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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening to what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches its critical moment of the choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcasting network today is Sunday May 15 2011 I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website of course Oracle broadcasting dot-com we have a great show lined up for you here today on what on earth is happening we're going to continue to discuss the esoteric tradition of Freemasonry and its symbols and we're going to tie Freemasonry back into the original topic from which we stemmed it off from which was symbolism and how symbolism affects the subconscious mind until we bring it to the conscious level by decoding this language this hidden language and bringing it to a conscious level of understanding and awareness so that's coming up on what on earth is happening and I have one event announcement that I want to read four events coming up in the Philadelphia area because as I've said many many times ultimately everything that we learn and everything that we know about is ultimately all about taking action in the world doing something with what we know so I read event announcements of people who are actually active and doing something activists in in my area to alert people to what's going on in in this neck of the woods so that they can come out and support the efforts of positive activism so one of the groups here in Philadelphia that does a lot of great work is the Tesla Science Foundation and this summer they're having a big event here in Philadelphia the Tesla Science Foundation presents the 2011 Philadelphia Tesla science conference and this is a part of the Nikola Tesla energy independent celebrations coming up here in Philadelphia this summer the Tesla science conference will be happening on for days July 7th 8th 9th and 10th this July here in Philadelphia at the at Liberty to place one of the biggest buildings here in Philadelphia and there are going to be having this science conference on the 32nd floor of Liberty to place Liberty two places at 1601 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia the topics that will be covered as part of the Tesla science conference are ether theories alternative energy exotic propulsion technologies electrotherapy Tesla coils and the wireless transmission of power this event is open to the general public it's only $100 for registration for all four days $50 for students with a valid student ID you can register online at Tesla Science Foundation org that's Tesla Science Foundation orj a great group of people here in the Philadelphia area check them out check out their work and check out of course the works of the great inventor Nikola Tesla coming up to our first break here on Oracle we'll be right back you're listening - what on earth is happening what on earth is happening calm I'm your host mark passio we'll be right back after these messages [Music] okay we're back on what on earth is happening I'm your host mark cassia or my website what on earth is happening calm I'm gonna give the calling numbers and then we're gonna jump right into the topics for today to call in to what on earth is happening here on Oracle broadcasting you can call eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again the calling number eight six six eight four one one zero six five no taboo topics on what on earth is happening there never are I like to take call so feel free to call in anytime during the show please if you do call in wait on the line I will get to you I may be in the middle of explaining a concept or an idea so please be patient okay let's jump right into our topic for today which is a continuation over the past many weeks of our exploration into the true esoteric tradition and symbols of Freemasonry so last week on the show we left off looking at some of the symbolism of the Royal Arch degrees of Freemasonry in New York right and in the Scottish Rite some of the higher degrees namely the 32nd and 33rd degrees so we left off looking at the double-headed eagle of the 32nd degree of the Scottish Rite and I'd like to direct everyone to my website at what on earth is happening dot-com and you can click the radio listen page the link is on the left hand side of the site the graphic that says listen live and you will then be taken to the player page underneath the player there will be something that says images for today's show and then there will be a series of links of numbered links you can click on those to follow along with the imagery that I will be talking about on the show today and this is basically how I do this for any shows where symbolism or imagery needs to be comprehended along with the talk so that's where the images can be found so looking at image number one we see the symbol I broke down last week of the double-headed eagle of the 32nd degree of the Scottish Rite holding the sword with the symbol dais my own Quay yes right underneath of the sword on the sash a that is draped around the sword that of course means God and my right we saw another actual pin emblem on image number 2 which basically is the same thing with a different phrase in Latin on the sash which says spez maiya in de Oeste which means my hope is in God and sometimes you will see these two phrases combined sometimes you will see them combined with another phrase which we're going to see in the next image that we bring up so instead of Ari explaining this symbol I just want to reiterate one part of it and that is that the two Eagles are coming together but the very top of them the heads still have not completely come together indeed they have still have two heads both pointed in opposite directions this represents knowledge of the the past can help us to understand the pattern that is making its way into our future so that we can change it if we wish it also represents that balance in both the left and the right brain hemisphere is absolutely essential if we are to come together as one and again this is the positive interpretation there are indeed negative interpretations of all of the symbolism that I'm going to talk about but again I am reinforcing here the true esoteric aspects of the free Masonic tradition not looking at dark masonry per se here over the last many weeks now I am going to bridge this into what is known as dark masonry when we talk about one of the main symbols that we're going to break down in this show which is the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States the pyramid and all-seeing eye a much talked about and much misunderstood emblem or sigil a series a collection of symbolism of simple symbols that are put together to make much more complex symbolism known as a sigil so we'll be looking at that later on today and indeed that is a symbol of both the light aspects of Freemasonry and the dark aspects of masonry in general which I refer to as dark masonry not true Freemasonry so in image number two what I want to emphasize here is that the the very highest aspects of the the spirit have not fully been unified at this point this is why this so-called highest level of the Scottish Rite okay is not indeed