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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascal [Music] welcome ladies and gentlemen you're listening - what on earth is happening right here on the revolution broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website is what on earth is happening calm the networks website is revolution broadcasting calm this show is live every Tuesday evening from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time today is Tuesday August 17 2010 and tonight we have a great show lined up for you we are going to be talking about the indoctrination system of public education right here in the United States this is a part of our ongoing discussion and revelation of the methods of mind-control which we have outlined and we will continue to explore in depth over the next several weeks so what I'd like to do first is make a quick event announcement and I only have one event announcement for today and it is about the free your mind conference this is a conference that I am hosting I'm going to have some great speakers coming out some heavy weight speakers coming out for this conference it's called free your mind a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult this is a unique two-day conference scheduled for April 9th and 10th 2011 in Philadelphia featuring multiple speakers and diverse educational materials for the purpose of raising public awareness on the critically important topics of mass mind control techniques covert or occult and subversive influences upon consciousness and behavior trauma based and ritualized abuse and the practical mental and emotional healing methodologies available for those affected by these devices we already had some great speakers lined up like Aaron McCollum Andrew basiago Alfred Webber Jay Parker Laura Eisenhower Michael Kelly and myself mark passio this will be very reasonably priced only twenty dollars per day it'll be all day both days on the weekend from about 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday April 9th and 10th 2011 the admission price only $20 and the location Ruba Hall in the Northern Liberty section of Philadelphia at 414 Greene Street that's the event announcement I'd like to give out the call-in number for this show feel free to call in at any time hold on the line once you call because if I'm in the middle of discussing something we're laying out a concept or an idea it'll take me a moment to see you on the switchboard but I will eventually get to the call the call in number is seven two four four four four seven four four four once again the calling number for what on earth is happening seven to four triple four seven triple four when you call in you have to put in the call ID number for this show which is eight three five one five the call ID number eight three five one five all right so we have over the last several weeks been discussing how mind control works what are the methodologies by which mind control is perpetuated how is it wielded upon the public consciousness it's critical to understand these methods because only when we are fully aware of these methods do we understand how they are working against us how we ourselves may be under these influences and indeed the vast vast majority of us are to one extent or another affected by the methods of mind control in the past weeks we looked at the technique of obfuscation to render unclear unintelligible bewildering confusing it's essentially putting up smoke screens and confusing one idea for another we looked at world view poisoning which has to do with one's own way of seeing oneself in the world and indeed one's relationship to others in the world we saw how worldview poisoning works through getting people to see human nature itself as fundamentally flawed or evil getting people to see themselves as a thing instead of a unique individual placing a digit value on one's worth and again we saw worldview poisoning working on people from the perspective of reducing their imagination their idea of what is or isn't possible particularly their idea of just how much change is possible for them to affect in the world in previous weeks we also looked at the exploitation of our primal fears fears that we carry with us on a genetic basis on a species wide basis nested deep down into the subconscious mind fears that have been with us since our ancient past deep in our ancestry and then we carry at a subconscious even a genetic level whether we are aware of these fears or not well a cultists are aware of these fears and they use them against us whenever they have the chance and if someone is isn't aware of their own fears of course it's a piece of cake to manipulate individuals like that last week I think it was a great show it revealed a lot I think some people got a lot out of it from the feedback that I've gotten for that show we talked about the divide and conquer strategy and this is a huge technique of mind control and manipulation people have much less overall effective power when they are fighting amongst themselves instead of directing their power outwardly to effect change so to keep people divided and continuously seeing themselves in a state of separation and difference is a manipulators dream as long as we keep perceiving ourselves as different along different lines like race sex age religion nationality politics etc etc etc we will be continued continued we will continue to be conquered from without by those who understand how to use this technique of divide and conquer so we looked at that in depth last week and this week we're going to look at something that in some form or another all of us have been affected by just about all of us and this is what we laughingly call education in modern Western civilization indeed all over the world but particularly in Western countries it would be nice if we had real education sadly what we do have is what we're going to go into an indoctrination system it's been that way for a long long time folks this is nothing new but it's still important to understand how the public school system in particular works how it is set up what is the general model of our educational system here in the United States and why it seems to be turning out people that can barely tie their shoes let alone understand events that are playing out on the world stage let's look at the definition for indoctrination first indoctrination means to teach a person or group to accept to accept a set of beliefs uncritically I'll read that again to indoctrinate the very definition of the word is to teach a person or group to accept a set of beliefs uncritically without thinking critically about the information on any sort of a deep level it's essentially regurgitation of information for some sort of reward memorize this because this is what I told you this is how I told you it was and if you do memorize that regurgitate it back to me the way I want it you're rewarded if on the other hand you disagree with said information that was given and you don't provide it back the way that it was put forward no reward meaning grades the system of rewards in the educational system is grades as if this is some kind of indicator of actual learning and secondarily as if the information that is being presented is truth first and foremost what we have in the United States as far as our educational system goes is a system that is akin to the Nazi and Soviet educational models that were used in those respective regimes and in general what this indoctrination system is is an outcome-based model for quote-unquote education so we're going to look at what that means we're going to look at what outcome based education is why we have it here in the United States and why this type of a system does not lead to individuals that have acquired a true healthy sense of learning of curiosity to learn first and foremost and most importantly the ability to think critically about that which they do take in by listening to someone reading watching various forms of media etc so let's keep the definition in mind as we go into this indoctrination it isn't to educate it is simply to get someone to accept a set of beliefs unquestioningly essentially the educational model that we have in the United States moreover the educational model that we have here is specifically geared toward only left brained modes of consciousness now this is arguably even more important than the fact that it is an outcome based model we talked on previous shows extensively about how the brain works the components of the human brain what these components are essentially responsible for and what they generate in terms of human behavior when these brain components are used in certain ways or when we are chronically dwelling only in certain modalities of consciousness that manifest in the brain we looked at the three components of the brain the three essential complexes of the brain is more accurate to say as being the bar complex being the survival and base instinctual mechanism of the brain comprised of the brain stem and the cerebellum above that we had the limbic brain or the mammalian brain so the r-complex stands for reptile brain because it is of a reptilian nature instinct survival only base consciousness stimulus-response motor skills and not much more beyond that dealing with the physical world and one's survival in it that we have the limbic system many of the glands in the brain in that complex of the brain essentially responsible for