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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law vehicle and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website is what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website of course Oracle broadcasting com this show is live every Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. Eastern Time that's 4 to 6 p.m. Central and we have a great show lined up for you once again here today we are going to be continuing our ongoing discussion of the general principles of natural law will be getting deep into this today and we'll be talking about how this understanding is completely intertwined interwoven and inseparable from human freedom as the intro music says that's what it's all about folks human freedom is what this show talks about and discovers the principles upon which human freedom is based and that is the principles of natural law and without an understanding of those general principles we are awash in a sea of ignorance and our ship is sailing without any guidance or direction into harmful waters so that's going to be coming up today is August 21st 2011 and I want to give the call in numbers for the show haven't taken a lot of calls recently but anyone is welcome to call in at any time during the show and please be patient wait on the switchboard I will get to you I want to ask people who call in today to attempt to limit their questions or areas of discussion to natural law specifically because I really want to delve into this topic and try to kind of get your take on it and any questions that that you guys listening might have so the call-in number for the network is 8 6 6 8 4 1 1 0 6 five once again the calling number eight six six eight four one one zero six five call in with any questions that you have that are pertinent to the principles of natural law what we're going to be getting into today is the understanding of this being the suppressed occult knowledge this knowledge actually is the occult information that has been hidden from the general public for thousands of years this is what all of the distractions are for all of the distractions out there and the useless information and the disinformation and all the COINTELPRO stuff that goes on is all to ultimately keep this information information from reaching the public's eyes and ears this is what they don't want you to know hopes at the deepest fundamental level will be getting into it on the other side I'm your host mark passio you are listening to what on earth is happening don't go anywhere folks [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone who are listening to what on earth is happening on your host mark passio I'd like to direct everyone's attention to my website what on earth is happening dot-com there you will find a few images on the radio show tab of the website that contained concepts that we'll be going over today on the show that's coming up in a few moments in this segment I want to talk about a few things before we actually get into the the meat of the topic which is the general principles of natural law here today and that is the fact that this is the occult information that is being hidden from the general population by the the d'arco cultists of the world and this is the information that ultimately they don't want anyone receiving because this is the most empowering information that anyone can receive and that's what I'm attempting to do here today is to begin really breaking open the floodgates we can talk about the problems of the world until we're blue in the face you know but ultimately it's about solutions and this is the ultimate solution this is the solution upon which all of the other actual practical actions that we can take are predicated upon this is the foundation upon which those solutions are built if you have no actual deep cognitive understanding if you have no actual comprehension of natural law principles than any action that you take is ultimately for it's in vain really it's it's not for any actual purpose that can truly serve us as a species in any way that will bring about anything that resembles true freedom so that's what our goal is and therefore to move toward that goal we need a firm foundation in the principles of natural law the second thing I want to mention here is that with last week's podcast I posted a bunch of books and pamphlets so if you go to the podcast page a with show number 73 which was the beginning of our discussion on natural law as a solution oriented approach to the problems of humanity I posted documents like Aquinas on Liberty which is a phenomenal short essay written by someone named Aquinas on the principles of natural law and how chaos basically enters into our society and remains with us until we become enlightened to these principles I posted wisdom from just about every tradition that is out there the Buddhist tradition from the free Masonic tradition wisdom from the founding fathers of this country including Thomas Paine a great book called the end of all evil by Jeremy Locke which I think everyone should read very simple practical principles contained in that book the wisdom of the Hermetic tradition from a book known as the Chi ba Lian which as I've said is a very good primer for the understanding of natural law and many other documents up there so avail yourself of this information go to work read folks read read read read I can't stress that enough reading is the path to cognitive liberty it really is and there's a wealth of information out there it's at our fingertips like never before in human history it's at our fingertips so avail yourself of this knowledge and put it to good use so tons of documents on show number 73 perhaps I'll post a few more this week so one other thing I want to talk about before we get started is a gentleman I believe called up a couple of weeks ago at the very end of the show and we ran out of time he basically asked me what my I guess you could say what my tradition is or where my teachings are derived or you know I guess what my background in this esoteric knowledge is the perspective or the the take that I have on this where it comes from I guess you could say and I'd like to really address this a little bit because I think people get too hung up on where certain information comes from versus the actual resonance with truth that it has and how it can actually help us in the really big picture sense okay so my take on this is it doesn't matter where truth what tradition it is derived from and how I would respond to that is that the teachings that I put forward on this show are not derived from any one specific tradition in particular they are derived from an integral approach meaning that a bit is taken from everywhere I don't limit what I study I study the traditions of the Western mystery traditions I study Commission or ancient Egyptian mystery tradition I study ancient esoteric Freemasonry I study the original esoteric forms of Christianity I study Eastern Buddhism and Daoism I study the hermetic arts that are older than the Egyptian tradition even and then have been preserved through that tradition and then carried into ancient Greece and other places and I think the main thing to keep in mind here is you can pull wisdom from any tradition that's out there you take what resonates and what is capable of doing good and leave the rest okay so this information could come from Kabbalah this information can come from Rosicrucianism it doesn't make a difference where it's coming from it makes a difference whether it's true and whether it's in harmony with natural law that's what is of utmost importance because that is what is actually dictating and creating our experience here the quality of our experience and that's what this is all about is trying to help people improve the manifested quality of their experience on earth through harmony with the principles of nature that's ultimately what this entire show is about because we've gone so far off of that path of harmony with natural law that we are creating a completely chaotic society and I mean chaos in a in a bad way and in the sense that this form of learning learning this information has become exceedingly difficult sometimes what many might consider next to impossible because of how many calcified ideas that are completely erroneous have been hammered