the end of the degrees of free masonry this is simply the end of what is known as the Red Lodge degrees the Blue Lodge is degrees one two and three okay which is entered apprentice fellow craft and master Mason degrees four through thirty-two are referred to as the Red Lodge okay we saw the colors red and blue used to represent different extremities okay red representing the left brain reason logic intelligence blue representing the right brain intuition creativity nurturing etc okay these need to be bridged together brought together to create true awakening or illumination and that is the higher degrees of Freemasonry known as the illuminated degrees the degrees where one is truly coming into the light of true knowledge true reason and that's all about the internal world the internal processes of the self okay going within and understanding what we truly are as pure consciousness and pure knowing alright these are the true higher level degrees and they are personal degrees they are symbolic degrees there is one degree that is officially recognized as higher than the 32nd degree of the Scottish Rite which is the 33rd degree which I show its emblem in image number three and this is an honorary degree that is conferred upon Mason's and freemasons that are considered having contributed great value to the work of the higher lodges and that would include both the white lodge which is above the blue and red lodges and indeed the black lodge okay and these are basically unspoken of lodges they are known to be in existence by people who truly have bridged the left and right side of the brain hemispheres we understand that these lodges exist in both a real and a symbolic way the black lodge certainly exists in a coordinated real tangible physical way and it's doing its quote great work all over the planet and we're seeing the result of that work in our daily lives the white lodge however also exists but in a less organized way it exists scattered throughout the world and needs to be brought together through our understanding and our actions so we'll continue to analyze this and break down some of the symbolism when we come back you're listening to what on earth is happening you're on oracle broadcast [Music] okay we are back on what on earth is happening on your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm before the last break we were discussing the higher degrees of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry namely the 32nd and 33rd degrees we were looking at the emblem of the 33rd degree in image number three on the radio listened page of my website what on earth is happening dot-com and in this image we see the emblem of the 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite which is an honorary degree conferred to Mason's that are considered to be instrumental in the continuance of what is known as the great work and we will look at what that frieze the great work means later on tonight so this symbol is also a sigil it is a complex series of symbols put together to form a more complex symbol so we see that the motif of the two crosses which we saw before when we were looking into Astro theology on previous shows all previous shows of this program are in the podcast section of my website and that information is all available for free at what on earth is happening the two crosses here we see the equal armed cross in the background with the the smaller equal armed cross motif all over it the two pillars which we analyzed over the last many weeks here shown as well and we see a second cross in an X form in addition to that first equal armed cross which is the the main cross that we see here on this emblem these crosses are known as the cross of st. George and the cross of st. Andrew the cross of st. George being the vertical one shaped like a plus sign and the one shaped like an X that is formed by the two swords overlapping each other is called the cross of st. Andrew so these are the solar and galactic crosses the solar cross represents the cross of the Sun on the zodiac okay it represents the solstices and the equinoxes at 90-degree angles to each other when we symbolically depict the sun's path as a circle so the X cross formed by the two swords represents the Galactic cross which is the fixed signs of the zodiac the four fixed signs of the zodiac all houses and this is Taurus in spring Leo in summer Scorpio in fall and Aquarius in winter their respective seasons each one of these houses also represents one of the alchemical elements Taurus representing earth Leo representing fire Scorpio representing water and Aquarius representing air earth air water fire and basically in the middle of this image you see three overlapping equilateral triangles on top of these two crosses so this the second cross this X cross formed by the two swords the Galactic cross basically pinpoints our position in relation to the galaxy the Sol the solar system's position in relation to the galaxy the arm of the great cross that points toward Taurus is actually the arm that is pointing away from the center of the Milky Way galaxy the one pointing toward Scorpio is pointing toward the center of the Milky Way galaxy this very center of the galaxy actually is between the constellations of Scorpio and Sagittarius the Scorpion and the Archer so on top of these two crosses representing light the light of the Sun and the light of the stars and planets okay these two astra theological cults of the ancient world which we looked at in the Astro theology section we have three overlapping equilateral triangles so it's 3 times 3 for a total of nine points the number 3 is multiplied by itself here because the the three is a sacred number okay it represents the Trinity and again this is the Trinity of our thoughts our emotions and our actions coming together as one this is then multiplied by itself for greater effect so then this this Trinity is rotated okay three times it's repeated three times each rotation okay forming another equilateral triangle so we have nine points and each one of the points representing one of the letters which we see here in the inner space of this larger nine pointed star and that word that is spelled out is Sapientia which means wisdom okay Sapientia wisdom this is the combination of our thoughts our motions and our actions coming together as one not in opposition with each other but unified okay so there is no contradiction as we think so we feel so we act and there is nothing that tears those three things apart well we know to be true we feel to be right we act upon we don't know something feel it to be true and know it's right and then act differently our actions do not betray our thoughts and our emotions okay so that's these three triangles coming to gather to form wisdom inside that we have Ordo ab KO a latin phrase which means order from chaos or order out of chaos and there is a positive interpretation to this phrase and there is a negative interpretation to this phrase depending on who's wielding the knowledge who's employing this emblem etc the negative of course we've mostly heard of ok the Hegelian dialectic as we talked about previously on what on earth is happening past shows ok creating the problem