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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Laughter] [Music] welcome you are listening to what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website is what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website Oracle broadcasting dot-com today is Sunday April 29th 2012 have a great show lined up for you here today and we are going to be continuing our ongoing solution oriented approaches for changing human consciousness and today we're going to continue to talk about conscience justification and apophysis or saying no and I'm going to get into an allegorical examination of four major Hollywood films that deal with this concept of saying no that deal with apophysis that's coming up today on what on earth is happening I have several event announcements some pretty exciting things to talk about in the first segment and then probably into the second segment a couple of quick things about minor issues or problems with technical things last week there was a minor audio issue going on with the bumper music where it was cutting me off and there was no overlap between me and the bumper as soon as it came in that has been cleared up and that should not be a problem this week so I wanted to apologize for that it looks like it was an oversight on a setting on my part in the broadcasting software that we used to send the voice out over the airwaves so I took care of that and it is now corrected and that shouldn't be playing the show anymore the second minor technical change is I did upgrade the content management system software on my website what on earth is happening calm and I shortened or truncated or abbreviated however you want to look at it some of the URLs for the web pages and the subsections within the web page within the website so if you had bookmarks to certain play you might want to update those bookmarks all of the links within the site should still work and you just want to update your bookmarks and if you're seeing that certain links don't work before reporting them just empty the the cachet of your web browser and you might want to quit the web browser and then restart it as well that will often get rid of those glitches so I just want to let people know it was a minor upgrade to the content management system that's done it will probably not be noticeable at any level by most people but if you are noticing certain links not working try to refresh or empty your web browser cache a first and if you still find that things aren't working then you could send me an email and let me know I was on the show occult Empire with Bob from Cincinnati this past Monday April 23rd and Wow was it a memorable one we want to tell you all about it and tell you where to go to listen to that and to check the resources that were discussed during that great show this past Monday on the other side of this break stay with us ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network we'll be right back [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Oracle broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm alright let's continue with the event announcements and I have some really good news for people today some bad news - the part of the good news is that the show that I did with Bob from Cincinnati on his show a cult Empire this past Monday April 23rd is up in the news section it's actually the first news item on the latest news section on the left-hand side of the website and while this show was phenomenal if I dare say so myself we got pretty deep into esoteric Rosicrucianism and if you go to the news page or click on the news item as it is right now under latest news the first item you'll be taken to a page that is headlined mark explorers the Rosicrucian tradition on a cult empire and you can listen to the broadcast there you could also click into go to a cult empires page and underneath of the the player and the image for the show there are a ton of resources about the Rosicrucian tradition that will basically explain what this tradition is all about - any who are curious who any who want to go deeper into this form of occultism and understand what it is really teaching people and it will help to dispel a lot of misconceptions on Rosicrucianism and also on the light occult in general so there are probably over 50 documents posted something to that effect maybe maybe a somewhere a little bit less than that posted to the news section on of the headline that says mark explores the Rosicrucian tradition on a cult empire please do check out those resources there's also a great video there I didn't get a chance to on the show but it's called the Rosicrucian science of initiation which is a lecture by Robert Gilbert who is an excellent Rosicrucian initiate who does a great job of explaining this positive occult tradition so check that video out as well and let me let any feedback is welcome also so I have one piece of bad news the venue that we usually hold the truth freedom prosperity documentary night screening and discussion night at has gone away the building has been sold the business I I think is either relocating or packing up shop I'm not sure which but one thing is definitely for certain a media Bureau has sold the building that they were operating out of and therefore we no longer have access to that venue so I have a couple of places in mind I don't know whether they're going to work out I'm going to try to work something out over the next week but if anyone in the Philadelphia area who may be listening to the show has any ideas that could pan out could actually pan out regarding where we could host the truth freedom prosperity documentaries please send an email to me mark at what on earth is happening calm and let me know because we need to find another venue and hopefully we'll be able to find one before the last Wednesday of May which will be Wednesday May 30th ok which is the next scheduled documentary night for truth freedom prosperity I don't know if that will be happening yet or not because it will be dependent on whether we have secured a venue for the screening so that's the piece of bad news another piece of good news is that I will be appearing on a cult science radio with Curtis davus known as the illuminated one on Monday May 7th 2012 at 8:30 p.m. so be on the lookout for that I'll post a link to that show in the new section as well now for the big announcement and I want people to really listen up because this is going to be huge ok I still to this day get tons and tons of complaints on a regular basis about commercials mark your information is powerful but I can't stand the commercials ok there's so many commercials on your show blah blah blah I have to listen through them and it distracts my train train of thought my attention span etc and people are constantly complaining about this personally I kind of think it's just because people like to complain you know like to have something that they can you know babble on about but that that's me maybe it's just their attention span is very weak due to years of abuse or neglect or not working it personally I have the attention span of probably a thousand people and I could barrel through any information no matter how dry unpalatable unpalatable presented boring or commercial Laden it happens to be because that is the strength of my will and if I want information I'm going to gather it regardless of what I have to put up with that's me and I realize that's not everyone so I've come up with something to finally let these people put their money where their mouth is so to speak ok and we understand why there are commercials you know because there's bandwidth required to put on a live radio network this isn't a podcast yes it goes into my podcast section after it is archived after being recorded live but this is a live radio network it isn't something that is recorded in a studio and then post it afterward to the website this is over-the-air live so that we can actually talk with people get feedback interview guests you know in person and as it is happening okay and there's a dynamic that goes along with a live radio show that makes it very much more preferable to many people rather than a podcast format that's why people tune into radio stations and