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freedom mat that's what it's all about [Music] [Laughter] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you are listening to what on earth is happening right here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio this show is live every Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. East Coast time today is Sunday December 4 December 4th 2011 my web site what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website Oracle broadcasting calm and we have a fantastic show lined up for you here today because we are going to be interviewing two very special guests Yann Irvin of gnostic mediacom and Trivium education comm will be joining us for the entire two hours today and we are going to be joined in the second hour by Bob Tuscan another host right here on the Oracle Broadcasting Network and uh Bob Tuscan site is bob tuscan comm of course he's going to be joining us in our number two so we got a packed show coming up here for you today on what on earth is happening before we get to our guests in the next next segment I want to read a couple of quick event announcements and give the call-in number because we will be taking your calls toward the the later part of the second hour of the show today so if you want to call in and get in the queue that would be a good idea to do to us so that we can take your calls later on so the networking social for truth freedom prosperity is coming up here in Philadelphia truth freedom prosperity of course a great activist group that I work with here in Philadelphia and they have their year-end networking social every year this year it's going to be this coming Friday December 9 2011 at 7 o'clock p.m. at media Bureau Studios where we have the free documentary screening and discussion evening on the last Wednesday's of every month media bureau of course is at the corner of 4th and Brown streets here in Philadelphia in the Northern Liberty section so come on out to truth freedom prosperities here and networking social and meet a lot of freedom minded activists in the Philadelphia area for more information on this group visit their website at truth freedom prosperity org now we just had as I said the documentary night this past Wednesday and it was the most successful one that we've had at media bureau thus far just a packed house standing room only it was great to see so many new faces out and I hope that trend continues as people continue to wake up one other very brief announcement people will notice some very slight user interface changes to the what on earth is happening website I upgraded the content management system this week and I had to make a new template for the site I tried to make it as similar as possible what I added a couple of visual enhancements just the very subtle changes so there shouldn't be any functionality changes but if anyone does notice any problems or difficulties please send me an email and let me know so that's all the event announcements I have we're going to be coming back up after this break with our very special guest Jonathan from Gnostic media and Trillium education don't go anywhere ladies and gentlemen this is going to be a show you do not want to miss we'll be right back after these messages [Music] welcome back everyone you are missing tooth what on earth is happening Iran Oracle broadcasting I'm your host mark pass you know my website what on earth is happening calm the call-in number for the show I think I neglected to give it out in the last segment is eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again the call-in number eight six six eight four one one zero six five we'll be taking your calls in the second hour of the show tonight I'm getting ready to bring on our special guest so here we go Yann Irvin is the host of the popular Gnostic media podcast a show that focuses on utilizing the classical seven liberal arts of the Trivium and quadrivium bringing together leading independent and academic researchers to discuss ancient mysteries education politics economics and much more yawns websites our Gnostic Mediacom and Trivium education com welcome - what on earth is happening mr. Yan Irvin hi mark thanks and glad to be here it's a pleasure to have you uh you've been a big influence for me and your work with the Trivium it really stands out amongst people who research this important topic so why don't we start by having you um tell the listeners a little bit about your background and how you learned about the Trivium method and its vital importance in a real education well let's see my background a little bit I got into researching all of this I suppose originally I got into it through working with Jack Herer and the California hip initiative back in the early 90s and we worked on prop 215 for medical marijuana that helped to you know legalize medical marijuana here in California and now across a third of the country and Jack hers who led me into researching infusions in psychedelics or or psychedelics as they're commonly called and in 2000 December 2005 I published my first book Astro theology and Sean followed up with a DVD the farmer kradic Inquisition in 2007 and then my book the holy mushroom evidence of mushrooms in judeo-christianity in 2008 I got into researching the Trivium because in October 2008 I launched the Gnostic media podcast which was something that was sitting around and an idea that I had been working toward for about a year before I actually launched the show and it was at my first year anniversary of the show was when I first had Gino Denning on who was my or is my mentor in the Trivium and brought the information to me and because of my research in my book Astro theology and shamanism and all of the reoccurring sevens that that kept coming up in that research the seven ancient planets the seven chakras the seven stars of the Pleiades excuse me all of these sevens kept coming up including the seven liberal arts but I couldn't quite figure out at the time how to approach the topic for that book so when when Gino Denning approached me he had sent me an an email with the long description of what the Trivium was and and all of this stuff and sort of baited me with it to see if I would show interest and follow up with him which as soon as I saw his email and started going through it it was one of those epiphany moments of aha this is what I've been looking for and how to connect it all so I immediately emailed Gino Denning back and said and asked him if you would be able to present this information on my show which of course he replied and said that he would be which is now the famous Gino Denning Trivium quadrivium and Kabbalah series on the Gnostic media podcast episodes 49 50 and 51 that have really become the backbone of everything that we do at Gnostic media and for that matter at the tragedy and Hope website which is Richard Andrew groves and he runs the peace revolution podcast which you know we all contribute - so all of these things all of these projects that we've since taken up all incorporate the Trivium and quadrivium because it is the foundation of of gathering knowledge and understanding information removing the contradictions before you pass that information on to others so obviously this is essential to making sure that we're passing on clear and cogent information to others before or so that we don't infect our downline and we think that that is essential because so much of the media and information being distributed out there is is awash and misinformation and disinformation and just with things that people get on ideas that people get on a whim or that they channel without ever fact-checking anything and so we're trying to get people back to the core of verifying information before they pass it on to others sort of a mental antivirus system because bad information when you pass that on it's the same as passing on a virus and you waste everyone's time and your downline from there so we feel that it's essential to help people or empower people with the proper tools so that they can get through all of the nonsense out there in life that's being thrown at them all of the disinformation and be able to sort of find their way to through to you know and the Trivium being the lighthouse sort of in the darkness there that's a great point yan and i think one of the most important things to keep in mind is when you talk about removing the contradictions from information before passing along that's so important one of the best definitions for truth that I've ever heard anyone give is truth when taken into oneself is that which can do no harm so that's really what you're attempting to do with the Trivium method get people to basically boil information down to its core essence so that we can get at what is actually true remove the fallacies from that information and then in passing it along when other people take it into themselves they can do no harm with that information they can only generate order and good with that information exactly and go ahead yes no go ahead oh I was I wasn't sure if you wanted me to add something to that but yeah you're exactly you're exactly right on that the Trivium logic or grammar logic and rhetoric and in fact if people go to the Trivium education.com website they can see the Trivium logo there which is sort of a triangle with conte with truth in them in the middle surrounded by consciousness and what the Christians did and if you look at old Christian artwork and things like that they'll take the Trivium and the three points grammar logic and rhetoric and what they'll do