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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you are listening - what on earth is happening right here on the revolution Broadcasting Network I'm your host mark passio today is Tuesday September 14 2010 and we are going to continue our ongoing discussion and ongoing revealing of the methodologies of mind control right here tonight on what on earth is happening we have a good show lined up for you tonight we're going to talk about the financial system of control the monetary system one of the Keystone's of mind control the cornerstones this is one of the most powerful methods we're going to start to get into it tonight and we will continue to discuss the monetary system in the coming weeks before we get into our main topic of discussion tonight I have a few event announcements for events that are coming up in the Philadelphia area that's where I'm from folks and I like to always announce activist events that take place in this area to hope hopefully bring more people out and get more people active in this community so with that I have three event announcements for events that are coming up in the Philadelphia region the first is next Monday night September 20th from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. the great activist group in this area called truth freedom prosperity is going to be hosting their monthly documentary screening and discussion night at the ethical Society building the ethical Society is at 1906 South Rittenhouse Square and this starts seven o'clock p.m. sharp they're going to be showing this month the documentary called ten rules for dealing with police I'll read the description of this documentary learn to flex your sovereignty with Flex your rights dot orgs latest film ten rules for dealing with police from the creators of the 2003 classic busted the citizens guide to surviving in police encounters flex your rights org has released its newest achievement ten rules for dealing with police a 40-minute docudrama which depicts innocent people dealing with heavy-handed policing tactics used every day in the United States this film is a powerful resource that provides proven survival strategies for dealing with racial profiling and police abuse after watching ten rules for dealing with police you will be more confident and better prepared to handle every kind of police situation learn how to deal with traffic stops street stops and police at your door know your rights and maintain your cool avoid common police tricks and prevent humiliating searches so once again ten rules for dealing with police free documentary screening and discussion September 20th 7 o'clock p.m. at the ethical Society building 1906 south Rittenhouse Square for more information please check out truth freedom prosperity dot org secondly the Tesla Science Foundation a group that I am honored to be a member of and to work with it just came off of our yearly conference back in July the Tesla energy independence celebrations which are heard a lot about on this show they're going to be hosting a Tesla Knights 2010 educational fundraiser to raise some money for the Tesla Foundation of Philadelphia so this is going to be happening on Saturday evening September 25th Saturday September 25th at 7 o'clock p.m. this is all ages a five dollar donation is requested at the door it will be taking place at the rotunda the Rotunda is at 4:01 for Walnut Street 40:14 Walnut Street in Philadelphia this will feature my presentation and lecture I'll be speaking at this event I have a presentation called nikola tesla free energy and the future of humanity there will also be a live Tesla coil demonstration and a musical act that is yet to be announced the topics that will be covered in my presentation include who was Nikola Tesla and why should you care what were his greatest accomplishments what did he attempt to do in the service of humanity and why were his most visionary innovations never implemented how was his name erased from the place it truly deserves in world history are the world changing technologies the Tesla wish to bring forward actively being suppressed by institutionalized power structures how different would the world we live in today be had Tesla been able to implement his plan for a new energy paradigm how can we make Tesla's dreams in the early 20th century come true in the early 21st please note that this will not be a technical presentation I'm not a scientist or an electrical engineer if you're expecting a highly technical lecture you will be disappointed because my lecture is largely about ethical considerations and the questions that we should really be asking ourselves like what path is Humanity on as a result of our worldwide energy paradigm right now why do we so crucially need the technology that Tesla pioneered now at this time in human history and what kind of consciousness change will it take to make Tesla's vision come to fruition well on that um on that note I'd like to be the first to tell you that there may be coming to revolution broadcasting I don't want to definitively say this this is in the works but think I can preliminary announce to you tonight the revolution broadcasting may be taking on a new show that deals with energy and specifically deals with Tesla's world vision of what he envisioned bringing to the world as far as a free energy system goes and more details will be forthcoming in a few weeks here but in the works is a show right here on revolution broadcasting the Tesla Science Foundation is going to be a big part of that a whole show about energy in general specifically the kind of energy paradigm we have right now what it is doing to the earth what we are doing to each other as a result of it and how drastically different the world would be had we listened to a great visionary and pioneer like Nikola Tesla so that's the second event announcement and finally free your mind a con a con furan s-- on consciousness mind control and the occult free your mind a unique two-day conference set for April 9th and 10th 2011 in Philadelphia featuring multiple speakers and diverse educational materials for the purpose of raising public awareness of the critically important topics of mass mind control techniques the covert and subversive influences upon consciousness and behavior trauma based and ritualized abuse and the practical mental and emotional healing methodologies available for those affected by these devices which sad to say folks is just about everyone on this planet this is a conference that I will be co-hosting along with many dedicated individuals in the Philadelphia area the date once again Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10th 2011 the program will be running from 10:00 a.m. to about 8:00 p.m. each day the doors will open at 9:00 a.m. each day the location is rubra hall our UVA Liuba Hall Ruba Hall is at 414 Green Street in Philadelphia one nine one two three the admission price set very reasonably and only $20 per person per day we have ten confirmed speakers so far and we have at least four or five more speakers in the works that were negotiating with to get them out there at the free your mind conference confirmed speakers so far Erin McCallum alfred weber Andrew basiago farah your dozous Jay Parker mark and Rose Laura Eisenhower myself mark passio Michael Kelly and Suzanne Taylor great speakers lined up already with some more really special speakers to be announced in the coming weeks for more information about this unique conference please visit the conference website at wwlp.com in at any time no tablet topics as always here on what on earth is happening please be patient when you call in I may be in the middle of a idea or a concept I glance at the switchboard frequently while I'm talking so if I don't see you right away please be patient I will get to your call I love taking calls on the show the call-in number seven two four four four four seven four four four once again the call I the call number seven twenty four triple four seven triple four when you call in you have to put in the call ID number for this show the call ID number for what on earth is happening is eight three five one five once again the call ID number enter it after you call the call in number the call ID number is eight three five one five so today we're going to begin an ongoing josè of mind-control methodologies we're going to continue this and we're going to begin the seventh and perhaps the strongest of all the mind-control techniques that are used by the hidden controllers of this world the sorcerers if you will those who are wielding incredible influence over the thoughts of the people of this planet and that is the monetary system the monetary system is probably the most monumental and the deepest entrench of all of the methods of manipulation employed by the occultists of the world and we're going to see tonight a little bit about how the monetary system is a technique of the occult again that word conjures different connotations in people's minds when you say the word occult and the first word that it most commonly brings up is evil well this is there's a reason for that but that's a technique of mind control in and of itself it's a technique of obfuscation to try to get people to think of a concept or an idea in a very specific way that you want them to think about it yet not really understanding what that thing is the word occult we've talked about on this show many times doesn't actually equate with evil the occult could be used for evil however the word itself comes from the Latin it comes from the verb occult RA in Latin which simply means to hide or to conceal all the word occult means in and of itself is hidden and indeed it is hidden knowledge and hidden knowledge is the path to manipulation if certain knowledge is concealed from a group of people the group of people that is concealing that knowledge that is secreting it that is occulting it has a tactical advantage because in their ignorance other people become extremely susceptible to manipulation when certain knowledge is taken out of general circulation