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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascal [Music] while everyone you are listening to what on earth is happening today is Tuesday June 8 2010 my website is what on earth is happening calm on their host mark passio the network website is revolution broadcasting calm and the call-in number for this show if anyone wants to call in at any time there are no taboo topics here you can talk about whatever you like the calling number is seven four four four four seven four four four once again the calling number seven two four four four four seven four four four when you call in you have to give the call I be number the call ID number four the show is eight three five one five that's eight three five one five alright so what I usually do to begin the show is start with a couple of event announcements for events that are coming up in the philadelphia area so i have two event announcements for the season the first the great group in this area known as truth freedom prosperity is hosting a free documentary screening and discussion of the documentary generation rx a break from this is going to be Monday night June 21st at 7 o'clock p.m. sharp at the ethical society building that's at 1906 South Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia for more information check out their website org okay and the second announcement a big conference event coming up about a month from now in Philadelphia the Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations and if you don't know who Nikola Tesla was you're going to hear about him a lot on this show and I'm going to keep telling you about him because he had the answer to many of our problems when it comes to energy generation and distribution and things that are going on in the world right now like this Gulf oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico need not have ever occurred had we listened to the wisdom of someone like Tesla who was a genius that was far ahead of his time but I believe that his theories and visions for the future will eventually be vindicated and one of the groups that's working toward that aim is the Tesla Science Foundation of Philadelphia so they're hosting this event the Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations 2010 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania on July 9th 10th and 11th the Tesla Science Foundation brings together scientists inventors and enthusiasts for a three-day conference highlighting the need for a new energy paradigm this July in Philadelphia the Tesla Science Foundation will be hosting a three-day conference and celebration to commemorate Nikola Tesla's legacy and world vision Tesla was brilliant inventor who lived during the turn of the 20th century his inventions resulted in the implementation of alternating current radio the AC motor wireless technology and many other influential inventions that we now take for granted in the modern age Tesla's vision to bring clean free energy to the world through advanced wireless technologies was blocked by the financial and corporate interests of his time through this event the Tesla Science Foundation will bring together like-minded scientists inventors and enthusiasts who share the common goal of bringing Tesla's advanced energy technologies to fruition for the betterment of humanity here's the event scheduled for the conference on July 9th that's Friday night July 9th 8 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. the Tesla birthday bash at Independence Visitor Center write their own Visitor Center lawn at 6th and Market Streets this event is free to attend by 10:00 that's a Saturday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tesla fest also at Independence Visitor Center sixth and Market Streets on the lawn this will feature exhibits vendors information art and music this event is also free to attend the same day for people who are in search of a little bit more information about Tesla and his technologies there will be free presentations and lectures at the Free Library of Philadelphia 1901 Vine Street July 10 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. featured speakers Russell Anderson michael kelly tatiana Milotic michael treat mono Davina bikal Craner and brian yet sir again that's free to attend three of the five events for this conference are completely free Saturday July 10th 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. a reception dinner and concert at the Arch Street meeting house 3:20 Arch Street in Philadelphia this will feature the classical ensemble known as the divine hand ensemble check out their website at divine hand net pricing for this event is only $20 for both the dinner and concert for each one individually only $12 very very reasonably priced finally we the crux of the conference the scientific portion of the event a scientific conference on July 10th and 11th Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 2 Liberty Place on the 32nd floor to Liberty Place at F 1601 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia this will feature at least ten scientifically oriented presentations a registration fee is required its $110 you can register at the Tesla Science Foundation's website and for emerging details go up to their website and see all the details of the conference there @ww Tesla Science Foundation org you can also stay up to date with all of the events that the Tesla Science Foundation and The Associated Nikola Tesla Club hold at their meetup group which is n Tesla be TOCOM slash 38 that's n Tesla n te SLA dot meetup.com slash the number 38 those are the event announcements and in case anybody didn't realized yes who are broadcasting an hour earlier this is the new timeslot for the show revolution broadcasting I wanted to carry the whole show live so they bumped me up an hour so that the show can be carried fully live on the network every Tuesday evening from 7:00 p.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern Time that's why we ran our live and we will that will be the regular slot for this show from here on out so um what I'm going to do tonight is kind of I'm going to cover a lot of material however I'm going to kind of in doing so recap everything that we've covered thus far or generally most things that we have covered thus far on the show and on the archive shows in the podcast feed so if you want to hear our in detail some of these concepts you can listen to all the previous shows that are archived as a podcast on my website at what on earth is happening comm but the topic for this evening really is going to close be very abstract and I guess you could say spiritual side of what I do here on the show which is basically talk about the causal factors that contribute to the present condition of the human species we talk about our ability to tell truth from falsehood and how this is directly related with issues of human freedom this show goes to the root of why we experience what we experience that's what this is all about the show is basically about how we create our experiences through our choices we are the co-creators of our reality and we create that reality in a pleasant and uplifting way that enables us to grow if we live and make our actions come into harmony with natural law principles as we discussed in previous weeks if we ignore those principles of truth of natural law then our external manifested experience becomes extremely unpleasant which is the cycle where we seem to be trapped in right now and have been for a very very long time so what I do on this show is try to explain how these principles work try to get down to the root causal factors of why human beings experience suffering so that they understand how they are creating the experience that they are having and this is again as I've said directly related with issues of human freedom they cannot be separated there is no separation between these causal factors that I talked about and how free we are in our seeming external world so in keeping with this theme and message today is going to be the last part of part one of this so to speak if this is all been everything up through this point has been what I call what people really need to understand to know what the solution to our problem that we are experiencing mainly that there is encroaching tyranny in our world and how to solve it this is the part that really does give us the solution if we understand it and pay attention to it and go deeply into this material to make it a part of ourselves and to in doing so change ourselves because the only way we're going to change the external manifested reality in which we live is to change what takes place inside of us when we do that then the movie on the screen that we ourselves are projecting will change but until we understand these factors that I've talked about on the show up through this point don't expect the movie on the external screen of reality to change one bit we need to understand these principles we need to make them a part of us going to need to change our lives accordingly if we don't do that again don't expect much change in the external world it's like banging your fists up against a television set or a movie screen because you don't like what we're seeing on it we need to change the frequency change the channel that is generating what you are seeing on the screen in order to actually change what you see and that's what we try to do here that's what the ultimate goal of this show is is to get people to understand those natural law principles and we are not just going to talk about how they work we are also going to discuss some of the actual problems because unless people are aware of why this is important to do unless they can actually see the patterns that are taking place around them and understand how that how we can actually change them by changing our thoughts our emotions in our actions and they also need to understand why so what we will will not ignore the darkness on this show we will look into it we will confront it and we will confront that shadow that shadow that is part of all of us and we will work with it two trains needed so what the topic of tonight's show is going to be is I guess it's a culmination of everything