fundamental fear of owning their own personal responsibility we don't want to be truly responsible for our own behavior we want to pass the buck we want to pass the responsibility on to others and say no that's this isn't us doing this to ourselves it isn't it isn't our anse ability it's someone else's responsibility okay so the fear of owning personal responsibility goes deeper in the psychological framework for why people are willfully ignorant now something underlies that there's a reason people have fear of owning their own personal responsibility okay and that word is what I would call the trunk of the tree of evil the trunk of the tree is self-loathing humanity is a species that hates itself ultimately deep deep deep down inside nested into the deep underneath of the the the the subconscious mind we are a self-loathing species okay there and that's due to a lack of self-respect we don't have self-respect because we don't have enough understanding of self we don't have self-knowledge we don't have enough understanding of consciousness now what we're going to talk about here today is what is the root of the tree of evil at the very bottom of this psychological framework something underlies all of this a question and again I've asked people please hold your questions till the end and we will adjourn to the the Biergarten on south street Brauhaus that take questions and have more discussion but I will occasionally ask the audience a question okay can anyone please tell me what general group of people this psychological framework is typical of in general there is a class of human beings that display just being ignorant fearing to own their own personal responsibility and lacking a lot of self respect for themselves because they don't really know a lot about themselves yet children thank you sir children this exemplifies someone who is not psychologically mature okay who has not psychologically and spiritually grown up okay so this is the group that we're really talking about we're not talking about actual children again we're talking about psychological children spiritual children questions at the end please okay now what kind of children display these particular symptoms psychologically if you will okay actually that's a good answer because I would say that gangsters and want to be gangsters exemplify this psychological issue that I'm going to be talking about the answer here is abandonment issues parental abandonment issues people who have in some form or another been let down or completely abandoned by the parental figures in their lives and I would suggest everybody in this room and everybody watching has abandonment issues in some form or fashion or another whether they even want to admit it or not on my podcast in the future I'll be talking about my own abandonment issues because I had them I would every if you had them you have them and it means you're either dealing with them and you're healing them or you're not okay and largely what this presentation is going to be about as those who are not dealing with them and not healing them okay so we're going to get deeply into what that is all about people here today coming from the UFO area as this is the Philadelphia UFO meetup group you know will say well what in the god's name does this have to do foreshadowing there have to do with these guys what does this have to do with the entire UFO phenomenon you know what could it possibly what could all these psychological issues he's talking about it possibly have to do with UFOs well I'm telling you here I'm gonna tell you here today it has everything to do with this phenomenon regardless of what you think that phenomenon is okay I'm not gonna get into all the details about necessarily specifically what it is and get into the debate so is it extra dimensional is it demonic is it yet your terrestrial okay but we're talking about the effect upon the human psyche that the involvement of these beings whatever their nature may be has had upon humanity okay the questions that I'm going to explore in this presentation are as follows why are there so many ancient accounts of extraterrestrial visitation to our planet also similar in the events they described yet all of them are just readily dismissed by modern academia as merely fantasy and myth and I'm going to suggest no they are not fantasy and myth they're historical accounts we just don't want to admit there's their historical accounts because of the implications that that would bring up for Humanity okay our human beings actually the progeny of an extraterrestrial species that came forth to earth came to the earth millennia ago as some ancient historical accounts suggest were human beings created by extraterrestrial entities as a hybrid slave species for unknown purposes related to an alien agenda other questions to be explored did our extraterrestrial parents inadvertently create a host of genetic defects in the human genome in our species including primary psychopathy as a direct result of the imprecise genetic modification techniques they employed then our extraterrestrial forebears provide to us our systems of governments money and mijin and to what ends that they do so what end did they provide these systems to us for what effect there are cosmic parents quote unquote disappearance have upon the collective human psyche and how significant are all of these events to understanding the current psychological conditions in which humanity currently exists what does humanity need to understand to rectify the deeply seeded psychological trauma that it has accumulated over millennia as a direct result of its quote troubled childhood these are the questions to be explored part 1 the story of our past now in researching this whole topic over the many years that I've done so you know I've come across some excellent researchers I'm going to talk about a lot of them later on this is a guy who's a direct experience or many people who are into the UFO phenomena will know this guy met him personally I've spoken with him I've been on discuss a discussion panel with him this guy is one of the greatest guys out there in the whole field of ufology I personally believe his story okay and I just think he has incredible insight into the psychological issues behind the UFO phenomenon as well his name is Travis Walton people can check out his book fire in the sky in that book he says this quote I have come to realize that the biggest problem anywhere in the world is that people's perceptions of reality are compulsively filtered through the screening mesh of what they want and do not want to be true which is the worst way to research or look for the truth about anything hey if I wanted this to be true okay I'd have to be pretty crazy all right I don't want what I'm about to come up here and tell you today to be true I go wherever the truth or the research or the facts lead and then adjust my perception accordingly not the other way around trying to stuff the truth into your perceptions good luck with that enjoy what you get on the other side of that is what you're gonna get on the other side of that is no clarity no understanding okay you have to go where the truth leads and you have to put aside your personal perception this screening mesh as Walton calls it of what you want to be true we're not the arbiters of truth folks the truth exists independently from us and it is there for us to discover or to remain ignorant of keep that in mind as a theme going forward all right another quote from the spiritualist Anthony de Mello he said it is a great mystery that though the human heart longs for the truth in which it alone finds liberation and delight the first reaction of human beings to truth is one of hostility and fear and I expect it to be no different I expect to go into a long line of researchers who have been attacked and have had people just totally launch ad hominem attacks against them instead of looking into the information that they're talking about fine I'll accept going onto that chopping block with great pride because I'll join a host of characters that actually have character okay and I'll go into that group gladly okay yes yep still a couple of seats up here and back here so come on up so with that in mind what we're actually going to be talking about here is occult information how many people here expected today to be hearing about the occult coming to this Meetup oh great so okay that surprises me because that's good more and more people I think are starting to understand what this is really about that this is about the occult and this is about occulted knowledge but you know going into the the derivation of words the etymology of words what occult actually means is it's derived from the latin adjective occultus ocultist means hidden okay ocultist the latin adjective means hidden and the latin adjective occultist in turn comes from the latin verb occult or a occult re as a verb means to hide to conceal or to keep secret so when we're talking about information that has been halted you know when people hear the word occult they think about stuff like this and I'm not telling you that it's not part of the occult because it is but we're really get at the root meaning of the word and the root meaning of the word is hidden occult means hidden knowledge knowledge that has been occulted has been hidden from other people's view for a reason okay and that reason is as follows such knowledge has been deliberately hidden in order to create and maintain a power differential between those who hold that knowledge and those who are ignorant of it we've all heard the term the phrase knowledge is power okay well when you want to lock certain group of people have a lot of knowledge and they hide that or hold it back or dissuade other people from looking into that body of knowledge that's creating a power differential between those two groups between the knowledgeable and the ignorant so you have to look at it as a hierarchical pyramid structure okay well at the top of the pyramid there is knowledge being held by few people and they're exploiting those at the bottom of that hierarchical structure or pyramid which lack that knowledge the ignorant masses again when I started doing research into all these topics you're going to realize hundreds of ancient accounts of what I'm about to get into today exists and instead of going into all of the myriad of different quotes and different texts that I could bring up and you know we could talk about a couple of them you have things like the the Numa Elish you have things like the Vedas the histories of the Dogon people the Popol Vuh the Sumerian cuneiform tablets of course the cylinder seals of the Sumerians in the Akkadian text the srimad-bhagavatam of the industry Indaba mahabharata the book of enoch a huge text that deals with these topics the histories of the Zulu Zulu tribe in Africa instead of going into specific accounts what I'm going to do here today is to try to aggregate this information and tell a generalized paraphrased account okay up front I'm explaining that's what I'm going to do this is a generalized paraphrased accounting of what I feel from all of these ancient texts actually occurred in the ancient past mainstream historians archeology anthropologists and academia want to tell you all of these things are just the imagination of primitive people's okay what I'm trying to explain is that these are not tales being woven okay these are historical accounts they're being trying to be meticulously preserved as much as these people were capable of doing they would have went through the enormity of trouble to write down and preserve these things if they were not histories okay they're not missed or not fairy tales they're not legends they're what happened here in the ancient past okay so with that in mind let's get into this general paraphrased account because that's all I have time to do okay at some point in the ancient past extraterrestrial beings and again you could think of it in whatever nature you want I don't care if you think of it act extra dimensional as interdimensional as demonic whatever nature you want to ascribe to this they were non-human they're not from the earth so non-human not from the earth I'm just grouping that under the banner extraterrestrial meaning from beyond the earth okay extraterrestrial beings often described as God's supernatural entities Giants or watchers depending on what account you're reading who the ancient Sumerians called the Anunnaki that's the term I'm going to use for them in this presentation because the Sumerian accounts of these beings are probably the best known okay and that that term Anunnaki means those who came to Earth from the heavens that's what the word means now why would they even have a word that meant those who came to the earth from the heavens okay if they weren't dealing with actual beings okay that that happened so they arrived on the earth in the distant past their primary mission according to some of these texts and according to certain scholars who have studied them was to obtain gold for purposes which we don't fully understand I'm also not going to get into that argument here today in this in this lecture some people say it was to repair their atmosphere I feel and I'm going to talk about a little bit later Gold has properties that we don't really understand we don't