is they'll put God in the middle rather than truth but we think that this really usurped the power of the Trivium because rather than looking for truth in and of itself you have to put your dogma your religious dogma before truth so by putting truth there we are looking for truth no matter what our predisposed dogmatic beliefs are and so which it forces us to or allows us to be able to question the veracity of certain things of religious beliefs and things like that whereas if we put God or Deus in the middle whatever it may be that prevents us from doing so because we think ah okay well I arrived at God and here's this Bible that tells me what to think from here so that's the end of my search and by by putting truth in the middle truth becomes the ultimate search rather than some predisposed religious belief I couldn't agree more and I think that's a great point so we here's the intro music for the next break stay with us we'll be right back after these words with our special guest Yann Irvin and our topic Trivium education don't go anywhere folks you are listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone I'm mark passio and this is what on earth is happening here on Oracle broadcasting our special guest today is Yann Irvin of gnostic mediacom and Trivium education comm we're talking today with Jana about the Trivium as part of our ongoing look into solutions that's what this is all about ladies and gentlemen solutions oriented approaches how do we need to shift our focus when it comes to teaching ourselves when it comes to true learning and a true classical education that is different from the indoctrination system that we've been given as part of the public school system here in the western world and in fact throughout the world for that matter so Yann you were one of the great speakers at the freer mine conference back in April you spoke on Sunday of a second day of the free your mind conference and you gave a presentation there which absolutely blew a lot of people away it was called the Trivium meme I thought it was one of the hardest hitting presentations at the for your mind conference can you tell the listeners a little bit about what that presentation was about well it's it was really a excuse me it was really about the Trivium itself and just trying to give people an understanding of gathering knowledge and information and understanding how mind control systems work and using the Trivium as a method to see through those mind control systems and properly process information we're trying to teach people how to install a system into their own minds that properly protects them from bad information like you mentioned the the logical fallacies being able to spot the fallacies and things like that unfortunately we didn't have the time to go into some of the logical fallacies during that lecture but it was really just you know the foundational understanding of the Trivium is in as short and quick a time as as we could possibly give it and I apologize for stuttering so much for those of you who have managed to sit through the video on that oh no I think it is a fantastic presentation and I think everybody should definitely check that presentation out if you have not seen it already you can go to free your mind conference calm click on yon Ervin's name under the speaker list and watch the entire video for free it's posted up to YouTube as well and all right it's it's also on the Gnostic media page under videos or under Trivium study if people can get there quickly as well great all of the videos on the free your mind conference have been posted and are free for everyone's uh viewing and downloading if you haven't checked that site out be sure to do so a Yan Irvin once again one of the great speakers at that conference let's talk a little bit about logical fallacies yan I'd like to talk about the word fallacy itself for people who may not know the etymology of the word it derives from a Latin word follow a verb follow FA ll o filari and this word means in Latin the meaning of the word is to deceive the deceiver to lie correct right this gives a whole new meaning to the term fall of man you know people think of the fall of man as some sort of a degradation that happened to man's nature quote-unquote but uh we read in this way maybe it's a grand deception that has been pulled over his eyes it's the deception of men and well it's interesting that you should say that and and I in fact I heard you in your last week's show mentioned my comment to you about the fall of man with the tree of knowledge so before we get into the fallacies would you like me to read to the audience what I read to you last week absolutely go right ahead all right studying the Kabbalah it's interesting that the tree when fallen knowledge first which is the dot position is not seen this is absolutely the state of affairs today logic before grammar understanding before knowledge what can possibly what can one possibly understand before they know what they're attempting to understand who what where when equals knowledge logic is understanding it answers why but only after knowledge then we gain clarity and wisdom in our rhetoric the tree of knowledge is the tree of life is the Kabbalistic tree and this is coming from page 161 and Daniel Feldman's book on the Kabbalah the sefirot knowledge first is always there but in a fallen state we do not see it and then continuing on for me so if mankind has fallen his position of knowledge first the DA position has fallen to earth therefore it has fallen out of views man has fallen out of knowledge understanding and wisdom therefore he cannot see the quote-unquote kingdom is it not irony oh wait you know and this is something that you know that it is said that the Kabbalah you don't start studying it and Jewish tradition until you're 40 years old and I put in my notes here that is it not irony that I've had the Feldman's book for two years before I started studying it now that I'm 40 years old now the Trivium quadrivium and Kabbalah make up a functioning system just as grammar logic and rhetoric make up a functioning system within the Trivium and within the quadrivium mathematics geometry music and astronomy make up a system well so it is with the Trivium and quadrivium and kabbalah together making up another level of the functioning system so knowledge has fallen from first it's fallen to the literally the anus position or the foundation position in the kabbalah and on page 101 of Feldman's book when the Sephirah knowledge first position falls and becomes set for a kingdom it takes the gate that one with it which thereby kanika connects the kingdom only to suffer a foundation below in quote and a fallen tree has a trunk in a fallen tree knowledge first falls to the small phase position man has fallen out of the garden to earth he falls from a position of the world of Adso Luth in the logic and rhetoric down to the world of the Yetzirah because he is not thinking by asking who what where when first knowledge first so he loses it any fall so you know in other words man has the fall just like you pointed out so those who put their logic before their grammar are causing the fall done intentionally to them and they're ignorant at that they have fallen from the tree of knowledge and then this gives a whole new take to the concept of being expelled from the garden exactly exactly exactly what I'm getting at here so the Trivium and quadrivium and kabbalah aya are a higher level functioning system just as grammar logic and rhetoric make up the Trivium and arithmetic geometry music and astronomy make up the quadrivium and let's see and then what i just a couple of side notes that i put here when i finished filling out the tree i have gained knowledge understanding of wisdom which should open up the crown gate those who do evil purposely purposefully use the tree to keep people in the lower levels so that they can manipulate them for personal gain but this brings the whole of the world down with them that is the entire role of the occult ation of knowledge to begin with the occult in general is about secrecy is about keeping secrets keeping knowledge from people so that they cannot develop it into understanding right and and the irony of that is these people that do that they not only keep those who they wish to control below them but they keep the whole of humanity including themselves from reaching a higher state exactly so right so in their own ignorance and selfishness not only are they hurting the rest of us which is all they and their narrow-minded perception can see but they're hurting themselves and that's the you know the pathetic part is they think that they're one epping ever you know all of us in their own self gain but they're literally hurting themselves and everyone else as a whole exactly absolutely i couldn't have said it better myself i mean that is exactly what these darker cultists are doing in their shortsightedness you put it beautiful we're coming up to another break ladies and gentlemen you are listening to Yan Irvin I'm talking about the Trivium and its importance in our lives and how we need to employ it if we're going to turn this great ship of the species of humanity around and put it on the right course so we'll be right back after these messages don't go anywhere more with the honor of and coming up after these words [Music] [Music] welcome back ladies and gentlemen you are listening to what on earth is happening here on Oracle broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com our special guest today is Yann Irvin of Trivium