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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Laughter] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you are listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website is what on earth is happening calm the networks website of course Oracle broadcasting calm today is Sunday July 24th 2011 the show is live here on Oracle every Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. Eastern Time that's 4 to 6 p.m. Central we have a good show lined up for you here tonight we are going to be discussing the end goals of the occult esoteric agenda what ultimately do the dominators of this world want to create what is their dark new world order what will it look like for Humanity if it is completed we're going to be delving deeply into the dark here tonight as sort of a finale in delving into the darkness because this show is going to be shifting toward solutions oriented approaches in the coming weeks so today we are going to focus on what the end goal is all about the why behind the New World Order as it is known before we do that though I want to make one quick event announcement before we go to the break here in the first short segment the great activist group here in Philadelphia truth freedom prosperity is hosting their monthly documentary screening and discussion night this coming Wednesday July 27th at 7:15 p.m. they're going to be screening the documentary called the American Dream about the Federal Reserve System this documentary is going to be shown at media Bureau Studios media Bureau is at 7:25 North 4:00 Street that is the corner of 4th and Brown streets in the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia there will be a documentary screening and then following that there will be a discussion about the film and anybody that is interested in this great activist group or attending the documentary screenings that they host that media bureau every month please see their full schedule and all of their activities on meetup.com you can get there get to their meetup group by going to the web page ww truth freedom prosperity Iorg that's truth freedom prosperity org a great activist group here in the Philadelphia area I'm honored to be involved with them and take part in some of the the implementation of the great events that they hold multiple times yearly here in the city of Philadelphia so we're coming up to the first break on the other side of the break we will be getting into what is the end game right here on what on earth is happening don't go anywhere folks [Music] we are back ladies and gentlemen this is what on earth is happening and I'm your host mark passio today on the show we're going to be discussing the dark occult esoteric agenda what is the endgame of the dark Oh cultists who are currently in control what do they want to accomplish why are they doing what they are doing this is sort of a roundup this is sort of a an ending synthesis if you will of all of the things that we have been discussing since we moved our discussion into the darkness into the methodologies of control we've been talking about the methods of mind control for over a year on this show and we're at the point where now we need to just basically get out there to people what is the end game what is the reason the why behind all of these controls that are put in place what do these controllers expect to see what do they want to create what is the world that they are attempting to bring to fruition look like what would it look like for us that's what we're gonna be talking about here on the show today before we do that let me give the call-in numbers because I will be taking calls in a little while anyone feel free to call in there are never any taboo topics here on what on earth is happening the calling number for the show eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again the call in number eight six six eight four one one zero six five like to direct everyone up to my website at what on earth is happening calm there you will see some slides listed on the radio show page you'll see them listed under images for today's show these are accompanying images that go along with the talk for today probably not quite as necessary as some past shows where we've delved into symbolism and numerology etc but nonetheless they provide a good visual feedback for the topics and ideas that will be being discussed here today so let's jump right in what we're talking about if you take a look at image number one is what I've simply labeled the agenda and what this agenda is is the endgame of the dark occultists the hidden controllers again the word of cult simply meaning hidden and the controllers who are currently basically at the top of the food chain when it comes to being able to control resources being able to control people being able to make things happen in our reality largely because they have conditioned so many people's minds into the acceptance of certain basic fundamental axioms fundamental underlying ways of seeing the world taking it as read that something is just simply true and that's just how it is that's what an axiom basically is and if they can convince enough people to function along those basic lines of thought that in 99% of cases absolutely are not even remotely close to being true they can control their behavior that's what mind control is all about getting people to think a certain way so that they act a certain way it's that simple and if you know enough about how the human psyche works how its constructed what the components of it are what its motivations are people's basic underlying drives if you know enough about how all of those things function and simultaneously you have it within yourself that desire to control which is basically rooted in ego and rooted in materialism consciousness or I should say lack of consciousness okay basically ego identification and $0.05 material world identification if that's the level of consciousness that exists within a person that holds that much knowledge it's a piece of cake for them to control the many regardless of how few they may be so this first image really gives a great visual to what the dark New World Order is all about because it's a image of hell and I look at it and I can't help but think this looks about like the last couple of days here in Philadelphia because man was it roasting hot we got up over I believe 101 the last couple of days or 102 something like that and it's been pretty brutal here in in Philadelphia the last couple of days during this heat wave today it cooled down to 96 degrees and it felt like a cool day outside in comparison to the last few days but that's what this image sort of brings to mind but it's a it's a vision of hell because that's ultimately what they're really trying to create as we'll talk about so if we move on to the next image I have a couple of quotes in here that I think do a good job of summing up what the New World Order is all about and what their basic modus operandi is Douglas MacArthur is quoted as having said our government has kept us in a perpetual state of fear kept us in a continuous stampede of patriotic fervor with the cry of grave national emergency always there has been some terrible evil at home or some monstrous foreign power that was going to gobble us up if we did not blindly rally behind it this is the basic way that the agenda always gets people to obey its bidding through fear do the cry of there will be chaos if it isn't this way and you know what folks maybe to a certain extent that is true maybe there would be a certain amount of chaos have you ever really sat back and thought about it if this horrific out-of-control corrupt government suddenly vanished or went away what would