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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio this show is live every Tuesday evening from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time on what on earth is happening calm in the second hour will be joining the Oracle Broadcasting Network over at Oracle broadcasting calm as part of a contribution to the Intel hub radio show my great friend Bob Tuscan who hosts the Intel hub radio show every Tuesday at the same time as this show has me on every Tuesday evening for the second hour of the broadcast and we appreciate that and encourage everybody to check out the Intel hub radio com for more information about that great show so we have a few event announcements for events coming up in the area then I'll give the call-in numbers for the show and then we'll get started tonight we're going to have an extremely dark topic that we'll be discussing it is going to be about the show tonight is going to be about human sacrifice and specifically sacrifice related to goddess symbolism as we've been discussing over the last couple of weeks we're going to take a divergence from talking about symbolism but really not quite so much next week we'll be starting a new topic of discussion and looking at the tradition of Freemasonry from an esoteric perspective and we'll be looking at the signs and symbols of Freemasonry and what this allegorical tradition has to teach us so we'll be looking at Freemasonry over the next few weeks that will tie in with future symbolism that we will be discussing because understanding the basic concepts of Freemasonry is a prerequisite toward understanding certain Masonic symbolism as it is used in our culture so that's coming up on future shows for now let's get into the event announcements and I have two of them as I have for the last couple weeks I'll be reading the same two announcements here the freer Minecon pterence is racing toward us it is about three weeks away it is going to be the biggest event of this kind in the Philadelphia area as far as I know that has ever taken place in this area for your mind is a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10th at rubra Hall 414 Green Street in Philadelphia PA the doors open at 9:00 a.m. and the speakers will begin promptly at 10:00 a.m. actually they'll be us a short intro a little bit before 10:00 we'll have a guest to introduce the day and welcome everyone at about 950 a.m. and then we'll be 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Mark motika Mark passio Michael Kelly Paul Marco and Suzanne Taylor at the end of Saturday we will be having an exclusive Philadelphia's screening of Suzanne Taylor's documentary film what on earth inside the crop circle mystery at the end of the day on Sunday we will be having a speaker panel discussion and Q&A; session with the audience with whatever speakers happen to be remaining at the conference at the end of the day on Sunday and wish to participate in the panel discussion for more information on the free your mind conference please visit the conference website at WWE mind conference calm the second and final event announcement for tonight is fed stock to the official end the Fed rally for Philadelphia Fed stock 2 will be taking place on April 23rd 2011 April 23rd 2011 that is a Saturday the theme for this year is turn your back on the Fed and reduce your Federal Reserve Note footprint there'll be a concert with lots of great bands playing at Fed stop - this is event is hosted by the great activist group in Philadelphia truth freedom prosperity Saturday April 23rd 2011 the official and the Fed rally for Philadelphia Fed stock - for more information visit www.gfi.com/webmonitor the first hour 7:00 to 4:00 triple for seven triple four and the call ID number which you will be prompted for I'm calling in for this show is eight three five one five once again the call ID number eight three five one five and I'll give the calling number four Oracle in the second hour so here we go I'd like to direct everyone to my website if you're not already there listening through the the flash player plug-in through the site on the radio listen page of what on earth is happening calm the radio listen button when you go to the site is on the upper left-hand side of the site you click listen live it takes you to the radio listen page under which you will see images for tonight's show and there will be two sections listed there there will be one called sacrifice of the goddess and the second section will be called the occult season of sacrifice and there's a small amount of images for tonight's show but I guarantee you there will be a lot of content to think about because again as I said this is a dark topic of discussion and it involves many aspects of the dark occult specifically how they use goddess symbolism whenever they are invoking a sacrifice ritual and this brings us to the main point here is that human sacrifice rituals still are ongoing into the present day this is not something that was once with humanity and is no longer practiced this is not something from the ancient past although it was done as well in into a very ancient times it has stayed with us up through the current day and I know to many who are unstudied in the occult and who may really look at the world from a traditional scientific left-brain worldview and 1na in the the traditional political left-right paradigm or one of traditional education that sounds ludicrous that sounds like something that could not possibly be or not possibly be occurring in our world and I assure you that it is if you understand the occult understand what its symbols are what these symbols represent and what they are basically saying to the people of the earth you understand that in recurring patterns symbolism that specifically rep represents the goddess okay is continuously destroyed in ritual enactments in the light of day in broad daylight because of dark Oh cultists who practice these rituals and the rituals are indeed about giving blood to the earth understand what this goddess symbolism represents to them in their religion in their worldview in their understanding and people will say well I don't believe in any of that stuff so that's the first thing I want to address when it comes to things like this particularly symbolism or traditions of any kind people will immediately respond well that's not my beliefs that's someone else's beliefs and I've said it before on the show and I'll continue to repeat it it matters very little what any individual believes okay that's one of the first responses that you get back from resistant people that do not want to accept that things like this go on even into the modern day and in our times and is still happening and we may have just witnessed one of them we may have just witnessed a human sacrifice ritual uh the tsunami in Japan could very well have been man-made we've talked about um HAARP before on the show when we went into negative effects of health we very briefly speculated on it about you know energies that can be easily beamed into the Earth's atmosphere through technology that is being used for immoral purposes uh this is you know bastardization z-- all Advanced Research like what Nikola Tesla was doing and this is a very immoral application of Tesla technology a scalar wave technology or non Hertzian waves technology and what what this is capable of could result in something like what we just witnessed in Japan and are still witnessing because of the repercussions of this earthquake and tsunami what is going on with these nuclear reactors out there could turn into a much bigger environmental disaster than anybody dreamed but to go back to my point when people initially respond this way what I tell them is your beliefs have nothing to do with whether someone else is willing to act upon theirs I mean just think about it from a purely logical perspective if you are an atheist let's just say that happens to be your worldview in your belief system and it is a belief system atheism let's just say you're an atheist okay you believe that there is no such thing as God or an creative energy or force that is responsible for putting creation here okay that's your belief system now is it impossible for you to be affected by someone with a different belief system acting on that belief system of course it isn't you could be an atheist and a fundamentalist right-wing Christian faction can decide that they're going to go and shoot up an abortion clinic and if you happen to be in the crossfire of that exchange it will affect your world guaranteed you have you need not believe in any beliefs that those people happen to believe in to be affected by it the same thing is true of the dark occult these beliefs are in existence people take them into themselves and their own worldview and they act upon them their behavior is based upon what their belief structure entails therefore you don't need to believe in any of this stuff it's irrelevant whether you believe in it or not the fact is I'm simply trying to make aware make people aware that there are people who hold these belief systems they do exist in this world and they are the kind of psychopathic individuals who have the developed will to act upon these beliefs in very definitive and extremely evil ways and that's the point people need to keep in mind people who don't want to accept this who are resistant who exist in cognitive dissonance about some of the stuff that's going on actually believe that other people are making judgments and enacting behavior that is constrained by the same level of morality or conscience that they are constrained by and that's not the case there are people out there who basically have no conscience and killing thousands of people is nothing to them it's irrelevant these are irrelevant lives if they're in the way of the plan that they're trying to put forward so to take out any number of people if they're standing in the way of an agenda is is absolutely there's