we've talked about thus far we are going to discuss the qualities of who and what we really are we are going to discuss the qualities of the higher aspects of self and we're going to compare and contrast these qualities with what I call the illusory self the self that is the lowercase as self the self that is trapped in illusion that is in fantasy that is trapped in identification with the ego and the roles that one plays in life versus understanding the true higher identity of oneself in consciousness so we could title the topic of the show higher self versus lower self this ultimately gets down to the question of who are we truly who are we truly because as I started off on the very first show I explained that unless we really understand who we really are we're going to remain largely powerless to make any lasting effective positive change in our reality we have to understand what separates us from the higher aspects of our self and that's what we've been doing in the last few weeks on the show we have been discussing the walls that we erect around ourselves and others I call these the barriers to self-realization the barriers toward to becoming a self actualized being and we identified them as the illusion of the five senses being rooted in materialism in the material world ego identification again attachment to and identification with the roles that one plays in life the experiences that one has being seen as identity as opposed to understanding the higher self and realizing that that is what we are we talked about the prison of the left brain the educational or indoctrination 'el system and how it roots us into a physical only linear only way of thinking about the world and seeing the world in the state of separation seeing ourselves in a state of separation from all others finally last week we touched on the fourth barrier to self-realization which was the belief in and identification with institutionalized belief systems and we've discussed a lot of them and how people grasp and cling to belief systems that do not really serve who we really are they are just put there to serve themselves and to perpetuate themselves in the name of control and once you get into that pattern basically you're contributing to the dynamic of fear which can only lead to chaos it can only lead to suffering in the external manifested reality that we share so so we covered a lot of different institutionalized belief systems we talked about my believers in the monetary system we talked about believers in religions we talked about control based institutions like the military and the police and how these are all essentially different forms of mind control we will get into in the next few weeks the multi-faceted methodologies of mind control and how it works because I have studied it extensively and I'll be having some guests on to talk about it in future links again up through this point the show is largely been laying down abstract information conceptual ideas that are important to grasp have a firm command of to understand deeply and integrate them into our worldview if we're going to understand how this solution fits in to what we're going to need to do going forward if we're going to solve this global problem of human sickness that is creating a diseased condition all over this globe is a critical component of it understanding the higher self versus the more so that is what we're going to discuss tonight so I see that we have a caller on the line let me just give the call man number one more time if anyone wants to call in the callin number is seven two four four four four seven four four four at seven two four four four four seven four four four a call ID number that got the function once you call is eight three five one five call ID for this show is eight three five one five alright so we have a caller let's see if this works beyond the info Ward you are on what on earth is happening what on earth is happening mark that's what I keep asking myself how's it going this is Bob Bob how are you men I'm doing well think it's refreshing to hear you on a little bit earlier we got the full two hours now on revolution broadcasting from what I understand yes absolutely it is great to hear great to hear from you Bob how are you doing tonight doing well I was just listening to a lecture that David Wilcock a lot of our listeners know about David's information and he did a legend rest project Camelot's Project Camelot had a speakers and whatnot in an event that they put out and I was listening to him they've got a lot of interesting things to say a lot of quantum physics and time and complicated things but you know as I'm sure you know mark I'm a consciousness Explorer and that's that's a big part of this is it's getting in touch with our relationship to the earth and into creation and figuring out you know ourselves in order to see how we're all connected and progress absolutely I'm familiar with David's work and I really like it a lot and I think you have a lot of great things to say and I encourage people to check them out David Wilcock if you're not familiar with them is definitely a person who is trying to expand people's horizons and their visions of what is possible and I definitely encourage checking out his work for sure absolutely so you know I just thought I'd mentioned that to you and I you know midway through the lecture I realized that your show was on a new time so I decided to check in on it and hear how it was going and as always it's great to hear your show on the air and what's going on for tonight's show I didn't I didn't catch the beginning well I'm going to basically go into probably what I would consider the the last or the wrap-up of the entire part one of the information that I you know convey about the nature of what's taking place which I call the solution that this has all been consciousness related material material that is about who we really are material that is about the forces that are at work in the world and the causal factors that relate to what we're experiencing so this show is going to focus on the qualities of the true selves and how they compare and contrast with the qualities that are expressed through the lower vibrational self or the self that is trapped in ego and illusion then into harp on the ego you know I think that if we continue to support the oil-based scarcity based you know energy system that we have are going to continue to kill the planet I know that's probably heaven a lot of the minds of your listeners and and I've been quoted in saying you know let's look at Tesla technologies because really mark as you understand I'm sure this is this is just a symptom to a bigger issue here and that's the scarcity based mind control that is playing on our ego through vanity and materialism absolutely and a genius who was trying to explain this to us over a hundred years ago they stayed suppressed his work and they they tried to erase his name from history but the truth can never be destroyed no matter how hard anyone tries and our Tesla will be vindicated in the end by one way or another I hope it doesn't have to happen through us destroying the our ability to live on this planet through what we're doing down in the vaults because it is definitely a disturbing situation well I was just going to say I hope he's not vindicated through our annihilation you know it's no fun to say I told you so when everything's gone yeah absolutely so that's why we're working toward you know fulfilling his vision of the future which was one in which Humanity worked in conjunction with nature and was connected to its real work of energy and that's why work with the Tesla Science Foundation in Philadelphia and that's why I think everybody should come out to this event in Philadelphia if you're anywhere within driving distance come on out it will be a great time you'll learn a lot and a lot of good people and now it's for a cause that we desperately need right now you know mark it's funny that you mentioned that if anyone's in driving distance because I've recently come across this dilemma myself both for the Gulf of Mexico cleanup in which I had to drive over nine hours to attend using oil and I don't have one of those vegetable oil cars yet and there's another event for social activists such as ourselves in Detroit that I want to attend that would and I'm a Florida by the way folks so that could be a problem as far as you know having to be dependent on using gas to get there now I'm going to omit probably going to this forum because of just you know real that you know I'm just so disheartened by this that I don't I can't justify going to this forum even though I think at the end of the day it could accomplish a lot of good things and I can network with people and try to make some change but I think we need to facilitate for now you know conferencing on the Internet and now Skype is one great tool for that Marc and I we've used it in the past and all of our listeners out there you know as much as local activism is important and it's good to be local and you're within your vicinity there's only so much you can do there so it's also good to connect and have a good network of people in your community and outside of your community that meet and you don't have to always go you know out of town to have meetings you can do meetings on the Internet really quick that's why something like talkshow is a great resource - anybody can host discussions they could you know uh host their own show yeah I mean put put the information out there the universe is spoken into existence connect with other people and and speak to them you know that's what it's all about getting this information out there knowing it is only the first step reaching out to other people is the second step true and that's what the networks like revolution broadcasting and these other facilitators to this sort of independent media truly independent media folks it's really a great thing and it's exciting to be a part of and one of the folks that are really you know supporting new initiatives in this sort of independent media field our Republic Media TV and at Republic Media TV they are going to be featuring what on earth is happening and you'll notice if you go on the page there but they have a big link of what