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freedom mat that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening to what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches its critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all welcome ladies and gentlemen you're listening - what on earth is happening right here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com of course the network's website Oracle broadcasting dot-com today is the first show for what on earth is happening in its entirety on Oracle broadcasting so I welcome everyone and I'm really excited about joining this great network with its great lineup of hosts we have a great show planned for you here today a lot of things we're going to cover today is Sunday May 1st and interestingly and synchronistically I would say the first debut show of what on earth is happening on the Oracle Network happens to fall on May Day or valper just knocked also known as Beltane in occult traditions so one of the things that we do indeed focus on here on this show is the world of the occult so I wanted to start off the show by telling everybody a little bit about what I do as part of my radio show and for new listeners they'll kind of know what to expect when they tune in every Sunday from 5:00 to 7:00 Eastern Time 4:00 to 6:00 Central which is the new timeslot for the show this isn't a news show so you won't be getting a lot of daily dosage of the the happenings that are taking place in the world even though the show is indeed called what on earth is happening instead what I focus on is the causal factors that underlie the events that we see playing out in our world because it is my firm contention that only by understanding causality by going down to the root causal factors can we ever really hope to change the effect that is being created in the world we must understand the generative principle the principle of creation how reality is created by our own thoughts our own emotions and our own actions and when those small units all add up of each individual's thoughts emotions and actions when they add up collectively that's what actually creates the total effect of what's taking place in the world and only when we understand what's really going on inside of each one of us do we fully understand the factors that are creating the reality that we are experiencing so that's in a nutshell what I do here on the show and most of the time the show is presented in sort of a presentation format with some visual aids there's the music for the first break so I will be continuing to explain the format when we get back after these messages [Music] alright ladies and gentlemen we are back on what on earth is happening I am your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm and before the first rate there I was sort of giving the new listening audience here on Oracle an idea of what to expect of this radio broadcast as it will be going out every Sunday from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. central 5:00 to 7:00 Eastern again what I do here is talk about causal factors of what's creating the reality that we are experiencing and I get very deep into these topics and they form an in-depth tapestry so we'll be talking about topics as you heard in the intro such as human consciousness mind control and all of its various methodologies natural law the understanding of how what our thoughts our emotions and our actions the the ways that we use them actually create what we are experiencing around us and that that those dynamics have discernible laws that we can come to understand and therefore employ to our benefit and if we remain in ignorance of we will continue to experience suffering a big part of what I do here is attempt to explain to people the causal factors of human suffering of self generated suffering and there's that's going to play into this show tonight because there's a contest that I'm actually holding for the first show which we'll get into in a few moments I again as I said I also discussed the occult in depth and later on tonight we will be continuing a discussion that I've been doing on the show previously because I've actually been doing this show through different forms of media over the past 13 months on other networks and so the show is an ongoing tapestry so we'll be actually picking up sort of you know in the middle I guess you could say and I want to let people know that they can go to my website at what on earth is happening calm and sort of get caught up on what we've done up to this point now I know that won't really help out you know brand new listeners much but if you go back and check out the podcast page and look at all the podcasts I've done up to this point on my podcast page on my site and you take that material in okay you will see how the tapestry that I'm weaving here works and you'll basically be able to catch yourself up to the to get the prerequisite information that you need to understand what we're going to continue talking about down the line here on this radio show so with that having been said I want to thank a few people for helping me out to get to this point where I'm I have a show hosted on a great network like Oracle and the first person I'd like to send thanks out to is Bob Tuscan who is another host here on the network Bob helped me out from the beginning starting my show over a year ago and he's been a great help in any way that you know I may have needed his help over the past year and I encourage everyone to check out Bob's show the Bob Tuscan show that's every weeknight on Oracle at 8 p.m. and check out Bob's site Bob Tuscan calm the next person I'd like to thank is Doug Owen one of the co-owners of Oracle his site blacklisted news.com and I want to thank Doug for taking the show on to the network and for all of his help in in getting me started here so Doug oh and thank you very much finally I'd like to thank my partner Barbara who deserves to be sainted for putting up with me in the course of our daily lives but she's just been of invaluable help and I can't say enough about how if it weren't for barb helping me out in my life I would not be able to continue to do what I do so barb thanks so much from the bottom of my heart I love you very much so with that being said let's jump into some the topics that we want to talk about here this evening so I usually begin the show with event announcements okay and I have one event announcement for tonight and the reason I do this is because I think bringing people together is one of the most important things that we can do as truth tellers okay what this information is all ultimately about is taking action okay knowing is not enough so many people sit on the knowledge that they have and they don't take action with what they know this can often be fear-induced they may fear the hassle that goes along with taking knowledge they may fear the reprisals that may come of actually speaking out and take knowledge in their own right okay however this is what this show is ultimately intended to inspire in others it is intended to inspire action right action in the world so when I read event announcements even if they're not in your in your area which often time they will not be I'll usually read announcements that are taking place around the area that on that which is Philadelphia PA however the the goal here is to bring people together for common causes that will assist the general cause of true human freedom so all of the event announcements I read have that end goal in mind so I'll start off with one simple event announcement for this week then I'm going to announce the contest for tonight which I came up with the idea of doing last week and then I'll give the call in numbers for the show for anyone who wants to attempt to answer the contest question and there is a prize involved which I'll explain in a moment so the event announcement for this evening I have is regarding an organization that I am involved with and here in the Philadelphia area called the Tesla Science Foundation Nikola Tesla was one of the greatest inventors if not the greatest inventor who ever lived he basically brought us all of the possibility of the 20th and 21st centuries because he brought alternating current which is the form of electrical power generation and distribution that we use in all of our homes and essentially that made the Second Industrial Revolution possible and gave us all again all of the modern conveniences that we have today so Tesla's name is essentially removed from the history books because he wanted to take his technologies even further and provide free wireless