into us through the methods of mind control and that we're so reluctant through fear to abandon these outmoded ideas so that's what I'm attempting to help that process that's what I'm here to do help to put that process in motion to help people to let go of the outmoded outdated belief systems that no longer serve us and to get back to a deep understanding of natural law principles okay so when we come back I want to talk about one tradition in particular which many will recognize as one of the foundations of the principles of natural law which we're going to discuss today and that's the Hermetic tradition we'll do that on the other side of the break you're listening to what on earth is happening stay with us folks [Music] [Music] all right folks were back this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio today on the show we are talking about the principles of natural law and some of the things that I'm going to be discussing on the show today many will recognize from hermeticism the Hermetic tradition which as I've already said predates ancient Egypt and goes right back to the dawn of antiquity of our species and it is preserved knowledge this lamp of of knowledge this lamp of wisdom has been kept lit by initiates throughout the centuries sometimes at the cost of their own lives in extraordinarily dark times darker than even the times we're living in today where one would have been basically murdered for even possessing or attempting to communicate this type of knowledge so we live in a very unique time of opportunity it should be seen as a time of opportunity that this information is free-flowing and able to be effectively communicated for those who wish to receive it so the word hermetic means sealed basically hermetically sealed we use it as in modern kalokhe colloquial English and this is because this relates directly with a topic that we talked about last week that natural law is inherent it has a basis in nature okay it is eternal it is always like this as long as the universe that we're living in exists these are foundational laws that you upon which our universe is built okay they are boundary conditions for this universe this universe is governed by law and I can't do anything to make anyone accept that truth that's an eternal truth that is always here regardless of what anyone thinks about it and no one can be made or forced to accept it they can only continue to go along in their folly until they suffer enough and then finally hopefully through that suffering they will come to their own discovery of these principles these principles however are known and have been known I'm not the first I won't be the last there's nothing special about me for having discovered this information it's something that has always been here and always will be here again for as long as this universe exists that's the first basic thing I want to say about the the tradition from which the conveyance of this information comes from ok the second thing is the Hermetic tradition is named after Hermes ok a messenger of the gods of the ancient world he is also associated with the Egyptian Thoth the scribe of the gods in the Roman tradition so Hermes or Hermes Trismegistus is the messenger of this information of natural law ok he's not the Creator God ok the the be-all end-all of the force of creation he is the conveyance through which the discovery of natural law comes that brings the knowledge of that creative force ok in the Roman tradition he was known as mercury and again this is associated with the planet Mercury because he is the closest to the Sun which is seen as a center of spiritual insight and vision associated with light the light of the Creator ok so mercury is the first planet orbiting the Sun he is also it is also the planet with the fastest orbit of any other planet around the Sun I believe it's about 7 approximately 79 days it is one of its years sunny 79 Earth days is one of Mercury's years meaning it makes a complete revolution about the Sun in 79 days so therefore mercury was also seen as the closest to the Sun therefore the one who is conveying the knowledge or the light the most directly therefore he was considered a Messenger of God God's son etc okay people have often asked does the word hermit derived from hermetic I don't think it directly per se derives from that but I think there is a synchro mystic connection to the word hermit if you look at the Tarot tradition and the tarot card number nine of the Trump's of the Major Arcana we've looked at this in the past on this show that is the Hermit card and he holds the lamp of wisdom he is setting off he wears a grey robe and he is setting off on a path of self-discovery okay he knows that he is in spiritual darkness but has the desire to go forth and discover the principles of natural law the secrets of nature if you will that which has been occulted from us because one they are these are non-physical laws okay so they're they're more difficult to see when we are only relying upon our physical senses for the intake of information and not our intuitive nature our intuition okay secondly they're hidden by earthly forces because those in possession of this knowledge as I've already said wish to keep this knowledge from people to wield it as a weapon against them those who are in ignorance of these principles are at a distinct disadvantage to those who know them and may wish to use that information as a power differential and that's what the dark occult is the dark Oh cultists have this information they know it well they know it in fullness and yet they actually use it as a weapon against people who they attempt to keep an ignorant of these principles because the knowledge of these principles is personal empowerment that's why I'm presenting it as the main solution in our solutions oriented approaches toward recovering human freedom and letting it actually flower and come to a fuller expression all right so that's what the term hermetic at least as I see it we truly means and yes it is related with the Hermit not only because he is the seeker of truth and the seeker of natural law knowledge but because in the ancient war old this information certainly would have that the search for this information certainly would have made you somewhat of a hermit because they had a lot more difficult of a time than we do folks with accessing this type of information today you can go online type anything you want to know and you'll have it on your screen in in moments they would have basically died for that level of capability of learning and imagine only twenty years ago how hard knowledge was to come by you would have had to walk or drive or bike to a library and then go through a card catalog try to find the book okay by topic or author then locate it in the large space of the library and then go and hope that that book was present and it wasn't checked out and that you would be able to sit with it for a while or check it out of the library and take it home and people who wanted knowledge they needed to do that back then now it's as easy as a few keyboard strokes and information pops up on a screen in front of you in the ancient past it was even more difficult you might have had a journey for weeks or even months to get to the location where knowledge was housed or to speak with teachers who were in possession of that knowledge and it was a journey of love it was a labor of love in order to do that and again since some of this knowledge was forbidden at that time it was a risk to one's own life one's own life and limb was at risk for even seeking out that knowledge and certainly for attempting to communicate it an even darker times in human history than we live in right now so again we need to see this as an opportunity that this occult knowledge now has the ability to come into the light of day become do coltd and be used as a form of personal empowerment for our species and unfortunately very sadly we're also living in a time where many people don't want this knowledge and want to do anything they can to reject it or to stay outside of its scope and remain in the so they don't have the responsibility of helping to change our world for the better we'll pick this up on the other side of the break and we will be getting into a couple of phone calls so callers hold on the line and we'll also be getting into our discussion