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freedom mat that's what it's all about [Music] [Laughter] [Music] welcome you are listening to what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascal [Music] welcome ladies and gentlemen welcome one and all you're listening - what on earth is happening right here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I am your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com the network's websites Oracle broadcasting com today is Sunday June 26th 2011 we have a good show lined up for you here today today on what on earth is happening we are going to be conducting an analysis of the physics of the 911 event specifically the so-called collapse of the Twin Towers buildings 1 & 2 of the World Trade Center complex I'm going to take people through three basic physics equations to prove unequivocally that there were other forces at work in those buildings on that day many of the listeners on this network will of course know that but for the extremely left-brained among us and for the psychologically resistant those still in cognitive dissonance about this event being an inside job an example of the Hegelian dialectic gone awry or what I call chaos sorcery and also a human sacrifice ritual we will take them through the physics of the event firsthand and show it to them in a way that is undeniable according to the laws of nature before we do that I have one quick event announcement coming up here in Philadelphia in a couple of weeks the Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations the yearly energy independence celebrations hosted by the Tesla Science Foundation July 7th 8th 9th and 10th there's 4 events that 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center fifth and Market streets also free to attend for more information on this great event coming up here in the city of Philadelphia check out the Tesla Science Foundation's website at Tesla Science Foundation org we'll get into the physics of 9/11 on the other side of this break stay with us folks [Music] silent fashion it alone gotta keep my cool make them think I made up stop [Music] [Applause] welcome back folks we're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio last week we began to introduce on this show the concept of chaos sorcery this is kind of a term that I've coined in reference to problem reaction solution it's kind of a different twist or spin that I put on that dynamic it is a method of mind control it is probably the most effective methodology of mind control when all others fail 9/11 was an example of chaos sorcery it was also a human sacrifice ritual conducted in broad daylight but there's still a lot of people who believe the official fairy tale and they do this because they are in total ignorant of the laws of nature and as I said last week I have a background in mechanical engineering I studied it in college I attended the University of Pennsylvania and I understand the physics equations that would be required to model in a very simple way what we're told happened on that day and that's what I'm going to attempt to do here today now as I said last week also this will probably be the most left-brained what on earth is happening show that you will ever hear because it's going to conduct it's going to have within it a lot of math and physics equations and that shouldn't scare people off because I'll try to convey the ideas behind these equations while I run through them through them some people may find this boring personally I think it's enlightening to understand that if you understand how dynamics in the real world work you can tell when you're being lied to you don't have to take anyone's word for it you can take the weights and measures plug in those variables into known laws of nature and solve them for yourself and that's what I'm going to show people here today I want to direct everyone up to my website what on earth is happening calm and they're on the radio show page you click the tab that says radio show you will see a few images there's ten images there the last one is the flyer for the Tesla energy independence celebrations so the first nine images are what we're going to be working with here today on the show this is a basic presentation on the physics of 911 with some visual aids put there for people and all of the equations necessary to understand that what we were told happened on that day cannot be true underneath the images there's a document that is the same thing only in PDF format if people prefer for all that all the images to be in one document you could download that it's a small file and open it up in a PDF reader on your computer and follow up along that way so the presentation for today is entitled the physics of 911 or why the World Trade Center towers could not according to the basic laws of dynamics have fallen at the speeds at which they were observed to fall unless forces other than weight and gravity were at work we're going to prove that unequivocally today now when I say forces other than weight and gravity were at work what I mean by that is that they there had to be something that went to work on the floors that were below the points of impact all right there had to be other forces at work because the upper floors fall at a speed and a time that is impossible according to the laws of motion and these are simple dynamics equations three equations are needed to understand this that's it two basic dynamics equations that describe the relationships between position velocity and acceleration under conditions of uniform acceleration that's what we're looking at this is dynamics in one dimension that's all it is and the forces at work are weight and gravity so this isn't complicated physics this is junior year high school physics and as a matter of fact I actually used a junior year high school textbook with its physics equations and plugged in the variables that's all I did and what I would also like to emphasize that I did in modeling this is that I made extreme assumptions in favor of the official story extreme assumptions that no engineer or physicists would ever make when really attempting to model this in a real in a way that's you know truly accurate so don't get me wrong and think that thinking that this is a highly accurate modeling okay of what actually took place this is an approximation that completely makes allowances in total favor of the official story and I'll explain that as I take you through the the pages okay so page 1 was simply the explanation of what we're going to be looking at today if we look at image number 2 or page 2 whether you're looking at the images or the PDF document we a graphical representation of the North Tower this is World Trade Center one building one it was the building with the radio antenna on top and I have I'm showing here that the building was comprised of a hundred and ten stories 110 floors and it was 417 meters in height from its base to the top of the top floor the dotted arrows line there shows the approximate impact height of flight 11 the flight that hit the North Tower and it strikes floor 93 approximately now first of all for those who have any background in the occult at all they'll recognize these immediately as occult significant numbers these are significant numbers in the occult we won't get into that today we will be beginning the journey of going down that rabbit hole next week the occult significance is of the 9/11 event ok so I've put a chart here on the right hand side of the image of the North Tower with a few of its weights and measures basically ok the loaded weight of World Trade Center 1 was approximately 450 million kilograms there's the music for this next break we'll be right back after these messages folks don't go anywhere we will be analyzing the physics of the 911 event and showing how we what we are told happened was impossible on that day I'm your host mark pasty oh you're listening to wall on earth is happening we'll be right back ladies and gentlemen [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening on the Oracle Broadcasting Network I'm your host mark passio I website what on earth is happening comm we're looking at the physics of 911 today proving according to the laws of nature that the official story is a fairy tale and could not have happened the way that we were told we're looking at image number two on the radio listen page of what on earth is happening calm where all of the related images for today's show can be found and we are looking at basic weights and measures basic numbers related to the World Trade Center North Tower the loaded weight of the entire building was 450 million kilograms one of the loaded floors because they're 110 stories is approximately 4 million 100,000 kilograms the height of each floor is approximately 3.8 meters now here in the next section of this table I put the height of 5 impacted floors now approximately 3 floors or so maybe 4 are damaged by the direct impact I'm assuming 5 and here's what I'm doing I am actually removing those floors to basically allow for the top portion to crash down into the bottom portion because as we're told this is a progressive collapse or a pancaking collapse even if you have buckling of steel that may have been weakened as the the official fairy tale goes okay no one would model something completely removing floors entirely as if they don't exist now not only am I going to remove these five impacted floors and let the building the top portion of the building drop on to the bottom portion of the building I am also going to keep the impacted floors intact for weight purposes so in other words what we're going to be doing is let's say the the next the next part of this table will explain this so I'll just continue the height of the five impacted floors we're going to be looking at is 19 meters that's 5 times 3.8 meters the plane is said to have hit at the 93rd floor okay so and that's the lowest estimate given of the planes impact flight 11 okay so the height of the lowest damaged floor or floor 93 is 350 four point four meters what I am doing is taking the portion of the building the number of floors at or above impact which is the last part of this table which is 18 floors and I'm actually raising them up by 19 meters or the size of five impacted floors and then allowing them to drop with no resistance whatsoever onto the floors below now this is a radical assumption in favor of the official story okay this is saying all of the weight above is falling at the acceleration due to gravity with no resistance until it impacts on the floors below the impact point okay hopefully people will will grasp that concept and understand how I'm modeling this in a sort of an unrealistic way to give more credence to the official story okay I'm making radical assumptions in favor of the official story and even with those in sumption zin place we will find that when we come to the conclusion that the official story cannot be true okay so in the next slide or page we go to or page 3 in the PDF document okay I am showing the 18 floors disconnected now however they are now raised up the height of five impacted floors and the undamaged structure beneath the 93 floors that remain in Tower one are approximately 354 0.4 out of the 417 meters okay we are now going to take the knowns and put them into dynamics equations of physics and again the book that I used was principles of physics where these basic equations of dynamics and Newton's laws of motion can be found among many other physics equations principles of physics this is a high school physics textbook fit principles of physics third edition by black BL ATT and this was published by Allen and bacon publishing al ly n and bacon V ACON okay that's the textbook used to basically solve this these equations so this first equation V squared equals v-0 squared plus 2 ad I'll explain what this means this is a dynamics equation describing relationship between position velocity and acceleration under conditions of uniform acceleration or the acceleration due to gravity okay so V is the final velocity that we are going to attempt to calculate by plugging in the knowns of the World Trade Center weights and measures V zero squared the term V zero means the initial velocity of the upper block the upper portion or the 18 floors above and we know that that is zero because they start from rest and then we are allowing gravity to take take over and let let those portions those floors smash down into the remaining floors okay - now a okay a is the acceleration due to gravity which is 9.81 m/s^2 okay and D is the displacement or the height that the block is falling and we know that we calculated that it's we're removing five floors completely which is a pretty radical assumption and no resistance over five entire floors okay assuming steel disappeared instantly the whole structure on those five floors disappears completely but we're still keeping all of the mass of the building in those 18 floors we're not actually removing them we're just letting them fall through though that distance of 19 meters or five floors okay again a radical assumption that no one would actually model it that way in real life okay because I'm making a making again ridiculous assumptions in favor of the official story to put it bluntly okay and that's what dear a Zen --ts here okay so we're attempting to solve now since we have all known Zahn the right-hand side of the equation we simply plug in the numbers and do the arithmetic okay V 0 is 0 so 0 squared is 0 okay then we have plus and then 2 times a which is 9.8 meters per second squared times D which is 19 meters the result that we get is that the final velocity when we calculate this we add those together then we take the square root we do the multiplication at it two times ear add it to 0 and then we take the square square root of that okay and we would get 19 point 3 meters per second that is the approximate velocity at which the top block is moving when it meets the bottom floors okay the next equation that we need to understand is Newton's second law of motion force is equal to the mass of an object times its acceleration so we're going to calculate the two forces at work between the upper falling portion and the portion that it falls down on to we'll do that after we come back you're listening to eat what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happy I'm looking for the physics of the 911 event today we'll continue with that and we come back after these messages come [Music] [Music] welcome back folks I park past it today we are looking into the physics of the 911 event you question the official story if so the equations I'm going to take people through will pretty much solidify that position if you think the official story is true I would say you're pretty much in cognitive dissonance because what we are told happened could not actually be the case according to laws of nature so we were looking at image number three on the radio show page of what on earth is happening calm where I have presentation slides posted with basic physics equations where at the middle of the page the law of motion Newton's second law of motion F equals MA many people may be familiar with or have heard this law stated in this way we are going to calculate forces one and two which are labeled on the tower itself there and I've drawn vector arrows to show the direction that these forces go in I'm taking down as the positive and up as the negative okay because the direction of motion is downward so Force One let's calculate it it is equal to the mass of the upper floors times the acceleration due to gravity or mg so we have 18 floors times 4 million 100,000 kilograms times the acceleration due to gravity which is 9.81 meters per second squared and we get the result of approximately 724 million Newton's 723 million 900 78,000 Newtons Newton's uh is the constant that represents kilograms times meters per second squared which is what we're working with in the equation above okay so that's the force carried by the upper portions of