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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host mark Pascoe [Music] welcome everyone welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening on your host mark passio this show is live every Tuesday evening from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time on my web site what on earth is happening dot-com and on the revolution broadcasting network at revolution broadcasting calm today is Tuesday August 3rd 2010 and we have a great show lined up for you here this evening we're going to be continuing our discussion about mind control and its multi-faceted methodologies that are employed upon the human species so we'll be getting into the third technique in this journey of discovery of how mass mind control and manipulation techniques work upon our controlled species before I do that I want to give the call-in number for this show as always feel free to call in at any time there are no tableau topics on this show the cult Hall in number seven two four four four four seven four four four once again the calling number for the show feel free to call in at any time and there are no tableau topics here talk about whatever you like seven two four four four four seven four four four when you call in putting the call ID number the call ID number four what on earth is happening is eight three five one five once again the call ID eight three five one five so I usually start off the show with some announcements that are going on in the area where I'm from so local people listening can get an idea of events that are happening in the Philadelphia area so I'll start by doing that and then we'll jump in with the topic for this evening every third Monday of the month at the ethical Society of Philadelphia free documentary screenings and discussions posted by the group truth freedom prosperity the ethical Society is at 1906 South Rittenhouse Square it's a 7 o'clock p.m. sharp start time for these documentaries and then they are followed by public discussions I don't know what the film this month is going to be but I know that it will have something to do with the banking system because last month we showed the documentary fresh and a bunch of anti-war / Pro peace activists turned up because their meeting in the same building uh did not happen that night so a lot of them poured over into our Meetup and we had expressed to them that we are also anti-war protists in truth freedom prosperity and that we really helped what part of what we do in that group does help people to understand the immoral fractional reserve banking system which is essentially another name for usury that we have in this country and in just about every other country called the Federal Reserve System and their members did not know much about the Fed in true freedom prosperity we feel that it's critically important to educate people about the Federal Reserve System and how it is the enabler for warfare for imperialistic aggression against other nations so the leaders of TFP decided that they're going to show some a film that highlights what the Fed is truly all about and explains how that basically enables our continued imperialistic foreign policy so that's what the film will be on I don't know which one it's going to be but hopefully I'll have that announcement here on next week so come on out join the group truth freedom prosperity you can check out their website at truth freedom prosperity org at the ethical Society of Philadelphia every third Monday of the month free documentary screenings and discussions my second and final announcement is a conference which I will be hosting in 2011 already shaping up to be a great event we have six confirmed speakers so far it's called free your mind a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult free your mind is a unique two-day conference scheduled for April 9th and 10th 2011 in Philadelphia PA featuring multiple speakers and diverse educational materials for the purpose of raising public awareness of the critically important topics of mass mind control techniques covert or occult subversive influences upon consciousness and behavior trauma base and ritualized abuse and practical mental and emotional healing methodologies available for those affected by these devices the date is Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10th 2011 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. both days the location Ruba Hall 414 Green Street in Philadelphia the admission price only $20 per day per person we already have six confirmed speakers and look to book at least six more maybe even more than that the confirmed speakers to date are Erin McCallum Andrew basiago Jay Parker Laura Eisenhower Michael Kelly and myself mark Basia for more information as this event approaches there's basically only a skeletal outline there right now we will be adding more information to this site but I'm going to give the website now on the show for the first time the website for this conference is simply WWF re your mind conference calm free your mind conference calm April 9th and 10th 2011 in the city of Philadelphia so those are the event announcements that I have for this evening I want to give the call and number one more time let's see if we can get some calls this evening seven two four four four four seven four four four when you call in punch in the call ID eight three five one five so what I'm going to do tonight is continue in our outline of discussing mind control techniques and these are mass mind control methodologies techniques that work on large groups of people not just individuals we have been discussing these over the past several weeks we have talked about the technique thus far of the techniques of obfuscation and worldview poisoning when we discussed object abuse Cashion we showed that what this technique is about is to make concepts that relate to truth that relate to freedom completely obscured and over complexified in the minds of the target so to obfuscate is simply to render obscure unclear unintelligible bewildering or confuse using that's what obfuscation is we looked at these this technique and broke it down in detail and showed how simplicity which truth always is based upon simple concepts is obfuscated with complexity this is to attempt to get someone to think that they can never understand simple truths they're way too complex for my mind to comprehend and so they will not look into information because they think they can't possibly understand it simplicity abuse cated with complexity we looked at the concept that principles truths that are based in natural law in moral principles moral law are obfuscated with man's law man's law based in violence and Punishment getting people to equate the laws of man with morality itself in their minds and more than not these two principles have nothing whatsoever to do with each other man's law and moral law or natural law was connected with Dominion versus the fear of punishment Dominion being ownership of self governance of self true self respect or self-love as one thinks so one feels so one acts and there is no contradiction between those three modalities of that beings consciousness and we saw how that concept is abused skated with the fear of punishment the lowest consciousness or the lowest vibrational reason that anyone can take any action or form of behavior we looked at the obfuscation of gnosis knowledge acquired through direct experience with belief and institutionalized belief systems propagating this obfuscation we looked at the obfuscation of individuality with culture the destruction of the unique qualities of the individual in favour of conformity with culture which is essentially another way of saying driving out the imaginative and creative capacities that are often inherent inherently indwelling in individual so that was obfuscation that was the first mind-control technique that we looked at in detail and you could go back and listen to the previous podcasts on that they are all archived and labeled by topic on my podcast page on my website what on earth is happening calm the second technique which we discussed last week was known as worldview poisoning this is the degradation of the way someone sees oneself in the world and others particularly the relationship of oneself to others in the world it is also the way one sees basic human nature so the technique of manipulators or mind controllers is to get people to see human nature as something that is fundamentally flawed or evil you have to get people to see others as fundamentally flawed or evil by their very nature by their design to hold them in lower regard and in lower value and also to see yourself that way so that you can be controlled a manipulator wants someone to look at human value as essentially bad worthless flawed evil etc we saw how the true nature of the individual has to do with how they create themselves through what they take into themselves now of course that is partially conditioning and things that they do not at the beginning of their lives have entirely within their power so it is largely conditioning that goes into the makeup or the nature of a person but as they live and as information becomes available to them and as they develop the power of reason and will they can choose actively consciously willfully to change that nature so we talked about the concept of becoming or creating oneself that is what human nature ultimately is about it is not set as a default when we are born and that's how that person is throughout their