of natural law principles on the other side you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the oracle Broadcasting Network stay with us folks [Music] okay folks we are back on what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio today talking about natural law principles here on the show and before the break we were talking about one of the traditions from which some of these principles are derived from which they were carried in the ancient past how difficult that was to do at darker times in human history when this knowledge was even more outlawed than it is now if you could even imagine that so what I would like to do right now to begin this topic of discussion is to talk about initiation because that's ultimately also what this show is about the initiation into hidden knowledge and the reasons for initiations for undertaking it how we need to set the ego aside in order to do that how the underlying drive for wisdom must be based in a deep desire for truth and a deep desire for harmony with natural law principles in order to create true order in the world not this fake controlled order that the dominators of this planet want to see come about and it is it already here to a large extent but it has to be done because we truly resonate with truth okay and the ego can't be there in order to do that because the ego is always going to be saying what's in it for me what's in it for me what's in it for me okay and we see all too many false teachers like that out there you know who are always about what's in it for them versus whether this is actually going to help our species evolve in consciousness okay so there is a book that I posted with last week's podcast called the stellar man the stellar man by john baines and i'd like to read a quote about the initiation into the mystery traditions that john baines writes in the book the stellar man so i'm going to take most of this segment to do that this is called a message from isis as we talked about last week isis is the goddess of higher consciousness of love of natural law of the Sacred Feminine wisdom in other words wisdom meaning actually acting upon knowledge when it is right when it is moral when it is in keeping with natural law ok so this is called a message from Isis I Isis mistress of the mysteries of nature speak to you you novice who seeks to go through the gates of initiation and you laymen who will read with idle curiosity calm your spirit clear your mind calm your emotions get away from worldly noises and look for shelter under the mantle of your own self so you may cross the threshold that leads to the abode of the magician's with no danger cast away your prejudices shed your egotism flee from personalism and rashness for an instant analyze with serene eyes do not fear aught but yourself do not doubt but that which you analyze superficially do not deny before meditating separate yourself from the multitude that obscures your ideas be yourself and think for yourself do not limit yourself you seeker of wonder you candidate for initiation do not look into the distance gather all your energy within yourself forget about India and Tibet do not cry out for God Allah or Jesus what you look for is right where you are at this moment yes stop looking toward the outside and bury your sight deeply within yourself tune your perceptions sharpen your senses and there in the center of your being are you your eye your real essence the truth behind lies the immortal energy that gives life to the clay that is you look with devotion and reverence because there is light and the light that blinds you is God listen to how it decrees I am the road and the life but beware you cannot contemplate God face to face without dying are you willing to continue I can grant you a great gift I offer you death do not tremble this death is the gift of the Immortals it is the gift of the Phoenix that is gloriously reborn from its own ashes to be one must not be to be born and to be one must first die if you achieve this you will be called the twice-born do not scorn my offer consider it carefully it is better to die now than to live awaiting death do not believe that if you reject me you will be able to continue your path unharmed on the contrary all paths lead to me ignorant or Fionn who does not know its parents you only have two paths either I devour you or you unite with me yours and only your's is the choice if you decide to be devoured fully dedicate your life to enjoyment drink the last drop from the cup of pleasure close your mind to the voice of your spirit abandon yourself to the Beast and enjoy the sensual pleasures of matter thus when you are least aware the moment of final cannibalism will arrive do you really believe that I will take pity on you you deceive yourself I have no feelings I am beyond pleasure and pain beyond right and wrong I am like the Sun that rises in the morning to light everything equally after your death you will become only remains and a relic afterwards not even that if you desire to marry me you must be ready to suffer the death of initiation you must pass the trials the terrible Sphinx will send you without mercy in order to judge your spiritual courage and the quality of your nature I surrender myself only to he who has reached the stage of crucifixion resisting the attacks of the four elements I love only those who have drunk from the cup of bitterness of betrayal of ridicule and mockery of persecutions of slander and of defamation I love the initiative persisted with courage suffering the loneliness of the Spirit in the midst of a world of animals you come to me after experiencing slander and defamation which are the specific trials of the element of air after blows and persecution the trials of the element of Earth after sensual temptation and vices which are the trials of the element of water and after dominating uncontrolled ambitions which are the trials of fire this quarter naree pon stew each of the ends of the cross to which one who came to me was nailed Jesus Christ nevertheless others even greater have lived and live in secret no one knows of their existence because it is better for their work do not believe that in the world there exists only the once born and the twice born unfortunately the once and a half born and the aborted ones also exist beware not to be taken in by their convincing lies and Makaveli in language these beings live neither in this world nor the next they are neither initiates nor laymen but imitators of masters semi sages sewers with unclean hands the followers of dead scrolls and black magicians who covet me and boast of my love when they are not even worthy of my smile some may wear saris or tunics others collars and aprons others the Rosicrucian attire some proclaim themselves the only possessors of the truth believing that they actually possess this monopoly all of them claim my friendship but our only beggars who plead to me for crumbs of wisdom you do not achieve second birth by standing on your head or meditating nor in the coffin of purely symbolic ceremonies nor by good works with the grace of the Holy Spirit if you descent disdain me receive my blessings and continue on your road destined to be food for the gods I will pause right there we'll pick this up on the other side there's two paragraphs remaining you're listening to what on earth is happening folks don't go anywhere [Music] we're back folks this is what on earth is happening I'm your host Marc patio my website what on earth is happening calm we are beginning a look at the general principles of natural law here on the show today and I was reading a quote a few paragraphs from the book called the stellar man the stellar man s te ll AR as in of the stars okay the stellar man by john baines it's actually posted to my website as a PDF document on podcast number 73 on the podcast page of what on earth is happening calm we were reading a quote we were reading a segment from a part of his book the stellar man called a message from Isis Isis of course the goddess of wisdom the goddess of natural law okay the goddess of love energy so we were talking about that she was talking about that there are false teachers out there black magicians who want this knowledge for themselves who come to it for egoic purposes not to really truly teach humanity how to come up in consciousness and better themselves