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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascal [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website of course Oracle broadcasting dot-com today is Sunday July 22nd 2012 the show is live every Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. East Coast time ladies and gentlemen I have a really great announcement we raised through the chip in effort on the what on earth is happening website the required amount to make this radio show go ad free for the next three months at least and today I'm coming at you ad free no commercials during the entire show today so thank you so much for everyone who contributed to make this possible and the show will be added free for at least the next three months we're going to put a chip in on the page to continue this effort and to make the show go ad free indefinitely so thank you so much I can't express my admiration and gratitude for all the people who contributed to make this happen it shows what you could do when you put some will behind something and really just ask for something to manifest and people who find this show valuable did put their money where their mouth is so to speak and I want to thank them for doing so so I have a couple of other quick event announcements I was on truth frequency radio last evening July 22nd I'm sorry July 21st and Christian Cherie interviewed me for two hours on their broadcast for the second two hours of the the second and third hour of their broadcast and we talked a little bit about the tragic events that went down in Colorado from an esoteric or a cult perspective and that show will be archived in the news section this week so look for that you can download the mp3 download the podcast to go along with that show I'll be posting it in the next couple of days also the truth freedom prosperity documentary night here in Philadelphia will be happening this Thursday evening July 26th this month were showing a film called war on health the fda's cult of tyranny as always the truth freedom prosperity documentary night happens on the last Thursday of every month here in the city of Philadelphia at a seen market and cafe that is owned 7:19 South fourth Street that's the corner of 4th and Monroe streets in Philadelphia just south of south street and the war on health is just a phenomenal documentary it's a documentary that details the FDA agenda and its allegiance with the International Codex Alimentarius both of which really are hoping to establish a monolithic food and drug health regime so-called health regime really they're all about the destruction of human health as we've talked about in the past on this show and this will be a great documentary evening coming up this Thursday night with a discussion to follow I have a huge announcement for today before we get into the subject matter actually before I do that I want to thank my guest from last week Jasper Jones from the River City to hydrogen project that was a great interview and anybody who missed it and go back and check it out in the archives at show number 116 and of course thank you to everybody involved with the Tesla Science Foundation and the Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations for 2012 two weeks ago of course I had a live broadcast from that event if you missed that that was show 115 and you can go back into the podcast archive that what on earth is happening to check that out I interviewed 10 guests from the conference on that show so today we're going to be picking up with our regularly scheduled deep programming we're going to be going back into the supportive dominators but specifically we're going to be talking about the occult mockery of police and military actually continuing this topic we've already been on that topic for a couple of weeks before I took the interlude with the Tesla event and the interview with Jasper Jones last week so today we'll be resuming my breakdown of the occult mockery of police and military personnel through the symbolism that is employed against them the subversive symbolism that is used to ritualistically mock them that's coming up today on the show but before we do that I have a gigantic announcement I actually announced this for the first time last night on truth frequency but I'll be announcing it right now for the first time on what on earth is happening ladies and gentlemen there will be a second free your mind conference that's right free your mind to will be taking place right here in the city of Philadelphia on April 19th 20th and 21st 2013 that's Friday Saturday and Sunday April 19th 20th and 21st 2013 here in Philadelphia no other details as of just yet details will be forthcoming I'm working on building a new website for the free your mind conference dot-com page and I'll be archiving the former material the 2011 material it looks like we're going to be able to have this conference probably every other year we'll do it on the odd years and we actually had our first organizational meeting yesterday and it went really well and you know we're looking at all the different logistics necessary to make this occur so check out free your mind conference calm over the next week it will be changing somewhat because I'll be putting the new interface up but right now you can see the old website for for your mind conference with all of the videos for all of the speakers up there from the conference from 2011 so that's the big announcement to free your mind to 2013 April of 2013 here in the city of Philadelphia watch for the the website details coming up over the next couple of weeks we'll be announcing speakers as we book them we'll be announcing a venue we don't have a venue yet but we will be announcing one shortly and we'll be announcing how you can get tickets to this great event okay so I'd like to direct everyone's attention of course to my website what on earth is happening dot-com and there underneath the player for today's the player for the radio show you will see images for today's show and under that you will see the slideshow images that we're going to be discussing today continuing to discuss for the occult mockery of police and military personnel there are a hundred and forty-eight images that go with the entirety of this talk we're somewhere around image number forty I believe I believe we left off with images number 40 and 41 at the end of the show three weeks ago if you missed the the lead-up to this the two shows before that which I believe were 113 and 114 began this discussion on the occult mockery of police and military personnel this is somewhat of a review in some sections because there's prerequisite material to understand some of this symbolism so again I'm putting this down for the record in this format so some of it may be review what wasn't review really is some of the things that I talked about at the end of show number 114 which was an expose of the Faustian pentagram and that's kind of where we left off that show so I'm going to pick it up from there as we saw the inverted pentagram is used when it comes to police and military we saw it at the White House with the commander-in-chief's office the commander in chief of the the Armed Services in the United States his office being at the White House the president the executive branch of the government and we saw the Faustian pentagram situated in the street plan of Washington DC directly north of the White House with the middle point the downward point of the inverted Faustian pentagram pointed directly at the White House this symbol is a symbol of war the North has always been associated with the god Belial and the the concept of war and aggression and as we said this is the center of the imperialistic aggression in the United States so it's very fitting that this symbol were was chosen for you know such an office to be encoded into the street plan we talked about what the Faustian pentagram was how it is a pentagram of pacts is really what it is and I would suggest that the broken arm ultimately symbolizes that the pact of the dark forces within government agencies and the entities that these occult powers really believe in and some would say worship but you could say call upon for their power you know for their influence over the minds of people I would suggest that that really represents that that that pact is not really fully um has not been fully expressed it has not been it has not come to its conclusion there is still I guess you could say powers being turned over to the people who were seeking them but the fullness of that pact has not been sealed as of yet represented by the broken arm of that pentagram and we looked at Manley P halls interpretation of this symbol this was on image number 39 so we moved on from there after breaking down what the Faustian pentagram was and represented on that show and we can move we began to move to other examples of the inverted pentagram in police and military symbolism we looked at one of the most obvious to some some people will say oh it's just a pentagon but really we have to understand the usage of symbolism through negative space this is how a cultists really love to use symbolism in many cases and the negative space that we're talking about here is the hub of an inverted pentagram which is what the Pentagon is you know I really think if it wasn't so blatantly obvious they just would have went ahead and made it an inverted pentagram for this building but they figured well that's a