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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening to what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law vehicle and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening to endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome everyone welcome to happen today is Tuesday May 18th 2010 and this is the show where we discussed impotence mind control sovereignty Boult natural law everything that affects the freedom of the people of Earth that's what we do on this show and we try to get it down to the causal factors of why we experience what we do so let me give the websites and the call-in number my website is what on earth is happening dot-com I'm your host mark passio the network's website is revolution broadcasting dot-com you can listen to this show every Tuesday night at 8 p.m. Eastern Time the calling number three four seven eight eight four nine four one seven once again that's three four seven eight eight four nine four one seven any time you want to call in just give a call there are notable tavington topics on this program you can talk about anything you want and feel free to call in at any time when you call it in please hold on the I check the switchboard from time to time during the course of the show so when you do call in please hang on until I get to you I will get to you so with that having been said I'll jump right into the announcements for this week I always start off the show if there are events coming up particularly in the area where I live which is the Philadelphia area I like to start off the show with some event announcements about things that are going on locally so the first one is coming up Monday through 21st Monday night June 21st 7 o'clock p.m. the group the great group truth freedom prosperity their website is truth freedom prosperity org they are presenting a free documentary showing and discussion at the ethical society building the ethical Society of Philadelphia is at 1906 South Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia and the documentary that they will be on Monday June 21st at 7 p.m. is generation rx a phenomenal documentary very conscious individuals and it is about the dangers that the pharmaceutical industry the pharmaceutical cartel is inflicting particularly upon the youth of this country and indeed around the world and this is a film that I think anyone who has children should see because it does particularly focus in upon the dangers of pharmaceutical drugs are given to to children in their developmental years so that's Monday June 21st at the ethical Society building 1906 South Rittenhouse 7 o'clock p.m. free showing and discussion afterward of generation rx for more info check out truth freedom prosperity org so the stock announcement and the final one I have is an event that I'm personally involved with and I think is probably the most important upcoming event and Conference in the Philadelphia area for the whole summer it's the Nikola Tesla and independence celebrations Philadelphia PA July 9th 10th and 11th I'll read the press release the Tesla Science Foundation brings together scientists inventors and enthusiasts for a three-day conference highlighting the need for a new energy paradigm and folks if you see the disaster that is unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico as we speak the greatest ecological disaster of human history if you can't see that we need a new energy paradigm witnessing that play out right now I don't know what to tell you the age of oil shouldn't have even begun and gotten to the level that it was at if we would have heated the the genius and the wisdom of a brilliant and Bessler who was only trying to bring free energy to the people of the earth for our betterment and human greed and control factors intervened and prevent that vision from becoming the reality well that's what this group is working to try to reestablish to try to make the vision that Tesla had for the future of energy and the future of humanity become a reality and they're doing some great work toward that aim so this July in Philadelphia the Tesla Science Foundation will be hosting a three-day conference and celebration to commemorate Nikola Tesla's legacy and world vision Tesla was a brilliant inventor who lived during the turn of the 20th century his innovations resulted in the implementation of alternating current radio the AC motor wireless technology and many other influential inventions that we now take for granted in the modern age Tesla's vision to bring clean free energy to the world through advanced wireless technologies was blocked by the financial and corporate interests of his time through this event the Tesla Science Foundation will bring together like-minded scientists inventors and enthusiasts who share the common goal of bringing Tesla's advanced energy technologies to fruition for the betterment of humanity here is the schedule of events the test birthday bash Tesla was born on midnight between July 9th and 10th 1856 this will be happening on July 9th at 10:00 p.m. it will go from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. at the independence Visitor Center at Independence Mall National Park that's at 6:00 and Market Streets in Philadelphia this event is free to attend and there will be demonstrations of live Tesla coils at the event they're going to have the equivalent of Tesla fireworks they're going to set those coils firing at about around midnight when Tesla was born so that's the Tesla birthday bash July 9th 10 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. independence Visitor Center that's free also a free event the next day all day 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tesla Fest is as an outdoor festival on July 10 at the same location the independence Visitor Center 6th and Market Streets in Philadelphia will feature exhibits vendors information art music this is for no tourists passing through people who just want some information on Tesla maybe don't know much about them want to learn a little bit more want to come out and have some fun it's kind of geared for someone who again doesn't know much but would like to learn a little bit and become you know a little bit more involved in in understanding who Tesla was in his vision so that's the Tesla fest July 10th at the independence Visitor Center for the Tesla enthusiasts there will be presentations and lectures going on the same day July 10th from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. this is going to happen at the Free Library of Philadelphia at 1901 Vine Street it's a great lecture hall it fits about 400 people this event is free to attend the lectures and presentations on Tesla and this technologies are free to attend July 10 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. I have the honor of emceeing this portion of the event of the conference I will be introducing the presenters and speakers at the free library here's the list of speakers thus far mister Russell Anderson who will also be demonstrating an antigravity device based on the technologies of T Townsend Brown so Russell Anderson will be speaking also Michael Kelly Tatiana Milotic Michael treat mano Davina Michael Kremer and Brian yet sir this event is free to attend at that evening July 10 there will be a reception dinner and concert the pricing is still as of yet to be announced but I know that it will be under $25 which is a steal for a night out of a dinner and some entertainment so the dinner and concert will be July 10 6:00 p.m. to 11 p.m. at the Arch Street meeting house that's at 3:20 Arch Street this will feature the divine hand ensemble which is centered is an orchestral ensemble that is centered around the electronic instrument known as the Thurman check out the divine hand ensembles website at www.nsiindustries.com useage so this is kind of the centerpiece of the entire event it is going on for two days the scientific portion of the conference this is July 10th and 11 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at - Liberty Place on the 32nd floor Liberty Place is at 1601 Chestnut Street this will feature at least ten scientifically oriented presentations these presentations are not geared for the layman but the technical professional and scientist so keep that in mind this event is not free registration is required I don't know the exact pricing but you can find that out and you can register for the event at the Tesla Science Foundation's website which you can also see for emerging details on the conference and that website is WWF sense Foundation org that's Tesla Science Foundation o RG also to keep abreast of any developments and future meetups of this great group you can join the Tesla Club meetup group at n Tesla meetup.com slash 38 the number 38 so that's n Tesla n t es la meetup.com / 3 838 so those are the event announcements and I will now get into a very brief recap of what we've talked about up through this point tonight we are going to continue with last week's topic which we were delving into the barriers to realization to self-realization so it's what I call the barriers to the realization of the true self self with a capital S the higher self the self that is not trapped at lower levels of consciousness and ego attachment there are barriers to this that we must transcend that we must overcome that we must break through like walls that have been built up around us we have to break down those barriers to come to a place of non-dual consciousness non opposition within ourselves that's what we were discussing last week this week I don't think I'm going to get into a full review of what we talked about in previous weeks what I do want to do is I want to recap the barriers to the realization of the true self and I want to briefly recap the first one which we talked about in the entire time last week which was the five cents illusion and particularly I spent a lot of time last week going into an experiment known as the double slit experiment for the experiment which illustrates the quantum mechanical concept known as the observer effect so last week showed that a little bit scientific it went into a little bit of a the explanation of a technical experiment I don't think it went overly technical I think people were able to understand how that experiment was set up I gave a visual interpretation of the observer effect on the website on the podcast section so for those who don't know all of these shows are archived after the show is completed and I upload them to the podcast section on my website at what on earth is happening comm you can then click the podcast tab and all the shows are archived there and there are pictures there are related images underneath the the podcast itself you can click any of those numbers there and it will bring up the images that I spoke about related to topics that I spoke about on that particular show on last week's podcast I put a link to a video that you can click it says related video and then it has the double slit experiment you click that link and it will open a new browser window to a YouTube video explaining the observer effect experiment known as the double slit experiment that will probably solidify better in people's minds what this experiment was really about and what it