the world be like in the short term at least do you think there would be chaos do you think that might be a good thing see we're so conditioned to fear this concept of chaos we don't really understand what real chaos is I've said many times before on the show I don't fear chaos I look at myself almost as an agent of chaos because I would rather there be learning that comes about than failure rather than perpetual ignorant food control think about me if it's some serious consideration and we'll continue this on the other side of this break you are listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm we'll be right back don't go anywhere folks [Music] behind the girl I'll make my all day [Music] we're back folks this is what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com we're talking about the dark occult esoteric agenda what is the occultists endgame what does their dark new world order look like and what will it entail for the people of Earth if it comes to fruition it's looking at a quote by Douglas MacArthur - talked about governments just basically want to keep people in fear that's the way they control you that's the way they own your mind you have to be in fear in order to help perpetuate this agenda and I want to hammer that concept home and I hope to give people a lot of food for thought in this show regarding just how much any given individual that may be listening to this broadcast is indeed helping the dark ou cultists agenda perhaps unknowingly just by the fact of them fearing certain things if you want to really make an impact to reverse this agenda and to bring true human freedom to this planet you have to get out of fear ladies and gentlemen you can't fear anything you can't fear one death that's the top thing that you have to get over your fear of you have to know definitively that there is no such thing and no one can install that knowledge in you you have to arrive at it by delving into reality enough and going within enough you can't fear what will happen to you as far as your situation in life is concerned oh how will I end up where will I be living what will the quality of my life be like if I do this or that were that all of these fears have to be shed get out of the concept known as the hassle-free zone that I just want to be left alone and I don't want to make any waves so there's no hassle for me in my life so nobody in an authority position will come along and tell me you can't do that so many people live in perpetual fear of these things and in doing so a lot of them are keeping their mouths closed how about fear of what other people might think of us even within our own family what about our spouses what they may think how might my relationship turn if I start talking about this kind of these kind of issues that are going on in the world fear drives so much of our actions or our non actions and it's what's keeping the world in the state of slavery that it is in and if you don't think that we exist as like basically animals on a farm and that this world is a gigantic prison you're deluding yourself because we are not physically free some people may be mentally free and there's there are few and far between of those let me tell you but nobody here is physically free okay you know you you look at the concept of a prison in jail guards you know the jail guards aren't physically free they're in the same cage they're in the cage with the other prisoners the people who think that they're going to continue to control people you know they're bound in the same basic prison system they're in the same state of mind control of mental control in a mental cage as the other people they're attempting to control which is why in order for you to have the attitude that you're going to control somebody else or that even control is good in any way as opposed to truly properly educating someone no matter how hard that may be to do as long as you're of the opinion that control is better than true education I would suggest that is a mental prison in and of itself and ultimately you're putting the shackles on yourself and I would suggest anybody that thinks that there's any such thing as government and the all government isn't mind control is in that state of mind and that's mind control because if you think you're gonna solve problems through control you're delusional we looked at what fear leading to control creates leading to the desire to control creates it creates chaos which is what we have we have a world filled with chaos now there's this other quality of chaos that I referred to in the last segment which is the idea that once your belief systems once your systems of thought have calcified to a certain extent and you've held on to them even though for so long even though they don't serve cool what we really are when you finally begin to let go of them if enough people have held on to these erroneous belief systems for long enough there may be a transitional period that is quite chaotic where people have to re earn natural law or people have to relearn what reality really is and how it really operates and what the generative principle of our reality really is what drives the things that that we are actually creating ourselves the causal factors that we talked so much about in the early stages of this show that create what we are experiencing we're always working with those causal factors we're always engaging them we are always creating the reality that we experience whether we know it or not whether we understand how those laws function or not yes maybe there might be a transitional chaotic period when certain systems crumble before new ways of being in the world arise and I say that's a good thing there is such a thing as a good form of chaos and it should not be feared and I say this because I think we're really getting ready to enter a period like that I don't say it's coming next week or next month I'm just saying it's coming don't react to it with fear it should be embraced because it's a sign of something better coming on the over-the-horizon the worst thing that could happen is things stay the way that they are and continue to go along that route which is toward more centralization of control and a way that they do it we talked about it over the last several weeks chaos mystery also known as problem reaction solution or the Hegelian dialectic hermann goering the Nazi Luftwaffe he said naturally the common people don't want war neither in Russia nor England nor for that matter in Germany that's understood but after all it's the leaders of the country who determined the policy and it is all he's a simple matter to drag people along whether it's a democracy a fascist dictatorship a parliament or a communist dictatorship we'll pick this quote up on the other side of the break folks you're listening to what on earth is happening we're delving into how the controllers keep people in the state of fear that enables them to enact their agenda we'll pick this up on the other side don't go anywhere this is what on earth is happening [Music] okay folks were back this is what on earth is happening and before the break I was reading a quote by the captain of the Luftwaffe Hermann Goering during the Nazi Third Reich he said to paraphrase doesn't matter whether the common people want war or not it's a simple matter for sense leaders of a country determine the agenda it's a simple matter to bring the people to the bidding of the leaders doesn't matter what kind of government it is okay and to continue to quote him he says voice or no voice the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders that is easy all you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounced the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger it works