that needs to inspire fear and it has to be a chaotic one and then waiting for the confused reaction and then stepping in to propose to use that opportunity to propose the solution problem reaction solution or as i have called it chaos confusion opportunity create the chaos wait for the confusion that ensues and then step in with the opportunity to propose your solution that you wanted to propose all along ok so that's one way of seeing order out of chaos I call this chaos sorcery all right it's the Hegelian dialectic simple dialectical mechanics at work another more positive way to look at order out of chaos which is the real deep esoteric understanding of this phrase is that when chaos ensues to the point where one must recognize that the ego is creating that chaos and that they cannot state in that stay in that state of ego identification eventually one will look into the causal factors and the causal relationships of the state of consciousness where I should say lack thereof that created that situation to begin with and only by understanding those natural law principles can they ever effectively create good or order in their lives that's the true meaning of the phrase Ordo and heyo light out of darkness we'll be right back you're listening to what on earth is happening on the Oracle broadcasting memory [Music] all right folks were back on what on earth is happening we were looking at the emblem of the 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and the phrase or doe at heyo which I described as being representative of light out of darkness the state where the ego is finally broken down and the being suddenly becomes ready and willing and able to understand that they cannot go on living the way that they have been living in a state of ignorance apathy and laziness and without courage to act in the right way it is the goal of the true goal of true philosophy everywhere because it represents true wisdom this word Sapientia surrounding it means wisdom and this is what we're actually trying to distill we're trying to get rid of the chaos that we're living in and actually create true order harmony with natural law not the laws the whims the dictates of man the lowercase L laws of man but harmony with natural law capital L and for those who have not yet seen it it would I would highly recommend to check out my podcast number 36 to listen to it and see the document that accompanies it I will eventually put this presentation on video at some point in the future I have not yet had an opportunity to do that but I will at some point in the future and I will post it to the site however podcast number 36 goes into natural law and its manifestations it's it's expressions how natural law works in our reality in a very very deep way podcast number 36 please avail yourself of the knowledge in that podcast and the accompanying document so in image number 4 here on the radio listen page which is where the images that we're talking about here tonight can be found on what on earth is happening calm the radio listen page image number four shows this emblem as a an actual pin okay that is presented to a thirty third level degree 33rd degree initiate of the Scottish Rite this is an honorary conference and you see on the top of the right hand point of the sword okay three fingers pointing up the thumb the index finger and the middle finger and two pointing down you'll see this symbol over and over again in the occult this is a symbol that represents the Trinity being raised okay truly raised to the light namely thought emotion and action and duality is being put down ego do dualism us-versus-them thinking the two fingers put down okay because they represent the small or lower aspects of us all right things that need to be ruled over the reptilian instincts in other words okay identification with the physical etc the ego mind alright the these are the five points of the pentagram and the five aspects of the self earth air water fire spirit okay ultimately we want to create merge water and fire which is our actions and our emotions the masculine and the feminine sides of our self the higher masculine and feminine sides and merge them with the spirit the Fifth Element this is what truly raises the Trinity within us so you'll see high level initiates of different occult orders and traditions often making a gesture with these three points upward these three fingers raised upward sometimes they will touch the side of their head with them to show it's a it's a symbol that I am one of the initiate to the illuminated degrees or the true light of wisdom which is within unification of the self within and the coming together truly of one's thoughts one's emotions and one's actions for a higher purpose so this is a simple interpretation of a complex symbol and inside of it you'll see if you look back at image number three you'll see the double-headed eagle of the 32nd degree crowned okay with the light the scales depicted there on the left hand side of that which is representative of balance and unison and harmony all right and then the compasses and square with the G in the middle there on the right hand side so this degree of the 32nd degree is the first degree of what is known as the illuminated degrees of Freemasonry and again these are it's a dual Lodge system there is the white lodge of true illumination which we've been talking about the positive aspects of this and then there is the black lodge dark ocultism those who have the knowledge and are going to use it for the opposite of the true great work which is the work of control manipulation keeping other people in the dark keeping other people down not helping to raise others up to your level of knowledge again this is just knowledge it is a tool it is what we do with it that matters that's where true wisdom lies are we going to actually employ true wisdom through the sacred feminine side of ourselves the merging of the masculine principle of right action with the Sacred Feminine principle of true care or are we going to use this newly acquired knowledge as a weapon because the dark occultists that actually owned most of the people on this plane they know we are spiritual beings they know this there are only two happy to tell you that they know this and they're using this knowledge as a weapon to manipulate people who do not know this that they are spiritual beings that this isn't a mechanized machine that we're living in that ultimately it's it all derives from spirit they have this knowledge but they're trying to convince other people of the exact opposite so they can keep them enslaved because only when you become material world identified can you live in fear of anything that's going to happen to you in this domain once you shed all of that fear no one can alter can ultimately control you no matter what they do to you even if they physically destroyed you you would remain the essence of you because the flesh the body is not that which we really are and dark occultus understand this and they ultimately reject this and seek to suppress it while they know it they want to use that knowledge only as a mechanism of manipulation and oppression against others by trying to convince them that that truth