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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] all right everyone welcome to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm I apologize for the technical difficulties in the beginning of the broadcast tonight but we seem to have gotten that straight straightened out today is Tuesday November 16 2010 ah the theme of the day seems to be technical difficulties because it seems that my website hosting provider is down and my website is unreachable and has been since I believe yesterday so I am trying to work with them to find out what's going on on the server end and not resolve that issue as soon as possible we have a good show lined up for you here today what I'm going to do today is continue with the next method of mind control we've been talking about different methodologies of mind control for the past several weeks and will continue to do so we're going to begin to go into a little bit more of an abstract direction here tonight mark yes Bob it just got word from our producer that your website is working according to him so it is back up hopefully it's up and we're ready to go and now we're on air and future solutions are to come Bob thanks so much thanks for your help in assisting with the technical problems at the beginning of the show today so um before I start the show the topic of discussion and give the call-in numbers I want to thank Pat market ilio of the UFO et Congress I spoke there on Sunday in Bordentown New Jersey and it was just a great experience there was a lot of great people out there and met a lot of cool people and the other speakers were phenomenal I want to thank Pat once again for putting it all together and inviting me to speak at his fine event if anyone has a chance to check out a future event hosted by Pat market elio please do do check it out and do check out his website at dr. UFO or dr UFO org I'll give some event announcements for events that are happening in the Philadelphia area and then we'll jump right into the show the end the Fed rally for Philadelphia is happening this Saturday November 20th at 11 a.m. at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia 6 and arch streets and then afterward there is going to be a get-together there's going to be a march away from the Federal Reserve Building and then there will be a get-together and just general hangout session and and uh you know partying and having some food and drink together and discussion and will be a good time so if you're in the Philly area and the Fed rally for Philadelphia November 20th this Saturday at 11 a.m. at the Federal Reserve Bank 6th and Arch Street I will be giving a small talk outside of the Fed building shortly after 11:00 a.m. I've been asked to do so by the members of truth freedom prosperity that's the group that helps to organize the end of fed rallies I think you know not not necessarily that just ending the Fed itself in and of itself is the total solution to our problems that we face here on earth but it would be part of the way toward the solution I think you know we need to go a lot farther than that we need to understand that money in and of itself is a complete illusion and is the thing that basically holds us under control by even believing that we are separate and that we need to have this as a motivating influence for us to do anything last night we were at the ethical Society and we screened the movie secret of Oz Bob just interviewed bill still the maker of that documentary on his show truth be told this evening and while I think it's a phenomenal documentary and it explains a lot of the things that cause financial booms and busts and helps us to get into the mentality of the dominators behind the banking system these financial sorcerers or wizards if you will I think that really the ultimate answer is understanding that no form of money in the course of human history no matter what it is no matter what it is made of no matter how much exists in circulation has any actual real intrinsic value and there are people that will debate this and argue with this and contend this until the end of time but when it comes down to it you're not going to eat gold you're not going to eat silver you're not going to make your houses out of these materials you're not going to clothe yourself with them you're not going to shelter yourself with them and you're certainly not going to know yourself through them and that is what it is really all ultimately about understanding that we're all in the same situation together and the solution is to know oneself and to advance in consciousness not to accumulate precious metals or work for strips of paper or tally sticks or any other form of currency that may be used it's all 9 control that's the thing that really struck me about watching the movie the secret of Oz realizing that look at the motivations of what people what we're willing to do or not do depending on whether money was flowing or not something that's faked it's an artificial construct that exists nowhere but in the human mind it does not exist in nature we talked about that on the shows that we did on money but of course I'll be reiterating things and you know exploring things further we're going to be going in a different direction tonight a more abstract direction we're going to be talking about time the illusion of time as I call this piece in my presentation we're going to be exploring what time is what our perception of it is anyway and how it basically works to manipulate and control us how it is used this concept of time is used to manipulate and control and how we let that happen we let that happen in our ignorance of present moment awareness so before we do that I have some event amount some more event announcements and I'll then I'll give the call a number and then we'll jump in with the topic so coming up at the end of this month survive and thrive this is a group that is hosted by a good friend of mine Fernando salgueiro this happens every last Sunday of the month here in Philadelphia at a pub called Liberty's in the Northern Liberty section of the city Liberty's is essentially at second and Fairmount the actual address is 705 North 2nd Street that's the corner of 2nd and Fairmount I will be speaking at a survive and thrive meetup on sovereignty understanding its role and your ability to use it I will be giving a lecture called natural law and sovereignty November 28th this will be taking place that's a Sunday Sunday November 28th at 6 o'clock p.m. sharp at Liberty's pub 2nd in the Fairmount Philadelphia for more information if you go to meetup.com and you type in survive and thrive Philadelphia you will be able to view the activities of fernando's survive and rot survive and thrive survivalist group here in Philadelphia and finally the free your mind conference which I am a co-host of working with several committed individuals in this area to put on a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult here in Philadelphia for your mind is unique two-day conference scheduled for April 9th and 10 2011 in Philadelphia PA featuring multiple speakers and diverse educational materials for the purpose of raising public awareness of the critically important topics of mass mind control techniques the covert and subversive influences upon our consciousness and behavior trauma based and ritualized abuse and the practical mental and emotional healing methodologies available for those affected by these device is the dates Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10 2011 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. both days with the doors opening at 9 a.m. both days this will be happening at Ruvo ha are you be a Hall in Philadelphia that's at 414 Green Street also in the northern Liberty section of the city admission is only $20 per day tickets are on sale now the confirmed speakers are in McCollum Alfred Weber Andrew basiago Bob Tuscan farrier dozous John Irvin John Nicholson Larkin Rose Laura Magdalene Eisenhower mark motika mark passio Mel fàbregas Michael