no thought behind it whatsoever it's yet do it what why even wait and the whole attitude that people have of Oh Pete they wouldn't do that the people you're talking about what and do that is completely naive it's based in total naivete because what they're really thinking in the in the back of their own mind is that I wouldn't do that in other words from the perspective of the person thinking about whether these acts could be done they're thinking I would never do such a thing and that's the fundamental mistake that they're making they're assuming that everyone else is constrained by the same level of understanding of morality or conscience that they are constrained by and that's a big mistake because like I said there are people out there who basically don't have a conscience and would do anything to get what they want to get regardless of how many lives it affects or destroys so we're going to talk about um sacrifice related to the goddess symbolism in in particular and then later in the show I'm going to break down what is known as the season of sacrifice in circles of dark ocultism and help people understand what this timeframe of the year is this 40-day time period during the course of a year and maybe help them to watch what to look out for to keep in mind you know signs that basically they need to watch out for during this time period because all very frequently very often the cultists will trot out a ritual during this uh during this time period of this 40 days known as the season of sacrifice so last week I started talking about the sacrifice of the goddess and how this symbolism is used when sacrifice rituals are invoked I'm going to recap that at the at the beginning here and then give examples of different sacrifice rituals that invoke the goddess so if you look at image number one we showed last week that this is just basically an overview of what we're talking about here it's the immolation the burning or the destroying in some form of the goddess represented of course as we saw in previous weeks the white dove okay so the white dove is being burned or destroyed in sacrificed rituals the first the second image is the first example that I gave of how symbolically the Dove has come in to replace the sacred feminine figure okay the archetype of the Sacred Feminine in Christianity in particular in the Christian tradition the Dove replaces the divine mother or Blessed Mother in the Trinity of thought emotion and action which is actually the internal Trinity but in this religion it's given to people in the exoteric form of an external Trinity so the Dove replaces the divine in this three-part equation about consciousness because it is being set up as the emotional qualities or the sacred feminine qualities to be removed therefore a dominate a male-dominated religion is actually created and all the things that go along with that form of male domination as we have seen over the centuries since of the adoption in its current form of Christianity in the westerns in Western civilization so the Dove represents the Holy Spirit in this Trinity and again it is the Sacred Feminine being replaced because it is essentially being downplayed or removed and therefore it's replaced in spirit only or it is looked at as a ghost something which has died from the world the Holy Ghost the emotions or the Sacred Feminine part of the consciousness and specifically the right brain hemisphere is actually uh what is um what has been significantly downplayed and basically removed from culture so in image number three which is where we left off last week if I recall we were talking about war and we were looking at an example of a war memorial statue ok uh this is image number three and it shows soldiers I believe of course this is a world war one Memorial and I I'm not sure what City this is from but what you're seeing here is a reference to the sacrifice of the goddess again some researchers will look at this as a sacrifice to the dark goddess I do not agree with that assessment I think that in um these sacrifice rituals and you can see this repeated over and over again and we will tonight the sacrifice is not for a goddess but it is destroying the goddess herself because what they are doing is destroying conscience they are destroying the Sacred Feminine again that's the critical thing to keep in mind here is that this has nothing to do with an actual person the goddess is not an actual person it is a symbol it's a symbol for truth justice freedom enlightenment and compassion that's what we're really talking about here that's what the sacred feminine energy or consciousness is ultimately about because it's ultimately about getting in touch with the inward qualities or the emotional qualities of the self that's what the goddess symbolizes or represents so when we are looking at this image of an angel or a sacred feminine being out in front in this statue with her wings outstretched we're seeing a symbolic analog of the goddess or the Dove with her outstretched wings okay angels are traditionally viewed as white beings bright brilliant white light beings and they have huge wings symbolically okay and this is all analogous to the Dove symbolism that we saw here last week she has her wings outstretched around the soldiers now the word soldier we can break down in green language and I've done this a little bit on the show in the past but our chemical language were word plays tell us a lot and the occult loves wordplay they love it especially the dark occult they relish wordplay they like telling people something in a way that is actually derogatory or abusive or in a mock sense in a pure form of mockery yet the person who is being mocked or ridiculed or abused will not have any idea that this is the case that they are actually being told what the dark occultists think of them and you can understand how ancient this form of psychopathy and dark occultism has been with us because it has indeed been with us for as long as languages have been with us and they and since they have been invented and perhaps even predate that time period okay this is ancient it's ancient it's not anything new for people that think that this is something new now that's going on go back and do more research to understand how ancient really human enslavement is and tyranny of all kinds is it's nothing that's new it's very ancient so we look at how words are put together and what they're actually saying to the people that they refer to okay we'll be talking about this a lot in the future and as a matter of fact my topic at the free your mind conference is on occult mockery that's what my my presentation is going to be entitled occult mockery so um this is a form of it and they're telling soldiers that essentially they are soul Dyer's and we can look at that in a number of different ways so the first part of the word soldier okay is Sol Sol is the name for our Sun the Sun okay the light of the world okay Sol Sol the scientific name for the Sun okay it also represents phonetically the word soul s o ul it also represents the word Sol Sol as in one meaning what's being destroyed is the light what's being destroyed is the actual soul of the individual their spirit which is what the sacrifice of the goddess is all about and what's being destroyed is their unity consciousness because they are being set upon other people it's us versus them not only that but they are doing things that they themselves often believe are not morally right yet they have been conditioned to believe that it's necessary to do them therefore they are destroying the unity of their own consciousness through going against through their actions what they actually believe to know to be right so they're going against in their their actions are being turned against their own thoughts and emotions therefore they become a being that is uh basically divided within their consciousness itself is divided amongst them them their own selves meaning they are not a soul they are not one within they are divided and this word as I said before on previous podcasts in the Hebrew tradition is called Satan this is where we get the word Satan from in Christian tradition Satan means the adversary the one who opposes it means the the opposition it means the one who rips apart from within the the internal adversarial force so this is the dark side of conscience this is the destroyer of conscience okay in the equation you know when you see symbolically representing conscious by an angel on the right shoulder and a devil on the right on the left shoulder the Satan force is that devil it is that Beast okay it's that demon that is inwardly existing it's the dark of voice in our mind okay that tells us go against what you know to be true go against your feelings do this even though you know that it's wrong okay and there's a hundred thousand justifications there's a hundred thousand different justifications that people will come up with they'll say oh you don't value but your freedom that was fought for actually there are times when people need to take a stand against tyranny but uh the amount of wars that have been fought that are really about that are negligible in comparison to the wars that are orchestrations that are basically fought for resources and for the protection of a specific elite group over another fact of the same elite group or in many cases the elite group controlling both sides of the equation of war in a dialectic in a dark example of dialectical mechanics which we talked about when we discussed controlled opposition as a method of mind control just to create and manage the outcome to create a specific outcome they had planned all along many times wars are fought just for the management of the outcome of the chaos that results from the war so war is a manipulation game but more than that it's an example of human sacrifice in the modern day when you look into the occult and its symbols you see that soldiers or soul Dyer's okay the second part of the word is dire D ie are one who is dying