this is something that I talked a lot with the um post on here on a revolution broadcasting he basically runs the network Bob Tuscon Bob hosted a 9/11 truth marathon this past Saturday and he had me on as a guest I was originally going to host another guest plans really didn't work out for that so Bob instead brought me on and hosted about a half an hour 35 40 minute segment something like that in which I really went into the occult aspects of what took place on 9/11 2001 this massive event that was an example of the Hegelian dialectic which we talked about a couple of weeks back on this show and I really hit people with a lot of cult information a lot of occult knowledge in explaining the deeper elements to 9/11 that are often unseen and they are unseen because most people are unstudied in the occult and do not recognize its symbols even if they are displayed openly to them in the light of day which was done in a huge huge way on September 11th 2001 so I'll be hoping to get that up on my site the mp3 archive from that show because it really really hit people with a lot in quick in rapid succession and I know it was a lot to take in so I want to get it up there for people may have heard it and not been able to grasp all of that with the audio you'll be able to look at the pictures if you look at my site now there's a news article announcing that I was going to be on the show this past weekend and I have some of the images that I talked about while I was on the air so within the next few days hopefully I will have the audio from that broadcast up on the site I'll put I'll attach it right on to that article that announced that I was going to be on and it will be accessible right there with the images so I just want to let people know that before I continue in with the topic for tonight definitely check that out it's very valuable information this is also discussed in depth in my video presentation on my site at what on earth is happening I believe it is in part three of the video section but I also recommend the people watch those in order because those videos are a tapestry of information as is this radio show so proceeding in order is recommended but if you want to go forward and check out the 9/11 symbolism feel free to do so so we've talked about six mind control techniques so far I am going to talk about 14 before we're through discussing what you could in effect call the negative side of the story as I've told people many times on this show this isn't a New Age broadcast it's not affiliated with the New Age movement this is something we talked about last week when I talked about controlled opposition this show exposes the hard core truths about what's taking place in the world I feel that only in doing so and exposing this and looking at the shadow not only of what's taking place in the world but our shadow selves what would has taken place within us that is dark that is hidden that can be improved upon by us only through delving into this material can we really become truly aware and enlightened as to what is taking place and what our role in changing that darkness into something more powerful positive and empowering maybe therefore to that end we do look into the negative we look into manipulation techniques we look into mind control these are things not many people want to face but they are very real they are very active they are taking place in our world all the time and only in becoming knowledgeable about how these methodologies work and how they are put into practice in our world do we really empower ourselves to protect ourselves against them and to help others then to come out of the consensus trance that the majority of the human species is walking around in on a 24-hour basis so we've already looked at six of these 14 major tactics 14 major methods of manipulation please do not think these are the only techniques of mind control that are employed there are many others these are 14 which I have identified and that I feel are the most widely used and are the most powerfully used methods I think they're the most critical to understand and know about if we're really going to wake ourselves up and be a force for truth and positive change in the world therefore I have decided in my presentation on this show to specifically expose these 14 particular methodologies so far we have already discussed abuse ocation we have talked about world view poisoning we've also exposed the exploitation of subconsciously held primal fears we talked about the divide and conquer strategy we looked into the outcome based indoctrination system that we laughingly call public education in this country and in the Western world and over the last couple of weeks we talked about the controlled oppositional paradigm or what is simply known as dialectics I highly encourage people to go back into the podcast section on my website at what on earth is happening calm and listen to these older shows go back to the beginning and listen from the beginning you often will pick up many things that you missed perhaps or didn't hear quite accurately the first time or things that just spur you on the further study that's why this radio show is archived every week as a podcast and is made available on my site as well as on the talk show network which is the podcast carrier for this show so these six techniques have been discussed in detail in depth on previous shows topics for all the shows are labeled on my site so you can look at the topics and and that will tell you what that particular show focus on tonight we are going into the seventh method of manipulation and as I said this is one of the biggest it is one of the strongest if not the strongest now I talked about three heavy hitters or heavy guns of manipulation I talked about them being religion the use of subversive symbolism or occult symbolism and then chaos sorcery is the final the fourteenth of the mind manipulation techniques that I discuss in my presentation and while those three are indeed the most subversive when it comes to human psychology I think there is one that is even perhaps more entrenched more controlling in our lives than any of the others and that is the monetary system all this in my work the one and only religion now immediately that may be beamed or heard as offensive to many individuals but I maintain that statement as being completely true there is only really ultimately one religion on this planet and that religion is the belief in money few people in the world are out of this mind control technique so few people are free of this mind manipulation technique that it is almost unimaginably small the percentage of people in the world that actually fully know and are fully aware that money never has actually existed in nature it does not now actually exist in nature and it never will actually exist in point of fact reality now this is going to the very end first I'm giving you the very end of the analysis of this entire fraud of this entire tactic of this this entire mind manipulation technique first before we even go into how how this system of fraud works I'm explaining the people first and foremost then the number one tenant to understand to take in and to know that this is true and I am NOT stating this as my belief now here's examples like last week on the show I made it very clear that I was not making blanket statements when it came to talking about the New Age movement and some of the concepts that are contained in it and some of the teachers within it I made it abundantly clear that I was not making a blanket statement I said that discernment was needed when it came to understanding the New Age movement as a controlled opposition as a form of controlled opposition today I am making a blanket statement there is no such thing as money folks it does not exist in reality it is a construct that truck only exists in one place and that is the mind controlled mind that's it I don't care what you think of that statement I'm not interested I'm telling you that that is the actual truth of what money is all about it does not exist in nature it only exists in the mind and it only exists in the mind of the mind controlled if you actually believe in this notion you are under mind control and I understand thoroughly what I'm saying 100 percent don't think that I am naive when it comes to what I'm talking about here I know that will be taken as that's that's absurd that's ridiculous of course money exists I know that the influence that money wields in the world over people and over their minds and over their hearts and over their actions and behavior I'm well aware that that exists but what I'm trying to explain is that in actual reality there is no such thing as money it is an accepted construct just know this understand that first and foremost it is an accepted construct that requires your belief in it in order for it to work the way that it does I am not naive about how money works nor about the control that it wields over people's minds please do not think that because I'm making the statement that it does not actually exist in nature hey I'm well aware of the total control that it has over people's minds and souls I'm so aware of this that I term this the one and only religion it is the only unquestioned I should say largely unquestioning I mean largely hugely unquestioned belief system on the earth more people subscribe to this religion than any other Christianity can only dream in its wildest imaginings to have this kind of a conversion rate Islam would kill to have this many people believe in this as strongly in Islam as strongly as they as people believe in money it would kill okay you can forget about the religions they are small potatoes next to the all-encompassing belief in money almost the entire world's population almost the whole human population our adherence to this religion our adherence to this faith they are proselytizers of this faith and they worship at its altar every day bring this notion up to somebody that you know isn't very aware which is easy to do and they're easy to find they're everywhere okay just bring up the notion money