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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascal [Music] welcome everyone you are listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website is www.seannal.com today is Tuesday June 29 2010 the call-in number for this show feel free to call in at anytime as always there are no taboo topics on this radio program the call-in number is seven two four four four four seven four four four once again the call-in number seven two four four four four seven four four four when you call in you have to give the call ID number the call ID number for this show is eight three five one five once again the call ID is eight three five one five so we have a pretty good show lined up for this evening hopefully we'll get to take some calls tonight as well tonight's topic will be a continuation of the themes that we've been talking about over the last couple of weeks on this show namely mind control and it's methodologies so I usually start off the show with some event announcements in the Philadelphia area I have three of them this evening coming up in less than two weeks now what is potentially shaping up to be a huge event in the Philadelphia area and a very important event for all of humanity when you understand the critical significance of the technologies that were invented by Nikola Tesla the Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations 2010 July 9th 10th and 11th the Tesla Science Foundation brings together scientists inventors and enthusiasts for a three-day conference highlighting the need for a new energy paradigm this July in Philadelphia the Tesla Science Foundation will be hosting a three-day conference and celebration to commemorate Nikola Tesla's legacy and world vision Tesla was a brilliant inventor who lived during the turn of the 20th century his innovations resulted in the implementation of alternating current radio the AC motor wireless technology and many other influential inventions that we now take for granted in the modern age Tesla's vision to bring clean free energy to the world through advanced wireless technologies was blocked by the financial and corporate interests of his time through this event the Tesla Science Foundation will bring together like-minded scientists inventors and enthusiasts who share the common goal of bringing Tesla's advanced energy technologies to fruition for the betterment of humanity and boiled boy do we ever need that at this time we need it as a hundred years ago when Tesla invented it but the world is crying out for it in the modern day the event scheduled for the Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations are as follows on July 9th from 8 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. they will be holding a birthday celebration for Tesla Tesla was born on midnight between July 9th and 10th 1856 this will this birthday bash will be at the independence Visitor Center that's at 16 Market Streets in Philadelphia there's going to be a Tesla coil a competition will be firing many Tesla coils in honor of Tesla on his birthday night this event is free to attend the next day at the same location independence Visitor Center 6th and Market Streets from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on July 10 Tesla Fest featuring exhibits vendors information art and music this event is also free to attend I have the honor of hosting one of the events as part of the energy independence celebrations for the this year I'll be the master of ceremonies at the presentations and lectures at the Free Library of Philadelphia at 1901 Vine Street July 10th from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. the featured speakers are Russell Anderson Michael Kelly Tatiana Milotic Mike Michael treat mano Davina Michael Craner and Brian yet sir this event is also free to attend three of the five events as part of this conference are completely free so come on out learn about Tesla and its technologies and have some fun with us and have some fun helping to bring this message of awareness about clean energy technologies to other people as well to to kind of a wrap up the event or as a centerpiece I should say there is a reception dinner and concert being held the evening of July 10 that's Saturday July 10th from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. at the Arch Street meeting house that's at 3:20 Arch Street in Philadelphia this will feature the theremin based on Samba the divine hand ensemble centered around the electronic instrument known as the theremin which is absolutely unique and it's like a you know a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to really get to hear a virtuoso with this instrument and the conductor of this Orchestra ensemble is just that he is a virtuoso with the theremin and it's something that has to be really experienced this event both the dinner and the concert only $20 for a great evening out and supporting a great cause so the the last part of the entire conference will be the scientific conference this is geared mostly towards scientists and inventors this is Saturday July 10th and Sunday July 11th two-day conference 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 2:00 Liberty Place on the 32nd floor that's it 16:01 Chestnut Street the featured speakers are Robert Huth Tom Malone Gary Peterson James quorum Kenneth quorum James Hardesty fran mccabe anna atenas Kovich david rowe cignoli Russell Anderson Michael treat and Tatiana Milotic registration for the scientific conference is only $110 and you can register at the Tesla Science Foundation's website for emerging details see the conference website at wwlp.com RG you can also join the Nikola Tesla Club meetup group for details about all of the events that the Tesla Science Foundation and The Associated Nikola Tesla inventors Club hosts their meetup group is n Tesla meetup.com slash 38 that's n t e SL a dot meetup.com slash 3/8 so that's the Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations coming up in less than two weeks in Philadelphia next event I'd like to plug is the Philadelphia UFO Awareness Day 2010 this is hosted by Pennsylvania mutual UFO network this will be taking place Sunday July 18th from noon to 6:00 p.m. and the good news is that this event is also free to attend there's going to be six speakers at this event and just added great news that from Temple University dr. David Jacobs will be headlining the philadelphia UFO Awareness Day 2010 David Jacobs will be giving a lecture on the abduction phenomenon so be headlining it I also have the honor of having been asked to speak at this event so I will actually have a presentation there my lecture will be entitled don't count on disclosure where I am going to get into some of the deepest reasons the occult reasons for the cover-up of the phenomenon of extraterrestrial intelligence Chris August in will also be presenting he's a paranormal investigator his website is aliens the truth calm his lecture will also feature the topic of alien abductions bill Weber will also be speaking he is a Pennsylvania MUFON State section director and field investigator his lecture will be entitled UFOs and technology Michael Melton a Pennsylvania neutral UFO network state section director and field investigator will be giving a lecture entitled UFO investigations interviewing the witness and finally Bob Gardner Pennsylvania MUFON chief investigator and field investigator will be presenting credible and convincing evidence for the existence of UFOs again this event is Sunday July 18th from noon to 6:00 p.m. at Durham books and gallery one of the best bookstores in the Philadelphia area charm books is at 2005 Frankfort Avenue Philadelphia PA 19154 MUFON PA next em UFO NP a calm and germ books calm finally last event announcement I have and you'll be hearing a lot more about this in weeks to come the event is called free your mind a conference on conscious mind control and the occult this will be taking place in Philadelphia Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10th 2011 the location is still yet to be determined but we're closing in on a definitive event location and I'll be announcing that over the next couple of weeks admission price will be $20 per day we will be looking to have approximately 12 to 14 confirmed speakers by the time this event is uh is hosted right now we have three confirmed speakers including myself Michael Kelly and Aaron McCollum so this is already shaping up to be a great event and there'll be a lot more information presented on the show over the next several weeks about the free your mind conference a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult in Philadelphia in April of 2011 so those are the event announcements for the evening I guess what I'll do is very briefly recap what we've been discussing over the last couple of weeks here on what on earth is happening the topic that we've been deeply exploring over the recent weeks has been mind control in general and we talked about a couple of weeks ago the nature of a system that must be in place if mind control is going to be propagated and is going to be effective that system must have two general characteristics it has to be hierarchically structured meaning that it has to be set up in levels where those at higher levels are at higher levels of awareness of the agenda of the organization or system those at lower levels are much more in number are much greater in number but they are much more ignorant regarding the true intentions and the true aims of the