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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening to endeavour to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of the choice and now here is your host Marc Pascoe [Music] freedom for the people humanity and all mankind liberate your soul and mind it's waiting for you all to find that's what this show is all about the liberation of your soul and mind welcome one and all you are listening to what on earth is happening right here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio today is Sunday June 19 2011 my website what on earth is happening calm of course the network's website Oracle broadcasting calm I've got a great show lined up for you here today we are going to be introducing the 14th and final methodology of mind control I started talking about the techniques the methodologies of mind control about a year ago on this show and we went through extensive breakdowns of 13 different mind control techniques today we're going to begin the wrap-up of the 14th and final methodology which I cover in general and start to go into the concept of chaos sorcery as I refer to it this other researchers have referred to as the Hegelian dialectic or simply problem reaction solution as coined by David Icke and others we're going to be talking specifically about the 911 event and in a few moments we'll be joined by the Philadelphia 911 truth activist Darrell Rowland's who is going to discuss with me and with you as well because we'll also be taking calls some of the inside job aspects of the 911 event and next week I will be going into the physics a breakdown of the physics of 911 next week right here on the air after that I'll be delving into the dark occult symbolic aspects of this horrid event which was indeed a human sacrifice ritual more of which we'll be talking about later I do have one event announcement before we go to the break coming up right here this summer in Philadelphia the Tesla Science Foundation presents the third annual Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations for 2011 July 7th through 10th here's the four events that it's going to be comprised of the the Tesla science conference all four days July 7th through 10th 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. at - Liberty Place that's at 50 South 16th Street here in Philadelphia registration only $100 for all four days 50% discount for students with a valid student ID the Tesla Science Foundation social featuring the divine hand ensemble Orchestra July 9th at the ethical Society of Philadelphia 5:30 p.m. 1906 south Rittenhouse Square $20 in advance 24 dollars at the door we'll continue with the breakdown of the events as part of the Nikola Tesla energy independence celebration this year on the other side of the break be right back folks [Music] [Music] we're back folks you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm let me just finish reading that last event announcement the Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations for 2011 I read the first two parts of the event the second two parts are going to consist of a Tesla birthday celebration featuring a Tesla coil exhibition on the night of July 9th 11 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Tesla was born on midnight between July 9th and 10th 1856 that's going to be taking place the Tesla birthday celebration at Independence Visitor Center on Independence Mall fifth and Market Streets here in Philadelphia and that is free to attend finally the Tesla Fest featuring exhibitions and open discussions will be taking place July 9th and 10th on the 9th there all day from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. and on the 10th from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. also at the independence Visitor Center at 5th and Market Streets and that event is also free to attend so if you're in the area of Philadelphia and you want to come on out learn more about Nikola Tesla what this great man tried to do what he did in his life and what he tried to do for us but didn't wasn't quite successful at it which is why we have to make his dream for a free energy paradigm come to fruition by getting involved and spreading the the knowledge and information and the covert science the the deep blacklisted and suppressed science that Tesla was all about we have to bring that out to people who really don't know otherwise and think that this stuff isn't possible or that you know it just wasn't practical this stuff has been being suppressed for over a hundred years and there's no reason for us to be stuck in the energy paradigm that we are for even a moment longer so for more information about the Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations coming up this July in Philadelphia check out their website at Tesla Science Foundation org a great group of active that I'm honored to be working with here in Philadelphia so our topic for today before we get into that let's give the calling numbers call mean number for the show eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again the call-in number eight six six eight four one one zero six five calling at any time we want to hear from you on this topic I know that most of the listeners who listen to this radio station have an inkling about what 9/11 was about they know that it wasn't didn't go according to the official story as we're told by the so-called mainstream media which are just completely compliant complicit in these crimes and not many people really know about the occult aspects of 9/11 that's something I'll be getting into on a future show however today we're going to focus strictly on the inside job aspects of this sacrifice ritual let's call it what it really was and I this is something I did not do in my presentations so this is a divergence from what I normally do I'm gonna talk about this for one show and then next week as I said I'll be getting into an actual breakdown of the physics and this is going to be about as left-brained as it will ever get on what on earth is happening so for the super scientifically oriented left-brained individuals among us you might want to tune in next week because my background is in mechanical engineering and I will be taking people through all of the physics equations necessary to understand that this event had more going on to it than met the eye okay I'll be actually going into the physics equations breaking them down solving them so that people can understand that the laws of physics could not possibly have been suspended three times in one day the laws of nature do not work like that ladies and gentlemen and if you have even a slightly capable mind you can understand very simple laws of dynamics it's a very simple arithmetic that needs to be done to solve some of these equations to understand what really did not happen on that day and what did not happen was a collapse of three buildings something much farther beyond that went down okay so next week the physics breakdown of the 911 event and like I said that's about as left-brained as it will ever get on this show and some may even find that boring but we're going to do it just to document it okay so today we're going to be talking with the Philadelphia based 9/11 truth activist mr. Darrell Rowland's a good friend of mine he's been on the show before a little over a year ago when we talked about cognitive dissonance which is a huge aspect of the 9/11 event and why more people will not willingly look into the darkness that this event represents because of the responsibility that that carries once you understand that this event is far more than what the mainstream media is telling us so welcome to the show Darrell Rowland's everybody Darrell great to be here always a pleasure to speak with you and I'll tell you what in this area I think there's nobody else that knows more about the inside job aspects of 9/11 than you you have put together a massive massive research database on just about every aspect of this horrible event that of anyone that I've ever seen why don't you tell people to begin with how you got into looking into 9/11 as an inside job and a little bit about the the kind of information that you have amassed over the years oh sure definitely I always had questions when it happened it just didn't really make sense to me when it was going on and so I just kept looking about you know with some of the what do you call the the left you know so called left-wing sites like you know at the time because I was still under the left-right paradigm at the time so I was reading things like all Trinette and they weren't you know telling the story very well at all they weren't really getting into you know the things that I had questions on and then one day it was an o2 was knocked over of o2 and I have this on my channel my youtube channel youtube.com slash Winston Smith 911 there's a fantastic little break in the matrix which allowed me to see and it was Connie Chung interviewing a guy named Amiri Baraka who was the poet laureate of New Jersey and he had written a poem about Israeli involvement in 9/11 Israeli spies being involved in the operation and Connie Chung was you know basically doing her best to try to paint him as an anti-semite and she you know she grilled him but he showed very