listen to them live they want to hear new fresh information okay that is happening while they're listening to it that is going out over the years while they're listening to it so to finally give people an opportunity to make this particular radio broadcast commercial-free I have come up with a plan and approved it with one of the owners of Oracle broadcasting Doug Owen and he's willing to work with this plan what we're gonna do is make the radio spot that is normally open to a commercial sponsor able to be purchased by anyone who wants me to continue to speak in that spot ad-free in other words a listener out in the listening audience can support the network and this radio show by purchasing a radio spot that would ordinarily be bought by sponsors okay and they can then if we get enough of them we can I can talk through those spots okay so if you're willing to buy that spot that that ad space okay of a three-minute segment let's say because that's like I believe what it is you can get in touch with me and I will tell you who you can get in touch with to work out arrangements to actually purchase an a segment of ad space so that that radio that commercial segment will be removed and I will be able to continue speaking through that segment commercial-free I'm going to tell you exactly how to do that on the other side of the break stay where this ladies and gentlemen you are listening to what on earth is happening keep my cool make him think I made up stone [Music] all right folks were back we're listening to what on earth is happening on their host mark Cassio to continue with the big announcement regarding a possibility to support the network to support this show and to make the show go commercial free you can get in touch with me at mark at what on earth is happening com you email me if you are serious about purchasing a spot I do not have the costs available right now okay we can you you will talk to someone at the network regarding that all right I won't give that out over the air someone who is serious about purchasing an ad spot to make it go commercial free on this show can email me mark at what on earth is happening calm in the title in the title I'm sorry the subject of the email you want to put commercial free sponsorship commercial free sponsorship put that in the subject of the email so I will know it is re in reference to you being serious about buying an ad spot on Oracle to allow me to continue to broadcast the information here on what on earth is happening commercial free okay and now if we do not have people stepping up and the show you continue to hear commercials on the show you'll know it's because no one wanted to actually step up support the network helped pay for the bandwidth that is required to send this information out over the airwaves live okay and put their money where their mouth is so to speak and you know all of the opportunity is available to do just that right now okay so I want to thank Doug Owen for you know accepting of that proposal to work with that idea and hopefully we will have some takers on that we will have some people who do want to step up and not just complain but actually do something about it and again it would be purchasing a 3 the 3 minute had spots so that I could talk straight through them and you know if you want to do it in groups you get together in a group you know people can put up each person could put up a portion that is required and you could all do it together you know so as long as the network is being supported and bandwidth costs are being you know covered the network is willing to work with this plan so I don't want to hear any more complaints I've already said that many times but people continue to send me stuff so I thought about it even a little bit more and said let's think outside the box how can we make that happen and there is a way to make it happen but people have to be willing to put their resources invest their resources into something that they want to see happen and something that they want to see occur and then they can make it happen so that's a huge announcement and again send email to mark at what on earth is happening and in the subject put commercial-free sponsorship and I will get back to you and let you know who you can contact to discuss what that would cost and again if someone doesn't have the money to do it by themself some may some may not you could partner with a group of people and put this together but as long as the network you know receives payment for that time slot it like another commercial sponsor would purchase that slot they will open it up and let me talk through it so we've worked out an arrangement and there it is on the table for anyone who really wants to make this a commercial free show here on Oracle okay so that having been said I have one more quick thing before we jump into the subject material today is the 29th of April in two days it will be May 1st it will be the end of what is known as the occult season of sacrifice and nothing huge has occurred during this particular 40 day time period known as the season of sacrifice between March 22nd and May 1st I'm gonna go out on a limb and say May 1st may be the day to watch for and if nothing happens wonderful but if something does happen people will be able to say hey I heard it on this show and you know there's a correlation being made here May 1st is a huge date in the dark occult okay it is the highest Sabbat or holiday if you want to look at it that way of the occult a year it is known as vol purchase nacht or the night of st. vigeous okay also called Beltane in older occult traditions and this is a day that is traditionally associated with sacrifice in occult traditions because it is the midpoint of the spring season and crops have basically been planted and you're looking for a bountiful harvest so a blood sacrifice traditionally in the form of an animal may be offered to the earth during that time period to kind of appease the gods or appease the spirits of nature appease the Sun and the earth so that a bountiful harvest will come about during harvest season at the end of the growing season this is where this belief goes stems from okay but it is extraordinarily twisted and perverted to a high degree in the modern world resulting in this practice of sacrificing large numbers of people or staging an event such as a false flag event during this 40 day window this forty day time period known as the season of sacrifice from the spring equinox to the midpoint of spring we've talked about this before on the show I did a show almost an entire show about it you can look that up on the podcast page in the archives and listen to that there's associated imagery along with that but I just wanted to say this Tuesday okay is May 1st which is the end of this particular season of sacrifice window and Tuesday as we know is a day that dark occultists all so like to pull different events false flag events etc because it is the Astro theological a day that represents the God of War Tuesday in the French language is merridy and of course that stands for the god Mars or the planet Mars who in the Roman tradition was the God of War this is partially I believe why 9/11 was chosen to be conducted on a Tuesday because it was a false flag event or a sacrifice a human sacrifice event that was geared to bring us into war and therefore invoked upon a Tuesday this is how the dark occult works they love symbol they love ritual okay they love repetition they do things on a schedule they do things according to ritual so I'll put it out there to say just watch for the possibility of some kind of a terror event or false flag event this coming Tuesday I'm not saying it's definitely going to happen I'm saying it would be definitely within the keeping of the tradition and rituals of dark occultism for them to attempt to pull something on this day okay so that is just out there I wanted to put that out there and that's all say about that so I want to direct everyone's attention to the what on earth is happening website on the radio show page as usual underneath the player are images for today's show they are numbered numbered links okay you can click on them and follow along with a virtual slideshow of the concepts and ideas that I'll be discussing here today on