electricity for the entire world and this was possible through standing wave technology also known as non Hertzian waves or a scalar wave some people call them and he would basically send wire wire wireless electricity actually through the earth as the medium ok the earth would actually act as the wire believe it or not Tesla proved that this was possible he began prototyping this model at Wardenclyffe off of Long Island New York and eventually he was shut down by his own finance ears who financed the project when they learned that this would have leveled the playing field of energy for the entire world so Tesla is a name that everybody should become familiar with if they're not already I'm sure many of the listeners on this network are aware of Nikola Tesla but there's a great group here in Philadelphia called the Tesla Science Foundation you could check out their website at Tesla Science Foundation org and they're having as they do every July around Tesla's birthday a celebration based on Tesla and his technologies and I'll tell you a little bit more about that after this next break we're listening to what on earth is happening right back [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] alright folks we are back on water food that is happening right here on Oracle broadcast network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm before the break I was starting to tell people about the Tesla Science Foundation here in Philadelphia and the Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations that they hold every year in the summer around Tesla's birthday and this year there's going to be multiple events going on as part of this this conference that they hold each year but I want to tell people about one of them and I'll be telling you more as they announce new events and locations but the first is the 2011 Philadelphia Tesla science conference this is going to be happening July 7th 8th 9th and 10th here in Philadelphia at Liberty to place Liberty two is at 1601 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia the conference topics include ether theories alternative energy exotic propulsion technologies electrogravitics electrotherapy Tesla coils and of course the wireless transmission of power this conference is open to the general public and is only $100 to attend for all 4 days students with a valid student ID will receive a 50% discount and can get in for all 4 days for only $50 you can register online at the Tesla Science Foundation's website at Tesla Science Foundation org I encourage everybody to check out this great group and to get involved in in the work of trying to complete the vision that Nikola Tesla had for the future because as I've said many many times the control of energy is the control of human beings and until we develop true free energy technologies we are going to be under some form of control or another so that's the only event announcement I have for today and I would hope that people will follow up on this great conference and attend it if it is within their power to do so and definitely check out the Tesla Science found they're a great group of people so the contest let's talk about this we have a contest ongoing tonight on the show and it is a single question that there is indeed a single answer - last time on the show I was talking about mystery traditions okay basically mystery schools of the ancient world and we were talking about how these are the place that modern mystery traditions like Freemasonry or Rosicrucianism are derived from they're actually a much older esoteric tradition from which these modern institutions pull many of their teachings and I was liking Freemasonry second degree to a an initiatory tradition of the ancient past particularly in Egypt what was known as commit long long ago and this tradition the Commission mystery tradition would essentially reserve some of its higher order teachings for people that they knew would not abuse them and they needed to display a fundamental piece of knowledge in order to then be passed on to go into the higher-level teachings because the teachers of this mystery school were fully aware that if someone did not enter some of this higher-level knowledge with the right consciousness okay that they could enter it with ego and in doing so they might take some of that higher level information perverted twist it and perhaps use it as a weapon against those who were not at that level of knowledge in their own experience in life and indeed unfortunately this is what has happened in the world that very scenario is what actually occurred that is what the occult simply is for people who again will hear this word occult or mystery traditions and immediately think evil the word evil is the first thing that comes into your thought process that is a form of mind control the actual meaning of the word occult simply means hidden it is based on the verb in the Latin language occult RA and I would highly suggest to people to attempt to think of the word occult instead of as a noun which people immediately think of it as think of it as a verb because that is what it is occult RA which is where the word occult comes from is a verb in Latin and it simply means to hide to conceal or to keep secret what we're doing on this show and have been doing for 13 months is revealing the the world of the occult that which has been hidden from our eyes and when we truly understand what this body of knowledge is it may come to surprise some individuals because what it really is is information about ourselves it is information about how our own psyche functions and operates what our motivations are okay how our thoughts emotions and actions create the world that we see around us collectively that's what the the occult teachings are all about whether anyone wants to accept that or not is their own business but that is indeed what the occult is now the reason that that has been hidden from people is largely because this body of knowledge was hijacked by dark Oh cultists and it was then used as a weapon against people who did not have that same information so in other words ocultism in the modern world as it is being used is a form of a pow differential you've heard the term knowledge is power and I would actually disagree with that knowledge isn't power in and of itself okay applied knowledge is power acting upon what you know becomes powerful so what the dark Oh cultists who are ultimately the masters of this reality right now as it stands that is unfortunately true that is unfortunately the case they are controlling the entire game here so to speak the reason they are able to do this is because they are in possession of this information which they have subsequently occulted from the rest of humanity and I know this firsthand because I worked in occult orders in my past and I've talked about this previously on former shows we can get into it in the future and future shows but essentially what I'm trying to explain to people is that the occult is simply information that has been hidden that's all it is the the mind trick in words that is played upon people is to get them to associate the word occult with evil okay now don't get me wrong there is such a thing as Satanism okay there is such a thing as dark occult ISM no question about it I know this firsthand however what I'm trying to explain is that the information that is contained in the occult is simply a tool and it's the consciousness of the wielder of that tool that determines what that information is used for so this is a critical thing to keep in mind and we cannot fall into unit dimensional thinking about any given topic least of which is the occult because it is not simply one thing which many people fall into the habit of believing that it is with that in mind I want to tell people about the contest and tell them what the prize will be and then give the call-in number so oh we're cut off by the break music once again they sneak up on you like that but right after the this next break we'll get into the contest and give the pollen numbers and hopefully we'll have a winner tonight on the air they're listening to what on earth is happening you write that [Music] okay we are back here on what on earth is happening under host mark Pasco my website what on earth is happening calm this is a new show on Oracle broadcasting from 4 to 6 p.m. Central that's 5 to 7:00 Eastern Time every Sunday so before the break I was getting ready to announce the contest that's gonna be going on on the air tonight and hopefully we'll get a call or call in and win the prize a little trinket that I have here for anyone that can