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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] okay welcome folks it is april 12 2011 and you're listening to the intel hub radio show on oracle broadcasting broadcasting five days a week Monday through Friday from 8 to 10 East Coast time that's 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. East Coast time and tonight we have a special treat for you by the way chefs busy busy busy working on many different projects editing so he'll be tuning in and maybe pop in here and there tonight on the show but we have a special treat for you nonetheless it's myself Bob Tuscan joint with our good friend Mark passio with what on earth is happening this is an extended version of what on earth is happening usually mark joins us for the second hour of the program but we're going to do two hours of what on earth is happening with myself and Mark passio of course his website what on earth is happening calm and I just got back from the free your mind conference in Philadelphia what an amazing conference that was I was so honored to be amongst many like-minded individuals and wonderful speakers I posted my talk if you haven't seen it yet or if you didn't get a chance to make it to Philadelphia it's up on YouTube so check it out that not for sale the number to NWO on YouTube that's our YouTube channel for the Intel hub and it's also at the Intel hub comm and the Intel hub radio.com and if having mark passed you on for two hours wasn't cool enough and of course he gave an absolutely amazing presentation that you'll have to watch on police and military occult symbolism and so much more that he got into we're going to have another special treat a fellow oracle broadcaster you know i'm best from his saturday show right before a good friend at truth frequency yes that's right folks none other then Freeman fly will be joining us in just a minute here on the Intel Hub radio show so we got a special treat I know you guys haven't heard Freeman on Oracle in a while and we're going to ask him a little bit more about the freighter X controversy you know he's got a freemason not just the freemason make use a member of several different groups that you have to be invited to join is this guy really a secretly trying to discredit the movement and is is there a conspiracy amongst the freemen crowd I don't know I've been wondering myself we'll ask him about that we'll see what he has to say well also I've talked to him about his presentation and what he's been working on lately and he I know he's been really busy this month working on a lot of different stuff to to break on his website Freeman TV of course the site Freeman at tv.com and we'll talk with both Freeman and mark patio with what on earth is happening in just a minute but first let me mention that the radiation levels seem to continue to be of concern for most of the world yesterday we had dr. Richard Sauter on the program talking about the radiation leave levels in Fukushima and so we're going to continue to cover that and we'll do an update on the radiation issue at some point throughout the broadcast night and if you want to call up at any point on the broadcast tonight we may take phone calls and you can join us in this open dialogue at eight six six eight four one one zero six five that's toll-free eight six six a four one one zero six five all right so this is going to be a great show I'm really looking forward to it we got a lot to talk about both Marking Freeman went to a freemason temple the Benjamin Franklin temple there in the historic Philadelphia and checked out all the symbolism all the stuff that they're not telling us about and we'll get into that and we'll talk about the conference so much more just to come in a little bit folks so folks don't go anywhere this is the Intel hub radio show on Oracle broadcasting you you all right cool guys you know how that's first segment is dude it's annoying or actually you have yours different don't you no no no I got the same five minutes yeah it's it's awkward to bring people on for the first five minutes you know absolutely for then then he's like yeah so I just do a quick rant and preview or whatever and thanks a lot for for sending people I'm looking at the numbers they seem to be improving already all right actually no I got a minute I'm gonna take a quick Tran yeah yeah he'll make it I'm here doing the same thing here behind the scenes yeah I wish I could have stayed longer man I would have loved to check that temple up today with you guys yeah we have tons of pictures so I'll be posting them I'll post them on my facebook mm-hmm I think everybody who I am an had a great time I took even yarn even the Trivium Nazi himself our tour guide did not seem to like the questions that would be bad and um I asked questions to him that I knew the answers to the right and inevitable season whether he would what he would give us the correct answers to them right and every question he declined to answer or either a claim that he just simply didn't know and then I would answer the question to the rest of the crowd and I don't think he liked that and I went to do more than he did much more when I went to thank him for the tour afterward he like you know wouldn't really shake my hand ah it was it was weird no wasn't wary standoffish you think you you think he was odds I wasn't trying to show a mom III thought it was things that they really should have been aware of I didn't you know we're all being very very much heat respectful yeah yeah but uh I thought that was kind of weird other than that it was great hey I gave my first fake Masonic handshake what to them yeah he gave me a free pin fourth for the handshake yeah they in their book shot they had Gadsden flag and Ben Franklin join or die keychains and he's pretty cool Wow we got 30 seconds there guys No oh yeah we're on we need it not forget we're also recording on talk show you might have to leave edits we're all and talk true yeah you might want to edit the last break there all right okay here we go stand by alright folks here we go the Intel hub radio show the Intel hub comm and the Intel hub radio.com are our websites and now joining us on the program with a special edition of both what on earth is happening and the Intel hub is none other than Mark passio mark thanks so much for doing this I really had a great time at the conference man you are a great host and I'm glad to have this special broadcast today well Bob I want to thank you so much for being part of this great event that we hosted here in Philadelphia this past weekend I want to tell all of the audience that is listening here tonight that the free your mind conference really went off without a hitch it was a phenomenal event it was a packed house standing-room-only on both days every speaker was just fantastic so much information was shared it's hard to even process at all I'm sure people will be processing this for a long time to come and it big wildly surpassed all my greatest expectations and that's all I can say I have absolutely no complaints everyone stepped up and played their role who was an organizer I want to give a heartfelt thanks to all of the organizers of the event without which this would not have happened yeah and I want to say thanks to all of the great speakers who gave of their time and their knowledge to make this event a memorable one who's really the the repercussions of this conference are only beginning because they're once all of this information hits the Internet which it's going to very shortly that's when the real repercussions of this event are going to just explode outward from here on out and I couldn't agree more yet when people see the lectures and by the way my talk is up at the Intel hub so if you didn't get out there to see it please watch it on behalf of myself in the free remind conference we felt that this was essential to be an open-source thing you know it's not any different than the occult if we hide this information then right you know that's what the occult is it's hidden information right mark that's exactly what it is and we told everyone there they were welcome to film or record and the our only stipulation was is if they did so that we wanted a copy of it so we could do as we wanted with it you know since we hosted the event but we told everyone else they can freely share any of the information seen or heard there as well uh you know we did have a stipulation for filmers that if they wanted to sell it you know that would be a different story they should talk to us about that but you know because they would be making a profit from it but other than that anybody who wanted to film or record was welcome to do so and a few people did so and now we will be assembling all of that video and hopefully making pretty nice videos to share out there on the web with people will get the audio synched up with all of that and just get it out there and share it as widely and as freely as possible that's what this and that's what this event was all about the open sharing of information that has has previously really been occulted from human eyes and ears for far too long that's exactly right it was the free your mind conference and it can be found at free your mind conference dot-com and there were so many people that came from all over the world we had so many like-minded individuals there it was just an amazing amazing conference with an energy level that I don't think I've ever experienced and along with myself Yann urban and so many other great speakers we had none other than the presence of Freeman fly and Freeman flies joining us live in the what on earth is happening studio also tonight Freeman how are you today buddy fantastic but it was great to finally get to meet you face to face I know I hardly recognized you with all the girls I know man I get you know I do these videos and you know do it on a serious topic and people will comment on the hair I know it's such a distraction people the thing is okay it looks great no I appreciate it and I eat tell us a little bit about your review of the conference oh my god a mind boggling this is about that the best terms I can put it in it was fantastic the way that everybody's talks integrate with everyone else's I mean it was such an interdisciplinary study of the weird that everybody got a little bit of in-depth knowledge on all these uh seemingly complete opposite topics that all just congealed into one big picture yeah I would I would love to know what it would be like to be that person that hadn't heard any of this stuff before right and sit down I was thinking of our waiter at the restaurant if you don't bud when we're all there eating in this diner and here I'm sitting across the room with a guy who's been to Mars and time-track i watch Lincoln get shot and another man whose specialty is orbs and speaking on extraterrestrial politics and we're just gabbing about this he's telling me about the climate of Mars while the waiters like do you want ice do with that and I'm like in Vegas knew oh how weird their planet was right it's funny and if they only knew the history that was in that room the the amount of information it I actually that same waiter Freeman asked me he said what was the conference about and for me to have to explain it to him was like uh it was about the and I just didn't think that Mountain the Freemason on the way outside of the Philadelphia Lodge asked me the same question yeah try and answer that was a little bit you're about let's get a little bit more about the the Freemason trip they went to the the freemason temple there and what we'll talk about that after the break but Freeman tell us the people at Oracle broadcast and they want to know where have you been buddy I I suppose I've been up on my little holy mountain kind of getting my thoughts and feelings together doing art doing artistry pulling things together I got a new DVD with five hours together and did all the artwork menus DVD stuff you know all that good stuff so I presented that here at the free your mind conference the first copies to go out they should be limited edition because the print is off but so I worked on that a lot I worked on art and I began my permaculture garden I got the worm farm all together permaculture