the building above the point of impact force number two is the resistance force offered by the floors below that carried that upper portion for the lifetime of the building and they are built with safety factors in mind not just on the edge of the the weight carried by those floors because if that were the case as soon as you started to load those floors the building would collapse so they're built with a significant safety factor in mind and I'm sure what they were act the safety factor is actually larger than what I'm calculating so we're taking the mass of the upper floors plus the safety factor mass which I've labeled there M sub s times the acceleration due to gravity when we solve for this we get a greater number but it's in the other direction because it's the resistance force and of course that makes sense it would have to be greater because it held the upper portion of those floors there of course we wouldn't see it right on the edge or equal to it so that force when you plug in the numbers and do the calculation is approximately 794 million six hundred ten thousand Newtons okay so far so good we've calculated the two basic forces that are at work when this block comes crashing down in this so-called progressive collapse and again this is more radical okay then anyone would actually again in favor of the official fairy tale and of course there'll be there'll be all kinds of people debunking everything and saying no there's it's too simplistic actually this is a closer understanding then modeling in a comp and even more complicated way to understand that it could not have happened the way we were told because even with these assumptions in place as we'll see when we calculate the time required for that mass at the top to come through all of that other mess even if you had buckling involved okay is impossible it could not no matter what you do you're not going to get it down to the 11 seconds that are observed with your own eyes but people will continue to insist that that's the case that magically that much steel can bend buckle and collapse and pancake down on top of itself when you don't even see all of that material at the bottom in the debris pile and I'll tell you why you don't and this is getting ahead of ourselves but you don't see that because it blew away as dust ladies and gentlemen that's why it blew away powderized it was completely pulverizing into dust steel concrete office furniture everything in the building blew away across southern Manhattan and across the river so keep keep enjoying your cognitive dissonance and and living in the in the cage that you live in because you don't want to take the responsibility to actually do anything about what these Psychopaths have done but going back to the the equations I just had to interject a little bit of vitriol to all of the people in cognitive dissonance out there but let's go back to the equations which don't lie but like I said people will still ignore them they'll ignore what's right in front of their own face like I said the occultists told me when i was working with them if they told the people that they're their owners they wouldn't believe them what makes what made me think that they're they're gonna believe me but believe whatever you want folks it's it's your freedom that's being destroyed so let's look at image number four okay which we're going to now use the two forces we just calculated and we're going to plug them into Newton's second law again to find the acceleration at which the top block strikes the bottom block with so the sum of the forces equals the sum of the masses times the sum of the acceleration we're solving for acceleration that's the unknown that we're looking for okay when we do this we plug in these numbers so the sum of the forces is these two calculations of f1 and f2 that we did in the previous page we add those together so in other words we're adding a negative so that's like subtracting will get a negative number at the top part of this equation and then at the bottom we have the 18 floors okay and on the one side we have the 18 floors above without their safety factor and then with the safety factor okay so this is the sum of the masses at work all right we get the number negative 0.45 6 meters per second squared that means you have a deceleration when the upper block strikes the lower block it's in the negative direction okay the initial acceleration is zero so when we're solving for the sum of the accelerations the initial acceleration is 0 the final acceleration is in the negative direction that means and this is common sense when the block the top block hits the bottom one it will slow down somewhat okay and this is the amount that it will slow down 0.45 six meters per second squared okay and again this is a an approximation I'm not claiming that these numbers will be exact but we know they're a deceleration will take place and this is actually I've seen this calculated in other places and this is actually not as radical as other people calculated I'm saying that the block is still moving at a pretty decent pace okay as it collides with that bottom portion of the building now we have several knowns now from our calculations we have the if we look at image number five slide number five we have the distance of the floors that are remaining intact below the point of impact three hundred and fifty four point four meters or ninety three floors we know the velocity at which the two portions of the building strike each other approximately and we know the acceleration at which the upper portion of floors is moving when it strikes the lower portion of floors we are now going to plug those into another dynamics equation D or displacement okay which that block upper block needs the travel is equal to the initial velocity times time plus one-half acceleration times time squared we get in this last dynamic secrete don't understand the 911 event after these messages you're listening to what on earth is happening don't go anywhere folks we'll be right back [Music] stay asleep obey what he looks at it with his eyes is what we see when he looks addicted the sunglasses we see the same things all the way through the subliminal simple of me courtesy of day are we defended [Music] hopefully everybody has their sunglasses on this is what on earth is happening we're looking at the physics of 911 today the images for today's presentation can be found on what on earth is happening calm in the read on the radio show tab hopefully I'll get to some calls in the next hour after this next segment I guess I'll give the call in numbers so we can take some calls we're on image number five and we're about halfway down the page at the green equation which is another dynamics equation displacement equals initial velocity times time plus one half acceleration times x squared okay we have all of the knowns except for time everything in this equation we have solved for and we have knowns except for time so we are going to now solve for time this is the key factor to understand that the official version is impossible they're telling us that due to any kind of collapse okay which implies structural deformation structural collisions happening that we could have had a collapse in the amount of time the buildings are observed to fall in and when you solve this equation you understand that's impossible all supporting structural mass had to be removed by some unknown forces at work in order for the building to come down in the time observed that's it and you know to get into the whole the debating and infighting that goes on on how this was done or that was done I honestly don't care the proof is the proof lies in solving for the time aspect and I don't care what you do you will not get it down to even close to 11 seconds I don't care what you do okay and this is a insanely conservative estimate of how long it would take according to this model that I've set up that doesn't even approximate reality in real life okay so let's just explain what I've done here the displacement is three hundred