Tesla & Humanity's Missing Paradigm Shift

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thank you all for being here today thanks to the Tesla Science Foundation for inviting me to speak I'm gonna do something a little bit different than most other speakers today I'm going to talk about the spirituality change that is inherent in creating a free energy paradigm so my presentation is entitled Tesla and humanity's missing paradigm shift and once again my website is what on earth is happening calm if you're not familiar with my work this is gonna be my only small caveat for this presentation this is a meme that says the only people who are mad at you for speaking the truth are the people who are living a lie so some of the things I may say today may be a little bit difficult for some people to hear but I'm gonna say them anyway so of course we're all here to commemorate the great inventor and scientist Nikola Tesla and what the vision for what he wanted to bring to the world to make possible for Humanity and unfortunately Tesla's greatest visions for Humanity and the technology that he envisioned to make that future possible has not come to fruition and has not manifested in our lives and there are reasons for that which I'm going to be getting into here today see Tesla was a visionary and perhaps the people of his day were not ready for the very advanced type of technology that he wanted to bring to the world they weren't ready in a spiritual capacity and I don't really see any indication that that has changed that much we still have to go through a paradigm shift in consciousness before free energy can be manifested as a technology on earth so right now what we have is a controlled energy paradigm we have nothing resembling a free energy paradigm I call this the scarcity paradigm and it's hallmarks are it's polluting and unsustainable it's based on the fear of scarcity it perpetuates dependency most of all dependency on government and utility companies it's maintained by violence exploitation and imperialism it promotes a separation worldview that nature belongs to us and is ours to conquer and use as we see fit it is ultimately stagnating of humanity's spiritual progress our evolution and consciousness it is actually a completely amoral energy paradigm because of the violence that is based upon it is an opposition to what I call spiritual law moral law or simply natural law and the continued dependency on this paradigm will eventually lead to humanity's total slavery and ultimately extinction and that is not fear-mongering that is a simple matter of fact what we say we want to see manifested in the world is a free energy paradigm that's what the people in the free energy movement and the new technology movements say that they want and I'm going to you know say it like that we say we want that but you know there are requirements for what we say we want it's the things that we say that we want don't just magically occur in our world we have to do things to make them happen and the things that actually make them happen are not just physical we have to go through mental transformations to prepare the way for bringing this physical manifestation into the world so the free energy or what I call the abundance paradigm is non polluting and sustainable it creates empowerment via abundance it promotes independence rather than dependence it's based in genuine power which means that no scarcity would obviate our human so-called need for aggression and war which Tesla wanted to see abolished through his technology it promotes an integral worldview as opposed to a separation worldview and this integral worldview is basically that we are a part of the living system of nature we are not separate from it it promotes human evolutionary progress in consciousness and the free energy paradigm is moral meaning it is it is in harmony with natural law with the moral and spiritual laws of creation this paradigm would lead to true freedom for all for everyone on this planet but we don't have this paradigm okay we have this controlled energy paradigm in place and we say we want to get to the free energy paradigm and there is a world in between these two things okay so here's where we are on the Left where we want to go is on the right and but you know then there's this space in-between where things haven't manifested you could call it a transitional period now in I don't know if anybody remembers but back in like the 90s leading into the early 2000s spiritualists and those in perhaps the new-age community would refer to this as a paradigm shift where simply the paradigm shift that humanity has to under undergo and it was kind of a nebulous phrase you know it was never really fully quite defined in the in the spiritualist communities so you know I asked the question here today what is this paradigm shift what is actually the shift in consciousness that humanity has to undergo to make free energy a physical manifestation in our world and it's not what people would quite what they would think okay maybe not what many and this people in this room would think that it is so I have actually covered the characteristics of this paradigm shift in a former presentation that I did back in 2014 in st. Louis it was called streetwise spirituality okay so this is my whole approach it's a boots-on-the-ground approach to spirituality a spirit in the flesh approach very pragmatic realistic view of spirituality as opposed to a feel-good new-agey approach okay but it actually talks about what it really means to be a conscious individual what does it really mean to be quote-unquote awake well you know we float these terms out there but do we really know what they mean and in this presentation I covered 20 aspects of the paradigm shift so very briefly I'll run down these I'm not going to cover them in depth you can watch the presentation streetwise spirituality if you want to explore those in depth but it is knowledge of the world of the occult meaning the hidden specifically hidden science and hidden spirituality knowing that the truth and morality are objective they are not subjective they are objective and independent of our perceptions and our job is to learn the methodology by which we can discover truth objectively it is knowing the characteristics of the higher self it is knowing that the physical and spiritual aspects of our reality do not supersede each other but yet they are actually one it is about release from ego identification and ego attachment it is the exercise of true discernment and judgment it is becoming mentally free of all false religions were simply all false belief systems it is understanding that knowledge is never negative no matter how seemingly scary it may sound knowing it is worth it it is about knowledge that the current human condition is in fact a condition of slavery and the causal factors that have led to the current human condition it is understanding and living in harmony with natural law the moral and spiritual laws of creation that actually governed the consequences of our behavior it is knowing and living what I call the both of the pillars of enlightenment the non-aggression principle and the self-defense principle or the male and female pillars of enlightenment it is knowing that Authority the concept of authority the belief in authority itself is morally illegitimate and that all forms of government are actually human slavery it is the recognition of free will and total personal responsibility which is required for a state of true freedom it is knowing that so-called negative emotions serve a critical purpose it is knowing that enlightenment is not about pursuing bliss while surrounded by suffering in our world it is knowing what true forgiveness really means it is knowing the difference between what cannot be changed and what should be changed it is caring enough to take real world action to create real world change it is knowing that enlightenment includes influencing others to improve themselves not just about advancing yourself and stopping there and it is ultimately knowing that enlightenment does not equate to perfection no such thing in the 3d world here's the paradigm shift aspects that are absolutely the most critical to the emergence of free energy in our world knowledge of the occult meaning we have to understand the hidden science that has been held back from our understanding and we have to understand the hidden spirituality and the laws of the actual spiritual reality that we live in it is becoming mentally free of all false religions and too many people cling to false religions and false belief systems as I'm going to get into it is knowledge that the current human condition is slavery and the causal factors that have led to this condition it is understanding natural law and living in harmony with it and it is knowing that authority is morally illegitimate and that all forms of government are human slavery why hasn't this paradigm shift happened ok and this is the hard part to hear most people on this planet still believe in the concept of Authority this belief that government is somehow morally legitimate and necessary and they still believe in the false left left-right political paradigm which is a sham it's it's a false reality ok it is a movie version of reality projected at us by the mainstream media but it actually has nothing to do with what is really taking place in this world it is a Hegelian dialectic that pits us against each other so that the Masters can continue to rule us most people still believe the mainstream media and its pundits are actually telling them anything that resembles truth unfortunately this is true for most people in the world still today most people still believe that the purpose of mainstream science or what I refer to as scientism a religious belief system is a genuine search for truth and a genuine search for the betterment of humanity through the understanding of nature and the development of new technologies most people still believe that the purpose of the so called education system is to edify and enlighten people through genuine knowledge and most people unfortunately still believe that the institutions of religion medicine law law enforcement military and just about every other societal institution exist to do what they claim they exist to do and I would guarantee you ladies and gentlemen they they exist to do quite the opposite of what they're intended stated purpose is and unfortunately the vast body of humanity is still extraordinarily naive and condoning of these institutions that are based on violence that are based on fraud and deception etc and they don't want to admit that they've been dudes this is why the paradigm shift has not occurred this is why we're still stuck in the controlled energy paradigm and we're not leaving it until we get rid of these false belief systems until these false beliefs are purged from human consciousness don't expect free energy to manifest it will not it can not manifest until we change our own belief systems and stop believing in things that are based in violence and coercion and deception and ignorance okay so you know here's a little meme I picked up on the internet it says there is simply no polite way to tell people that they've dedicated their lives to an illusion and this is what I've dedicated my lives life to doing through public speaking you know and my approach is quite blunt I like it that way I don't make any apologies for it it's it's true and I tell people get as offended as you like about it I'm not here to be your friend I'm not here not to offend you I'm here to speak harsh reality to people and that's what I do on apologetically most people in the free-energy movement still do not understand the free part you know most of them think this is about it being free as in gratis as and not having to pay for it they don't understand that a free energy system has to be based in a world that is based in true human freedom which too few people truly value or even understand the meaning of and that's the world that's the current condition of our world it's a slavery system that is locked down practically and it's getting worse and it's the reason that it's getting worse and the reason that we're in that condition is because we believe in this erroneous notion of authority that is based in violence and coercion the belief in authority is an illusion of a diseased psyche based entirely in violence and built upon the erroneous and dogmatic belief that some people are masters who have the moral right to issue quite arbitrary commands while others are their slaves who have a moral obligation to obey the Masters and if you don't think that's what government is I would suggest that you're an