absolutely we no we know and we have our whole block together on this already fine we're all starting to collect our compost we've all got the worm farms going up we've got ours done because we had to get it done before we left and we're getting the whole neighborhood to start to dig an O and we're going to overgrow the Illuminati we're going to outgrow our government I love that idea I'm a huge fan as you know I'm also into permaculture and that kind of thing and I also have a large bin with red wigglers and I give them the compost and I collect those worm castings and those worm castings are an awesome fertilizer they're they're one of the best things that you can put in the garden and please folks understand how important it is to plants eating and going back to how all these stalks connected you ended your talk with that statement Freeman plant seeds and it seemed like almost everybody there was on the same page with the fact that we need to seek some sort of you know solution some sort of light based initiatives some sort of I don't know how you would put it but we needed to plant seeds essentially absolutely I'm calling it the friendship agenda you can call it what you will but for me it's the friendship agenda and friendship is going to be the currency of the future I can guarantee you that you better get out there and start making some Fred you want to make it through these next few years I totally agree absolutely all right here we have about 30 seconds here and then we got to take another quick break but when we get back we'll talk more about that and then mark I'll let you leave the conversation for a little bit and talk about whatever it is that you had planned for the show tonight and of course we'll talk a little bit for a moment or two about the Frater x conspiracy that's been brewing on oracle broadcasting don't go anywhere this is the Intel hub radio show you all these segments are too short of truth frequency here to tell you all about our favorite suppliers event oh gentle sacred plant now have only 10 minutes it's ridiculous supplier that I trust refresh ayahuasca vine directly from the Amazon basin just go to truth frequency radio comical did you see the video yet there's already tons of comments on there with which one Bob the what the talk between him and I on on Facebook or on arm it's on the to do tube here yeah I need a link I posted on I'm freezing Facebook as well though here's the wait wait until you see all the comments I said oh my god three men gave the lion paw 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offers thousands of products we're all the listeners tonight seems like it's a rage electronic command my name and they fled you know what I'm beginning to wonder man seriously no joke would not only we got 30 seconds here guys but also operate retail websites offers programs mark why don't you bring us back from the break you got it they can get purchases through Amazon or for podcasting comm a Porsche just let it let the music to get right a little bit you know find great prices on hard-to-find I filled in a little bit rocky here we go on that website again is Amazon or broadcast.com sizes of my camera join me live weekdays for my chambers lines of 11:00 to 3:00 p.m. Central Time here on the Oracle Broadcasting Network alright ladies and gentlemen we're back here on the Intel Hub radio show I'm mark passio of what on earth is happening dot-com we're joined here in studio tonight with Freeman fly and Freeman after giving a phenomenal talk at the free your mind conference and by the way I just want to say that that introductory video that you played just knocked everybody completely out of the water it was just incredibly great it was enlightening and it was hilarious the chemtrail that was flow why I just got to make sure they got all the props for that flow white calm and those guys are awesome check out reptilian brain yeah they have one that I played with Tim trailed I like what I star in English it was awesome very well done oh I have for you aside from your own talk whoo what other speaker at the conference really resonated with you and with your material who did you enjoy well you thank you right definitely I was so thankful that you came in there and explained a lot of the things that I felt that I had neglected and skimmed and you got real deep and anyway I really loved your talk I also really enjoyed Alfred Weber's explanations of chemtrails and I think the most shocking moment I had was when Alfred Webber came out and said that Dennis Kucinich was the one that shot down the chemtrail anti chemtrail legislation yeah that was a bombshell out of all the things I heard that was the one that really really struck me I had heard that I think finish in the new film and all of that and so he introduced a lot of information technical data that I had not heard about the chemtrails as well so that was also one of the most informative presentations for me yeah great so after the conference we went to a diner and enjoyed some food and we hung out with friends and talked about what had just taken place and then you let me know that you while on the remainder of your stay here in Philadelphia we're going to visit the Grand Lodge of and as I have also taken that tour in the past I said well if you're going to go on Tuesday during the day I'd like to join you and bring a few friends so we all met there and I want to ask you what you thought of the experience taking the tour the Grand Lodge and tell the listeners a little bit about what we saw and heard there today all right well everyone at the conference wanted to come on this tour huh and so I was a little concerned that we were going to show up with like 2030 people because I went ahead and said well this is the time we'll be there so actually we did have a really good turnout of people that showed up all of them were just class aid people and we really tried to teach your treat these Masonic friends of ours with with respect and understanding and ask really nice questions and see what it was like with them I think that they shorted us that they rushed us that they I had told him at the very beginning of the tour that my main focus was to see that Egyptian room and he rushed us right out of there I you know I don't know that I want to go elsewhere what really like I got into that room a little bit late I barely got to spend one minute 60 seconds if that in that room and he rushed us right out of there there was a clear there was clearly a rush job being done because I've taken that tour before in the past and it was not conducted like that it was definitely a more leisurely pace we were rushed for some reason or another for sure yeah absolutely I mean it was it was hardcore when he I feel like I'm not doing my job if the host or the the tour guide doesn't yell at me at least one you know so he did he scolded us yelled at us because I wasn't going to leave the room I was like no this is what I came here for you see there's a sigil a magical feel up on the ceiling of the Egyptian room that I drew into my picture when I was 10 years old and I've never documented this fact I knew it was true because I'd already been to the Philadelphia Lodge once where they did actually throw it out a man came bursting through a secret passage in the wall and the last time I would they're so maybe they're just aware of me now because but you know we were passing it off we had two Mason's in the audience plus one that they thought was amazing or myself and they so you would think that they were given they would give the brothers a little more credit than that and so even with three supposed Freemasons in the tour with us they still yeah we're very very hasty and and wouldn't give us a legit answer for anything either this guy was the most ignorant Mason I've ever seen or he wasn't going to tell us anything I would I would definitely have to agree that that was that was the vibe on the tour I tell listeners that also I attempted to shake the tour guide chain and thank him for the tour you know and he was very standoffish yeah but Freeman gave him the freemason handshake and he loved it huh well by the end of the tour they had figured out I had to go back and purchase a couple more tickets for guys that just not getting Freeman style and I'll let them but then the guy counted all the tickets and told you no anyway so I went to get I got some more tickets and on the way out this the guy I was talking to over the tickets he starts talking to me again he's like what are you all doing here and I say well we're here for the free your mind conference well I wasn't going to say that at first but he press and he's like oh what is that like mind control well I think some people talk about him also and he's like I don't buy any of that you know we get conspiracy theorists in here all the time and they you know I want to just make something out of all this mom like yeah I know isn't it nuts brother you know and he's like somewhat larger you from and I you know I'm thinking I'm like oh God number one you just totally passed with it and so I started talking about the crazy conspiracy theorist and and he gave me he gave me a Masonic handshake and I returned and and so he gave me a few free pins from Hajj and but yeah what are you going to do yeah well you know everybody seems to think you're freemason these days Freeman I mean you have let me add that because this is going to lead into what you're saying is that the the Freemason there asked me well what did they think when they saw your free Masonic uh symbols because I have a compass grand G on my coat and he's like what did they think of you at that conference and I said well you know here there were x8 nests and people that have been to Mars but people were more freaked out about this compass Square and G than that than any of the people that were there let's do funny and of course mark you came from that dark background unfortunately absolutely I thought it was very fitting that uh in the time frame it's very synchronistic I have been discussing and breaking down the esoteric tradition of Freemasonry on my radio show for the past several weeks and the free your mind conference coincided with that material I didn't plan it that way and then having Freeman speak at the conference and then uh him telling me that he was going to be attending uh the tour of the temple today on the day of my show I said you know I have to be a part of that and then try to bring them onto the show tonight it's to synchronistic all about that's flowing together you know amazing just an amazing conference and a great learning experience from Loren Eisenhower to Alfred Weber and Andrew basiago what an amazing group of speakers and you know open-minded yet not open-minded because an open-minded mind without critical thinking as I explained in my talk mark is a programmable mine so that's right we have to understand being just open-minded anyways marked when we get back from break where we got planned uh well we can continue to talk about things that happened at the conference we can continue to go into Freemasonry we could talk about other areas of the occult we can ask Freeman what he has planned next any of those things are up for grabs we can go to into the Proctor X material and to all nice to say about that yeah we should definitely press Freeman on the fray directs conspiracy if you will I should have got the effect from my voice for that and make a real spooky and anyways and also check up the talk on our YouTube channel that Freeman and I had at the conference a quick little 10-minute talk we did and we had that spooky Freemason handshake in there to get people talking anyways folks said the is the Intel hub radio show where we do the talking five days a week on Oracle broadcasting dot-com along with other great shows including Freeman's and so many many more don't go anywhere we'll be right back this is the Oracle broadcasting radio network ok cool break time we just dropped off the talk show really yeah oh no we didn't we did we did not I'm sorry that was Oracle broadcasting I drop Oracle you drop the phone yeah I drop them in the break so I don't have to hear the commercials got it all right you do that you know and thought about that yeah I