truly demonstrates so I'm going to cap now the barriers to the realization of the true self and then I'll briefly recap the first one then we'll get into number two and uh along the lines of discussing the second barrier to realization I have a guest in studio with me today mr. Walter Rhodes who I'll be bringing on shortly to further flesh out and discuss the concept of ego identification and attachment which is one of these barriers to self-realization so the barriers to the realization of the true self I list them as four main barriers these are walls that we erect ourselves around our own consciousness which block us from our true potential these are the five sense illusion that's number one number two ego identification and ego attachment number three the prison of the left brain the left brain only modality of consciousness divorced from the right brain modality this is intellect divorced from wisdom we may be we may have time to get into that topic a little bit because I think it's directly related with the second barrier ego identification so we'll touch on that tonight and the fourth is attachment to institutionalized belief systems these are all of the institutional structures that we have erected in our world and around us that make our beliefs concrete eyes we they make them hardened like stone and we don't we aren't flowing in what we are willing to accept as reality but we are willing to look at and understand because these institutionalized structures have hardened our beliefs to the extent that it becomes too dissonant too painful for us to look outside of those boxes of those institutions and realize that many of them are extraordinarily corrupt and not moral and not leading to higher levels of awareness and consciousness and the betterment for anyone they are simply keeping us in a veritable prison of the mind and a veritable prison for our consciousness and our evolutionary growth and development so those are the four main barriers to the realization of the higher levels of awareness the higher self as I refer to it in former shows so over the last couple of weeks I've been breaking down and fleshing out the first topic the first barrier which is the $0.05 illusion this is the notion that one matter is solid and that it is essentially purely mechanistic that there is no underlying fundamental intelligence in consciousness that governs matter that actually allows matter to express itself in certain ways that teach lessons that encourage evolutionary growth in consciousness and that when we understand how that those deeper aspects of matter are governed in consciousness it helps us to understand how we create the reality that we create so not understanding those things believing in the total solidity of matter believing that that the universe is a mechanized purposeless purely random place not governed by any higher law or higher intelligence and certainly one in which consciousness does not play a critical entangled and vital role is a track this this way of seeing the world this world view is a tract for consciousness and it makes us experience things that we don't need to experience if we weren't in such a level of ignorance about how how the physical reality is really structured and is really a contract for experience so I began breaking that down two shows ago and last week I got into an experiment known as the double slit experiment which explained in no uncertain terms in very scientific terms how matter is essentially pure energy that is a wave form it is a wave function what does that mean what that means is that when you get right down to the very basic fundamental building blocks of matter which is what we're all made of what which is what indeed everything in the physical reality that we live in is made of you understand that it is only a potential to exist it is a wave potential this means that it contains all the possibilities within it that could manifest but we don't really experience reality like that we don't experience reality on the level that anything that could happen happens in our linear progression through reality that we call time we experience a set of manifested realities things that actually do occur one thing does actually occur we call that the present moment what is actually taking place I would go farther and say that is actually what the truth is the truth is that which actually manifests from the possibilities all the wave form potentials that existed in what we or to as the past so this is deeply intertwined with the concept of time linear time as we experience it I won't recap the experiment it's up on the website if you want to look on the podcast section and watch the video you can get a deeper grasp of it much deeper than I could probably Express in explaining it through words on a radio show so I encourage everyone to watch that video and I left off the program last week saying that if you are if your mind isn't blown by what you understand when you do deeply understand the quantum double slit experiment and the observer effect then you really did not understand it this is such a profound and extraordinary discovery that it really shows us that consciousness determines what we experience and I want to just briefly touch on a little bit more about what I mean by that when the observer is looking for something to be there that is when something becomes present and is there matter is not solid until there is consciousness observing it what dictates the manifestation from the possible waveforms the possible wave functions that are all contained in that waveform that we call the pass that collapses them to the present moment and becomes an actual series of events an actual event in the present moment is the quality of our attention the quality of consciousness so if we're not really paying attention we're going to get a non desired result that comes into manifestation if we shift or alter the quality of our attention we will be more in tune with being able to shape the manifested results and bring it into alignment with what we feel is more beneficial to us and the experience we wish to have this is how the fulfillment of a desire comes about see I don't agree with some schools of for example Buddhist thinking or it isn't really original Buddhist thinking it is what I would call almost a New Age Buddhist approach that claims all desire is suffering that is not the original Buddhist teachings the original teachings of the words of the Buddha are that attachment to desire is what leads to suffering and we can get attached to desires that really have nothing to do with our true betterment that have nothing to do with reality that have nothing to do with natural law but are all rooted in what we're going to talk about tonight as the second barrier to self-realization which is the ego which is ego identification and attachment to that level of consciousness so the observer effect that I spoke about last week is deeply interwoven into this concept of ego identification because if the quality of attention through which we are observing the physical world is a low quality is of low consciousness is of low awareness is of pure ego self satisfying quality we are not going to collapse that potential wave function in very beneficial ways see it isn't the desire itself that's going to create suffering when you have a desire that's okay I don't believe that we should to purge all desire you'll never hear me say that on this show it's not that is not what I think the goal of consciousness and the goal of where we should try to be getting to in our understanding of ourselves I don't think that's where we want to really go I think we want to try to understand that if we have a desire for betterment that's okay attachment to it may create suffering you know desires come and go they are wave in themselves they rise and then they fall they rise and then they fall observing that helps us to get past attachment to the desire understanding you're going to have another desire to me you're going to have another desire to have sex you're going to have another desire to sleep they rise and fall there's they are sated or not sated and then they fall away and if they intensify and you are upholding deep attachment to them that's when we experience suffering that's when we feel pain so the desire itself is something that needs to be understood watched and the the outcome the attachment to the outcome released that's what I believe the true spirit of Buddhism had in mind when it talked about how attachment to desire creates suffering not the desire itself you can have a desire for a better world and if you want to bring that into manifestation then you do the things that are required to make that happen because all desires do have requirements that is simply a statement of fact of truth if you want to sate thirst if you want to alleviate thirst you must drink something now getting into the attachment oh why is the desire of thirst here that's going to create more suffering now thirst can be a mild discomfort and you can say tit or not say tit but if you're going to get into the attachment to it that's when you're going to feel even more suffering so I think there's a big distinct distinguishment between those two states just the desire in place understanding that it can be fulfilled or not and the requirements to fulfill it if it's present is different than the attachment to the desire so that goes hand-in-hand again with the observer effect and it also goes hand-in-hand with the main topic for this evening which is ego identification attachment to ego okay so I just wanted to go back a little bit and talk about the how the observer effect really is related to what manifests in our reality and it the way it is related is based upon the quality of our attention what do we pay attention to what do we talk about what do we do with our time all of those things collectively are what is collapsing the wave function and bringing all of those potentials that could exist in that void okay in the void of potentiality it's what's bringing all of those potentials and collapsing them down to that which we do get in the present moment okay again the quality of our attention what we pay attention to what we'll talk about what we do what we work toward collectively as a whole in all of the consciousnesses of all of the people on this planet when all of those are factored and that's why this is called a quantum wave function it's made of unannounced of C people to talk about that amount is important they aren't realists either amount totally determines that the progression of the wave function of what we get in the present moment and sadly too few people are moving toward the collapsing of that wavefunction through the quality of their attention in a positive way and too few by not understanding how this principle works and being attached to the five sense illusion of materiality and obsession with the physical world an obsession with an attachment to did the fulfilling of their go ik desires are collapsing that wavefunction in a way that is becoming progressively uncomfortable and creating more and more chaotic expressions in the present moment that's what the whole purpose of this show is folks to try to explain how these natural law principles work I don't claim to believe that this