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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on the revolution broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio today is Tuesday November 2nd 2010 my website what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website revolution broadcasting calm today we will be simulcasting live for the first hour of the show on Liberty radio live and first amendment radio I'm simulcasting in the normal slot that Bob Tuscon does his truth be told show on these networks and Bob is on assignment for this evening so I'm filling in for him in those specific positions simulcasting on Liberty radio live and first amendment radio so we have a jam-packed show again for you tonight and this show is probably going to go all over the place I have so many things to talk about so much going on um I want to jump right in with the event announcements and I have a whole lot of them because it seems that November is going to be a huge month for activism particularly in the Philadelphia area and again I do these event announcements to start the show because I think the critical thing to emphasize here is once you start to become aware of some of the topics that we talk about on this show the main thing to keep in mind is that action is required to know is not enough we have to actually convert our knowledge into wisdom which is actually taking proper moral action in the world with the knowledge that we currently have therefore I always am going to talk about activist events in this on this show I'm going to bring up things that are going on and particularly in my area okay cause I do the show from Philadelphia so I want people in this area to become aware of what's going on in this area in relation to what we talked about here on this show this is the cradle of Liberty okay this city this is where it all happened 230 years some odd years ago and this is where it is happening once again so there's a whole lot of events I'm going to get into here on the first is a sign waving rally for Ron Paul now again today also happens to be Election Day and one of the first things that I would like to say is that if anybody went out and voted today congratulations you're under mind control enjoy voting is not the answer it will not be touted as one of the answers on this show it is as they say trying to choose between two evils and that never works that just gets you more evil the saying in the United States goes it doesn't matter who you vote for the government still gets in and that is exactly how I feel about it I give do not give my consent to be ruled or represented I present me no one else presents or represents me therefore um I think the whole thing is a charade it is a puppet a selection your your your picking between the the puppets the hand puppets they're going to be worn on the hands of the global elite while they basically rein everybody else in so voting you can keep it as far as I'm concerned however some people think that they don't need to bring them true freedom that's going to be a solution to the problems in consciousness that we're experiencing good luck with that so the first event the revolution continues November 5th sign-waving rally for Ron Paul this is going to be in Philadelphia on the South Street bridge over i-95 this is it one and South Street in Philadelphia PA from 3 to 7 p.m. so if you're into Ron Paul's message which you know I certainly am into most of his message I think he's a an honorable person I think he's a good man I would like to see him go deeper in some of the things that he brings up I would like to see him talk about 9/11 in an honest way however in general I think he's a good person and I think he is doing a lot to educate people about the general philosophy of Liberty therefore I think people you know could get out and meet some like-minded people on an event like this so that's November 5th this Friday the sign waving rally for Ron Paul front and South Street in Philadelphia 3 to 7 p.m. now the next big event before I get into this I'd like to welcome our listeners who are listening in on Liberty radio live and first amendment radio I'm mark passio and this is what on earth is happening I am filling in for Bob Hoskins it usually does truth be told in these in this time slots on these two networks I'm simulcasting my show tonight for those of you who've just joined us Bob is out on assignment and I'm filling in for him in this time slot okay so the next event announcement but I want to bring up is huge I mean this is one of the biggest and most important things going on in this area this month the conference fundraiser or free your mind 2011 this is a conference that I am hosting in April and we're doing a big fundraiser this Friday night November fit okay 8 o'clock p.m. November 5th at Liberty's pub Liberty's is at 7:05 North 2nd Street that's its second and fairmount essentially in Philadelphia there will be a $10 donation requested at the door the event will feature the live music of mr. chip Raymond it was a incredible singer/songwriter in the folk music style and a 50-50 raffle all of the proceeds for the free your mind conference fundraiser on November 5th will be going to offsetting costs for bringing in out-of-town speakers for the conference in April tickets will be going on sale at this on raiser for the first time so people will have the first chance of purchasing tickets for the actual conference so they'll be available there for more information on the conference visit free your mind conference calm the next event I have event announcement I have is for an event that I will be speaking at this is the UFO et Congress in Bordentown New Jersey this is hosted by Pat Market ilio every year this year it is happening on November 13th and 14th at the Ramada Inn in Bordentown the Ramada Inn is at 1083 u.s. highway 206 North in Bordentown New Jersey here's the speakers and the event lineup Saturday there's a 9:00 a.m. registration this is November 13th the doors are at 9:30 there will be a 10:00 a.m. welcome speech by the master of ceremonies Pat market ilio the speakers Dennis denne denne Okla UFOs crop circles and visitors dr. julian e salt the global crisis and the New World Order's present situation Dan Smith will be talking about the best possible world and its best possible ending Jacqueline the leads will be giving the lecture called ET forces of light Will Allen and a special guest will be talking about UFOs over DC and UFOs filmed by astronauts this talk is called the proof is in the pictures that's for Saturday November 13th the second day of the conference November 14th Sunday a 9:30 a.m. registration a welcome speech by master of ceremonies Pat market Illya at 10:00 I will be speaking at 10:00 a.m. my lecture is entitled don't count on disclosure mr. bill Weber will be giving a talk called 1930s German flying saucers butch witkowski will be talking about underground bases Tim Heckman will be discussing area 51 and Joel Dean UFO abductions the directions take the New Jersey Turnpike to exit 7 then take route 206 north about 1/4 of a mile and the Ramada Inn is on the right-hand side free parking is available advance registration for this conference is $135 for both days at the door cost is $75 per day for more information on the UFO et Congress 2010 visit w-w-w our UFO 0rg the next announcement every third Monday of the month this month November 15th at the philadelphia ethical Society at 1906 South Rittenhouse Square the activist group truth freedom prosperity will be posting their free documentary screening and discussion night every third Monday of the month at the ethical Society start time is at 7:00 p.m. a documentary will be screened followed by a discussion for more information on this visit truth freedom prosperity org also hosted by truth freedom prosperity the end the Fed Philly rally in Philadelphia know 20th at 11:00 a.m. at the Federal Reserve building sixth and arch streets and there will be some speeches followed by a march at the Fed building for more information on this go to end the Fed us or truth freedom prosperity org I will be giving a special one-time lecture coming up at the end of this month November 28th at a group called survive and thrive it's a a survivalist group in the Philadelphia area this is hosted by my friend Fernando salgueiro and I'd like to thank him for helping put together the fundraiser at Liberty's he is hosting a basically a seminar about sovereignty and natural law as part of this survival group that meets monthly at also at Liberty's so this month the meeting is called sovereignty understanding its role and your ability to use it this is November 28th that's Sunday November 28th at six o'clock pm at Liberty's pub which is at 705 North 2nd Street in Philadelphia my talk will be on natural law and sovereignty I will be giving a special one-time presentation on natural law and sovereignty and survive and thrive for more info on this go to meetup.com and in the search type in survive and thrive philadelphia survive and thrive philadelphia to get more info on this group and finally the last event announcement i have free your mind a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult this will be taking place in 2011 Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10th I am hosting this conference along with some other dedicated people from the Philadelphia region for your mind is a unique two-day conference scheduled for April 9th and 10th 2011 in Philadelphia featuring multiple speakers and diverse educational materials for the purpose of raising public awareness of the critically important topics of mass mind control techniques the covert and subversive influences upon our consciousness and behavior trauma based and ritualized abuse and the practical mental and emotional healing methodologies available for those affected by these devices which as I've said many times is pretty much everyone on this planet if you don't understand yet this far in our team that the main problem that we are facing in this world is mind control and the manipulation of perception you have not figured much out yet folks that's what it's all about that's what the entire thing is about if you think it's all political you haven't figured it out if you think it's all about monetary and financial situations you haven't figured it out if you think it's about just greed or just corporatism you have a long way to go down the rabbit hole folks because it's about way bigger issues than that it's about consciousness it's about mind control and it is most certainly about the occult and this is something that very few people have little or any knowledge of and we're going to try to educate some people at this conference so there's about 200 tickets available for each day it's not a gigantic place not a gigantic room but it will comfortably hold about 200 people tickets go on sale on November 5th the location is a true Bilal are you be a hall 414 Green Street in the Northern Liberty section of Philadelphia admission price very reasonable only $20 ticket per day.the confirmed speakers Aaron McCallum Alfred Weber Andrew basiago mr. Bob Tuscan owner of revolution broadcast Farah your dozous John Irvin Jay Parker John Nicholson Larkin Rose Laura Magdalene Eisenhower just added this week new confirmed speaker not even up on the website yet I'll be doing that this week adding his profile to the website mr. mark motika I will be speaking at this event mark passio mr. Mel fàbregas of Veritas radio Michael Kelley and Suzanne Taylor so we have 15 convert speakers we will still be adding a few more speakers in the weeks to come