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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome one and all you're listening - what on earth is happening right here on the revolution Broadcasting Network I'm your host mark Cassio my website is what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website is revolution broadcasting com today is Tuesday October 12th 2010 and tonight we're going to be continuing analyzing the various and multi-faceted methodologies of mind control right here on what on earth is happening this evening before we get into our topic of discussion for this evening which is going to be the control of the mainstream media the control of mass media outlets and just how little real and true information people get to hear and see and read on a daily basis in the controlled paradigm in which we live so that's going to be coming up in just a few minutes on the show this evening just want to announce quickly that it looks like revolution broadcasting's feed is down for this evening it appears that there was a server issue so they'll be taking care of very soon but for now for tonight the show is live on my site only I have a couple of event announcements that I want to read for events coming up in the Philly area I'd like to thank everybody that was involved with hosting the mutual UFO network conference that happened Bucks County Pennsylvania this past weekend went very successfully great speakers thanks to all of the people involved for hosting it and for putting that conference on so - event announcements coming up in the Philadelphia area the first is the third Monday of every month free documentary screenings and discussion evenings this is hosted by truth freedom prosperity a great activist group in this area the next one that they have coming up is Monday October 18th 7 o'clock p.m. at the ethical Society building that's at 1906 South Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia they'll be screening the documentary called for liberty here's the description advocating a philosophy of sound money a non-interventionist foreign policy script constitutionalism and individual liberty but dr. ron paul inspired a unique grassroots movement unmatched in American history the repercussions of which continue to reverberate today into the future of the American psyche for liberty how the Ron Paul revolution watered the withered tree of Liberty follows this historic campaign from the perspective of grassroots activists and showcases the unique and often bizarre yet groundbreaking projects they undertook as they brushed aside traditional campaign methodology so it's going to be about how the Ron Paul revolution basically went out in the campaign of 2008 and tried to educate the American public on this philosophy this is Monday October 18th 7 p.m. at the ethical Society building 1906 South Rittenhouse Square for liberty for more information on this group's events please visit truth freedom prosperity dot org that's truth freedom prosperity dot o-r-g and the final event announcement I have is the conference that I am co-hosting coming up in Philadelphia next year it's called free your mind a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult free your mind is a unique two-day conference scheduled for April 9th and 10th 2011 in Philadelphia PA featuring multiple speakers and diverse educational materials for the purpose of raising public awareness of the critically important topics of mass mind control techniques the covert and subversive influences upon our consciousness and behavior trauma based abuse and ritualized abuse and the practical mental and emotional healing methodologies available for those who are affected by these devices the date is Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10th 2011 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. both days with the doors opening at 9 a.m. the location is Ruby Hall ru ba RIBA hall at 414 Green Street that's for one for Green Street in Philadelphia the admission price is set very affordably at only $20 per day the confirmed speakers aren McCallum alfred Weber Andrew basiago farah your dozous Jay Parker John Nicholson Larkin Rose Laura Magdalene Eisenhower myself mark passio Mel fàbregas Michael Kelly Suzanne Taylor and just added to the bill I didn't even get a chance to put it up on the website yet he was just added and confirmed this weekend mr. Richard Dolan who is going to be giving a unique presentation on the history of mind control and its methodologies really looking forward to that as Richard Dolan is a very distinguished and eloquent speaker so it's an honor to have him join the roster of speakers for the free your mind conference coming up in Philadelphia Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10 2011 for more information on this great conference please visit the web site at WWE or mind conference com those are the event announcements for this evening ladies and gentlemen so let me give the call in number for the show as always feel free to call in at any time please be patient when you call in I know that I could take a little while to get to callers sometimes but I will get to your call I like taking calls I like hearing what the listening audience has to say so please be patient when you call in the call-in number seven two four four four four seven four four four once again the call-in number seven two four triple four seven triple four when you call in you have to put the call ID number for what on earth is happening in so the call ID number for this show is eight three five one five once again the call ID number is eight three five one five no taboo topics ever on the show call in and discuss what you'd like to talk about tonight the main topic of discussion is the mainstream media we're going to be talking about this as a methodology of keeping people's minds in a certain state of consciousness that's what the name of this game is folks if you don't have all of the information that is necessary to make properly informed decisions who knows what people may believe and act upon and indeed that is exactly what is going on and that is what they are doing they are acting in completely uninformed ways because they are not getting the full picture they are not getting the whole story they are getting a limited and slanted view through the mainstream media of what is really taking place in their world and this could be one of the most powerful techniques in all of the dominators arsenal and the reason that is is because it's a constant application of propaganda it is a continual bombardment to the to the senses whether it be read heard or seen whether it be in the nightly news or in certain movies or in radio broadcasts or in the newspapers or magazines that are read and you can go on and on and on books that are published what I hope to do with the show tonight is to explain to people that once again a level of discernment is required in understanding who it is that is giving you accurate information this with the main topic of this entire show and that is the ability to tell truth from falsehood again what the show is ultimately about is the recognition of causal factors the recognition of the causes for the effects that we observe in the manifested reality in which we live if we don't understand those root causes we are going to be powerless in understanding what actually creates that which we must experience in the physical reality in which we live therefore the number one thing that we should be focusing our attention on is to develop our ability to tell truth from falsehood if we don't have this ability we are wandering blindly we are creating blindly we are wandering in a desert of completely untrue ideologies as opposed to understanding the philosophical groundwork upon which we are based as an integral part of the whole physical universe that we live in this is one of the laws that underlie creation people have called it many different things the law of cause and effect principle of cause and effect people have called this the law of attraction people have referred to this as natural law and indeed it is all of those things and this is something you'll never hear discussed in the mainstream media because these paid propagandists will never tell you that you're the creator of your reality they'll constantly try to reinforce your personal weakness and your lack of power and your subservience to leaders and authorities and people who know better than you experts they'll constantly try to tell you that you don't have the tools to decipher truth from falsehood you don't have the tools of discernment to understand what is actually taking place versus what is not they'll try to tell you you're completely powerless to know what actually is going on around you and they'll never tell you how important it is to recognize that which is taking place within you so I want to get into a little bit about the more esoteric aspects of this first about why they want to control information information is what we are ultimately all made of what you eat makes up who you are that food is information it is decoded by the biological computer that is the body broken down into its constituent elements processed and then it goes into making you who you are added you are what you eat is true be talking about food and medicine next week will be beginning that discussion that will probably be a couple of week long topic a couple of shows at least so in addition to what you take in physically through your body through eating and drinking and breathing the air around you what you take into your eyes and ears is also integral critically important to that which comprises you that which you are made of when we take in information through the senses we are integrating that into our personality whether we understand that that's taking place or not that's simply how it works the brain is like a biological computer if junk goes into it junk comes out of it it gets output on the screen and that that output screen is our physical reality and it is generated it is manifested by that which we into ourselves so it's we need to be careful to exercise discernment about that which we take into ourselves and we need to make a decision as to its veracity its truthfulness how many people actually do that and actively engage their brain to weigh information and determine its truthfulness how many people are eclectic enough meaning they go to enough varied sources of information to be able to determine what is real and what is not how many people even think logically enough to determine whether what they're being told is true so that's another thing that will set this show apart I'm not asking people to believe what I say I tell people belief is one of the things that is destroying this world and the people in it the information I talk about on this show is verifiable you can verify this in your own experience and most importantly in your own experience that's another thing people will tell you is not a valid method for determining truth from falsehood your own experience and I'm here to tell you that's probably the most important way of doing it but secondary to that it's being eclectic enough about the information sources that you go to for what's going on to learn about what's going on and very very few people have developed that ability and one of the main reasons is because they would prefer to sit back and active and passively rather than actively weigh information they would rather passively accept information it's part of the ultimate reason that things are