isn't real it doesn't actually exist in nature only the belief in it empowers it and gives it any power over anyone's life and you will hear the most absurd ridiculous statements juvenile statements in defense of a system that never did anything good for that individual all it ever did during the course of their entire lives was enslave that individual because ultimately that's what this religion is it is a religion of slavery for slaves get is offended about that statement as you like that is what the monetary system is that is its end goal slavery is what the monetary system is seeking to accomplish it is what those who wield the power of this system are seeking to accomplish the international banking dynasty families of the world the International Finance ears the owners and directors directors of all of the central banks of the world particularly the Federal Reserve System of this country and all of the puppets that play their game which is essentially every politician on this planet they are finger puppets at best by the real wizards the real occult sorcerers of the world that actually are behind the machination z' of the world monetary system these are truly the dark occultists that owned this place folks they own this place and they don't own it because they have any real power they own it because of the power we as human beings have given to them through our unwavering and unchallenged belief in their illusion called money we empower this illusion and in doing so we enslave ourselves the human race will never ever ever be free it will perpetually for all eternity as long as this planet is here exist as a slave race for as long as the belief in money persists now I don't really care who is talking about gold as money silver as money you could talk about anything as money I understand that people have to use money because right now the way the world is that belief in it is so unchallenged that if you didn't you essentially could not get anybody to basically take any actions and that's the part of the mind control I do think it is true if money ground to a halt all in one time we already saw the effects of this happening in the Great Depression we already saw this look at what people were doing killing each other killing themselves because of an imaginary construct cease to to be able to have any effect in their lives and so they stopped actually doing any of the actions that they needed to do to stay alive even jumping off of buildings killing each other for a dime and if that happened again today you'd see the same and worse because the world is even more under mind control than perhaps it was back then and people are even more dee pendant on this illusory imaginative system that only exists in the mind as a construct money is backed by nothing in the modern world even if you believe that gold could be actual money or that silver could be actual money I say there's actually no real vacuum even if you did back it with with gold or silver that's all a contract and illusion to people who think that oh we just need to get to a gold-backed currency in this country again it's the same thing folks it's your imagining that this is actual value gold is an actual value are you going to eat gold okay is gold gonna help you build a house to shelter yourself is gold going to bring water from one place to another so you have water to drink no it's all a contract doesn't matter what you use you could use clam shells you can use rocks you could use diamonds gold you could use broken shards of glass you know you can use straws it doesn't make a difference it's all just a contract this is what I'm trying to get people to ultimately see we don't even need these constructs for exchange if we get to a certain level of consciousness the consciousness of scarcity and lack and having to get something in return for something else is the consciousness that powers this system any monetary system no matter what you're using as the currency it means that flow of energy stops or starts based on your belief in this construct that's why it's called a current you know like electricity or water the flow of currents it's called currency this is an accidental either this is symbolic language and that's how the occult works again Jordan Maxwell has made this basic green language popular he explains money is like current or energy like electricity it flows it's that which is a flowing source of energy and when a river flows it flows through its banks this is called green language or alchemical language this is how occult concepts work it's not accidental that that language works out that way there is a significance to it so money is current it is energy that is how it is set up meaning that if it stops flowing there is no motion or there is no life I said to someone this week money is just an imaginary contract it doesn't actually exist in nature and their response was well you couldn't live without money think about that just think about that notion right there you couldn't live without money this person is under such deep mind-control that they are equating life force energy itself with money it's like saying you couldn't live without the unified life force energy of the cosmos that isn't what they said though they said you couldn't live without money this is placing money in the position of God it is giving the attributes of God to a common imaginary contract that has been made up by man and I understand what they meant by you can't live without money believe me I get that people won't do anything for other people because they're under such hypnotic trance I get that hey I understand what they meant that if you try to completely do away with this concept and don't engage it at all that you'll probably be living homeless on the street because that is what people that is the level of care people truly have for their brother and sister in the modern world that's the fact of the matter that is currently true now as we speak it doesn't have to be that way it can change anytime we want to change our level of consciousness it all exists in a choice and that choice is in the present moment the now and it can be changed immediately if we so choose it now I am currently making that choice I understand that this is an illusion it's a construct it has absolutely nothing to do with reality yet other people believe in it so strongly that this is their religion they it has usurped the place of God in most people's minds that is what money has done that's why I call it the one and only religion and it doesn't make a difference what religion people say that they're a member of this is their God you watch the movie they live the science fiction movie a science fiction allegory called they live I highly recommend it a caller brought it up last week or a couple weeks ago and I highly recommend taking a look at this movie called they live and in it the hero looks at money through these glasses that can show him the truth okay in this science fiction allegory and right on the bill right on the bill that the other character is holding in his hands it says this is your god on the money that's what's actually printed there and everybody else using it doesn't see that but when when the main character puts on these glasses he sees the world of reality as it truly is to his eyes he then is able to say it a great allegorical film and that is exactly exactly the thrall that people are held in by this system I'm just setting up this to talk about the occult aspects of money we can get into how the banks work we can get into all the different frauds that they pull we could talk about the Federal Reserve System and who owns it and that's all very important we have to understand how the financial system does indeed work but I'm trying to get people to it deeper level of comprehension about the construct itself of money when you look into the occult side of this it becomes extremely interesting and things that you would not have ordinarily understood become manifest to the light of day understand that ultimately what the ocultist what the dark Oh cultists want to do is to have you equate certain concepts with money and the first is that it is the determining flow of energy in the world meaning that it is the life force itself it is the generator of life force now I want to be very clear about what I'm saying here okay I don't go this into depth in this in my presentation I'm going to expand on this greatly on the air okay via cultists who ultimately own the financial systems of the world who are wielding an illusion over people's minds that's what this is it's a mind-control illusion to get people to act the way they want them to act this is 100 percent behavioral control through a construct that only exists in the mind these occultists and they are Oh cultists I'm not telling you that that is my belief I don't really care if you accept that accept it or do not accept it I know that they are a cultists I know that there are cultists because I worked with some of them directly myself I've talked briefly about how I was involved in systems of dark occultism and I will get more into that in the future on this show however I'm laying that down as a truth that I know to exist not a belief okay the Oh cultists that own and control the financial systems of this world okay the very first thing that they need you to believe is that money is life force energy now they do this through many means largely through symbolism which I'm going to get into tonight and to tell you the truth I think what I may do we'll see how this goes over the next 15 20 minutes or so I don't know how much about me fed I'm going to get into tonight I don't know how much about how interest works and about how the Fed was created and about the families that own it and about you know how the fractional reserve currency system fiat currency system works we'll see I would probably rather leave that for the show that's coming up in two weeks which I guess this is a good opportunity to tell you about I'm going to be interviewing James Yaeger in two weeks time September 28th right here on this show James Yaeger