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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome ladies and gentlemen welcome you are listening to what on earth is happening right here on the revolution broadcasting radio network today is Tuesday September 28 2010 I'm your host mark passio my website is what on earth is happening calm the networks website is revolution broadcasting calm we have a great show lined up for you here this evening we're going to be talking with documentary filmmaker James Yeager the filmmaker who made Fiat Empire original intent corporate fascism and cultural Marxism among other great films will be talking with James about some of the projects that he has coming up we'll be getting into the Federal Reserve System with him that'll be coming up very soon what I'm going to do is quickly read the event announcements and then I'm going to give the call in numbers for the show and then we'll bring James right in and get started so I have only two event announcements for the listening audience this evening two events coming up in the Philadelphia area that I'd like listeners to know about the first is the monthly documentary screenings and discussions at the ethical Society building the ethical society is it 1906 South Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia these events are hosted monthly by the great activist group truth freedom prosperity here in Philadelphia this month Monday I'm sorry next month Monday October 18th Monday October 18th truth freedom prosperity will be screening the documentary for liberty for liberty is a film about the Ron Paul revolution back in 2008 about his campaign and the groundbreaking pact that were used during the Ron Paul campaign to get the message of individual freedom and sound money and a non-interventionist foreign policy out to the public so the documentary is called for liberty that's coming up Monday October 18th at the ethical Society building 1906 South Rittenhouse Square the documentary start at about 7:00 p.m. and then they are followed by a interactive discussion with the audience on the film so get there early parking can be tough around there but it'll start around 7:00 and they they go run until about 9:00 9:30 depending on how the discussions go so that's the first event announcement for more info on this activist group visit their website at www.export.gov n announcement i have for this evening is a conference which i myself will be co-hosting this is going to be called free your mind a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult a unique two-day conference scheduled for April 9th and 10th 2011 in Philadelphia PA featuring multiple speakers and diverse educational materials for the purpose of raising public awareness of the critically important topics of mass mind control techniques the covert and subversive influences upon consciousness and behavior trauma based and ritualized abuse and the practical mental and emotional healing methodologies available for those affected by these devices the dates are Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10th 2011 the time is 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. both days doors will open at 9:00 a.m. both days to attend there's only $20 per person per day this will be happening in the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia a true Bohol are UBA UBA hall at 414 Green Street Philadelphia PA 19154 Webber Andrew basiago Farah your dozous Jay Parker Larkin Rose Laura Eisenhower myself mark passio Michael Kelly Suzanne Taylor and just added to the to the roster of speakers today John Nicholson from CCR G info mr. John Nicholson who will be talking about satanic ritual abuse so we just added an 11th speaker to the bill we will be announcing more speakers as the week's go on we'll probably round out at about fifteen or sixteen speakers or so so check out more information about this great conference coming up in Philadelphia probably the biggest of its kind on the East Coast April 9th and 10th 2011 free your mind please visit www.carmensognonvi.com/newsletter do the guests if you want to call in for tonight usually we have a wide open discussion but we're going to be talking about specific things with James Yaeger tonight so please keep the questions geared for mr. Yeager when you call in this evening okay the call-in number is seven two four four four four seven four four four once again calling number seven two four triple four seven triple four when you call in you have to punch in the call ID number for this show the call ID number is eight three five one five once again the call ID number for what on earth is happening is eight three five one five so let's jump right in with our guests for this evening James Jaeger is an award-winning documentary film maker with over 25 years of experience in writing directing and editing films after graduating from the Haverford School and the cinema Institute James majored in sociology at the University of Pennsylvania and graduated summa laude in his filmmaking class of 1978 at Los Angeles City College James holds a management degree from celebrity Center in Hollywood and has written and published five books on motion picture production and operations he has also written 12 screenplays of which four have been produced and one is currently in production James was a pioneer in broadcast in broadband distribution of motion pictures over the Internet and was one of the founders of pay-per-view comm James has worked on about a dozen feature films in numerous capacities over the course of 11 years in late 1981 James founded matrix productions and began producing TV commercials public service announcements and live events in 2007 matrix productions produced Fiat Empire featuring Representative Ron Paul and dr. Edwin Vieira this documentary about the Federal Reserve System garnered a telly award and became the top documentary on the internet for six months James has continued developing documentaries such as original intent featuring G Edward Griffin Ted bear Edwin Vieira Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan his newest documentary offerings are cultural marxism and corporate fascism which respectively highlight the left-wing and right-wing erosion of American values and the principles of freedom upon which America was founded James is currently developing Tesla a full-length movie based on the life story of Nikola Tesla James Yeager's website can be found at wwm see films calm once again that's wwm see films calm ladies and gentlemen welcome to what on earth is happening mr. James Yeager James thank you for being here with us this evening I mark back for having me it's great to be here so you've been a documentary filmmaker for many years and you put out some of the most information-packed and critical political documentaries of our time as far as I'm concerned while you talked a little bit about how you got involved in filmmaking and some of the great documentary films that you've produced well my primary interest in film is narrative drama source features I moved out to California 77 to pursue features but I've always had an interest in documentaries it dawned on me when I was young I was fortunate to know I wanted to be in film from an early age that I started making films about 1963 and it dawned on me that gee if you're going to make movies maybe someone might watch them from day and golly if people are watching them maybe you should have something to say especially if you're going to make a documentary so this this thought completely horrified me and made me realize that well I better stick in there of drama and then you know at least 10 20 30 years studying life and figuring out what what the hell is happening you know how to cut of the title of your show their mark sure well I moved to Hollywood I started working in the industry there I held a lot of different posts I worked a lot of features in different capacities at the set carpenter grip editor and so on and meanwhile I kind of picked up an interest in banking somewhere along the line I I guess you know the old side would bankers meet for dinner get together for dinner they talk about art right when artists get together they talk about banking or money so I guess I guess as a young artist I became interested in banking and kind of figure out why in an infinite universe you look out there at night and just just matter and energy everywhere how come there seems to be so much scarcity and starving and hopelessness on this planet and it got me wondering you know what is money where does it come from you know and who are these people called bankers what do they do so triggered by a book called the creature from jekyll island somewhere in the early 90s which was written by G Edward Griffin I began to to see a light and mr. Griffin is probably the first thought has come along that's really shed a light on banking and the Federal Reserve System and how we've wandered from constitutional values as far as our money and so I started studying it and somewhere along I guess was around 2006 2005 I was watching c-span and I noticed this little wire like wiry guy always arguing with Alan Greenspan and you know his name was Ron something Ron Paul some like he had two first names and I just I watched this guy for two or three years and I never heard of him but he would be hanging in there just shoot alan greenspan bragging on him about the money supply the fiat money and why aren't we backed by gold and finally i thought hey you know maybe i'll make a movie a documentary on on this whole thing see if mr. griffin will give me the rights to his book and so I called them up and Ed was kind enough to do that and I called up dr. Paul and to my surprise he granted me an interview I guess this was 2007 from around then so we we produced the film called Fiat Empire and shortly after the film was released I'm sure it has nothing to do with the film - dr. Paul ran for president and all hell broke out people who downloading the film at the rate of 2 or 3 thousand downloads a day and started hitting number one it kept vying for number-one position on the on google video it kept going with fire fart you remember that mark that without fire fart you know first that would be number one for a few days and then Fiat Empire would knock it out it would be number one for a while they were going back that little bit of background on how how I got up yeah the tool it just goes to show with the mentality the public is you know happy when were in the fire fart and the other want to know why the federal reserve is unconstitutional right so we put that out and it is the total surprise that so many people were concerned about the banking and the fact that the Federal Reserve System is basically failing to follow the Constitution specifically article 1 section 8 e 10 stipulates that no sank the gold or silver coins shall be money and bill of credit are not okay a bill of credit is nothing when in the Federal Reserve Note so today we have a money system where the federal government can print up as much if they want they can inflate the money supply as much as they want and this of course waters down all the money to lose our purchasing power the dollars were lost 95 to 98 percent of purchasing power since the Federal Reserve glosso and axles instated in 1913 that is an effective arm hitting cattle that's an effective hidden tax isn't it that actually are completely Rob's people of their savings in effect it is people a lot of people don't realize that when you can see when you continually print up money with no restraints it's like a stock solution for those of you that are own stock in companies you know that if corporation is authorized 20 million shares of stock and then in the next infilling years is forced to issue more and more stock 30 million 35 million the existing stockholders shares are diluted they're watered down and the same thing is true with the money and really the money in a way is the stock of a nation and when you have this elite group of special interest have a special privilege of being able to print out money this is the elite bankers that are known as the Federal