education.com in the last segment we were getting into some of the esoteric meanings of the fall of man and how this relates to man being deceived and falling from a place of knowing a place of having knowledge and that knowledge being occult 'add and kept hidden from humanity as a whole so Yann let's get back into what led us into that that brief aside there when we got into some esoteric concepts and Kabbalah as related with the Trivium method we were really starting to talk about logical fallacies because we brought up the derivation of the word fallacy so I want to talk a little bit about logical fallacies and how you can apply this technique of spotting logical fallacies to actually filter the information that is out there well logical fallacies as we mentioned previously is from the Latin filari which is to lie or to deceive so there's roughly there's probably about 20 22 main fallacies that are known but you can you know their lists out there that include maybe 90 up to 200 different fallacies but because humans are deceptive creatures there's probably never going to be an end to the new methods of lying to one another that people will come up with so it is important to be able to name the fallacies because the having the explicit knowledge of the fallacies enables you to take when somebody's lying to you and having a funny feeling about it to going to having explicit knowledge where you're able to identify the exact type of lie that someone is used against you and you're able to express to someone else that lie and how it was used against you so and and effectively when you are able to name each of the fallacies by name and explain what they are this very act of having them memorized gives you explicit knowledge of the many different ways that are typically used to lie to you you know and to other people so in other words the better you get at this explicit knowledge of the fallacies the better you'll be able to protect yourself and others downstream from you and not only that but the fallacies are not just used to catch lies coming in through your five senses from others but it's also used to filter these same lies or fallacies out from your own thoughts before you spread information on to others so it's equally important in two directions and so to start off with some of the most common fallacies most people have heard of an ad hominem fallacy so like let's say that you know I'm talking about the Trivium and somebody comes up and and says well yawn you know anything that he says can't be true because he's just neo pinkie liberal commie instead of dealing with the information I am presenting what they'll do is they'll throw attacks at me as a way to divert attention away from the information and rather dealing with the specific information presented they'll just use these attacks you know they'll call somebody homosexual or a Republican or because this person is Christian they possibly couldn't have anything valid to say or or somebody just mentioned to me that they love your work but because you have commercials on your show there's therefore there's nothing that your show could possibly have a value to present you know so they're using a certain that would be actually a circumstantial ad hominem against you rather than just going through it and taking out the information that's valid an appeal to Authority is a very common fallacy where typically somebody believes someone strictly because they have a white coat on like a doctor or a scientist or somebody who it's behind a desk in front of a TV camera and calls themselves a news correspondent or something like that or you know a politician it basically it typically has to do with somebody putting on a funny costume like a coat or a hat you know a police uniform whatever it may be and then using that as their position of authority rather than dealing with real facts and information and then you have appeal to belief which is if you don't do X God is going to come down and and punish you or most people believe that X is true and therefore you should believe it's true because they do that sort of thing appeal to fear is if you don't do this all of these bad things are gonna happen if you don't so therefore you have to do it I think Larkin Rose gives a great example of this fallacy in his presentation you know the that he's these people if they don't threw the body into the volcano every year somebody the volcano God is going to come and get them and I know Larkin was on your show a few weeks ago yes and he's been on my show as well and he always is an excellent presentation I very highly recommend people get completely familiar with his research and what he's presenting in regards to the myth of governments and then there of course there's appeal to pity appeal to popularity you know if you do this if you buy this car if you drink this beer you'll have all the pretty girls appeal to ridicule an appeal to ridicule is a really funny one it's use an appeal to ridicule it's it's really your use let's say you make a claim that and you present whatever claim in your evidence and I say well mark your claim isn't true because and that's all the evidence that I care to present I just laugh at you so this is known as an appeal to ridicule and it's a very common tactic you'll see TV news pundits use this sort of thing all the time a caller will call in with some real information and they'll just haha you actually think that this or that or hahaha and that's all the the evidence that or the the that's all the backing that they'll use to refute the claim which the are just tricks and begging the question this is a very common one that Christians like to use let's say they're talking about something out of the Bible and they say well I know this is fact because it was written by God and you say well how do you know it was written by God and they say well because it says it says so right here in the Bible you can't use the same source that you're reading from as proof of the claim that you're making and there are post hoc fallacies such as a Black Cat crossed my path last night and therefore when I tripped over the sidewalk and stub my toe today it was because of the black cat that's a post hoc fallacy and there are middle misleading vividness another favorite that politicians like to use is the red herring fallacy and the red herring fallacy comes from the old days when they would teach a hunting dog how to go after a fox and what they would do is they would while they were training the dog they would take a fish or a herring and they would drag the fish across the trail of the Fox and they would try and get the hound to follow the trail of the fish so what you're doing is you're you're laying out an entirely different topic and you're trying to lead that person off the trail of the original topic that they were pursuing onto this completely other unrelated topic and another similar one in this category is the straw man fallacy and the straw man well a corporation is a straw man for instance but what a straw man is is if I present an argument of something let's say I present argument X Y Z and somebody will take my argument X Y Z and they'll tweak it just a little tiny bit to make it look very similar to the undiscerning I to my argument when in fact what they've done is they've taken key elements of my argument of the and they've changed them to state their own positions and then they'll attack and debunk those positions that look like mine but aren't and then they'll say ha ha see I refuted this person with this even though they never refuted the the real argument in the first place in other fallacies too make a right which is a common one that people like to use and I also recommend that people get familiar with the Latin names of the fallacies as well because having the Latin names under your belt can be very helpful in identifying a lot of these types of arguments young areas it sound it sounds like overall what all of these appeals to different sources of misdirection to try to take people off the course of actually looking at the information what they're all ultimately based upon is fear the same thing that creates all negativity in every aspect of any aspect of Europe's fear or emotion in general you know because some of these are like you know an appeal to popularity isn't necessarily appealing to fear you know you're saying hey you know if you do this that hot blonde over there is gonna come over here and she's gonna take care of you that sort of thing so it's not really all of them aren't necessarily working on fear but they are working on different aspects of human emotion and at the end of those aspects of human emotion aren't understood and in fact a an explicit level of understanding place on top of those emotions regarding the fallacies so that when they come come up you can identify them that's how this is used and so when you lay out that the Kabala tree you can see how all of these different possibilities are right there fascinating yawn we're going to continue this on the other side you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on oracle broadcasting our special guest today Yann Irvin we'll be right back with more from Yann Irvin after these words don't go anywhere folks we'll be right back [Music] [Music] come back the seats snap Hunter Pence Mark Hasse [Music] our special guest today is jaan Irvin of gnostic mediacom and Trivium education.com jaan in the last segment you gave a great breakdown of some of the illogical fallacies that are employed that the Trivium helps us to see through to get to the truth