ok the soul Dyer goes off to a field of sacrifice that's what the battlefield is it's an altar of sacrifice this is a ritual that is being conducted that's what war is it's a modern day human sacrifice ritual and the soul Dyer's the soldiers are clad in occult symbolism this is what I'll be talking about at the free your mind conference I won't get deeply into that tonight but they put symbols of occultism all over their uniforms the metals that they are given ok are also occult in nature the symbolism upon them it often involves the goddess because ultimately what they are being rewarded for is destroying their conscience and keeping it out of the way while they do the murder that their elite masters have commanded them to do to themselves and to other human beings and in the modern day war need not be um I'm sorry human sacrifice need not be anything that involves um you know capturing someone and dragging them against there will to an altar to then slay them through some ritualistic you know stabbing were were cutting as it was done in the past um people of the modern day are all too happy in their deep deep levels of mind control to sacrifice themselves for their occult masters and owners they go off to war to the altar of sacrifice to basically sacrifice themselves okay because of what was told to them not very often not have any having anything to do with actual action that was taken and even if they do believe that it was an action taken almost invariably it was some sort of a false flag event that was perpetrated by provocateurs of the elite factions and 9/11 is the perfect example of that that dark example of the dark Hegelian dialectic in action we're going to get to that but we need a lot more prerequisite understanding of symbolism and orchestration of events before we can really understand what 9/11 truly was and all of the symbolism that goes hand-in-hand with that human sacrifice ritual so understand that that's what war is ultimately about it's about clothing people and draping them in the trappings of a cult symbolism putting a gun in their hand whispering in their ear go and get this other person because they're the evil one they're the bad guy and then watching the human sacrifice unfold uh and all of this is done simply to give blood to the earth as we're going to talk about what the twisted world view of some of these dark elitists is about is that if blood is not given to the earth essentially um nothing will continue to live or grow though they believe that the earth is imbued with life force energy because blood is what imbues us with life force energy as we talked about in the life force symbolism section dark occultism actually believes that the spirit or ether or lifeforce energy is contained within the blood of human beings and therefore this blood needs to be periodically released from the being and given to the planet upon which we live otherwise the planet will not be able to sustain life and that is a completely crazy belief yet there are people out there that actually believe that very thing and not only believe in it act upon it and that's why war is continuous it's continuous if you'll notice there is almost never a time in human history when war is not being conducted perpetual war is one of the mos of the elite it's one of the mos of the dark occult and again I should say the so-called elite the people who view themselves as our owners and masters and view themselves as elitist and they're nothing of the kind they're just twisted psychopathic idiots as a matter of fact is really what they are they're people who really do not really ultimately know the true nature of self that's the definition of an idiot they think that they do and they have really no idea because if they did they won't act the way that they act as I've said before quoting the Foster Yong Ming to know and not to do is not to know so if your actions ultimately betray what you say you know you don't really know that thing you only claim to know it so let's look at image number four as we go forward here and this is where the symbolism of the Dove and the goddess which are essentially analogous to each other are going to become very clear now these are seemingly unrelated events the death of Princess Diana the hurricane in the south of the United States called Hurricane Katrina which happened back in O five on the Columbine High School massacre okay and the Virginia Tech school shootings all right we're going to look at we're going to look at what all of these human sacrifice rituals which indeed is what they are had in common so the first thing to notice is that the the former Prince of Wales Diana okay shares the name of a Roman goddess the Roman goddess Diana is one of the names that the goddess is named after okay in goddess tradition Diana is the Roman name for for this goddess so if you look into the whole story about what happened during Princess Diana's accident and you really deeply research it you understand that this is not was not an accident there's I'm not going to go deeply into detail about this because it would take up the whole show um you can read lots of information about this online and in books if you just research Diana Princess Diana murdered okay that's really all you would need to put in maybe I'll put in some links for this research for the podcast this week but um Diana's death was not an accident the royal family did not like her of the other royal family event England they wanted her out of the way they understood that she was coming uh into her own as far as people really really liking her loving her wanting to listen to her message she had a lot of people's ears about what was really going on in the world and she was effecting change in great numbers and when they find a person like that they don't want to keep them around very long because that person does truly have influence and has the ability to get a lot of people to listen to them so if you look at the whole story with her driver and the tunnel that she went through where it passed on the way to Paris past an Egyptian obelisk it went into a tunnel that was essentially made another variation of the goddesses name okay um there is so much to this that is symbolic not to mention her name and they put a memorial of a burning torch an ever burning torch again goddess symbolism in up in the place where she actually died above the place where she or she died in that tunnel um all of this adds up to the fact that Diana's so-called accident which led to her death and also she was left there untreated we don't really know what went on during the time after the accident and when so-called help arrived because oh coincidence of coincidences all of the cameras that normally watch that strip of highway in Paris were all malfunctioning simultaneously that's just incredible how that works that there was no no visual record available because the cameras which normally record everything were suddenly malfunctioning on that day look into it there's so much more to it I don't have time to go into all of it on one show but understand this was a ritual sacrifice and it was done to get Dianna out of the way because she was becoming an outspoken a proponent of of peace anti-war activism and really helping many causes of true humanity as opposed to the fake causes that the elite set up as a you know of vehicles of their fake brand of care we really get exorbitant amounts of money into their systems of control through their tax-exempt foundations but what Diana was doing was actual good works and they didn't want they didn't want that to last very long because it would have snowballed into something much larger with her level of fame and again her popularity which is far beyond what any other member of the royal family ever had or could dream of so they decided to basically take her out in a ritual sacrifice element which also may have involved a Manchurian Candidate style mind control programming of the driver if you look into this deeply you'll understand that this is not so that is just being speculated about there's a lot of research to back this up and I'll probably post some links and documents for further investigation in the podcast section with this show so the key thing to keep in mind here is that this is the sacrifice of a goddess again she's a sacred feminine figure that is developing true care she is named after the goddess and she is ritually murdered okay the second example is where you will see um symbolism used in form okay or in this case in architecture and this comes up over and over again architectural symbolism is something that we are going to cover when we come back to symbolism after a few weeks I'm going to be covering Freemasonry next because that's a prerequisite to understanding charismatic symbolism or symbolism that is used on money so we'll be looking at that after we look at Freemasonry then we'll be going returning to looking at architectural symbolism because only understanding Masonic symbolism and some talismanic symbolism can we understand how symbolism works when it is used in architecture and this is actually one of the more effective modes of symbolism because it's always in place it's always having in effect simply by nature of the forum and the resonant energy that the forum is outputting now again that's also a concept that many people will find difficult to grasp or to accept but for them in and of itself is a form of energy shape okay archetype the way something is built that the lines are curves that it has has an effect on the cut subconscious mind and then that's brought forward into the conscious mind to behavior okay so the way a building is built can actually affect the consciousness of the people inside the building all right the function of the building is often related to the form the building okay and the form of the building is often used or chosen in relation to specific events all right and we will definitely see that when we look at 911 because the the symbolism of