institution or organization that they are a part of at a lower level the second aspect of a system that uses mind control and manipulation to advance its aims and agendas is that it must be compartmentalized we talked about compartmentalization as breaking the structure into smaller subsystems such that each subsystem is unaware of the goals that the other subsystems are working toward are working to advance it's a blind leading the blind scenario it is a left hand not understanding what the right hand is doing scenario so these are the two most necessary aspects of a structure that is going to advance a hidden agenda the next thing that we talked about over the over last week was the nature of these systems in and of themselves are occult in nature and again this is a word we will be hearing a whole lot about as the show progresses as the week's go by because there is a negative and untrue Association attached with the word occult and this is in fact a part of mind control getting people to associate words with certain concepts and ideas play a word association game with any of your friends or family members regarding the word occult occ ult occult and when you bring that word up to most people they will immediately respond that they feel that that word generally means to them evil evil is the most commonly associated word with the word occult so test theory has this this statement just play a simple word association game with people ask them what the first word that comes into their mind when you say the word occult and I guarantee you 95% of the time you will receive the answer evil and this is by design o cultists do not want people to look into their ideologies they do not want people to look into their methodologies because once you do you understand you begin to understand and open up your mind about the hidden power structures of this world because that is all the word occult means and has ever meant the word itself simply means hidden it is derived from the Latin language as we talked about it comes from the Latin verb occult RA occult re is derived from the word oculus which is the Latin word for I as in that which we see with i ey e so occult simply means hidden from sight hidden to the eye to the scene hidden from sight not easily seen that is all the word occult means when we look at its etymology and derivation why would anyone want you to associate occult knowledge with evil well if you think it's evil you won't look into that knowledge and that knowledge would be much easier to control people with because the occult is a set of techniques and practices that can influence the mind that is what occult knowledge is and what better way to maintain control and influence over people's mind than to dissuade them from looking into the very techniques and the very methodologies that you are using to manipulate their minds if you get them thinking this is all evil and I I have no business looking into any of it and oh it's something that I'm afraid of and I should look into it all you have a right where you want them from the very beginning because they'll never understand the techniques that are being employed against them so that is how mind control essentially works what I'm going to begin doing over the next several weeks is introducing different occult methodologies these are the methodologies of mind control that are employed by ocultist s-- people who know and have known these techniques in many cases for thousands of years because this stream of knowledge goes right back into our ancient past you know you've heard the term if people do not learn from the past they are doomed to repeat it well this is the case this is a true statement definitively true most of us are ignorant sadly you can say that's a negative statement but it happens to be a true statement most people are very ignorant about history about our past about the events that have occurred in our past and this is why most of the time we squander opportunities to see the same patterns as events play out in our world that have played out in in our past and if we miss those patterns if we are not aware of those patterns we are essentially sabotaging our own opportunities to see them coming this time around because time does move in cycles history does repeat itself this is not just saying time moves and sick euler movements like wave patterns and it brings us opportunities that we may have failed to learn from in the past and often even if we did learn the lesson it will challenge us to prove that we learned the lesson in the past and if we're not aware of those dynamics if we're not aware of those patterns when they come up we will squander those opportunities for learning and growth and advancement in consciousness and suffering will be attached with that squandered opportunity so part of understanding the past is understanding how this stream of occult knowledge has not only been compartmentalized hidden structured in hierarchy meted out to people that other people at high levels of awareness and knowledge deemed worthy to receive it and they set themselves up as the keepers of said said knowledge okay this is how they have been able to socially engineer and bring in so much covert control of people and that's why we see such a controlled society that we do today in every invasively in seeking to take over more and more as specs of our daily lives and the name of the game is control they don't call it mind control for no reason the name of the game is control covert control because a covert form of control is not as easily spotted as an overt or an open form of control see when there's an overt form of control exercised physically over people they're very aware of it because it's right in their face but when it's a form of mind control of covert control that form of control often goes unchallenged largely because it goes unseen unseen again the word occult means hidden from sight not easily seen available only to the initiated those who have begun the task of decoding this hidden knowledge and I'll tell you right now folks this is necessary to understand people will say oh we don't need to know all of the methodologies and all of the forms of control that are that are being used over the mind and how it's all occult based nonsense no shortcuts this does need to be understood it needs to be known how this works many people especially in New Age schools of thought and I'm not saying that all of that stuff is totally bad there's some good information in it but when they get into what you're talking about is negative because you're talking about how people are trying to control other people and we don't want to hear that we just want to you know meditate our way to to world peace or you know just work on our intuitive side or or or getting in touch with emotional qualities while all of these things are great and should be practiced and I'm not saying to stop doing those things but if you do not understand the cover to methodologies that are being used to subvert people's consciousness that means their thoughts their emotions and their actions then you are essentially powerless to stop these negative patterns from recurring when they come up again in future times as these time cycles move forward into the future you may be able to overcome them temporarily with some of the techniques that quote-unquote New Agers advocate but you will not steal yourself and more importantly educate and steal the youth heart and the youth against these covert practices and techniques that's why it's important to consciously be aware of how these techniques work and the further reason that it's critical to understand how they work is because in doing so we learn a great deal of knowledge about how our own minds and psyches work in the process of decoding these negative and often psychopathic techniques that are employed by these dark oak cultists as I have referred to them on previous shows they are sorcerers they are employing the art and science of manipulation techniques to get what they want at the expense of other people and almost invariably at their immense suffering at other people's and men's suffering because these sorcerers of consciousness as I refer to them as they are Psychopaths they do not care about what happens to other people they have no empathy no basic feeling for the repercussion of their actions upon anyone else they only care about their own comfort and well-being and as long as that is taken care of their attitude is it doesn't matter what happens to anyone else but me and that's the nature and the definition of a psychopath and that is indeed what these dark controllers are we should let that frighten us or intimidate us to speak the truth see people will say why aren't you afraid you're describing that they're psychopathic often murderous individuals who will do anything to get their way doesn't that make you scared that somebody's going to do something you absolutely not and I mean that I do not care what anyone tries to do to me I don't live in fear of that happening and any of these darker cultists who may be listening to any of my work or listening to what I do I'm not afraid of you I don't care what you can do to me you're dealing with the will that has transcended normal human will and that only happens when you're not in the vibratory state of consciousness known as fear I'm going to speak this and nothing is going to stop me not even being released from a physical body if it should ever come to that which I'm not afraid of happening because I'll find a way to