very you know clearly that even Israeli media at the time in Haaretz had documented that there was Israeli spies that had been in the country and had the capability of documenting phone calls through kaalia the wiretapping and this was even exposed on Fox News a year ago are you earlier in December of 2001 and it all clicked to me and and Darrell I just like to mention the great documentary film fabled enemies covers a lot of the aspects of that event I'll be providing a link for that in the podcast I think that's something that people should definitely check out because it clearly establishes the intelligence connections for the 9/11 event which people absolutely must look into if they're going to understand the huge massive SIOP took place on that day so we're coming up for another break on the other side we'll be continuing to talk to Philadelphia 9/11 truth activist Darryl Owens and we'll be getting in much deeper into the inside job aspects of the 9/11 event and we come back here on what on earth is happening don't go anywhere folks [Music] [Music] welcome back folks I'm mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm today we're talking with Daryl Roland's Philadelphia 9/11 truth activist about the inside job aspects of the 9/11 event Daryl why don't you tell everybody about the connections of 9/11 with the think tank organization known as P knack that's P NAC which stands for the project for the new American Century yes the project for a new American Century was a like you said a think tank of elite Zionists and neo-cons who were involved in planning of foreign policy and war you know scenarios and it's amazing when you look at these the list of people there's there was a letter actually that they wrote in 1998 to Bill Clinton asking him to invade Iraq and this letter was signed by Rumsfeld and pearl and Wolfowitz and Cheney and doves a caimen thumbs a crime he's a real real interesting character he's a rabbi Zionist rabbi Dov Zack 9 he was also a high executive for a company called Booz Allen Hamilton which was a client for blessed relief which was the charity said to be a front for Osama bin Laden so you had these massive connections with the the 9/11 event and Doug's a crimes company systems planning Corp was their chief product was remote control systems for aircraft and missiles so and and Sackheim was also on c-span with Rumsfeld the day before 9/11 and they mentioned that oh two point six trillion dollars was missing unaccounted for the day before September 10th 9:00 to 2001 two point six trillion dollars of the American taxpayers money missing and that that whole story went away the next day we find out about that on September 10th publicly and then September 11th as they say the rest was history I want to point people in the direction of a document that was written by the project for the new American Century many listeners will be familiar with this some may not it's called rebuilding America's defenses strategy forces and resources for a new century by the project for the new American Century think-tank this was written in September of 2000 and I want to read a few excerpts from it this will take a little bit but I think it's well worth doing on the air this is from section 5 called creating tomorrow's dominant force tomorrow's dominant force and here's what the project for the new American Century has to say about maintaining America's dominance of the world quote to preserve American military preeminence in the coming decades the Department of Defense must move more aggressively to experiment with new technologies and operational concepts and seek to exploit the emerging revolution in military affairs information technologies in particular are becoming more prevalent and significant components of modern military systems these information technologies are having the same kind of transforming effects on military affairs as they are having in the larger world the effects of this military transformation will have profound implications for how wars are fought what kind of weapons will dominate the battlefield and inevitably which nations enjoy military preeminence the United States enjoys every prospect of leading this transformation indeed it was the improvements in capabilities acquired during the American defense buildup of the 1980s that hinted at and then confirmed during Operation Desert Storm that a revolution in military affairs was at hand at the same time the process of military transformation will present opportune for America's adversaries to develop new capabilities that in turn will create new challenges for US military preeminence moreover the Pentagon constrained by limited budgets and pressing current missions has seen funding for experimentation and transformation crowded out in recent years spending on military research and development has been reduced dramatically over the past decade indeed during the mid-1980s when the Defense Department was in the midst of the Reagan buildup which was primarily an effort to expand existing forces and field traditional weapons systems research spending represented 20% of total pentagon budgets by contrast today's research and development accounts total only eight percent of defense spending even this reduced total is primarily for upgrades of current weapons without increased spending on basic research and development the United States will be unable to exploit the RMA and preserve its technological edge on future battlefields any serious effort at transformation must occur within the larger framework of u.s. national security strategy military missions and defense budgets the United States cannot simply declare a strategic pause while experimenting with new technologies and operational concepts nor can it choose to pursue a transformation strategy that would d couple American and allied interests a transformation strategy that solely pursued capabilities for projecting force from the United States for example and sacrificed forward facing forward basing and presence would be at odds with larger American policy goals and would trouble American allies further the process of transformation even if it brings revolutionary change is likely to be a long one absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event like a new Pearl Harbor you get that everyone domestic politics an industrial policy will shape the pace and content of transformation as much as the requirements of current missions this report advocates a two-stage process of change transition and transformation over the coming decades in general to maintain American military preeminence that is consistent with the requirements of a strategy of American global leadership tomorrow's US Armed Forces must meet three new missions one global missile defenses to control of space and cyber space and three pursuing a two-stage strategy of transforming conventional forces this process will have two stages transition featuring a mix of current and new systems and to true transformation featuring new systems organizations and operational concepts those are excerpts from chapter 5 or section 5 of the document entitled rebuilding America's defenses by the project for the new American Century and you can hear right in the document essentially telling the Defense Department that unless there is a new Pearl Harbor we will not be able to garner the funds that we need to create this transformation in American armed forces so that we can maintain military preeminence throughout the world in other words global Empire yes / they were calling basically for a global Pax Americana of world hegemony and so thus Zak I'm dove Zak I'm who was a key member of this organization along with William Kristol the SATCOM had to demonstrate an intellectual Israeli and twisted moral motive for that catalyzing event of 9/11 now he had a tremendous opportunity to affect this change this revolutionary change that he talked about he was comptroller of the Pentagon's budget he had access as an undersecretary directly with Rumsfeld Douglas Feith and the Joint Chiefs and the Israeli spies the the FBI arrested in but Douglas lights office as well as financial power to obfuscate redirect and/or cover-up previous diversions of funds fun secret operations and even drive leaders of other countries Darryl that's an excellent analysis and a lot of this begins to answer people's questions of why with the United States do such a thing behind the scenes why would spurt elements covert black operations within the military intelligence agencies carry out such an event and that back it is is the Oracle broadcast [Music] welcome back everyone - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com we are discussing 9/11 as an inside job as a covert black op of intelligence agencies for the purpose of maintaining worldwide military hegemony of the United States and as an excuse to increasingly usurp the freedom of American citizens here at home these are the answers to the questions why people say well why would they have done such a horrid thing why would they murder their own people well these are part of the reasons when you go even deeper into it and you start to understand that d'arco cultists are at the highest levels of these intelligence networks and ultimately what they're doing is saying to other