the same in any country Goering perfectly understood how fear will lead to the desire to control and get people to basically want to lay down their natural inherent rights and freedoms in order to be protected because they fear chaos therefore if you can create chaos you are instilling that fear and it's a endless cycle it's a perpetual loop then the people cry out for more control you take more of their freedom away create some more chaos get the reaction take more of their freedom away just like 9/11 this is exactly what happened on 9/11 create the problem wait for the reaction that is incomplete fear and crying out for something to be done and then propose the solution which is ultimately what you wanted to do all along which was in still completely unamerican unconstitutional controls like the Patriot Act and then denounce anybody oh if you and they you name it that you put that word on it even though it has nothing to do with real patriotism you put that word on it and you denounce anybody that doesn't want to go along with it as unpatriotic and this was done in pre World War two Germany Hitler had his secret police burned down the parliamentary building the Reichstag blame it on the Communists so he could impose new legislation called the enabling act and basically take away the people's rights and be able to do things that are completely against natural law because that's ultimately what these dominators want they want a world that's not ruled by natural law they want a world that's ruled by their own law where they can do whatever they want and tell other people what they may or may not do it's it's as simple as that that's what man's law is designed to do and always has been designed to do people who are under this erroneous mistaken impression that man's law was set up for some wonderful purpose once again you're delusional I don't know how much more blunt I could say it if you think governments are supposed to be or supposed to be originally set up truly to care for the people forget it get that notion out of your mind because it's a wishful pipe dream governments have always been about nothing but mind control that is evidenced by the word itself which we've gone over many times means mind control goober nari plus meant a to control the mind that's what governments are there for to keep people in fear to justify their own existence because after all who will protect us see that's the entire crux of the problem people feel that it's someone else's responsibility to grant them protection they don't understand what protection is created by they don't understand that principle they think someone could give you protection no one can give you protection ladies and gentlemen impossible impossible protection is created through adherence to natural law principles the end period for all time bang your fists against the desk pound your head against the wall you're never gonna change that if you don't understand that you're helping create the dark new world order if you do not understand that protection cannot be granted from one person to another cannot be given that it is created whether we are in compliance with natural law or whether we are completely trouncing natural law if we are in compliance with it protection is granted by the universe if we are not in compliance with natural law if we're not living in harmony with natural law then all protection is removed as withdrawn by the universe that's how the generative principle works folks and get is stark raving mad as you want about that it will never change as long as you operate in the three-dimensional facetime universe that we're in and like I said before once you figure a way out of that let me know because I'd like to go somewhere else too so as long as we're operating here let's find out how this place operates and work in harmony with its laws as opposed to working against them in creating suffering for ourselves but once again one in a thousand people are going to understand that because people are in too much ego to accept that this place simply has laws we're eternally bound by them and that does not mean that that makes the universe a prison see this is the mindset of the dark Oh cultists and I'm telling you that's their mindset I'm not asking you to believe it I'm not telling you that that's what I think their mindset is since I worked with these individuals I'm telling you I know that's their mindset I'm simply telling you that's what their mindset is I don't care whether you believe it or not they think that the universe is a prison and they want to be the ruler of the prison they don't care what what all that complete antithesis of natural law creates they don't care they would rather rule in hell then be bound by natural law in a paradise that could be created if only we lived in harmony with that natural law and that's why one of the first sections I think next week what I'm gonna do on the show is I'm gonna have an entire show dedicated to what the religion of the ocultist truly is and it's going to be the last segment on the dark then when we move into the light and the solutions I'm going to have many shows at the very beginning of that section that do nothing but break down natural law it's gonna be like the natural law presentation that I gave but I'm going to extend it out and really delve into what natural law is how it works how it operates in our lives and give examples of things that are in compliance with it and things that are in complete disharmony with it so that people gain a better understanding of what natural law really is because that's the ultimate solution if we don't have that as the foundational basis of our solution oriented approaches toward the dark new world order will never create the light new world order it will not happen folks without that deep understanding of natural law and that takes a long time to understand because there's a lot of unlearning that needs to be done there's a lot of things people are vehemently grasping clinging on to as if for dear life when that's the very poison that's destroying them and no one wants to hear that they want to see the world through rose-colored glasses and be tailed told everything is bunny rabbits and daisies they don't want to be told they're doing anything wrong so let's move on with the presentation for today but that's what's coming up I think next week I'll do an entire show based on what is the ideology of Satanism and dark luciferianism because that's the religion of the dark new world order and people don't have a firm enough understanding of what the true dark religion is it's called the old religion now I'm gonna break it down here next week [Music] we'll be hearing some tenets of it this week as we move further into looking at this dark agenda stay with us folks this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio we'll be back after these words [Music] we're back folks this is what on earth is happening on your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm today's topic is the dark new world order what is the endgame what is their esoteric agenda and I think it can be summed up by former FBI director J Edgar Hoover who by no means please don't think that this is it and it was in any way any sort of a good human being because he was one of the demons that are running amuck until he I think very late in his life he began to realize what he was truly a part of and a party to and he said that the individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists the American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst it rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent a perfect summation of what the dark occult is all about and he uses the word conspiracy now probably one of