do it and you know I kind of get a headache having talked over the commercials and stuff yeah so I can look when you don't drop them how do you mute our voices it keeps it automatically right yeah mouthing as the music stops you're out well not as soon it's like a second or so after as long as the music's playing once the commercials come on you know either there's a tail end of the commercials they're from and that will get you so they dock your voice in and out like a second in other commercials or something dude okay I noticed this because it maybe it's just our bumpers how they're set up or something but I think that's yeah I noticed that that happens sometimes right all right let's all I think in the next segment I want to ask Freeman some things about Freemasonry and then we could segue into the fraud or X conspiracy quote conspiracy cool take it away I'll let you get bring us back again those have to figure out how I want to play that yeah man I don't know honestly I don't know if he is that William could burn uh you know it's very interesting somebody just tagged me in a photo here at the conference this is great picture cool I want to be brought up to speed on the whole thing because I've only heard bits and pieces okay so be good nothing for me to get caught up on it Bob's been attempting to tell me about it I'm not sure I know the whole conspiracy myself ha ha ha I've been in the chat room so what these guys are adamant and they are I need a new microphone what you guys got planned for tonight we're gonna after the show we're just gonna hang out and party that's all cool nice how good final two Shelley they're very it is very richly deserved after you know a weekend of hard hard work dude last night I slept like you would not believe uh I fell asleep I've never fallen asleep in my life this early I fell asleep at 7 p.m. last night and I slept until about 8:30 this morning he kept waking me up why what is it what was she doing you get hungry at the boarding come on it was our one day that we've is no it's all good she gets hungry that early I know and then she's happy yeah Wow so all right here we go 10 seconds here we go you you okay the Intel hub radio show on Bob Tuscan join with Mark passio of what on earth is happening and Freeman fly for him in tv.com let's jump right back into it Marco where do we go from here okay I want to ask Freeman a little bit about Freemasonry in general being that this is a topic I've been discussing on my show for the last many weeks I want to basically see what your perspective is on the dichotomy between true esoteric Freemasonry which is attempting to teach a natural law morality and higher standards of behavior versus what Freemasonry but I shouldn't even use the term freemason versus what masonry or what I term dark masonry has become in the modern day through infiltration by dark occult orders and this is a thing that I don't feel that many people grasp or realize about the craft because they don't study it in depth and they don't go into its allegories and into its traditions and into its rituals and into its symbology and break it down and study it on their own and read a lot about it from eclectic sources and and a wide variety of material and and baton and um and resources and they make a quick snap judgment about something that I feel that they know little about I feel young Ervin touched on this greatly when he broke down what the occult is yon included the of the etymology of the word occult as I often do in my presentation and he showed how a cultists get away with what they get away with darker cultists in particular get away with what they get away with because of the methods through which they have hidden information and they've done this through the dark or perverted use of the Trivium the Trivium is a tool it's a tool only if you twist and pervert something and you keep it you keep it back or veil it from people that do not have those same tools at their disposal then you are in a distinct advantage over those people you are able to use those same tools against them as a weapon and I feel this is what Freemasonry in the modern day in the lodge system has become to an extent okay now there's not not everyone that is again uh there are there are good and bad in all areas okay and I wouldn't make the claim that people in the lower levels of pre masonry are involved in the global conspiracy or anything like that but they're not privy to some of the things that go on in the upper echelons of their hierarchical institution so I Freeman I want you to respond to to get a take on that see what it is that you think will make about Freemasonry in the traditional sense versus what it has become in the modern day and add any other thoughts that you have on that topic and I brought the topic of Freemasonry out when I presented it for the first time on on the Freeman perspective I was trying to announce to the world and people that hadn't known before that magicians were in charge of their reality and in creating their culture now what I didn't expect was to form a witch-hunt I was just trying to state hey look things aren't quite the way that you think they work and that's right people are used to that with my show uh although that I did not know I was really forming a witch-hunt and what I learned that over experience was in watching what Patriot Christian radio has formed into of what it began as was a very stand on your soapbox point at Satan and say bad bad bad and this was never my intention my intention was to introduce and to explore and so but since I had been put into a platform that was traditionally a Christian Patriot platform and then when I put out the stuff about Freemasonry immediately people wag their finger and say evil Satanist so I had hoped that when I came into this and I introduced it immediately that my father was freemason and that my mother was the eastern star and then I had grown up with this in my family and that I should have a more fundamental view of it so that you could understand what it is so yes I saw this witch-hunt form and that that kind of shocked me and I was like oh wait okay I need to make sure in balance this I was just trying to make you aware of magic and so when we start to look into the concepts of magic and Freemasonry then you clearly find that this is a unified system at Freemasonry is a system of magic and if you believe within the Scottish Rite legends of Albert Pike and his writings then it's the Kabbalistic practices or the Hebrew mysticism and this is obviously how many hexagrams did we see in that Lodge right absolutely Kabbalah is the basis of all Western mystery traditions and it is indeed parallel with Freemasonry to study one is to study the other and I broke down Kabbalah fairly extensively on past shows and showed how there is a light tradition to the Kabbalah as well however being a tool as it is being information regarding self in the deeper nature of self that information can and has also been perverted and used as a weapon against people who remain in ignorance of it this is why taking in information into a great degree and from an eclectic variety of sources is really the only way to build the immune system so to speak that's what the the yon talk about the Trivium as a message as a method of of building the immune system of critical thinking of not being able to be fooled of understanding how to learn and the true nature of self and his presentation I felt dovetailed so much with with yours and with mine and because it was explaining the depths of what the occult really is you know that impressed me very much about Young's presentation in particular and then I went into some of the symbolism of the dark occult with my background understanding how of the controller class the so-called controller class of the military and police are actually we mocked through symbols and signs and words as well so I broke that down into might in my presentation what I feel is that when it comes to different occult traditions we really need to try to get out of unit dimensional thinking one dimensional thinking is so prevalent amongst people in the freedom movement and in the truth movement they think that there is only one side to these different traditions because they have other belief systems that conflict with what they have heard about them but not they've never really gone in depth and looked at what it really is for again from a very deep perspective of study and discipline and taking the time to do that honestly that's why I invited FRA directs into the show this was the whole point and purpose of bringing him out now whether we believe it or not now I'm not too sure as far as I know this is the first time Parata Rex has ever been on the air and he's doing a fantastic job for just jumping in both feet course there is the whole conspiracy perhaps he has been on the air before Mia is he made it to you Freeman that he sounded a lot like the people that were saying that was him on who was it well I'll tell you I was questioning him I was like are you sure are you sure this is in you this is the bill Cooper show with a freemason named William Morgan now maybe for otter X's this William Morgan maybe did come out and start to expose Freemasonry as luciferianism which I think Broderick certainly should recognize that it is and problem being is when you start to look into this type of light bringer and things in the the immediate equation with Satan there's massive confusion there and I'll tell you straight forward there is no biblical support to say that Lucifer is Satan so now you got to reorient all your thinking you got a wipe your white mind clean and start over again and this is why I threw for otter X out there in front of everyone and said here pick his brain and his whole purpose was to come out and there with you how is the potential of this Scottish Rite Freemasonry there are Scottish Rite in York right there are other masonry as well but these two are the main players and how the Scottish Rite are coming in and seeking to dominate Freemasonry totally and he believes that the Scottish Rite are the Bavarian Illuminati and when we look to the leaders when we look to who are we considered truly evil at least in my book say like Dick Cheney George Bush Hillary Clinton the ones that are truly evil what I call baby Eaters they are so far beyond Freemasonry that you shouldn't even consider the topics together I totally agree I feel that what this is a complete perversion of the original tradition and one of the things that I will often refer to this as is chaotic masonry that the Pope is something that Freeman brought up in his presentation it is the the realm of souls that died in in disgrace ER and unconsciousness or in fear and insane insane Wow very interesting stuff mark I don't mean to interrupt but they were coming up to another pesky break here and when we get back with dive deeper into that and so much more in folks 6 6 7 is the part of the equation they don't want you to know about we'll talk about that don't go anywhere this is the Intel hub radio show on Oracle broadcasting calm you you no accounts too back of your hand you read books listen to podcast job guys great show did Marco box upstairs I bet he did dress up dude yo dude we got mark passio and Freeman together in the studio live on the show right now you just missed a little bit of Frederick's talk I know you're interested oh nice nice yeah I'll have a listen cool dude hey you know looking at that Freemason ring and I think I recognize that from one of the cops they used to live in my old neighborhood Freeman yeah are you a cop they used to live in Christians neighborhood is he there I think they're muted store they went up one upstairs now that's not a freemason ring yeah it was dude no it was ask Freeman from when Freeman gets back I'll let you ask no dude I saw it in person here you guys live no we're off there were we're on break okay we got it we'll be back I'm in the middle of the show okay yeah we'll be back in a sec I just wanted to call you in like say what's up you know I would have called you live on air like that dude oh no I know I know this on the show yo are you guys back are you minute mark they went upstairs to put the dogs in the dog started barking