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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascal [Music] welcome ladies and gentlemen you are listening to what on earth is happening right here on the Oracle Broadcasting Network I'm your host mark passio today is Sunday June 12th 2011 this show is live every Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. Eastern Time that's 4 to 6 p.m. Central Time my website is what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website of course Oracle broadcasting calm today we have a good show lined up for you we are going to transition back into talking about subversive symbolism which we outlined as part of our methodologies of mind control which we have been covering basically since I began this radio program as the 13th method out of 14 general methodologies that I'll be covering during the course of this show after this we'll be moving into what I term chaos sorcery which should be a very interesting series of programs coming up in the future here on what on earth is happening today we are going to be look looking at the symbolism of the hypercube this is a very deep occult symbol it is generally only revealed to higher-level initiates in the occult and it is a not a very well known symbol and there's not a whole lot of information out there on the hypercube or what it actually represents and means so we'll be looking at this very subtle and very subversive symbol on the show today before we do that I want to just make one brief event announcement the Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations a four-day conference about Nikola Tesla and his technologies is coming up right here in Philadelphia my hometown on July 7th eighth ninth and tenth there's a whole bunch of events that are going to be happening as part of this four-day conference including a science conference a social gathering a Tesla birthday celebration and open discussions and exhibitions right on the lawn outside of the independence Visitor Center on Independence Mall here in Philadelphia so for more information about this great event coming up here in the city of Philadelphia and more information about the hosts of this event the Tesla Science Foundation please visit the Tesla Science Foundation's web site at Tesla Science Foundation org that's Tesla Science Foundation o RG I'm honored to be working with this group and I will actually be one of the co master of ceremonies at the Tesla Science Foundation social on July 9th there will also be a classical conference featuring the divine hand ensemble a great theremin ensemble from from Philadelphia so check out the Tesla Science Foundation and the Tesla energy independence celebrations coming up in July to be right back after these breaks folks stay with us [Music] okay folks who are back been listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm before we get started with the material for today's show I want to make another couple of quick announcements about things that I just basically completed this week and posted to one of the websites that I run I was one of the co-hosts of the free year mine conference here in Philadelphia back in April and we shot over 17 hours of video for that conference in hd-quality and all 16 speakers plus the panel discussion were filmed and I am very pleased to announce that we have finally completed all of the editing of that footage and it is now all online on the official conference website for free so you could check out all of the speakers from the free or mine conference by just going to the conference website wwf/e or mine conference com and if you go to each speakers biography page on the site right there featured prominently will be an HD video of the speakers presentation from the for your mind conference 2011 so enjoy them I hope you learn a lot and please spread the word and get them out to everybody that's what this conference was all about this conference was about speaking out taking action coming together for a common cause and getting the word out so the information is up there the organizers have done their job and the information is now public and as they say since it's been put on the Internet technically it has now been immortalized because unless you destroy this planet you're not going to destroy information once it hits the Internet it's in the public domain it share at the speed of light and that's the way to get information out there and preserved so I want to thank all the organizers once again they did a phenomenal job I want to thank Tim Smith for the recording of all of the speaker's presentations and I want to thank all of the speakers for being a part of the event and sharing their profound knowledge so that's the first announcement the second announcement is related to this on my website I posted my presentation from the free your mind conference that can be found on the news section of what on earth is happening and also in the video section so it was on the use of subversive symbolism a topic we're going to continue to discuss tonight when when it is applied against the police and military institutions and their personnel people think that the police and military are technically on the side of the quote new world order or the the occultists that are really running things and in all honesty they may be doing their bidding but nothing could be farther from the truth the occultists do not consider the military and the police as on their side the occultists have take no sides except their own and they don't consider anyone from the general population nor anyone from even the minions who do their bidding as among them so as I've said before on this show they call people the dead that's what they call the average ordinary person who has no idea what's really going on around them this is their term for the average Joe who doesn't really have an expanded awakened consciousness who doesn't really understand what's taking place within them or in the world around them can't put the pieces of the puzzle together they call people the dead because their rationale for that is if you're not using your intelligence if you're not if you don't really care about what's going on enough to find out and you're not taking any action based on what you know for all intents and purposes you have no consciousness and therefore you are considered dead to them that's one of the ways they absolve themselves from all personal responsibility by saying we're not doing this to any actual live dynamic living beings we're doing this to dead people and they really actually believe that in their own minds that if you are spiritually dead for all intents and purposes you are dead and therefore anything they do does not matter so they hate people even more than the people that they call the dead and these are the police and military yes the the dark ocultist despise detest and loathe these people more than any other people on the earth and I heard this again as I've said before I've used the phrase from their lips to my ears I have heard them talk about the police and military and they call them our dogs that's their name for them and we're going to see when we look at the symbolism of the hypercube today how this is applied specifically targeted against police and military so for people that want that want to learn more about this and go even further in depth about this symbolism I encourage you to check out my video presentation from the