answer the question of the mystery traditions so this was a question that would act as sort of a form of insulation or a buffer and the people who could not answer this question of of their own volition they could not come to the understanding of the answer to this question in their own mind and their own heart would not really be passed on to the higher levels of knowledge that were available to mystery tradition initiates because it was basically deemed at that time that that knowledge was too dangerous to pass on to someone at the state of consciousness where they did not understand the answer to this question so that's the the background the framework which I kind of came up with this contest idea last week when we were talking about the second degree of Freemasonry and how it related with this initiatory tradition of the ancient past so the question of the mystery traditions which is what we are seeking a correct answer to this evening is simply this how do you know how do you truly know that you are suffering I'll repeat the question one more time how do you truly know definitively know that you are suffering that is the question of the mystery tradition schools okay that would separate lower-level initiates from higher-level initiative they needed to understand that dynamic in order to be passed and as I said last week on the show I was talking about Freemasonry or I should say earlier this week that most modern Freemasons should not be passed the second degree and I know that's a controversial statement to make and I will stand by that statement because it is indeed true most modern Freemasons of the Lodge system of today could not answer that question and they do not hold that key to the mysteries in their mind and in their heart that's sad but that is the case and again d'arco cultists have infiltrated every area of society and turned what was what should be traditions that are teaching esoteric truths into nothing but social clubs that are actually seeking to find psychopathic individuals to pull them up into the higher ranks to further agendas that were never intended to be even entertained at all in the true esoteric forms of these traditions but they are horribly fallen ladies and gentlemen to understand the true esoteric core of any given tradition is not to associate that with a modern institution and as I've said before we can understand true esoteric Christianity in a highly different light than modern institutionalized organized the modern institutionalized organized religion called Christianity the two are almost antithesis of each other okay and share very little in common sadly the same could be said of Freemasonry of esoteric Freemasonry of the ancient world compared with what Freemasonry has become in the lodge system of today and again when I talk about and teach the symbols of Freemasonry which look out a little bit later I am NOT talking about the modern lodge system I could care less about that system and I don't encourage people to go and run and join it all of the information of Freemasonry is available to anyone who wants it ok if there's no secrets in the craft as I've said many times and we're going to talk about lots of occult traditions ok we've already discussed Tarot in some depth we've already looked at Kabbalah in quite a bit of depth we've looked at Freemasonry and probably the most depth of any tradition I've looked at so far but we can even go we might even go into dark occult traditions on this show and look at Satanism look at luciferianism dark luciferianism ok we might look at Rosicrucianism in the future on this show and I'll again I penetrate these subjects fairly extensively because they're not something that are just to be skimmed you need to understand the symbolism you need to understand the allegory ok how there is a symbolic story being told through the symbols through the rituals of these different traditions ok and it's rich symbolism okay that has prerequisite understanding in order for some of the more complicated symbolism to be understood and symbolism is important to understand I can't stress that enough really what we're doing on the show is this is an extension of the section on symbolism which I've been looking at as a form of mind control if one does not understand the language of symbols then they could be used to go it right into the subconscious mind right past the conscious mind and basically dictate behavior so symbols are a hidden language so for anyone that wants to attempt to take a crack at the answering of that question for the contest let me give the call in numbers and then I'll tell you what the contest prize is for tonight the call in numbers for the show if you're on a cell phone and you have free weekend service I encourage people to use this first number five one two nine zero four eight zero one four five one two nine zero four eight zero one four if you want to call the toll-free call in line you could do that as well that number is eight six six eight four one one zero six five that's a good option for people who may still have a landline once again the toll-free number is 866 eight four one one zero six five the prize for whoever answers this question right is it's nothing you know huge or gigantic it's highly symbolic but it in many people's estimation does actually perform a function I haven't listed on the website on the radio listen page which by the way I'll be referring to that page often that is if you go to what on earth is happening comm and you click the upper left-hand button there that says listen live okay if you're not already listening through there I will often put images that are associated with the concepts and ideas that I'm going to talk about for visual reference for anyone that has an internet an internet connection and wants to listen along while I'm talking about some of the symbolism and ideas you can do that at what on earth is happening on the radio listen page you click that right on the left hand side there and it will show you the images listed there in sort of a slideshow type format so those images are from a little bit later on and the the prize for tonight is an organ aight pyramid an organ aight pyramid now this substance called orgonite was essentially put forward into the world by a gentleman named don croft and he based his research upon the works and research of wilhelm reich okay who talked about organ as a form of energy that is as the underlying lifeforce energy that is essentially all around us it's very interesting research and work I am NOT an expert in this field by any stretch of the imagination this orgonite pyramid was given to me by a good friend and a fellow speaker at the just recently passed free or mind conference here in Philadelphia we had a conference earlier actually last month on April 9th and 10th here in Philadelphia called free your mind a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult it was tremendously successful we had a full house both days and one of the other speakers who spoke about the dark aspects of the occult was a gentleman by the name of Jay Parker and he gave me this orgonite pyramid as a prize for the mystery tradition the person who answers the mystery tradition question correctly on the show so the question is how do you know definitively truly that you are suffering and the prize is a about a 4 inch tall orgonite pyramid beautifully made by Jay Parker a good friend of mine and a fellow speaker at the free your mind conference so that you have the calling numbers feel free to call in at any time another thing I'd like to say about the the calls into the show is that there are no taboo topics as part of what on earth is happening and there never are so when you call in anything is on the table and that will be the policy as we go forward on this show I don't limit people speech I don't expect them to limit mind so no tableau topics ever here on this show there's the break music we'll be right back and take some calls of you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm mark Hasse I'll be right back [Music] stay asleep Oh bad when he looks at it with his eyes as what we see when he looks at it in the sunglasses we see the same things all the way through the subliminal sympathy courtesy of a codependent [Music] alright folks we are back on what on earth is happening on your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm I think we have a few callers on the line that may want to take a crack at answering the question for the contest for tonight to try to win the orgonite pyramid let's go to the phones here we go let's let's give this a shot caller