of the matter that we're looking at so I want to talk a little bit about the suppression of this method of Education of becoming a self-taught individual ultimately is what the goal of the Trivium method is and you know this has been deliberately removed from the educational system I want you to talk about why you feel that's been done and what the implications are in consciousness and in the area of which part has been done I missed Trivium has been removed completely from the educational system in the modern world and that deliberate suppression I want you to talk about what you feel the implications are of that for human consciousness in general and the direction that humanity is moving in the future since we now have outcome based education system I mean since the fall out of the garden and down the tree of knowledge sure I mean you know the implications of the loss of the Trivium in education and everything are so huge it's it's inestimable really the the cost of all of this on humanity and all of our well-being and welfare right now in the present it affects everything from the mana the current state of affairs with politics and marketing and our commercial television radio and it affects the law systems and all of these things that these politicians push through to manipulate us and control us in it and it affects how people are willing to assign their autonomy over to some criminal politician all for some votes as an illusion to freedom and rather than realizing that it's their vote that gives the consent to these criminals in the first place and I mean the it affects people at the core level because even bachelor's and master's degrees students today that graduate from so-called liberal arts education don't have the true classical Trivium and quadrivium of the seven liberal arts and they still don't have the traditional means of critical thinking so hold on just a second please sure you know it you know it the it has a method and as far as just it you know it's just breaking down people ability to think to interact with each other properly to be autonomous self sustaining individuals and you know take care of ourselves our own lives and not give our our autonomy over to other people as Larkin again so pointedly points out and it it's it affects us on a nutritional and dietary level because we believe and buy into whatever they they tell us on the mainstream media and the commercials and things like that when this information couldn't be further from the truth you know they want you to believe that that animal fats and cholesterol are bad for you and that everyone should be a vegetarian and meanwhile the brain is made out of cholesterol and if you don't have animal fats you can't reproduce and when you plug in all of these population and control and eugenics stuff all of that plays right into this stuff and I know that's going to upset a lot of your listeners significantly so I do recommend people go on my side and listen to the the two recent shows I did with dr. Glidden and dr. Wallach just for instance on those topics and so there's really no aspect that the Trivium and quadrivium don't apply to people's lives and to be able to think clearly and critically with the information coming in via the five senses and quit they determine the proper course of action before leaping to an action without having an understanding of the proper action that you need to take before you make that first step it helps us to engage our response ability that's ultimately what the Trivium does it enables us to be prepared for whatever scenario comes our way so great great response there I want to ask you about your take on home schooling and if what steps parents can take to ensure that their children will grow up with the Trivium method in hand is home schooling a must for that to happen well home schooling is not a must it's certainly helpful and in elementary school the most important thing is for children to do my medic learning in the first place and so you know they're not gonna do too much damage to the children at the younger ages it's when they get into junior high in high school that the real damage is done when the kids really get frustrated with you know with math and things like that and not having a a firm understanding of where or why things are being taught and I've heard so many times you know kids say you know mathematics it's taught in high school and the like that they would never have any use for it in real life and what would they ever possibly use it for and this is simply because they don't understand because they're it's not in the context of the Trivium of being able to walk outside into nature and see how leaves and plants and animals and everything out there is based on the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio and all of this stuff so you know as far as the education system and everything it's you know it's it's well I don't really know how to conclude there I kind of lost my train of thought right there well the the basic question was how role will homeschooling play oh yeah yeah and so you know home schoolers you know it is and I recommend especially for people that can't handle the workload of it to seek and find out homeschool groups so that you're working with other groups of like-minded individuals that are try to teach their children this information but and on top of all of that there isn't really a good solid book out there right now to teach the Trivium to to children there are a couple of of Christian versions Harvey Blu Doran has a version of the Trivium a Christian version of the Trivium out there there is a Diane Locke here or something like that as a Trivium book out there to teach the children trivia but these are very Christian slanted and they tell the audience to omit specific researches in the like in their teaching the Trivium to children which I completely disagree with you don't limit and omit information because obviously by doing that very act shows that you have an agenda to protect but nevertheless these sources out there do have valid information in it and you do not want to kill them the messengers so what you need to do is when you study these sources you turn on your trivia infilled and you just spot those fallacies when they use them in those agendas and navigate around them so that you can get the value out of those teachings and you know Harvey Blue Doran is probably the leader of a publicly speaking right now teaching the Trivium to children whereas we focus more on teaching it to to adults which has been omitted from the you know from the education system for all of us so there there's a gap out there still that needs to be filled in both and even the like the book the Trivium by sister Miriam Joseph that's at been around since the 1930s she was a Catholic nun in that book is filled with her own agenda and things like that so all of this stuff has to be taken into an account and hopefully you know sometime in the next decade will begin to see books coming out that provide the real Trivium without any agenda just laying out the facts and the truth without anyone's personal agendas caught up in there and and so far to date as far as I know for the last 2,500 years since the Trivium was created there hasn't been one interesting so I do want to get your take on some resources that people can get into to learn more about the Trivium we'll talk about that a little bit more in the second hour what we are going to do now is get ready to bring Bob Tuscan on to the show he's going to be coming up in the second hour Bob husk and of course one of the great hosts here on Oracle broadcasting his website is Bob husk and calm and we're going to bring him on to join the conversation with Jana and myself to continue to talk about the Trivium and how we can employ these methods to really regain control over our thoughts as a whole so that we can once again take ourselves onto the right course as an entire species and get out of the the mess in consciousness that we have put ourselves into through this fall from a higher level of knowledge you not going to want to miss that ladies and gentlemen and also coming up in the second hour we'll be taking your calls that's coming up ahead we'll be right back after these messages with Bob Tuscon [Music] [Applause] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening today is Sunday December 4th 2011 I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm the calling number for the show today is eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again eight six six eight four one one zero six five call in get in the queue to talk to one of our great guests today Yann Irvin and Bob Tuscan I'm about to bring Bob up on the air in this segment Bob Tuscan is an eternal student of economics science and the arts an organic gardener an activist and an Oracle broadcasting radio show host with strong solutions based approach with a strong solutions based approach with the skills of the Trivium firmly in hand with bob tuscan you can be sure that the truth will be told bob Huskins website is of course bob Tuscan comm he has a great show here on Oracle broadcasting every weeknight from 8 to 10 p.m. ladies and gentlemen welcome to the show mr. Bob Tuscan oh thank you what a warm round of applause from the audience I really appreciate that Bob I can't imagine anyone who doesn't love you well you know you have to have a sense of humor and some people don't get that yawn I posted that video about the guy who says he eats toothpaste when I was talking about fluoride in the Trivium room because I