Reserve System and as we discuss in Fiat Empire so is their system is nothing more than a government sanctioned banking cartel quas a private bank government sanctioned banking cartel no different than an OPEC or banana cartel and basically they these people these elite New York backers have have used the federal government they pounded them over the head and gotten them to basically legalize their Ponzi scheme so we have here a special class of privileged entities and nobody knows really who exactly are the owners of these banks that own the Federal Reserve System but these people are have since 1913 of a little by little weaned us off the gold standard and the founders wanted our money to be redeemable in gold and silver because they wanted citizens if they felt the money was being deluded to be able to return their paper and get their gold back out of the back it's another check in balance and now is check and balance has been totally be loaded away by this elite group of our banks and their propaganda machine the the mainstream corporate media and so very few people realize they just know that they're on the treadmill they know that they're running faster and faster we now have to have two income families just to keep up with the debt service on the house and the cars and the credit cards this is just getting to a point work totally ridiculous and I think people happily are becoming aware of this and Ron Paul was probably one of the very few if not the only people in the government in the Congress that had the courage to tell it exactly like it is so we made a movie about it put it out there for a Fiat Empire how the Federal Reserve violates the US Constitution and I guess people are still watching it to this day it's on the net and you can see it by going to Fiat Empire org we're just go to Google or YouTube and just type in the word Fiat in part James I'd like to congratulate you on that film because I think it is one of the seminal films on the Fiat monetary system and the Federal Reserve and uh congratulations on making such a critical documentary I think it is really one of the best produced documentaries on that topic and it is one of the more popular documentaries within the freedom movement as far as people attempting to give information to other people about this particular topic than the immoral monetary system that we have in this country through the central bank the fraudulent central bank that we call the Federal Reserve System so congratulations on such a seminal film offering thank you mark I appreciate that um we did try to make Fiat Empire um one put we try to we tried to have a moderate voice in there because you know this subject and a lot of the subjects are alarming and you sometimes should scare away people for these important issues if you're too alarming uh there was a film that was just released about a year prior I actually had not seen it when it made Fiat Empire but was made by Aaron Russo was called America freedom to fascism and this film I was told was a little warming to some people and so when we made Fiat Empire I directed and wrote it and it was produced by Bill Van Allen who is recently deceased but he's an attorney and he is a conservative I would say I would say I'm more of a libertarian but because of his influence and suggestions that look we're gonna try to reach the grassroots and you want to try to reach the broader middle-class public you gotta you gotta somehow introduce the subject on a on a gradient you can't just go in there and say throw around words like they're all crooks so um you know we we didn't say they were crooks in the narration but certain people that we interviewed on the street said they were crooks so we thought well you know all we're we're just reporting write it this is what the public out there some of the public out there thinks of these people who run the Federal Reserve were crooks so I guess it depends on how you define it and of course they have everything to find they have taken various words and bastardized and like for instance the word inflation you ask anyone with the word inflation means they're gonna sell inflation means price is going up right that's that's not what the word means the word means the money supply is being inflated and so the they've taken these words and they twist to them the word fiat money people wonder you know like when I said I just make a film called Fiat ever my old my friend say I didn't know you were into cars job boy because I know one really heard the word Fiat the word Fiat means why doesn't government decree so that's where the word comes from the fact is that that fiat money is money that the government has to force the citizens to use because it's basically worthless we saw that only meant the car ho the court Fiat money yeah a lot of people just had no idea what it would see on men in that respect by government decree so the word elastic currency is what we've learned in our economics classes and when I was doing economics 101 in college Paul a Samuelson is the main guy puts out the textbook and this textbook calls it elastic currency and they make it they make it seem like it's a good thing although the money supply is elastic that means we can expand it when the products of when the products go up uh productivity goes up and we can decrease it when food productivity goes down well I've got news for you there very rarely do anything to expand the money supply you thought the money supply since 1900 an expanded 1850 percent and in the years prior to that it actually went down by a month 34 percent so we're in an era a lot 97 years were the Progressive Era of endless fiat money debt and expanded money and I I don't think there's any way we're going to get out of it as long as they keep inflating that money supply all the reason we're not going to be able to get out all of it is going to keep happening is the the dollar dollars value is going to become more and more worthless people's savings are going to be continued continuing to be robbed and there are work the amount of work that they do will purchase less and less goods and services that's right but the reason we will never get out of this is because it's mathematically impossible to get out of that we're undergoing what's called the impossible contract right now and the reason it's called as a possible contract is because every time money comes into existence debt had to come into existence in other words the way our money supply is created is the government when they need money they basically print up tea pills and they try to sell these people to American citizens and if they don't buy them they try to fill them to foreigners and often the foreigners will buy them like China and England and so on but when the foreigners can't buy anymore debt from the United States government they sell the tea bills to the federal reserve system and what the Federal Reserve does is it buys these bills but where did we get the Federal Reserve notes to buy the bill the tea bills well it goes in the back room and it prints them up and then it takes the freshly printed Federal Reserve notes and hands them through the government to Congress and takes the tea bill and it puts it on the show so in essence the Federal Reserve System is buying debt using paper money they turn it up and that's it of course I've oversimplified it this is done on a computer and then there's other ways of expanding money but every time a Federal Reserve Note comes into existence a unit of principle had to come into existence principle is what you pay debt service on it's alone and the problem is every time they actually create Federal Reserve notes they create a new unit of principle and this principle has got to be serviced with debt service interest to be paid on it so I ask you your all your listeners where does the money for the interest payments come from well that money is never any organization print it up right it is eventually there's not that money is not in circulation after a certain point and so they have to print up more money to pay the interest on the previously printed up principle and as you can see this is a Ponzi scheme this is basically it's a never-ending ponzi they're continuing to print money so that they can service the debt on previously printed money and that is known as the impossible contract because that means in legal terms that it's impossible for the contract of value and we're running around in this scheme one we're running around anything is a form like a hamster in a wheel that's right but the thing is we don't know it because this Ponzi scheme is a 100-year scheme it's a 100-year scheme it takes a hundred years before it is realized and by that time it's what's known as an intergenerational Ponzi scheme by the time the people get wise to it well they're dead and gone and then their heirs are said they're their offspring is there to take care of the debt service and they don't understand what's going on they've been propagandized by the media so this is been going on for a hundred years and basically one of the reasons for the thing called globalization is they have to expand the ponzi have you ever get a Shane letter I mean anyone knows is for a chain letter you got to keep the chain letter expanding otherwise you're not going to get paid off well the same thing with the money supply they started in the United States now they have to expand it to the world so basically globalization is nothing more than an expansion of the 100 year old Ponzi known as the Federal Reserve fiat money system and they have to find borrowers all over the world now they've got the whole world in boiled in this step depth service problem the whole thing is going to come crashing down it's only a matter of when and it's just a matter to see what kind of fallout will happen as a result of that bike you want to talk about what your view of honor who I'm working with on a new document yeah I was just going to say um Edwin Vieira homework who's producing our new film spoiler how the tea party excuse me spoiler how a third political party could win is a Harvard attorney he's got four degrees in Harvard he's got his legal degree but most impressive is that his chemistry degree and a number of other degrees and he wrote pieces of a and he is exploring this and what are the solutions to the problem and solutions to the problem are twofold one we have to get control power of the purse and we have to get control of power of the sword and what that means the power of the purse needs that James you dropped out there you still with us alright ladies and gentlemen we're having some technical difficulties bear with me and I will get changed back on the line hold on one moment wait I apologize for that big shaker hey James saw like we dropped out there but we have you back now so just continue where you left off okay I'm sorry what was the last thing that you heard you were talking about some solutions that Edwin Vieira had come up with okay Oh dr. Guerra feels and I agree with him that we have to incite a competing monetary system situation because when the paper system the Fiat paper system collapses we should have a competing system in place and this competing system can be done at the state level just like on the state of Nevada is basically um revolting against the federal government for their lack of responsibility in connection with the border the states need to realize that the government Washington printing up all this money is going to cause a problem eventually and they need to likewise for issuing their own currency which is back and redeemable by gold and silver and the Constitution fully gives them the authority to do this and when the whole system crashes we then have states such as New Hampshire and and Texas and maybe a few other montana that could lead the way into reestablishing a system of exchange so that's that's the first most vital thing that has to happen in citizens in their various states should start lobbying the legislature there have been people such as bernard on the house we have tried to issue alternative silver and specie backed currencies paper currencies but they have been shut down