Kelly and Suzanne Taylor for more information about the conference coming up in 2011 right here in Philadelphia please visit www.thegrape.com for callers to BlogTalkRadio the guest call-in number is six four six seven two seven three three eight seven once again six four six seven two seven three three eight seven calling whenever you like no taboo topics here I'd be interested in getting some people's take on the topic of time which is what we're going to talk about here today so when we're talking about mind control essentially what we mean is the manipulation of human perception this is ancient dark psychology this is dark ocultism when it really when you really boil it down that's what the occult is people don't really understand what the methodologies of the occult or mind control in particular are in a wider sense that's why we do this show here that's why we talk about these manipulation tactics to know about how the mind can be manipulated and persuaded and how the perceptions of it can be shaped and engineered is critical it is of paramount importance it isn't negative its information what we do with information imbues it with either positive energy or negative energy but information in and of itself is never negative if we see how something is being used manipulated perverted and used against us against us as a weapon that isn't necessarily negative that can be empowering if we use that information to raise our awareness and protect ourselves against these methods well like I said we're going to be getting a little bit more abstract as the weeks and months go here on on this radio show on what on earth is happening because what I'm going to begin doing not necessarily in this show but in future ones coming up is starting to break down different occult schools of thought and we're going to be exploring the symbolism of different occult schools essentially what I'll be doing over the weeks to come is providing a form of initiation into the occult for some of the listeners of the show and people may think oh that sounds scary no occult as we talked about on this show simply means hidden hidden knowledge and if we're ignorant of some of this knowledge we can be controlled through it if we become aware of it we begin to work with this information we begin to assimilate it and understand it in depth and in doing so we begin to know ourselves better we become we start to know the psyche better our own psychological makeup and development and as we move further into that path of initiation if you will it becomes much more difficult to pull the wool over one's eyes it becomes much more difficult to manipulate someone that is in possession of that knowledge because ultimately it's all knowledge of self and that's why a Dominator wants to hide that information it wants to hide that knowledge because if they have access to it and someone else doesn't it's a piece of cake to manipulate their perceptions and what they think and what they feel and that's what's going on on this planet folks whether you've recognized that or not by this time doesn't matter it is happening and I'm going to do my best to expose it until I can't do that anymore so let's start our basic discussion tonight of time what it is how it is used to essentially manipulate the human population how our system of time and timekeeping is basically set up on the earth no matter where you are is based upon physical movements it's based upon the physical movements of bodies in the heavens so this is going to eventually springboard off into a discussion about Astro theology okay and we will be talking about religion probably in two weeks or so and we'll be getting into Astro theology as the main underlying exoteric aspect of what religion is all about once you strip away that exoteric cover story you find something deeper beneath it that relates with the self and relates with consciousness and we'll be talking about those esoteric components and when we begin to get into this distinction between exoteric or the outward explanation or cover story if you want to look at it that way the verse is the esoteric the meaning that is reserved for the initiated that is what a cultists basically keep for themselves and they give the exoteric cover story to others who do not know themselves and do not understand their symbolism or their system of manipulation so we'll be looking at the distinction between those two principles exoteric philosophy or ideology and esoteric philosophies and this will lead into a deeper exploration of the occult and its movements its schools of thought when we are looking at time we have to understand first and foremost our conception of what time is and how we base our measurement of time is always based in the modern world at least upon physical cyclical movements of objects the Earth rotates once per day upon its axis that's a physical movement we measure the month based upon essentially the moon and its movements that's why it's called a month a month based upon the moon another physical astral astronomical body when base our year upon the revolution of the earth around the Sun again another physical movement that is cyclical what is the importance of physical cyclical movements when it relates to our psychological perception of time why is that important what does that do to the mind what does that do to the perceptions what does that do to the psychology of a person well one of the first things that it does is it begins to paint the picture within the mind of Evan and their perception of the world upon this physical and cyclical movement that things have always been this way things are this way now and things always will be this way it is a sense of eternity or forever or unchanging mess moreover it starts to put the idea in people's mind and get them to think that change is not possible at all that there is just continual cycles that go on and on and on and on and on forever in one direction no less starting in the past proceeding through the present and moving to the future linear time linear thinking time-bound thinking and that ultimately we're a trap gets created in consciousness time bound awareness is eight and extremely low form of consciousness material based awareness is connected with time bound awareness why because we're basing our view of our movement through time upon physical movements that are endless endlessly repeating therefore we begin to think in endlessly looping repeating ways cyclical just going around in circles the earth is going around in a circle it is going in a larger circle the moon is going around in a circle around the earth the earth is then going in a larger circle around the Sun the Sun is going in a larger circle around the center of the galaxy circular movements meaning you're never actually going anywhere this form of linear cyclical time traps people in a modality of it's always going to be like this it's never going to change its going to keep doing the same thing forever and ever and ever and ever you'd be surprised how many people whether they think about this consciously or not from a subconscious level just the fact that our system of time is based upon physical movements of objects material things how their consciousness falls into this pattern of always been this way is this way now always going to be this way and there's nothing I can do about it when you really begin to break down our perceptions of time and you understand this is how people think based on time based on our system of timekeeping you understand how powerful of a hold the entire conception of time has over the human psyche now what's the alternative to this well before we even explain or explore that let's look at some of the expressions that we use we say time is money we equate time and wealth we look at time as a quantity not a quality we look at it as a a quantity much more so than we ever look at time as qualitatively based we look at it as quantitatively based I don't have the time there's not enough time I need more time scarcity based thinking the more our lives become