those buildings relates very deeply to occult traditions of many kinds and we'll be looking at that when we talk about the 911 ritual in future weeks but for now let's look at the Superdome of New Orleans this was the place where um emergency management officials told people who had nowhere else to go in the vicinity of New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina was striking to go to wait out the hurricane and as we saw in the aftermath FEMA did not immediately come in and attempt to help these individuals they basically left them there for the better portion of a week without supplies without medication without clean water without proper sanitation uh in this breast shaped building okay so this is the feminine dome and this was an attempted human sacrifice ritual and if you'll notice also it was also perpetrated upon a population that was largely african-american and other minorities okay they the dark cultists also are extraordinarily racist very racist they always attack people of non Nordic persuasion or non white skinned okay light haired this is the whole ideal of what Hitler had in mind he wanted to try to breed out so-called impurities in the genes because he believed that the true Aryan people or the Nordic people were derived were directly descended from um ancient an ancient race of supermen which may have been extraterrestrial you don't hear much about that in the research regarding the Nazi occult beliefs but indeed that's what Hitler believed and that people of darker-skinned and haired persuasions of any nationality or country of origin ultimately needed to go away and that was going to be Hitler's function it was only one of his functions uh in bringing his brave new world order into being and uh you know as I've said before if you think that the Nazis lost World War two you're also very naive the Nazis didn't lose anything Germany may have lost World War two but the Nazis went underground and they continued their ideological agenda from covert persuasions and that's still being waged today and indeed that's really who this war of information is being fought against it's being fought against people who absolutely are Nazis in their heart and they still hold Nazi beliefs and that includes extreme forms of racism and you know as we talked about that's purely they try to perpetuate that to their cattle that they want to hurt and control okay so they try to get as many other people to be racist so that they'll turn against each other in this divide and conquer strategy which we talked about in methods of mind control arm previously on this show so that people will become weaker because they'll be fighting amongst themselves and essentially they really accomplish that to a large extent in the ritual of Hurricane Katrina um by um by setting the classes against each other in many ways rich people had an opportunity to get out or people who at least had the means to get out of that city during the warnings that were given uh left and many people who were poor and did not have the actual means or the transportation capabilities were left in the affected region and I left to fend for themselves you know to me if anything if emergency management of facilitators are here to do anything it's to try to adapt to something that they know is coming and get people out of the area quickly they didn't do that they failed to do that as a matter of fact they didn't fail to do it they deliberately did that they wanted to leave as many people of ethnic descent and of lower um class status as far as money goes uh in that region because they knew exactly what was coming and they wanted as many people as possible to die or be extremely weakened by what was to come and in doing so the place they knew the most disease would would breed would be in a confined location okay so they told people to gather together when their new resources would run out very quickly where they knew that it would be very difficult to get a fresh line of supplies - and were they new sanitation the sanitary conditions would degrade extremely quickly okay and you can just just look at some videos or pictures of what the Superdome looked like and you'll understand what I mean if you haven't already seen those pictures okay um the Superdome itself is shaped like a breast okay it is shaped like a Sacred Feminine symbol okay the breasts which is a symbol of nurturing and motherhood and care okay this was another example of a human sacrifice ritual and also possibly something that involves scale or weaponry I can only speculate - that maybe it is a natural occurrence but we can look into things like other hurricanes happening during on 9/11 people don't know they would hurt a giant hurricane I think it was a category 4 off the code of New York City during 9/11 during the morning on that quickly dissipated there after Hurricane Erin if you look that up you'll see it off the coast of New York right around 9/11 2001 and this also could go hand-in-hand with um some theories that people have speculated about a more exotic nature of possible weaponry used in in the 9/11 event and I'm you know researching into that myself but my work focuses more on the symbolism of that event which this is what I'm trying to build toward to get people to understand all this prerequisite symbolism if you understand that you understand how to associate these things because that is what the occult is about it is about symbolic associations and a cultist always work from symbolic associations all right and people who say oh you can't associate these two things that form of left brain thinking all right I'm not saying that logical reasonable left brain thinking isn't very important but you're not going to understand this language of symbolism if that's how if that's the only way that you think unless you put the analogous symbolism together in a way that is holistic and it associates ideas you're not going to understand how these occultists think it doesn't matter how you want to think I'm trying to put you into the mindset of these psychopathic people this is how they think that's that's the main point if you're gonna pull one main point away from this understand that I'm trying to teach how they think not how I think okay I understand their symbols because I've studied them this isn't necessarily how I think I don't just purely reason from analogous things put together in my mind from here and there I'm explaining to you how their mind works that's what you have to know to know how to defeat the enemy you have to know how the enemy's mind works so that's what I'm endeavoring to do here okay so understand that the Superdome is a Sacred Feminine symbol they put as many people of poor and ethnic persuasion into the Superdome and essentially cut them off from supplies okay there was no influx of supplies and the sanitary conditions degraded very quickly so that these people would be stuck there without a line of help and that's indeed what happened and you know many people died but it did not succeed to the point where that the elites who really had this sacrifice in mind wanted it I would look at it as a semi failed human sacrifice ritual or a largely failed one because people did eventually get in there and get the the necessary supplies to the people that were cut off at the Superdome and get them out of that affected area so um I would say that it was definitely an intended human sacrifice ritual all right and it has the Sacred Feminine symbolism deeply associated with it now two that are almost undeniable are the two you see depicted in the images below these two in image number four which is the Columbine High School shooting massacre and the Virginia Tech um Technical Institute massacre that happened a couple years back the Columbine High School massacre happened on Tuesday April 20th now we're right smack in the middle of the season that I'm going to be talking about in the second hour of the show called the season of sacrifice okay the second thing that you'll notice is specifically it happened on April 20th which is another very significant occult day okay April 20th is the birthday of Adolf Hitler and last year in 2010 on the 20th of April we had another attempted human sacrifice ritual which caused incredible destruction in bar mentally and as far as life goes mostly with animal life okay and is still being felt the repercussions of which are still being felt this was the Gulf oil spill disaster that happened on April 20th now you could keep arguing these are coincidences that they just things just happen on these dates you'll also see the date of the 11th incurred over and over again okay 9/11 through the Madrid of Madrid bombings I believe happened on the 11th of the month okay um just the other day on 311 and now you know I didn't specifically come out and say it but I said we're going to probably need to watch in the second hour of the show where events such as this coming up soon and it came even before I expected it on 311 or many people said watch for some sort of false flag event happen on this day on 311 you have the Japan earthquake and tsunami and the subsequent nuclear disaster that's unfolding before our eyes right now okay so to go back to Columbine look at the name of the school where this was done Columbine High School it is named after Columbia or Kalume the Dove the name of the high school where this happened on April 20th 1999 okay was Columbine High School and that is named after the goddess herself um two students Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold came in and basically assassinated students and a teacher they killed 12 students and one teacher okay and that that's a symbolic number 12 plus 113 right the son and the 12 houses of the zodiac invoked during this ritual these children were on psychotropic medications psychotropics have been used in they were on antidepressants what I call the demon drugs the SSRIs and the SNRI drugs we've talked about that extensively on the show um this is quite