continue to do this nothing is going to stop me that's the kind of resolve we ultimately really need to come to when it comes to speaking truth to these power-mad lunatics that are currently running this Asylum called planet Earth because they are going to continue to do this until we stop them and the way we're going to stop them is by refusing to comply with their psychopathic ideologies and agendas and the only way we're going to get to that level of consciousness is by understanding the methodologies that they are employing against us to make us do their bidding thinking that we are getting something good for us in return therefore we have to become empowered through knowledge even if that knowledge is perceived as being dark disturbing quote-unquote negative okay it is quite disturbing to understand that mind control is something that is possible that is not only possible but is happening actively all around us it is an on going aspect of our daily lives conditioning is everywhere it's in every structure that is that there is a fundamental part of daily living on this world whether it be the media that we take in these school systems the education of our of our youth political structures military structures employ mind control to outrageous levels businesses through marketing and other forms of propaganda and print advertisement and radio ads and TV ads you name it mind control is all around us and ultimately they are using ancient covert knowledge and that may be difficult for some people to come to terms with to accept the ancients knew an incredible amount about how the human mind and the human psychological structures that comprise the mind worked they understood how they operated they knew the psyche they knew that the most important knowledge to have was the knowledge of the human psyche on the Delphic Oracle in Greece it is inscribed how do you expect to know the wonders of creation if you do not know the wonders of your own house meaning the wonders of the self if you do not find that which is within you you have found nothing you will not understand anything that is outside of you because ultimately there really is no outside everything is generated by the mind the generative principle and the first principle in some of the ancient hermetic writings is that everything is derived from the mind the mind creates all of the experiences that we experience in external manifestation in other words the mind is the all the universe is mental everything that we encounter is a byproduct is a product of mind first for any idea to come into manifestation mind employed it for any object to come into manifestation it had to be thought of first before it was created the mind is the generator of our experience we create with the psyche we feel inwardly about that which we are generating with the mind and then we take actions based on the marriage of those two fundamental dynamics thought and emotion so action is the byproduct of those two other aspects of consciousness and we've talked about this at length on previous shows the three aspects of the way our consciousness manifests itself being our thoughts our emotions and our actions and how important it is to bring those into alignment and such that they operate as one so that we become a being that as we think so we feel so we act and we are non dual we are united all three of those aspects of consciousness have been brought into unison unity consciousness if we are not in that state of oneness within we are in duality consciousness and that is mind control if anybody can get you to take actions that you know you do not agree with you feel our moral you feel are unethical you feel are not right mind control was employed in some form ultimately the only way to truly transcend these methodologies of mind control is to raise your consciousness which is essentially your awareness of the patterns that are taking place both within yourself and in the external world around you and you do that by understanding how you work first and foremost and then when you understand that you'll start to understand in a wider sense what's really happening in the external realm because that's a byproduct of all of the internal spaces of individuals all of their internal makeup multiplied and then expressed outwardly it's all a byproduct of the individuated psyches of all the people on this planet and it's very common sense when you think about it in those terms we are creating the reality that we experience nothing outside of us so the answer is to understand enough about what we truly are how we truly work know the self and you will know the universe and the gods again inscribed upon the Delphic Oracle one of the seats of the mystery school traditions the sad state of affairs the human consciousness has come to in the modern day is because we as a whole have forgotten who and what we truly are and we do not know in mass it is not common knowledge sadly how the psyche works what the components of the brain are what they're responsible for regulating and doing how they may become imbalanced and behaviors will follow certain kinds of behaviors will follow when certain structures in the brain are a significant level of imbalance people don't understand as a whole how their brains function most people couldn't tell you any of the parts of the brain we've covered this on previous shows the structures of the human brain the physiology of the brain fascinating study neuroscience into understanding the behaviors that we see demonstrated and acted out all around us in the world so knowledge of self is what this is ultimately about and I cringe when I hear people say we can get through this we can get past this dilemma that the human species is it in in control and in low vibratory states of consciousness without knowing how mind control works good luck with that folks that's the route you want to go down you're going to be here and you're going to be in this position of suffering for a long long long time and I really it doesn't bother me how condescending that may sound some individuals who are listening because there are people who will say there's no such thing as mind control well I I don't I don't even care if that some people's a belief or because that's all it is is a belief I don't believe that mind control is an operation I was employing these practices and techniques during my years of involvement in the occult I don't think they exist I don't believe anything about their existence I know they exist I know they're in operation and I know how they work and I don't make any apologies for that statement that happens to be the case I do understand this information that I'm presenting or I wouldn't present it to other people if I thought this was inaccurate I wouldn't be speaking about it I would keep it to myself until I was able to confirm it through personal experience or enough personal research into the matter of which I happen to have both of those criteria when it comes to this type of information the most important being direct experience in some of the occult orders which I'll probably be getting into and talking about over the weeks to come but what I want to do first and foremost is that help people to understand this information is ancient it has been with humankind for thousands and thousands of years and it is essentially derived from what people have come to call the mystery traditions of consciousness and there are hundreds of orders that are part of these mystery school traditions but the instead of going in-depth into all of the different orders we could talk about we could talk about Freemasonry we can talk about Rosicrucianism we could talk about hermetic traditions we could talk about the Asafa chol traditions we could talk about the lamech traditions you could talk about Kabbalah on and on and on you could get into hundreds of mystical traditions that the thing that is important to keep in mind is that this information is essentially the most ancient form of psychology that has ever been with mankind this is knowledge of how the human psyche works and the underlying motivations of mankind that's what's important to keep in mind and in general people call the places the occult schools that this information has been derived from has been kept within and has been disseminated slowly over time to the elect the elite the enlightened whatever you want to call it I personally don't even like to use those terms because there they are elitist and they are separative I do not agree with the keeping back of knowledge no matter how seemingly dangerous in the wrong hands you may deem it to be I don't agree with that concept that's why I am no longer and never will be any a member of any occult order I am a sovereign individual I represent no one I present me that's it I represent no one else I give no permission for anyone else to act as my representative I present my information interests qualities consciousness etc no one represents me and I represent no one there is no one no one's interests are being served or presented here except what I feel is powerful information about what is actually taking place on the earth in the times that we live in and I am disseminating that information as freely and as openly as I possibly can do it and as widely as are within my capabilities and the technologies that are available to me and the other minds that also want to see this in important information disseminated so that's why I do this in the interests of the truth coming out about what is taking place and as I've said no