the methodologies of mind control I should have included is the use of words themselves but this is so pervasive it's really nested in every other form of mind control the world is controlled through words I've said this probably a hundred times on the show we need to make a study of words to understand what we are actually saying when we speak so studying linguistics studying etymology studying ancient languages is actually critical to the decoding of our world and the idea of the word conspiracy is mind control in and of itself as most people think of the meaning of this word just when you go up to someone and play a word association game with nine out of ten people you say the word conspiracy and they will think theory that's the first word that will come back to their mind that we will come out of their mouth when they play a word association game when in fact if we break down the word into its constituent elements and then we look at the etymology of those elements we can find out what the word really means so the the prefix con comes from the latin language and it basically means with or together with or together is what con means so to connect means to bind together or put together okay con means together or with and then the second part of the word which I've put a little dictionary window up from a program that defines it is spiro spero spear RA in Latin and this is the the verb which means to breathe or to live see the breath was always looked at as in just about all ancient forms of spiritual traditions the breath was always looked at as the quality of life that is infusing the individual because if you stop breathing you die it's pretty simple to arrive at the understanding of why the breath is looked at as the life-giving force so Spiro which is the root of spirit means to breathe to be infused with spirit or life force is to breathe it's very very simple to understand as long as we have the the etymologies of these words at hand why these things were named as such it's not that difficult so all Con Spiro or conspiracy means is to live and breathe together to be of the same spirit that's it and you could simply extrapolate that a little bit further and basically that means to have the same goal in mind that's it you are living for the same purpose you are moving toward the same goal and of course that's what a conspiracy is those who operate together toward a similar goal that's it so we need to be deconditioned as a culture about things is simple about what the words we are speaking mean if we're ever gonna make any headway our progress toward real freedom because as long as we're under these this mind control game when it comes to what words mean we're not even on the same page when we're talking about a concept you say something and the word comes out of your mouth and when it leaves you have a meaning that you have in mind for it but when it strikes the other person's your drummond goes into their brain and gets decoded they think you're talking about something completely different this is the inherent limitation of language which is why we need a new living language that really is the language called Veritas or truth where people can grasp what you're saying just by the nature of how fervently you know that that is the truth and that you're committed to it you're dedicated to it that's all you're dedicated to people will get that sense if you have enough conviction when it comes to speaking and espousing the truth so conspirators or sorcerers as I've called them throughout this show their main goal is the key people in fear because as long as you're in fear you're in the r-complex of the brain you're in the lower base brain the reptile brain we've talked about this extensively in former podcasts and if you're in that base brain and that's where you operate your actions can be controlled like a puppet master controlling a puppet on strings I can't stress that enough over and over again fear is their main modus operandi and we're gonna get to who some of the most fearful individuals in the world are and it could be said these are cultists themselves are some of the most fearful individuals in the world because they are afraid to unleash the true power of the human potential they're afraid of what it will mean for them they might have to really actually do some work in the world you know your food doesn't completely grow and distribute itself you know structures that we may need don't automatically build themselves they want everything done for them and most of all they don't want to really do the real great work of truly morally educating people that's the thing they want all responsibility from they want no no part in that responsibility so there are people who run away from something that is a challenge they're not really courageous individuals they may be intelligent individuals they may have willpower but do they really have heart or courage I would suggest that there in some of the deepest states of fear but I'm going to talk about some groups of people who are in even more fear than them certainly and there are people who we look at as having courage when in fact it's exactly the other way around and I think that the more advanced listeners already understand who I'm talking about and will be talking about later on in the show Ben Franklin said that those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety and he's using these words very specifically and has chosen the words specifically he is saying they deserve neither I'm in wholehearted agreement with this statement as harsh as that statement may seem to some if you will give up your freedom to be safe you deserve your enslavement the end you deserve it people will say how can you say somebody deserves to be enslaved deserves to be a slave well if they're so stupid that they would give up their freedom to be quote protected by someone else you don't deserve to be free you deserve to be a kept pet and that's what most people are the problem is that State of Mind is affecting people's freedom who relief understand what freedom is and want it more than anything else therefore that makes staying in that state of mind morally unacceptable we'll get back and pick this up on the other side of the break you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio stay with us folks [Music] a person ever did or said and that's not the case I can bring up a quote that I wholeheartedly concur with and I don't have to agree with everything that that person did or said during their life you know because the founding fathers kept slaves they were enlightened in some respects and they were completely shut down in other respects that doesn't mean I can't respect the good things that they did while saying they were completely stupid to think that human rights extended only to some people and not to all people I mean that's completely ass-backwards to put it bluntly that you you believe that some people should be completely free and sovereign and while simultaneously believing in the concept of slavery for other people that you considered three-fifths of a human being I mean this is nonsense sheer nonsense it it confounds me it makes me wonder how someone could be so enlightened on one hand and so completely in the dark on the other hand it's an enigma and certain innate enigmas it just is better not to try to figure it out why they were like that take the good and leave the bed it's simple same thing I can quote something from a tradition and say I agree with that teaching and it doesn't mean I have to embrace the entire traditional I don't look at I have any one tradition that I adhere to my approach toward spirituality is an integral one meaning I take all of the most positive powerful and beneficial