possibly a Manchurian Candidate style situation although I'm not definitively saying that is what it is so you have to keep an open mind and understand if it's not orchestrated which there is a possibility that it is it may very well be an example of what's called synchro mysticism and synchro mysticism needs to be kept in mind when we discussed this this is the universe itself the underlying creative intelligence of the unified field actually orchestrating events some people have called this that the hand of principalities some have called a hidden hand some have called it um the hidden Chiefs as it's often referred to in the occult all right of a higher level not mental force in the universe that is just self existing okay a principality or something of that nature okay some people have referred to them as angels this is where it becomes speculation to me I'm not going to say what I believe definitively about this but I'd encourage people go and check out the movie of The Adjustment Bureau which is out now and it's excellent if this is an example of the dichotomy between the arrangement through higher forces and freewill and the movie is all about freewill and the main hero of the movie it's phenomenal it emphasizes emphasizes how important and precious freewill is the main scene is enacted at the Statue of Liberty another invocation of the goddess and I believe this is all allegorical this is all allegorical and symbolic and the movie paints a very powerful moral lesson and I encourage people to check it out I thought it was phenomenal um you know it's not I guess the highest quality Hollywood production out there but for what it is it was pretty well done um and again it teaches a lot about the preciousness of freewill now in synchronous facism these higher level intelligence this higher love intelligence that is just inherent to creation orchestrates events to try to reach us with a message that is nonverbal that is unspoken that simply has to do with patterns that we must become conscious enough to see and interpret for their meaning and I have to throw that out there as a possibility for what these rituals indeed represent I do believe that they're more likely orchestrated that's I lean toward that but I keep an open mind that it may be synchro mysticism as well um one example I think was clearly an orchestration was the Virginia Tech shooting okay and the Virginia Tech massacre arm happened within the season of sacrifice which I'm going to lay that out what that is very shortly when we go to Oracle broadcasting this happened on Monday April 16 2007 right in the middle of the season of sacrifice okay it happened on a Monday as well okay this is a Monday and Tuesday are days where they really like to bring these events forward okay not always but very often I would also say Friday is a day when they bring them out as well because Tuesday is an invocation to the God of War Mars its Mars as day 9/11 was done on a Tuesday okay the Columbine High School on a Tuesday Monday is the goddess's day it's the moon's day associated with the goddess Friday is Freya's day the Norse goddess okay so it's another invocation to the goddess in French its von der D which is Venus's day alright so here we have another name of the goddess the goddess is often referred to as the virgin okay the mother of Jesus is the Virgin Queen okay the Blessed Mother Mary the Virgin this happened in Virginia Tech okay named after the virgin we talked about Washington DC named after Kalume of Columbia okay another example of the goddess and it sits in between very land and Virginia two states named after the goddess because this symbol that is was supposed to be about the seat of care okay has actually become the seat of male domination in this country the Washington DC the District of Columbia and it is actually turned from a Sacred Feminine symbol of the the breasted dome with the goddess Columbia or freedom atop it supposedly representing Congress which is coming together of male and female forces instead it has basically become a rape it has become a sacred or not a sacred but a dementing form of masculine control of male Dominator consciousness that is raping the Sacred Feminine and between the two states of Maryland and Virginia all right we have to understand these are this is planned this is an accident I think not not even that is not synchronous tiss ism people need these the capital of this country after the goddess they name those states and put it in between those two states after the goddess that's a deliberate effort and I believe Virginia Tech was also a form of Manchurian Candidate mind control if you look at the individual who carried that out we sank we Cho um he killed 32 individuals and then turned the gun on himself for a total of 33 so here's another symbolic number of killings in in Columbine it was 13 people in Virginia Tech named after the virgin it was 33 individuals symbolic of the 33 degrees of known official officially known Freemasonry so look at these as a pattern take them as a pattern together understand the dates when they happen all right the final one that we're going to talk about is the Columbia Space Shuttle disaster okay again named after the goddess it looks like a white bird all right the Columbia shuttle looks like a bird with its wings outstretched how was it destroyed it was burned up during re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere a burn up is essentially an immolation okay the emulation of the Dove symbolically and the craft is named after the Dove Kalume Columbia the goddess how many individuals in the crew were aboard that lost their lives during this human sacrifice ritual well that um that was seven individuals as part of the Commission crew those seven individuals were um five male and two female and as we talked about the gods of the sky that are what the Asheville theological traditions are patterned after and what the chakras represent okay the seven objects that can be seen with the naked eye from Earth is the Sun the moon Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter and Saturn the seven gods of the ancient world and the astro theological traditions so you had five male representing the Sun Mercury Mars Jupiter and Saturn and the two females representing the moon and Venus is this coincidental is this synchro mystic I personally don't think so I think that's the crew that they want to chose to do this upon because it was five men and two women they chose a way of doing it making it look like an accidental burn up in the atmosphere and it was an emulation of the goddess Columbia the white bird or the white dove and this to me is a clear example understanding this pattern of human sacrifice symbolism related to the goddess and the goddess tradition and what they are essentially doing over and over again through um this form of ritual is immolating or murdering or destroying the goddess it's a symbolic killing of the Sacred Feminine which is really the way out of the mess that were we're in is getting in touch with that force I just looked it up here the Madrid bombing in Spain happened on March 11th as well that the tsunami was on the anniversary of that so again we have the date the 11th um it comes up over and over again it's just it's about being conscious enough to understand the pattern that's what we're getting at here keep an open mind and look at the pattern that is unfolding right before our eyes in the light of day we only need to be conscious enough to see it and recognize it for what it is so with that having been said I'll get to the section on maybe recap a little and get to the section on the season of sacrifice and what that actually is during the next hour so right now I'm going to connect in with Oracle broadcasting and wait for the host of the Intel hub radio show Bob Tuscan to introduce the show hold on and bare with me ladies and gentlemen while we connect here we go you have reached the Oracle broadcasting radio network call-in line after the beep please say your name where you're calling from and the on-air host will take your call momentarily mark passio what on earth is happening three Saturday's 10 o'clock central or broadcasting to frequency radio calm throughout history the power to issue money has been used to play man into a perpetual system of death power the first volume one is a four hour and fifty minutes documentary film but i sexy truth history the people who have control the monetary systems of the world explodes held bankers at the court we can hear artificial economic booms and busts because all they welcome power it exposed the layer of arches anybody funny bolts i bob how are you my good man the crop central bank said a good does our would stand up and tie the chronolock great castle a good segue to your topic tonight awesome you lose you aren't they monetary confirming college what is this sacrifice based ritualistic stuff for a mesh oh my no it's uh it's a bizarre belief system and the people who enacted have the will to do it oh you're a psychopathic nature and they don't care who they hurt to get to get it done and to get their will accomplished hey man hey Phillies coming up sooner rather than later man less than a month oh my god no he controls going to be rationed a lot of hat are looking forward to it we're selling a lot of tickets it's gonna be a great event the burden of looking for is with that's for sure oh uh publicity to Matt Freeman duh even though he's not hosting a show on Oracle he got flattered AXA uniform he's been plugging it every night nice we've been plugging in and have to start to add up and then you went on yon show again he plugged it no I'm getting a lot of traffic through that so I think things are going well brain before all right here we go stand by sixteen Saigon it won't jump right to what iris at that you're not in the fight even tell of calm [Music] what on earth is happening folks Bob Tuscon to us ki n Sophia add me on that Facebook crap anyway tonight mark will be