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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome ladies and gentlemen welcome one and all you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website ww-what on earth is happening com we're simulcasting tonight again on the Intel hub news network you can check them out at www.thekingofrandom.com flee the the hosts of it is Fernando salgueiro and he asked me to come in and speak on the topics of natural law and sovereignty and how these principles are intricately and inextricably interwoven into the concept of human survival the survival of the species so I did that two nights ago and it was an incredible success over 65 people turned out they were all very receptive and it was just a great group of conscious people who really you could tell wanted to know a lot more had a lot of phenomenal questions in the question and answer session and overall it was just really really a great night and probably the most fun I've had at one of the surviving thrive meetings ever so I want to thank Fernando salgueiro for hosting it and putting that meetup together I want to thank Nick chironji and Jerry Hartman who also were speakers at this event and did a phenomenal job in their presentation and just everyone who attended because it was a great night and I think people learned a lot and I think people will the it will inspire people to do more research on their own in these topics so tonight you're going to hear a reprint a ssin of the lecture that I gave it survive and thrive only two nights ago called survey called natural law sovereignty and survival before we do that I want to read a couple of event announcements for events coming up in the Philadelphia area and then I'll give the call-in numbers because probably after I give this presentation it probably won't take up the entire show at least I don't think it will I'll take some calls so we have a second fundraiser coming up for the free your mind conference the free your mind conference is the big event coming up here in Philadelphia in April April 9th and 10th but we still need to raise a good chunk of money to bring in some of the speakers from out of town it's kind of an expensive endeavor you know to fly some of these speakers in and to lodge them for the weekend of the conference so we really need some help we can't do this on our own so to those ends we're having a conference fundraiser this is the second fundraiser for the free remind conference and this will be happening Saturday December 11th that is not this upcoming Saturday the following Saturday Saturday December 11th at 8 o'clock pm at Liberty's pub Liberty's is in the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia that's at 7:05 North 2nd Street okay that's the corner of 2nd and Fairmount in Philadelphia there is a minimum ten dollar donation requested at the door this is the second fundraiser for the upcoming free your mind conference the first was very successful but we have a long way to go come on out to Liberty's on December 11th where you can engage in conversation with freedom minded individuals enjoy some good food drink and music and help support the goals of the free your mind conference we will also be doing some raffles as well like we did last time so there will be prizes involved as well tickets for the free your mind conference will also be on sale at the fundraiser so you could pick up conference tickets there there is going to be a change I have not yet announced this on the website but there is going to be a change on the ticket pricing for the conference ok we are still offering tickets in advance of $20 per day in advance but at the door we will be charging $30 at the door we're doing this to try to encourage people to get their tickets early because that will help us to pay for some of the out-of-town speakers so tickets in advance for the free your mind conference will now be set at $20 per person per day but at the door they will be $30 so get your tickets in advance buy them now if you come out to the fundraiser you'll have the chance to buy tickets there they will be on sale at the fundraiser at Liberty's Pub for more information visit free your mind conference calm which brings us to the only other event announcement I have for this week the freer mind conference itself a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult the occult for your mind is a unique two-day conference scheduled for April 9th and 10th 2011 in Philadelphia PA featuring multiple speakers and diverse educational materials for the purpose of raising public awareness of the critically important topics of mass mind control techniques the covert and subversive influences upon our consciousness and behavior trauma based and ritualized abuse and the practical mental and emotional healing methodologies available for those affected by these devices the date Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10th 2011 the time 8 8 I'm sorry 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. both days 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. doors will open at 9:00 a.m. both days the location is rubra hall our UBA UBA hall that's at 414 Green Street for 1/4 Green Street in Philadelphia again admission price is $20 per day per person in advance but if you buy tickets at the door ticket prices are $30 per person per day the confirmed speaker so far for the conference Erin McCallum alfred weber Andrew basiago Bob Tuscan Thera your dozous John Irvin John Nicholson Larkin Rose Laura Magdalena Eisenhower mark motika mark passio Mel fàbregas Michael Kelly and Suzanne Taylor for more information on this great conference coming up in Philadelphia in April of 2011 please visit www.sceeto.com which is basically to put someone into a state of general confusion or bewilderment by this association of two different completely different concepts or ideas we looked at world view poisoning the poisoned view of human nature of the value of the individual and of the possibility for change world view poisoning we looked at the exploitation of primal fears fears that are rooted deep in the subconscious mind and are often there in the underlying genetic code of an individual because they have been present in the human psyche for thousands of years so these are fears from antiquity from the antiquity of the human species and these primal fears are exploited by dominators to further control people these we saw were the fears of darkness the fear of predators the fear of abandonment and the fear of chaos we also looked at technique number four which was the divide and conquer strategy okay and this is the exploitation of our perceived differences between one another the divide and conquer strategy race religion sex nationality politics age you name it any way that we that we see each other as different from one another that will be exploited and used as a means to conquer the population the fifth technique was the school systems the indoctrination methods that go to work on us from very young ages to get us not to think critically and to get us to basically go along with anything the state says to look at the state as you know Big Daddy its outcome based education it isn't based on actual real holistic intelligence it is often purely a left brained form of intelligence the indoctrination system technique number six was controlled opposition this is basically dialectical mechanics basic dialectics which pits two opposing forces off again each other get two people to choose a side so that they are polarized against each other and end up fighting each other instead of understanding the force that's essentially conquering and enslaving them technique number seven was the monetary system and this is one of if not the biggest of all of them because this is the universal worldwide religion of the masses of humanity and it is a religion this is what I call the one and only religion money it's a proxy for the true intelligence the true care the true will etc and it's it's completely fake we saw the how it's based on nothing except the belief in it and it is one of the most powerful techniques that the dominators have at their disposal the monetary system we looked in depth at that we also took a look at the control of the mass media that was method of manipulation number eight the mass media is basically working for a few major corporations and they're essentially yellow journalists propagandists not reporting anything that resembles truth although every once in a while they'll throw a little bit of truth in there with the lie to get you to take the poison pill but essentially these are institutionalized corporations that are run by the same dominators that run the banking system in the military and the intelligence agencies etc you don't have a free press in this country you have a controlled media so that was technique number eight technique number nine was food and medicine we spent out many weeks on this because there's a incredible attack that is taking place on the physical body because that is the gateway to the mind if you weaken the body you have access to the mind and what is in our food is disgraceful the the poisons that are in what is passed off as food and the pharmaceutical industry they're peddling poison in the form of medicine so we looked at that over many weeks great resources up on the website on that you can go to what on earth is happening and click the podcast tab and always get access to past shows and there's a lot of great information posted there as well in the form of pictures related images that go along with the shows and also documents and videos to go along with them to help people to study further on their own some of the topics that we cover over the last couple weeks we looked at the illusion of time that was technique number 10 and we saw that time is is an illusion it is not really rooted in anything that is truly real it is the getting us to focus our attention on the past which is completely gone and cannot be changed we can't do anything about it so spending energy on that is fruitless and to have us to basically dwell in a state of anxiety in over what may happen in the future which is also almost equally as pointless because the future is not here it has not arrived yet the power lies in the present moment and in present moment awareness so we looked at that over the last couple of weeks we also looked at time as a spiritual currency we say how we spend our time and indeed it is a form of currency because we get something in return for the quality of our time what we use our time to pay attention to so that was of technique number 10 last week we talked about the eleventh technique which is the factors of denial hassle and ridicule and these are the ways that humanity basically polices themselves they deny the events that are really taking place even though they could essentially see it with their own eyes they decide to stay in what is called the hassle free zone not to deal with any of the inconveniences and discomforts that may