little bit too obvious so let's do the next best thing and take the the central hub shape you know of the inverted pentagram and make that the symbol of the shape of our building where we're going to wage war and imperialism from so if you look at image number 41 it is an animated gif showing how perfectly within the center of an inverted pentagram the Pentagon building actually fits it's an exact fit the dimensions are precise so I would suggest that certainly not accidental and there is a cult symbolism through the use of negative space being employed here if you even look in the center of the Pentagon there's another Pentagon in the negative space they love that use of negative space we saw that with the army 5 point of five-star generals emblem which is the inverted pentagram employed through the use of the negative space of the arrangement of the five stars another example of pentagonal symbolism where in general star symbol five-pointed star symbolism is the Fraternal Order of Police is logo shown in image number 42 I'm going to break this down later in the presentation on a cult symbolism regarding military and police emblems because there's prerequisite understanding for this symbol there's gematria or a cultic numerology contained in this symbol as well as Masonic symbolism so I would just point it out that this is a cult symbolism being employed you of course see the all-seeing eye you see a Masonic grip being employed in the lower right hand arm of the pentagram the phrase Yoshida sliver Atum justice fidelity and liberty so I would suggest that the Fraternal Order of Police certainly represents none of those things although they're employing that were those that phrase on their emblem to try to reel people in to get them to think that that's what this somehow represents but in fact we'll see it's really the raising of duality over unity maintaining an us-versus-them mentality and keeping not only their members but the rest of the public confined to the masonic floor of the house so we'll look at that after we break down some Masonic symbolism later in this talk a very obvious blatant example of the use of an inverted pentagram is the Victoria police's emblem specifically as it is used in police hats in Victoria Australia so if you look look at image number 43 right on the third eye or in other words between the third eye and crown chakras of the body meaning right in the middle of the forehead of the individual they're placing this inverted pentagram which we broke down earlier on I believe it was show one 1:14 we broke down the Victoria Police as emblem with the uphold the right and the crown above it as there there are word on the sachet below the inverted pentagram and I suggested that this is exactly telling people symbolically that they're upholding the the divine right to rule of the British crown they're not upholding the people's rights this is a about as blatant as it gets an inverted pentagram placed at the third eye chakra location this is blatant mockery of the person who's wearing this this is telling them we're putting the symbol of the inversion of spirits you know the raising of duality above unity right on your head right on as a matter of fact the place of the the awakening of spirit the third eye chakra and you know of course I would suggest that the heart really is the center of spirit but in conjunction with the balanced brain that's what's really opening care in conjunction with the balance of the brain is what's really opening our spiritual vision and that's represented by the third eye or the one eye the all-seeing eye and they're placing this satanic emblem directly at that location of the prefrontal cortex in other words right on the forehead of the individual it can't really get any more obvious to me but there are people who say this is coincidental I think the people who are making this symbolism know exactly what they are doing and are openly mocking police through the use of this symbolism on their body unfortunately because police and other members of the general public are completely symbol illiterate they can't see that mockery that is being done wordlessly because they're not initiated into such occult symbolism that's part of why I'm doing this presentation to try to help people become symbol literate so when they see these things they understand what they're really seeing they can read the language of symbolism so let's look at some one-eye symbolism when it comes to police and military and really this is all relating to it's going to ultimately relate to money the one eye the fake one that's why so many of these people continue to do what they're doing because that's their God that's what they worship you know they don't have any allegiance to truth they don't have any elite allegiance to freedom you know they they just take money for doing actions and that's it and unless that source of money dries up or stops flowing they're gonna continue to be the puppet of whoever is commanding them so one eye symbolism is important not just for understanding it from a perspective of money but from a perspective of really seeing the positions that they're using some of this symbolism on because you'll see use that that at that third eye location over and over again this is an accidental they know where to place something for to have the maximum effect synergistically in the the morphic field of the body you know this is this is a cult projection it's known as your your projecting your symbolism in the location of the body where it is absolutely the most effective so you'll see symbols being used at the third eye location or in general what we're talking about is right up against the brain that's no accident either they're putting it on or around you know directly around the skull there that's a totally deliberate effort so that proximity is having an effect on the field of the body that you know proximity through through the form being present right near that energy vortex that is it within the body the chakra system the energy wheels we'll talk about that a little bit later on in today's show but let's take a look at all seeing eye symbolism in general we've gone over this actually many times on the show the all-seeing eye is in general the symbol of spiritual awakening people think that it means the dark occultus at the top of the food chain the dark aluminous --tz-- you know the Illuminati it does mean that in its negative connotation or interpretation because as we will see the Great Seal of the United States is a duel symbol we have seen this I've actually broken it down on a previous show I'll very briefly recap it because the all-seeing eye in the form of the grip the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States is depicted here in image number 45 of this slideshow and you see it is above a pyramid with the capstone missing a work in progress in other words a stone pyramid not completed with 13 courses of brick leading up to the all-seeing eye in the sky behind the pyramid illuminating the scene with light and the the phrase annuit coeptis above and Novus Ordo seclorum on the banner below with a Roman numeral date M DC c LX x VI which is 1776 in Roman numerals the ostensibly explanation for this symbol of course is that the United States was built in 1776 it is a work in progress and it is aspiring to build up to you know to be more like the Creator more godlike etc and people miss translate the phrase below constantly as new order of the ages which is of course does not mean the phrase we've clearly demonstrated in the past on this show Novus Ordo seclorum does mean new order of the world new order of the universe it could mean it is new world order and I would suggest that this symbol is representing both the light new world order and the dark new world order it is a dual symbol and needs to be understood as such from an esoteric perspective and yes this is a Masonic symbol it represents all forms of masonry both light and dark and I'll explain that briefly annuit coeptis means he she or it favors our project or our enterprise or our work that is in progress okay it's a building project so the question becomes who favors it and the answer is it's either the god of creation who favors it or it's the god of destruction who favors it okay because if we're talking about light masonry building with light if we are working toward removing those barriers between the earth or then the inhabitants of the earth and the divine essence represented by the all-seeing eye we are taking those bricks down we are removing barriers bricks are barriers they are weight okay they are hardened calcified beliefs that get in our way and hold us back that block us they imprison us they keep the light out okay and keep us in our darkness in our mental bondage and that's what the bricks represent symbolically the object is to remove them or transform the bricks into light so that there is no barrier between earth and the heavens okay in other words no barrier between being in the world and having higher consciousness being in the world but not of it understanding the higher self understanding the true aspects of the self so if we were to build with brick we would be blocking the light out from the scene okay we would be completing the male Dominator pyramid which is the blade symbol the upward pointing triangle only and that would be ultimately obscuring the light because if you finished this scene if you finished this pyramid with bricks