taking a look at the occult human sacrifice rituals involving the goddess symbolism as you've been covering on past shows and of course this show has a wealth of information in previous programs which I got all the archives at its website what on earth is happening we bring to you on the Intel hub radio show every Tuesday evening to the second hour of the program what on earth is happening with mark passio and we always kick it off with his introduction and let's see if I can pull that up where did it go I think my program crashed and I forgot all about it so we might have to skip the introduction tonight mark what's the air I just love the sound of it though let's see if I can play the next two seconds it's not we'll jump right into what on earth is happening with mark patio who is standing by with us ready to go let's see can you hear this I hope you can can you hear that maybe not hey Bob I'm gonna shoot up here I can I can launch into it here we go alright let's let's start with your intro music played on your end and I apologize about the glitch there and we'll jump right into it wait a minute that's what it's all about here we go good mmm oh no no no no what ah skip the music it's not meant today okay okay sorry about that mom I tried to patch it through but it looks like I'm having a little bit of audio problems on that it's not meant to be tonight and that's quite all right not everything has to be perfect let's jump into it though what in the world is happening here's your host mark Basia Bob thanks so much so welcome Oracle broadcasting listeners you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio this is the segment of the Intel hub radio show that I host every Tuesday evening at 9:00 p.m. thanks Bob for that introduction in the last hour we were talking about a very dark a topic of discussion which we're going to continue in this hour and we were talking about modern-day human sacrifice rituals that are conducted by dark Oh cultists and what their system of beliefs are that lead to this form of behavior and we were looking at examples in the modern day of sacrifice rituals what I believe were sacrifice rituals that involve the invocation of the goddess symbolism that we looked at last week and actually in the last couple of weeks and it is a destruction of the goddess symbol because that is ultimately what dark occultists and dominators of any type really want to destroy they want to destroy the Sacred Feminine within consciousness they want to immolate care as we talked about when we looked at the Bohemian Grove ritual and what the symbolism in that ritual represents so if you've been listening to this segment you know you'll follow the tapestry here and it is indeed a tapestry if you haven't I encourage everyone to go up to my website at what on earth is happening dot-com and look at the podcast section there you can follow it back from the time I started the show about a year ago and catch up to date and the tapestry is woven throughout those are fifty weeks of shows that I've been doing so would that having been said what I want to 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please check out the free your mind conference if it's something you feel you can attend we would love to have you at the event for more information go to the conference website at WWF or your mind conference calm free your mind conference coming up April 9th and 10th here in the city of Philadelphia so um let me go forward it back into the topic and what we were talking about at the end of the last hour was goddess symbolism being invoked in human sacrifice rituals we talked about war as being a human sacrifice ritual okay we talked about the removal of the Sacred Feminine from the so called holy trinity okay being replaced with the symbol of the Dove as the Holy Spirit but instead the Divine Mother of that equation has been removed or taken away or or relegated to the status of a vote the holy ghost the spirit has been removed it's been killed from the world okay we looked at the death of Princess Diana also named after one of the goddess incarnations known as um a Diana in the Roman tradition Diana was the goddess okay we looked at the Sacred Feminine breast as a symbol the symbol of the breast itself or the dome a domed building often used to invoke the sacred feminine and we see how that is subverted in Washington DC it is dwarfed by the obelisk or the phallic symbol of the Washington Monument okay in the example that I gave as a human sacrifice ritual when you looked at the Superdome in New Orleans shaped like the Sacred Feminine bridge where thousands of people were herded into that building who were unable to leave that affected area during Katrina back in O five and they were left there without food without medical supplies in horrendous sanitary conditions and FEMA largely did nothing about it for almost an entire week so we saw two other examples invoking the goddess's name all right fine place we'll talk about that more mark on the other side of the break folks were coming up you're listening to the intel have written with mark patio and what on earth is 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we're back on what on earth is happening as part of the Intel Hoff radio show I'm your host Mark asked on my website what on earth is happening calm um I would like everyone to go to that website and check out the images there that I have listed for the discussion tonight um if you go to the radio listen page on the website there you will see images for tonight's show and you'll see two sections sacrifice of the goddess and the occult season of sacrifice which is what we are getting ready to talk about tonight before we do so I want to bring up the two of the sacrifice rituals to lead into this segment that I talked about in the first hour and that was the two school shootings okay these are basically uh destructions of innocence of people who are very young okay now whatever you think of high school students or college students that's not the point they are invoking the destruction of youth okay like they do at Bohemian Grove as well they burn a child human sacrifice rituals very frequently involved the young soldiers are also quite young usually between the ages of 18 and 25 but they're the best bulk of them um these are people who really have not fully truly understood of the important things about life yet they really are often very confused individuals and are trying to sort out what's really going on in the world and most of all what's going on within themselves and in their own life and how their life fits into the bigger picture so you have to understand these sacrifices often involve people who are not very learned or well-read or well educated it's people who are loners and isolationists and people who basically already have some sort of emotional issues going on within themselves that can be used for these rituals I believe that that what was done during Columbine and Virginia Tech and understand that these two rituals both invoke the name of the goddess okay the Columbine high school shootings which happened on the morning of April 20th 1999 were um done at an high school that was named after the goddess Columbia okay one of the names of the goddesses Columbia it comes from the derivation comes from the French language and other Romance languages which the root Kalume is stands for dung it means dung okay so the goddess symbolism of the Dove here is being invoked at Columbine High School all right um 13 people were killed we talked about that as a symbolic number the Sun and the 12 houses of the zodiac it's the killing of the lights okay again the light is also associated with the Sacred Feminine because the illuminated torch is one of the goddesses symbols as we saw and look at the Statue of Liberty and uh Columbia in general the symbolism for the goddess and the Dove okay a Virginia Tech also happened within this time period that I'm about to talk about this happened a little bit earlier in the year it happened April 16 2007 but it was also well within the time period the 40-day period called the season of sacrifice which is what the main topic of this hour is going to be and for there we're going to start going to the images that are in the second part the second section on the website there it says the occult season of sacrifice okay so here's the second example here that I'm offering as an example the Virginia Tech massacre happened in Blacksburg Virginia in 2007 it happened during this occult season of sacrifice that we're going to be bringing up and it is also named after the goddess the virgin Virginia okay we talked about the District of Columbia being situated between two states that are named after the goddess the the male phallic energy of the the government okay male dominator okay being placed in between the two Sacred Feminine states named after the Sacred Feminine marylande or Maryland and Virginia the Virgin okay this is not accidental all right it's this is symbolic language and it references the goddess all right we looked at the Columbia Space Shuttle disaster as well an emulation of this symbol of the goddess or white dove and named after the goddess as well Columbia now we want to look at time periods to watch out for all right and we're getting ready to enter this which is very appropriate what we're doing this on March 15th the Ides of March as they call it but we are getting ready in four days to enter this time period which is why specifically it's very actually synchronous that this would happen on that this show which is what I was going to be talking about would occur right now at this time because we're again about to enter this time period so if we look at image number one in this section called occult season of sacrifice this is simply the zodiacal wheel we've already covered on this show in previous broadcasts and it shows you the quartering of the zodiac that the ancients did to basically show the path of the Sun during the course