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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Laughter] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you are listening - what on earth is happening right here on the oracle broadcasting radio network i'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website is oracle broadcasting com today is Sunday August 14 2011 we have a great show lined up for you here today we are going to be transitioning our topics for discussion on the show as we have been talking about for the about the last year to year and a half the methodologies of mind control how all of those methods work to law us into a trance and ultimately to usurp our god-given natural law rights we've looked at that now we've uncovered those methodologies we've exposed them and we've brought them out into the light of day now we are going to transition toward solution oriented approaches we're going to look at how we can solve these problems and they do indeed have solutions the solutions are not easy simple perhaps but not easy simple meaning they're not difficult to understand they're not complex however some of them will require a tremendous will in order to implement some of these solutions specifically when you look at how deep into mind control much of the world has descended one of the first things that we're going to look at in depth and I'm probably going to take a few shows to do this is developing a deep understanding of natural law natural law principles need to be deeply grasped and understood if we are going to get out of the mess of consciousness that we are in right now on this planet and if we are ever going to see the freedoms which have gradually slipped away from us be restored and held on to as they rightfully should be so today on the show we have a very ambitious show planned for today lots of images up on the website at what on earth is happening calm on the radio listen page go up there and check out the images for today's show we'll be progressing through them as I give the talk here today and we are going to attempt to get through the first major part of the understanding of natural law and that is understanding its expressions or in other words how it actually works in the world we'll be getting into that on the other side of this break I'm your host mark passio and you are listening to what on earth is happening right here on the Oracle Broadcasting Network stay tuned folks [Music] welcome back folks you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com on today's show we are going to be discussing natural law and this is something that many people have been asking for and asking me to get into a deeper breakdown of so we're going to do that here today I want to take people back before we get into the discussion to show number one where I said that what this show was ultimately going to be about was an analysis of the causal factors that create our current conditions without a deep understanding of the causal factors of any given problem any one essentially remains powerless to solve that problem so I would suggest to you the reason we see all of the problems that continue to go on seemingly unabated will continue unabated unless humanity gains a proper understanding of these causal factors so we looked at consciousness way back on the show we looked at its basic components we studied the structure of the brain to help better understand human behavior we looked at the qualities of the self we looked at forces that shape our world basic polarities or what I called seeming polarities because they're actually all essences of one thing just different degrees of it we looked at what creates order versus chaos and that is whether we are in harmony with natural law or not so that's something we're going to deeply look at here today ultimately that's what natural law is that's the gauge for whether we're creating order or chaos whether we're going deeper into control or whether we're helping freedom to flourish whether we are in harmony with natural law or whether we stand against it and try to completely go against its flow on past shows we looked at the structures of control and then we took a deep penetrating look into all of the various multi-faceted methodologies of mind control and we took a great deal of time in doing that because there are so many mind-control attacks that are waged against humanity on a daily basis it can seem like just a tsunami a huge wave of manipulation that is just washing over us because these attacks are under are going on twenty-four hours a day seven days a week evil never rests ever it does its work continually which is why we as seekers of the truth and tellers of truth need to also be on constant vigilance and constantly be doing this great work of exposing the darkness and helping people to come over into the light of day so with that having been said we're going to start our analysis of natural law principles here today and before we do that I want to give the call-in number because hopefully there'll be some time remaining and I'll take a few calls in the second hour so the call-in number for the show is eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again eight six six eight four one one zero six five if you want to call and get in the queue I will be getting two calls in the next hour so here we go up on the website at what on earth is happening calm on the radio show page just click the radio show tab underneath the player you'll see a list of images for today's show an image number one you see a great representation of our world it's a pyramid scheme controlled by master manipulators and all of the power is flowing to them and they are breathing it in as I said I believe it was two shows ago the word conspiracy is grossly misunderstood it simply means to breathe together the breath the word for breath in Latin the word for to breathe in Latin is spiro spero re con in Latin is a prefix which simply means together or with so the root of the word spirit is to breathe because if one is infused with spirits in the physical world one is breathing that is the essence of life as the spirit and if it is present within the vehicle for expression the body then one has life therefore conspiracy simply means those of the same spirit those of like spirits who work together that's all it means indeed there is this colossal monumental conspiracy to keep people in the dark not understanding the causal factors not understanding that they are the code creators of their experience together and therefore to continuously get them to abdicate both their responsibilities and their power such that that power flows upward to the higher levels of that pyramid in which the adepts at those higher levels who do understand natural law who do understand the causal relationships of creation in this world how we get what we manifest these people at this higher level are the ones who all of this power and influence is flowing into the hands of because they have convinced everyone of a dark poisonous worldview in which they are powerless and actually can change nothing and nothing could be farther from the truth this is a gigantic lie in order to perpetuate the system of control and that's what their goal is we