and built it all the way up to the top the the light which is behind that pyramid okay would not come down to the earth it would be blocked you would not be able to see it from the perspective that you're looking at looking from this scene into so an image number 46 I've basically put an Alex Grey image here that's one of his paintings that shows the chakra wheels the chakra vortices in the body leading up to the third eye and the third eye is brightly illuminating the scene and the individual is awakened he has the illuminated halo around his head this is what this third eye assembled this one eye symbol means it represents the awakened center of the being the the the heart chakra coming online in conjunction with the balanced brain to awaken the pineal gland and develop true spiritual insight within the individual this is a great representation of that and that is what that all-seeing eye actually does represents in the negative interpretation of the symbol it also does represent the hidden elite that is controlling things from behind the scenes the so-called elite the powers that shouldn't be okay they see themselves as God as the divine essence of this world that's the high and mighty image they have of themselves that have the divine right to rule over people because they think they're better than everyone else okay their intellect makes them the rulers of this world and they need to be able to rule unchallenged as God's here as gods on earth and therefore they're keeping others in the brick in the darkness okay in the weight of calcified belief systems that they propagate so that they can continue to horse hold the powers of God in their hands and you know hold that influence over others through mind control so yes you could see that symbol as representing the sorcerers of this world you know playing God here through manipulation so image number 47 really shows this dynamic of the light and dark new world order this is a this symbol is a transitional phase as we talked about you can go back in the archives and pull the shows where I talked about the all-seeing eye symbolism and broke this symbol down extensively but it's really the world addition okay and are we gonna continue to build with brick with ignorance okay creating more Blockheads you could look at it as people who are trapped in their belief systems in which case we're going to block out the true light of the Creator from this world and the hidden elite are going to rule from behind the scenes a world of darkness and ignorance so that's what this animated gif image in image number 47 is really all about for those of you who are following with the PDF document which is also listed there underneath the slideshow images you won't see the animation but you can on the slideshow images listed with 148 images image number 47 shows this animation I complete the pyramid to show you what the scene will look like in darkness okay and that's what we're trying to avoid we're trying to awaken the all-seeing eye we're trying to awaken the true center of spiritual vision within each individual to bring them online to what's really going on not only around them but within them themselves so if we do that we will build the world that is the light new world order where there is no boundaries where there are no bricks weighing us down where there is no prison being built all around us represented by those bricks and again this is always built in male dominator imbalance because the 13 courses represent the Sun and the 12 houses of the zodiac it's purely solar symbolism only if there's extreme left brain imbalance is a Dominator society going to be made and what we're talking about here is withdrawing our support from that Dominator culture and not falling into that state of extreme left brain imbalance through engaging in just intellect without wisdom you know without the creative and nurturing aspects of the Sacred Feminine right brain hemisphere so the all-seeing eye really represents the balance between those two hemispheres of the brain and you know being able to build the world that is balanced as a result of the people in it having a balanced expression of consciousness and that occurs through a balanced brain so the God of creation the lot the true God of light favors the New World Order if the building project is to remove that pyramid of stone which represents ignorance and imbalanced toward the masculine left brain hemisphere of the brain this is represented this world is represented by the emblem that I created in image number 49 which I call one great work that's the work that is favored by the god of creation a world of truth love and freedom where there is only light where that ignorance has been removed and it doesn't exist in the world anymore there's no pyramid there's no prison Society okay it has been removed and there's unity consciousness if we look at the opposite the dark God okay the god of destruction and suffering once perpetual ignorant so it can rule from the shadows as the puppet master that it is this is represented in image number 49 I'm sorry 48 the one right before the one great work seal image number 48 shows that the sorcerer always wants to play God and work from behind the scenes hidden unseen and keep other people in his manipulation and he does that through money all the money's flowing toward him he's breathing in the money in this scene I don't know who painted this but whoever it is they understand this is a phenomenal image but we can't see the all-seeing eye the one eye symbol as just representing that dark side that's one component but again you need to see the Great Seal the reverse of the Great Seal as a duel symbol because in fact it is it is a symbol of the builders all builders we are all the builders of our experience collectively we all bring our contribution to the table to build the world and as we build it so shall we experience it therefore if we're we want to build wisely will build with light and will build with knowledge and wisdom which is what light represents which is what that all-seeing eye represents if we want to build foolishly will build with brick and will block the light out and we'll stay in ignorance and will build a prison and we're well on our way toward doing that folks as I've said innumerable times it's going to take a colossal gargantuan Herculean effort of will to turn it around from where we're at right now just being honest but that's the dual symbol that the reverse of the Great Seal represents what we need to understand is what that all-seeing eye ultimately represents in its original unadulterated form is spiritual wisdom that the knowledge of ourselves as spiritual beings and being in the world but not of it being truly awakened it is the symbol of awakening and that's why they use it in the ways that they do they're putting it on something that they're giving to you in a this is talismanic magic this is ancient manipulation techniques in in it's mind control that's what money is it's an ancient talismanic mind-control technique to give somebody something and tell them you put a symbol on it that really has absolutely nothing to do with the real value of that you know talisman that you're handing them and in their mind though when they see the symbol there's this subconscious correlation to the symbology on that talisman and that goes right to the subconscious mind the subconscious already understands how the all-seeing eye symbol has been represented and used and it understands what it truly represents it's like in our systemic ancestral memory it's encoded within us this is an archetypal form this symbol a triangle with an i' imbued with light you know bathing everything around it in light this is primal it's a primal archetypal image the subconscious we have this already programmed into us at a subconscious level to know what it represents and when somebody puts it on something that meaning that original unadulterated meaning is actually going right to our subconscious mind if we're not conscious of it it goes right into the subconscious mind if we don't have a working conscious understanding of the symbolism that's why it's so important to become symbol literate to understand the meanings and interpretations of these symbols throughout the ages if we don't have that framework for knowledge the subconscious mind is going to interpret it automatically it's going to automatically interpret it you're not going to interpret it at a conscious level you're going to interpret it from a subconscious and indeed an unconscious level and that's what they're doing with money that's why they put this symbol on the one dollar bill they're associating it with unity they're associating it with spiritual awakening they're associating it with balance most of all especially through the color green because green is the middle of the visible spectrum that's why green is used for money particularly in the United States especially in the United States but money the word as we see on image number 50 actually means one eye it actually if you would just break it down the word money is one mo n mon mono is the prefix meaning one and ey at the end I we just pronounce it money but it's mom I won I ok phonetically there is no difference no variants that the mouth is making the same movements it's basically the same word with a different vowel sound in it the one I is used on money this isn't an accident that the word is structured is patterned after one eye and there's