of the year and how the Sun was uh essentially the giver and bringer of life the thing that basically made all life possible on the earth okay and to show when the seasons of the sun's of vibrance and high points are during the course of the year to know when to plant and when to harvest because then in the darker time of the year which we call the Ottoman winter crops do not grow very well and basically that's a season of death okay so we have when the Sun is in the northern hemisphere or above the equator that spring and summer when the Sun goes down below the equator in the northern hemisphere that's the dark season or the seasons of autumn and winter so really in the ancient interpretation they're really technically were only two seasons we create a more subtle quartering with the quartering of the zodiac through the summer solstice summer and winter solstices and the spring and the autumn equinoxes so you can see that cross that equal armed cross that is vertically and horizontally oriented is created by the solstices and the equinoxes that's the equinoxes of the time when the Sun is right at the equator with relation to the earth it does not make any angle with respect to the earth's equator okay and what would drive this angle is the tilt of the earth with respect to its orbit around the Sun that's that's what creates our seasons we talked about this in the Astro theology section many weeks back on the four seasons then basically create the spring the summer the autumn and winter and um we we have the the favoured season being the season when the Sun is above the equator being halved by the summer solstice line okay so that creates spring there in the first part of that of coming up above the horizon above the equator mark the zero Degree point and then before it sets below that point it passes through its high point the summer solstice and into the season of summer okay so the Sun goes around this in a clockwise fashion during the course of a year and at the midpoints of this quartering of the zodiac into the four seasons we see the main savitz or the holidays the the special days of the occult okay these were celebrations in uh in ancient times and up through the modern world they still are although they carry a very dark connotation in the dark aspects of the occult in the modern world and I'll try to briefly explain explain what these Sabbats were about May 1st is the critical one to keep in mind tonight this is May Day Orvil purchase not st. Bell purchase night ok this a mark Mayday Mayday let me interrupt little quick and we'll get back to that after the other side of this break I'm getting reports now that of course iodine has been depleted in most stores but we have an alternative for our listeners check out using iodine where it was my notes here iodine nascent iodine na SC Eng nascent iodine as an alternative we'll have that linked up to the Intel radio.com don't go anywhere more with marc-patty Oh what on earth is happening [Music] watched scouring not just the phone's cutting it top hole all of the US citizen is predicting that in 2011 we will be the most important a time averaging more than 50 years he says it will change everything about our lives the way you shop travel advanced educate your children and even and take care of your health and your family in favor it into the glass of GM any many ready man in America's but his mom on this given burglary a few years ago in Bank marilla's called inward Italia 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alright ladies and gentlemen we're back on the what on earth is happening segment as part of the Intel hub radio show here on Oracle broadcasting we were talking about the occult season of sacrifice and I'm attempting to basically get to the explanation of what that is and how it is invoked and what to watch out for coming up in the next 40 day period starting on March 19th but the prerequisite understanding of this is a simple understanding of the the Earth's motion around the Sun how that creates the four seasons how the ancients would quarter this into the four seasons on the zodiacal wheel and the midpoints of these seasons being the the high points of the season so to speak and when the occult traditions of the ancient world would celebrate as a holiday the very midpoint of these four seasons so the first we were looking at is the midpoint of spring or may day okay May 1st this is Val purchase nacht it's actually on the on the stroke of midnight between April 30th and May 1st and again these are always celebrated at midnight um this is the first Sabbath okay and this is the spring fertility rates this is when some form of offering would often be made to the earth in the form of a sacrifice to ensure a bountiful harvest come harvest time because the spring is your planting season okay so you can see that the bowl which is another symbol of fertility is the midpoint of spring tourists there and that is the earth sign okay spring is ruled by the earth sign of Taurus in the summer season the Sabbat midpoint is known as lamas lamas day this is also called midsummer okay and that is the midnight between um July 31st and August 1st all right and this is the high point of the Sun at Leo because this is the season when the Sun basically comes into its strongest energy okay it is a roaring lion with a Mane that that being symbolic of the Rays of the Sun okay and this is basically another a celebratory festival Lamas in general during the midpoint of summer now and it is also like a sort of like a thanks celebration to give thanks for the harvest of a food and abundance that came about through plant the planting season in the spring it is also glorification of the Sun in general because that's what makes everything grow so this is a celebration of the Sun and a form of Thanksgiving so to speak to the abundance that was derived again from the planting season now when we go into the season when the Sun enters the southern hemisphere which is after the autumn equinox that is the lower six zodiacal signs on this chart here in image number one on the section called occult season of sacrifice on my website in on the radio lesson page we see the midpoint of this autumn season or the fall because the Sun is now falling in strength and this is ruled by a water sign Scorpio okay the Sun has been stung by the venom of the Scorpion and is losing strength during this season its midpoint is directly at the midpoint of Scorpio which is October 31st this is the midnight between October 31st and May 1st I'm sorry and November 1st and this is called hallow mass or soin as it is written here and that is a druidic word and basically this part of the ritual is this part of the seat of the of the Sabbats our holo mask is essentially about death okay it is essentially about valuing life uh that is live in its fullness and also giving homage to the souls that have moved on and are dead okay that that are no longer in incarnation within the physical world okay so it's known in the Christian tradition as All Saints Day November 1st and All Souls days then then follows it on the second I believe of November so this is like an honoring of the ancestors of the spirits that have moved on beyond this world and this is also a time when sacrifices are conducted okay um I would say this date is probably the second greatest point of sacrifice during the occult year and is considered the second most important next to fall purchase not or May first there is also another major Sabbat that happens during the winter season in the midpoint of Aquarius and that is Candlemas also known as Imbolc in the dramatic tradition that's on February 2nd and this is kind of like a celebration of the spring getting ready to come on okay I'm looking forward to the time of life and rejuvenation okay so this winter is halfway over and basically it is a looking forward to what's going to happen during the next year the next year of the Sun cycle and we see this in prognostication rituals like what we see during um of Groundhog Day Groundhog Day happens on February 2nd or in bulk Candlemas because what they're what they're basically doing is judging by the weather patterns whether they think there's going to be a gentle second half of winter leading to a prosperous spring where you could start planning early and ensure a greater harvest or whether the winter is really going to hit very hard and you know you're really going to need to write it out through your supplies and you know the conditions for planning may not be as favorable during a next coming cycle so that's what this part of the year is often about it's a hopeful ritual and one in which you know you're basically putting intentions forward that the second part of winter will not be too extreme so those are the four occult ecology holidays these are the occult Sabbats as they are known and what I want to talk about mostly today is May 1st while purchase Knox and I want to address your attention to the time period between the verdict the horizontal line at the left-hand side of the zodiac between Pisces and Aries the spring equinox which we are coming to in a few days and the midpoint arrow the red midpoint arrow of the spring season which points through the center of Taurus of the house of Taurus okay which points at Paul purchase knock door may 1st this 40-day period between March 19th and May 1st is referred to in the occult in the dark occult as the season of sacrifice ok this is the time period where sacrifices would be offered to ensure a harvest that would ensure that crops would grow that the Sun would look favorably upon the earth that there would be this sacred marriage between the Sun and the earth to create a lot of food and a lot of prosperity so this is when dark occultists that are looking for their prosperity during the course of the year will often invoke some form of a sacrifice that is connected with mind control ok and I believe two of these examples if they are not direct orchestrations are certainly