hectic and we still try to stay in these linear modalities of thought and consciousness the more it seems like there is less and less time in which to do the things that we want to do or need to do this paints a perception of time speeding up as they're never being enough time as they're seemingly not being the same amount of hours in the day that there used to be and we can look at the words as we just saw month is related to move the moon hours why are they called hours they're related to Horus the Sun God the golden Falcon and Egyptian cosmology attracts across the sky each day as the solar disk the Sun an allegory to be sure a metaphor however the word our named after him the Sun coming up on the zone of Horus the horror zone the horizon named after Horus looking at this when we look into religion because you have to understand how how Horus is connected with Christianity when we look into Astro theology we'll be taking an in-depth look at that and speaking of time we're coming up to that time in the program where we have our commercial break folks stay tuned to what on earth is happening are you happy [Music] did you ever wish that you could have done something while you still have the chance what will you do with your income and tomorrow or if you lose your home as many already have do you have enough money to survive through an economic depression if you don't want to gamble with your future then free to prosper calm can help you quickly end your debt problems protect your property in possessions and develop a personal strategy to get you through the hard times most importantly you get to keep your money and not pay another cent to creditors all program is often superior 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organic seeds hi this is Bob Costas to knit to my show weekly hold radio Monday through Friday at 7 p.m. eastern time are with me to the Intel hub network compressional you will compete by P and now that - what on earth is happening with their home our fab here [Music] Bob thanks so much we're back from our break before the break I was talking about how different gradations of timer you know basically given two different physical objects in this case planetary bodies uh the Sun we were talking about Horus the Sun God of Egypt being there for the hour lets up let's look at how some physical nesting of cycles it is used when it comes to our way that we divide time different measurements of time we can see that these are nested within each other and the same pattern repeats again this is psychologically getting into the subconscious of a person this is basically painting the picture that the entire universe is you know like Russian dolls like a prison that you can never get out of you get out of one you hit another wall and go into an another another of dalam and get out of that one and it keeps going and going and going it's a linear cyclical endless progression and that paints a picture of hopelessness in most people's minds the inability to change it basically gives them a sense of futility that's what it paints in the psyche in most people people who can't see through this linear way of perceiving what we call time so look at the you know the smallest gradation of time that we basically work with of course we have smaller gradations used in science but I'm talking about for the general person the second is the smallest gradation now the second is actually dedicated to the planet Mercury now that sounds strange to most people but if you follow this progression you'll understand how this works and I'll put some images related to this on my podcast section again every week I put related images documents movies anything connected to the topic that I'm talking about up on my website in the podcast section so you could go to the show for that week you can listen to it or download it and then you can view associated images documents videos etc on the podcast page mercury is considered the second object in our solar system the Sun being the primary object the first object so mercury is the first planet from the Sun our solar system it also has the fastest orbit its orbit I believe is approximately 80 days or just shy of that about 79 days in Earth days so it makes one complete revolution around the Sun every 79 days or so this makes it the fastest planet and in Greek tradition mercury was considered the messenger of the gods re Roman tradition so Greek the Greeks called him Hermes okay ah this is he was considered a messenger of the gods in Egyptian tradition he was known as both this is because he is the closest to the Sun which is considered a bringer of life and light and energy essentially being the embodiment of God in the solar system so the second hand okay that's positioned around the central hub all the hands on a clock position from the center if we look at an analog clock this will be demonstrated much easier than if we simply try to think about it if you have hold the image of an analog clock in your mind okay the center point represents the Sun a circle with a dot in the center is the ancient symbol of the Sun and as we look at some of these concepts to get a bit more esoteric symbolism is going to be very critical to keep in mind we're going to have to understand become symbol literate understand the language of symbolism as it has been used throughout the ancient world and as it is still used in the modern world so a dot with a circle around it this is the symbol of the Sun it's an archetypal symbol an archetype as we talked about before is it a simple form that it has a meaning inherent to it that is already indwelling in the human psyche and in conscious mind its ancestral memory this is embedded in our subconscious we may not be aware of it at a conscious level of the meaning of the symbol but we know it at an intuitive fundamental level of consciousness that's an archetype one of the biggest art types is the egg we talked about that briefly before on the show another archetype is the solar symbol of a dot with a circle around it so going back to breaking down this nested cycle of time in our method of timekeeping the second hand the smallest gradation that we use it at a practical level on a daily basis is given to the planets okay this is the of the three ancient cults of Astro theology Astro theology Astro meaning star Theo's meaning God okay Astro theology roll args meaning word whereas the difference between that and astrology astrology is a study of the movements and basing predictions upon some of the movements and positioning of these bodies okay I said Astro theology is the basis of a belief system rooted in the story about these gods in the sky okay people have called the three great religions of the world the three most popular religions of the world essentially Christianity Islam and Judaism of the desert sky God religions these are the three religions that developed out of the ancient world based upon the three cokes that developed in the ancient world you had the solar cult the lunar cult and the cult of the planets and stars or the lesser lights so you have two great lights of the heavens the Sun and the moon and then you have the smaller the pinpoints of light okay the stars and planets each one given to a different religion and as we will see each one given to a different gradation of timekeeping and then that cycle is repeated it is nested okay it's a nested time cycle again nesting is very important in the occult as well again it think of the object the symbol of Russian dolls one thing embedded in another embedded in another endlessly okay about Friday they come the same same concept fractals now yes this is true of the universe and a wider sense but I'm talking about how something that is true is manipulated to have a specific condition to generate a specific condition in the human psyche that's the key point there so if we look at these gradations of time we'll see a specific pattern nested in them the second hand given the mercury goes around the Sun or the central hub of an analog clock faster than any of the