elites that may not want to play ball in the regional areas that they these other lower-level elites control this is ultimately a sacrifice ritual of one's own people for the purpose of saying to other puppets look what we're willing to do to our own now imagine what we would be willing to do to you if you don't play ball with us that's ultimately what this is all about ladies and gentlemen and I'll be getting into the deep dark occult aspects and the symbolic aspects of the 9/11 event which when you understand in conjunction with some of the traditions that we have already broke down and discussed on this show you understand there's no way that stuff is coincidental and it is very intricately planned out so that's coming up in the future and like I said next week get ready for it an actual breakdown a scientific analysis a breakdown of the physics of the 9/11 event from a perspective that the layman can understand simple physics equations solved to show people unequivocally that the laws of physics absolutely were not suspended three times in one day on 911 so let's get back to Daryl Roland's Daryl I want to talk about the stand down on the day of 9/11 of NORAD the North American Air Defense Command and I want to talk about how the covert black ops aspects of the military intelligence projects how they basically needed to run counterintelligence they needed to run wargames exercises on these days to confuse the actual good people that are involved in really protecting America's airspace okay and how these war games serve as a distraction and a confusion mechanism to prevent them from those people from really effectively doing their jobs so can you speak to the stand down of NORAD which certainly nineteen is a fundamental Islamist a radical Islam members with box cutters could not have accomplished the stand down of NORAD okay and can you speak to the wargames exercises that were being run simultaneously with the real world events that were happening on on the day of 9/11 well sure whenever a commercial jet deviates from its approved flight path it creates a potentially deadly hazard it could collide with another jet so the military is supposed to respond very quickly and they have always done they have there's some sixty seven incidents of them responding very quickly to to an aircraft that had you know that had trouble and you know Payne Stewart the golfer his plane was immediately intercepted by fighter jets and let you know lie down but on 911 you had wargames deliberately made to to confuse the military the pilots they they even reported that they questions they were like is this real or fake you know or drill because there was there was a war game called Operation Northern Guardian operation northern vigilance all time for that very day and these were all being run by Dick Cheney and so in the presidential Operations Command emergency operation command you had Norman Etta the the NT what was he the the NTSB yeah secretary yeah he he witnessed Cheney you know coming in and at the at the at the special bunker and there was a another military man coming in and giving Cheney briefings right before the supposed crash of the plane to the Pentagon yes they they were in the what what is known as the PEO see the presidential Emergency Operations Center beneath the the Pentagon yeah and he said I was made aware of it during the time that the airplane coming into the Pentagon there was a young man who had come in and said to the vice president the plane is 50 miles out he came back and said the plane is 30 miles out and then he came back again and said the plane is 10 miles out and he said do the orders still stand and the vice president turns around and says of course the orders still stand have you ever heard anything to the contrary so essentially Minetta who was in this special bunker for when events like this happen he was there with Cheney who was basically running the the operation okay and he was asking an aide to Cheney what whether or he heard overheard an aide to Cheney coming into the room and saying that the plane was 50 miles out then 30 then 10 and asking Cheney if the orders still stood now people have talked all about the timeline about this and you know that the white house was being evacuated or not being evacuated at the time that Minetta gave this testimony okay or heard these overheard these comments was censored from the but essentially this was going on before the strike of the Pentagon which was allegedly flight 77 okay allegedly and and what Minetta was showing was that they had foreknowledge of the flight that was coming into the pentagram before it actually hit and they did nothing to stop it just like NORAD did nothing to stop these planes on 9/11 from reaching their targets because they were confused by the intelligence operations the drills that were being run these war games as Darryl said like vigilant Guardian vigilant warrior etc that essentially were put in place to confuse the people in those positions okay so that they would not understand whether the events that they were being told about happening in real time were real-world events or were exercise events this is how you basically run a covert operation when you need to pull your people who ordinarily would have this situation in hand off of the event when you need them to basically be looking in the other direction or be confused and the people that need to be looked into the people that you really need to go to to find out who is at the highest level of the orchestration of this event are the people that put those wargames exercises into place on those days that's the key to understanding this whoever orchestrated those events on those days knew what was really going to be happening on those days and that's why they scheduled those drills and it's so unconscionable how they get away with saying oh we were incompetent oh we've we dropped the ball oh we failed no this was absolutely planned 45 minutes where no fighter jets came to in to intercept the hijacked jets and you know of course then if you go into the the actual of logistics of this hijacking all right well you'll find that there's no what you were told about hijacking on 911 it comes from these these so-called cellphone calls from the passengers on the plane but then you find that the cellphone calls would never would would never work at altitudes that high and in fact it has been proved conclusively that the at that time the technology at the time in 2001 you couldn't make a cell phone call from above 5000 feet it wouldn't go through you'd be hitting too many cell towers and the signal would be lost there's also some evidence that there may have been some voice networking technology used because of the types of phrases being said to people's parents or mothers that would they would never have spoken of in that way you think using their first and last name when talking to their mother and asking questions like you believe me right yes we'll post some documents or to the podcast about that that people should look into Darryl I want to talk about the Opera the operation known as able danger which was basically an investigation into bin Laden that was a stonewalled is that correct yes there was many people who were working with the FBI had heard of supposed threats from you know bin Laden etc of course this was faked and well you have a guy named John O'Neill who tried to investigate bin Laden in Yemen prior to 9/11 and he was prohibited from doing so by his boss we're going to talk about why that was on the other side of this break you're listening to what on earth is happening we're getting into the 911 inside job aspects today we'll be right back after these messages folks stay with us [Music] 9:11 an inside job most definitely and most definitely much much more than that including a human sacrifice ritual among other things people think human sacrifice stopped hundreds of years ago it's still going on ladies and gentlemen except in the modern day they don't take people up to the top of pyramids and cut their hearts out with obsidian blades they fly planes into office buildings we're here with Daryl Roland's Philadelphia 9/11 truth activist on the other side of the break we were talking about operation able danger and uh you're gonna wrap up that and then you're going to transition it into some other aspects oh great yes continue I will read from briefly from a times-herald Norwich town newspaper in Norristown Pennsylvania from August 17th of 2005 this is absolute mainstream media here and it says a pentagon review of a defunct defense operation said to have linked a September 11th hijacker to a terrorist cell in New York City could shed light on why Defense Department officials shut down the secret program able danger more than a year before this not the 9/11 attacks on defense intelligence analyst Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Shaffer who worked on the high-tech operation said Tuesday that the battle lines are being drawn in the Pentagon as the old program comes under renewed security scrutiny in I'm sorry right now he says the Department of Defense has a great deal of interest in this matter and some elements in Defense Department are attempting to go dirty in June Schaffer revealed to The Times Herald that Pentagon