one will dissuade me from that course no matter what kind of intimidation or scare tactics are used because I'm not backing down because I'm not afraid of what can be done to me because I understand I'm not this body so best of luck to anyone that wants to try to stop what I'm doing here best of luck to you that's all I can say so I see we have a caller on the line I'm going to go to the call and we'll see what Johnny P 21st you are on what all my goodnes us so selfish how are you doing I'm doing good how are you not bad not bad well you have for us today did you want to bring up something or talk about something I saw that you called in I usually go to callers that call in if you were just listening that way that's fine but you want to bring up anything on air okay looks like key either wasn't ready or hung out so um yeah I'll give the calling number again if anyone wants to call in the technology that they show is done on his talk show it's a great service collaborative calling program so sometimes people just calling to listen to the show and they may not be prepared because you could also do it that way you can listen in on the caller number I kind of like would like to see the the the phones used for just people who want to participate and contribute something for the show so when I see someone call in I you know unmute them and take their call on the air it's fine if you want to listen but uh you know let's see if anybody wants to call in and actually get involved in the discussion the calling number is seven two four four four four seven four four four and the call ID number which you have to enter when you call in is eight three five one five so the call ID number seven two four four four four seven four four four and the call ID number is eight three five one five okay so what I want to do is again we're emphasizing this is ancient psychology that's essentially what mine controls techniques are the ancients through these mystery traditions or occult traditions began to understand far back in human ancestry how the structures of the psyche worked they understood the compartments of the mind of the brain the different components of the human brain and how they functioned and they understood that we either worked upon our understanding of these principles and dynamics and also physiology okay we learned about this and we made ourselves better as far as the psyche was concerned more equipped to deal with anything that we may come into contact with situations that may arise we became more ethical and impact empathetic compassionate toward other individuals around us if we developed these understandings and if we worked with these principles of the psyche and delved into our selves to understand how these dynamics work within us they also understood that if we did not we would revert to almost an animal-like state of consciousness they also understood and that state of consciousness is all around us I mean we talked about being human but the fact of the matter is most people on this planet are not at the level of even human beings they are not being as a human is they act more like a member of the animal nature that lurks down within under the sub human level than they do a human many individuals in this world this is part of the mind control system they are attempting the the people who understand this knowledge and have perverted it have used it for their benefit only to subvert the consciousness of other individuals what they are doing with that knowledge and that covert form of control is essentially pushing the individuals of this planet down into lower states of consciousness through fear and manipulation until they become more like animals than they are like human beings and that may be also difficult for most people to hear that's fine the truth remains the truth regardless of what we feel about it this is one of the techniques of mind control play upon emotional preferences we'll talk about this extensively this is one of the most effective mind control techniques people don't like hearing direct truth once they have come to a certain level of comfort regarding what they feel is true in the world their perceptions of reality they get conditioned into this state of perception that they believe is true and then that becomes comfort because those neural patterns in the brain are nested and they are hardwired into the brain we started talking about this a bit last week this creates emotional patterns in the brain and when somebody hears information that conflicts with those emotional dynamics that are hardwired into them they rebel against hearing it at all this is called cognitive dissonance it's a psychological condition it's called wishing to lie to yourself even in light of evidence and abundant information to the contrary let's look at example the example of the recent g20 conference in Canada and the one that happened before that months ago in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania well you could ask people who had seen the footage of this conference if that's what you want to call it it requires quote-unquote security I don't know about you but to me works done in the light of day for the good of humanity don't need any kind of security like what is evidence at the g20 okay yet you'll show people the footage of their free speech rights being decimated right in front of their eyes rubber bullets being fired at people LRAD cannons being fired at people people being outright beaten having done nothing nothing with quick clubs pepper-sprayed having done nothing but assemble and speak and if you want to get into the whole o anarchists are coming with their trash cans to smash windows and smashing windows with chairs etc please this is another psychological warfare tactic called Agent Provocateur and this is you hire a group or you have a covert group that are undercover agents acting as the opposition you get them to create a violent or chaotic situation so you can justify going in and beating on people or spring tear gas into the crowd it's the Hegelian dialectic this is called chaos magic I refer to it as chaos sorcery it is starting a chaotic event so you can get a confused reaction and then you can propose that you sneak in to use that opportunity to propose a solution that would ordinarily be completely frowned upon it's very simple I call it chaos confusion opportunity create the chaos wait for the confused reaction and then use that opportunity to slip in your predetermined solution which ordinarily would not have been stood for this is philosophy that was basically um basically derived out of the writings of Georg Hegel German philosopher who did not advocate it advocate this dialectical principle to be used in such a manipulative way but yet that is how his his writings have come to be interpreted and used I don't feel that that's the original intention for Hegel's dialectic however that is how the mind controllers who come up with the sky and clots and inside jobs and you know sorcery is what it is it's sorcery over the mind that's what they're using it for and we'll get into that as a technique before I even list the multi-faceted techniques because the mind is accosted not at one level but at multifaceted levels and and multifaceted methodologies are employed to subvert the human psyche before I even get into listing what they are and then we'll talk about them we'll start to break them down one at a time over the next several weeks what I want to do is just basically give a general outline of what are the basic ways that mind control works on people what are the basic principles that underlie all of the forms of mind control that are out there and when you really break this down when you break each of the manipulation techniques down you see that there are only a few underlying principles upon which mind control is based and when I when I list what they are some people are going to be skeptical they're going to say it can't be that easy there's no way it's that simple there has to be more to it than that well truth is always simple folks and in keeping with that it may confuse some people to initially hear that manipulation and deception is also simple it is not as complex as people want to make it out to be once these basic building blocks are understood you can see it everywhere because it is quite simple and the simplest things are the most effective things the problem in seeing it resides in the complexity that the occult controllers want to embed into our thinking they want us to think they want to manipulate us into thinking that the universe is irreducibly complex that there are no basic fundamental principles upon which the psyche or the mind work upon they want you to think that it is so enormous ly complex that you can never understand anything so why bother to try that is one of the the key fundamental underlying techniques that is used in occultism and we will talk about how simplicity is replaced with or you know subverted by this notion of complexity all truths are fundamentally simple so is mind control here are the basic underlying fundamental principles upon which mind control works here they are words is number one and perhaps the most powerful words the use and meanings of words is one of the fundamental techniques of mind control as strange as that may seem - to think of words are fundamental to controlling other people's minds the second fundamental principle is color color yes the basic colors that we see with our eyes these are frequencies words are sounds which we emit from our vocal