talked about their agenda and their control on past shows to keep people in the dark I'm moving on to slide 2 the imagery speaks for itself keep people asleep keep them content keep them in a state of hypnosis of trance so you can bring in a Big Brother police state and ultimately lead them into a world of slavery [Music] we're going to be talking about how we get out of that mind state on the other side of this break stick around folks you're listening to what on earth is happening [Music] [Applause] welcome back folks this is what on earth is happening today on the show we're talking about natural law principles specifically we are going to be getting into the mechanics of how natural law actually works its expressions and all of that is actually depending on what we do what forces we choose to work with it's all ultimately up to us that's the good news and that's what this whole section actually the rest of this show is ultimately going to be about the good news yes we'll be talking about all the mash nations of the the mind controllers that are still on going out there but ultimately we're going to be talking about how all of that can be done away with and yes it can the question is will we choose that path because action is required and that takes willpower in order to step away from what we've been doing and choose something different so we were looking at slide number two moving on to slide number three all these images can be found on the radio show page of what on earth is happening calm image number three shows the world that these manipulators want a closed society locked down hard the earth in Chains a prison planet if you will what we're going to be looking at today and forward into the future is the master key for that padlock for that cell or hell however the the way you want to look at it maybe image number four shows a key in hand with light radiating out from it that is what the understanding of natural law ultimately is ladies and gentlemen and an understanding of natural law is by definition an understanding of the truth this is what we have to help our fellow men and women gain a hold of to grasp the principles of truth help them come out of their poisoned worldview of social Darwinism their poison worldview of salep season the belief that there is no such thing as truth or you can't actually really know anything get them out of their poisoned worldview of moral relativism this dangerous and poisonous ideology that there's no such thing as right or wrong we get to make it all up it's just personal preferences we impose our moral understanding on any given situation and nothing could be further from the truth ladies and gentlemen moral relativism is the basis the ideological basis of Satanism and I know that firsthand because I was a priest in satanic organizations in my past and I'm telling you moral relativism as one of their chief tenets so in helping people to grasp these higher principles that are at work whether they understand them or not whether they accept them presently or not whether they want them to be in place or not they are working they are shaping this reality we are shaping it again through our adherence to those principles of natural law or to the extent that we completely ignore them so this idea this understanding of how natural law works is essentially born out in the next statement in slide number six this quote from the philosopher Kierkegaard Soren Kierkegaard said there are two ways to be fooled one is to believe that which is not true the other is to refuse to accept what is true and that's exactly what is going on in the world today people are believing things that simply are not true social Darwinism moral relativism solids ISM and they are refusing to accept that which is true the principles of co-creation based on our adherence to natural law or the degree to which we refuse to accept natural law and adhere to it and before anybody even brings up this notion because it's one of the notions that the dark Oh cultists adhere to that even if we do accept that natural law exists that it's a set of rules it's after all its laws and that means we're bound we're in Chains even if we do live in harmony with natural law nothing could be further from the truth these laws are not here to control us these laws are here to teach us not to imbalance ourselves and society to the point where we are living in a state of utter chaos which is our present situation and rapidly becoming more and more chaotic because people refuse to grasp the principles which we are going to talk about on the show here today so those are the only two ways people ever really let's just put it plainly screw themselves they accept all kinds of ridiculous notions and they refuse to accept what actually is true and in place and affecting them at any at every given moment Thomas Jefferson understood this dynamic very well and one more caveat before people start identifying what I'm of some of perhaps a quote that I'm making from from an individual in history and assuming that that means I agree with every single thing they ever said or every way that they lived that's untrue as well I can quote someone and put up a piece of their wisdom without having to identify or believe in everything they ever did okay.i Jefferson was a slave owner how he understood all of the things he understood about natural law and still thought it was somehow acceptable to keep slaves is beyond my comprehension so I don't agree with everything the founding fathers did nor should you but there are basic principles that they did deeply grasp and I'm just simply quoting that that doesn't mean that I believe in everything that they ever did or ever said you have to take what is true and leave the rest so here's a true statement that Jefferson uttered he said that if a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization it expects what never was and never will be ignorant and freedom are diametrically opposed they are inversely proportional for our left brained friends among us okay as ignorant goes up freedom goes down as knowledge goes up and ignorance goes down freedom goes up real simple yet it is an eternal truth and there's no easy way out of this meth mess except through learning and then applying that knowledge which has been understood and that is what wisdom is the discovery of knowledge understanding it and then acting upon it and another way of saying those three things is the Trivium that's what the Trivium is knowledge understanding and wisdom you pick that up on the other side of the break don't go anywhere folks this is what on earth is happened [Music] [Music] we're back folks often without a football on today's edition of what on earth has happened slides that go along with this talk can be found on my website on the radio show page at what on earth is happening calm we were on slide number seven a quote by Jefferson talking about ignorance and freedom being diametrically opposed this is borne out in the Latin language itself where there was no different word for free and book they meant the set they were based on the same word and ultimately they lead to freedom books lead to freedom the wordly bear which is the basis of the word Liberty in the English language it means book