is the documentary filmmaker that made the great documentary Fiat Empire Fiat Empire Fiat is spelled FIA T Fiat it's a Latin word it means so be it or let it be and this is this also go ties right into the concept I'm talking about right now because the word Fiat is the first word that is attributed to the God of creation in the Bible God in the story of Genesis the creator speaks the universe into existence with the words in Latin Fiat looks let there be light Fiat looks well the word Fiat means let there be that is the kind of monetary system we have one that is simply spoken into existence by those who have taken the place of God in this world and they are the gods of this world with a small G they think their God big G they can think that all they want it will never make it true but essentially by giving them our consent and our belief and therefore our power to imbue something with consciousness and power and control over other people we have essentially agreed and made them into God's the money masters and they call their system fiat currency let there be energy currency current this is the energy that we say exists and this is what runs the world this is what the world runs on our creation that was spoken from our lips and because we say it's real it's it exists and it is real well folks only your belief is holding that up say whatever you want get as mad about that as you want you want to know who keeps the world in slavery it is not these occultists it is not it is not via cultists who own the monetary systems get over it get over it it is not them it is us the N the N our belief is what creates the slavery that's in the world period period get out of the belief that this nonsensical construction that does not exist in nature is real and the world will change the external manifestation that we have collectively created will change and not a moment before those barriers in the mind are broken down not one moment before so my guest in two weeks James Yeager will talk about the creation of the Federal Reserve we will get into energy itself as a construct you know how they're there and other energies is oil that they've created and that they claim to own the resources of this planet and ultimately that is really the ultimate currency because it's keep it keeps the world in motion see it's all about motion the dynamic energy of motion the flow of things these are all critically important terms and words to understand how they're used oil it's something that lubricates it keeps things flowing we burn it for light we burn it for fuel this is the currency of the elite class so called the lead class the controllers the sorcerers the occultists of the world the mind-control masters the manipulators that essentially own the minds of the human populace because people don't want to think and don't want to have any discernment over what is actually real or not real and they want to make excuses and they want to absolve themselves of personal responsibility always always that's what the the cry is oh oh you couldn't live without money no you don't want to have to live in a way that you have 100% responsibility over your own actions therefore you want to accept the creation of this utter garbage nonsensical notion called money that somehow has any power or sway over your lives your actions your decisions your behaviors it's all about not wanting to think folks let's be real honest about it let's be real honest about it and stop blaming other people over oh they're the manipulators and woe is us bull okay bull it takes compliance for this system to be perpetuated and yet because so many people believe in it unquestioningly it's their religion and again the word religion is to hold back to tie back to thort it comes from the latin red leg are a red lead go red leg or a and I'm tired of people who insist that this word comes from the Latin verb red leg or a well I don't know about you but I don't say religion do you know I didn't think you did it's the word is religion and the etymology is not real let go okay this is what people want people to think and secondly that etymology doesn't even make as much sense people want to think that it means it comes from the verb Lego ligerian read and where we get the word law from the legal system it is not that is not where it comes from it comes from the Latin verb to tie Ligaya Legare a to bind because it is occult binding it is magical binding that is what religion means it comes from the verb religio relig ra which means to tie by binding it can also mean to hold back meaning like a leash around ones neck to hold back like a yoke like the reins of a horse ties the horseback or binds that animal or the yoke of an ox that is where the word religion comes from and it means to bind to hold back the word ready go read lagari in Latin can also mean to thwart when you are holding somebody back you are trying to thwart what they are ultimately trying to accomplish where a goal that they are ultimately trying to reach and that is what religion is it is thwarting it is binding okay the monetary system is the global religion folks people talk about the global religion coming in as part of the New World Order while I have news for you it's already in place and it's been in place for thousands of years the one-world religion is the belief in money and it's already here and it's been here with us for a long long time money is the religion that controls the world through mind control and it has usurped the place of God because it is considered the energy through which the world is given the ability the actual ability to exist people think that without it the world couldn't exist people couldn't exist I answered this person who said you can't live without money I said could you explain to me how all of our ancient ancestors lived without the concept of money thousands of years before money was actually invented would you tell me how you got here if you can't live without money people lived on this planet without money for tens of thousands of the years and got by just fine money is not as ancient of a concept as you would think it is thousands of years old but it is nowhere near as long as human beings have existed on this planet it is however the most unchallenged belief on the earth and therefore I call it the one and only religion people believe in this a million times more strongly than they believe in their God ask any Muslim ask any Christian ask any Jew ask any Buddhist for that matter they all believe in money folks I wonder where where all the priests are who say that they give their lives over to God when we're having a rally outside the Federal Reserve Building where are you at you're certainly not listening to this show or paying attention anything that's real if you are really trying to make some change happen in the world you'd be out there helping us try to end an evil and corrupt institution like the Fed that's doing the work of the demon what it is basically doing the work of the entire demon consciousness that infects this place well you won't see any religionists get involved in that because they're 501c3 status might be in jeopardy then folks and then then out goes you know all the money coming into that donation plate tax-free you know what I'm saying yeah you know what I'm talking about flow energy currents this is what they have set up money to be equated with in the human mind and this is all ultimately the powers of the Creator it is the Creator whatever you happen to think of that force as is the source of life it is the one source from which we all have emerged it is that which gives motion and flow and energy and life to the world the makers the Masters of money who have invented this concept and injected it as the poison into the human consciousness of them as they have have equated this notion with the very notion of the creator of the universe and with lifeforce energy itself that's number one what we will also start to look at some of the symbols the occult symbols that are used on money and this is jumping the gun a little because I'll be talking about symbolism later on on future broadcasts but it's important to look at some of the symbols that are on money and understand what they really mean because not only is money a religion it is binding that's what religion means and money certainly binds the mind this construct essentially a use of talismanic magic Tasmin tal is ma n talisman is a magical construct it is a symbol often a series of symbols that is imbued with power by carrying it and referring to it frequently while it is being carried now that is exactly what you do with money this is exactly what you do with the bills that you have in your wallet or your purse your pocket you carry them in carrying them see there's motion involved you take them from place to place with you there is tons of occult symbolism on that talisman that carried totem it is a carried totem that's what a talisman is it becomes imbued with energy the more it is moved around or shuffled back and forth and that's indeed what we do with money all day every day this is what get this very notion of flow of motion gives money its power over people's minds I know you may have a hard time accepting that notion but that is how talismanic magic works you don't need to believe that it works for it to work the flow of it is as equally as important as what is printed on it and is as equally as important as getting people to accept it as a construct that is real it actually exists in nature we're past to the top of the second hour I want to give the call-in number again I see we have a caller on the line I'll get to you right right now caller hold on I'll be there in a moment the call-in number for this show seven two four four four four seven four four four once again the call-in number seven two four triple four seven triple for the call ID number eight three five one five punch that in after you call in the call ID number four what on earth is happening eight three five one five all right I'm gonna break their briefly we can get into more occult aspects of money in a moment I see