this is free your mind a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult for more information visit w-w-w let's jump right into our topic for tonight before we do that I'm going to give the call-in number for the show calling number seven two four four four four seven four four four once again the call-in number seven two four triple four seven triple four when you call in to the talks you call the number you have to put in the call ID number for this show the call ID number is eight three five one five that's eight three five one five I see we already have a caller waiting on the line here we go Kevin from Philadelphia you're on what on earth is happening what do you have for us Kevin are you there all right you're unmuted so if you're there go ahead okay going once going twice going I'll try you again not hearing anything looks like having a problem a attack problem there hopefully that'll get cleared up but anybody wants to call in feel free to call in at any time there are no taboo topics on this show feel free to call in and talk about whatever you like the topic for tonight however is going to be our continuing discussion on food and medicine as methodologies of mind control this is the ninth out of 14 methodologies that I will be covering during the course of this radio show on mass manipulation techniques and strategies they are multifaceted they attack different areas of the psyche of the personality of the body mind complex and one of the biggest and most targeted and most focused attack is the targeting of the body-mind connection through food and through substance meaning drugs so that's what we'll be talking about on the show today I we've been having this discussion over the last several weeks and I will try to wrap it up tonight we may go another week on this topic but if we get to the basic things that I want to talk about tonight we'll move on into a the 10th methodology of mind control next week so what we've already discussed regarding this topic is fairly expensive we've talked about chemical pesticides and fertilizers in food we've talked about preservatives added to food they give them a longer shelf-life we've talked about the endless processing of food for pre-packaging and they could sit on shelves basically forever we've talked about adding additives in food adding taste enhancers adding chemical dyes and other things to make things food look different look more attractive we've talked about the excessive amounts of refined white sugar high fructose corn syrup refined white flours we've talked about the artificial sweeteners excitotoxin and that yes that is what they are excitotoxin artificial sweeteners things that basically open up the blood-brain barrier to all kinds of other free radicals in in the blood and the brain we've talked about the dangers of trans fats how these basically groove the lining of arteries around the heart we've talked about fluoride in the drinking water and how this is used to make people docile and to basically shut down the deeper sense of awareness that is part of the the higher levels of consciousness and psyche that are open to us if we strive for them and how fluoride basically cuts us off from that or helps to cut us off from that it certainly goes a long way toward that goal we've talked about chlorine in the drinking water and how this will damage the heart we talked about msg and other taste enhancers we've talked about the fast-food diet that basically has very little nutrition but super high calories and starch and sugar we talked about genetic modification of food the horrific inhumane practices of factory farming we talked about antibiotics and built and meats we talked about growth hormones injected into me we've talked about homogeneous of homogenized and pasteurized dairy the deceptive labeling on food you know some of the companies like Monsanto they want a patent life and basically you know make it almost impossible for organic farming we talked about a host of issues I mean we can go on and on Codex Alimentarius HR 875 and other oppressive draconian legislation when it comes to food and organic gardening what I want to shift things and you go up and listen in the podcast section I podcast all of these shows their podcast on talk show and the podcast on my website what on earth is happening calm you just go to the podcast tab all the previous shows are podcasting all the topics are listed and then there are associated images associated documents associated videos etc on on the podcast page so you can do your own research on this and it is an expensive amount of material that is actually posted there what we're going to shift gears toward today is to talk about drugs drugs is going to be the main topic and we're going to talk about the pharmaceutical industry in general I want to read a quote that is going to set the mood I guess you could say for this show and this is a quote by Thomas Jefferson Jefferson once said was quoted as saying if the people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny I'll read that once again Thomas Jefferson once said if the people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny Jefferson understood this body-mind connection he understood that it was all about a concerted attack upon the body-mind connection in order to destabilize the body and therefore destabilize the psyche once that is done people would be willing to basically believe anything they don't have the critical thinking capability that is fostered by a healthy body and is fall stirred by the proper nutrition that is critical for helping people to think at all let alone properly let alone critically so that's what this is all about the pharmaceutical industry wants people to believe that only drugs have the capability of generating health that it is not anything about the nutrition level that you other the the quality of nutrition and you take into your body through your foods which is basically almost entirely what Health generation is about they want you to accept the notion that you need medications to be healthy and this is completely untrue you do not need pharmaceutical grade drugs to be healthy there are many people who will insist that this is true enjoy banging your head against that concrete block because that's what you're doing by refusing to accept accept that what generates health is what you do and do not put into your body through the foods you eat what you drink and what you take in as far as information goes as well because it is not just about what you take in physically through the body it is what you take in information wise into yourself into your psychological makeup that also generates health it is also about your conditions the lifestyle you are living whether you generate health or destroy it and we are largely in control of this still you can largely choose what you put into your body still okay that may be slipping away as we speak with draconian legislation such as HR 75 and international legislation like Codex Alimentarius that is rapidly politicians are rapidly attempting to adopt here in the United States we talked about that a little bit last week and I posted some videos that are appropriate to these topics what I want to ultimately get at tonight is what the pharmaceutical industry what their aims really are I want to get it with the HMO the health maintenance organizations so-called what their aims really are I want to talk about the products that these psychopaths because let's face it that's what they are people who only care about themselves don't care about what they're doing to anyone else if you think they care about you you're extremely naive we want to talk about what their goals are what their aims are and the main products that they peddle and how to be discerning about this and understand it they are not there to help us they are there to profit from us they don't want people well because that means the end of the gravy train for them they want people to continue to be sick and people think oh people don't think like that oh they're not in it for those reasons they can't possibly be that it's a very ninety position to take if anybody's still out there still things like this I know there are tons of people out there who still think like this you know who's out there that still thinks like this people that work for these companies because they can't possibly be doing anything bad or evil to other people they can't be participating in anything like that if they were doing something like that they would know about it wouldn't they they would know that that's what it's all really about would they really see more people are under mind control than anyone understands it's not about who is even under mind control it's about who is not under mine there are so few people that are not under some form of collectivized trance awareness that it you can count them on one per active people who are part of a system that is hierarchical and compartmentalized never want to admit that they may be part of something that is detrimental to other human beings because that would mean they are unwittingly taking part in something that is immoral unethical and dangerous this love the truth Liberty from [Music] disconnected from Liberty light because they have a few moments of advertisement there I'll reconnect to them in a few minutes after their ads have run so we can continue talking about this through the ad break alright I see we have another caller here Eastern North Carolina caller from Eastern North Carolina you are on live on what on earth is happening what do you have for us this evening this is my first time hearing you a great show I'm listening to you from Liberty Live and I mean I totally agree with you with I mean the food and the Medicaid means the medication I mean the food to the point where people are losing the taste of what natural food is we're being conditioned to eat the synthetic food and no nothing else as far as the medications what's interesting that the next generation of anti psychotropics are glutamate suppressant and coincidentally all our food is full of glutamate yeah and uh and the other their main agendas of of course is um getting everyone with a diagnosis which the current DSM or it you know the current psychology you can go anyone can get diagnosed and so a diagram medication and as far as any type of therapeutic counseling and education the system is moving so fast not allowing for this type of work and therefore we're just the only thing that could be funded and the resources available are the medications and I got to tell you I work in the industry people are getting injections of the newest type of psychotropics these things cost four five hundred dollars a pop and Medicaid funding it on another topic which I've just come to and I want your opinion on it or I've been recently into Liberty radio live and the Jesuit conspiracy and what's your take on that there is an incredible cross over of interconnected secret society networks looking at them in isolation people often get into the the notion of thinking that it's all one thing it's all the Jesuits it's all the Freemason Masons it's all the Zionists it's all this group or that group it is Acker also go paths come together and work together that's how they get protection okay that's how they insulate themselves from the general population which has a conscience I'm going to reconnect briefly to uh Liberty live okay we're back on Liberty live those in that in that fell on earthís I'm sorry this is Mark passio from what on earth is happening simulcasting on Liberty radio live in the First Amendment radio I'm filling in for Bob