in Latin and it also meant free so much is said right there that the Romans didn't even have a different word for freedom than they had for book that's how closely associated with knowledge the concept the freedom was of course we know what happened to that Republic the same thing that's happening to this one this one's in free fall just like the Roman Republic fell and became an empire we can still reverse it because we have the opportunity to learn from history so that we are not doomed to repeat it but only if we get out of our ignorance and again ignorance is different than nations nations means you don't have the opportunity to actually know something from the Latin sta neski own s quiere which means to not know to be not to be cognizant of however it means you are not aware of something because you never had the opportunity to be exposed to the knowledge ignorance on the other hand means that the knowledge was there all along and you chose willingly not to look at it not to incorporate it so moving on to the next slide image number eight is a quote by Einstein who did things in his life I most certainly don't agree with helping to bring in the destructive usage of atomic energy into our world unfortunately but somebody like that can make a good statement that is certainly true and he did in this statement he said that no problem can ever be solved by the same level of consciousness that created it this is exactly what I've been talking about when I talk about causal factors the causal factors of ignorance which put our current day problems into place can never be overcome or solved again solution oriented approaches if we continue to attack those problems from the same level of consciousness you must come up to a higher level of awareness and understanding in order to truly solve those problems and we're not at a higher level of understanding from the tyranny that was here during the time of colonial America that led to the American Revolution which was utter failure because even if we did attain a modicum amount of freedom in the in the small interim between tyrannies we didn't really learn the lesson because the tyranny is back again the failure of that enterprise was that the people who succeeded in it ostensibly succeeded in it did not properly morally educate the people that were left here when the dust settled they just went back about their lives and figured though that's taken care of and no it wasn't taken care of wasn't taken care of because of the consciousness of the people of this land was not raised to a sufficient level to prevent that problem from reoccurring and the reason that it recurred is because people have lost sight and lost knowledge of how natural law operates and this is borne out in the next statement the next quote a few quotes to start things off here today generally considered to be the father of modern anarchism Mikhail Bakunin he said that the Liberty of man consists solely in this that he obeys the laws of nature because he has himself recognized them as such and not because they have been imposed upon him externally by any foreign will whatsoever BA Kenan is saying that we will only be free truly if we deeply incorporate an understanding of natural law into ourselves and not a moment before I wholeheartedly concur with that statement we are not going to get out of the mess that we're in at the same level of understanding at the same level of consciousness not gonna happen go ahead and get as angry as you want about that you know bang your head up against the wall because it's not going to change a thing natural law must be understood must be accepted and understood so you can't force anybody to accept anything but don't expect freedom don't expect freedom for a millisecond not gonna happen until people understand how natural law operates and then live within its boundaries because these are boundary conditions inherent to this universe the end these are boundary conditions inherent to this universe and people have discovered these laws they know them they know how they operate they are not unknowable they are discoverable and knowable and there are many people walking on the earth who know these laws and know how they operate and are living within harmony in harmony with them but as long as the bulk of humanity just ignores this thinks that these things are not in operation and goes about their lives doing whatever they want believing in whatever they want shackles will be upon us period the end and guess what ladies and gentlemen get as angry as you want about this next statement that's exactly how it should be exactly how it should be I'm not saying that things are broken here and are not working properly things are working beautifully they're working wondrously they're working exactly as they are intended to work at a cosmic level you want to ignore natural law you're going into chains hard core chains you want to live in harmony with natural law principles and respect the rights of your fellow man and woman then there will be freedom so let's begin our analysis into natural law what is it what is natural law let's simply pick apart the terms to begin the definition of the word natural means that it is inherent it exists within something already nothing had to put it there it's there by way of its existence creation put it there a regardless of what you want to think of that force as that's not for me to tell you what that force is okay and we can talk about that because this definitely gets into the idea of God and a creator etc without question and we can get into that let's simply look at the definitions of the words first and I am on slide number 10 now the word natural means inherent okay self existing having a basis in nature reality and truth not made or caused by humankind meaning we did not invent this thing it exists by virtue of simply being a component of the universe itself it's like space we didn't invent space its inherent to creation that's what natural means it's a natural component let's look at what a law generally means on the other side of this break we'll be right back folks don't go anywhere you're listening - what on earth is happening we're delving into natural law today on the program we'll be right back [Music] we're back folks this is what on earth is happening on the host mark Casio today on the show we're talking about natural law before the break we were looking at a simple definition for natural law we looked at the word natural and you could liken the word natural to the term in the ancient Egyptian language Commission language which means spirit or God which is cat which is a net air it's the basis of this word net ter okay so right in the word is contain this idea of spirit or God law is a condition that already exists an existing condition which is binding and immutable binding meaning that you are affected by it it governs actions which you take you do certain things certain things Oh car you put forth certain energies certain things are manifested there is a causal relationship that's what a binding is a cause-and-effect relationship immutable means that it cannot be changed it's something that is there as long as the current conditions of this universe are in place that's it as long as you are on