I think they had a meeting there they robbed Bob we're back we had a well take care of something put the dogs up yeah sorry no worry I figured that a I got it's Freeman there Freeman I believe went out to smoke a cigarette okay uh yeah I just we got Chris geo on the line uh we're not back on line no no no okay great Chris you want to pop on say hi first yeah I'll be more than happy to do you want me to ask the hard core question yeah yeah yeah I'll let you press them live on air okay great is that all right with you Marsh that's fine with me it's a follow-up all right Chris I'll let you I'll let you do my dirty work for me brother all right none of my none of the knowledge that I hold the secret anybody that wants to ask I will answer to the best of my ability all right cool excellent all right so we'll start off with mark and then when Freeman gets back I'll let you talk to him and asked in the freighter X I mean we just got into it a little bit so try not to what will make it a segment all right the freighter X thing is new to me I don't know too much about that those questions will all have to go to Freeman okay when I ask me anything else I'm up for it okay well start off we'll just do casual and Freeman should be back by then sure Freeman just out here okay cool standby us you you that tune you hear there is by our good friend Chris geo and Sharia of truth frequency radio and how appropriate is it that Chris is now joining us in this wonderful discussion we're having here Chris how you doing tonight buddy all doing great always a pleasure to be on with you Bob and great work at the conference both to you and mark three men I saw some of the videos and I was just really blown away at the presentation particularly it's yours Bob I really didn't know you had that kind of presentation in you and my hats off to you is that because I'm Jewish it is work to get to the hair actually the hair let me jump in and say something to everyone here and the listeners are Bob this was his first real public speaking speaking appearance as a presenter and he did such a professional job it was just absolutely outstanding you would have never known it was his first time he was very comfortable up there and blew everybody away with his presentation a phenomenal job well thank you guys you're too kind and that's adaxel baller let's see if I can public speak on my own radio show now but know that talk is actually underneath our chat at the Intel Hub radio comm so check it out when you get a chance after Talk it's an hour-long talk I called it knowledge darkness and the lights and that was a big theme throughout the conference we may get a chance to take calls a little bit later on the show but first I wanted to bring Chris on to follow up a little bit on some of the freighter X questions in the Freemason questions for Freeman here at Chris I know you've been wanting to talk with Freeman for a while about it so I'll let you go ahead and gear your concerns towards him absolutely and I appreciate the opportunity definitely and for on putting it out like this because I think this is something that needs to be addressed because there's a lot of questions that people are asking asking me too and I have no idea what to tell them all I can go based on the facts that I've seen and we seem to see a movement towards Freemasonry in the truth movement I don't even want to call it a truth movement because it's that that term itself is like the term truth or any other term that the CIA came up with but you know for lack of a better term we'll just call the truth movement and we see it with we are changed craig Fitzgerald coming in and proclaiming that he's a 33rd degree freemason and that was set up I mean definitely was set up now the question is was it said why was it set up you know was it set up to create this diversion or a distraction or to cause division etc now I talked to a couple of people on the inside with a crick Fitzgerald situation and they said a year prior to that Craig had said that he was studying this there all these freemason manuals just so he can you know get an idea of the way they think then a year later he turned comes out and he makes our video so he went from the leap from being a porch mason to being a full-blown 33rd degree and I understand that a lot of its honorary etc and it's probably not a 33rd degree in the sense that you know George Bush and other people like that are but that just goes to show that we are making a move towards Freemasonry and it's kind of getting me and it kind of got me uneasy because on one hand I understand we need to know what they what they know we need to know what they think and the best the best lie is 80% truth so we need to dig out that 80% of truth that's in the lie but when you look at it from the higher perspective and you see you know all the Masonic symbolism on all of these states like 9/11 77 etc and you start to see that the Masons at least the very top level from what I'm able to gather are pretty bad people and if you read morals and Dogma Albert Pike etc you'll see that basically they worship the Lucifer now we can you know go through the question of who is Lucifer and all of that is he Satan I personally don't think so I think Lucifer is um more of a separate entity all right like you know we're Isis yeah let's hear is response well you know in everyone's belief it's David Icke supreme Eights and Jordan Maxwell is a freemason a you know Bill Ryan's of Freemasons Ecker eyes ditches of free mates and Freeman's are freemason so I figured I'd just throw the cost to the wind and let anybody think what they wanted to think I thought it was a grand opportunity and I think to say that all Freemasons are liars is showing a bit of ignorance what we need to realize is that it was the the free Masonic order that brought about the ideas of fidelity chivalry and honor into systems of civilization now I agree with you and we start to look around and we recognize that every single corporate logo out there can be absolutely classified within a free Masonic ritual and it was every corporate founder that I could locate their affiliation with Freemasonry almost every major corporation has been founded by freemason right I mean you know they're known by their by their fruit that the trees known by the fruit sit at theirs and I mean y'all right you're right oh this is lady over here on their part as well but see to say that 9/11 is a freemason number it's not correct 9/11 is is an occult number and if you were to study it you would have to turn to some organization like the Ordo Templi Orientis if you wanted to get to kenneth grant and read his whole extrapolation on the numbers nine eleven because see this was something of major concern to them the Satanists will tell you that these are Satan's panic numbers and then also the occult is such as kenneth grant and Aleister Crowley will also tell you that these numbers are satanic now Aleister Crowley went ahead and switched his kabbalah and in order and switched his tarot cards so as you look to his Tarot his magic he actually incorporated 911 into his magic Aleister Crowley was considered wicked and I believe he would be anyone that could lead people to freeze and die on top of a mountain without giving a hand is evil so now you're seeing somebody using a tool for evil now I judge Aleister Crowley by his his fruits because he was that wicked and I can judge others by their fruits such as W and HW and those that were involved in the Twin Tower incident but I cannot judge Freemasonry on the numbers nine eleven because this is not part of their practice and if you were to start and talk with any of the Freemasons about any of these topics they're going to go what are you talking about Kabbalah I am I don't what you mean a lot of them are ignorant about the roots of their own tradition I think I believe that I saw that clearly today in the temple where I asked the the gentleman who was the tour guide if he even knew who the face was in the middle of the very emblem that is the the the the seal for the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania and he had no idea whatsoever I actually educated him about that telling him that that face is the face of the Greek Sun god Apollo with the rays of light streaming off of his face and uh it seemed like you know he was Jenny just genuinely really didn't know you know the whole thing is that the dark occult has infiltrated every order that was once positive it is Satanism it is dark luciferianism dark Freemasonry is something that is the antithesis of the true esoteric tradition of Freemasonry which if studied is actually a way to arrive at a deep understanding of natural law principles this is why these principles were enshrined in the founding documents of this country and they were largely constructed by Freemasons of the time the the 9/11 event as well while I would not say it is a free Masonic ritual it is a ritual that employs the symbolism of Freemasonry in a dark way again Darko cultists do not create anything they take over things they they obscure they occult they pervert and they they use things that are already pre-existing because they don't have creative energies that's a Sacred Feminine manifestation creativity they don't have that because they don't have true care they don't have a truly developed right brain hemisphere and most of all where that come were creative creativity and creative energy comes from as the heart and we know their heart chakras are completely closed down they're Psychopaths all they can do is pervert they never create they take something that already exists they twist it and then they infiltrate it and take it over and writing that message is where you can judge fraud or X because Chris you know darn well how hard it is to put on one of these shows and to do it just for nothing but the love in your heart and broader X is very concerned for the humanity and he is giving up his time he has four children he is taking his time out to study and to share all that he has with those that will listen well I understand that one of my one of the big red flags to me was that he uses the name freighter ex-im handed him okay well for my research freighter X at what was also the title held by Alistair kid you know that Scientology also has a free zone interesting well I have a feeling that we're not going to get this solved at this break before this next break which is come out with an assessment but when we get back we'll dive deep into this folks I promise you and we'll let Chris chill hang out for a little bit longer with us on the program Freeman fly mark pass CEO Bob Tuscan and this is the Intel hub radio show don't go anywhere our number two to come you all right guys break time let me call my buddy here real quick and ask him something on everybody all talking at once now sorry Bob we were muted doors that's good that's what happened to get into yeah yeah I'm on what's what's going on we're loving this we're really enjoying it - I'm hearing and I brought Kristin to be devil's advocate a little bit that's fans matter yeah I'm just I'm completely confused I'm convinced that a couple of weeks ago we stepped into a parallel universe and this is a completely different timeline go ahead yeah what's up man we're doing a good show it's Spacey around around yeah I can come by after show show what's that we're going to start off first tonight what time is that we're trying to leave here but 9:15 I'm 15 what time you're done with yourself at 10:00 yeah over double whatever okay all right well minna I'll meet up with you guys tomorrow sembly hey face alright sorry how to do that Chrissa i'd encourage you to check out some of the past podcasts I did on Freemasonry in the last few weeks and to continue to listen to the next few weeks I'm temping to break down the really deep esoteric explanation of what Freemasonry really is and how it's been perverted over time if we understand it symbols from the true tradition I think it would make a lot more sense a lot more sense to a lot of people but it takes a lot of time and study and it takes people pointing people in the right direction as well so that they can see as it really is before it's been twisted because believe me I would not tell you there are dark