other hands okay so mercury the second object that's why it is called the second hand it goes around the hub the dot in the middle of the clock representing the Sun okay the second hand on a clock meaning not the next hand not the set in the second hand itself the next hand that we come to is the minute hand okay minute is derived from one of the words of the moon in the ancient world in the UM the Phoenician tradition the moon was known as min the the goddess of the moon men mi n was one of her names moon the moon always being a feminine aspect of feminine presence it is a considered a female presence okay at just as the Sun is considered a male presence lunar associated with the yin or feminine energy and the solar energy associated with the yang or masculine energy so it's very close to moon the moon it the minute the min hand min a name for the moon so the minute is the next gradation of time upwards okay above that we have the hour hand now this is name therefore Horus or the Sun God and this is of course given to the Sun so we see the the planets actually embedded in our system of time the planets the moon and the Sun planets mercury secondhand the minute-hand the moon named after men goddess of the moon then the hour named after Horus the Sun God now this cycle repeats what is the next measure of time above one day okay of course a day is given to the earth okay each day is one spin of the earth upon its axis so we face the Sun and we turn away from the Sun and then it goes back and that's one day to rub it's a revolution of the Earth on its axis a rotation of the earth on its own axis of rotation that's one day now let's look at so the earth is one of the planets okay but as we see we have a seven day system in the modern world a week if we look at the names of each one of the days that is in a week we see that each one is given to a planet so now we're back to Planet a day is reserved for the planet and so is the week so that the day is the Earth's that's the planet we are upon and then the wider aspect of the days of the week is the week each one is given to one of the other planner may guess what Monday is all about market by May moon yeah of course Monday is the moon okay Tuesday now immediately that make one may not be immediately recognizable so it will help to go into other languages and I have seen you can you can take it into a few other languages but the easiest language to understand all of these is the French language in conjunction with English so if we look at the day that it is named after the name the name Tuesday in French Tuesday is Mardi ma RDI as in Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday mardi okay so this is the root of Mars M AR s Mars okay choose 2 s is also a name of an ancient god that was named after Mars the God of War 9/11 2001 incidentally occurred on a Tuesday because they were invoking war they were invoking the entire spirit of war with that false flag operation so Tuesday is given to Mars Wednesday ok again maybe not immediately recognizable in the English language but if we look at the French language Wednesday is mercredi mercredi in French that's mercury so Wednesday is named after mercury Thursday ok in French is should be je di but it is Thursday the north's God for associated with Jupiter the same basic god Jupiter named after main by the Romans so fors day or Thursday is named for Jupiter fried any now free--ah is one of the gods goddesses names in the Norse tradition free--ah ok so this is a feminine day there are only two feminine days of the week Monday named after the moon and Friday named after the other feminine planet in the solar system if we take the name Friday into the French language this is vondre d ve n gr e di Vaughn daddy named after Venus the other feminine planet embodies the sources and I gotta get the last two sure go then I'm gonna appropriate I think well I'll get to that when we get there but Saturday seems to me like it has to do with Saturn sure I mean it's right in the word that one's real easy right and of course and of course I may as well Sun day and that's the most I guess the crucial of them all because of all these Sun cults as you mentioned and it's it's kind of interesting to me mark how you start off on a moon day and you had on a Sunday and there's not only something behind that and well some people will say that you know you start off on a Sunday and end on a Saturday and there's something behind that as well see the the Sabbath's of each of the desert sky God religions or the astro theologically based religions all are each one is given to either the Sun the moon or the planets and stars okay so the moon is actually given to the Islamic religion this is the lunar based cult of the ancient world it worships on Friday as its Sabbath and you would say okay well that's Venus but Venus is also connected with the feminine aspect of the moon okay Venus is another name for the goddess the goddess Venus Isis Hathor Aphrodite you could go on and on and name the different names of the goddess Semiramis these are all connected with the moon in some form or another so the feminine presence is always a lunar presence and this is a lunar based religion it's not only lunar base but it's galactic base this is the religion that ultimately worships the galaxy okay we'll be talking about this and going in further to this when I get into a show theology in a much more fundamental way when we talk about religion coming up on future shows but uh that's the the Islamic religion is actually derived from the lunar cult the Christian religion that's quite easy to figure out if you know we understand the basics of the the symbolism of the Sun and the the Son of God okay you can look at movies documentaries like zeitgeist addendum or look into the works of jordan maxwell and you can easily trace the actual theological basis of christianity to the solar cult the son of god okay so the worship is on sunday that's their Sabbath okay the savior who wrought dies and then rises okay rises again to bring life to the world the son dies each night and then rises each day to bring new life to the world okay saturday is the Sabbath of Judaism so this is the from the ancient world the cult of the planets and the stars and it's symbol as a star the the Islamic religion its symbol is the moon the symbol of the religion the moon with a small star next to it that's the base the crescent moon the symbol of the Judaic religion a star and the symbol of the Christian religion across which is a zodiacal cross zodiacal cross the zodiac that's what the it is actually representative of the Sun upon the curtain a great cross of the zodiac so we look at the zodiac okay the Sun symbolically placed in the middle twelve houses or divisions around it the twelve helpers of the Sun the twelve disciples of Jesus okay let's look at the next cycle up so of course we have had the week and that was based upon the planets now the next cycle of time up the month and we all have already alluded to that that's based upon the moon the moon a month and that is how we measure basically a month the lunations of the moon so again we see this nested cycle we had the second given to the Planet's specifically mercury then we went up to the minute given to the moon then we went up to the hour given to the Sun the day and week given to the planets again then we go back up a month a longer duration of time given to the moon again and then the next gradation of time the year of course measured by our revolution around the Sun so that's given to the solar the soul of our concept and the solar cult as well now when we start to understand this physically materially that's the key thing the materialistically based measurement of time it's always based upon matter that's the key thing to keep in mind it's based on matter and materialistic thought when we say time is money we're equated it with something that is materialistic the fake money not the real money the one eye but the fake proxy for balance and imagination and harmony with nature and understanding