you're live on what on earth is happening can you please state your name and where you're from it your knowing your name and where you're from yes I can hear you hi Dan how are you would you like to take a shot at answering the question for the contest Ben yeah question okay and then first asked it the other day and then after sitting with it for a few days kind of expanded my answer okay so my initial answer was if somebody else is offering but and more that's about it sir yeah yeah that is the correct answer to the question you have it there it is phenomena you simply arrive at that by really pondering the question on your own that's that's great so our unit so we have a winner folks the first person who called in amazingly gets the answer correct and the answer is if there is one other that is suffering you are suffering that's the answer there it is right there simply put in plain language that's the answer and think about that deeply ladies and gentlemen and understand why the mystery traditions of old would not have passed anyone up through the higher ranks of this esoteric knowledge without holding that knowing deeply in their mind and in their heart that is the key to the mysteries to all mysteries that's the key to self understanding the law of one that there is no separation between what we consider ourselves and others that's what it is all about right there so been correct yeah phenomenal I would shake your hand if you were in the same room just brilliant so are you comfortable sir in giving your email address to me over the air or do you like me to just place you on on mute and you can wait until the break and I'll take your email off the air what would you like to do you can give me your cup yeah so frequently so so you know today 21 should already have it okay hold on just give it to me one more time okay thank you why yes 21 at AOL okay I'll repeat it k ey z ER s oze yeah 21 at aol.com oh yeah great I'm gonna get in touch with you after the show and I'll get your your mailing information and I will get this little cries boxed up and sent out to you just our great job sir I can't congratulate you and often like I said I would I would shake your hand if we were in the same room together because to arrive at that understanding is to certainly have progressed an extremely far away in the journey and consciousness in life so brilliant job and thank you and I'm I'm shocked that the first / first caller to the show gets the answer correct I thought that this would be a long one but phenomenal job do you have anything else for us while we have you on the line thanks so much I'll be in touch tonight okay you take care incredible um so thoroughly impressed as I always am with all of the callers to call in to this show I've said before that the callers who call in to my show are the best callers on any talk show a particularly internet talk radio and I continue to be astounded by the the quality and the caliber of calls that we get and the depth of knowledge which is displayed by the callers so I would hope that that trend continues here on Oracle broadcasting and I can't tell you how energized that makes me feel that first person who calls in gets the answer of their own recognition just fantastic so that wraps that part of the show up so we do have a couple of other callers on the line I believe so let's continue to go with calls and then in a little bit we'll go to some of the material that I had planned so here we go all right caller you're live on what on earth is happening you want to state your name and where you're from and tell us what you have for us Christopher Ottawa Canada hey how are you Christopher fine thank you a remarkable question and answer profoundly moving and amazing that your show opened with Ben as a guest that was just magical absolutely mark my background I'm a clinical forensic psychologist who studied the occult for 40 years and have written a book on the nature of human consciousness could I share a few of what I've discovered through my researches sure the whole modern psychology is denied spirit and soul for over a century and that was part of even the protocols of Zion is to promote Darwinian ISM and existentialism and Marxism and to deny human spirituality and the soul life and the home of modern psychology and the investigations of consciousness has assumed the consciousness is produced by the brain and the mind the head and I'll call that the head doctrine okay yes my studies through my life of esoteric mystical teachings is that all the esoteric tradition says that the true self is connected to the heart and consciousness into the human beings originates out of the heart and in the body consciousness is connected to the blood flow and the circulation of the oxygenation of the body through the blood and consciousness is like light because the self within the heart is described as inherently self-illuminating like the Sun in a sense it's a God spark or a divine element or the spiritual self within the heart and the light of the self within the heart if you were waiting in that that's the basis for higher states of consciousness and levels of Samadhi and the light of the self within the heart can then be brought out and you can experience a higher three higher chakras and including the awakening of the third eye yes now a person in life would not want to awaken the third eye as you said like so profoundly if you're in false ego right in the mystical tradition self-realization is defined as the dissolution of the false mind into the lotus of the heart and in the Hebrew tradition they say the truth is under your nose the whole time under your nose is within your heart and often when I give lectures on consciousness I play a pointing game where I ask people to point to the wall or the ceiling where their left foot in their right ear and then I say point to yourself and no one ever points to their heads right instead the majority of people talk point towards their heart always yes well a lot of people are confused because they think about the answer and they kind of point towards their throat area because there's confusion between the mind in the head and the self within the heart the heart is the center the center of the self that's the of the chakra system I talked about this extensively on previous shows we talked about the chakra system when we were talking about Kabbalah and talked about the center of self when we talked about the first degree tracing board because the middle of that board is the green initiate upon the ladder with the key and that represents the heart chakra the anahata chakra of course is the green lotus flower okay and that key is the the key of care which does not unlock the mysteries unless one truly understands the connection that one has to everyone around them and to the entire universe for that matter so that is a very profound information and I think that more psychologists really need to understand this and come forward and embrace this because what the occult what the dark occult really is is a perversion of psychology of ancient psychology that has been understood for millennia and losing the affirmation to basically gain leverage over other people in unfair ways and and basically exploit them in their ignorance of those same concepts and ideas exactly tonight this share very quickly wanted to have the point freak right now but hold on the line and I'll bring you back kick thank you much we'll be right back folks you're listening - what on earth is happening [Music] [Music] at issue now firstly you say about in my studies of esotericism you have to regard human beings as three-brained beings who function mentally emotionally and physically yes head heart hands exactly as you were saying but what is consciousness is consciousness just thinking and feeling and sensation no consciousness is something separate from what I would call the psychological functions like you can be aware unconscious of thoughts you can be conscious of emotions you can be conscious of sensations but the consciousness is something different than thinking or feeling or sensation and most its consciousness is most similar to light and if you have light in your room it'll is illuminating so you could be aware of all different objects that are illuminated by that light similarly a human being has this inner light within themselves and that light allows them to be illuminate the mind illuminate their feelings and their sensations so consciousness is like light and we can have more or lesser of that so that's one point one hundred to me a second was you know how the Star of David is the symbol