and create a world filled with more freedom not more enslavement okay so there's two paragraphs left I'm gonna go back to this reading and then we'll jump in to a couple of phone calls so here we go continuing with a message from Isis she says if you disdain me receive my blessings and continue on your road destined to be food for the gods not all can be men some can only be animals or worse vegetables if you come to me through curiosity think twice it is easy to be rash with what one does not know if you are not brave enough turn back shield yourself with your vanity and your pride can tent yourself to look down at the ground like your kin if you are not prepared do not aspire to see my face unfortunate is he who possessed by animal greed or misguided curiosity contemplates only my reflection as he will never forget me and will die tormented by the desire to possess me if you are prepared if you have eyes to see and ears to hear if your intention is pure and Noble proceed without discouragement and know that from the moment you cross the threshold of the occult abode I will be anxiously awaiting you like the young bride for her first love seek and you will find do not pray to the gods fight for me that is extraordinarily powerful ladies and gentlemen a message from the goddess and I believe that's almost like a channeled message from the deepest subconscious recesses of the Sacred Feminine force itself that mr. Hains there was almost a channeling through automatic writing that's what I believe that came from that came from a place beyond the brain even beyond the heart of a human being that came from the deep recesses of nature herself which that individual had to somehow get in touch with to bring something like that forward that's natural law speaking it's message to us and beseeching us don't continue to go down the road you're on it leads nowhere it leads to destruction and that's it that's all there really is we choose in the natural law path or we choose the path of chaos and destruction okay so I'll leave that there and I want to direct everyone to the site and to the images up there because I'm going to actually now start looking into some of the principles we'll do that we I think I have a couple of callers on the line we do let's do that first we'll go to the calls then we'll jump into this because I'm interested to hear from some people and see what they have to say on what's already been said here so here we go caller live on what on earth is happening oh I was wondering if you're familiar with terence mckenna's work Oh Terence Mckenna he is actually my favorite team are you familiar with them linguistic diseases linguistic diseases yeah um specifically what kind well it's a it's a vague term it's one of it's a term that chance we can I use this for people that are in epistemological part tools okay his own words basically but certain like cultural belief systems and um other stuff like that I believe causes certain linguistic diseases like well for example in South America the there's a tribe that um they have a linguistic disease that's that the the symptoms of the linguistic disease are bad luck okay I I'm trying to I was wondering this beautiful like possibly that you were a victim of these linguistic diseases through such indoctrinations into Freemasonry and exedra no not at all I have not been indoctrinated in any specific belief system that's what I was trying to say I don't have a tradition or a set of beliefs I try to go through the different traditions that are out there and into it it seemed like you had trouble describing that Isis story that you were just saying I also described most both truth often found in fewer words I was I wasn't really prescribing anything I was reading a passage from a book that is posted to my site now I mean after you read it you were like this is slow above but really if it was from anyway it would be from the spirit world and it seems like you had trouble like summing that up but that's I believe that's basically what I've said it came from the deep recesses of nature herself that is nature herself is different though than from the generic term for the spirit world you're talking about a goddess of nature it's a civic you symbol you're taking things well I don't think you remember certain things that Terence Mckenna said about nature like nature is very like an alchemy nature is uh it's very like abrasive like like it dissolves things like if you live in the jungle you're not gonna be able to have books for very long because they're gonna get eaten by that well this is what is said by that message of Isis that she doesn't have things that it is law herself this is something about to give people the idea that it doesn't require our peace but you don't the mystery schools that's their doctrine and when you're speaking that you're speaking an incantation that's affecting the minds of the listeners well sir it sounds it sounds like that you've already made up your mind about what is actually taking place and you think that there's no such thing as positive hidden teachings that can benefit humanity I would suggest that that is a form of indoctrination and deciding to put your own consciousness into a box and not look outside of limited indoctrinated belief systems that it sounds like you subscribe to and like I said I don't have a religion I don't have something that holds me back which is the definition of the word religion if you want to look into linguistics look into the actual etymology of that word okay because the religions that are out there which I see this is where this was leading to is are all created by the d'arco cultists and I've been over this on the show many many times so if that's where you want to stay go right ahead I personally want to look past all of those deceptions all of those limitations for consciousness and try to get to the truth of the workings of nature itself because that's how one grows in consciousness that's how one truly prospers and that's how one evolves spiritually so let's go to another call there we go okay there's the intro music for this break we'll pick up with more of your calls on the other side you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network we'll be right back folks [Music] we're back folks this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark Cassio my website what on earth is happening calm today on the show we're talking about the general principles of natural law we'll be outlining them and beginning to get into them I don't know how far through that we'll get we'll probably pick that up next week because I'm really going to unpack them slowly and attempt to delve into them in a lot of detail so you know the last caller you know I believe is typical of people who are in a fearful mind state unfortunately who think that all knowledge that is contained within the occult world is evil they've bought into the mind control of words exactly what he was talking about the mind control of words is relating one word to another with it with a with another concept without that actually being the real meaning or definition of that word so you equate by repetition the word occult with evil okay when in fact all the word occult means as we've said so many times on this show that it's almost sickening all occult means is hidden that's it it comes from the latin verb occult are a meaning to hide or to conceal or to keep hidden and therefore it is creating a dichotomy in the person's mind yes they want good things they're not evil by their nature and so you've equated the word occult with the word evil in their perception therefore they don't want to look into it because they see it as a bad thing and in doing so in refusing to look at it they're remaining in the ignorance of all of the principles that the d'arco cultists already know and are using against them to keep them as a slave and we're to psychologically immature to realize this and grow up and do our own studies in our own research and go wherever the truth leads because we're kept confined by these systems of control called religious beliefs and that's all they're there for and I'm telling you who created these systems the Satanists and dark Luciferians controlled those systems just for you they created those systems they created those systems so that you would not look into the knowledge that