and empowering things from every tradition I study and combine them to form a new approach to being in the world that's it and that's what our challenge is you get down into an ism you get down into a box consciousness gets shut down and that's what they want they want you to subscribe to isms and belief systems instead of saying no I'll take an - goal approach and take the best from every aspect and put it together in a way that truly serves who and what we really are so Franklin understood the concept of what the controller's try to do to create fear so that they can take away rights this is just what happened and with the Patriot Act just what happened with you know 9/11 that's all it was there for and it's there also for other agendas so that we can go and wage war in other countries project the big fear of the the the boogeyman coming together from from other countries so we can send our troops who are in tremendous amounts of fear and constantly living in a tower complex of the brain to go and act as the militant arm of this dark occult agenda it's going and taking whatever resources they tell them to go and take and to kill whatever people they tell them to go and kill and they'll do it for a paycheck for a pittance they'll do it because they want to feel better about themselves by harming other people because ultimately deep down inside people like that ate themselves and that's a painful thing to hear and we'll be talking about it more this hour don't go anywhere folks we'll be right back [Music] okay we're back folks let's pick it right back up you were talking about how the dominators use fear to get other people to react and then go and do their bidding as a result because they promised them protections and they promise that if they'll just do what they tell them to do that the chaos will go away and some of the most fearful people that continue to do these things for a paycheck are police and military and though it may be painful to hear these are the people who are really enacting the agenda of the New World Order the dark New World Order people don't want to hear that they want to continue to give these people it the right I guess you could say they want to continue to give them carte blanche to just continue to abdicate their personal responsibility for what they are creating in the world that's what they want to do they don't want to pin the responsibility squarely upon the shoulders of the most fearful people in the world because their fear is creating hell on earth which is ultimately what their agenda is the loss of all human freedom and a machine world where people just do things without emotion and they're doing this just because they're in fear and the thing that they're in fear of the most and I'm telling you this folks this is key to understand this go back to the show where I talked about in the podcast archive to the show where I talked about the primal fears okay it's it's critical to understand this I believe it was podcast number 19 go back to that and understand how these primal fears are all intertwined and ultimately they're all they're all the fear of chaos the fear of darkness the fear of predators the fear of abandonment by the Dominator father-figure Big Daddy the government okay oh we can't have all of these people these predators running around we can't we need protection from them because that's what the government provides protection from all the bad guys and if we don't have that there'll be chaos and that fear is what's embedded in the brain of men and women but mostly that fear is most of all embedded in the brains of men there are the people who are falling for this the most because men have to enact this Dominator agenda male police and male military officers are ultimately who is enacting the control mechanism they're the ones doing it they're not planning it they're not planners they're not thinkers hell they're all too happy to admit they're not thinkers see they think that if they say I don't think about what I do I just do it or I don't make the decision to do it I just take the action that that somehow magically absolves them from the responsibility of the harm that they create and the rights that they are stepping on daily when they sworn oath to protect rights and it all comes down to folks and I'm going to start to get harsh here so if you don't like that turn the show off it all comes down to they're dumb people and I'm sick of dumb people and you should be sick of dumb people too and when you are finally get fed up with dumb people you understand the only real thing to do is to properly attempt to morally educate dumb people and the problem is not enough people are doing that great work that's the problem that's why the dark new world order is being created not enough people know enough and care enough to become teachers of this information and that's why we're in a big big problem and a big mess and the numbers are the people who think that like the huge numbers of people are waking up they're delusional - there's a pittance of a wake people folks in comparison how many people are on the earth don't delude yourself into thinking that this is some kind of gigantic thing we are a seed at best and I'm not saying that to be negative I'm saying that to be honest I'm not trying to instill fear and/or promote the idea of doom and gloom I'm being honest the amount of people who understand even a fraction of what I talk about on this show is next to nothing and you could say oh you're being too harsh and critical of people fine that's what I that's the dynamics as I see it and people you know get upset about that about hearing that because they want to be told that everything is wonderful I'm not here to tell people what I think they want to hear or what they want to hear I'm here to attempt to tell people the truth we need to reach these people who are in fear folks and the only way we're gonna reach them is by truly properly morally educating them about what natural law is and what rights are and what rights are not and the people out there doing the job of police and military which is supposed to ostensibly be to protect rights don't even know what rights are they do not know what rights are and I would sit them down face to face running from them and tell them to their face you do not know what rights are if you knew what rights are you would not be doing that job you would be an educator if you knew what rights are the only reason you do that job is because you are the most fearful individuals in the world the police and the military are the most fearful groups of people they're in more fear than the dark occultists themselves and that's hard to do folks that's pretty hard to do because if you understand their world view and how sick and twisted and destructive it is and you understand that they're the only people that could possibly put that worldview into manifestation for them would have to be an even more fear than they are in a smaller cage in a smaller mental cage than they are themselves it's pretty bad when you think about how destroyed these people's minds have to be to continue to do what they're doing they're putting themselves in their own children in Chains in Chains that's what this agenda is about and they continue to do it for a false god call the dollar bill a paycheck money something that doesn't even exist it exists as digits on a screen a digital digital digit on a screen someplace that's what you're willing to take shackles and put them on the arms and legs of your own child a disgrace these people are a disgrace and the problem is they're isolated they're isolated from other segments of the community they have their own little groupings and then nobody else hangs out with them and they