we have a caller on the line here we go caller you are on what on earth is happening hi mark its Kevin once again actually hey keV how are you very good I I don't mean to be a pest and call so many times I'm just really enjoying the show and again you're kind of right where I am in my head once again you were speaking on the talismans and I remember what perusing through caesareans work and seeing something about the Dalek you Centauri's of this scourge Kevin I'm sorry you you broke up there for one minute just that you were talking about Michael - sorry I'm talking about talismanic uh emblems and and you cut out there briefly just pick up from there the dollar sign is was this is considered a scourge it was East in his works he had mentioned one time that the dollar sign which was basically the symbol for the scourge and the scourge has always been a whip that you eat slaves with essentially or like even gas their skin open with to make them do your bidding and that's very much lower debt on Lavery as far as I'm concerned yes you are referring to the obverse sign the obverse side of the Great Seal of the United States which means the front side the back side of the seal is the pyramid an all-seeing eye but the obverse side or the front side is the eagle with the with the shield over its chest holding the swords I'm sorry the arrows in one Talon and the olive branch in the other tack or is it the Holly branch in the other talent I believe it's the olive branch and this is uh a symbol of essentially total power it's a symbol that wielder controls the power of war and peace it controls the left and the right it is the unifying force between the flow of positive energy and negative energy so this is also a if we take back the symbol of the eagle we go into bloodlines of ruling families throughout the Holy Roman Empire and then even beyond into dynasties that were fair on ik ancient Roman Empire and ancient of Babylonian Empire this is a symbol of the Phoenix as well Phoenix is something that perpetuates its own life whether it is destroyed it always rises from the ashes of its own destruction so this is a symbol perpetuity or Eternity concepts that are also associated with God I have not heard this referred to as discourage but if that is what he's referring to it as if he explains the symbolism in the same way you know I think it would be valuable to look into Michael - sorry ons interpretation of the the obverse side of the Great Seal actually I believe it was just simply the initial dollar sign itself like the actual like it's a stick within a the kind of rope coming off of it and that's the whip essentially - you actual dollar signs oh oh I see what you're saying it only mentioned it once but I remember catching it and I remember it sticking in my head and because of partially because of that I've been very much twisted against money since hearing those words since finding out what the dollar sign is essentially a whip I've been very I've become very against money and have looked into ways of getting out of the system altogether so it did not have to deal with money in any way shape or form ever again and the most direct route I have found personally has been earth ships okay and they are basically a sustainable homes made out of recycled materials with water catch systems solar paneling all the basic necessities you could ever possibly need and once you have something like that of your own you no longer need money you could just tend your home for like four or five hours a day trade some fruit with some friends maybe if a currency of some sort does then climb out of that level it were say assuming we found some sort of balance where every human being on the planet could actually have one of these things we would then have a much more communal aspect going on if then real free fair trade amongst people barter we wouldn't need money anymore because we wouldn't need all your little you we wouldn't need to pay a bill to someone to get water you you wouldn't any longer need to pay a bill to get electric so and so forth you your home is your own power plant and so on right this is just something that I found they had it in the movie garbage warrior if anyone has seen it I have I'll check it out that was pretty much a really sweet way of going about things and there's a place rakes out out of right outside of Philadelphia called Silver Lake Nature Center if you don't mind me giving a little plug sure it is this this wednesday at 6:30 is going to be having a free informative seminar you can just look it up at Silver Lake Nature Center dot org and they are going to be actually building there at this Center that this Ike Park Center a Earthship on the land that they have there I don't know exactly who's going to be living in it afterwards so on and so forth but you can pretty much go free to try and help learn how to build this thing along the way as it's being built and I'm going to I personally find it that's going to be invaluable to take something in order to get my son since I have a six-year-old son since I so desperately want to get out of the system myself what I want also most of all is to make sure he never becomes dead tax slave debt slave so on and so life is have one of these things before I go so that I can leave this to him so he then no longer has to be a part of it he can just literally be not a part of the system anymore as long as he can find a way to even if possible sell the energy back to the grid in such a fashion that he makes enough money to pay his taxes okay I've heard of people doing that in Jersey with buying solar panels on their homes sounds really interesting I definitely think people should look into this concept of a sustainable way of living off-grid on Earth ships definitely check it out um I've seen some of the post posts that you have done on Facebook on this concept and it looks pretty interesting it's just the idea of being able to get completely out of the system and no longer need money is just it just seems like an invaluable thing considering the crash that looks like we just barely prevented recently and still could very easily come with just one horrible Christmas season could literally tear half the planet apart because we're not buying enough stuff from China and that flow of energy and flow of money like they even mentioned in the movie Network if that ebb and flow has to be there or society won't exist heaven forbid we don't have money well III think I figured out a way to like get out of needing money just about all together and look it up yourself don't take my word on foot on it Earthship biotech sure it but it's Earthship calm or chip board I believe either one you can get to to get information there brain lab I want to I want to briefly go back to your um bringing up the dollar symbol itself the ED this is why yes yeah now yes that's like a whip think about this two other concepts it is also oh yeah there's almost oh yes there's also like a flowing like like a like what you'd imagine like an oscillation of some sorts if you look at the s turn it sideways the thing and exactly and then there's like this bar right in the middle of it and I'm wondering maybe is even sometimes the double bars inside of that some sort of prevention of the actual flow of energy is that part of the symbolism that's a day I'm one mile ice it's it's simply a stylized way to do it the archetype will symbol is simply the single bar within the S curve through it but think about all the things that that conjures like you said it's like a whip okay moreover it's simply a ways okay is what the whole construct of reality is made up of we are waves of potential energy that are emitted from the void of pure potentiality we are there is a wave particle duality you know the interaction Merrill is made on light energy I've heard that energy is literally braided together even enter even light if it were to be able to actually be like properly seen you'd notice that it was actually like a rope it's not actually like it's not these beams of light it would be actually be some sort of rope is the way it was described one time let's also look at the symbol in terms of genetics it is like the DNA spiral yes the way our DNA is wound in that S shaped pattern okay so this is this goes to the idea of the caduceus the snake around the pole okay serpentine energy and again the life force energy within the body is known as Kundalini so this is the serpentine energy that rises from the the base of the spine up to the top of the head from the base chakra to the crown chakra this energy has to do with life force and enlightenment etc and that's what there it also moves in this s-curve a serpent curve they call it the serpent energy it is called Devi Kundalini the Kundalini serpentine energy so again they're using this construct of the actual energy that flows through the body itself the lifeforce energy in the symbol of money you can also look at it as being English letters English letters it says the word is the very concept of existence that something is well that's really money I never saw that before but you're absolutely right that's exactly what it looks like it's like one letter is piled on top of the other right right right there in this in the pattern is the word is and then if you take that to a you know another level what you're really seeing is a name is is the word Isis has just formed of those two letters and this is the goddess of sacred feminine energy that basically gives rise to everything that happens in the world this is called in certain aspects of the appellant most notably Freemasonry which is personal favorites embolism right is that this is derived from ancient Egyptian symbology which Freemasonry widely employs and again I am in no way saying that Freemasonry as a a system of study and a system of allegory and symbolism in and of itself what it is attempting to convey is in any way negative or bad I made that very clear when I was talking about free Masonic symbolism and association with the 9/11 event when I was on the air with Bob Tuscan this past Saturday and I want to continuously