Tuscon who usually does his truth be told radio show in this timeslot we're on the air live with a caller here from North Carolina the topic for tonight is food and medicine you want to call in the call-in number is seven two four four four four seven four four or seven two four triple four seven triple four is the call-in number the call ID number when you call in to that number you have to put the call ID number for this show in its eight three five one five you're listening to what on earth is happening on your host Mark Pass to my website is what on earth is happening calm so caller we were talking about basically uh people losing their sense of taste for natural foods and how they're just conditioning people to eat all this artificial synthetic stuff you also have then we had shifted gears a little bit and you had talked talked about you are you know basically new to some of these radio networks and you're hearing different topics being discussed and you heard the topic of the Jesuit conspiracy this is the Society of Jesus this is uh connected with high levels at high levels connecting with the Vatican it is connected with other secret society offshoots and intelligence agencies at very high levels my response to you was it is not one group that is orchestrating and manipulating people throughout the world it is a interconnected group of secret society networks they overlap they have cross connections with the truck to research this as a labyrinth okay it is labyrinth II mean to actually try to research all of the different interconnections I myself have experience in the dark occult I spent years of my life in dark occult organizations well it's just something I'm not yes good that you go into that topic because I guess the bottom line is is is is this evil being run by Lucifer or is it being run by people and and the the counter to that is do we as people you know try to change the political system economical system or is is it true what the Bible says and that God is coming and is this actually the whatever the real conspiracy to redirect people on that if you want to call it Jesus is comin and God is coming yeah well I personally don't hold out hope for a savior I believe that if we're going to change our situation and the conditions in which we live we will need to use our intelligence our care and our will in order to that those three Forks is United are really what enlightenment is all about bringing those forces into unison with each other and becoming a person that as you think so you feel so you act that's what this show is all about that personal responsibility that is going to be the solution to the problems that plagued this planet if we are to enact them and reach that solution it isn't going to be waiting for some external Savior to come and rescue us from what we have done to ourselves I have been real but I agreed I am totally in agreement but there if I am God I feel like I have gone beyond this level where you're right if you have to go through all the occult information you have to go through the dark side and then it there comes up to a point where you realize it's not about external there's an internal connection your personalized connection to God to source and his fundamental structure and obviously I'm not a Bible preacher by far but I'm just trying to make this point that I'm possibly our personal connection to this higher source and it's fundamental tech chure with the prophets and Jesus and I'm telling of Lucifer running the planet and coming back this is also true I agree yes always is all about making a personal connection with the divine source of course that's what it's about that is the higher self true self what is talked about as the universal unified field of consciousness yeah and what's in what's interesting is all the all the new-age or lossless just call I mean just four concepts like the Jesuit conspiracy the New Age the different religions in in some way it's it's redirecting you from this personal connection with source and the actual architecture of this matrix the the key to getting you out I agree yeah and that's what the food and the food and medication is all about they want to destabilize the body-mind connection because that destabilizes the mind spirit connection well they're changing it he definitely won the level if you don't keep people in the level of body consciousness only I was nice I mean totally with you the thing that with the to add to add to that is just the they are in such a hurry to change the genetic code why are they in such a hurry to change the genetic code of this planet it seems that there's something more and of course I understand you you read you know you're very study in the dark occult it's if there is such a hurry to change the genetic code there is something much there's something divine going on they are trying to absolutely break the connection it seems like they're worried about um one person maybe activating I think so again um it's just I think DNA is a living language that we all carry within us yeah and if they can be stabilized that they can get people rooted and trapped in the body level of consciousness and if you can get them trapped in identification with the body level of consciousness you have them exactly where you want them because that's what they're going to be identified with and therefore they're going to be existing in fear that's what they ultimately want they want to destabilize the body-mind connection to put it into a vibratory state of fear and that's the force that is holding all of this together that's the force that is basically oppressing the minds and spirits of all the things of this planet fear that's what has to be conquered and courage is there force that we need to use to conquer the force of fear agree that's what enlightenment is all really about the ultimate end goal of enlightenment isn't he isn't even knowledge that's a that's a am break you know a means to the end but the actual end result is courage I'm going to reemphasize that over and over again as the week's go by on the show because that's what we are ultimately trying to build is the courage to break this spell over this planet and sadly not that many people are at that level of courage to speak out and to teach this and to really under stand it well enough that they can speak it to others and help other people to get to that level of courage and awakening but that's that's what it's all about now I'd like to say something about what you said about Lucifer yeah I think it should be stressed that this word simply means light bringer it comes from Latin Lucas and fair a looks means light in Latin and fair a looks blue Luke Lucas is light and fair a fair Oh fair a means to bring like to ferry something yeah thanks and that's all it means now there are two aspects of the Lucifer a symbol this is a symbol I might not even look at as a an entity so much as a symbol the entity that we're really up against this fear that's the force that is really at the highest end of this agenda and the beings that are doing the work the dark the dark work are actually doing this in the service of fear because this severe though but while I clear of what fear of exactly what is it we are surviving there they are fear of death of non-existence they right they are right find the body they are identified with the physical or as ego based consciousness consciousness that is purely rooted in the physical and the material and because that Institute's so much fear the response in the fight-or-flight mechanism exactly for all we live in is to control control control control is the answer have more control so that I am I'm that one never wanting for anything to never don't know the outcome I can't possibly do you're all you're doing X and you're doing it you're doing an excellent job of describing the level of the body and what happens when you when you finally when you break beyond that fear of that instinctually R but you're talking about death in the body and the instincts we get on to another level of fear and this is an and I'm trying to stress this because I've been pursuing this for a long time and I've come to this realization it there is an actual architecture of of divine structure and I really believe that the Bible you is telling the truth and it has been so it has been so suppressant when you get beyond this when you get beyond the knowledge you understand you you realize you are the personal divine person and what they say that God knows as many hairs on your head and there is a looser further is a being you know there the tip of the spear of whatever you want to call negative energy there's a tip of the sphere of this positive energy and there is the structure and this whole Adam and Eve and temptation and the second coming I mean I think it's all true okay I mean you know like I said uh they're they're different takes on this I personally I don't I'm not saying there aren't like other dimensional consciousnesses and possibly you know spiritual entities that have some type of vested interest in what is going on here maybe there are there are angelic consciousness that are trying to help us out there are a monic consciousnesses that want to draw us down into a lower state of consciousness it's the whole idea that basically all of existence is moving in an evolutionary progression towards something bigger towards something greater towards something more unified and it's all order for our businesses that are like straggler consciousnesses possibly from other cycles or dimensions of existence that want to keep people rooted down they want to keep people in base consciousness perhaps because they may feed on that type of energy this has also been postulated in the research community that these other types of entities feed on certain kinds of energies that are only generated by fear it's like I don't know a honester zinc touched on this allegorically you know it was a movie about children that you know monsters go into their bedroom and you know make them scream in fear and then they collect the energy that comes out of that that fear or drink I mean they're clenched look at our vampire culture I mean right we are just in love with vampires and horror and it's like we've they've been they've been creating this entertainment whereas all it is is pornography and snuff films it's like Island a lot of violence desensitization they want to desensitize people this objectifies people it puts people in a predicated state okay it disconnects people from understanding that they're one and they basically have the same you know desire the same needs etc and that they're all in the same situation together that's what they need to do violent video games do that you know and this goes hand-in-hand with again the main topic tonight is food and medicine and how this destabilized the mind-body connection particularly drugs and what they want to do is get these younger kids on as many drugs as possible like you were talking about earlier they have these different diagnoses now that anything can be diagnosed with some kind of a disorder and then prescription drugs you know a prescribed for it this is ridiculous the psychiatric community is criminal in doing this particularly to children a great documentary to check out about that how they want to get kids hooked on drugs earlier and earlier you know dad knows all kinds of different disorders like attention deficit oppositional defiant disorder etc etc is um it's called um generation rx I don't know if many people have seen it but it's an excellent documentary on the drugging of the youth and how this has become you know a lucrative