really really even know what it is okay this mission to obtain this gold was led by two brothers in these accounts in the Sumerian accounts they were named n ki and and little they were sons they were royalty they were sons of the Sumerian king on their homeworld and his name was on new a and u after their arrival these beings started putting many of their own people to work in mining excavations in the area of the world that we now call southern Africa southeastern Africa specifically a region which they called the AB zu AB Sioux in Sumerian means the deep now people will say that that meant spiritual waters I'm suggesting that it actually meant under the earth or somewhere deep underneath something in the underground like a mine like a subterranean mine or cavern okay after realizing that they did not have enough manual laborers on this mission to obtain the quantities of gold they required their leader and key devised a plan to create a slave species by genetically modifying an existing hominid species that was indigenous to the earth the the Anunnaki would use these new slave species to do their gold-mining work for them in this cylinder seal you see n key here who is depicted as the Lord of the waters he was also called the god of earth key is the name for earth in their tradition in the sumerian tradition and key means God of Earth okay so he was also the god of the waters or the seas okay and here you see the this area here represents the absolute okay and you see another Anunnaki the Anunnaki are going to be depicted by these conical conical hats that there had always depicted wearing we'll look into that later okay and you see one of the workers here in one in the Absa all right this plan is summarized in the following exchange between the two brothers Anke says the beings we need already exist they live in the Abu walk erect on two legs my son ninja Zita has tested their DNA which they called the life essence and it is similar to ours we can combine our DNA or life essence with theirs to create primitive workers who are intelligent enough to understand our commands and handle our tools and they will do the mining work for us and relief will come to our people and little said answered to his brother slavery was abolished long ago on our planet tools are our slaves not other beings you are suggesting creating a new species which did not previously exist such creative power belongs to God alone so his brother is horrified by this plan to create a slave species he's saying you're trying to play God that's not why we're here okay and again these are the two brothers there's an key and I believe that's a depiction of Enlil okay this plan is summarized in the following change this is continued and he replies to his brother they won't be slaves but helpers see the euphemism here that he's using they're not gonna be slaves they'll be helpers we won't be creating a new species but taking one that already exists and giving them more ability by making them more in our image and likeness okay again we're gonna hear a lot of quotes that go hand-in-hand with biblical accounts alright this can be achieved with only slight changes to their life essence and no replies this isn't to my liking and it's forbidden by our mission plan our purpose was to obtain gold not to play God the Anunnaki decided to put the matter before on new their King and on their planet Anu convened the Council of elders who ultimately decided to go ahead with the plan to create these workers after many failed attempts and I believe some of these failed attempts were depicted by the Sumerians here's Anki again which Anunnaki helpers bringing one of these hybrid failed chimera species before him who he's going to say you know dispatch this it's an abomination it didn't the genetic hybridization we're doing did not work okay he's saying uh well after many failed attempts the Anunnaki successfully created a hybrid finally by fertilizing the ovum of an earth female with the sperm from an Anunnaki male and inserting the fertilized egg into the womb of an Anunnaki female artificial insemination in other words a male hybrid was born and was named Adam ooh and again you'll see the similarity to the biblical term Adam okay the first man this was the first hybrid species created by these beings a lot of movements one who is like the clay from the earth one who is like Earth's clay or Earth's dirt Hey they then created a female hybrid so that the new worker species could procreate on their own so that they could obtain the numbers they needed to do the mining work they called the female hybrid TIA mots after the ancient planet from our solar system which was partially destroyed in a celestial collision in the ancient past what we now know as the asteroid belt they took this the prototype workers which they called the this species lu lu lu lu lu they took the prototype workers to a place called Eden which many researchers believe is in western Iraq near the Anunnaki base which they called arid ooh okay they were to be bred there in mass numbers but the Anunnaki breeding program did not work as expected because the female workers turned out to be incapable of bearing children and here you see a depiction of this chick genetic hybridization the tree is always the GN the DNA the life essence was always depicted by the Tree of Life here you see a human probably the tema species the feminine hybrid worker being created by the female geneticist in their laboratory which was always depicted by the Sumerians as being a working place with many clay vessels which you could look at as test tubes okay meanwhile the Anunnaki workers in the minds of the odds were running out of patience and were on the brink of mutiny whose they were being worked so hard many people called these workers the AGG which were like a subclass or a worker race that the Anunnaki brought with them on their mission to mine resources from other worlds okay Anke decided to have his son Ning azita sink sequenced the genome of adamantium ah the Lulu species to determine why they weren't procreating alright so the DNA of these hybrids was eventually sequenced and compared with the DNA of the Anunnaki it was discovered that the hybrids had a total of 22 pairs of chromosomes in their genome but they lacked two chromosomes that was necessary for procreation on their own a pair of chromosomes were taken from the Anunnaki and spliced into the Lulu's DNA okay so uh this again is Anunnaki geneticists working with the sequence or expanded DNA tree what they called the life essence or tree of life this genetic manipulation is described in the following account Ning Necedah caused a deep sleep to descend upon an keen in mah adamantium mountain in mah another one of the geneticist Anunnaki he then extracted DNA from the rib of Enki and inserted it into the rib of Adam who again this dovetails and goes hand-in-hand with the biblical accounts of human humanity being you know created or other groups of human beings being created from the rib of Adam okay he then extracted DNA from the rib of nimah and insert it into the rib of Tiamat he then awakened the four of them and said 2n key to chromosomes have been added to their DNA they are now capable of procreating on their own the new hybrids were returned to the orchards of the Eden where they became aware of their nakedness and ability to procreate Tiamat made aprons of leaves for them to wear so they could be distinguished from the other animals again this dovetails almost exactly with the tales from Genesis and lo was still furious with his brother and with the entire plan to create a slave species as shown in the following exchange and they'll says to Enki the whole plan wasn't to my liking I was against the idea of playing God and you told me that all we needed to do was to modify these beings slightly in order to create the workers we needed but now they've been given our genetics so they will be able to procreate on their own and have our long lifespan niggas eater the geneticist replied they were given the ability to procreate on their own but the chromosome that gives us our long lifespan was not added to their genome and key replies what choice that we have to his brother to end our mission in failure or to do what was necessary and by giving them the ability to procreate that our new workers undertake our labor for us so Enlil finally capitulates to the plan goes along with it begrudgingly and he says well then if that's the only way to do it then let them be expelled from the Eden to the absolu where they are needed to do the mining this is the expulsion from the garden or in other words the fall of man story told in much more detail and emphasis in the Sumerian accounts and again here you see Anke along with and I might have to change my battery folks you may have to bear with me cuz I think my battery died now there it goes okay it's back let me just go back step back to that slide briefly there you see again n key the God in in these accounts meeting with you know possibly want to be geneticist and this is the tree of life or the DNA essence being worked with the new slave species proved to be too intelligent still and therefore too difficult to control and this this is my conjecture it was probably either because of the infusion of the extraterrestrial DNA that they received that made them too intelligent or possibly because the geneticists that did this hybridization left too much of the native earth species the indigenous hominid DNA in the genome whatever whatever reason the mixture was not right and the beings were still too intelligent okay so other modifications were eventually made to that the worker species DNA to dumb them down even further to make them more easily controllable this further genetic modification resulted in large portions of disconnected and non-coding DNA in the human genome which modern scientists have often called junk DNA I don't think it's anything but junk DNA it's non-coding DNA that was possibly deliberately disconnected okay deliberately made non-coding this process may also have resulted in the four thousand plus genetic defects in the modern human genome including primary psychopathy which I'm going to talk about a little bit later just look at this recreation of a stelae out of this the ancient Sumerian culture okay clearly these giant beings enslaving normal human beings having them on chains okay stepping on them and putting them to work in the absolute which this region is the pick that I was putting them to work in the mining regions to me it's very clear let me just tell you something folks all of this will be debated and debunked it's all been debunked all of it's been debunked okay this will be no different and I fully recognize and understand that and I don't care one bit to me this model makes more sense than anything else we've been told and it's there in the ancient accounts if we want to stop looking at it as myth and legend and start looking at it as a historical account but it's all been debunked and you could find 10 billion ways that it's been debunked and I would suggest the people who are these debunkers so I'm going to talk about a little later on their psychological children who don't want to deal with the implications of this information that's all they don't want it to be true that's that's the only reason they continue to debunk it it's not that they they want to look and find the truth they don't care about what the truth is they want to keep their tenure in their universities in academia okay they want their books to continue to sell because they're looked at as the leading authorities on the particular subjects that they talk about they don't give a damn about what's true at all at all okay so with that having been said let's move on Genesis chapter 11 describes this further degradation of early humans the whole earth was of one language in one speech and the children of men said let us build a city and a tower whose top may reach unto heaven and the Lord came down to see the city and the tower which the children of men had built and the Lord said Behold the people are one and they all have one language and this is what they begin to do nothing which they can imagine will be impossible for them to do soon so let us go down and confound their language that they may not understand each other speech and from that time forward the Lord scattered them upon the face of the whole earth and they stopped building the city of course this is the biblical account of the building of the Tower of Babel and its subsequent destruction by God I would suggest this is the human species that was too intelligent the worker species that was too intelligent and was further dumbed down by the gods by confounding their language the language that we are all made of which is DNA okay be Anunnaki continued their efforts to control the new slave species and to put them to work in the most efficient ways possible they greatly differ on the best ways to do this see so they wanted efficient workers this should sound familiar as well that's what the ruling class still wants efficient workers they don't want smart informed intelligent people who understand what's going on they want efficient workers okay so that's what the Anunnaki were looking for they just had debates and an arguments amongst themselves and what was the