reiterate that traditions that I talked about that I mentioned having to do with certain forms of symbolism in no way am i condemning them or saying that these are inherently bad systems of study okay they may be co-opted in certain ways in the modern world and that has been true essentially since they have been in existence and sometimes in really disturbing ways too because like you I remember you and I had a long time ago a conversation about how and I believe you've mentioned it actually on your show before about how the two squares when laying on top of each other at the stop sign in the center of it yes and I saw just in wandering around I noticed other signs the same way the Sacred Feminine is the symbol of the downward facing triangle so yeah so that being on the yield sign that's right no sign like that really messes like me what I notice that I was just like wow as our society becomes so subverted that we don't even notice these types of things and I'm wondering is that yield sign specifically on the secret feminine to see us then that women yield I've ever and and become more slave like and so on that really to disturb me when I noticed that the yield sign is the way that it is because they understand that that symbol is associated with the submissive side and they're trying to elicit that reaction in the person who is driving and seeing it therefore they're using the inverted triangle they wouldn't use a upward pointing triangle to depict the concept of yield because that is an active sign and says you know basically go or thrust as the male side of the male/female duality so of course they would use the inverted triangle for that that's just a in a sense of that they understand what this symbology subconsciously invokes in the viewer whether the viewer is aware of that or not is irrelevant this exactly say doesn't it'll persuade not that I understand this right it's actually subliminal for persuasion in a fashion I don't know exactly how off to call it but see in the free Masonic tradition Isis ok the sacred fan and this is just free Masonic this is Egyptian tradition again some of the symbolism a cup makes its way into Freemasonry okay but Isis again the flow of money the name is is okay cut in in in conjunction with the whole concept of that the verb is to be it's a form of the verb to be which connotes existence in and of itself okay all that is is a form of energy okay which gives rise to everything you know put the potential potentiality from the void gives rise to matter so this concept is all there in the symbol and it has to do with the sacred feminine energy so this is see it's it's about money being that Sacred Feminine force ultimately that everybody really wants and and and has lacking to a certain extent within their psyche and within their consciousness when you come from the womb you come from your mother's water so again this is the concept of lifeforce the water okay the water base wire versus ticket for Jordan Maxwell's we got it well it's all about money being the highest law of the earth this is maritime law maritime meaning marine okay mary associated i saw something with that and i just watch something with with jordan maxwell speaking about this in it like the other day on a documentary of some sort yeah and and it you know this is about the flow of energy and it's all tied in with the Sacred Feminine that that roots it deeper into the desires because ultimately we all have the desire for that Sacred Feminine force we understand that that is the realm of true care okay it is the heart energy and again this goes back I want to link this to Freemasonry in this way this Sacred Feminine force where the heart energy is called the generative principle in Freemasonry and you have one of the big secrets of Freemasonry right there folks that G in the middle of the compasses and square in the symbol of Freemasonry there are many people who will tell you many many different things about what it means and indeed it does represent those things it can represent God goddess gnosis it could represent goodness epigenetic and the gene right okay Genesis okay which is the act of creation and think about it gene and even I Isis in the word Genesis right right gene is also gene and Isis yeah those two words right there what we're talking about genetics DNA the money symbol itself I know we're getting really esoteric here and talking about symbolism but this is these are all concepts that go into the subconscious mind when it comes to money okay and I like doing this better than talking about how the Fed creates money they will let James do that in a couple of weeks and he'll do a better job but then even I I would okay but I want to get into the occult aspects the really deep aspects of this see that that G in the middle of the compasses and square in Freemasonry ultimately represents the generative principle that's that's something that that that name for that concept the G in the middle of the compasses and square is something that you're you're only going to that will only be revealed to a high-level Masonic initiate and this is what the concept ultimately represents that's what that gene ultimately represents the generative principle and what that means is the creative force but what the true creative forces has to be understood even when talking about the generative principle when what is the generator what is the generator the chip that is in dwelling within us the Sacred Feminine force that is the generator of our experience what it really ultimately is is our care what we care about what we care enough about to put our energy into to do work to create okay is what we will manifest in our three-dimensional experience of the physical world that we live in and that's why care for the heart okay is that the heart is the generator of the body it's the pump that fuels the body with the lifeforce energy that is contained in the blood so it is the generator pump a generator is a pump of energy okay the generative principle of care of true care what we ultimately care about and what we ultimately care enough about to put energy into to create is what we are ultimately going to end up with in our three dimensional experience in the physical continuum in which we live therefore that's the real secret of Freemasonry the generative principle and it is care and this is why I say the world is the way it is for us because ultimately not enough people care about how this stuff really works they don't care about what's going on in the world oh and most of all they don't care about what's going on within themselves to learn enough about the self however the dark occultus of this world they have a form of care twisted though it may be psychopathic though it may be they care about what they are doing to such an extent that they are on the same page about it and that's why the universe will give them a modicum of power and control over their reality because everybody else has essentially said I don't care I've given up that power and I'm handing that power over to you and the universe is always going to acknowledge that and say okay well backed out that's how the energy is flowing you're giving up your real generator which is your care and you're handing it over to people who care in a very dark way about what they're doing but they care and donor 3 not on top of that equation in the movie Godfather 3 I believe that one main character was speaking about how all the ships might all their ships must flow in the same direction right and I think that was essentially like a speech I was being or dialog that had was had between like some really large power brokers and some sort of real estate venture that was going on between the church as well as the money he was bringing from the mob yes and they're talking about this concept right there in there were a choice of words flow you know I mean it people are using the lottery well they may not understand they may not even understand fully how it works the makers of a movie like that but they're getting the concept in whether it be deliberately or whether it be synchro mystically through the creative process they're they're telling truths about how the world actually is in the creative process and that happens in a lot of movies allegorically so yeah I mean look at how many concepts just got Drudge up just by talking about the symbol of the dollar bill the actual symbol of the dollar the s with the line through it and it's it's absolutely amazing when you think about it so keV I want it thank you for calling and don't don't feel like you can call in too much you can never call in too much I like hearing from people who call in on a regular basis and I like hearing from new callers as well so feel free to call in at any time man you always bring up great points and stimulate a lot of food for thoughts so I want to thank you for calling in then thank you for having me I appreciate it have a good one Marla no problem then you take care you take care truly I mean that that's ultimately what this whole thing and what will flush this out a little bit more through the symbolism of money because that's what this whole thing is about it's about getting you to care about their creation and in doing so your imbuing it with energy you're giving it life you're giving it the lifeforce energy that's why the monetary system has so much power because it is all energy that we have given it through our belief in it and through our care what do people care about more than anything else in the world most people in the world the thing that they get up and they live and breathe for every day of their lives is to get out and make that dollar get out and make that buck got to make money got to make money can't live without it talk about a couple of things let's talk about continue to talk about money in relationship to care itself to the energy that is associated with care I want to talk about the talisman that is money that is the dollar bill I want to talk about the name of money just the word money itself I want to talk about the name of the dollar bill all of these things are