the earth gravity is in operation you get out into space there's a zero-g environment but gravity is a law here and now if a comet struck the earth and it broke it up into very small chunks you know asteroid will debris well there wouldn't be the type of gravity that we have on the earth now when the earth is in an integral intact hole so as long as certain conditions exist there are laws in operation it's why people get into these ridiculous semantical arguments about natural law well does this exist inside inside this condition or on this on this planet or world that you know is it in another dimension who cares you're here you're you're affected by this now and it's destroying your freedom because you're just completely flat flouting it and just doing whatever you want and not paying attention and taking in poisonous substances and not caring and letting people get away with murder and the same people who act like that have children and and dare to bring children into this world in their pure ignorance and don't care whether they've just birth someone into a prison cell doesn't make a difference what's happening in other dimensions or densities you're in this one so understand the laws that operate in this one and then start worrying about other ones so when we put this all together what natural law is is a set of existing conditions that was not created by humankind that is in operation in the here-and-now and humankind has no power to change that's it that's what natural law is now that sounds almost non it doesn't sound like something that's hopeful or good because it's like you you're not in control of this it affects you and you don't have a say yeah that's right these are the boundary conditions for this universe that are put in place so that we have a chance to understand how things work here have a chance to understand the repercussions of our own actions take responsibility for those actions learn and grow as a result and be able to increase our power and freedom as a result these are conditions that are in place for our eternal betterment the manipulators the Darko cultists of this world see these in a poisoned worldview state in their poisonous worldview they see these conditions as shackles as chains see they look at it like I want to do whatever I want regardless of who it hurts how dare these conditions exist so what they have done is erect a system of mind-control that insulates them from these pre-existing conditions they convince other people to do their dirty work for them they take the actual actions and then natural law ultimately affects them the people who took the actions and they've created an insulin an insulated barrier between themselves and natural law as a result and they're getting away with it they're getting away with it folks and you know who let them get away with it you did by not understanding these principles hoodwinked you had the wool pulled over your eyes ladies and gentlemen and the people who have had the wool pulled over their eyes more than anybody else are the people who are doing their work for them and that is the military and the police the people who break natural law at all turns and all turns for their owners for their masters like pets like kept pets that they are their the people who have put this prison society into place no one else and they're the people who ultimately need to change who we need to help change the world's never going to be free as long as people are willing to follow orders folks you're willing to follow orders and you don't know why somebody is telling you to do what they're doing what they're telling you to do and yet you do it anyway you are a slave not only are you a slave you're helping to put other people in the same chains you're in and it doesn't matter that you have some petty power that some psychopath told you it was okay for you to take when you actually have no inherent natural law right to do what you're doing you know you think because all I have this little bit of earthly temporal power well that makes it all okay you you're gonna find out how okay it really is you think you're gonna get away with it you're not getting away with nothing exactly zero is what you're getting away with because natural law is in place and that may not sound like Oh any kind of a profound statement to people who are listening in that kind of a sick demented mind state the people who go along with these uh psychopathic Dominator occultists biddings like the little lap dogs that they are they think they're real men they're nothing of the kind they wouldn't know what what a real man or woman was if they got run down by him like a freight train because they have no sense of true power in their lives there's their self-loathing they've never done any self-examination in their lives they're fearful because of how ignorant they are and they just want to listen and follow orders like a good little pet that's it and think that's as harsh as you want to think it is that's exactly how this world is exactly that's what's going on here yeah it's harsh sometimes people need to hear things put plainly okay and these are the people we need to reach they're the sickest among us but they need that we need to help them understand they are putting their children into chains into a cage because they don't understand what natural law is and they don't understand if they're breaking it every moment as they continue to do these jobs we'll take a look at some historical significance of natural on the other side of the break [Music] [Applause] [Music] I can so I can watch you weep and breathe your story - right [Music] [Music] have freedom unless we fully understand and live within its tenets we need to come to a deep understanding of natural law understand that it's something that has been put in place by creation itself for our benefit for our evolutionary progress and to choose make a conscious willful decision to live in harmony with it and this was enshrined in the foundational documents of this country in the Declaration of Independence the founders of America understood that they were essentially forming a union that was supposed to be in harmony with natural law the founders were deists they believed in a creator but they also believed that the natural world or the physical world basically was as as important as the spiritual domain they didn't place any greater or lesser import on either one of these domains the spiritual or the physical they were merged as one in their philosophy because what happens here on the physical plane echoes in the spiritual world yes this is a war of souls make no mistake about it that's what's going on here on the earth but it doesn't mean that we should completely ignore what's taking place in the physical because that's where the world war for souls takes place ladies and gentlemen it's important what we do here the actions we take are important and this ridiculous Christian movement this this nonsensical of born-again movement talks about that good works are meaningless and it's all only about believing in an idea is is utter trash okay you should go back into the Bible and read the words of Jesus who never told anybody to worship Him as a god he was putting forward a way of living in the world