our emotional makeup for generating the chemicals necessary for us to feel emotion within the physiology the spirit in which we do things our moods all the gamut of emotions whether positive negative or indifferent then we saw the higher brain called the neocortex which sits above the limbic brain it's the highest in physical location and correspondingly it represents the highest part of the brain as far as consciousness goes this part of the brain governs higher-order thinking creativity logic intuition mathematics art science music everything that essentially makes us human all of the human faculties that are essentially not possessed in other species - this neocortex comprised of the left brain hemisphere and the right brain hemisphere we call the human brain so we have these three complexes all within us the reptile the mammal and the human brain we saw how if one hemisphere or the other hemisphere is dominant chronically how that will Express in terms of behavior and what kinds of personalities and behaviors will result will be displayed should one side of the brain completely dominate the other essentially what we saw when we looked into this was that if one becomes chronically left brained chronically left brain dominant controlling type of personality will develop very ego-driven very centered upon the physical world physical reality never looking toward any deeper questions never looking to seek to understand the spiritual component or dimension of our existence and essentially accepting one's role in a hierarchically based system we talked about how hierarchy is one of the components of the structures of control along with compartmentalization when we started looking into how mind control works if the right brain becomes chronically dominant you have a person that is more apt to ignore the physical reality not care about one's situation in the world be more apt to drift off in sort of a new-agey type consciousness let's say thinking that everything is just fine no matter how bad it gets because it's just the physical world it's not that important addiction stems from this form of right brain imbalance because it's not caring about what you do to the vessel that you your spirit inhabits doesn't make a difference it's just the body it's just a flesh I'll punish it why not loathing suicidal tendencies etc etc so toward the left brain and balance you see total scientism pure atheism social Darwinism moral relativism etc toward the right brain imbalance you'll see radical religion ISM one form of imbalance produces a control-freak type personality one form of imbalance creates the type that will go along with just about anything left brain imbalance control acceptance of higher art right brain imbalance slave type personality never speaking up for one's own rights or in justices that may occur and also accepting of a hierarchical based institutionalized structure in our current educational model in the Western Hemisphere and again this is reflected essentially throughout the world but I'm talking specifically of the public school education system that we have here in the United States we have a predominantly left brain imbalanced model system essentially ignores the creative imaginative capacities of the right brain hemisphere and all of its functions essentially work upon the left brain of the individual science and math words linguistics etc these are left brain concepts we engage in the left brain when we engage in logic science mathematics literature etc bird skills all kinds of or economic skills all types of modern science for the most part this is what is heavily stressed we've heard in the past referred to as the 3 R's the 3 R's reading writing arithmetic an old adage and I've kind of joked that the three r's will put you into and keep you in the r-complex see when we're chronically engaged in the left brain hemisphere and it's modalities of consciousness the limbic brain will suffer as a result of that not using both hemispheres of the brain in balance chronically always engaging the left brain hemisphere will essentially begin to disengage the limbic brain and it will route one's consciousness in the r-complex of the brain centers upon instinct survival focus upon self lowercase s focus upon one's own needs not caring about anything that is holistic meaning if it doesn't affect me I'm not interested in it that doesn't affect me personally on a personal level meaning my body my physical needs and maybe extending out to one's immediate family when the right brain hemisphere is chronically dominant we see the opposite we see the person tending to care less and less about the physical needs the person will become unattentive toward one's own body and situation and only only focus on things that are of this spiritual or otherworldly nature or if it goes far enough in imbalance just become a self-loathing or addictive potential this is because the limbic brain is where one is continuously quote-unquote living this is where the person is engaging consciousness because the right brain imbalance will begin to shut down the functions of the are complex or the survival modality of the brain some type of imbalance we get one generalized set of behaviors with another type of imbalance we get a different set of generalized consciousness modalities the right brain imbalance suppresses the instinct and survival mechanisms of the individual and in their proper component in their proper function and it eventually makes the limbic brain become the master and control the individual left brain imbalance the r-complex becomes the master and controls the individual becomes reptilian when they're in a state of left brain imbalance following hierarchy accepting what comes in through hierarchically based institutions meaning follow orders and also attempt to control this perfectly describes the for class quote-unquote and I don't mean the real controller class I'm talking about people who think their controllers police and military left brain imbalance all the way completely accepting of the hierarchical structures following orders control those that they consider below them versus them mentality only ever giving any importance to the physical world the right brain imbalance the person is controlled by the limbic system where essentially they are a victim of their emotions and here you have people that purely think with their emotions the kind of people who can accept the kind of controls that are taking place in the world they can't accept any of the evidence the multitude of evidence that for example politicians are puppets the system controls them and they essentially have owners in the banking institutions but they think they're going to vote their way out of this mess they'll just put in another puppet in the hierarchy within the institution and he'll solve it people that think like this are overwrought by their emotions their emotions control their thinking they don't think at any kind of a logical level it's just as critical it's just as erroneous as people that think only with the left brain to think there is nothing going on of any sort of a spiritual nature on earth but this has nothing to do with spirits that there's no such thing as good or evil let's say the idea of moral relativism all of these types of consciousness of quote-unquote thinking if you even want to call it that come out of the Western educational model that we laughingly call education I should say and this is by design that's what we need to keep in mind controllers don't want anyone truly educated they want obedient people they want people who readily accept things they want people who will accept their role and take their place in a hierarchically designed institutionalized structure and whether you come out of that education system on left-brain side of the imbalance or the right brain side of the imbalance the right brain side is much rarer but it does happen essentially you're not a person that thinks critically or thinks at all essentially most people that come out of this system have been indoctrinated to simply accept their role know your role shut your mouth take your place in the workforce at whatever level of proficiency you may have happened to assimilate to that's your life put your head down do your work retire we'll bring in new new flesh you're just filling in a position filling in a position filling in a position and then once your disposable once you can't be used anymore off you go and in income someone else to fill the position and it's the same thing whether it's the military whether it's the business workforce whether it's the police this system doesn't care about you doesn't give a damn about you you're there to be used for the ends of the system that's it the goals of the system that you're in used up until the system says you're no good anymore and then goodbye and in with the next because now they can continue with the goal of the system and there are people who can not accept that there are people who know that this is true but they still try to ignore it and continuing on with the example of people will say hey I'm ready to point fingers and talk about other people and I said last week I gave the anecdote about my cousin who brought the parasites of the so-called parking authority into this neighborhood I was talking about divide and conquer last week you know people who see themselves as us versus them I'm a number of this grouping and they're not a member of this