life it is largely nurture the conditions of nurturing when one is young and then what one chooses to pay attention to and to involve oneself in as one lives the quality of the information that one takes into themselves the quality of nourishment that one takes into oneself through the food the one chooses the second component of worldview poisoning we saw last week was to be value in one's mind what the true value of the individual is the value of the individual is infinite it cannot be given a number yet a controller a sorcerer a mind manipulator wants you to associate yourself with a number namely how much money you make what kind of car you drive what kind of house you live in what kind of clothes you wear what you look like all external properties but never to look inwardly toward the self of whether one is upstanding whether one is moral whether one is United with oneself sucks that as one thinks so one feels and so on ax value of the individual has to be poisoned in the minds of the people for them to be controlled that's the second characteristic of worldview poison and finally we talked about the possibility of change how that has to be obscured and poisoned in the mind for someone to allow themselves to be controlled you'll often hear that devastating question but what can I do by someone who doesn't believe that an individual has within their power the capacity to radiate change outwardly from themselves by setting an example of course this is untrue change is possible I will never use the word easy in relation to it I know all too well the point at which we have arrived and where we are and it isn't easy from where we are we've allowed that but since we're the ones who have allowed it we can do something about it change is possible but it must be willed into existence it must be cared enough about for it to be willed and one must know or possess the faculties of intelligence enough to understand how one would create positive change so these three factors we talked about have to come together intelligence care and will and what I'm going to talk about tonight that was the concept of worldview pulls those three things a worldview poisoner want you to think the change is impossible when in fact it is not again what I'm going to relate this concept to tonight is what exists in our primal subconscious minds because if you can prey on hidden fears that are often not even known to the individual that are a collective meme so to speak that are a collective entrenched subconscious deeply programmed fear tell that the subconscious level and you understand how this works yet your prey your victims your target for manipulation do not understand how those deeply entrenched fears work why they are there has never even looked at them let alone confronted them well it's child's play to manipulate the minds of people in that condition see it also connects in with worldview poisoning because if you can affect someone's idea of themselves namely their nature and the nature of others their own value and how much they believe that they can change and that others can change well you really have them right where you want them because eliminating the possibility of change the very thought that change is even possible is killing the human imagination for one to envisage one's way out of a problem out of a circumstance that they feel is negative and that they do not want present anymore the imagination must be present someone has to believe that while that condition is not currently the case that it is possible to achieve people thought that it was impossible for man to fly they thought that it just could not be done according to the laws of nature and yet people fly on airplanes every single day now had they had people continue to have just accept the notion that's impossible it would never have been done the imagination had to be used to first say I think this is possible and here are different techniques that maybe we can employ to make it happen and then of course trial and error ensued until success was reached in that endeavor the imagination ultimately made that possible what a manipulator once you locked once your imagination locked up in a box padlock they want you to think only what they have programmed into the collective mindset of what is believed to be possible is possible they never want you thinking outside of that narrowly confined structured view of what is possible when you start thinking outside of that box of what others have set up for us as this is possible and this is not that's when you open yourself up to the field of possibility from where change emerges any kind of change that we wish to see this is all about knowing oneself ultimately it is all about understanding how the subconscious mind works and it is also about knowing some of the dark aspects of a subconscious mind the dark recesses that holds some of our deepest ancient primal fears we have to look at those fears and confront them because those who consider themselves our owners and believe me there are people who consider themselves your owners they know how these fears work they know them far far far better than the general human being on the street knows how these aspects of the self work months ago when I started this radio show one of the first quotes that I read was an inscription upon the Delphic Oracle in Greece the Delphic Mystery School it says heed these words you who wish to probe the depths of nature if you do not find within yourself that which you seek neither will you find it outside if you ignore the wonders of your own house how do you expect to find other wonders in you is hidden the treasure of treasures know thyself and you will know the universe and the gods myself is what ultimately opens up all of the vistas of possibility within the field of potential in which we all exist and by knowing oneself we empower ourselves so we have to look at our own dark aspects of our own subconscious mind which is our deep-seated fears this is what our controllers have understood for centuries again they know it much better than we do one of the main reasons they know this is because they're incredibly well-read people in my past I have worked with some of these individuals not proud of that but I do have an amount of respect for their intelligence and in it twisted way they also have care they care about what they are doing they want to manipulate people they care enough about it to do it and then they do it so in a way they're not torn they're not in duality consciousness as they think so they feel and so they act albeit in a psychopathic fashion but you know something the universe will respect unity over duality it will respect dark care over no care that's a hard pill for a lot of people to swallow but it's true that's why they're so successful and that's why we're basically continuing to be conquered there are some people who are coming on to this understanding and who are growing in their intelligence of how these basic methodologies work but they're in the deep deep minority it is a paltry minority of people that do understand this that do understand any of these methodologies let alone all of them and there's more than just what I will get a chance to outline on this show so tonight we're going to start looking into the exploitation of our primal fears by the hidden manipulators of consciousness on this planet and to do that we want to basically list these fears and then explain how these fears are deeply interconnected with each other ultimately they are all interwoven into a fabric they are all interwoven and essentially in many ways work as one and you'll hopefully understand what I mean by that when I go through them when I list them and then start to talk about them so the first is the fear and every one of these fears it should be understood are ancient they have been with us for essentially as long as we have been here first primal fear that is entrenched and in rooted into the psyche of mankind is the fear of darkness now that may sound strange to most people but it is one of the most ancient embedded fears in our consciousness is the fear of darkness our ancient ancestors relied above all else upon the Sun the star which we our planet revolves around which gives us our warmth our lights the ability for the foods which we eat to grow protection from predators that have better night vision than do we when the Sun would be absent in our ancient past before we had modern the the conveniences of modern technology the absence of the Sun would essentially equal something akin to death food won't grow in winter climbing things freeze over our ancestors would die of exposure they would die of starvation if they were not prepared sufficiently to last through the winters if they were living in non tropical climates the absence of the Sun each night would lay our ancient ancestors open to predatory beasts like tigers lions wolves hyenas etc the Sun became a symbol of power of life of hope because they would wait for it to rise again and expectation it would it would be like a savior come each morning so the fear of darkness is more deeply entrenched into the human psyche then mostly any of us would imagine we take this for granted today because we walk into our home and flick on a switch and we have late you however before that modern convenience was made available to us essentially human activity would stop when the Sun went down for all intents and purposes yes of course we could build fires but for the most part we lived on the circadian rhythm provided to us by the