progressing the way that they are in our society most people have been convinced that what is taking place around them is not their personal responsibility and that's another thing that may set this show apart from some others I'm not the one that's going to blow smoke up your rear end and try to tell you that you're not responsible for what's taking place that it's some elite that does this to us and that's not the case that is not the case we are doing this to ourselves because we're not developing the spiritual strength necessary to overcome the lives of these dominators in this dominator culture we're not developing the discernment to be able to weigh information in the balance of our own ability to tell truth from falsehood we're not developing these skills because we're believing the lies that were repeatedly told through the media and through other people around us that we are secondary and inferior to leaders or authority figures and they'll tell us what's going on and we should simply believe that and 95% of people in the world or better actually fall into that category they actually do accept that nonsense that it's not up to them to determine what's really going on it's not up to them to determine the truthfulness or the morality of a situation or event or circumstance it's up to them to simply listen to what's being told to them by someone who knows better they're an expert they're an authority figure they know better than me and once we give up that ability that we all inherently possess and it's simply a matter of working with it it's like a muscle if it isn't work with it atrophies we have it everyone has it but it needs to be exercised it needs to be worked with and then it becomes sharper become stronger less and less manipulation can be pulled on a person who develops this capability and that's if this is again the number one thing that I stress on this show the ability to tell truth from falsehood is ultimately what consciousness is it is ultimately what is creating the good experiences that we see around us take place or what is experiencing all the negative consequences of not using that capability not exercising it not developing it not growing so when we look at the mainstream media how many places in this in these sources of information do you even see this concept of truth from falsehood how many places do you even see the word consciousness for example they don't want people even looking into what consciousness is they'll be very careful never to even use that word just like in religion you go to a church or mosque a synagogue how many are using the word consciousness it's exceedingly rare if it's used at all and you'll never hear this used in the mainstream media because they want to dissuade you from even looking into a topic like that they want a passive acceptor of information and again we've talked about some of the more esoteric aspects of this that you'll see the color blue used in news broadcasts this is the color that will entrain the mind into a passive state if it is used frequently enough and and omnipresent lee if that's the color that is the most predominant color in someone's field of vision blue speaks to the left brain I'm sorry to the right brain hemisphere it engages the right brain hemisphere the right brain hemisphere is about acceptance passive simply observing not getting active or involved it is the feminine aspect the receiver aspect it is the receptive qualities of the individual this is why these colors will be used in news broadcasts don't take my word for it just verify in your own experience turn on the eleven o'clock news this evening in your area guaranteed blue is the dominant color guaranteed it's all right there it's all been there people just aren't conscious enough to see it they want you to feel powerless that's the next component in this they want you to think you don't have a say in what's going on they want you to think that there are always others who know better than yourself that you need to simply listen to and accept and I don't tell you you need to accept what I say on this show I say if if you don't want to accept this turn it off and go watch something else or listen to something else I'm trying to help people understand what's going on because I have verified this information in my own experience but no one is obliged to listen no one is obliged to go any further act upon this or do anything with it and that's that's the role of information see if information is enacted upon it's ultimately useless let's see you're in a better position to get people to act upon information that you're telling them if you do a couple of things these are the techniques of the mainstream media you want to put them in a passive state then you want to repeat what you're saying over and over and over and over ad infinitum endlessly that's another technique of mind control repetition you hear something enough times sooner or later you're likely to believe it what Adolf Hitler said he said make the lie big keep saying it and eventually they will believe it because he well understood the techniques of propaganda like his propaganda minister Goebbels did Goble said make the lie big you know the bigger the lie the more it will be believed people are more likely to believe the biggest lies about the deepest things the most cut the most important and critical topics like the nature of how we create our reality or the lie that one don't the people will believe lies about that even more readily than about some simple everyday things that are going on around them because they want that removal of responsibility ultimately it's about people not wanting to be responsible for their own actions hey if they can say I'm not responsible for this somebody else told me to do it I was just following orders like in the Third Reich they're more likely to do that they want the removal of personal responsibility they want to believe oh it's not my information to weigh and a huge amount of information and decide out of it what is true because I compared multiple sources and I've compared it against my own experience and I've studied and researched and gone through trouble and taken time of my life to weigh this information and decide whether it is accurate or not accurate no because that takes responsibility that takes time which that we talked about on the show is a spiritual currency it is a way that we pay for what we ultimately get in life what we do with our time what we do with our attention and this has to do with what we pay attention to pay attention right there in the expression it's a currency you pay attention well you pay for things that means you get something back in return for your payment and what you're getting back in return is what you ultimately think like what you ultimately feel like and what you ultimately act like and that's what's creating your reality because that's the components of your consciousness the expressions of your consciousness is more accurate so the media is one of the most important arms of the dominator agenda because ultimately it is what is shaping the thoughts emotions and actions of people it is behavioral sculpting it is social engineering that's what this form of propaganda is the controlled media and it doesn't matter what source you go to in the controlled paradigm it's all controlled opposition doesn't matter whether you turn on CNN whether you read Time magazine whether you read Newsweek or The Washington Post's or whether you watch Fox News or whether you watch ABC NBC CBS or the New York Times or The Wall Street Journal doesn't make a difference they're all controlled sources of information they're all controlled sources and the reason that they're so tightly controlled in the modern world is because they're largely owned by the same people and what they want to do is disempower get you not to look at yourself of people in general as the creators of what happens in this world it is not a small group of people it is the masses of people that think the way that they do and accept things the way that they are that is continuing to let this creation go along unhindered as it is without any real positive change or empowerment of the people and the universe is not going to step in and correct this situation we need to step in and correct it do our will through our intelligence and through our care the universe is going to let us have what we create whether it be for our benefit or for our harm it doesn't say no just how it works and people need to get out of their head and simply accept that this is how natural law works it's all about ego people don't want to accept certain ways of thinking feeling and acting will get you certain results they want to think it's just random events happening to them and I'd like to briefly bring up before we go deeper into the discussion of the control of the median and what what companies actually own what we are largely getting to see here and read I didn't think I was going to bring this up but I think it's appropriate talking about people not wanting to admit that things are worse than they would even believe and not wanting to admit that they're playing a role in creating that because of the forces that they're actually working with and putting out there and expressing and then bad things happen to them and they wonder why they stand around wondering why but they can't go down to the deepest causal factors of it and this may offend some people what I'm about to talk about and here's the tagline for the show get as offended as you like I'm not here to make friends people in case you didn't get that yet in case you haven't understood that after 28 weeks is the 29th week of the show in case you didn't figure out that I'm not here to make friends with people let me explain this isn't exactly popular speech this isn't exactly what people want to hear in case you couldn't figure that out on your own because it lays responsibility firmly in your lap as opposed to pointing the finger in other people's lap and I'm not someone who throws stones I have changed my life in my actions and my views and my thoughts my emotions and my actions my behavior I am a person who has done back and I so I can say this what would not without being a hypocrite about and I understand that the great work is to explain this information to people that's it that's all it is the great work is to go into the world and explain the truth to people about how they're creating their reality because that's the only thing that's ever going to get people to become conscious co-creators of their reality they're doing it unconsciously and they're saying my god why am i continuing to get this result because you're unconscious of the forces you work with and you're unconscious of how natural law works that's why you're continuing to get the same bad results you're continuing to get and until you change yourself until you change yourself and you stop working with the forces that you're working with and you start working with higher forces in consciousness you're going to continue to get the same results the end the end that's just how it works get over it so one I'm not here to make friends with people - this isn't a popularity contest I'm not in competition with anybody I don't care who listens or doesn't listen I'm going to continue to speak the truth because that's the force I serve I don't serve people I've said that many times on this show I am NOT your servant I am truths servant the end that's it so don't put me up on a pedestal as a guru and don't think I'm you're bound servant