and fifty four three hundred and fifty three point four meters the height of ninety three floors V zero is the velocity that the top portion of floor strikes the bottom portion with we calculated that a couple of slides back nineteen point three meters per second times time plus 1/2 or 0.5 times the acceleration which we calculated which we see was a deceleration or an acceleration in the negative direction okay point four five six meters per second squared times x squared now all I've done is I've kept on the Left I've kept three 350 three point four equals nineteen point three T okay and then on the right I solved the one half eighty portion and kept T squared in so it's minus zero point two two eight T squared now in the next line all I'm doing is putting these in a different order okay so I'm taking the T squared variable and I'm putting it first okay so it's negative zero point two two eight T squared plus nineteen point three T okay so I'm taking what was on the right hand side I'm rearranging the terms to put it in terms of T squared and T okay and then on the I'm bringing three hundred fifty three point four to the same side of the equation you bring it over as a negative setting that equal to zero just to show that this is indeed a simple quadratic equation it's a simple second-order polynomial this is no more advanced than high school algebra okay okay so we are we get result is a quadratic equation in the form of ax squared plus BX plus C equals 0 and in doing that we know that the formula to solve the variable in a second-degree polynomial or a quadratic equation is this formula that I present below which is x equals minus B plus or minus the square root of b squared minus 4ac all of that over 2a and that is we're not referring to acceleration with a here we're referring to the the the coefficient in ax squared okay and that's what these a and B represent here okay so a is the coefficient before T squared B is the coefficient before T and C is the final term 3 54.4 when you plug in all of these numbers into this equation I did not put that on here to belay belabor things because let's be honest this is boring enough without going through all the arithmetic involved to do the calculations you can plug in the numbers yourself and I think I did a fairly decent job having dusted off these skills not even looking at any of this stuff like you know for the past almost 20 years okay 18 years whatever it is and you know the other thing is if people think this is what I want to be doing with my personal time you have to be madly out of your mind madly ridiculously insane if you think this is what I like to do or want to do this I'm doing this to try to present people with somewhat sensible evidence and proof that what we're told about this event is a complete fabrication but again believe whatever you want and the result that I get I got here is the time in seconds required for that block to fall through its greatest path of resistance even making these crazy assumptions would be 20 6.79 seconds almost 27 seconds so we witness it happening at almost 1/3 of that speed impossible impossible okay let's go to image six and this does the same thing with the South Tower I'll take it through even faster okay so the South Tower was four hundred and fifteen floors 415 meters I'm sorry 110 floors we see here the approximate impact height of flight 175 which as we'll see next week is also in a cult number and it strikes floor 77 also a significant occult number okay you think these are coincidences I would say you're crazy if you think that all of these numbers are coincidences well if you have any study or understanding of the occult at all you understand every one of these numbers is an extraordinarily significant occult numerological number but let's get back to the physics World Trade Center two loaded wait and you know I praten be using the word wait technically here its mass but you know it's it's close enough you understand what's meant here you know it's the kilograms is actually a measure of mass so it's 415 the slides for posterity but we understand what we're talking about here the loaded weight of the tower is approximately 450 million kilograms the mass of the Tower I should have said okay the loaded mass of each floor is approximately 4.1 million kilograms okay the floor height 3.8 meters approximately again 3.75 something I rounded it off to 3.8 I did that even to just make it have more impact when it comes down you know to just round it off to that the height of five impacted floors again we'll be doing the same thing as also 19 meters the height of the lowest damaged floor was floor 77 290 2.6 meters and the number of floors above impact 34 floors okay those are the basic measures that are needed to understand the dynamics so let's move on to slide number seven where we do the same thing our same dynamics equation V squared equals v-0 squared plus two ad okay so we're solving for 4v okay the initial velocity is zero acceleration is due to gravity 9.81 m/s^2 the displacement is nineteen meters or the height of five floors we get nineteen point three meters per second the same as the North Tower result force equals mass times acceleration Newton's second law of motion we were calculating force one and two the vectors are shown applied to the building on the left there when we calculate these forces we get results of one point three one billion three hundred sixty seven million Newtons and 1 billion five hundred million Newton's we'll pick this up on the other side the brake folks stay with us [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] equation of new at law of motion F equals MA or in other words mass times the acceleration due to gravity we have thirty four floors times 4.1 million kilograms of mass per floor times 9.81 m/s^2 the acceleration due to gravity we get approximately 1.3 billion Newton's the second force which is in the resistance force in the upward direction or the negative direction again the floors are built with safety factors in mind to account for the mass of the floors above being loaded with people equipment etc I've calculated that actually pretty low so you get thirty four floors times four point five million kilograms times 9.81 meters per second and you get an approximation of 1.5 billion newtons in the upward direction or negative on page eight plugging these numbers into newton's second law again to solve for acceleration the sum of the accelerations equals the sum of the forces divided by the sum of the masses so we plug in the numbers of the forces and then we plug in the masses we get an acceleration that is the same deceleration rate as we do for the North Tower negative zero point four five six meters per second squared the initial acceleration is zero so the final acceleration when the blocks collide would be zero point four five six meters per second squared in the negative direction or in other words a deceleration on the final slide or image number nine I'm taking the knowns that we have solved for which is the displacement over the seventy seven floors the initial velocity that the two that the top block comes down on to the lower portions of and the acceleration at which that top portion of floors meets the bottom portion of floors we are those our knowns now and we are plugging those into the dynamics equation displacement equals v-0 which is initial velocity times time plus 1/2 or 0.5 acceleration times x squared point 580 squared so the displacement is 292 point six meters or 77 floors equals the initial acceleration at which the blocks collide the top portion collides with the bottom which is nineteen point three meters per second times time plus 0.5 times the acceleration which we saw was a deceleration minus zero point four five six meters per second squared times x squared I rearranged the terms to get a quadratic equation in the form of ax squared plus BX plus C zero and I'll give you the result of that on the other side of this break also people call in thumpers when we come back don't