officials rejected a plan to have the FBI and special ops command collaborate to track Mohammad Ahsan and the other suspected 9/11 terrorists at the effect at the time the Defense Intelligence Agency analysts asked not to be identified even after the 9/11 Commission's recommended changes in intelligence committee practices Schaffer said little has changed he charges that some defense officials responsible for counterterrorism before 9/11 have returned to their old intelligence gathering habits and don't want to revisit pass/fail that an April danger probe might highlight and guys that had a role in this intelligence quote-unquote failure got promoted they have not changed the way they do business the object was to identify and target these suppose in al Qaeda al CIA de and other terrorists they use data mining and parallel processing and other cutting-edge computer technology from 1999 through early 2001 and then the program was improperly shut down right as they were gathering all their important data so not only are were they setting up bin Laden to take the fall as their Patsy for this event but then they actually blocked the FBI investigation that was going to take place in to bin Laden's role in the event most likely because it would have found out that there was no connection with him in the event yeah John O'Neil FBI agent who was trying to investigate bin Laden in Yemen was prohibited by his boss Barbara boudin I think her name was she prohibited him from even going into there and investigating he was so frustrated and upset and angry that he quit his job and they offered him a new job as chief of security in the World Trade Center and he died in that 9/11 attack that day let's let's mention before I know you have some other aspects you want to go into but let's briefly mention bin Laden himself his background as one of the Mujahideen fighters that were trained by the CIA people don't understand a lot of people who look into bin Laden don't understand that this is a creation of our military intelligence because the the Soviet Union was invading Afghanistan in the 1970s we went in gave the Afghan Eze weapons trained them and radicalize them to a radical faction of Islam and this is actually the the group called al Qaeda is an actual name that the CIA gave to these radicalized Mujahideen Hadean freedom for so-called freedom fighters that were trained to fight the Soviet Union because they were they were our enemies at the time and we wanted to give all the assistance to the Afghan ease that we could in fact at the time bin Laden had a code name Tim Osman for his CIA asset role he you can find a 1979 photograph of bin Laden shaking hands with mr. big no Brzezinski one of the top neo-cons in the administration and he there he is you know shaking hands with him and he's carrying an ak-47 and telling him you know good job you know for carrying out our mission here in Pakistan in Afghanistan Darryl can you speak to some of the illicit funding that went on behind the scenes by some of the members of the Pakistani ISI specifically a general named Mahmoud Ahmed who allegedly wired some of the money to carry out aspects of the operation to Mohamed Atta who was allegedly the mastermind of the actual you know hijacking our aspects of the event yeah I I recommend you you know people read into Daniel hop singers books he has a tremendous amount of information on the the fraud of of Mohamed Atta's supposed leadership abilities of this operation and I don't know what did you you wanted to get into just yet do you know anything about this Pakistani general who wired money to auto before the event well he worked for the ISI in the ISI worked closely with the CIA so there you gun and you have another connection I think what was her name benazir bhutto ayah saya is Pakistan's equivalent of our CIA yeah yeah an intelligence agency that works closely with no not another intelligence agency that had deep connections with this event is the Israeli Mossad yes and the Mossad allegedly sent some people into the United States to quote document the event mhm yeah there was a white van in Liberty State Park in Weehawken that had set up cameras taking they were there was four Israelis in the van celebrating jumping up and down and taping the World Trade Center on fire after it hint and they you know they were seen by a keen observer who then called the FBI and the FBI came and arrested them and found 47 hundred dollars in cash in a sock in their van and also the the bomb sniffing dogs found traces of explosives in their van and they said we are not Arabs we are Israelis you know and and they they were deported back to Israel without being charged with a crime and the guy who deported them back to Israel was a guy named Michael Chertoff who became the director of Homeland Security one hand washed the other interesting so let's look at some of the physical aspects of the event okay people perceive this as because this is what they were told immediately after the event they pin it on somebody immediately who you know looks scary and who they are distrustful of because they know little about their culture you know is blame it on radical Islamic fundamentalists and some of the physical aspects of the event that simply don't even make any sense whatsoever first we can talk about that one buildings don't collapse symmetrically into their own footprint which is the greatest path path of resistance if it's going to clap collapse it's going to collapse around a weakened part of the structure and probably topple over but what you saw on 9/11 was all the support columns failing all at once and the building coming down straight down into its own footprint you know and and this was really visible with building seven and really exploding wow it's doing it yes the really something nationally yeah crumbling to dust as it's coming straight down into the path of greatest resistance which physical structures simply do not do according to the laws of physics what about the temperatures at which jet fuel burns and steel weakens can we uh can we address some of those aspects oh definitely uh the the jet fuel is kerosene kerosene can't get any hotter than 1400 F and that's a really really conservative estimate of temperature of other old burn mostly goes in unders in the real world jet fuel is a approximately I believe about 90 percent kerosene and kerosene in an air burn burns just over 600 degrees Fahrenheit if you add that added that to something that could really take the temperature burn higher in the real world the absolute most you're going to achieve is around 800 degrees Fahrenheit and the the fires burning at the World Trade Center definitely did not get any hotter than around 8 to 900 degrees and that's like I said that's a high conservative estimate and we know that melting temperature of steel is well over 2,750 F and there's no way a jet fuel fire can make a temperature that high right that the melting point of Steel is 2,750 degrees Fahrenheit but there is a temp now people will debate and say well steel weakens it loses half of its strength and it begins to deform below that but the temperature at which steel deforms is 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit and that's again high-end concern a low-end conservative estimate so there is no way these fires could have even possibly reach that number so that's just to touch on some of the physical aspects of 911 from a material science point of view we'll get more into this on the other side of this break you're listening to what on earth is happening you're on the oracle broadcasting radio network don't [Music] [Music] [Music] fear is the force that closes down human consciousness so that it cannot understand what is being done around it and that's what we saw on 9/11 oh one so we're talking with Daryl Roland's 9/11 truth activists we're going to be going to the phones soon in this hour okay I'm gonna give the phone number to call in once again eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again the calling number is eight six six eight four one one zero six five halt into what on earth is happening and give us your thoughts Daryl let's uh we were talking about the melting point of Steel we were talking about how the the the building simply could not have fallen in the way that we see on that day I'm gonna be going into that in depth next week but let's look at an even more ridiculous aspect of some of the physical details that we were told how could the force of these massive planes that we say that we're saying they were incinerated we're told okay as they went into these buildings yet we find the Islamic red bandanas that the hijackers tied to their head prior to committing this act of suicide in their jihad and we find passports completely intact that survived the raging fires that melted steel beams and columns in the buildings some of the thickest steel beams ever constructed in the United States I mean child you'd have to be a child to believe a tale like this absolutely they are not above planting false evidence at the crime scene to you know make it really ridiculous cover-up and there you have in flight 93 there's like nothing there is it's a hole in the ground that's all there's there but but there's they claim they find a red bandana planes