group so they're not part of us they're not with us like police mentality you know it's us versus them I have to look out for my fellow officers military mentality you know we're in this just to protect us yeah but simultaneous to that you're just being used by your owners you have owners period owners owners see I can't understand how people can accept that they're owned oh yeah I'm an owner I just I I moaned I have an owner I just do with my owners tell me whatever comes down whatever orders come down that's what I do I don't think about it I just do I can't comprehend how anybody can look themselves in the mirror sleep at night or even think they're a man or a woman because your robot is what you are if you're in that kind of consciousness you're not a man or a woman you're not a human being you're your subhuman because what it means to be human is to be able to think critically and to be able to form your own opinions on things and to be able to think for oneself that's what being human is that's the essence of being human you once you've given that power away you've given essentially your life force away and that's why the so-called New World Order the regime of the dark occult but the the new world that is coming into view through the dark sorcerers of this world the mine manipulators whatever you want to call them it really doesn't matter by people who do think and who have gotten other people not to think that's all it really comes down to and you know people want to argue and debate over how smart these people are and I'm here to tell you they're the most intelligent people in the world I may not I don't have to like their agenda but I know how smart they are I'm not I'm not asking you to accept that either I'm telling you I know how smart these people are from firsthand experience I know how smart they are because they never stop reading my friends never stop you want to talk about well-read you've heard the adage leaders are readers and it's true people who need other people they're able to do that because of their wide array an eclectic array of knowledge that they possess and this knowledge has been held generationally in their families for thousands of years in some cases again it's based in ancient knowledge it's based in the knowledge of the mystery traditions which we'll get into more as weeks go on and we get further into the occult but uh what where I was going was let's bring it right home people who can accept that they're a part of something or that that may not be what it appears to be people who just accept that they are supposed to go to work make a living raise a family pay their bills you know go on vacation every once in a while and that's their life they just accept that but they can't really bring themselves to accept that this is a farcical way of life that this is just a smokescreen for control to get you to just go along to get along so that people who really want to control things can do that in the shadows while you just have your head down working to stay alive never looking at any bigger issues when I tried to explain this concept to my own mother years ago she would strike out in rage about it because the idea that she was fooled on this is too much to bear it's too much to comprehend and the whole idea of well what can you do about it once you know well the answer is a lot how much impact that will have all depends on how many people are doing that and I for one I'm going to do it whether no one else is doing because once again I've said this before on the show and I'll say it again many times I'm not talking about anything that I talk about in the interests of humanity and I'm sorry if that offends anyone but that's the case if you think I'm going to get emotionally invested for the people of this planet you're crazier than anybody I've ever met one known I do this only in the interests of the truth that's it nothing else I do not serve the people of this world serve the truth herself and no one else so the whole idea that you have to care or not too much is I think wise advice because once you get emotionally tangled up in the people of this world expecting them to change good luck with that I'm not holding out any hope for that I'm not saying it's not possible it's possible only if will is exercised it's not going to happen by a miracle don't expect the Savior to come and rescue us from what we've done to ourselves it's not going to happen folks get over it about religion in coming weeks it's all made up it's all that's all generated by the occultists who are running the show folks and there's people who will refuse to accept that as well well and fine don't you want to believe in nonsense that was made up by a cultist to control you go right ahead I for one am out of that level of control I'll tell you about the deep esoteric mystery beneath all of the lies superstitions and Astro theology and all the covers the exoteric cover stories that they'll veil over top of a true inner mystery it's about the self and one's own consciousness I'll tell you all about that we could talk about that all day because they'll keep throwing more and more and more on top of it anything to get you to getting not to see what's really underneath it you know anything to get you to look in the other direction from within that's all this is about that's all religion is about that's all politics is about all just to get you not not to point the finger inward but to keep laying it outward not to be your own Savior but to expect to be saved and rescued externally well good luck with that to get back on track we're talking about how people can't accept that they may be part of an institution that is ultimately doing harm like the military like the police like the education system this is largely the right brain imbalanced component within the individual because someone can have both these forms of imbalance and often does one will be more dominant or severe than another but the right brain imbalance plays out like this it's the one that can't get the person to look objectively and what is really happening I can't accept that Obama is in the totally on the side of and working as a lap dog for these big financial corporations that are essentially causing our economic crisis and trying to put people into further slavery which is debt they're one in the same he seems like such a wonderful guy he's got a family kids etc he's well-spoken well dressed looks like a good guy you know you want to believe these on your side this is all right brained emotional thinking right brained emotional thinking you know then a so-called conservative Republican will come up and he'll say he's on your side and the person will you know from the other end of the political spectrum will react with that same emotional thinking not the logic of seeing the system as it is the reason I should say true reason being able to see the world as it really is that's all the emotional reactive side of the mind and that's all generated by right brained imbalance emotional thinking same force that can't get somebody to accept that they were played that they just were fooled entirely you know that their life was a joke that was played on them and when I attempted to talk with some family members about these dynamics that's the kind of rage you get back they'll respond with rage from that emotional reactive side of the mind you police they'll respond the same way when you try to explain to some of them that they're fooled that they have owners that their owners mock and ridicule them at every opportunity I mean it's really tragically sad as a matter of fact it really isn't funny their owners think that it's funny it's hysterical to them but it's quite sad when you really understand how much the occult is inter penetrated into the military and the police as a matter of fact that will be my topic at the free your mind conference I will be discussing occult symbolism in police and military uniforms and regalia it should be an interesting presentation I'll I'll go in-depth on this incorporate a lot of things and the goal will be at least in my presentation at that event to try to get people to understand to try to get people in these institutions to understand part of the language that is being wielded upon them because there's a secret language that is essentially being spoken to them at all times everywhere they go at all times and places the symbology surrounds them and it works upon the subconscious mind many of them are too in a state of brain imbalance to understand how this works or to be able to interpret symbolism at all you have to have a balanced brain in order to perceive a higher level of communication that is nonverbal it is based in form color frequency vibration this is a vibratory language that is essentially working upon their subconscious mind and sadly they're illiterate to the language which mocks them at all turns you know and just to take a little divergence here I mean it's related with education in the sense that there are people out there who I think want to consider themselves educators or re-educate errs or people who are trying to return things to a constitutional standing so they say but I'll put out a call right here on the show tonight I sought to work with military and police to help get them out of these modalities of consciousness in any groups that are attempting to show people the truth about what is really taking place within these institutions and I've put