for your mind conference entitled the occult mockery of police and military personnel I've also been discussing this on the Bob Tuscon show he's had me as a guest on his show over the last couple of months and we've covered about half the presentation maybe he'll bring me back on in the future for us to wrap it up and you know we're really breaking it down and going in-depth and discussing things back and forth I like the pace the pace that we're doing it at at the free your mind conference we all only had about an hour so it's kind of a hurried pace that I had to follow for the presentation there so that is available on YouTube on my website and on the for your mind conference website so let's get started with the material and before we do I'm gonna do two things I'm going to first let everybody be aware of where the images are who may be listening the images that we're going to discuss tonight because there's always visual representations of the ideas covered here on what on earth is happening you could find those on the radio show tab of my website and then you will see they're listed under the player images for today's show and I believe there are 22 images that we're going to be covering today when we discuss the symbolism of the hypercube and those are listed there as numerical links and you click them and a slideshow comes up and you could follow along with the imagery as I discuss it and second secondly I want to give the call-in number for the show because I will be taking calls later on if anyone wants to call in and there are never any taboo topics here on what on earth is happening feel free to call the toll free number eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again the calling number eight six six eight four one one zero six five no taboo topics here there never are I like to take calls so we'll get into the the material on the hypercube and then we'll take a few calls later in the show coming up to another break don't go anywhere folks should be an interesting show today you listen to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm stay with us till on the oracle Broadcasting Network [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com let's jump right into the topic material for today's show we're talking about the subversive symbolism of ocultism specifically the very well hidden and subtle symbol of the hypercube the hypercube if I had to pick one symbol is the symbol of the dark occult and I'll be explaining why that is on today's show let's look at image number two in the series of images that I've posted to the radio show page on what on earth is happening this shows a rendering of the hypercube now to understand what the hypercube is and you know what we're going to get a little bit abstract on this show with the symbols okay and you have to have a good visualization capability to look at this symbol and understand what it's saying symbolically if we look at image number two we see that what the hypercube actually looks like is simply a box within a box or a cube inside of a larger cube okay so it's a cube within a cube this is referred to as a 4d cube okay a four-dimensional cube as opposed to a three-dimensional cube if we look at image number three this is a very very simplistic explanation of dimensions or as they are known in the occult world or the mystical world densities so we are said to be living in the third density or the three dimensional realm if we look at a point or a singularity meaning there's actually no space it's just a location or a point within space okay within some coordinate system that's considered no dimensional because there's no length there's no with there's no depth it's just a point so that's zero D if we extrude that point in any given vector okay meaning any given axis of a coordinate system we now have one dimension so an extruded point meaning we have stretched it out along one vector a one direction that's considered 1d or one dimensional we now have measure okay we can measure the length of that line if we then take the line and extrude it or stretch it out through another dimension of space we arrive at a plane okay it's depicted here as simply a square but if we look at the line as occupying all of the space within that 2 d square that's referred to as a plane it now has two dimensions length and width if then we continue this and we take a plane or in this example a square and we extrude it we now have a cube a simple three-dimensional object so what that's where people's visualization capability generally ends because we live in a three-dimensional continuum our minds basically perceive the three-dimensional world but since we don't live in a higher dimensional realm it's very difficult for us to perceive any higher dimensional space even mathematically or construct early or in an abstract way so what a hypercube technically is from a pure mathematics point of view is simply an extruded cube if you took a cube and then moved it so that you moved it in one direction okay along a straight line and basically took the entire substance of the cube through that dimensional space okay so you pulled it into a higher dimension if you simply look at the bottom right hand portion of that cube on the far right the 4d image there that's listed okay that is a two-dimensional projection of the hypercube but if you look at it if you attempt to look at it in a three-dimensional way stick with me here this will make sense imagine the 3d object that you're seeing the cube okay the third I'm sorry the fourth image on this site so zero D the point then one D the line 2d the square 3d the cube imagine that object in the bottom right hand side of the 4d object that's listed there looked at the bottom right and you could see the same object is there but just imagine that it has been pulled upward and to the left so you have another cube just above that okay this is what an extrusion of a three-dimensional body looks like and again now we're we're visually representing this only in two dimensions and this will become clear in a moment what it actually represents because we'll have some animations on the site and a couple of images so look at image number four and this makes it a little bit easier to envision the way a website that I found portrayed it again zero dimensions for the point one dimension for the line two dimensions you're extruding the line okay then you're extruding the plane to get the cube for the third dimension and then you're extruding the cube to get the hypercube which is a simplified rendering of in in part number four they're representing four dimensional space okay now this will become very important when we understand the occultists view of reality what their basic overarching worldview is and how this symbol fits in with that worldview this is why this is their ultimate symbol this is why this is a symbol that is only basically the meaning of which is only taught to higher-level initiates with in occult orders because they're basically telling people through this symbol what they think of the world everyone in it and their position in it as well we'll see that as we proceed let's look at image number five which is an animated gif okay this is a simple animated web image that shows that a hypercube is basically a cube that has been rotated through another dimension of space and if we look at the image what we see happening in this animated image is that the object continuously expands