either because neither one of those scenarios is the case I serve the truth period the end so let's look at an instance where people bad things are happening to them and yet they still want to remain a tenth picture in the journey toward true enlightenment they want to think that they can continue to do the things that they're doing against natural law principles and they want to think they can continue to allow the shirking of personal responsibility in the world and still have things that are good and pleasant and beneficial and prend prosperous and it doesn't work that way it doesn't work that way and this goes to the control or agencies and again we talked about this tons and tons of times I'm going to make a brief interlude here it's connected with the media because it's an event that is happening and is being heard about in the media and I'm referring to the abduction by the Child Protective Services alleged protective services of Jonathan Irish's son newborn child Jonathan Irish is an oath keeper one of the oak keepers of the group oak keepers org somebody who has works in the controller agencies the controller institutions and has taken a note that he's not going to violate the US Constitution you swore an oath to protect it well why do I say that this is a 10 picture philosophy or ideology I should say well it's because it doesn't go far enough see what I mean by a 10 picture is in the journey up the great mountain to the consciousness of the gods symbolically up this mountain the mountain is a gigantic thing that needs to be overcome it's all of the ways that we formerly thought it's all of the ways we formerly felt and formerly acted and in that journey most people say wow look at how tall that sucker is I'm not going up there I'm comfortable right here oh I have food down here I've a place to rest down here why bother I'm not even going to start that journey that's where most people are at and the occultists of this world that owned this place for all intents and purposes because we've let them own it we've given all of our personal responsibility and power over them and they are ou cultists dark Oh cultists they call those people the dead the dead this many times on the show will continue to mention it and call in coming weeks we will be getting into the occult deeply into different occult philosophies and ideologies but in this journey most people never begin and that's why the occultists call them the dead they also call them the unbe gun meaning the non initiated those who have not even started the unbegotten then there's another classic who say they know they know they think to themselves they've taken in a little bit of information and that could be a dangerous thing and they say I'm going to start this journey I see the mountain I'm aware that it's there and I'm aware that I shouldn't stay down here I want a better perspective I want a higher view I want to attain higher consciousness but then when they start making that journey and they see how difficult it really is and they see how perilous it can become and they see how frightful the view can be because the view from up there when you turn around and look back on the valley below and see the dead isn't a pleasant one it's a brutal one so what they say is you know what I've made it this far I don't want to necessarily turn around and go back down with the dead but I'm not going any further this is far enough and they take out their tent their little tent out of their backpack going up the mountain of enlightenment they set it off they set up camp about a third of the way up the mountain and they say this far and no further this far and no further and they think erroneously that that's all they need to do and that they're going to have happiness and peace and prosperity and freedom as a result of their partial journey well good luck to you because it doesn't work that way you want to still believe in institutions that are about based in control and you want to still believe that that aspect can be pumped into the external reality in which you live through you and you can still manifest freedom once again I've explained it with different metaphors that's like continuing to pour a flammable material onto a fire that's already raging and saying watch I'm putting this fire out yeah you'll see it's going to go out any minute yeah I keep pouring a highly flammable material right on top of it that's going to put it out just wait just wait it'll happen any second any second you just wait and watch and that fire will be put out soon we'll enjoy that enjoy that rat maze enjoy that hamster wheel that you're going to be going on around in forever forever because you don't want to acknowledge the forces of nature that create what you get you don't want to understand how they work we've talked about these on the show go back and listen to former podcasts we talked about them extensively you want to keep adding control to a situation which is based in fear that's what the dynamic of control of trying to externally control a situation a person and event that's what it's based upon it's based upon fear you're not confronting it you're not trying to solve it from the causal level you're simply doing trying to do something about the effect and the law of cause and effect does not work that way and it's literally like I'm screaming to an inanimate object because people are so rooted in their own ego that they're not wrong that's all they're really concerned about they can't let go to say akun the whole control institution and hierarchy is what's wrong this doesn't create goodness in the world this just tries to mask the symptom of badness all the people who are acting in a bad way will round them up or put them in a cage or beat on them or shoot them you're not addressing the causal factors at all it's putting a bandage on a self-inflicted wound that has to do with what that person became because of what they took into themselves namely the garbage that's in the media and in our food and water and then we want to say because they exhibit behaviors that we don't like and then we won't want to be around that we're going to simply just put them in cages and that's going to make everything better well guess what you don't under you don't understand anything about how you are creating your reality zero zero you're completely uneducated about what really creates what you experience and as long as you stay in that consciousness more and more bad things are going to happen to you so debt is offended about it as you like I think it's a horrible terrible unacceptable thing that should not be tolerated that someone's child was removed from them but this is a symptom another symptom of what people refuse to look at of ignorance it's a symptom of ignorance and this happens for a reason it doesn't happen for no reason or by accident or by chance nothing does we are the causal creators of what we are experiencing and I'm not saying anybody deserves that that's not I'm not using that word I'm saying through what we accept think feel believe and act upon the reality that we are creating external to ourselves which means the reality that we have to experience in the physical domain in which we live and guess what unless you can figure out a way to get out of this universe and if you do please email me and let me know okay that's the universe you're going to be living in because that's the one thing that is that's why they call it a universe the one change and it's either going to be changed into a heaven or a hell and that's up to us we have all of that power to do that it's not something that's happening to us we are co-creators with those forces and those two forces and it's real simple it's a gigantic cagillion dialectic the two forces are love and fear that's it and we've talked about this almost too much so please go back and listen to the shows that are based upon these topics the actual polarities that shape the world love or fear and if we're choosing control we're choosing fear that's it period it can't get any simple simpler than that it doesn't get any simpler than that and when you understand that deeply deeply understand that not just skirt it not just hear about it for somebody else when you understand how that law works you take responsibility for what you are creating through those forces personal responsibility and that means if you're advocating control of any kind control period period justifying it for any reason doesn't matter well okay we need to control this person because he's acting like this or because he's doing this or because that's happening you're not getting down to the base causal factors of why people even act the way they do and therefore you're wandering blind and you do not understand the forces that you're working with to create your reality and therefore bad things are going to continue to happen to you and everybody else and it's look there's nothing to get upset and offended about you're getting offended at me for saying this if anybody is you're attacking the messenger of somebody who is trying to come and say you know the reason the people got so sick in yours in centuries past and because they didn't understand that there was such a thing as microbes and germs because they couldn't see them until microscopes were invented and somebody going to them and saying you're getting sick because these things are around you and there's unsanitary conditions and they would actually literally they might torture somebody for saying that in the past now it's common knowledge it's common sense but somebody in the past saying that could have been interpreted as a a witch or you know some kind of a Satanist over a you know a wizard you know oh the what you're talking about is magic its demons no there's these little germs really they live on your skin and all around you yeah crucify him throw him in the lake with a rock attached to his leg and it's the same thing today because people have established set up rooted beliefs that are wrong by the way their their erroneous beliefs about how the universe actually works and then they stay so attached to that that come hell or high water they're going they're going to live like that they're going to simply continue to do what they're doing and I've tried to dive tried to work with a group like oathkeepers folks I've said this before on the show and I'll be try to be calm about it and explain I've written formal formal letters of introduction sent them emails calmly and it explained to them my credentials what I do the videos I produced and put out there and that the presentation that I give and no response and the reason is they want to believe that from their perspective way way down not even a third off maybe on that mountain that journey that that's all there is and they want to think it's all a political they want to think it's just a matter of tweaking a couple of things in government and control institutions and then we'll be totally free and you know what you're wrong you don't understand the forces you work with when it comes to the actual true causal factors of what creates your reality you have you have the total awareness of a child comparatively and I get it all offended it bit nuts about a bang on the desk bang on the walls break the doors down in your house it doesn't make a difference because this isn't my information okay come and whoever wants to come and try and attack me I don't care I don't care about my life from my body if I did I won't be doing this I'm speaking the truth because that's what I'm charged to do period the end