business essentially the pharmaceutical industry doesn't care one bit about these children they care about the profits and that's what they're answering to they're not answering to the health and well-being of the concision of the coddling served they're serving the bottom line because it's a company and they're their main goal is to increase profit for the connect and they cultivate what what helps motivate them and progress went through this time is that they cultivate a their empathy because they think this is they're saving us or saving our culture because there's no other answers but what's really happening is our culture is moving so fast that we can't get into homeopathy homeopathy takes time it takes a lot of energy work but we are in such a quick fast mode and diseases are so powerful that we are we've become addicted and reliant on the pharmaceuticals and I mean I I mean it right around the corner where if we don't get a vaccine I'm sure we'll be eliminated I mean I think it's I think it's only been God's grace that's kept us around for this long but yeah yeah I think there's definitely uh forces of good that are like like you said that are helping us to get through this gauntlet if you will of all of these different things being thrown at us because yeah look at the the swine flu largely being rejected many people rejected that would not take it that's another thing another attack on the body's vaccines and uh and um Hulu shots which I want to touch on tonight as well caller you raised a lot of great points I want to thank you for calling in also to let you I'm going to let you go and I'm going to touch on something that you brought up which was time so thanks for calling in calling in the future hope you'll be listening check out my website what on earth is happening calm got it but you have a good night so one thing that that caller brought up was time that a healing coming into homeostasis takes time and this is absolutely true people are living a lifestyle it is rooted in stress okay it is rooted in never having time okay which is something we're going to talk about next week probably if we get if we go through all the the pharmaceuticals and everything I wanted to talk about regarding drugs and substances in general today on next week we're going to bring up a new topic called the illusion of time this is a mind control methodology number ten and this is a this is a abstract one but it's something that I think a lot of people will be interested in because it goes into the psyches perception of time and how it actually operates and how people are perceiving that time is speeding up because we're trying to do so much more that we did in the past that it seems as if there is not time to actually accomplish the same things that we were able to accomplish in less time in the past and this perception isn't inaccurate it is actually that way however this is what they're counting on being able to basically manipulate is the sense of time and if they get us constantly in this hamster in a rat wheel mentality when it comes to time again it focuses us more on the body people are only worried about the tasks that they have to perform they're not thinking conceptually they're in stress mode fight-or-flight mode what happens when you're in stress mode we talked about this extensively on the show what stress really is the type of physiological reactions that take place when you're under stress the blood is pumped away from the torso and brain because it is not needed there the fight-or-flight response of the human body pumps blood away from the brain because you don't need to be in any kind of conceptual or higher-order thinking or philosophical thought mode when you're under attack or or you're going to fight okay it is also pumped away from the torso because you don't need to have digestion and all the other functions that go on in the torso and the internal organs taking place as much as you need blood making the extremities as hard as possible because if you're going to run away you need the the muscles in the legs need to be pumped full of blood and need to be made as rigid as possible so that you can use them running that's the flight mode the fight mode you need blood in the upper extremities if you're going to use your arms and fists to beat off an attacker okay - to fight an attacker and and beat them away from you if you they're attacking you you need to have as much strength in the muscles of the arms so therefore more blood needs to be pumped to the arms to do that when blood is pumped away from the torso and is pumped away from the brain if you live chronically in that state this is a modality of chronic modality of consciousness if you live in that modality of consciousness most of the time you're going to basically create disease within the body because the organs aren't going to be performing their proper function with the necessary blood required to do that and nutrients you know going to the organs you're also going to develop an extremely destabilized brain and mind because richly oxygenated blood is not reaching the brain particularly the higher thought function center of the brain which is called the neocortex okay richly oxygenated blood is needed in the neocortex to assist in higher order thought functions and conceptual thinking in other words philosophizing moral reasoning ok understanding morality understanding conceptual notions abstract thinking these things are going to be impossible if you live in stress mode and the more you live in it chronically the more destabilized the neocortex becomes and I've shown pictures of this on my site you can see them in the podcast section you can see them in the video section in the in section number one where I talk about the brain and how it functions and how consciousness of you know functions through the physiology of the brain I should say it doesn't function through it is a mechanism for its its functioning okay it is what the what the consciousness uses to to experience the things that we do in the physical body it isn't what the physicality of the brain is what derives the consciousness is the other way around however if we're constantly in this flight flight mode which is called stress we develop disease and we lose our ability to really think critically and at a higher conceptual level and this is where dominators want people they want people in this mode all the time therefore the manipulation of time psychologically is critically important to their agenda we'll get into that more next week but where I was going with this is stress people recognize that this is a problem but they don't want to deal with the proper remedies to it which is changing lifestyle and diet okay they want to deal with it in the instant gratification mode because that's the that's the way that we do things in the modern day we can't actually do any real work we can't actually use our will and knowledge to change ourselves god forbid we need a quick pill a pill for every illness so this brings us to the one of the biggest topics of this and one of my favorites and I saying that sarcastically because this is one of the things I really really detest more than anything else and that is the antidepressant category of drugs these things are some of the most dangerous compounds that anybody can ever put into their body and if you're listening to me and you're on one of these substances find out the best way to wean off of it and start to deal with your problems start to deal with why you're depressed start to go into the site you know yourself and know the causal factors of depression and you're not going to be able to do that until you start to understand who you really are and stop being afraid of that little voice that keeps knocking on the door saying hey I'm in here I've been locked away here for a long time you want to deal with this problem down here a little attention here and most people will say oh absolutely not close that door put a padlock on it and give me the pills okay and what this does this is one of the most dangerous traps to get in and I feel for the people that are in this and I need to look no further than members of my own family all hooked on this crap these SSRIs the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors okay the SNR is right the serotonin norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors these are the categories of drugs that I I don't know if I've cleaned this but I don't know if anybody else that specifically refers to it to the madness I've categorized these and call them the demon drugs and you know this connects back a little bit with the last call or talk about these possible a higher dimensional or lower dimensional entities that may be manipulating things from a spiritual level it's quite possible I know dark cultist believe that is uh what is actually happening for sure and decide to partner with those types of things I'm not saying that that is definitely true I'm just saying that is you know what some people's beliefs are about what's going on I call these the demon drugs because whether they invoke actual demons or demons are behind this agenda it is something that is demonic meaning taking people out of a higher state of awareness and keeping them rooted in a lower one keeping them rooted in a fear-based modality and a physical only material base of state of awareness never getting to higher modalities of thought and consciousness so the SSRIs these are antidepressants that work by basically preventing serotonin from being reuptake entomb anoro pathways serotonin another name for serotonin is five hoxsey 5-hydroxytryptamine for 5-ht this is a neurotransmitter that is basically responsible that to boil it down and make it as simple as possible this is something that is basically responsible for your normal everyday waking state of consciousness if you didn't have this you would not really be able to deal with the physical world that we live in so serotonin is very important it is necessary to to live in a body and deal with things around you however when it is prevented from being reuptake intact in the synaptic cleft okay it is being prevented from being reapply thinking I want you to know the corporation is government takeover of the church all right we're off of Liberty radio live and first amendment radio I just disconnected from them because they are going to other programming and you heard their ads start up there so continuing on with the discussion of talking about SSRI selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors what they do is they basically prevent serotonin from coming out of the the synaptic cleft and being retaken into the neural pathways and what that does is that creates a a general state of well-being because serotonin is is a substance which when it is going through the synaptic cleft creates a sense of well-being so if you're increasing serotonin levels you're going to feel a euphoric giddy etc if it's just kept there and kept from being re up taken which is why it's called a reuptake inhibitor what will happen is somebody will basically just level off in their ability to experience a full range of emotions because they won't be super happy but they won't be super sad either they will just basically be neutral it is like some sort of a zombie-like state of consciousness and this is what the dominators and the you know people who are advancing the control agenda one they don't want people who were in touch with their emotions because if you're in touch with your emotions your emotions are your compass for moral direction in life it's what's basically telling you in the physiology of the