they possess and know the same information the same knowledge that your owners have and are using to keep you in a cage let's go to another call here we go caller you're on what on earth is happening please talk about or ask questions related to natural law principles if if you will that's the topic for discussion specifically today thank you well yes you're live on the air okay hi this is Chris how are you doing I'm pretty good how are you good yeah I'm good yeah I like that Isis thing that you are called it it's pretty pretty good I I started with Tarot - okay and uh and I actually ever I'm actually drawing my own cards from from the actual cards that's great make my own copy I think that's an exercise that can really help somebody to gain a deep understanding of the concepts that are contained within the Tarot tradition so that's pretty good that that tells me you've probably studied it enough that you want to gain some more insight through actually making your own deck yep yep it's very good good stuff yeah with natural law like just want give them like an example that far-gone we are like on the radio like like on a like advertisements or whatever the radio host said that you have to ask permission from the government to plant the cart unbelievably thank you yeah that does show you how far gone we are from the principles of natural law unfortunately well sorry I think for the call we're out of time on this segment this was a short segment we'll be picking it up on the other side of this break don't go anywhere folks stay with us this is what on earth is happening [Music] [Music] okay we're back folks you're listening - what on earth is happening here on the Oracle Broadcasting Network I'm your host mark passio natural laws the topic of discussion for today's show we're going to be delving into the principles of natural law we have a couple other callers on the line so let's go to the phones caller you're live on what on earth is happening what do you have for us here today hello yes you're live on the air sir oh hi mark my name's Chad I'm calling from Germany a couple things I want to say I read that this book you listed on your site stellar theology and Masonic astronomy yes that was amazing yes all natural theology I believe yes this was amazing you know I can't look at religion and these things the same way ever because this book just breaks it down shows how it all relates to the stars and you know I feel trick you know well at least you're awake to it now sir and you have to understand that that's that's only the intermediary veil that is walling you off from the real esoteric tradition that religion was supposed to be about conveying originally again you have to go deeper and get down to the allegory of self that this is actually really based upon okay well don't question all just Astro theology the Astro theology is actually a story about the self you listen to my podcast or on Astro theology I touch upon that sure but the reality is they're essentially lying to people and controlling them by altering the story in a way that people don't self-identify that's right you have you got it exactly that's exactly it and thanks and the other thing is you know that they blocked off the image of Sirius on Google Sky I did not but can you think of any reason the quote-unquote Illuminati would do this they don't that they they actually if you go to Google Sky you can't see an image of Sirius and the software no when you zoom into it they make covered it up like that like speck they do something in Photoshop with it cut a circle around it open it up you can't actually see it it's it's it's possible that they're they don't currently have in their database an image of resolution that you could zoom in that far I don't want to speak to something specifically when I I don't actually know that that's that's happening or that there's some kind of conspiracy to not have people be able to look at the star Sirius with any kind of magnification so I'll look into it myself and see and I can give you a report and see what I what I make of that but I don't know too much about that right now okay cool okay thanks so much and by the way I've been studying uh you know this kind of information spirituality my whole life and you know you've got you put out some of the best presentations ever so I'm very thankful for that I feel like you know a student wandering in the wild who finally found a good place to get some lessons so thank you very much well sorry thank you so much thanks for the the great compliment there and keep up your journey and your search for truth that's what it's all about okay thanks so much okay here we go Vicky in Winnipeg Vicky in Winnipeg you're live on what on earth is happening what do you have for us here today I work I just wanted to say I really enjoy your shows I have a couple inquiries and shortin and plus you've been a big help I just wanted to say that okay the first one would be I'm sort of confused about non-dualism yes do ality yes we're going to talk about that here today when we get into what is known as the principle of polarity which is one of the principles of natural law and how this is simply perceived polarities to have experiences here in the physical realm so we will be getting into that and going going forward into a detailed discussion on that when we get to the fourth general principle of natural law which is the principle of polarity okay so you'll probably I will talk to her at all now that we'll be answering that that concern hopefully all right and the other one is recently people I know have been in touch with the goddess Isis and they've been doing like moon rituals and like praying and some of this I'm I'm trying to accept it I'm very open I'm like okay well you can do what you do but at the same time it's like okay Vicki we want to find these crystal skulls and then save the world and then that gets me into like okay you're externalizing this yes that's exactly what that's exactly are doing they're externalizing something that is within again Isis's request at the beginning of that little channeled type of piece of channeled writing there was all about going within the answer doesn't lie out there the answer lies in here getting in touch with the true self is the way to help the understanding of natural law unfold within an individual and that's what her first request was that we go within that we not look outside and her final request was don't pray to the gods or seek anything outside of your self fight for me which means really go within understand natural law and then try to mate try to make that those natural law principles have roots here on the earth so them out there help them to grow on fertile soil meaning communicate this knowledge to other people and fight for the truth that's what she meant oh I see okay well then I'm kind of worried about my friends because they are like oh we have it all figured out and she's like I feel like Jesus right now like okay me to me that level of externalization is all about looking outside of oneself for answers and kind of abdicating personal responsibility I talk about the goddess principle I talk about Isis or would any of our many other names you could probably find 40 or 50 other names she was referred to in the ancient world but it's a symbol I don't I'm not worshipping an individual by any stretch of the imagination this is a symbol and it's a symbol of the the actual laws that govern this reality they are in place for our benefit our spiritual uplift and our evolution as a species and if we grasp them firmly in hand and in the mind and in the heart there's nothing we can't accomplish here you know it's some that the stars literally are the limit if we come to this understanding this spiritual understanding of natural law principles so the goddess to me represents a symbol and more importantly it represents an inner quality of the individual okay and I just learned symbols like can be whatever you really put meaning to them and they they take on a world of their own yes they can yeah that's that's like a meme an idea that takes root and and you know forms itself and you know basically then takes on a life of its own and there are some good positive memes and there's memes that don't serve us it's all about finding which of those entrenched ideas or ideas that are picking up steam