best way to do that that you want direct brutal overt control or do you want to make the human workers appear as though they were in control did you want to give them systems where oh you'll have some responsibility over this other group of people you'll be in charge did you want to do it through the covert control making the slaves believe that they some of them were in charge so that was the debate that went on between them they greatly differ on the best ways to do this so a deeper divide for him between the commanding brothers and lyl who hated the whole plan from its inception preferred to rule the humans with an iron fist which he felt would successfully end the mission as soon as possible allowing him to return to the anunnaki homeworld and assume their throne while he you know he was the first in succession because of certain types of succession rights that they had on their planet and when they went back he was going to actually become king after his father on 'u n ki the the the other brother on the other hand who came up with the plan to begin with he looked at human beings are this new slave worker species as his own creation like a father might look at his children okay his method of control was indirect or covert he gave to the worker species different systems of belief including religions governments and monetary systems in order to get them to comply with the Anunnaki commands willing by allowing some of the humans to believe the notion that they were in control so that's what these systems were for but belief systems including religion government and monetary systems some depictions of the gods giving the the human you know chosen class their systems of control so that that a a certain group a smaller subsection of humanity would then direct and exert control over the larger masses of humanity and therefore would make the the extraterrestrial beings work easier for them again here's an key and here's you know him giving the obviously smaller and subservient human beings approaching his throne some technology eventually Anunnaki males began to take human females as sexual partners and offspring were born that were another hybrid species with more Anunnaki DNA they were referred to as demigods as they were not fully uh knock II quote unquote gods nor were they fully human this interbreeding is described in Genesis chapter 6 and it came to pass when men began to multiply on the face of the earth and daughters were born unto them that the sons of God okay in other words Anunnaki saw the daughters of men were beautiful and they took wives of any of them which they chose and the Lord said my spirit shall not always strive with man for he is also mortal yet his days shall be no more than 120 years he is also mortal so he's saying here we may be mortal even though our lifespans are tremendous in comparison to theirs if we want to exert real control over these people we are how to make sure that they have a short lifespan they can't have anywhere near our lifespan again this goes hand-in-hand with the account of genetic hybridization I just spoke about okay there were giants in the earth in those days and the biblical term is nepheline and also afterward when the sons of God came unto the daughters of men and bared children with them the same their offspring in other words became mighty men of old the men of renown or in other words the God's again this is talked about in Greek mythological accounts as well while interbreeding with the new slave species was also forbidden by the Mission Plan the Anunnaki on the earth used this to their advantage by placing these quote demigod offspring into positions of royalty and authority on the earth so again they weren't full Anunnaki so they took them they put them on the earth they let them stay on the earth and they appointed them to positions of priesthood royalty and governmental authority on the earth to make it easier for them to control their slaves in this way they interfaced with and controlled the growing human population more easily and again here you see that I believe this is and little in in this plan and he's wearing might Bianchi and he's meeting with certain chosen demigods to basically appoint them to positions of royalty on the earth eventually in their competition to control the slave population skirmishes and even all-out Wars broke out on earth between different factions of gods and demigods trying to control their different sects different portions of the human population of the slave population which was exploding at this point into areas that the the original extraterrestrial beings did not even want human beings exploding into they couldn't control the population growth of their slave species and they were getting out of hand okay even the dumb-down mark2 variant of them so you know we read about in some of the ancient accounts like the the Vedas and the the Mahabharata you know about these wars between the gods and demigods and this is a picture of rendition of some of the crafts that are talked about in the Vedic tradition of Vimanas they're known as sometime later a cataclysmic Dell you swept over the earth wiping out much of humanity and this is debated was it a natural event wasn't deliberately created event but leaving small pockets of survivors some researchers believe this was a natural event which the Anunnaki knew was imminent but were incapable or unwilling to prevent some say they just allowed it to happen in agreed that just allow it to happen and get rid of this problem because they were nearing the completion of their mission okay others believe it resulted from a physical pole shift which was deliberately created deliberately caused by a faction of the Anunnaki led by Enlil using advanced technology in order to eradicate humanity a species which endows saw as an abomination that never should have existed in the first place okay so again it's the big debate between let it happen were made it happen that should sound familiar also nine eleven okay this was going on back then to Prelude the prelude to the deluge is described in Genesis six God saw that the wickedness of man was great upon the earth and that every thought of his heart was evil continuously now when you read the word God just put Enlil in there okay he saw that the wickedness of man was great he realized we done this species down we made a species we had no right to make we dumbed it down genetically so badly that they are a moral abomination they treat each other like horrific alee and even the demigods that that are people war with them treat them horrifically and little wonder to wipe them wipe it all out and that's what the whole biblical story in Genesis of the flood and the aftermath of the flood Ysabel they weren't putting animals on boats they're putting DNA animals two by two the essence the DNA so that a chosen group or a chosen family could repopulate the animals but not necessarily have enough of a genetic gene pool to repopulate humanity that was animals plan okay some people say it was Enki who wanted humanity to start up over again after this w's wiped out the planet because he looked at it as oh you know this is my these are my babies these are my children and he couldn't let it go but anyway God saw the wickedness of man was great upon the earth and every thought of his heart was evil continuously and repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth and it grieved him at his heart and the Lord said I will destroy man who I've created who I have created from the face of the earth repenteth me that I have made them but Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord in the in the Sumerian tells this was Nenita I believe was the name or an inert ax he says Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations again this means genes okay perfect in his generations means that his genome that he may have been a an anomaly that wasn't infected as badly with all of these other four thousand plus genetic defects in the genome that the rest of humanity was he may have analyzed some people's DNA and found they don't have all these defects they somehow magically escaped because of whatever type of breeding was done with them and he was perfect insofar as he didn't have those defects and God looked upon the earth and saw that it was corrupt and he said unto Noah the end of all flesh has come before me for the earth is filled with violence and behold I will destroy them all so I would suggest that's where this account actually came from the the Anunnaki mission plan was eventually completed they gathered their people when I say their people I mean the purebred Anunnaki I'm not talking about the demigods I believe they probably left them on the earth with the human beings as the royalty okay and left their systems with them that they gave to control the work or species they gathered their people and returned to their home planet leaving or wherever they came from if you want to debate it wasn't a planet it's another dimension again I don't I don't care to get into that debate okay but they left here leaving the traumatized surviving members of the human slave species along with the demigods in charge of them to repopulate the earth with the very social systems that the Anunnaki had provided to them ladies and gentlemen they left us home alone very appropriate for this time of the year a little bit of humor thrown in there for a serious situation so as not to make everybody completely DJ I'm going to take questions at the at the end but this is approximately 200,000 years ago some say that's when that occurred but again let's leave questions until the end please and I'll take questions if time permits if not we'll be a journey to a restaurant on South Street for further discussion part two the story of our present so what effect is this having on the current human population and what can this story that we've just heard explain that is seemingly inexplicable so in light of this extraterrestrial involvement in the human in human origins what seemingly inexplicable aspects of our modern world can be explained more readily I'm willing to suggest this following list of things that we see that are somewhat anomalous can be explained more readily ancient structures and artifacts especially ancient megalithic structures flaws in Darwinian theory which I do not subscribe the Darwinian Theory human genetic defects the origins of primary psychopathy which I've talked a lot about in my previous work religions were in general priests classes in general secret societies and darker cultists the origins of monetary systems human obsession with gold the concept of royalty or the Divine Right to rule and authority and government in general so let's look at these individually not necessarily in that order first of all let's look at how the Sumerians and other ancient cultures depicted these beings they depicted them in three ways or some say four ways okay the first was largely human but dressed completely differently than most other humans in Royal garb okay but you see that it's a human being or potentially a human underneath all right so he just had is dressed like a huge fish now they depicted them as fish birds serpents these are the three types of animals fish birds and serpents from different reasons again that this was like scales because that's what their skin was like it wasn't like our skin it looked like scaly skin if some people will say reptilian like okay they were depicted as the serpent beings or the the feathered serpents or the bird-like beings in many traditions so they were depicted with wings so you know again they're real visit the real image was forbidden and punishable by death no mark was to be left of how they really looked that was punishable by death in all these ancient cultures so human beings came up with more creative ways to depict the quote-unquote gods all right they gave them they depicted them as human or somewhat human but with wings showing that they were capable of flight through their technology and again you'll you'll see them always bearing a cone many of the times this is a symbol for knowledge enlightenment and also genetics knowledge of genetics and then they depicted them less human as half bird you know so and half human so a human-like body but with a bird head with wings they also depicted them as hybrid creatures as well showing here this is almost like a again an owl like this is inanna in the babylonian tradition this is Sargon okay again half fish half human and always with these big conical shaped heads with which we're going to get into again again birds fish again with scales and reptiles so that the third way that they depicted them is or fourth way as serpent beings so you'll see they always had the serpent on the third eye in many cases they were the serpent gods and I believe that this is just again a clever way the that this is Mike a Cobra you know an ancient Egyptian pharaoh depicted as a Cobra okay the Cobra headdress showing that they were serpents and again it's just it's an allegory to show these may have been beings that had skin like a snake or a serpent again these elongated heads that we're going to look into in more depth the most forbidden wade would to depict them was in the ways that were closest to how they may have actually looked people who made things like this probably were