on earth is happening right there on the future of links so definitely want to stay tuned for that and and possibly some you know additions to your format mark you know always enhancing this so that we can you know in these serious times continue to up the ante in order to you know get as hot get as organized and active as we possibly can I think it's a great new media form that is being built there and I'm impressed with it and I'm excited to be a part about it definitely everyone check out the public media TV for sure okay marks on that note again in the kitchen here and start prepping up some of the veggies I'm going to keep you on listening to the tonight's so many interesting topics I'm sure I'll have questions that we'll talk about maybe when you get some free time later on in the week Bob always a pleasure to hear from you man all right take care folks - why all right I was Bob Tuscon from truth be told radio always great to hear from Bob all right so everybody has the caller number if anybody else wants to call in feel free and let's jump right into tonight's topic which is the qualities and aspects of the curtain self versus the qualities and aspects of the lower self that is trapped in sense identification an ego attachment so we can look at this as capital s self versus lower case s self so the true self a self actualized being someone who has you know we've heard the term woken up you know um someone who has really come online and connected with higher levels of consciousness in the universe it is breaking out of the prison of mind is breaking out of the vibrational eggshell that is attempting to hold us in lower lower vibrations of mind and consciousness and that form of mind control is the only real way you can keep a person from connecting with spirit from connecting with again higher consciousness you can only do that ultimately through mind control because the mind is the aspect of self that links us that links the body to the spirit or the higher self so what we're going to talk about is what are the qualities of this higher self that we aspire to reach to aspire to merge with and to know more fully well the higher self exists in the state known as non duality and we've talked about what that is but I'll go over it again non duality means that one understands that really there's no separation between the self lowercase s self and other lowercase s cells and really there's no difference between anyone on this planet they are all consciousness they are all an aspect of the whole that is experience experiencing itself in this construct that we call living on the earth living on a planet in the cosmos there really isn't any separation at a very high energetic level a high level in consciousness non duality also means that the this being the self-actualized being has come to a state of consciousness in which their thoughts their emotions and their actions are essentially unified as one they have made these three qualities of their consciousness they're the three expressions of their consciousness into one and what this means is that they are not in contradiction with each other in other words the being is such that as they think so they feel and so they act and there's no contradiction between those three expressions on the being in other words they don't think one thing and look and know it to be true and yet do something else their actions are in harmony with what they think and feel so they don't say oh well I believe in this and I feel that this is right and I know that this happens to be the case yet I'm not going to do what I know to be right I'm not going to live in it in a way that I know that certain things are going on that that I should or should not be a part of I'm going to do something that is against those things because of this reason or that reason or that reason so the person is torn within they are in a state known as external impulse or internal opposition they are not at one with the thing that it is most important to be at one with the self so non-duality recognizing that there is no separation between oneself and others and internal non-duality is state of bringing one's thoughts emotions and actions into unison non-contradiction on opposition the true-self expresses itself in a state known as Dominion you could call this self actualization you can call this you can call this true self love you can call it sovereignty or many different ways to say the state and again it is simply rulership of the kingdom of self it is having control over their own thoughts your own emotions and your own actions which are really the only things that you are in point of fact reality allowed to be in control of because you are the steward of the physical vessel in which you inhabit in which your higher self inhabits and therefore you have control over what you think what you feel and how you act in the world the goal which is to bring those three things into unison with each other and when they are you can actually then manifest a much greater level that which you wish to manifest so the true self is an estate of non-duality and it has obtained this condition known as self ownership so for worship Dominion sovereignty the true self understands what true freedom is it doesn't have an erroneous definition or a limited definition of human freedom it knows that true freedom is really the absence of self-imposed suffering of self inflicted and self created suffering by one's refusal to acknowledge and live in harmony with natural law principles so the true self understands what true freedom is true-self works toward that goal so the true-self is doing what has been called the true great work as the alchemist referred to it as very positive light Oh cultists have referred to it as now there's a dark great book which we'll get into in future weeks but that's not what we're talking about here we're talking about the goal of actually working toward achieving true freedom and this is freedom at all levels not at one level no a lot of a big New Age movement idea is as long as you're free in mind it doesn't matter what happens to your body nonsense nonsense this is to get people to stand down and not actually take proper action in a physical world leave sense true freedom is freedom and body mind and spirit all simultaneously because the true self recognizes there is no separation between those things either there's another new age and and and very it's a very religious mind-control aspect that the body is to be renounced and rejected we shouldn't we shouldn't bring our thoughts toward what's happening in the physical world but only focus on the spiritual that's equally as nonsense as saying the physical world is all that exists and there's no such thing spirit one is a form of left brain imbalance the worship of materialism and physicality and the other is a form of right brain imbalance that totally rejects the physical and would let the body fall into disrepair and physical freedom fall into disrepair which is partially responsible for the state that we're in now as species so these two worldviews come from two different kinds of left brain and balance true freedom again and the understanding of true freedom is is freedom across all those scales on expression in spirit spirits not going to be bound it is free it is freezing period so nothing can bind that but there is binding that is it has been accomplished through covert manipulation and mind control on the mind of many of the people on this planet and there is also limitations on physical freedom of course we see this playing out every single day for anyone who's paying remote attention so the higher level of self when we connect with this we come to an understanding of true freedom and that is freedom on the physical plane freedom on the mental plane and of course connection to spirit which is freedom period that again the the spiritual aspect of this is not buying the bull so that's why they have to work on the mental realm in order to get us to enslave ourselves at the physical level and when I say they I mean the occultists who are enacting and wielding these mind control techniques and if you haven't gotten to that level of understanding to understand it there is an occult aspect to this an occult meaning hidden knowledge aspect to what is going on and this is essentially behaves like a religion because there are rituals there are patterns of behavior all of which we will get into in depth on the show in future weeks and if you're resistant to that stick around keep listening to the show because I will provide abundance of evidence and not just three anecdotal evidence and not not just through reading about it the first-hand experience because in the past I worked in occult orders myself and I'll I'll allude to that and touch upon that in future weeks and explain how some of those ideologies work and how their mind-control techniques and they have mind-control techniques and they're extremely adept at employing them and using them to get what they want we will get into all of that so just understand that true freedom which is the work of the higher is to free us act the mental and physical levels unconditionally unconditionally from any self-imposed suffering now in the body in the physical reality there are going to be requirements to have physical expression and experience so I don't talk about just needing food or wanting shelter to live you know in protection some subtle protection from the elements as suffering I'm talking about self-inflicted suffering suffering that we bring upon ourselves not that not that we just think of as suffering you know because we don't want certain requirements for living to be present that is not what I'm talking about because some people will take it to the extreme oh they will be suffering as long as you're in a physical body okay you can take it to that extreme if you want and it's true to a certain extent you will experience certain level of discomfort hunger you know um meeting sleep wanting sex thirst you know wanting companionship etc loneliness there's many different aspects of simply being in a physical body that can bring on certain levels of discomfort or displeasure however we don't need to experience that as intense suffering if we don't remain