go out and drink together and they go out and party together and they hang together and they have their own little families which they perpetuate their abuse that they that they put put out to the people they perpetuate that and their own little families hoping nobody ever discovers it but there are people who know what's really going on in their minds I know because I've been in a place like that and worse that's why I know you pick this up on the other side and we'll take calls hopefully I'll get the call and number when we come back you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm mark pasty on my website what on earth is happening calm be right back folks [Music] all right we're back on what on earth is happening calm and I got a little heavy and intense and last segment but hey I haven't done that in a while so sometimes you got to just put that vitriol out there and get it out of your system but I I stand by everything I said and uh you know there is a word for people who will cooperate with an agenda that is based in pure evil and chaos and that there a house slave and if you don't know what that is or what it means read some information about the Civil War era and what house slaves actually did to other slaves enacted the masters controls upon them in brutal and vicious ways just so they can get an extra blanket or maybe be able to sleep in the house in the shed out behind the house you know or have their food that there might be a little bit more on the plate and it might be a little bit hotter than the other slaves food that got to sleep out in the field and it's it salt it's ultimately a total disgrace because you're willing to do that to your own kind I can't even imagine let me let me tell you something folks when I was a black-hearted Satanist I still didn't have that attitude I still then even then cooperating with this agenda okay I still didn't have the attitude that I want to go and beat down my fellow man like that I wanted yeah I had the attitude eugenics is a good idea and we should eliminate people but not to a point where the where I thought I want to be a controller and get to just take out my aggressions on other people as long as the master leaves me alone a little bit I never ever ever thought like that it takes a special kind of person if you know what I mean to even have that kind of a mentality I mean these people really think they're the real controllers apparently they think that there's no one in the hierarchy above them and they're allowed to do whatever they want they're in the same cage as everybody else and they need to know it unfortunately not enough people are willing to speak to these people and educate them and they're unwilling to listen which is why sometimes I think we're just on a collision course and it's not going to be pretty but more people need to start speaking about this and trying to educate people according to these principles I can't emphasize that enough Voltaire the philosopher who I don't agree with everything he talked about either but I do agree with this particular quote he said those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities and that's what these individuals are doing through their completely erroneous beliefs that are instilled in them through fear namely through the fear of chaos they're committing atrocities in the world and they're committing atrocities against natural law and some of those atrocities you could see on slide 11 torture war putting other people in states of fear homelessness destroyed countries etc and this is what our military and police do folks ultimately they don't protect anybody they never protected me a day in my life harmony with natural law protects me nobody in a uniform protects me nobody in a uniform protects me let me say that loud and clearly natural law adherence to natural law principles is the only thing that generates protection that's what keeps me safe but nobody in a uniform toting a gun keeps me safe and I'll tell that right if let me tell you something if my grandfather came back to life who served in the military I would tell that to his face and again people will say that as seem that as as harsh they'll think that that's harsh I'm not afraid to look somebody in the eye who I know is misled and tell them that they're misled that's one of the differences between me and other people who don't want to be confrontational who think all confrontation is a bad thing direct telling of the truth someone else's face is a bad thing and turns them off no it's not folks this is mind control people need to hear this to their face so it can show that the universe can know it was said to them it was said to them they will not have an out they will not have the ability to say I never no one ever told me that speak it to their faces speak it to their faces folks one in 10,000 people will take that advice because most people are afraid most people are in fear of these people you can only be in fear of these people if you love the flesh if you are engrossed and in love with this physical reality so much that you would ultimately give up your soul to continue to be in it me I don't care what they do to my body I'm speaking the truth no matter what happens to my physical body and I'll tell that to anyone alive and I'm being intense on this show deliberately because there's a reason because this agenda is closer than anybody realizes and what it is ultimately about is your soul that's what it's about this isn't just about control this is about the soul ladies and gentlemen that's what it's about make no mistake about it and I'm on the correct side of that equation and yes there is sides when it comes to that equation either you're on the right side or you're on the sinister side and the right side is adherence to natural law which is God's law when it comes down to it that's the law of the universal law of creation and if you're going against that you're going against the supreme force that is the all that is that is underlies everything that is the basis of all life and good luck with that enjoy what you get as a result I for one will be on the other side of that journey heading in the right direction toward the light another house slave puppet David Rockefeller who you know clearly envisions himself as one of the Masters when he's on strings as well said made this statement at a I believe it was a meeting of the Council on Foreign Relations he said we are grateful to the Washington Post the New York Times Time magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years it would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the light of lights of publicity during those years but the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march toward a world government the super national sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the National auto-determination practiced in past centuries the hubris of this slave the hubris of this slave people think that this is one of the dominators and controllers that those are the words of a slave thanking other slaves for not saying anything about these slaves planning the slavery of the people of the earth imagine that thanking the media for their complicity in hiding this agenda and continue to help you this is all just conjecture and hearing you back on the other side folks stay with us [Music] we're back folks you have a lot of callers on the line I'm going to get to you in the next segment please be patient I know people have maybe maybe the volume of calls is in reaction to some of the vitriol that I've spouted in the last couple of segments but we'll open up the phones in the next segment and this one I'm gonna attempt to define what this agenda really is that the house slave David Rockefeller