the show in the first part of the show I'm going to review some information about conscience and justification and then hopefully at the very top of the second hour I will be getting into apophysis and the allegorical meaning of the four movies that I want to briefly break down and look into today on the show which is which are the matrix the first Matrix movie equilibrium Rise of the Planet of the Apes and another film known as the box that's coming up on the show today stay with us ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Oracle broadcasting we'll be right back after these words [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcast radio network last week we continued to talk about the concept of the non support of dominators and this is going to be the topic over the next many weeks I'm going to cover this until I feel comfortable that I have said what I wanted to say and I'm going to say that in an uninterrupted way as far as taking calls goes I'm not gonna be taking calls today or in the next few weeks until I'm through with the non support of dominators solution after that we will have two entire call-in shows and people can voice their opinions bring up information regarding this topic this solution that I have proposed and basically talk about it in whatever way they wish to bring up on the air but today I'm going to continue with the examination of what conscience really is and statements that I made last week which could have possibly been taken in a very harsh way or in an unpleasant way or an even in an offensive way by many people and that's fine they're they're totally entitled to feel that way that's not going to change the truth of the statement that I made one bit because I said that no one who has ever ever done the job of being in the institutions of the military and the police have has ever truly had a developed conscience they are not in ownership of a developed conscience if your job is to follow orders and you continue to be a part of that institution institutional body it is an impossibility it is a contradiction in terms it is an antithesis of what it means to actually be in possession of a true conscience and you can have a problem with that statement all you want and as I often say on the show get is offended about it as you like it does we'll never make that statement untrue okay and I know that's extremely difficult for most people to comprehend because they're under a form of mind control that we talked about at the beginning of this section called emotional mind control this is the inability to separate out one's feelings from the rational thoughts regarding what is true or what is not true you're not hearing the actual truth that is contained in a statement you're thinking about how does that affect my feelings and in trying to think with feelings you're not ever reaching rational logical truth you're not actually able to comprehend and take in the understanding of conscience you're not able to take in the understanding of natural law the understanding of what a right actually is versus what a right is not ever okay and that's what why we're in this mess folks we're in this mess because of that level of emotional mind control that people can't separate out their feelings and they want to graft their feelings onto an external situation feelings that they have for an individual and often it's because they know someone who was involved in these institutions and so do I my grandfather served in the military so did my father okay it doesn't make one iota of difference I would tell them that they really deeply did not have an understanding or a true hold true possession of what a conscience actually is and there's a reason for that okay so in looking at the images on the slides on the radio show page one two and three years our images that have been up there over the last few weeks okay this is the section called the way out in the series of talks or presentations or radio shows however you want to look at them I put the actual solutions that I have listed in the next slide slide number two slide number 3 is the solution known as the non-supportive dominators and this we have talked in this section about knowing what conscience really is it is the DS essing possession of the definitive knowledge of the difference between right and wrong under natural law and that is that definition for what conscience really is is given on slide number four and conscience of course comes from the Latin language con ski area which means to know together okay con meaning together prefix and ski eres Kyousuke re meaning to know so it's common sense knowledge okay this is something that we should know together that we should be in common possession of conscience is about ownership it is about possession of knowledge having knowledge not having an opinion conscience has nothing to do with an opinion it has nothing to do with feeling about information it only has to do with whether you definitively know whether something is right or wrong that's it and that can be known because right and wrong are not object are not subjective they are not something that are open to interpretation or likes dislikes feelings anything like that they are objective realities objective realities in natural law that work 100% flawlessly 100% of the time and people have a problem with that because they don't like to hear that anything is absolute we've been brainwashed into thinking that the entire universe is something that is relative and it is not when it comes to natural law there is no relativity relativity does not apply to behavioral consequence laws it maybe we should stop even referring to it as natural law because people go to Darwinism when they hear the word natural that's where their mind has been conditioned through mind control to go oh you're talking about the survival of the fittest no I'm not talking about survival of the fittest not in any way shape or form I'm talking about the antithesis of survival of the fittest I'm talking about survival of those who really understand the laws of nature and have raised their consciousness up to a higher plane to understand causality that's what I'm talking about when I talk about natural law but unfortunately most people's brainwashed mind cannot take in the concept of the award that is carried by the word natural they immediately think they are winning an evolution and survival of the fittest and and the law of the jungle meaning oh let me just take whatever I can and do whatever I can to you to survive that's not what natural law is they immediately think of animals and law law of the jungle as it has been you know indoctrinated into people's minds to believe we should maybe start calling it the laws of behavioral consequences that there are in escapable consequences for the result of the behavior that we enact into the world that we will experience that which we put out period that that there is no escape for that and unfortunately people's behavior is completely in contradiction to natural law is it completely in contradiction to conscience and right from wrong and therefore they're bringing more and more and more chaos into the world as a result of this lack of understanding and their behavior that is in opposition to the laws of behavioral consequence and until they make that recognition and then adjust their thoughts and then subsequently their behavior to align it with the laws of behavioral consequence or in other words conscience don't expect the external conditions ever to improve ever ever because the laws of reality and the laws of the universe do not function that way they do not allow for that level of ignorance you are going to be bringing on negative results meaning suffering pain chaos unto yourselves and others for as long as you continue to break those laws of nature the end for all time it doesn't make a difference what you think about that that's the reality that we are all living in whether any of us like it or even understand it or want to recognize it that's it it's not not because I said so either and again if you're just thinking I don't like the way he just explained that that seems uh arrogant that he's so cocky and sure of that well you're under emotional mind-control because you're not actually hearing