body whether you're doing the right thing or the wrong thing in life that's what your emotions are for folks that's what your emotions are for let's make that very clear your emotions are are your moral compass in life you're meant to feel them you're meant to feel happy and sad you're meant to feel good and bad you're meant to be up and depressed okay now I'm not saying there aren't some disorders in people severe chemical imbalances and in certain isolated instance instances yes maybe some advances in in some medical fields through some types of substances may help people with those actual conditions but these are things are way over prescribed and they're being prescribed for normal ranges of emotions you know they put people on them who you know lose a family member or lose a job this these are events you need to deal with in life and not take a pill to try to make an emotion being numbed out of your body look I know people in my family in my immediate family who have been on these things for like 15 16 years and they are basically could not care less about what's going on in the world absolutely unconcerned with anything that's taking place in the world around them they have basically become completely and totally indifferent oh yeah they care about their own little situation whether they pay their bills or whether they're comfortable and whether their house is nice but anything in a wider sense there requires conceptual thinking if it requires moral thinking forget about it not interested it's about me and my stuff and that's it and if Freedoms being taken away and all this immoral stuff is going on couldn't care less and I'll tell you what that they're directly being held in that state of consciousness through these drugs and that's why I call them the demon drugs they're taking away people's moral compass for direction people are letting this being to be done to them because they don't want to feel they don't want to feel bad I don't want to feel depressed I don't want to think about that I don't want to have to do any actual work upon myself I just want to pill and make it all go away well it doesn't work like that and if you think it works like that you're a naive child okay to put it as bluntly as I can all right your emotions are there for a reason they're your moral compass in life that's what they are your moral compass or your emotions the sacred feminine aspect of consciousness they're not meant to be rubbed out they're meant to be felt we have a caller on the line from Southeast Pennsylvania caller from Southeast Pennsylvania you are on what on earth is happening what do you have for us caller from Southeast Pennsylvania are you there Bart it's Chris how are you Chris how you doing man good to hear from you um that's another very interesting topic which I've had some experience with first I like to say it reminds me a little bit of what the other tops we talked about in brave new world with the soma where you know if you have a problem you just take the soma which I think means sleep and everything's right away and then Graham we're heading a Graham is better than a dam Chris that's know that's right and the other thing I've had personal experience with these SSRIs they put me on luvox about 20 years ago and um it was the only drug that I've ever been one only time in my life where I was actually suicidal and I after after our experience that you know for for uh I guess there was ten weeks or so I said to the psychiatrist I said what are you doing what's this job all about and he's a his response to me was and this was this guy with University of Pennsylvania he says to me we don't really know what the what the problem is which one will work for you we have to keep trust testing it out and the nothing if these drugs do they they affect your sexual aspects of your life and that to me it is a key thing about wait a minute something's wrong here yeah oh yeah and I didn't you know I like most people I didn't just ignore these these symbols and I got myself all for those things real quick and I told that for like psychiatrist to go figure to go pound sand and um thank God I did because I still have my my emotions and my my personality my sister and I'll finish up with this my sister-in-law is a registered nurse and I was talking about this summer's had to be talking to her and she was telling me how because she fills them for the school the school nurse right she was telling me how the kids line up in the morning thirty kids they line up in the morning to get their meds and I said what do you mean I I we didn't line up for we weren't scored get meds what we did was you know if we had a headache we went to the nurse they gave us an aspirin what he sent us home giving them medicine and I said I said here Webster's let you know she shouldn't be giving these kids these medicines they're playing 22 form yet and she just said to me well this is what they need and I said are you know this is a case of the blind leading the blind yeah and that's wrong yes yeah I'd like to hear your ear take on it oh but but but Cris she'll insist that she's harming no one she'll insist that she's not part of a huge hierarchical and compartmentalize structure that is actually doing harm to people by design that that is an unacceptable thought in her mind and feel free to go right ahead and take this podcast and give it right to or if you still talk to her because you know all right I'll tell how I'll said it's like that in their face that they're naive that their unread and that they have no idea what they're really a part of none is zero zero that's how that's quite how about a little this is another example of what I call negative knowledge you've heard me use the term on the show this is a person that not only doesn't understand the truth about what they're doing but our have a totally concur ties a calcified position on what their that what the thing that they're doing is and in order to actually get them back to the level of understanding at all they would have to break down all of these preconceived notions which are false even to get back to square one have a blank slate to start to understand what it is they really are doing it's called I call it negative knowledge not only does the person not know anything about the real truth of the situation but they're they're totally attached and holding on for dear life to their preconceived notions of what it actually is yeah and I am you know the problem is that the people in my family and society I mean my special also a good person he just teaches ignorant she doesn't understand and like people my family said well she's a registered nurse she should know it so I you know I asked her about aspartame and they're sizing and it's like there's nothing wrong with that Chris I said are you kidding me and and that's what I meant because I'm seen as the outsider non expert but free thinker and no one pays any attention to me and there's nothing there's nothing I could do about it it's cool there is I mean I would I would point her to the research of dr. Russell Blaylock who is a world-leading was a world leading neurosurgeon and knows more about the interactions within the human brain than almost anybody give her his book called the excitotoxin the taste that kills or show her his lecture put make a DVD with his lecture on it and say here this is from a neuroscientist if you don't believe me this guy but surgeries on the brain does he know before that that I mom last week I she didn't she didn't look at it but I forward it to her know that because they believe their preconceived notions they don't want to start looking at information with a blunt from a blank slate they don't want to look at all the research the tons of research that's been done by independent companies to show that that these artificial sweeteners are normal toxins you know when you look at the research that the companies themselves do all the results come out skewed and then suddenly the ones that are funded by the people with a vested interest in the company and the bottom line of the company they come out with it with the read with the conclusion that these things are safe and don't cause health problems but anytime you got to look at where the funding is coming from follow the money you know when it's funded by somebody that doesn't have an interest when when the experiment and the study is funded by something somebody that does not have an interest in in the outcome they don't have a monetary stake the outcome always shows that these things are damaging to the physiology always yeah and you mentioned a week ago or so that there's this new diagnosis for people like me called oppositional defiant disorder and if this health care system continue the way it's going to go they're going to get people like me and I'm sure most your listeners or all your listeners in fact you know these SSRIs that take us out of our our real consciousness or try to anyway well they'd have to kill me to get it done let's let's just put it real blunt you're not gonna you're not going to do that to my body without killing me trust me trust me is all I have to say about that you'd have much comment on the other callers call in but thanks so much no problem Chris taking a mark pleasure to hear from your Friday night I'll see you on Friday yes I will absolutely take care of men Kris from Philly always a pleasure to hear from them on what on earth is happening I work past the top of the second hour I'm going to give the callin number again anybody wants to call in anything is open game no taboo topics here as always the calling number seven two four four four four seven four four four once again calling number seven two four triple four seven triple for the call ID number that you have to punch in after you call that number is eight three five one five once again the call ID number four what on earth is happening eight three five one five ssris the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors otherwise known as antidepressants let's look at some of their names Oh what wonderful names they have celexa lexapro luvox paxil prozac Zoloft anybody notice a pattern there couple of consonants keep coming up over and over and over again don't they Z and X Z and X okay this is bike design this is not an accident okay these names are specifically chosen celexa lexapro luvox paxil prozac Zoloft prozac being the number one prescribed one fluoxetine it's called because it's derived from Oh big surprise fluoride Wow there's our old friend yes see what these things do is they keep you in a so called level state of emotion which basically means you can't feel your emotions they don't want people to be able to enter a heightened state of awareness they don't want people to be able to even enter the fight-or-flight mode in a good way see this is a needed function when you're in danger when there is danger this you want this part of the brain functioning they are complex of the brain that basically is responsible for the flight the fight-or-flight response in conjunction with the limbic system the limbic system it pumps the chemicals into the body that help us to feel fear when we're in true danger which is the proper function of it you're in physical danger or if there is danger looming on the horizon you want to know about it if there's a tornado coming you don't want to sit there and go hmm that's pretty interesting I'm not really I'm not worried at all I'm very level but you know not not feeling much of anything that's nice it's a tornado coming directly this way and and be like a zombie about it you would want to go into a mode that says danger I better do