result from standing up and speaking the truth and the ridicule factor being afraid of what other people may think of them for coming forward and speaking the truth so those were the 11 techniques that we've covered so far in future weeks we are going to be getting into religion which is technique number 12 as a form of binding and mind control we will be looking at subversive symbolism the subversive usage of symbolism which is a language in and of itself and we'll be covering these in depth we'll probably take up more weeks than the monetary system or food did okay so these are the big guns that are coming up that the main techniques that are used to really really get into the human psyche and keep it under deep levels of control finally the the 14th method is what I call chaos sorcery and that is basically mass rituals or false flag events that take place in public in the light of day and are essentially there to inject pure fear into the human mind so that we will be softened up to willingly give up our sovereignty and our freedom such that the dominators of the world can come in with even more subversive solutions to the problems that they themselves have created and put bring the bring the lock down further on humanity you know really close the entire society for even further than it already has been so that will be coming up over the next several weeks those techniques will be covered in depth and in the coverage of those techniques as I've said on the past on this show we will be looking at different occult ideologies and different occult philosophies that are embedded in a lot of these techniques for mind control so the next three techniques will really open up a initiation of sorts into different schools of occult thinking so stay tuned for that coming up over the next few weeks on this show what I want to let people know before I jump in with the presentation for this evening is that if you go to my website and you click on the radio page if you're not already there you will see that there is a link posted for tonight's show on the radio page okay that's on the left hand side you click where it says listen live and then it'll take you to the page where the player is at and there will be a link there that says tonight's show the natural law sovereignty and survival presentation that is a PDF document I compressed it as well as I was able to I could have probably shrunk the images down in size but I decided to leave them at their full size I didn't put every single build of every slide in I put the things that were really important in and I compressed it as well as I could and turned it into a PDF document so essentially what you can do is download that document and follow along with me and see the actual slides that I used in this presentation a couple of nights ago as I go through the concepts and ideas in the presentation so Before we jump in with this let me give the call in numbers just so people have them and I'm going to take calls after I'm finished going through the presentation that's unusual and I don't usually do that I usually will open up calls at any time during the show but again this is a special show so calls will be probably in the last half hour of the show or so okay and there are two calling numbers you can call in to the talk show number that that number for calling is seven two four four four four seven four four four once again the talks you call in seven two four four four four seven four four four the call ID number is eight three five one five once again the call ID that you'll have to put in after you call that first number is eight three five one five we're also simulcasting on the Intel Hub tonight so that's broadcast over blog Talk the blog talk call-in number is six four six seven two seven three three eight seven once again six four six seven two seven three three eight seven all right so this presentation that I gave a couple of days ago at survive and thrive Philadelphia was called natural law sovereignty and survival and what I basically told the audience when I began the presentation was that this will not be a political presentation this will not be a religious present presentation this will not be a scientific presentation as it is generally thought of in the term that modern science is thought of and this will not be a New Age movement presentation because all of those ideologies are essentially boxes for human consciousness that basically say anything outside of our box the walls that we have erected is unfit for human consumption and unfortunately the truth is too big to fit in any of those boxes it is much bigger than any of those ideologies the truth encompasses a much wider range so we can't be limited to those four ideologies we have to look outside of them for the answers I hear the music be right back did you ever wish that you could have done something while you still had the chance what will you do dad didn't mean to interrupt your speech there man sorry no problem I heard the music kind of late but I just broke in time no problem oh that was perfect timing worked out cool it's kind of low I don't know what's going on with that we'll fix all that stuff and get it working okay it sounds good on the audience's then great so so how far are you in the talk so far uh slide three got a long way to go did you get it up on your site I did yeah it took me a while and it compressed into with acceptable size because first time I did it it was like you know over 20 megabytes or something or even more and I was like that'll that'll kill the server I got it down to like eight megabytes that's not too bad hopefully the server will put up well you know the down mark we're talking on air right now off air right now but we're still in your talk show audience are we yeah that's okay I can edit that out all right well hello did the talk shoot live listeners if there's any of them out there you know there's a few people listen and actually quite a bit on the the talk show forum they're so glad to see they're here enough behind the theme here yep yep it's kind of like what Alex Jones does it with his overdrive section huh exactly so you got to go - what on earth is happening calm for the extra behind-the-scenes you know break free stuff for people listen alone talk show this is Bob tusk enough truth be told they live calm they like calm and he's alright there you go I'm getting my own commercial now he's also a guest he's also a host on the Intel Hub news network alright well let's go to their commercials for a little bit longer and then we'll come back from the break and you can continue with your wonderful lecture you got it Bob all right thanks get your non-hybrid feedback now with the looming economic crisis food shortages and other toxic disasters now is the time to be ready just click on the heirloom organics banner at the top of our BlogTalkRadio page today to cure your future and the future of your family in hard times heirloom organic seeds hi this is Bob Costas tune it to my show truth be told radio Monday through Friday at 7 p.m. time you are listening to the Intel hub news network crushing the New World Order piece-by-piece alright we're back on what on earth is happening I was talking about that the truth is too big to fit inside the boxes that are erected by certain institutions like politics religion science and the New Age movement it's much bigger than that and we have to look outside of the box if we want to find real truth so what I basically had established in my what on earth is happening series of lectures as I told the audience there the other night is that what's really taking place on the earth is that a small cabal of people who don't have the the general interests of the public at mine are really controlling this world and through manipulation and techniques that basically subvert the human consciousness they are getting us to hand over our sovereignty and our natural law rights and in doing that all the power and influence of this world is flowing right to them and people don't understand how this works because they don't really know enough about themselves ultimately all knowledge that is really a solution to this problem is self-knowledge and we'll talk about that a little bit as the presentation unfolds but essentially what their main aims are is to put the human population into a trance-like state that resembles sleep that resembles hypnosis and basically bring in a completely closed society or a police state and they're very close to achieving this objective I believe they've partially achieved it and brought in a soft police state which is what we really have now they want to make it a hard police state and really lock down the entire world that they want this to be a globalized centralized dictatorship so we're on slime on slide number six for those of you who are following along in the PDF document that I uploaded to my site hopefully my server I just went to a new server and hopefully it is handling the load of people downloading the presentation for those who did go up there and try to retrieve it so slide number six shows basically the earth with a cage around it locked down with a master lock and that's basically the kind of world that these dominators want to achieve that they want to bring into manifestation what I told the audience the other night and what I'll say again here tonight is that the presentation I'm about to give is the master key to that lock this is the key to act the understanding that is herein contained is actually the key to to unlock that gate and to free this world if only we essentially come to that knowledge of our own accord and our own free will and what I basically told the audience is that I can never get you to for I can't forcibly make you understand this you have to receive it but I wanted to establish that this isn't my belief system this is this is stuff that is inherently existing in the universe and we'll talk about that as as we go forward actually we'll talk about it right now because the next section the first section I gave this presentation in 13 sections which is kind of a symbolic number so section number one was definitions to establish basic foundations for the language as we go forward in the presentation so what is natural law you know we have to establish what the word natural means and what the word law means in the context that were of the ideas that we're talking about so I defined natural as inherent and that means having a basis in nature reality and truth okay its basis is in nature in the natural world it is not made or caused by humankind met non man-made in other words man didn't make this up it is self existing okay and law I defined as an existing condition which is binding and immutable binding means that it has an effect on you whether you accept it know about it believe in it doesn't matter you are bound by it there are conditions in the world laws are conditions that are existing in the world that you are bound by when we're talking about natural laws okay and they are immutable they