incinerate when they hit the ground Daryl didn't you know that you know the contact with the ground makes all of the steel and the other construction materials the planes are made out of just vanish into nothingness and then you know an intact passport found on the street for you know mohamad odds our marwan al-shehhi and is on the ground what also laminated plastic will survive but but steel and concrete would not we're gonna get into a a lesser-known aspect of 911 at least by the general public our listening audience will probably be aware of building seven but before we do that you had a connection that you wanted to bring up regarding yes Omaha Omaha connection go right ahead there is an Omaha Nebraska connection with 911 so George Bush okay he first when when 9/11 happens he's in Florida at a school now this in itself is egregious you know violation of you know logic where Bush is should have been whisked out of there for his safety he was allowed to stay there after they knew that this has been going on his location was publicly known how was he to assume that he would be safe unless he knew all of the heights it's quite symbolic as well from a PSYOP perspective he's there with the innocent school children on that day and he's also reading the story my pet goat that hasn't pulled over Tony's would get back into that and I want to hear more about this Omaha connection that you have researched in-depth on the other side of this break don't go anymore folks you're listening to what on earth is happening [Music] welcome back folks you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm we're talking about 9/11 as an inside job an example of chaos sorcery the 14th and final methodology of mind control and probably the heaviest gun that the mind controllers use to go to work on people through an injection of fear I'm here in studio with 9/11 truth activists from Philadelphia Darrell Rowland's and we're talking about a lot of different aspects of 9/11 we could do 20 shows on this topic there is so much data and details to be looked into however I'm not gonna spend too much time on this aspect of it because as everyone is well aware my forte is in looking at the occult aspects behind the scenes and the symbolism so I'm gonna do a lot of focus on that next week for the left-brained among us I will be presenting the physics equations necessary to understand that this event as we have told that it happened as we have been told that it happened is physically impossible against the laws of nature so for scientists architects engineers anybody who's extremely left brained I will be presenting for the layman even so that the layman can understand it with plenty of slides that go along with it the physics equations of dynamics that are necessary to solve to know that the official story is complete bunk that's coming up next week so Daryl let's go back to some elements of let's let's look at this Omaha connection that you have researched and then let's talk about building seven and then we're gonna go to the phones cool yeah I know it's um folks it's it's like all over the place because there is just so many aspects of this of this SIOP this inside job that to cover it is but I'm gonna try to really speak I'm gonna try to really summarize up this this Omaha connection alright so George he went once he left the Booker Elementary School in Florida he went to Omaha he flew to to Omaha to meet with Warren Buffett the second richest man on earth at a charity event that he scheduled for that day at Offutt Air Force Base now the odd thing about this is that an Tatlock was the CEO of fiduciary trust and she was flown to this meeting in advance also and this is a quote from Forbes magazine from October 15th of 2001 and quote and Tatlock found out about the collision of a plane with the North Tower of the World Trade Center while enroute to the US Strategic Command headquarters in Omaha the 62 year old chief executive of fiduciary trust company International was one of a small group of business leaders at a charity event hosted by Warren Buffett military officers boarded the bus she was on and escorted her to an officer's lounge and a television just in time to see the second plane hit the South Tower between the 87th and 93rd floors right where 650 of her employees worked fiduciary trusts which today manages 44 billion dollars of securities for pension plans endowments and wealthy individuals unquote so she was on the board also of Merck Sharp and dome and Howard Hughes Medical Center and also on the board of directors of Franklin Franklin resources based in San Mateo owned the company fiduciary trust which had offices where flight 175 hit the South Tower so again you have Thomas Kane involved in this also he was the one of the chief 9/11 commissioners he has long served as director of Fredette fiduciary trust and Franklin resources and Franklin acquired fiduciary trust five months before the World Trade Center was destroyed and they profited handsomely from the tragedy only five months before the attacks mutual fund firm Franklin bought fiduciary a seventy-year-old asset manager catering to high net worth clients and institutional investors for 825 million dollars so right there I mean you have George Bush showing up at this meeting where an Tatlock is is going oh my goodness 650 of my employees are dead and here's Warren Buffett and here's George Bush and it's at a military base at a secret location you know and it's away from the public and I would love to know what went on in that meeting wouldn't you folks now mark what did you what else did you want to talk about well I want to get into the whole building 7 scenario because a lot of people still don't aren't aware that a third building came down into its own footprint in New York City on the day of 9/11 at 5:20 in the afternoon it was struck by no plane it had very little damage that was done to it by debris from the collapsing towers although people debate that and say that's what caused this perfectly symmetrical collapse which I will link footage to in the podcast for this for this show and I want to look at the owner of the World Trade Center in his comments on wives over 7 was so was allegedly pulled his words not mine a demolition term I want to look at you know how he cleaned up in insurance claims as part of the the the fallout from the 9/11 event and let's look at how the the BBC announced that the building had come down before it even came down they said that it already happened so tell people about building 7 what was housed in that building how it came down and some of the aspects of that that people need to be made aware of so in building 7 was housed SEC records of the Enron scandal which were conveniently destroyed that day so what is the SEC the Securities and Exchange Commission ok and you you also had offices of the CIA in that building lots of you know damning information was destroyed during that operation in the control center which was housed in the Midwest on the 23rd floor was Rudy Giuliani's special counter-terrorism floor it was hermetically sealed another occult number folks the number 23 which we'll get into will get into all of the numerology of the event on the future of future show where we talk about the occult aspects but continue about building seven yeah and so at 5:15 or 5:20 p.m. that day at nine eleven this building suddenly collapsed a straight down in 6.5 seconds into its own footprint and you even see the penthouse of the building sink down into the top of the building as it's coming down and you see the floors staying in the same the same proportion the same distance from each other as it comes down you get the idea that flight 93 was supposed to hit building seven but it crashed or shot down it looks like it was shot down anyway they had to go along they had to go forward with it because they had so much evidence they had to destroy so anyway they they had a script you know and so one of those script readers was this reporter for BBC world her name was Jane Standley and there you see at around 450 p.m. you know about half an hour before the collapse of building 7 she's on BBC world announcing that the building 7 had collapsed and it's behind her in the shot and it's a live shot it's not a pre-recorded or it's not a blue-screen or green-screen shot it's a live shot the building is there behind her in the background still standing clearly in the shot and she's announcing in advance that it had already collapsed the words that they actually use she wasn't the only one there was another CNN reporter that did the same thing I'll be posting some of these videos to the website with this podcast as always all shows of what on earth is happening are archived on the podcast page of what on earth is happening calm down will stay with us folks stay with us we'll be right back after these messages you're listening - what on earth is happening on Oracle Broadcasting Network [Music] [Music] 9:11 an inside job an example of a human sacrifice ritual in the modern day an act of chaos sorcery the defining occult event of our times and so much more we were talking about the advanced knowledge that so many people had of these events on this day how they were even reading scripts with the buildings that they're talking about had