out this call and I've asked people in groups like oathkeepers or police and military against New World Order if I could work with them help show some of the things that they would not really be trained to see unless they were studied occultists and there is no response from that community at all none and they think they're at a level of knowledge where they're going to make a dent or an impact in what's going on and I have news for them you're not really doing much of anything okay and I know that'll be wildly unpopular and guess what I don't care because I'm not in this for a popularity contest folks I've already told you that if you want to hear popular stuff go turn on the television or something don't listen to my show I'm here to speak the truth of what's taking place and I think a lot of these groups are not really not really interested in reversing the dynamic they're interested in staying in their little box that they've set up and how I got into this is talking about institutionalized structures the people cannot accept our fundamentally flawed fundamentally setup because of people's irresponsibility and doing something that is fundamentally immoral any way you look at it even if it's supposed to be doing its intended function it's a moral from the get-go but you got people that can't accept that and one of the reasons they can't accept that is because of the brain imbalance that they're in as a result of the worldwide indoctrination system they're under mind control and that'll be real unpopular lots of groups want to work with you know former police officers and former military and former sheriff sheriff set cetera etc etc who want to think that they're going to work within these institutions and change something well you don't understand how it works it's a little boys perspective on reality and the way I describe it is what you want to know what you essentially are when you take on that position you're a brick in the wall you think you're going to knock the wall down by being a brick in it you're already in place you're set in place you're cemented in you ain't going nowhere you're not making any dents you're not wielding a wrecking ball you're not even we love being the little chisel you're doing nothing and this isn't in fighting either I'm attempting to enlighten people as the hell indoctrination systems work how hierarchically based systems work how compartmentalize structures work how they work on the consciousness how they work on the mind I made a little graphic of the seal of the mystery traditions people may recognize it on the back of the one dollar bill the all-seeing eye and pyramid on coeptis Novus Ordo seclorum he favors our project the New World Order and I put a little I highlight one of the bricks darker than the others in that pyramid then I put a little cartoon speech bubble next to it saying hey I'm mr. block and I'm going to change this structure from the inside just watch well good luck with that very proud of you enjoy let me know how that goes get as offended as you like folks anybody stuck in an institutionalized mentality doesn't understand they're not helping things we talked briefly about this last week dark Mason's build that wall they build walls that's what they build what they built with bricks heavy material that weighs people down that doesn't enlighten them true light occult this build with light they try to remove walls between people realize we're all in this together we're all one so if the light that all-seeing eye doesn't have blocks in front of it essentially if there are no blocks between us on the earth and the light we'll be enlightened but the more blocks we erect which are institutionalized compartmentalised hierarchical structures good luck with being enlightened there's no such thing as an enlightened soldier there's no such thing as an enlightened cop there's no such thing as an enlightened controller folks does not exist that's an oxymoron ok they're complete two incompatible things you when you become enlightened you don't have any desire to control anybody could you're not in fear no matter what anybody can do that's what enlightenment is stop accepting this nonsense crap New Age version of enlightenment that is some kind of total perfection there is no such thing as total perfection in the physical realm doesn't exist and you can't be a controller and be enlightened simultaneously it doesn't work that way so again folks please get it off as offended as you you want to be but sooner or later you'll have to understand that and learn it and learn it well these states of brain imbalance brought on by indoctrination are calculated they're calculated to be that way because think tanks have essentially built the modern quote educational system as we know it today these are calculated efforts take a look at the Tavistock Institute of human relations read some books by John Coleman Tavistock Institute committee of 300 etc great author understand what outcome-based education is which is basically taking the emphasis off of actual learning of material and toward an outcome a scenario a way of being that you want the student to be in the world essentially conformity someone is saying what do we want what set of standards do we want this child to conform to and we're going to gear all of our propaganda otherwise known as the curriculum around these standards based on what we want to pump out the outcome we want for their mind and that's all they'll get to know because we as the controller's of this institution set those standards ie the curriculum and anything we don't want them knowing any behaviors we won't don't want them displaying will not be part of the curriculum for our outcome this is the Hegelian dialectic all over again problem reaction solution or essentially thesis antithesis synthesis we know where we're going all along but we can't just take people from one point to the other we have to gradually take them there when we finally get them there they'll be graduated small steps incremental this is how the educational system works it works in grades graduated indoctrination another great so to check out there's a great video maybe I'll post this on the podcast page when I put the podcast up probably tomorrow the video on google video or YouTube called who controls our children I recommend everyone check this one out it's about the outcome-based educational system the woman's name is peg Luke sick lu k sik peg luke's ik who controls our children i have a description here it's the description for this video on outcome-based educational models is while parents schools provinces and states across North America bicker about the democratic process of running public schools forces are manipulating education from behind the scenes major international players are reshaping public education to suit their own self-serving agendas without regard for the ones of parents and the welfare of their children this video lecture documents how today's educational system thumbs-down kids deliberately making zombie-like people who don't ask any questions but just follow orders another great video to check out on the deliberate dumbing down through the educational system this Nazi and Soviet based educational model called outcome based education is Charlotte is Ruby Charlotte is Ruby is CR b YT she served as a senior policy advisor in the office of educational research and improvement in the US Department of Education during the first Reagan administration where she blew the whistle on a major technology initiative which would control the curriculum in America's classrooms and I believe this is referring to global 2000 if I'm not mistaken but she essentially talks about the deliver dumbing down of the children of this nation through the educational system she's got a website called deliberate dumbing down calm deliberate dumbing down I think that's the best way to put it it is an in doctrine education it's indoctrination it's deliberate dumbing down it is getting people to accept a set of beliefs or opinions without critical thinking so I want to read something before I get into this next excerpt that I'd like to read on the educational model that we have let me once again give the call in numbers to call into this show you want to discuss the indoctrination system here in North America to call in call seven two four four four four seven four four four the call-in number is 724 triple four seven triple for the call in ID number for what on earth is happening is eight three five one five once again the call ID number eight three five one five so we're little past the top of the second hour and I'd like to read something called the not-see model for outcome based education history keep this is by a gentleman by the name of Barrett kudos history keeps repeating itself a few heed its warnings if our leaders did they would know that today's massive attempt to transform our culture by nationalizing education will bring repression not freedom they would see that the manipulative strategies of Master learning will create human puppets not independent thinker thinkers another name for outcome based education essentially in spite of the information explosion America hasn't heard the message perhaps our leading change agents don't know what they're deceptive strategies and dumbed down curricula will do to our children and this is true many teachers are not aware of this and cannot bring themselves to accept it because of their own