go anywhere you're listening to what on earth is happening [Music] [Music] I was born a shotgun in my hands behind the girl I'll make my fine day [Music] ladies and gentlemen we're back on what on earth is happening we're looking at the physics of the 911 event today on the show and we'll open up the phone to calls hopefully this segment the call win number eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again the calling number is eight six six eight four one one zero six five I'll be wrapping up the physics hopefully in this segment and then we'll get to the phones we are looking at image number nine or page nine of the PDF document on the radio show page four what on earth is happening calm and we were solving for the amount of time that would be required if these top portions of floors were have to if the building were to have let's say buckled and then these floors crashed into the floors below and we're doing this in a very very a way that allows that grants huge allowances in favor of the official story and the this method of calculating this don't get me wrong would not be anyway that an actual engineer or physicist would would do this because they would never make these radical assumptions in favor of the official story they would actually try as much as possible to calculate these forces and vectors as close to as accurate accurately to reality as they possibly could and that would involve plugging in a lot of numbers into computers and then modeling everything and even if you did that you would still not get down to ten or eleven seconds in which we see this building collapse because all it ultimately comes down to is the mass of those lower floors were removed period that's that this is the inescapable conclusion that you ultimately arrive at if you have half a brain capable of coming to conclusions based on laws of nature even if you have half a brain okay if you have if you have even a remainder or a remnant of an ability to trust your own senses and use apply even the smallest modicum of common sense you realize that that those upper portion of Flores fell with basically the speed due to gravity the acceleration due to gravity they fell with the acceleration due to gravity meaning there was no resistant force opposing them and that you you need to come to an inescapable conclusion about that and this is where I me am I I'm throwing out the whole idea of even controlled demolitions there's something even beyond that at work what removes completely all resistant forces and doesn't leave that much debris there over 93 and 77 floors well we'll look into that will speculate about that after I finished these equations but let's get back to the physics we were solving the dynamics equation D equals v-0 plus one half a T squared which is in green on the last page page number nine when we plug in the numbers we get a quadratic equation which is point negative point two to eight T squared plus nineteen point three t minus two hundred ninety two point six equals zero this is a simple quadratic equation or a second-order polynomial in the form of ax squared plus BX plus C equals zero solving for the variable we get and we use the formula presented in the white box there which is the formula to solve a quadratic equation we get T equals nineteen point seven eight seconds and that's an extremely conservative estimate no way it could have even happened that fast in reality okay and it's still twice approximately the amount of time in the first example we saw it was three times the amount of time that we witnessed with our own eyes and on videotape okay and in this example it's almost twice the amount of time witnessed 20 seconds approximately impossible unless you are completely pulverizing to dust all of the resistant forces in those lower floors now what can do that what could possibly do that and see I speculated a little bit last week when I had Daryl on Daryl Roland's last week was my guest that may be some weaponry that we don't yet know about may have been employed from above but the more and more I look at it I think that's not the case either the the inescapable conclusion that you come to is that this other force was applied from below and inescapably when you start to look at that possibility and you see the evidence of molten steel in the basements of the towers that burned for weeks afterward there was some kind of weapon we as yet still do not know about that was deployed on this day and I'll tell you my reasons for thinking that and what it really meant but this isn't a typical controlled demolition the mass isn't accounted for not even thermi you would still have so much material so much substance alone that substance was disintegrated it was disintegrated it was taken apart and it was when the mass of the top portion of floors fell into all of that this integrated material it simply blew away across southern Manhattan and across the the the river over toward New Jersey that's what happened with all of that mass that's what happened that's why it's not in the basements of the towers it was breathed in by tons of people and blanket in the entire island of Manhattan the lower portion of it and the only thing I could think of that could possibly do that is some sort of a scalar weapon or a seismic weapon of some kind there are speculations that it may have been some kind of nuclear charge that we don't really understand or know about that created this this pulse of energy that traveled upward from the the base of the buildings up to these floors where that where the planes impacted and basically disintegrated all of the lower portions and then the top portion had nothing resisting it so I think people should definitely look into that as a possibility that some kind of alternative weaponry that we as yet still do not understand about and look into the possibilities that something like that was involved because nothing else that I understand or know about could possibly cause the pulverization of that much matter so is this Tesla technology at work that's been perverted it's quite possibly I mean that's why I think people should look into the work of people like Judy Wood who speculates about this and just looks at the actual empirical data that is observable with our own eyes about what we see occurred on that day and you have to keep an open mind to be willing to do that because there's something that we still have not looked into about the events of that day the forces that were at work as a whole as a people and we need to look into it we'll be right back then hopefully we'll take some calls after these messages [Music] we're back folks this is what on earth is happening on the Oracle Broadcasting Network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening comm we're talking about a pretty hot push-button topic 911 what really happened on that day I took people through a whole bunch of physics equations on this show you could find those equations on my site at what on earth is happening calm they'll be posted along with the podcast and I want to let people know that a podcast for the podcast for last week had a whole lot of 911 information attached to with this was podcast number 65 and that's all they're on the podcast page of the website and it's just so much material to go through in dredging up all of this stuff again for me it's actually like a pretty painful process because you you start to look back on these events realize where your mindset was back then because I'll tell you the truth and I'm not even proud to admit it I accepted the official fairies fairy tale version on day one it took me a few months to understand this as something other than what it was claimed to be even with what I knew about the occult which makes me look back in hindsight and say how could I not have seen it from day one ok so you know even with a lot of knowledge people when they get into a fear-induced state don't think clearly forget about what they know or even witness with their own eyes and are willing to accept an explanation that makes