already collapsed still standing in the background of the shot not even bothering to take a look at the skyline behind them and realize that the building that they're telling people had already come down was still standing unbelievable and people can still believe that this is just a coincidence speaking of knowledge in advance the Patriot Act was written well in advance of 9/11 this is a thousand pages of intensive legislation that was already on board already being tried to be put through right on bush's death prior to 9/11 that's right trying to put it through through the Congress than through the House and Senate and it was was not being accepted people did not want to vote for this but after 9/11 they all voted for it with the exception of one individual on a single day without reven reading the bill okay so advanced knowledge how about advanced planning look at how the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were already on board well in advance of 9/11 Daughtery want to speak to that sure actually on September 4th of 2002 there was an article right in CBS news mainstream news again but you know of course the truth is only told once in mainstream media then it's buried ins covered but here it is CBS News has learned this is September 4th of O 2 CBS News has learned that barely 5 hours after American Airlines flight 77 plows into the Pentagon defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld was telling his aides to come up with plans for striking Iraq even though there was no evidence linking saddam hussein to the attacks that's according to notes taken by aides who were with rumsfeld in the National Military Command on 911 notes that show exactly where the road toward war with Iraq began reports CBS News national security correspondent David Martin at 9:53 a.m. just 15 minutes after the plane and hit the Pentagon of course was you uh and and while Rumsfeld was still outside helping with the injured the National Security Agency which monitors communications worldwide intercepted a phone call from one of sama bin Laden's operatives in Afghanistan to a phone number in the former Soviet republic of Georgia the caller said he had heard good news and that another target was still to come an indication he knew another airliner one that eventually crashed in Pennsylvania was at the very moment zeroing in on Washington this says now it says it was 12:05 p.m. when the director of Central Intelligence told Rumsfeld about the intercepted conversation Rumsfeld felt it was vague that it might not mean something and that it was no good basis for hanging hat in other words the evidence was not clear-cut enough to justify military action to against bin Laden but later that afternoon the CIA reported the passenger manifest for the Hydra hijacked airliners showed three of the hijackers were suspected al-qaeda operatives and with the intelligence all pointing toward bin Laden Rumsfeld ordered the military to begin working on strike plans and at 2:40 p.m. the notes quote Rumsfeld as saying he wanted to he wanted the best info fast judge weather good enough to hit SH the meaning Saddam Hussein at the same time not only you BL which was the initials used to identify who sama bin Laden now of one year later there is very little evidence Iraq was involved in September 11th attacks it was none there was none he had it all planned out just like in the pea neck where they they said they wanted to have a massive change in a very new Pearl Harbor and they went on this campaign in cahoots with the mainstream media the Bush administration to remember this whole build-up to the Iraq invasion that The Smoking Gun would come in the form of a mushroom cloud that he had tons of mass destruction and hinting always hinting that it had to do with the form of Islamic terrorism that had to do with a 9/11 event without actually coming out in the open and saying it but then after the invasion openly admitting that Iraq had nothing to do with the events of 9/11 and we have George Bush's quote where he said let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September 11 malicious lies they attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists themselves away from the guilty pretty good likeness there Darryl so folks I know we've covered so much in such a short amount of time and again this is for a reason the research is all out there for you to do we're going to be talking about a couple other aspects of the event some of the types of explosives that may have been used to bring these buildings down nano-thermite residue found in the World Trade Center dust some connections to potential exotic weaponry that may have been used at perverted applications of Tesla technology that may have been employed on as part of this event with that first two buildings with the North Knox right Tower yeah so that's coming up but let's go to the phones and take take a couple of phone calls so here we go caller you're live on what on earth is happening on this 9/11 inside job show what do you have for us today hi Gerald mark is it me yes you're on yes all right hey this has been a great show yeah keep up the good work as you were saying though I wanted to bring an important point on this is that we do have them dead to rights and like you said earlier mark you know if we find out who stood behind those who specifically was responsible for scheduling those drills that can confuse the military because we can see that that's clearly what their intention was i and you know we can definitely serve public warrants as accessories seized information for evidence and continue on our way to get the masterminds also but that relationship of prior knowledge and setting us up to be conned is also a present in evil danger also I mean Anthony Shaffer claims was following up odda around and had terabytes of video of him and Anthony Shaffer doesn't claim Bush needs to be arrested arrested for mass murder because he was directly complicit in closing investigations no he gives you a cover that yeah Mohammed Ali is a Muslim fundamentalist and yet we know he was a partier and been on Abramoff's casino cruise ships many times and we have we have interviews with his girlfriend similarly to Peter B Collins yesterday or the day before did an outstanding report on an individual who calls himself iron man who notified the CIA's a military intelligence officer who notified the CIA the FBI the Bush administration everybody just prior to 9/11 because he would he had inside source knowledge that the Pentagon was going to be attacked and so were the two towers but then he claims own we goofed up we're too stupid and that's why they had to attack them I would a demand the arrest of a man Dan Anthony Shaffer Anthony Shaffer is a traitor because we can clearly see with your eyes you were talking about Minetta giving his report to the Commission they censored that from the reports yes really like General Ahmed Condoleezza Rice at a press conference and during the press conference a reporter a serval what's the story about general mad finance or in somebody was financing this operation and she says that she didn't have any meetings with him and yet we know he met with many of the commissioners 9/11 commissioners who ended up ignoring them altogether later but they censored that from the White House transcript softer on the Internet and that's of available in most change final cuts so that we know that they and also you know if we believe they're nonsenses Anthony Schafer's then then bin Laden would have had to have had an accessory to plant the explosives in the towers because we have video of liquefied iron blowing from the towers for a month afterwards there yes they were car you bring so many great points that need to be looked into and like I said I've said to people in the past do not underestimate the intelligence of the people who were running this event these are highly trained experts in how the human mind works this is definitely a psychological warfare our operation magic and magic yeah these people know how to create certain effects in the subconscious in the conscious mind so that people react in certain ways and then they will go for things that they ordinarily would have wouldn't want to have absolutely nothing to do it color stay on the line we'll come back with you after this next break you're listening to what on earth is happening ladies and gentlemen right here on the oracle Broadcasting Network don't go anywhere the man on the street with the Harley show remember that was telling people what to think about what the Bell yeah [Music] [Applause] [Music] we're back on this happening inside aspects for the break keyword book to the poor back bone and Darrell I are going to go couple four elements of 911 and then we'll go back to the phones to round out the show so here we go Paul are you still with us yes am i doing it just take another point and then we're going to get it caller yes you know you know they are calling the American tea soldiers for death and we see if we hear the interviews they give and they don't have their very strong minds to find a way in this world and go and follow black family in fact by not upholding the oath that they gave to Garden country but they have minds of like 12 year olds in some cases we are affected