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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you are listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio this show is live every Tuesday evening from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time my web site what on earth is happening calm the second hour picked up by the Oracle Broadcasting Network their website Oracle broadcasting comm that is part of the Intel hub radio show I do a one-hour contribution to the in Tahoe radio show in the second hour of the show on Tuesday evening so check out their website as well the Intel hub radio comm we have a good show lined up for tonight and the first thing of course that I want to mention is that the free your mind conference is coming up this weekend only four days away this Saturday and Sunday April 9th and 10th in the city of Philadelphia and I have to tell you it's been quite a ride over the last year organizing for this great event and planning to bring in all of the speakers from all over the country and it is really really shaping up to be quite a great weekend here in Philadelphia and a lot of people are talking about it and I think a lot of people are excited about this so more on that in a moment I have a couple of event announcements and I'll give the call-in numbers and then we're going to continue our discussion on Freemasonry we've been discussing the allegorical tradition of Freemasonry in the esoteric sense that is the deep roots of the tradition and we're going down deep into the meanings of the symbols and allegories that are contained within the free Masonic tradition we've been doing that over the last few weeks and we'll continue to do that over the next few weeks at least so more on Freemasonry coming up tonight if you go up to the website if you're not already there on the radio listen page there is a series of 13 images listed for tonight's show April 5th 2011 it says images for tonight's show and then there are 13 links there we basically made it through the first six images I'm going to recap a little bit about image number six there on the radio listen page on what on earth is happening dot-com and we're going to briefly recap the legend of Hiram Abiff and then we're going to get into the first degree of Freemasonry the entered apprentice degree this evening and hopefully get to a breakdown of the first degree tracing board of Freemasonry this evening so that's coming up the event announcements here we go of course for your mind a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10th that's this weekend at rubra hall 414 green street in the city of philadelphia the doors open both days at 9 a.m. and the speakers will begin promptly at 10 a.m. on both days admission price is $30 at the door I would say at this point please do not even attempt to send any advance ticket requests or orders because there's not enough time for that probably to reach here so don't take that chance just uh get your tickets at the door if you don't already have them for your mind is a unique two-day conference scheduled for April 9 and 10 2011 in Philadelphia PA featuring multiple speakers and diverse educational materials for the purpose of raising public awareness of the critically important topics of mass mind control techniques the covert and subversive influences upon our consciousness and behavior trauma based and ritualized abuse and the practical mental and emotional healing methodologies available for those affected by these devices the featured speakers Aaron McCallum Alfred Weber Andrew basiago Bob Tuscan fire your dozy Freeman fly yon Irvan stepping in to take the place of Paul Marco will be Jay Parker John Nicholson Joseph Mara Larkin Rhodes Laura Eisenhower Mark motika Mark pasio Michael Kelly and Suzanne Taylor there is a conference schedule posted to the front page of the conference website which you can visit at WWF or your mind conference calm that's free your mind conference calm and I hope to see a lot of folks out at the free your mind conference this weekend guaranteed you will learn a lot and not come away empty-handed all right so that's the first event announcement the second one of course is fed stock two coming up Saturday April 23rd 2011 fed stock is the official and the Fed rally for the city of Philadelphia and the theme for this year is turn your back on the Federal Reserve for more information on fed stock 2 and the location and the events they have planned for this uh this year for end the Fed please visit WWE end the Fed calm that's pH I ll Y and the Fed dot-com you can also visit the organizers a meetup group meetup calm meetup group at truth freedom prosperity dot org that's truth freedom prosperity dot o-r-g okay those are the event announcements and let me give the call-in numbers now if anybody wants to call in there's never any tableau topics but I'd like to take some calls maybe on the free your mind conference if anyone has any questions or thoughts about that and about anything related to Freemasonry that we have been covering over the last few weeks so the call-in number for the first hour of the show you is seven two four four four four seven four four four once again the call-in number seven two four triple four seven triple for the call ID number which you will be prompted for when you call in is eight three five one five once again the call ID number for what on earth is happening eight three five one five hopefully we will get some callers today on the line and we could take some calls maybe about the free your mind conference here we go last week we left off discussing Freemasonry as an allegorical tradition as a tradition in which ultimately what is attempting to be conveyed to the initiate of this tradition is an understanding of morality and an understanding of natural law principles and this understanding is taught in an indirect way in Freemasonry it is taught through a system of symbols allegories and rituals that is what Freemasonry is at its essence okay and we made the distinguishment between true esoteric Freemasonry and Lodge masonry as it is practiced today how that has been kind of watered down and degraded over the years it's not in it in a good State it's in kind of a state of disarray if you ask me and we're making the distinction between two kinds of masonry ultimately Freemasonry is ultimately trying to build a world of freedom that is in harmony with the natural law dark masonry which is what a lot of Freemasonry so-called Freemasonry has turned into is attempting to build barriers between people erect barriers in their mind toward coming online to true psychological freedom getting out of mind control in other words okay they're putting barriers and place to that continuing to teach the idea of the authority vested in man of which there is no such thing that's that's one of the biggest lies that can never be taught bought or sold and basically continue toward an author authoritarian path which is leading us into the system of slavery which we talked about on this show that is dark masonry I don't even call that Freemasonry it is a perversion of the original esoteric teachings of of true Freemasonry but do not doubt that that is actively going on and a lot of large systems are set up for that very purpose so we have to be mature in the understanding that we're not talking about one thing here when we talk about the tradition of masonry okay we're talking about a pure unadulterated tradition and then one that has become adulterated and infiltrated by dark oak cultists and what we are attempting endeavoring to teach here is the true unadulterated teachings and the true meaning behind the symbols and allegories of the original um on adulterated tradition of Freemasonry so we were looking at the general structure of the degrees we looked at a couple of weeks ago into one of the main symbols of Freemasonry the compasses and the square with the G in the middle of it and we looked at the concept of light and the role that light and the Sun plays in this tradition and last week we delved into the allegorical legend of Hiram Abiff the original master Mason and we saw that this legend is essentially about death and resurrection and it has very deep connotative analogies to Asheville theology as we saw last week Hiram Abiff is a master builder who King Solomon basically recruits to build his temple and he's the main architect and charge of the project he's skilled in the working of metals this is very symbolic because alchemy is about the working with metals and it's about changing base metals into higher-quality metals like gold and this is really ultimately an allegorical symbol for changing base consciousness into higher-level consciousness so he's an alchemist Hiram Abiff okay he's not just a builder of a physical building okay this is just the symbol he's a builder of a better form of consciousness and a better brain and ultimately a better human being okay because the tradition of Freemasonry is ultimately about the brain and the heart and those two very very powerful centers of consciousness actually being built to higher States and to ultimately work together and not in opposition but in unity consciousness again such that we are we become beings that as we think so we feel and so we act and we do that in a moral way and in a way that is keeping