connected with the occult and few people have looked into this for one second of their lives and many people will hear this and dismiss it they'll say oh it can't be that's too simple too simple I could it's impossible that I could not have seen that my entire life well that's what the occult is folks it's things that you didn't see that we're all there the whole time right in broad daylight right out in the open hidden in plain sight because the consciousness wasn't high enough to see it while we're sitting right there it's like a subliminal like Kevin talked about subliminal advertisements if you see subliminal messages in an ad in an ad in a print ad you may not have seen it initially somebody can show you an ad oh it's just a few people standing around but then you look at it again or somebody points out some sexual innuendo in the end you're like wow yeah I see that they're trying to sell me this product through sexual innuendo then the next time you look at the ad that's all you can see you can't even see what they were trying to sell you're not even focused on that you're looking at it you're going look at what they tried to sell me on sell me a product and say get buying this product can you know make your sex life better or whatever other nonsense they want to sell you in subliminal advertising that this will give you a youth and energy and virility and peace of mind and ultimate happiness to subliminals once they're exposed they become the major thing that you can see you know the the the thing that was preventing you from seeing it is lifted and then that is all you can see after after that mind barricade so to speak after that veil is removed so that's how symbolism works dollar sign itself the I s the word is right there in the dollar sign it is a wave function okay it's a symbol of a wave a sine wave which has to do with light and energy and movement of DNA which has to do with life and what our actual makeup is all of these concepts they want to equate with money because this is a talisman it is a magical construct that is imbued with power through your belief and through carrying it and through moving it exchanging it and moving it to the whole concept like we were talking about some of the things that Jordan Maxwell talks about in his presentation on money and Finance this has to do with the water the goddess of the waters was Isis not in the upper Egyptian tradition the goddess of the night sky Newt she was also referred to as had many different names it's the symbol of the pure potential energy the void the blackness of the night sky from which the stars and the suns emerge and shine she's the goddess of water the goddess of the moon the goddess of night though the water is what is creating the energy or the flow it is in constant motion the land can be looked at as steadfast and unmoving but the water is constantly flowing and that's why this is the goddess of money and that's why it's the goddess of the laws of money lowercase L they're made by man because they think that in making this system of money they're the gods of this world and that's their law maritime law named after Mary another association with the goddess and marine meaning of the water so this sacred feminine energy is also also has to do with the deep psychological embed of the concept of money it's why it has such a powerful appeal it is connected with birth it is connected with the mother like like have said when you are born you are given birth meaning that's like what a dock a ship is docked it is called a bat it is at birth it is in its birth you have a birth certificate the whole concept of money being tied to the Sacred Feminine or the divining mother one of the most powerful connections between human beings ISM is that connection to the mother of course everybody knows that intuitively and this is what they are equated money to they're saying this is the force which gave birth to you this is your mother you cannot live without it this is what imbues you with all of your energy and gives you form and gives you allows you to flow and move at all and without this there would be total stopping of all energy of all flow of all life they want to associate it with the life force and with the generative principle the principle of care they want to sell money to you as love again that which people really hunger for more than anything else and that is lacking in their lives more than anything else so they want you to think that this can bring love you know the whole saying in the song money can't buy me love it's true what they want you to think that it can dark occultists the money manipulators sorcerers of the world this is their scheme the color of money is associated with the concept of love now people will say how is the money's different color in different areas of the world I'm talking about the color of money right here in the United States because this is the place that money has the most powerful sway on people's minds out of anywhere else in the world yes is a powerful force of mind control everywhere in the world but nowhere is it at the level of control over the minds and hearts of people as it is in right here in this country and I would say bar none bar none green people will say how this green associate with love you think of a heart you think of red or pink or something like that but that's that's just the color of symbols as they're drawn you know by people drawing them in in the modern world for you know cartoons and cards and things like that and of course you know that's the color of it actually within the body and red is a color associated with you know Valentine's Day and you know flowers etc the true color that is associated with the love force when we are talking about esoteric traditions and the occult is green so people will say why is this the color associated with love and the love force love energy let's look at this for a moment and we'll understand why they make money green the whole visible spectrum of light which we're talking about money as being a form of energy okay so light is basically everything that exists everything is light condensed to a slower vibration but the universe is essentially comprised of light energy it's a wave particle duality it exists as a wave in its potential form and then it becomes a point particle in its kinetic form light has pretty much an infinite spectrum but to the human eye we are capable of perceiving with our antennae called the eye the eye isn't is a receiving device like an antenna on a radio that can perceive certain wavelengths of light outside of the bandwidth that the eye is capable of perceiving there's millions and upon millions of infinite amount of other bandwidths of light wavelengths of light but the eye can only perceive a limited fraction of those bandwidths of light we call them we call that fraction of the weight of the totality of light which the eye can perceive the visible spectrum of light so the visible spectrum of light we know the colors of the spectrum are red orange yellow green blue indigo and violet okay these this color of the spectrum proceeds from the low wavelengths below which the eye cannot see and we call that infrared infrared is everything below the lowest frequencies which the eye can pick up then when we start to be able to perceive that wavelength that's red that proceeds up all the way until you get to violet and then beyond that the eye cannot pick up and that's called the ultraviolet so if we look at these frequencies we see that there are two basic hues on either side we get the red frequency on the left side and the blue frequency on the right side if we lay out this frequency from low to high and as I started briefly talking about on former shows the red frequencies are largely associated with the left brain the blue frequencies are perceived and taken in and have more of an effect upon the right brain so whenever you want to have an effect on someone in a active sense meaning you want them to do something you want them to obey something you want them to listen up you want them to pay attention the red frequencies will always work better it's just how it works when it comes to the human brain okay this is why they paint stop signs red that's why there's a red light that's why you know the danger or disaster phone is red you know okay the the hotline it's red you know I need I'm this is really super important it's a you know the whole symbolism of red is used we look at um poison labels they'll often be red danger signs red do not enter signs red anything that is demanding attention immediately pay attention listen up this could hurt you you're going to see the red frequency and everywhere on every corner in every major city stop signs large octagonal red signs this is because left brain more closely associates with the concept of the physical world and the body and you're going to use red when you want to invoke paying attention in the body now the blue frequencies will always be used when you want to get an idea it routed into someone else's psyche or consciousness when you want someone to listen to what you are talking about when you want somebody to listen passively to accept in other words it doesn't require action it requires taking the concept or notion into themselves and making it a part of themselves the blue frequencies will always be better suited to that so this is associated with the right brain or the accepting or feminine passive nurturing intuitive side of the brain which we talked about when we talked about brain physiology and the components of the brain or in previous shows so the blue frequencies are always going to be better to get people hooked or reeled in okay so you'll see the blue light special okay you will see blue frequencies used on news broadcasts all over the place just watch the nightly news 11th o'clock nightly news in your town and you'll see blue frequencies all over okay blue says except take this trust this it's true okay red says pay attention listen up danger now these are two polarized concepts one speaks to the left rating one speaks to the right brain well the balance