of the heart chakra yes and the heart the Star of David is a sacred symbol not only in Judaism and Kabbalah but also it was called Vishnu's shield and it was its sacred in all different esoteric traditions but the Rothschilds have perverted it and the way they perverted it in a way they take the Star of David but is it has no central point like if you put the Star of David in the heart the upward turn triangle represents spiritual nature and the downward triangle represents the element of water like a human or the material nature and this the heart is the seventh point in the center of the Star of David so that's the flag of Israel has the sacred symbol but there is no I in the center there is no self it is soul less because these people are soulless they lack the capacity for divine conscious their their degenerate in their heart functions and so their heart is controlled by the three lower chakras which govern the motivations of money sex and power and they're obsessed with money sex and power like you for Kissinger he says powers buddies yeah okay he's a hot commodity the thanks pad this idea of power is a false one it is it is not what true power really is it is the use of undue force that one does not actually have a right to take under natural law against other beings natural law rights not not that should not be infringed upon yet they do it anyway because again these are psychopathic individuals the dark occult face of the world who ultimately control the monetary system and are actually the unelected hidden rulers and thrown behind all systems of government and financial institutions in this world and though these concepts that you brought up Chris and I want to thank you once again for bringing up all this information and it sounds sounds like you have a pretty good handle on this but this these concepts are things I have actually discussed in depth before on the show and you can check that out in the archives on the podcast section of my site I was born Oh shot garden behind the girl I'll make my father all day welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcasting network I'm your host Mark passio my website is what on earth is happening calm and we've had some good callers in to the show so far I'm going to continue with this and we have one other caller here waiting to go on live this is this is Keith from Arizona Keith from Arizona you are on live on what on earth is happening what do you have for us well thank you I'm very happy you have a show now your subject matter is something I've been interested in since I was a little kid I was going to guess on your thing that what the answer to the trivia question my guess was going to be because you're alive a lot of people would take that approach and I I don't agree with the contention that life is suffering there is suffering as part of life and some of it is self generated and there are solutions to that self generated suffering but it's basically up to us whether we inflict self-inflicted pain I'm not going to say that just a being in a physical universe it will not contain some form of of suffering in some form or another but the the real deep esoteric answer to that question is indeed that if any suffering is taking place around you you know that that was you it was a great question and I was very impressed with been to figure it out all by himself you know without a surfing on the net that was amazing and with the first R in caller two very impressed as well and he deserves the the little prize that we have anyway the one quick thing Tesla is my biggest hero out of any Incarnate being you know any anything that's ever incarnated well me I don't know maybe Jesus I don't know but he the experiments he did to set the earth into electrical resonance he actually did at Colorado Springs and then was going to build a huge one at Walden cliff and when JPMorgan found out it was going to be unmetered free energy and communications all over the globe he pulled the plug on it yep especially communication I mean imagine free communications how much are you pad for phone and Internet no yeah according to Tesla would have had literally unlimited Channel yes I don't know how that would work I have built my own Tesla coil which is kind of a trip and I used to go to Tesla coil that event I would encourage people to go there so fun when you go to those kind of events you meet like-minded people when I go to them I just I just my favorite thing is meeting all the neat people and talking to the speakers absolutely it's a great bunch of people here in Philadelphia as part of the Tesla Science Foundation it's one of the groups I'm pretty you know the most excited about working with in the area and they're they you know the leadership of that group knows what could be done with this type of technology in hand given to the people for the betterment of mankind and that's what they're really working toward you know they have a good ethic ethics is a huge part of this organization and I'm proud to work with them and again like you said when you come out and work with a group like that the kind of people that you meet are just like really wonderful people so I encourage more people to get involved in topics like that as well I still have friends from years ago I think that we are in I'm in contact with and we talk and stuff so it's a great great kind of venue to go through um one of my messages to people these days is to be of good heart don't let the fear get you down because we are creator so we literally create reality and I don't just mean our paradigm thinking that this way I mean with the physicality that we're in we literally spin it around us and we collectively do this together and I believe we can we can shift this world in a second if nothing let's just decide to and it probably doesn't even take much maybe a couple percent I don't know what do you think I agree that it could be done you know the difference between can we'll there it's often a large difference whether we will choose that reality is up to each one of us and you know sometimes it it sometimes it does require time because there's a lot to unlearn people have a lot to unlearn a lot of baggage that they've taken on and have a lot of attachment to and that's one of the main things that a lot of great teachers have have attempted to teach people that what about what's related to why we suffer it's it's the attachment to certain ideas and ways of doing things it isn't necessarily that you know there's something is just dictated to be that way it's that we are attached to having it that way and we have a hard time letting go of things that may have once served us in the past maybe not even then but even if they did when times change we want to we will resist change and we don't want to let go of that which we used as a tool in the past but now it is no longer serving us and in many cases it has become the master so the ego is like that you know the ego is a tool it's there to simply be employed you know in order to do things in the physical reality in which we live you know and I'm talking I'm not talking about you know the hot the like runaway ego I'm talking about simply the force that helps me to understand you know that if you put your hand out to hand me something that you know I can put my hand out and take it from you that's what I mean by the simple ego I'm not talking about an ego out of control you know where identification with the ego you know the ego is just the tool to make things possible in the physical domain it's the attachment and identification to the ego that creates all the suffering that we see around us the attachment to the physical you know at the expense of the the spiritual side of ourselves we need to integrate those both and understand that we are a spiritual being living in a physical reality we are spiritual beings having a human experience yeah and I again with stress we are creating this reality I'm saluting and oh we have to own our own responsibility in the of the world that's what it's all about and that is the the highest message or goal that I'm attempting to get people to really grasp at a high level is what true responsibility is and that each person truly owns themselves they are sovereign beings by nature of their birth into the cosmos they are sovereign and that means you are the owner of your own thoughts your own emotions your own actions and ultimately it is only you who directs those three things and that's what creates manifestation in the physical world and that becomes what we are experiencing collectively the sad part about where we've arrived that collectively is