does not exist and in doing so keep them in a lower state of awareness and in fear not understanding who and what they really are so that all of their energy flows to these dark Oh cultists at the top who keep this knowledge for themselves and ultimately twist it pervert it and use it as a weapon against those who they look at as lower than they are so these illuminated degrees again it's a double-edged sword it's about the light it's about having that knowledge what we do with it is another story so let's bridge all of this back into the idea of symbolism and the hidden language called symbolism because that where this whole discussion of Freemasonry came out of and ultimately it is done because so many symbols are using free Masonic symbolism alright I should say Masonic symbolism in general not just free Masonic but the symbol of symbols of masonry whether it be light masonry or dark masonry okay because as we've seen the word mason simply means builder what building material do we build with what is the purpose of our building why are we building something what is that something that we are building I'm going to attempt to answer all those questions here tonight through the breakdown of an extremely important symbol that is very misunderstood and it's all about one thing in image number five we see this symbol placed on the one dollar bill money and indeed ultimately it is all about money but not in the form that so many people are familiar with that term not in the fake form that you're seeing here on paper which isn't even worth the paper that it's written on that it's printed on what is the real money let's talk about that when we come back you're listening to what on earth is happening on Oracle broadcasting we'll be right back folks [Music] [Music] welcome back ladies and gentlemen this is what on earth is happening here on the Oracle Broadcasting Network I'm your host mark passio the images were discussing can be found that what on earth is happening calm on the radio listen Paige we were looking at image number five which is a $1 bill showing the front and the back side and we're going to be talking about the image on the left-hand side of the rear of the dollar bill which is the pyramid and all-seeing eye and I'll be breaking down this symbol from no cults esoteric perspective tonight it's a very misunderstood symbol it is placed on money for a very specific reason what we're talking about here tonight is talismanic symbolism a talisman is something that is imbued with a particular kind of energy by having symbolism placed on it and then carried with the person that it is going to imbue with that energy okay the energy is going to work upon in some form the the person that is carrying that talisman that that's what it is all right so when we talk about a talisman it is carried symbolism is a simple way of looking at it and occultists are behind the monetary system of all countries they invented money as we understand money as most of us understand money I should say some of us know what money really is but we're a few and far between and what I mean by that is the money that is created by these dark occultists all throughout the world is all fake now some people listening to this network may know that but what is the real money and that's what you'll hear a lot of debate and argument over and that when you understand this from an occult perspective you understand that their version of money their fake money is being used as a proxy okay at it as a methodology of transference to replace the real money in someone's mind it's a form of mind control because they know what the real form of money is and everyone else is ignorant of what money really is and therefore they believe in this fake form of money in papers and digital lights on a computer screen or so-called precious metals or any other various forms of exchanges that we have that we call money but all of that is done to keep back the true understanding of what money really is and it's all contained in the word in the word you break down the word money and you have the words one eye inside the word money mon mo n is the root or prefix of one mano it means 1 ey phonetically is I like the letter I 1 I and we see the one eye on the money it's not two eyes it's one eye it's on the one dollar bill now people will immediately rebel against this and say oh this is too simple you're seeing something where it doesn't exist the occult is so simple that the occultists who use these techniques terms symbols words colors sounds vibratory frequencies etc are hysterically hysterically belly laughing that it is right in front of people's faces on a daily basis and they are incapable of seeing it it's hilarious to them I have personally heard them belly laughing at people when I was involved with these people in my past laughing hilariously at what people will accept when the simple simple truths that are right in front of their eyes are rejected out of hand as being oh that's oversimplification that's that's it's too easy it couldn't possibly be that because it's all ego based thinking it's all the mind racing to say I couldn't have seen that it couldn't have been that there my entire life and I just ignored it or didn't see it or didn't recognize it because no one wants to think that they're that gullible or stupid that's something that's simple that the word money means one I was there since you were born is every time you heard that word spoken that's ultimately what it's referring to and this is called green language which brings us to our next piece of little occult information the color green which is why this symbol is placed upon something that is green we talked about this before especially when we looked in the Kabbalistic tradition and the system of chakras from the Vedic tradition green is the color that represents balance oneness centering coming to the middle love nature green is the color of the heart chakra care okay it is the color of nature nature provides green and the greatest a bun it's the healthiest foods the energy to put into your body is green energy it's a symbol of health of life of balance of healing it's the energy of the heart okay it's the coming together or balancing of the left and right brain hemispheres to give birth to the light the one eye the pineal gland being awoken in the center of the head helping us to see the true nature of ourselves as spiritual divine beings part of the all one eye meaning there's not me and another we are all one there's only one I not dualistic thinking us and then me and everyone else green language is wordplay that one only really sees in place and it's usage when the brain hemispheres become balanced and the all-seeing eye the true all-seeing eye the one eye opens so this symbol is deliberately placed on the one dollar bill because it's a proxy for oneness for unity consciousness for balance for healing for life energy for love and money in its paper form is none of those things or any other form of exchange other than actual love between people that's the only form of real exchange recognizing our own oneness and acting in that capacity that's what money really is you need no mechanism of exchange for doing that