a one eye symbol on the actual money the bill okay it's all there to put into your mind that this represents balance of the brain hemispheres it represents that the center of everything being the color green it represents the awakening process it represents unity consciousness oneness it's why it's on the one dollar bill not on any of the other bills the all-seeing eyes on the one there's a reason for all of that okay it's there to basically tell you that this bill this useless piece of paper that has no value it's not even worth the paper it's printed on represents all of those things and it represents none of those things zero none of them doesn't represent oneness it doesn't represent spiritual awakening it doesn't represent balance it doesn't represent care doesn't represent centeredness none of it none of those things it's all a proxy they're handing you the fake thing and symbolically telling you it's the real thing that's what it's for that's what a talisman does that's what dark talismanic magic is all about now I'm not saying there's no good use of talismans there are but that this is a dark usage of talent of a talisman which is what the one dollar bill is and this is people's God let's face it the reason we're in this mess as a species that humanity is even in the predicament that it's in is because money is people's God that's the the main overarching reason and they don't want to take personal responsibility for their actions that goes hand in hand with all of this you know somebody pays me know that they did it you know I'm just doing my job I'm being paid to do this by someone else so I completely unthinkable that's the dominator mindset that's the puppet of the dominator mindset oh the one above me is really doing all of this you know we talked about trying to get out of personal responsibility trying to abdicate personal responsibility to someone else and it can never really be done but this is their this is what they try to argue that can be done you know it's just I'm just doing my job I'm following orders and of course that holds zero weight it should never be accepted as a justification for wrongdoing and doing harm to others yet there's still people who out there who believe that somehow makes it okay that you can go into an institution and say well they're gonna command me I'm not gonna exercise any judgement all my thinking gets turned off and I just act blindly I want to talk about acting without thinking or feeling in this presentation because that's a huge part of it and they they're mocking people symbolically as we'll see based on that very dynamic how you're an actor without thinking or feeling and the the dark occultists actually detest that more than anything else yes they are getting people to do those things but in other words they have such a loathing for somebody who cares so little about themselves that that's how they would behave they just look at them as an animal as it's just less than an animal a lot of animals don't act like that you know they look at them as the lowest of the low the scum of the scum and in a lot of ways like I said I can't really hope I can't wholeheartedly disagree with their worldview when it comes to that I think people who act like that are trash it's a self-fulfilling prophecy you don't want to think for yourself you don't want to take responsibility for your actions that is the definition of a bad person that's what a bad person is ladies and gentlemen we should stop trying to allow these people off the hook by saying oh they didn't know or they were just following orders that's the worst way of being that you could possibly be in the world that is the definition of a bad person that's what makes you a bad person is that you're an order follower the definition of a bad person I mean in simple terms is somebody who acts without thinking or feeling and that's what an order follower is you just act you don't you're not paid to think you're not paid to feel you know you just do because I said so and I'm paying you so you know money as this talismanic proxy occultic lee is used as the justification for this immoral behavior of dominators all over the world and I call it that's I'm showing a stack of different denominations of money from all over the world in image number 51 and then I overlay it in image number 52 with the phrase that this is the most powerful religion of this world and image number 53 I put really what it ultimately is is it's the god of this world this is what people worship as God money is the ultimate religion it is the ultimate unchallenged dogmatic belief system that operates worldwide it is the universal world religion and I would say right underneath that neck-and-neck with it is the second Universal world religion which is Authority the belief in authority that some people have authority over other people and can command them as masters you know can command their slaves as masters just because they're who they are they are in a position of authority this is also universal religion both money and authority are completely illusory they're based an illusion they're based in a deranged imagination the the abbé use of imagination okay the dark usage of a gift that humanity has been given to improve itself and improve its conditions and improve our world and when we go into the abusive aspects of the imagination not using it wisely but using it foolishly invent things and then started imbuing them with power through our belief and it turns into a religion and that's what money is and that's what authority is these are religions and in the true sense of the word the verb relig re and latin meaning to hold back or to thwart from forward progress the things that are ultimately thwarting this species from forward progress in consciousness from forward evolutionary progress is the religions of money and authority that's it money and government so money drives it all it's the god of this world this is what people have taken as their God and it here's a simple equation ladies and gentlemen it can't really get any easier than this if money is your God that equals you are slave and will forever remain a slave that's it that's an eternally true equation of the universe if you if money is your God and you worship money as your God you will forever remain a slave the end for all time it is that is what is that is the truth and that will never be a different way and unfortunately people actually take that deal and say as long as I have money obviously they love it they love this condition they love it the majority I tell people that and they get so angry when I say that to people how could you be so down on people mark how could you say that you don't give people enough credit you don't give people a chance let me tell you something if people didn't love it the way that it is it wouldn't be the way that it is if people wanted it to be a different way it would be a different way more people want it the way that it is then don't want it the way that it is and you need to come to grips with that because if you don't you don't really understand where your work is that your work isn't helping them to see why the majority to see why they need to change their mind about that there mental attitude is keeping it the way that it is and ultimately the reason for that is they like it better that way because the thing that they don't want more than anything else see they'll say they want freedom but they don't really want it because freedom with freedom hand in hand in separably comes true personal responsibility and that's what people don't want so they'll go slap freedom they'll slap the gift of freedom right out of the hand of the Creator if it because taking it means they have to take the responsibility that goes with it so they'll slap it away and yet they'll continue to maintain oh no I want freedom no you don't if people wanted freedom there would be freedom we get what we want the majority of people if they want something that's how it's gonna be that's what's gonna manifest the majority of people do not want freedom our task as people who really do understand this dynamic and know how it's being generated through what we care about through what we quote worship and we're worshipping the wrong God you know I mean I don't claim that say that people need to need to worship anything but we are taking on this God of money as our Idol and and putting all of our adoration behind it all of our care is directed toward that and that's why I call it the most powerful god of this world the influence of the true God of creation is barely to be seen in this world through through the people and their mindset and their attitudes and their behaviors it's hardly to be found but the god of money is to be found everywhere and people who are listening and being honest with themselves know I'm speaking the exact truth see just like in they live in the movie they live the the phenomenal allegorical movie which if people haven't seen I you know I can't believe you haven't seen this movie it's like one of the greatest cult classics of all time and if you haven't seen it you need to immediately check it out bye Carpenter is the director John Carpenter so in it the hero who is named nada basically finds sunglasses through which he can see the world as it really is and he puts these glasses on and then he sees subliminals that were always there but he could never actually see before you know he puts us he puts a glasses on and he