rotation of this planet and our activity will correspond with daylight and our restful time periods would correspond with darkness a controller knows well this embedded fear they understand how this works this is why you will see the Sun used symbolically on so many different corporate logos because they are associating their product in the minds of the buyer or the viewer of the symbol the the prospective buyer with all of the things that one subconsciously through our very genetics the codes within us associates with the son life power energy growth safety etc all of these concepts associated subconsciously with the light the antithesis of darkness the Vanquisher of the thing one of the things that we fear deeply darkness that's the first embedded primal fear in the human psyche totally connected with this fear as I have mentioned in explaining the fear of darkness is the fear of predators that's the second primal fear again people of the modern world don't fear the types of predators that our ancient ancestors used to fear namely animal predators that would often find a human dwelling place often dragged a human away from a cave a tenth of some sort some kind of some kind of simplistic dwelling when beasts of prey get hungry enough they'll enter terrain that is essentially owned and controlled by another kind of animal even if they're vastly outnumbered so yes our nomadic ancestors live in roaming packs let's say but even one large predatory animal let's say a mountain lion could easily overpower even the strongest human beings among us we developed the weaponry to begin to protect ourselves against such predators but even with our ability to create in fashion fashion weapons and use them to our advantage you always have to sleep so our ancestors would many times be taken by surprise or picked off we weren't in any kind of large numbers so the fear of predators goes hand-in-hand with the fear of darkness bears big cats other kind of animals absolutely have better night vision than human beings human beings are not very adeptly suited for vision at night at all even other primates gorillas apes orangutans chimpanzees they are much better suited for vision like than are we human beings don't have very good nighttime visual acuity therefore this leaves them open to predation by animals that do have much better night vision and again we can see how this would be tied intricately together in the psyche in the collective mindset of our ancestors Sun Goes Down it's dark we're open to being preyed upon by whatever beasts may be whatever carnivorous beasts may be in this region where we're currently living hand-in-hand with the fear of being preyed upon is that ever-present every night fear of darkness they're tied together related to the other now in the modern world we still see this although in a different way of there's still more human activity during the day than at night even in cities where we have treat lamps to light the city streets at night more people are loathe to go out very late at night because they fear being preyed upon not by animals but by other human beings and this is the modern form of predator that most people fear and live their lives in fear of now granted consciousness is so low in some areas that it would be dangerous to walk through certain terrain territory man can be as territorial of an animal as any other and there are some places that most people wouldn't want to walk this is due to the level of consciousness that the large portion of individuals in a certain area may be holding but essentially what we're talking about here is the fear itself of being preyed upon of being attacked of being hurt physically and most people do still live their lives in fear of this it goes hand in hand with worldview poisoning I'm not saying that there aren't any bad people that are looking to harm someone and take what they have on the streets in any kind of major metropolitan regions or anywhere else for that matter because it's true there are what I'm trying to get at here is the underlying fear of a predator how we live according to that fear we let that fear essentially control us and controllers people who want to manipulate people based upon such a fear know this well they know it well what they know more than almost anything else what they know better than anything else is that given the chance the vast majority of people will choose a form of control over a form of discomfort I'll say that again most people will choose a form of control meaning control that is actually directed at them rather than choose a form of discomfort and what I mean by that what I mean by discomfort is something that would require a difference or a change in how one lives their own lives to correct for something that is affecting them for the negative in other words an example would be most people would willingly hand over constitutionally protected freedoms rather than have terrorists run amuck among us the fear of being preyed upon the fear of being attacked harmed is preyed upon itself by controllers by manipulators they're going to grant you your safety but you'll have to pay something in return for it and it will always always 100% of the time mean a reduction in your freedom but the manipulator isn't concerned about that they know that most people are fearful and cowardly and instead of taking on a problem they want someone else to solve it for them so we create whole controller classes for those who to control those who we didn't raise properly by instilling any moral values when they were young and the irony is that that controller class is among them it's from that very group they haven't had any true moral values instilled in them they're just looking to somebody because they're psychologically inadequate that's how they feel and you know what this is almost universally true it is so the exception to the rule that that isn't what controller really wants to control someone they themselves are load full of something that is indwelling within their own psyche their own beam and so they want to take that out on somebody externally anything but looking where and face the problem anything but look inward and then change what you don't like to be part of what's part of the main problem with a loss of freedoms in this world is that people are apologize errs but all in the wrong ways they make excuses they'll say oh it's not it's not the institution itself it isn't the vast majority of people in this control based hierarchical compartmentalised institution it cares very little for human rights it cares very little for moral substance no no it's just bad apples we apologize for people that we shouldn't be apologizing for it isn't just a few bad apples in the police and the military it's a systemic overarching problem that affects almost all of those people that do this job it's a problem the problem lies in the very creation of an organization like that to protect us from ourselves because we won't do the work to learn natural law principles and to teach them to our young so if it sounds preachy oh well that's how it is I'm making a vowel going forward that I'm going that really really really start turning up the heat as far as putting the responsibility on the shoulders of the people that it belongs upon and that's your average person it doesn't raise their children and when I say the word raise I I say in a very specific way we forgot what morally raising our youth means at all Jim bet all this control is acceptable because they'll have safety nonsense utter nonsense and only a fool would accept that mentality only someone in deep fear themselves that's controlled and owned by their fear it's never looked at their own subconscious mind and looked at what they're really afraid of and then worked upon it to make themselves stronger by confronting them Spears and they're under mind-controlling a lot of different ways the very nature of what they think human nature is which we talked about last week other justifications that they use for statism and violence initiation of violence against non-violent people which is essentially what the state is everywhere every kind of it in any country regardless of how oppressive it may get or how much it may propagate the illusion of one's freedom it's the same thing it's the initiation of violence against anyone that doesn't go along with the program and that's easy to do folks it's easy to get people to accept easy to get people to accept because if you have a population whose mind is in a liquid sewage state by everything that they've taken into their body by everything they've taken in their mind that show no will to change any of those things they won't turn off their television they won't eat decent food they won't engage in any kind of activity that is edifying in any way you know that you have them exactly where you want them because you know exactly what their fears are you know what all the weaknesses of their psyche is it's child's play it's child's play and I know I'll have a harsh tact about this but hey I'm not sugarcoating anything on the show I think I explained that to people from day one you're not going to hear any sugar-coated explanations of what's happening nor you're going to hear apologizing people that wouldn't know morality if it cracked them across the jaw and told them to wake up in a loud voice and people don't look into this information because they are owned by their own fears and until they start to confront those fears and work on them with no shortcuts through education the reading books