and these are these are on the edges of the spectrum the Reds and the blues they cops use these colors okay because not only are they in a state of imbalance but they're responding to a state of imbalance okay so this these colors are used for the police the boy is in blue Blue Lodge and Freemasonry right those you just want to listen and take into the system their low-level initiative we have to do more listening than talking okay Blue Lodge then you get to the Red Lodge and that people think that's the end of it that's the top of it because it goes to the 32nd degree and it's not there's a white Lodge beyond that but not to get into that now going back to the colors this red and blue is played off against each other they're the color of the political parties okay so red is for Republicans and blue is for Democrats right there are the colors of the flag along with white right you have the red stripes in the blue field the flag of England the flag of France tons of other countries flags these colors are juxtaposed this is because these are two of the three primary frequencies of lights the third primary frequency of light is green this is right in the middle the dead center of the visible spectrum of light this color represents the synthesis or coming together of these two opposing frequencies and it represents the balance point the balance point or the center or the midpoint is associated in different traditions particularly Eastern traditions with the heart it is the center of the body it is the fulcrum of the body it is the midpoint of energy from the spine to the top of the head the heart again is the generator of the body it is the pump that pumps the life-force energy through the body the color of the heart chakra in Eastern traditions the the the heart chakra is um is known as the on a hot - chakra in via I believe the Vedic tradition aims at that so this this middle point is fulcrum or balance point of the body represents the generative principle that's where care ultimately is derived where it comes from we feel the result of our actions within the center of the body the heart beyond hot the chakra is green it is a green flower it pumps forth this green energy the swirling green energy Eastern tradition as it is described and that energy connects us with the universe around us and with nature nature provides the color green in the greatest abundance out of any other color green is the color of nature because nature is putting love energy into the cosmos and is providing us that which we need and what are we doing with it destroying it digging it up paving over it burning it etc this all has to do with energy again Tesla was trying to tell us hook into the wheel work of nature don't use these barbaric methods for energy production and distribution it's unnecessary nature is providing exactly what we need we just need to listen to her we need to get in touch with our Center the heart chakra the generator within our vehicle and get in touch with true care all of these concepts are being exploited when it comes to money because the occultists that design the money that we use are trying to get us in our minds to equate the notion of money to equate their fantasy their illusion of money with the concepts of balance with the concepts of care and with the concept of love they want us to think that this is the life force energy that flows within us and gives us life they want us to think that this is love energy that this is that this is nature's life force and that this is all that we should care about that's ultimately why they color the money green in the United States as for other countries they have other colors for money but here they're trying to hit the consciousness of the people harder than anywhere else and therefore they made it the color of balance and love green the color of the heart chakra the color that nature provides in greatest abundance out of love let's just look at the word money itself which of course I I have to get into and talking about any of the occult concepts of money if you think that coloring the money Green is done for a simple concept once you understand what green really represents this one really should um you know basically uh put you in an uproar because it's so simple most people can't believe this when they hear I've heard all kinds of the gamut of reactions when you bring this notion up to people what I'm about to tell you some people go wow I can't believe that I never saw that my whole life and I've said this word of a billion times and had it fed to me a billion times and I've never noticed that you get the amazing action you get whoa wow I never realized that - all the way down - no way impossible that's impossible because people see how simple this is and how simple the occult works on the human consciousness and they have to think to themselves that's so simple I would have been able to see it if that's how simple it was you couldn't have fooled me for all these years you couldn't have couldn't have done that but yes it is that simple it is this simple that's how the occult works the words and symbols and they're associating those words and symbols with other things associations that's how mind control works the word money is in and of itself one of the greatest forms of mind control ever perpetuated on the planet because the word money means one eye M o n is the prefix meaning one mano one and again that's also a feminine word because it comes from the moon M om Monday the first day of the week named after the moon goddess in the phoenicians tradition she was men the moon goddess the minute hand is named after men our hand is named after Horace given to the son the minute hand is the next most important hand on the clock of time given to the moon Minh money named after the moon goddess because it's a feminine concept money you want to take it in like the energy that it is and it flows like the goddess of the waters maaan one one and the second part is simply II why yes it is pronounced phonetically II in the name money II but essentially those are the letters that make the word i ey e mon i1i and right on the $1 bill they place the symbol of the one eye now we don't have time to go into this tonight that'll be a show unto itself the breakdown of the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States the pyramid and all-seeing eye on OA coeptis Novus Ordo seclorum and those Latin phrases when we get into symbolism we'll do an extensive breakdown of that but that symbol of the one I represents the balance point within the brain bringing together the sacred masculine part of the brain the left brain logical scientific linear verbal etc with the Sacred Feminine right brain hemisphere of nurturing intuition creativity etc bringing them together to open up the all-seeing eye within us which is the pineal gland at the level of the prefrontal neocortex the frontal lobe of the brain and of course this is where the third eye is traditionally referred to in Eastern mystical traditions in between the other two eyes that is what that one eye ultimately represents on the back of the dollar bill and it represents getting in touch with the light of the Creator only in becoming enlightened do we do that and only through the balance of the left and right brain hemispheres do we reach that point of enlightenment and the awakening of the one eye they know that this is what people desire above all else we can only do that through care and through love to that place of balance is a labor of love and you did it because you cared enough to do it you are motivated you were driven and the force that really drove you to do that was the truth and there are many people in the world who are at that state of consciousness for what the dominators and the control freaks of the world who own the monetary system are ultimately trying to get you to do is to identify their illusion of money with the all-seeing eye and again this is a concept of God and it is the concept of awakening the God consciousness within through the opening of the one eye that exists within us the pineal gland so they are putting this symbol on the money the one dollar bill which we'll talk about the name bill I briefly mentioned it but we'll get into that as well that's the name of their God sounds funny but they worship bill to name of the dark God of the dark occultists of the world of dark sun god bill bell bell bull to book Satan is depicted as a bowl god of this world the only religion is the one dollar bill the biggest the most powerful secret society in the world of darker cultists is the Bilderberg Group we want this illusory form of energy to pay our bills we're giving it right back to their God not only is it does it come from their Dada cuts we want bills energy to pay bills so it really goes nowhere it just goes right back to them but they're calling it the one I deliberately moan I money well folks money is not the one I you're being given a proxy in place of the real thing open your real one eye which is within hey they're trying to give you this as a proxy selling it to you and most people are buying it wholesale okay and they want you to believe that this is enlightenment that this is love energy that this is nature's energy and that this is care and it's and that it's balance the green fulcrum focal point of balance which comes out of love it's money is none of those things ultimately it is all an illusion it never has existed it does not exist now and it never will exist ladies and gentlemen that's all for tonight thank you for listening next week neo returns listen to show number 17 in the podcast section to hear his incredible story of trauma-based mind control next week right here on what on earth is happening neo is back to talk about healing methods for this destructive form of mind-control trauma-based mind control and then we'll pick up with the topic of money in two weeks time when I have James Yeager on to talk about the Federal Reserve System you've been listening to what on earth is happening folks I'm mark passio I'll see you here next week thanks for listening and good night