cannot be changed simply by wishing them away or not wanting them to be there they are period okay so that's natural law then is existing conditions which are binding and immutable and have a basis in nature reality and truth that are not caused by humankind that's what natural law is the historical significance of natural law I briefly touched on and this was touched on by the host Fernando earlier actually so he read a bit from the Declaration of Independence and this was also in my lecture so the historical significance of natural law with section number two if you're following along we're now on slide 10 and moving to slide 11 I talked about natural law in the foundations of America in particular could have mentioned it in other societies but since this is where we live I wanted to help people to get an appreciation that the founders of this country had a deep knowledge of natural law they didn't always adhere to it as well as they should have or could have but they did possess an understanding of it that they attempted to enshrine in the founding documents of this country so I'll read a little bit from the Declaration of Independence to show how they incorporated the concept of natural law into it when in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature's God entitle them a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation ok so in the first paragraph of the Declaration of Independence natural law is mentioned the laws of nature and of nature's God nature's God ok the founding fathers of this country were deists they weren't religionists they were deists they knew that there was a force of creation or a creator and they knew that that was the force that basically created nature the natural world and that there are laws that nature is governed by and that humanity is bound to those laws whether they like it or not so they put that in the very first paragraph of the Declaration of Independence okay moving on the slide 12 they also said that we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights that among these are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness there's a lot of words in there that are important first of all we hold these truths with a capital t to be self-evident truth not beliefs not opinions not trends not current circumstances but truths okay and we hold them to be self-evident they're so obvious okay it's like saying the sky is blue okay it's self-evident at least it was to them we've fallen a long way in our understanding of natural law since the founding of this country at least most people have all men are created equal and by men they mean mankind men and women some people will claim they did not mean that but you know I think it is it is something that if they did not mean we should certainly include all people it's not just men and you know this is like as we say man men you know man can mean a single man or man as a whole of the species okay but they're saying all men are created equal created created that implies a creator and then the next phrase talks about that they are endowed by their creator okay an endowment is a birth right it means something that you have by nature of being born you were given it by the Creator as a birthright no one can take it from you no one can grant it to you or take it away from you and they go on to describe that they we have certain unalienable rights the this means they cannot be separated from us they cannot be made alien allene cannot be placed upon them so that they are separate from us we always have them we always have had them we always will have them these rights are eternal they're not made by man they're not granted by men they were granted by the Creator whatever you happen to feel that force is for you doesn't matter you can imagine it however you you like to imagine it and it's your goal to get into touch with that through a one-to-one basis on your own okay but these are not granted by men or women they are not given to us they cannot be taken from us oh there are people who think they can but in reality they cannot ever really usurp our rights they can make the claim and try to put that into practice but the right still exists whether no matter what the conditions on the earth are okay they are inherent rights moving on the next section was called general principles the general principles of natural law and these were not specifically defined or gone through in order in the presentation but I will touch upon where these happen to be talked about as we go further into the presentation okay there are seven basic principles to understand when talking about natural law natural law is ultimately expressed through seven basic principles principles the word principles means first things and as we've said on the show in the past when it comes to our principles we have to put these first things first we need to be more concerned with principles than anything else because principles are based in truth those who know know and adhere to these principles now notice I didn't say believed in these principles these are not things that need to be believed in these are things that are in existence they are naturally occurring in the universe okay they are inherently extant they exist we need to recognize their existence to come to know them not believe in them but to know them and adhere to them okay so those who know and adhere to these principles possess the key through which the wisdom of the universe is unveiled and that's a big statement that's a big claim okay however that is the if we really do understand and know these principles and then we live in harmony with them the amount of wisdom that will open up to us is scarcely imaginable to us in the current conditions that we live in these seven principles of natural law the basis the foundation for natural law are the principles of mentalism correspondence vibration polarity rhythm cause-and-effect and gender okay so I'll briefly touch on them I won't get into them in depth and then you will see how these will apply as we move forward in the lecture the principle of mentalism is simply that everything that exists exists first as a mental construct the mind is the essential generator of everything that we experience okay the universe that we experience comes into being as a result of how we think our experience will be dictated by how we think as a man and woman thinks so they will be the principle of Correspondence is that the universe is self-similar across all scales from the macrocosm to the microcosm it is essentially fractal and holographic all right as above so below as takes place in the microcosm cosmic universe it will be reflected into the macrocosmic universe or the larger as the things that take place and enter into manifestation on the small scale okay you will see that the the larger scale be reflective of that and vice-versa all right the principle of vibration everything vibrates nothing rests everything is composed of 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free to prosper calm today you know we're cool appetizers and all I don't control of the population total tyranny there's amongst us a Berlin of humanity left on our shoulders the only way out if to expose the global crime syndicates known as the New World Order together we are all one together we are in hell soldiers the battle for freedom annually and slims join us in the fight the Intel of calm secure your future get your non-hybrid feedback now with the looming economic crisis food shortages and other toxic disasters now is the time to be ready just click on the heirloom organics banner at the top of our BlogTalkRadio page today secure your future and the future of your family in hard times heirloom organic seeds hi this is Bob Costas June it's my show truth be told radio Monday through Friday at 7 p.m. Eastern Time you are listening to the Intel hub news network crushing that you will order piece by piece [Music] [Music] okay we're back on what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio the website is what on earth is happening dot-com the network is the Intel hub news network comm so we were talking about the general principles of natural law the principles of mentalism correspondence vibration polarity rhythm cause-and-effect and gender and some of you may know these as the hermetic principles and indeed they are but these are the principles that govern natural law I was talking about the principle of vibration this is that everything in the universe is essentially composed of vibratory energy and we can employ different vibrational States to change what we experience the principle of polarity everything has a positive and a negative pole to it the principle of rhythm time and consciousness move in cycles the principle of cause and effect effect invariably follows cause for every effect there must be a prime cause and the principle of gender everything essentially has a masculine and feminine component to it so these general principles will be touched on they will not be gone into in depth but they will be touched upon as we uncover natural law what it is and how it works so I'm now going to slide 16 for those who are following along in the PDF document and that will be posted with the podcast to the website in the podcast section I usually post the podcast the following day after the show I have a section called discovery verses belief so this is section 4 I started this with a quote from Soren Kierkegaard there are two ways to be fooled one is to believe what is not true and the other two is to refuse to accept what is true so the first way to be fooled is to believe what is not true the second way to be fooled is to refuse to accept what is true and that's the decision that humanity basically faces and they fall into you usually fall into both of these and people believe all kinds of nonsense and refused to accept the truth and that's why we're in the mess that we're in well my presentation isn't about belief at all I think we need to steer humanity away from belief in general and get people to start looking at what it actually is present in this world the truth okay things that actually do manifest in reality and there is such a thing you know the opposite of that that there is no such thing as truth as an ideology called salep says I'm which we've talked about on the show pretty extensively and it is the biggest lie that can ever be bought or sold and you know the ideology that there is no such thing as truth is the most dangerous and slippery slope to totalitarianism that there is because if there's no truth there's no right or wrong and therefore man gets to make up what is true what is right what is good and decide that he's God essentially and that's what the ideology of salep says it's outlined in the book 1984 by George Orwell salsa's a'mma specifically mentioned so in general belief I'm on slide 18 now is uh you know I have an image of a guy jumping off of a cliff saying I don't believe dot dot dot and then the next slide slide 19 is him falling to his doom and you