and collapses in on itself to form what could be considered a vortex or a rotating self-contained box now in the occult this is considered a representation of our universe and I'll explain that in more depth when we come back after these messages don't go anywhere you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle Broadcasting Network we'll be right back folks [Music] silent fashion it I love gotta keep my cool make him think I made up stop [Music] welcome back folks this is what on earth is happening on the Oracle Broadcasting Network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening comm we're looking at the subversive symbolism of the hypercube today what I termed the ultimate symbol of the dark occult for very specific reason if we understand what the hypercube represents it epitomizes the worldview of the dark Oh cultists and the way that they see themselves in relation to the world the way they see the world at all okay so we're gonna get into this right now we were looking at the animation of the hypercube and image number five on the radio show a tab of my website we're gonna move on to image number six which is another animation showing the rotation of a hypercube a hypercube is also known as a tesseract te s ser AC T tesseract and this is a general mathematical construct you can look this up on any webpage that deals with higher dimensional math but this image will show you the rotation of the hypercube from a front angle so I thought this was a nice complementary to the original animation and included it here so you can see that the rotation is never-ending and if we looked at this in let's say circular terms or instead of straight lines you know smooth arcs it would look like a tube torus okay so if you're familiar with the shape of the tube torus that continuously rotates in on itself that's really what we're seeing here only with a little bit more it's a little bit more crudely drawn with straight lines okay so the hypercube the 4d cube representing a continuously rotating box now what does this mean in occult terms well let's look at image number seven now what I've done here on this image is show people the three-dimensional representation of the four-dimensional object known as the hypercube or tesseract on the left in blue there okay on the right hand side you see in red a two-dimensional projection of the hyper cube of a four-dimensional object okay you'll notice on the left hand side that what the hypercube basically looks like all right is from every side a pyramid with its capstone missing or cut off and if we take each one of the six sides of that cube to be a pyramid with a square base we see that all of the apex is of the pyramid that happened to be cut off or missing form the small cube in the middle okay so the outer box is formed by the shape that it that represents the pyramid with the capstone cut off which we talked about extensively on the show and past shows all converging to form one solid cube in the middle now what does that mean what does it symbolically represent the hypercube as the symbol of the dark occult represents mind control it is the symbol of mind control as we will see on the show today it is heavily at work in every aspect of trying to shut down human consciousness and keep it in the limited state where it is at currently the occultists see the dark Oh cultists I should say see the entire physical universe as a never-ending prison for spirit for the soul in other words they see this place as a prison because it is governed by laws by natural law dark Oh cultists do not want to have any laws governing their conduct they want to be able to do whatever they want with no repercussions in the form of higher law in other words they wish to be the creator of the universe or quite simply they want to be God it's not they don't have an integral view that everything is one it is all governed by higher law that higher law is here for our evolutionary growth and development and so that we can always have the highest vision of ourselves and the world that we want to live in that we set forth at any given time provided we simply continue to observe the parameters and respect the boundaries of natural law we are bound by that higher law whether we want to be or not even the dark occultists they have methods for subtly subverting this and doing end runs around it because they get other people to do the things that they actually want done they you notice they never do it themselves a caller called in a couple of weeks ago and said how do they get around the karmic consequences of their actions and my answer was simple they don't take the actions they get someone else who's too stupid to see what they're being really asked to do to do it for them and we're going to talk a lot about those people here today unread people who understand one thing about what's really happening in the world following orders that are completely outside the bounds of natural law and thinking they have a right to do what they're doing when they don't they never have and they never will have those rights they're delusional people so going back to the dark occultists worldview as it relates with the symbol of the hypercube the inner cube represents the prison of mind because it is formed by the intersection of all pyramids with the capstone missing their symbol of the stone the pyramid made of stone and that the the stone the builders being the dark Oh cultists the dark creators of reality okay the stone that they reject is the all-seeing eye or the true capstone the true pyramid Aeon the all-seeing eye the awakened self true knowledge of the higher self is what that represents the triangle with the eye in the middle of it with light rating radiating out of it as we covered on the last couple of shows so the inner cube represents mind control the prison that the mind is held in through erroneous beliefs that can be continuously fed to it to the mind like a drug like a poison a slow drip poison the outer cube represents the physical universe hence the base matter because it forms the base of all the pyramids which they consider not to be part of then that we are not just one that the physical and the spiritual doesn't exist here simultaneously they consider everything separate from everything else I'm separate from you you're separate from me I'm separate from the military and police everybody is separate from each other we are all separate from the earth we are all separate from the physical world and from the universe that is their general worldview they know that there's a spiritual dimension and reality that underlies everything and they reject it hence the rejection of the capstone the stone the builders rejected the reality is the spiritual and physical worlds are intertwined there is no separation between them it's a product of diseased thinking and separation thinking to think that anything is separate including the physical world even religionists think this way they think God exists outside of the natural world and we are simply living in this other reality that is separate from God and an our goal is to reconnect to the true spiritual realm by rejecting the physical realm and this is just as diseased thinking it's duality thinking [Music] dual consciousness which will only ever get you more suffering they'll be picking this up on the other side the will go deeper into the symbolism of the hypercube and see some examples of how it's used