with natural law as we've discussed so much on the show so Hiram Abiff is also emblematic of the Sun we see that in this legend he is in the allegorical story of Horeb if he is accosted by three base consciousness individuals they call them the ruffians Jubilate blow to balloon okay these three individuals basically confront him at three gates of the temple the symbolic Temple of Solomon okay and they asked him for the secret word of masonry which he refuses to grant them because there's a reason for this when we get to the idea of what the lost word is and what that concept represents and why really even if he wanted to give him the word he could not really give it to them because again it's a symbol it's symbolic and no one can actually give you that and you'll understand what I mean when we get to what that lost word is so um he he refuses to give up this this deep secret of masonry the lost word to these ruffians these base consciousness men and they are they accost him so they strike him with a 24 inch gauge with a a square and with a setting Maul okay so he's uh well I admit perhaps it's a level on I can't quite remember but he is um he is struck with these three tools okay and the final blow comes in the form of this hammer to the third eye okay so he struck in the chest he struck in the throat and he struck in the middle of the forehead or the third eye chakra okay now these three blows that he receives ultimately kill him he is his first accosted in the east then in the south and then in the West where he is slain and what this represents is the path of the Sun okay so again Hiram Abiff is likened to the Sun in the in the allegory of the legend of Hiram Abiff and this connects with Astro theology which we've looked at extensively particularly the Christian form of it so he is like the Masonic Christ figure or hero Savior that is slain and dies and then needs to be resurrected and again this all ultimately is about the killing of the truth the killing of the human spirit and how those qualities need to be resurrected within us that's the deeper meaning behind the allegory we can't get caught up in the physical story okay thinking that it's literal true then we can't get caught up even in the the exoteric Astro Theological underpinnings which are really just a relationship to the light and the Sun and its path in the sky okay it's telling a story about the light and that's what higher on the Biff represents the light needs to be resurrected the truth needs to be resurrected living in harmony with natural law needs to be resurrected okay so this is a death and rebirth story okay a story of being slain or basically being put into a state of conditioned consciousness or unconsciousness as the case may be would be better to say a condition of total unconsciousness or basically being dead to what's really going on in the world and within yourself okay and then needing to go within and find that the courage the desire and the knowledge to resurrect yourself out of that sorry condition of consciousness that's what ultimately this story is about so that's what the story of Hiram Abiff is telling and Solomon representing you know the higher force of consciousness the coming together of the Sun and the moon who the temple is ultimately being built for we're going to look at this symbolic Temple of Solomon tonight he sends out 12 helpers to go and look for Hiram Abiff and resurrect him from the dead and this is of course the story of the son and the 12 houses of the zodiac and the Sun making its trek throughout the year okay between the northern and southern hemispheres it rises in the northern hemisphere then it sets in the in the fall season to the to the southern hemisphere where it goes to its lowest point of power at the winter solstice and then it resurrects again at the spring equinox to repeat the cycle all over again okay so that's what we're seeing here again in this tradition very similar to what we see in the in tradition okay it's it the the parallels are striking okay because it's ultimately attempting to teach the same message as the esoteric form of Christianity that's what true Freemasonry is attempting to teach the golden rule treat others as you would be treated period live in harmony with natural law respect others others natural law rights there is no authority the Creator is the authority man is not the end that's it okay ultimately that's what lies at the end of this initiatory process if someone really is open to it and transforms through study through a you know the desire to open up their mind get out of their conditioned level of consciousness and improve themselves okay but ultimately that has to be done by the person themself the large system can only be a helper or an assistant to that process okay like anyone with vast amounts of knowledge cannot actually change someone's consciousness for them the being must do that themselves that is their own work all a person who has a lot of information and a higher level of consciousness can do is show somebody the way they can show them the door but they have to walk through it they can show them the path that they have to walk down it okay so to go back to this story of the murder of Hiram Abiff we'll look at in when we look at the third degree we'll look at that process of resurrection because that's what the third degree tracing board is all about the first degree tracing word which we're going to look at tonight in a little while is about the building of the Temple of Solomon and what that Temple of Solomon symbolically represents we've already seen this image before on the show but I'm going to expensively attempt to break it down this evening so uh the first degree of Freemasonry is known as and this is the initiatory degree initiation means beginning okay so I've said before on the show that dark Oh cultists okay actually have a name for people people in the world who basically have no idea what's going on in the world they have no idea what's going on within themselves they don't know about consciousness they don't know about the forces that shape consciousness they know nothing of the brain they know nothing of the human heart and the mechanisms of the soul the deep underpinnings of the human psyche and how that works they basically are people who know very little about anything of any major significance dark occult us in the world who try to keep people in this manipulated and conditioned state their whole lives and let them die in that condition um call people the dead that is what they actually refer to people as the dead okay as sick and twisted as that is that is their name for the average human being on planet Earth okay I have said before on the show they also will sometimes refer to them as the unbe gun those who have not begun to even begin the process of deciphering reality and searching for truth they have not even started they are not even a little bit of knowledge at the place where they have a little bit of knowledge or understanding of natural law or how anything works basically and that means they are uninitiated they do not have initiation okay they do not have initiatory drive that drive the desire that is necessary to begin the process of awakening toward enlightenment and what this first degree is ultimately about is initiation it is about beginning at the bottom level to climb the long ladder to enlightenment okay and as Hiram Abiff represents the light okay and he will not give this lost word to these ruffians who attack him because he knows ultimately again even if the desire was there to suddenly enlighten them they must do that work for themselves again the idea here is that enlightenment is a stepwise process it doesn't just magically happen it requires time when you are in a state of conditioned consciousness you're not going to just suddenly and majestically magically all at once break that conditioning and I've said okay there is this concept in Eastern traditions known as the Satori awakening SAT Ori this sudden awakening may be it comes in the form of some sort of a mystical experience or a Kundalini explosion of energy wonderful that happens you know it may happen to one in a million people if that people who have any experiences like that like a Southern Satori awakening that they're they're completely conditioned and in a state of general unconsciousness and then they suddenly awake in one day and they really know what's going on in the world they should thank their lucky stars they should count their blessings wonderful if that happens I'm not going to frown upon that but you know what that happens so rarely that it's almost not worth talking about if it happens wonderful go with the flow and enjoy but for most people down here on the ground enlightenment requires work and it's a stepwise process of pulling yourself up one rung at a time one level at a time and that takes time to accomplish it doesn't just happen all at once so that's what this idea is and yes this is a Western mystery tradition concept it isn't much in keeping with the Eastern forms that enlightenment can suddenly suddenly occur okay and again I've said I don't dismiss that idea however it's so rarer that what we are basically talking about and focusing on is how it happens for most people the process of enlightenment is a stepwise process requiring time effort