know as he's following he's saying in gravity and then there's gonna be a splat there at the end because he wants to refuse to accept something that simply is true a natural law known as gravity thinking that he's going to defy it because he doesn't want to believe in it and the universe doesn't work that way and like a physical law like gravity the natural laws do apply in the same way that gravity does apply it does not matter whether you believe in them or not they are extant that means they exist in and of themselves they are self existing principles and belief in them is completely irrelevant we're not talking about belief here we're talking about recognition or discovery of principles that exist okay so the next slide slide 20 is Mikhail Bakunin the father of modern anarchy he says that the liberty of man consists solely in this that he obeys the laws of nature because he has himself recognized them as such and not because they have been imposed upon him externally by any foreign will whatsoever recognition discovery that's what we're talking about not belief no belief is required here no belief is required of anything that is said on the show at all look into it discover it for yourself or discover the contrary if that's what the information leads you to consciousness is the next section to understand natural law and how it works we need to know a little bit about how our consciousness works first and we've covered this extensively on this show so this will be a recap and you know I don't think you could ever repeat this information too often the more you go through it the more it sinks in the more you come to understand it and the more you think about these things the more of an appreciation you have for them so I think it's important to recover ground that's already been covered I don't think it's wasted time I think that helps to solidify some of these concepts and ideas for for people many people need to hear things multiple times before they really become entrenched okay so before ideas sink in to the extent that they're really applicable in someone's life okay so consciousness how we're defining that as that in the context of this presentation is the ability to recognize patterns and meaning with respect to events taking place both within oneself and around oneself it's simply the ability to recognize patterns and meaning okay both internally and externally and consciousness has a polarity to it in gender okay so this is the principle of gender coming up here there is a masculine and a feminine component to consciousness the masculine is called yang energy which is solar or of the Sun it is active analytical dominant aggressive and corresponds with the left brain hemisphere there is also feminine or yin energy to consciousness and that is lunar or of the moon it is passive intuitive submissive compassionate and is largely governed by the right brain hemisphere of the brain okay moving on to slide 24 consciousness has three basic expressions there is a creative principle and again a feminine and masculine principle okay so we see gender employed here again all right so our thoughts are the first expression of our consciousness this is the creative principle of consciousness or the father of this Trinity of consciousness the emotions this is the internal or feminine quality of consciousness the feminine principle or the mother of this Trinity this is the yin energy or internalized energy of consciousness all right the external component of consciousness of the manifestations of our consciousness is our actions and this is a male principle we act with you know force we act with what we do with our body so that's an outward or external manifestation of consciousness so that's considered masculine or yang based energy okay so since our actions are the byproduct of our thoughts and our emotions this is considered a child because it is born into existence after we have had thoughts about something and emotions about it and then we act on it so that's the fruit of our thoughts and our emotions or the child of the Trinity of consciousness thought emotion and action okay and since it's masculine it's considered a male child or a son all right moving on to slide 25 consciousness is expressed through the physiology through the human brain and we broke down the triune brain the three part brain structure that we all have and the first component of the brain the component structure is the reptile brain the brain stem and the cerebellum so this is the component this is the structure within the human brain the complex within the brain called the r-complex that essentially governs our motor skills provides our movement coordination our respiration and governs instinct and survival in the physical sense it's important to have that the fight-or-flight response because that's there for when we are in any kind of physical danger that part of the brain kicks in and helps us to survive the situation as the need may be dwelling in it is a problem because it will destabilize the other components of the brain if we really live from a pure physical survival standpoint only and dwell completely obsessed by the material world okay so it's a necessary component of the brain but we don't want to dwell there because it's the lowest consciousness of the brain structure the mammalian brain is also known as the limbic brain this is slide number 26 it's highlighted in yellow there okay this part of the brain governs our emotions it makes possible our emotions to be felt within the body because of the chemicals that it outputs and this is known as the midbrain now they're all human range of emotions basically our security chemicals that are secreted make those that range of emotion possible so both positive and negative emotions both are basically generated through this complex in the brain the limbic system all right so that's the internal qualities of consciousness you know generated through the limbic system that's the emotional machinery for the brain finally on slide 27 we see the human brain or the neocortex this is responsible for higher order thinking and higher order thought function conceptual thinking reason logic science mathematics creativity art intuition morals okay language everything that basically makes us a human being hence it is called the human brain this is the most complex and developed part of the brain it is the newest evolutionarily therefore it is called the new cortex neocortex okay now in the next slide 28 we see that the human brain is bilaterally symmetrical meaning it is composed of two equal hemispheres the the left hemisphere or the male hemisphere of the brain which I've marked with a upward pointing triangle and the word Yang to correspond again in gender the principle of gender here applies to the brain this is the male Hema fear of the brain the functions that it makes possible are analytical thinking logical thinking precise thinking repetitive organized detail-oriented scientific detached literal and sequential all of these types of thought functions are made possible by the left or male brain okay this is yang energy the symbol of yang energy is the upward pointing triangle or the blade okay the right brain basically makes possible the optic quite the opposite functions of of thought and consciousness it is more creative it is imaginative it is general it is intuitive conceptual it grasps the big picture it is your ristic or holistic it is empathetic okay empathy it is figurative and irregular thinking or nonlinear thinking okay unnhhh on time bound thinking so this I've marked with Yin the word Yin and a downward pointing triangle which is the chalice with a symbol of feminine energy the goal of working to elevate our awareness will be the balancing of these two hemispheres of the brain and I've symbolically shown that by the coming together of the yin and yang and yen energies or the left and right brain or the male masculine and feminine components of the brain to bring to get bring them both together and that is a well known symbol known as the Seal of Solomon the Sun and the moon again the left brain is the solar brain the right brain is the lunar brain or moon okay the Sun and the moon coming together the chalice and the blade coming together okay and some people know this is the Star of David but it is much older than that this is called the Seal of Solomon okay the Sun and the moon coming together or male and female coming together the chemical wedding the balance of consciousness between male and female left and right brain hemispheres in the next slide I show what a balanced brain looks like versus what an imbalanced looks like when we dwell chronically in one brain hemisphere modality or another no matter what it is no matter which hemisphere is dominant the neocortex becomes destabilized and we see the result here this is a PET scan showing global EEG coherence in the neocortex on the left and showing a person who basically has neocortical brain damage and these are not holes in the brain physically they are in areas of electrochemical deadness or the complete reduction in neural activity in certain areas of the neocortex of the brain the higher thought center of the brain meaning that this person cannot really engage in on the right the person whose brain is labeled damaged there on the right hand side of this slide slide 29 their neocortex is damaged and this person in this state can probably not engage in much conceptual or higher conceptual or higher order thought functions sadly ok and this I put this slide in the presentation on natural law to help people to understand why there are so many people out there who are willing to try to tread all over other people's natural law god-given rights and try to usurp their sovereignty and it is because that is what their brain looks like ok unequivocally I will state that is what their brain looks like these are physically ill people physically damaged people they are sick not figuratively literally literally they have brain damage ok I'm emphasizing that really strongly as I did when I covered this on earlier shows ok dominators are physically sick people that need help they need healing this is what their brain looks like on the right they need to be brought back to the state of a normally functioning brain which is the one on the left all right so let's move forward slide 30 natural law also known as and this is a brief section where I just basically explain to people that natural law has been called different things over many years okay and these are essentially the same principles that are applied in these different types of ways of looking at natural law but they have different names and maybe people have heard about natural law under a different name one is the law of cause and effect and I gave a couple of quotes to basically show the general principles as people know them under these names okay so for the law of cause and effect I put down effect invariably follows cause this is a more scientific way of looking at natural law effect invariably