calls the international bankers plan for the world in the quote that I read in the last segment well what it really is folks is global Babylon the global Nazi regime the global bigbrother society it's the Nazi regime on steroids and advanced for the 21st century its global Babylon it's government and religion coming together as one and next week as I promised we're going to be looking at what the religion and yes the occultists who essentially are in control of this planet have a religion ladies and gentlemen make no mistake about it they have a religion and their idea is to put that religion upon the people of the earth and you know what they've largely done it it isn't even about a coming World Order it's about that we're in one that we're trying to take down and reverse because largely they've already succeeded in implementing their agenda and implementing their religion globally because their religion is Satanism and dark luciferianism that's what their religion is and most people have no idea what the tenets of those religions are they have no idea what they encompass what their belief systems are what their ideology is so I'm gonna do a whole show on that next week which is gonna be tough to cover that topic in the space of one show but I'll do my best they want to dissolve national borders and national sovereignty so that they can create blocks of Nations super super states as they're known because this makes decision-making easier and easier to centralize and you can put power in fewer and fewer hands so you only need to install a smaller number of puppets to control it's like you know the idea of the spinning plates on on the the metal metal uh you know spokes and you know the the person doing this parlor trick needs to keep the the dishes spinning well so it's a lot easier if you only have a few you have a whole lot you're not going to be able to keep that kind of control in order so easily but if you narrow it down and narrow it down until eventually only have like three plates to spin it's easy to keep them all going perpetually and if you have one becomes a piece of cake which is ultimately what they're trying to move these supranational states to a one-world government and in doing that they want to implement a one-world army a one world bank and a one world financial system that is controlled by chips microchips to what end someone might ask and that's because if you go against what the dictates of that one-world regime happened to be at any given time they can cut off your ability to engage in any kind of commerce and by commerce I don't mean the legal definition of Commerce I'm talking about purchasing anything buying food buying a house buying a car they want to take the ability of anybody to transact and conduct business in the in the physical reality away from any individuals that go against their agenda and unfortunately the stupid people of earth will give them this ability unless we wake up real soon because we're already largely doing that anybody that doesn't want to pay taxes can barely work I don't want to give my tax MA I don't want to give money paid through taxes to child pedophiles call me a weirdo I don't know but you know I have a problem with giving the ability to continue raping children to people I don't know and that might make me crazy maybe I'm just nuts I happen to know these people are our child pedophiles and then they're telling me I need to give them a certain amount of what I make no I don't think so I don't think so not gonna happen in this lifetime your your raping and murdering children but I'm gonna need to pay you a certain amount of what I make right that'll happen not a penny ladies and gentlemen not one they want a surveillance state and they've largely achieved that where everybody's watching everybody at all times and there's cameras everywhere and everybody's in fear of what might happen and it's all there just to control people's actions and behavior that's it they want the removal of any sense of empathy the removal of any sense of empathy is key to the enactment of this dark new world order occult agenda and it is a dark occult agenda people who still don't think that the occult that dark occult ISM lies behind this agenda and think it's all political or all financial you are delusional children delusional children because this is it folks I'm laying it all on the line in these net and this week and next week before I begin the transition I'm okay practically what can we do about this now that's what it's gonna that's what the rest of the the shows that I do are going to be about so I want you to understand where these people's mindset is before we start to go into the solutions and they want the Sacred Feminine murdered they want it dead they want your ability to feel dead and that's why the antidepressant drugs are so important to their agenda drugging of children removing their natural innate essence their creative capability their empathy their imagination which is the key to all of this you can't imagine your way out of a scenario you can never create any reality that's different from the direction you're heading and that's why we're headed in this direction seemingly irreversibly they have succeeded largely in destroying the human imagination we need to imagine our way out of this ladies and gentlemen and you can't do that if the right brain is shut down through drugs you can't do that if the Sacred Feminine inside of each of us has been murdered and we don't care and we empathize with other people just because as long as I'm getting my paycheck I don't care and you know how many people think like that the vast majority don't delude yourself into thinking that most people just wouldn't do anything for the right amount of money they'd stab their own mother in the back and Jack the knife and yeah that's painful to hear and it's harsh and it's harsh language it's reality that's what is acknowledge it and then start to do something about it instead of saying oh I don't want to hear that that's too negative this this New Age nonsense thinking that that brings more of what you're talking about no the acknowledgement of a fist coming toward your jaw will give you the ability to duck out of the way of it and believe me there's more than a fist coming at our job there's a locomotive heading toward it ultimately they want a population that can't see what's right before their eyes because they're entranced they're in state of mind control and that they have become willing sheep led to the slaughter and that's what most Americans are again if the founding fathers came back to life and saw what this country has become they would vomit they would vomit in their mouths to be quite frank and and blunt about it that's what the founding fathers of this country would do they told you that you needed to hold on to the Republic that you needed to protect it if you wanted to preserve it a republic if you can keep it was Franklin's words as he left Independence Mall if you can keep it well you can't keep it in a state of fear you can't keep it in a state of sheep herd mentality you certainly can't keep it with the kind of educational system that we have you certainly can't keep it with the kind of food that most people eat all of these things need solutions we need to transition away from these outmoded systems and towards ones that truly serve who we are ultimately they want people in a state where they are puppets or golems golems as in the movie Lord of the Rings and we'll talk about this symbolism for a bit and I'll wrap up the agenda before we get to the calls in the last segment you're missing the what on earth is happening don't go anywhere folks we'll be right back with a wrap-up and your calls after these