through going inward if you get some information externally then going inward and really making an examination of self but how few will take on that responsibility anything but that most people will say no wrong in the other direction as fast as they can for looking inward and as long as they do they'll continue to be externally conquered by controllers who know a thousand times more about themselves than they ever will by their through their own willful ignorance these people have brought this condition upon themselves their own willful ignorance and let's stop making excuses about it that's how it is how are we going to change it well the only thing I see that is possible to even do is learn how these dynamics work and then put information out there widely and freely and to get more people to do the same you can identify as those who really want to learn about these dynamics and as an aside going into this before I go into the other two primal fears you know there's there's people out there that think that they're going to party their way out of slavery you know I'm going to use escapist drugs or just do nothing but hop from one party or festival to the next party or festival I'll dance my way out of the harsh reality is a planet Earth well good luck to you very proud of you and again people won't want to hear this they'll take offense you know anything but work on the true deep nested shadows of the subconscious mind and the people who bill get the most upset with are the people that actually have done this work upon themselves because they'll say you have no right to complain about other people you have no right to point this out in others well it is true those who live in glass houses should not throw stones but some of us have shattered our little glass house and it's a paltry few the whole idea of thinking outside of the cage that we impose for ourselves because of our own fears and none is more prevalent than the fear of predation of being preyed upon so we'll look to an even more powerful controller to say please protect us will do anything to be protected from these predators even give up our freedom our free will our rights inherent rights that no man has a right to take away yet because these controllers never hear the word no coming from people in mass they'll keep taken and taken and taken because in their minds not to say no is to say yes in their minds not to say no is to say yes whether you agree with that principle that's what they're operating under that's the law they're operating under and the people that do these control jobs which it's all an illusion they're not in control of anything they don't even own themselves they think they own someone else they have owners I've gone into what their owners think of them on the show in the past and I'll do that again in the future you couldn't sit down sit them down at a table and explain to them that they have owners because their ego is so entrenched and you know what some of them wouldn't even care they'd say oh yeah I understand that I'm wholly owned and operated by someone else that I just performed their whims for a paycheck imagine this is the moral Constitution the moral constitution of many many many living beings in our society right now and and we wonder how the Nazis did what they did during World War two we wonder how Stalin accomplished what he accomplished in Russia and people don't believe that this is going to happen here when you have people that that's how they think I often think what orders wouldn't you follow what orders wouldn't you know a brainwashed military type follow sit down yes sir no sir and ask them is there anywhere you wouldn't follow Alba if they'd be hard-pressed to even come up with something that they that they wouldn't just unquestionably obey because that's how mind control works you're following a program anything outside your program is unthinkable computer program can't do anything outside of what's programmed into it that's what most people have allowed themselves to become and unquestioningly an unquestioning robot programming in and SP that's the confines of their behavior but again sit and try to tell the hypnotized person that the illusion that they see upon the stage isn't actually there no try to tell you you're crazy it's all because of spiritual weakness folks let's not make any apologies about this it's all about spiritual weakness this is not something that people have had done to them externally when I explained these techniques to you please do not think that I am saying that the person who has the ultimate power in wielding these techniques is the controller themselves because it is not their power is an illusion and I've stated that before and I will continue to maintain that they have no real power that has not been willfully granted to them by someone that does not want to think the end and I make no apologies for people of that mindset they have brought this upon themselves and they brought it upon other people to do value their freedom and they have no right to do that they have no right to do that people say oh yeah people have a right to be as ignorant as they want nonsense you don't have a right to be ignorant when it affects my freedom ladies and gentlemen so go and tell that to the controller that doesn't care whether he's a slave whether he's a house slave and will follow orders onto the deck like a Nazi robot you don't have a right to affect my freedom in that way you may think you do all you want but that's a right you'll never have so to go back to these fears predators the third fear is interwoven with the protection from predators okay when we're faced with a predator in our midst one of the first reactions in the subconscious for those who allow this fear to own them okay they don't face it and try to correct it you just give in to this force called fear which is the shutdown of consciousness and going into the r-complex of the brain the reptile brain the first thing they want is protection while who to protect them except the strong father figure here's the next character in our play in the ancient world while the Sun is goes down the Predators come out and then we have to rally around our strong father figure of the tribe to protect us from these animals but in doing so we're going to give him complete control we're not going to solve this in any kind of an egalitarian way we're going to put this father figure in charge the biggest alpha male strong sharpest teeth biggest muscles you know can throw the spear the farthest and the hardest and we're going to let him take charge over all of our daily activities in return for keeping them safe keeping us safe from those predators out there does this sound familiar to anybody anyone to sound like a familiar thing that's being played out again in our in our times I don't know maybe it's just me but I'm getting to something I'm getting to something that is very powerful that I'm going to get to before I close this show tonight it's after 8:00 now on the East Coast so I'm going to give out the calling numbers again anybody want to call in and chime in on this topic the call-in number is seven two four four four four seven four four or once again that's seven two four triple four seven triple four when you call in you have to punch in the call ID number for what on earth is happening that is eight three five one five the call ID number is eight three five one five when you call in I'll see you on the switchboard just hang on and I will get to your call so those in fear run to controllers to protect them against predators this has been going on for thousands of years because people will not develop courage courage is action in spite of one's fear and the vast majority of human beings on this planet do not have courage and get as upset as you like about that folks the vast majority of human beings do not have courage they look to an external controller to protect them and they're willing to give up their rights for their protection and they expect everyone else to fall in line with that ideology then they'll get upset with the people who don't want to live like that and live as slaves essentially and say I grant you no no ability to take any of my rights away from me in return for protection and this is a mob mentality this is mafia mentality you've open up a new store and mob territory they come and visit you and say well you got a pass protection money where the were the biggest alpha males on the block and now you're not going to be able to operate here without problems without violence unless we get what we want from you so you're going to give us a cut of what you're making in return for not harming you and it's the same thing this is what every state is on the surface of the earth I want nothing from any state I want the state out of my existence because I'm a sovereign being that is known by anybody you don't own me the end the end no compromise zero all rights reserved period yet that that attitude that philosophy is so in the minority in in today's world that is but a speck of light left in a dark world people in the freedom movement and in higher consciousness groups they make the very grave mistake of thinking that more people think the way they think than actually do and this is something that is propagated by the Internet itself the Internet is a wonderful medium folks I hope we have it for as long as where we are here and that it gets even better than it is in propagation of information and transparency of information however it does create a flawed way of seeing