evil people involvement in that Lodge system okay I would be lying if I did well looking to look at Christianity or any other after we get that here we go stand by so everybody knew all of this cream on this program we don't go along with your free program both process Wow our number two yes that disclaimer is truer than ever this episode of the Intel hub radio show typically goes against Kris Joe and myself Bob Tuscans pre-programmed views on Freemasonry and we're joined with none other than mark passio of what on earth is happening and Freeman fly is joining us on the program talking a little bit about the controversies that's been stirring around the Oracle broadcasting family a little bit about freighter X a guest host that Freeman had on and I don't want to focus on this too much but I think it's good that we get this out of our system and address some of these concerns that Christian has and and maybe some of our listeners do as well I'm not taking sides that you know Chris I do believe that there are good people possibly involved with Masonic you know lower-level sort of porch Masons as you call them and they just do it as a business thing or you know again I'm sorry to interrupt Bob but up at the upper echelon you better believe there are beautiful wonderful people up there as well I'm classify Manley P Hall is one of these people who ever read his his basics of understanding you would realize how much he loves humanity and and and that's where I judge people from and I I'm going to chime in on that as well for a moment uh at the upper echelons also um I know a 32nd degree Mason he's a personal friend of mine he's a wonderful person he's really trying to help the world and I'm going to bring him on the show in a few weeks to do a full interview talk to him about his experiences in the craft and uh you're going to be very very surprised at who it is and that I'll leave it at that and leave it as a surprise residents oh it got me wondering certain is that you know good works are done in the light and darkness is done the bad works are done in the darkness and free masonry has always been in the darkness it's constantly infiltrated if you want to put it like that and the higher-ups are you know pretty bad people I mean look at George Bush alistair crowley l ron hubbard etc all they wanted to do with control now we can apply the same logic to christianity or any other organization and say oh well the pure roots of it is completely pure etc best hijacked into this evil thing now you know the way they indoctrinate people is they'll tell them that it's all good and oh you know you're a good person if you do it I've met the lower-level porch Masons and they all tell me the same thing you have to be a very good person to join the freemason but there comes a point in time to where they tell you okay if you want to join Freemasonry then you denounce all of your other beliefs to religions and take up Lucifer as your as your God they don't put it like that but an example that I use sometimes is they'll say okay here's a Bible here's a cross spit on the Bible and denounce Christianity and then proclaim yourself as a freemason and the ones who don't do it they don't move up and they're told oh that's you know good work brother you're not supposed to do that that's what a true freemason would do but the ones that do do it then they get the secret knowledge and then they move up and then they they really start to understand what it is so put half the truth out here and just to tell people oh it's a you know big it's a big party where people wear aprons and bake cookies I'm sorry I just I don't go along with all I'm certainly not saying that absolutely not I agree with much of what you just said actually um there are when you get to some of the operations depending on who is controlling things in that particular particularly you better believe things like that go on I wouldn't doubt that firm for a moment or tell you otherwise however we have to we do have to understand that it is a perversion of the original tradition you brought up Christianity I'm sorry about the real quick yeah well I I want you to finish it up overcome up to another break so real quick okay no problem I'll pick it up on the other side sounds good yeah and I think we have a lot to talk about this is a great conversation I didn't realize this would inspire so much great thoughtfulness and you know I think we need to air this out like I said so what we'll jump into it when we get back here in just a moment this is the Intel hub radio show you throughout history the power taking money had been used to claim an integral alright I was trying I was thinking of something but I lost my train of thought eight thought well I think I'm going to chime in is is relating the perversion of Freemasonry to the perversion of the philosophy of early Christianity and how the gnostic tradition was basically overtaken and replaced by a trophy illogical Christianity through the Council of Nicaea via Constantine and it's very similar to the infiltration of true Freemasonry which dates back I mean that the people who think that that started in the 1700s don't understand that this tradition has been around for thousands of years and it has been slowly infiltrated by sorcerers which is are a whole different class of entities than magicians and I make that distinction between magic and sorcery and this is these are unpopular terms by people you know who are left brain thinkers or by people who think that both of these things mean you know darkness and evil as I have explained on the show before like you know magic is influencing change to occur in accordance with higher will higher law natural law you know and sorcery is the perversion of that to influence people to do the bidding of the sorcerer and I Freeman has a lot to say to chime in on that and might make that distinction in his own work as well all right so where do you guys want to pick it back up when we get back I want I want to jump into likening the fall of true Freemasonry to the fall of true Christianity because I think those two things those two of traditions really teach the same message all right well I'll let you bring us back into and get it started sure and Chris feel free to hang out and chime in if you like okay all right here we go coming back in just a moment guys it's funny I brought up Andrew basiago on the show last night and the guest was calling them out saying this guy's a liar this guy is a huckster buh-buh-buh-buh-buh it's always great when you bring somebody up and then the guest is like I hate this person they're there an agent oh yeah it was the GAD Richard Sauter oh really I'm supposed to have him on he's the deep underground base yeah yeah oh we got into that a little bit during a panel discussion as well yeah he deep underground bases yeah did I mention the thing that happened on our show no no though we had that guy who owned that company and he yeah yeah the people buying these underground bunkers and and also these arcs now that they're building are these illuminators and Bilderbergers or however he mispronounced it anyway stand by here we go mark bring us back coming back and and we're on now standby all right ladies and gentlemen were back on mark passio we're here with Bob husky and crispy oh and Freeman fly so we were talking about before the break I was alluding to the the infiltration of Freemasonry by dark ocultism and how this is likened to the fall of original esoteric Christianity if you study the gnostic tradition which is what I believe the was the early philosophy of true Christianity and you understand how this wonderful heartfelt philosophy about oneness the law of one the divine spark and all beings could not be allowed by the controlling class of its time to propagate and to be to basically be the to come from a spark and and be allowed to be fanned into a roaring fire so to speak the controllers had to shut that philosophy down and they did this through the Council of Nicaea and many people will know about this Constantine making a perverted version of Christianity based upon Astro theology and based upon really older Sun worship the cult of the Sun of the Aten in other words and in Constantine's time this was the Roman Sun God Sol Invictus the Unconquered Sun he simply grafted the same Astra theological story of the Sun onto our this new philosophy which he then basically made into a religion and that's what people to the modern day are still worshipping now Astro theology plays into Freemasonry as well but it's telling the same story about light and darkness and resurrection and and and these these traditions parallel each other more so than anyone really realizes that's why the controller class of our time needs to shut down true esoteric Freemasonry because these traditions are basically teaching the same message they are one and the same at their core and in their original unpervaded uh in the original unprovided form that is what i would encourage people to get down to and you can only get down to those teachings if you study it deeply and again from an eclectic variety of sources and you realize not through thinking unit dimensionally but by understanding it is not one thing when we refer to Christianity we're not referring to one thing or refer to Kabbalah we are not referring to one thing we refer to Freemasonry we are not referring to one thing so I'll let Freeman chime in on this for a little bit because he wanted to get into the dichotomy between magic and sorcery a little bit which is also topics that I cover in my presentation series and on my podcast so Freeman can you chime in on that a little bit and talk about magic versus sorcery a little well I'm sorry I don't mean in a red mark I just one quick question for sure so basically Christianity was pure to begin with and it was hijacked and turns into an Astra theology of astro theological religion then Christian Ivan Freemasonry is already a sturdy ology to begin with so how was it that Christianity was perverted into Astro theology yet Freemasonry is pure in Astro theology because you need to understand the difference between esoteric Astro theology and exoteric Astro theology the esoteric form meaning the inner tradition of Astro theology is an allegory about knowledge versus ignorance about the spiritual understanding of who we really are versus dwelling in the darkness of being identified with the physical world this is what the Astro theological tradition is simply teaching in allegory they rip the real ash with the theological tradition and how this verbal tradition is passed down over time of the story of the sons death and resurrection is not meant to be taken literally this is what religionists have done in order to basically turn people off of the path of looking inward to get them to look outward for saviors and and for people to come and rescue them for the things that we have created here in our own collective experience we need to change ourselves so that we can change our external reality and that's a process of work that of turning inward to go inside and then look at who we are and and to do the internal psychic and spiritual cleansing that needs to be done in order to make the true transformation and the esoteric form of Astra theology was always about that it was never meant to be taken as actual Sun worship this is what they call the solar cult of the ancient world did they pervert those original Astra theological allegories and turned them into a religion that actually worshiped the real physical Sun then that form of exoteric astra theology was grafted on to the original Gnostic Christian tradition and it was turned into a worldwide religion that is a form of mind control that is exactly what happened and if you study Astro theology in depth you will find that is true well no offense and let me turn my mic up a little okay no offense and I'm going to let three men jump in here in just a second and but it dis all just seems like or games that's all it really seems like the New World Order religion is Freemasonry that's what they want as their one world religion and it seems like people are just falling for it I think it is dark Freemasonry is the new world order religion there is a difference there there's