is how it works I claim to be one of the many many people that have discovered and accept the fact that this is how it works and anybody listening anybody I know you can call me as a self-absorbed or egoic or whatever you want by making that claim in the three dimensional space-time continuum that we live in I do understand how this natural law principle works I don't claim to be special as a result of understanding it I don't claim to be better than anyone else as a result of understanding it but if I told you I did not understand that basic natural law principle and how it works to create what we are getting I'd be lying to you if I told you I didn't it is a simple statement of fact of what I understand if you understand how the law of gravity works or you understand how involve thermodynamic work thermodynamics works it would not be evil of you to say yes I understand how that law works and if you drop that object from that it's going to hit the ground at this acceleration that would be a statement of understanding of a law that is in effect has nothing to do with thinking that you're better than anyone else I just want to make that clear so I'm not claiming this as my belief I am stating it and attempting to help others to discover the same principles which I have come to an understanding of and that that's all I'm saying that's all I'm making that statement so just wanted to do that before going forward that these are laws which I am explaining their their their rules which we are bound by if we live in the three dimensional space-time continuum called space-time period if we live in this continuum which you know if anybody has a way to completely get out of that let me know okay but as long as you're living in in in the laws that govern this continuum of reality you're bound by them period these laws do not have exceptions they are 100% in effect at all times and places this is how consciousness creates reality that's what we're alternately talking about here and what we're talking about is the barriers to realizing how these laws work why don't we understand this as a whole why don't why are we getting things that we don't really want in our experience why are we experiencing self inflicted suffering well it's because we don't understand how these laws work which was part of the first part of the barriers to realization largely due to being identified with the five senses we're so identified with the matter we don't understand the laws that arrange and govern the matter or the expression of it which we call the events of our lives we don't understand how they're being arranged like that through the underlying intelligence in consciousness that's what is a rearranging the field to give us what we are getting and the only way we're going to ever get anything better than what we're getting is to come up in consciousness so we become conscious co-creators of reality in harmony with the natural laws of nature that is the main creative force of the universe the other creative forces our own free will when our free will through a rise in consciousness comes into harmony and unison with the laws of nature then we will be at one with those forces we will be able to practically command them some people will say that he was a dark occultist some people will say that Francis Bacon was simply someone that understood these laws and these principles he was a master Rosicrucian in the 1600s and he made a statement that nature to be commanded must first be obeyed if we ever want to get to the level of evolutionary development where nature would be at our beck and call and wood would align itself it's much greater will with the will of our desires for ourselves the only way that can ever come about is if we discover the the principles of natural law and live in harmony with them period the end the end there is no escaping that there is no getting around that law with a capital L is not going to be broken by us it is in effect we are bound by it what our job is is to discover it come into harmony with it live in accordance with it and then we will know harmony then we will know peace and then we will know freedom and not a second until not a second on till so the first barrier $0.05 illusion I think we've covered that and I explained the dynamics fairly concisely so we're going to go into the next barrier to realization this evening and we'll continue that through the remainder of the show unless we have any callers call in they want to talk about anything else or bring up anything related to this so the second the second barrier to self-realization is ego identification this is totally related to the other barriers it's related to the five sense illusion and it's intricately related to the prison of the left brain how so first of all what do we mean when we say identification with ego what are we talking about we say ego we're talking about identifying with the roles that we play in life not understanding the deeper aspects of consciousness and self but identifying with the lower case s self okay I am a security guard I am a teacher I am a railroad engineer I am a soldier I am a housewife and mother hey these aren't who we are it's not who we are down at the deep deep deep level the level of self with a capital S at the level of self with a capital S we would say I am period nothing after it we are being we are consciousness we are aliveness we are life we are dynamism we are intelligence we are self capital s period no further explanation required we are the expression of Y all these things that we identify with they're simply roles that consciousness takes on in the flesh suit so to speak these are roles that we play here down here on the stage in the physical realm so we're not the mother of someone else we're not the father of someone else we're not the child of someone else we're not the soldier we're not the cop or not the banker we're not the golfer we're not the businessman these are roles when through forgetting our true nature but the true higher aspects of self we become identified with the role and we forget the true higher self this is ego identification then my life is about my business my life is about the role I play in the government institution I'm a member of my life is about being that cop my life being that sports celebrity or being that that high paid athlete my life is about being that actor on that famous television show see there's a huge difference between those things between understanding who and what we really are and becoming truly self actualized beings capital S self and then totally becoming absorbed absorbed attached and obsessed even to the level of obsession with the role that we are playing in life see that's not who we are that's what we're doing you're doing the job of desk clerk you're doing the job of um actor you're doing the job of banker however that isn't who we really are so to talk about the idea of ego attachment to the art with the identification of the roles that we play in life and believing that they are the true self what I'm going to do now is introduce and bring on a good friend of mine mr. Walter Rhodes he is from the Philadelphia area he is an independent researcher he is a Explorer of many Eastern consciousness traditions and he is a seeker of truth so he's going to come on and talk with us a little bit and we'll have a discussion and we'll fire opinions and observations back and forth for the remainder of the program tonight about ego identification so Walt welcome - what on earth is happening it's great to have you here thank you thank you so come on in a little closer and talk directly into the mic so everybody can hear you so why don't you just chime in on what I talked about so far in relation to Eagle identification as a barrier to self-realization and give us a little bit of your take on that and then we'll go back and forth and discuss a little bit okay this this may be a little bit different from the way you're going about it but you ready to pop your literature how ego is illusionary its illusionary its illusionary seems to me the most prevalent illusion out there everybody has an ego every single I mean even it almost seems as though animals head we go so anyway so I wanted to figure out where where it comes from evolutionarily speaking what I found is through reading various things that ego developed early on as assess the species so we're walking through a forest and a tree branch breaks if we have no ego we will not recognize that tree branch as other yeah so it'll fall on your head and crush you yes so Yeoh was developed to self preserve to preserve organism agreed to see the separation not to be ruled by it that's right now the separation seems to rule yes like oh saying you before it started we're born into this world and we pick elements of popular culture that were fond of to build an ego itself out so we pick literature music sports dance all these things we go self up when you agree sure everybody does it sure the funny part of that is the things that people cling to most too out of their lists are the things that make them forget about themselves right for example self yeah so an athlete um will cling to the fact that he loves being athlete now when he's putting that sport he totally forgets about himself he's 100% wrapped in it so it's a total disillusion itself in that activity so many have listens to music they lose themselves in the act of listening to the music and all these these these ego attachments their I mean the ones that people cling to the hardest seems to be the ones that make them forget about themselves it's weird I agree and that's an interesting aspect that you brought up and the like that you brought up that I could not agree with more is that the ego in and of itself isn't a problem per se it's the attachment to the ego it's the identification with it believing that it is our true identity that's why I list the the barrier as not as ego period but as ego identification or ego touch exactly correct because like you said ego is simply an evolutionary development that allows us to see ourselves and understand it if I don't get out of the way of the falling huge tree I'll be crushed and then I won't have a body to experience you know of the three-dimensional world and grow an evolution of so it's important to have an ego short reserved yourself the ego is a tool for the three-dimensional aspect of self it's like ego is it's been described by some researchers I can't remember off the top of their my head who brought this up with ego when we're both sitting at a table let's say as an example ego is that which allows me to take my fork scoop up some food and put it in my mouth instead of yours right okay because I know I need to take that into myself okay so like you gave was a great example if you don't get out of the way of a physical object coming here well you're going to experience pain and suffering and possibly death that's what the ego is intended for to be intended to be used as a tool to plan the level of physical separation between the body and the objects that are in the physical world but it seems that ego took over the house so to speak it took over the temple of self well because there's no self visible what I mean by that is it's okay to have likes it's okay that dislikes it's even okay