and um desire okay to continue on no matter what the obstacles look like so I'm going to take a break right there and we have a caller on the line so let's take this call guess number four you're on what on earth is happening what do you have for us good day mark I go by the name of keeper okay how are you doing tonight fantastic thank you mark I've been going through your archives and listening to your shows I'm trying to go all the way through from the from the show one and and it's been very enlightening very well enlightening that's the thing you know once you see the pattern or the trap then you have the chance of avoiding your changing events in the situation and you're pointing things out and you're helping me to see things and I appreciate that a lot well I appreciate the kind words of encouragement there and again that's all I'm here to do is connect dots paint a few pictures that help people to see a wider you know array of things and how they interlock together and hopefully I'm doing a fairly decent job of that and um you know my suggestion is just keep going you know keep seeking truths and you know that that's what it's all about it's it's it's about that journey so I appreciate that yeah do you have anything else well that's that's one of the things here you know the one of the things you say is just go ahead and research things just go ahead and find things and I have been doing this process on my own for some time as many of us have but the problem I run across is that there's a lot of disinformation oh yeah and the the very occulting of the of this concepts makes it very very very difficult to find the real deal yes how do you determine which things are the truth and which things you should focus on the things you should be like this is not nothing it's rubbish yes let's talk about that so there is a lot of disinformation out there and the reason for that is very simple particularly with the dawn of the Internet okay when information availability is widespread and it's basically at people's fingertips okay you really can't hold back the floodgates of information anymore okay so information is out there it simply is out there all right what those who really want to stop people from reaching certain information are doing now as opposed to attempting to withhold certain pieces of information which they know they cannot because anybody can be a publisher now you could scan something and put it online you can record something it digitally and put it online and want to hit the Internet it basically becomes immortal practically unless this planet goes away okay that's how powerful the Internet is soon as something hits the net people are downloading it especially if you are on some kind of a distributed information system like BitTorrent or something like u s-- net which goes out to tens of thousands of servers worldwide when it hits the web in a form like that it's basically preserved and it's going to be in circulation of knowledge in the world until this planet is no longer here okay so they know they can't stop the flow of information what they need to do is add noise to the signal so that while that signal is being broadcast it becomes hazy er and fuzzier and more disjointed and you know like a radio signal that isn't coming in clear okay so I think that's what you're referring to here now my suggestion to that is go to sources that basically are talking about the main underlying concepts and don't get too bogged down in details okay now of course we delve into details here on the show it's important to do if the person is speaking from the we're in a view of true freedom individual sovereignty the understanding that there is ultimately no authority in men that's a person that I would pay attention to if they're promoting something that is self empowering and not fear-based but also not from an egoic perspective from a perspective of truly wanting to help people that's the kind of person that I would pay attention to and listen to I think it takes an intuitive um quality that we have to develop on our own but by being eclectic about information intake what that means is taking information from a wide variety of sources and that will put you in a better position to gauge whether this person not intuitively whether their information feels right and you can get a sense for their heart when you do that and I mean I don't have any more specific techniques that I can tell you to do what that what I do is try to be as eclectic about the information gathering as possible and if you saw how much information was in in this house right here like I said I look at it sometimes and I almost want to pass out like I've gathered a lot of data and sift through that and then you will begin as you take in more and more to develop an intuitive understanding of whether the person that you're you're receiving that information from basically has the core underlying concepts down correct and hey everybody is human everybody will make mistakes I will make mistakes they're not every single little last detail that I've ever said is a hundred percent accurate you need to take things and delve into them on your own refine things people will do that with lots of people's information they'll say okay well they got this 98% right I'm going to refine it down to 99.9% correct and that's what it is it's about a distillation of information and again the main themes is what to focus on in other words don't don't let it become something where you don't see the forest for the trees by focusing on minutiae get the general over arching concepts and when you do that you'll really be able to you'll be able to see and hear the heart of that person versus getting bogged down and oh he said this one day that was wrong and now he's a disinfo agent it doesn't work that way you know it's about getting the gist of their ultimate underlying message and that's the essence of that person's heart exactly and you need to follow your and use your intuition you can feel when the you're hearing the truth or not the truth but an actual technique that is useful in finding out in distilling the information out is the Trivium I'm Stan I really suggest that everybody look into this Trivium method Yan Irving does an excellent job of conveying this message but it's a very powerful classic technique it's no longer taught in school since about the 40s it was dropped off the school curriculum for very good reason because it allows you to see through this information or lies by breaking down the actual language and understanding the core concept of what's being fed to you Dunn can point out the little fallacies or the actual correct logic in anything whether it's a spoken word heard on the radio seen on television any source you can break it down and I want to I want to let everyone know Yan will be speaking at the free your mind conference on the Trivium he will be breaking the Trivium down explaining to people what it is explaining the people how it was used in in you know previous times and also to discuss why it is not being taught in school in our modern Soviet derived and Nazi derived outcome based education system which we covered on this show these tools in hand know grammar logic and rhetoric and then into the quadrivium which is mathematics geometry music and astronomy Yann Irvin does an excellent job discussing these you want to check out his website at trivia education.com and yawns main site is a gnostic mediacom and i just did two interviews with him over the past month a month or a month and a half something like that and they're still up on his site they're actually posted to the new section of my site you cannot also get them at yawns main podcast page which is a gnostic mediacom yah yah nervin is a tremendous resource and i definitely encourage people to check out his work well marker i don't want to take up much more of your time because i want you to get back in to hire them a bit and these excellent allegories here which is very mind of i opening and mind opening at the same time I really appreciate this insight into free masonic yes and one of the most important questions that i have here is what are the natural laws i have understanding through your messages that you need to be in alignment with with the natural laws in a unified trivia of the minds of the feelings and the actions in alignment with the natural laws and actually with the the narrative principle here yes i talked about now yeah I don't know reckon one more I'm sorry I talked about natural law pretty extensively on past podcasts I would I would guess that you're probably not up to those podcasts if you began at the beginning so um the the main one is podcast number 36 in which I do a presentation on natural law so the whole concept of natural law what it is how it functions is broken down in podcast number 36 and there is an accompanying slideshow presentation which I posted in the form of a high-quality PDF document with that podcast it is podcast number 36 on the podcast page well I would encourage you to check that podcast out for those for that answer excellent and I just wanted to leave with one more thought here that we all we're all the process of being the mason of the moment that's absolutely right we are the builders of our collective experience I thank you for the call I really appreciate the