and nothing is going to stop me of that physical death torture doesn't matter you could torture everybody I know you're not dealing with a person who's partially has partial awareness you're dealing with a person who has the eye open you're not going to control me because once that true insight is delivered into the soul of a being their uncontrollable so get as offended as you like get is violent about it as you like it doesn't make a difference it's all meaningless you still lack the information that could liberate you and could for you and could stop things like this from happening but you want to believe in a control institution you want to think that that's going far enough but that's not setting up you know another controlled oppositional paradigm well good luck enjoy what you get and enjoy what you already have and get is offended about it as you like so that's all I'm going to say about that I'm not going to belabor the point both keepers doesn't want to understand the occult oathkeepers that doesn't want to understand that there's a spiritual component to this neither does police and please see another part of it is they want to they want to accept that this aspect of the New World Order from simply a Christian book of revelations paradigm that's the other thing because they're stuck in the exoteric cover stories of religion that's the other thing that's holding them back right they'll talk about the Federal Reserve and the encroachment into the limits of the liberties of people in America but they won't talk about religion as Astro theology they won't talk about that what their religion ultimately is is the Babylonian mystery tradition with a new name it's Mystery Babylon with a new name but no can't accept that I'm all for living the way that the words attributed to Jesus in the Bible say that someone should live because that's what enlightenment ultimately is about treating your fellow being as yourself well being a controller isn't doing that you can think it is all you want it will never be doing that I'll tell you that that's the case if no one else will I'll tell you that so people want to think they're going to continue to add a polarity of fear and get something different oh yeah yeah what will get freedom as a result of control it won't happen through proper moral education it won't happen through understanding the truth and developing both hemispheres of the brain such that we can accurately determine truth from falsehood it will happen from letting people believe whatever nonsense they want to believe and then locking them in cages when they act like idiots yeah that's how it'll happen good luck with that let me know how that works out for you and when you're done with that I'll be here to tell you how it really works how about that how about we just make it an agreement and that though our separate ways I'm going to say about that let's get back into the media and how it's a controlled paradigm because so few people actually own it well hey if you want to consolidate what information people get to see or hear and keep out whatever info you don't want them to hear you need to centralize those sources of information you need to do that by conglomerating them buying out companies creating more and more centralization of power over that information or lack of information as it may be how many companies own what we get largely get to see in here if you don't go to alternative sources and that's the solution to this problem is going to alternative sources of information but so few people even understand that those exists or how to do that or how to search for that information because they've been so dumbed down and they don't have the will it's hard work that's not it's not called the great play folks in case you didn't figure that out yet it isn't called the great playground right it's not called the great vacation it isn't called the great leisure it's called the great work because it takes work to change yourself it takes work to change your mind it takes work to change your emotions it takes work to change your behavior it takes work to take in different information from an eclectic variety of sources to get the big picture and not enough people have that picture not enough people have that picture and here's the main reason the US media landscape is dominated by six massive corporations six massive corporations through a history of mergers and acquisitions they have concentrated their control over what we see here and read in many cases these giant companies are vertically integrated controlling everything from initial production to final distribution I'm reading from a document from a I don't remember what the website is but I will post it in the podcast section this week for El with this show here are the six companies that are controlling what most people in the world pretty much but particularly in the 99 the United States get to see or hear General Electric General Electric media related holdings include television networks NBC and Telemundo Universal Pictures Focus Features 26 television networks in the United States and cable net the cable networks MSNBC Bravo and the sci-fi channel GE also owns 80% of NBC Universal that's company number one company number two is Walt Disney Walt Disney Company owns the ABC television network cable networks including ESPN the Disney Channel SOAPnet a and E lifetime two hundred and seventy seven radio stations music and book publishing companies production company such as touchstone Miramax Walt Disney Pictures Pixar Animation Studios the cellular service Disney mobile and theme parks around the world company number three News Corp News Corporation's Media Holdings include the Fox Broadcasting Company television and cable networks such as Fox Fox Business channel National Geographic FX print publications including The Wall Street Journal the New York Post TV Guide magazines Barron's smart money book publisher HarperCollins film production companies 20th Century Fox Fox Searchlight Pictures and blue sky studios numerous websites including marketwatch.com non Media Holdings include the national rugby league company number for Time Warner Time Warner is the largest media conglomerate in the world their holdings include CNN The CW which is a joint venture with CBS HBO Cinemax Cartoon Network TBS TNT America Online MapQuest Moviefone Warner Brothers pictures Castle Rock New Line Cinema more than 150 magazines including time Sports Illustrated fortune marie-claire and people company number five Viacom Viacom's Viacom's holdings include MTV Nickelodeon Nick at Nite vh1 B et Comedy Central Paramount Pictures Paramount Home Entertainment Adam Entertainment music and game developer Harmonix Viacom 18 is a joint venture with the Indian media company Global broadcast news CBS CBS corporation's owns CBS television network CBS Television Distribution group The CW which is a joint venture with Time Warner Showtime book publisher Simon & Schuster 30 television stations CBS Radio incorporated which has 130 radio stations is now the leading supplier of video to Google's new video marketplace you add to that Reuters which basically controls all of the wire services and media that comes over the radio on television and you have pretty much a complete monopoly over what just about every living mind particularly in this country get to see here and read on a daily basis and if you don't think that that's true you are a naive naive human being start to research owners of these companies and some of the beliefs that they have like Ted Turner who's a eugenicist thinks that there should be population control like Bill Gates you know who basically owns the computing world for the most part and things that people should be basically their numbers should be reduced through vaccinations we'll talk about that in the coming weeks because food and drugs are going to be the next topic of discussion starting next week I see we have a couple callers so let's go all are from Southwest Ohio you're on what on earth is happening what do you have for us checking in from Cincinnati it's Bob mark how you doing tonight hey Bob good to hear from you I'm doing okay I I sense some frustration there mark let me say this and we'll just get it off the table mark you're you're part of a fourth-dimensional reality okay you you are encountering obviously people who have not bear Lea hit two dimensions and sometimes three on a lucky day yes don't don't even you dude you are so beyond this and I hate to be so a colloquial or you know lackadaisical about all this but I'm just trying to tell you straight up you're four dimensional these people are two dimensional upset moving on the term social engineering they're trying to re-engineer that term I'm not even going to tell you what they're they're trying to define it as but I want people to remember mark is right social engineering is defined as those tools used by a certain force in society that attempts to shape your reality through your behavior modification and through other I won't let people define it you know look for the real meaning it's on those lines but but don't let them redefine that word they're trying to make it some kind of term where people are seeking financial information in an unwarranted or illegal manner and that's ridiculous so certainly right so it is about it is about behavioural control that's what social engineering is ultimately about yes it defining or getting in there and and manipulating the society and all of its facets you know all the way down to to street signs all the way down to what's in the water system well maybe if we put a little more of this they'll be a little less aggressive how about that and if people don't think that meetings like that don't occur you do not understand the reality we're living in it's five past midnight guys it's late in the game and Mark is trying to tell it and most of us who hear this on a regular basis Michelle I know you're out there with me we know this already but there is a vast majority you just do not get it start sharing it with a clarion call letting people know that it is five past midnight we have no time and Marcus is helping the wake us up mark to two things and I'm going to get out of here and let other people talk to you the great work is defined by Mark passio and if I get it wrong readjust me to get to go into the world and share with people that their consciousness is creating and co-creating the reality they live in and that's powerful mark thank you for saying that that mark is you already know is the way of the alchemist and Mark is fighting the way of the sorcerer who is manipulating our consciousness and our metaphysical and also now our physical reality on a daily basis this chemtrails Spring has started back up again with a great fervor across the nation on this October of 2010 and I'm angry again mark I can't stand it it's way deeper than what we're even perceiving it as it's more than just spray and poison on us ladies and gentlemen there is a consciousness component to this it's manipulating the whole thing and and God bless you mark for keeping this on the air and I've got a question the the opening of the third eye this is a powerful I think this gets to the core of esotericism in some way my being tells me but is this it just a metaphysical reality or does it also take on a physical component this opening of the third eye and thank you mark once again for what you're speaking about it is so powerful and is so on track don't ever forget we we who are listening to you out here and who are conscious and