attached to those things attached to the satiation of those desires they will come and go they will rise and fall you know without food of course yes there would be suffering however what I'm talking about here is self-imposed suffering refusal to acknowledge natural law live in harmony with it living out of harmony with nature out of harmony with the earth overstepping the boundaries of what we have the right to do to another being that is in this experience with us breaking natural law in other words this is ultimately what creates all forms of self inflicted suffering at least at this level of experience that we are currently living in so the true self non-duality in the state of non-duality and understands true freedom and is working toward that goal is working toward that aim the true free in the true self who is working toward this goal of creating freedom across all levels of being is what I've described in a former show as a true magician this is a being that is influencing using the science and art of using influence to bring about harmony with the world capital W and talk about well that was on previous shows the will is what nature the mind of nature the mind and God if you will uncomfortable using that word some maybe some may not be but there is a underlying intelligent principle it is attempting to move us along toward higher levels of expression this is what is known as evolution evolution in consciousness and this mind if you will this higher mind has a will and its role is to make us better and to advance us and to help us to grow and learn and mature and if we go along with the principles that this higher mind has as essentially given as a gift it's not a set of controls natural law is not a set of controls it's a set of principles to be live according to as guidelines for evolution to higher levels of consciousness it's understanding how nature really works at its fundamental level of mind so what the true self does is it practices this art and we call that alchemy in previous shows alchemy is the art of attempting to to help others to move into harmony with this higher wool you can never do that work yourself you can only be an influence for others so if you understand how those principles of natural law and the principles of this higher mind what they are trying to do for us as a species you can help you can align yourself with them and then you can help others to align themselves with them by showing them the techniques you use by speaking the truth to them by putting the word out putting the good word out there that it doesn't have to be like this we don't need to experience this level of suffering and discomfort we can change the external manifested reality that we're experiencing it is possible from where we're at now is it easy no I didn't say it is or would be easy I said it's possible and it can be accomplished the more people that get on board with that the more effortless it will become right now since so many people are convinced that the exact opposite is true if there's no such thing as truth that there's no such thing as natural law that there's no such thing as a higher will there's no such thing as as the authority of nature itself but we continue to believe in man's authority as the highest expression of all that is we're going to have a real rough time of it if we continue to exist in that state of consciousness so we are alchemy which is what the true self practices it practices this art it strives to become better at it because it knows this is the only game in town to really affect the minds influence the minds of everyone that is currently at a low level of consciousness to help to bring them up extend a hand down and lend a little bit of assistance and bringing them up to a higher level of understanding that's all you can do to make the situation better ultimately the person you're helping has to take that specter themselves it can never Altima be done for them and that that is a you know oftentimes and source of frustration because there has to at least be a spark of the will within what other being they have to have at least a desire to want to become better and you know sadly many people have really that that's been largely extinguished in them sad to say and they actually are living a life of total quiet desperation and believe that nothing can be improved upon from from where they are at there's always room for improvement and it's always possible if we have the desire and we employ the will to do that so practices this part of assisting in the great work of veteran of of the soul qualities which is known as alchemy to bring about deeper accordance with the higher role the next quality of the true-self is that it is truly concerned with the alleviation of suffering for all not just for the the individuation of consciousness that it is expressing meaning the lower case as self you know what me personally yes I don't want myself to suffer but I have come to the level of understanding that as any are experiencing suffering I am suffering so that's what the higher level of self is seeking to help us to come to an understanding of that if even one is experiencing suffering it is inflicted by themselves or by other people upon them we are all suffering there is no separation between self and all others so one person is suffering all our suffering literally we are connected connected if you look into the meaning of the word connected Co n is a prefix in Latin that means together or with and necktie own ektara means to bind in Latin so connected means to tie together or to bind together we are connected we are bound together and the only way we're getting out of this condition is if we turn that corner and reach enough people that we understand collectively in enough numbers that the world we're heading down is not is leading into a blind alley it's leading us over a cliff actually and we turn that around because we understand that we're creating suffering not just for ourselves but for all we're creating suffering in the world and that affects everybody and people who don't understand natural law or who are deeply trapped in ego that they are not concerned with this principle they are only concerned with their own comfort level sadly and they will do things and can be made to do things that are totally creating more and more suffering for many many people and they don't have the right to do that they think they have the right they believe in their ignorance that they have the right to do that but nothing will ever make it so in reality we're just really trapped in that control mentality that but they are privileged and that they have a right and an authority and inherent authority to control other people so the true self will connection with the true self will help people to eventually break out of that mindset by understanding that as anyone else suffers so they themselves suffer it's a it's a very hard realization to come to most people not all only come to that level of realization once they themselves have suffered so much that they practically hit rock bottom that there is no place else left for them to go down in suffering and that is how I myself experienced that level of understanding I did not get this the easy way for anybody thinking that then happen that way folks it I took the left-hand path I took the long way around the long way home you know and it was years of enormity of self-inflicted suffering to a point where as I've said before there were only two places to go deaf or reverse course admit that I was wrong and move upward from there so that's what I chose I didn't choose that I'm here speaking with you now and I learned a lot of things on the way back up from that point but I think most people are Saudi I consider that I was a mild case believe it or not as strange as for those who didn't know me back then it's difficult to even convey you know how bad it got but for those who didn't know me back then but for me to say it was a I'm a mild case compared to where other people are it's even shocking to understand because if it took what it took to get me out of my level of rebellion against higher world and against natural law what would it take for some people that are so far beyond the condition that I was ever at I just wonder about that a lot sometimes I just think they would choose the grave happily willingly choose the grave over changing um I hope that isn't the case you know I hope they'll eventually come to their senses their true senses but all we can do is keep putting the message out there you know I'll keep saying the same thing over and over again until I'm not in the body anymore I've said that before so this is this is the only thing there is to understand ultimately if we want a better life from where we're at people really have to come to an understanding of this and an acceptance of it because it's not going to change this what I'm explaining is not going to change and this isn't my information I said that before on this show many times this is just information I learned that is out there that is these are principles that exist in nature and we either accept them and come into harmony with them or we reject them and bad things happen and it will continue that way until we make a different choice but as long as we keep making this choice I just say make the choice fine I can't make anybody make a different choice but no no I have heard it at least at least that why I do this is at least that so that other people can have heard that nothing is going to change if they make the decisions that they're currently making it's the definition of insanity to say I'm going to do the same thing all these get the same result continue to do the same thing and expect a different result that's crazy completely craziness it's mental illness so the only way to really come out of this level of self-imposed suffering is to understand these principles which again I'm disclaim many times on the show these are not mine I don't own these they don't belong to me I am nobody to keep them secret I don't own it the information that belongs to the cosmos that's why give it out freely I speak it to the world because it does not belong to me I am simply charged with delivering a message that's it nothing