follows cause and there you we have the law of cause and effect okay for every action there is exists an equal and opposing reaction this is one of Newton's laws of motion in the physical sense okay so this also applies in the non-physical sense or in the sense that out of how natural law governs human behavior okay that's the law of cause and effect the law of attraction here's some quotes that demonstrate this and this is something that is pretty hot in the modern world people are all talking about the law of attraction and how to employ it okay the energy that you emit is the energy of is the energy that you attract and that is essentially true energy flows where attention goes attention along with time being the other spiritual currency that we employ what we pay attention to is what we get more of okay and not in the sense that if you are becoming aware of some of the negative things that are going on that means you're going to get more of that it means put your attention on frivolous pursuits and pretty much you're going to be ruled by people who have the will to rule you okay you want to not pay attention to what's really going on in the world well you're gonna be treated and your life is going to result accordingly that's what it means it does not mean this new-age BS notion of looking at the global conspiratorial aspects of what's happening as far as the organization of evil in this world is going to get us more evil just because we're trying to discover how that's take working and taking place because in looking at that in looking at all that shadow material the solution lies there in it helps to wake us up to what the solution really is the things that we must not do not continue to do and continue to support okay so energy flows where attention goes law of attraction as you think so you shall be I've already stated that on this show okay karma or moral law natural law has also been called and I Ellis trated this with the the famous quote you reap what you sow okay the seeds that you plant are the fruit that you're going to get back again the universe is like a gigantic mirror the energy we put out into it is the energy we receive back from it in the form of what manifests in our lives and finally the Golden Rule do unto others as you would have done to yourself quite simply and if people live that the world would transform overnight but sadly they do not or most of them do not I should say okay natural law expressions this is the bulk of the presentation essentially this is how natural law works to put it quite simply where it slide 32 now okay so slide 33 I saw I'm gonna start filling in this chart on the expressions of natural law there is of course a positive expression and a negative expression of the energies that are used that basically make natural law go into effect okay so again here we're seeing the principle of polarity alright there's a positive and a negative expression to how natural law works all right in the next slide we're looking at the basic two polar forces again the polarity principle okay that generate they this is called the generative force generation means creation these are the two prints the two energies or polarities that we use to create that which we manifest in the world okay so these are the two basic emotional polarities the positive one is love and the negative expression is fear okay these are the generative forces the only two real generative forces that exist and that we have to work with every decision that we make is ultimately a decision between these two polarities so in the next two slides I show representations of what these forces basically look like if we were to give them an image okay of course in reality they don't have an image but we're trying to illustrate concepts here and we do that by you know putting some graphics onto some slides that are appropriate to the concept okay so slide 35 shows love and slide 36 shows fear in slide 37 I show the initiative expression of natural law okay and again we're going to show this in both the positive and negative expression okay there's always a polarity that is inherent to these expense expressions when you use love the initiative expression or in other words the first phase the beginning stages is we seek truth okay we are not in fear so we want to know this is the desire to know seeking truth and it manifests as knowledge so knowledge is seeking truth okay the opposite of this or the negative expression of the initiative expression of natural law is ignorant so this is the negative beginning stage ignorant this is where you say you don't want to know I don't want to know that I refuse knowledge I refuse truth this is the refusal of truth okay so that's based in fear wanting to know is based in love or the expand force of consciousness that's ultimately the sense that we're talking about love in here this isn't the romantic Hollywood movie romance novel version of love okay this is love as the force of that expands consciousness and wants you to look at that which is and understand that which is okay that's the sense we're using love here so ignorant is based in fear knowledge is based in love okay and in the next slides we see representations of knowledge and ignorance I'm sorry it looks like I got slides 38 and 39 reversed I will fix that and re-upload the document but slide 38 should be the knowledge slide and slide 39 should be the ignorance slide so ignorance there's I'm sorry knowledge there's a picture of it there on slide 39 and this is you know kind of what it looks like an enlightened being shown in in an energy sense you know higher awareness expressed the opening of the third eye and all the chakras okay in slide 30 what should be slide 39 at slide 38 currently we see a depiction of ignorance to people you know eating horrible foods watching a television that's telling them everything is okay there's this I believe is art by David Dee's who's a phenomenal artist and illustrates these concepts so brilliantly it's a kind of a funny image and it would be probably funnier if it weren't so true and so sad but that's what ignorance looks like and ignorance is the biggest wall or barrier to the understanding of natural law so I put an image up of a wall there because we need to break down those levels of ignorance and that's what this show is all about getting down to the causal factors by looking at it and removing our ignorance Thomas Jefferson is quoted on slide number 41 he said if a nation expect to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization it expects what never was and never will be so he's talking about ignorant here and how it is diametrically opposed to a free society and I could not agree more he understood it very well the more ignorant we are as a whole the more enslaved we will be if we want to be free we have to become knowledgeable most of all about ourselves ok Ian Goddard on slide 42 says the same thing only a little bit more harshly he says a society whose citizens refuse to see and investigate the facts is a society that chooses and deserves the police state dictatorship it is going to get societies who want to stay ignorant and keep their eyes closed about what is going on in their society will eventually end up enslaved and that's just how it works and I concur with this statement as well harsh as though it may be people who want their ignorance deserve the dictatorship they're going to get it is richly earned by them they have chosen it of their own free will ok the next slide the internal expression of natural law in the positive sense is sovereignty it is the understanding of our sovereignty it would more accurately be put sovereignty is internal monarchy ok most people may have not heard of it put that way but again there are only two states of rulership there is monarchy and anarchy and as I've said I'm a proponent of both of them I believe in monarchy and anarchy now that's really odd a step of a statement to make but you'll understand what I mean in a moment ok sovereignty means you are an internal monarch ok now the opposite of sovereignty is confusion that is the negative expression inwardly ok of consciousness of natural law principles ok this is when there is internal anarchy so that means in sovereignty there is self-control there is rulership of the self and one's own thoughts emotions and actions in confusion there is internal anarchy there is no rule of self okay there is complete confusion within taking place and there is opposition consciousness duality consciousness as you think so you feel and so you act are not united your actions betray your thoughts and emotions okay then we can look at sovereignty in the next slide slide 44 showing an image of it and slide 45 I show the word sovereign comes from the Latin language super which means above and regnum which means rule or control a sovereign is essentially a king or a queen one who is above rule or control one who is not subject to any other person or Bing okay that's a sovereign ultimately what a sovereign really is in a wider sense is a ruler of the kingdom of the self a sovereign rules one kingdom only the self population one okay one's a sovereign is truly one whose thoughts emotions and actions exist in unison or non-duality particularly one who has recognized their sovereignty they come into that state of non-duality all right so it's about unison becoming one becoming whole meaning bringing your thoughts emotions and actions into alignment non contradiction non opposition sovereignty is self ownership it is internal monarchy monarch means one ruler that means I rule me I own me and rule the kingdom of myself period no one else owns me I do recognize my sovereignty I do employ unity or non duality consciousness as I think so I feel so I act so that's what it's all about self ownership and that means you have become a monarch the one ruler of you self control self governance ok confusion in slide 46 depicted there okay that state is a state of being completely broken up internally you're in a state where you don't know what's going on inside of you you haven't looked at your actual self you don't know about your own consciousness and your own psyche and so you're in a state of internal opposition consciousness that means that your behaviors are in contradiction to your thoughts and your emotions you can think and feel one way and act completely different way ultimately you're in opposition with your own self and this leads to opposition in the external world that's the correspondence principle as there are more people in internal opposition there are more people in external opposition okay the internal is reflected on the external the microcosm is reflected in the macrocosm okay when in your when you're in that state you're wide open to the next slide slide 48 which shows an image of a puppet master holding a puppet on strings and that's the state of manipulation or mind control as we've been talking about for so many weeks here okay so when you're in the state of internal confusion or internal anarchy okay