in the modern world don't go anywhere folks we'll be right back on what on earth is happening [Music] the hypercube the subject of today's discussion on what on earth is happening [Music] the ultimate symbol of the dark Oh cultists and they use it in a lot of places in modern society as will be seen coming up shortly we're looking at image number seven on the radio show page of what on earth is happening calm showing the three-dimensional rendering of the hypercube alongside its 2d projection and I was explaining the worldview of the dark occult seeing everything is separate and in addition to that seeing the physical world as inferior to the spiritual dimension when in fact these things are one in the same everything is spiritual there is nothing that can exist outside of the one of the all it is all one thing experiencing itself we need to get out of the dualistic nature of thinking about us versus them and that is derived from thinking about everything in the universe as being separate from everything else when in fact again they are all entangled inextricably bound to each other and affecting each other as a result of this poisonous worldview that the dark occultists hold they see the entire universe as a prison and that is the outer cube the cube of base matter imprisoning the soul or the spirit and in their rage about this because they do not wish to be bound by natural law they look at that as a prison not something that is there for the benefit of their evolutionary development which it is they take the approach that this is simply the realm of hell I am eternally trapped here and because I loathe and detest that situation I'm going to take the approach of that it is better to reign in Hell than serve in heaven therefore I am going to become Lord and Master of this prison put everybody else into a deeper level of control than I am even at and become their owners rulers and ultimately their God that is their mindset to a tee and I could care less who believes that in all actuality I know that that's the case from having been around some of these individuals from having been at a very very low level exhibiting all of the qualities that they do myself in my past and it needing to take years of intensive suffering to the point of absolute hitting rock bottom in utter depression and isolation for me to say hey for me to say to myself hey you think this way of thinking isn't working for you you think just maybe because ultimately that's what these people feel like all the time that is what they feel like all the time and their life's goal is to make people feel as miserable and horrific as they do inside 24 hours a day seven days a week that is their mission that is their life's goal and they're doing a great job of it I have to commend them I have to give them all the props that they so rightfully deserve they're doing their work very successfully I might add because morons among the human population are all too happy to help them do it because they have no self-respect and you think that's harsh I could really care less again as I said I don't do this show to make friends with people it's not a popularity contest I'm not worried about who I'm going to offend by speaking the truth I'm not here to be your friend I'm here to tell you what's actually taking place in the world hence the title of the show people want things sugar-coated and spoken in sweet and-and-and nice tones like like spoon-feeding a little baby or bottle feeding a baby well sometimes you just have to buck up and understand what's really going on around you and become an adult about it and employ some will some free will in relation to the nature of the situation so I make no apologies when I you know say things straightforwardly and if they need to be said harshly than their said harshly so going back to what the hypercube represents the inner cube represents the mind prison that the dark occultists want to create the world of mind-control so they're putting people in a smaller box than they are in and that's the only way that they can control people that's it they understand the higher nature of the reality that we're living in they loathe detest and despise it and therefore they want to keep people's consciousness in a smaller box than that so that it can be controlled and hence the box within the box the cube within the cube if we look at the two-dimensional projection in red in this image number seven again this is the extruded cube or the hypercube as seen in two-dimensional space okay what we are actually seeing here is an octagon if we just take the outline of this shape it forms an octagonal or eight sided figure the octagon is one of the ways the dark occultists employ the concept the symbolic concept of the hypercube in their usage of symbolism another way that they employ the usage of the hypercube okay because they're not going to represent it in the way that you see it there to the left as a cube inside of an another cube with the lines connecting the the corners of the cube people would immediately recognize that as a hypercube so they want to be a little bit more subtle than that you know you might start asking questions if you saw that image of a hypercube everywhere but you take away most of its lines and look at it from a 2d projection to take away most of the lines in that projection and then you use it as an octagon hardly anybody asks any questions another way that it is looked at is two boxes which are often depicted as being right on top of each other or sometimes depicted as turned at 90-degree angles to each other or I should say 45-degree angles to each other okay so two squares one rotated at a 45 degree angle on top of each other or boxes this is a representation of the hypercube okay two dimensional realities intertwined the third dimension intersecting into the fourth dimension okay now this is where a lot of the dark occultists saying that they are connected to and derive some of their power from and I would say it's where they're being controlled by as well because you think that human beings are at the top of all of the control and the hierarchy and the mind control that's going on they are controlled puppets themselves doesn't matter how high you go into the hierarchy in human form there is something beyond it a caller called in and asked this question what I think is the highest level of this hierarchical control system that does it go beyond human I said yeah it goes beyond human it goes into the realm of principality and higher dimensions and just it comes to a point where it's all based on the same force one force called fear because you have to be in fear to be a puppet period so ultimately doesn't matter who's controlling it at the highest end no it does not the game is always played the same through fear that's the method to get into the mind in order to control it and ultimately all of these controllers no matter what level of the system they operate at are all fearful little children in their actual psychological and spiritual makeup we'll be right back folks [Music] [Music] [Music] the people who are currently in control of this planet wanting to reign as God in a world that they've turned into hell rather than live in harmony with natural law which would create heaven on earth they would rather reign in Hell than serve in heaven we were looking at image number seven over the last couple of segments and I'm going to transition now into from looking at