the information oh you want to hear is how it's being delivered and I'm not gonna back down on how I deliver something and there's a reason for that because in a lot of ways I'm not trying to reach the people that are under deep emotional mind-control I'm trying to reach people who can work with them and help take them out of that state because that's not me I'm here to work with the adults ladies and gentlemen when I've said this before that's why I said the gloves are off and I'm here talking to people who at least have part partially opened their eyes and want to be treated like adults and they can go and work with the little children who need to be baby spoon-fed because that's not what I'm prepared to do [Music] welcome back everyone we're listening to what on earth is happening let's jump right back into the subject matter because I have some more to cover before we get to apophysis in the next hour in slide number five I talked about the difference between having conscience and exercising it using it putting it into practice in our lives the exercise of conscience is about using the knowledge that we have acquired of the definitive difference between right and wrong under natural under natural law pardon me the exercise of conscience is the willful choosing of right action over wrong action the willful choosing of right action over wrong action once that definitive knowledge of the difference between right and wrong has been acquired it's that simple you now know what the difference between a right and a wrong is so therefore you willfully choose only to exercise actions which are your right to take and you say no to doing things which you know definitively no you do not have a right to take actions which you do not have a right to take it's that simple and again ladies and gentlemen I've said this before many times it is so much more about what we need to stop doing what we need to say no to and that's why in the second part of the show today I'm going to be explaining the entire dynamic of apophysis were saying no the most powerful word in the universe no we have to understand this word we have to use it and the New Age the New Age movement people won't be happy about that and tough you know they want to make everything about affirmation and nothing about negation when in fact it's almost entirely about negation it's almost entirely about the refusal of things recognizing them as that which will lead to chaos and suffering and saying no I will not go there I will not do that and sadly there's so little courage in the world to make that statement too wrong to say no to the doing of wrong deeds because people want the little trinkets that are tossed before them by their masters for doing things that they have absolutely no right to do and again their masters aren't doing this that's why I keep trying to explain to people yes the dark occultists of this world understand how the mind and how the motivations operate and they're all too willing to dangle that carrot out in front of you but you're the one who's doing the action and therefore the culpability lies with the one who is doing the action the overwhelming bulk of the culpability and consequence under natural law lies with the one who is actually taking the action and a lot of people will fight and argue over that to go right ahead it'll never change the reality that an order Barker one who is just barking out orders okay is not going to deal with the same level of karmic natural law consequence than the person who follows their immoral order will that is the reality of how natural law functions so you can blame it on the elitists sitting up in their ivory towers telling people do this do that all you want they're not the people who are actually destroying people's rights the police and the military are the ones who are actually taking those actions to destroy other people's rights which they have no right to do themselves but they're the ones taking those actions on the next slide I reiterated in so many words in a in a slightly different way what I said last week about these people do not have conscience they do not have that definitive knowledge in hand or at least they're not exercising it whether they have it or not regardless of whether they have it or not they're not exercising it so I wrote on an image in front of images of the police and military by definition by the very definition of the term if you are following orders you can not be exercising conscience these are complete diametrically opposed opposites they are antithesis antitheses completely diametrically opposed ideas it is an impossibility to do both of these things at the same time and yet there are so many people that will tell you that that's possible it is not possible it is not possible because even if you're following an order that you believe is right and you're following it because you're under orders you're not really doing that action because you know it to be right you're following it because you were ordered to if you're if you're following orders and if you know something is wrong whether you know something is wrong or not if it is wrong and your thought choosing to follow it you're certainly not exercising your conscience people who willfully act out of conscience do not do so because they're saying that they're following orders that's not why they're doing it they're doing it because they definitively know the difference between right and wrong and are choosing the right over the wrong and that is not what any cop any soldier in the history of humanity has ever been doing they have been following orders and they're all too happy to tell you that and this goes back to you know I want to even Drudge up some old things you know I want to put I'm gonna put on the the podcast that video that I posted back months ago of a cop who would was an african-american cop in a major USC I think he was outside of Washington DC or in Washington DC and he said if I were ordered to do it I would UN force segregation laws against African American citizens in other words if the if the Congress passed a law saying there's now segregation laws are now back in place we're going to begin discriminating against all African American human beings I would as an African American even you know which is showing you it has nothing to do with the fact that he's he's African American it's because the reason I even emphasized that in the show when I brought this up is because this this beings belief in authority his religion his religious his erroneous religious beliefs okay his Dogma is even more powerful than his identification with whatever race he claims to be a member of and this is the case with almost anyone who believes in authority that trumps every other form of identification and I've talked about how race is basically an illusion as well and you know people who identify with that don't understand what's really going on they don't get it you know regardless of where that racism may be coming from or who's enacting it or who's putting that those ideas out there it's always an illusion of false identification of identification with the false ego self and that cop even he probably even has that level of racial identification and that is completely and utterly trumped by his identification with authority because he's saying even if you want to oppress people I generally identify with in other areas of my life I'm still going to say yeah I'll oppress them because I believe you have the right do that because you passed the law and I am the enforcer of that law that's all I do is follow orders that's the definition of not having a conscience this this individual does not possess a conscience he does not have that knowledge he's certainly not exercising a conscience making a decision like that or claiming that he would make a decision like that and this is the most reprehensible type of human being that exists there is no foul or form of human being that exists on the planet you are no your be up below an animal animals don't make choices like that you are below beneath animal consciousness far below it and it's sad it's not something you know I don't want to hate people like that it's so sad you're so ill you don't even understand how ill you are you are so destroyed you