else and really you know pink little cards the handout about my website my radio show and I don't even have my name on the people so I don't have your name on your own card I said because that's not important it's not important to lie on the information is important go off and check it out when you need to remember my name not important so the continuing with the qualities of the true self a higher self self with a capital S the self is not background in what certain ways of seeing the world the worldview has become unbounded and it sees that there is no separation between anything that everything is just consciousness is a vast ocean of consciousness and there is ultimately no separation that understanding in worldview there isn't one worldview imbalance or the opposite worldview imbalance as we talked about only colored worldview on a previous show the true self is not bound into seeing the world as either a grand cosmic accident which is the randomness worldview nor does it see everything as totally predetermined in which we have no free will to actually change the result of what we experience the higher self connects with the true understanding that there is no separation between self and others and what what we're really experiencing in manifested reality is the combination of a deterministic principle which is natural law plus the free will to live in harmony with those principles or to reject them so some people would say well that's not really free well sure it is that's it's not really free we'll only if you see natural law as some sort of a prison or as some sort of a a control mechanism natural vault is not a control mechanism it is there for pure and total unequivocal freedom it is placed there in love by creation itself such that the expressions of itself would be able to have whatever they want the less ultimately if they only live within the principles of truth a very firm term that I just said they're the principles of truth that's what natural law ultimately is it has nothing to do with our perceptions of it it has nothing to do with how we think about it how we feel about it it is it is it's that which is so ultimately embracing that which we are it is embracing natural law rejecting natural law is rejecting what we are rejecting the higher self there's no difference between these principles of natural law and the higher self they are one and the same for we in our ego in our identification in our attachment want to think that we are individuals or groups of individuals a lowercase s selves are the law we want to think that we are the authority we want to think that we are the creator or God that's how far gone some people are from connection to this higher expression of self and consciousness but they actually believe they are God they own other beans so to go back to the qualities of this higher level of expression the higher self also is not operating on only a percentage of its faculties meaning it uses the entire being the whole brain not the whole all of the energy centers of the being not just the mind it uses the mind in conjunction with the body in conjunction with the will of the being on the physical plane and it's a holistic holistic coming together of mind body and spirit true care is present when the true self is present so you're using the action principle the heart principle and the mind principle I referred to this as the heart mind guts you know it's connecting the heart chakra with the third eye chakra with the solar plexus chakra it's connecting true care with true intelligence with true courage or will power these are the three planes that we have to work upon to make any positive change happen we have to have intelligence we have that care that have low power and courage if we succumb to the forces of ignorance the lack of intelligence if we succumb to the force of apathy the lack of true care and if we succumb to the force of laziness and cowardice we're not using the guts we're not using the solar plexus energy so the true self is holistic it's bringing these qualities together and therefore it does not exist in the prison of the left brain as we talked about in as one of the barriers to self-realization it is using holistically all of the functions of the brain and it is connected with the spiritual qualities and the intuitive qualities and the nurturing qualities of the right brain or the right to mind finally the true self does not exist an evil identification meaning it does not identify with the roles that it plays in a physical expression meaning it doesn't get wrapped up in being a business owner being a um author you know a writer being a actor being a poet etc etc etc okay it knows that these are simply expressions and experiences while we are in the physical body while we're in this vehicle having experiences to grow and learn but it doesn't take them on as the self as its identity so it's not attached and identified with the ego it also will seek and encourage to break down institutionalized belief systems wherever it encounters them because it institutionalized belief systems in any form that they exist are forms of mind control as we talked about last week and that again is strong language yes that's that's a strong statement firm statement being made institutionalized belief systems no matter what they are are forms of mind control they exist to control the thought patterns um any adherence such that they perpetuate themselves such that the mean that they represent is perpetuated the overarching idea that they represent is perpetuated and therefore it is working and going to work in building something in the physical reality so the true the higher quality of self is always trying to work on breaking down these belief systems to the extent that we are not connected with that higher self we will identify with and work in institutionalized systems and a lot of people will not want to hear that and I recognize this I know this many people will want to hear I'm a good person i am i working this banking institution or i work in this scientific research where i work in you know this level of finance or i work in this level of education where i work in this level of the medical industry the so-called healthcare industry and they won't want to hear that ultimately yet they can do good on a on a level we're working with some people one on one but ultimately the aim that that institution is working toward is control and i don't care what it is you can't tell me one institution that isn't set up like a hierarchical pyramid you can't do it because there are none institutions by definition are hierarchically structured and compartmentalized meaning that many people working in them will not know what the task of the other person hits then bob unable groups of speak they are structured they have rank okay they are about control and subservient control to the level below and subservient to the level of bottom as we talked about last week so ultimately all they can do is perpetuate all institutionalized belief system can do is perpetually the dynamic or the force of fear it is largely based in fear that is why they even come together at all that's why these structures form because someone was in fear of something and then we need to do something about that so let's propose the solution and here it is a monolithic structure that will control this aspect of being this aspect of life this aspect of reality they're all the same all okay mother mind control technique is that there can never be any totality that can never be any statement that all institutions are like this you can't make it a statement that it incorporates all of them sure you can I just did because that is how institutions are structured all of them are structured like that it doesn't matter what they are banking finance military police education with vision crime government you mean it structured the same way the media science all structured as a hierarchy all structured in a compartmentalize deflated so finally the true self will seek to break down those institutions because only in breaking down walls and barriers that divide us and structures that keep us chained in fear any lower levels of self-expression only by breaking those structures down are we really going to advanced and come into alignment with our truth potential so the lower case s self the lower self go egoic self ego attached and ego driven self what is what are its expressions and qualities let's look at this for a little bit the lowercase s self is trapped in the state of identification with the roles that it plays it believes that it is separate from everything else that's its fundamental worldview the fundamental worldview is that everything is separate from everything else because I see me there and there I'm here you're over there that means we're separate from each other what I do to affect me isn't necessarily going to affect someone else that I don't know that I'm not directly affiliated with they're connected with everything exists in separation a worldview either skewed toward the left brain of pure randomness that everything is an accident there's no such thing as natural law you know everything can be reduced to a mechanize the universe is one big mechanical contract a big machine it's not alive there's no such thing as consciousness pure separate separatism in consciousness the right brain aspect is ok God created everything and it's separate from us purely and it can come this force or being completely controls everything we have no say about what happens we're just in this and something's being done to us and and the Creator is separate from the creation and we have no free will ultimately this is just again like a machine we're just along for the ride this worldview or both of these in bounce wilden's all they just they both reflect a state of total separation consciousness some more separation consciousness so that is the worldview of the lower team self this expression of being this trapped consciousness exists in a state of internal confusion all the time it doesn't recognize patterns whether they take place within the being in their emotions in their thoughts and it doesn't recognize patterns in the external world there is no idea what's going on essentially this is