what the hypercube represents to seeing how it's used in the world so let's move on to image number eight where we see the most ubiquitous place that we will see the hypercube in everyday life it is at every street intersection practically the stop sign now people will say okay it can't be that simple occult symbols can't be all around us just like that a stop sign as an occult symbol well the stop sign is based on the octagon the octagon is based upon the hypercube it is derived from the 2d projection of the hypercube any shape could be the shape of a sign a stop sign could have been made square it could have been made circular but it is octagonal and there is a reason for that this shape is an archetype it is the archetype of the prison and we're going to see how it's used in that capacity the command stop is not just saying that to the driver in the car as they approach the intersection it is saying that to anyone who looks at the sign it is immediately going into the subconscious mind you are being told to stop continuously at every corner every place you walk the frequency red the color red which is a frequency of a wavelength of light is being used in conjunction with this command inside of the Octagon or the hypercube and it is ultimately saying to you to stop your forward progress stop your development stop your seeking stop your striving for freedom for truth for answers it's saying stop to evolutionary development as a whole to everyone that looks at that sign there's a reason the colors are used as well as we saw when we looked at different frequencies and how they relate to the brain red is a predominantly left brain responding frequency this is where they want to hold people and the part of the brain that has no connection to intuition to creativity to the Sacred Feminine we'll pick this up on the other side been listening to what on earth is happening be right back folks [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone we were looking at the stop sign in the way as a octagonal projection of the hypercube it affects human consciousness being at just about every crossroads we come to let's continue to look at some of the places that the hypercube or its other forms the Octagon and the double square is used in the modern world in this next section we'll be focusing on and this is a subset of some of the presentation that I did at the freer mind conference this next section will deal with how the symbolism of the hypercube is used in relationship to police and military again the the groups of people that the dark Oh cultists referred to as our dogs and police and military really honestly it's not my business whether you want to accept that but I'm telling you that's what they call you I know that's what they call you I heard them refer to you as that from their lips so believe whatever you want that's how your owners think of you I know anybody that told me that they thought of me as has their dog you think I'm going to listen to anything else that you have to say in orders that you bark at me you're the dog not me and anything else that comes out out of your trap is going to sound like ruff rowf rowf rowf rowf to me because if you told me that you have such little respect for me that you consider me your pet you think I'm gonna do anything that you command me to do yet this is what goes on every single day every single day of these people's lives following orders of people who think of them as their pets I mean it boggles my imagination and you know in a way I understand how people might be hesitant to accept that because it's so uncomfortable and this is what some of the darker cultists that I work with basically said to me in so many words you think that you're going to go and tell the dead what we do and they're going to get it they're going to explore going to explain it to them in a way that they can understand see they look at people as not even animals as lower than animals with no intelligence factor at all and they would say to me when when they knew I was uncomfortable with what was going on and you know they were gonna lose one the idea was you're gonna go and throw cast pearls before swine and they're gonna hate you for it and honestly I don't care whether that's true maybe it is true then so be it again as I've said many times on the show I'm not doing this for people I'm doing this because I served the truth herself and no other that's who my val has been taken to no earthly institution no no no person or group of people truth herself the Sacred Feminine the goddess if you will so they said to me you're going to go and tell and expose to these people that we own them and expect them to understand and accept that they said to me if we came with you and told people this they wouldn't believe us and we could tell him exactly what we did and how we did it they said they would choose not to believe their own owners that are telling them how they're owned because they're in such psychological denial that's what was said to me before I completely got out of the institutions that I was involved with so let's let's move on and look at some of this symbolism in relationship to police and military slide number nine is a quote from the researcher David Icke who have profound respect for for speaking his truth without being afraid of any repercussions or what anyone thinks about him one of the most courageous people I know if everybody had his courage the world would be free tomorrow in his book the biggest secret he talks about the symbolism of the hypercube without actually naming it as such he says the double square now double square you could substitute hypercube it is the same thing essentially the double square one square on top of another in any form is more secret society symbolism he calls it secret society symbolism I refer to it as occult symbolism in the secret language of symbolism one square on top of another means control of all that is right and all that is wrong all that is just and all that is unjust all that is positive and all that is negative in other words the double square means quote we control everything now for the police or military personnel that might happen to be listening to this radio show or podcast this does not mean that you control everything it means that dark oak cultists who put this symbolism there control everything including you including your mind including your actions they own you you're owned wholly owned lock stock and barrel so let's look at the symbol itself here we see the Sussex Police logo with the double square one square and then another square rotated 45 degrees and put on top of it we're intertwined with it you'll see the crown of Great Britain on top of the double square because this is the what they're upholding the rights that they're upholding or not the people's rights it's the divine right to rule that the dark occultists claim and the Royal Family's claim to own and rule over the people because of their bloodline that is being upheld by the police in any country let's look at the doves that are on this symbol briefly and the configuration there and we'll do that when we come back after this break don't go anywhere folks will continue to break down the occult symbolism of the hypercube here on this edition of what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm today on the show we're talking about the occult symbolism of the hypercube what I referred to as as the ultimate dark