you only need to become enlightened in order to be willing to do that but there's so few people at that level of consciousness it's it's funny rather than being sad it's past the point of being sad it's a joke okay so green language will see it in the future alright but that's basically what it represents you can only understand these word puns and plays and symbolic meanings when you're bridging the left and right brain hemispheres coming to a place of green energy it's true care true intelligence true wisdom so they put it on the money and they make the money the one eye the fake form of it a proxy for the real thing that's what the occult always does it never really creates anything it takes an idea it perverts it it degrades it and then it hands it over to somebody else and says here this is the real thing take it in place of the real thing when in fact you really don't have that real thing when in fact that's the only true thing you really want and desire but I'm going to give you this instead to fool you into thinking you have the real version of it and yes the occult is that simple folks we'll be right back on what on earth is happening I gotta keep my [Music] [Music] the United States that is placed on the left hand of the rear side of a $1 bill here in the United States this symbol is the symbol of the mystery traditions it's the simplest way I can put it as a basic introduction this is also the most widely misunderstood emblem or sigil in the world the in some of the interpretations that are out there are wildly off-base although some people have a understanding of part of it but they don't have a full grasp of this symbol because it's a dual symbol as all complicated symbols maybe they have more than one meaning not a one-dimensional meaning to be interpreted in a single way but they have a deeper meaning that can be employed in different ways depending on who is using the symbol so I am going to offer quite a an alternative explanation for what this symbol really means and if you follow me through the breakdown of this symbol you will understand that this symbol is much more even if you have heard interpretations of it before in the past you'll see that it is much more than what certain researchers have made it to be so let's simply look at what the symbols on this emblem or sigil are first and then we'll break them down one at a time first let's look at the words on the symbol the latin phrases the first there's two latin phrases the first is at the top it says annuit coeptis annuit coeptis okay aan and uit I knew it kept us Co ep t is this phrase means he she or it favors or looks favorably upon that is the word anew it means he she or it favors that is third-person singular a he she or it favors or looks favorably upon or gives their blessing to okay that's what that word means co-op this means an enterprise a building project a project in general okay something that is being worked upon our work in progress okay so he she or it favors looks favorably upon gives their blessing to our work our enterprise our building project all right simply put he favors our work that's it that's how we could look at it she favors our work all right who favors our work what is the nature of that work [Music] what is that building project that is in progress look at that when we come back like what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm we'll get into the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States and great depth after we come back here on Oracle broadcasting stay tuned folks [Music] okay folks were back on what on earth is happening let's jump right back into the breakdown of the great the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States the pyramid and the all-seeing eye with the two latin phrases we looked at the first Latin phrase honor what kept us in the last segment and saw that it means he or she favors our work which is a work in progress and there's a second Latin phrase on the banner below and it says Novus Ordo seclorum now this phrase is often debated about and contested as to what it means and I'm going to attempt to lay this to rest once and for all although I know people will still insist that it means something other than what I'm going to show people that it means believe whatever you want okay because it means one thing although as we will see that one thing were phrase which it does say on this sash here on this banner actually is two different things depending on who's using it or trying to create it this is this banner represents the building project as we will see okay so Novus means new Ordo means order these are not the words that are contested so new order and then the word seclorum the hotly contested word which in images number seven and eight I show in a latin dictionary the difference between the word seclorum and Psyche lorem now the people who insist that this phrase means new order of the ages clearly never opened up a Latin dictionary and have no connotative understanding of the ability to translate Latin they don't understand what that word that they're saying seclorum actually is so I'm going to by looking at the word and and the actual Latin root the the Latin meaning of the word to lay to rest once and for all that this word does not mean of the ages so the word for age generation or our time period in Latin is psyche lorem sae CL oru and that's the the the genitive or possessive case of the word psyche Coulomb cycle um is a latin noun that means age generation people born at a time a breed a race a present time period a present age or century okay the word cyclone cyclone okay so that the genitive of it would be psyche lorem sae CLO r um but we don't have the word psyche lorem on that banner we have the word sect lorem on that banner so if you put this into any decent latin dictionary or look it up into in any decent latin dictionary it will tell you that it is a truncation or a word modification of an original latin word which is set you lorem the you in the in the word secular can often be eliminated or truncated it's like a contraction kind of in English instead of saying cannot we'd say can't okay is not isn't okay instead of saying SEC you loose right SEC ulam we would say SEC l'm or secular 'm we would say seclorum so this is called a word modification or a truncation in latin it says here on this image which is image number 8 an internal cm be rendered by Cu l okay so the word actually derives from the Latin word secular 'm which is the genitive of Sekulow m-- okay the possessive case meaning of right we wrote being belonging to that's what genitive means the possessive case okay sac Coulomb is the root word that this comes from and we see that that's a noun that means world the first word back in the in the definition is world sec Coulomb which is where we get the word sec lorem from okay now there it is right there if you don't want to accept that enjoy believing that it means of the ages for all the possible listeners out there who have been told that that's what that word means it does not mean of the ages it means of the world okay so the word Sekulow means world universe secular temporal earthly or worldly affairs cares or temptations that's it