natural law and enlightenment etc that's what our fiat currency debt based monetary system fractional reserve a central bank owned and controlled monetary system is all about okay so when when we associate endlessly repeating physical materialistic movements of objects with time our consciousness tends to become more materialistic this works whether we understand it or don't understand it we know it consciously we're ignorant of it it doesn't make a difference we are being entrained to something so this is another word I want to bring up when we're talking about time and Trainmen entr aian and train vent okay this means to get the mind following along to set up a system of leaders and followers entrainment a train n train mint M ent the basis of mind meant a in Latin and Trainmen t' essentially means to make the mind follow and right there in the word that we use in relation to time okay we have a concept that is related to mind control getting the mind to follow along so we will explore deeper aspects of the astral theological basis of the world religions coming up in future shows we'll go into that in the future well we we saw how this is intricately connected with our gradations and measurements of time in the world today so we can go up another step from the year where you say okay well how is anything measured even bigger than a year well there's the ashram the astronomical and astrological clock hey this is known as the Great year or what astronomers refer to as the precession of the equinoxes now this is a little bit of a abstract concept to understand but if you do explore a little bit about astronomy and astronomy is a fascinating topic to look into to fascinating science I do encourage people to look into the movements of the planets and the Sun and the earth etc and the moon understanding this is actually really if we break past the exoteric ok and we break out of the linear time based thinking this becomes a very powerful metaphor for different aspects of the self and that's ultimately what a strategy becomes all about now I wouldn't call myself by any stretch of the imagination an expert in astrology even in some of the symbols of astrology okay it is the occult science that I feel that I need the most study in compared to the knowledge that I have about other occult Sciences so it is probably my weakest area of my delving into the occult in general is astrology I have looked into it a bit but my interest in it is we're in relation to religion when it comes to astrology because that's all religion basically is about it's about the movements of the planets and the attributions of the planets and that is what is ascribed to the gods of these religions we understand the God that is ultimately being worshipped in Islam is really about the galaxies okay it's about the the feminine aspect of creation which gives rise to the stars of the galaxy siii in in Islam there is a you know a black cube called the the Kaaba at Mecca and the adherents of Islam make a pilgrimage and wear a white cloak only and then they go around the Kaaba in a counterclockwise direction well this is representative of the stars going around the central black hole of the Milky Way galaxy in a counterclockwise rotation this is an astro theological ritual because ultimately it is the moon and galactic cult the Christians worship the Sun upon the cross of the zodiac crucified upon the great cross of the zodiac which has to do with the precession of the equinoxes which has to do with the cycle of the year the solstices and equinoxes forming a cross on the on the zodiac the twelve helpers again representative of each house of the twelve houses of the zodiac so the Judaic religion again based in the gods the Elohim plural gods why plural well you have the singular gods of this solar and lunar cult in the plural gods of the Judaic cult the stars and the planets all the small lights of the heavens it all starts to fall into mine and make perfect sense once you understand the astro theological basis for religion and moreover it perfectly helps us to understand how time is chopped up in little pieces and given to different gods of the ancient world and what that does for the human psyche sounds like we're coming up to another break folks I want to thank everyone for listening you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm we'll be back after these words and you ever wish 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burning of humanity net on our shoulders the only way if to expose the global crime Vinnie chase node has been New World Order together we are one together now inhale soldiers the battle for free humanity into you'll not in the vice P&L; of calm secure your future keep your non-hybrid CPAC now with the looming economic crisis food shortages and other toxic disasters now is the time to be ready just click on the heirloom organic banner at the top of our BlogTalkRadio page today to cure your future and the future of your family in hard time heirloom organic seeds hi this is Bob toss and turn it to my show truth be told radio Monday through Friday at 7 p.m. Eastern Time you are with me to the Intel hub network Russian border by piece [Music] [Music] all right we're back here on what on earth is happening we're at the top of the second hour of the show I see we have a caller on the line let me quickly before I take this call give the call in numbers for the show you can call in on two different networks broadcasting on talk show and blog talk radio on the Intel Hub news network so the call-in number four talks you eight seven seven I'm sorry scratch that the call a number for talk-show seven two four four four four seven four four four once again calling number seven twenty four four four four seven four four four call ID number eight three five one five once again the call ID for the show which will be prompted for eight three five one five on the call number four blog talk is six four six seven two seven three three eight seven once again six four six seven two seven three three eight seven I see you have a caller here on talk show I'm going to attempt to take this call let's see what happens freedom in Texas now you are on live on what on earth is happening are you there caller from Texas are you there oh yeah Monica thank you so much for having me on the program of Al Gore food I recognize this is Bob isn't it yeah I figured I jump it there make things interesting I guess your callers not there hey you have anything for so Bob Melvin a lie calm I've been enjoying the show and it's so funny how every time we come up to a commercial break you happen to be talking about time throughout the program that's kind of the theme and I was wondering if if I didn't have any knowledge of the seven-day week or the Monday Friday system or the hour minute system I live my life you know how different would it be and how controlled are we to time and how its time associated with our prices of our monetary system because like you keep saying time is money so in a sense they have created a control of our lives using this tool of time and I think this is an underestimated tool of corruption it's one that you don't hear many people talking about because it's abstract it speaks largely based in symbolic thinking because ultimately the answer is there is no such thing as time just like there is no such thing as money it doesn't exist it's a construct that only we make up and it only exists in the human mind and psyche and we need to break that linear pattern of endlessly repeating cycles that go on and on and on and on and on that we never break free of we need to break the psychological hold that time has over us and like you said how would that make our lives look in the aftermath if we began thinking in nonlinear time-based terms not non time bound awareness means you're always in the present moment there is only one moment and it is now the past is gone well I've experienced that with with the use of infusions is that feeling of time being completely 100% subjective yes addition to that I'd