are actually rooted in natural law and truth and going with those and then shedding the ones that aren't serving us because they're not really rooted in natural law and truth and if they're rooted in natural law everything else will just flow correctly I believe so okay all right well oh you're I'm just really thankful for everything that you've done and all the books I have to read now I don't know how I'm gonna this stuff I posted all my site is just a little taste I mean these are these are ones I went through fuck applied to the ideas I talked about pretty well and are not overly complicated or overly verbose and wanted to just give people a taste but there's so much more out there I want to thank you for the call so much we pick this up on the other side of the break folks don't go anywhere this is what on earth is happening [Music] [Applause] [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening on your host mark pass yet we have one more caller on the line so I'm gonna go to him or her and then I want to say a couple other things before we begin on packing these ideas so here we go caller you're live on what on earth is happening hello yes how are you month now and the topic of religion is very interesting I make a few notations and those yes let's go there I wanted to ask you because you seem to know a profound knowledge of things we wanted to ask you about the old and billions of Africa okay come over that came over to the new world doing food every time like what we have today in the Caribbean yes like that can you tell me more about that you know I don't have I don't have too much in depth knowledge about that specifically but what I can tell you is that the African continent has some of the oldest esoteric traditions in the world and I believe that this is truly the cradle of civilization here on the earth and ultimately that's why the Moorish legacy is so suppressed by the dominators of this planet I think of course Egypt was in Africa okay the traditions that actually predated Egypt that gave all of their knowledge to the ancient Egyptians were certainly from Africa these are this knowledge was exported over the Mediterranean into Greece and the Greek mystery traditions which is where a lot of the Hermetic tradition that I'm basically going to be talking about some of these laws where they derive from and or I should say the discoveries and then they were put down into in that tradition and then conveyed from from there from the the Greek mystery traditions but one of the most interesting places to look is in South and Central America where I believe some of these seafaring civilization I went across the Atlantic and settled in and even also across the Pacific from the Asian continent as well you look at the Olmec civilization of central Mexico which I had the pleasure to visit when Barb and I took a cross-country trip across Mexico and visited a ton of the ancient sites down there the Olmec civilization these are large stone heads that they placed there clearly have African features and they're not meso American facial features so I believe that this civilization was a global one and basically took its knowledge to the far corners of the earth and you know it's it's again it's this knowledge is is basically eternal it's here with us it's always been here with us it's ancient it's um it doesn't limit itself to any continent any culture to any civilization but specifically I believe the ancient African peoples were one of the carriers of this information let me ask you this magical and how come they they be fastened like this do any of them happen to be back to you now right they have gone this has gone through a swing I would recommend a book called the chalice and the blade by Rihanna Eisler it's an excellent discussion on the dichotomy between patriarchal and matriarchal societies and how we have undergone this pendulum swing from matriarchy to patriarchy certainly what we need is that perfect balance or blending between these so that there is no rulership except self rulership which is a blending internally within each one of us in our own psyche is between the masculine and feminine forces or the uniting of the chalice and blade and I'd recommend going back to some of the earliest podcasts that I've done where we talk about the human brain and the the sacred masculine and feminine qualities within each one of us and how the goal of higher consciousness is to unite those two forces within the individual now how come they say that binos cannot do or perform certain things within the Creed and males cannot perform certain things amongst accreted as well that has to do with the with the ark it definitely has to do with this split with this dichotomy that were undergoing and this schism between masculine and feminine energies and the polarity shifting toward the dominance of male energy this is why we say well females are more intuitive well as in the in the macrocosm the male dominators society wishes to suppress the intuitive energies because that's what we need to rely upon to really forge further discovery of truth okay so they're seeking that heat that feminine aspect that sacred feminine aspect suppressed so it's a reflection okay but in these now or has that has been from the beginning of time I'm thinking I would say not since the beginning of time I would say it's been this way for what in my estimation I would consider tens of thousands of years and and we need we need to work diligently to bring this back to a place of balance not to get it to shift toward the other opposite extreme but to bring it to the middle point and that middle point really is ultimately about balancing those energies within ourselves see we stopped doing that work and taking the responsibility to do that work within ourselves and that's why you see these extremes of polarities between dominating energies whether they be them the female dominant were in our case now in the current civilization in the male dominant variety so it's all about balancing the internal aspects of each one of us which is called the chemical wedding bringing these forces together in a synergy okay and we're going to specifically be talking about in future weeks brain balancing techniques as a solutions oriented approach the problems that were undergoing in our civilization because this is something that many people ask me to do specifically address the one brain hemispherical dominance versus another and how we can bring that to to centeredness or to balance and that's ultimately also what this is all about it's about that finding that balance point between those energies within ourselves so I want to really thank you for the great call brought up a lot of great points so please kind of spin in the name of the book that deals with the stars in relation to the religion yeah he was talking about stellar theology and Masonic astronomy and I the author's name just escapes my my mind right now if you go to my podcast page okay and you look at the podcasts that I did on Astro theology Astro theology okay you will see that in somewhere in in that section about religion and Astro theology I posted a whole bunch of books in PDF format one of them is called a stellar astrology and Masonic astronomy I believe or something to that effect and that's the book that that gentleman was referring to that talks about how religion is based upon Astro theology okay sometime explain to us the seasons between the left and the right man hemisphere yes that is done I would recommend ma'am that you go to the early podcasts on my podcast page and we've covered that topic in quite some detail in the earlier podcast you'll see the the human brain the triune brain the polarities all of that is actually discussed there in the earlier podcast I recommend actually going back to podcast number one and catching up all the way through from where the point where you started listening to the to the show and you'll see that it unfolds in a very orderly progression at least I have attempted to make it an orderly progression for people to gain an understanding of what's actually going on so I want to thank you for the call and that's all the time we have for in this segment so in the next segment I know we've done a lot of building to this point we're going to start breaking down the actual general principles of natural law in