because they are individuals and they cannot stand up to the might and force of the central government so it happens at a state level the states have to claim their right to issue currency and it doesn't have to be a bag of or worms you know the currency could be uniform or in shape and v and it could be issued and it would almost be seen with full issued the only references instead of saying Federal Reserve Note on and it being issued by the banksters in New York City the Federal Reserve can be issued by the state government and if you didn't like the way they were handling you can just take the paper and return it to the banks and get your gold and silver back exactly what the quant is intended so I don't know I don't like to be skeptical of negative but it's kind of like sometimes you have to just wait to the house houses you know it's sometimes it's easier to build a new house and it is to try to repair the existing house I don't think the power-bitch running the federal bill conti are going to allow it to just go away peacefully I saw the private I saw that you described this process on your website as akin to getting a virus on your computer that is so bad that it is just infected all your files and it's just time to wipe it all out and I'll put a new operating system in there yeah exactly I mean you know we get viruses on our computers we can go into the ini and we're going to registry the Reg registry what excuse me the Registrar of the register excuse me and go through hairbrained you know trying to pull them off and that works sometimes but sometimes you just have to basically format the C Drive and reload the operating system and that made it will have to do with the monetary system and I don't see this a big problem I don't see why we have to have a big war and have all kinds of things the federal government melts down the money system melts down we stand up and say okay great that operations operating system has been removed from the system and all we do is to reinstate the Constitution but we have it it's sitting there we don't have to reinvent the wheel all we have to do is apply it and you know and then we can go out and we can find round up all the people that were involved and try to rehabilitate or jail them well that sounds like that sounds like a start to me I think we could take it a step even farther than that and say that the new operating system that we need to really instill is one of a higher level of consciousness so that things like this don't happen anymore well you know industry and that's the main concern are talking to Ed Griffin the other day about interviewing for our film spoiler which is going to explore why the Democrats and Republicans keep getting reelected and if we had a new third party what will regret it from getting corrupt itself right and there are there are some smart minds that are looking at that very question mark and you know humanity does hobble along but I do believe we have improved on the planet the last 50,000 years and we have ups and downs but if you look at the graph of technology and it has been expanding at a double exponential curve for the last 100 years Moore's law has held true and I'm optimistic we're going to be able to solve these problems I do think that the nexus of consciousness is happening and we speak about that in Fiat Empire Oh mr. Griffin mentions that it is going to be a convergence of people's awareness and consciousness and all all the systems will start to basically just kind of fall into place we have to look at things from a more holistic point of view and said it is this insanity of reductionism and I don't know I think that there's some hope in that respect I mean we may have to see a few crashes it crashes prior to that but I don't think that the I don't think they're going to be insurmountable but I like the power of the perk like you said it's about having some new systems ready some new ways of doing things in general ready so that when these old outmoded systems collapse we have something to go forward into the future with instead of people you know are falling into fear mode and then just accept whatever possibly even worst system would come along that the dominators would want to put in there while people are in fear that's how they do it they pose as the savior after creating the crises that's exactly right and we're going to explore this in minor detail in our new film spoiler how a third political party to win we're going to take a look at the philosophical underpinnings of the zeitgeist we maintain I'm working with Nelson Hoggard on this film and as a missionary Edwin Vieira is producing we maintain that it's the Philosopher's - opening we get everybody in trouble we maintain that the philosopher basically lay out the viewpoint of what existences and they fight over this and they argue over this and into doing so since Aristotle Plato we come on up to present up towards present time we go to Aquinas we go to count and go through sue and marks and we see that there are certain philosophers and philosophical ideas that have somehow taken root as mean and they are basically leading us in the wrong direction but it really comes down to is your viewpoint on whether you can up intelligence should be centralized or whether it should be distributed and the reason I think it should be distributed is because if you functional eyes intelligence or centralized management or centralized government such as a one-world government or something like that or some kind of a Borg run or computer running everything basically you're violating one of the primary tenets of the universe and that's the tenets of redundancy you look around the universe that everything is to come everything's redundant if one system fails there's other systems in fact that human brain is so valuable nature have produced six and a half a billion of them to be redundant to make sure it will continue to exist and that kind of distributed computing power is the way I believe the universe intends for things to run so therefore globalization is going to package kind of it's not going to work it's impossible for it to work because globalization is fails to follow the universal tenant of redundancy when you have a one-world government you don't have any backup systems you have the whole climate tied together to a one-world government what happens when that one will govern meltdown the whole thing meltdown so obviously a one-world government is a stupid idea until we colonize Mars and colonize various other moons in the solar system and have multiple branches of humanity out there only then does it make any sense to have the planet earth offering under one management system so these idiots and morons that are running the planet the elite the so-called elite they basically don't have science on their side but I would say people should just kind of ignore them so um I'm sorry go ahead oh no no go ahead mark what I was going to say is you basically started talking about the the opposing forces that are really tearing the entire structural the fabric of this country apart in your next documentary film which was called original intent I was hoping that you might go into that a little bit up to talk about these two up seemingly oppositional forces that are really working toward that same globalist agenda well when I started with original intent the original intent comes from the idea what if the original intent of the founders we're trying to figure out what exactly the logline of the movie was so this time Lord Wonka written and rewritten about five times during the course of production which was two and a half years roughly and the end of the final title that movie ended up being original intent how the Democratic and Republican parties are destroying the American dream and the reason we can all this is because we originally started out by looking at just the right and I mentioned earlier I basically could be described as a libertarian conservative although I do have a lot of liberal tendencies having worked in the movie industry in the arts you can't just want those people off and say they're all crazy if I do believe in change I do believe in a certain amount of progressivism it just depends on how much you know do you tear up 90% of everything and then go from there and then then then you're like a raving little you know maybe you tear up 10% and you maintain the other 90% and steady as she goes you know what civilization has built you only tear up a certain amount of it so whether you're a pervert or liberal really depends upon what is the ratio of what you want to tear up fourth is key and so looking at these problems I was working with people on the film that were very very conservative far to the right of me so we started up a film yapping about just how horrible the left is oh these people on the left they're the problem though they're the problem all country's going down the Train so we focused on cultural marxism and we went into the Frankfurt School and I'll explain them ie my cultural marxism a little bit later but we'll just focus encoding on the left and then it dawned on me you know you can't be the left it's got all the problems we've got to be far off on the right show so I then third research on basically the multinational corporation and the fact that our military bowl over the planet and what what are conservatives doing and I came up with the idea that we've got corporate fascism on the right destroyed in the country destroying the constitutional law approach to running this country and we've got cultural Marxism on the Left destroying the country and basically what seem to come down to in for me was you have cultural Marxism destroying the our values so that corporate Flash's activity can seep into power what I mean by that is this if you are a cultural Marxist that basically means that you know workers of the world games alright looks like we may have lost James for a second time James can you hear me alright let me try to reconnect with James hold on dear James it's mark again sorry I don't know why it keeps dropping but uh got you back on so pick up again you were talking about that core cultural Marxism is a you know degrading the values from the left progressive side of the equation and therefore paving the way for our corporate fascism to come in on the right wing so I want to take up from there yes that's that's an excellent summary the idea is that the baby boomers are working on the part so I criticize myself when I criticize the baby boomer I basically did let down this road of cultural Marxism where they have been the values that we had from the last generation have virtually been destroyed we have the destruction of the family unit at the primary goal we have all the erosion of morals and and we had we had all kinds of removed from the public school system and the kids are indoctrinated into virtually having no values or luper or relative values and so basically we've destroyed the ethical moral fiber that may be non state strong if the founders had and Vidia the country was built upon because only could you have a group of people like this it would allow these corporate fascists to do what they did in other words you have mass that comes along and basically guts out the whole middle class these corporations take to this move out of the country because they want more profits it's like they claim that they just weren't making profits but if you actually look at the record there's one these very corporation or General Motors and GE and ATT moved out of the country for offshoring all their operations they were making some of the highest profits if not the hottest profits they ever had made so the claim that they were overtime accident and oh the American worker was being paid to Mohawks and so on it's as bogus they wouldn't move out for pure greed they wanted to make more and more money and so only could CEOs running these corporations could only could they do this if they were indoctrinated this cultural Marxism you know a CEO that had traditional values wouldn't do that you Roger Smith Duty wasn't infiltrated by the cultural Marxist valiant wouldn't ripped out General