like to mention that we have some talk in the blog talk chatroom for the Intel new hub news network and they're mentioning a little bit of here about cliff high and his web bot and supposedly I don't know if you know about this mark but the left side is taking all these keywords and phrases put on the Internet yes I'm familiar and it's able to create these predictions and in a way it's looking into time and then I'm even interested perhaps and I might be going off the wall and I apologize if I'm digressing from your topic too much mark but I'm interested in time travel your kind of technology do these elite scumbags have that we don't know about I have to imagine that the military industrial elite scumbag complex has technology far beyond Nikola Tesla and some of these things they've suppressed over a hundred years ago that were developed today that would only surpass our least of imagination yeah I would think that they would certainly be looking into it if not developing already because if anything would were to occur that would upset their plans they would want to be able to try to change that timeline I would absolutely think it would be in their psychological makeup to certainly look into the possibilities of that I'm not saying that it is developed or not but it's it's it's an interesting topic to explore and we can speculate about whether they may have some of these things in the black of you know the black ops projects already under under development absolutely Oh Bob I thank you for calling in and raising that point I'm going to move along and take up another call from what I think maybe another Bob on the show here our caller from Southwest Ohio is this Bob from Cincinnati it's like the two Jakes it's the two Bob's on mark passio show mark thank you for taking my call firstly and thank you for all the great work you've done up to this point on vaccines chemtrails in the food I know that just that the link you placed on your site was so important for me I stopped by that there was one Trader Joe's in my 30 mile radius and it was worth the stop in - thank you Mark fantastic I'm glad you got some use out of that yeah I spent a lot of time on that because you know a whole month because it's a whole month I spent on that it's really important I mean that that is really the thing that if they have you at the physical level of the damage to the brain and the and the central nervous system and the physiology and you're not strong you don't have a strong constitution to resist that they're going to get you at the mind level and ultimately that's going to keep you spiritually down this is true and and just the Ezekiel bread alone I and I hit up the guys when I oh it's delish my favorite my my girlfriend doesn't like it so much I love the Ezekiel bread I get it all the time it's it's very earthy and like you said it's sprouted sprouted organic sprouted bread there's no flour in it none of that bleach toxic flour and mark on a positive note this week earlier in the week the American Dental Association itself put out in their newsletter fluoride is toxic / poison for infants or young people that was a major breakthrough that that is really big hey Mark yes it's Bob again bob number yeah no problem one or number two however you want to put it bob Hustonville i calm i had a Paul connect on last week I don't know if you recall and yes he's been breaking the news on this fluoride topic for quite some I'm now absolutely amazing story Bob that you just referred to what when did this happen I want to say November 10th or 14th of 2010 it looked looking the the websites a ad a admits fluoride is toxic for infants powerful powerful statement of an industry that has spent the last 70 years poisoning not only our bodies but our metaphysical beings shameful we must still hold them accountable they are trying to break their culpability and accountability but but it's it's good news for us but sad news for the reality we're living in so much scientific literature is coming out on the topic that they cannot suppress it anymore they cannot keep it back because so many voices are being raised to condemn fluoride as something that does not need to be in our drinking water never did so true in mark I'm going I'm a shame to even interrupt this powerful topic of time I've always felt just on a personal note ladies and gentlemen I've always felt that time not space I never argued about space it was a construct because you know I thought you'd one could feel that but time always was inherently or a felt construct and mark thank you for defined just even you mentioning it last week was such a powerful validation for my spirit thank you and I'm going to hush and let you continue on time this is very important for us to know this is powerful it's not powerful it is classic mind control over us this concept of time it is a prison for our three-dimensional reality because if we can get away from this this ridiculous construct of time and the watch in the oh I've got a hurry I gotta keep moving Oh God missed this or I've lost that it's a mind control thank you Mark Pass yeah once again you are the greatest goodnight gentlemen Bob thank you so much for calling it always a pleasure to hear from you Kevin from Philadelphia you're on what on earth is happening what do you have for us hey Mark I was actually going to honor the positive side of time that I have been offered recently sure in the many moons that it's been since she started your show because I first called in with and my wife once called in like couple weeks later specifically talking about how we were involved in a group that was trying to build the first urban Earthship inside of Philadelphia but there were some issues on board well they just finally got past one of the first major hurdles and we now actually have a place to build and there's one also being built out out in for an out in Bristol for a Nature Center in the in Silver Lake Park in buck Tattler re County and that should in theory in theory that one should be starting in the springtime they'll actually be breaking ground there and will be like packing tires and such then so it's been a long process and a frustrating process when it comes to time and the illusion of time as dr. King had mentioned about how late when will we have to wait until we're actually free what was his was his big question at one point during one of his speeches and at this point I'm suggesting that although time can be frustrating to have to be patient through that learning of patients comes with its own rewards what's been said that the only reason for the existence of the perception of linear time is to separate different events so that everything isn't perceived as all happening at once that may sound like a cliche you know but uh that that's but that's part of I guess why we perceive time as such but uh you know there's another cliche that the time is now and that one is really true there is no other moment there's nothing the past is gone it's over there's nothing you're going to be able to do to change that the future has not arrived yet we exist in the now and if we really bring our focal point of observation or our observer qualities into the present moment it's a powerful shift in awareness that takes place while I think that he doesn't talk about things in a big wider sense of what's going on in the world when it comes to the concept of time I think that Eckhart Tolle has it very correct about his concept of true present moment awareness and of how we need to bring ourselves into the now and stay there understand that time-bound awareness is what sets us up for all other forms of manipulation the book be here now by Ram Dass also discussed this and I think that's an another powerful book for people who are explorers in consciousness and like bob was talking about earlier psychedelics which we talked about a couple of weeks ago and and last week a little bit these can really give you the sense of non time-bound awareness of complete oneness with the now and um you know it can be a disconcerting thing