cords from our throats the throat chakra the energy that comes from this spiritual vortex or center of energy within the body through the vocal cords passing air of vibration over them this is a vibratory energy it is a frequency words color so we have found and site is already working upon colors of the visible spectrum of light our frequencies they are wavelengths that we decode just like we decode wavelengths of sound with our ears to words colors the next basic principle upon which mind control works is shape now we can talk about shape as Ark types a r CH e type-2 an archetype is a fundamental simple shape that it has an intrinsic meaning an inherent meaning that is self existing in the human psyche and that is another concept that some people will have a hard time with that a shape in and of itself already has a pre-assigned meaning within the structures of the mind I'm not going to attempt to convince someone that that's true I happen to be aware that that is the case that that is true Ark types are simple fundamental shapes the circle is one of them the square the triangle the blade as it is called an upward pointing Chevron shape the chalice a downward pointing Chevron shape or a v-shape the straight line the cross these are Ark types they have deep intrinsic meaning self-existing meaning in the human psyche the just being displayed they will put the the viewer into a certain state of consciousness you will see lines used in certain that straight lines used in certain advertisements used for a more logical left brain purpose you will see curbs and and circles used when there is a more esoteric or spiritual or intuitive dynamic attempting to be communicated or displayed or associated with in an ad for example so we have words we have colors we have shapes the next one is a slightly more complex one and it is the last one that I'll be going into to talk about the basic principles of mind control and this is these are symbols look at the word symbol a symbol is a series of arc types put together to form a more complex deeper meaning arcsight a symbol you are combining shapes you're combining colors sometimes words into an arrangement a specific arrangement for very specific purposes of reaching the psyche at fundamental levels of awareness so symbols more complex arrangements of archetypal shapes often with colors and words attached to them so you're employing all of the first three dynamics that I spoke about the word symbol itself okay it's an instrument that resonates sound wave vibrations vibratory sound energy a symbol when it is struck resonates it vibrates back and forth that's what a symbol does as well meaning an arrangement of more complex and more complex arrangement of simple archetypal shapes symbols are a language unto themselves they are read just like words they are combined just like words in a sentence so we will go into over the next many weeks how all of these basic fundamental principles come together to influence individuals thinking to influence individuals emotions and to influence individuals behaviors that's what mine control is therefore so in a more proper sense we could not even talk about it as mind control what we're really talking about is consciousness control because the consciousness is the expression of thoughts which arise from mind emotions which arise from the inward expression of thought within the body emotion is manifested in wordly in the physiology and the control over behavior or actions which is the outward expression or the the byproduct of thought and emotion so what we're really talking about here is the control of human consciousness and as difficult as it may be to register with some this is accomplished through words colors shapes cymbals so sound energy light energy and form energy that is how human consciousness is manipulated when the knowledge of how this may be done is used for egoic purposes for the Evo for just serving that lowercase s self that we talked about in relation to and in contrast with the higher self or the high will will with a capital W this manipulation these manipulation techniques are employed to serve the ego the lowercase s self and the lowercase W will the egocentric often psychopathic will of the sorcerer who is employing them the one who knows how this hidden occult knowledge of the human psyche works and employs it not to raise consciousness of others not to help foster a consciousness of non-duality of unity consciousness of recognizing that all are one and as one suffers all are in suffering but to serve only the agenda and the selfish ego centered self-centered view and end drives of the practitioner of these techniques himself or herself and that is how that is the difference between these techniques these techniques can be used to enlighten and to enhance consciousness it is how they are used that determines what results as a result of employing them and why I'm going to get into a deep breakdown of all these techniques is to empower people not to put them in fear you are empowered when you understand how something works because it is affecting you whether you believe this or not does not matter again people will hear that and they will get angry get as angry as you want as angry as you want it's utterly meaningless it is absolutely it's negligible it does not matter whatsoever you don't need to believe that this is an operation see some people say well I don't believe in that stuff oh you're the commercials on TV I don't pay attention to them so they have no effect on me well guess what if you're in the room they're having an effect on you because they're going speaking right to the subconscious mind they're bypassing the conscious mind and the psychologists that analyze every microsecond of a TV ad they understand that that's exactly what they're doing they're in total full cooperation with these companies to penetrate the outer veil of human consciousness and slip messages right into the subconscious they would do it at a deeper level through subliminals if they were even allowed to do that and they slipped many of them in because even regulators and people who are supposed to watch out for that stuff allegedly protecting the public interest against you know invasion of the subconscious realms of the psyche that they don't even understand how a lot of these techniques work one of the things to instantly verify this this is one people can see right out in the open it's very simple just watch your nightly news broadcast whether in your local area or nightly national news just just do that do it tonight turn on any news program the 11 o'clock news in your area and you I won't even tell you what this is okay you tell me how's that tell me what color you're gonna be bombarded with throughout the in the entirety of the news broadcast find out watch any average news broadcast 11 o'clock news your local station and tell me the predominant color that you will see throughout the entire news program once you have that answer then tell me why that's the critical part you can understand oh yeah here they're showing me this color repeatedly over and over and over in almost every segment well why why would they keep displaying that same color over and over and over why not a different color why not a rainbow of colors there's a reason for it and it's mind control people know how this stuff works and they're using it very deliberately and calculatedly it's no accident so if anybody knows the answer to that question call in bring it up on the show I can tell you why but do it tonight and then call in next week tell me what's a predominant color on your local news broadcast on television and if you could find out why even all the more power to you call in and you tell you tell the audience why words colors shapes and symbols sound energy light energy form energy the energy in bark types this is the basic fundamental and methodologies at the core fundamental level that mind control is fundamentally built upon that is the foundations for mind control for consciousness control so with that having been established and with establishing that sorcerers of this planet the people who understand these psychological weapons these techniques are essentially deriving their information and their methodologies from what we have called the mystery traditions of consciousness these traditions predate modern psychology and psychiatry and they go right back into our ancient past they are free history pre-recorded writings free civilization as we know it now that's why they are called the mystery traditions the true origins are indeed so old that they become murkier and murkier the farther back into the distant and ancient past you go you attempt to research they have been here with us essentially as long as we have been on this planet that's how long mind control has been with us and I don't tell you that to instill fear we need to understand a significant amount about how this state of consciousness that we are experiencing on the earth came to be we need to understand a significant about amount about the traditions of occult knowledge from which these sets of techniques have been derived over thousands of years so look at the sorcerers or the ocultist of this world the mind manipulators of this world those who are employing these sets of techniques for covert control over the consciousness of the people of Earth look at them as the most ancient psychologists they have taken their knowledge from the most ancient psychologists that ever lived who penned this information about how the