occult symbol and the symbol of mind-control so we're looking at image number 9 on the what on earth is happening website on the radio show page click the radio show tab from what on earth is happening calm you'll see images for today's show listed we were looking at the quote from David Icke about the hypercube or the double square in image number 10 you see an animation of this police emblem and it shows the two squares outlined in red and then in the intersection of the two squares then I have outlined the octagon or the hypercube showing that these symbols are indeed one and the same before the break I mentioned the configuration of doves on this image again often used in conjunction with the British crown you see the equal armed cross atop the crown along with the fleur-de-lis the lily flower representative representative of the royal bloodline from which the crown of England claims its right to rule the doves are in the configuration of four up one down or you can look at it as two up three down and we've seen that symbolism before when we looked at the inverted pentagram simply connect them and you will have the inverted pentagram on that shield consider each dove as one of the points of the pentagram duality raised the Trinity put down or if you look at it as four up one down the material elements earth air water fire of the physical realm raised up above the fifth element of the spirit which is buried what do they do with this symbol well that's even more interesting than the symbol itself let's look at image number 11 here we see it used it is placed on the head of the police specifically in the location of the forehead the prefrontal neocortex which is supposed to be the most rational area of the brain and containing all of the highest brain functions instead the symbol of mind control is placed there on the third eye chakra in conjunction with this subversive symbol of the hypercube which represents mind control being placed right on one of their mind controlled minions they have another incredibly subversive symbol the checkerboard floor of the house which we saw from the first degree tracing board of Freemasonry this symbol which we saw represents low consciousness base consciousness the chequered life of the person who knows nothing of natural law wanderer on the floor of the house wandering between light and darkness never know whit knowing which is which the pawn that can be controlled in the game of chess which is fashioned upon this pattern that can be moved by the chess master at whim because this person doesn't know themself because they are under mind control because the chess master is at a higher level of awareness looking at the game board floor from overhead whereas the pawn on the game board cannot barely see two squares ahead of him he can only see the one square that's immediately around him if that so you can see how subversive this symbolism is and what they're saying to a member of the police and cops in America if you think this just applies to British police you're kidding yourself because wait until we see what one of the usages of the hypercube is in relationship to you the floor of the house wrapped around the brain itself wrapped around the temple of Solomon the human neocortex the left and right brain hemispheres the hemisphere of the Sun and the moon wrapped around the temple in man the human brain and then upon the prefrontal cortex or third eye is placed the symbol of mind control I mean people don't see this because they know nothing of the occult and they think you're just seeing things in patterns that you want to see no I'm explaining very specific occult symbols that were actually conveyed to me when I was a member of the occult and then further studied in in on my own time because I pursue knowledge voraciously and these are known symbols of occultism being used for a very specific purpose and that purpose is what the stated intent of this symbol is all about which is mind control so this has nothing to do with my interpretation of something I'm telling you what these symbols represent according to the people who made them and there you see them being used for that very purpose and what they're saying to the person is you're so clueless you're so dumb you're so painfully dumb that we can put a symbol right on your body that is mocking you in the open and telling you that you are a slave upon and a mind-controlled minion that we own and you are too dumb to be able to see it and get as offended as you like folks police and military out there who may be listening take a total offense if you want you're the one who is being completely mocked and ridiculed not me they're not mocking and ridiculing me they know I know what they know see so they're not gonna mock and ridicule me in knowledge I'm their equal the place where it differs in is heart and care and what course of action we're going to take and how we're going to attempt to correct the situation that we're in that's where I disagree with the dark occultists we have we share the same knowledge but for the people who are involved in an institution like this you're clueless and you're being told you're clueless openly you're being laughed at my I can't even tell you that the demonic laughter that I heard when police and military would be brought up in in places of meeting when I when I would attend dark occult rituals meetings etc the the way that the they look at the police and military I'm telling you they they honor and respect their animals they honor and respect animals forget dogs that they might keep as pets or cats of they have high respect for them in relation to people they have more respect for cattle that they would be getting ready to butcher to eat than they do you and I'm telling you that their view of the police and military is a thousand times lower than the average public who just happened happened to be buying their lies in the media a thousand times lower a thousand times less respect then who they call the den because they look at it like they're so stupid they'll do it to their own kind they'll enslave their own kind for a paycheck that's how they think them of these people and could I could I openly announced on the air that I think the dark occultists are wrong or are incorrect I wish I could folks but I couldn't do it because they have it exactly right that's exactly as it is sadly we'll be right back [Music] [Music] we're back on what on earth is happening talking about the mockery of the police and military through the symbolism of the hypercube the symbol of mind-control in the dark occult we were looking at image number 11 an animated gif showing the hypercube on the head of a mind-controlled minion of the Darko cultists a police officer from Sussex England let's look at the next image image number 12 what I want you to keep in mind when looking at these images of the police take a look in their faces the the camera really captures the essence of the being in these cases look at the eyes which they say are windows to the soul these are some of the most fear filled individuals that you will ever see in your life you could just intuitively sense it you can just see that these people are just totally fearful I mean look at image number 12 and 13 where we see the further usage of the hypercube the double Square and the Octagon in conjunction in image number 13 with the floor of the house wrapped around the brain and just take a look at the expressions