examples of syncro mysticism when it comes to goddess symbolism and human sacrifice I lean more toward the purely orchestrated component of this um they often happen during this 40-day period now there's 365 days in a year so statistically we're talking about something that is significant for events of an extreme negative nature having to do with mass killing to happen during this 40 day time period it's not statistically insignificant alright so we're going to look at why this is considered their season of sacrifice what it actually represents in the next two images we're going to see how different occult symbolism relates to this season or time of the year and what it really ultimately means so we look at the sun's motion with respect to the earth and the Earth's plane of orbit with respect to the Sun we understand that's what creates the seasons in the second image which is a image number two in the section called season of sacrifice we see the solstices and the equator okay so this is another way of looking at the sun's motion it just keeps going up and down along that line it goes from the middle point to the top and back to the middle then to the bottom and that's basically how the Sun progresses during the course of the year with respect to the angles that it makes with the earth's equator the top line is the summer solstice and that is when the Sun is at a twenty three point five degree northern angle at the Tropic 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loved your radio gone you're listening to Oracle Broadcasting Network the home of tyranny smashing cutting-edge talk radio smashing tearing looking to you right here on what on earth is happening and on the Intel hub radio show right here on Oracle broadcasting so we were talking about the occult keys in the sacrifices for great this is the last segment tonight we have two images left to make our way through we were talking about why this is considered the season of sacrifice to the dark ocultist because it is all ultimately about the killing of the light is about the killing of the goddess as well the bringer of the light okay who bears the light into existence as we saw with goddess symbolism representing the divine sacred feminine force that ultimately is about our emotional qualities that bring forward to the light of day true true reason and true understanding and then true moral action in the world so in the image number two in the season of sacrifice section we see the zodiacal wheel depicted in the form with the Sun upon it and the midpoint of that of that of image the midline okay the UM the equatorial line okay that depicts when the Sun is at 0 degrees with respect to the earth's equator this is the points that when you refer to during the course of the year as the equinoxes equal day equal day and night ok equinox means equal night in Latin so these two points the the Sun makes no angle with respect to the earth ok so you get an equal amount of day and night all right this is what we're coming up to on March 20th of this year ok March 19 is a big date in the occult as well ok and it's specifically because it is the eve usually of the equinox the spring equinox when the Sun is at the equator point at exactly 0 degrees now this lower six houses of the zodiac ok in the lower portion of the zodiacal circle is referred to as the toom of the Sun okay it is referred to as the sun's grave coffin or tomb because this is the time when the Sun is in of the year during this these six months that the Sun is in the southern hemisphere and the northern hemisphere is not favored by the capabilities of the Sun by the growing capability it is not favored by the warmth of the Sun okay or the energy that the Sun outputs to basically bring life to whichever hemisphere it is in hence when it is in the southern hemisphere the northern hemisphere is experiencing its death season okay things do not grow when it is in the northern hemisphere there is a rejuvenation of the earth and crops then do grow okay so on the second right hand side of this image we see the date March 22nd this is when the season of sacrifice comes into really comes into being and symbolically this date represents something too dark occultists this is because it actually breaks the equatorial line the whole disk of the Sun is not at the equator anymore okay it actually comes up above the imaginary line that defines the equator the sun's disc okay as you can see visually depicted there so this is the third day after the beginning of the equinox okay so again on the third day the Son of God rises from the dead okay this is all about astral theology we talked about astral theology extensively this is the root of that part of the Christian exoteric tradition it is about the Sun rising after three days of darkness three zodiacal houses he was at its lowest point of power at the winter solstice December 21st 22nd okay after three days he is born okay symbolically at Christmas December when the Sun starts moving back north again but then he rises out of his tomb after three days Capricorn Aquarius and Pisces the three houses so they achill houses that comprise winter so that's what you're seeing here and then they repeat this cycle in three actual physical days okay after the spring equinox the third day is March 22nd three two two that's what it represents this is the rising of the Sun okay or Lucifer rising the Sun or the light looks in Latin and frere means to bring the light is being brought to the northern hemisphere okay and again darker cultists are in fact Luciferians they they are a solar cult all right so I wrote here on the third day after the spring equinox the Sun breaks past the equator thus fully emerges from its tomb of the southern hemisphere this symbolically represents Lucifer the light bringer rising from the dead to begin his journey toward his highest place of power at the summer solstice okay which you can see the top of that zodiacal wheel depicted okay right at that line at that vertical line all right Lucifer means looks plus frere in Latin light bringer okay these high and low points of light can also be seen in the cryptic tracing board of two volcanus is all connected with the Royal Arch degrees of Freemasonry and it is shown below okay this is when you're starting to be introduced to what is known as luminize or illuminated Freemasonry all right and there you see astra theology symbolically depicted you see the planting season and the season of death okay the season of life and death above is the season of life that's the arch okay is depicted on top of that season of light you have those six zodiacal houses and then below is the season of death there with the sarcophagus below and the light streaming down into it from above depicting that we symbolically need to get out of our spiritual death and come to the light but as you see at the top the world is kind of in ruins or disarray because that is what enlightenment uh is about it's coming to enough awareness for light to understand how much the world is certainly in disarray and disorder and chaos that enlightenment doesn't have extraordinarily positive lessons to teach us about our current state okay it has eight ordinarily positive messages to teach but it's showing us that we're not nowhere near there yet and we have a long hard arduous journey ahead of us if we're going to create a world that resembles order or peace or harmony or freedom in any way and that's what this tracing board is explaining now this can also be seen by turning the first degree tracing board of the entered apprentice degree onto its side okay and you see that and we haven't gotten into the symbols of Freemasonry yet so this is kind of jumping ahead but it's a brief explanation these pillars represent the three lines we just saw above they represent the solstices and the equinoxes okay this Solstice summer solstice is depicted as the pillar of the Sun or strength that's the pillar of King in Freemasonry or yakeen okay and that's when the Sun is at its highest point of power that that pillar represents the Tropic of Cancer twenty-three point five degrees north of the earth the earth is symbolically depicted as the floor of the house because we have to stop identifying with base consciousness and earthbound ego bound consciousness and we have to start to understand the consciousness of the gods okay or the consciousness of higher beings depicted there by the Sun the moon and the all-seeing eye the pillar of the lies there symbolically represents that that dark pillar at the bottom symbolically represents the winter solstice December 21st 22nd when the Sun is at its lowest point of power hence in this example it is represented by the moon or the Sun during its dark season the you know the moon being the god that is out at night the goddess that is available at night that is seen at night and depicted in its crest form their the all-seeing eye represents balance because that's how the all-seeing eye is activated we talked about that when we talked about pinecone symbolism in the pineal gland we need to bring the son of the moon together to create balance which really creates higher levels of consciousness and grants us access to Jacob's Ladder with a ladder to toward higher consciousness out of earthbound ego identification to cosmic consciousness so I hope that people can symbolically follow that okay we have to shift our brains out of left brain modality and into holistic thinking to understand these associations I'll be breaking this tracing board down extensively in the coming weeks when we get into Freemasonry and the tradition and philosophy that that represents so what I want - looking forward to that mark not it that's all the time we have so much all right I'll join ya we'll be joined with mark as usual Tuesday's on the Intel hub radio show will be joining Mauro night with another great program stay tuned this is the Intel hub radio show ups at the Intel of radio comm marks whoops a what on earth is happening calm