your real self is devastated is totally annihilated is totally destroyed and you don't even care enough about yourself to even know that and that's extraordinarily sad extraordinarily sad but these are the people who are building the dark new world order ladies and gentlemen until you get up in their face and make them see the error of their ways whether they want to see it or not they're gonna keep building that dark new world order unchallenged we'll be right back [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark patty I walk into the second hour of the show today I want to say a few words about justification which I brought up last week near the end of the program the people who continue to tread on other people's rights think somehow that they have some kind of a right to do this think somehow that they own someone else when they don't even own their own selves they don't even own their own minds or actions okay they've want to give away personal responsibility to some master who's gonna tell them everything that they need to do and that'll make it okay endlessly justify their actions and so do people who other people who think they have these imagined rights who think that they're allowed to be doing what they're doing because some psychopath in a suit and tie wrote it down in a book you know you you can write anything down and say you have a right to do it but that'll never make it true you can claim you can you know put infant children on spits and roast them over coals and eat them but that's not gonna ever make that true it's never gonna make it true it's always gonna be a wrong forever for eternity writing it down is not gonna change a thing which is why people have to get out of this mind control that somehow written down laws that are penned by man are somehow always in harmony with the laws of nature when nothing could be farther further from the truth as a matter of fact the vast majority of meru are not in keeping with natural law and therefore leading people deeper and deeper into a chaotic manifestation of reality justification people love it because they they try to use it to absolve themselves of their personal responsibility for making the right choice or the wrong choice as the case may be it comes from Latin yes which means right or law okay which is the root word for justice we will have justice when we are really living in harmony with true law natural law that's when we will be living in a state of right action these come from the same word the verb thought share a myth with which means to make or to create forms the other part of it and that's what justification is doing it is a feeble attempt to turn a wrong into a right or to create a right quote unquote create a right which does not exist you can never create a right which is why I put it in double quotes there's no such thing as creating rights rights are not made by men rights are inherent to creation they are they are already self existing and the universe put them there the curt because the creator of the universe put right and wrong in place that's it so there is no such thing as creating a right granting a right which is why all forms of government are mately utter nonsense and completely unjustified meaning it's wrong you can't justify it people think that somehow an authority figure can claim that they have rights that other people don't have there's no such thing as laying claim to a right that is a wrong you can never say oh that's wrong anybody else does it it's wrong but I'm going to claim it as a right that I'm allowed to do it but that's what justification is I'm gonna do this wrong and then I'm gonna claim somehow make a claim that it was okay for me to do for whatever reason I'm going to invent a reason in my head [Music] people need to stop falling for this and they need to stop supporting the people who continue to do this practice because they're wrong no matter what justifications they use to support their immoral behavior we'll be right back and talk about apophysis stay with us [Music] [Applause] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Oracle broadcasting under host mark passio my website what on earth is happening com we were talking about justification slide number eight with a disturbing image of bodies piled in a field and I said as long as people keep justifying immoral behavior expect to see more and more of this in the human future atrocities committed by all kinds of regimes throughout history doesn't matter where or when it's all based on people and their belief in authority believing that they need to continue to follow orders who will never say no they're yes men the most dangerous kind of individual in the world somebody who unquestioningly blindly accepts authority and says yes to it completely putting their conscience into a grave and ultimately if enough people continue to do that action they put themselves into a grave and humanity as a whole is moving toward this condition they don't understand just how quickly they're moving toward it they want to make it about the people at the very top you know espousing whatever tenets our ideologies they may espouse but ultimately you bought into that idea and actually took the action and once again that's why that's what I want to emphasize about why we should not be supporting anybody who is a follower of orders you shouldn't have a whole lot of respect or admiration for these people these are the people that whose behavior is look should be loathsome to us I'm not saying hate them attempt to continue to change them not saying go along with their actions either that doesn't mean you may need to physically stop them from taking their actions okay so what I'm saying is we need to get the information about how wrong what these people are doing and that they don't have a right to do these things into their hands before they bring something far worse down upon themselves and everyone else around them because that's the direction we seem to be headed and the answer for the non-supportive dominators and for what these quote dominators themselves because they're not the real dominators they're taking orders from the real dominators okay they think they're in control they're not in can the police and military are in control of nothing nothing their mind is handed over to people who actually are in control of them they own their body they because they own their mind and they can't see that people under this level of mind control think they're somehow in control of their own actions and this is what they want to do but they're still taking that action they're still taking it and I would even argue yes it's still an act of your will because you bought the idea you bought the idea from the Psychopaths you bought the idea from the globalist or the elitist or the Psychopaths or the occultist you bought into their worldview that's utter nonsense and now you're taking actions based on their commands an order follower and some hell you wear that as a badge of honor you're not that's not I've said this before that's not a man or a woman that's the exact opposite of that that's the lack of individual self that you know that doesn't make you bold or courageous or something that should be admired that makes you weak and deplorable and something that should be looked at with pity because you're ill you're ill you're psychologically ill you're mentally ill you're spiritually ill you're completely ill and many of you have no idea you don't even know it well someone needs to reach out and try to help these individuals become well become whole again because they are fragmented within their mind and within their heart and they're ultimately their true self is destroyed for the most part as to whether it can be resurrected the answer is in saying no to develop the courage to say no to things that you know are wrong that everyone knows is wrong you know when people are suffering you know when you're not doing the right thing you know when you're hurting someone else you know this everyone knows this everyone but you want the paycheck or you want the prestige or you want to just maintain the job or you want to maintain your living situation or your conditions or whatever doesn't make a difference all of that is justification trying to make