something if I'm going to protect my physical vehicle which my consciousness inhabits okay you know that's not the time to not be able to feel any emotions or not be able to feel any fear because in that instance fear is a proper response for something that can totally harm the body or kill you you want to take preventive measures you want to take evasive action this is the whole argument like you know the other car called in about the New Age movement you know sit back and wait just work on yourself it's all about waiting for a savior don't help other people understand it don't talk about the negative of you're so negative talking about all that negative stuff no it isn't negative it's information it's awareness what you do with it is what makes it negative or more positive if I tell somebody of oncoming danger they might be able to take action that prevents them from experiencing the suffering that would happen once that danger strikes and therefore save themselves and their loved ones pain and suffering that they would have ordinarily would have otherwise experienced and that's not negative that's empowerment okay so the New Age movement is a controlled oppositional paradigm that is basically controlled by a compass in the high levels of the dark occult networks of the world and when I was involved in the occult I've pulled this people to friends people around me they told me wait until you see all the new-age nonsense and garbage that's going to be coming out over the next many years we're going to flood the markets with this stuff it's going to be all about meditating your way to enlightenment and world peace and it doesn't work that way it doesn't they told me that that was going to be happening and then it happened because when they say that they're going to do something they do it they're not talkers you know their talk about this before in a weird way they're very United they're very in unison on the same page they have achieved a form of dark unity consciousness and you know a lot of people don't want to hear that and they they don't want to look at this side of things and they don't want to understand that they're manipulating things that they're involved in like the health care industry you know like a you know a medicine and and hospitalization and you know just anything that basically affects people's state of health people want to believe that they're involved in something that's good regardless of whether they actually are or not people in the military want to believe the military does good things people and the police want to believe the police does good things people in education ohhow they want to believe that they're doing something good and I'm all for education we should have some you know compared to the indoctrination system we actually do have people in the media want to believe that they're actually informing people that's a laugh people in the healthcare industry want to believe that they're healing people that's a laugh we're in a collective state of denial over all of these things folks and one of the things that will keep you there are the antidepressant class of compounds the demon drugs another one another set is the SNR eyes these are less well known but these are serotonin or norepinephrine serotonin norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors what now this is directly connected with the fight-or-flight mechanism as well norepinephrine is a stress hormone it affects the parts of the brain where attention is controlled okay it also affects the brain where response to stimuli is controlled it underlies the fight-or-flight response interesting we're up a nephron okay so here's another thing that they're trying to disconnect us from what the each drugs basically do is make it impossible for us to one feel emotions so we're not feeling the repercussion of our relationships our interactions with other people certainly not in any kind of a deep level and - they're making the fight/flight response numbed in people they're dampening the fight-or-flight response mechanism which is a necessary part of our survival mechanisms in the brain complex it's there for a reason it's there so that we can take appropriate actions when we are actually under a dangerous situation or a threat this is why these drugs are so widely prescribed they don't want people waking up to the dangers that are around them and they want them numbed they want this numbed basically a whole set a whole range of emotions numbed out of them all right we have I'm going to try to go back to Kevin from Philadelphia let's see if this goes through I'm going to try this Kevin from Philadelphia are you there that I would try you again but it looks like we're still having a problem hey I'll turn the chat on in the chat room so let's try that there we go keV I saw that you were not only in the chat room but also a column so if you're there type something into the chat if that will allow you to do so you could also Skype me I think you have my skype name so I chat over what you were going to talk about because it looks like I still can't get to your phone I still can't make you active on the talks you live program for some strange reason but Kevin who does a show on talk show now called caution tinfoil hat area ah great I listened to the first episode and a couple of small segue episodes that he did and is going to be doing a show on Friday his second show second big show he interviewed them Roxie um I can't remember her last name Roxie about the chemtrail phenomenon uh and she was a great a great guest for the show they did kind of a little roundtable discussion there at one point and it was a really good show um keep it up keep up the great work Kevin if you're listening and I will be calling in to tinfoil hat area on talk show this Friday from the for your mind conference fundraiser let Kevin know on his show about how the fundraiser is going and how things are generally going for the preparation for the conference so Kevin if you're listening try to type something in or Skype something to me and I'll try to respond on the air let's continue to talk about the SNRIs okay so these are the serotonin norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors some of these names are cymbalta you've seen the advertisements for that on television and Andre no doubt another one is pristiq pris tiq pristiq one that i know specific members of my family take is FX or EF f PF f XOR effects or this is a an SNR I and these are just as dangerous and just as overprescribed as the SSRIs I highly recommend people do their own research into these um I highly recommend people really try to understand the components of consciousness as we talked about on this show being our thoughts our emotions and our actions and why the emotions act as a bridge between our thoughts and actions okay just as the limbic brain will act as a bridge between the r-complex of the brain which governs our motor skills and the higher thought center of the brain called the neocortex the emotions are the Sacred Feminine component which is essentially the most under attack and lacking component of consciousness in the world today this is what the dominators have to continue to attack and they're doing a great job of it through the pharmaceutical industry all of these drugs all of these so-called solutions to problems are nothing of the sort they are there to keep our emotional compass broken they want to keep it spinning anything but have it point TrueNorth they want you numbed indifferent as they say in the great sci-fi movie they live they have made us indifferent to ourselves and to others we are focused only on our own gain I just re-watched they live this week with a with barb and a friend and it is just a phenomenal movie it's a it's my favorite sci-fi movie I think it's one of the best allegories out there I highly recommend people check it out because it's an allegory for this for the media it's an allegory for the different types of compounds that they interject into our diet and into our body-mind connection to destabilize it to turn that signal on and to keep people under that spell of getting them to see things that are basically the exact opposite of what they really are no discernment and no ability to feel that's what the ultimate goal of this is and that's what drugs are ultimately all about it's turning off sense perception which we should be honing we should be refining we should be using as the god-given gifts and tools that they are our emotions and our perceptions to understand truth to know ourselves and what's going on within us as an expression of our consciousness one of the expressions of it all right we have another caller on the line caller you are on live on what on earth is happening what do you have for us can you hear an hour I can but it's very distorted it's like you're underwater that digital distortion type of effect but go ahead okay um I I just wanted mention in that go no keV you're all right go ahead I'll deal with it can you hear me can you hear it again it's that digital delight distortion effect but I'm willing to put up with it it's fine the information is what is important go right ahead okay I just wanted to confirm what you were saying as one of your listeners because I have been what where you're hogging it up before also many years ago about a year before I afternoon at you in the first lady I was working retail and as weird as it sounds AIT movie idiocracy and a reference to these things like giant trash ashes and he caused it over retail and I recognized that all of the things that I was selling would eventually wound up it is China and I wish that I was pretty much contributing to it it may mean our depressed and my wife then suggested that I go one two and as our along with the people that did it the doctors have ever seen and it put me through a very interesting for us to start with but once like we're actually feeling better about everything why are the notice is all very kind of a fake feeling and it wasn't very helpful in the long run it just because I started to get used to it and then all of a sudden anyone with my itch and before I knew it they were like double when I started with and it's just not a healthy thing I mean getting off of it there were many suicidal thoughts but once you get pass it after about two three weeks the amount of being off of it you're bringing chemicals you start to get back to normal and anything settled telephonist I want to stop you there for one moment to mention something that's extremely important if you're listening to this please if you're on one of these things do not try to go cold turkey off of these it's very dangerous to do that you need to really do research and and consult somebody that knows what they're talking about when it comes to the particular drug that you're taking how to wean off of it because if you try to go cold turkey this is one of the most common side effects or actual reactions that takes place is extremely suicidal tendencies that these things are dangerous compounds to mess with they even get on in the first place coming off of them can be even more dangerous than going on them you really really want to be knowledgeable about how to wean off of these things properly if you're going to do that do your homework do your research consult somebody that really knows what they're talking about when it comes to these okay and if you're going to help somebody to wean off of it make sure you know what you're talking about and get them to do the research and get them to consult something that really knows I mean giving people advice about this can kill somebody if you