on the faces of these police it's it's like children it's these are these are beings who never psychologically grew up they never emotionally grew up and they certainly never spiritually grew up and you know what I feel that I do have the right to say that I know what being grown up or raised is in those capacities and when people are being used to usurp my rights and other people's rights yeah I do have the right to say that they are spiritually psychologically and mentally broken and let's look at the word broken as an example what does it mean to be broken means something doesn't really work right anymore it means it's in fragmented in pieces it's not whole it is no longer one but more than that the word broken is what we use when we refer to breaking an animal breaking the will of an animal so that it obeys unquestioningly these people are broken in every one of these aspects their will to resist is broken they obey unquestioningly they're broken people the mind is broken to fear and trauma and they're definitely not whole individuals and that's why the symbol their mark is being put on them the the mark of the dark occultus is being placed on the head on the head does this sound familiar to any any people who may be familiar with some of the prophecies in Revelation they'll put their mark upon you the mark of the beast of the dark occult of mind-control these are the beast men who are undeveloped and thought emotion and action though they're developed an action all right just not right action back to image number 12 quickly we see the hypercube used in conjunction with the Sussex Police logo once again again right on the forehead of this British cop image 13 showing it in conjunction on the forehead on the Hat of Sussex police with the checkerboard floor of the house wrapped around the brain image 14 shows American police more usage of the hypercube their hats are eight cornered hats and on top of the crown chakra is being placed the black octagon this is an actual photo of a police hat from the front and from the top and there you see it the Octagon the hypercube the tesseract the symbol of mind-control and where is it placed right on top of the crown chakra the highest point of energy at the top of the head which is supposed to represent unity consciousness the coming together of the left and right brain hemispheres where the kundalini energy rises and eventually out pours and outflows to make a deeper connection to the oneness of the universe but instead it's blocked see this is this is Stargate symbolism but it's closed Stargate symbolism the third eye the real Stargate that opens up the crown chakra eventually is closed it's it's closed by a black door a gate gated shut and locked and sealed with the symbol of mind control the occultists know exactly what they're doing ladies and gentlemen exactly what they're doing and it's targeted and it's directed toward people who are know-nothings Know Nothings and I'm not afraid to say openly like that these people know nothing of who owns them zero and like I've said on previous shows they have what I call negative knowledge the concept of negative knowledge not only are you a complete no nothing you're attached to all kinds of erroneous beliefs and ideas that you've been that you've been sold and that you've bought you've bought it wholesale the double square in image number 15 in a commando unit second commando unit of the Armed Forces with the blade another phallic symbol and they're the the double square the patch of US Army Special Forces shown an image number 16 is octagonal as are many military badges and patches image 17 is one of the darkest occult symbols that I know of have combined so many different dark occult symbols into one emblem the Military Medal of Valor which is given ostensibly to the people that that show and display bravery above and beyond the call of duty however this symbol has so many occult symbols I don't know where to begin the inverted pentagram inside of which is the goddess of care inside the inverted pentagram which we talked about these symbols the symbol of the goddess representing the Sacred Feminine named after the Dove Columbia it is Isis it is Marianna Semiramis it is it is the Dove of the this the symbol of the Sacred Feminine of true care placed inside the inverted pentagram with again the four points upward representing earth air water and fire the material world and then the fifth element thrust downward the spiritual nature of man to up two points upward representing the horns of the goat and duality us versus them thinking dual consciousness divided consciousness raised above the three the Trinity thought emotion and action [Music] father mother and child but above on the ribbon we see the thirteen stars in the configuration of surprise the double square one on top of another inside of which it is inside the Octagon that forms the backing of the metal were the ribbon is at and the ribbon is folded into a pyramid with the capstone missing or the symbol of Satanism which is the trapezoid yes the inverted pentagram with the goat's head is one of these sigils where emblems of Satanism but it's actual archetypal form which if you read into the works of Satanism you will discover is the case their actual or more shape that represents the whole ideology of Satanism the Satanic ideology and way of being in the world is represented by the trapezoid so this symbol is Laden the Military Medal of Valor is Laden throughout with occult symbolism dark occult symbolism at that look at the cage fighting sport okay inside the Octagon the cage the prison and we put two prisoners inside the prison and let them go to work murdering each other one of the sports that damages the human brain far beyond any other you think you have a working a fully working healthy neocortex participating in stuff like this you clearly can't care too much about your brain believe me I don't want any physical altercation unless I need to defend my life and then it's going to be done in a way that is as precision as possible if you know what I mean but getting in a cage and fighting another slave in the world for some sick notion of glory is just out of control male ego and yeah I understand there's a strategy to it and everything I get all of that but it's really just trying to say I'm in control of you inside the symbol of control the Octagon we'll look at the last couple of symbols and then we'll go to the phones after we come back we'll be right back folks you're listening to what on earth is happening [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay folks we're back on what on earth is happening this is the last segment I'm going to quickly go through the last four images on the radio show page images for today's show and what on earth is happening calm and then I'm going to take a couple of calls to take us out image number 19 security systems constantly use the symbol of the Octagon again representing lockdown or control and again it's connected with the dynamic of fear be fearful you need this you need our protection it says it all in the first image in the upper left hand corner I like that one the best it's a little image of a prisoner behind bars in the middle of the Octagon because that's what the symbol ultimately is all about keeping us contained and of course it's used in conjunction with the concept of security or safety over freedom image number 20 shows Salvador Dali famous artist his