to be attached to things because we're human if you have no self discipline right if you had no self that's not outside impose discipline but actual self is on trick you have no control over those attachments and then they rule you right so it's self discipline which is the important balance the balance of mammoth ego you have to have a mammoth self-discipline this is what I brought up on former shows as the concept that I call Dominion or true rulership of self self-governance in other words and what many people term sovereignty which is the true way out of the mess that we have created for ourselves and I believe that you can only attain that when you understand the distinction the distinction between the lowercase s self the physical body and the higher self higher level of awareness and to do that you must release your identification and attachment to ego right and it's a process that these processes go hand in hand and we're going to talk a little bit about if we can get to it tonight the left brain prison the way of seeing the physical world in a purely left-brain way the educational system keeps this going in the in the Western world the the types of media that we watch and are exposed to constantly even a lot of the diet that we eat is cutting off of our cutting us off from being able to have a full expression of self through getting in touch with us the sacred feminine qualities that are imparted and we are able to experience through getting in touch with the right brain timer see this this kind of pleasure I don't know what I was saying earlier about how people get attached to the to the ego to them to the activities in their life that help them forget about themselves right the music and art and dance in sports and whatever people are most attached to that because why they're doing it they lose themselves and they unite with that force when they're in that no right that helps them attach with that great feminine force right with that unknown so in a way the ego tensions that hold so sacred are not misaligned they're misguided they're the things that keep them in touch with my force and the power that is but then they start when they do not intersect if I don't have the perspective to see it that it is right right when they're not in that zone they're attached with the actual activity with it with identifying with this is who I am this now what I did is oh right because that kind of is in that zone they're feeling that oneness right and in a lot of ways they become attached to that because they've touched upon it by in doing that activity but then they start thinking that the activity itself is them or the divine attributes that are coming through them or that right you know like the super athletes that do amazing things and end up with these ginormous egos that eventually right collapse and they think that that higher pace s that they are getting in touch with that is equivalent to the lowercase s in their normal everyday experience so people forget that you're aligning with it it's not you right it is and it isn't but you're kind of coming into like you said earlier you come into alignment with it in a sure it's and when you do it slowly the ego is that force that came in like you said in it in a almost like a defense mechanism type thing primal right a primal pendulum is going to say I'll protect you this ability will protect you from the dangers of the physical surroundings and the physical world that you may encounter so that you can you know like you said get out of the way of a predator or a falling boulder or something to that effect or no not to go over the cliff you know and you know in an unusual or on unsafe way it's doing the same thing now even though the ego has expanded its okay this is not my kind of music I'm going to protect you this is not my kind of part right I'm going to protect it's doing the same thing that it was planned that its purpose was but it's expanded and it's kind of well let's take it over yeah you know it's it's turned the flexibility of the mind into a concrete thing this is mine this isn't mine no flexibility there the servant or the tool has become the master is attempting to usurp the entire self and keep it kind of imprisoned at a lower level of awareness because it said it's basically saying to the individual I've rescued you I've allowed you to survive this event in this event in this event right and now I'm not going to just be relegated to a simple tool I'm coming in here and I'm setting up shop and I'm taping over this place right I'm not leaving you know look like a hammer you know a hammer is something you go and find when you need to drive a nail you know or you need to remove it now okay it's a tool you pick it up you do the action that you need it for and then you put it down right well the ego is the tool that we once may have done that with but but eventually we got so used to having it in our hand and then eventually it like kind of gained the consciousness of its own and was saying I direct the entire being right I'm not you're not going to put me down you know I'm going to start telling you what to do and you're going to obey me sure sure it's like a catch-22 the ego protects through separation right you know it protects through separation now we've talked about this before we talked about how you can measure a concept or an idea based on the amount that it makes you feel United with all that is that's right now something makes you feel separate well then it is not a good measure of true so you can measure truth based on how it unites or separates a great ego protects but it separates so it's illusionary in its very essence right and a lot of people out there want that sense of protection you know there's some peer based modality of consciousness that they think that self-preservation is the highest level of consciousness you know in in the Satanic ideology if you study the actual philosophy that Satanism puts forward its highest law is self-preservation and survival that is the number one thing that is kind of worshipped in the Satanic ideal and this is a dangerous ideology to begin to subscribe to in a very attached way because you start to think that there is nothing higher than survival survival is not a bad thing wanting to survive is the goal you know pretty much the base goal of all life of course life wants to survive and propagate itself but when you start getting into the idea that that's the highest level that you could ever aspire to that self-preservation is the highest law that it is the highest modality of consciousness that that definitely isn't true because there there are transcendent mo of consciousness that allow you to see ego is a tool survival yes you need it to propagate and have experience but it certainly isn't the highest level of consciousness that whole concept of survival and and unison estate that only exists if you're not understanding the unbroken chain of life that is right because survive there is no such thing as survival it's another illusionary concept sure there is an unbroken chain of life there is no such thing as something surviving and frightening is it it is see attached you are the attachment with that level of awareness of just survival right and that being all there is or the highest thing there is comes from a fear of death and if you understand like you just said that there is an ice road a chain ways right you you understand ultimately there is no death right you know and that that is what really that getting out of that existential mode of consciousness is what really will get you out of that fear mentality and then get you to aspire to higher levels of consciousness than simply survival and ego identification well I'm going we're going to hold it right there for a few moments or coming up to the end of the first hour usually what I do at this point is play the intro music for the second hour and reread the the event announcements since the the show is broken up over two hours on the revolution Broadcasting Network so we'll hold it right there and in the second hour we'll continue to flesh out these ideas about ego identification as one of the barriers to self-realization so I'm mark passio this is what on earth is happening my website is what on earth is happening dot-com the network is revolution broadcasting calm be back shortly freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law vehicle and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascal [Music] all right we're back with our number two of what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website is what on earth is happening dot-com this show is live every Tuesday evening 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time and you can catch it on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 8:00 p.m. on revolution broadcasting comm so before we get into a further discussion of the topic that we were talking about last hour which was ego identification and ego attachment as one of the main barriers to true self-realization I'm going to briefly read the event announcements one one more time I read the event announcements twice during the show because again this show is broken up into two hours on revolution Broadcasting Network so for those listening on Thursday night the show isn't live on Thursday it's recorded on Tuesday and played on Thursday the second hour but I'll repeat the event announcements the first one is a free documentary showing it is going to take place in Philadelphia I'm in the Philadelphia area so I always read event announcements they're coming up in the region of the country where I'm from to tell people about things that are going on in this area so a free documentary showing Philadelphia at the ethical Society building 1906 South Rittenhouse Square on Monday June 21st at 7 o'clock p.m. it will be a showing of the documentary generation rx followed by a discussion of the film this is hosted by the great group truth freedom prosperity great group of people really dedicated to solving the problems that affect those very issues the problems that affect affect human consciousness that affect our understanding of truth in the world that affect our freedom so truth freedom prosperity org is their website I'm a proud member of that group and it's comprised of a bunch of great individuals very committed individuals and I suggest people go up to that website and get involved if particularly if you're from the Philadelphia area so that's the first announcement come out to these documentaries and discussions it's a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and I'll bring some new people out so let's try to bring some new people there people that might need to hear these documentaries see them and hear them and would benefit from a deeper understanding and would would get a lot of discussions that take place there if the documentaries are shown guaranteed it's a good night and it's a great venue the ethical Society is a great building so that's the first announcement the second one the Nikola Tesla energy independent celebrations this is going to be the biggest conference in the Philly area on alternative energy and the need for a new energy paradigm I've said it before and I'll continue to say it the control of energy is the control of people you want to