don't do it the right way you know okay you know that's very important it's a very important caveat and disclaimer I want to make here I'm not telling anybody drop doing these immediately if you're on them you have to wean for nice things but I completely agree a completely really matter fact anyone was the first time and I kinda did not.we - all of it had it was probable and then I was actually give him the chance to get one of them and I foolishly did it and then we leave myself off of them afterwards the second time but normally the first time I will say that one of the things when I done though and in did you a cold turkey my wife knew that I was going to go into do you think ahead I'm and it was there for me in a way that many people might not have that sort of fat and on top of that also didn't call five she feel it was wrong earlier participated riveted that I was hating it as a son of the land and or really balanced myself I and you're absolutely right a disclaimer a totally possibly need to disasters that of entity could set yourself for one other little things set your day off in such a fashion that you want all those skills I've done but again the whole point is to get when you do finally get off of it it seems will rebalance and you will find a new peace of mind that at least it in the fact that the pain you're going through of living in Ennis of trying to be elevated in a profoundly sick Society as well but it is something that natural your suppose it if you open trying regular process like is not good for we're not good going through it in this exercise discretion society and anywhere for rather than the core for it that is nice being together in a moment absolutely and you are a living example of someone that has gotten off of one of these traps gotten out of one of these traps of these uh antidepressants I wish uh you know some people in my family would take that as a an example and as an inspiration to to you know basically begin to find the will to wean off of some of these things that they don't need you they do not need these they are not critically chemically imbalanced you know in an irretrievable way they wanted to stay on these because they like having their emotions and on that they don't want to feel everyday awareness and consciousness and the emotions that go along with living in such a world and that's why they're basically ineffective and you know have not really attained the battle so to speak they haven't joined the war the ranks of the info war they have been really worked on their own consciousness as a result because these things basically make you not want to do much of anything except go along to get along it's it's a term of the divisor X herd mentality training is what these pills are for all I got at least at least the pain and it is revealed even if it's subtle lease it it's real don't take a false illusion he'll for the rest of your life two years all that I've ever that a again with no market if I'm her but at all I want to add to your show is like at Lisa pain is real Jeff thanks so much all the illusion the great point you brought up and I want to say once again a great job on beginning your show uh it's every Friday night on talk show yeah yeah yeah plug it go right ahead by eight thank you Friday 80 um alright Friday at 10:00 Eastern 10:00 to midnight Eastern on ten extra and it's called in ten employer area and this is going to be actually wearing truth does one start and I'll be publishing it with a pillow hosted with Martin Luther if you see me in one on Facebook he's also very much like me but you kind of know on these west coast and all I would like to do is if you don't mind real quick at Everly they asked if you commuting when we got on one sky it was a courtesy really appreciate all that you've got a min and I'll be calling in on Friday to give a repair area the fundraiser the free your mind conference fundraiser at liberties yes a great job starting up the show everyone check out a caution tinfoil hat area on talk show every every Friday evening at 10 o'clock p.m. Eastern Time so Kevin thanks so much always bring up great points you have a good night and I'll talk to you after the show thank you Mark thank again take care man awesome alright so a little bit of audio difficulty but no problem is the information that's important but I'll tell you a lot that provides a great segue because that was kind of psychedelic sounding and let's talk about psychedelics let's get into something that hardly anybody wants to get into to talk about to put on the table let's talk about entheogenic compounds and psychedelics okay why are these substances that have been traditionally used as medicines in a proper sacred spiritual at ceremonial context over thousands of years have been employed by indigenous tribal cultures all over the world why are they so demonized to the point of being made a Schedule one compound well part of this is the LSD Fiasco that went on in the 1960s which if you really look deep into the parts of the element elements that were pushing LSD into the culture in the 60s were people who are involved in mind control projects like MKULTRA monarch and other covert black projects have dealt with the control of human consciousness it's a very deep area of exploration to start exploring because it opens up a big can of worms as to other Institute's and think tanks like the Tavistock Institute of human relations like the round table think-tank institutions operating throughout the world intelligence agencies like the CIA doing research in these fields of direct mind control through drugs through substances LSD was one that they clearly demonstrable II used to try to control the human mind INRI in experiments predating the 60s actually but powers-that-be also realized that this substance had the potential to really open up people's consciousness that they took it in the proper mental set meaning the mind set in which it was taken and the reason it was taken for see that's what these substances when you start to talk about them clearly someone like myself who is advocating total health eating good foods eating organic substances you can't start to think well now who's talking about just go and do as many drugs as you want it randomly I'm talking about on the show not getting involved in certain prescription drugs these aren't drugs so to speak these are consciousnesses in and of themselves that are communed with and we talked about that a little last week they are communed with the word communion means to build together okay to create together that's what communion means when we break it down into its constituent latin elements come together or with an muni muni ohm unary which means to build these substances are communions with consciousnesses that actually are indwelling they are within us they are within the unified field of consciousness as the first caller the show talked about an architecture of consciousness a field of consciousness then we are one with these substances help us to commune with that field and to explore it and to understand it better and they put us into an altered state of consciousness an alternative awareness for time and then they drop us back down to our level of awareness in general having learned something if we paid attention while in the throes of the psychedelic encounter or experience and then we can bring some of that information back down and employ it in our world this has been the traditional role of shamans throughout centuries and centuries of the human past to enter altered states of consciousness explore that realm and bring information back with them into this dimension of being and mind that can be beneficial to the community a shaman is is known as one who can see in the dark in the darkness of the world the shaman is one who has become capable of seeing and that's no small task that involves looking deeply at the self and not flinching that involves going into these states of awareness without fear and for the right reasons again this is all about proper context I usually talk about this in my solutions section what I want to basically bring up tonight is why these things are so demonized why people are unwilling to even look at these in any kind of a a context of expanding consciousness and awareness there's many different reasons you could do a substance you could take a substance or commune with a substance take it into your body and and let it modify your consciousness but why do people drink you know a lot of people drink for escapism a lot of people take street drugs for escapism and thrills you know and just ignoring one's responsibilities well some people take psychedelics for that reason and I don't advocate that I think that's one ear espanha bill to could be dangerous because you know you can play with these things you'll get stung yeah now trust me on that or don't trust me and find out try to take him in some kind of a frivolous or you know you know you might get away with first time or two maybe it's not that much not that far beyond that for anybody who knows what I'm talking about enjoy if you slip by with a joyride the first time taking it in in a state of you know frivolous consciousness let's say because continue to try to do that and you will get stung by the class of consciousnesses let's say I'm hesitant to even call them substances okay you'll get stung by these consciousnesses hard in some instances if you play around with them the way that I'm talking about communing with these states of consciousness is in a proper context which means for the right reasons are you communing with these because you want to elevate your state of awareness because you want to help improve yourself and thereby help improve the state of the world well that's the proper context to go into this and yes there is a proper context people want to say there's no proper context for psychedelics it's however you want to use them nonsense nonsense these things are here for a reason okay they're here for a reason they're not here accidentally by chance just by you know random randomness there on the earth for a reason in this garden that we live in that has basically become almost like a hell and if we're not careful if we don't become discerning rather quickly it is going to be a hell on earth these things are the Nexen to nature that we've lost and if we commune with them in the proper context we can re-establish that deeper connection now what are some of these compounds well let's look at the word psychedelics first of all you know psychedelics people hear that and you know they have this immediate mind-control reaction oh dangerous certainly messing with them you know you'll thought you'll fall out of a window thinking you can fly it has a connotation to it but when we break down the word and again the occult is all about words and the manipulation of words all about the manipulation of the perception of what words mean particularly when we break down the word psychedelic into its constituent elements which are derived from Greek okay psyche in Greek we'll get the word psychic from means mind and delune means to make clear to make the mind clear to make it easier to see that which really is okay it's about vision it's about clarity of vision now don't get me wrong these things uh you know physically will not give you better clarity of vision in penny cases and many people will say yes they will and it actually on lower dosages some of them do increase the visual acuity that's not true what I just said they provide visual distortions certainly and full-blown hallucinations if enough are taken if a high enough dosage is taken but