kind words and you take care thank you Mark I'll be listening further great call there okay so I'm the best callers anywhere on talk on internet talk radio period I mean that's just the truth you know uh never disappointed with the callings to this show ever so here we go we were talking about the process of initiation and how the original mystery schools initiated people would was they would give them a bit of the secrets or the mysteries I guess you could call them about consciousness and they would basically attempt to determine whether this person really had the desire to go further you know it was the idea that you want to give people uh someone who is thirsty a half a cup of water and if they want more after that instead of flooding them with a whole lot you know I tend to do that sometimes you had people with so much information that they can't take it all in and then some people you know you'll go up to them and you'll you know tell them a little bit and Bill they're like a sponge ready to soak it all up and they want more and more and they could take it almost as fast as you can they could give it you could give it out so that's that was the idea here this was a again a sense is a step wise procedure they are through this process of initiation attempting to determine who the really thirsty people were I guess you could liken it to and who people who really didn't want any any part of it work because you know the fall into ego based consciousness is thousands and thousands of years old into the antiquity of the human species so these mystery schools have been around for thousands of years and this is how this process worked back then I I say now in the modern day we don't really have we can't afford to do it that way anymore you know I think we need to really distribute knowledge as much as possible freely and openly and people out will go out there and take it on their own now that we have the distribution system for it but again it is very important to be able to distinguish dis information from the real deal so um in the first degree tradition of all of the mystery schools the the person was basically called an initiate or an apprentice okay now in the tradition of Freemasonry the first degree initiate is called the entered apprentice the entered apprentice this means that he has entered the system of initiation he has entered the lodge system okay but he is not yet totally privy to the light or the truth he needs to slowly take in that information so that he can slowly begin to better himself now I want to direct everyone's attention to image number seven this is where we're going to start talking about the first degree initiate the entered apprentice in Freemasonry okay actually before I do that I wanted to get back just momentarily to the concept of this lost word okay because we're going to see what that means when we break down image number nine tonight the first degree tracing board the entered apprentice degree tracing board the concept of the lost word which Hiram Abiff was murdered for okay is actually the word equilibrium equilibrium is the lost word okay but it's not a word it's a state of consciousness it means the balance that one must arrive at in order to come up to a higher level of consciousness okay it's the balance between the left and the right brain hemispheres and it's the balance between thought emotion and action working in harmony with each other okay the three modalities of consciousness that is what the concept that is ultimately salt in Freemasonry is and this is considered a lost modality the lost word because most people aren't in that state of balance or equilibrium it's something that has been lost from the world it is represented by the concept of the all-seeing eye the stone the builders rejected which is the capstone of a pyramid or the pure Midian the all-seeing eye on top of the the pyramid which you see on the back of the one dollar bill again this concept is related to the third eye which is the balancing of the left and right brain hemisphere we're going to see that tonight again when we break down the first degree board so I just wanted to mention that that Hiram Abiff could not have given them that he you know basically honored his tradition by not giving out its quote secrets and again there was really no secrets in true Freemasonry in Freemasonry oh there there's dark seek their secrets in dark masonry but in true Freemasonry there are no secrets and anyone who has really taken the true understanding of the esoteric a form of Freemasonry into their minds and hearts will will teach it on unwaveringly will teach it of unselfishly to anyone who has any desire to learn about these concepts and ideas they will never hold information back to from anyone you know anybody who will tell you that I can't tell you about Freemasonry you know who claims to be a true Mason doesn't understand what Freemasonry really is no one who was asked for knowledge about consciousness that really truly had a desire to learn and whoever had that that knowledge would never deny it to that individual okay so that's one way that I will distinguish between a true freemason and one who really doesn't understand the tradition even if their heart may be in the right place so to speak as far as you know they're trying to better themselves they have not really truly come online and don't really deeply understand the tradition or if they did they would share that knowledge with anyone who wanted to partake with it who had the desire to do that you know they might learn a little bit about that person first to try to gauge if their intentions are in the right place and then then disseminate it but they would definitely not just say oh I know I don't talk about what I know okay that would be the hallmark of a dark occultist and that's not the right footsteps to follow and I think that's really what has led us to this sorry condition that humanity is in in the modern day is not disseminating information about consciousness in a widespread and distributed way so let's look at image number seven this is what the first degree initiate is led into the lodge system for the first time this is what he wears you can see that the clothes are completely disheveled okay and this represents the state of not being in equilibrium it represents the state of being in a state of imbalance in consciousness okay there is the the pant leg is rolled up on one side and down on another the shirt arm is rolled up on one side and down on another the person is generally just disheveled in general their shirt is you know sticking out of their pants most times you'll see that in in an image number number eight which is an actual photo so image number seven here for those who are following the images on the website are is a rendering is a drawing of what the entered apprentice initiate image number eight is an actual older photo from inside of a lodge you could see the initiative lined fold in image eight and standing between the two pillars and you see the seals of Solomon on the archway behind him again the chalice and blade United this is not simply it's it's used in Judaism and in Israel in particular but that's not the origin of that sign okay of that symbol this is the unification of the blade which is an upward pointing triangle representing the male uh masculine aspects of consciousness the left brain and then the inverted triangle represent all icky okay this is the representation of the Sacred Feminine aspect of consciousness the right brain hemisphere okay and it's also the unification of the male principle of action okay with the feminine principle of emotion we have to bring our actions into alignment with our emotions so you see in between the two pillars we're going to discuss pillars in depth tonight symbolically what they represent okay and you see him there in between the two pillars okay but he's in a state of imbalance he's at the beginning of the journey okay he has to go through those pillars they come into the main part of the lodge which is really ultimately a symbolic representation of the self the being has to go within and within and work to correct the imbalances within himself to make himself into a better human being and get out of that disheveled uh imbalanced condition so that he can come to the place of equilibrium the balance between the left and right brain hemisphere and the unification of the heart with the mind okay that's ultimately what this is all about and he wears what is called the cable tow around his neck okay you see it there it looks like form of a noose okay and what this represents is that a person in a state of extreme psychological imbalance who has no equilibrium certainly okay they are in a state of mental psychological emotional and spiritual decay okay um they often need to be dragged kicking and screaming to the light to the truth they need a push so speak oral pole as the case may be okay in order to be shown the truth and in their imbalance state the truth may not always be pleasurable as a matter of fact many times it's very disturbing okay as we see with people who are in the state of cognitive dissonance about events like 9/11 or just you know the state of freedom in general you know they're in denial about it well the the initiate is shown here and you know this is a subtle form of mockery it