no sense so let's take some calls in this segment we don't have anybody on the line right now I'll give the calling number again eight six six eight four one one zero six five if anyone wants to chime in the phones are open I'll go right to your calls once again the calling number eight six six eight four one one zero six five I want to get back into some speculation about the causal factors involved okay controlled demolition is all often brought up and it is quite possible there many demolition charges set in the building to weaken the structure and make it come down even faster on the podcast for last week I posted a couple of things one was possible evidence of some sort of alternative weaponry being involved like Judy wood proposes exotic weaponry possible particle beam weaponry okay that actually disintegrated the underlying structure possible absolutely seismic weaponry scalar weaponry is this Tesla technology that's at work a perverted form of Tesla's technology is this a standing wave that set up under the building possible even through the earth who knows I don't have the answer of how exactly it was done is that how as important as the why though see the hell is what's creating all the infighting over 9/11 truth oh it was controlled demolition know it was particle beam weapon no it was thermi we have to get out of this whole dualistic mindset of fighting about the details and understand this was done it was a covert SIOP operation a psychological warfare op it was conducted by ocultist s-- and you can call those secret societies you can call those intelligent agencies I don't care what you call it this was an occult ritual and I'm gone I'm going to prove that and yes it can be proven that this was an occult ritual can be proven according to the laws of physics that this did not happen according to the official story there is proof in these equations the laws of nature work 100% of the time they don't waver that's why they're called laws they're not suggestions okay they're laws if you're in a 1g environment in the three dimensional space-time realm with the gravity of the earth the laws of nature work and physics and dynamics work the same way reliably 100% of the time never altering or failing that's why they are laws so the people still in cognitive dissonance over this thinking that it could have happened the way the official story went you're living in a dream world in a dream reality can I explain every aspect of it of course I can but understanding the amount that I understand about physics I can prove it to myself that it didn't happen the way they claimed that it happened and certainly understanding what I understand about the occult I can definitely prove that this was an occult ritual and I'm gonna begin that process next week so you won't want to miss the shows coming up here on what on earth is happening as we go into the deep dark occult aspects of the 911 event let's go to the phones caller are you there you're on what on earth is happening welcome hi mom thank you for taking my call sure no problem that Mike from New York hey Mike how are you oh thank you thank you for the amazing uh job he did on creating the pds that goes into a lot of math that you know not a lot of people go into I was calling on behalf of beer yes I'm just saying that 911 itself and trying to explain to people that you know they said well what's the reason why they why would they do such a thing I said well there's a there's a million reasons why they would just one of them they just don't want you to believe any of them they just want the official story put out but another thing you could bring up is that you know even the plane you know supposed to plane hitting the Pentagon you know how come in every single you know display of evidence that they don't even have it you know scratch marks from the engines before the you know plane hit the wall of the Pentagon everything is just a circle and a hole with all the videos that captured that event why don't we have we have four frames what is it four or five frames that they claim was the video of the plane hitting why don't we have videos from all other angles surely it would have been captured a multitude of times had that been a plane that struck the Pentagon living in the nanny state you think that they would have such video all the time they have video of robberies in every single state of everything you know different stores but they can't get you know NASA you know the planes hitting different things and what happened on you know certain things even with guidance systems you know you know the official plaintiff what story of what happened to the plane that was brought down over in Pennsylvania it was never fully explained and look at the flight numbers that we're talking about once again the same numbers keep coming up and people think that this is accidental flight 11 hits floor 93 flight 175 hits floor 77 flight 98 crashes in Pennsylvania and flight 77 allegedly hits the Pentagon I mean these these are the same numbers coming up again and again because the occultists love their numerology they love it and these numbers are significant they have meanings attached to them and we'll go into that next week yeah you definitely raise a lot of good points where is all the evidence of of the the flight that's allegedly crashed in Shanksville Pennsylvania flight 93 where is all the evidence of the flight that hit the the Pentagon supposedly you know we don't even see that kind of debris the only you know we know that they're just not trying to explain it the black boxes are gone the only way I could ago or taken taken by suppose an FBI or CIA that day because they they can be retrieved they can withstand any impact that was given to them on that day besides the possible basement you know cold nuke explosion on the the the amount of accuracy also as well you're saying how they hit a certain floor for for these wood trained pilot that were trained here in the United States the accuracy of that was amazing even they said the flight patterns and the angle you know we're also so matricula phenomenal control almost to be the day it was done either through you know remote pilot remote controlling the plane and felt as a test for what we have today as the small drones flying around with really morphic the great points might we'll pick this up on the other side stay with us [Music] we're back on what on earth is happening on your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com we've been talking about the physics of the 9/11 event some of the possible how's the how of what they did to pull this off we've been talking about some of the possible lies why would they have gone through so much trouble to conduct such an operation in broad daylight of the the general population and the main thing is to put people in fear that's first and foremost because people in fear are easily controlled and that's the name of the game and then you could use this as justifications for further encroachments into people's personal freedoms and if people are to psychologically immature to be able to handle that they're gonna believe whatever they want and no amount of evidence is ever going to change their mind and the other part of it is once they really did empirically understand factually grasped the concept that this was created by people not the people we are told that made this happen but elements demented sick elements within the governmental structure and the intelligence agencies that we have built up all around us that implies responsibility something that very few human beings really want sad to say see I'm not an apologist for people most people don't want any personal responsibility they want to run a thousand miles an hour in the opposite direction from it and if some and if it comes down to you're responsible for actually doing something about this now that you know most people will say I don't want to know before the break we were talking with Mike from New York let's go back to him see if he has anything else Mike