the simplest translation of the phrase Novus Ordo seclorum is New World Order the end that's what it means period anybody that thinks it means anything other than that does not know how to translate Latin period and I'll tell them that to their face even if they're the if they're they have tenure at some university I really don't care they don't understand what that phrase means if they think it means new order of the ages it means new world order and I just showed that definitively here okay now that's the building project that is being referred to in the first Latin phrase he or she favors our work or our project that is being built okay Novus Ordo seclorum the New World Order right there on every single dollar bill being carried that is the phrase and people say there's no such thing as the New World Order well why are you carrying around pieces of paper with you every single day that says the words New World Order on it only in another language if there's no such thing oh there's such a thing the the the key here to understand is what is the New World Order because it's not one thing yes the words say one thing no new world order but there are two different New World Order's and that's what I want to attempt to get the listener and the person who is attempting to understand what this symbol is really saying to grasp here okay so now that we've established the meaning of the words let's break down the symbol we're going back to image number six now okay so seven and eight was just definitions six I want to break down the rest of the symbol we see a pyramid okay that is being built but it is not completed and then we see a hole in the sky with an eye in it with light radiating out of it okay above I should say actually in the background behind this 13 level pyramid that is made of stone what do these symbols represent what do they mean what is trying to be said here you'll get into this a lot deeper in the next segment don't go anywhere folks you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on the Oracle Broadcasting Network [Music] [Applause] we're back on what on earth is happening under host mark Hasse of my website what on earth is happening calm we are breaking down reverse a Great Seal of the United States today on the show this is the symbol of the mystery traditions of consciousness it is also the symbol that in general represents masonry in all of its forms as we will see tonight on the show all of the images I discuss all the time on what on earth is happening can always be found on the radio listened page of my website which you get to by just clicking the listen live button on the left hand side and then you will see images for tonight's show images for today's show listed on that page underneath the player you can click that and get a little slideshow we're looking at image number 6 the pyramid and all-seeing eye from the back of the one dollar bill we see that the latin phrases mean means he or she favors our work the New World Order and then there is a 13 level brick or stone pyramid okay 13 courses of blocks of bricks okay with the the letters m d c c LX XVI these are Roman numerals and they form the number 1776 1776 this is of course a date but it is much more than that I will leave that there for today will not be getting into the date and its meanings or representations we will do that next week when we look at the real meaning of these 9 letters ok so the 13 level incomplete stone pyramid above or you could say behind which in the sky behind this scene in the foreground ok is a equilateral triangular hole in the dimensions of space ok and B kindness in another dimension in another world in another reality is one eye with light streaming from this dimensional portal or gateway or hole in the sky okay streaming out of this into the scene this is the light that illuminates the entire scene that we see in the image that's the light source okay so there is one eye that is representative of the light and then below that in the foreground is a huge pyramid being built out of stone what does this mean how is this connected to what is known as the great work which someone favors or looks favorably upon and how is this connected with something known as the New World Order this is what needs to be understood through the analysis of this symbol and I'm going to offer my interpretation of this here tonight the bricks first of all let's look at each individual component all right you have the pyramid being built on the earth this is something else that's in the symbol the earth the physical world the planet that we live on that's where this work is being done the work is done on the ground the work is done on the ground okay the earth this realm that's where the great work is done that's where the New World Order in one of its forms will be built right here in the here and now okay the bricks what is a brick let's just look at what is a brick what is it made of what is the material it is made of okay it's made from Earth it is then baked it's made from Earth made into clay and then baked in heat all right son the solar principle is added to it the male principle the masculine principle needs to be added to it see a brick forms one form it only takes that one form and it has 90-degree angles hard edges okay it's not the circular form right it is heavy its weight it's not light it's heavy okay that which is not light think about this in symbolic terms that means if it's not light it's heavy but it also if it's not like it's dark the opposite of light is darkness not just heavy or weighty all right it weighs us down it has darkness inherent in it it's the opposite of the light it's not enlightening okay the bricks what are bricks what are walls used to do we build walls with bricks we become sheltered with bricks meaning not seeing the bigger picture yes shelter can be a good thing but too much shelter can be a bad thing meaning symbolically sheltered from information from knowledge from the light walls are barriers they divide us from some other people yes they can be a form of protection but if we stay inside walls they are divisive we're not merging with other people we're not seeing us as one with others we're seeing the world as us versus them so walls are barriers to true understanding symbolically they're barriers to the knowledge of the true self that's what a wall is it walls us off it keeps us separate bricks weigh us down they're not light they're dark all of these ideas are inherent in the symbol of a brick also inherent in the symbol of a brick is one form that has been made into a unit form a singular form not being able to take different expressions or change oneself from one form into another where in other words transform not able to make that process of transformation happen within oneself because one has been baked into that hardened form by too much Sun the masculine principle gone awry the left brain hemisphere without the union of the right brain hemisphere the Sacred Feminine principle true care too much intellect too much reliance upon intellect without the integration of the Sacred Feminine lunar aspects of the self too much Sun okay but not really receiving the true light of knowledge of