the last half hour of the show and then we'll pick this up next week folks so a lot of build-up to it but we're going to actually get into the meat of the matter because this is stuff it takes a while to unpack so stay with us don't go anywhere we'll be right back looking for new [Music] you won't stop us in conveying the deepest held occult knowledge that has been used to control this world for thousands of years no matter what is threatening because this is the truth of how this realm operates and how possessing the knowledge of natural law we can create a future that we can scarcely dream of right now in comparison to how things are right now and I mean for the better without the kind of self-inflicted suffering that we see all around us and yes these will be heady topics and abstract topics and you know as I said before I think I do a fairly decent job of unpacking these topics in some detail and doing it in an orderly way and in a progression that helps people to understand them but you know I'm not infallible you know I don't always explain every single concept the the best way it can be I do my best I'm not reading from a script here ladies and gentlemen like a lot of the newsreaders the repeaters out there on TV are I'm speaking from the heart okay so you know a lot of people want to hear the most eloquent perfectly structured language you know that is spoken in pleasing term pleasing tones but that isn't my style it's rough its raw it's from the heart and it's done with the in the best way that I know how to do it and that's it so you know if you want those pleasing tones spoken with the beautiful eloquent language and you know appealing to all of your delicate sensibilities then go watch the nightly news where will they'll give you a world of lies that will keep you in a prison cell for the rest of your existence and then some so you know most people want sound byte information conveyance they don't want topics unpacked with any depth you know they want they want you know say it as quick as possible with his least information possible because that's all I have time for well then the path of true wisdom isn't for you and I'd suggest going elsewhere okay that doesn't mean that we need to be overly verbose either we need to get straight to the point and tell it like it is but do it in a way that it can be deeply understood by someone so part of it is you know when we get into this specifically the topic of natural law I guarantee you people will be coming out of the woodwork because when you know as they say when you're over the target you get the flack okay this is what the occultists don't want known these general principles and more than that they don't want the actual expressions of how natural law works known to anyone they want more chaos erupting through the ignorance of natural law because the more we ignore it and the more we trounce on other people's natural law rights the more chaos erupts into this realm and that's what the dominators want because they want to manage that chaos so that they come out in control it's very simple so let's begin the unpacking of the general principles of natural law as we said last week when we started the introduction of this topic natural law is inherent it has a basis in nature in reality and in truth it's not made or caused by humanity its pre-existing it was here before we were here okay it's an existing condition that is binding means we're bound by it whether we like it or not nature's laws are not up for debate they're also not dependent on belief okay then they don't require our belief in order to exist and operate they are immutable meaning that they are unchanging as long as the universe exists these principles and the ways that these laws operate will also exist it's up to us to discover them accept them as boundary conditions for our growth and development they are not prison conditions this place is not a prison cell as the dark occultists believe and would like to have other people believe it is a construct for spiritual experience okay and just because these conditions are immutable doesn't mean they're punishments they are guidelines to have a peaceful and prosperous existence in this realm so last week we said that natural law is ultimately expressed through seven basic principles which were going to begin to unpack today and then continue to unpack next week principles mean first things they means the most important things the things that values are based upon or that they should be based upon the things we consider important and valuable and that we put first before anything else those who know and adhere to these principles possess the key to unlock the prison cell door that's it that's what we're looking for here we want the key the magic master key that unlocks all the locks on all the doors on all the cage cell doors that's what we're looking for that key to true freedom and the understanding of the principles of natural law is that very key and through that key the wisdom of this universe is unveiled unto us and ultimately if you really get down to it as we said already this is truly deep knowledge of self of the true self the higher self the spiritual self it's independent of belief I put a couple of slides up on the on the images section that talk about belief being irrelevant to an understanding and a deep comprehension of natural law natural law doesn't care about whether you believe in it as that reading toward Isis said I don't you think I have feelings in the way that you understand feelings this is these are law principles that's it you know it's like you break them and there are consequences that's it people have called this many different things karma is one of the big that it's been called throughout the ages okay so I have a slide image number five on the website today is a natural law also known as what would have people attributed this collection of laws and called it you know they've they've basically given it simplifying names in the past they've called it the law of cause and effect this is simply one of its principles but people have attributed so much importance to that one aspect of it that they've simply called natural law cause and effect okay meaning that effect the manifestation of what actually occurs invariably follows a prime cause something that set that manifestation into motion okay so effect invariably follows a cause there must be a cause for there to be effect in manifestation this has also been said in a scientific way that for every action there exists an equal and opposite reaction there's a reason for everything nothing is by chance there are no accidents there are no true coincidences there are reasons that things are the way that they are and those reasons can be discovered it's also been called natural law has also been called the law of attraction by many people this is popular in the new-age research community but it's also a very good way of looking at it that we attract what we put out into the universe the universe is an intelligent field an intelligent interactive field through which we experience things learn and grow and what we put into that field is what the field actually becomes and then rearranges and reorganizes itself and then displays back to us so it's showing us at all times where we are like a gigantic mirror I said last week jokingly I could come on here you want really quick a real quick lesson and something that doesn't require much unpacking at all if words you know too many words uh make you nervous well natural law is a gigantic mirror good night that's it that's what you really need to understand that's what the intelligent field oh that's all around us that we're a part of not just around us we're in it that's what it is it's a huge mirror so the energy that you wouldn't that you put out is the energy that you attract unto yourself it's been also said that energy flows where our attention goes the quality of our attention dictates the quality of our experience how awake are we how conscious are we of these laws and their effects are we truly taking responsibility understanding that there are consequences to our behavior or are we just living unconsciously see because these laws are the ways we create the reality around us collectively it doesn't matter whether we're conscious of them or not it doesn't matter whether we believe