Motors and left that whole town of Flint just died just to make a little bit more profit so basically the theme is the idea we explore in the film is cultural Marxist eroded the values and made it possible for the corporate fascism that's taking over the right so you have culpability coming from the right and the left and I think that one has to recognize that in order to get back to constitutional principle because the extreme that the right has gone to an extreme that the left has gone true are not the golden mean of the Constitution which is a limited self-governing nation based on free enterprise capitalism and that's where we are now today folks we're moving drifting towards this totalitarian government it's way too large it's expanding itself using and with fiat money we're spending all this money on welfare and the warfare state oh we've got seven hundred military bases in over 130 countries out there so the right is spending money on military industrial complex you have the left pissing away money into the entitlements the new health care thing and with social programs all justified by a misinterpretation of the general welfare clause in the Constitution and we have to does Ron Paul says get back to the path we've walked our way and so we explore this in in the movie which ended up being three hours and 30 minutes long and I submitted the movie the fun dance then what do you think they did said no go too long right well they said no go too long that was their excuse for rejecting it but it's not the reason they rejected it folks I'd like to hear what some of your coal and so feel about that because I felt that that that was the reason they rejected it because it basically they're to have any kind of criticism of the left and right on and not only that it's breaking down this false left-right paradigm the people still stubbornly believin in the political world and don't understand that these are simply two wings of the same bird that's flying to the same place and it's all about total control ultimately that is what these two seemingly polarized forces are all about it's playing one hand off against the other and this is a form of what we have talked about on this show over the past many weeks of something called controlled opposition or what has been traditionally referred to as a dialectic and we saw the example of Hegel's dialectic being playing to polar forces off against each other to create an artificial synthesis of the two so thesis meets antithesis to create synthesis and that is what this film does an excellent job of really bringing to the attention of people who have any level of discernment and understanding how these forces work and not you go even farther than that in your two other films which break down each one in turn correct yes you have an exactly right mark um they basically have us in this dichotomy which is a false dichotomy on the Democrats versus Republicans and they've limited the spectrum speech down to acceptable issues that each one of these two sides of the spectrum are allowed to discuss and they basically just have the public sitting there watching a meaningless cockfight and you know I was thinking about this this morning when I woke up I was thinking you know they're thrown on this word independent right Oh what are you independent from like 40% of Americans claim to be independence now where something like 30% or so claim to be Democrats Republicans um okay that's great you're an independent all right so what does that mean that means you're independent about whether you're going to flip over the Democrats or back over to the Republicans well that doesn't seem to me to be very independent I think that I think it'd be better to call these independents hypocrites because in Lutzer justice independent to go to a third party a brand new third party where one of the existing third parties as they are to go flipping over the Democrat and flopping back over the Republicans they're not independence at all they're nothing but controlled mind controlled hypocrites that's absolutely right you understand what I'm saying I mean if you're going to be an independent then you have to be independently just as willing to adopt a third party as a democrat or republican party and you know what Mark the reason we call the movie spoiler is we want to hit these idiots right in the right in the face with a two-by-four oh it's a spoiler oh everything everybody voted for Ross Perot and then Bill Clinton got him well so what did Bill Clinton do anything worthwhile and we George Bush got in and the rest of them did they do anything with well it so it's like to say that you're spoiling something so that one of the other ugly wings of the saint bird can get into power it's just insane what really needs to spoiled is their stubborn holding on to this this fake oppositional paradigm that never has work doesn't work now and isn't going to work for as long as they believe in it into the future that's what needs to be spoiled and that's why I liked it title for this film and I want to check it out when it comes out that's right the Democrats and the Republicans are the spoiler if anybody wants to hear the narration of this film it is done it is up on the Internet can I give the URL absolutely it's the general URL for the website is spoiler usa.org spoiler usa.org www spoiler usa.org and if you go to that URL you can find the links to all the to both the two minute trailer we have the complete narration script up there it's 32 pages long and we have the complete narration which has been completed and done it was recorded by fan-xiu who is gonna make you recognize his voice from ane CBS NBC ABC and Warner Brothers shows so the narration is gone and Nelson Hallberg and I put it together it was inspired by his book the conservative revolution which you can get a copy of this is a must-read book for anyone that seriously looking into a third party called the conservative revolution you can get that at a FR dot org and so this has inspired this movie and here's a note for third parties we're trying to line up Ron Paul Pappy Khan I'm trying to line up a loft row but he's hesitant about going one don't think I might be able to talk it into it especially when we get rid of finished with Pappy can and Ron Paul interviews were also trying to get a number of X presidential third-party candidates such as Chuck Baldwin um we're trying to get David Koch who ran as vice president in 1980 on the libertarian party and so people are people are hesitant and leery about being in a thin film about third parties because they basically have to get their head around the the idea that the Democrats and Republicans are going to continue to do the same thing the Republicans are basically having to have to operate on the survival strategy of the Democrats which is provide endless entitlements Gators and special privileges in order to stay in power and so we basically have here a bastardization of Augusta comp running our country and what I mean by that is call is the guy who came up with the word altruism and Aquinas who was a good philosopher he came up with the idea of altruism as something which is good in other ways helping people and there is nothing wrong with helping people but the way cult bastardized this term he took it and made altruism into sacrifice in other words Americans have to sacrifice themselves to the board collective state and that's where we're at now and so the government plays on that by saying oh you know give us more power for more money for more this than wear that so that we can do more entitlements more you know special privileges more MORE excuse me handouts for everybody so we could be altruistic so what's happened is we live in an era where the term altruism has been dr. dies and it's been used to justify the ever expanding state wealth right you can't coerce altruism putting a gun to somebody's head to take away something that they have so that you can give it to another it doesn't make it right it's still violence by whatever word you want to call it that's exactly right basically what we have is the state is trying to supplant the family unit the church and the individual the the place where altruism should originate is the family unit the individual and the church not the state and so you know I have a real left-wing friend friends in California that are fully screaming at me on the phone and I need screaming at me and they're going on and on about my movies and how they and how could I possibly make a movie like that you traitor and don't ever come back to California we're going to we're going to you know put you and they're sitting there going you know this film what are you going to do about the poor what about the poor the poor the poor and you know what I really think that half of these people are screaming about the poor they want government to take care of the poor because they don't want to take care of the poor that's right oh it's the whole thing that's sitting there yelling about the poor they just want the government to take care of the poor James I'd like I'd like to chime in on that particular aspect that you just brought up when people are are putting out this cry yet have the government forcibly take or the poor by taking resources from other people in the country and redistributing uh you know those resources it's it's the same dynamic when I bring up to individuals about true education moral education and I ask people whose responsibility is the true moral education of the young and you'll be surprised that they will try to say anything except that it rests with the entire community and that they have that responsibility as well to properly morally educate the young they want to point the finger at the state they want to point the finger at just individual parents but they never want to turn the finger and pointed at themselves to say it's all of our collective moral responsibilities to be morally upright such is to a such an extent within ourselves that we can collectively as individuals each in turn properly morally educate the young people think that other people's education proper moral education is not their part of their responsibility and I would absolutely put forth the proposition that that is not correct that we do have the moral responsibility to not only morally educate ourselves but then take that information and the shortly that knowledge and morally educate the young in our communities as a whole right you know but you know I'm all for free enterprise as far as the school I mean what type of value system and let the best schools the ones that are providing the best education compete with each other I mean you know you have the government sitting there pat you you know the government paying and funding all the schools right I don't see how you're going to get a really broadband understanding and history um is this going to be basically truncated history truncated knowledge so um you know we really need to have some freaks more competition in the school system and these these teachers and professors have this tenure you know I guess can you start out with it with the worthwhile purpose but it's evolved into this thing where you know you can't fire even bio teachers now and so I don't know it just comes down to the nanny state the state doing everything I believe the individual has to be made strong because the collective is made out of individuals if you try to strengthen the collective you will get nothing but cowled individuals that make up a Borg whole yes try to strengthen the individual you will then create by an emergent property a collective that is strong it's so facto absolutely I totally concur with that and that's what this is all about this is all about the the one true a war that is really going on is between individualism and collectivism and I'm I'm totally with you that this is all about knowing the self and strengthening the self such that you know we can become better in as individuals and that's what makes the the whole better or the collective better absolutely we're in total agreement as far as that is concerned now it is the top of the second hour of the show I want to