sees sign saying no imagination don't question authority you know Mary Anne reproduce you know no questions things like that and it's a very interesting allegory about how we need to shut down the mind control we need to shut down the signal that's always propagating the mind control and telling us what to think and what to believe so we can see through all of that to see what the real message is being sent really are that's what this movie is all about and it's also about people being puppets to these hidden elites you know just doing their bidding for you know a pittance you know for a bucket of beans as they say and how deplorable people like that are but in the movie he sees um what money really is about he puts the sunglasses only looks at a gentleman who has a bunch of dollar bills in his hand and then the hidden subliminal comes through and it says this is your god this is uh images number 54 and 55 in the slideshow absolutely true this is most people's God and that's why we're in a cage and until the people who really want to be out of the cage and want true freedom until they understand what their work is in helping people to understand this is the very dynamic that's enslaving us all you worshiping that as your God that's why you're in an eternal prison until you change that mental attitude you're going to be in a prison for a long long time and unfortunately you're chaining the rest of us don't want to be in a prison in here with you so money is the great motivating factor it's people's God it's these it's these police these police officers that's their God money and authority are their gods they don't have any connection with the true higher self they have no connection with the the great spirit of oneness none many of them don't believe in God at all in our total atheists and they're also moral relativists and they're also social Darwinists all of these poisoned ideologies you know that are completely building the male Dominator prison society that we're all going into and the door is getting slammed shut behind us locked down tight and the keys getting thrown away as long as those who are our mindset that that's your mindset that's the prison you're going into that's just how the dynamic of cosmic spiritual law works that's it and yes it is knowable that that is how the universe is operating that you are bound to higher cosmic law which I've called natural law but because of the bastardization and perversion of the word natural in modern colloquial English you can't even say the word natural with images of Charles without images of Charles Darwin and his idiotic theory being propagated in people's minds that has now led to social Darwinism which is a completely insane ideology based on social stratification that you're patterning after this incorrect notion of natural the natural order which has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with what I call natural law but yet this is the concept that comes up when people hear the word natural that's how that's how completely overtake and seized the word natural actually is in in language that you know I've been just calling it cosmic law cosmic spiritual law that's what natural law is it's the laws that govern behavioral consequence the laws of consequence that ultimately govern your choices of your actions so you know I've been even just calling it something different in language to try to Diab you skate that term when I say natural law so let's move into what I call frequency control and understand how this color green has been used and when we look at other colors associated with particularly the police you understand how the red and blue are occult mockeries of them this is why they're lights on their cars here in the United States are colored as such and of course placed right above their heads as well if we look at the visible spectrum of light now we're not talking about pigment not color as in pigment in other words like you know a paint or a marker or crayon something like that that's pigment color we're not talking about color pigments let's please make that abundantly clear we are talking about frequencies or wavelengths of light light energy not pigment okay because when we say pigment we're talking about something different when it comes to blending or mixing together light operates differently than pigman we're looking at the frequencies of light from the low of visible light light in the visible spectrum which is a very narrow band and we're looking at how this spectrum looks when we actually break it down take white light pass it through a prison so comes out into its constituent elements its constituent wavelengths and we can see each of those wavelengths that constitute all of the visible colors of light that we can see with the eye so the lowest wavelength or the lowest frequencies are the Reds the red colors so we have red at the very bottom of the visible bandwidth the visible spectrum as it is known and then we move upward we go into the oranges and then the yellows then the greens then the blues then the indigo and violet ultimately lies at the opposite end of this visible spectrum frequency range so the highest frequencies are what are known as the blue frequencies or the violet frequencies and below the red are really imperceptible to see with the with the human eye the frequencies are too low in other words the wavelengths are too long so we call that infra red meaning beneath the red and then frequencies that are above the visible spectrum that can't be perceived with the human eye because their frequencies are too short a frequencies are too high the wavelengths are too short these are called ultraviolet frequencies meaning beyond violet so very simple to understand why infrared means what it does and ultraviolet means what it does below the red can't see with the naked eye above the violet can't see with the naked eye ultraviolet means beyond the violet so this narrow frequency band between red and violet is called the visible spectrum of light and right in the middle if you put a line directly into the middle of these frequencies you will be in the midpoint of the green colors of the spectrum you will have a very mid green okay it won't be on the yellowish side of the of green yellow it won't be toward the blue greens it will be perfectly green the most neutral medium green that really you can see with the eye there and therefore that very center point that focal point that central hub right there in the middle is the center of the visible spectrum of light you could call that the center of light period Green is all about balance harmony coming together at the middle the middle ground okay and we'll see that in different traditions Green has been used to represent the center of our self so if we look at the Vedic chakra system the energy wheels as they are known chakras this is a tradition that was taught out of the ancient Indus Valley and it was called the Vedas or simply knowledge okay this is wisdom the frequencies are depicted in this system of energy wheels or energy vortices known as the chakras they operate at places at centers of glandular activity within the body in the middle of the body not on the right side or the left side but along the spine right in the middle what was known as the Tree of Life the the spinal cord the center of the being okay so along this spinal column we have these seven basic energy patterns based around glandular activity within the body we have the base chakra which is at the very bottom of the spine we have this sacral chakra the sacrum chakra this is at the area of the genitalia okay we have the solar plexus chakra which is like right in the middle of the solar plexus region the stomach area okay really a little bit kind of almost higher than the like belly button it would be between the belly button and where you would put your hand if you were pointing at your heart kind of at the area where you know if someone who had you know was a bodybuilder had a six-pack it would be right in that six-pack region where those muscles are at that's the solar plexus okay it's kind of like where a singer truly breathes from you know they breathe from the diaphragm right below the diaphragm that's the solar plexus that's the the will center of the body these three lower chakras represent basically base instincts and desires sexual energies and the desire to basically begin any given Enterprise or set of work and then the will to actually put that into practice the hot the highest of these three bottom chakras being the solar plexus chakra that's the center of will and courage or in other words that's guts that's why it's at that place that you know we call guts in the body you know right where all of the entrails would be so above that is the heart chakra which is the middle of the seven chakras we'll get to that in a minute let's talk about the higher chakras the throat chakra of course at the region of the throat is the speech center and it's the place where we begin going up into the higher chakra centers which is the realm of compassion the brow chakra of course associated with knowledge with knowing with understanding this is the third eye chakra and then above that you have the crown chakra chakra which represents unity consciousness so we are now in the blue frequencies were in the blue indigo and violet area so the crown chakra represents total Union it represents cosmic consciousness all right non-duality total non-duality the heart chakra