extremely naive individual and you haven't really looked at the dynamics involved because that is what it is at its base nut based level government is the world's most dangerous religion I call it the world's most dangerous cult it is a cult belief system imagine being forced into a religion that you cannot opt out of that's what government is it is a religious belief system see in the past in the old world order you had this concept of authority being vested in one individual that ruled over everybody else and as you went down that that chain of command or chain of obedience as I like to call it you had more people who are more ignorant and at the top you had total power and total knowledge and in the past they called this slavery system kingship that's what it was referred to as it was completely immoral then just as it is now or would be in the future okay but see today we've been duped into believing that we have something different than that when we have exactly the same thing it's just Authority that ours is dusted in phew this is hegemony this is oligarchy this is what government is government is simply the same thing except you have diffused the power from one individual into a handful of individuals that comprise a ruling class ladies and gentlemen it does not matter whether you have an individual ruling the entirety of society where you have an oligarchy ruling the entirety of society I don't care what you call that you can you form eyes all you want but that is called slavery and that is the condition of humanity that is what we are living in every single individual in this room including myself is a slave and we are existing in a state of slavery on earth whether you understand that or not is irrelevant that is the case the problem is too few people understand that that is the case see people would call me somewhat crazy for saying it just that bluntly but see you know this is a so I mean that I picked up that I liked a lot let's see if I got this correct you believe that people can't govern themselves as individuals however if you also believe that some people can govern hundreds of millions of other people it is actually the most ridiculous premise possible I don't expect everybody to grasp this in just a short presentation format like this I highly suggest that people go to my website and view my natural law seminar it is probably the most profound spiritual work that you will ever encounter in your life I'm not saying that to toot my own horn I'm saying that because you will probably never find spiritual information of this depth and magnitude as opposed to what I have laid out in my nine-hour presentation called natural law the real law of attraction and how to apply it apply it in your life it is approximately nine hours long and is worth every second the vast majority of the very people who say they want to see the manifestation of free energy are actually those who are blocking the manifestation of free energy by the very way that they continue to think thoughts become our reality ladies and gentlemen and if we do not change the way that we think is an impossibility for free energy to manifest because we will continue to manifest the same controlled energy paradigm for as long as our minds are not based in true freedom this is mind control this is where the vast majority of human beings are at they are in a state of completely controlled thought where they cannot think of even the possibilities of what may be possible for Humanity because of their limiting worldview and belief systems and you can view from eyes that all you want just like you can you from eyes slavery and call it government I you know use mental manipulation you know they use all kinds of euphemisms for it but I call it what it really is mind control and we are mind controlled by social engineers who continue to get us to think in a paradigm of false belief that will keep us enslaved free energy cannot be manifested as long as the people of Earth continued to believe in and condone humanity's current immoral institutions which are based entirely in violence coercion deception ignorance greed Ussuri and exploitation this is most certainly not what Tesla envisioned for the human future see when it comes down to it this is what most of us do you know we look to some form of a leader and the leader is saying to us who once changed and everybody is very eager to raise their hand and jump to the front of the line and say oh yes give us that give us that but then when it is explained that what is required for the manifestation of that change to take place is for a massive change in the human mind and heart we ourselves have to change we have to go through the paradigm shift in our belief system and our mental and spiritual lives and very few people want that you know then you could hear the crickets chirping you know and flies buzzing about the room you know because that takes deep internal work upon ourselves which all too few people are willing to do and confront and look at our inner selves and our shadow side Tesla wanted a future in which science would be used for the true betterment of humanity that was his main goal and many people think he backed off of his own projects because he knew that humanity was not ready and we were like naive little children that if we had the power of Tesla technology truly in our hands it would be like putting nuclear bombs in the hands of children okay so many people think he actually backed away from some of his most advanced technology projects and that may be true but one thing is Tesla did understand that this paradigm shift would have to happen he hinted at it in his quote when he said peace and only come as a consequence of universal enlightenment and I have said that free energy can only come as a consequence of universal enlightenment in fact what I would say is a world based in free energy can only come as a consequence of a universal paradigm shift in human consciousness when we see that paradigm shift happen then we will see the future that Tesla envisioned manifests and it will create a future that humanity can scarcely envision at the current time ladies and gentlemen thank you so much for your kind attention you can visit my website at what on earth is happening calm and we have a table set up in the front come and visit us thank you so much ladies and gentlemen [Applause]