think part of understanding what's going on is being able to have a sense of humor and take things in context that's an important skill amongst the many skills brought forth from the Trivium is just merely taking something in context you don't know how many times people for whatever reason want to take something out of context I think I just came up with a new fallacy I'm sure there already is one but it's a taken out of context fallacy yeah what's the name for that what's the Latin wouldn't that be sort of a straw man yeah and I guess in a way it is yeah exactly right so you know there's so many different takes on this Trivium stuff but I'm sure glad that people are starting to use this as a prerequisite to seeing all the other information that's provided isn't it fascinating to watch it take root and all of the quote-unquote truth movements I mean width armed with the Trivium the truth movement could actually become the truth movement exactly right the the true truth movement absolutely so you know it's interesting on how we've seen this really start to become the prerequisite but we did it backwards we first woke up and I'm doing air quotes here whatever that means and then we started to realize how we have to learn that how we have to learn to learn you know we in other words how we can implement the seven liberal arts to unright you know and basically what happened is a few people managed to climb up through the kabbalah tree of knowledge and and wake up their crown chakra typically with psychedelics and the like but without having a firm understanding of how to learn of the Trivium grammar not you know grammar logic and rhetoric and then the quadrivium people become very susceptible to being controlled while they're in that state which is what we saw exactly with the psychedelic movement of the 60s being usurped and in fact you find out later that guys like Gordon wasps and the so called discoverer of magic mushrooms who worked for JP Morgan bank ended up being you know a chairman to the Council on Foreign Relations and stuff like this so I mean you know today we can look back now with the knowledge of the Trivium and see how prior movements were usurped and see how the the big bands of the 60s were almost entirely the sons and daughters of US intelligence officers and things like this and move forward hopefully this time with the real bearing and a real direction of where to go and how to deal with this mess well that's the break music and we'll continue this great discussion on the other side ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Oracle broadcasting with my two special guests Yann Irvin and Bob Tuscan we'll be right back after these messages don't go anywhere [Applause] [Music] [Music] welcome back folks this is what on earth is happening on your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm today we have on the program Yann Irvin of gnostic mediacom and Trivium education comm along with bob tuscan who has just joined us Bob I want to ask you what how were you exposed to the Trivium and uh you know tell us a little bit about the role that it's played in your life so far well I'm a student of philosophy and as far as the you know the indoctrination camps in public education systems and it's never really jive with me that I have to just you know accept the the answers that the teachers want and regurgitate that to them Erica Goldson gave a talk as valedictorian of her high school which went viral on the Internet and I had watched that and it really resonated with me and and maybe realized that me not doing well in high school and the traditional indoctrination camps had no real reflection on being able to be a good critical thinker and be able to being able to think for myself and not just to assume something as truth so I've always had kind of as a background this notion that it's very important to entertain a thought without accepting it nor negating it okay so listening to coast to coast am at ten years on them fairly young guy as many of your listeners know mark I was able to entertain you know some of the coupe's and some of the you know the other stuff and you know the aliens or whatever was I was able to consider these things and accept it as truth or excuse me accept it as information bill built I have those building blocks of grammar and be able to consider it not necessarily accepted as truth but at the same time not negated all together and see where it fits and as a puzzle piece if you will so it's been very important to me to a have an open mind and then B have a critical mind and to be able to see through the lies so after doing my show for a while I ran into Yan and Yan and I started to talk about the Trivium he showed me the the interview at the time that was fairly brand new with Gino Denning and came on my channel Bob and I have Bob you and I have done a number of I think you and I had already done a number of shows before that point together - hadn't we yeah we had done some shows before that but then we kicked it into gear and decided that this was something essential to share with my listeners I was lucky enough to get to talk with Gino Denning and do a show with him and it just it you know it makes sense at the end of the day that yeah we we are awake if you will but what we're awake to we need to be discerning about you know we we need to not just accept something as truth there's so much disinformation out there that unfortunately if you're not alert if you're not equipped with the Trivium you're going to be taken advantage of one way or the other so that that's why I started to implement this to make myself a better thinker to bring - to lend more credence - to my shows and to my guests and the topics we talked about but all the while still continue to keep an open mind and that's kind of where I'm at right now is you know I might not agree with all the guests that I have on my show but I'm able to consider that you know if we if we shut our minds if we say if we go into our reality tunnels as the great writer from the cosmic trigger and other books Robert Anton Wilson puts it you know if we get it if we close off that reality tunnel to any other information and grammar' the building blocks the first stage in the Trivium then we're not able to process it and make any sense of it and then the third stage of course is rhetoric and that's something that I've always done I've always naturally been an activist cents and taken what I found to be truth and be able to act on that and show the wisdom and that's why my show is so solution oriented I feel it's because of that third stage you know yes we can become aware of all these different problems but at the end of the day what we can do about it is in my opinion more important and therefore we need to act in this third stage of rhetoric if you will with the proper wisdom to handle all of this you know to put in place the things that have checked as truth or not truths after it goes through the process going through the you know building blocks and then the the the logic stage once we get all those things together we have to know what to act on and what not to act on we have to decide well that's a relevant thing to deal with that ranks here therefore we need to put this initiative into action did that make any sense absolutely and it really highlights your entire process here that you've laid out highlights something that I talked about at the end of last week's show when I showed a picture of the human brain with the left and right hemispheres of the neocortex and explained sort of the process that we go through when we're engaging in the process of the Trivium when we take in the information at first we have to be open minded that's a right brained process you have to take the information in from okay let me interrupt you back there mark you actually used to be critically not my I did not just open minded because open minded you can allow yourself to be infected with things but being critically minded or you're using the filter of the Trivium and blocking the fallacy fallacies and junk from coming in but still allowing the valid information coming in and you're not dismissing things without studying them first sure well what bob was saying is like you know when he would listen to coast he would be able to remain open to some of the possibilities of the of these concepts but then he would apply the logical reasoning methods to them and then remove fallacies from them to be able to determine what and what should be acted upon that's a left I just I just wanted to make a distinction between just generally a lot of people sell the idea of open-minded of accept lease as accepting everything right right so you know we need to be I think we need to have a distinction and not just say open-minded because open-minded I think of a lot of you know people in the New Age movement has just kind of accept whatever and so we need to be careful of that and we need to remove the stigma away from being a critical minded and re employee critical mindedness as a good thing because you know when somebody says oh you're being critical they usually say that as negative and they also use like you know like logic they think of you know dr. Spock and that's not a good thing thanks to my friend George Clayton Johnson that wrote the first episode of Star Trek right so you know we we need to keep these things in mind when we're looking at this so that we don't fall down those traps and the same thing has been done to the word Trivium itself it's been trivialized and the word liberal of the seven liberal