because it really is a significantly altered state of consciousness but there are certain psychedelics entheogens that will completely obliterate your sense of the the time-bound awareness in the traditional sense that we normally experience it that we normally perceive it in our normal waking consciousness and it will help us to expand our consciousness out beyond that that box of linear time it's something that we need to work on breaking as a species but that happens you know by doing it a one-to-one basis and in that regard I think some psychedelics can be a powerful tool yeah I can imagine that that being so considering there have been many guys that have spoken about how specifically like a most recently it was Joe Rogan previous to that it was a Terence Mckenna as well as Bill Hicks both all three of them have spoken in the past about what they called this stone to eat theory and it's pretty much about how like ancient ancient man or caveman or previously even past Neanderthal was just sticking their nose into the ground and and bobbing into various things that would when they started to eat them in natural foraging and such they wound up having these experiences and those experiences around of causing various shifts in how the brain functions as well as um sometimes sexual excitement and and that then also started to produce more people of that nature right I think a good a good book on that and this is a guy who has really explored the nature of time with his time wage zero theory having to do with a habit and novelty Terence Mckenna who I mentioned a couple of weeks ago in last week he him and his brother Dennis wrote a book called the invisible landscape which was about their concept of time I hear the music were coming up to another break I'll get to that right after this break Kevin if you want to hold thanks for having me on I'm good have a good one man it was good to talk to you again thank you [Music] and Marcus they were they're not going to hear the commercial so I think you ever wish not done something while you still had the chance what will you do with your income and tomorrow or if you lose your home in other news BP bill needed $23,000 to a school it taught at bp's propaganda arm donated twenty three thousand dollars to oakland junior high the same school that hosted their presentation that claimed the gold sea food was safe to eat the donation came months before the presentation but remained highly suspicious multiple residents have shown their displeasure for the presentation one resident went as far as to claim that BP paid the school in question fifty thousand dollars to prevent their whitewash of the Gulf oil to disaster it also looks as if BP was given a free ride to the media for a twenty billion dollar check six months have passed and no one is talking about this disaster Bob can Bart author of disaster of the horizon has listed their here that's tragic the US government n BP both wanted this story off the television because it was 24/7 this the the are OB feeds the BP ad where you could actually watch the well flow and and all of the reporting at is going on the government desperately wanted to get that off off of the television so I actually work with BP to make that happen I believe and that's what that's what ecclesia model fixes the BP will have some explaining to do on the technological front knee a generator powers up last week the journal nano letters published a paper detailing recent achievements with their pvo electric nano generator the device is about 1.5 to 2 centimeter then is capable of generating around 2 volts the device works by converting mechanical energy into electrical energy by bending nano fibers within so this has been another IH in n new update for Tuesday November 16th 2010 brought to you by the Intel hub calm [Music] okay ladies and gentlemen we're back on mark pass here you're listening to what on earth is happening we had some further technical difficulty technical difficulties our call dropped out there during that break we had to reconnect but we're back up now so continuing in with the topic if there's any other callers I want to call and talk about this topic of time specifically time as a method of mind control the call-in number is 72 for triple for seven triple for the call ID number eight three five one five you could also call it six four six seven two seven three three eight seven so it looks like we have a caller on our blog talk I'm going to try to take this let's see how this goes here we go caller you're on water on earth is happening what do you have for us now it looks like that caller unfortunately called in before our call dropped out on us and was disconnected if you want to you have to call in recall in one of those numbers and I'll be glad to take your call so Kevin had brought up the point before the break and the disconnect he brought up a couple of people's names we briefly talked about psychedelics as a method of breaking down this psychological barrier of time and our perception of it and helping us to live in now and realize that now is all that there is Terence Mckenna was instrumental one of the first people who was instrumental in helping me to understand that topic his books are all phenomenal he's got a few really great books out he wrote one I believe it was his first book he wrote it with his brother it was called his brother Dennis McKenna who is actually still involved in the ethnobotany and psychedelic community today they wrote a book called the invisible landscape in which they break down this theory of a habit which is you know doing the same thing over and over again or often you know expecting a different result of getting the same one of course and novelty which is newness change etc basically evolving that's that's what his theory of novelty is ultimately about that's what ultimately all theories of non time-bound awareness and non materialistic a time measurement is ultimately about uh Terence Mckenna of course coming up with this concept called time weighed zero which he equated with the Mayan calendar of his ending for his time wave zero theory was correspondent with the ending of the Mayan calendar which is December 21st 2012 a date you're a lot about in the in the alternative community the consciousness movement the New Age movement etc I think there is something to the Mayan calendar I think that the Maya were obsessed over time because they were much more in tune with the zero time or the now the present moment I think that um I think that some of their shamans some of their teachers were had a deeper understanding of time than we do today they understood time as not a perpetual cyclical measurement of physical objects and their motions they understood it as a progression in consciousness they understood time as the thing that we move through in consciousness on our journey of evolution in consciousness they understood that time was moving toward something that was ineffable intangible non-physical and that it represented a paradigm shift if you will it represented what some of the other traditions about time referred to as a shift of the ages a change in the way human beings think and interact what has been called in the new consciousness movement the paradigm shift I heard this referred to for the first time myself back probably in the very early 90s late 80s or early 90s the paradigm shift and I think this is something that we're in the middle of now and it's still in a transitional phases and it's all about moving to a higher level of awareness and consciousness when it comes to what has taken place on this planet and when it comes to what is taking place within each one of us so uh Terence Mckenna his other books on food of the gods about psychedelics and their role that they played in human history and the expansion of human consciousness also his other book called uh um true hallucinations about his journeys with his brother and Friends in the Amazon basin and their use of psychedelics there he has another one which is I think one of my favorites called