is a subtle form of basically having the initiate dress like this they will think about hopefully they will think about what is being told to me it what is being said here especially if they're not really in a state of any kind of decent consciousness to begin with again true Freemasonry seeks to find people that are in somewhat of a state of consciousness that is ready to receive the truth okay and what's being done here in the first degree the entire first degree I would have to concede is sort of a subtle form of occult mockery okay and it's done to spur the person on to show them you have a lot of work to do okay you know not to be not to beat them over the head with things but to basically say you can be much much better than you are now and you know the first degree tracing warriors we're going to see really there's no way that the entered apprentice just coming to these symbols and allegories for the very first time could possibly decode them certainly not all at once let me tell you something folks it took me years years to understand truly all the symbolism and first degree bored alone okay years and I'm going to attempt to basically convey that information in one show which you know good luck to me try to do that but I'm going to give it a shot um the this is the symbols of this tradition need to be meditated upon they need to be contemplated upon and they need to be concentrated upon all three modes of thought need to be employed I'd say really contemplate these symbols particularly the first degree board there's so much in it it's unbelievable and I still discover things in it from time to time they're new to me so it's an ongoing process and essentially what they're doing is giving somebody the really the whole answer to the mystery traditions and to life in general in one image because that that the first degree tracing were which we're going to look at an image number nine is a book it's not one image that's a book that you're being handed okay it's more than a book it's it's a volume of encyclopedias alright and it's more than that it's a complete archive of knowledge all within that one image believe it or not okay it breaks down so much that it's unbelievable and um essentially like I said what they're doing is they're basically saying oh here here it always there there's one image there it's all there and they know that that person can't possibly decipher it that person doesn't even know what they're holding when they're given that tracing board they have no idea what they're holding so is it a subtle form of you know a jest absolutely it's a subtle form of a mocking jest that they're basically you know ribbing the person saying you know we have at this point more knowledge than you and you really need to work on yourself to get to a higher level you know you're you're a mess it's basically what's being said for in so many words okay so that's the main concept here the the entered apprentice is a play on words and again we will see over and over again going forward looking into the occult how word play is very fav in occult traditions it's extremely favored in dark occult traditions but it's also used in the more positive traditions okay they like wordplay this is called green language okay it's a take on words of phonetic sounds how they combine with a different variants of them are okay and they're saying something in code the entered apprentice is actually the entered intern apprentice the buried apprentice the the one who is actually seeking to come out of the grave to be resurrected from their state of Darkness okay they are interred they are buried their spirit is buried their mind is buried okay their morality is buried their ability to live in harmony with natural law is buried it's covered up the dirt needs to be taken away it needs to be removed so that they can come up out of that grave okay which is we're going to see later is symbolically very much represented by a coffin in Freemasonry okay and you can actually see that in image 13 there's a coffin at the very beginning or bottom of the stairway leading to the two pillars of initiation okay we'll look at that later but the point I'm trying to get at here is the the entered apprentice degree is actually a play on words it it means the interred apprentice the one who is actually spiritually buried there in a state of darkness and the solution what they really need to receive is light which is knowledge about oneself and knowledge about how natural law works that's what Freemasonry refers to symbolically as truth they call it light because the idea is that the Creator placed the light into the world it is the creator's light that nourishes us that sustains us the life and strength and energy etc okay just like the Sun gives light to the earth and gives energy to the earth and sustains the earth and the processes of life here well the creator of the universe ultimately bears the light into the world okay it is it is without that there is nothing all right and that concept is called light this goes back to the very first words of Genesis in the Bible okay because the Freemasonry does borrow a lot from biblical allegories and biblical traditions in Genesis the words attributed to the creation of the universe is let there be light and in Latin that is Fiat looks Fiat in Latin means so let it be or let it be done and looks Lu X means light in Latin so Fiat looks is a phrase you will often see in a Masonic Lodge often toward the east where the the the main altar usually faces with the three candles on it okay um basically you'll sometimes see in the main area where the rituals are conducted facing so this will be often the most ornate or elaborate place in the lodge you will see the phrase Fiat looks and you will sometimes see it accompanied accompanied by the all-seeing eye and sometimes with rays of light streaming from the all-seeing eye okay so with that in mind that phrase Fiat looks let's move on to image number nine and I'll begin and hopefully be able to do this within the next hour again you know wish me luck to break down the symbols of the first degree tracing board so let's move the image number nine and here uh and by the way in a few moments I'll be connecting into Oracle broadcast and I'll try do that around 5:00 after and will be joining the into hub radio show for the second hour so image number nine shows what is called the first degree tracing board of the entered apprentice degree of Freemasonry okay and what this what this tracing board represents is the being him or herself okay that's the best way I can put it this is you this is not only you this is the universe as well it's both okay because the microcosm is the reflection of the macrocosm the concept of as above so below alright the concept that the universe is self-similar across scales all right it is the earth it is the universe it is you ultimately what you're looking at is the synthesis of all of those scales in the universe all together in one image and this is symbolically represented by these three pillars with the checkerboard floor the ladder the tools the gods in the heavens represented by the Sun the moon and the all-seeing eye okay and this is known symbolically as the Temple of Solomon in Freemasonry okay now this concept is biblical of course we read about the construction of the Temple of Solomon in the Bible and people say that this is there is a physical location for this building and it exists in Jerusalem in Israel okay and even if there was a temple there that uh you know was an important place of worship and ceremonies and rituals wonderful the actual Temple of Solomon is symbolic it exists within us that is fact this idea that this temple needs to be rebuilt and it's a physical building is believing in the new the actual literal telling of this allegorical story the temple that needs to be rebuilt is the temple in man okay it is the temple that exists within us that needs to be rebuilt because state of consciousness represented by this temple is in a state of disarray on earth it's in a state of complete degradation it's basically in ruins the Temple of Solomon is in ruins metaphorically symbolically okay not literally not a building okay I want to make that point very clear this is all symbolic okay what we need to do what our work is as we've talked about extensively on this show is to bring balance or equilibrium to ourselves through unifying our thoughts our emotions and our actions and through the process of healing the schism that exists within us between the left and right brain hemispheres and we're going to see in the next hour how this temple represents all those concepts okay and we're going to see how it represents the human brain and how it represents the three aspects of consciousness all right and how it represents the spiritual journey itself from earthbound existence to higher level consciousness from ego identification to cosmic awareness all right from darkness to light and how that's a stepwise process that requires time and effort it's not something that we're just handed whether somebody else can just give us as the ruffian tried to take it from the master builder Hiram Abiff doesn't work like that I can't enlighten you all I can do is show you some of the things that I've learned and say okay enlighten yourself you know you are gone doing that