arts have been taken spun into meaning tax-and-spend communists or something like that so all of these things are terms that have been misused and I think you know we just need to clarify them and be more specific to quote myself from from the freer mind conference I stated then an open mind without critical thinking is a programmable mind and if you're tired of being programmed a be an open minded thinker but with the skill of critical thinking they you have you have to have both you know one can't work without the other so it is in a sense good to be open minded and it's an essential part of taking that trip down the rabbit hole that so many of Marc's listeners have you allow it you allow the information in and you pay attention to it but with your filter and you know your Trivium filter and your fallacy filter turned on right such that you can not necessarily prejudge it but you can judge it as it is coming into your obsessions exactly right alright so we'll pick this up on the other side you're listening to what on earth is happening with my special guests Leon Irvin and Bob Tuscan stay with us folks we'll be right back after these words [Music] [Music] welcome back folks listen to what on earth is happening on your host mark passio my special guests today are Yann Irvin and Bob Tuscan gentlemen what do you think we take some calls we have lots of callers waiting on the line let's go to the phones what do you think okay here we go Haller from the five for one area code you are on what on earth is happening what do you have for us today um hi there hi yan yeah I'm just I'm so excited to be on to just be able to talk with you anyway what do I have okay here's the thing yan i I really want to stay focus with you on this because what an address what you said that I feel critically important here is you just said because with the Trivium we can actually make this a truth movement so I want to focus on that very powerful statement and and it's very crucial but what I notice is that the Trivium is not being used not even on any show not not and I don't want to point things listen I love all of you please don't you know there are about five or six shows out there now that are using it on a regular basis and teaching the audience we have to be we have to be so focused okay when we say truth right on this show when we say in the middle of the triangle you're putting truth you have to define truth you have so so let me define truth okay truth no contradiction okay have no contradiction would you agree on I would agree with you agree and okay you've done your grammar you've gotten all of the available information you've removed the contradictions your lambda a or B what research either is left or a conclusion yes and let me add and also being mindful that you're still keeping your eye on the horizon for any new incoming and for information even though you've dealt with all of the information currently available okay no y'all y'all listen to me now let me show you on this show right here in this time moment that we have right here how the Trivium has been very to our detriment not employed okay and how that is is that okay so when you're talking about the open mind having an open mind and then Bob is saying okay let's just go to you let's just go to this show wanting to screen calls before we came on to make sure Bob said oh there might be trolls out there so you want to discrete information you see using the Trivium any information my heart completely open and with you guys but only information that comes to you you should be able to use to with the Trivium and show your audience but either this caller through using you see we keep abstractly saying the Trivium visit within that but it's not used we would if it was just used on one show we would gain so much more than all this theoretical I mean we can go up we could write on our wall a list of fallacies that would be great we don't need to spend these times in the show of course we need those fallacies and they've been said many times and they could be said many many more times but all right my home all is breaking up here it sounds like she's underwater where there's some digital distortion happening in her mind an internet connection she was the cost from magic are you still there I uttered down oh you're not bringing knowledge in have you looted me not anything no you're breaking or ma'am you were on your brain you're lying way too loud you need to tone it down a little bit so that we can turn it down okay sorry your line has digital distortion I'm not sure if it's a function of the volume but um you were breaking up so we didn't really hear what you said there over the last well that's really a shame it was crucially important and well you know takes a lot of energy and I'm trying for me to fit through it so I you know I I think about this or I think I think you bring up some good points I think that uh you know the thing about screening calls it was simply what to look at and to see who had intelligent questions or thought-provoking questions so that we wouldn't waste a lot of time because there's only you know a certain amount of time in the show so did I make sure that people weren't you know bringing up yeah didn't have anything to do with you yeah but you have to watch too too much of that thing and you will limit information you will filter out important stuff that we can learn from the idea of screening calls is to filter out the noise and to allow that calls through so that we're not wasting time I know it's hard yawn yawn you could make a mistake on that judgment call you see everything in and then you deal it with the Trivium not only one we learn the Trivium to deal repulsion as it comes in we've got a practical example of you guys putting into practice I don't mean to scream I'm you know I'm an advanced yogi I was very loud for your your point your points are good let's uh let's have yon respond to that okay here we go go ahead John I couldn't hear the points I liked it here it was way too loud so what was that I'm sorry I'm she was she was making the point that even if some people are off point were trying to act as a means of distraction the Trivium could be my when we got on the phone and we talked to these people you know that's their their opportunity to tell us what they want to talk about and if there's somebody who just wants to call up and say names or whatever the idea is to filter those people out so the people with the message can get through and can be acknowledged into my show yon so well you know and as that is the whole idea but yeah you do not be careful and not you know not cut people off before they said what they want to say it as well you have to allow the person to get their message across so but you know that not that was hold on let me finish and when we watch you on was in between the segments and not during a regular part of the show so anyway oh I don't know what that means but and the reason why I think I talk loud and I rushes I realize there is limited time it's hard to address these things but but really the the issue is is that we would learn I believe you would learn so much more by doing that little quick filtering you do on-air I mean all the things that are banded back and forth to take a tooth few minutes to actually put the Trivium into action with the caller and you're saying that would be irrelevant right now right but you're screening over the dab the callers don't get that screened I'm just saying that valuable too that's all I'm trying to say it becomes a part of the automatic all I'm saying let the call is on let's hear from Bob on this I do a show Monday through Friday as many of your listeners know mark and occasionally we have a call or call up and just want to use the N word and has nothing better to do a there's that to it and and also be there's the the need to know what they're talking about so that we can integrate it into a program this is a talk show ma'am where the host uses their discretion to cover the things that they find the most interesting or the most relevant to them and their audience it's a learning process and if you want to have that learning process mediated fine if you don't want that learning process mediated by the host go and be an autodidact as I'm sure you already are and learn for yourself as of right now I think you've digressed this conversation to a point where I think it would be appropriate for us to move on and if you have any final comments perhaps it's mark wants to let you make them now would be a good time well I think she brought up her points and we responded to them so I think we'll move on to some other callers because we have a list of them waiting in queue so let's take some other calls on the other side of this break we'll get to that in a few moments for now you're listening to what on earth is happening with my special guests Yann Irvin and Bob Tuscan stick around more of your calls coming up on the other side of this break don't go anywhere folks we'll be right back [Music] what do you look Sibbett with his eyes is what we see when he looks addicted to sunglasses we save the same things all the way through the subliminal Suburbia courtesy of a no independent Blastoise as welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening today on the show two special guests Yann Irvin and Bob Tuscan we are discussing the Trivium and we're going to take more of your calls right now here we go Richard in Washington State who last week brought up a great point about some of the founding documents of this country and challenged me to