understand how people are basically controlled through manufactured black and - fear based consciousness you need to look no further than dependency on the the so called fossil fuels oil natural gas coal etc and even so-called alternative methods of power generation and distribution we need a true free energy model the Nikola Tesla had in development over 100 years ago and that idea was squashed because it would level the playing field for Humanity and would take control out of too many power burglars hands so the financial institutions of Tesla's day crushed his vision for a free energy paradigm here's the press release for this event the Tesla energy independence celebrations Philadelphia PA July 9th 10th and 11th the Tesla Science Foundation brings together scientists inventors and enthusiasts for a three-day conference highlighting the need for a new energy paradigm this July in Philadelphia the Tesla Science Foundation will be hosting a three-day conference and celebration to commemorate Nikola Tesla's legacy and world vision Tesla was a brilliant inventor who lived during the turn of the 20th century his innovations resulted in the implementation of alternating current that is the technology which powers all of our electrical devices in our homes alternating current radio Tesla was the true inventor of radio Marconi used many of Tesla's patents and the Patent Office eventually overturned the grant of the patent for radio which they originally a word to Marconi and gave it to Tesla six months after Tesla's death so Tesla is officially acknowledged as the modern inventor of radio he invented the AC motor wireless technology all wireless forms of technology are based upon Tesla's original work with wireless and many other influential inventions that we now take for granted in the modern age Tesla's vision to bring clean free energy to the world through advanced wireless technologies was blocked by the financial and corporate interests of his time Tesla had a way of distributing industrial-strength power wirelessly with no no copper wire infrastructure in the ground or littering the surface of the earth wireless transfer of industrial strength power and this is what was blocked through his event the Tesla through this event the Tesla Science Foundation will bring together like-minded scientists and benders and enthusiasts who share the common goal of bringing Tesla's advanced energy technologies to fruition for the betterment of humanity folks you got to look up whom that Nikola Tesla was what he tried to do who shut him down and what kind of a world this would be if Tesla had succeeded in his implementation of this advanced wireless energy distribution technologies technology and it can still come to fruition we can still make it happen if we have the courage and the will to get involved and actually work toward that goal the event schedule for the Tesla energy independence celebrations in Philadelphia is as follows July 9th from 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. the Tesla birthday bash Tesla was born on midnight between July 9th and 10th at midnight this is at the independence Visitor Center we're going to have this birthday celebration where they're going to fire off many Tesla coils at midnight to celebrate Tesla's birthday this is at 6th and Market Streets in Philadelphia and this is free to attend also free to attend the next day at the same location from 10:00 a.m. all the way up to 8 p.m. pretty much the whole day there are people out there that are going to be showing different exhibits handing out information will be an art participant or art they're a couple of bands will be playing this is July 10 8th at 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tesla fest it's a Tesla Festival on the lawn at Independence visitor center 6th and Market Streets in Philadelphia this event is also free to attend also free to attend presentations and lectures at the Free Library of Philadelphia 19:01 Vine Street these are going on the same day July 10th 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. this is geared toward Tesla enthusiasts who want to know more about the technology and innovations and practical applications oh these events are going on three events will be actually going on at the same time because they're geared for different levels of interest the Tesla Fest event is just kind of a fun thing for people that may not know much about Tesla me just want to get a little bit of information and have some fun and you know here's some music the presentations and lectures are geared toward the enthusiasts who already know a little about Tesla want to know more and want to hear some great presentations and lectures the the featured speakers thus far are Russell Anderson Michael Kelly Tatyana Miller tech Michael treat Mono Divina Michael crane ER and Brian yet sir free to attend July 10 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Free Library of Philadelphia a great lecture hall there that fits 400 people and I hope we can sell all the seats July 10th 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. a reception dinner and concert this is at arch street meeting house 320 Arch Street featuring the divine hand ensemble a classical ensemble built around the centerpiece of the electronic instrument known as the theremin th er E M I am named after its inventor checked out the theremin look it up it's an incredible instrument and we have a true aficionado playing that the the theremin instrument his name is mano de vino' and he is the conductor of the divine hand ensemble check out their website divine hand dotnet just absolutely beautiful music and I think it will it'll be a great capping of a great conference the price on the reception dinner in concert for the night of July 10th is yet to be announced I can tell you that I believe it will be under $25 or around that price which is great for a wonderful night out with some great people so um the final portion of the conference is the scientific conference the scientific lectures this will be July 10th and eleventh two days this is the main crux of the conference overall is getting the scientists together to start to work on actually creating recreating this technology I should say in a practical application 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday July 10th and 11th at to Liberty Place the scientific portion of the conference 32nd floor of to Liberty place that's 1601 Chestnut Street this will feature at least ten scientific presentations geared toward the technically inclined these will not be layman's presentations registration is required for this portion of the event the scientific conference on July 10th and 11th you can go to the Tesla Science Foundation's website to register for the scientific portion of the conference and for more details you can also go there to read about the details of the conference the website is WWF sense foundation org that's Tesla Science Foundation org and you can also join the Tesla Club meetup group at 10 Tesla meetup calm / 38 that's n Tesla n te SL a meetup calm / the number 38 3 8 so that's the event announcements and on at that meetup site you can get all the announcements that this group does all of the events that they put on ok it's a great place to keep abreast of their activities and to participate in discussions and to meet other people who are interested in the life and the works of the great genius visionary inventor Nikola Tesla so those are the event announcements for this week I'm going to jump right back into the topic of discussion and barring any calls which I'd like to get some calls haven't had any for the last couple weeks but I'll give the call-in number if anyone wants to call in and talk about anything there are no taboo topics on this show we don't sugarcoat anything on this show in case you haven't noticed that um this shows about hard truth so call in talk about whatever you like ask any questions that you like the caller number is three four seven eight eight four nine four one seven once again the call-in number three four seven eight eight four nine four one seven in the previous hour we were talking about the second barrier toward the realization of the true self because what we do on this program ultimately we talk about causal factors that's what this show is about this is about understanding natural law principles and the causal factors in consciousness of what lead to the events that we experience that manifest in our lives and that we experience in the reality that we live in that's what this show is about you know we can talk about the events that play out all we want we can describe the so-called prison all we want but until we understand how to attain and turn that key good luck to us we're not going to be making very much progress unless we understand what gets us what we have that's ultimately what I attempt to do here in the ideas that I put forth on this show and that's the understanding that I am trying to help people - these are laws that are discovered they're not invented by anybody they're not ideas they're not ideologies and they are most certainly not beliefs what I talk about here on this show arm all laws that exist within creation that we are bound by and the only way to really truly discover them from the place in consciousness that we now find ourselves is to shatter the barriers that we ourselves have erected around us and around our consciousness and they are put there by the institutions that are all around us they are put there by the generations that have come before us they are put there by the very system itself that we live under it has a consciousness unto itself a consciousness that is fed by those who have come before us and those around us now that subscribe to these belief systems who do not understand how natural all principles work quite unfortunately and quite unfortunately they keep getting results that they do not wish to experience this is why I do what I do to try to help people alleviate self-inflicted suffering and that's all intricately tied in with the notion of how do we free ourselves why aren't we truly free now in this expression of the physical world why do we experience the suffering that we do the immensity of suffering that we do so this is what we talk about on this show and in the last hour myself and my guest Walter Rhodes a good friend of mine who is an explorer in consciousness and a seeker of truth we're talking about the second barrier to self-realization which is ego identification and throughout the remainder of the show we're going to flesh out evil identification even more and hopefully tie it in with the prison of the left brain which is a unit dimensional time bound way of seeing the world and ourselves in it that has to do with brain imbalance and that's intricately interwoven with the idea of ego identification so we will get back to that discussion but before we do I see we have a caller on the line and I'm going to take the call now here we go hello caller you're on what on earth is happening you know what's going on everybody this is Eric G appear at the little town Eric my friend how are you man of a monetary body this Eric is ultimately responsible for helping me get this show on this network if I hadn't run into him at germ books in