psyche works put it down in books and in oral traditions over thousands of years right up into the modern age this knowledge has been kept hidden and passed down through the generations and that's why there has always been a small controlling class because this controlling quest has this knowledge of how the human psyche works and they use it all the time they do not hesitate to use it for their sick demented ego driven psychopathic purposes because all they care about is themselves they are from a generational long lineage of Psychopaths that goes back right into the ancient world and I don't tell you that to encourage or to inspire fear in anyone understanding this is empower immense it is empowering to understand how we are being controlled because only in understanding how we are being controlled do we eventually build up our psyches such that we become psychologically resistant to these methodologies of covert control over human consciousness it's like lifting weights folks I couldn't throw a 200 pound dumbbell at you and expect you to catch it if you've never lifted any weights in in your life but if you worked your way up and built the muscles and your arms up to a point where you are so strong that that wouldn't even be like holding a lot of weight it would be possible that would take time however see there is a time dimension in this time is not wholly illusory it is not wholly an illusion as many people in New Age teachings will teach time is a requirement I look at it as a spiritual currency of which there are two time is one that's why we say we spend time or what are you purchasing with that time you're spending a form of spiritual currency by what you do with the time you are allotted the other form of currency is another thing we say we pay we spend time and we pay attention so it does require time and attention to understand these methodologies and how they work and it requires time and attention to understand how the human psyche essentially works and only in doing so are we building up the muscle that is required to become psychically and psychologically strong enough to resist this form of mind control when we built up that muscle so to speak we become strong enough to actively resist covert control over our consciousness and I will never ever capitulate to the notion that it is not necessary to consciously actively understand how these techniques work you're not going to get you're not going to take a shortcut and win if that's what you're thinking and many people in the New Age movement and I know I keep you know talking about that negatively like I'm attacking it and in a way yes I am I'm attacking the New Age ideologies that are out there I'll never look at the negative don't spend any time on that only just work on you know understanding the higher aspects of consciousness nonsense and BS you need to know how the negative works as well as the positive if you're going to be balanced and is is for as long as the human species does not understand these quote-unquote negative technologies of the mind is as long as they will be manipulated by them get over it get over it and I know okay that's that's a very harshly stated that's very you know that you could say okay that's that you're viewing that in a one-track way saying whatever you like I'm explaining how this dynamic does indeed work you're not going to take a shortcut through it and really be conscious and really be awoken and really be steeled against a negative influence trying to control you doesn't work that way folks get to get over that New Age notion notion that there's some kind of instantaneous Satori or instant enlightenment understanding how mind control works and understanding how the human psyche works takes time and attention and that's what enlightenment ultimately is how are you spending your time what are you paying attention to who are you paying attention to who are you paying attention to who are you listening to and you know why we're in the the morass that we are in why we're in the ditch that we have dug for ourselves because we haven't done this work in the early early years of our lives most of us are so mind controlled and so conditioned by our own parents because they are mind controlled and conditioned and word that was done to them by their parents because they were mind controlled and conditioned a self-perpetuating dynamic once we break it then we can start bringing up conscious children because we can teach them this information from a very young age and help them to understand that these these negative influences are all around us and we need to be strengthened against them and that is done through knowledge of self through knowledge of how our psyche works and through knowledge of how these manipulate or ii- efforts and techniques do indeed work as a methodology of influencing the mind and behavior let's start out with the principle of no shortcuts no shortcuts time and attention focused for the right reasons for true care this is bringing together the left brain which requires progression of ideas in a linear way and analysis being able to break down and put back together alchemists referred to this as solve a at coagula which means sorry coagula at Solvay to breakdown and then to reintegrate break something down understand its parts understand its constituent elements then you will be able to see how it all fits together and you'll be able to integrate not only that as an idea but you'll be able to integrate yourself your consciousness your thoughts your emotions and your actions into a unison a synergy a oneness a non duality as you think so you feel so you act and that's the goal here and there's no shortcuts to that it comes through awareness of patterns within us and around us and that's what consciousness is so we do need to know these principles we can't expect to float by on autopilot and get it by accident it doesn't work that way we do need to use the logical left brain an analytical part of the brain but we need to use that in conjunction with the Sacred Feminine intuitive nurturing and caring and empathetic empathetic right brain hemisphere the sacred feminine energies of the goddess so to speak our feminine nature whether we are male or female this isn't male or female this is masculine and feminine energies and thought dynamics coming together as one the balancing of the left brain hemisphere with the right brain hemisphere to open up the all-seeing eye or the third eye as it has been called the third eye chakra true knowledge true mastery I call the state Dominion the rulership of the kingdom of self understanding what you have control over and being in control of those things and you have control over nothing except your own thoughts your own emotions and your own actions and you have control over nothing else but those three things all forms of external control are an illusion based in the dynamic of fear basic in the energy of fear so understanding why it is critical to know these methodologies why we're not going to get around the low point in consciousness that we have come to and solve it without understanding these principles let let's begin this week to look at the multi-faceted techniques that the sorcerers the dark occult controllers manipulators are using are employing knowledge the date predates our current civilization that goes back into the ancient world thousands of years old let's look at some basic techniques specific techniques that they use to manipulate human consciousness and this has been called many many names this overarching war because that's what this is this is a war on consciousness that is what I prefer to call this whole set of techniques which we'll be breaking down over many weeks here on the show we'll be doing this for several weeks I can't say how many you might be able to do a couple of methodologies per week maybe we can go through this in the next two months maybe eight eight future weeks maybe ten who knows maybe more than that I'm going to spend a lot of time on mind control and I'm gonna I'm gonna parlay that time spent on techniques of mind control over the weeks we will get into specific forms of occultism connected with some of these techniques and we will start to break that down and I will you can view this almost as an occult initiation an initiation into occult knowledge and that is a positive thing because you'll be receiving some of the information you can explore so in so much incredible detail on your own if you're a driven person if you like to read if you like to do research if once somebody gives you a little bit of information you take that ball and you run with it the amount that the speed with which you can acquire and accumulate great amounts of empowering information by what you're going to hear over the next many weeks on this show we'll be able to take you from a level of seeing part of the picture for those who are already partially aware to christ be an enormous an enormous ly greater and wider picture of the reality that is actually occurring in our world and that's the goal here on this program because what we're alternately trying to do is get people to understand what the causal dynamics the cause the route cause factors of what is causing what we see manifested in our external reality if we don't address the causal factors then we are essentially continuing to bandage a self-inflicted wound but we're never addressing the question of why are we inflicting the wound to begin with we're just screaming out for more bandages it's like putting on a movie