more than one kind of Freemasonry true Freemasonry is not a religion it isn't it is a system of symbols and allegories that attempts to convey a deep understanding of natural law principles which is what the Declaration of Independence is based upon the natural ball where we could arrive our own inherent natural rights from I mean even can we separate the two I mean why fly under a flag that's already corrupt and known to be corrupt and there should be a different category for this what we'll see should we say we reject all of the teachings of real Christianity just because the Roman Catholic Church has become completely corrupt as well let me pick two pleases I mean let's let's not follow the teachings of the the words attributed to Jesus you know that's that's a wonderful philosophy that should be lived absolutely you know I'm not I'm not discounting that what I'm saying is it isn't one thing it's I'm not saying Freemasonry is the only thing people should look into her study either I mean I'm I'm telling the truth Tero tradition on my show the true Kabbalistic tradition I've gone into the gnostic tradition a little bit I'd the real esoteric Christian tradition I covered when we looked at ashford theology on the show as well and these are all in my podcasts and they're all up for free on the website and they can be explored and gone into in-depth and I provide references and books for people to go into and read to do further study on their own which are say mark we're coming up to another break but when we get back we're going to hear an extended segment with Freeman and allow him to respond to all of this and I'm sure he has some great food for thought and that's of course 100 percent organic food food without the toxins food without the the stuff no it's not that kind of food I just joking folks this is the Intel hub radio show we got a lot of great programs planned for you this week Jordan Maxwell will be coming on Wednesday show not gonna want to miss that and let's see here will cover some news and stuff tomorrow take a break from the news once in a while it's not the end of the world folks or maybe it is with the Fukushima plant disaster who knows let's pick it up on the other side this is again the Intel hub radio at the Intel hub calm you okay all right I didn't mean to step on your premium by the way premium cream went up to take a smoke I think by the way talk shoe is cheering us so yes yeah Freeman was saying that uh he feels that Freemasonry isn't that the the new world order religion at all it's basically Satanism and I couldn't agree more perverted Freemasonry is no different than Satanism that's what it really is well as long as there's a group as long as there's a title to it they're going to pervert it is just something we just have to face and we have to look to ourselves for the answers not to some teaching of Freemasonry or Christianity or any other organism organism period the answers are all within ourselves I agree yeah then we take away the power of ourselves and we give it to an outside force and that's just a way to be controlled yeah I I definitely do not do that I study a what I would call an integral approach I take an integral approach I'll take teachings from Buddhism from Taoism from Freemasonry from Rosicrucianism from Kabbalah from the Tarot tradition from Christianity you name it I mean I don't limit myself everything that resonates with truth I pull from whatever traditions have put it out there into the world and combine that into a synthesis that's basically what my path of study is like and self-examination is like and I agree all of those truths that are that are synthesized by all of those different traditions all ultimately reflect things that are already within within ourselves and that they're just a reflection of that so I'm going to totally agreement with you there I just don't want people to get the idea that Freemasonry is all one thing nor is Kabbalah all one thing the other those are all are all a part of it and I'm a member of the ADL well I might be a Mossad agent as well Bob right here on that yeah I mean I definitely agree with that mark look that I'm a Mossad agent Oh what marks oh yeah yeah it might come in in loudness that's good it's not your normal boom mic but that's cool it okay well no I should be something's going on with Skype here now you seem a little distorted we have a month there has shaped up a little very that better that's better look why yeah I've graded my skype I think I need to downgrade again yeah 720 how that work yeah now you're not your ex go out now super loud okay chip now check him turn it down it down alright alright is that better no no alright is that better yeah okay excellent it's still outdoor and yet free now tightening up my bond denied lesser light source you did just on that risk you're echoing Chris down by will come on on there 9 p.m. central on Oracle broadcasting [Music] you alright folks this is radio show some people are saying that our friend Freeman fly has been keeping some bad company with freighter X and we've been discussing that as well as just the whole idea that you know Freemasonry there's multiple levels of this there's multiple sides to this and just before we got to the break that we went into a lengthy dialogue on you know is this the world's religion this Freemasonry or is it Satanism I'm gonna let freemen comment on that and we'll take some phone calls maybe in a little bit eight six six eight four one one zero six five is the number join us Freeman what do you think what's really going on here well fear is the mind killer and this should always be your mantra we need to stand strong and we are now reaching a level where we are coming upon well we could say college level conspiracy theory and what has happened is as we become awake you start to be aware it's as if the doctor just came to you and said guess what you're not going to live to see another year and you will go through all those stages of grief denial anger all of these things and this is due to the fact that your whole world has just been turned on its head now what I like to do on my show is turn it on its head one more time that's always my goal because this puzzle has to be flipped over and looked at a few times before you can make any assertions or assumptions and when people jump in and they immediately feel as if they know something this is dangerous and we are getting little bits and little pieces and we're starting to understand something that or we're at least starting to look at a picture that we don't fully comprehend and as we do we want to start pointing fingers now my goal from day one has been to explore topics to go ahead and open the door and I have walked into every Masonic Temple that's ever been out there that I've ever passed they've always let me in and let me take pictures in film and you can see all the different lodges you want in my photography section on Freeman TV they so what I wanted to do was open this window to understand the idea the concept of magic and the idea of finding your truth Souls purpose and Freemasonry came into this puzzle absolutely because of the very fact that they are at the height of our civilization and that we needed to explore their methods and understandings to figure out what their goals are and in this we cannot get lost in just pointing fingers we have to open the books we have to start to read the different books I've read Albert Pike's morals and Dogma from you know and Edie and I found it a very chivalrous notion I felt very proud and ready to stand up for my purposes after reading it now that's one way that you can take in this information when you start to read Albert Pike a little deeper and you're going well who's this 'life is Levi's character and what's that goat of Mendes doing there and you get a little deeper and this is what we must do because we are now approaching a college level conspiracy theory and we need to know more and more about what we're dealing with here and the concepts come up now is magic evil is this an inherently evil practice now I would say organizations typically are inherently evil because they form hierarchies and so when we discuss Freemasonry and this is I think part of the confusion of what we're talking about here because on some levels I'm trying to defend the concepts of magic and freemasons are one form of magician OTO Ordo Templi Orientis even I think Scientology could be classified as a form of magic this is a question of magic is magic evil and so then we start to understand that the concepts of magic versus sorcery or self-serving magic or a humanity serving magic and in these ways I think we can empower ourselves and take into ourselves some tried and true methods that have been around for millennia to help support the spirit and its movement to try and change the world because the Freemasons have changed the world more than anyone I get imagine for better for worse huh for better or for wealth exactly that's it but here we have Manley P Hall coming out to you in saying look there were a black priests of Atlantis that corrupted the the true inner teachings of our divine doctrine and that they came over after a catastrophe and dominated the system and so now when you start to look at freemason you're like wait a minute now this guy's talking about Atlantis and so now we're going back to ancient civilization then you open the door to that you go oh my god here's here's the construction on that going to be oh we got that muted now no problem go ahead okay so here's a construction in our ancient paths that is we are incapable of building in the 21st century stones at Baalbek Lebanon things of this nature the pyramid all of the hidden secrets within that the secrets of magnetism all of this encoded in hidden within these esoteric traditions and once you start taking all of this in in the eg connection and the extra-terrestrial you see we're starting to move into a whole new paradigm we can't say things are black and white we're starting to learn things about our planet that we never knew before we're starting to understand modalities of even frequencies and of energies that are in our system that we didn't understand before finding gravity right next week we have the International Space Station is going to receive its Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer from the space shuttle that will be April 19th and they're also launching up Robonaut 2 and in this they are bringing up a device that can see the anti universe then we have CERN punching holes into the other dimension while icecat is sending Doritos commercials to Ursa Major now this again is all tied within the occult we know that Jack Parsons was a lead magician cher obably a dark magic force Freeman the shape of a Dorito is a well I am not joking I'm joking okay so we see that it's the occultists that are coming to the heights of most of the understandings of the world and then we're realizing that we live in a multiverse that there's other dimensions and now we've got guys trying to punch holes into the other dimension so this is the level that you start to understand magic none of this technology the television would not exist without a magician now that's probably a bad thing I I don't like television and yet it could be a tool for good but the problem is that we have dark magicians because everyone else is even ignorant to the fact that we are dealing with magic and when you talk to a Satanist he's going to say well I'm building this device so to form a some organ gasp that will open a dimension so the old ones can enter ok so they're using techno magic and that's what you'll find a lot of your Satanists are into and so we have to start to understand this very process and what is magic as much as we have to understand why the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer can see into the anti universe bark to have something to follow up to that the distinction between magic and sorcery really has to be deeply understood and I'll quote one of the speakers from the conference Laura Eisenhower whose talk I was also very impressed with really said that it all boils down to the distinction between the concepts of service to self and service to others and that's what magic is about magic