is the central fulcrum once again it's the focal point it's the middle of all of these and of course you see it's the color green so we started with the lower frequencies red orange and yellow the higher frequencies were blue indigo and violet but at the very middle is the heart chakra okay and this is colored green in this system of knowledge which represents self-knowledge that's what the chakras are ultimately all about they're there to teach you about this is a system designed to teach people about aspects of themselves and the heart is placed at the center because one is the center of the physical body it's right in the middle of the torso okay and this is the the prime generator of our experience what we care about is what ultimately manifests itself if we don't have care true care we're not going to manifest anything that's good for us we're not going to manifest order we're not going to manifest what we really want we're going to manifest something quite different from what we really want and it's gonna generate a lot of self-inflicted suffering if we don't truly develop this center of the self I show this a little bit better in the next image in image number 58 because this is showing you the locations of these chakras on the body and their associated frequencies of light along with the original names for them in the Vedic tradition so the on aha chakra is the heart chakra and this is what we're really talking about as being the center of the self yes the all-seeing eye is a symbol of centeredness and a symbol of awakening but that really doesn't come online ultimately until we've made a connection with the heart chakra with true care so the green six peddled star you can see they're forming the heart chakra and that's an ancient symbol known as the Seal of Solomon once again depicted in the anahata chakra it's the chalice and the blade United in other words the Sacred Feminine coming together with the male of the masculine blade the feminine chalice being the inverted equilateral triangle piece of the star coming together United with the upward pointing pyramidal shaped masculine symbol known as the blade so the chalice and the blade uniting form the Seal of Solomon you have the masculine blade and the feminine chalice the cup very powerful symbolism and understanding the esoteric side of it is even more powerful because ultimately this symbolizes the six peddled lotus flower known as the anahata chakra in the Vedic tradition so the heart is the center of the self that's where true balance is ultimately born yes balance has to be created in the brain but if it doesn't have a connection with the heart chakra the energetic connection to the heart it's all gonna be for naught so that's ultimately what humanity's goal really needs to be is to awaken this center of self within them and image number 59 just shows that uniting of the chalice and blade symbols with the green a heart chakra and it shows that Seal of Solomon the Sun and the moon come together so Green is the center of the self but it's also the center of nature it's really the center of everything we see around us on our planet that is unadulterated with um you know our forms of technology and building green is everywhere on earth if you're on the land the color that you're going to see if you're in nature is green green is provided for us the best things to eat are green dark green leafy vegetables have all of the components that the body needs for a building and health for replenishing itself you know I talked about the power of green juicing in in the diet adding that to the diet because you're getting the green micronutrients that comes from the plant kingdom then you're getting it in its form that is most easily absorbable through the distilled liquid that's in the plant system the the become the water coming up from the earth into the plants root system and being distilled through that process and then when you juice that you're taking that in and it's readily absorbed by the body so it's high energy and high absorption and it's easy to break down because because it requires hardly anything to break down because it's already in liquid form Green is the power of nature it represents the color of balance when nature's in balance you're going to see green when we've poisoned it and thrown it out of balance you're not gonna see a whole lot of green so we have to understand that this color is the symbol of the actual spirit of the earth the living energetic system in which we live and are a part of and can't really be separated from we're part of the entire earth system and not separate from it it's here to provide for us freely energy coming in from the Sun gets converted through the process of photosynthesis into the full the energy that we need to take into our body through our food and when we do that where we are in a greater form of balance the brain is comprised of what we take in through nature ultimately if we make smart choices in that regard the brain is going to be balanced and I'm going to be doing a whole nother show on connected with the idea of the non-support of domination in general on carnism that's going to be coming up after I finish the occult mockery of police and military section and then I'm going to have one more section after that coming up on what on earth is happening I'm going to have a show probably one show maybe a second but it'll probably I'll probably be able to do it in one show it's going to be on the role that women can play the in the gray level of importance and influence that women have when it comes to helping to discontinue the support of the dominator world the support of the dominator culture women have such power in this regard to make this happen that they don't even know how much power they have in that regard and they need to step into that position of power they need to step into that position of a positive influence to speak to some of the men in their lives who are really on the wrong path and help them to come out of that horrible dominator mindset so I'll be doing the whole show on that and that'll be the last part of the section on non supportive dominators and then we'll do two whole call-in shows just on that topic we'll be able to even do that ad free now and have to complete ad free call-in shows on this entire section in several weeks so going back to how this green color is really used is the when we look at the manifestations of consciousness the aspects of consciousness thought emotion and action and then how they have physiological expressions in the body through the brain we saw of course the left brain hemisphere is the masculine side solar or we could associate that with the masculine symbol of the blade but also the red frequencies are associated with that side of the brain because the red frequencies are all about physical world identification they're all about paying attention concentration alert being on alert this is associated with waking consciousness so the red frequencies have always been associated with the left brain they're ascribed to left brain I guess manifestations or modalities is the word word I was looking for the right brain modalities are always associated with the blue frequencies so the the color blue is associated with right brain modality we have the creative and imaginative side of the brain when we're talking about the right brain hemisphere now we're not talking about again pigments of light we're talking about color frequencies the reason blues are given to the right brain is because this is the more open side of the mind this is the cut the kind the part of the mind that takes in everything and doesn't filter it like the left brain does this is the part that is open and absorptive I guess you could say it is it's passive in a way that it receives everything whereas the the left brain outputs things through a filtration system which is called logic but the right brain is extremely important in this regard because it acts as a gathering mechanism well we're first taking it any information we have to have this part of the brain active functioning properly and open to all possibilities and that's when its operating properly that's how it's going to pass information holistically taken in information so that all sides of it can be seen into the left brain for the filtration process of moving it into the level of understanding being able to process it and break it down analytically so that it can be properly understood that's why this parallel processing unit known as the right brain is so critically important to have working properly so this receptive quality has always been associated with the color blue so blues represent a taking in or a an open mindedness if you're gonna you know you want somebody to be paying attention in the form of you want them to accept something you want them to at least entertain it even if they don't completely accept it or believe it even if you're not asking them to believe in it you want them to hear it with an open mind blue is an excellent color to employ because it's saying to the brain open this here this see this I use the color blue deliberately in that regard not because I'm trying to get people to immediately accept or believe what I'm saying but because I want them to hear it with an open mind that's not an accident I also use the color green in the color from my site because that's associated with that color of balance but blue is the biggest color I would say that I employ through the water on earth is happening site and also the free your mind site because it's all about helping people to be receptive enough to take the information in without prejudging it first then they can pass it to the logical aspect of the mind and engage the filtration system to take what they want to take and leave the rest but the feminine side of the brain associated with the color blue and with the lunar principle the moon so we have the Sun in the moon again the Temple of Solomon which is the whole brain and the masculine symbol of the blade I show here in red on image number 61 and the feminine symbol of the chalice shown in blue associated with the right brain this is on slide number 61 with all the different modalities of thought form that each one of the brain hemispheres make possible blending them together in other words using both brain hemispheres holistically not at one being dominant over the other represents the coming together of these light frequencies not pigment but light frequencies in other words it is joining the left and the right the marriage between the masculine and feminine the alchemical wedding as it has been called coming together to form the balanced holistically balanced brain which is what real intelligence is all about it's not just intellect which is a left brain principle it's not just intuition which is a right brain one but it's the merging of those two modalities coming together to form holistic intelligence this AI symbolized by the green seal of Solomon the pointed star of the chalice and blade United and coming together in the middle of the frequencies of light which is the green color of the visible spectrum which represents balance so the center of consciousness the center point or balance point of consciousness is also represented as green the reason that money is colored in this capacity is again to project through proxy through this talisman that form of balance that we're talking about that idea of balanced and centered Ness in consciousness and also representing something that is good for everyone in the form of its natural you know this is nature is providing it because we're you know we're coloring it the same color as as nature colors everything that's really good for you we're putting the all-seeing eye on it to also represent spiritual insight and wisdom and balance and ultimately as we've said none of that is true it's all proxy it's all there to convince people in the subconscious that the that's what this monetary symbol that's what this monetary bill actually means for them actually represents in their life when in fact it represents none of that we see this splitting toward red and blue in other aspects of our life because ultimately that's what they want to do that's what money what money really does is keep us imbalanced in the brain it keeps us chronically in a state of either left brain or right brain imbalance more likely money will push people toward a form of left brain imbalance so if we look at the political parties we also see this breakdown between red and blue with red always being ascribed to the Republican Party here in the United States and blue always being associated with the Democratic Party so you have a red elephant and a blue donkey there you see five-pointed stars play on both of them as well again representing sovereignty and higher consciousness and self ownership none of which are going to attain by going into one of these political parties or even uh you know supporting them because they're about no such thing as freedom or sovereignty or self ownership or higher consciousness they're about owning you ultimately and they do that through this system of dialectics called politics which I almost have an impossible time even fathoming that there could be anyone alive today that is still naive enough to believe in this crap like I said I whenever I meet somebody who still believes in politics I only ask them one question how old are you and do you believe in professional wrestling too that the outcomes aren't fixed there too okay yeah you can say yeah the bodyslams are all real and the damage to the body is real but you really believe that the outcome wasn't fixed and these guys aren't going out for a beer after the show that they're putting on for people and that's the same thing this is a puppet show politics has always been a puppet show anyone who believes in it is a naive child period you can you know say that's an ad hominem attack or I'm just you know saying that without supporting it I think I've given enough abundant evidence to support that over the course of this show and you could take it as an insult if if you want and get as upset about it as you like but if you believe in the political process your naive child period you know and grow up is that that's really all I can say about that you know here's the two Skull and Bones members of the Order of death Kerry and Bush you know in the 2004 election laughing it up because you know you're gonna get a Bonesmen either way no matter who goes in you know and as they say no matter who gets elected the government always gets in that's what it all really comes down to but the ultimate thing I'm trying to portray here in this image is the dialectic between choosing these two puppets you know you're always going to get smacked by whichever hand you choose you know because they're connected to the same body and they're mocking people again symbolically through this color scheme this playing off of red and blue these are the two extreme aspects of the visible spectrum they're not in the middle they're not in a place of balance that leads to awakening they're in the extremity left brain and right brain you know and I would say that's really it's very funny even the colors they give that's I would say the more left brain people are probably the Republicans and the more right brain people are the Democrats and that generally holds true that's a generalization okay it's not a blanket statement by any stretch of the imagination please don't take it as such but in general you could look at that as a generalization that Republicans generally are as a whole as a group more left-brain oriented and Democrats are more right brain oriented then there's a reason for that there's a reason to ascribe these colors and that the ways that they're pushing people into these levels of imbalance it's not accidental but to see how this is put on police cars and used to symbolically mock them I would also say it really represents symbolic mockery of the people who think that these people are necessary or to call them to solve their problems for them you know it represents a failure of the will to behave in and and engage with others in a civilized manner when you know these dominators are called out to handle people's problems for them and they never handle it you know they always show up after the fact anyway you know what what cop has ever really stopped something bad from happening now they show up afterward they're not about education they're about taking someone who's already done something harmful to someone else a lot of good that does right and then what you're doing is you're removing the problem from general population so that the population can say well that problems gone they've been removed we don't need to do anything to educate our young there so that they don't keep acting like this and and and grow up to manifest these types of behaviors no they'll just get removed them we won't be able to see in bilge it will just be paying for them for the rest of their existence rotting away in a prison cell which isn't reforming them at all it's just teaching them how to be a career criminal anyway you know if they ever get out and uh you know we'll go back to our ignorant ways and I'll keep asking people keep asking male dominators to come and take people who are problems for us away from us so we don't actually have to take responsibility for why they acted that way to begin with that that's what this whole system is all about you know I've said before I've set a very extreme radical thing let's just let all of the violent prisoners out of their cages that's what I want to see happen and I'm not kidding I say do away with all jails that all of those people write back into the communities where they grew up where they came from and let the people have to deal with them you'll see how fast people will begin to start understanding that you need to educate people when they're young and make the education stick it can't be this outcome-based education system you need to really teach true critical thinking skills but most of all you need to teach people about themselves about consciousness and about the right way of being in the world because you need to teach the definitive knowledge of right versus wrong and that's the problem is we're not teaching that to our young the problem is most people don't know it themselves they're already grown up not knowing that quote/unquote grown up and then they're it's the blind leading the blind you know the ignorant teaching the ignorant let me know how that works out for you going back to how this frequency control through light is used on the police you see above the police car image in image number 64 the red and blue light right above their head where they sit in the car right toward the front seat of the car right up above them there's that frequency red and blue red and blue but not green not nothing in the middle