aware and paying our attention to your program don't forget that that that's you who the level where you're trying to move on don't don't keep looking back down that mountain mark do not pay those people any attention if they're going to get it they're going to get it as seeds been planted and move on sir thank you good night mark Bob I thank you so much always a pleasure to hear from you Bob from Cincinnati to respond to your question traditionally the third eye is a symbolic representation of the balancing of the left and right brain hemispheres and the coming together of those qualities those functions of the two hemispheres of the brain into a more holistic unified way of thinking and being in the world and that is symbolically represented by the awakening of the pineal gland which is that located in the very center the very physical center physiological center of the brain and the head now what whether there's a physical component to this if there is I would say that it is that gland which is considered the third eye vortex it's considered the third eye chakra okay it's the I'm trying to think of the name of the chakra it is the it'll come to me but that that chakra centered the third eye chakra is represents when the pineal gland actually starts to become actively involved in sending signals to other areas of the brain so if there is a physical component and it is not just purely a spiritual aspect of spiritual symbology I would say that the pineal gland actually starts to awaken from its dormant mode which it is kept in throughout most of human beings lives that the pineal gland is often heavily calcified it has a layer of calcium deposit literally over the top of the gland however this gland is connected to the brain through a blood vessel and more blood flows through this a gland than any other component of the brain the the pineal gland it looks like a little pinecone and it is surrounded traditionally in most people's brains by a thin layer of calcified deposits people say that this is what prevents it from actively engaging other areas of the brain and opening up the nuts for example say the intuitive capacities of people to be able to bring all this information and then understand in a holistic sense what is happening not only within themselves but in the world that they're living in so that is the physical component to the symbolism of the third eye there is a very very good little tiny tiny tiny book that someone in the Philadelphia area is putting out about this and about alchemy in general it's called better living through alchemy and I don't have it digitally digitally I don't have the digital copy of it as a PDF but it's so good that what I think I'll do since Bob brought this up on the show today is I think I will post it I'll type it out actually actually physically type it out over the next day or two and post it as a document because I think it's so valuable for people to read this document and help them to understand and what the process of alchemy really is and what the goal of alchemy really is what it's really trying to create what it's trying to awaken is a more accurate way of putting it now this book is called better living through alchemy it is put out in a couple of esoteric bookstores in this area I don't know who publishes it but what I will say about who publishes it and it is not me or anyone I know okay is that they are an enlightened person and I thank them for putting out this little gem it's about ten pages long not even and what I would say is that this person whoever it may be really understands they really really understand and I thank them for putting this a little gem out to people now um here's what I'll do and I was actually just kicking around this idea thinking about it as someone rebrov this book to my attention recently I think I'll make it a contest okay I'll put this up on the site and to whoever is the first caller who gives the answer to the riddle in this book there's a riddle it's called the alchemical riddle whoever gives the answer and add I don't care how you went about finding it whoever gives the right answer to the alchemical riddle that is contained in the book I will give a free ticket to both days of the free your mind conference - now you have to be able to make it out physically in the Philly area to receive them so if you're interested in that as a prize I'll do a little contest over the next couple of weeks I'll post it to the site of the next couple days whoever can answer the question to the alchemical riddle contain in this little book that is ultimately about the third eye or the one eye as Bob brought up and as I alluded to earlier to the to the caller the fruit you have to be a caller no email you have to call into the show and give the answer on the air whoever can answer it this this contest will start next week okay you get a free ticket for each day of the free your mind conference one one person free ticket for both Saturday and Sunday April 9th and 10th 2011 in Philadelphia and we'll start that contest here on the air next week okay so we have another caller so here we go callers take precedence thanks for being patient caller from Southeast Pennsylvania you are on what on earth is happening go hey Mark it's Chris first how are you well I'm sorry about what happened this week I don't know what happened but I got cut off but anyway another great dinner tonight Chris let me address that real quick talks you went out on me for a second time and uh unluckily I am recording all of the content locally I have a piece of software technology that records everything right here so I didn't lose very much but talk should cut out and interestingly before I let you continue it was the second time talk should cut out like this the first time the topic was the Federal Reserve System and the second time the topic was the taxation system I find that highly interesting but God continue yeah I agree um more a couple things there's a movie I find knowledge through movies I guess I'm lazy in some sense but I also like to get the picture of the hidden messages and this one way that hidden there's a movie came out in 1976 called Network and that movie talks about exactly what you're talking about with the media controlling what people believe to be the truth and the dangers as the media grows more powerful the second thing I want to mention is the different different topic is when you mentioned the pineal gland and how has it was involved in opening up the third eye I found that in my research that there's a huge picture a huge statue I think it's the biggest in the world of a pine cone shaped object in the Vatican or near the Vatican and the court this person is called the court of the pinecone and it is the largest statue of a pinecone in the Rome and this is centered in the outside court outside of the Vatican and the reason it is there is because they are actually paying homage to the spiritual gland the third eye chakra and it is on it is a symbolic representation of the third eye and that is true it is in the Vatican anyone can confirm this by typing into a search online the court of the pinecone yeah I found that very interesting that that would be hidden and in a better score at of in the Vatican and also you also find the Ovilus from the Serra of the Vatican also interesting as well but that's another story the you mentioned is better living through alchemy I look at alchemy as a process of in search of spiritualization and in other words the increasing your spirituality or at least in our case finding it once again is that our here is that accurate that's very accurate that's exactly what it is really and this little pamphlet or book however you want to look at it it's a little self bound book someone you know bound it with a needle and thread by hand it's really great um they have it over at germ books that's where I got it but I've seen it in a couple of other bookstores in the area and it is just brilliant and it is made with care and the person who made it really really understands the deep aspects of what alchemy is and you can tell that immediately by reading it if you know anything about alchemy and that is what wood alchemy is alchemy is about spiritual transformation it is about changing the the base consciousness of people and helping to be an assistant in that change and only they could do it Alta mately again you're just an assistant an alchemist is really just an assistant in that process the person is making a one-on-one relationship with the divine creator regardless of what force that happens to be for them in their own analysis and they are connecting with that higher power and then they're using that to go up higher in consciousness but again it is something that the The Alchemist himself is an assistant in that process he doesn't actually do that work he assists in it that's why I said the great work is ultimately putting out this information so that people can have it available for them so that they can help to change themselves you aren't going to change anybody else you can only be influenced for someone else to change themselves yeah and that's what you're doing and we all appreciate can I ask you one more question real quick sure this is what you may not have the answer but I've been wondering about this I feel I in the same person in an insane world most people would say I'm an insane person in the same world I know that I'm the same person in an insane world now my question is this it's most people in this world 99% don't understand what it means to be human or what spirituality is about and as a result they're going to go through this world again they're going to get back on the ride so to speak I agree happens to us well I hope that god I don't to get back on this ride but do you have any any guesses or feelings as to what happens to the people who are will leave this world aware well Chris uh you know in Freemasonry they consider you know the true mace and the traveler you've heard the expression a traveler or a traveling man uh and this is this is related to the hope that when people get the lessons that are contained in this world that they go to another place a nut maybe another planet maybe another dimension or another reality in which they do not have to suffer in the ways that people seemingly need to suffer in this reality to wake from their trance and I I ask the question and I do I know whether that is true i I don't that is also my hope that that is the case because I don't want to be back here either however some people you know there's this concept in Buddhism of the Bodhisattva vodi satva recognizes that there is suffering in any place in the universe and decides they will come and serve wherever that suffering is taking place so maybe some people make a valve that they as long as there are people suffering here they will come I can be the teachers that are necessary for this place and I often wonder about how many people have made that bow or that you know agreement well I don't know how that's my take on I am you know I get last week and I identify with what you said very clearly that you know this is torture it's torture to know what we could be and recognize what we really are and in that sense ignorance is bliss but I mean see what humanity could be and the capabilities that we have and and just we're like we can go 100 miles an hour yeah we're stuck doing 20 you know we're maybe doing 10 miles an hour in a maze the humanity just keeps repeating over and over right it torture it is measured toward it's a physical torture it's mental torture