punished by death that they were found and that this is the idea of getting the idea you shall make no graven images that's where that comes down to in biblical terms okay other seemingly anomalous artifacts can be described here you have what looks like astronauts and these are like 2,500 years older or more okay I believe these are if I'm not mistaken Akkadian or a Syrian don't hold me to that though and look at this one clearly looking like a serpent or breathing through a gas mask of some kind clearly with technology on them now look at some I'm sorry let me go back a slide look at some of these elongated skulls okay now people will look at these and the first thing they're gonna say it's all been debunked cradle boarding okay these are not cradle boarded skulls I'm gonna try to prove that to you that these aren't cradle boarded all right these aren't human skulls and people will sell DNA tests have been done it their human DNA tests show that part of them is human okay so I'm not I'm not gonna tell you these are Anunnaki skulls I think these are demigod skulls again I believe the Anunnaki rounded up their people or if they did not they're certainly not living allowing them to die in perish on the earth but I do think these may be hybrids between the original beings and their creations which was forbidden for them to be doing but they did it anyway the sons of God coming unto the daughters of men so when we look at these skulls they only have one parietal plate all human beings have two parietal plates okay these beings were born with these so called anomalous features just let's look at a few of them and I'll get into some of that how this is not cradle boarding secondly they're of enormous size the cranial capacity holds up to 3 or 400 cubic centimeters more brain matter than a human being cradle boarding does not change cubic volume of the skull all it does is compress the skull but you're not going to make it hold more cubic volume of brain material in this case these skulls hold upwards of 30% more brain material one-third fully larger than a normal human brain capacity and again you'll find anthropologists archaeologists traditional academic historians that will debunk all of it in the most ridiculous ways they can debunk it because they will say anything not to get people to start studying this information they don't want they want the occult to remain the occult they want it to remain hidden because the best way to control somebody is to cut them off from their origins you cut off a people from their true origins and you own them you own them and that's what they're trying to continue ok look at the height on that you're not going to accomplish that in an adult with cradle boarding I don't care how much you cradle board a child you're not going to accomplish that another completely anomalous skull that one I believe does have two parietal plates which makes it even more anomalous okay here you see there's there's almost no suturing in some of these skulls this one no typical suturing around the back I I believe I have not in images of that one but of another one that shows the back of a really large one like that there you could actually sorry let me move forward again now here you can see this is one plate going all the way up and all the way around hardly any suturing in the skull a huge one much larger than a typical normal human skull some with hair left intact okay here's a comparison that's a normal human skull that's one of these skulls now people will say this is cradle boarding okay this is what a cradle boarded skull looks like that's an example of cradle boarding in an infant or you know a very very young baby and then that's an extreme example of cradle boarding now you could get it get it to look like that but you are not going to change the cubic volume of the brain material all right cradle boarding is a type of skull binding that leads to cranial deformation and it can account for some elongated skull findings but many others appear to be genuinely anomalous having just one parietal plate and a heart shaped dome at the rear of the skull that cannot be achieved through cradle boarding okay so I believe what the ancients and even some modern people are doing with cradle boarding is to try to emulate the look of the gods they're trying to emulate the look of what the gods and demigods skulls look like I believe that's what circumcision is also about circumcision is about trying to emulate the look of the gods the the penis the phallus of the gods okay the this is a normal human skull a up here okay be is what an extreme example of cradle boarding ends up looking like again these are all oriented in the same basic direction front of the skull at the bottom back to the back of the skull parietal plates occipital plates okay this is a cradle boarded skull and you see here's the plate that divides the frontal lobe plate from the parietal lobe plates of the brain okay and you see this suturing pattern that goes you know this goes across and then you have the suture that goes across the the middle of the top of the head and separates the two parietal plates this one has no such suture it's all one huge skullcap one parietal plate okay this is an overhead view of one of these skulls this is this is the front of the head this is the back again again the elongated back okay one suture across that part it's separating the frontal plate from the parietal plate one parietal plate whatever that is it's not a normal human skull and look now look at how they depicted these beings we have some of these skulls this is how they were depicted always with these headdresses covering up the elongated skull okay again again constantly in all the pictures I'm sorry step that back again an elongated skull in royalty the royalty is always depicted as having these elongated skulls not the general population the royalty here with honor Akhenaten and his family Anke I believe that's Akhenaten again here's some royalty in females I believe that was Akhenaten's daughter or wife if I'm not mistaken and look at the side-by-side comparison okay so that's the depictions of the gods we see a lot of depictions of advanced technology okay I believe this is at then Dara if I'm not mistaken they depicted these a possible form of power generation that was being done by some of these beings and you see again the size difference between the gods and demigods and the regular humans when you look into the ancient megalithic structures you're gonna see clear signs of machining if you're honest with yourself they didn't carve these things with copper tools folks okay the architecture is so unbelievable we could I would have a very difficult time accomplishing it today if we could at all all right now this is at Abydos which is a really holy Center in Egypt in the Egyptian religious tradition they claim this is overlapping of two ther onic seals or cartouche --is and that the Egyptians left the old one up and carved over top of it it would be the only place that the ancient builders in Egypt ever did this instead of taking down that facade and putting a fresh one and putting it up in place but no they in millions of other places they would never have dreamed of doing that in their architecture and building techniques and styles but in the holiest place of Egypt they decided now let's not take the time and just let's let's you know to carve this cartouche over an existing one I don't buy it I don't accept that as an explanation I don't care how many historians tell me if that's the case I don't accept it as an explanation because it is anomalous according to all the ancient building techniques and they just wouldn't have done it out of I don't even care if you didn't want the other Pharaoh's name seen like they did with certain people like like hatshepsut etc okay they would not have done this at the temple the temples at Abydos wouldn't have been done okay so I do believe that this does depict some ancient technology that they used again of genetics always depicted as the Tree of Life worth the separated World Tree and I believe that this may have depicted by the Sumerians depicted that these beings did in fact fly in hovercraft or anti-gravity craft and here again fish God depicted and we'll see that in a moment the ancient structures that we find all around the world they came from a unified world civilization that existed in the in the past we cannot duplicate this technology today we couldn't build the pyramids of today could not build the Great Pyramid with all the technology that we have with the precision that it is built couldn't be done okay and then people never ask the question why the all the debunkers wanted to bunk all the methodologies they never want to ask the question why was it done this way why never talked about that question that question is prevented god forbid we asked that question the megalithic builders built things we could scarcely approach in the modern world at places like Egypt at the you know Machu Picchu in Peru this is saqsaywaman now outside of Cusco in Peru look at the building technique of these blocks they fit together so perfectly you couldn't put a razor blade a thin razor blade from a utility knife could not be inserted between any of those stones there's we don't have that type of construction ability today and especially with completely irregular geometries and people say they shape these with copper tools right copper tools that are seven times less hard in hardness than this stone seven times less hardness you're gonna shape stones like that good luck I mean the explanations are so ridiculous they're joke laughable joke a big belly laugh joke laughable okay this is a stone that was being quarried at near Baalbek in Lebanon 1200 ton stone that was abandoned we don't know what 1200 tons 1200 tons the Osirian temple at Egypt in Egypt okay the older construction that was built on top of this you could see up here is nowhere near this type of metal megalithic construction and these are like 20 ton stone blocks some of them up to 40 tons this is Baalbek Lebanon this stone is estimated to be 800 tons to 1,000 tons and this is another megalithic construction at in Bolivia this is um puma punku puma punku and you could see clear signs of machining if you look in at puma punku-- they actually have small drilled holes through some of these stones look into this site in Bolivia unbelievable clear signs of machining and yet classical archaeologists and anthropologists would say no these stones are not machined I mean a modern engineer can look at this and tell this is machined that's not carving that's machining I mean it's it but it's like it's the same way we can look at the buildings coming down on 9/11 and say that's a collapse and not an implosion you know people will will dream up what they want to dream up because they want something to be true or they don't want something to be true keep that quote by Walton in mind yeah this I'm going to bring in from some of Lloyd PI's work again who this presentation is dedicated to these are 12 ways that Lloyd Pye talked about that human beings aren't actual primates though you know classical anthropologists say that were primates and descended from primates but really we don't exhibit the characteristics of primates human bones are much thinner and lighter than primate bones this is a human finger bone and a primate finger bone a human femur a human femur and a primate femur the density is not nowhere near each other you know if we're supposed to be you know advanced evolutionarily from the earlier prototype looks like we took a step back we're much weaker than they were okay our muscles are 5 to 10 times weaker that's why I don't get in a scuffle with an orangutan because you will be torn apart ok skin is not well adapted to direct sunlight our skin whereas they are naturally adapted to living on the earth outside we're the only really animal that is not adapted to living on this planet if you think about it we're not naturally adapted to living on the earth why would we be the only animal that's not naturally adapted they'll be living on the planet in which we're supposed to put supposedly the epitome of evolution on we have 10 times as much as adipose tissue fatty tissue Direct drastically less body hair and the patterns are reversed hair on the male front as opposed to you know the the backs whereas Apes have hair on the back and a hairless front head hair and nails must be trimmed for for us not with hominids skulls and brains are completely different ok you know these are hominid skulls and there's a human skull and no no missing link has ever been found scientists are telling us since the whole theory of Darwinian evolution has been concocted that oh you know we're gonna find this missing link we're gonna find the evidence of transitional species Darwin himself would have been opposed to his own theory today this was picked up by social Darwinists eugenicist and social engineers to play into their advantage to control the slave species ok no transitional species have been found between the hominids and humans it's not there you know what it's not going to be there it's not going to be found want to know why because there is no connection there is no connection ok you know they also want to tell us this change happened evolutionarily almost overnight