a wrong into a right I'm gonna do this because if I don't I might lose my house because I might not be able to pay my bills well then lose your house that's it that's the kind of resolve and courage this is going to take you may need to live homeless for a while by choosing the right thing yes yes that is what I would tell someone yes that is what you do need to do if you can't if you absolutely have no other recourse well maybe you might even need to starve I won't have any food I won't have any money to buy food well maybe you should still choose the right thing and starve how about that how about that I'll look somebody in the face and tell them that yeah a secret police from you know Soviet Russia given orders to go and kill someone or otherwise hey maybe you go in the bread line with everyone else or even worse grow a set how about that and stand up to evil no you're too spiritually weak for that which is proof these people are not real men and women they want to think of themselves as some kind of tough guys but they're not real men they're cowards they're cowards when it comes to actually standing up to evil they won't tell their superiors to shove it no I'm not going to do that laughing laughs at orders as if somebody thinks they have a right to order someone else around tell them what they should be doing and the fact that people even buy into this shows what kind of psychological infants children they are but more than that really ultimately what it really goes down to showing unequivocally out in the light of day is that these people are self-hatred paid errs they hate who they are that's why they want to continue to bring about more suffering upon themselves something inside them hates what they are and ultimately the only thing that can truly heal this entire situation is for people to come to grips with their weaknesses admit them admit that you're weak admit that there's something wrong with you that you have an imbalance that you have an illness that you are weak that you are ill that you are sick and that you need help and there are plenty of people who are willing to come and help people I don't personally want to see anyone suffer like that want to be sick want to be in this existential sickness of self-loathing behavior because somehow you can't develop respect for yourself that respect is only truly going to come about by saying no apophysis saying no let's look at it in depth let's talk about what it actually is and then let's break down some examples of it in allegorical fiction we'll be right back you're listening - what on earth is happening stay with us everyone [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening on your host mark passio let's jump right back into the subject material on slide number nine I have the concept of apophysis which we want to really explore today and take a look at in allegorical fiction apophysis apo phas is apophysis otherwise known as apophatic inquiry the opposite of cata fatik inquiry okay what this is is affirmation through negation it means to arrive at an understanding okay to arrive at knowledge by way of the exclusion of known negatives it has also been called describing what something is by explaining that which it definitely is not so you're going to arrive at an understanding of something by saying well it's not this it's not this it's not this it's not this until you have a list of that which it definitely is not and then you come to know more about what it is by definitively recognising that which it is not so you arrive at knowledge which is an affirmation which is a positive thing by way of negation we're saying that which it is not okay and that's what the word actually means apophysis is a Greek noun okay alpha Pi Omicron fee Alpha Sigma iota Sigma is how it is spelled in Greek apophysis okay it's a noun that is derived from the greek verb upon i which means not to speak not to speak but see there's a connotation to this verb in Greek it doesn't mean to remain utterly silent it really means to say no to say no to say that which something is not okay negative description would be a good way of defining the word apart the verb upon I saying that which it is not the symbol of apophysis has been used in many different ways in the mystery traditions symbolically and I place this image on the left on this slide with the initiate who has arrived at an understanding of natural law and as such he is standing in between the raised pillars that are depicted as Jed pillars in the Egyptian tradition or I should say the Commission tradition with the winged disk of not the goddess of justice and law higher law order peace prosperity justice higher law natural law is what this goddess represented as the lintel above in this doorway or this gateway this star gate that the initiate is a Stargate of understanding he is now in understanding of the laws of nature his feet arranged in the Masonic Square the up right square not the inverted square that lies under the compasses but the one that has been turned up right a 90-degree angle a right angle that's why it is the symbol of the master of the lodge okay turned up right grasped by the balance point he is the Balan point represented in the image as the middle pillar in between the other pillars that leads to the solar disk the Stargate the Sun the light the way the truth the life the light of the world Aleut cosmic illumination cry stood consciousness and he has his finger up to his lips in the typical pose you know shush in someone but that's not it doesn't mean don't speak stay silent it means say no say no to that which is wrong that is how you say yes to that which is right you stop doing action which is immoral which is morally wrong which is not within your natural law rights to take in the world and we talked about apophysis is how you arrived at the understanding of what you have a right to do and not do you describe that which you do not have a right to do because it causes harm to others it causes suffering the natural law transgressions which we talked about in the natural law section go back listen to those podcasts listen to them over and over again if you have to understand what a right is not that's how you know what your rights are your rights are actions which you may perform that do not cause harm to another living being through the four natural law basic natural law transgressions which all boil down to theft taking something which you do not have a right to take taking something which is not yours again this is all about ownership self ownership possession you see these words come up over and over again even in the definitions conscience is the possession of knowledge sovereignty is self ownership the ownership of your own mind thoughts your own thoughts emotions and actions not giving them away to someone else because you don't want the personal responsibility of using them wisely this is what apophysis is and it is the upon oh gee it's the same thing this concept represents the apology Oppo logos we could break that word down see the the noun son I in Greek is to speak which is the where the faceis comes from Oppo faceis apophysis okay an oppo means the negation of or to take away or to remove too so to take away speaking not to speak to say no apology means to take away the word Oppo logos apology to remove the word well that's how we speak through the word it means you're giving the word back you're saying no to evil and as such you're saying yes you know the theft of the logos is what the original true sin is about because it what you're really trying to do is say through your words your justifications that you have rights which you don't have that's what all quote sin or all transgressions against natural law are about making a claim that's your word you're making a claim you're lying you're saying something is right when it isn't you're saying you have a right that you don't that the Creator did not give you inherently and that's what making an apology is about giving back the word where it rightfully belongs not saying that you have a right to do things that you don't have a right to do anymore Apollo G to take away the word and ultimately that word is saying yes to evil you're removing the yes and replacing it with an ode to evil so it's the same