and complaining that wow I really hate this movie let me go and smash the screen that I'm projecting the movie on to instead of changing the movie at the source which is the projection the projector you're never going to do any good by continuing to bandage and treat a self-inflicted wound I I liken it to this I joke around and say with people the people of Earth are an entire world of cutters you ever hear about this really you know very deeply disturbing psychological derangement of people that become so self-loathing due to addictive patterns due to chemical imbalances due to extreme right brain and balance of on feelings of unworthiness that they start to cut into their flesh with blades and other sharp objects and that they relieve some of the self-loathing through cutting themselves extremely disturbing but there's look it up many people do this and you probably have heard about this well the world is it is an entire world of cutters we live on a world of cutters and you know what we've come up with as the quote/unquote solution for being cutters make more bandages our entire culture is crying out for bandages more bandages this is the most important thing we can have as bandages nobody or I should say very few people want to address the issue of why are we cutters think about it maybe if we addressed the question why are we cutters we might just maybe get to the point of consciousness where we would stop inflicting the wounds well that's what I'm trying to do here on this show to inspire people to want to get to that place of consciousness to know why the answer to the question why but first it's got to be asked we asked that question and we get to the causal dynamics of what is really creating the reality that we are experiencing once we do that then we're in a position then we're in an empowered position to create true change true lasting solutions a change in the underlying dynamic of what is creating that external situation and that is our consciousness that is what is creating that external situation it isn't a really external situation at all it is derived from that which is within us so that which is within is what will become manifested without again one of the hermetic principles basic laws as above so below as within so without this set of manipulative techniques has been called the war on consciousness that is essentially what I refer to it as a great researcher Michael - sorry on who has generated so much prolific works deep efforts to attempt to enlighten mankind as to these dynamics has called these sets of techniques the war on you this is the war on you and there's no other war that's really being waged on planet earth all the other quote-unquote wars are all deceptions they're all lies they're all fabrications they're all made-up they're all smoke screens and diversions to get your attention focus on anything but the war on you because there's no war on drugs that's a war on consciousness there's no war on homelessness there's no war on poverty there's no war on ignorant there is only a war on consciousness being waged on this planet that's the only war that's going on understand that if you don't already if you do already try to help other people understand that this is taking place and understand what the techniques are that foster and perpetuate this war on consciousness in my presentations over the last couple of years I have basically included within them and you could take a look at these videos on my website what on earth is happening calm I have included 14 of these basic techniques there are many others but these are the 14 techniques which I personally believe are the most powerful are the most prevalent are the ones that are the most active in society and every one of these techniques in some form or another is to keep you spinning your wheels accepting untruths accepting deception and manipulation and essentially steering you away from an understanding of your own consciousness and your own higher self controllers don't want you empowered by getting in touch with the higher aspects of your own consciousness which I have referred to as the higher self capital s self you can call that the spark of the divine you can call that the human soul you can call that spirit I don't care what you call it it's basically the same thing we're talking about here you have a version to spiritual language or what has traditionally been religious terminology okay call it self call it whatever you want call it the underlying intelligence that's inherent in nature that is within us all doesn't matter what you call it it's just a label it's just a name it's the same dynamic force of energy that we are all made of I call it the higher self okay these are the techniques that are employed to control the human consciousness they are I will simply list them then we can start going into a breakdown of them week by week and again I'll try to cover maybe a couple each week the first of these methods of manipulation these sorcerer techniques is called obfuscation so I'll spell that for the listening audience obfuscation is OB f u SC 8000 n abuse ocation this means confusing in a simple way one thing for another most of the time the thing you are confusing with another thing is the polar opposite of that very thing so black is white up is down left is right etc that's obfuscation we'll get into it in detail the second technique is called world view poisoning world view poisoning this is getting people to have a this unified view of themselves and others not caring about the suffering of others the whole misanthropy hating humanity in general thinking that there are too many people the world is overpopulated etc etc etc worldview poisoning there are many different ways that our worldviews which we talked about the concept of worldview can become utterly poisoned and this is a big sticking point it's one of the most critical forms of manipulation we'll talk about that in upcoming weeks the exploitation of primal ears yes humanity has primal fears that stem from our ancient ancestor II and former ways of life that we lived in for hundreds or thousands of years and these patterns become ingrained in the very physiology of the human brain and that the biochemical patterns of the synapses of the brain neural pathways have built up people have ears that are ancient that they don't understand their archetype of fears I call them primal fears a primal fear is the fear of darkness fears of animals fears of abandonment fears of chaos and disorder heavily played upon the exploitation of primal fears that is the manipulative Tory technique number three number four the technique or the strategy of divide and conquer if you're going to conquer and rule a group of people you need to have them divided amongst each other always fighting over there would be differences keeping them separated you want to rule people you have to keep them separated keep them fighting amongst themselves so they don't recognize a common enemy threatening the entire society divide and conquer it is true that united we stand and divided we fall in consciousness we have to understand how these techniques work to get us constantly in fighting amongst ourselves and then we don't really have any power because we become atomized the divide and conquer strategy we'll get into that much more technique number five indoctrination instead of education there is no better way to put a culture under mind control than to indoctrinate the young this is what we talked about briefly when we talked about the prison of the left brain when we went into the barriers to self-realization all the things that stop us from written with a recognition of self true self so indoctrination this is what we have in the Western world in place of true education it is a form of systematic instruction that is geared almost entirely to the left brain logical linear progressions of thought regurgitated back onto the piece of paper after it is memorized have instead of true education in this country to get somebody to accept the set of beliefs unwaveringly indoctrinate them we'll get into that technique number six widely in prevalently use controlled opposition playing two sides off against each other to achieve the result of not getting people to see the real hidden controller controlled opposition well the agenda is the the one who's wielding the agenda is the puppet master in the background holding the two puppets but he's making them fight amongst each other and people are watching the puppet show going hello I like the puppet on the left no I like the puppet on the right when in fact they're not making any of the real decisions or calling any of the real shots the puppet master is and he's getting these controlled opposition groups or puppets to war amongst each other just to put on little dog-and-pony show a little puppet show as a means of distraction just to distract from where the true power is being wielded from and to distract one from understanding the true self to get them looking into anything that creates division and creates infighting goes hand in hand with divide and conquer technique number seven a huge one and probably one of the ones that's the most monolithic and monumental and is going to take some of the most effort to overcome because as I stated before in previous weeks the biggest most unquestioned form of mind control which is the only religion the only true religion of this planet is the monetary system dogma is a completely unquestioned belief the monetary system has become Dogma on this world