how many people are actually awake we think because there is a vocal minority on the internet that is are beginning to discuss these issues that this is some kind of common sense widely known thing what's what's going on as far as control goes the moral issues that accompany me and this awakening out of this trance mind it's a such a tiny fraction of people that you would be a poem if you even grasped how tiny that fraction is I see this over and over again people think more people are coming online to this than actually are I don't want to be a you know a naysayer in anyway I don't want to rain on anyone's parade I just want people to look at things realistically you know for example right here in the city of Philadelphia a few months back they had an end the Fed rally on a beautiful day a beautiful spring day and 300 people if that showed up in a city in a metropolitan region of like what five six million people I mean if this is it's ridiculous how tiny it is people that understand this that the effort needs to not just be redoubled it needs to be thousandfold forget doubling anything it's what we're not even remotely near the amount of people that we need to reach and it's largely because people are trapped in these fears hand-in-hand with the fear of predators and darkness which is which is associated with predators is the fear of abandonment the fear of abandonment by that alpha male father figure because that represents having to deal with the Predators or oneself anything but that anything but that and in the modern world that equates to we might have to raise our young morally ourselves god forbid because we don't want to live morally we're going to teach it to our young people we'll just have the controller come in and take care of any acting up that's what we'll do why should we live in a moral way why should we teach that to our young that's the hardest thing there is to do to instill actual proper upstanding moral values and young people the hardest thing there is to do why should we be burdened with that let's just have Big Daddy government do that work for us by to control through violence let's have him enact violence whether the person is themselves violent or not even peaceful people that have not harmed anybody will set these unwavering laws if you do not conform to no matter how peaceful you are violence will be enacted upon you and we'll accept that even though it's a trouncing upon our human rights are inherent human rights that aren't granted by men and can't be taken away by man well except that we'll just willingly hand over all of those rights to the controller for keeping up say a safe because God forbid should we not have him should we be abandoned by big daddy who protects us from the Predators we could never accept that because that would mean were all on our own we're all on our own and we don't know what to do on our own we don't know what to do we never thought for ourselves we've never protected ourselves from encroachments of violence by ourselves we've always had somebody else do that for us you see how this is a timid mindset of a timid person it doesn't understand their rights or care about their rights it could care less about their own rights or the rights of others they're just in our complex reptile brain mode all the time I'm going to explain why that is after I talk about hand in hand tied inextricably to the fear of abandonment is your number four well hey if we don't have the light and the Predators are here and O our alpha male father figure has abandoned us we don't have him anymore to protect us what are we really afraid of happening and what we're afraid of this breaking out and it's the word you hear all the time associated in the minds of the mind controlled slaves with the removal of control play this word association game with people okay you tell people no control no masters they'll give you back the word freedom but tell people the first word that they associate in their mind with the word anarchy and they'll say the magic word because this is what the fourth primal fear is the fear of chaos there it is chaos we don't have these controls and we don't have Big Daddy telling us what to do because we don't think for ourselves they'll be chaos and you know what folks maybe there would so I'm just going to come right out and say it I consider myself an agent of chaos I'd rather have of the violent offenders of the world out in the open rather than covert mind controllers manipulating us from behind the scenes I'll take the physical chaos and you know what I think I think that the physical chaos would teach us a lesson I think that's how we learn natural law by making the mistake of ever letting things get to the point where chaos would really truly break out then only then because of our ignorance our apathy and our laziness up to this point I think only then are we going to start to understand how natural law really works when we experience enough chaos in our lives and guess what we don't have order now we have chaos now we have chaos in a covert form which is arguably much more sinister than chaos in an open form but we have nothing that resembles true order what we have is control and control is chaos because it's based upon fear fear leads to confusion we strike out we lash out and try to control and ultimately what that creates is chaos in the world unintended consequences of every kind and the lack of order but controllers are too dumb to figure that out and what I mean by that is not to make the real controllers I'm talking about the people that think they're in control the people who've never really read any books in their lives and have no view of history whatsoever and yet think that they're in control of someone physically right please don't make me laugh if it wasn't so sad I would burst out hysterically laughing because controllers out there people who think you're in control you have owners you have owners I worked with your owners and I know what they think of you look at Henry Kissinger telling the military that they're dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in our foreign policy decisions I mean imagine this openly telling people that openly telling the military your are your are dogs animals and people still will follow these people's orders this is a person who is responsible for positioning of troops of troop deployments to make strategy based upon whether these people are going to live or die that governs whether these people are going to live or die and yet they'll carry out his bidding just to get to hurt somebody or oh yeah the other excuses are and that's ultimately what it is you know it's its inadequacy and they just want to hurt somebody but let's be honest about what it is votes okay let's everybody get as offended as they want turn it off because you don't want to hear anymore get it all out there ain't going to change nothing okay you want to hear what's really going on in the world go back and listen to my interview with neo two weeks ago these are these are the owners of the police and military make no mistake about it they have owners and that's who their owners are I'm telling you that out directly because I know this is the case but hey they're going to follow their course probably because they don't want to hear it because it's too painful to them to admit that they got clean you got played like a fiddle claimed as a matter of fact you didn't get played as if it was in Street lingo you played yourself that's what happened you played yourself but your ego is too too powerful to ever let you commit that walk away from it you're committed to that course just like the Nazis were in 1930 30s and 40s Germany the same thing can't step back from your own mind and ego and admit that what you're doing is wrong because you don't really believe the nonsense that your owners are feeding you that this is moral for you to do they'll they don't believe believe that [Music] see I I ultimately do believe in not believe in I recognize the natural law principle of Ordo ab KO now there are people out there will think this is all evil and there's not it's a good side to it when you start looking into deep meanings in occult words symbols phrases etc when you really do your study of the occult this is not a negative principle in and of itself it is twisted for negative reasons and that is what I would call chaos sorcery which we will get into in future weeks but see Otto fko means that order will eventually emerge from a chaotic situation or condition and in fact when one does not do one's own work so much when they when they fall out of doing their own work upon their own consciousness upon their own psyche upon their own subconscious so much that they created for themselves a condition of chaos the only thing that will bring them out of that condition is more chaos is it is that condition becoming so unbearable and so uncomfortable that finally their ego is broken down it is melted in the fires of purification to a point where they say I cannot do this anymore I cannot continue this course I must change because it threatens the very well-being and continued well-being of the entire species not just any one individual or group of individuals the whole is detrimental infected by the ignorance of the whole and sadly I think that's the path we've chosen I don't think we've chosen what is known as the Middle Pillar the ground where we refuse to accept control and will not become a controller ourselves that's called the Middle Pillar in the occult we chosen was known as