and these old species went out and the new one Homo sapiens sapiens came in there's a reason that we came in practically overnight and I just talked about in the past section okay drastically different locomotion another thing PI's work really got into was how drastically redesigned the human foot is in comparison to hominid foot a hominid foot has a straight-on pattern okay when you step down with the heel the weight distribution is even and it pushes off across the whole front of the foot okay with our foot it goes around the arch and weight has to be completely distributed don't redistribute it on the fly it's a completely inferior design compared to the hominid foot alright so that's what he's talking about here when he says drastically different locomotion we're capable of speech because our throat is completely redesigned from hominids there are no signs of typical extra cycles and human beings that means going into cycles of heat going in heat like primates do we have 4,000 genetic disorders in the human genome and our chromosomes are reduced from a primates 48 to a human's 46 23 from each parent going back to what I was talking about you could look at bones that are found in all primate species all hominid and primate species there is exactly zero bones okay from the hominid races in the human skeleton 0 there are 0 transitional bones in the skeletons from hominids to human there are zero transitional species with a mixture of hominid and human bones zero in the fossil record and no anthropologists or archaeologists will debate that because it doesn't exist ok but we want to think we are just totally you know somehow a descendant from the hominids we're not a descendant from the hominids were hybridized from them with another species moving on the human chromosome number two is one of the big pieces of the puzzle that people really need to look into okay I tell people if you want to really understand the story of the ancient past and you're from a left-brain scientific bent start with human chromosome number two because this is a fused chromosome okay here it is right here right there this is human chromosome one this is human chromosome three okay this is chimpanzee gorillas and orangutans all right you could see the difference in the hominid chromosome number two but this one it appears to be fused at the telomeres which is the end of the chromosome right the typical response in biology in genetics and anthropology is that this was a naturally occurring splicing or combination of that much genetic material well and people think oh that's just a little bit of material this would probably require if that kind of splicing were to happen naturally at least at least 10 million years according to classical Darwinian theory of how fast evolution moves and I'm just estimating that okay they want to tell us modern geneticists and biologists want to tell us that happened in 40,000 years in 40,000 years that much genetic modification happened and what I what I'm gonna say is I think that's a deliberate modification that came through in the second modification that was done to us the dumbing down modification that I talked about in the story okay look into human chromosome number two it's enlightening although it may be a horror story it's very enlightening and I highly recommend Lloyd PI's work with that as well this may explain why psychopathy exists in the human species see many people don't even want to admit psychopathy exists I get emails constantly you're wrong there's no such thing it's like huh there's no such thing as psychopathy this isn't an invented human neurosis or disease just like all the other things in the dma okay and and it's all there to just get people to believe that they have these mental disorders like ADHD etc and people can't see with their own eyes that Psychopaths really exist they don't want to admit it again it's coming from the perspective I want to be the arbiter of truth because I'm not comfortable with that existing I don't want it to be true okay now even the people who admit psychopathy does exist and psychopathy will get into the characteristics but they never wrestle with that power question why does it exist that's the implications no one wants to deal with why are we on a planet where people with these characteristics exist at all and are well I'm talking about primary psychopathy being born like this and believe me there are people who are born like this born that way so there's three quiet there's three possibilities well either God did it to us and I mean the god of creation just made humanity this way and you know put this other subspecies that's a interspecies predator on the earth with us to just have its way with the normal humans okay and that would be an interesting dynamic to wrestle with you know implication wise on its own the other possibilities are we might have done it to ourselves okay but in that case you'd have to say we were ancient geneticists and we did this to ourselves for some crazy reason that doesn't resonate with me the other thing is it happened as a result of this ancient hybridization that was done to us by another species I think I don't really think you can have any other possibility when people say oh it just crept into the human genome by genetics you know I don't see evolution just doing that naturally you know having a subspecies with all these characteristics which are the characteristics of a psychopath let's look at what they are the absence of any conscience or empathy inability to feel and there's a reason for this the psychopath has a malfunctioning midbrain the midbrain which is called the limbic system doesn't work normally it's electro chemically malfunctioned in comparison to a normal human brain so when the midbrain or the limbic system is malfunction it doesn't produce the chemical the the neuro peptides that go into the bloodstream and enable the human physiology in the body to feel emotions to actually feel what we do to others that doesn't work in the psychopath that part of the biochemical interaction between the brain the neuro peptides the human nervous system is broken in the limbic brain in a psychopath it's broke from birth and I'm and I'm this is all so just so we're clear this is also something that is capable of being created through social conditions social conditions can breed secondary psychopathy I'm not talking about secondary psychopathy people being in a situation that puts them under such chronic stress that their brain starts to work like a psychopath a real Psychopaths brain there's two kinds of Psychopaths primary meaning born that way and secondary meaning you've become that way through social conditions that you can't escape from okay I'm talking about primary psychopathy here why would there be a class a subclass of the human species that is born without the ability to empathize with their fellow human beings okay so they're strongly immoral aggressive callous and cunning they are very adept at manipulating others they are willing to engage in criminal conduct to get their way they are they possess a deceptive ability to appear outwardly benevolent and to fake or feign normal human emotions they're good actors they can role play and pretend to have normal human emotions which they absolutely do not feel and are incapable of feeling okay they have a complete absence of guilt or remorse for the harm they caused to others they deny their behavior they rationalize their behavior and they transfer blame to others they have complete contempt for other people's feelings doesn't matter how you feel especially even if I you know causes you to feel that way as a result of my behavior I could care less pathological liars refused to accept the responsibility for any of their behavior and they believe that they will never be brought to justice by anyone for all of the wrongdoing that they do that's what a psychopath is and I'm telling you they're here they're among us clinical psychologists place the number between one and four percent I disagree with those numbers I think they're much over exaggerated I think real primary psychopaths I think are less than 1/2 of 1% I may be leaving less than that in the human population maybe 1/10 of 1% okay but what I am gonna tell you is there's many secondary Psychopaths in the human population maybe upwards of 15 to 20 percent okay a lot of secondary Psychopaths are roaming the earth alright because of the social conditions of the earth very few primary Psychopaths but I'm suggesting that one may have created psychopathy along with the other 4,000 human genetic defects you know you have things like you know different neurological disorders different you know birth the degenerate degenerative disorders things like Huntington's disease Alzheimer's disease we see all of these different disorders in the human genome the explanation for these maybe because of this genetic modification when you do a genetic splicing with imprecisely because you don't really care about what you're making you know it's something you're using and then getting rid of that's how we really looked at as all right you're not going to do it with atomic precision it wasn't done with atomic precision it was done the same way modern human geneticists do genetic splicing which is with chemical cultures my friend it was a genetics engineer for some time he told me you put it in the culture you add whatever agent or reagent you're adding to break it down and to create the separation or the splicing and then you have to let it Express that's how modern genetics is done you're not splicing things at an atomic level that preserves the exact base pairs of the DNA at an atomic level therefore or all kinds of bit errors are going to creep into that code when you do it in this imprecise fashion that's going to create different unforeseen circumstances and I feel human psychopathy is one of them I think that's what the origins of psychopathy our primary psychopathy this explains all the accounts that are seemingly inexplicable in traditional religious beliefs in biblical faith you know the the Old Testament punishing God the these beings who had to have their will done exactly as they wanted by their slave species look at the very specific detailed things that God asks human beings that doing biblical accounts you know bring them certain kinds of foods do certain kinds of exacting work you know why would the god of creation give us orders like that the gods were pretty vain and wanted their will served at all times and places so they would have asked human beings that do all kinds of vain things for them you know you see like the biblical account of David and Goliath I believe this is a human starting to fight back against the demigods who were put in place to control them more viciously modern religion I think is a holdover from the days when these gods put certain human beings into positions of power and created priests class you know priests classes so that they could control the overall populations more effectively and who do they ask them to worship as their gods they ask them to worship these extraterrestrial beings because if you did what they wanted they would bestow favors upon you and you would get a little bit more food or a little bit more blankets or a little a little bit better housing okay if you just did their bidding and didn't ask questions and went along with everything they asked you to do like a good little slave okay and you know I just want to just I'm gonna take a lot of potshots at people in this presentation I don't care who it offends I don't care if it offends you in the room I don't care offends whoever is watching I'm gonna get scathing toward a couple of groups few groups of people in the world who I think are keeping the dynamic of human slavery in place and religionists are one of them particularly priests classes okay because where are these people talking about the police state that's running rampant in our culture were these people talking about the wrongness of slavery that's running rampant in our culture okay where are they now they won't talk about that you know they just want you in their churches and synagogues and and mosques to throw as much money into their system they can and they're not going to talk out against big daddy government not a bit because then they lose their 501c3 status 'as you know and then people come after them for the taxes like they do everybody else okay so these aren't holy men they're nothing of the kind nothing of the kind the people who are doing the real great work to warn humanity about the slavery that's ongoing and needs to end are the holy men of this world not these people not a bit okay and I mean if you can't see the similarity I don't know what to tell you I don't know what to tell you if you can't see it could it be any more clear that they're trying to emulate the gods you know you know that speaks for itself if I need to say anything there something's really wrong this is where the mystery tradition mystery schools and secret societies of the modern day come from because the gods created these how these temples of knowledge centers of knowledge that they gave some knowledge to few people in order to control the masses of people a hierarchical structure based on occulted information occulted knowledge okay so this is where modern secret