being in this world but not being so absorbed and identified with it that you're willing to trounce on other people's natural law rights being in the world but not of it having your mind your essence your psyche being of a higher spiritual nature but still operating on this plane he was a deist as well the deist principles are outlined in the Declaration of Independence this was founded to be a deist country and that means believe in whatever creative force you want to believe in okay don't impose that on anybody else and live in harmony with natural law we'll look at where specifically in the Declaration that's enshrined on the other side of this break stay tuned folks were covering natural law principles this is an introduction to natural law on what on earth this pattern will be right back [Music] we're back folks this is what on earth is happening today we're introducing the topic of natural law as the first and foremost solution the needs to be deeply deeply understood and then acted upon in this world if we're ever going to see true freedom emerge so we're looking at natural law in the foundations of America the historical significance of natural law and how the founders of this country understood it they attempted to convey this understanding in the documents of this country specifically in the Declaration of Independence so the first statement in that document is when in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature's God entitle them a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation now let's translate this this means if one group of people are basically saying we're done living under these people's dictates they're saying we're simply making the statement a declarative statement that's what a declaration is we're not asking we're telling period it's not a suggestion it's not an application it's not asking or begging anyone for anything it's a statement I'm done with you you don't own me I'm not doing this anymore I'm going over here and doing this and you're not gonna stop me you're not gonna tell me I must live according to the quote laws that you've set down I'm going to live in the ways that I am entitled entitled a birthright it means that right is within me inherently by nature according to the laws of nature I'm going to live and nature's God these words are right in there people think that this is founded to be a Christian nation nothing of the sort could be further from the truth according to church Christianity I'm talking about organized religious Christianity we should enshrine true Christian principles according to the actual words and teachings that are contained in the New Testament the words attributed to Jesus the Golden Rule treat others as you would like to be treated period it's real simple it's actually laughably simple unfortunately people make it so difficult for themselves because they're attached to so many different wrong ideas but right here in the first sentence of the Declaration of Independence the founders of this country are telling you they believe in the laws of nature and nature's God not the Jewish God not the Muslim God not the Christian God not the Hindu gods nature's God and they're setting this that they were essentially telling people we are separating ourselves from where we came from because the oppression that is in place is in contravention to the laws of nature and nature's God and they were absolutely correct it was and it still is see we think were free of British oppression and the oppression of the crown most ignorant Americans believe that this country is wholly owned and it's owned by the crown and the Vatican and the d'arco cultists of this world they own this place and they own it for one reason because they own the minds of the people who live here the mind needs to be taken back before any freedom can be taken back and in order to take back your mind you need to get down to the deep understanding of the principles of natural law otherwise you will be willing to believe and accept anything so the general principles of natural law people ask me all the time what book should I read on natural law I'm gonna post some okay I'm gonna will have a reading list posted with this podcast and with others in the future on this topic but these are the basic principles of natural law that you can gather from many different documents on the subject natural law is ultimately expressed through seven basic principles these are the expressions of how natural law works principles mean first things that's what the word principles means it means things that you should put first before anything else things that you should hold in high value and esteem and protect these are the most valued things first things unfortunately most people of this country and throughout the world have no principles you know what their principles are based on or I should say lack of principles are based on money and illusion whose purpose is nothing but control that's what they value that's what they live for that's what they make their decisions based upon not whether anything is right or wrong or really truly good for everyone they make their decisions based on what's that gonna get from me now in the moment that's it pure selfish ego identified thinking almost always based in money because that's their God they don't have any actual God that they look up to aspire to be more like their God isn't a God of love their God isn't a God of truth their God isn't a God of higher consciousness their God is the dollar bill they bow and worship and kneel at its altar and allow it to put its shackles around their neck natural law forget about that how much money am I gonna make as a result right or wrong who cares give me enough money I'll do it this is how I would say over nine-tenths of the world thinks and some people may think that's harsh that's probably very accurate I'd say 90% of the human population has very little conscience very little that's why the people who do understand this really need to be speaking it in force we'll look at these seven principles what they really are we'll start to do that from the other side of this break this is what on earth is happening on your host mark passio we'll be right back folks don't go anywhere [Music] behind the girl I'll make my fire all day [Music] we're back folks this is what on earth is happening talking about natural law on the program today an introduction to natural law principles the sites on my website what on earth is happening calm could find the slides for today's show we're looking at image number 13 these images are on the radio show page on my website what on earth is happening calm the general principles of natural law expressed through these seven principles first things those who know and adhere to these principles possess the key which we've already talked about we're looking for the key solutions to unlock the doors to this caged society well when we understand natural long we live in harmony with it we have that key through which the wisdom of the entire universe may be unveiled to us ultimately the self is a reflection of the universe and vice-versa the universe a reflection of self what is manifested in the macrocosm the large manifested domain all around us we call it our