regain the call in number we don't have any call or is waiting on the line but there's anybody out there who would like to talk to James Jaeger documentary filmmaker maker of Fiat Empire original intent corporate fascism cultural Marxism and the upcoming spoiler here's the calling number for this show you can call in - what on earth is have but on earth is happening at seven two four four four four seven four four four once again the call-in number let's get some questions going for James Yeager in the second hour seven two four triple four seven triple for the call ID number for this show is eight three five one five once again the call ID number eight three five one five you'll have to punch that in if you call the call in number our guest tonight documentary filmmaker James Yeager so James uh we were you know talking about your documentaries that you made so far in the second hour I won that our shift over to a future a project that you're working on currently that's going to be coming out in the future and we could shift the topic of discussion also you have a full-length feature film in the works called Tesla about the life of the great inventor and genius Nikola Tesla would you like to start to tell the audience a little bit about that sure um I guess back in the seventies I think it's a 70 I came across a car called Tesla coil and of course I pronounced it telecoil I had no idea what it sells that glow was but it was in a book by called psyche discoveries behind the Iron Curtain by sheila Ostrander and because the slowly part of my career I was a photographer I was very interested in this element of kirill kirill ian's photography which is performed using a Tesla coil a telecoil as I as well you could renounce it back in those days and I haven't lis read this book and wondered you know what is a Tesla coil and years later when I had moved to California I was in Santa Monica and my technical director comes up to me Paul Gibbons hey there's going to be a Tesla movie showing at the Santa Monica theater called the secret of Nikola Tesla and in featuring starring Orson Welles and this is one of this is probably the last one of the last films Orson Welles made before he passed away so Paul and I went down to the Santa Monica theater and when we got there the popcorn concession stand was filled with Tesla books they must have had 30 or 40 Tesla books all over the place and we have idli went in there and we watched the movie and the movie basically chronicled Tesla's early life about two-thirds of the movie were Tesla's early life then he got to New York City in 1884 and JP Morgan was played by Orson Welles and he just did a spectacular job really in his element but the problem the movie ended just when I was starting to really get good and so I was I was very pleased with the movie but also disappointed that it ended so soon and when Paul and I were leave in the theater we were both so enthused by this man Tesla that we each bought 10 or 15 books with the idea that we would swap them and so for the next 10 years or so Paul and I would be reading these Tesla books and swapping them back and forth and then by that time internet came online so I was able to go on the internet and get the additional data and I just thought well you know nobody's ever made a feature film of Tesla and the only feature film a really good get made I live in correct and no one in the united states has ever made it a feature film on Tesla this film was a foreign film um so it didn't play in the United States except for this one showing at the Santa Monica theatre and I thought well a film on Tesla should be made but either write a script and start the story in 1884 when he gets to New York City so somewhere around I guess around 2000 somewhere around 2000 I think I finished with the story and the story of Pascal after going through all these various materials and source materials and materials on the internet I realized that there were a lot of different versions of the contract and tussles life and so I had to spend a lot of time putting these things onto a contract and mapping them and then trying to create a story which would travel through 59 years of this man's life um I ended up with a extended treatment around 2001 or 2002 because I put so much work into it so I thought oh my god everyone in California is going to be standing there in line waiting to give me a development deal so I lightly left on a plane and flew out to California and I met with everybody I could think I was out there and they all know we won't give you a lousy 50,000 or 100,000 or whatever to develop this into a screenplay and so I had talked to people out there that really should have taken an interest in this and I was disappointed so I calm and in fact I think I got home just before the Twin Towers were their home they would lock table to Allah we say go actually when I went out in 2000 yeah and then 9/11 came the next year so at any rate um I wrote the script in about 18 to 20 days after being a little bit just concerned about the the reception I've gotten in California and the trip just kind of output in 18 days I don't know why all of a sudden came out as also my brain was processing it for 15 years but then I got it you totally blew out my nervous system and I ended up on my back for three and a half weeks with a ski attic nerve condition and I couldn't move so my science my science friends tell me that it was because I was sitting for a long period of time intensively writing but my mystical friend tell me Tesla might have saddled him to you let's get this script on Jane and then after Tesla leverages blew out my whole nervous system so we're sitting with 157 page screenplay right now and the Tesla society to testified Foundation of Philadelphia has been kind enough to help me cross the t's and dot the i's and under the offices of Nick launch our and various other people I could testify I believe Markie or a member of the Tesla Society yes my very own and I thank you for your input at the Tesla story conference the other day as well so we actually I've actually incorporated all the materials we discussed the other day we had met with about 12 people number people online and we went through the script and we as I said cost apiece Audemars as a few things it's been really neat scene and the script is done it's been updated and mark I got to send you a copy of it if you'd like if you have a PDF file available absolutely so we're at the point right now where we think we have our script which tells the life of Tesla and tells it in an amusing way and now we're on the long trail of financing it because a lot of fun do you want to know about that tell everybody about this because this is extremely important if this film is going to be made and reach a whole lot of people which it needs to well usually when I send scripts to Hollywood studios and I've been in the business for about 35 years so I know Hollywood studio heads but if I know they're the reason that they were assistants and pas my first met them and now they've risen up the ranks so I go on to these various people and I won't mention their names but they're their heads of some of the major studios great DreamWorks and various other places Sony and usually they just say you know we hate the script James get out of here don't ever come back again Florida not one more killing but I do they did say that about a few scripts but they all they all said we liked the script and in fact a couple of them said here's a list of directors that we think could carry the ball because a bio picture such as the one we're contemplating would be extent and a biopics needs to have a really solid director expedia is going to risk that much money on the production so I was given a list of directors and we went after the list of directors and to my surprise almost all the directors on the list also liked the script and we took it to one or two that are very major directors again I don't want to mention their name because if they ever heard this broadcast they probably wouldn't like the name bandied around but I'll just give you a clue one of them took one of the drugs we took it to directed the gladiator is that they're more say that I think that's our and said you know um if you get the studio to set up the script come back to us and we will official attached which means the director will give me a piece of paper that says he'll direct deposit but when I go to the laughter the director accusing when I go to the studio the studio says to me well we love the script chains but we can't we can't not unless you get a director to officially attached so stuck in the classic catch-22 director won't attach until the studio sets it up speed set it up until the director officials catch it so I was really irritated about this for a long time and I'll tell you I have a contact sheet where I keep track of every cold with me and this contact sheet goes on to pages and pages and pages and what I got caught in this catch-22 I became kind of irritated about them began to realize that while these directors they basically have two three four or five projects in their queue and they're already financed and they're ready to go and it's nothing personal they just can't stop the whole production mill for some script that they happen to like it isn't funded so the last time I talked to this particular director and so it they said well when call back and have money or have it set up and what that basically means according to my attorney is you have to have a player of a deal in Hollywood player pay simply means that just like when you're buying a house you have to put a down payment on the house earnest money or something like that which tells the seller that using it you're serious you're going to buy it same thing with the directory is to put down the fruit and percentage on their feet the budgeted see the five or ten percent and we'll basically get them to commit to the project for a limited period con maybe a month two months four months it's all negotiable so when you consider that the director that we want is going to cost ten million dollars to do the project the ten percent about four million dollars that means you have to put 1 million dollars now on the table to get them to give you an official etosha which you can then take to the studio and the studio's say we like to screwed up they have two directors on their list will theoretically then give you the budget for the whole movie upon which you will then we coop your development money investors people that gave you the money to put up for the player so the people that put up the seed money to fund the player play co food get recruits out of the production and finance production budget and so this is theoretically the way it works and thousands of movies have been made this method and so this is the journey that were on right now and what people might ask the question how does Tesla and the life of Nikola Tesla how does this play into what we're talking about when we're talking about money in general or we're talking about control of people through finance well energy we've been talking about money as energy and it's vice-versa it's interchangeable energy is money energy can be used as control and indeed the I've said it a million times on this show and we'll say that a million more the control of energy ultimately equates with the control of human beings that's why Tesla would have put such a wrench in the plans of the elitists the globalist the banksters of the world had he been successful in coming out with his free wireless transmission system for electricity because it would it would essentially free people from all of the constraints that they're under due to how they have to acquire their energy how their energy needs are met through the production and distribution of energy as it is done in the modern world if Tesla had succeeded the world would have been radically transformed from the paradigm of energy that it is basically held under the yoke through now and how ironic would it be James if through putting out a a major of Hollywood you know backed movie about the life of Tesla uh if this comes back to bite these