level of ego they can't admit to themselves that the whole educational paradigm do we have degraded is not based upon is not helping people to truly learn it's not based upon true education it's based upon indoctrination but people are wrapped up in their own ego and don't want to admit to themselves that they may be involved in something that is causing more harm than it is good the same with police the same with military the same with doctors doctors are some of the most ego driven people that can't admit that some of their practices are harming people they don't want to talk about food because they're on the gravy train of prescription medication and surgery and it's all it ultimately comes down to isn't it folks let's be realistic let's be honest with each other it all comes down to the almighty dollar the paycheck that they're receiving for their bucket of beans as long as I get my bucket of beans doesn't make a difference if what I'm doing is ultimately immoral and I know I get harsh on people but hey again I bring it right home right home to my own family I'm not talking about other people in no ways that I wouldn't talk about members of my own family who are just as ignorant and again that isn't really saying something truly mean about someone you know saying someone is ignorant means that they're deliberately turning their back on truth I'm not saying they're dumb people there are some people who are truly nesian and I've really never come across or thought about any of this information because they've just lived the life of a child and they're nation' I'm talking about people who have kind of thought about this or been exposed to it and still go on with it they're ignorant ignoring big difference between ignorance and Nations so continuing with this Nazi model for outcome-based education in spite of the information explosion America hasn't heard the message perhaps our change agents don't know that they're deceptive strategies and dumb down curricula will do to our children maybe they haven't noticed the similarities between their educational strategies and former Nazi tactics for molding young minds and teaching group conformity perhaps today's psychological manipulations are simply a modern expression of human wisdom without biblical guidelines however it seems clear the US and Nazi change agents teachers quote-unquote share one tragic tree the dearth of the kind of honesty and integrity that one once made America safe for children that propaganda and indoctrination were two of the cornerstones of Nazi education is no secret Hitler's goal was National Socialism a fascist state that would subdue the world learning his lessons from Soviet revolutionaries he knew that only quote promises and misleading visions would win the support of the unsex unsuspecting masses and build a compliant army of young radicals that America's education and political educational and political leaders would stoop to the same low standards has remained hidden from the general public that their aim is global socialism with cradle to grave surveillance is angrily denied by the trained and trusted guardians of our children's minds if the sleeping public doesn't wake up and resist soon it will surely be too late to stop the rising tide of deception that threatens to involve our children if so God's people will once again have demonstrated the blinding consequences of spurning truth and loving lies so the source of the following quotes is is the 1983 book Nazism a history in documents and eyewitness accounts 1919 to 1945 edited by J Noakes and G Pritam in cooperation with the Department of History and archaeology at the University of Exeter it represents years of research into the primary documents of the Nazi era many of its following quotes have been shortened in order to include as many illustrations as possible within the given space the page numbers are given at the end of each quote since this comparison was written to accompany my book brave new schools I have not included definitions and explanations of the new American international educational system all terms and bugs buzzwords are explained in in this guy's book brave new schools so here's the point of outcome based education right here this is the goals of what outcome based education is doing to our youth one transformation of the world by changing the children transform the world by changing the youth children must be changed first the Nazi leadership appreciated the difficulty of indoctrinating the old generation so there was difficulty in indoctrinating people that had already learned one way of being or doing things so the Nazi leadership appreciated this difficulty they were all the more determined to mold the new generation along Nazi lines as the leader of the Nazi teachers League Han xem put it those who have the youth on their side control the future create a world class citizen create a new type of student so that was number one they knew that to really own the future to be able to control the future generation you had to get to the children and that makes perfect sense where do you get to them in the classroom number to teach politically correct beliefs and values political correctness you don't speak out against the established system everything has to be sanitized for political correctness condition students for the new social and economic order German youth must no longer this is a quote quote German youth must no longer be confronted with the choice of whether it wishes to grow up in the spirit of materialism or idealism of racism or internationalism of religious or godlessness but it must be consciously shaped according to the principles which are recognized as correct according to the principles of the ideology of National Socialism doesn't matter what the truth is it doesn't matter what's moral it doesn't matter what's scientifically true anything only that which we say is morally correct according to our ideology of socialism of Nazism continuing censorship of contrary models so anything that is contrary to this outcome based system we will censor that if this teaching is aimed to encourage a consciousness of being German in the selection of teaching materials they should issue those works which contra they should issue those words which contradict German feelings or paralyze energies necessary for self assertion and only those modern works would be selected which quote have an affinity with the spirit of the new Germany so that was the second Nazi outcome based model teach politically correct beliefs and values eschew any values that contradict the German or Nazi I should say the Nazi spirit the affinity of spirit with the Nazi German model point number three established an outcome-based education system restructure the schools and nationalize tests and standards does that sound familiar quote the regime endeavored to assert its control over the education system the reorganization and centralization centralization of who controls the decision-making about the curriculum this is what outcome based education is effective feeling centered very important feeling centered attitudinal but not cognitive learning earns the graduation certificate feeling centered not cognitive learning earns the graduation certificate quote many pupils believe they can simply drift through for eight years and secure their school leaving certificate and secure their school leaving certificate even with minimal intellectual performance those pupils who are in positions of leadership often display unmannerly behavior and laziness at school in general it must be said that school discipline has declined to an alarming extent the new movement offered prospects of future employment at a time of massive graduation graduate unemployment so this outcome based model is getting them prepared to take a position in the new workforce and since it is completely politically correct it is teaching them never to question the status quo the established political order point number four implement mastery learning conditions students to become social servants not individuals but tell the public the opposite well the principal task of the school is the education of youth in the service of the state in the national socialist spirit this is me this made clear the Nazis determination to shift the focus of education away from the needs of the individual and the development of his potential as a human being to the requirements of the community of nation and state of which the individual was a member and to which he must subordinate himself this is exactly exactly the model for education that exists in the United States at this time exactly the same as in 1930s Germany set effective but not cognitive goals meaning outcomes the more enthusiastic they get the easier the exams and the sooner they will get a position I'm reading a quote here the new generation has never had much use for education and reading now nothing is demanded of them on the contrary knowledge is publicly condemned this is straight from the Nazis mouth in their education system and it's similar in the modern United States how many of our you think that knowledge is something to aspire to it's a popular culture practically that to read a lot is not even cool is uncool now the whole nerd thing oh if you read too much and you're into into really truly learning you're a nerd quote-unquote forget facts teach write attitudes or a character through feel-good experiences an important aspect