societies come out of the ancient world to us from and then of course from there you get the dark occult you get Satanism and dark luciferianism and the order of death and the Bohemian Club etc the dark variant of the Illuminati if you will okay which means illuminated ones they're nothing of the kind illuminated they're frauds and fakes the real illuminated people are the people who are trying to tell people the truth about what's going on on this planet because they have that knowledge and they're trying to share it with people their the illuminate tours those who bring that light to other people so calling these clowns the illuminated ones is a misnomer all right but you know they're Satanists most most certainly all right and that's where these groups come out of again coming out of knowledge being held and preserved for the few in the ancient world to control and then they come forward through into the modern world as these different dark orders the obsession with gold okay and just the concept of money in general people never ask were didn't money come from you know where money came from the gods gave us the concept of money they gave us the concept of money to keep people fighting with each other and create a class system so that there would be a hierarchical order of control which they wanted okay we don't know why they valued gold you know stitching and other researchers have you know postulated that they were trying to do something technological in their atmosphere I don't know whether I buy that explanation or not I look gold is eternal you could put gold at the bottom of the ocean you bring it up it's like the day you put it you can bring it up ten thousand years later it's gonna be like the day you put it there what is that we don't even understand the real properties of gold we don't understand what this substance even is or how these beings used it and there's accounts these beings used it internally as well many of the pharaonic accounts of in ancient Egypt these these demigods consumed the gold that they made in monoatomic form we don't really understand the essential qualities of what gold is or how these beings used it but they considered it valuable so they transferred this value to the human populations whenever you went into all ancient cultures that had mine gold smelted it and you asked yourself why would they have mined and smelt gold you know how difficult that process is to do the amount of work it takes to even get a little bit of gold out of ore and then smelt it why would an ancient non technological culture have any reason to do that or desire to do that work the gods wanted them to do that work for reasons we don't fully understand okay and then since they found it so valuable that value which transfer to these ancient people who did their work for them okay and that gives us the so-called intrinsic value Gold today ladies and gentlemen there is no such thing as intrinsic value of gold if you believe that you are under mind control okay can you here's what intrinsic value is if there's a natural disaster and you are living off the land with no technology what can you do with the item that you have that's called intrinsic value if you can eat it it has intrinsic value if you can wear it it has intrinsic value if you can shelter yourself with it it has intrinsic value if you can defend yourself with it it has intrinsic value by the definition of the word intrinsic means naturally-occurring having a natural utilization there is no such thing as the intrinsic value of gold the people who believe that are people who believe in monetary systems which are an illusion and a religion there's no such thing as the intrinsic value of gold unless you are in a highly technological civilization in which this rare earth metal is employed in technology okay other than that there's no intrinsic value for gold we use it in computers and other modern technologies but nowhere else you can't eat it you can't shelter yourself with it yeah you can't defend yourself with it and therefore it's not intrinsically valuable yet this system they came to us from these beings has become the number one religion that's why I put it when I showed the five boxes for consciousness that's in the middle because that's the one that binds all the other religions together it is the number one religion from the movie they live which I'll talk about later that's humanity's God and when gold and paper money become the god of a species you better believe that they're going to remain enslaved and maybe at that point it's deserved okay so and I know that'll offend a lot of people and go ahead and get it get that my tagline in my radio series is get as offended as you like because I don't sugarcoat things or hold back okay that's not my tact and it will never be my tact alright so kingship and royalty came from these extraterrestrial beings again they pointed the kingship and the rulership in the ancient world to maintain control over the populations and act as intermediaries between the gods again look that's what religion is a priest is an intermediary between people and God supposedly we go through him that's what the religious the religions of the ancient world were the royalty of the ancient world were often demigods they that's why royalty is obsessed with bloodline and that's why it's propagated through bloodline it's not propagated through knowledge or what you know how to do or if you're a better person or a more moral person than someone else it's propagated through your blood genetics bloodline the the demigods had more of the gods blood in them and therefore they were royalty seen as royalty on the earth and that's where all of these systems come from hence the Divine Right to rule I have a divine right to rule as the king because ah my blood is purer than your blood I have more of the God's blood in me than you have in you therefore I have the divine right to rule over you it permits but here's my the question I want you to keep putting in your mind with all of this is does it make sense does it make more sense than anything we've been told does it make more sense than anything we've been told about where these systems came from and to me yes it does and again of course I'll be attacked for that and the debunkers will have a field day go right ahead the system of religion and kingship is known as the Old World Order this was how the ancient rulers maintained control over the people up at the top of the pyramidal hierarchical structure where there was his knowledge and down here there's ignorance which keeps the system in place you had the king the the king or the priest however you want to look at it the king were the priests King you know any way you want to look at it he ruled unquestioningly all authority is vested in him so this is the concept the Old World Order was the concept of authority vested in one in one being who ruled over all the others the system is based entirely in violence because that's how a hierarchy of authority is maintained through violence and it is built upon the erroneous meaning completely untrue wrong notion and the dogmatic belief it's a dogmatic belief system okay which is a religion that one person is the master who possesses the moral right to issue commands while all others are that beings subjects who have the moral obligations to obey the commands issued by the master okay that was called royalty or kingship in the ancient world and really we we still have king chips today there are still kings in other countries okay and queens in other countries instead of this euphemism called the old world order or even authority or kingship who could tell me what this really is slavery let's stop you from izing and call things what they really are this is called slavery okay backed by violence and it's not anything else never was anything else isn't anything else today and it's never gonna be anything else it's called slavery if you're being honest with yourself which most people aren't okay now the reason I'm hammering that home so deeply is because we want to look at the New World Order now and see what that is okay so the New World Order is based on the concept of government okay and government means from the Latin and yes this is the etymology and yes this is what it means if you disagree with that go and see my podcast on New Age bullshit which I is podcast number 143 on my website okay government comes from the latin verb goober nar a sometimes rendered in in more modern or non classical latin as govern RA okay goober nari means to control and then the second part of the word mint comes from the latin now men's mentees which means mind when you put them together the word govern literally means to control the mind it is mind control to believe in it someone has to be under mind control because they have to believe in the erroneous concept of authority backed by violence okay that's what government is now always has been and always will be whether anybody understands that or not okay now this is what the New World Order is based upon we saw what the Old World Order was it was ruled by one a priest or a king okay the New World Order is you have a government on top of the structure so now we're doing it's the same exact structure ruled by violence and built on the false claim of authority over other people okay and all you're doing is you're divesting that a so called authority that power okay granted to the king and you're just divesting it into a few people in the the institution known as government so this is authority vested in a group the the system is based entirely in violence and built upon the erroneous and dogmatic belief or the religion that a certain group of people are masters who possess the moral right to issue commands while all other beings are subjects who have the moral obligation to obey the commands of the master once again if you think there's any difference between this and the old world order these are called oppo seems as David Icke likes to call them they're not opposites they're the exact same thing euphemized with a different word it's all language it's all word games word magic okay ultimately it's the exact same core thing and that's called slavery nothing has changed the old world order has just morphed into the new world order because people stop believing overtly enough in the religious institutions and in the institution of kingship that's it so now the people in control of these institutions just said well that's just more fit and say we're going to divest it into the hands of a few just like their gods did they set up these institutions in the ancient world to divest the power and stop making the people think oh it's only a few these beings that clearly are not us ruling over us and their and therefore they more easily got the populations to go along with their slavery the same thing is ruling the earth today and nothing has changed in 200,000 years let's stop you for maizing these things and calling them what they are okay it's not kingship it's called slavery ruled by one it's not government it's called slavery ruled by few if you're being honest with yourself there's that caveat if you're being honest with yourself most people aren't being honest with themselves they're lying to themselves because they hate themselves because they're dealing with unresolved psychological dynamics okay that bring up self-loathing and the refusal to accept personal responsibility and no one wants to hear that spoken well I'm gonna speak it I'm gonna speak it go but let's go back to the tree of evil and really understand this psychological framework okay in light of the so the quote-unquote trouble of human past and that's the understatement of all time I was thinking about instead of calling this cosmic abandonment it should be called cosmic rape you know or maybe cosmic partial-birth abortion might be more accurate all right but you know admittedly we have a troubled past so in light of this trouble past and the origins of modern cultural institutions the question is do we now have a psychological framework through which to better understand the behavior of certain groups of human beings can we put certain behavioral groups of people into a concert in context behaviorally to better understand why they behave the way that they behave so look at this tree willful ignorance driven by the fear of owning your personal responsibility to do the right thing driven by sonder mind in the sub just mine self-loathing due to a lack of self-respect okay because we've always been a slave racism that's so nested in our ancestral DNA that we think it should continue for some reason okay and then underneath that the cosmic abandonment issues that we have been dealt with as a result of the events of the past all right let's look at certain groups of people thank you I have a half an hour left I'll try to speed through this all right rigid skeptics like this guy who's burning in hell right now if there is a hell guaranteed he's there you know that is that's Phillip class okay the biggest so-called ufology debunker of all time who was now it has finally come out was a on the payroll of the CIA and was working for the CIA the entire time he was doing all this debunking work okay the biggest clown possibly in the history of the world this this this punk okay all right because because he'll say