not ruling your own house not ruling your own Kingdom then you're in opposition consciousness within and you could be manipulated from without very simply the next slide 49 shows the external expressions of natural law this is when we employ either the positive expression of love or the negative expression of fear what we get outwardly in society okay and if we employ the positive expression of love we will get external freedom true freedom is the positive external expression of natural law and this is what I have labeled here external anarchy external anarchy meaning no one is ruling anyone else externally there are no masters and no slaves everyone is created equal and expresses their consciousness by living equally amongst each other in harmony ok nobody thinks they own anybody else as they do today people thinking their God and own other people that's all ultimately what the governments and police forces and military of the world are they're people who think their God as we've said many times on this show people who think that they control the actions of other people who aren't really breaking any natural law natural laws or violating the natural law rights of others in fact that's what the governments police forces and militaries of this world do every single day is violate natural laws we'll get to ok so true freedom as is shown in slide 50 is external anarchy the falling away of the chains that have so for so long bound this planet true freedom no external rulership of others and inside 51 we see the opposite condition that's when fear has gone haywire people remain in a state of ignorance and refuse truth they're in a state of internal confusion which leads or internal anarchy which leads to a state of wanting to exercise external control over anyone and everyone until it becomes completely coalesced into fewer and fewer hands concentrated power into fewer and fewer hands ok centralization of power and that becomes an external monarchy okay or one-world government which is what we're spiraling toward in the modern world and that's external monarchy meaning there is one force that is ruling everybody ok moving to the next slide which I believe is slide 52 the chart is completed here and we see the general tibbe expression or the manifestation of natural law in our world there is a positive expression when we have moved through all of these other states by using the generative polarity of love we get a generative expression or manifestation called order or what we recognize and know to be everything that we experience as good in the world things are ordered they are peaceful they are in harmony they're good okay if on the other hand and you can see images of this and slide 53 and 54 if on the other hand we have used the polarity of fear dwelt in ignorance confusion and then brought it you know brought it through to attempt external control of others we result in mostly what the world is like today a state of chaos and this is what we're all trying to avoid by understanding people to understand how these natural law principles do indeed work in slide 55 we see a very simple idea when you start using the generative polarity in the positive sense you cannot create any of the negative expressions okay the positive generative force which is love can only create the positive expressions in this chart they do not cross over so if you employ love you cannot create ignorance if you employ knowledge you cannot create confusion if you employ sovereignty you cannot result with control chaos or evil etc etc etc they move in one direction they are mutually exclusive forces when you employ one you get one set of results when you employ another you get a completely different set of results this is very important ok they are indeed polarized principles the principle of polarity applies here ok moving to the next slide slide 56 these are the four polarities that natural law is essentially wreck nice through and we'll get to those when we come back I call this section the next four sections I call know the difference we'll highlight some of the differences to help us understand natural law I'll be right back [Music] okay mark how's it going man great man moving along smooth rod behind the fuse again on talk-show aren't we yes we are that's fine though okay well I figured it'd come here behind the scenes to let you know at the blog talk switchboard in which people can call up at six four six seven two seven thirty three eighty seven and one 877 number that's one eight seven seven five nine eight to eighty five forty nine we have a caller already he wants to share 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now is the time to be ready just click on the heirloom organics banner at the top of our BlogTalkRadio page today to cure your future and the future of your family in hard times heirloom organic seeds hi this is Bob Costas to knit to my show truth be told radio Monday through Friday at 7 p.m. Eastern Time you are listening to the Intel hub news network crushing the New World Order piece-by-piece [Applause] [Music] okay we're back here or what on earth is happening I'm gonna jump right back into the presentation on natural law you don't have too much time so here we go no the difference is the next section and we're on slide 56 here and moving right to slide 57 we're going to attempt to understand the difference between right and wrong and that sounds overly simplified and you know it's the year 2010 and I feel like I need to be explaining people the difference between right and wrong really but unfortunately that's the world that we live in it seems and people don't really make much of a distinction between this because of the amount of moral relative moral relativism that exists in our culture so when we use the word right we often mean correct meaning two plus two equals four you're right correct so it is something that is based in truth we use the word right to represent we also use it to represent something that is moral that action was right to take it is based in natural law okay it is right it has not harmed anybody okay so again actions based in it do not result in harm to other sovereign beings to other living beings period okay again we're defining right here in the negative sense that which does not result in harm is right you are right to take that action very simply okay does it result in harm to another Bing or the resulting usurping their natural law rights well if it if it does it's not right if it does not result in any harm that is within your right to take that action wrong on the other hand we use the word wrong to represent something that is incorrect as I said the other night you know you could say two plus two equals five and that's the wrong answer quite simply it's not based in truth that's not the truth but when we use the word wrong we also mean immoral meaning something that want somebody did not have the right to take an action okay that was wrong to do that to your brother or your sister okay actions based in this result in harm to other living beings quite simply they can't get any simpler than this folks the concepts of incorrect and immoral are equivalent and the concepts of correct and moral are equivalent if something is based in truth it is based in principles it is based in natural law it will not result in harm if something is not based in truth it will not be based in natural law it will result in harm you can't get any simpler than that and I cannot get anyone to accept that there is no way I can make you accept that all I can tell you is that is the truth and that is how natural law works this is the one of the fundamental principles and polarities to understand when it comes to natural law I can only put it out there you can accept or reject it slide 58 conscience is what the understanding of natural law is ultimately attempting to create within us to develop true conscience conscience is a word that comes from Latin it means to know together con means together in Latin a prefix in Latin means together and ski Oh ski are a means to know or to understand conscience is to know together to come to a place of knowledge together common sense is what conscience ultimately is and sadly we have lost our common sense in the modern world and people most people do not know the difference between right or wrong anymore as sad as that sounds that's the case okay so the next slide is called know your rights and I list three basic principles here that are easy to keep in mind it is best to understand your rights in the apophatic sense apophatic apop h80 I see what this means is in the negative dafuq being defined in the negative okay and this sounds bad but it's actually quite good and it's a good way to understand what your rights are and what they are not we need to come to know which actions are not our rights because they cause harm okay we have way too many rights to list them all there's so many actions that you can do and take that don't result in harm to other living beings that you couldn't possibly list them all but you can define what you do not have the right to take okay everything else that remains are your rights if it causes harm they're not your rights so define your rights in the apophatic sense as of as opposed to the affirmative sense okay natural law holds true regardless of the human population I hear that one of the biggest arguments people come up with is well if there were only a couple if there are only a few people in the world you know and it was a real small society or town or village well you could act like that but but we're in the earth has 7 billion people on it ladies and gentlemen natural law does not care how many people are living on a planet it exists it is immutable it is unchanging your rights are not going to change whether there's one person or two people or whether there's 20 billion people on a plane it doesn't make a difference the human population is irrelevant when it comes to natural law rights your rights hold true hold to be the same and what your rights are not hold to be the same and in other words right and wrong is the same regardless of how many people there are okay when in doubt as to whether an action is in harmony with natural law simply visualize the scenario of a world where there are only two people and this is an exercise I've talked about on the show in the past okay if if something is wrong to take an action where there are only two people it's wrong to do it in a world where there are seven billion people all right so if there's two people living in the world I can't go over and say I'm stealing the food that you produced and and I'm gonna come and take this much of it after you've produced it you can't do that okay that's wrong to do you know in a situation where there's only two people it would be wrong to do in a situation where there's 10 billion people or any amount of number of people all right if I can't can't say I'm gonna sit back and not do anything and I'm gonna take there's only two people in the world I'm gonna take the