environment our world whatever you want to call it is a reflection of what is taking place individually inside each consciousness that makes up that environment so as we change the individuated consciousnesses the monads as they are called in different mystery school traditions the one units we change each individual mind and they start radiating a different signal out into the field eventually that field will change but if the individual just says no it's too fearful it's too hard I'm just stay doing this the entire dynamic will stay exactly the same and that's what we see occurring largely to many people living in fear and choosing a path which is ultimately leading to destruction and they're gonna have their way they're gonna have their destruction that they're begging for they're begging for it they want it the hard way I've been saying I've said for many years there's really only two teachers on the earth and I call them by their their goddess names there's Isis and there's eros that's it there are the two teachers that you have a choice between and ultimately you're getting taught by one or the other Isis is the goddess of love truth natural law freedom etc you can learn her principles you can learn the Sacred Feminine way incorporate that sacred feminine aspect of consciousness and thereby learn from it take in the truth radiate the truth that's the ISIS principle and again this is just the symbol I don't really care whether you believe there's an actual goddess or not believe whatever you want I'm talking about a general concept if people can wrap their mind around we can associate symbols to something okay that's the ISIS principle the eros principle is if you don't do that which is actually the easier way of learning it may seem difficult at first but it's actually the much easier way to get something done is to you apply your willpower to it take it in incorporate it into your makeup deeply comprehend it then act upon it for the right reasons and in keeping with natural law that's the ISIS principle we don't do that we're going to continue the the universal field of intelligent energy you all around us which if you still haven't really grasped that that's what we're living in that that's what we're completely awash in and afloat in is a universal field of all-encompassing intelligent energy I don't know what to tell you go back to sleep go back to bed you know you clearly haven't learned a thing if you think this is a dead universe is this is a dead non dynamic nonliving place that we're in back to sleep our behaviors our ways of being in the world in general interact with this field and this is an intelligent field we live a certain way that field will restructure itself and give us a reflection of how we are living internally and then how we are expressing that internal nature out into the physical manifested domain as our behaviors and then that field will pick up on that and it will restructure the field so it actually displays back to us more of the same we create more of the same and that's why we have a world that's basically enslaved because most of the people in it are of a mindset of control that it's good to control that oh when this person does something in a complete state of mental imbalance we need to throw them lock them up and throw them in a cage we don't need to address the underlying problems we just don't want to see that behavior manifested we don't want to actually change the causal factors that led to that behavior in the first place oh god no that might involve hard work that might involve self-examination and more importantly that might involve communication with others how dare you even suggest it throw him in a cage so this is the thinking that has given us this prison society that's the thinking because it's abdication of personal responsibility and then that's how natural law works it gives us back the exact things that we put out that's it it's a big mirror you know I could come on and say natural laws a big mirror good night folks all that really needs to be said but one in a million people will probably accept that and good luck because again you don't want to accept that there's the second teacher Eris goddess of chaos who will teach you the harsh lesson when you don't want to learn from Isis and she'll teach you real good she's teaching us real good right now isn't she something interesting happened I won't mention any names family member was a around him this past weekend young kid eight years old barb was cooking some eggs she had the pan on he was in the kitchen his parents were there but they were not in the room at the time barb says to him I'm cooking this is an electric stove it's gonna get very very hot don't go near it don't touch it don't touch the pan you'll get burned and apparently this male child had never been burned in his life he didn't know what burn really was he's probably heard the word but he never actually experienced a burn he didn't want to take Barb's word for it so he went as soon as she went to the refrigerator to get something out of the refrigerator in two seconds he went up to that pan and put his index finger and his middle finger right up against the pan an heiress taught him well did not want to accept the truth that someone was telling him now you can't go too far and say well that means you need to believe everything anyone is saying to you know this person has more experience they're honest you have no reason to really dish cost what she sang he went and did it anyway chaos results and therefore you had to learn the hard way it's not a bad thing it's a teacher we'll be right back folks this is what on earth is happening [Music] we're back folks before the break I was telling a story about learning through chaos the second teacher the eros principle we don't want to learn the easy way through knowledge and chaos teaches us the lesson either way we'll get in the lesson not getting out of here without it it's just a matter of how much pain and suffering we want to undergo before we finally accept the lesson which is a gift being offered and we keep wanting to slap the gift away instead of accepting it graciously when this child was had a piece of ice on his hand and he was crying and he sat down on the couch with the ice on you know pressed on his fingers try to make you know the burn go down you know he had a second-degree burn there was blister a couple blisters on his fingers it'll go away in you know a few days but he's sitting there crying and I was trying to talk to him and tell him you know you're you're in pain now right but you did something that you could have avoided if you had listened to someone who was trying to tell you what would happen but you simply didn't know any better so you wanted to find out for yourself so now you learned right don't look at it as a bad thing I understand you're in a lot of pain now it's hard trying to tell that to a young kid but you know you know when you're talking with young child they're they're more focused on the experience than what you're saying he all he was thinking about probably is his fingers but I was trying to tell him yes you're in pain now but look at it as a lesson did you learn it do you understand something now that you didn't understand before