rendering of the hypercube the crucifixion scene depicting Jesus crucified on the hypercube cross this is yet another way of looking at the hypercube it is actually a cube that is extracted into a higher dimensional space so it is actually eight cubes or what they call cells in mathematics arranged in a cross configuration and you see the checkerboard floor there below representing lower consciousness and you see the way that higher consciousness is crucified is through mind control Christ consciousness put to death through the hypercube and the Sacred Feminine waits for that Christ consciousness to be restored or awakened or resurrected image number 21 the totalitarian society depicted by the ink soaked regime in George Orwell's dystopian novel 1984 this from one of the movie depictions of 1984 Big Brother inside the Octagon total control and when it comes to total control we think of Fort Knox in image number 22 lockdown they've stolen all of our gold and they have it under lock and key mind control think about it from a symbolic perspective the dark occultists have stolen all of our alchemical gold our real money our real mone I the one I the all-seeing eye within us all the connection to higher self and that's the only way they can build their totalitarian police state with people who don't understand the connection to higher self because they are under mind control and all of their gold has been taken let's go to the phones Larry in Louisiana Larry in Louisiana you are on what on earth is happening are you there ray hello Larry yes can you hear me okay there you go I can hear you now okay good and your dealings with the occult did you get an offer to for whatever wish that you would have to sell your soul and did you get a image of an aberration or a spirit or an angel who came to you with a hooded cloak robe with a papyrus paper in one hand rolled up and a quill pen in the other and all you had to do was get yourself with the quill pen and ink it was blood and sign that paper and handed back no I did not no on both accounts I came to the occult willingly as most of the people who come in from the outside do they're put through a rigorous psychological profiling to see if they are if they have an underlying psychopathic tendency not necessarily being genetic psychopaths but have a tendency toward psychopathy I I believe that once you display enough psychopathic tendencies they begin to take you up into higher levels for grooming to further their agenda and when you're of no longer any use to them they either just marginalize you or if you are in if you are in possession of some of their knowledge of their crimes sometimes then they may decide to eliminate you this not being the case in my instance they just said go and do whatever you want and we're gonna ignore what you do because you think you're going like I said it was it was the attitude was you couldn't possibly hurt us by just divulging this to people who are dumber than a brick in all honesty they think they have this place on such total lockdown that they have nothing to worry about and you know maybe it's just my innate negativity but I don't really see any signs of their grip of control changing I mean III want it I want to hear a cop call in and tell me he's quit his job and done something else and Right Livelihood or a soldier who is said I saw all of this and I quit now soldiers definitely there are signs of them some of them waking up and leaving the military because the things that they have seen I want to see a cop who was getting paid on a regular basis maybe had a pension coming and said I'm up and out of here because I know who ultimately owns this institution I haven't seen it as a matter of fact there are ten times more gung-ho than any military but no I've never I've never seen apparitions or conjured demons myself again my involvement was more in an ideological nature in the occult here we go caller from Eureka California you're on what on earth is happening what do you have for us caller are you over yes yeah hi hi mark love your show thanks for speaking the truth man thank you I I also uh I think you glossed over a real important point and some I think yeah it elaborate on a little bit more maybe and I can't remember exactly how you put it you know you look around and what's going on in this world and if it wasn't for the fact that we've bought into all these lies we really would be living in the Garden of Eden here that's right yeah we further lie to be sold there has to be a buyer think about it for us we're the one ultimately doing this to ourselves because we refuse to desist in the actions that we are continuing to take that are in blatant violation of natural law that's what natural law is here in place to do to create a paradise around us if we will simply follow its unbreakable boundaries really I mean we are bound by natural law whether we want to be or not that's the control system that is put in place for our evolutionary development not not to put us in a prison not to bind us so that we don't grow it's it's the thing that creates growth and spiritual development we're actually stunting our own evolution by refusing to go along with it and by buying all of these nonsensical lies that the dominator culture continuously puts out there great point caller here we go another caller your own live on what on earth is happening what do you have for us caller are you there yes your own lives very quickly I started listen to you after you after your first interview on Gnostic media and I finally worked my way through all the former podcasts in talking about like Sabbath's and things like that and how the dark occult uses ordinary celebration and converts that energy to their purpose is their possibility with intent of us taking that back or like say animate a is it most beneficial to just try and expose people what the ultimate youth behind that is there's always power in numbers the universe is based the law of attraction is based on a quantum effect quantum means an amount so the more people that come together to any for any purpose the stronger the intent that goes out to create that manifestation is going to be and the occultists know this which is why they gather in numbers so absolutely coming together in larger and larger numbers is definitely one of the ways that we can start to reverse the flow of that energy and send it in the positive direction so that's a great point let's see if we can get one more call in here we go caller you're live on what on earth is happening you can take us out what do you have checking in from checking in from Cincinnati Ohio it is Bob from Cincinnati mark how are you great to hear from you my friend oh it's always a pleasure and I'm so happy to talk to you quickly mark I know we're running out of time the chemtrails are still going on they're flying much higher than they used to the planes are still out there I'm gonna check in from the Midwest that they are still flying number two octagon the President of the United States is sworn in on a giant octagon and a cold January morning on the 20th he stands on an octagon while his overseers and a cultist agree they're gleeful that the president is also mind control number two Kubrick as we discussed before he used to make pointed star in Eyes Wide Shut just to denote the mind control of the monarch play prism all the way up time for Bob we'll see you next week on what on earth is happening goodbye folks