process I'm not the one doing it you know no one else enlightened me I enlightened me did people helped me along that path you better believe you absolutely many people I consider much greater teachers than I okay you know I wish I had some of the the verbal skills and communication skills of some of the people that I learned from but and some of their Drive you know I I consider I have a pretty good Drive and uh you know we'll but you know I look at some of the works other people have done and you know what I'm doing pales in comparison to it but that that being aside we need to understand this is all a symbolic allegory okay and we need to understand this is all about us it's all about you that's what this important is about it's not about something that's external to you too many people get trapped in that literal interpretation of things or even in the symbolic interpretation where they don't really bring down back to the base level that ultimately what this is about is you and your state of consciousness and what you can do to improve it so I'm going to connect into Oracle broadcasting right now and Bob Tosca will then introduce me after the break and we'll come back in the second hour and we will extensively break down the first degree tracing board of Freemasonry so here we go bear with me while I connect in and I'll be back in a few moments folks you have 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which means we have marked a seal with us with what on earth is happening I'll be in Philadelphia with him on Friday Saturday and Sunday for the fair mine conference I'm looking forward to that we'll have to do a live remote broadcast and I'm sure mark will be around at some point and I'm gonna doing that hosting the show live in Philadelphia so that should be a lot of fun I look forward to that all right here we go what on earth is happening with Mark dad here and that's what it's all about do not the groove on [Music] welcome who are listening to what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law vehicle and all issues affect reading of people over what on earth is happening will govern sunlight upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as manatee approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host mark Casto welcome listeners you're listening - what on earth is happening as part of the second hour of the Intel hub radio show here on Oracle broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com I'd like to direct your attention to that site for the images that we're going to discuss on the show tonight and basically they'll really be one image that I'm really going to be focused in on if you go to what on earth is happening calm and you click on the listen live page the radio listen button that is up on the upper left-hand corner of the site you can then be taken to the player page and right underneath the player there is something called images for tonight's show and there's 13 images listed there on the topic of Freemasonry which I've been discussing over the last few weeks I'm going to be breaking down image number 9 on that list here in the second hour tonight because in the first hour of the show my show normally begins at 8 o'clock p.m. Eastern Time and then the second hour is picked up on Oracle broadcasting we were discussing Freemasonry and we were breaking down some concepts of this allegorical tradition and tonight I'm going to be breaking down the tracing board of the first degree of Freemasonry the degree known as the entered apprentice degree so we'll be looking at that I know Bob has a made mention of it I'm going to briefly let you know about the free your mind conference coming up in Philadelphia it's going to be an incredible event this weekend in Philadelphia if you're in the area please come out and join us there will be so much information and it's just going to be a great time but 16 phenomenal speakers from all over the country this Sunday April 9th and 10th that rubra hall for 14 Green Street in Philadelphia doors open at 9:00 a.m. speakers begin at 10 a.m. on both days admission is $30 per day at the door and the featured speakers are Erin McCallum alfred Weber Andrew basiago Bob Tuscan foyer dozous Freeman fly Yan Irvin Jay Parker John Nicholson Joseph Mara Larkin Rose Laura Eisenhower Mark motika Mark passio Michael Kelly and Suzanne Taylor it is going to be one hell of a weekend in Philadelphia coming up in only a few days for more information visit the conference website at free your mind conference calm that's free your mind conference calm all right so we are going to look at image number nine on that image list and we're going to break that down extensively so image number nine shows the first degree tracing board of freemasonry the degree the first degree is known as the entered apprentice and what I was explaining earlier was that the entered apprentice is really a play on words it stands for the interred apprentice this means buried ok interment is burial this is a person who is basically in a state of imbalance in consciousness they have been conditioned into an non-natural state they are in darkness okay their spirit is buried their soul is essentially deadened okay and it needs to be resurrected from this sorry pitiful state that most people dwell in on the earth and sadly very sadly most people die in that condition without being raised truly okay so what this first degree is about is initiation into knowledge and it is ultimately about changing one's thoughts it is about the process of transformation and ascension in consciousness so this first degree out of the first three degrees corresponds to thought okay in the Trinity of thought emotion and action and it proceeds in that process the first degree is about thought the second degree is about emotion the third degree is about action okay the first degree is about the the dishevelled state that an apprentice or an initiate enters into this allegorical tradition and again we're not talking about Lodge Freemasonry here okay we're talking about esoteric Freemasonry true free masonry from a an allegorical perspective okay breaking down the symbols and understanding what these symbols and allegories truly mean under the surface okay I'm getting down to the core of what these symbols are about and very powerful vistas of awareness can open up to us if we deeply understand what they represent so let's look at this board in image number nine okay and I suggested at the end of last hour that people truly contemplate and meditate upon this board don't just cursorily examine it really look at it think upon it set it down and then come back to it again later okay this will actually do wonders to open up your understanding of some of these uh symbols that are contained in this very complex image that I likened to a book or even a volume of encyclopedias there's so much knowledge contained within this one image and that's how the mystery traditions did it in the ancient past they would encode knowledge so that it would not be lost through verbal tradition retelling okay as you can you know see that you know you have a line of people you start a story and one end of the line and tell people to just repeat the story from from mouth to ear as it goes down to the other end of the line it generally becomes something that barely resembles what it started as okay not so with symbolism because it carries deep connotative meanings that are connected in with archetype sin the subconscious mind therefore preserves the original teachings much better I hear the intro music for this break you're listening to what on earth is happening I'll be right back folks [Music] Oracle broadcasting radio network is on a mission to bring you the best in cutting-edge rock radio Oracle broadcasting the true beacon as we speak uncensored news and woven information that depends on a support of listeners just like you you can help us expand our reach and inform the masses from open networks by clicking the socialised link on the right hand side of the oracle broadcasting comm website using the simple tools provided it is easy to spread the word about oracle broadcasting a social networking website blog news feed and many other ways with just one click you 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hard-to-find items and help support or broadcasting at the same time that website again is Amazon shot or broadcasting you we just had a dropout with or the Oracle Network I'm going to attempt to connect back in you you have reached the Oracle on casting Radio Network call-in line after the beep please say your name where you're calling from and the on-air host will take your call momentarily mark pashia what on earth is happening log onto our hood right to watch a short video what about our food selection I'm psyched your own business and how you can find six meals for free log on to be food ready nom G or game casting home [Music] [Music] okay ladies and gentlemen we're back on what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com we are discussing the first degree tracing board of the entered apprentice degree of Freemasonry it is image number nine that we are looking at on my website on the radio listen page image number nine and let's begin breaking this very complex series of symbols that is found in this board down of one