who questions the very existence of money well the only people that really truly question the very existence of money are people who are no longer under mind control because money has never been real is it real now and never will be real and that's something that most people will go to their doom refusing to accept to their doom they will take enormity of suffering unto death and still refuse to accept that true reality if there is no such thing as money in the natural world doesn't exist never has and never will but the financial system is the most monolithic form of mind manipulation that has ever existed on this planet it's more pervasive than any religion and it is the overarching religion this is the widest held belief in something that holds back the evolutionary progress of humanity that isn't the most widely accepted in every culture in every corner of the globe the monetary system so we'll get into that as one of the forms of manipulation and mind control the eighth method is the control of mass media if you control what information people get to see in here you basically control their consciousness ix methodology is food in quotes and medicine in quotes and we could do many shows about this because this is also monolithic and it is also one of the things that keeps people under the most control through the destruction of the of the physical vehicle for consciousness the body and the brain we are actively being poisoned through what we eat and the so-called medications that we take in the world and that is also something that people will be very resistant to hearing but it is constantly going on all over the world our food is of sub-standard quality and medication is all and poison that was way more harm than it could ever do good and what will expose a lot of this on on this show in future weeks that was technique number nine technique number ten the method of manipulation the illusion of time here's where we get into a more abstract one that is a heady notion and we will look at time as a abstract notion that basically controls the subconscious time that is based in physical objects moving in space that materializes time and since time is so the concept of time is so intricately interwoven into human consciousness it materializes human consciousness again this is an abstract and heady concept we'll get into that in future weeks technique number eleven the denial hassle ridicule factor or in other words us policing ourselves because we don't want to be viewed as the conspiracy nut or the guy who thinks nine level is an inside job or the guy who thinks that Satanists were on the world etc etc etc I don't want to be viewed outside of the quote unquote norm doesn't matter if the norm is a group of mind controlled followers I just rather not have their derision and ridicule I want to stay in the hassle free zone you know in denial cognitive dissonance ignoring reality the ostrich with its head in the sand I call this the DHR factor denial hassle ridicule and then we'll look at the three big huge techniques that even I would say even transcend the financial system because they go so deep to the human psychological you subconscious mind this is religion religion specifically as occult binding and we will talk about on this show how the Oh cultists of this world are the inventors of the originators of all of the world's religions and that will be a painful thing for many people to hear a cultists invented the religions that you believe in folks want to believe it believe whatever you want that's what they did they invented all of the religions of the world every one of them you can discover this you can read about this you can actually research this for yourself start to look into the origins of religions instead of just listening to what people say about them they were derived from these mystery school traditions that I'm referring to that's technique number 12 religion binding as I refer to it as simply because that that's what religion is technique number 13 is the use of subversive symbolism symbolism that actually subverts the conscious mind and goes right to the subconscious these are complex archetypes come combinations of shape sound color words etc and we will go in extensively into breakdowns of symbolic language entire sigils occult sigils we will break down complex occult symbols hopefully we'll create some very symbolically literate individuals by the time we're finished breaking down occult symbolism technique number thirteen subversive use of symbols and finally the big gun and the one most people always fall for over and over and over and over you may have heard of it referred to as false flag attacks they you may have heard of it as problem reaction solution which I talked a bit about earlier on this show create the problem wait for the confused and chaotic reaction and then take that opportunity to offer your solution that is always based in control always based in the giving up of more freedoms the giving up more of your inherent rights and energy to be protected to be protected have security to be safe right well I call this what it is this is chaos sorcery manipulation through the fear of chaos with orchestrated events to bring about a predetermined solution to the problem that you created yourself as the sorcerer of consciousness I don't call it chaos magic as some have referred to this as this is chaos sorcery as we seen in previous shows I look at significant difference between the dynamic of magic the techniques of magic and the techniques of sorcery because they are used for grandly different purposes I'm going to leave it there for this evening instead of bombarding people with even more I see we have a caller on the line I'll wrap up the show with this call so here we go caller from Southwest Ohio you are on what on earth is happening what do you have for us it is hello it is the serene being from Cincinnati checking in with what on earth is happening calm hey how are you good how about you mark but good to hear from you hey good to talk to you again hey uh I am excited about it can am i coming in clearly absolutely I hear you perfectly excellent I dialed on a regular landline this time instead of my cordless no problem and thanks again for taking my call tonight I am excited about what you're talking about I don't think that people realize what you've announced I mean you've enumerated a lot of things tonight which is overwhelming unto itself but highly important highly important ladies and gentlemen if you have not gathered a pen and paper to to start taking notes I implore you to start taking notes now as Mark is beginning to reveal the most important aspects of the ancient mystery schools of Babylon mark himself is taking this on his shoulders many people have tried many people have failed but mark is going to do it and I feel it mark I know it mark you have alluded to the ancient mystery schools the knowledge the ancient tomes which have not been shared with us the profane the unclean masses mark we are excited that you have gained to share this with us as stated I don't think people understand what you're attempting to do and and we as a people are very excited that you're going to share this information with us firstly and thank you I thank you and I'm excited about it I have a good feeling about it I think that you know there's there's an energy that is palpable and tangible to go along with this and I think if people do apply themselves with this information they will go far they can understand a whole lot and it will get them to a whole new level of awareness about what is really going on in the world this is the underlying these are the underlying causal factors about what we're seeing play out we need to stop looking at it from a perspective of oh I hate what's going on out there and even know the techniques that are being used to to covertly covertly take control of the human psyche to get us to create negative events in our external our so-called external situations once we take back that power and we are not immune we become psychologically immune to these negative influences over the manipulating the mind then we have taken back our power and we can use it for the true benefit of our species and that is the ultimate goal why I'm putting out this information and again this is derived from first-hand experience one of the big differences is I was involved in this myself I make no bones about that I've been open about that and I understood how immoral some of the things that were taking place with regards to this information and these techniques and that's why I'm going to speak about it openly I'm going to get this information out into the world as much as with is within my capability to do so no one's going to get me to back down from that I don't care who threatens me or what is attempted to do to me like I said at the place in consciousness I have come to the will that I have been able to build up within myself to do something like this transcends normal aspects of the average human will because it's not really me I've given over my will to that higher case w-will and said let my will not be done let thy will be done and that is why I'm going to continue to speak the truth and reveal this information and not be dissuaded so caller ID thank you so much that about wraps up this show I will see you guys here next Tuesday we'll continue to go into mind-control techniques and and manipulation methodologies I'm mark passio this is what on earth is happening see you next week everyone thanks for listening