he's a skeptic but he's nothing of the kind nothing of the kind because if his daddy tells him it's true well then I believe daddy I believe the CIA because that's my daddy this is how these nested psychological abandonment issues work I can't look into the truth for myself no matter how much evidence evidence be damned evidence be damned daddy told me it's this way okay so I'm skeptical about everything unless of course the government or government funded scientists say it's true then I'm a true believer I'm a true believer because mommy and daddy told me it's true right how about religionists in general the followers of religion the priests class we already talked about okay the followers of religion I call the children of the gods where J had a great term for the children of hierarchy these are the people who love hierarchy they love prostrating themselves before their gods as if the god of creation would ever demand that of us because he's that vain he/she it is that vain that horse is that vain no the gods were that vain and cruel and said that the god of creation is nothing like that okay so you know all religion is about a surrender it's about surrender it's not about actually getting to the truth it's about accepting what we tell you okay so we believe what we're told to believe that is so much easier than developing critical thinking skills that's what religion it that I'm just going to cut right to the core of what's going on psychologically with people like this and I don't care who would offense okay you listening out there I don't care if you're offended by it I'm not interested in that I'm interested in what's true okay believers in government or what I call the supporters of slavery look in all honesty we even have to drop this term status we got to start calling these people what they are there are supporters of slavery that's what these people are okay and I don't care what brand they come in left right center or otherwise okay the Democrat the liberal the political leftist he wants government he/she wants government to be our caretaker from cradle to grave thinks the government should act as provider and nurture like an archetypal mother this is because there's abandonment issues in the motherly sense that are going on in most people like that and if you go into people who are political leftist liberal Democrat types okay and yeah I am generalizing okay you will find people with mommy issues okay you will find people with mommy issues because what they want the government should be is the caretaker that's absent so they want it to be mommy I want mommy and now government's gonna be mommy okay now let's look at the opposite side the oppo same okay as David IgE calls it the Republican the conservative the political right winger okay they want government to be our protector we want to strong over and it's going to be our protector the world and keep us safe right from cradle to grave it's gonna keep us safe like an archetype we'll father figure like the powerful and you know protect the father figure well just like the Democrats and the political leftist have mommy issues all the people on the right side who this is what they think government should exist to do have daddy issues they want government to be daddy okay that's the underlying psychological issues that these people have and don't even know they have they don't even know they have these issues all right it's mommy and daddy didn't pay enough attention to me so I want mommy and daddy present now that's what this is about that's what this is about and look let's not leave out the minute the men are kists okay let me just go back one there the men are kiss the constitutionalist this is the libertarian I only want a little bit of government I want government to BP three days a week instead of seven with me three days a week mr. not seven please you know the plantation on the other side of the hill only whips their slaves three days a week you know here we get with seven days a week so so I want to go over that plantation you know I mean this is just this is absurdity its absurdity and again I'd only usually speak that strongly out against these types of groups because they're almost there but they're the people who are most of the way there but they fear going all the way because they don't want to be labeled an anarchist or in other words a non supporter of slavery who think this thinks that slavery should be abolished god forbid gods forbid okay and yeah I'm getting a little bit emotional because these people are the people who keep slavery going there they're responsible how much time we have okay mainstream media is the next group who are psychological infants children they don't want to determine true for themselves and report it in any kind of a responsible way or any kind of a direct way you know all they care about is a paycheck that's it I'll get up there a lie to people for a paycheck right where you're told mainstream media thanks corporate news the elite couldn't control the people without you it's true because these are the people who keep these topics from ever being explored see you don't need to eradicate occult knowledge or wisdom you'll need to all you have to do is have enough people dissuading people from looking into any of this and call it fringe and cast down on it and cast derision on it you know the ridicule factor that's all and then people go along with the herd like good little sheep and good little sleeves so these people that what they're really saying is I'm too much of a lowlife coward to tell the truth so I repeat lies for a paycheck you know that's all and again get us offended as you like I don't care who you know in these institutions I don't care who anybody out there knows in these institutions this is what's really going on deep down inside in the psyche these people are sick you have to understand I'm not just attacking these people I'm trying to it help you somebody who is partially well if not all the way well to explain you're dealing with psychologically ill people these are broken individuals that need healing and need to be put back together to remember who we really are and we're not gonna do it unless we deal with these issues it's not gonna be done unless the issues on this tree are dealt with the New Agers who I call the hopelessly naive who want to believe oh you know the the the aliens from from Pleiades Arctic are coming here in their giant battle cruisers to rescue us from our own ignorance any day now you know or no real knowledge is gonna have to be done we're gonna have to meditate the world into a new way of being well you're not gonna have to actually study and read books and take up knowledge into yourself god forbid that might involve effort and work and we can't have that you know so we're just going to set a lotus position and meditate all day okay and the other things they have just wildly off notions about how actual dynamics of the laws of attraction work that are completely unfounded and don't work the way that they're claiming is they work because they don't understand natural law the New Age movement is put there as the last cul-de-sac before the goldmine to cut people off from a real understanding of natural law and again like I said this presentation really goes hand-in-hand with my natural law seminar all right so that's gonna be out probably by the end of this month it'll be up on my website it's ten hours long you have to watch that seminar when it's released I go in depth which slides into what natural law is and how it works all right so these people are saying we don't talk about the abuse mommy and daddy put us through if you ignore it it goes away on its own ignore the negative never talk about the negative ever ever ever because you're giving power to it and that it has absolutely nothing to do with how things really work you have to expose what's going on and then the the the knowledgeable yet inactive these are all the people oh wait a minute here I think I'm doing enough because I fast blast a few emails or because I go on some forums and have some arguments over some little detail in this researchers work you know what these people are they're a bunch of clowns okay there are cowards let's put it what's call them what they really are all the people who do this folks cowards cowards I'll look right in the camera look right in their face and tell them cowards because you don't want to come out you don't want to put your name on the line come out with your real name and say I stand against all forms of slavery and I'm gonna do everything I can to abolish them okay I'll hide behind a keyboard I'll give myself a little pseudonym or an acronym name and I'll attack other researchers on the little aspect that I think they got wrong instead of actually telling people what the truth is and you know in a way that can be readily understood by other people okay they're armed cherub acts they're lazy cowards okay and here's what they're saying I know all about what's going on in the world can't you see how well I'm putting all that knowledge to use can't you see what a great job I'm doing so many people are inactive yeah order followers are next the least mature and yet they're the most responsible the absolutely most responsible people now how could the least mature be the most responsible people well it's true these people are the people who have not grown up ever okay and yet they're the most responsible for what's going on in the world they actually create the police think these children who I'm going to put images up on the screen and if you can just put these images up I just want you to look into their eyes okay and you tell me if these people aren't children you tell me if you look in their eyes look into the researchers eyes I'll put up later and compare them to these people's eyes because they say the eyes are the windows to the soul you tell me if these aren't psychological children okay now there's the archetypal image of the abandoned child okay and here's the abandoned children who are trying to appeal to the approval of mommy and daddy I want to appeal to the approval of daddy because mommy and daddy didn't pay enough attention to me in real life so these are my this is my surrogate family I want to look all the same like a good little boy and girl that does what they're told on command like a robot on command like a robot look into the eyes of these people tell me you don't see psychological children I tell you there's something wrong with you if you don't see it okay because you have to be completely unconscious not to see that these people have not grown up one iota from childhood not one yeah oh they're big and bad trying to take other people's rights away on command yeah but here's what they really are folks we are the house slaves we are the house slaves no lower form of life than a house slave and you know what if anybody wants to try I'll just say this anybody wants to try that to make that a race issue you go right ahead and try because the blood of CEM flows in my veins because my ancestors that I've traced back my ancestral tree go back to the land of Khem okay so I can speak on that like that and so can actually anybody else who's telling the truth knows it's not a race issue it's a truth issue okay these are the house slaves we'd rather enslave our own species and ourselves included rather than grow up develop real courage and think for ourselves the researchers whose work I think you should really look into and I'll get into solutions in a moment okay you've got a look into these guys work okay write it write them down look into them on your own erich von daniken okay brilliant work Chariots of the Gods the return of the gods and many other works we have 15 minutes I'll try to blast through this zecharia sitchin phenomenal and monumental amounts of work that he's done with the 12th planet there were giants upon the earth the lost book Evenki and many others Lloyd Pye I dedicated the whole presentation to this gentleman his work with the Starchild skull is phenomenal you have to check out the book everything you know is wrong you have to go online and download this guy's YouTube videos and watch them all you have to understand Lloyd PI's work it is invaluable to this field of research Michael tell injure most people don't know about him I think he's gaining more notoriety and rightly so the slave species of the gods you have to check this book out it is required reading as far as I'm concerned David Icke written incredible works so well sourced to all the people who attack this guy's work I guarantee you have never read his books they've here a clip a snippet of one of his videos and say oh I disagree with that you got to understand how well-documented this guy's books are and their 600 page books and he's written like eighteen of them okay so no small amount of research it's monumental amounts of research and I've always said in in my work and then body if the world had a tenth of the courage of this man we'd be free today credo moot wahoo David like brought forward he's a Zulu shaman I believe they called them Sanusi in in the Zulu culture you got to check out the video the reptilian agenda this guy's a library of knowledge Michael - sorry on how many people are familiar with this gentleman okay if you're not familiar with Michael - sorry on