ultimately the vision that's being spoken up here is the spiritual vision the third eye vision the third eye sight okay to make the mind's eye clear psychedelics it's like a valium psych a meaning mind and Greek de Lune the verb to make clear making the mind's eye clear the vision of spirit clearer these are called entheogens by some people this is the term that to go away from the negative connotations of the word psychedelic many people have begun calling them entheogenic that was deliberately created again to avoid the negative connotations of psychedelic MPO gen is comprised from three greek roots the word entheogenic Theo's and Theo okay Theo Theo slean's Devine theosis God in Greek the divine the third root is gen okay which comes from the verb uh I believe it is Latin Gennaro Gennaro means to create or to generate and again we talked about some symbolism briefly the G in the middle of the compasses and square of Freemasonry this ultimate thing that this represents is the generative principle and that's the principle of care the generative principle is the thing that actually creates all reality it is the one overarching principles principle in which all of the other hermetic principles are therein contained so it is the most important thing to develop along with will and intelligence but care is the thing that holds it all together the reason that we're in the experience is that that we are is because most people don't care when people say oh yeah I recognize some of the things that are happening and I don't care I get that from members of my own family well and I keep going back to that furries in' there's a specific reason I keep highlighting that I want people to understand the people that are really enslaving us are not the people in these high-level positions of power they're not the dark occult at the highest levels they're not the secret society members they're our own families you want to look at our enslavers first of all look in the mirror there's the first and foremost enslaver of the human family and then just look at the people around you there's the enslavers of the human species folks right there the manifestation of them is in of that not caring not developing the will not developing intelligence not paying attention the manifestation of all that that internal imbalance is the global elite and the secret society networks in the dark occultists they're just a manifestation of that on a higher level we do the work to change ourselves these people can't do what they do a small group of psychopaths that accounts for less than three four percent of the population cannot do what they do without our compliance the end the end and it's all about mind control that's how they continue to get people to ignore dealing with themselves their own issues they're the problems of their own psyche their own addictions their own you know uh negative patterns of behavior etc etc all the negative things that they do to other people that they don't have the moral right to do just ignore all that take a pill shut up watch television take this pill yeah eat your eat your Twinkies eat your drink drink your soda look you know eat your powdered Donuts and uh watch American Idol which will make Americans Idol meaning inactive you know watch your sports drink your aspartame Laden Cola drink some alcohol and take your antidepressants and you think the world is going to change for the better enjoy enjoy what you got is as good as it's going to get and ultimately you're the creator of that experience but this goes back to the verb generic which started that tangent and it means to create it is the generative principle so the word entheogenic back to psychedelics and entheogenic compounds and within Theo's divine and generic create it means to create the divine within to generate the connection to divinity or to the source within oneself this these this class of consciousness altering substances known as entheogens or psychedelic can foster this connection can assist in making that connection it Wells within us these are states we can reach in other ways we can reach them through intense meditation we can reach them through rhythmic drumming and dance and uh you know we can even reach them up in computer simulations you know you put a virtual reality headset you can go into an altered state of consciousness for sure but this is a direct path through the natural world a means of doing it and I think it's a valid one I myself have communion with some of these intelligences these consciousnesses if you will and they've helped me tremendously and again always done in a correct context in some wanting to improve oneself that's the key in a proper context again these are not things to mess with but if you don't want to take my word for that try to mess with them and enjoy what you get you definitely won't but that's why a lot of people you know demonize them and stay away from them it's fear they know these are powerful thought changing their paradigm shifting helpers that's what they are they help us to see the folly of our ways they make us laugh about how ridiculous we are don't make us cry about it sometimes - um they make you deal with your own crap let's let's cut right to the chase you're not going to you know get away with much in the presence of these consciousnesses let's put it that way they are there to make you deal with your blemishes and inconsistencies and rough edges and to bring them extremely to your attention so that you turn your gaze toward those aspects of the self and work upon them to smooth them out some of them let's let's talk about another word for them we talked about communion as being what these things really are these are active sacraments not inert ones as the religions of the world want to foster off and now Chris when he called in mention one that was used in the Eleusinian mysteries of a lusus off of Greece a loose in Ian's elu s I si n I am a loose in Ian's mysteries the a loose in Ian's mysteries the mysteries of alesis look look that up look at what the Greek ministry tradition was about the Hermetic tradition look at what their active sacrament was it was something called soma this is not a connection to the soma of brave new world fame which was basically like a antidepressant compound soma of a lusus was a drink that people took to commune with another state of consciousness to get into touch with the mystery school tradition of the Greek the ancient Greek time period soma many people have speculated was derived from a form of psychedelic mushroom some people have said it was the Amanita muscaria mushrooms some people have claimed that it with this psilocybin variety of mushrooms I don't know for sure but I do know it was a psychedelic compound that altered the consciousness of the initiate so that they would have to begin to go down a deeper path of initiation of really dealing with their own stuff so to speak dealing with the things that are nested way down into our subconscious but this brings us to the breakdown of another word which is sacrament you know we look at Holy Communion in the Christian tradition as a sacrament it's one of these inert sacraments just made with unleavened bread bread with made without any yeast flattened bread it's inert it doesn't do anything to change the consciousness you have to believe in it well take a couple of grams of psilocybin mushrooms and tell me whether you need to believe in it but you don't need to believe in an active sacrament for it to work upon your consciousness it's going to work whether you believe in it or not and it is a direct route to a altered state of awareness in which you know you can do some work upon yourself you can choose not to - the experience will probably be much more unpleasant because these are things that try to nudge us in the right direction so to speak they can be gentle nudges or you know in the case of something like iboga they can be harsh nudges or outright pushes um and uh these things can help with addictive tendencies they can help pull us out of ego identified states of identification they can pull us out of a materialistic identification there's so many uses for these the psychological community needs to really start researching these things and it's made very difficult because these are scheduled compounds made illegal look at the word sacrament briefly as I've said these are active sacraments not inert one's not dead ones there live sacraments the word sacrament comes from Latin sacrum means holy or sacred okay sacra sacred and meant a which means mind again it's very similar to psychedelic to make the mind clear will to improve the mind sacrum meant a sacrament means to make the mind holy okay so this is um this is the proper usage for them they have to be used in the right set or mind set and the right setting which is the external environment that we use them in we want to use these things in a reasonably controlled environment controlled conditions in the physical environment because you know it's called a trip for a reason when people use these with people commune with these I want you to refrain from even using the word use or do we're communing with these things with these beings these forms of consciousness you know that's what they are if you really understand entheogens and psychedelics you won't understand these are forms of consciousness okay and they exist in nature and we're communing with that spirit that is within nature to improve ourselves there it's helping us to get in touch with that unified field that we're all a part of so um that's what an active sacrament is just very briefly because we're almost running out of time here animus is one of them again one of the reasons it's so highly demonized okay contains the active ingredient tetrahydrocannabinol which is THC magic so-called magic mushrooms these are the sacred mushroom the suicide cubensis the the suicide mexicana etc you can go on and on about the different varieties of psilocybin containing mushrooms there's the AMA nitu muscari variety of mushrooms there is ayahuasca which is a very interesting combination of of plants that a DMT is an active ingredient in dimethyltryptamine we continue talking about this next week a little bit but um basically I'll close the show I open the show with a quote from Thomas Jefferson and I'll close the show with a quote from the great Terence Mckenna Terence Mckenna said if the words life liberty and the pursuit of happiness don't include the right to experiment with your own consciousness then the Declaration of Independence wasn't worth the hemp it was written on think about it folks we'll continue with this discussion a little bit next week and then we'll get into the illusion of time as the next methodology of mind control we talk about food and medicine on the last few shows again I'll wrap that up next week and then we'll get into the next topic but I want to continue a little bit to talk about psychedelics next week and to specifically talk about the proper context in which to use these and specifically talk about some some specific psychedelics and some of the effects that they create so we'll do that in the first part of the show next week and then we'll get into the the next topic of discussion in our ongoing exploration of the methods of mind control that's all for tonight folks thanks to all the great callers as always thanks to all the listeners you've been listening to what on earth is happening right here on the revolution broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark pasty check out my website at what on earth is happening dot-com see you right here next week folks good night