globalists uh who basically shut down Tesla's work if how yet getting this movie made through the raising of their Federal Reserve notes ultimately brings their entire control system to a you know an end and crashing to an end because this movie will go a long way toward waking the public up to understanding how important the life of this one man was what he tried to do in the service of humanity and how important energy is when it comes to how we live and what basically the factors that basically control our lives that's right I'm skeptical to whether the studios will finance this or whether they will allow the strip to go out in the format's in because in the script I do try to treat JP Morgan lifting out an Edison fairly I treat them as business Pam that acted like you know any other businessmen of the pawn would act and but the thing is you know the studios or multi or corporation conglomerates that probably borrow out the money from JP Morgan banks to this day and if you get a Amos director we really have to have a director that's a Tesla freak and the directors got to be adamant about keeping these values that you just mentioned second a minute ago in the film the money is energy energy is money and if they can't take any of this out because you know theoretically I could find on a list director he was wobbly the studio that acquires the literary property and they could just rewrite the script so I only have one chance to do it right because if I say it's like the minute I saw in the literary property over to some other entity then the only input I can have on that is whatever might be in the contract that I have with that entity so giving the training a server to a major studio is kind of risky and we're hoping that we'll be able to find an a-list director that really joins our team the Tesla Science Foundation and all the millions of Tesla fans out there and we're willing to stand up to the studios and say listen this is the story we're going to tell the real story of Tesla and we're not going to water it down from the scholarships point of view and if we can't find that situation with a major studio then what we're going to have to do is we're going to have to back down to a lower budget or medium budget feature film which could be made for between 10 and 20 million dollars we're estimating a studio picture would cost about 60 to 80 million dollars so that would definitely need a major director and a major opportunity approved line producer as well as a completion bond but the studio put up the money in a production distribution room date with David underway completion blonde but if we got a negative pickup we'd have to have a completion bond and so you're the whole chain of consideration and if you can't get that done and get the movie made you want made then your only recourse is to do a lower budget independently financed so maybe bring in five or ten inductors that your Tesla 60 and autos and have them each and def part of that and under that circumstance I'd be happy to direct the film because I know the script probably better than anyone having written it and we're into a film which would be lower budget we perhaps wouldn't have the big Hollywood production values and the big-name director but we could end up with a story that's more we look like we would end up with a story that was more accurate to Teslas light and we would mitigate the risk that the studio will either just shell the project you know they could buy the script they could take us through the whole thing the shelter project there's been a lot of testable scripts written and I think it's kind of strange none of them get made into a movie so and I you know I also hear that one of the Studios is planning on making a testable movie and that's Warner Brothers and I talked to the head of the the president production and number of times excuse me and she says he asks Cannes we're going to make the movie yes we're going to make the movie so maybe they won't make the movie and that's great I like Warner Brothers better than most of the other studios but you know it's probably going to be an establishment movie and even if what manager studio does make a test the movie there's still plenty of room to make another Tesla movie an independent one you know you heard what the powers that be said about Tesla now here's the real story you know that might be the logline or something right so Oh James I wish you the best of luck in getting this project moving forward I really hope it works out because this is something that really needs to get into the mainstream consciousness of people and I think that sadly you know people most people don't read much anymore I think making films is one of the better ways to infiltrate the consciousness of the masses and I think that this is something that could definitely do that now I see we have a caller on the line would you like to go to take some calls and maybe hear what callers have to say or pick up some questions from them yeah that sounds great great all right so here we go first caller tonight caller from Southwest Ohio you are on what on earth is happening our guest tonight is James Yeager what do you have for us this evening mark it is Bob from Cincinnati hello from Cincinnati Ohio to you and James Yeager how you doing Bob hear from you as always it's a it's a pleasure to call in mr. Yeager thank you for coming on the program and putting out your work Fiat Empire about the the globalist a cultist fascist state which is taken over this nation through the foe money system which is nothing but as Marcus pointed out a yoke around our oxes neck we have to shake off this phony system mark very eloquently pointed out last week that even a man like Alan Greenspan who is who who if you look into his biography was the lover of iron Rand who another occultist who wrote the the mammoth work Atlas Shrugged which is a veiled or an unveiled a work to fellow occultists of how the New World Order will unfurl and I myself a be honest I've only lived through it I for those who have read it I congratulate them but I advise and encourage others who want to know how this New World Order is unfolding around us read Atlas Shrugged mark thank you for pointing out that Greenspan was and is an occultist and and as we dig deeper in this as you already know gentlemen it goes way beyond Republican Democrat left-right conservative demel these are phony terms to get us to look to the circus the gameplay the duality play des the checkerboard floor so to speak plays out in front of our eyes while the real puppet masters continue to manipulate us but I won't belabor it but mr. Yeager James if I may call you sir you are going to make a film of Nikola Tesla I'm going to stand by mark again mark is the proponent of the 21st century for Nikola Tesla and his work and I thank you again Mark for speaking about Tesla he was just in Pittsburgh last weekend speaking about Tesla and if I was just a little bit closer mark I'd get out there and see these great works I plan on being at your conference about mind control in April I think it's going to be an excellent resource for people to get a grip on mind control but but to go back for just a moment Nikola Tesla and consciousness once again these are v2 pillars I don't think that that we're going to understand it as much as we should but these are the two pillars like the two pillars of masonry that the foundation of the awakening is going to be based on consciousness awareness becoming aware of the of the monstrosity of the crime around us and understanding who Tesla was what his work was based on free energy that energy is all around us all we have to do is latch our machinery onto the natural resource that God has created if it does not come through the wires ladies and gentlemen it is all around us the wires act as the mechanism by which it flows through but the energy is all around us we can just tap into it but mark you're more skilled at this but mr. Yeager thanks for speaking about this I wish you the best of luck on your film and I think your last point of what you just said who cares if the big studios don't you know they'll table it you know they'll gobble it up and table it as they have done two other excellent filmmakers over the years I say go ahead with the independent film and we're all puppet by word of mouth this will be v seminal work of Nikola Tesla thank you guys for keeping our consciousness awake on these great topics good night gentlemen Bob thanks so much a pleasure to hear from you as always James what do you have to say about what Bob just brought up well thank you Bob for those of you that want to stay in touch with the Tesla project we have put up a website it's uh it's www of electricity dot-com and the official name of the movie is Tesla the poet of electricity so you can get the first hundred pages of the screenplay at that website see some of the history and get some of the reasons why we feel a Tesla project must be made James give that website give that website one more time no listeners the website is WWF et palate of electricity calm every script is up there and if you read the first hundred pages and you want to read the rest of the script contact me through the site and I'd be happy to send the full script out for you so James let's uh like segue from what Bob just brought up that um this whole basic fake reality you know that is perpetrated through this Ponzi scheme of the Federal Reserve the fake fiat currency that people are attached to uh and also the controlling of the the limitation and can control of the energy that is basically all around us and is the the gift of of nature to humanity let's segue into talking about the kinds of consciousness that these two opposing world views are really generate like if there's a controlled limited a paradigm of scarcity you know controlled energy energy that can run out money that can run out you know not having enough this whole paradigm of lack lack and scarcity let's talk about the kind of consciousness that that foment in in the the minds and the psyches of the people of the world versus what could be creative if we only get out of that consciousness of scarcity and lack and realize there is enough you know we can all have what we need and then some and nature can provide in her abundance if only we live in harmony with you know natural all principles and in harmony with the the real work of nature itself and as Bob put it hook into that that energy matrix and understand that it is something that comprises us and that we are a part of can you speak to the kinds of consciousness that these two diametrically opposed systems really creating people oh bob is right on the money and he talks about the energy and everything you said and the paradigm of lack the paradigm of scarcity basically sets up zero-sum game and when you set up a zero-sum game you almost guarantee conflicts and war conflict and war is something which generates money for the power elite that basically dominates this planet here we live in what could be virtually an infinite universe this question is whether it's in a what kind of what infinite means but for practical purposes here on this planet we have a universe of energy the energy is all around us and already can mean only by by forcing through this paradigm of scarcity and lack can the power elite maintain the stratification of society the stratification of civilization what that means is they're the top dogs and everybody else on the planet stars or we got the top ones the middle class and lower class the idea is that only by promulgating scarcity and lack of energy of money excuse me of resources can they maintain their power base the fact that energy is flowing all over the universe and yet we have these stupid wires that they put out but they can meter us over it's just totally absurd and of course Tesla represents this for many believe the Tesla discovered a way of extracting infinite amounts of energy out of the core of the earth or from the ionosphere and there's various other technologies such as cold fusion which I have be open-minded a ssin into after ten year hiatus and believe that cold fusion is for real