the left-hand path the path of severity this is the path where sadly we have let our ignorance apathy laziness and cowardice have to become our greatest teachers and that maximizes the pain and discomfort through which the lesson will be gained good luck because it didn't have to be that way yet that's what humanity is collectively choosing I'm not here thinking that we're really well I'm saying is going to ultimately change that decision I'm just helping to explain what we've chosen folks that's all I'm doing I do this show not in service to human beings I do this show in service to truth only and secondarily for the human beings that do want to understand this and do want to live free do want to understand themselves may they gain something from this wonderful and they'll take it and they could parlay that into their studies and I will say that as a secondary goal I do that I do this for them who I certainly do not do this for are the people that want to remain ignorant apathetic lazy and cowardly and lastly I certainly do not do this for me because if you think I really want to be doing this you're as crazy as a fruit that is all I can say if you think this is what I envision my life to be explaining how mind control works you have to be as out of your mind as anyone has ever been if you think I enjoy this I do this because I recognize it as a responsibility based on where we're at in consciousness on this planet and for no other reason in the interest of truth and for those who it may serve to help them transcend their current mind controlled condition everybody else is going to get exactly what they have coming exactly what they deserve and they're going to get the lesson one way or another what no matter how painful it may have to be they're going to get the lesson you're not escaping the lesson I've said here before on this show and I'll say it many more times there's no escape period there is no escape you're not getting out of here the way out is through quite simply that's it the way out is through what is meant by that is you don't get past the lesson that is on deck for you to learn until you go through it by mastering it by learning it well and mastering it so those are the four primal fears the fear of darkness the fear of predators the fear of abandonment by the father figure or controller and the fear of chaos and this keeps people in a nice neat little prison all self generated by the mind and the controllers the owners of most of the people of this world know this perfectly they they know this like you know two plus two equals four this is secondary child's play common sense to them yet how many people have really deeply explored anything resembling that what I've laid out here tonight very very few because most people won't do anything to avoid turning inward and looking at the shadow of the subconscious the shadows are what we have to delve into the way out is through the whole idea of this New Age nonsense of not looking at the negative is just that nonsense everything is not okay folks I didn't say everything is anything is not working as it should be working the universe its laws work flawlessly at all times in all places that doesn't mean everything is okay we're choosing things that are not okay for our evolutionary development and in many cases in many ways weird evolving instead of evolving and it's cause very few people want to do this work they want to look externally for a solution the solution is an external the solution is in our own thoughts our own emotions and our own actions the end its internal when we change that the external world worked will change and not a millisecond before and that is exactly as it should be that doesn't mean that based on where we say we want to progress to we're doing things that are okay because we're not as a whole and mess what do all of these or primal fears have in common and this is the key the crux of the whole thing this is the most important thing to understand about the whole thing of how how we are exploited through our deep subconscious primal fears that are encoded right into our DNA through our ancient ancestor II the main thing to keep in mind is that all four of these fears are completely associated with survival the instinct to survive is the strongest instinct in the human species now with that being said every one of these things the fear of darkness the fear of predators preying upon us the fear of the Dominator or controller type abandoning us or at least let's call it the protector type abandoning us I have a fear of chaos breaking out these are the deepest seated fears in the human psyche are all based upon our desire to continue to survive and that's ultimately what a controller is going to based in sorcery upon the fact that it knows you'll trade anything for survival ladies and gentlemen I'm going to tell you now a deep occult ideology and a dark occult ideology and for those who have read a bit some may have heard this before and I'm going to sum up in explaining this ideology I will not call it a philosophy it is an ideology is a way of thinking that does not necessarily that does not truly lead to higher wisdom which is what philosophy is about the love of wisdom Sophia this is a dark occult principle if you will I won't even call it a principle again it is simply an ideological path so to speak and this is a satanic and Luciferian concept in the dark schools of occult it is taught that the first and foremost responsibility of the individual is to self-preservation this is stated in dark occult schools as this sentence which I'm about to say right now self-preservation is the highest law in Luciferian and state tack occult sects or schools if you will secret societies orders whatever you want to call them cults is a nice word what it really is there is the principal or I would say really a non principal this is a ideological concept that is embedded into the minds of the dark occult initiates self-preservation is the highest law this is a mind control technique and it works through the exploitation of humanity's deepest primal fears namely the fear of darkness the fear of being preyed upon the fear of abandonment by the alpha male dominant father figure and the fear of chaos and the occult controllers know this they know this well and they've gotten people to swallow all of their control methods based upon exploiting these four fears all because they know that the deepest underlying human instinct not philosophy but instinct which is based in the reptile brain the instinctual survival brain they get them to accept the the dictum that self-preservation is the highest law and all I will say about this before I go to some phone calls because I see we have a couple callers on the line please hold on whoever is calling in I just want to wrap this one part up and then I'm going to take your calls all that I will say in response to that occult ideology and that is the first law of dark occultism one that truly knows about all of my journeys spiritually and everything that I have learned everything that I have taken into myself all wisdom teachers that I have taken in some of their knowledge that I've read in every aspect of my personal spiritual journey up to this point I can sum up that journey in one sentence and it would be this self-preservation is not the highest mall self-preservation is not the highest law let that sink in caller from New York caller from New York City you are on what on earth is happening hi MA thank you for taking the my name is Mike how are you Mike Hawaii I like to thank you for all 19 shows so far you know nobody on on radio that's being broadcasted digitally or not is really talking about her being as honest as being as truthful as wide range with the topics and knowledge that you have pretty much on radio at all but I've heard like thank you for for doing what you're doing I thank you very much for that compliment Mike I would just say just keep in mind this isn't about me I appreciate the compliment this is simply about this information I want to thank you for listening in and helping to spread this information in any way that you can thank you what I wanted to basically talk about with the actual uh we were just bringing up is actual self preservation I feel that I feel like once you you woken up to somewhat of a knowledge and anything you you sit down you started realizing you know what you used to think is not really what you think anymore and you know you sort of moved on it's sort of even tough to live in this matrix that were surrounded by this system that's already been created before we even got here so it's based upon the horrible banking system and the way things are it's almost like tough to even survive in this community but as you're saying self-preservation is not the highest law but it is full it's almost like they're preying upon that very very fact and the whole system is set up against that in the million ways that they can as many laws is they create you know and things like that so I just see some some ideas on how to uh how to maybe even build a better system within your evil within your own community or get other people together almost on like a uh on like a spiderweb basis where you didn't need any one person doing it as long as someone was doing it within the community by you right sure well we have access to lots of technologies to propagate this understanding I mean start your own what if you fully grasp these concepts start your own radio show get hand out cards in the local community to get people to listen to