take a look at some of that information which I did over this week and I listened to that truth quest show that he referred to with James Madison Richard what do you have for us here today yeah Yann is always a gust it breeze a strong breeze of fresh fresh air I truly appreciated my my plus my philosophy of life says you gather information you retain knowledge you discern and promote truth but those are minor things to the final thing is you have to display wisdom and so when I called into both mark and Bob show that was to promote truth or just discern truth and I was hoping there would be a display of wisdom mark just said that he did accept my challenge so along with you yon I would hope you would talk to Bob because my belief and all the study the truth is we are carnivores we are hunter-gatherers we were at our prime when we were hunter-gatherers there's a book called primitive mind primitive body that really gets into it right and I also recommend people get into the Weston a price foundation stuff Sally Fallon's work her book nourishing traditions or documentary the oiling of America as well as dr. Peter Clinton's book the m.d. emperor has no clothes and dr. Wallach who's of youngevity and I am NOT a youngevity member although I am very seriously considering joining up with them after having done a lot of grammar on what they do over there they're doing a lot of good work and I hope that Bob and Mark will also consider having those guys on their show as guests because yeah when you when you look at that research and what these guys are doing it's phenomenal well I'm very much interested in the health topics and after Richard mentioned to me Nora had got us in her work I listened to a few interviews and read a few her articles and I decided to have her on about the primitive diet she called it beyond the Paleolithic diet rather and that will be Friday show for the first hour so Richard I'm looking forward to that thanks for that recommendation yeah and I'm going to be having dr. William Davis on from Wheat Belly coming up in the next week or two I'm going to be having Denise mango from raw food SOS on my show she's the one who debunked that propaganda film Forks Over knives and the and the China Study book put out by dr. Campbell which is got a lot of false information in it and so she'll be coming on my show soon we'll also be having dr. Greg Brzezinski and dr. Stanislaw Burzynski on my show in the coming weeks from the Burzynski clinic regarding their their cure for cancer and you know all of these efforts to suppress and steal their work and get them put in jail which have failed for the last 20 to 30 years very cool Richard do you have anything else yeah just just a final comment I believe that we should be 70% carnivores and and 30% gatherers and that's primarily so we can survive occasional famines but the main point is we need to eat our proteins and fats raw and you were talking that between and the break basically that's that's the lack of truth we need to eat all food below our body temperature that's why it was designed that's the way it's supposed to be taken in any I think I think that dr. Clinton and dr. Wallach have shown substantial evidence that there is a need for wood ash in our food which would come from cooking and that's where we would get a lot of the minerals from you're right though in regards to meat should be cooked you know you should eat raw or or medium you know the medium medium-well meats and it shouldn't be cooked more than that and there's been an intentional effort to get people to start using vegetables and get them to stop using lard and bacon fat you know bacon grease and butter and things like this when these are proven historically to be safe and people have been given a lot of fear regarding saturated fats and cholesterol when your brain is 77% cholesterol and the pharmaceutical companies are out there promoting these statin drugs that lower your cholesterol on these low-fat low-cholesterol diets well if your brain is made out of cholesterol what happens if you're on a low cholesterol diet and your doctors telling you that you need statin drugs like lipitor it it just seems like a disaster waiting to happen if it's not already in full swing happening right now and in fact the the new generation being raised right now is said to it's going to be the shortest-lived generation ever my suggestion would be to watch a carnivore a tiger whoever hunt what they do is they take down the animal and they cut out the insides they don't eat the muscle meat they eat the insides which has the stomach and has all the wood ash products from the digested vegetation if you actually studies the truth the Trivium of the whole process we would have to be eating entirely different and we couldn't support a population that is basically 1/10 of what we have and that's really what the powers that be are after they want to protect themselves they're doing nothing more than protecting their territory and we're useless eaters because we're eating out the agricultural production well you know it's their it's their fault oh so you know it's like that quote up on my website here let me pull this up real quick if if hold on of course right when you wanted it takes a second for a few the rulers suffer your people to be ill educate in their and their manners to be corrupted from their infancy and then punish them for those crimes to which their first education disposed them then what can be concluded from this but that you first make thieves and outlaws and then punish them and that's from Sir Thomas More's book utopia from the 14/15 16th centuries so I mean you know first they're they're creating people they're dumbing the people down and then they blame them for taking the actions that they do when it's the elites that are causing the problems from the top down they're the ones that brought in the depression education system they're the ones that sell us these bad products these religions that tell people to to keep breeding like Mormonism and Catholicism and things like that and to do things that are unsustainable you know more ice in the water yon if you look at well and that's part of the problem it's part of the dumbing down process that I'm addressing rather than educating people so that they can think clearly and teach their children to think clearly and know what they all need but you know right now it's it's these factory farms that are poisoning the food and doing all of these things and these are things that the elites have created and it's nothing that you know us and your local farmer and your local rancher and those types of people are doing and so many you know when we you know here in California ten minutes from here is the 395 highway and it goes all the way through the middle of California it's hundreds of miles of pristine ranch land that's mostly vacant and hardly you can hardly buy any of the meat in the country that's raised on that land anywhere out here so I don't even think think for sure that it's that it's a problem of the the amount of people that we have in the world is we showed in our documentary film what you've been missing episode one the noble lie what they're doing is they are creating the the discrepancy between feed to population through their own wars and their own stock holding and withholding money to drive the price of food and stuff up so it's them again that's causing that problem and I don't think you know if we if we took them out of the scenario I think that there is plenty of food if even if we were eating seventy percent meat and I think it's probably more sixty percent that would be the right number but we would still have plenty of food to feed everyone on the planet if you got them out of the scenario you take the one person out of the scenario and suddenly the rest of the 99 percent can take care of themselves just fine as you want to Occupy Wall Street guys John oh no I think Wall Street is completely misdirected and because they're not paying attention to Clint Richardson's work which is all of the the kafir' material the comprehensive annual financial reports and all of those people need to be out studying at everything on the corporation nation.com all of Clint's videos there and getting a firm understanding of how the kafir' material is being manipulated because if everybody understood that information they wouldn't be protesting Wall Street they would be protesting City Hall excellent points I can't acknowledge that enough that that's exactly right on my last comment would be for mark that's what the founding fathers gave us they made us all sovereigns individually responsible they gave us a form of non government that was the the constitutional republic which was supposed to keep government away from the sovereigns and that's been perverted and if we as individuals as sovereigns we can restore what they gave us rather than keep playing the games that the international bankers the 1% have given us we are back on track and possibly Yuans perspective of how many people we can sustain is is true a great show keep up the good work all I mean let me Richard yes let me just say to that real quick before you go Richard there that's you know forget what these people give you forget about that you know we're not after what they give us we have a god-given right to autonomy and we need to stop voting for these people and allowing them to you know when we vote for these idiots we're consenting to whatever crap they do to us so that needs to stop we need to stop giving them our autonomy in the first place and stop