Philadelphia during no less a Nikola Tesla inspired event an art show with depictions of Tesla and his technologies and even future visions of what you know some parts of the world may look like if we built some of this Tesla technology I was actually you know surprisingly enough the curator for this event I helped to get a lot of these artistic creations painted and got them into this gallery with the help of Dave Williams from germ bucks in the Frankfort section of the city I you know if you would have told me I would have curated an art exhibit ten years ago I would have laughed you out of the room but nonetheless that's what happened that's where I met this gentleman on the line here Eric G and we were talking about the philosophies that I discuss on my website and in my presentation and Eric said hey I can hook you up with some people that might be able to make a radio show happen for you at least get you on as a guest on some of their shows one thing led to another I got on Bob Costas show truth be told and Bob said I can make a show your own happen and that's what brought me out to this network and Eric I am indebted to you for that help so thank you and now go ahead and bring up what you called it about okay well before I get into what I called it about going back to that Nikola Tesla that sure number one the pictures that they had on the walls were awesome just really cool just amazing stuffy unless you see you wouldn't even have a clue of what it would look like very like trippy II like visionary type process almost like a almost has like a spooky element to it is very cool but uh you know I listen you talk about in this Nikola Tesla right and I was kind of in a lot of people are into it but it's confidence almost like an odd thing for someone to be in right so that's on the back of my head I'm like and maybe this guy's a little too into Nikola Tesla but you know then you have things like the oil spill and you know soon as I saw the pictures from this thing I said you know now you know now I can see why mark is obsessed with Tesla thing because this this is such a disaster that I don't even know what to say that I mean it's just so bad that if ever I played it for a test later bring EAGL I'm glad you're forecasting was able to do this we wouldn't had this catastrophe that's re it were just something yeah I'm really glad you're bringing that up because what is really going on right now in the Gulf of Mexico is our great mother upon which we rely for our life and our existence is hemorrhaging she is hemorrhaging profusely what will you're looking at when you see the red sheen on top of the waters of the Gulf isn't oil it's blood it's blood that's what it is and we have burst an artery and now it's just bleeding out and this is unacceptable what makes us even think we have the right what makes us think we have the right to take oil in the quantities that we even do every day every single day and we're all complicit and including me I need to drive different places I Drive a car you know I put gasoline in the car like everyone else does I'm even complicit in it I know how wrong the whole paradigm is I know how much it needs to be changed I'm doing something to try to get it changed I'm involved I spend my time I promote it I work with people I help I help talk with some scientists that to try to get them to this transcendent level of consciousness to understand why they need to use their left brain genius in marriage with a spiritual understanding that's my role in this organization why we need it so desperately now we needed it so best for 100 years ago let alone now look at where we're at now ego identification that's your answer that's the answer to the question we've separated ourselves so far that we feel like this whole thing for us yes right took you in what we want to achieve our aims and whatever is whatever it's going to have it that's just an extension of the self preservation exactly right well that's exactly it we believe nature belongs to us and as ours to conquer and it's like that's the overarching world they mature this we this nature is that's right are we belong to it we belong to nature and we are a sorry mantra we are a part of it we belong in that holistic system and we can't really look at ourselves as separate from it if we wish to prosper truly but many of us do when we think that nature is inert it's dead it's it's it's purely a mechanized thing this is therefore our exploitation and consumption and it that is not true period it is not true and that's why that this has to do totally with Howard living in harmony in disharmony with nature at the current time this energy paradigm it has to do with the control of the people of the earth and how these high-level finance years and people who control natural resources upon which people are now dependent for living on a day-to-day basis if Tesla had succeeded in what he was attempting to do the world would be so vastly different so vastly different all mechanisms that are in place right now would not even be able to be in place to the extent to which they are it had Tesla succeeded in what he tried to do in an open and free way and we wouldn't be raping the planet upon which we rely for life just so a few rich oil barons can continue to wield a monopoly over over people you know what it's almost like it's almost like our hands get an elevated sense of self and then it decides to start punching you in the face because your hand thinks that it owned you and you are the carrier of him and you can do what he wants that's kind of what we're doing that what totally ties in with this barrier towards self-realization and the people who are screaming yet it's alright we can open up and drill more and more and more and more look at look at where it has gotten us this is the worst ecological disaster in the history of humanity and all self-inflicted and all unnecessary and and I want to bring up one more component that I know you'll probably appreciate Eric let's not forget the occult aspect of this because there's an occult aspect to this as well okay I have a hard time even almost believing that this is just purely accidental and you know you can even make the argument well it may not be totally orchestrated and deliberate or if it isn't that then it's syncro mystic there's a synchronistic mystical connection to how this happened when it happened okay I mean a little bit more toward myself that this may have actually been a deliberate thing okay because of my former connections with the occult and my understanding of how deeply they are committed to ritual and repetition okay when did this event occur when did it actually happen you know the date as Eartha okay which is what date I don't remember April 20th a howl on you okay is right in the middle of what is known as the occult season of sacrifice there's there's an occult concept known as the season of sacrifice this is the time of the year it's one ninth of the year long okay it's from the spring equinox which is around may answer which is around March 20th to May 1st hey March 19 20 21 to May 1st a 40 day time period ok this 40 days is when pagan traditions would offer some sort of a blood sacrifice to the earth to ensure a bountiful harvest from the Sun because this time period during this 40 days is the beginning of the planting season that's when you plant when the Sun has broken the northern hemisphere line and is starting to rise up from the zero Degree point at the equator that it makes with the earth and it rises up until it hits the summer solstice which is the highest point of the Sun during the course of the year and that's that's the summer solstice which is around June 21st the midpoint of the season of spring is May 1st that's called Val purchase not or in older traditions it's called Beltane named after the Sun God that the Phoenicians called Bell so Beltane is May 1 ok the 40-day time period between the spring equinox and May 1st was known as the season of sacrifice ancient pagans believed you offered a sacrifice to the earth in the form of blood and the Sun God would be appeased by the sacrifice and thereby ensure about the full harvest well they did this on Earth Day the day of the goddess Gaea sacrifices of the goddess are performed during this 40 day time period it also happened during that 40 day time period is mass ritual sacrifices like Columbine High School was done during this 40 day period okay it's named after the goddess Columbia Kalume the Dove the goddess is associated with the symbolism of the Dove as Isis was in the ancient Egyptian tradition okay I know we're sidetracking into some esoteric and occult and mystery school Astro theology and and occult principles but it is directly inter woven with this event that we're witnessing because I don't believe it's accidental this isn't a sacrificial ritual it was done during the season of sacrifice it is an attack on the goddess Gaia the earth goddess and it is related with blood oil is the lifeblood of Mother Earth if that's then which would flows in the Earth's veins and arteries this isn't something we should be messing with at the level we're messing with it we need to harness the wheelwork of nature around us not exploit take and burn that the blood we are taking and burning the blood of the mother that we rely upon that's what we're doing it to anybody that understands what oil is at any kind of a deeper level of consciousness we don't have the right to do this we need a new energy paradigm yesterday it may already be too late now what we're witnessing I don't even know whether we have the capacity to stop it no I don't even know whether our technology that we're going to use to try to cap this thing is going to work and who knows what that's going to mean look at how many species are going to be endangered by this look at how many animals are already dead as a result washing up on shore look at the NASA photos look at the flyovers which the May mainstream media won't even show you on YouTube check those out okay but look at the NASA photos from satellites this is the worst disaster that the the high-level flow estimates are upwards of 70 to 80 thousand barrels a day that's like five million gallons of oil this is like 10 Exxon Valdez is a day if those estimates are correct well this is bigger than anyone can even conceive look at some of the flyovers you'll get a slug picture of it but I don't even know if that does it justice check out the satellite photos and then you'll really gain a better perspective of how big this really is and this is going to come probably sadly come right up the eastern seaboard man I can't see it not doing that you know I'm not trying to look at it extraordinarily negatively and say oh there's no hope but nothing like this should have been allowed to occur so it's very sad there is an occult aspect to it this happened on Earth Day but it was also a Dolf Hitler's birthday 4/20 is the birthday of Adolf Hitler as well right in the middle of the occult season of sacrifice another sacrifice Virginia Tech Virginia Tech happened during that forty day time period in in April okay and that it's named after the goddess the virgin of Virginia you can go on and on you know I had a list of them someplace I think I listed these all on my facebook page one time and I posted an