the archaic revival and this is a collection of essays by Terence and it's just brilliant with what it lays out about consciousness and time so Terence Mckenna I can't recommend people look into him enough as I said a few Weeke you know over the last couple weeks tons of information from Terence off the post a couple of things on me a website particularly regarding his theories about time habit and novelty um another gentleman that Kevin brought up was Bill Hicks the comedian and we talked a little bit about psychedelics Bill Hicks was a very conscious individual he put a lot of this information in very comedic terms for people to understand it and not you know be hostile about it you know as the saying goes uh if you're going to tell people the truth interject some comedy or else they'll kill you so he had a saying about LSD you know and again this is another psychedelic it's demonized you know it can be used in a very negative context and there's also positive usages for it again it's it's a tool and it's something that we could explore if we go into it with the right set and setting or the right mindset and Bill Hicks always had a little line that he didn't comedy routines when he said today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively there is no such thing as death life is only a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves and then you would say and now here's Tom with the weather you know he's like you know this is a news story it's presented as he says you know what you like to see a positive LSD story on the news you know it's um it helps us to understand what the power of some of these psychedelics what the power that is embedded in these substances in these forms of consciousness as I talk about them as yet people continue to demonize them because they think that it is in our birthright to experiment with our own consciousness and that our own consciousness does not belong to us my consciousness is mine it is my own it may be part of a larger ocean of consciousness but the the in this vehicle I own my body I'm the steward of it at least until I relinquish it and I also own my mind I own my consciousness and that means that I own my ability to take what I want into my body whether it be um extremely good for me such as a healthy organic food or whether it be extremely negative for bad for me such as uh any any sort of compound or drug and this requires studying thought and you know understanding what we're actually taking upon ourselves when we take in anything and that could be from something as simple as sugar or flour or you know smoking a cigarette to smoking a marijuana joint or smoking DMT or you know snorting cocaine or shooting heroin it's all it's up to us it's up to us exercise our responsibility for those things but you know that's going off on a little bit of a tangent because what I was really emphasizing is that psychedelics as we talked about over the last couple weeks do have the ability to really change our perception of time for a brief time anyway and when we come back down to the ground so to speak upon using a substance such as LSD or DMT or you know a psilocybin it helps us to shift our focus shift our awareness a little bit about what time is about our perception of it and about how we are often for more of our lives than not living in time bound awareness so I recommend terence mckenna's books on some topics such as this I recommend Eckhart Tolle these books I think that he could go further when it comes to explaining some of the things that are going on in the world and hey so could have Terence Mckenna however the contributions that they do make regarding these topics are invaluable so please do look into both Terence Mckenna and Eckhart Tolle and Bill Hicks and his comedy is phenomenal he's one of the best so it looks like we have a caller who called back in here we go caller you're on what on earth is happening what do you have hey it's crazy Chris how are you how you doing I'm not having sure I'm not a lot of trouble with this talk show as usual so I tried to call in a grant talk sure you're coming in loud and clear what okay I'm glad to hear it um this is the topic of time is always fascinated me I always view time as being artificial I never really conforms to the time I've been I've been told that I'm oblivious the time and I think one of the things that's very important that about time is like you're saying it's cyclical it needs to ritual repetitive behavior yes and I think it's kind of like having humans chase their tails I you can chase your tail all day long you're ruling everything anywhere and I'm saying it to my consciousness standpoint absolutely and that's the whole object to keep us in that rat wheel that mad hamster wheel in the cage running and thinking that we're going someplace and we're going nowhere that's the whole audience for the bill that's got to come down I don't know why I ask my arm friend at Bama I got interesting I said I want you to explain to me what time is but don't use any units of time in explaining because I think what I'm doing they will do it because I paused before for a while and how we define time there we go I'm sorry create Chris Chris we lost you there for the last five or ten seconds it looks like though we were accidentally muted if you could just repeat what you said you said the last thing I thought I heard was you were trying to explain time without using any units of time yeah I asked people that because I like to you know bend their mind and then line at the same time and they weren't able to do it I was able to do it because I have been thinking about it and when I come up with in my own mind it was that the only difference we now and one more in another moment is the relative positions of the planets do you know heavenly bodies and matching we call partner I didn't understand I guess everything you're going through I think it's the same thing and we relating time to the movement of the planets and and you know just things in motion can we have done it fast a with Prime ISM alright you see the movie Inception I have I thought it was great one thing I found no word in our hobby area but what one thing I found noteworthy was time was relative within the level of consciousness in which you were act yes so it's when there when something was happening one level of the dream and another level of the dream or you'd have maybe I don't know 10 seconds at one level it would give you you know an hour for four hours that's another level which told me the message there was the time is well it's a perception it's just like most of us all the other parts of reality is it's just an illusion or a perception yes and it's a very it's a very heady concept of time that is put forward in that movie Chris I want to thank you for calling unfortunately we're going to have to end the show a little bit early tonight there's been some technical problems and some other things are going on and bob has asked me to cut the show short for now we're going to pick up on this topic next week and continue to talk about this a little bit because I know some other people Kevin wanted to chime in with some other things I have a few other things to say I wanted to talk the great year and the precession of the equinoxes as a grand cycle of time get into the you biz a little bit so we'll extend this topic over into next week and we'll also talk about the eleventh method of manipulation next week which is the what I call the DHR factor which is us basically police dogging ourselves the denial hassle and ridicule factor that is so prevalent among a you know the people of our society that don't want to look at the truth about what's going on in our world so we'll transition into that topic but we'll continue to talk on this topic for a little bit next week Chris I want to thank you for calling in I'm mark pasio you've been listening to what on earth is happening sorry to cut the show short this week but we'll be back here next week at 8 p.m. eastern time thanks for listening good night everyone [Music]