a person that has no clue what's actually taking place around them or within them for that matter they're not awake at all they're in internal opposition can be made to do things to various methods that they will state against how they really feel in other words oh yeah I'll say that my morals are a certain way but I believe that this is good and this is true and this is right but throw me enough money and watch what I'll do offer me enough money you want me to hurt that other person in some way how much you want me to go and take that person's property to give it to you okay how much and some people's price is cheap some people you just have to pay on a meager salary and as long as they can get to be dominant and aggressive and you know act like a brutish fun painting a meager salary by even today's you know standards of what uh you know what most people are are paid in the corporate world anyway and uh yeah I'll go and do whatever you tell me I'm allowed to do no sense of true moles only concerned with what they get out of it only concerned with one's own lowercase s self comfort level and ones you know extended family maybe you know that their immediate family and that's about it if that twosome we're completely trapped in a psychopathic mindset they don't even care about the people they're around at all let alone working toward helping anybody extricate themselves from the condition of self-inflicted suffering they could care less like qualities of being connected with true intelligence true care and true rule these things are meaningless to to someone someone who's trapped in the ego they've never even heard of these things many people have never even heard and could not tell you anything or give any example about what consciousness is at all it could not make that word is meaningless to them they're concerned with their physical survival only their physical survival only and the survival of their own their own in quotes that which they see as this is mine that out there that's other people's that's other people but all I'm going to worry about is my own comfort my own survival and maybe the survival of my immediate family that's it if that like I said they're at least certainly self and this is a person that is trapped in pure legion none of what they think is real they believe in fantasy because they bought lies about who they are ultimately again I started this show couple months back explaining what was written on the Oracle at Delphi in Greece that it says how do you expect to know other wonders if you do not know the wonders of your own house in you is hidden the treasure of treasures no wealth and you will know the universe the self that is what someone who is trapped in the illusion of all the constructs that that other people have built up around them and brainwashed them and mind-control them into believing that is what this lowercase s self has no concept of the true self what they're talking about when they when they said when the Mystery School said no the self is no the higher aspects of salt understand who you are at a higher level it also means understand the physiology understand how energy works through the body understand you know what we need to do to take care of the vessel of course you don't you don't dismiss the physical but it's ultimately know the self tactical s self so these qualities are extremely important to know and understand and it's equally as important to understand the qualities that are expressed through this illusory self all aspect of being cut off by the walls they themselves have either erected or allowed to be erected around them by believing what other people have told them and we've all done it throughout our lives - and one exciting another we're born into that it's very difficult not to ever fall into that list you're fortunate enough to live in an isolated culture that doesn't teach nonsense like most of most of the Western cultural world teaches and the eastern culture as well mind control is everywhere on this planet folks doesn't matter where you're born there's a few isolated pockets of indigenous cultures that that you know may be teaching the healthy worldview to people but it's a rarer and rarer thing and that's why to come out of it is magnificent and is miraculous and shouldn't be understated we should give credit where credit is due to people who have emerged from this lower state of consciousness and raised themselves whether they've done it wholly on their own or they had help in doing it through mentors and and you know some other very selfless individuals and I mean selfless in the sense that they're not concerned with you know just their own comfort they've spoken up even in the face of ridicule to put information out there into the world that could help people that can help raise other people to higher levels of self-expression and consciousness so it need to understand these lowercase s self qualities and egoic qualities if we're going to help people transmute them and come out of them so the lowercase asked self egoic self can't even envision true freedom they don't know what freedom is they have no concept of it the only thing they're interested in is more things more money more control more for me that's it they think that's the way happiness that's the way to betterment if only I had more money I could do this this this and this that's their solution for everything if you ask anybody what's your solution to this problem and they say money - any problem and their answer is money they're trapped in this level of consciousness in the lower self consciousness because they're in a state of internal opposition and that's all driven through fear fear is ultimately will keep somebody here that's the force that's behind this fear is the force that keeps people enslaved to this level of consciousness now the lowercase s self that has come into a little bit of cleverness a little bit of left brain intellect and they have certain information that other people in the world don't have access to will employ the opposite art that the true self employs they will employ the art of sorcery which is manipulation sorcery is mind manipulation employing the technique the science and art of influence for self-important reasons for self-serving reasons and I mean lowercase s self so they may learn how to influence people but it's only because they want to get them to buy something they may learn how to influence people because they want to get them to do something that they want them to do for that the higher level role doesn't matter what it wants I want somebody to do this I mean II III that's what the lowercase s self is all concerned about all the time so they will use the art of influence and manipulation in a negative aspect not to align anyone with the higher wall with true balance with nature but they will only import respect needs to align other people with their own selfishness their own selfish ego self-serving will with a lowercase W huge difference between that and the higher will lowercase Elf is trapped in the left brain largely there are cases that of people in this condition that are in the right brain as well but it's rarer they're trapped in the prison of a left brain and of course they work three and continuously reinforced they except they work through and they continuously reinforce whatever institutionalized belief system that they're part of or whichever ones can tell serve their self-serving aims and goals so institutional belief systems to them we acceptable they don't care whether it's a form of mind control they don't care who it hurts they don't care whose life it destroyed if it puts money in my pocket I'm all for it if it gives me a job I'm all for it it kills lots of other people so on it harms lots of other people's minds and brains who cares is it doing something good for me am i benefiting well then let it continue wonderful great let's have more of the same let's have more of this because that person is suffering as a result of what this institutions doing that ain't need so who cares this is the consciousness of the person trapping though and I'll tell you one the people a lot of the people in the freedom movement don't have much higher level of consciousness than that because how many of them were working amongst institutions and corporations as saying that they want freedom to freedom but yet they're still doing something that is that is helping the opposite dynamic of what they say they want it's a controlling institution and again it's not going to be a popular thing here I'm not here for a popularity contest folks in case you didn't grasp that man I say things people don't want to hear because they need to hear it that's it the truth is ugly sometimes for where we're going but the corner we've worked ourselves into weakens most of us can only see the truth from that more corner that we walked ourselves into and from that perspective it looks horrendous it looks horrifying once we come out of that little corner that we've wedged herself into we'll see it wasn't so horrifying it was actually being spoken and it's actually there for our self-betterment tire case s-some and lower case s up because if we get connected with that higher case s self the lower case s cell will improve its condition and its comfort levels and its understanding and it will merge if we come into harmony with that higher level expression of consciousness that I call the higher self alright so I'm going to take a break here from this explanation and I see we have a caller so sorry for awake it says Southeast Pennsylvania all right caller from Southeast Pennsylvania you are on what on earth is happening well it's more like Doylestown Pennsylvania but that's okay Eric Judy what's up man what's going on mark you know I'm sitting here I came home I had some barbecue I put your show on I was listening to you man and I just like a half-hour and listen you just hit me how spot-on you are man you just nail how people are locked into this lower level of consciousness where they're just they're institutionalized belief systems their ego attachments just all that just dominates them it just completely rules them they have no understanding of the higher self they're completely shut out of that realm that