I don't know what to tell you you have to become familiar with them you have to watch the whole series of origins and Oracle's how many people have actually sat down and watched all 22 discs of origins and Oracle's raise your hand and I there's one person who's not here I think Jay stepped out of the room he has four people in the room that's unacceptable absolutely unacceptable this work is one of the most important works in modern history you have to get these DVDs get them from a friend see talk to me I have my can copy them for you okay you have to watch these DVDs all right Graham Hancock fingerprints of the gods lost knowledge of the Ancients knowledge of the lost civilizations Michael Cremo forbidden archeology brilliant work somebody who I've been following recently LA Marzulli brilliant work on the the Nephilim and the Watchers the watchers video series one of the best documentary series I've seen recently I highly recommend it comes at things from a little bit more of a biblical perspective but hey his research is great David Hatcher Childress again mostly dealing with the technology of the Ancients Trey Smith another person who's done a lot of great videos on the Nephilim and genetic manipulation of humanity Giorgio tsoukalos I think that a lot of great work in the early parts of ancient aliens here's he's looking a little team in this picture but but I like his early work you know I think some of the the later seasons fell a little bit short of what he was doing in the earlier seasons but I think the earlier seasons of ancient aliens should definitely be checked out Immanuel Velikovsky worlds in collision about the history of our early solar system Robert Schoch has done some great work on the dates of some of the ancient megalithic structures check out his work as well Allan and Dallaire wrote the book Cataclysm about the deluge in ancient times I think it's a book definitely worth checking out allegories that we see this work this story told about in modern in modern fiction okay they live story about alien takeover of the earth and how only a certain group of people can see them who have the drive and the desire to see the subliminal messages and the mind control that they put out Roddy Piper was the star probably my favorite movie of all time if anyone hasn't seen they live its required viewing the tales about these two brothers who come to a less advanced civilization and and one of them wants to become a king the man who would be king it's the tale by Rudyard Kipling told in the movies again and then a remake of this the road to El Dorado which was uh I believe put forward out of DreamWorks and again the two brothers one of them wants to rule the city of El Dorado and they get all the gold they came for the gold they stayed for the adventure Oh what an adventure it is the story of Thor of course is the story of the brothers and Anki and Enlil okay with their with their King on ooh who is Odin in the north tradition these are the gods and the North's nations just the it's just been retold this would be an ki this would be and lo and this would be on you it's just retool and of course the gods have a penchant for earth women you know it's all there in Hollywood they're telling you the island of dr. Moreau about the genetic manipulation of humanity this is just an allegory we're on the island of dr. Moreau it's called the earth okay and it says through DNA experimentation dr. Moreau has upset the balance of nature he has turned animals into humans and now heaven has turned into hell right on the cover of a DVD box story about resources being taken from different cultures and my doing the spice being mine this is like the Anunnaki coming for the gold and again it's an allegory about what we're doing to other countries with oil and like Avatar same same theme and that extraterrestrial culture comes to another planet exploits the resources and kills the people and you know there it's it's it's like them coming to the earth for the resources they wanted and what we're doing because that's what our parents taught to us we're doing the same here and exploiting third-world countries for their resources great allegory that's why it was so popular and I think it might still be the top grossing film of all time the Matrix trilogy which I've done another series on video series this is a another allegory about the takeover by non-human intelligence over humanity and making them into a slavery's again in this it's depicted as AI or artificial intelligence but just substitute the artificial intelligence for these extraterrestrial beings substitute a AI for ET and you have the same basic story Star Trek Deep Space 9 a brilliant allegory about this about this race of founders who are shapeshifters and who control this other race of reptilian light creatures who are called the JEM Hadar okay and they they keep them on drugs which is called white which they pump into their neck and that's allegory for adrenaline keeping the police hopped up and addicted to adrenaline you know and keeping them acting as that the house slaves for the designs of the founders it's a great allegory there's a lot of other allegorical stuff in Deep Space 9 as well which I don't have time to get into perhaps the best allegorical movie to check out regarding this ancient story which was crushed in Hollywood and crushed a newspaper reviews whenever they don't want you to see a movie they're gonna crush it in the reviews to dissuade as many people from seeing it as possible this is one of the best movies ever made about the true origins of humanity and the ancient story of what happened on this planet and I guarantee you hardly anybody has seen how many people have seen this movie look at that five people in the room hey Battlefield Earth it was written by l ron hubbard okay and it was made into a hollywood movie look at the similarities in the skull type okay and this is that the Giants and he's holding him up by the throat that's how tall they are okay this story very positive though because it talks about the role of knowledge and the importance of knowledge in understanding how to get out of this slave culture okay highly recommend Battlefield Earth part three and last I probably have like five minutes left okay I'll try to speed through this all right the unwritten story of our future it's about understanding the abuse victim cycle and how to get out of it okay when a traumatic event or abuse occurs the abuser the person who experiences it either identifies with the abuser or the victim and therefore they continue to repeat the cycle okay only when we have enough knowledge care and willpower can we break the abuse victim cycle and I talk about this a lot in my podcast go back to the ones I did on that and check it out it's about balance between the brain such that we're not in master think or slave think again in my podcasts I cover this extensively when you're in left brain and balance it leads to a masculine domination the suppression of the emotion and eventually routes us into the lower brain the reptile brain okay if you're in right brained imbalance okay that routes us in the mammalian brain which means that our emotions are out of control we're not really stepping up with with confidence with courage and standing up for our rights we go into slave think mentality healing this divide balancing both hemispheres of the brain by working with these different brain dynamics holistically is the way out of that you know of imbalance genetics versus epigenetics I just want to say here that I feel the power of consciousness can trump anything that has been done to us genetically so to leave people with a little bit of hope the answer is consciousness and that could that could totally break any of the Genetic Programming that these beings have done to us no matter how deep okay no matter how deeply seeded it is but that's if we take the time to explore the knowledge of ourselves if you want to look into how epigenetic can trump genetics really look into the works of dr. bruce lipton cell biologist his work the biology of belief is absolutely essential to that matter okay so floating is the underlying psychological condition that causes people to attempt to advocate their own personal responsibility to exercise conscience and follow into the patterns of willful ignorance order following and the justification of immoral behavior self-loathing is created when early earlier psychological trauma has been suppressed and buried into the subconscious mind instead of being confronted dealt with and healed the effects of such unresolved trauma often take the forms of form of feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness whether those feelings are real suggested or imagined and this is the dynamic of a self-loathing I have suffered therefore I shall called cause suffering unto others that cycle has to be broken and this is the exact mindset okay I've suffered therefore I'm going to cause suffering that keeps people in the prison of their own making five minutes great self respect from the latin re meaning again and SPECT re meaning to look at is the only thing that can ultimately heal self-loathing and therefore help to put humanity on the path to healing and conscience self-respect ultimately means to take another look at oneself respect to look at again to look at the self again to go in and understand the aspects of human consciousness okay we have these are what I call the three RS respect remembrance and responsibility respect remembrance and responsibility is the path out of this prison okay self-respect taking another look at the self remembering who we really are okay self knowledge knowledge of self what the ways that we could express our own consciousness is through thought emotion and action this is the real Holy Trinity that exists within each one of us it's been called the mind body spirit connection the masculine and feminine aspects together with the creative aspects of the mind the thoughts to be unified such that we are being that as we think so we feel so we act and there's no contradiction between those three modes of consciousness here's the expressions thought emotion and the fulfillments of which are the fulfillments of thoughts our knowledge understanding and wisdom the fulfillments of emotion our true care empathy and compassion the fulfillments of action our courage will power and persistence this is what humanity needs to develop if we stay in the failures of thought emotion and action we stay in the prison the failures of thought our ignorance foolishness and naivete the failure of emotion is apathy indifference and callousness the failure of action is cowardice laziness and Submission ok that's the basic knowledge chart that we need to take into ourselves and understand how we work because our controllers know how the human consciousness works and they've done their best to keep that knowledge from us we have to understand our own sovereignty sovereign is a word derived from Latin the adverb super meaning above and the noun regular meaning rulership or control thus sovereign means one who is above the rulership or control of another or in a word free sovereignty the word sovereign simply means ladies and gentlemen not a slave it doesn't mean anything else it never has meant anything else it means that you are the ruler of yourself and no one else rules over you externally it means you are not a slave every person in the world is sovereign whether they know it or not slavery is illegitimate none of us are legitimately slaves therefore we are all sovereigns sovereigns an individual's personal responsibility to choose right action over wrong action for themselves is always their own one can only make the claim that they can quote abdicate their personal responsibility for such choice for such decision to someone else this can never actually be done in reality more simply put an individual is always responsible for their own behavior for their own actions we need to grow up think for ourselves and stop following orders following orders is not a virtue it is the path to total destruction it is the path to slavery it should not be looked at as a virtue really wrapping this up the bottom line of all of this is regardless of how troubled our cosmic childhood may have been humanity's childhood is over ladies and gentlemen humanity's childhood is over and a choice stands before us all that choice is either to enter cosmic adulthood or perish that is the choice that stands before humanity right now and is up to each one of us to make the path to that cosmic adulthood is the understanding of natural law and how to apply it in our lives that is the master key which the universe has given to us that is the pathway to freedom that can unlock all the locks on all the doors to all the cages okay natural law is the answer okay and what the universe is beckoning us and calling us forth to do ladies and gentlemen in two words what the universe is beckoning us and calling us forth to do on this planet is to break our chains and to end slavery to end slavery when we do that and not a moment until maybe we will be able to create a new world that is really worth living in for ourselves and our children and then maybe we will be able to go offworld and join our other benevolent brothers and sisters in the Stars thank you very much you