image related about the season of sacrifice and then I listed a whole bunch and other people chimed in with other great ones that I didn't even think of so I mean it's not Act I don't believe that it's accidental and as we progress with this show believe me we will get we haven't talked much about it yet we will go deeply into occult ideologies we will go deeply into both dark occult ideologies and into very powerful positive occult philosophies and this is the perspective that I really discovered what I now understand through my involvement with many different occult groups and organizations and we will be getting deeply into the occult on this show in future shows so Eric I really thank you for bringing up the oil spill because it is something that we really have to look at we have to face we have to face with courage and realize this is something that should be unacceptable to all of us and there's not enough outrage about it there is not enough outrage about it because the mainstream media is locking down the information not telling anybody the real extent but this has gone too and there doesn't seem to be in the end in sight what are we in the 28th day of it now 29th day it's almost a month you know it's crazy that I can't even believe that you know uh yeah every time like I used to hear the talk about offshore drilling I always thought like you know like what if something goes wrong because they always put such a positive spin on it like oh you know we've got the technology to do it and I was totally cool you know what if something goes wrong and you know the Gulf of Mexico is such an ecologically just just so important and yeah and they got these things everywhere and there's so much oil in the Gulf of Mexico it's it's really mind-blowing I mean it's just that's why they can't stop this thing I mean there's so much where the pressure is just unbelievable component think of like a fire hydrant I mean this thing is like it's got to be like a thousand fire hydrants I mean this thing is the amount of pressure pulling out of this there's just be incredible and our CUDA I mean how could be I mean look even if you're greedy if you're just a really greedy person you are in a little company even when you think of a greedy perspective you would want to be careful so that you can keep making money right now people this I think this is really going to go if we can fix this this is definitely going to cause an energy revolution in the world I think Hey so don't underestimate the psychopathic tendencies of these people especially when they come into confrontations and competitions among themselves how quickly some of them may say well if I can't have it all I'm overturning the chessboard you know I'm going to sign an or you know I mean that you know I've met I've met and you know I might not have believed you if I haven't met so many people that would actually be something like that I mean it's just incredible there is some mentally ill people and and that might be a possibility who knows but this is just terrible and then you know props to you for being ahead of the curve and realizing how important this is marking I really I really love you to death man you're a great guy and you know I had to get you this radio show because what you've got to say is so important and maybe you don't have the audience right now because you're just getting started but you know these these mp3s these podcasts you have that they're going to live on and in are and there's a lot of important information now you're getting out to people and we're going to we're going to grow this audience we're going to make the show a lot more popular because you're the guy to get it done and I really believe in you a lot and also we're going to announce we're also going to announce that mark pass is going to be here in Doylestown Pennsylvania the first Friday June at 55 East 8th Street which is right from the Masonic Hall at 7 p.m. and mark I'm going to get I'm going to be off to work that night so I will be joining you and I promised I think that I have a little I have a little word association game planned for people out there we'll have some fun out there and people will learn a couple of things oh it's going to be a great time good one yeah and I'm regretting it I don't show tonight what's that yes sequel want Walter Rhodes yes hey well if you can come out first Friday man I'd love to I'd love to meet up with you well of course you're welcome absolutely so uh if I can make it I'm gonna go I think I thank you so much for your vote of confidence and I want to thank you for your work as well because I know how active you are and you know that's the spirit that we need man it's never enough mark yeah well thanks guys I'll tell people it up Eric thanks so much for calling in take care Ida : thanks we take care all right man bye-bye great call by Eric G again I'm indebted to him for helping me secure the show and get on this network you take another vote uh there was another color but it looks like they hung up um again if you're going to call in please be patient realize we do have some other callers also you know I may not see the call immediately on the switchboard when it comes up so be a little bit patient I'll give the caller number again anybody else wants a call I'll try to make calls a priority you know even though I have an outline here that we kind of generally loosely follow and want to get to topics but there's a caller I try to take that as soon as I see it and I do glance over at the switchboard you know many times through this show so just be patient and hold on if you call in the callin number is three four seven eight eight four nine four one seven three four seven eight eight four nine four one seven so unless anybody else calls in Walt and I will continue to write out the remainder of the show with a discussing ego identification and ego attachment so I see yes okay um I'm thinking about this y-you know that was going on if it's true that everybody has ego attachments that that's part of childhood and adolescent development building ego self yes wouldn't it would it do you think it'd be true to say that people the majority of a lot of people have a lot of may ego attachments that disempower them yes it would be very fair to say that there's a majority yes of that which disempowers be and that's the aspect I'd like to talk about now particularly a couple of aspects so real quick here you go a minute so if that is there yes what would you do to balance that what I was thinking is create and he go with you that is positive that is the other pole of that negativity it disempowers because you can pick ego attachments that in power yeah now you're going to balance this so generally it balance to this and then you may be able to transcend that apparent polarity that neither the negative is true or the positive is true all the time well people want good health but there's one that really can can appeal to people everybody has a physical body you know nobody locusts on sickness there I focus on Herrick literally they dig the errors is on sick there's that positive pole though right if you can explain to people what generates good health people will naturally want to gravitate toward that because they want to feel good in the body so they don't want to be so create a positive illusion for yourself the balance and negatives of you can transcend at all and that's a good approach the barrier to that approach is something we won't be getting into too much today but the barrier to that approach is the constant bombardment of mind control against people through the media through the education system right you know how many people don't even Tesla there's an example your spirit explain to people hey would you like to be able to have free energy how many people would want to pay an electric bill well even a water bill because you could prop arguably eliminate having to bring water in your house if you had unlimited electricity you could pull water from the atmosphere with an atmospheric water generator generator sure I mean I think but not having those those is a way of appealing to ego right it's difficult even to reach people at that level because they've been shut down at a level of imagination what they don't really believe is that anything different is possible they are actually of the opinion that it's always been this way it is this way now and it will forever okay.what and we're not the definition of money which that's a later topic so the first thing the first thing that people have to do is identify the negative video attachment side of this is empowering right right identify them first yes I am nice at the present we all recognize and identify them then start developing things to balance them so that you can it's like a drug addict what's the first step stop denying that you have a problem given you have to at least recognize that you want mad and you problem that's an excellent example because drug as what do they do they run around doing drugs doing your life ruining their life right then they choose a quote/unquote positive ego attachments in the programs trying to then they get all wrapped that's like a positive obsession to balance the negative obsession right so another ona all the time morning noon and night and that balances it even becomes a culture unto itself with friends and but a music writing and right now the whole lifestyle with any attachment the attachment that people get to that to did their programs right turns it into the negative thing it initially was positive but the attachment to it truck makes it negative because those programs don't develop self is support like they and eventually what starts to happen the body starts to break down you know different diseases what will come in you know they'll bill completely neglect other aspects of their lives or go to rob children etc etc other relationship any imbalance or or obsession leads to the breakdown right so so and that's what we're seeing now all the laws of the earth in every area in all aspects of life as heroes were attached to ego identification and the other aspect to this that I was sorry to say that I want to get into is what really demonstrates the ego more than anything else our to actual aspect this is the inability to admit to oneself that one is wrong it's the inability to say to oneself or the admission to the universe if you will I was wrong about this that is what deep entrapment deep attachment to the ego will never allow it will never allow those three words to be spoke to be spoken and I cannot even tell you how many times in my life I've had to speak those words how hard is it to get a tyrant to admit they were wrong how hard is it to get an addict to admit that they are wrong its addicted to anything how hard is it to get somebody that their entire worldview is based upon that they know this particular thing I know that this is true for certain it can't be on true that would shatter my entire reality that inflexibility makes it null avoid yeah that's totally totally totally it makes it irrelevant the inflexibility now the Maidan soldiers do it but no troops or whole time swirly thing is the after and you have to be flexible in that knowledge no matter what we're talking about does that makes a real engine and government are