by let's call it magic and it needs a really poor magic tricks but I know some of them are a little more complicated but some of the easiest ones to defeat as a trick is well they lost the Enron documents so we can't continue investigations that's a magic trick it works on people who don't know anything about it but if you pursue knowledge on Enron we know how they quadrupled the cost of energy in California we know that they moved the assets from the company to the Cayman Islands and had fictitious numbers on those on the stock market total board and people who else stock had a contractual agreement not to be able to touch it while the numbers viciously fell and they said all your money's lost but they really moved it to the Cayman Islands so that that's where the investigations halted similarly in the Pentagon where they murdered those auditors who were investigating Rana stoats mysterious lost again or losing a ten point seven trillion dollars and they said well those guys were murdered so now we have no interest in tracking that money down all the paperwork was destroyed well we know it's got to do with rum so we got to know it's got to do with today there's been 80 percent of the monthly expenditures and both of these wars is completely unaudited it it's black they say it's black ops military soldiers these guys need to be taken in by the military and and and and serve the rest of their lives behind bars or be finally executed under American standing offer treason and for torture torture warrants death 100% of the time it's only an enemy of god and man who claims they can't hear me see say these words unchallenged worldwide that's right wine and the military military should do their job of protecting this country against enemies foreign and domestic and that's what this was all about domestic enemies carrying out this job caller great points that you raised Daryl let's get into quickly a couple other of the physical aspects of 9/11 let's talk about the nano-thermite residue that has been discovered in the World Trade Center dust and then transition into talking about the possibility of even more exotic weaponry being used on that day well very first also Thank You caller um for mentioning that people were told what to think about the operation as was happening they even had a man on the street in New York dressed in a Harley shirt you can find this on YouTube where he's like you know being interviewed by the media and he's a plant he says he looks like he's a eyewitness but he's a plant and he's telling people about oh yeah of course the the the the floors just pancaked onto themselves and it was just obviously a pancaking collapse Frank you know and he was telling to fires weakening the steel wheel yeah yeah telling people what to think about it so that they don't actually think for themselves that's right that's right and in a state of fear that becomes a piece of cake people are willing to readily accept what is being told to them by someone who seems assured of themselves so what about the possibility of some of the more exotic weapon let's look at the nano-thermite residue do you have anything to say about that I believe that's just even Jones's work yeah mostly Stephen Jones did some fantastic work on you know finding the red and gray chips of nano-thermite in the World Trade Center dust you know and and of course what are you quick if this building had collapsed in a pancake format you know as they've told us you wouldn't have a thermite or thermate which is Thermae plus us sulfur which acts as a eutectic to to make the the the explosives even hotter to cut and you yes and you even see in the residue of the buildings of the in the wreckage you'll see like steel beams cut at an angle which is exactly how they do the the preliminary cutting of the of the support columns certainly this would have had have been done well in advanced these explosives in the buildings and if you look at who owned the security who run the security of the World Trade Center its George Bush's brother his company stratesec that's right Stratus ran security for the towers yeah mmm yep and you even have a guy named scott forbes and fiduciary trust comes up again remember I mentioned fiduciary trust with an Tatlock coming to the world coming to that meeting with Warren Buffett well another fiduciary trust employee Scott Forbes was an IT guy and he noted that there was a power down of both the north and the south tower on the weekend before in the attacks which gave a ample opportunity for continuity test to make sure the explosives ordnance would work that's right and folks I'd like to bring up something now that is pretty controversial but I believe that not this event would not even be possible or doable just with conventional explosives even with with micro explosives like nano thermite yeah there was only part of it I think that there is something even bigger that went down that was a display of new weaponry first of all you had to concrete pulverized in the dust now what can do that exploding outward and they're being absolutely not even anything larger than like you know a small tiny bit of debris no bigger than like you know no bigger than like an ashtray left in the rubble I mean like literally this this material the amount of material we're talking about in these massive structures of steel and concrete the amount is unfathomable as David Ray Griffin said take a block of concrete and drop it all about a thousand feet now will it turn into pulverized dust no it'll break into chunks right we had this just was all over the entire area of southern Manhattan and going across the river into New Jersey I mean this is unbelievable how much material completely disintegrated that's the only word that can really be used to describe it it dis integrated it came apart completely now explosives do blow things apart but not in defying fine particles like this and you know there was some first responders David his name is that he was one of the New York police officers who was affected by the operation and he he had you know massive amounts of pulverized concrete in his lungs oh so many responders are sick dying and all already dead as a result of the toxins that they breathe directly into their lung linings on this day and you don't live very long when you have a lung lining full of concrete and other debris like asbestos and any of the other toxins that were in the the construction materials of those buildings and you know my heart goes out to these first responders for trying to do the right thing but they should not have listened to the assurances of people who did not have their interest in mind that you know it was okay to be out there without adequate professional protection in the form of breathing apparatuses oh yeah and then you had christine Todd Whitman telling them that the air was safe to breathe right I believe going back to the possibility of more exotic energy based weaponry being used on that day I mean if you see the way this building came down and watch it again some force from above seems to have been at work not you know from below or in the buildings but from above literally pushing the the building's downward and breaking them apart as it as its doing it and this could be some type of beam weaponry and this could be some type of application a perverted application of Tesla's standing wave technology that we know very little about I'm very open to the possibility of it being some sort of directed-energy weapon dr. judy wood has done an immense of amount of work in this area I highly recommend people take a look at her website and uh where does house go her new book yeah so I think that there is something to that that it should be looked into I think people should look into all of the aspects of this event they should look into the conventional explosive theory they should look into the the reasons for it the why behind it mainly wanting to take away more freedoms from the American public inject more fear into the consciousness they should look at the possibility of exotic weaponry being used they should certainly most definitely look into the occult aspects and the symbolic aspects of this event and that's what I will spend a lot of time covering on this show all of it needs to be understood and we need to get down to the people who had access to doing all of these things as the caller said we need to look at who made these intelligence drills for these days we need to look at who gave these reports in advance of buildings collapsing before they did because that's going to send us in the direction of the actual perpetrators of these horrid events that were mass murder it was a mass murder ritual is what we witnessed on that day make no mistake this was a human sacrifice ritual of the modern day nothing less so with that in mind I think that'll take us out for this segment on the other end of this break we're going to take callers until the end of the show your calls coming up next on what on earth is happening me and my special guest Dowell Rowling's we'll be right back after these messages folks don't go anywhere [Music] [Music] [Music] you can't stop the truth ladies and gentlemen from coming out truth and never be destroyed no matter what the globalists want us to believe and we will