of nazi education was the cult of experience as being more crucial to the development of the individual than the academic process of learning with it stress on knowledge unlike knowledge which involves the intellect experience involved feeling which alone provide provided access to the deep truths of Nazism which were essentially based on ideological unity such an experience was regarded as essential to character building quote-unquote truths anything but folks so this is continuing this quote from a high-level Nazi in the educational system reject old authority figures through critical thinking and Values Clarification it appealed quote it appealed to the desire of youth to be independent of the adult world and X and Exploited the conflict of generations so this is the divide and conquer strategy drive a wedge between children and their parents between the young and the old generations teach the new youth your parents don't understand they're just they're just set in their ways you know they're not ready to move into the new world like you are the divide and conquer technique right there in in Nazi documents typical tendency for young people to challenge authority figures whether parents or teachers so they're playing on this spirit of rebellion they're using it against the the youth shaping their minds turning them against their parents while thinking getting them to think that they're actually rebelling but they're rebelling against their parents set of values not against the state continuing confuse students values to shocking stimuli and Values Clarification exercises particular quote particularly teachers in secondary schools were alienated by the crudity of this indoctrination and they use the very word right there in their documents indoctrination number four point number five infuse new values through real-life learning create new beliefs and values through multicultural and global education new courses were introduced in fields such as racial studies eugenics and defense studies and there was a new emphasis on prehistory law and political science courses were adapted to fit in with changes introduced by the regime infuse new values through real-life learning that was point number five conditions students into compliance is part of this point quote it was preferred that people should not have a will of their own and should totally subordinate themselves amazing spelled right out in a director of Nazi education documents it is preferred that people should not have a will of their own and should totally subordinate themselves how many of our youth seem to have a will of their own and think truly critically anymore they spit back what they're told to spit back on the tests and think that that's learning and that they know something and I'll tell you what some of the people that uh you know go through this entire ed graduated indoctrination system and get a degree and even a master's degree are some of the most egocentric uninformed people that you'll ever meet that think they know something they actually think that they're well-informed people because they have a piece of paper that tells them that they spit the right answers back onto tests point number six require community service which is pretty self-explanatory service-learning mandatory service service in the Hitler Youth quote is honorary service to the German people all young people are obliged from the age of ten to their 19th birthday to serve in the Hitler Youth Leader worship character education and cooperative learning we cannot quote we cannot fight our way out of this deep crisis through intellectualism the school for character which is a practical test of true comradeship in work and living is irreplaceable the true great practical school is in the labor camp for here instruction and words cease and action begins this resonate with some of the things Obama has put forward wanting to do forced so revised history of the next point well in addition to new content in addition to controlling and indoctrinating the teaching profession reorganizing the educational system and a lot establishing new elite schools the regime sought to influence you through the content of what was taught in the schools relevance and his historical revision the course of history must not appear to our young as a chronicle which strings events together indiscriminately but as in a play only the important events those which have a major impact on life should be portrayed and who writes the history books in the modern indoctrination system well I'll give you a hint it's some of the same people that control the international banking system the cartel of international banks there's some of the biggest publishing houses own some of the biggest publishing houses in the world and they're the ones who are writing the textbooks that indoctrinate our children and give them their version they're revisionist version of world history retrain the teachers create the new German educator in the spirit of National Socialism is being carried out with the same methods which with with which movement has conquered the whole nation indoctrination and propaganda right in their own documents out in the open in in the open telling people openly and this is exactly what's going on here in the United States folks exactly just agree that once again retraining the teachers to create the new German educator in the spirit of national socialism this is being carried out with the same methods with which the movement has conquered the whole nation indoctrination and propaganda it could could it be anymore spelled out I mean right there the very words of Nazi educators the next point silenced the opposition bloc the negative influence of parents and traditional culture these boys join our organization at the age of 10 four years later they move from young folk to Hitler Youth and there we keep them for another four years and then we are even less prepared to give them back into the hands of those who create our class and status barriers punish parents who protect their children from state indoctrination is this sound familiar a legal guardian will be liable for fine up to 150 Reichsmarks or to imprisonment if he deliberately contravenes the stipulation of this decree registration for the Hitler Youth private schools and denominational schools gradually succumb to various pressures the loss of government government subsidies or tax concessions exactly the same has happened here over the last 50 years because World War two never ended it came right over here to the United States and went underground folks look up Project Paperclip read about the Tavistock Institute of human relations the Soviet and Soviet inspired and in full practice Nazi based outcome education system truly amazing to hear that bluntly and openly right from the horse's mouth well I'm also thinking about reading another document that was a speech that some people may have seen this is floating around the internet it was a valedictorian speech by a young lady named Erica Goldson she gave this during her graduation ceremony she was the valedictorian at Coxsackie Athens High School and she gave a valedictorian speech there on June 25th of this year called here I stand and I'm going to get into a little bit of that because it was kind of refreshing to hear a young student who graduated at the top of her class talked about what kind of an educational system model we truly have in the United States and speak with such openness and clarity about it at such a young age so this is a person who was not fooled and kind of woke up I guess she had an awakening experience during her years at this school so I'll get into that in a couple of moments but I see right now we have a caller who looks like been holding on the line sorry I made you hold so long let's all hear what you have to say caller from Southwest Ohio you are on what on earth is happening no trouble whatsoever hello mark passio from the shadows out of the darkness in Cincinnati Ohio this is Bob aka the serene being how are you I'm great you are on fire tonight laying out my pleasure laying out all of National Socialism tenants and how they mirror you the United States of America in 2010 it's shameful isn't it mark how eerily similar our life is in American fascism compared to Nazi Germany it's it's truly amazing if it weren't so disturbing it's absolutely my numbing it there's I'm sure you're familiar with the psychological term when one is overwhelmed by the myriad of things that just it's too much to comprehend at once if we could take one of these things piecemeal but but what is that term when everything just overwhelms the person um it's it's overload really that's what it is I mean it is uh it's it's a shock to the system to realize that wanting this is going on at all and to that many of us have been complicit in it you know not only going through this system it's truly amazing when someone comes out of the controls that are imposed by the system but what is more disturbing I think is for people to really sit back and comprehend that this is what the school system is in this country and that they may be a part of it unwittingly we need to get our teachers to start thinking critically they're indoctrinated themself from their educational upbringing we need to get them to take a second critical look at the educational model that's at work in this country I agree my wife is one of the volunteers at the local public school and and the