they want to keep us in a basic state of consciousness they want to keep us with the third eye closed not seeing the bigger picture and it is it is known as the anja chakra it just came to me a J and a Anja the Anja chakra that is what the third eye is called arm and they want to keep people in a state of spiritual blindness so that they can keep their control going over the people of the world so that they're sitting on easy street not really having to do much and other people are toiling and laboring and then they attain a state of freedom to don't think that the dominators of this world are just purely malevolent non spiritually aware people that's not true they are very aware of these concepts and they exploit them and they try to hold this knowledge hoard it back hoard it and hold it back from people that's why they've given people religion they know that people understand intuitively and inherently that there's there's an inherent spiritual component to their existence but they need to give them something that's fake a substitute a proxy understand what the word proxy means P ro X Y people hear about this in the internet I'm surfing through a proxy that means you're going through another channel that's routing it around it's going all the way around right and then routing it to get you that information well that's what religion is it's a proxy for true spiritual development they need they need to give you something in disguise so that you'll accept it as the real thing because they can't give you the real thing if they give you the real thing game over you know if cops even cops who think that obeying the Constitution is a good idea if they understand that there's no such thing as authority in the three dimensional space-time continuum that is only a claim of authority and the acceptance of a claim by people who don't know any better they might actually wake up they can't have that so they got to give these people religion they got to give them things like the Constitution they got to give you things that say okay there's such a thing as individual rights but here's a controller group that needs to make sure that those are protected that's not your sovereign responsibility to make sure that your rights are protected that's our responsibility see how that proxy works yeah it's very subtle it's very insidious religion is very insidious it's giving you something as something else and telling you it's the real thing and it's not the real thing I figured that out I figured out a long time ago intuitively I just figured that religion he's my common sense which is what we ought to do I just figure religion was a way to get one man to do something another another man want them to do the otherwise wouldn't do that's right don't did wrong Chris don't get me wrong I'm not saying that there is no spiritual truths that can be found in religions I'm saying all of the dogma and exoteric cover stories that go along with the religion are accepted by people and their believing that to be true instead of going for the gold that is hidden way way way under a pile of garbage you know they're not going for that they're accepting the cover story and yet they're still living their lives in opposition with the true spiritual tenets that underlie all of that nonsense but if they went deeper even into something like Christianity or or Buddhism work or or Islam they went deeper into it right why the problem is the cognitive spiros crew they're doing the same thing it's immediate people turn the television on expect to get the truth in the media well people expect to go to church for these priests and and become spiritual or drop their spirituality it's either doing they're looking in the wrong place be exact well that's right and that's what a Dominator has to do they have to guide you into the wrong place and this is the whole adage called the the cul-de-sacs before the goldmine you know they need to guide you around these cul-de-sacs and get you going in circles so saying oh this is all there is stay in that little cul-de-sac and keep going around in a circle because they don't want you on their true Road they don't want you on the true road to real enlightenment which is the knowledge that every individual is a sovereign being under the Creator and there's no such thing as authority does not exist does not exist in the three dimensional space-time continuum anywhere you're not an authority of over anything that doesn't mean you don't have a right to defend yourself if your freedoms come under attack but it doesn't mean you have the right to tell people what they can and cannot do based on the laws written down by a flawed person by or a group of people and that's what a controller is all about it's saying here's what the law is and here's I'm gonna I'm going to follow this regardless of whether it's true because I get my paycheck and that's where most people's mindsets in the police and military are at they're all about just following orders even the particle hook again or saying I won't follow certain orders don't understand it isn't your responsibility to protect anyone's rights it's people's general responsibility to grow in consciousness so that they have the ability to protect their own rights and if they ever come under a threat they know what the proper response is in their own experience in their own responsibility we don't need groups created among so this is where the whole failing is the whole failing in the system is that people said what we'll do so we don't have to do this is we'll create groups that do this for us then the responsibility will be off of us and it will be charged to them and that's where you start going into tyranny when that idea crept into the consciousness of humanity and people actually think that's a good idea and it frees you creation of governments and controlling institutions free people from having to do this themselves well guess what I'll take having that responsibility any day over advocating it to a controller because that responsibility doesn't belong to anybody else it belongs to me I understand that it's that's all over I'll let some other callers time for some other course but one thing I want to mention up I'm going to see David Icke this weekend I think he's another one that gets this stuff that really is enlightened so if anyone's good to go these are the Nokia Theatre on Sunday starting at 11:00 o'clock in Times Square in New York City absolutely Chris thanks for making that announcement that's right David Icke will be speaking on the east coast of the United States States for one of the first times he's going to be speaking in New York City at the Nokia Theatre on Sunday October 17th if there's I don't know if it's sold out yet but if there's still tickets and people want to go check it out David Icke is a person who has tremendously inspired me I think he is just bursting with courage to do what he does and this is one of the people who embody courage as far as I'm concerned and I've read 11 of his 16 or 17 books now you just put out a new one called human race get off your knees and I couldn't concur with that sentiment more that's what we need to do and it's got a lion on the cover the lion represents courage I would just like to connect this with media before I see we have another caller caller if you listen please hold on I'm going to get to you in one moment okay great the people are calling in um what is required here is courage courage to look beyond courage to go beyond the limited scope of what we happen to see and understand in this moment and and to continue to take in more information not in fear but in understanding and in trying to get to a place of wisdom which is doing the right thing with what that which we do deeply understand so this is what people who are doing the work of the mainstream propagandists ultimately don't have they don't have developed courage if they had courage they wouldn't be doing this they're in the state of fear that's the consciousness that even allow them to continue to do a job of a paid propagandist I'm going to go on the air and put a false vision of reality out for people to take in so that they ultimately don't understand how they create their reality imagine what kind of a level of consciousness you have to be at to even do a job like that and that's why they call it television folks here's more green language tell a vision they're telling you a vision about what the world actually is and what it's like and it has nothing to do with reality the actual reality it has nothing to do with it they're giving you their vision of what it is that's disempowering and keeps you under control that's why they call it television it doesn't make a difference whether somebody did that deliberately it's green language it's the language the actual language that we speak telling us things to the subconscious mind all the time they're telling a vision you know they're giving you a vision of reality through this medium and that's called synchro mysticism look it up we talked about it on the show before it's a fascinating topic of discussion it's a fascinating topic to look into and green lines holding which I'm going I'm gonna get go I appreciate it appreciate your all your knowledge in your effort Chris take care of man thanks man or by bike here's Chris Pennsylvania looks like the other caller got a call and hang in there I'm sorry I didn't get to you um please be patient folks when when you call in I know uh you know people want a voice their their opinions and that you're always welcome to do that on the show I think the callers to this show bring up some of the greatest topics and areas of interest and I've said this before I think I have the best callers in internet radio so sorry - that last caller that didn't hang in there but that's okay um of Chris brought the movie Network and I think that's a phenomenal movie about the control of mass media everyone should see this movie it's an older movie I think it's from the 70s it's from a 77 or something like that and network is just a brilliant brilliant movie and uh Chris was saying he learns from movies in general and I think there is a way to do that movies certain movies are allegories al le g o ry allegory look up that word an allegory is a fictional story that tells a moral tale or lesson teaches a moral lesson and this is used in different occult of societies and orders allegories are very important they are stories which tell spiritual truths so many movies that are produced in Hollywood are allegorical and you can learn a lot from them if you have the discernment to pick apart the symbolism and you know the actual roots lesson that is trying to teach again network is one of them I think avatar was one of the greatest allegories of our time that's why it was so wildly popular a movie that's not going to teach a lesson is not going to get that wildly popular as avatar was Star Wars was another Lord of the Rings these are allegorical movies there's tons of them a book that I'd like to recommend to people to study about the mass control techniques of the media and other institutions and mind control in general is Jim Keats book mass control which was written in 1999 and Jim Keith has since died but it's a brilliant book that outlines very simply the techniques of mind control and the agencies that are doing this and how the media is controlled there's a lot of information on that it's called mass control mass control by Jim Keith ke I thi can't recommend that one enough these big six companies that we've been talking about control 