product of your labor because I say I'm allowed to do it I've given myself the moral authority to do it I'm claiming that authority and I'm saying that you're bound to it if there were only two people in the world and what another person did that to you you'd laugh at them and probably go after them with a club okay however people do that now in the world all the time and we think that this is morally sanctioned you know we actually believe that nonsense that they have the moral sanction to do that because they're the government I can say how much I want to take of you're the product of your labor and you're gonna give it to me whether you like it or not called taxation the next slide slide 60 the fall of the Republic this is a quote from Aquinas on Liberty which I've read here before because choice is subsequent to a judgment upon the truth of the matter presented it is an immutably true principle that human Liberty depends entirely upon judgments which conform to the natural law if a judgment which does not conform to the natural law which is therefore objectively false and immoral is acted upon by the will then it becomes a source of grave disorder in society exponentially multiply these numbers of individual immoral acts and you have a republic that collapses from moral decay in a short period of time and that's why we went from a republic to a soft police state which resembles feudalism and is moving toward a state of neo feudalism which is going to be what the New World Order ultimately is the dark New World Order I should say okay and this says it beautifully you believe in things that aren't true you're acting upon something that you haven't established the truth of and therefore you're making judgments which don't conform to natural law because they're not based in truth okay the action that you take with your own free will becomes a source of chaos a source of disorder when you exponentially multiply that when everybody is doing the same thing okay then it you get a society that collapses and becomes a closed society or a police state and this is the car correspondence principle the principle of Correspondence as above so below when you have a few people doing it it builds up disorder in chaos and then when you have a lot of people doing it you see that chaos reflected in the end then the macrocosm on the large scale a whole society the next slide know the difference force versus violence okay so this is the second polarity of natural law the next slide shows that law in other words this is natural law versus man's law to know the difference between natural law and the law of man that we scribble down in law books okay so on the next slide 68 you see a chart natural law on the Left man's law on the right depicted as lowercase L aw okay natural law is based in principles or truths man's law based in dogma Dogma which means unchallenged belief claims of authority and then the unchallenged beliefs in those claims I depict the dichotomy between these two concepts I show um slide 69 a man who embodies living according to principles and truth like Gandhi versus the dogma contained in a myriad of law volumes that are just spewed all over the place and we're expected to understand what's in all of these codes rules and regulations which are ultimately nonsense okay which one do you think emits a more powerful energy it's pretty self-evident all right the next slide 70 shows that natural law is harmonized with meaning we come into compliance with it we come into harmony with it based on knowledge it is harmonized with due to knowledge that is recognized we have recognized the truth of natural law and therefore by our own volition or free will we have come into harmony with it man's law on the other hand is simply complied with due to fear of punishment and slide 71 shows this dichotomy knowledge being acquired someone becoming enlightened as to what the forces of the universe really are there on the left versus a person who you know just wants to stay out of that prison cell and therefore they're taking their actions from the lowest place of consciousness possible which is fear the next slide shows that natural law is immutable it exists for as long as the universe exists we've talked about this concept already man's law on the other hand changes on the whim of legislators so therefore it can be legal to do things one moment and illegal to do it the next it can be legal in one country and illegal in the other how can that be if it's if it's if law is supposed to be based on what is right or wrong how could something be right in one place and wrong in another place how could something be right at one time and wrong at another time this is simply moral relativism period that's all it is it's moral relativism and that's the slippery slope to socialism and a police state society period and this is depicted in slide 73 the cosmic forces of creation are the embodiment of natural law and man's law is based in a bureaucrat who thinks he's God sitting behind a desk in a black robe which one of those forces do you want to align yourself with I think it's pretty self-evident no the law the next slide a living being must be harmed or defrauded in order for a violation of natural law rights to have taken place and there's so many offenses in modern man's law society that there is no harmed party and yet they want to try to take other people's freedom when there's no harmed party and this is nonsense in order for any action to be taken against somebody for violating natural law there must be a living being who has been harmed or defrauded period the end second component of the slide rights that do not exist for an individual can not be granted by man's law to any other individual or any group of individuals that means if you do not have the right to do something you cannot say I'm giving you the right to do this okay if I don't have a right to steal from people's labor you can't put it who does in other words okay if I don't have a right what can you tell me someone who does an individual that has the right to say I am morally allowed to take from you that which you have earned no one has that right therefore I don't care how many people you get together and try to write a law that says you're allowed to do that you can't give somebody something that you do not have yourself so if a thousand people come together call themself a government none of them have a natural law right to impose taxation in and of themselves in as an individual upon another individual I don't have a right to say to my neighbor you're gonna give me this much of what you earn well if a thousand people come together and none of them have that right they can't write a law that gives them that power the power cannot be put into another being that is already not self existing you cannot grant yourself rights you either have a right or you do not have a right and you can't write laws to grant rights you know why you can't do that folks because you're not God okay and I know that comes as a shock and a terrible terrible revelation to some people but it's true you're not God we'll wrap this up on the other side finishing the last couple of sections we'll take some calls [Music] [Music] in a world where corrupt oppressors and all I going to seize control of the population total Tier II there's amongst us a burden of humanity rests on our shoulders the only way out if to expose the global crime syndicates known as the New World Order together 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consolidation or settlement visit free to prosper calm to find out more this is your real chance to act ahead so don't delay your future may depend on it call seven one eight six one five zero one two three to learn more at seven one eight six one five zero one two three or visit free to prosper calm today [Music] which says so what does this mean for man's law and in the next slide slide 76 we see if man's law is in harmony with natural law it is redundant meaning it states what is self-evident natural law is always in effect so if man's law is just writing down something that is already in effect it's a redundancy it is therefore unnecessary if man's law is in opposition to natural law it is both false and immoral as we have already seen and therefore it cannot be binding upon anyone so what does that mean for man's law in slide number 77 significantly in light of natural law man's law is irrelevant the next slide to know the difference responsibility versus abdication well responsibility is what this is all about our responsibility our ability to respond that's what our sovereignty really is the control over our own thoughts our own emotions and our own actions the only three things we really have the right to control whenever we hand over our natural law right to use force to another individual group or entity we have abdicate our own personal responsibility which is the foundational basis for the discovery and understanding of natural law okay so I actually I actually kind of glossed over a section the the site I want to before we do responsibility let's look at force versus violence okay force is voluntary action based in morality and natural law voluntary action force is a misunderstood term and force and violence are completely opposed to each other they're not the same thing okay violence is the initiation of coercive action that is not based in morality and natural law so we you can use force to build a house we can use force to transport goods from one place to another it forces essentially the ability to get something done and it can mean it can mean protecting one's or defending one's natural law rights against an incursion against them that's how we can mean force okay but essentially it's any action that one possesses the right to take that's what forces violence you never have the right to take because it's the initiation of physical action that you did not have the right to take it's the initiation of coercive action okay you don't have a right to coerce people to do things the only time you have a right to make somebody stop doing something as if they're violating your natural law rights and then you can physically stop them from doing that that's another thing dominators want people to think they don't have a right to take force does not violate another natural law another beings natural law rights and it may include defending oneself against the incursion against your own natural law rights violence always involves the violation of another beings natural law rights so we saw this at the g20 in Pittsburgh people who think they had the right to come in and use violence against people with these LRAD weapons and batons and tasers shutting down free speech in a society that has the right to assemble has the right to use free speech they were trying to tell people they don't have these rights and they're gonna stop them from exercising them these thugs I won't even even call them police they're thugs and it was just the idea that they're following orders and I'm gonna do what