element at a time okay so you will see that we are looking into an image here and there's a border around the outside that is blue and then there's a trestle okay and we have directional markers north south east and west okay with East arranged at the top of the image and then we are looking at a scene with three pillars okay there is a light pillar on the left hand side a darker pillar on the right hand side and then there is a pillar in the middle with a ladder on it okay leaned up against it basically and there is a checkered floor at the bottom of this scenario okay uh you see two stones or what are referred to in of masonry as ash Lars okay the background there you see some building tools arrayed by the pillars and then there is a ladder with three people on this ladder at three different positions and then above in the sky there is the Sun on the left the moon on the right and an eye with light radiating out of it in the center of the image okay that's basically what is is described that's what we're seeing here in this complex imagery so this tracing board is a representation a symbolic representation of what is known as the Temple of Solomon the Temple of Solomon now the Temple of Solomon exists biblically okay it's a it's this is found in the Bible and Solomon who was a king a commissioned builders to build him a majestic temple in which he would basically worship God and and lead his people he commissioned the master builder Hiram Abiff to build this temple and again as I said in the first hour this is symbolic this is not about a physical building called the temple of Solomon that exists in Jerusalem okay this is about you you are this symbolic temple of Solomon okay it is about the earth as well and its relationship to the universe and this is about the universe it's about the concept that the universe is self-similar across scales that this is the principle of correspondence that's what it's known as in the tradition of Hermeticism okay people will be familiar with the phrase that which is above is like to that which is below okay or simply as above so below it means that as is the microcosm so goes the macrocosm as consciousness becomes imbalanced in many individuals individually you will see chaotic results in the shared a collective experience that we call daily life it just logically makes sense okay so the concept of the correspondence between all things and the self similarity of elements within creation is expressed through this image the thing I want you to ultimately understand about this because this is about you it is not about anything external to you that's the first concept to keep in mind okay so let's look at the individual elements and what these symbolically represent okay not literally but symbolically represent in the image okay as symbols because an allegorical story unfurls as we decode each individual element of symbology within this complex piece of of imagery okay the checkerboard floor is where I'd like to start what the checkerboard floor represents is low consciousness or simply unconsciousness okay it represents not being aware that's what the checkerboard floor represents okay it means that you can be on the within the light or within the darkness and you don't really know which is which okay you don't really have a deep understanding of natural law or morality you don't really have an understanding of the human psyche how it works how it may be manipulated through knowledge of how it works if one is not in possession of that same knowledge okay and therefore we see that this is the same symbolism that is on a chess board so therefore it can be likened to the game of chess well the chess master move the pieces on the board okay so if you're on the board if you're on that checkerboard floor of the house as it is referred to as the temple of the floor of the temple okay um you are but a piece that can be moved in position that will through conditioning they through mind control in other words by the Masters of the game and the Masters of the game are these Oh cultists that I have referred to in the past that basically do have deep knowledge of the psyche of humanity of of how the brain works and how the motivations and desires and instincts of people work and the knowledge is expensive and deep and it has been amassed for thousands of years so they have an extreme headstart they have an extreme advantage because they're working with deep intimate knowledge of how the game works how natural law works and how people work and most people in the world have no idea about any of these things they're completely in the dark and sadly many of them don't even want to know because they consider things are so bad it's too much work it's too hard to do it requires too much effort and I don't want to be involved in trying to figure out what's really going on or improve myself I'd rather just remain in urine you know and continue to get what I'm getting and that is exactly how it works and that's what will continue to happen if people make that decision but if they want to improve themselves they can begin that stepwise process that requires effort and dedication and time of climbing that ladder off of the floor off of the gameboard floor where one is no longer just a pawn or a piece to be positioned in this grand game of chess that's being played by chess masters okay and they can become initiated into knowledge of self that's ultimately what this is about knowledge of self which is the only true knowledge really worth having is the understanding of of ourselves and how we work this is why we're being conquered as a people because we don't have an understanding of ourselves to any level of depth and most people will want to away from that understanding instead of confronted sadly okay so what we need to do is work to toward the process of ascending that ladder that ladder is very important symbol which we'll get to okay well what we see before we even get to that ladder are these two pillars which are dualistic in their nature okay there is one there on the left that leads to the Sun one on the right that leads to the moon okay and let's leave it right there I hear the intro music for the next break so we will pick up on the concept of the two pillars and the duality that is inherent and that simple ISM and we'll come back after the break I'm mark Casio you're listening to what on earth is happening radio or just in it you know the Constitution what the back of your hand you read books listen to podcasts until you wanna turns shut websites and watched videos you may liberate your life's goal what something seems to be missing speedruners from liberty stickers calm exercise you're pretty much create you in the world's most dangerous bumper stickers that's Liberty stickers calm but wait there's more you can buy Liberty stickers wholesale 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dollars in the u.s. please visit us at hemp USA org or call 908 six nine one two six oh eight that's nine oh eight six nine one two six oh eight see what our powdered seeds and oil can do for you at Shemp USA org [Music] okay we're back on what on earth is happening on your host mark past year before the break we were beginning to look into the two pillars that are in the forefront of this image that we're breaking down which is the first degree tracing board of Freemasonry and this left-hand pillar they're marked with an S at the base that s stands for strength this pillar is known as the pillar of jocking or sometimes pronounced yakeen that's J a CH I n and it leads to the Sun overtop of that pillar and it is a Doric pillar and Doric is a masculine quality building type okay it is the light pillar sometimes referred to as or simply the pillar of strength this would correspond in the Kabbalistic tradition to the pillar of mercy okay or the right hand path now in Freemasonry it is on the left okay because this is representative of the male solar qualities of the left brain all right that's what this represents the left brain hemisphere which is a logical mathematical scientific linear etc okay all of the the masculine qualities of consciousness and the right hand pillar pillar of Boaz marked there with a bee [Music] I'm hearing some music on the line and that's coming from that coming from the network and I don't think we're scheduled for another gray carpet not sure okay faded off not sure really what that was but going right back into it the pillar of the lies on the right hand side of the image that's do AZ its marked with a B okay this is the pillar on the right that leads to the moon and that is a Corinthian pillar which is a feminine of building style they the elaborate ornate pillar it is a darker pillar is sometimes simply called the dark color in the Kabbalistic tradition this would correspond to the color of severity which is on the left hand side in the Kabbalistic tradition they're telling me on the and that it has not that my voice has not been going out over Oracle it appears so trying to bring that back up well anyway I will just continue on so as not to lose any more time this right hand pillar is called the pillar of Boaz is marked with a B at the bottom or the base of the pillar and that B stands for beauty okay so we have the pillar of strength on the right representing the masculine qualities of consciousness