teachers are required of course to follow through with the George Bush juniors every Child Left Behind policy which gives these teachers no time to focus on any sort of teaching whatsoever it's pure dog and pony show let's get the kiddies to jump through these hoops if we don't get the kids to jump through these hoops to regurgitate the pablum that we're pushing as education onto the paper and the papers are graded correctly then we won't get our state funding to continue this madness of operation that we're doing amazing and that's how they keep these people on the hook right on the on the fishing line by dangling out that carrot before them and saying you won't get your funding and that's how they keep them going along to get along it all comes back to the funding follow the money I'm sure you're you're familiar with that phrase mark yeah and this isn't just at a large organizational level this comes down to the level of sin we the teacher doing this for a paycheck because that's what they do for a living just like the cop doing this this is just my job it isn't just a job this this idea that I'm just doing something because it's a job has to be rejected people have to look at what they're doing and say is the major question to excess is not what will I be able to make a living by doing this that that's the wrong question to ask oneself the major question to ask is am I truly doing something that is right and it is not causing harm those are the questions that have to be asked in one's own mind when one is doing anything any action any job for that matter and sadly so few people ask these questions because all they determine what they will do for a living is based upon how much money it can make them and will it provide any kind of a secure income for them and their family and that's not good enough it's not good enough and I know that some that's something easy to say when you have a family to support yeah it is no one ever said doing the right thing would be easy you've got to recognize it and then you have to use will to live in harmony with the truth the truth isn't always comfortable but getting in touch with it will set you free if your ego isn't big enough to get involved and say well I'm just going to do this because that's how I make money that's my skill set this is all I can do or it's just this is just the way it is and that's my job and I don't question anything those attitudes and values are not good enough and they don't cut it just saying I was following orders didn't cut it in the Nuremberg trials and it shouldn't cut it even in something like this it is about being a teacher a quote unquote teacher people are saying I'm just doing what I'm told I'm just fought you know following the education the curriculum that's been outlined for our students by people higher up in the educational system and that's not good enough it's not good enough and I know they face reprisal and consequences when they don't teach it but I think we have to find kind of creative ways around those limitations and restrictions and one of the best ways I've said is homeschool your children don't even put them in these these gulags for children which is essentially what they are that we educate our children based on our moral values hey we can only do that if we have them though that's that's the catch-22 more we educate yourself and then morally educate your children and school them at home I wish I wish I had more courage mark - to break free I work in a profession that you know hasn't got the best rap lately and once again I am one of those classic people you're talking about the bill payer I what I know how to do I'm trying to wake up consciously to what what's going on and and trying to move for I did score one victory though we recently had a baby my wife and I and what happened at the hospital I fought these vampires tooth and nail to not stick needles in this baby and you would not believe the resistance or you would probably believe the resistance I came up against I was it was unbelievable but in the end I walked off that ward and that baby had no no mercury no thir Marisol there's no poison whatsoever in its system and that was a victory for all of us well Bob congratulations number one on a boy it was a girl little girl congratulations and I I think that's a great story and that took a lot of courage to do that because I could imagine how resistant they were to that and how determined they were to us stick the child with uh with those poisons it was overwhelming and and if anybody doubts that that we are on tracked with Nazi Germany as our model I'd like to point out if I may mark that the term Hitler was fond of using when he spoke of his dear Austrian homeland there he called it his high MOT minor high Mott which relate which which translates to the word homeland we have no English equivalent for the word high but all of a sudden in national regalia we have our new Department of Internal Security I mean Homeland Security and it's shameful mark yep yep right out of there right out of their playbook it's almost word-for-word oh it's exactly it is word-for-word hi Mott homeland and also frightening Lee enough in 1947 we set up our national agencies of security but the German term in their country was called right see care heights helped humped which translates exactly verbatim to National Security Agency and that is frightening unto itself and of course as you know founding in 47 was at the same time that we started bringing all these Nazis over here through the OSS in the CIA employing the most heinous SS war criminals to create what is now the CIA the Bush family completely steeped financially and uh socially with these Nazis but but but I won't I won't belabor it too long mark but I've got a couple of questions if I may ask absolutely I've been I know mark that you yourself are steeped in a cult the cult for in your former world in your former life I I know that you've moved on that you were one to follow the left-hand path to comment then I've got a question Stanley Kubrick was also a person steeped in the occult and he tried to convey in his movies a lot of things too to the uneducated like myself out here it particularly in his last film Eyes Wide Shut some of which you probably know he was murdered I'm sorry he died mysteriously six days after it was in the can just like Mozart died six days after the Magic Flute hit the hit the stage because it revealed the esoteric realities of the mystery schools and its teachings and he they were trying to relay this to the common or like like me and but but I would like to comment and then ask you a question to the the ceremony and eyes wide shut the the focal point of the movie is the ceremony at this aristocratic Castle and it's it's conducted by a red robed clad person surrounded by black robed witches are soon to be sex slaves but at the beginning they're black rode in a circle the dark satanic music in the background but I'd like to point out that the one of the gold masks that leads the the protagonist dr. Harford which supposedly is a play on Harford Harrison Ford not are not heart ford but Harford supposedly Harrison Ford accidentally walked in on one of these ceremonies and they had to convert him very quickly but but one of the gold mask people that led him back in the room for his Inquisition it my god I saw it as clear as a bell the village when it turned to the side it was the face of Bob Hope the mask was the face of Bob Hope which confirms what you were talking about the book of by Brice Taylor the media Sex Lies from memory amen brother thanks for the memories of which Bob Hope working with others like Henry Kissinger and others are in the sex slave trade the presidential sex slave trade which is the highest level for these these ports say and I want to thank neo personally for speaking about what you spoke about that was Bret groundbreaking radio and history-making presentation thank you neo I'm going to have neo on in a couple more weeks probably on the second week of September and he's going to come on to talk about some of the methodologies which he has used and does use that are healing uh vibrational healing techniques to help people to recover that are under such types of mind control or have lived through these experiences these horrid experiences in their lives some of the techniques that he personally used to get himself to the level of health that he is now at mentally and spiritually and emotionally it's needed and and thank him personally if he's not listening police say for all of us out here that we need to hear this more it's horrifying and shocking as it is I even had to turn away for a while just to get my pairings but but I came back to finish it up and powerful presentation but my question mark in the movie Eyes Wide Shut yes from what I understand one of the things that infuriated the Illuminati masters infuriated them was the presentation of the eight pointed stars all over the the movie eight pointed stars now I know Walmart has recently switched to a six pointed star in their logo out of nowhere and of course the five pointed star the Baphomet inside the pentagram are pentacle what have you is his old hat that's old satanic symbol but my question is what does that eight-pointed star mean and and how does it relate to sigils and working spells just like target has recently switched to an arrow on all of their marketing materials logos and printed products from what I understand an