that most people have abdicated that true personal responsibility and want to basically point fingers or play a blame game and say that other people made me do it or I had no choice there's always a choice and we need to own that choice in our own lives and that's what true responsibility really is we make the decision ultimately about how we behave yeah it's very easy to be in denial and not take responsibility for the place you are I'm very encouraged I see this information spreading like wildfire I've been a guest on some talk radio that I call in from time to time I'm in it just means more and more people are starting to figure out something's wrong and are looking for answers and it's finding people thank you and it's wonderful NetWare I lot work with my favorite network I think that has the best lineup and it's not compromised like many other key thoughts the intro music for this next break I want to thank you for calling you brought up some great points and I agree with you this is a great network and I'm proud to be a part of it right on that thank you yeah baby right we'll be back after these messages folks gotta keep my cool [Music] alright ladies and gentlemen we're back on what on earth is happening great great callers into the show today I'm always impressed with the quality of callers like I said before but for the last three segments let's jump into something else that I had planned which is continuing on our breakdown of the symbolism of Freemasonry and I want to direct everyone up to my website at what on earth is happening dot-com for those of you who may be listening at your computer if you are not I always post these images with the podcasts on my site on the podcast tab of the of the website so you can always pick these images up later when you are at your computer if you happen to be listening in some form of a with some form of a mobile device so with that being said go up to what on earth is happening comm click on the listen page the radio listen button on the left hand side of the site that will take you to the player page and right under the player you will see images for tonight's show and there are I believe 12 images listed there that are connected with Freemasonry and again this is an ongoing tapestry if you look in the podcast section you'll see that we've been talking about Freemasonry for many weeks now so there are prerequisites to understand some of the symbolism that I'm going to continue to discuss if you feel like you're lost don't panic just go to the podcast section and pick up either from the beginning which is what I would highly recommend or at least from the beginning of the Freemasonry section so I'll attempt my best to give very brief reviews of certain symbols so in image number one we are seeing an image that I began to break down last week and this is from the alchemical tradition which is very closely related to Freemasonry some Rosicrucians schools also will use this image okay so this is a old depiction of the pillars okay these pillars we saw when we looked at the first degree tracing board of Freemasonry and pillars play a prominent role in the symbolism of Freemasonry in general they ultimately represent the masculine and feminine sides of ourselves okay that's what we have to understand about symbols is that they are used to encode information okay so this image that you're looking at here isn't just a series of symbols and and drawings it's essentially a book it's a story okay that unravels okay and delves deeply into the psyche the nature of self-consciousness etc I know that may be difficult for people who are unfamiliar with symbolism to accept or to believe at first but if you follow through the tapestry that I've continued to basically put piece together here over the many weeks I've been doing this show okay and that's why the podcast section is just a great resource of information for that and often with many links to documents and to images related images and related videos it's a wealth of information and its own right that one single page so I highly encourage people to make use of it this symbolism will begin to make sense if you have the building blocks in hand in order to decode it okay so it is a form of encoded information now ultimately what the checkered floor they're down at the bottom of the image represents is lower consciousness base consciousness okay like the caller said of the psychologist caller Chris said earlier we basically have a threefold nature and that we have a three-fold physical brain and this is information I've broken down extensively in the past on the show and again it's in the podcast archives on my site we have a reptilian brain a mammal brain and a human brain these are the conscious of the bring the are complex or the reptilian complex is base consciousness it's our lower lower level instincts okay that drive lower-level material world identified behavior alright so the fight or flight response is governed by this part of the brain simple physical respiration and motor function alright fight-or-flight response is if you're attacked if you're under direct physical threat you have to make a choice do you want to run an attempt to escape the physical danger or do you want to stand and fight okay and that's the lowest level of consciousness there is is essentially pure concern or identification with the physical matter and physical surroundings survival only based consciousness okay from a fear minded perspective so that's what that floor that checkered floor represents being as low as you can go you haven't really begun coming out of animal type qualities alright you're still identified with that reptilian brain now that the pillars represent the spiritual journey into higher states of consciousness through the integration of the masculine and the feminine aspects within ourself these are not external qualities they are internal qualities so we see there are four symbols on these pillars two on each one one at the base one at the top of the pillars and they are the alchemical symbols of earth air water and fire earth being at the bottom right hand side of the image okay the inverted triangle and it is sex segmented okay this is at the bottom of the B pillar the B stands for Bo Hwa's which is what this pillar is referred to as in Freemasonry the pillar of Bo Hwa's these are the pillars that were outside of the temple of Solomon because the Seal of Solomon were what is known as the Star of David as the previous caller also mentioned is the unification stands for the unification of the and the material and the unification of the masculine and the feminine okay it is ultimately about the unification of our emotions and our actions that's ultimately what this symbol represents okay so down at the bottom of the b-pillar right the darker pillar is the symbol of Earth now this represents what we basically come into the world innate qualities all right maybe our physical attributes maybe the innate talents that we may have and be good at all right the circumstances that were born into the surroundings our physical environment our mental environment as far as the other people that we are born around etc in other words Earth represents our resources and our surroundings when we go farther along the top of the pillar of bhojas there underneath the moon because this is the lunar or feminine side okay these are about innate aspects all right the unseen that which is not carried on the outside but that which is pretty much well away this okay so we employ our emotions in the world that's one of the main ways that we basically navigate the space that we're in our emotions are a guidance system okay it's like I liken it to a compass okay we need to have compassion to have a compass for direction in life that's ultimately what guides our behavior all right so at the top of this pillar representing the higher consciousness not just what we have as far as RNA talents or sir or what's in our surroundings but what we truly have as our makeup within our self the inverted triangle they're up at the top of the pillar on the right is the alchemical symbol of water okay and this represents our emotional qualities hey the types of emotions that we display there's the intro music for the break I'll continue to break down this cow chemical symbol of the twin pillars after these messages you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Oracle broadcasting I'm your host mark passio we'll be right back folks [Music] welcome back ladies and gentlemen you're listening - what on earth is happening on their host mark passio in these last two segments I'm just gonna