asking permission for our rights and take them that's that's it I would recommend that you study Melody's program also because that's exactly what I said the founding fathers gave us natural law they know the Constitution what the back of your [Music] welcome back folks this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm on the show with you today is Yann Irvin of gnostic mediacom and Trivium education comm along with bob tuscan one of the hosts here on oracle broadcasting check out his website at bob Tuscan comm and check out his radio show every weeknight at 8 to 10 p.m. East Coast time here on Oracle broad came our knows that everyone cuz he comes on the show all the time and it's one of my favorite guests so there you go I appreciate that Bob so let's go back to the callers we still have a couple of callers on the line here we go caller from the two one two area code your live on what on earth is happening call the sky caller go ahead Skype caller hello yes your honor me yes sir Jim oh great sorry I didn't recognize the area code I'm on skype huh no problem I have I have the Newman a lot of questions but uh before I begin I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for doing what you're doing and and don't worry about the first caller because true reason requires you to bypass emotion and get the true reason and the caller obviously wasn't using reason when trying to get information out of you guys by yelling at you so well that's one of the don't let I wanted to talk about and I wish we had more time to and I'm going to interrupt the caller but at some point we have to understand emotional intelligence along with this you know intellectual intelligence is understanding emotional intelligence good point caller absolutely and you have to emotion is important but you have to bypass that and figure out what it is correct is correct to use it and this is not the time or place to use it especially when you guys are giving up your free time together so what is your question but I have a lot of them the first one I had to do was with Mark regarding the a feminine and masculine principle I'm writing a paper right now it has a lot to do with ancient alchemy and your presentations have helped me so much it's unbelievable because you know more about it than they do my Prasad Ivan yeah man you are really unbelievable you really all are and could you I was wondering if maybe it might be possible for you to email me some of those pictures you did about the right and left brain hemisphere we can talk about that later I don't want to waste much time on that but I'm you know remind me that you called and we can talk about that call were you still there sounds like you dropped to call well let's see home own let's try to bring them back up caller are you still there it looks like just bad connection dropped unfortunately caller if you're listening email me and we could talk about that and if you can get back in I'll bring you back up to pose your question to yan and Bob let's take another call here we go caller from the six zero no that's the wrong one hold on caller from the six zero three area code you're live on what on earth is happening welcome yes yes I had a question about the Trivium and quadrivium has applied to a spiritual truth because the spiritual truth and pathless what I see in particular is listening to Mark show last week and he was talking about the quadrivium and I happen to think in a moment of inspiration about the four Gospels and wondering how the Quadra in being the four paths for ways to truth would apply to the four Gospels well I would say it's probably directly related I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't in fact the the Trivium the quadrivium and the Cabal are found throughout the the biblical teachings and the like so it you know would you agree with that that's a very interesting take and I would say absolutely it does I likened the quadrivium last week to the four elements of earth air water and fire of course right which is exactly if you look up even on the Catholic website for the st. Mark's Basilica they have right there that Matthew Mark Luke and John are the four elements and you know the four directions and everything so that would be a perfect tie-in exactly so that's a great correspondence that you've made there caller one which I really didn't make last week but I see that that is a definite correspondence that is in place well thank you very much I'd like to continue this discussion can I email you any questions I have absolutely if you have any other let's pose them now because we're gonna wrap this up and now I'm going to ask a proposal a final question to our two guests so if you have anything else for us and I do but it goes much deeper than time turn it okay no problem well thanks for the call well thank you all right great so I have kind of one question that I'm going to ask to both of you and then you guys could take it respectively the current trends that we're looking at current trends and current events that are taking place right now look like we as a people are heading into very dangerous waters I'm sure you know both of you gentlemen are very aware of the passing of this new defense authorization bill a lot of talk about that going on all circles on the internet right now and the imitations that it has for human freedom I want both of your take on what the implications are and what you think about how necessary the rediscovery and application of the Trivium is to reverse such a course that we are on about as well I think it's the only thing that's going to wake people up to reverse this is the Trivium and in fact the on July 4th weekend there was a Canadian article that came out about the Trivium stating that the American Revolution and Declaration of Independence were a direct result of our use of the Trivium and so therefore to me having with most of the population having lost the Trivium on us having to get it back out there right now it seems exactly parallel with the fact that this is the fight that we're in right now having to deal with the loss of the Trivium and therefore the loss of our freedoms at the same time because what is the seven liberal arts but you know the seven liberal arts as opposed to the servile arts are what the free man learns right that the Trivium in the Quadra make up the seven liberal which comes from Latin libro which is book but it also means of or befitting the free that's right and so in the race if you don't have the seven liberal arts if you weren't taught it then you are not free let me make that clear a second time if you do not have the seven liberal arts and you were not taught it if you have not undertaken that study you are not free you are a slave and so in fact I've been working on a whole other project to to emphasize this called slaves Anonymous and I'm gonna be launching another website called slaves anonymous com name is Bob Tuscan and I'm not a slave exactly and I'm not a slave no and I am a slave getting people to take that first step and recognize that they have a problem so that we can move forward from this through the trap that is the first step that's an important step and my response to your question mark is it goes back to natural law something we've talked about many times okay and everyone's talking about this bill as you mentioned there's a lot of hype in sure it's a gross violation of our rights it's even more proof of this draconian state in which we live in but the fact of the matter is we know that for a long time now people have been going beyond natural law okay and the second you go beyond natural law and you introduce governments which you've broken down and shown at how it literally means mind control you have a problem okay and if we're gonna let the tiny dot as Larkin Rose a guest that you both have had on and we spoke with us that the free remind conference says and allow them to use this you know imaginary system if you will in a sense okay to go beyond our natural law and get into our lives with this large nanny state police state then we're gonna have a problem so I think we have to go back to basics and in our own lives stick to natural law and have your your family prepared I always go back to that no matter what the question is mark I always go back to the need for preparedness and for growing a garden and getting yourself off of the dependency as much as possible so that you're not dependent on them dictating what you do and don't do so that you're able to be free unto itself and not have to worry about the powers that shouldn't be Bob fantastic points gentlemen your final thoughts and give your websites once again please Walmart and thank you for having me on your show and I you know I all I can tell people is that the path to your freedom is to study the Trivium take the time no shortcuts don't ask for one book to read read them all get in the goat go to Trivium education calm and go through everything up there and I've also got a Trivium study page on the gnostic mediacom website as well and get up there study everything learn all that you can about it and get your get your feet in there and you you're you're really giving yourself a treat my final comments mark learn how to learn and then do it it's time to take action folks bob Tuscan to us carry and calm thank you very much mark gentlemen thanks so much ladies and gentlemen jaan Irvin and Bob Tuscan that's all the time we have for this edition of what on earth is happening I'll see you here next week on Oracle broadcasting stick around Chris Everard is up next you