as apophysis again that's why this symbol of the enlightened initiate in the Stargate with his hand over his finger up over his lips that's why this is used it's an ancient concept that still applies today more now more than ever is when it needs to be employed we need to step up and say no we need to say no to people trying to take our rights and the people who are appointed to enforce those wrongs need to say no to their owners and stop doing those actions stay with us we're going to break down these four movies on the other side of this break engine for new [Music] we're back everyone talking about apophysis today on what on earth is happening a concept many people have never heard of but should become very familiar with if they want to really understand what's going to be required to get us out of this mess that we're in in consciousness here on the earth and there is a another aspect of apophysis that people may recognize of course yes the beginning see this has to do with speaking of course okay it has to do with vibration the kind of vibration we need to be in to say no to know that which is right and that which is wrong it's all about vibration the connection that we need to make to get into that vibration to the divine force of creation regardless of what you want to call that look at that as okay again that's someone's personal connection that they need to forge on a one-to-one basis I'm not here to tell anyone what that force or that intelligence that divine creative force is that's up to you to forge that connection okay but the word does also derive from the Egyptian God Apep okay we talked about before on the show and the Greek variant of that God was Apophis the the this was a God of darkness of chaos in many ways of the abyss of the void and there's a reason for that there's a reason why he stands against the word why the name comes from the negation of the word hey because yes vibration is that divine force everything is the word the universe the one word the one song the one sound it's all about vibration vibration stops things collapse back into the void or darkness there is no light the universe is spoken into existence so very important to keep in mind this does not mean not to speak the truth this is not telling the initiate never say anything that's that's how it's completely misinterpreted or that's the interpretation given by the dark occult to their initiative this information that you now know it is to be spoken of it is to be shared widely and freely there should not be secrecy and hiding of information if you really want to see order brought into the world so a pep who is going against the word in other words closing down those vibrations the light okay to bring the world into chaos it's named after him for a reason the removal of the word hey that's in a dark sense yes but again if you're taking away the word from where it rightfully belongs okay instead of leaving it with that divine intelligence where it belongs meaning you're trying to take or create rights which you do not have okay you're acting like a pepper or apophis you could look at it as Satan where the dark incarnation of Lucifer it doesn't matter it's all the same concept but the concept to take away the word and give it back to from man and give it back to where it rightfully belongs we are not the word see we are not the logos we are part of it but no man is it and that's what people who take the word and make claims that their God and they have a right to appoint rights to themselves or deny others rights that they do inherently have we're trying to delegate rights to other people that they don't have that's what they're trying to be they're trying to be God they have taken the word by making that claim I hope people can understand that I know it's a little bit heady of a concept but if you really meditate or contemplate on it you wander stand all the connections in language to this word there's not many people not many researchers talked about this concept I know one of them is Michael - sorry on who says we need to fall in love with the word no and he's right you know he does talk about our apathetic inquiry I like to think I've expanded on it even more so because this is such an important concept so let's look at these movies in the in the remainder of the show the first is the matrix well first of all in slide number 10 I've just posted here in no uncertain terms that the most powerful word in the universe is no that's it it isn't yes it's no that's the mode that's the word of power and you might even say it is the lost word as they call it in the mystery traditions or in Freemasonry specifically know is the lost word is the word that we have seemingly not been able to say with any true power with any true force behind it we keep saying yes to evil and we refuse to say no to evil and these three images are places in these powerful allegorical films which the heroes of the film have found the courage and the power to speak the word of power which is no I will not cooperate I will not accept your worldview I will not do what you tell me to do for another instant that's when you have all the power that creation will ever afford to you that's what real power is I will not do what's wrong and it is found in the negative ladies and gentlemen and the New Age movement doesn't want you to know that it's put out there by a lot of dark occultists not all of them there's some good information in even within that movement I say I don't state that as a blanket statement and never have but a lot of people in the New Age movement are useful idiots because they bought into this completely erroneous idea of what the law of attraction is really now affirmation through negation apophysis saying no is what the real law of attraction is about and you will attract to yourself the greatest amount of power when you negate immorality when you negate doing things that you know you do not have the right to do and you say no I will not be part of that at any capacity in any capacity to the extent that it is within my capability so this slide kind of summarizes the movies that we're gonna look at and I did not put one of them in there because there's not actually it's kind of about the fail the failure of a pop apophysis the last movie I'm going to talk about and I don't know if I'm gonna even get to the last slide I might leave that as a mystery image you know Pete I almost didn't get a chance to discuss the initiate in the Stargate on that show I rushed it in the last few minutes of the show but I might even let this one dangle over and explain it in another in next week's show or something I really want to talk about these movies the matrix okay one of the greatest spiritual allegories ever made neo the hero of The Matrix who represents the higher mind the neocortex okay finally finds his real power as the one his name means new neo means new okay and you rearrange the letters to form one meaning the balanced individual the individual who is living in harmony with natural law the individual who has United his thoughts his emotions and his actions the individual who has United the the left and right brain hemisphere so that the brain the neocortex is operating in a state of balance or oneness okay in conjunction with the heart or conscience in the at the end of the movie when his heart is revived by the Sacred Feminine say his heart is physically pumped back to life by the Sacred Feminine presented by Trinity thought emotion and action coming together to reignite the pump the center of the self okay the heart the generative principle true care he finally steps up and stands up to the evil ones and what does he say the first word that leaves his mouth when the when the agents hold up their weapons and prepare to give him orders is no no is the word that neo speaks to truly become the one and then there's no stopping him he is able to manipulate the matrix at will he is able to stop bullets by thought I'm not saying that's a physical actual reality I'm saying that's where the real power to stop the inevitable chaos lies in saying no to evil not going along anymore refusing orders this is so beautifully portrayed in this movie because the allegory of the matrix is absolutely one of the highest level spiritual allegories