96% of the totality of information that people get to see here and read on a daily basis imagine that it is almost a complete monopoly 96% is controlled by six institutions if people think that that is acceptable they are completely insane and that connects with something Chris talked about yes you are a sane person in an insane world not the other way around the problem is insanity is so widespread that the insane believe that they are the same and that the same are the insane I know that's a tongue twister but think about it the problem is is that insanity is so widespread that the insane of the world actually believe that they are okay that they are seen and that the people who have actually healed themselves and become sane in this insane world are the ones who are insane that's what's going on and you're accurate about that Chris uh it's not the other way around okay so we talked about the ownership of media another thing Chris brought up is the controlled opposition you know people think that they're informed by some of the media outlets they're going to go and listen to oh well you know when there was a crazed Skull and Bones man in the White House George Bush the left was freaking out you know and the controlled opposers were on MSNBC going nuts on bush now that there's a Democrat in the White House all of the leftists in this controlled fake paradigm of left versus right conservative versus liberal Democrat versus Republican you know all the leftists are saying oh wow how wonderful Barack Obama is our president now now you have the voices rising up of the right like of a Riley and Hannity and Limbaugh you know in even glenn beck glenn back to a certain extent is telling people some truths about what's going on but he won't talk about the federal reserve he won't talk about the occult because one the people who own these corporations are controlled by the financial institutions our stocks are traded on Wall Street you know they're totally in bed with these people with these financial sorcerers therefore they're not going to say anything against their owners and that's all these people ultimately are they have owners they're people who are pets they're pets I've said this before it's strong language but it's the truth these people are pets like a dog a lap dog on someone's lap with a leash around their neck owned wholly totally owned and controlled they won't dare say anything against their owners they wouldn't dare so that will give people a little bit of proof and they'll sell them more religious sentiment but to look at the ultimate aspects of what's going on never you'll never get that on the controlled media paradigm see it's all about getting people's worldview in the darkest place imaginable see they'll always says this goes connects to a topic this part of what I'm going to talk about connects to a topic that we talked about on this show as another method of mind control it's called worldview poisoning we talked about this many weeks ago and they need to poison your view of what human nature is they need to poison your view of the value of the individual and get you to think that you're a number that your your bank account or the type of lifestyle you live or the clothes you wear the car you drive etc etc ad infinitum what a million different aspects of how people live they need you to be worldview poison in the aspect of believing the change is possible or where power comes from they never want you to understand it comes from within you they always want you to think power is an external thing you have none of them that other people are completely in control of and that it all happens through control that's what power is so on the mainstream media you'll hear everything having to do with dark aspects of human nature and this is what human nature is this is what human condition is conditioning people behave the way they do not because it is their nature but is because they are conditioned in those modalities of consciousness to behave that way do the lack based society the control of resources the control of food the control of information because that's what we form ourselves through they don't want you to know you determine what your nature is by how you form yourself by what you take into yourself that is made of information food is made of information information itself media what are you going to take in where are you going to form yourself with that's why people are uninformed they are not in Lord Li armed they have not shaped who they are they have not shaped themselves inwardly it's all in the language folks will this will creep into things over many weeks it's all about green language green language understand what the language is saying to you it's encoded right into the words we speak but for you to see it you have to be green and that means green in the mind opening up that third eye not being in the extremes of left brain or right brain left brain being the red frequencies right brain being the blue frequencies right brain people people are acceptors they lay down they accept their passive totally left brain people are controllers dominators we talked about how these color frequencies go to work you watch a sporting event you'll see more red than blue you watch the news broadcast you'll see more blue than red that's just how it works and this is deliberate they know the people putting these things together they know how it works because they're occultists at the highest levels of the controller the controller's of media at the highest levels and I'll tell you one of the main groups involved is the CIA the Central Intelligence Agency and if you don't think that people in the CIA are shaping the media that we get to see in here you're nuts and if you don't think that CIA members are on the payroll of every major news institution you're crazy Bri Jim Keats book he exposes a lot of it there's other good ones out there but his is a great primer the CIA is highly connected with the media institutions they basically control them at the highest levels because they are mind manipulators they are propagandists and they are shaping what people think of not only themselves but other people as well and that's why you'll see murders litter the news you'll see every form of violence you'll see about peer about riots about uprisings about murder about man's inhumanity to man in every way that it can be covered and if they're not feeding you that they're feeding you more fear be afraid be afraid be afraid this storm is going to get you wildfires are going to get yet hurricanes coming snowstorm it's going to shut everything down constant constant drip of fear because they need to justify their existence by feeding you horrid views of human nature oh if there wasn't such horrid human nature maybe we won't need government the whole thing if people were angels we wouldn't need government yes you wouldn't need to try to internally control the mind if we were already angels we would already have the control over our own minds that's what government means mind control Newbern re meant a goober nari meant a to control the mind when you break down the word governments in Latin go Verna uber know who they are a it means to control a gubernatorial election and then maintain mind to control the mind and that's all this is ultimately about as we've said it's a it's a one of their methodologies of mass mind control yeah well we had true control within ourselves over our minds we wouldn't we wouldn't be under government's control external imposition of violence the initiated use of force which no one has the right to do for what they want to happen initiating violence you don't have that natural law right we've talked about this the difference between violence and force there is a right to use force in certain circumstances it's when your natural law rights are being violated you have the right to use force to put down that rebellion against your rights what you don't have the natural low right to do is initiate force when it is undo when you haven't been attacked when your rights haven't been violated you don't have a right to initiate force against something else that's called violence that's the difference between violence and force violence is force being initiated when you don't have the right force is simply using your ability to use physical force when you do have the right big difference between those two things and that's another thing that media wants you to just lay down and accept that you never have the right to use force that that belongs to a subgroup of people called the government they have a monopoly on force and it's not true it isn't true it never has been true it never will be true I'm not advocating going out and being violent I'm saying you have a right to if violence is being perpetrated upon you to use force to put that violence down and you always did and always and still do and always will ultimately they want to feed you the knowledge that the perception they're shaping the perception humans are always bad you have no power and you need us to protect you and that we should be your protector and you should get the responsibility to be your own protector away to somebody else you should give your responsibility to keep morally teach and educate your young about what natural law rights actually are and know the difference between what you have the right to do what we do not have the right to do give away that responsibility to a controller class and then let them protect you as long as they can take whatever freedoms away from you in the process o-katsu insist it's not that way soldiers will insist it's not that way and you know what go it right ahead and insist it you're the ones who are ultimately going to pay the ultimate consequence about it you're the ones who are ultimately going to get hurt the worst and you already are because they're soft killing your children we're going to talk about how they do that next week so if you're a controller and you're listening check out the show next week we're going to talk about all the ways you're poison all the ways your children are poisoned what would it take folks what would it take to awaken these people what would it take your children are being taken away from them they're still not awake imagine what else do you need to wake up to the real truth of the matter fluoride in the water apparently has a lot to do with why you're not waking up maybe the thimerosal in your vaccine that you got as a child or that you're giving to your own kids go right on ahead stick them stick them with the poison that you're going to inject into them because the media told you it was okay and you didn't research it on your own good luck with that and then people will wonder why my kid is sick why I have a crap life why I'm always depressed why you know why my husband beats me why my wife left me why my kid just got taken away from me keep wondering about it let me know when you figure it out because that's the other part of it bad some of these life is about how bad you know on the completely wrong road they are and how many horrible things are being made happen to them that can always be quelled the controllers the mind controllers can always quell that and get you to think it's something else creating it Hitler knew this better than anybody else and I'm not quoting this as if I'm proud of this statement but he's right and it's true I mean you know horrible sick twisted evil freaks can make true statements you know you know it isn't an ad I'm advocating what he's saying I'm simply saying this statement