it start your own website start up a meetup group host free documentary screenings like what truth freedom prosperity does in the Philadelphia area there's many ways to get active with this but it is all about ultimately we need to keep in mind it is all about ultimately changing the way that we think about ourselves in relation to the world and other individuals other souls on their journey in the world and respect is what this is ultimately about you know it's it's about understanding that we are sovereign understanding that we have inherent rights as beings in the cosmos by nature of us being born into the cosmos on our spiritual journey and we should understand and respect those rights and teach that value that that's what value all we have to hold as our primary values this is what value means what do you value you know do we value money above morality to value money above our rights some people sadly do we need to reverse that that's that it's it's something that is inherently wrong and it has been recognized as something that is apparently wrong and spoken all that such unapologetically yes I agree with you 100% you know and it it's so strange because I mean I grew up in a very old-school kind family where culture is a very very major thing you know that goes on such an way of the product you know and it's tough to even talk about this for anybody you know sometimes it's just like I'd like to talk about it with strangers well you know then then my own family you know and I feel I feel horrible for that sometimes but it's not that straight up a very resonant note with me personally because for anyone that personally knows me they have heard you know essentially the same thing for me I've seen my story is almost identical to that as far as being raised in a Catholic Italian family in Philadelphia and 16 thing hardly anyone in my family can I even approach with this information so I can there yeah you know and I like to thank you because you since since I saw your documentaries that you had released online I saw them probably I think it was actually June of oh nine you know when I but I said to myself before I even knew about you or anything I said what on earth is happening I think I might have through the f-word in there somewhere but you know I said because I couldn't you know I just had this time to run I saw that this can't be this can't be the reason you know there's this something going on because it obviously it seems as you say chaos and evil is ruling this world whether you whether you whether whether you have certain thoughts about it or not but you can tell that you know it's almost like it's almost ludicrous you know it's up is down that you know and the drag writers you know it's just as what guy was saying you know what the pictures how they dress and the visual representation of what that is you know it's it's not about a bunch of guys make it so still about the symbolism in embrace rule the world not the word yes a book that I highly recommend people reading not to get poisoned by it to know what it is going in because it is one of the books that really led me into my dealings with the occult in a dark sense and I think if people read this they will understand that what is ultimately being built in our society is a satanic structure it is a satanic system that is being built read the book The Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey now I know some people will say old why are you even telling people to read something like that because it contains in it out of the ideology of the occultists that are really running the world it really does if you really understand that book you will understand the perspective of the mind manipulators of this planet well I was born one that was lucky enough to get one of the arcs that you had sent out so I was I was the one from New York that got the arc that that they had sent out to everything casting oh boy yeah yeah okay great great yes thanks for calling him and uh what did you think of it oh you know what I once I saw your documentaries I started creating my own rock just naturally cuz I'm a computer guy so I had some of the stuff you had and I added to it now I got close to two terabytes myself Wow and Wow you know and like I said I just like at and you know a lot of that so I applaud to scribed all the time and I made Torrance emotion as much as I could so and it's going well and you know and everyday you know cuz I just recently I had a my apartment went up in flames uh so there was a lot of a lot of chaos yeah that's okay it was electrical fire in the morning everyone got out of the safe everything was alright but I you know basically where I learned was through the chaos I mean you almost had that there was a situation thrown at you where you woke up in the morning I would smoke you know I was sure everyone got out you know you figured out where things were going you know everyone call 9-1-1 you got you know pets and everything so we've all made it out a lot safely everything was great but basically what I'm what I'm seeing from that now a couple weeks down the road is that sort of like it is the laws of physics inside the house electricity water pipes not a good combination well that's just the physics that's just what other physics could happen anywhere anytime it happens but the chaos in the world is sort of it's coming to a if you Teske waiting as we're going I see it you know every danger is like another another oil rig is hit you know and I'll buy a boat and another guy ties a grenade to of to a pole and another guy shoots up another place and it's all just a lone guy and it's all just that one day under the rug go back to sleep you know but if you see the patterns in your awake and you can leave the screen the line you can see something's coming you know I think I think what you're doing is please essential I think it's the timing is perfect and I just wanted to say especially so thank you and I will continue to listen and continue to get the word out myself Mike thank you so much hey thanks a lot guys have a great night you too take care great great caller what Mike from New York was referring to was when he was talking about the arc is made available to people a one terabyte hard drive that basically contains it is just full of digital information books audio video I think there's 5,000 books over 5,000 books in PDF format on it there's something like 22,000 mp3 files and about 1,800 video files it would take literally you know a lifetime to go through all of it but it is a digital information that I have assembled over the years I waited through my collection for a friend and put some of the best materials all on one a 1 terabyte external USB hard drive and I copy that up for those who want that so on Maya on my website if you subscribe to the newsletter um essentially whenever I send information out to those who are on the newsletter I put it include a little PDF document that explains what the arc is and how to go about obtaining a UH a copy of it so that's what Mike was referring to there but I'm glad to see that there's other people who are very activated and that's what we need more of so Mike thanks again I'm going to go to another caller here caller from southeastern Pennsylvania you are on what on earth is happening hey Mark it's Chris from new jersey how are you Chris what's up man Marcus owners are here for them oh it's a good here you every night every Tuesday night as well mark first I want to thank Mike for all he's doing as well but that's great to let you know we need people helping people and then that's how it's going to get done even though right now it looks pretty bleak when you look at the numbers but you hit the nail on the head when you said that people are confusing themselves with their bodies I know that sounds crazy but what I look at why we're in the state we're in it comes down to fear and then it then a question becomes fear of what well it's the fear of running out of money or the fear of starving so people are linking up the fear with their physical existence and I can understand how they do that but by doing that I think they make a serious error because they're never going to be able to face their fear unless they get rid of that notion which i think is garbage in fact I know it's garbage because I am more than my own in my leg and I know that I go on after this world I am energy I have infinite life and if people will come to that realization the controllers will be out of luck they would they wouldn't have any way to control us anymore and we would understand why you know what our purpose is and who we really are agreed totally agreed that that identification with the purely physical is a left brain imbalance and I spoke about it when I talked about the barriers to self-realization to understanding who well and what we truly are uh in form of podcasts and in my presentation so that's a really great point that you bring up you can only really control someone can fear when you have them completely identified with the world now this isn't to say that we should go in the other direction and as I was talking about you know people who have escapism you know as one of their plans and think that there's no work to be done here on the ground so to speak you know and they will indulge in you know drugs in it in a way that really doesn't promote true expansion of consciousness it's just for a means of partying and you know again aren't really doing any hard philosophical work with people they're just you know think that they're gonna party