and I think he did he did you know I don't think he'll try to do that again right unfortunately humanity isn't so smart as that eight-year-old child you know we're like the retarded child who keeps doing the same thing over and over and over and over again sadly that's the case you know we don't have the mental acumen and the psychological acumen to understand where we are going wrong and how we are living against natural law and to simply buck up and accept that responsibility and make the correction make the adjustment in consciousness no we want to keep touching the stove over and over and over and over and over and say it doesn't make a difference how many times I get burned for some reason we hate ourselves so much collectively as a species we want to keep inflicting that torture upon ourselves well to me you only be allowed to do that for so long you know and then another goddess will step in and it will be MOT and she will come in her destroyer aspect and decide to put this experiment to an end at some point you know if it keeps going the way it is now I think that'll be a merciful time actually not something that should be feared or looked at as something horrible but I still think we you know can leave heiresses embrace and go over and join Isis anytime we wish any time we wish it's a choice and it doesn't have anything to do with belief in anything it has to do with discovery and it has to do with the discovery of the principles of natural law these are not beliefs they are qualities and conditions that are in effect the end and I don't know how many times I could just say that over and over again like a broken record I've said before I've joked around with friends just call me don't call me mark just call me mr. broken record because all this is about is saying the same thing over and over and over and over and over again until somehow maybe it will sink into people that there are knowable discoverable laws that they these laws do not care whether you accept them or not they do not care whether you believe in them or not they are completely independent from what you think and your ego is in the way if you think otherwise your ego will not allow you to grasp that principle you do not make the laws of creation you are not the law maker this is what the Sikh occultus of this world think they are and they have given us their mind they think that so many people especially in this complete BS New Age movement think we can create the dynamics of of reality you know with our mind I'm talking about the physical dynamics and the dynamics of natural law I'm not talking about the manifested reality okay yeah we can create that with our mind based on what how we are willing to live that the conditions of our society and the whole world upon which we live can change can be created by us no question but you are not the creator of natural law you are not the creator of the physical laws that govern reality either and this is what I mean when I talk about belief being irrelevant to the discussion of natural law this doesn't mean all beliefs are horrible this doesn't mean you shouldn't believe in truth you shouldn't believe in trying to do good things you shouldn't believe in yourself I'm not talking about that kind of belief I'm talking about the idea this solipsistic idea that well those things don't affect me if I don't believe in them wrong wrong there are things that are inherent to this creation that do not require your belief ladies and gentlemen and that's it it's just so tough on people's egos they're so rooted in the ego mind that they cannot accept that notion now I'm talking about slides 15 and 16 here we'll go back to the principles of natural law or maybe we'll hold that over until next week and we'll get into that maybe I'll just make some discussion maybe I'll just make some suggestions I meant on some materials and maybe I will take some calls in the last segment but I want to talk about this dynamic of belief okay he slides 15 and 16 I show an ignoramus jumping off of a cliff and he's wearing a three-piece suit and you know that is his strong statements why I chose that image okay man in a dark suit leaping off of a cliff with arms outstretched saying I don't believe in gravity well you're gonna go splat doesn't matter what you believe you didn't make that law that law is in effect inherently in creation you're bound by it the end see this is the eye the idea that I'm gonna believe I can fly and therefore I'm gonna do it even though I'm still operating in a 3d space time filled with 1g gravity in place is the idea that I'm God that's what the idea is and anybody that's you know still in this new age this fake New Age paradigm this whole garbage new thought movement I'm not talking about real law of attraction which is what I'm talking about here today is the real law of attraction you get what you put out into creation according to its adherence or contravention to natural law that's the real law of attraction there's law of attraction that says I'm gonna think about this car and therefore I'm gonna get it I'm gonna think that I can fly and therefore I'm going to be able to is utter new-age garbage there are laws and affecting creation you are bound by them you are not the highest power in creation you did not create those laws you did not make the universe yourself you are not going to just completely trounce those laws because you believe you can this is the exact thinking that the dark occultists have exact and I'm not asked you'd even believe that because it came out of my mouth I'm telling you that's the case because I spend time around them and worked with them directly and I'm telling you I know this factually I know that like I know two plus two equals four factually that's their thinking we're gonna be God here we're gonna be able to do anything we want to do no matter how much against natural law it is we're gonna do it and that's how convinced they are that they own your mind completely and to a great extent they're correct they do own most people's minds completely and the garbage ideas that they have sold most people on it's unbelievable it's unfathomable part of the other solutions oriented approach that we need to get into and we'll be getting into in conjunction with talking about natural law is talking about the Trivium because without the Trivium and the methodologies of the Trivium people are liable to believe anything absolutely anything and that's where belief becomes dangerous yes there are good forms of belief again you need to believe in yourself you need to believe that you can accomplish good things before you go and set out and do them you need to believe that there is a truth to be grasped and understood and incorporated otherwise why go and look up look for anything why seek anything any knowledge you need to believe there's such a thing as knowledge period which unfortunately many people don't because they bought the big lie the biggest lie of salep says we'll pick this up on the other side you're listening to what on earth is happening stick around for the last segment folks [Music] otherwise the terror swing [Music] welcome back folks this is the last segment today on what on earth is happening we're talking about natural law and how