is about service to others true magic true magic to service to others but sorcery ok the perversion of magic is ultimately about service to self because that's what Satanism ultimately is the dark occult Satanism darkness if Arianism dark masonry dark Kabbalah it is ultimately about self service and nothing else well go is raised to the highest level the ego is raised to the status of godhood and it is put on a pedestal and it is served at the expense of well everyone else sorry because you are compelled to see themselves in a state of separation from everything and everyone here at the Intel hub we are of service to others a part of this all so folks don't go anywhere we'll pick that up on the other side and get to some phone calls the Intel Hub radio don't go anywhere okay Chris other so gates Chris yeah mmm i echoing still no you're done okay I'm sorry about that guys I don't mean to chop you but I got a no I understand um all right here we go let me screen this car real quick hello call it oh he they hung up oh I hung up on him by accident I always do that I pressed the hung up hang up on instead of the on live button oops Chris dropped out as he's back yeah here oh there you go cool yeah Freeman went up to have a cigarette yeah man these guys smoked like chimneys I was getting a headache from all the cigarette smokers at the conference because I'd go out as a lot of them outside yeah I'd go out to talk to them and they don't be smoking cigarettes and you'd think at a free remind conference they wouldn't be smoking cigarettes but I guess it's funny because that group has so much stress and anxiety from this alright good I'm glad to call it callback 209 I'm sorry I didn't mean to hang up on you what's on your mind what's your question hey I have a question for Freeman rigorous job I make it quick it's a good for later actions in my bus by the way I don't know whoever whoever they're the best specially for him and this is weird my kid came out of Afghanistan and Iraq is very special group I came to say and all of a sudden my kid got a letter from the local hall and the main one in San Francisco please you called to invite yourself to join in my kid had never did that I actually been studying with proposed Freeman and I went to the hall okay sir what is your name my name is Ernie and I want to know they recruiting now I want to know yeah okay I don't know if I will help my call when we get back thank you very much Sam by hope okay yeah unfortunately people are realized that I don't really care to once I figure out that you're not a crank caller and I get your name on to the rest on the show okay I hear you um yeah you know me Chris I'm uh I'm a crazy call screener yes you are it's one of my favorite things to do no conspiracy radios like Pro Wrestling dude we've got that email into just literally acts like they're fighting behind things they all have a beer that's kind of funny that's how we've been doing it lately ha Freeman yeah we're giving masonic handshakes on camera you know yeah that's too funny man all right let's pick this up when we get back here what do you guys want to take it I was just going to call the truth hall first yeah all right we'll kick it off with a call okay here we go stand by the coil can do for you at hip you might say org boom winning this is the until hub radio show I am NOT Charlie Sheen I'm Bob Tuscan and our website the Intel hub radio comm mark passio with us for a special merge of both what on earth is happening his program and the Intel hub radio show and we also have in the studio with mark at the one on earth is happening studios Freeman fly joining us just the fresh from the for your mind conference that we both spoke at all three of us actually and an absolutely fascinating conference had a lot of great speakers and a lot of great energy and we've been talking about a lot about Freemasonry in the pro and con and Rock had been doing his podcast ironically on this very topic for the last couple weeks so if you missed any of that please go back and check it out in his archives also Christian joining us a good friend of the program Chris it's always great to have you here buddy hopefully we're not echoing anymore right oh yeah I think I've got it taken care of um you know I just I just want to make this comment you know people get mad and they say hey Chris chucking Frater X and it's like no no I'm not attacking Frater X or Freeman all I'm doing is pointing out the fact that greater X was the title held by Aleister Crowley l ron Hubbard and Jack Parsons um you know people are pointing asking why are you attacking out Jones I'm not doing that I'm just pointing out the fact that he's you're in the MIT ID Chris you're an insider I mean people would not bro it's not that it's just I'm just pointing this out don't get mad at me if you get mad with the information get mad at the people who are doing it don't shoot the messenger huh exactly all right well let's uh get to a call here Chris and of course eight six six eight four one one zero six five the number to join us get out a cran write this down eight six six a four one one zero six five and we have Ernie on the line already welcome to the Intel hub radio what's your question or comment all right guys okay um I just want to run a real quick story by my kid was in military Iraq Afghanistan a very special group okay a little while ago got a letter from the local Mason Hall and the main one in San Francisco my kid never applied or adopted three weeks later my kid gets orders to report back to duty I want to know I'm going to go down Thursday into the hall I didn't know before the local and obviously they do recruit and if it is true freezing and guys my kid wasn't some serious stuff so it's going to protect my kid should I look into going down with my Jensen oh I should take that route okay well my answer to that would be that's you know that's it's a very personal spiritual thing to go and swear a blood oath to an organization so I wouldn't do it for a reason as what you're bringing out because yes it's true that free masons when given the right sign and symbol will protect you in wartime and perhaps even Masonic Brothers will not have to go to certain areas of the war that's I have found Masons have told me this and they thought it was a great thing of course like me I will sketch by the whole concept so what I would say is that all of the information necessary to pretend to be a freemason or what they call a Cowen is out there on the internet and you could easily craft a character that would then you could use their same signs and symbols to get yourself out of trouble as I have a Masonic sticker on the back of my car so that I don't get pulled over or if I do they leave me alone I might have to say something like well I'm on the level or everything's squared away or how are you doing today brother but I get away interesting so Freeman I have to ask though and I think it's pretty clear that you're not but are you a freemason no no I am NOT I've never been a member of an esoteric order I've never gone in and done any particular ritual whatsoever I have yet to practice ceremonial magic so I'm almost like one that's speaking about psychedelics without ever having taken them oh geez and Mark passio us well would never join or are a freemason I am NOT a large freemason no and I don't encourage the listener to do that for the reasons that he suggested either all the information that you would want to know about what the true tradition of Freemasonry is is available in book form it is available in podcast form you can go and listen to my podcast on the topic now and any other thing you would want to ask me to the best of my knowledge I would speak about with you and give you whatever information I have on the topic but you could educate yourself about this and again you need to understand that what this tradition is ultimately about in its pure form is all about things that go on within the self it is only teaching about things that are that are about you and your psyche your brain your heart in the union of those those two things are and you don't really need you don't really need to go into a large system to learn any of that okay very cool Ernie thank you so much for the call let's move right along here eight six six a four one one zero six five we'll take a few more calls here before the end of the show and then we'll wrap things up with Freeman fly mark passio chrissteele and me Bob Tuscan and folk shepherd and Bellus is busy on assignment now let's get the Kevin from Minnesota on the line Kevin frequent caller how you doing tonight hello am i there yes you are sir go right ahead sorry about that I was just faking to drink the moment I picked up I caught you off guard huh yes exactly um incredible show I really wish I was able to attend the conference last week it's not as like it was rather interesting to say the least as a Native American and being a practicing Native American however I'm not going to show up at your door with my pipe or my TomTom and try to convert you I have gone to ceremonies where my rationale or a scientific or standard upbringing cannot wrap my mind around I've seen things that just do not make sense and I would consider it magic I've seen incredible wonderful things that have occurred from ceremonies Cheryl with saying that the Anishinabe people we have a mad a lodge or the medallion Lodge which is more or less a priest class and with that priest class they also have levels or tiers and as you go in through the the lodge and as you grow in degrees as you could say you are given more information now information is wonderful and fantastic for everybody to have but as it is told us from spider-man's uncle with great power comes great responsibility right right but Kevin I believe though on a certain level and I appreciate the call that information should be open source and and the conference will definitely be open source since you weren't able to make it you'll be able to see all of that online Freeman or mark pass you or Chris care to chime in on that I wanted to say that when it comes to ritual and the ideas of mystery once you've taken all the mystery out of everything and you don't have anything hidden anymore then the impact is lost and so there is a reason for secrecy and this is something that me and ferrata Rex talked about heavily on our first show together the the purpose of secrecy so that there was impact you wouldn't want to know the end of the mystery movie that you were watching in the same way with ritualistic magic the idea of it being unknown to you is part of the ritual if you were not sent sensing a wild outwardness then you would not be receiving the proper purpose and intention of that ritual I'll respond to that from a little bit more of an even down-to-earth perspective arm gradation or degrees are different than hierarchy arm in the lodge system there is a hierarchy make no mistake but in in knowledge in knowledge dissemination and in knowledge processing arm gradation and and degrees it is not hierarchy and look at it this way could you learn calculus before you learned algebra and could you understand algebra before you understand arithmetic no these are a stepwise process and and there is prerequisites for later knowledge and that is one of the reasons that there is a system of degrees or gradations within certain occult traditions it doesn't mean that there has to be a hierarchy I disagree with the concept of hierarchy and come part mentalization stepwise procedural knowledge is important and does not need to be necessarily done away with because again certain knowledge has prerequisites could jump in and say this that Freeman has inspired me over and over and over again with a lot of the things that have said he said a lot of his work etc and I'm just I don't know maybe I need more information on this topic but from what I see we're trying to lump in the other side that's what it is they're they're the enemy we've already pointed them out they're the enemy and we're trying to say oh you know the the majority of them are good and you know a small portion are bad well if that's the case then why don't the small the large majority of good out the small ones that are bad you have so many bad ones I'll