reason of the true Sun soul the one the one I which is made by combining the left and right brain hemispheres combining the masculine and feminine aspects of the self that's what the one I actually represents the true light of creation of the Creator always coming into our domain here in the physical reality in which we live if we are open to receiving it the reception of that light being made aware and then helping to make others aware of it of the true nature of self of higher self self capital s not being identified with the lowercase s self as we've talked about so much here on the show so these bricks represent the process of becoming hardened okay staying in material worldly identification going into ego getting past these bricks and going toward the light would represent coming out of the state of ego bound awareness and materialistic worldly identification to realize the nature of true self we'll get more into this when we come back after this next break I'm your host mark passio you're listening to what on earth is happening stay with us [Music] alright folks were back on what on earth is happening on your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm that's where you can get the images that we're talking about here today on the show on the listen live page right underneath the player so we are looking at the seal of all forms of masonry the pyramid and all-seeing eye with the two latin phrases onto it kept this which means he fate he she he or she favors our work and Novus Ordo seclorum which means the New World Order well as I've said before when talking about masonry is simply another word for a builder is what a mason is and what a mason does is either builds with stone or he tears stone down meaning he either builds with things that divide weigh us down separate us and keeps us in the dark or he attempts to remove those barriers or blocks so that the light can come in the light of truth and knowledge and self-awareness and freedom so as I said when we started talking about Freemasonry in general either one is a true freemason a light Mason he builds with light and attempts to remove the barriers or the stone or he builds with stone weightiness darkness he is a dark Mason he or she everyone is a Mason this is another controversial phrase to utter oh how can you say that I'm not a Mason I don't believe in any of that we are all the collective builders of our experience here on earth we are always building through either our acceptance and living within natural law principles in harmony with those natural laws or our rejection of them whether in full knowing or in simply a state of ignorance and thereby creating chaos in the world the more people who understand natural law and work towards spreading it and building with those principles of self ownership true freedom oneness the principle that as one suffer all suffer okay that's how we build order in the world that's how we build the world we actually want to create and one to see and one to live in if we ignore those natural law principles we get in a world of chaos confusion disorder these are the two new world orders that we have a choice between building the world is in a state of transformation right now will it be a transformation into the light of true knowledge of self of freedom of harmony with natural law and the natural universe in which we live or will it be a transformation into the dark new world order either way whatever happens in the future all of us are the builders of the reality that's coming everyone who has ever lived has taken part in that building project we are all builders by what we do or don't do by what we know or don't know by how we act or through our failure to act so let's look at image number nine which I bridge this symbol with the main symbol of Freemasonry and this is where another important phrase in the free Masonic tradition comes from okay we already talked about the three fingers okay representing the points of the pentagram pointing up three up and two down all right we're going to look at this concept of five points because in Freemasonry there is something known as the five points of fellowship on which masons are supposed to meet each other understanding these five aspects and their rightful place earth air water fire spirit all right so in image number nine I simply place over the masonry seal or emblem or or sigil the main symbol of Freemasonry the compasses Square and G and we see that five points are seen to emerge meaning that on the symbol we see the points of the compass 'as the points of the square pointing to letters if we just trace out these five points okay we can see that they point to letters on this seal in image number 10 we can see what I mean by these five points okay the left-hand side of the square points to an a the right-hand side sine of the square points to an S the compass arm on the Left points to an N in Novus Ordo seclorum okay the right-hand side of the compass arm the right compass arm points its bottom point points to the M in seclorum and then the middle point of the square pointing down at the earth points to the letter O if we look at image number 11 I've removed the compasses and square symbol and rearranged the letters into the word Mason this is an anagram the five points of fellowship as it is called forming the five letters of the word Mason because this is the symbol of masonry both light and dark depending on what material you are building with masonry is about the choice between building with barriers divides walls bricks separation duality or building with the light that helps to enlighten raise people unify them bring them to a higher state of self-awareness and true knowledge of self which is what the light represents which is what the one eye represents the essence of the Creator in a higher state an even higher dimension of being and it's an internal dimension of being this represents going within ourselves to understand the true nature of self that's where the light actually lives the spark of the divine it is within us all is with within everything because it's what infuses this dimension with being in life we are all Masons we need to make the choice about how we will build and what materials we will use to build what we will build with what we know and what we have at our disposal so a dark mason is looking to build with stone well just follow it logically is all you really need to do look at the symbol look at what's already there look at what it is saying to you if you build with stone which you already have a whole lot of in the image it's saying something about the state of the world in which we are living there is already a whole lot of stone that has been built with that has been laid down meaning the world is full of darkness it's full of weight and oppression and ignorance and separation but there's a small amount of light in it streaming through from a higher place if you continue to build with the brick what would happen in that image well image number 12 shows this you will get the completed pyramid which does not represent anything good it represents a male Dominator world the shape is the blade without the Sacred Feminine chalice the upward pointing triangle