messages [Music] we're back folks last segment of what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm talking about the concept of what the occultists ultimately want to create in people and that is the state of a golem what is a golem what is a creature that has been made through the desire to control the desire to accumulate material power the desire for wealth the desire for control and influence over other people for things totally rooted in the material realm he loves the ring Gollum in Lord of the Rings he worships that he calls it his precious he'll do anything to protect it yet that's the power of evil it's the power of control it's made of gold this illusory thing called money it's not real alchemical gold it can't be destroyed anyway by casting it back into from whence it was forged in the fires of fear it has fear needs to be immolated as long as you have fear about what's gonna happen to you in your physical body that's what we started with you're a slave period and you will always be a slave the eugenicist julian huxley put it best he said a really efficient totalitarian state would be one which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced because they love their servitude boy ladies and gentlemen this sounds exactly like my family and probably many of yours and don't think it doesn't pain me to have to say that so bluntly and plainly and right out in the light of day but it's the truth and again I'm not here to make friends I'm not here to be a for there to be a popularity contest or to be liked I'm here to tell people what's really going on hence the name of the show this is what they've largely succeeded in and this is what our work is to undo and I'm telling you folks if you think that this is all just a political thing or financial thing once again I can't stress enough next week listen to the show and I'm going to explain the religion of these people Plato said that the price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men meaning if you don't care if you don't employ the generative principle ultimately you're gonna end up a slave and be ruled by evil care is the underlying dynamic that creates our reality the generative principle and that's what the New World Order equates to the dark New World Order slavery they want to hell on earth quite frankly that's what it is a prison from whence there is no escape because all avenues of escape have been cut off and everybody within the prison is simultaneously a master and a slave it's just a matter of degrees and levels of who they're in control of and I've left these last couple of slides for the last concepts that I want to convey the dark New World Order cannot be constructed without the military in the police this is the dark occultists minions and it's the people they hate the most if you want to see more extensive work on this topic you could look at my presentation from the free your mind conference available on at free your mind conference calm I do a presentation that covers the occult mockery of these individuals the darker cultists hate the military and the police more than anyone else in the world and I'm telling you this from firsthand experience being in rooms with them when they are talking about these individuals and I'm telling you they mock them at every turn and they load these people more than they loathe anyone because they're they look at it like imagine you would do it to your own kind you'd put your own children in shackles for the money that's fake that we would give to you and and it's not even they know that they're using them for that agenda and and they despise them for it they despise them for it I know that's hard to even imagine but that's that's how they think of them they call them our dogs that's their name for these people they consider them their pets our dogs we're gonna SiC our dogs that we have on a leash they're not free their slaves their animals their pets pets is how these people view these at people the dark occultists view these people as pets period and you know what they are they are their pets because anybody that would take away human freedom for a paycheck is a pet is a dog on a leash more so what they are is clones just like in the stormtroopers in Star Wars we find out in the second series of Star Wars movies that ultimately what lies underneath that stormtrooper mask is all the same face because they all come from one individual who has been loaned so all of the individuality has been robbed from them they are no longer an individual a unique individual with a conscience and feelings and their thoughts of their own they are all clones or another way of putting it is they're all dupes they've been duped see their duplicates and that's exactly what has happened with those people in uniform all of them bar none with no exceptions if they're still in that uniform they're a dupe and they're the people who are enacting this agenda of slavery they're the actual agents of the manifestation of that agenda because without them it could not happen so you think about that ladies and gentlemen before you buy into this hole there's a lot of good cops out there there's a lot of good soldiers out there mind control nonsense anybody that does that as opposed to being an educator about the truth is helping the dark occultists complete their agenda and that's just the harsh reality that's the harsh reality of the situation we're in ladies and gentlemen and the situation we are in is called the apocalypse and that's a mind control term that is meant to be something bad when in fact it's something majestic and magnificent because all it means it comes from the Greek language oppo meaning to take away or to remove and collectin meaning to cover or to conceal so what the apocalyptan or apocalypse is is the removal of the covering the removal of the veil the unveiling or the revealing of that which was once concealed and hidden meaning bringing the occult forward into the light of day making the hidden the known and I've said it before and I'll say it again and it should be a tagline this show the people of this planet will never be free until the occult is no longer the occult let's go to the phones here we go caller you're live on what on earth is happening yes hello yes you're live on the air yes sir you're live on the air I'm trying to explain the New World Order to my family and talk about the occult and they have recently sent me to a mental institution for a psychiatric evaluation how long exit my parents how long ago did this did that happen is this modern I was in there for a month and do you think that my parents might be brainwashed about how old were you when that happened that they were able to put it to commit you legally they were able to do that well I smoked a lot of pot and I'm not so smart so I agreed to it so they sent me to the the mental health institution because I tried to talk to them about the occult and 9/11 and the chemtrails yeah well I mean ultimately people if they're truly balanced and can put this out there in the correct ways and help people to understand it through a tapestry of information they will not be perceived as such because they're able to tell the truth in a way that can be understood clearly okay it's been called hermeneutics it's the ability to put things into simple language you can't come off as somebody that is mentally imbalanced and of other modes of your behavior contribute to that perception that's it's going to create that perception here we go last caller you take us out [Music] or we'll have to wait until next week ladies and gentlemen that's all we have time for we delve into the occult esoteric agenda next week the religion of the dark Oh cultists explained here on what on earth is happening