that has ever been made and very very few people really understand it with any depth and it's sad that people can watch allegory and it can go right over their head I'm going to break down the last three in the last segment I think I'll leave that odd image for next week you'll be right back ladies and gentlemen you're listening - what on earth is happening here on the auricle Broadcasting Network stay with us [Music] [Music] welcome back ladies and gentlemen last segment of what on earth is happening we're today let's jump right back into the material image number 12 shows scenes from the movie equilibrium and again that is considered to be the lost word of Freemasonry because equilibrium is what leads to the saying of the word know coming into harmony equilibrium balance just like in the Matrix movie when the Trinity is in the heart okay neo finally says no well when there is balance true balance the hero of this movie the grammaton cleric John Preston who is standing up to the man as God father of the Tetragrammaton the totalitarian world government okay who look at themselves as God Tetragrammaton being a name for God okay he finally says no the idea in equilibrium is that all emotions are outlawed the Sacred Feminine itself is outlawed you're not allowed to display emotions you could be incinerated for doing so literally so he's one of the enforcers he's one of the cops in the allegory of this totalitarian regime led by father you see there on the right and this is a Masonic allegory as well because the other grammaton cleric who he finally has to go to war with I believe his name is Brent in the movie you know Christian Bale who plays John Preston the grammaton cleric represents the white pillar the pillar of jackeen in Freemasonry and then his opponent Brandt who is trying to basically make him slip up or you know show display emotion and ultimately turns him into the Tetragrammaton the it turns him into father and here these are basically scenes from the end of the movie when he has finally turned in and uh they're getting ready to you know try to put him down but he ultimately puts them all down okay that this is the light and dark pillar of Freemasonry people will think oh what has to do with race it has nothing to do with race they are putting a african-american man in the role of Brant to represent the dark pillar which represents darkness the moon pillar the lunar okay yes it also represents in the synthesis between the masculine and feminine the the feminine but if you look at it from Freemasonry as representing especially in the first degree tracing board as I explained it if you turn it to its side you look at it as a stepwise progression from darkness to light which is what the tradition is actually about the progression from ignorance to knowledge from not understanding natural law to fully understanding it and choosing to live in harmony with it okay he is the dark pillar Brant the the evil grammaton cleric and John Preston is the light pillar that represents the Sun the light okay that you have to come to an understanding of natural law you have to arrive at knowledge which is what light is represented as light in Freemasonry okay so you'll you see this pillar symbolism in the movie as well especially when he comes into the chamber to do battle with Brant and father the one who thinks he's God you know so there's also an interesting couple of interesting dynamics brought up in this movie first of all the symbolism is very powerful you see the Tao cross and the equal armed cross formed by the conjunction of the four Tao crosses in the bottom right hand of this slide but you also see the octagon around it representing the hypercube clearly someone had high amounts of occult symbolic knowledge to put this in the controller's room these are all symbols of the control system in the occult okay and the room is octagonal if you look at the end scene one of the scenes leading up to the end the fight scene at the end the big dramatic fight scene but uh John Preston displays no emotion see it's showing the emotional mind control was over and now he's ready to really say no he's not thinking with his emotions anymore okay that's what this galvanic skin response test that he's hooked up to when he's in the offices of father is about now I highly recommend people watch this movie it's difficult to explain the entire thing just in a few moments but basically this former order follower who finally has a moment of conscience and refuses his orders is coming after his totalitarian oppressors his former masters and he's they're interviewing him to see if he's has emotions now and he's displaying all these emotions they they now know you know he's outed himself and the father character is saying well you've now given a given us given yourself to us calmly and coolly without without any incident and that's the moment that his emotions go flatline and now he's going to step up and do what needs to be done totally without thinking about it in an emotional sense which is sadly what it may need to come down to everything I do on the show is I've said many times is to avert that is to avoid it having to ever come anything like that like what we had to go through in the first American Revolution and it's always a failure to have to do it that way but there are many people who will definitively choose to continue to do it that way if it can't be done through consciousness because they're not willing to just say no I'm gonna cast in all the chips and say I'm done and I'm not going to give anybody a chance in the future to resist this tyranny and oppression so it's always done in an act of love that level of rebellion in the physical sense but at the same time recognize that it's always is a failure at some level because you're probably going to have to go there again because you haven't gotten it done in consciousness and you haven't really taught people so that's a hard lesson to learn in the movie and I figured I'd comment on it a little bit Rise of the Planet of the Apes is the next movie depicted in image 13 and the star of the movie is the ape Caesar he's the hero who is evolving into something more than what he was okay and now humans are trying to hold his his evolutionary development back and still treat him like an animal which is what this control system is all about he's different than the other Apes there are qualities to him that are different even if you think you need to exercise control of over feral animals he is something different and has evolved to a place that is beyond the regular ape creature and he is being controlled by this other guard in this facility the guard is named dodge and you see him hitting him with a pain stick with a pain compliance stick an electrical like a cattle prod and Caesar finally recognizes his moment of truth and his moment of power by finally saying no depicted in the bottom left here to dodge and then he goes on to lead his fellow Apes to freedom you don't know what happens well maybe you do because it kind of you know what happens eventually you know he can't really control the other Apes at some point in the future but the point here is he doesn't find his power as the most intelligent of them recognizing that Brandt I'm sorry Dodge is doing something that is he doesn't have a right to do and he's wrong for doing he doesn't recognize that true power and come into a position of true leadership until he says no and then finally the movie the Box the last image I'm sorry the second-to-last image number 14 a stranger with this distorted face comes to a house of a couple and presents the choice he gives a box to them with a red button inside of it that they have to open and press and if they press that button they will receive a million dollars in cash but someone that they don't know will die so they have to ignore their conscience if they want that million dollars and press that button and of course they do woman presses that button she won't say no is something that she knows is wrong and ultimately the movie I highly encourage everyone to watch it is about the consequences that will inevitably result by the refusal to say no a great movie the box with Cameron Diaz from 2009 check it out we could talk about about these words Borg has moved