representing the masculine principle but without the Sacred Feminine principle involved that's been put down the male Dominator world has been completed and in doing so the light has been put out and the light has now been blocked from reaching the world at all [Music] think about it we'll be back after these messages folks [Music] [Music] this is the last segment here on what on earth is happening today I'm your host mark passier my website what on earth is happening calm tonight on the show we're looking at the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States and its esoteric symbolic meaning we left off before the last break on image number 12 on my website on the radio listen page which is a symbolic depiction of the dark New World Order building project which is already well underway and this is what it would look like if it comes to its completion and the god of the dark Masons favors this work okay that is the force of opposition of chaos of death of disorder it's been known as Satan it is the dark aspect of what has been known as Lucifer because these dark occultists have the light they have knowledge of how things really work and how they are really created that's why they're able to successfully create the situations and scenarios that they want don't fall into the trap of thinking that these people are not intelligent they're the most intelligent people unfortunately walking around right now from a intellectual left-brain point of view they're psychopathic though so they don't have any of the sacred feminine quality true care but they have a form of care that I call dark care they care about the work that they're doing they want to see it come to fruition because they're driven by their God and that God ultimately represents the ego gone haywire that's what the god of Satanism is that's what the god of dark luciferianism is that's what the god of dark masonry is it's not the true light of the Creator the true creator of reality which is the higher aspect of consciousness and self it's what we all come from it's what we all have a spark of that divinity within us we're all a part of it it is a part of all of us there is no separation ultimately this is the dark new world order in image number 12 and it represents the light being put out if you look at image 13 this is a animated gif that I made to represent the difference between the situation we have now which is a transitional phase with a little bit of light still in the world trying to manifest itself and the dark new world order you see the light being put out in the symbol and then I show coming back on to show how this is the this is the idea between what the new world order in a light capacity or term represents versus what it means in the sense of putting the light out and I it's the best way I could describe it you have to really look at the image image number 13 which is the animated gif where I transition between the actual great reverse of the Great Seal and the version that I made with the light no longer there image number 14 shows what kind of Mason is building this New World Order those who are building with bricks with barriers with divides with things that wait us down and when we connect all five letters in this configuration without any connection to the light of consciousness and true reason and true knowledge self the knowledge of higher self we have an inverted pentagram meaning the material physic ego identified world being raised those four principles earth air water and fire being raised over the spiritual element which is put down underneath the pyramid buried under the weight of the blocks conversely an image number fifteen if the light is incorporated we see three triangles not just the male Dominator world which is what the finalized completed pyramid of stone represents we see that principle which is the active principle the masculine principle if it is governed by the light the light rules over it over our actions okay meaning we take our actions with the one eye being on not turned off but activated the brain hemispheres in a state of balance we see that another shape emerges when we incorporate the letters there is the active principle governed by the light those are two of the triangles but a third triangle emerges made between the letter A oh and s in the five letters which we outlined before and there is the symbolic chalice the sacred feminine aspects of consciousness and they are supporting the light the light rests at the very top of the chalice this is known as the Seal of Solomon the Sun and the moon soul and mon sun and moon come together the masculine principle unites with the feminine principle the chemical wedding the sacred union the philosopher's stone is born is distilled the widow's son is born the light born out of the lunar principle coming out of the chalice this is the holy grail symbolically it's the only way we're going to build the positive New World Order of truth love and freedom which has no blocks no barriers no divides and this is symbolically depicted in the seal in image number 16 one eye there is no us and them there is no separation as one suffers all suffer and look the word one represents victory we won when you say you lost that means you didn't have oneness you didn't win right you did not have victory of the true self the all-seeing eye did not come on the light did not come on instead darkness prevailed and you lost meaning you lost your true self wandered in the darkness until you were lost this seal image number 16 I actually put together and it says one great work truth love and freedom truth emerges if we have knowledge love emerges if we have our emotions it going in the right direction and freedom emerges it if we act in the right capacity in a correct moral capacity in the world truth love and freedom and that's how we will create the positive New World Order or what is known as the true great work and that will be a reflection of the divine here on earth the light with no barriers no blocks no bricks no one being weighted down divided separated no more infliction of self created suffering because the light and knowledge of true self has come in to all of us this is the true esoteric breakdown of this great symbol this great seal the seal of all masonry masonry is about choice will you build with bricks or will you build with light will you help people unify and come together as one or you keep them separated and in the dark and in a state of ignorance and when you build that dark pyramid right see it's it's putting out that light but what it really represents is that the dark Oh cultists who are doing that work are ruling from the shadows they're ruling from the place of darkness they look at themselves as those with all the light and as God of a world that they created in their own image and likeness male dominators we can't let that New World Order emerge we have to build the true New World Order truth love and freedom that's all we have time for here tonight folks I hope you've enjoyed it I hope you'll look more into the symbolism I hope you'll join me next Sunday here on Oracle broadcasting I'm mark passio check out what on earth is happening calm I'll see you here next week