I can because I've been told I'm allowed to I'm gonna kick your ass and get away with it in other word again we've talked about taxation as being violence it's basically forcibly taking what another has produced and earned and it's based in violence and it's slavery ultimately it's indentured servitude so going back to personal responsibility you know that's all connected with these people who are told they're allowed to use violence against people and they actually believe that and that's what a police state is people who think they have the right to do this stuff and they don't and they never will get that right the problem is we've handed over our responsibility by even creating forces like these because we don't want to deal with our own house we've not morally educated our young so they grow up to be criminals and then we want a controller to come in and clean up something that we should have handled to begin with education is really ultimately the key and not trying to put together forces of controllers to save ourselves from our own ignorance it'll never work like that because it's always based in fear so when we hand over our natural law right to use force to another individual group or entity we have abdicated our personal responsibility and our personal responsibility is really the foundational basis for the discovery and the understanding of natural law okay the TSA situation that's so prevalent going on is a perfect example of this you know all trying to get us to feel safe and therefore we're handing over our natural law rights to not be searched you know and and violated to these thugs of the state because that's what they are to people who are just doing this because it's a job and they're following their orders well no it isn't you're a criminal you're a criminal you're violating other people's natural law rights and you don't have any right to do that but this principle was illustrated by Ben Franklin you said those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither and will lose both and I wholeheartedly concur Franklin was an enigma he had a dark side to him as well but this statement is totally true that he stated you give up your liberty because you want to be safe you're gonna lose both your Liberty and your safety and that's what's happening in our society Gerald Massey egyptologist said they must find it difficult those who have taken authority as truth rather than truth as Authority again people who accept claims on authority over other living beings and the usurpation of their natural law rights this was so prevalent in the Nazi dictatorship that happened during the 1930s and 40s in Germany and other societies like in the Soviet Union and it's happened throughout history these are automatons lining up to take their orders and in doing so they're advocating their personal responsibility and on slides 85 and 86 you can see the absolute horror that really resulted in what they did regardless of what numbers you want to think are associated with what happened in Germany if will this happen to one person it's too many okay if it happened to one being it's too many so that's what's coming here if we're not careful and you know look at what we're already doing in other countries right now as imperialistic occupying forces we're blowing children apart we're torturing people take a look at the slides on slides eighty seven and eight I'm sorry 88 and 89 and that's what the United States has become where as you know we were once you know an example of freedom in the world as a republic this is what we become an imperialistic militaristic dictatorship David Icke said it best he said accept the responsibility for your self and your actions thoughts and words you alone make choices you alone are answerable to the consequences of your behavior the feeble excuse that your boss required it the establishment expected it holds no truth or justification and that's all it is when you say I'm only doing my job I'm only following my orders it's all justification for immoral acts that you do not have the right to take like says what is the point of having principles if you allow others to dictate your behavior at the end of the day you will judge your performance and the contribution you have made to creation it will not be based on one another expected of you or what you did because you felt trapped and that's what people are letting themselves become there and slide 92 puppets on the strings of puppet masters who would use agendas they have no idea of and do not understand they're giving their minds and their bodies ultimately away to those people because ultimately what this is all about is free will and it's about free will whether to go along with the system or to refuse to cooperate with a system that's enslaving people and ultimately it's about whether to follow along with natural law principles or whether to ignore them and we're gonna see what results when we do those things okay Francis Bacon Rosicrucian said that nature to be commanded must first be obeyed if we're going to want to command the forces of nature they will only bow to our commands when and do what we want in our service when we first obey them and that is absolutely fundamentally true living in harmony with natural law leads to the states of freedom peace prosperity survival and evolutionary progress for Humanity when we live in harmony with natural law life begins to flow effortlessly and the the forces of creation actually open up to us and help us to prosper and thrive when on the other hand we live in opposition to natural law we enter the states of control enslavement poverty war evolutionary stagnation and ultimately extinction which is the opposite of survival and that's where we're headed folks if we don't wake up soon because going against natural laws going against natural laws like standing on railroad tracks and expecting to stop a powerful locomotive with your arm out at arm's length good luck with that good luck with that how Alex gray depicted it best in his painting Gaia I love this I got a chance see it in person at Kazem back when he was in the Soho area of New York and it depicts it perfectly that side there on the left which is the right side of the world tree representing getting in touch with the right side of the brain okay depicts a world in balance peace and harmony and order goodness in other words and the right side is if we go against natural law that's the kind of world of chaos that we're going to create very simply slide 102 the way out and I'll just briefly recap this and then we'll take a couple calls all right you're the way out it's up to you it's all up to the individual you need to understand the principles of natural law you need to understand how natural law works you need to understand the difference between right right and wrong you need to claim your sovereignty you need to claim your own personal responsibility and stop making excuses and that's when we will advance as a species the answer is looking back from the mirror you are the answer okay you are the way out through your own edification through your own education true education okay paying attention using your time and attention well spent okay spend them well because they are spiritual currencies and that's the way out that's the way toward evolutionary progress up the ladder of consciousness and breaking the chains of this world and stepping out into a new world of harmony peace and prosperity together hand in hand the chemical wedding the left and right brain brought into harmony and unison with each other and our thoughts emotions and actions brought into unison and non-duality so that was my presentation at at survive and thrive and there it is here tonight put on record here on what on earth is happening so Bob told me that we have a couple of a caller here on blog talk switchboard so let's bring him on yes mark we have Hume on the line you a welcome to what on earth is happening with your host mark pavia I'll just let you know well I have a copy of ours too so we're going to go for about a minute and and a half each because we have very little time left so go redhead hello Marty you have so dead-on correct and I have some very powerful information that I would like you to get a bead on from me to start transforming the world with more love that's what's needed and the way out with the corruption yes I I don't have access to email but there is a blog that has my phone number on it if I could give that to you and you can contact make sure if you just google creativity the number seven seven seven dot-com okay and I have some extremely powerful strategies that I'm putting out there but I'm just one person disabled so if you can hook up with me we'll really get things cooking I appreciate that thank you thanks for calling and here we go gunslinger 748 you're on what on earth is happening you have one minute go right ahead are you there okay sorry that they're gone so call her from Southeast Pennsylvania you can take us out what do you have for us Oh market Sarah Kerrigan horrible man good here no it's Eric it's Eric well I think pod Tuscans gonna like this comment okay Bob Tuscan really likes to harp on the whole idea of solution based thinking well if you incorporate that with the laws of attraction and like they like you know one of the big solutions to the whole food thing is us growing our own gardens well if we if we think about the solutions rather than oh you know they're poisoning us you spend more time thinking about the solution then you'll get that law of attraction and then it'll come true and like you say that these people they're all unified they're all thinking about how they're just going to take the whole world away from us so we're not thinking about it at all and that's why they're they're making so much progress I think both sides equation are important it's the awareness of their agenda combined with basically stopping cooperating with it and then doing the things that we need to do to break to create a world of peace and prosperity solution a solution oriented think thinking is critical we need to do that and after I break down these last few methods of mind control that's what we're going to do probably for the rest of this show is we're going to do nothing but talk about solutions that's great thanks mark you got it Eric thanks for calling man all right so we're about at the end of the show we got about a minute left I want to thank everybody who called in and it was a good special show where I got a chance to give a presentation that I gave had a little bit of an error in there I had a slide reversed I'll correct that and post that tomorrow to the podcast you can pick up the podcast with the slides for the presentation tomorrow and I'll maybe link to some videos that talk about these concepts as well so that's all we have time for tonight ladies and gentlemen I'm going to wrap it up I'll see you here next Tuesday night at 8 p.m. Eastern on what on earth is happening what on earth is happening calm in the Intel [Music]