and tesla for real so how about a way of extracting infant amounts of energy from possibly zero-point energy or other sources that you haven't defined yet so basically what it comes down to is money is energy energy is money the whole game on this planet is being played around this right now the money is basically instead of being backed by gold and silver is backed by oil so we've got the whole planet basically sitting there half the planet sitting there saying oh we've hit peak oil near half and we're saying no we haven't but the idea is that I just don't know whether we picked equal or not we probably have but we may have not if oil is abiotic but it all comes down to oil is the current energy and the power elite is using this basically to keep themselves on top the whole military-industrial complex ones on it and anyone comes along like Tesla with any alternative energy schemes or a cold fusion they're basically a dater they're marginalized will work so I think a consciousness is awakening in people about this and I think that the there are many roads to this consciousness and eventually it's just consciousness I believe creates reality I don't believe reality creates consciousness and I think that everybody's rising to the level where we will hit a critical mass and eventually people will just ignore the power elite and what you put your attention on you get more of so if everybody takes their attention off of them they'll probably chill dissolved into into the ether what the kind of people that really need to stop paying attention to them is the people that live in such fear that if they stop doing with these people are telling them to do that they won't be able to live that they won't have enough that they won't be able to survive their whole control rests in key people in survival mode only in if I don't do this I will not be able to continue to survive and that's one of the lowest forms of consciousness that you can be in is fear that's all fear-based consciousness because it's thinking with the lowest part of the brain which is the r-complex we've talked about this many weeks on this show about the physiology of the brain and how basically that if you stay rooted in a type of thinking that the brain will actually degenerate into ways of thinking and behaving that is are completely base and are not really conducive to a true betterment of anyone let alone the self so that is the consciousness they absolutely a controller absolutely needs the key people in that fear mode and in that survival only instinctual mode of the base brain the r-complex of the brain and see a world of abundance a world of knowing that we have enough of knowing that the resources that nature provides will not run out on us because we're not basically a pillaging nature we are working in harmony with nature for what she already provides in great abundance that that is the kind of consciousness that we need to get to and understand that that there is nothing to fear out of fear consciousness and into abundance based consciousness there is enough and there isn't anything to fear but if we continue on this track of accepting limitation and lack and thinking that there's not enough and thinking that we have to do these things that these so-called elitist tell us that we have to do or we're not going to survive then you know we're going to we're going to reach a state where we're going to see a catastrophe and a collapse and we're going to see things break down degenerate but again it all hinges upon what we see as possible the limits of the human imagination are basically boundless and we have to see things in a different way it's about a shift a fundamental shift in the way we perceive reality as you just brought up where the consciousness goes the external reality will actually follow that is actually how it works that's right so we have two sub pot postulating more positive futures we postulate that we can do it we have to postulate that we can disconnect from the power elite money Empire they're chains that they use as fiat money chain um this is where they this is the in it where they steal energy from us through the hidden tax of inflation and by robbing us of our technology by continually inflating the money supply and taking the productivity of the world's citizens and basically doing nothing more but creating more and more fiat money to absorb that productivity for themselves we need to disconnect as we say at the end of original intent we need to disconnect from the corporate fascist we need to disconnect from multinationals that are basically outsourcing or a manufacturing base or nothing with the profit modal we need to disconnect from the cultural Marxist that are marching through the institution and telling us that we can't be individuals we have to be a board collective we need to disconnect in the media the control owned dominated mainstream media it basically puts out yet the line of the power elite and this hypnotic trance that it's got everybody in to turn off the television start to get news from the internet alternate sources you can go to we have put up a website called yeah here research dot org where we have broadband news which means we list all the news services in the world and yeah I say read the establishment news because you need to know what they're up to get a subscription to Foreign Affairs magazine watch CNN and Fox News but also get out there on the internet listen to radio shows like this read books like Nelson hope books book and Edwin Vieira pieces of eight and and stay in touch with the whole spectrum of knowledge but the Internet has given us and I think people are doing that and consciousness is rising and we're moving from my world which is based on zero-sum tool which is based on nonzero funds where everybody can win by simply increasing the size to the pie rather than fighting over the smaller pie pieces definitely ultimately ultimately when it comes down to we have to understand that we're all in the same situation together and stop seeing things as us versus them dichotomy and that this goes back to the fundamental idea of the people who are holding this system up they're holding it up by simply believing that this has to be the way that we do things that there isn't any other alternative to it and that simply isn't true again we have to get out of this fear-based thinking and into the knowing that the human imagination contains all the keys to all of these problems we can solve all of these problems together for our future betterment if we develop the imagination and willpower to go forward and solve them because we know that basically we're all in this situation together we are all one and as happens to one of us is essentially happening to all of us so again the people who are holding the system up have to see that and understand there is a way out of this and there is a different way and they don't have to listen to the old tired line of there's no other way to do things we have to continue the course we have to continue doing things this way otherwise there'll be an even bigger catastrophe and you won't survive there they're keeping people's minds in that way of thinking through that level of fear fear of not surviving so James I want to bring up some one other thing and connect this with energy because there's a section in this document that I'm about to mention to my listeners I don't believe I've ever mentioned it before on this show but this is a document that was written in 1979 it's called silent weapons for quiet Wars silent weapons for quiet wars I don't know if you've ever heard of this document are you familiar with it at all so this is having to do with the ARPANET in the electromagnetic no this is Ackman this is actually an internal memorandum that was sent from one quote elitist or occultist to another and it is believed that this was done during a Bilderberg Group meeting and that this is sort of a primer for an individual that was new to the group so now whether this is actually an authentic document or not remains to be seen I happen to think it is because of the the psychology within it the mentality of the individual or group of individuals that is writing the document now people whenever a document comes out like this claim hoax or claim quote forgery etc but I think that's because the establishment and the mainstream want people to believe that there are no psychopathic people like this of high levels and positions of power the critical thing whether whether you accept the fact that this is an actual internal elite memorandum or not the critical thing in it is that there is a section in this document called the energy that's simply what the the section is called and I would just like to read um two short paragraphs from this to and get your take on this because this really goes down to the core and the heart of how energy is the main controlling factor that these quote elitists and i you know i i'd mostly use that term because they're not the elite these are actually the lowest of humanity these are actually people who are in the most degraded form of consciousness of all the toil on the earth yes so that people call them the elite I say the quote elite the people who think of themselves as the elite those are elderly yeah right so in this memorandum there is a section called energy and here's how it starts I won't read whole section just a couple paragraphs this is from the document silent weapons for quiet Wars the section called energy quote energy is recognized as the key to all activity on earth natural science is the study of the sources and control of natural energy and social science theoretically expressed as economics is the study of the sources and control of social energy both our bookkeeping systems mathematics therefore mathematics is the primary energy science and the book keeper can be king if the public can be kept ignorant of the methodology of the book keeping all science is merely a means to an end that means is knowledge the end is control beyond this remains only one issue who will be the beneficiary so that's it that's from the document silent weapons for quiet worse that's the subsection called energy and James I'd like to get your take on that well that makes a very good point um when you have money in a limited system basically the money is nothing more than a than a scorekeeping system you know I have this like this many Dean's go there this many Dean's go there it's just it's just basically a control mechanism using arithmetic to keep score of everything I mean if you are in a world where you had unlimited money unlimited energy there by dropping that out of the equation and could basically create products you would have an exponential expansion of civilization they talked about some of this insight keys the trilogy's IQ and the obvious is the trough that the profit motive basically resolves down to nothing more than a control motive and it isn't a universe we should be to break out of these chains and basically that's what dollar bills that's what the whole idea of keeping this control mechanism of money to the purpose of profits enter into the psyche and it's basically you've got the whole world in Shan Shan down so we have to open our minds through various other views of reality even the power elite I don't believe we're all evil there there's a lot of them are in fear themselves and they are misguided by the variant propaganda so your point about the elite that there not be a breed of a being that they're degraded beings is very is very appropriate they're referred to graded that they can't see anything above the materialistic level of their of the monetary existence by the way mark I come across a number of movies that some of my friends around the country have sent me I've got a list here about 5 5 8 movies can I recite them for you sure I'm salute movies I highly recommend people look at Scherger and I was like well beyond I come across a couple movies so there are follows because the movie out there called collapse which explores the oil situation and the motive for 9/11 there's a movie called endgame which was recently put out by Alex Jones which explores