in them or not they are in operation we are bound by them we are creating our experience through our adherence to them or our ignorance of them period the end the law of attraction has also stated the generative principle of as you think so you shall be showing the knowledge that thought is ultimately the basis for our experience for ending everything that ultimately manifests in this domain and it's also been called karma or moral law we'll look at that on the other side of the break and then we'll outline the natural law principles this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio stay with us like that folks [Music] we're back folks this is what on earth is happening final segment here today on this edition talking about natural law and some of the other forms that it is known as the the terminology that is often used one of them we were talking about before the break the law of attraction and there's this watered down version of the law of attraction that's popular in the new-age communities the New Age movement that is I believe a cul-de-sac for people to wander down aimlessly without a real deep understanding of what this true law of attraction really is and you know they appeal to the ego in order to do that getting people to think oh just you yourself are creating the collective reality and you know you the idea toward for learning this natural law is rooted in ego because you want things or you want money or you want success okay and that's completely you know in in worldly sense you want success and that that is completely the wrong way of looking at the law of attraction this is a watered down version variant of this teaching what the law of attraction is saying when it talks about as you think so you shall be they're talking about us collectively as our consciousness wanes and we don't really understand natural law and so we're deeply rooted in ego we are going to form together to co-create a more enslaved Society as our consciousness evolves and opens up and flowers and reaches higher and higher expressions and deeper understandings of natural law and the true rights of humanity and living beings everywhere well then so our society will evolve in a similar way and become more and more free that's what this means it's not doesn't mean that I individually mark pacion creating the manifested universe around me this is bunk this is utter nonsense and anybody that thinks of that as such is deluge you know and crazy because they think they're God you're not creating the universe you're a part of the universe you're in the universe okay we are collectively as a species creating the experience of our shared reality of the quality of our shared experience here on earth by how we think as a species that's what this means okay so another variant of the natural law principles is simply karmic law simply put karma over a Sanskrit word meaning action okay because our behaviors are based upon our thoughts and emotions and then we ultimately move them into an outward expression or an outward manifestation called our actions or our behavior and that's what actually creates the reality that we experience that's why action is so important in this dynamic it's the most important thing that's why our actions must be in keeping in harmony with natural law principles and if they're not we create chaos or in other words we reap what we sow okay again the field of energy the dynamic living create a field of energy that we exist in will restructure and reorganize itself according to the laws that was created through to give us the experience that we have chosen and we fully deserve based on how we think feel and act it's it's actually quite simple it's almost laughable you could put it in such simple terms do good things good things will happen your quality of your experience will be good do bad things bad things will happen and the ultimate quality of your experience will be bad it's so simple it's laughable and people complicate it and want to make it into something that it's not but ultimately that's how natural law works at the very easiest first grade level of understanding it very simple not complex really easy from our current mind controlled conditions to understand and live in harmony with no not easy simple yes easy is a whole different ballgame where we've the corner we've worked ourselves into right now that we've painted ourselves into I'd say the understanding and living in harmony with natural law may be quite hard or difficult it may require a lot of courage we're considering where we're at collectively as a species right now and ultimately natural law can be summed up in another very brilliant synthesis which a master teacher in a way that a master teacher put it and this is do unto others as you would have done unto yourself or what is simply known as the Golden Rule and because that is the path to higher consciousness that way of living in the world of being in the world is the path to alchemical spiritual gold that's that's all of the riches that we ever need or could ever want in the spiritual kingdom hey you will have gold if that's how you live that's why it's called the golden rule so let's take a look at the actual general principles of natural law the principle of mentalism is principle number one principle number two is called the principle of Correspondence number three the principle of vibration and we one pack these one at a time probably over the next week or two okay the principle of polarity is principle number four as a former caller called in and asked about I will be unpacking polarity I did this before but we'll be doing it again maybe even in some more detail okay principle number five of natural law is the principle of rhythm rhythm principle number six is known as the principle of cause and effect again something we've already looked at and that many people attribute as the very deepest basis for natural law and call natural law that cause and effect okay so that's principle number six and finally the seventh is known as the principle of gender gender so a good place to start again is at the very beginning number one the principle of mentalism we've already begun talking about this a little here today that our thoughts are the essence of our experience the foundational basis the creative essence or what in different mystery school traditions has been referred to as the generative principle our thoughts in combination with our emotions these are the unseen qualities that go on within the individual what we think and how we feel combined form the womb for the creative experience of the manifested reality that we all share because that's what we're basing the child the child aspect of consciousness the male child actions or behavior the thing that we actually do in the world the external solar masculine force that we exert into the actual field of energy in which we are living and that's what ultimately becomes the experience collectively okay so the thoughts are of primary importance what that doesn't mean we should downplay behavior that we should downplay feeling these are all part of it there are they shall be given equal importance but the the emanation if you will the actual essence of that expression comes from the thoughts okay this is why the Egyptian god Thoth okay he was named after thought his name okay he is the one of the creator gods or the scribe of the creator of gods actually okay he is bringing the understanding of natural law in through the mind and this principle is not just about how our thoughts in human form create the shared reality that we experience at a fundamental level but it's about how the entire universe is a mental construct it is indeed the thoughts of the mind of the Creator itself the creative force had to have a thought in order for this construct that we call three dimensional space-time reality to exist and then express that through the third principle the principle of vibration speaking the universe into existence vibratory energy came into being but there had to be a thought a prime causal factor before that occurred consciousness itself pre-exists everything that is of form that's the principle of mentalism the mind is all consciousness is all that's all we have time for here today folks stick around Chris Everard is up next we'll see here next week on what on earth is happening [Music] you