that I'm about to read is true that Hitler made he said that through clever and constant application of propaganda people can be made to see paradise as hell and also the other way around to consider the most wretched sort of life as a paradise and that's the job of the media folks to convince you that everything is ok when they when they're not dealing you complete fear they'll sell you distraction at every turn due to this celebrity marry you know what's going on in Hollywood oh the game the big game is on that's another part of the media bread and circuses so that you don't see what's really going on around you and this isn't even journalism what is this this is pure nonsense distraction these are your child's games and this is a paying attention to complete nonsense like a child it's treating people like a child which is sadly that's what they've become that's what they've been conditioned into and because they have no spiritual strength to combat it because of the information they get to hear and see they keep taking it in they can't get enough they can't get it in fast enough it's like forget sip and you forget a straw thing they need like a bucket you know a hose right in the mouth they can't get it fast enough please get more more and more Gorge me on it anything but look at the self anything but look at the self and your own actions behaviors opinions thoughts emotions don't look at that don't understand true self hood don't understand consciousness always go to the external source and if you can't understand it there go to the distraction poison the worldview get people to think people are all horrible animals need to be put in cages need to be controlled because see if you think that way you're never going to improve yourself enough to teach people the truth and really better them do the process of alchemy you're never going to understand natural law what you really have the right to do and do not have the right to do and you're going to keep accepting this bogus ideology of control and guess what sadly that's the place the police and military against a New World Order Iraq that's the place of keepers are at and I'm one of the only people that will come on and say this that your tent pictures so any representatives want to come on the show you go right ahead and contact me you want me to help you understand this information and teach it to the people in your organization's I'll do it for free I'm not about money I'm about truth do you get in touch and I tried to get in touch with people and they don't want to know what I'm saying they don't want to hear about it you want they want to believe their nonsense religion the cover story not even the true esoteric deep wisdom tradition that can be found once you strip away all the nonsense okay they don't want to know that they want to believe in their astro theological BS okay and they want to continue to accept that control is the answer in whatever form understand true sovereignty no undertand understand true spirituality no under become enlightened no just let me stay in my box I like my box my box is comfortable and I know my words are harsh I'm aware I don't need to be told that my words are harsh and can be abrasive to some people good that's what you need you don't need somebody telling you what you are doing is okay because it's not I mean you know let's have some actual discernment about this the reason the world is still a mess is because you haven't really changed your actions and you really haven't changed the way you think and the responsibilities should firmly be placed upon the people of the world it is not the dominators it is not the occultists ultimately who are doing this if anything their actions are should be massively waking up people in larger and larger numbers because it's becoming so ridiculous the things they do that it's almost laughable and still people don't want to see it because they don't want the responsibility that goes along with seeing it that's what it's ultimately about folks I'm going to continue to hammer that notion on this show because what is needed to deal with that responsibility and this is the thing I'm going to continue to bring in ok this is going to be continuously gone over and over and over ok the real thing that needs to be developed is courage that's what's ultimately lacking that's why people go and lie for a living that's why people go and become controllers for a living they're in fear you can't do that job if you are out of a fear-based modality of consciousness it is impossible therefore once you understand that once you know that these are the dynamic forces of nature that people are working with whether they understand it or not and that's what you're creating with whether you understand it or not once you do understand that these are the forces you're working with you know there is no such thing as an enlightened soldier it does not exist it never has existed it never will exist no soldier in the history of humanity has ever been enlightened and still been a soldier once they reach enlightenment they stop being a soldier don't you get it zero soldiers are enlightened zero not one not even one blanket statement blanket statement and it's a true blanket statement there are no enlightened soldiers if it doesn't exist that's an oxymoron that's like saying there's single colored chess boards it doesn't exist for there to be a chess board there's a light and dark squares where it's not a chess board it's a square there are no enlightened controllers once you're enlightened you understand there's no such thing as external control over another living thing the end the end that's the goal of the spiritual quest that's the goal of being a truth seeker how about you change your name from both keepers to truth seekers and then maybe we'll make some progress in the world and better things would start happening to you and again I don't advocate what's what was being done as a matter of fact it shouldn't allowed to be done people should step up and refuse to allow that being to be taken from their parents by whatever means they need to do it that's what should be done and the people who are allowing that to happen or just as wrong as the people who took it but that community is just brainwashed like any other and they're just going to sit back and let it happen in the Live Free or Die State yeah they're real enlightened allowing that to happen but again there's a reason the things manifest when you start to understand the reasons you'll start to be able to change it because you'll change yourself and get out of the control paradigm that you're under that's called mind control and I don't care whether you don't like the term I don't care whether the term is abrasive to people that's what it is doesn't matter whether you're uncomfortable with it or you don't like it I'm uncomfortable with gravity I don't like gravity well guess what it's called tough that's what it's called tough it exists it's a law it's an operation that's what's happening you're bound by it the end you don't say I don't like mind control I'm uncomfortable with dealing that that's real so therefore I'll choose to believe that it doesn't exist doesn't work like that events actually are occurring things are actually happening the truth is actually nullable about what is going on and you can know it if you get out of the poison stream of information that people are taking in get on to some real media read some real books that are trying to tell people about it brave people that that's that's what has ultimately continued the underground stream that is the great work courage brave people who don't care about what has what might happen to them in the physical domain courage is what is needed to go forward will it's a component of will it's the internal component of will courage you have that within then you direct it outward and that's called will and that's the will to seek the truth what the poison stream of information called the mainstream media owned by six corporations giving you ninety six percent of the data that people get to hear and see on a daily basis what what they are ultimately like is a sorcerer shaman of South America South America there's these sorcerers shamans called brujos and they constantly have to give the drip of the poison to their people that they're controlling if somebody goes to them thinking that they're a shaman that they're going to get advice they're going to get healing you know and in these indigenous cultures there's some evil people that know the methodologies of shamanism the healing techniques the techniques of herbs and with shamanistic compounds and plants and yet there's some evil ones they've wanted all for their power they want to control people with it so they'll give them certain dissociative compounds one of them is called that aura dat ura doctora and it's a complete dissociative that makes people so dissociated from reality that they'll listen to whoever is in a normal state of consciousness that can perceive what really is going on around them and a sorcerer shaman will give people datura on a daily basis and say you need to come back because for you to get by in reality and for me to interpret what's really going on you need to come back to me every day and every day they'll give them more of the Torah and that person will take it because they trust them because he's their only ground or anchor to what they think is reality and this happens you can look it up you can study this look up South American sorcerer shamans and the blue flower plant called datura dat ura this goes on now as we speak this is going off and these shamans will just totally take advantage of their community just so they land in a better position in a position of advancement over their fellow man that's why they do it and to do that you have to exist in a consciousness of fear and that's exactly what the mainstream media all of the people who just go to work and read from a teleprompter or read from a piece of paper they don't care about the veracity of the information they don't care what harm it's doing just as long as I get my paycheck that's it how much fear you have to be living in how much of a lack of courage do you have to be have to not say no to doing that job it's not only a disgrace it's something that should be pitied pitied but that's what they are they're the modern-day sorcerers shamans that administered the datura to the masses on a daily basis and until people come out of that poison stream of information and go onto a stream that is unpolluted which is the alternative media and which is real books that have really tried to communicate the truth of what's taking place in the world reading listening to lectures attending lectures going to alternative sources of information alternative radio documentaries online and that'll be part of when we get into the solutions section we'll talk about how to go about that process how to really search the internet how to use the internet as a vehicle for gathering true information that can really help and empower well folks will come to the end of the show I want to thank all the great callers as always you guys are awesome next week we'll be talking about food and medicine as more sources of information what we put into our body and how these are basically more methodologies of mind control in the way that they are being used in the modern world that'll be next week for now thanks for listening everyone I'm mark passio and you have been listening to what on earth is happening see you here next week goodnight