the new world board world order there's a movie called fabled enemies which talks about who who might have been motivated to perform false flag operations of 9/11 if indeed they were false operations there's another one substantiates the evidence for the possible false flag operation Mullen called blueprint for truth which is put out by a bunch of architectural firms looking at the basically the dirt the debris then there's another one called fall that we public put that out by Alex Jones goes into the New World Order in the various control mechanisms then there's a couple that I come across that are very interesting here one called global warming and one called great global warming swindle all these are basically everybody seems to agree there global warming but there seems to be a big massive fight on whether it's caused by man or whether it's not yes and I have I have basically taken one side of the issue and then another I now unusual on the issue I have I'm not taking an opinion on whether we are causing or not because I have to I'm still doing research on it so then the last two movies there is one called invisible Empire I recommend and one called the future of food so there's a couple of movies that I've come across that are real good ones I'm not saying I endorse or agree with everything in these movies but remember as I said earlier I think you need to pay attention to the mainstream and pay attention to the materials on the Internet what might be called the fringe which I oughta clear the fringe off of ends up being more correct than the mainstream absolutely and I think all of those movies are excellent documentaries I've actually seen all of those movies that you mentioned and I think those are all great choices to bring to the attention of our listeners here on this show it's about being eclectic about the sources of information that we take in we have to endeavor to see the big picture to pull back and take in so much information that that we have a wide variety of sources and and that's how we can become discerning about the information that we take in we have to weigh it in the balance so to speak you know we can't just believe the first thing that comes out of someone's mouth we need to take that as a stepping point and then do research on our own and I think that's a great point that you bring up about you know you're still undecided on some issues because you're doing more research on your own that is how one becomes discerning and and that's the process by which we would go through to help us to acquire the ability to tell truth from falsehood and ultimately that's what this show is all about and to do that we have to be eclectic about our sources of information so it's critical to take in as much of a wide variety of information as possible from a wide variety of sources I could I have this mark that's very important in a foreign film we're going to be exploring but we have we have undergone an age of positivism on a positivism was basically put forth by a ghost a calm yes and positivism basically if the idea that the scientific method and science is God and everything else has no value to it now I would like to disabuse people that idea because classically we've got three methods by which we can obtain knowledge through intuition to reason and to experience and basically we live in a society right now that basically says oh the only knowledge that you can have is the knowledge that comes through experience knowledge that is gained through the scientific method and so on now I have no beautiful decide to the method and I do think that men of reason see the merit in the scientific method and and falsifying statements and so on so forth but not to the exclusion of that of not failing to balance out your knowledge with intuition and with reason and actually live in a society right now that is coup prone to positivism we've been affected by this and we're not using intuition our native knowingness and an underlying consciousness as a part of our being and we can put our finger on it sometimes is where it comes from but we have to balance out our acquisition of knowledge through experience with the acquisition of knowledge through reason and through intuition and I think this has been lost in the last money second in the in the last hundred years or so James I'm so glad you brought that up this is something that I've actually talked about on the show about how we are we have moved into a world of left brain only imbalance and we need to bridge that gap back over to the right brain and this is why so many people can't see the solutions and can't see a way out of this because the imagination lies in that intuitive right Sacred Feminine part of the brain of the right hand brain hemisphere and until we open up all the possibilities that are contained within that hemisphere of the brain through balancing our brain and bow sensing our masculine and feminine natures with each other what has been called in the mystical traditions the chemical wedding okay or the opening of the third eye or the all-seeing eye that comes by balancing these two seemingly opposing principles or seemingly opposing functions of the left and right brain hemispheres and you cannot learn all there is to know about what's really going on both either within you or around you in your environment through positivism alone people should look up this this notion it's very critical to understand ideologically what positivism is and what it means I really thank you for bringing this up and understanding that it is not the only methodology by which we can acquire knowledge it absolutely is not so James that is a brilliant point and I think that listeners should follow through with that and research that on their own and understand how important and critical to moving forward in human evolutionary development the growing of our intuitive capacities really is and how important that is for the future of this species that's right and I would I would go so far as to say that we basically um we basically have two two methods what we call inductive and deductive logic um I would say that intuition is very valuable because intuition is really inductive logic and reason is deductive logic and what I mean by that is our brains take in all this data all day long our whole lives and maybe even prior to this lifetime and each data point each data point of experience is a is a data point that basically our brains then synthesize into a general awareness about reality and we call that intuition we know something by intuition we have taken the the specifics of the and generate and and synthesize them into a generalization of reality and that is one very valid form of knowledge in we're in essence actively final cadence we process in the environment and then coming up with a understanding of what happened through into wit and that right now it's being invalidated by the positivistic civilization that we have been indoctrinated into I believe that this is not by chance I believe that Augustae comp and resale and Mark have been thrust upon us and this positivism is a result of this indoctrination with these certain collectivist philosophies and they are trying to get us to only use experience the ie the experience that they give us through their network they give us through their massive ganda machine they give us through their public school systems and use that as their only means of knowing we cannot forget about intuition and reason and reason is a ducted form of logic because basically even you take a look at you take a the general the overall general of view of something you come up with a theory or Hut so it looks for the specific points of data to substantiate that so I'm saying is we have to have intuition experience and we just like the classical philosophers used to advise that's right and that they call that the Trivium method of critical of thinking and learning and that is a balanced holistic approach not using either the the left brain only or the right brain only but combining those two into a synthesis and again as I said that is the true chemical wedding that will open up our true vision you know the the ability to truly real eyes to make real that which is really taking place around us and to know how to move forward in it to develop the knowing of how to move forward to make this a better place for one and all and that happens through that that level of balancing the left and right brain hemispheres together and this is further corroboration with the concepts and ideas that I've talked about on the show for the past many weeks so James that's an absolutely critical point to bring up and I would encourage again our listeners to look more into these methodologies of thought and learning and understanding that that something like positivism is something that we really need that understand is completely limited it cannot encompass the whole spectrum of learning and knowledge and again James I thank you for bringing that up so we have about maybe three or four minutes left in the program I want to open the floor to you to wrap things up and to talk about anything else that you may want to bring up on the show and then we can take it out from there so you have anything else that you'd like to bring up about what you're working on in the future future projects or anything else that you want to say before we close out well mark I'm focusing on spoiler at this con is it in production that's my documentary project at this con we're going to be releasing corporate fascism in in the summer as soon as the Sundance Film Festival finished rejecting it I can't release it until they make their decision and then we're also we're focused on the Tesla project so the Tesla project is a feature project which is a long term thing and we're just kind of continuing to push it to the next step but we're continuing to the documentaries in the meantime and that's about it those two projects called corporate fascism as I said will be out sometime in January it is just possible that Sundance might like this better than the other one and because it is basically taking a look at more or less the left side of the equation so thank you for having me on the show and it was very interesting and I look like somebody out there that it is interested in positivism but that's not anywhere but we do go into that in great detail in spoiler and spoiler is important on a new book that Nelson whole book is preparing to be released the golden bean and I think that there's going to be even one of the most important political philosophies book that has ever been written and even process of getting that published now James I think it's critical to be aware of different ideologies that are out there and uh you know I read up on things like this all the time and it's it's basically what I do and it's what we discuss on this show so James I want to thank you for being a phenomenal guest here on what on earth is happening I look forward to working with you and collaborating with you in the future as part of the Tesla Science Foundation here in Philadelphia and again I just can't thank you enough this has been a great show and uh you're welcome to come back on and time to talk about future projects you may have in the works thank you very much for having me mark I had a wonderful time you've got a James James you take care your cream on Bud Light good night James Yeager ladies and gentlemen a great guest here on what on earth is happening next week on the show we will be wrapping up our analysis of the financial system as a methodology of mind control and control in general when we talk about taxation and how that fraud works in this country and we'll be getting deeper than that we'll be going into what taxation really is at a core fundamental level so that'll be right here next week on what on earth is happening I want to thank everyone for listening I want to encourage you to check out my website at what on earth is happening calm I'm your host mark passio you've been listening to what on earth is happening right here on the revolution broadcasting radio network I'll see you here same time next week folks good night