respond to this one as well real clear or longer about the mark we're about to exits a lot to pick that up at the other side of the break I promise I'll let you respond and we'll get some more calls in just a little bit don't go anywhere this is the Intel hub radio show yeah buddy get in the habit of watching that clock guys or mark specifically because he's going to be doing the show you guys already know but probably are lazy cuz it's not your show that's very true I'm gonna log in right now all right no worries it's all good we all got one segment left here the main screen that's calling Kevin thank you very much for your call brother we'll talk to you soon okay two one five what's your name where he called from please my name is dawn Witkin and I want you to know I identify hello area code to 105 energy or just want to be a fellow yes sir what is your name my name is Tim from Northeast Philly Tim from Philly what's up man how you doing hey I'm great what's up Bob is this the same Tim from Philly that I met that conference Katie yeah that's me man okay I recognize the voice how you doing buddy I'm good and just wanted to ask all about the conference cool man we'll take your con just a little bit all right okay cool standby thanks so much for calling control all right guys well mark I'll let you bring us back from break here is this our last segment let's see here yeah it is our last segment so keep that in mind on our shoulder you there mark wait if you see he'll be back in a second oh you know what you're getting into it when I called you up on Chris no I had a feeling you had a feeling really yeah I'm tapped into the truth frequency always oh oh yeah oh boy Chris do tapped into the truth frequency like a true thug yeah I know I mean it's no disrespect to Freeman I thinking right now I'm just calling it the way I see it I mean you know even the numbers just did dude what the hell happened people don't like to hear about freemason nah dude they went up up up up up and they tell didn't okay I don't know what's up with that but your free market story respond I had to hit the bathroom and I don't no worries dude I will we get back I want you to bring us back Tim from Phillies on the line oh great and he wants to talk about the conference we have only one segment left so make it concise I'll let you bring us back and we'll take we'll finish it off leave leave time for Freeman final thoughts leave time for Chris and Chris make it real quick because we're trying to fit in you know it's ten minutes so absolutely all right and and then we'll I'll let you I'll let you kind of moderate a little bit mark and then I'll end the show sure all right buddy thanks so much here we go you twenty seconds fastest and easiest way to feed my lips got totally up from the conference mark like so did mine man I don't know why but they're all we're not up and chapped and me too really I stayed hydrated as much as possible I wasn't I was joking loads of water me too weird I think what's maybe that cold night we were out all right ladies and gentlemen were back on the in Tahoe radio my website what on earth is happening on mark passio I'm here with Bob Tuscan Freeman fly and Chrissy Oh Chris posed a question earlier he was saying um that were kind of going in with the other side so to speak and you know where are all the good masons and I wanted to chime in on that briefly and then we have a caller on the line what I wanted to say is that the the the dark occultists have indeed overtaken this tradition that was once something that was attempting to teach something that was pure to humanity and I agree I'm an agreement with Chris at the highest levels that's who's controlling this institution absolutely however that's the black lodge okay and they're there the controller's or the spheres of this institution what we need to become worldwide is the white lodge to combat their efforts of perversion of natural law principles okay into their system of law and authority and mind control and unfortunately it may be sad but unfortunately it is true that lodge has not been built and that lodge has no meeting places it has no doors it has no walls it isn't something that is inside a building it's something that's inside the human heart that's where that Lodge exists and it doesn't have any hierarchy and it doesn't have any compartmentalization and it has no secrets that white Lodge needs to be built and that's what our work is before us all means who we we ultimately are who need to do this work so who is the Illuminati you are the Illuminati that's absolutely right that's absolutely right and as soon as you're ready to come out and make yourself known this whole world will shift it's us that's holding it all back they're not holding us down we are and when we can break free from the bounds of all of this and start to live in our sovereign selves start to plant our food across the nation start to live in the homes that we own band on the property that's under our feet that's when we take off back we're not going to get this by fighting the New World Order there's no way in hell you're ever going to win that fight I'm sorry the only way is noncompliant step away realize you are the Illuminati and if you want to get deeper into this read some Robert Anton Wilson get up the Illuminati a trilogy and find out just who the Illuminati are and figure out where Freeman came from that's also right Robert Anton Wilson of course I quote it out and during my talk which you can find at the intelecom and below the chat at the until hub radio great laugh yes we have a caller on the line sugar - what else okay bring them on a is this Tim from Philly hey what's up guys come here how are you gentlemen Tim one of the organizers of the free your mind conference right here everyone who attended that conference and and saw what we did have had this man to thank very much so he finally helped out and came through they think so much Tim hey cool I appreciate I have being able to be a part of this great conference you know and it was just a great feeling to add be surrounded by such enlightened people and to actually be a part of that myself you know I'm just just another thank you guys enough you know I hear you I hear you so what what was your what was your review of the conference Tim every everybody was great you know I'm Matt can't wait can't wait till the next one and I don't want to laugh put anybody on the spot but I'm sure there's a lot of people who love for another one so and here I'd love to help out at another one I think a lot of people would be that well Tim I won't go on the record with with promising anyone anything but you know we'll see is what I'll have to leave that at and uh if if that would happen in the future I'm not saying it's going to but if it would we would love to have you part of the organizational staff because you really did a great job and we were very responsible and I thank you for that full oh yeah you're welcome um so basically I was doing a lot of camera work taking pictures and things and I don't know if you guys spoke on the orbit issue yet at the conference but I was just a curious at what you guys thought of all the pictures I've taken I know I should Bob and and you mark and I was talking to Freeman about it so I just wondering where that what you guys thought if you use address that yet well well thanks so much for calling Tim and thanks again for all your hard work with the conference yeah there was some talk about the orbs and I guess there is a little bit of a debate the skeptics say it's to us but Freeman mark you guys want to pick it up real quick well it really does seem that these orbs appear when there is heightened mental activity I managed to take photos after each of my talks and always there's just a huge collection of orbs I did get some orbs from the Masonic Lodge as well that showed up in the turkey room which most of us felt was the creepiest room in the place even though it was the dining hall I do believe as they started to mention the different reasons orbs come in that I had been a part of each one of those even having an Aboriginal King play the didgeridoo at Maya my conference in Australia which was one of the things that Alfred Weber who is really the specialists on orbs brought up that the didgeridoo would call these things in and I absolutely have a picture on Freeman tv.com of that Australian show I the way the jury to the sound of it they say releases DMT naturally in the brain and I talked about how appropriate was it that with Alfred Webre being one of the foremost experts on orbs that there was plenty of orbs seen in the photos that Tim got and many others that took photos cool stuff I'm interested I keep an open mind on jazz oddly when we initially entered the room the main hall the the the main speaking hall that that ballroom upstairs on Friday to set up when we came in in that room was completely empty um before we began setup Tim just started taking a couple of pictures and it seemed as if he got all of these clusters and different shapes and colors of these these orbs you know that's what the phenomenon is basically known as in these digital photos he point he would pointed in different directions knock at the man point in other directions and that he would show up again and I just got the sense that you know it these these things do show up when there is heightened consciousness in close proximity it seems like they gravitate toward that and I'm an agreement with Freeman that that seems to be when you see these things a lot of he report them they're crop circle phenomenon you know and I just got the sense that this may have been some form of a nod from some higher plane you know it was just uh maybe being saying hey we're watching what's being done here and I think it was something that was a projecting positive energy it didn't feel negative tearing at all out like when we saw this if they are wonderful and Mark the orbs aside and you know definitely fascinating stuff and Tim thanks again and we'll talk about that maybe on a future show but the orbs aside the energy at the conference that I felt the talking amongst the the people there the questions the networking was just an amazing experience and I know you don't want to go on the record as to whether or not there's going to be a free mind conference number two but you're going to have to because there's going to be people come in with pitchforks and knots at your door anyway so we're just about out of time Freeman final thoughts here and then I'll let mark with final thoughts and Chris if you want to chime in with a quick thought or two that's great here we go Freeman all right all conspiracies the truth of the matter is is that we are in a pickle and the solution for us is to find our own sovereignty and it the best way for us to do that is to start to dig in start to practice the permaculture start to get the food growing around the nation tear up the lawns don't worry about it do what you need to do forget about the authoritarian figures and just live and that will shift everything and that's where we're at right now and we've got to stand strong well said mark I couldn't agree more understand that you own you you are sovereign nobody grants that sovereignty to you nobody grant you your freedom it doesn't come from government it doesn't come from the Constitution it comes from no other authority then the fact that you were born into the universe as a sovereign being here on this self-existing that's powerful and of course government mind control mark and then we avoid that at all cost Chris 10 seconds here and know where it is at the lung Chris yeah that's right and Chris is our resident skeptic Chris 10 second finish it off well I agree with 80% of what Mark and Freeman are saying but the percent I don't agree with all right well I already stated my views on that all right we'll have to pick up the other 20% on the future truth frequency and this is the Intel hub radio show awesome show guys I got to thank you all for being here today thanks so much thank you Bob thanks for everything yeah thanks guys it was great all right folks we'll do it again tomorrow night this is the Intel hub radio show and Oracle broadcasting comm stay tuned Lee Rogers coming up next