said and they're they're literally like what these they're disease on society they've been manipulated into such a condition and this is our work man that with our work is to help cure than help reach out to them that what you're right what they have is a disease see that I wouldn't say they are a disease they are expressing their needs and they're infected with this this isn't this speed they're not at ease they're in an illness they have become ill and this is what our work is our work is to understand how this is the total dynamic all works and fits together so that we are at a level of understanding that we can be of help and service to these individuals you know and hey I fall prey to hating that what they do more so than anybody and then why it didn't admit that I'd be lying to everyone out there okay I get enraged by it a lot of times but we have to look past what people do to their true selves and try to make a connection with that and reach it and transmute their behaviors by our care for their true selves and it's harder said than done and I you know I need to take my own advice when it comes to that because again I fall prey to getting as upset about what other people do as anyone else it's a it's a difficult thing all those many many pitfalls in life absolutely we all have our own issues but I have another question on you know it seems like it seems like the establishment is really against the use of cannabis sativa you know because it does make you think dwell on things and usual logic do you ever see a day when that you know we get past that well this is something that I'm going to talk about on this show and I have um I have extremely strong feelings about this because think about how deep the hubris of other individuals is that would make a claim upon the consciousness of another living being let me let me ask you this your um no let's say you're having a barbecue are you going to drink a beer tonight maybe Eric maybe maybe more than just two there okay well so you're going to have a beer with your dinner right now what if I said to you passio saying it ever G Eric I'm telling you that you may not consume that kind of beverage ever in as long as you're alive I'm declaring that that is unfit for your consumption as an adult human being on this planet because essentially what I'm saying is I own you your ability to judge what you wish to put inside of your body and whatever substance you wish maybe to alter your body or your mom with you don't have that right I am taking control over that choice for you imagine this imagine you going up to another person just let's say I go up to I don't know let's say might might my cousin Jason okay so I'm going to go over to my cousin Jason's house and I'm going to say Jason listen I've determined that you're no longer allowed to avenge salt I'm telling taking all the salt out of your home - no your salt shakers if I ever find you buying salt again I'm going to hurt you and suddenly I might punch you and face I might smash on the windows in your car I might break a window in their home you might behind one thousand dollars like New York - right exactly so imagine this but that this is a this isn't about controlling a substance this is about controlling a a being it's more than that it's about controlling consciousness of a being it's saying your consciousness where you may journey works or have any level of experience in your own mind belongs to me it does not belong to you you don't own your own mind and consciousness and body this is a claim on your body it's saying your body does not belong to you you may not determine what you put into it I own your body I will determine what goes into it imagine this they see it's what it's a real hot topic a button presser for me this is this is a button presser for me to a point where I could get really enraged about it because this is one of the highest levels of hubris that exists at 4:00 in the world then someone else owns my consciousness really really really sure you do your own mind consciousness and I like the answer that I would expect like if I said it back to you I would expect you to be ready to defend yourself you have to claim over your actual body and mind man and yet there are people who will never will never admit that that's what it is and will never see it that way because they're so wrapped up in fear it's all fear oh you're saying out of your advocating use of this substance and what about children so no I'm talking about an adult human being that knows what they're taking and has no right to put whatever they want into their body and I said and I'll make this statement a thousand more times I own my body I own my mind okay now I can't take my body with me beyond this physical reality so I'm the steward of this body lying and having it no one else's okay I own my mind while the expression of it exists in this physical vehicle okay and no one will tell me what we're going to do with any of those things so I will drink what I want to drink whether it is healthy or harmful I will eat what I want to eat whether it is healthy or harmful I will smoke what I want to smoke because what I want to do is up to it is an expression of my consciousness not anybody else's I will snort what I want to snort I will inject what I want to inject and I'm all about total taking care of your health you know I'm not advocating getting into any kind of hard drugs on my advocate sorry to snort cocaine or meth or anything like that I'm talking about if I if I want to sit and smoke any substance that grows in the earth I'll do it if I would smoke cannabis I'll do that if I want to smoke salvia I'll do that if I want to smoke dimethyltryptamine I'll do that because no one else owns my body and consciousness period the end of story this is the issue that's never brought up when it comes to drug prohibition or legalization it's always about other issues but very rarely do you ever hear somebody bring up the idea of salt owners who owns your consciousness who owns your mind do you own it or does someone else own it and then you loud to tell you what you can do with it and I say you can write whatever you want to write on a piece of paper you go go ahead and scribble whatever you want it'll never give you the authority to actually have the right to do what you're claiming you have the right to do to other human beings because you wrote something down on a piece of paper it will never make it right or moral doesn't matter what you think about it and you know what it doesn't matter what anybody thinks about it there is a moral law that governs this and all that matters is whether someone understands it or not that's it that's what's creating the reality that we are experiencing whether you understand what the amount of people who understand the actual moral principle the govern creation that's it and all the cops that go out and put people out or non-viral people into a cage for taking any substance are sick people they're sick individuals they don't understand how sick they are but they are they have brain damage in a fiscal sense we talk about how the brain becomes imbalanced observer will use and by continuously doing certain behaviors and how one of the substances that will destroy the brain faster than any other is a adrenaline adrenaline is way more destructive to the brain tissue and synapses then many hard hard drugs are and this discharged the controllers get going into battle or wrestling people or wrestling people to the ground and taking their homes and taking them taking up physical control over their bodies they're getting this big adrenaline constantly and it's working at home physical brain I'm not talking about the mind I'm talking about physical provable scientifically provable brain damage to the neocortex of the brain is provable with PET scans and SPECT scans and nothing that they do that they ever believe will ever grant them the moral authority to do what they're doing they're wrong they will always be wrong for as long as they continue to do it and there's no nicer way to say there's no nicer way to say you don't have the moral authority to do what you're doing many people understand this but they're not vocal in the Hobbit in the in completely dead-set ways like let's not back down about this it isn't about you know just helping people with medical conditions this is an issue of ownership of the mind that's what this is an issue of and I creamed when I see people bringing up reasons that any substances should be quote unquote legalized when they they never touch upon that basic issue the basic foundation of I only I own my mind I the consciousness and I'll do what I will with it you don't own my body you don't know my life period and that's that's the bottom line for me on that issue I mean that's it man that's what has to be understood and this has nothing to do with trying to sanitize society you know or make things perfectly safe for everybody you know you want to make things safe educate people about natural law helping to understand why it's important they live in harmony with it and you'll have a relatively almost completely safe society you'll never completely sanitized any any uh you know harm I'm not saying that you can have a 100 and total and honor utopia which nothing ever happens and that would be pretty damn boring too but forget control anything or trying to eradicate it from existence education is always the answer over control and that's what I advocate get educated about substance know that they're not all the same know what effect the effects are these are things have grown the earth for God's sake you know you're you're trying to make a part of nature illegal it's madness utter madness and it's all born of fear all born out of fear these people are some of the most intimate fear people that you will ever ever need and they think that they're tough they think that they're you know there are big and important and you know it's a child's mentality controllers mentality is the mentality of an emotional and spiritual child a child and it's it's sad that we have so many people like that at that level of consciousness is a very sad thing leader ill people they need help in treatment they need they need to be cured of this and uh you know it's