are you still with us I'm on hey I I was just also stating I was trying to get to another point of the precision was the technological side but also this might lead up into maybe in the occult side as well the they also precision accuracy that you would have to be in order maybe if maybe if some of those planes or some of the participants in 9/11 you know plan itself would have would have been in sort of a mind-controlled state I believe a case example would have would be Diana where the the limo hit I believe the thirteenth pillar going over sixty miles an hour you know driving that fast and you know being a you know trying to consciously count the 13th pillar and hit it would be really difficult but in a different sort of frame of mine or under a phone line control that's you're working with these unconscious subconscious level where you know that's almost like walking you know in terms of the speed it can really gather and you know see information you're accessing the deep computer components of the human brain which can determine things to that high level of an accuracy in ways that we would perceive as almost superhuman in an ordinary state of consciousness but absolutely under trauma-based mind control things like that are certainly possible because when the mind fractures from enough torture you can actually access components or what they call alters of the brain that do have these capabilities how much how much of our brain do we really use what is it what capabilities are any other portions that lie dormant in our everyday waking State so absolutely that's a great point to bring up and you know the other part is does it have to be absolutely deliberate and planned or orchestrated can this be an example of what is known as synchro mysticism which I bring up a lot of times as well in which the universe is actually telling us things through the organization of information and data in order to assist the process in awakening and I believe that the the concept of synchro mysticism is valid and real and I think more people should look into this and try to develop an understanding of what synchro mysticism is and it's deep rabbit hole to go down it can hurt your brain sometimes literally trying to see all of these correspondences if you look at yeah if you look at even if you go back and you search for old radio shows website things things of that nature right before 9/11 and right after 9/11 even you know different people turns McKenna you know just one example of people that think there was a psychic wave that was shocked that you know it could have went either way right now 9/11 could have you know some people could have said 9/11 could have been a possible you know maybe a you might see that from like Richard Hoagland or something like that but it it could have went either way and somehow it was hijacked and in a sense that you know 9/11 itself represents a shift or a time or a point in in in essence and that it's not just one thing it's you can't believe George Bush if you want to do it was just thrown out there as a puppet forefront you know if you want to if you want to you know learn about some of the just the basic people you know you can look at Dick Cheney as a as a he has a vile example of a human being that really you know did a lot of horrible things to illustrate some of the things that have happened well that we're running into in this their dimensional reality my great points man and I'll tell you we have to really look at the esoteric sides of this issue to understand what really went down and we'll start doing that next week and might brought up some good points this was like a shockwave in the human consciousness that happened around that time and you pick up the ripples of it on both sides of that timeline on both sides of that moment particularly before I would say where there was all kinds of synchro mystic elements that were trying to point us to the direction of this is coming this is coming this event is coming and those ripples are interacting with us they're they're winking to us and you know I like the whole idea of it being possibly a positive okay yes a lot of death and destruction happened those are horrible things and people should be held accountable for those okay but in in a wider sense I like a phrase that Michael - sorry on often uses did 9/11 shake you up or did it wake you up did you go down the rabbit hole as a result of this event and what your consciousness transformed I know mine was I know this opened my eyes up to a whole lot of things that they had been closed to before and they had been open to a lot of things even before that but this radically accelerated my personal awakening for sure so even in the dark cloud there is that silver lining okay what are we gonna do about it that's the main question are we gonna just let this stand or we're gonna just let it go or we're going to press for truth as they say are we gonna actually get this exposed by raising our voice and not being silent about it until those who are truly responsible are brought to justice so here we go caller you're on what on earth is happening welcome oh yes yes come on you're on live yes oh oh you don't want to change the subject but I'm kind of curious about something I hear about element terrible day I was shocked I was able to throw up a head cold and I know what was going on and I turned on the TV but I ain't earned the right look and then I couldn't find my glasses yeah usually I'm not where we go so I see smoke on the screen but Paris wait she was going on that's okay that volcano in the Philippines acting up again and then I turn on the computer with my internet radio so and I heard this talk show say well we got attacked on a woman so what are you talking about I don't stick my toque and turn the TV oh and there was the Trade Towers and doing smoke nothing a long story short years later they were so close ah ha ha I'm going to the Boston Logan Airport right yeah check here yes right now I'm very curious about something so what allow the clip author in his bullet going through the security checking well that's just a finger somebody as the Patsy that's all whether he was on that plane or not you know he wasn't the mastermind behind the entire thing they need to present somebody to the public to complete the SIOP that's why they're just showing him there you know and that's supposed to proof that he was the mastermind who orchestrated the the so-called hijackings all right nothing hit you with something okay do you really sure oh yeah checking boot allowance right for the airline I like going to the American airline I want you to get past security you go to the checking around and sit for a while okay right how come sometimes your family members you know go to the lounge with you while you wait for the flight in here by the kiss he does a back on other and takes pictures and photographs and you're thinking of you going through the departure gate what even now I just hit you what I hit you with I'm not really sure the point how come the family members opposed to get on the flight that watch awesome and go to the gate I can't even have a photograph or a videotape of here matters around and I found a lot of security cameras wouldn't you know on and Jill nerim how to sitting down yeah nobody has never addressed this issue that even AJ that with the megaphone intentional it is it possible that they were just there on their own you know but but this this this uh brings to the point that these were actually the people who are really involved in not just fingered Patsy's which is really all they really were on that day because the real perpetrator of the event needs someone to blame it on so that they can justify the actions they're then going to take in the future we'll be right back folks don't go anywhere [Music] welcome back pointless goodbye a second of this additional Palmer is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com I want to address a couple of things on this last segment by the way if anybody still wants to call