great big examples but that does make sense let's look at it from a perspective of people who absolutely trust religious institutions and think that they're always doing good things right you know not only are they doing bad things by propagating the misunderstanding and misapplications of natural ball principles or not understanding them themselves look at what goes on in in sexual encounters and relationships inappropriate it's wrong unless that fails in tireless there's a lot for people for life surely listo there's Rock traumatic experiences but how many people who go to church on a regular basis let's say and supports the Roman Catholic Church are cannot admit this institution is involved in activity like this in poisonous activity like this in in traumatic activity is affecting children doesn't matter how many documentaries are produced about it it doesn't matter how many books are written about it you know they can't bring themselves to admit this is happening this level of evil egon evil is happening in their myths the ego prevents them from looking at that you know they they insist that this cannot be true because I'm a member of it you know I see this every day you see a teacher who will say the educational system can't be as bad as what you're claiming it to be it can't harm children at the level that you're claiming it harms them at because I'm a teacher I'm involved I do this for a living you're saying I'm a bad person who are you challenging a fundament that you build herself from that's right that's the that's that person's I gotta get ya he or she will see themselves as that teacher which goes back to this first aspect of ego identification which is attaching to the role that you play as opposed to understanding the higher self what an actuality that teacher that example should have thanked that person for making that comment does that person we reveal to her the level of her attachment to that I did it's just it's important with that people around you that do that that show you how much you're wrapped up sure your own stuff up that's right but it is also ties in with institutionalized belief systems which are very powerful it's the same thing that people can't get past they can't say I was wrong I believed this formerly I once believed that the government was there to truly protect us and take care of us and it cared about us and it wouldn't do anything at a deep level to really create harm just so we could profit from it or prosper in ways that it want or take more control this is ego the ego is the force that keeps people from that admission that keeps people from looking at what's really there at the truth what actually has transpired the wavefunctions that actually have collapsed to create the events that have already played out which we call the past up to the present moment there didn't in denial of that even though that's reality and can never be changed its what is those way function did collapse they did create events in the present moment in all the former present moments that we now call the past okay and things are a certain way they do exist as a certain series of events but people who are in deep levels of ego attachment they want to say oh no it isn't that way I deny that I deny that that is actually what took place I deny that this is the condition that is actually our present moment that is a result of those things right and that's called denial of reality and we talk about you know the name for that condition is called cognitive dissonance it's deliberately lying to oneself even though the evidence is all around you you know cognitive dissonance it's a deep psychological laggies up accepting right exactly that's what it's a deep psychological whack and self accept refusal to accept the truth is refusal to accept myself whether they're one in the same is what is you refuse to actually accept what is and acknowledge that yes this is the actual truth of what is taking place instead people want to put their head in the sand and they want to say oh no that's not happening you know it's like a cancer patient that's withering away with some beep terminal cancer and is instilling deep denial and saying oh no I don't have cancer you know I I don't believe that that's the case you know or you know an alcoholic is a perfect example drinking themselves into a coma practically you know all the relationships are destroyed their job lists are homeless but I don't have alcoholism you know I'm not an alcoholic you know I just like I just like to drink every now and again but I don't have a real problem I have it under control you know it's okay that's where we're at collectively an ego attachment is what keeps us there it's the inability to admit that we are wrong about something so as we have to admit we're wrong got to recognize that there's a problem at all first armed enemy you're reporting that you were wrong about the former world view that you wants help and then inquiry I had to do this I'd say about two hundred and fifty three hundred thousand times right right I believe Henry right and then entire world view that is uniting instead of separating right right and then anyway well you are talking about how do you do that how do you even search for that you know how do you go about getting that if you're in a kind of a cornered position where you've separated from that so long you don't even know what that thing looks like or how it works you have no knowledge of it and this is the second part of ego attachment that I think we you know when we took a walk earlier before the show and I started bringing up this this notion this is the the side of ego that thinks it already knows everything okay and I would never ever ever make that statement that I know everything that I know the totality of creation in the mind of God no one does there's always more to understand there's always more knowledge to acquire and know but I don't think it means you because you you don't you can never admit that you do know what you already have come to understand there's nothing wrong with admitting you understand two plus two equals four because it does that's the truth you can understand the acceleration due to gravity in the Earth's field right here foundational field this is a wall you can come to note down on your same karmic principle you ever you're never going to understand the totality of it but that shouldn't stop you from pursuing an empowering truth right that's correct so if it's a basic fundamental principle note no one is saying that they can come to know the totality of the mind of God that's not what's being claimed here what ego attachment keeps people in is this notion that they already know everything they need to know to get by in life they don't need to acquire any more knowledge they never actually say the other three extremely empowering and important and powerful words I don't know you know to say I was wrong is the most powerful thing that I think can ever be uttered from a human mouth making an apology because you're admitting you are in a place of ignorance you're coming from a place of not lack of understanding and now you're saying I now have at least that the the consciousness to say that isn't that was not the truth and I held on to it I was attached to it and now I'm saying I'm not no longer attached to that I was wrong but the next thing that has to be said is I don't know I'm aware of what level I don't understand and that's the only way you start moving upward in consciousness and in knowledge the beginning of all knowledge starts with the utterance I don't know and that sounds like a negative statement but it's a extremely empowering and positive statement right no absolutely because once you realize that these these ego attachments aren't you well you have to start to question well Who am I then right and if your first response after clearing away the crap is it I don't know who is right well then you're not starting from the right boy absolutely that's that's I don't know who I am as the perfect way to start right I don't know and that's the perfect way of putting it you have to empty out it's been said in different teachings it's very difficult if not impossible to fill a glass that has already been filled right until space is made and certain negative tendencies and attachments are cleared away you can't make space for something new to come in and that begins with the process okay I was wrong about that I am willing I have the will to let go of that now but I want to now now right and I realize I don't know then the next step is well who do you listen to where do you go you go to people that have changed their lives through the understanding of what of the knowledge you want to acquire so you don't throw to people who are still trapped in deep levels of self inflicted suffering you go to people that are pretty much at peace with themselves because they come to understand who they are and they don't inflict suffering upon us you are very careful and not signing up for a new world view right you know so yeah you're going to people who have changed who had already that transition but you don't acquire a new worldview from them you have to be careful not you know you're not not taking it on faith or belief from the right what you would do is learn how they did it right how they change themselves and then follow along in that basic general method I'll go in and outline and you're filling in exactly it's like you know you want to understand how to make great tasting food you wouldn't go to somebody that can't boil water you'd go to one master chef and try to study under them it's the same thing it isn't turning that person into a guru and saying that oh you're my intermediary between no no no it's like it's like when you were in sports you play with people you play with the best people out there because they will bring you up to their level correct you will hold up do that level so right surround yourself with people that are above your level keep the bar I continually reach yep and eventually you'll get it now hand in hand with that before we close up I just have to allude to this because we'll be talking about this in future shows the thing that keeps people from even developing the desire to get out of that basement valley of consciousness and ego identification is the constant bombardment of your your powerlessness you're powerless you can't do it and that's called mind control right and you know it's a big market so technique that I just kind of just startled me the other day deal sure media induce guilt that's what it's Mother's Day we're gonna buy for your mom it's Mother's Day it's Mother's Day all of these sons and daughters by their mothers presents whereas Mother's Day well that's a my control technique that's bushed the immediate to get you to purchase absolutely now that's so insidious now have we have 30 seconds left in the show unfortunately well I'd like to have you get back on in a future show but we're totally running out on time here we're going to have to wrap it up for this week that's a great point that you brought up there about guilt we'll be talking about mind control in future weeks for now I'll put a wrap it up on mark passio I've been here with Walter Rhodes this evening this is what on earth is happening see you next week you