jump right back into the breakdown of the symbols they're listed on what on earth is happening on the radio listen page we're looking at image number 1 the twin pillars and this is now chemical depiction of these pillars we looked at the dark pillar of bow eyes now let's look at the light pillar of jackeen marked with the J this is the solar pillar and these are the qualities that are pretty readily able to be seen by others so at the bottom there we have so these are more external principals at the bottom there we have the alchemical symbol for air this represents intellectual capacity which won by being around you can probably gay or assess readily because you would display basically through your behavior and through your words your general intellectual capabilities so this is also a masculine quality because pure intellect is what is being discussed here we're not really talking about holistic understanding or wisdom okay we're talking about the intellectual capacities or in other words left brain capabilities the capabilities to analyze and to dissect them to see patterns etc ok so the air qualities are on the masculine side the male pillar the pillar of jackeen and this represents a journey out of dark into light toward light that's why it's on the light pillar okay however as I've said already on this show simply knowing something that you've arrived that through a linear process of understanding through looking at different patterns through analyzing resources of information etc is not the end of the journey what ultimately needs to be done is that needs to be bridged with the emotional qua in order to take right action in the world and also combined with the resources at our disposal so in other words the knowledge that you acquire at the base of this pillar which represents a progression out of the simple internal qualities may be feeling or intuition about what is actually going on then you know it ok but it's still at the base of the secondary pillar there of jackeen it has to be used in the world it has to be put into effect in order to create something better in the world with that knowledge so at the top of the pillar of juking there on the left underneath the Sun is the alchemical symbol of fire the upright triangle and this is the symbol of fire which represents action in the world ok will power to act so we have the resources at our disposal at the base of the right hand pillar we have the emotional qualities that we carry within ourselves and the intuition that's the top of the right hand pillar the water symbol ok the emotional aspects of the individual of the lunar side ok this is what we have to work with in our NAIT qualities and what we have within us as far as our emotional makeup goes then on the left hand side we have our intellect at the base of the pillar and then what we actually do with the other three qualities ok so what we actually do with our intellect combined with our emotional qualities combined with the resources at our disposal and our talents that that the highest point of this is fire ok which is at the top of the secondary pillar which is what true enlightenment ultimately encompasses is taking right action in the world not just knowing but knowing and then applying that knowledge in the world so this entire image ok represents coming to a better understanding of our spiritual nature because this is the generative principle this is the principle of creation you see at the bottom there the word in Furious in Latin representing the lower material identified world but then as you come up to the top and unify the pot air which means father the Sun and mater mother the moon okay to create the Union the union of opposites the synthesis the chemical wedding as it is known okay you have the word superious which means the higher world okay and that is where the gods there you see the all of the gods of astro theology the sun the moon and the planets there at the top of the image in other words the the heavenly bodies the the heavenly hosts so to speak okay and then you see two words there at the top I'm sorry before I get to that you also see this circle with the two triangles in it unifying the divine and the material worlds okay and you have the alchemical symbol of mercury inside of there the elixir of life okay formed by the mercurial qualities the divine union okay between the Sacred Feminine and the sacred masculine between our emotions and our actions so the words at the top here okay on the left and right hand sides in the clouds up top i-i'm right this simply means the generative formation or the principle of creation you can look at those words as meaning this is the way that the physical reality in which we live is brought into manifestation it is brought into manifestation based upon our behavior okay and the the unification of the masculine and feminine principles or in other words what we know and how we feel right so our thoughts and our emotions then give rise or give birth to our behavior in the world our actions okay which is why that's at the top of the left hand pillar the masculine pillar and that creates this synthesis this union of opposites called the chemical wedding a lot of times in in alchemy okay and that is the generative principle generative meaning the principle creates or generates okay this is connected with Freemasonry very deeply because the G inside the compasses and square stands for this very principle the generative principle okay as we've talked about already on this show so that's this image is a fundamental basis for the pillars of jackeen and Boas in Freemasonry and again this image is used in alchemy and Rosicrucianism as well so what I wanted to do with the time we have left is simply look at some other themes that show these two pillars and then look at what's known as royal arch masonry which is a degree of the York right degrees within the York Rite of Freemasonry which are about this generative principle and coming to a higher level of consciousness by bridging the sacred masculine with the Sacred Feminine okay so the emotional qualities of the Sacred Feminine being United with the active qualities of you know the the masculine aspects of our self our actions so we need to act in harmony with what we know and feel to be right thoughts emotions and actions in unison with each other and there being no contradiction between those three modalities or the the expressions of consciousness again that's not consciousness itself that's something much more all-encompassing but the way that consciousness expresses here through us in the physical world is through our thoughts our emotions and our actions I call it the expressions of consciousness so what we want to look at is in the Royal Arch tradition how this synthesis is often depicted as the keystone of the arch so we're going to look at that coming up but let's look move on to image number two the Masters carpet of Freemasonry here we see this same theme repeated once again with the two pillars you have the altar in the middle with the three candles which I have already said in previous shows represent the path of the Sun from the eastern horizon to the western horizon and it makes a trek across the southern portion the sky I posted good visual aid to that in the last podcast so that's why there is no light in the north on free masonic altars because it is considered the place the sun does not pass through hence it is called the place of darkness again this is more basic astrology but it's Astro theology because you know the whole idea is getting to that enlightenment which is represented by the Sun coming together with the moon and giving birth to the all-seeing eye of an awakened consciousness so again we see this theme repeated here again I want to draw your attention to the heart right in the middle of the image true care okay the heart the center of self because these pillars represent the self okay below the floor of the house represents the the the spirit being dead end okay and needing to be raised out of its grave we saw the legend of Hiram Hiram Abiff okay the Christ consciousness in the free Masonic tradition so to speak all right this is the spirit that is within us all the spark of the divine which needs to be awakened and basically come up in its understanding in our understanding of true self that's what the the entombed Hiram Abiff represents okay this this coffin at the underneath the floor of the house the checkered floor is when hiren death is dead or the spirit is dead the true spiritual nature of ourselves is not properly understood and therefore it is in its grave it needs to be