arrow is a witch's spell being cast what does that eight-pointed star mean mark and I'll take my answer out the air you are a saint mark now you're not a saint but I got this I appreciate what you're doing man you're my brother keep up the great the good work great works for Masons good works are for good people thank you Mark you got a thanks Bob I appreciate it always great to hear from you well in my studies of symbolism what I have seen the eight pointed star to represent is an astrological interpretation of the great cross and the lesser cross combined so this is that the great cross basically gives us our position within our galaxy it is comprised of the four fixed signs of the zodiac which are Taurus Scorpio Aquarius and Leo some people refer to these as the the lion the mandible and and the eagle the lion being Leo the man being Aquarius the water bringer the bull of course Taurus and the eagle is Scorpio this is a reference to the constellation of Aquila in Scorpio so this represents the four cardinal directions as related to the center of our galaxy Scorpio points toward the center of our galaxy along with the adjacent constellation of Sagittarius the center of our galaxy can be found right in between Scorpio and Sagittarius between the Scorpions finger and the arrow of Sagittarius so you go across and from from on the zodiac and you get to Taurus Taurus as the constellation two points away from the center of our galaxy and then you have the arm that creates the cross of Leo and Aquarius so you have a fire sign an air sign a water sign and an earth sign on that great cross of the fixed signs now parallel to that cross you have the cross that defines our solar system so the great cross is known as the cross of st. Andrew the cross of st. George is the cross of the solstices and the equinoxes so these are the this is the cross that separates the seasons it defines the winter and summer solstice and the spring and autumn equinoxes so these two crosses together form an eight-pointed star an eight-armed star now you'll see this depicted in different configurations sometimes it is two squares overlapping okay sometimes you'll see this depicted in an octagonal arrangement now the octagon is another symbol that goes hand-in-hand you'll see this in movies a lot octagonal symbolism this goes hand-in-hand with another symbolic occult concept known as the tesseract a tesseract is a four dimensional cube it's called a hypercube you won't see this in early initiatory occultism you'll see this in higher levels of initiation that people will be initiated towards to the symbolism of the tesseract or the hypercube this is definitely definitely dark occultism the symbol of the hypercube is I would I would say is halt ISM that relates to controlling the mind of someone else so this is what would be referred to as clapotis occultism this is the occultic principles which mind control is based upon that's what this symbol ultimately represents so I'll just give an example one of the places you'll see the octagonal symbol it's usually black you'll usually see a black octagon in dark kwatak occultism the octagon is a projection of the hypercube in two-dimensional space so I know that's getting a little bit complicated but if you look at a 4d representation okay like a three-dimensional extrusion you're essentially to create a line you're extruding a point to create a plane you're extruding a line to create a cube you're extruding a plane to create a hypercube you're extruding a cube if you can follow that geometrically in that progression that I just laid out well an extruded cube is called a hypercube or tesseract when you look at this extrusion from a certain perspective and you've mapped that onto a two-dimensional plane you have an octagon this is why the Octagon is a representation of the hypercube it's a projection of the hypercube a shadow if you will okay like a shadow of a three-dimensional object on a wall in two dimensions so the shadow is what dark occultists work with they work with projections they work with the subconscious they work with the thing that is thrown off of conscious mind or the conscious aspect of the Bing and that's how they can create puppets essentially or what they call golems the golem the creature that is shaped by the magician again this is core Pollak magic ql i PP o th clip oke clapotis it's dark mind control based influential in the sense that you're trying to influence someone to do your own will lowercase W will not the higher will okay so to create your zombies which is essentially what we're talking about with the educational system but just as an example where do we most see the octagon most frequently not even in a cult movies I mean movies that have a cultic symbolism in it we see it on every street corner it's right there on every single street corner as a stop sign stop sign is octagonal in the in the color red which is the the symbol of the lowest or base form of consciousness of the base chakra we're on the Tree of Life this spinal-cord tree called the sefirot ik tree it's called ma-kun so we'll get into some of this stuff when we start talking about Kabbalah when we start talking about Freemasonry and we start talking about Rosicrucianism etc I'll go in-depth and all of this stuff to answer the question that's essentially my interpretation from what I have learned in my studies of the eight pointed star and its associated octagonal projection which is a projection of the hypercube a tesseract but secondarily one of the places we see this the most and it's kind of a synchronistic that you would bring up on the eight fold shape because I mentioned what I'll be talking about it the conference next year police and military symbolism and the octagon will feature prominently in that presentation particularly the hypercube I will I will break it down and discuss what this represents and how it is you are initiated to some of this symbolism if you go far enough in in the occult but this works upon the subconscious just seeing the shape one understands what it is used for one understands what it represents and dark occult to see the band of zodiacal stars as like a prison they see the world of matter as a prison for the soul not the soul evolving and having experience within this body that we call matter the material world um therefore they look at that which is contained within the hypercube as the material of the prison and they use the octagonal shape to represent prison bound consciousness mind controlled consciousness whenever you see the octagon used in the context of dark occultism you can guarantee and again this is according to what I have learned about it there may be other interpretations of this but according to what I have learned about it this represents control essentially mind control the symbol for mind control is the Octagon B and again you tack on the corners to the Octagon you get the eight-pointed star so it is a variant just like you tack on the corners to the Pentagon you get a pentagram since this octagonal prison this box within a box okay because a hypercube can also be described as a cube inside of another cube you're excluding a cube into all of the other faces open to all of its faces you're excluding all the cubes faces so you get a box within a box a cube within a cube a hypercube one of the places we see this used symbolically most frequently is right upon the head of police upon the head of police right on top of the crown chakra they place an eight-pointed hat an eight-pointed hat right on top of the crown chakra an octagonal black hat the octagon represents the hypercube which represents mind control this is placed directly upon the top of the head as a hat that is black and you think that's accidental okay essentially telling police out in the open we own you you're totally under our mind-control you don't have any idea what our symbolism means you think a cop has studied or learned any of that that I just explained to you why the occultus would use that symbol what they the dark cultist think that it means whether it truly truly means that or not that's their interpretation of it they're using it in that context to control the mind and to get people to continue to do things under their direction it's a mockery it's a it's a big laughingstock belly-laugh game that they're playing on people and they're getting a roaring kick out of it that the people under their control don't even understand it it's a joke to them it's a big joke to them well we're almost out of time I got a quote here we go call her from New York your own water birth is happening you got 30 seconds you wrap up the show hi mark I want to thank you for a great show I just wanted to say if you want to know more about what you were talking about also to learn seen a theme harson I can pound my name right not empower me yes he does a great job on the sacred geometry I just wanted to say with you quoted on this show was a difference between any of us as our level of consciousness I want that they end it with that because a learning that the true value and you know practice behind that is really getting over the differences of the supposed differences of all of us on this planet I couldn't agree more unfortunately we're out of time I thank you so much for the call I think you're right on point ladies and gentlemen thanks for listening this has been what on earth is happening I'm mark patty I'll see you all here next week good night everyone