tough not take people to think like that man and what I said I I fall prey to it a lot myself and I'd be lying to you if I told you that it was easy to look at these people as simply ill and in need of help because they're the people that will deny that the most now or they'll say oh no you're you're the ones who's wrong and who's you know sick and damaged and they don't really understand man they don't understand what they do it's like the whole words of Jesus when he says forgive them they know not what they do you know these people really don't understand any dynamics they have never been exposed to them they have never thought about them for a single instant in their entire lives and you know they're very ill as a result but that's where I stand on the on all drugs all drugs doesn't matter how hard or harmful they are education about them is the answer not prohibition and and besides who is anybody to claim authority on another beings consciousness there no one to do that and no matter what you write down you don't have that right you just fitted these controllers just think they believe they have that right and because so many of them believe it they're willing to all back each other up to violence that's ultimately what this is about it's about thugs backing each other up to violence because they've accepted a belief system it's erroneous it's complete nonsense and again they call it whatever strong language you want say oh that's making a generalization no I'm explaining what the truth of the matter is and that's the truth of the matter but until you study these dynamics and understand natural law and they sound strange to you but you know you don't own anybody else's consciousness you own your own and that means you have no control over anything but your own thoughts your own emotions and their own actions in the world and once you start stepping over that line and trying to take control of other people's actions and what they can put into their own body is and they're not harming anyone else by doing it they're making a choice for themselves then you know you are stepping over the line of natural law you have no right to step over again and then sad if these people think that that would be effective it's not effective you're not changing anything the same rate of drugs going on since the drug war started the same rate of drug consumption and as a matter of fact drugs are either more strong and pure now than they were years ago you know there's a higher level of power to some of these substances than there used to be and there's the same amount of people building drug war has done nothing it's cost billions and billions and billions of dollars it's ruined millions and millions and millions of lives and it has accomplished zero zero and you don't want to take my word for that look into law Enforcement Against Prohibition week a group of a-- of police that want to see all drugs legalized because the war on drugs is a failure and even some of these people have recognized that they may not understand all natural law but at least they've recognized how horrific of a failure of the war on drugs has been so that's my position on that but we'll get into that and other shows - I know I took a big time on that but since you brought it up why not make it clear you know that's my stance on that you don't know my consciousness well that was an interesting breakdown I realized some things while you were talking about drug war you know namely the fact that you know how consciousnessî I've been caught flying the cocaine heroine on a plane's private planes now that they're there bro they're there they're running the drugs they've run the drug cartels in South America in Afghanistan you know there are our troops over there guarding the opium fields that's right and at the same time our government is allowing people to own private prisons of the same people that fly these things in so I mean it's just it's just criminal organization the the prohibition of cannabis is basically because you know cannabis whenever I use it and I use it every day I always think of solutions like I'll think of a problem and then I'll come up with solution they don't want us coming up with solution my control and all the other constraints they put it they put us in moulds it's like they places in mole do you have to break out of that mold and become your own person we should not block into a particular mode and also the nutritional aspect though I mean I know that when you start using these superfoods you have increased blood flow to your brain gingko biloba proven increase the blood flow to your brain that makes you smarter makes you make sure you think clearer makes you remember better they don't want you to remember things they don't want you to think clear they don't wait to come up with solutions they just want you to shut up go to work and anybody who thinks out of the box they want you to attack that person right and and then like I said these people are a disease I will call look at all the benefits of the hemp plant in health in a cab hemp oil could have fueled all our automobiles and instead of you know having millions of gallons draining into the Gulf of Mexico that never would have happened and we've all would have been much more prosperous because it we could have been more independent you know they could have been all these farmers our government pays farmers not to grow things I mean there's so much corruption there's so much criminality it just the whole system's disease and we're I think we're coming to a point where it's what it's going to get destroyed in rebuild and you talk about 2012 and the apocalypse and how it's the great unveiling of the truth you know that's coming I say it sure I think by our some of us are moving toward that unveiling you know some of us are facing the head-on with eyes wide open and you know others sadly are choosing to close their eyes to it and you know go into a fetal position it all depends on how you view what you will be able to do with that truth no matter how dark it may seem you know and people who are more connected with the higher level of self will be able to take that information and transmute it and use it for a good purpose a powerful a positive and empowering purpose so that's what we try to do here on the show and Eric Theo leads when calling yawns bring up great topics of discussion and I thank you and feel free to call in anytime in the future and that anybody else listening I like to take callers so call in and I'll always put you on and then talk about anything you want and you know I think it helps to create like an interactive dynamic on the show so Eric thanks man I'll talk to you again soon I mark you're a great friend we'll talk soon buddy take care take care bye-bye all right so a couple of great callers on the show tonight all right so we've got about four four and a half minutes left on the broadcast tonight let's see okay so I think I wrap up what I really wanted to talk about regarding that cotton between higher level self and lower level stuff and this really for the most part wraps up the again the end of the first big section of material that I wanted to get through when talking about the dynamic of what's really happening in the world and these dynamics that we've covered thus far on this show really are the bottom line solution these are the at the very core core causal factors of why we're experiencing what we are experiencing in the world help people to understand this information give them some of the podcasts encourage them to listen to the show check out the videos on my site listen other great shows on the revolution Broadcasting Network and other networks that are speaking the truth out there all in the alternative media so it's important that we reach out to others with this information knowing again as I've said on this show is not good enough it's not it's only the first step taking the information yourself understand it so well that you can speak it to others in a plain and clear way and in a decisive way because that's what this is ultimately about as a decision people are making their decisions about which force they're going to serve are they going to serve the force of fear and chaos and confusion or are they going to serve the force of light and wrong and order and harmony and peace and connection required levels of consciousness and that is force of love so I think what I will begin to do on future shows is I'd like to take more colors regarding what I have discussed up to this point and that's always welcome for anybody to call in and I think I will begin putting the word out to get some more guests on the show so what I will ask some listeners to do is if you have any potential guests for this show please email me my email address is marked at what on earth is happening calm you have anybody that would like to be on the show I could you know send me some contact information I can get in touch with them and start discussing with them about what they would like to talk about and maybe scheduling them to be on an upcoming show in future weeks what I'm really going to be getting into is the dynamic of mind control and I guess I'll just say it here on the show for the first time I am planning a conference on consciousness mind control and ocultism in April of 2011 it will probably be the weekend of April 11th and 12 so interestingly I believe that the first day will be 4:11 an acronym for symbol for information so look for that coming up I have some great people working with me to organize that and I think um you know guests in in future shows or what I want to focus on as I start to unfold some of the darker aspects of the of the problems that we are facing as a species so that's what's coming in future weeks again get in touch with me at mark at what on earth is happening calm if you haven't guessed that you would like to recommend for this show and I think that about wraps up for this week so I'm your host mark pasion you have been listening to what on earth is happening my website is what on earth is happening calm and what the network that they show is carried on is revolution broadcasting their website is revolution broadcasting calm I'll see you here next Tuesday at 7 p.m. good night