eventually uncover the truth about the series of events that took place on 9/11 2001 in New York City and Washington DC and Pennsylvania chaos sorcery is what this is ultimately about creating through fear a synthesis that which controllers want to put into place and in doing so getting people to give up their natural law inherent rights because they were in so much fear and in that state they'll always run to a protector promising to save them from the chaotic events that are happening oh but there's a catch you have to give up all your rights to receive that protection don't you that's what we've seen after these events so in this segment see we can go on and on talking about the ins and outs of this as I said we could do 20 shows and a darrell is an expert on all of the aspects of this he's looked into it more than anybody else I know but we'll bring Darrell back on in the future in a future show to talk about 9/11 activism as part of solutions how can we get this information out to the public because he's doing great work in that regard as are many others in the Philadelphia area so with that in mind I think that's uh we've bombarded enough people with information let's go to your calls now and see what the listeners have to say here we go Jayne in Baltimore you are live on what on earth is happening what do you have for us well just to give a name and a face to the Harley guy the guy wearing the black Harley shirt your guest mentioned earlier yes he has been identified as mark Adrian Humphrey spell just as you would expect it mark Adrian Humphrey he's the actor in the Harley shirt featured in an interview by Fox broadcast by Fox that's Rick Lowenthal interviewing him is a long time anchor on Fox and subsequent to that there's another video where you see another professional actor a professional Hollywood stuntman by the name of Roger Cross right right behind Humphrey and so you've got the situation York City were apparently in order to complete this simulation they employed a number of professional actors but I I could say that the figures tentatively been identified as I'm pre accepted apparently mark Adrian Humphrey successfully claimed copyright infringement on this Fox News footage that is out there on YouTube for everybody to go and see in which he denies playing any role how's that possible how could he have any any copyright if it if it wasn't him why would he know that now apparently he wants the clip to go away and once it was operated front it will be posted to this website and it will not be taken down so don't worry about it of course what's interesting and I think what Mark points out frequently is that it's what's it the messenger is just packaging the message they trotted him out there within minutes of these towers of one of these towers erupting like volcanoes and where and he uses words like collapsed when of course we saw them explode but see the problem is and of course the initial explosions that are a trip allegedly attributed to airplane crashes remember those occurred the first one which would have been the the North Tower allegedly received a quarter to nine and the second one the South Tower stood at about 905 but the first one didn't go down and the first one to go down was the second one to be allegedly hit and I went down like maybe about 45 minutes later there's things sat and quietly smoked no one expected them to go down that was a ridiculous idea but when they finally did it they shut them they smoked quietly and then they erupted like volcanoes into clouds of dust at least from the videos we can see of course I don't know I don't know how much credence to Accord much of the video and photographic material has been released by the mainstream media I think that's going take a lot of sifting more I think there's a lot of I'll be perfectly honest with you I think there's a lot of transparent TV fakery some some of it easily discernible others may be more difficult and all kinds of media simulation if you look at full spectrum dominance and one of the key features of Future Combat Systems and full spectrum dominance is the ability to simulate to create simulations that are so real that you convince the participants and any viewers that they're real as well but and the use of the media is central to this and of course this is the occult this is at the core of the occult trickery I would say the method that you guys that mark at least is taking on this is that instead of getting caught up in these arguments about lie hop verses might like lie hop would assume there were real planes and real hijackers but they had foreknowledge and they let it happen my hop made it happen on purpose at least acknowledges they blew something up but I would say mark is making the case for what I would call my top which is to say made it transparent on purpose at various different levels and isn't isn't this really act what part of the key to occult methodology to be able to package within these visual representations whether simulated or real multiple messages at multiple different levels of the pyramid to anyone as you say to intelligence agencies and foreign intelligence agencies and military organizations about the kind of technical capabilities that these guys have with respect to exotic weapons or the respect to the ability to control media and brainwash a whole population but I say many of us more of us were meant to see that they did it it was made transparent on purpose and to me that's what the core of a cult sure when I met Mark he showed me three basic tarot cards that are very symbolic of the 9/11 operation one is the tower and you know where you you see like it being struck by lightning and people falling and jumping and you even see the people on 9/11 falling out of the windows of the North and South Tower just like the tarot card and then you have the the High Priestess was another card he showed with the two towers of Jachin and Boaz right and the the third one was the the the death card which has the Pentagon on the flag and the you know then also the two towers in the background where I saw him setting between them yes yeah so I mean yeah it was and and there was even an Illuminati card game from 1995 that even insinuated that this type of attack would happen an example of synchro mysticism or what some people call predictive programming I look at it more as synchro mystical nature yes okay there's so many employer aspects and they are embedding things at a deep subconscious level and it's all fear-based and it goes so deep cognitive dissonance about this event goes so deep in some people I've said this before on the show and I'll repeat it a friend of mine told me that I believe it was his sister said even if even if now listen to this statement listeners she said even if it were proven to me beyond a shadow of a doubt unequivocally that this was an inside job that elements within our government carried out this covert operation for whatever nefarious purposes and even if they told me themselves if people who were involved told me themselves what they did and how they did it I would still choose shoes to ignore that and to believe the official story because I don't want to live in the world that it would mean to live in if that other if that other those other aspects of this event were true and imagine the psychosis that you have to dwell in imagine the dissonant mindset that you have to dwell in to say even if reality proves to me beyond the shadow of a doubt I developed a roofie I will still still tell myself that a fantasy is reality as opposed to deal with reality because she knows deep in her heart deep in her soul the responsibility that goes with understanding that as being true and what our situation really is as a people if indeed it went down in our love not alone in she's only being actually very honest with you in saying that because there's a lot of people who do think that but are so scared to even say that so even admit that to you or to anyone right that's their thought process that they can't deal with reality as you know they must rather live in a comfortable fiction living in a bubble welling in a bubble moving throughout their lives completely in a sheltered state of awareness from the real world that's why yeah that's the definition of a completely destroyed human being yes psychologically mentally emotionally spiritually that person is on the floor of the house as they say in Freemasonry their dwelling in total darkness and the idea here is exercise your will and courage to come to a confrontation and a face-to-face confrontation with reality with the reality of this no matter how deep dark and scary it is and deal with the problem at hand as that's the way we solve any of the problems of life oh I want to read a real quick quote that I've member 32nd from Orwell he said in a way the worldview of the party imposed itself most successfully on those who were not capable of understanding it they could be made to accept the most flagrant violations of reality because their minds couldn't fully process the enormity of what that was what was being demanded of the by the telescreen and we're not sufficiently interested in public events to notice what was happening by lack of understanding they remain sterile that's all we have time for [Music]