when it comes to natural law people's belief is irrelevant this isn't something you need to believe in it isn't something that believing in or not believing in will change these laws are immutable they were not put in place by human beings they will not be undone by human beings the ego-mind has a hard time with being told that what it believes is not relevant to any given situation so I know people will have an incredibly difficult time with that statement I'm not telling you that or every single belief that you could ever believe is a negative or bad thing what I'm saying is when it comes to natural law belief is irrelevant these are not dependent on belief there is no dependencies in place meaning that this has to be in place for this to exist and be in place that's called a dependency there is no dependency of natural law want to know why man didn't make it the creator made it that's why it was here before anything else was here it is creation it is the dynamic force of creation itself that's what natural law is you didn't make that are you a part of that yes because as an inherent part of the universe you're part of that there is no separation between anything including creator and creation therefore you are that thing and I don't mean by yourself I'm talking about as one of the individual elements within the all and these are heady abstract concepts to wrap one's mind around I know reading can help so before I get give some reading suggestions and I'll post some documents on the website let me give the call a number if anybody wants to call in and chime in on any of this or ask any questions I think we'll we'll leave deeper teachings for next time okay and I'll get into the expressions and I'll actually get into the seven principles next time okay so we'll look at those one at a time we'll really break this down and extend it we might do four or five shows on natural law maybe more because that's how important this is all right and then we'll deeply look into the expressions of natural law from the very beginning of the generative force the very polarity which you start working with all the way down to the manifested expression in other words what you get as a result of using one of these two ultimate creative forces of course love and fear is what I'm referring to so we'll look at how that works next time but I'm glad we got a chance to really talk about how belief is connected with natural law or I should say not connected with natural law okay so the call-in number eight six six eight four one one zero six five this is the last segment anybody wants to chime in give a call eight six six eight four one one zero six five reading materials okay one of the first things I think is books is that it I feel is indispensable to a proper comprehension of natural law is an occult text that is derived from the teachings of hermeticism and it's called the Cabal yama okay this is a very good primer and a good place to start and yes it's abstract but it gives some good practical examples as well okay but it's written in language that is very simple yet elegant and it's easy to understand it's not something I think is going to lose the beginner now what that having been said it is also really pretty much all anyone really needs to know which means it has extraordinarily profound ideas in it and someone should take their time reading it read it slowly it's spelled K Y ba l io n Chi ba Leon and ultimately this means the spirit of those the individuals were the souls of the light that's what that actually means the spirit of the souls of light may the essence the radiated essence of the individuals the souls that are of the light and when you read it you will understand why it is named that so Chi ba Lian I can't recommend it highly enough as a primer for natural law principles because they are outlined this small book it's you know as an electronic document it's probably about 50 pages or something like that 60 pages I happen to have a physical hard copy of it which is an interesting story in its own right how I came to that some people say there's a legend that goes along with this book that you don't find this book this book finds you this book found me I guess it was about six or seven years ago and uh barb found this book she was in a like a secondhand store and they had some used books and this was just laying discarded you know I guess whoever had it didn't really understand the treasure that was or didn't have anyone they wanted to give gift this book to so they just got rid of it and barb picked it up gave it to me I devoured it because you know they say when the student is ready the teachings will appear the teacher and the teachings will appear and I was ready at that point in time and hopefully I can help other people to find this book or I should say hope that I can help this book to find who it needs to find so another one that I highly recommend is the end of all evil by Jeremy Locke and I've read excerpts from it on the show in the past but again simple elegant language easy to comprehend not long you don't need to be completely overly verbose when it comes to any of this you need to put it in simple easy to understand speech and language that can be grasped by other people and not sugar-coated either and that's what I feel Jeremy Locke has a gift and a talent in doing so I would recommend the book the end of all evil I'd recommend works by Thomas Paine on the rights of man common sense read the Declaration of Independence understand why our forefathers did what they did and separated from England in the way that they did but ultimately failed because we're again were right back into the tyranny so those are some good introductory works and they'll be others I'll post a whole bunch on the site for people's reading edification so here we go to the phones we have a caller Kevin from Minnesota you are live on what on earth is happening hello sir thank you very much for taking my call I've been enjoying the show and I do enjoy it when I do catch the show right and today I find it quite interesting and thank you for that now the question that keeps coming up in my mind as I hear you discussing and sharing your wisdom would you say that your belief system is based more on a Christian background no I would say that first and foremost I don't really have a belief system I am a seeker of actuality of truth of the way things actually operate in this domain that we call the three-dimensional space time continuum called our universe and I believe that those laws are not unknowable that the creator of this domain did not put these boundary conditions into effect and then hide their existence or their operation in order to tantalize and torture us I think it's our task to raise our consciousness to the point where we can comprehend not only what the what behind natural law in other words how it actually operates but the why behind it or why these laws were were indeed put into in the first place that would be my answer great but I unfortunately Kevin we're out of time I will pick this up for you you call in next week I'll bring you up and you can ask more questions but that's all the time we have for today folks thanks for listening to what on earth is happening we'll see you next week