again like I explained it party their way out of slavery and that's the opposite end of the spectrum you know we're you know people think that they're going to meditate their way out of slavery as well you know that we could just meditate in the world will suddenly change it isn't going to work through either of those methods those are real right brain imbalanced ways of approaching that this this condition in which we are currently in and the real left-wing way that keeps it this way is that the left brain form of imbalance that keeps it this way is total identification with the physical right yeah I I think that the you know the Oracle of Delphi you know know thyself and Socrates said the same thing I think if people went inside themselves more they would be more likely to come to that realization now you throw realizations intentionally that they are not you know their physical bodies that there are more there's more to life than than just their their life oh it's they're here to learn something and to do the right thing when it I guess when it when it seems hopeless and that's what I'm doing and I guess that's what you're doing too because I don't see a lot of hope out there I don't see a lot of waking up but I'll be damned I continue to do what I do every day trying to help people along the process you know but in the end realizing that the only person I could save is myself that's that's quite true I think we can be of influence to others but ultimately we have to do our own work upon ourselves in doing that we can become an example and that example can inspire others you know it can kind of uh that our energy can kind of radiate out into the field and help others but ultimately the work is our own at the end of the day so I agree with that as well the market guy appreciate all you doing I love listening on Tuesday nights keep up the good work thanks so much Chris I get care of a good one I'll bye tell you what the callers that I get into this show just a very conscious and aware of people and I feel blessed to have callers of this caliber calling in I don't think that we've ever had any bad calls into this show like people calling with very thoughtful and insightful things to say and I'm really always excited about that hope that continues into the future so callers thanks so much I don't see anyone else calling so let's see let me uh let me go back up I would like to clarify one thing about what I was just saying about you know different forms of brain and balance and we talked about that on this program before but what I was just saying about meditation please don't take that to mean that I think that meditation is a bad thing I think too much of it or obsessively medicating can put someone into a right brain form of imbalance I think so can using psychedelics of different kinds both of these tools can be incredibly therapeutic and help us to go inward and work with different aspects of our psyche well you have to know yourself enough to know when that becomes a crutch or even a you know an imbalancing factor so that that can be a fine line that one doesn't really see very clearly when one is in the throes of those things it reminds me of dick-suck than telling a story and that dick something I think is an excellent teacher SUT th en dick Sutton and I have a lot of videos and some audio by him and I think that his work is very good and should be looked into he tells a story in one of his workshops where a friend of his was obsessively meditating day after day after day after learning the technique of TM Transcendental Meditation and uh you know at some point it helped him get over different kinds of anger and rage but then he became so obsessive with it doing it for hours a day that he couldn't really focus or concentrate and he was you know kind of uh not really performing in his work as well and didn't feel clear so he went to you didn't feel like he was able to consciously focus on something for a long period of time so when he went to he went to a doctor who I guess did a scan of his brain and the doctor said that the scans of his brain showed similar patterns to when someone is very very high on uh marijuana and this was he taking nothing he was taking no prescription or any other kind of drugs so what was producing that effect was the obsessive meditation and it produced a very right-brain form of imbalance in this person's neocortex so I think there's a balance to be walked in all things as far as you know what we're going to put into our body in mind and meditation is one of those things I think it can be a powerful tool however if it is a done imbalance in a balanced way so I just want to clarify that before anybody thinks that I'm down on the practice of meditation as a whole I am NOT I think it is very use a very useful tool but I think it's the same as something like psychedelics it can be a very powerful tool and teacher but if it is over done or if it is done for a frivolous reasons or escapist reasons then it can become a problem and it can prevent someone from seeing truth so that having been said let me just go back to the idea that self preservation is not the highest law this is probably the one overarching principle that I feel I have learned in my overall journey that being said I'm not saying that we should not strive to survive and that when we are threatened that we should not face a threat that threatens our survival and I think there's no greater threat to survival than the globalist agenda these people want to poison us they want to wipe out a large portion of the human population and their indiscriminate about it they don't care who's doing good or bad it's just it people are people to them and they look at the whole world as one neck for one noose so if they're going to wipe out a whole bunch of good moral people with people that they consider vile or animalistic or predatory or what they call useless to use first of all I don't think anybody has a right to make that decision about someone else's life but you know they look at it as their threats to them because they own this planet they think this planet and their resources belongs to them and people belong to them and they could do with it what they will and they can do with people what they will I think they're delusional but you know as I was saying before the state of most people is that they don't have any of the developments in consciousness they don't have intelligence care or will and nature will respect at those who at least have some or even all of these qualities even in an imbalanced twisted way that's a hard thing for people to understand nature will respect and grant power in some form to those who are unified with that with their thoughts emotions and actions even if it's not for good this is why they're basically kicking our rear ends folks they are unified as they think so they feel so they act and I'm talking about the dark occultists the globalist the Sorcerer's the mind manipulators whatever you want to call them the Illuminati it doesn't make a difference when you call their the Psychopaths we're running the show here and they have their energy focus they have their consciousness unified as they think so they feel and so they act and the universe will have a modicum of respect for that whereas it will not grant any power to or respect for those who do not have any of those principles unified will say we want something and then do something completely different that is the antithesis of creating that dynamic that we say we want so our actions or behaviors betray our thoughts and emotions and that's the true mark of the beast that's why they say that the beasts mark is carried in the head and in the hand because when what is in our thoughts is betrayed by the actions we take with our hands we have accepted the mark of the beast it is a symbolic thing this is this is a symbolic way of looking at duality consciousness we have to bring our consciousness into unity consciousness as we think so we feel so we act I think I say that at least once on every show because it is the most important principle to understand in taking anything away when you're listening to this show bringing yourself into unity and that is why I will make the seemingly dark and bizarre statement that in in a way I have respect or the dark occultists that are running the show here and I do not have much respect for people who are completely in oppositional consciousness with themselves with themselves that is the worst place you would want to be particularly those who know and do nothing Wow is that not a place you really want to be people who know and are not taking action man all I have to say is that's the last place I'd want to be but our opponents in this grand chess game if you will their unified they have a dark form of intelligence they have a dark form of care and they're willing to carry out that vision we have to come become unified in the same way for the right reasons and when we do that's what when I say we truly become activated and then I have infinite respect meaning I've looked again and seen something change by that's what respect means to take another look at so I think I'm going to leave it there for tonight's show I think we cover a lot of ground I'll go into the fourth method of manipulation on the next program so for now arm let's call it a night and I will see everybody here next week Tuesday at 7 o'clock p.m. right here on the revolution Broadcasting Network I'm mark faccio and you have been listening to what on earth is happening good night everyone