in the number is eight six six eight four one one zero six five again we have about ten minutes left on the show tonight I want to talk about building seven very briefly I didn't prepare any physics equations regarding that building but of course as we know this was the third building to quote collapse or essentially fall into its own footprint and it did fall into its own footprint on 9/11 at about 5:20 in the afternoon 2001 building seven is a key to this entire truth movement it's a key to the ritual to the occult ritual that took place and I'm going to be getting into that next week and in coming weeks we need to understand that first and foremost no planes hit that building people say it was damaged by debris falling from the other towers and fires but that one have caused the type of simultaneous and symmetrical structural failure that we witness with building seven and it could certainly not have caused a freefall speed collapse which for all intents and purposes ikp pelant to say it was freefall 100% of the time ladies and gentlemen 6.5 seconds 47 stores do the math its freefall speed you want to say it was exact freefall for a few seconds or a couple of seconds during that fall whatever 47 stories high 6.5 seconds that's a freefall collapse that's a freefall fall the word collapsed being used in conjunction with that building is an oxymoron because it certainly was not a collapse so I mean for anybody to buy that structural grade steel can collapse in that way I don't I just you're not even an adult human being that's the only thing I could say to you you are a child period you are in cognitive dissonance you want to be your own particular arbiter of truth as opposed to looking at the laws of nature and understanding how they work because the alternative is too fearful to you for you to embrace the real you would rather live in fantasy world rather than embrace the real and those are strong harsh words and to be honest with you they're not as strong or as harsh as somebody who if they were standing in front of my face and were telling me that building seven was a structural collapse what I would say to them in person and that this brings me to the to a couple of points one we need to stop being silent about this as a people as a whole because a whole lot more people than are speaking on this topic know that the official story is ridiculous a whole lot more than are opening up to their mouths because they're still in fear about opening up their mouths we need to shed the fear of opening your mouth and getting up in the face of people who are in denial about this the universe is spoken into existence history always goes the way of those with the strongest voice you could say in a million ways but that's the truth the voice is the creative principle in conjunction with our care what we are teaching people what we are talking about what we put our attention on is what manifests the universe is spoken into existence we need to get out there and not let this topic drop speak it more definitively more forcefully if we are not going to see the truth destroyed and in reality the truth can never actually be destroyed the truth is what is you're not going to really destroy that but it can be covered up it can be glossed over it can be essentially rewritten in perception in the minds of people and we cannot afford to let that happen the other topic I want to address is briefly unless we have any other calls waiting that people who think that this is what I want to do I don't understand what else to tell them I here this is your interest you're interested in that all the time I'm not interested in this folks this is a personal responsibility that I'm responding to that's it because I don't want to see this generation and future generations grow up in an occultic prison state this isn't what I want to do with my time sitting there for hours on end making presentations with boring physical physics equation in them when I could be having enlightening conversations with friends or going out or hanging out with my girlfriend or any anything else that I happen to want to be involved with making art making music whatever that's what I want to be doing with my time I don't want to be doing this but until more people actually take up the reins and take this up as a personal responsibility and start showing people whether they want to hear it or not speak it doesn't matter whether anybody's listening speak it anyway that's my advice when it comes to 9/11 truth a seed will be planted you can't unhear something dawn in Oregon you're live on what on earth is happening welcome and what do you have for us thank you Mark you know I'm just I just thank my lucky stars that you came to the other side I guess you'd say and I just think you're awesome I really learned so much when I listen to your podcast and I'll never stop talking about 9-1-1 or anything else that governments up to that's right I have to you know I pray you get rid of me so it for me to shut me out that's right I'm yeah no and yeah it's the elites have tried so long to dumbest down and they're doing everything and they hate us because we're dumb if they it's the true definition of a psychopath honestly I mean they here to speak because we're stupid and dumb down but that's all they do to us is mistreat us and oh it just makes me so angry anyway yeah I thank you for spending your time you know because honestly you could be doing so many so many other things but with your depth of knowledge you're so awesome it's anyway well done thanks so much I appreciate that and it's all about all of us collectively raising our voice collectively coming to the defense of the truth getting the word out there and when we do that nothing can stop us that's what it's going to take but in order for us to develop that voice in order for us to develop that generative principle that actually creates the change that we want to see we have to develop courage see if we don't have the courage we won't come forward and speak our truth the part the part of the big puzzle picture that we can bring to the table because the the actual reality that we're living in is like a big huge puzzle picture that's been scattered into the darkness and each of us may have a little bit of a piece and we need to bring that piece out into the light set it on the table put the pieces together and then the the big picture will come into view for enough people you don't even have to have every single piece we can't get lost in the details folks we can't not see the forest for the trees too many people fall into this trap when it comes to 911 we need to understand the generalities before we want to get into involve and argue about the specifics okay I'm not saying specifics aren't important they can but to let that be a source of infighting and division is not the way to go when it comes to this we need to stand united about this and stay focused on the generalities that we know went down the way that we know didn't go down the way that the official story said see this is an apple Phatak methodology of getting at the truth to go and say this is what did not happen see that's what I just basically went about in this presentation here today with the physics equations I said these are the laws of motion these are how they work when you plug in all the weights and measures you understand it could not have happened according to the official story we arrived at the truth apathetically in the negative people need to embrace this negative methodology of discovering truth rule out all other possibilities and what what remains must be the truth I hope people have learned something here today I hope you'll continue to speak the truth in your life I hope you continue to tune into this show that's all we have time for here in light folks I'm your host mark passio hope you've enjoyed this edition of what on earth is happening a seat here next Sunday 5 p.m. Eastern when we'll get into the occult aspects of the 911 ritual you won't want to miss that for now goodnight [Music]