and the feminine pillar on the mask and pillow on the left representing strength or the masculine qualities of consciousness that is the active teller the color of action okay and on the right hand side we have the pillar of Boaz or Beauty representing the feminine qualities the lunar qualities there's the break nation bouncing their botanical this is the only the flyer that I trust fresh I want to find directly from the Amazon basin just go to truth frequency radio.com and click on the banner right on our front page and 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lines of 11:00 to 3:00 p.m. Central Time here on the Oracle Broadcasting Network [Music] alright folks this is the int'l [Music] and hopefully we're back and up and running now let's see if we can finish things up with marc-patty oh sorry for the technical difficulties this is Oracle broadcasting and coming up next is live free or die with lee rogers and mark are you there buddy yes I am well I'm glad that we have you back now and let you wrap things up here in the ten minute segment that we have to close tonight's show you got it sorry about the tech difficulties I had no idea what happened but let's jump right back into it but I went on with this Freemason symbolism yeah people will have a field day with this one you know getting disconnected as soon as I start talking about the initiation of Freemasonry and some of its symbols will you know think that some forces don't want this information revealed but I can assure you it's just some frustrating technical difficulties and we'd seem to have had that handled now so I'm continuing on with the breakdown of the first degree tracing board and we were looking at the duality that is symbolized by the two forward pillars okay the pillars marked with the letter S and the letter B the pillar marked with the letter S there on the left is called the pillar of jocking sometimes pronounced knocking that's J achi n this is the solar masculine pillar that is called the light pillar okay because it's it's a basically a white whitish in color sometimes it's depicted as white and it is distinguished from the dark pillar on the right which is called the power of Boaz bo AZ the jackeen pillar is Doric okay in its architectural style and it leads to the Sun because it represents strength or the solar masculine quality that's what the SS at the bottom there represents and it represents the solar masculine qualities of consciousness the left brain hemisphere and also action it is the active principle in the Trinity of consciousness thoughts emotions and actions the right-hand pillar conversely the pillar of bolas boa Z is the Corinthian pillar it is dark because it is lunar or feminine and it represents the qualities of night or passiveness or things being cloaked or you know not out in the open okay so this pillar is the Sacred Feminine or the lunar qualities of consciousness and it represents the internal sometimes veiled a aspect of consciousness called emotion so we have the emotional pillar and the pillar of action and ultimately the goal that we need to strive toward is to unify these two in a process of synthesis such that our actions are in alignment with our emotions therefore that little pillar is the way okay and it is marked with the W there because it represents wisdom wisdom is what we do with what we know okay it's what we do when we know something is right or not right and the action that we decide to take on it and if it is in alignment with truth and morality and natural law we are ascending in consciousness and going up that ladder and that middle pillar is again has a Kabbalistic analog to it that is the pillar of mildness which is the middle pillar on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life so here repeat it again the three pets or pillars just like we saw when we broke down the Kabbalistic tradition and the Tree of Life so the the solar male pillar of jackeen would correspond with the Kabbalistic pillar of Mercy okay which is about action and the external aspects of consciousness meaning what we do and then the pillar of the lies on the right the lunar pillar corresponds with the Kabbalistic pillar or path known as the path of verity which is about the internal qualities namely the emotional qualities and that is the veiled or dark or feminine aspect so these pillars we can clearly see are all about the three aspects of consciousness thought emotion in action the the pillar in the middle at the end of the board meaning if we look into it from a sense of depth perspective as we are moving forward it lies at the end of the journey okay this is the middle pillar the pillar of wisdom and it is called in the free Masonic tradition Jacob's Ladder okay and there is the ladder and again that's another story an allegorical story told in the Bible jacob ascend the ladder he sees the heavenly realms and the vistas of consciousness that are available to him in the higher state of awareness and when he comes back down to the earth he is sort of disillusioned and basically makes the statement that this place is a terrible place because it is in quite a state of disarray and in a state of ruins because people's consciousness are in such a state of imbalance so the idea here is unification of what seemed to be opposites the masculine and feminine qualities of consciousness or the left and right brain hemispheres but in fact they are really um need to be brought together into harmony and unison with each other if we are to again ascend in consciousness and go up jacob's ladder and this is all symbolic about healing one's own emotional mental and psychological state which is really in the modern world in most people in a very poor condition because of all the conditioning and outright psychological manipulation and mind control that we undergo from a very young age and the indoctrination that we are put through in school and the food's the horrible foods that a lot of people are eat and take in to themselves in the horrible media that they are connected to and the you know frivolous and trivial pursuits that they pay attention to the forms of media that they take into themselves I'll keep them in this state of imbalance in the brain and in the psyche which is cut which is represented by the dualistic nature of these pillars so again the goal is synthesis and that is what is represented in the of the depth aspect of the image meaning moving from what appears to be in front of you in the image to farther place in the image as you go along that is the journey in life that you make toward unity consciousness okay if we are moving in the right direction which is toward the east you can see the East is in the direction ahead West would be backward or behind you okay South would be to the right and North would be to the left if you are progressing forward in this image okay and indeed East is toward the light or the Rising Sun that's what is ultimately represented up at the top of the image not only on the left but even in the Boston I where the rays of light are coming from the eye this is the synthesis or the union of the left and right brain hemispheres that is characterized by the turning on or the opening of the all-seeing eye which is the pineal gland and the center of the head okay the the gland or the chakra area that the Mystics of all different traditions have referred to as the third eye or the one eye the single eye in the Book of Luke in the Bible okay Jesus's words the words attributed to Jesus basically say that if you make the eye single your body will be full of light but if it remains dual your body will be full of darkness so in other words it's showing that the way to balance and light and this is told coincidentally or synchronistically I should say in the Book of Luke which corresponds what the word light looks is light in Latin the Book of Luke is the book of light okay and that that very powerful symbolic allegory contained there also is an explanation of how to come online to a higher state of awareness by unifying the masculine and feminine principles within the self we want to find emotion and action looks like that so yes that is all the time we have today and you know it's funny because this this touches on exactly what I'll be talking about at the fear mind conference and I just got back from a dinner party while the technical difficulties when our eyes and sure enough I was talking about how we only are seeing so much of the dark and the dark things in this day and age because of so much light that make sense absolutely the more light that is shed into a very dirty and disheveled room the more you will see of how bad learn at the state of disarray that room is in and that's what we do on the radio show five days a week the info her radio show our special contributor Mark Hasse Oh what on earth is happening calm it's his website mark thanks so much we'll have to do it again next week Bob thank you everyone check out the website for your mind conference calm and come on up out to the free your mind conference in Philadelphia this weekend if you're able thanks bye I'll see you there folks all right we'll see you tomorrow night with another edition of the intel of radio show special guest james Fetzer and so much more stay tuned let's me or die with Lee Rogers coming up next on Oracle broadcasting calm