raised up out of the dead and be real open to new light a second purpose so we'll continue with this on the other side of the break you're listening to what on earth is happening if you're on oracle broadcasting everyday you hear the news and [Music] welcome back everyone what on earth is happening on their host mark passio for the break we were continuing to look at some of the symbolism of Freemasonry particularly the theme the recurring theme of two pillars and how they are representative of the masculine and feminine side of our psyches and our nature and they need to be brought into a synthesis a positive synthesis by uniting our emotions and our actions and this is what basically brings our spirit to life and this masters carpet depicts the dead and spirit in the coffin there and the journey that it must make out of that realm of darkness and the grave to the the light of the all-seeing eye or the Creator and we see tons of symbolism on this image we have the moon the star and the Sun okay we have again the the the astra theological cults of the ancient world the lunar called the the stellar cult and the solar cult we see of of course we looked at that in the Astro theology section when we talked about them being the foundation of modern religions we see the all-seeing eye representing the light of the Creator the light of consciousness okay we see the latter representing our climb or our journey out of darkness and toward light we sought we see the symbol of the Sun its path through the the year on the right hand side that that circle with the two lines the parallel lines that's representative of the Sun and it's a parent path during the course of the year as the Earth orbits revolves around the Sun how it makes a progression between the two tropics an angular progression from 23.5 north to 23.5 south during the course of a solar year we see the hourglass with the sand running through it warning us to make good use of our time because you see the sky there behind the hourglass representing deaths approach which is one thing we all share in common it is the grand level or as it is known in Freemasonry it levels the board for all of us because indeed we are are all on a schedule that has an appointment with that fate eventually no one gets out of here alive as they say we see the Trivium depicted as the basis for coming out of darkness and starting to ascend the pillars there on the right hand side depicted by the Pythagorean triangle and triangle with the squares depicting the Pythagorean formula so that's representative of course of the Trivium the quadrivium and the five senses and how we come to learn anything basically phenomenal information to study the Trivium which we will get into in future shows so what else do we have here of any significance we have the anchor that means that we must be anchored in truth okay we must have accurate knowledge and that's why it's on the active pillar to act upon okay so we have to have a firm anchoring in hand of the the the truth that is taking place around us before we begin to act or climb that left-hand pillar and take action in the world so this is just another symbol another way of saying the same thing it's about the chemical wedding or the union of opposites the divine union it has been called in other traditions between the principle of action and the principle of the Divine Feminine or our emotions the heart okay I've called it the heart mind guts you know it's what we know what we feel and how we act these are the the chakras that have to be unified the solar plexus chakra connecting up with the higher chakras of the heart and then the knowledge chakras of the third eye and the throat what we know and being willing to speak the truth unifying that with the principle action represented by the solar plexus chakra so we've covered this all in the past this is pretty much a kind of like almost a a review of some of those concepts but you're seeing it in symbolic form let's move on to image number three which is a depiction of an old royal arch tracing board now again as I said in the modern lodge system the Royal Arch degrees are part of the York Rite and they are touched upon in the Scottish Rite but this image here again we see the word Solomon the combination of the Sun and Moon king of Israel right Rex Israel means king of Israel Israel Isis Rael okay Isis the Divine Feminine raw that male child L the father okay we looked at that when we looked at Astro theology again this is for people new to this there's prerequisite knowledge for some of this and we've seen some of these word plays and symbols before so I highly encourage you to make use of the podcast section of my website as a resource if you get caught up you'll have a much firmer grasp when we start to talk about this complex symbolism I know it's you know kind of an inappropriate way to pick up on things but I can't go back and you know repeat the same things I've already said on the show over and over and over again so again those resources are there they're free they're at your disposal you can go and download them all for free and listen to them all at your convenience so we saw the three builders of attempt the Temple of Solomon representing the male and female sides of ourselves the masculine and feminine the Sun and the moon as being Solomon Hiram king of Tyre and Hiram Abiff H a B they're representing Hiram Abiff snake and we see that the Royal Arch symbol there on the on the left on the other side of the the altar from the letters H a B here we see the two pillars once again okay representing basically the same thing we've been talking about the floor the checkered floor of the house once again now the arch coming together on both sides but the keystone of the arch not being there okay now what this represents and here's the real key to this the the stone okay of the archway represents the pineal gland but in a state of not being fully activated when that stone is removed and light pours into the center of the self toward the heart right the center of this image is always the union so we see these two angels with their wingtips combined right in the center of the image this is the activated heart chakra okay and the light it is knowledge coming in the the knowledge of true self coming in and activating the center of self or the heart chakra now people have a very bad misunderstanding of this because in biblical terms the chief Cornerstone or Keystone okay is referred to as Jesus and when people see the cornerstone of the archways being taken out they look at this as if it's saying reject the Christ consciousness okay or reject the values of Christianity nothing could be further from the truth this stone in place of the arch okay needs to be transmuted to light that's what the Christ consciousness is actually represented by the light of the Creator pouring through into man's consciousness okay so - part of the Royal Arch ritual is to rise meaning come up in consciousness wrench forth the key stone meaning clear the debris from your pineal gland the truly the all-seeing eye in this in the center of each one of our heads okay and that is often calcified and I've talked about this extensively through the chemical sludge that we often put into our body through what we laughingly call food which you know getting how on the healthy foods is a huge part of the awakening process we need to basically remove that wordy stone it or take away all the debris okay that is that is calcifying it and then the light pours in because that's the spiritual vision gland all right I'll stop there we have a caller here from Texas John from Austin you're live on one on earth is happening you're going to take us out go hi how are you it's really nice to be on the show and I appreciate very much all the imagery that you are giving us and you're transmitting to us I wanted to touch on the subject of the pineal gland as you were talking about it was beautiful what you said there at the end and what I wanted to do put forth is well the pineal gland is our spiritual seed oh the seat of the soul yes where we that's our inheritance from God to us individually so we can have the experience of the unlimited creator with them and and this limited being which we have come to experience this earth in can can merge into that into that unlimited being and retain consciousness and I agree that that's a more or less where you're going now I'm sorry John but that's all we have time for tonight on Anwar Arthur's on what on earth is happening I highly encourage you to call into the show next Sunday for plumbers in the dollar crashes an alternate system