it's the two extremities of light that say watch out pay attention and then take this listen don't you know take this without really thinking about it or processing it too much and that's why these two frequencies of light are used that's what not only what the police want you to do to obey pay attention initially and then obey but that's what they're doing to their masters you know they're in at left-brain right that left brain red light mode of the left brain hemisphere and they're also bowing down to their masters who are above them and that's why they're in the blue frequency so they're in both forms of brain imbalance because they're their whole holy they have wholly given of themselves to the idea that there is authority and that there is a master above and a slave below their master above is anybody above them in their hierarchy of control of male Dominator control and their slaves below or anybody that they're told by their masters above them that they can boss around and that they have to obey them and listen to them unquestioningly you know it's to a point in this country where we're gonna be just like it was in Stalinist Russia we're gonna be just like it was in Nazi Germany where if you disobeyed somebody who was in one of the secret police forces they'll just shoot you on sight because you have to obey their orders or Die that's what we're gonna get to we're gonna get right to that point ladies and gentlemen we're already seeing it I think something was breaking out in a breaking story happening in Anaheim California earlier today where people try to challenge the actions of a police officer oh god forbid you don't challenge the god men you know who are your unquestioned masters and they literally started opening fire on some of these people and you know I see this as the beginning of you know the this is this is how the the prelude to the battles of Lexington and Concord took place I tell people you want to know what year it is forget 2012 the year is 1775 ladies and gentlemen because we're seeing history repeat itself all over again the question is what's going to be the outcome this time but it's an extremely dangerous precedent that's being set and it's because of the mindset that these people operate in there is Authority that's their religion the religion is money and authority and they just you know believe in the concept that there's people I take orders from and there's people I give orders to and that's it it's the chain of obedience not the chain of command chain of command is meaningless is the chain of obedience they obey and then someone must obey me true freedom entails getting out of all of that where there's no master above you and there's no slave below you you know and Michael to sorry on always talks about that he uses that phrase the hard part about it is being no slave below because people still want to maintain control over something because they don't have total control over themselves in their lives so that's one of the things that people have to understand is that real freedom doesn't isn't just about having no masters it's about having no slaves either and unfortunately these people are the most trapped in that because they're imbalanced toward both brain hemispheres as shown in image number 65 they're imbalanced toward the left brain hemisphere because they believe that there are masters of other people and there are imbalanced toward the right brain hemisphere because they unquestioningly follow orders and believe that they have basically masters who command them and give them orders and they don't question those orders even if they're you know not in harmony with cosmic spiritual law so image number 64 and 65 really go a long way toward showing how this frequency through light operates on police and is a symbolic form of mockery on every police car here in the United States yes I understand there's some other callers in other countries but here these are the colors used by the police and this is where the satanic new world order system is set up the most strongly believe me yeah there may be some external places externally in the $0.05 that are worse off than living in the United States but as far as mind control goes you're at the pinnacle of it ladies and gentlemen if you're living here in the US the boys in blue as they are called another form of ritualistic mockery you know putting them in their blue shirts because blue is the frequency of basically operating and right brain imbalance and they want other people to be subservient to them through that through seeing that color you know so that's you know a dual form of this mockery they're wearing it showing that they're in subservience to their owners above them and then people who in encounter them and interact with them are seeing that color blue and therefore they're going into that right brained subservient mode so the whole concept of the Blue Lodge where you see the Fraternal Order of Police operating it's one of the affiliate organizations with Freemasonry and the Masonic hierarchy in general you see these first three degrees called the Blue Lodge system degrees one two and three how entered apprentice fellow craft and master Mason most police never go beyond those degree systems which are very low in their knowledge but have often the most people on numbers-wise engaged in them in the lodge system and again this is what is called porch masonry the the portico of the temple okay they're not really in the temple they're on the porch they're on the outside you can see that's even depicted as the first three degrees here in this pyramid system depicted almost as a porch where people are standing out in front of it but they're not at the apex they're certainly not inside or at the apex of that hierarchical structure I have a problem with the whole lodge system of Freemasonry in general I I've talked extensively about esoteric masonry and how I am an initiate of that tradition but not Lodge masonry which seeks to stratify and create hierarchy and compartmentalization which I don't think Freemasonry in its true original intent and its original tradition was ever intended to be it was intended indeed to being allegorical and a system of allegory and ritual to truly convey concepts of self-ownership sovereignty and morality unfortunately it has greatly fallen from that in our modern world and descended into an old boys club of a slap your back you know you slap mine I'll you know we'll shake hands behind the scenes and you know help each other's businesses or you know engage in some networking here because we're brothers in the same fraternity and that's not what Freemasonry was really originally intended as but to go back to how this Blue Lodge system is employed is their porch Masons in for the Fraternal Order of Police most police officers don't really understand if they get involved in Freemasonry at all what it really is at all they have no idea what it is they never learn about what real true esoteric Freemasonry is certainly in the very low degrees of the Lodge system they're not going to receive that knowledge and they that's where this term third degree is coming from you know being given the third degree it's a Dominator mindset and I would suggest that that's connected with the origins of these first three degrees being known as the Blue Lodge and again that's also I would suggest is connected with them being called boys in blue not just because their uniform but because they are Blue Lodge initiates the first three degrees of the Scottish Rite so let's look at some Masonic symbolism as it relates to police and military regalia specifically police uniforms often use a lot of Masonic symbolism in order to understand this where we'll look at image number 69 which is the first degree tracing board of Freemasonry and we've broken down this symbol on the shows on Freemasonry extensively you can go back into the archives and check out those shows so very briefly this first degree tracing board really gives you everything you need to know about the ancient mystery traditions all in one symbol it's it's a book this is you're being presented with a book it itself I would say and have said claim that it is a subtle form of a cult mockery kind of uh poking a little bit of just at the very first degree initiate the entered apprentice initiate because you're handing them a volume in symbolism that you know they can't interpret in other words it would be like a first grader coming into school on the first day of school and you hand them a book about you hand them a book on calculus or you hand them a book that a would be have the knowledge of college-level physics in it and say here you go there there you are you know or you hand them a book of very intricately researched world history and their first grader well they're not going to be able to make any use of that they're not going to be able to even understand what you handed them and that it's the same thing with a symbol a complex signal such as this as the first degree tracing board so many prerequisite so much prerequisite understanding is required in order to decode a symbol like this that uh that entered apprentice initially it has none of that knowledge so it's like you're handing them the finished product and when they haven't even learned the ABCs and that I would suggest is a subtle form of a cult it's an occult jab at the person saying this is how much you don't know yet you know this is how much in darkness you still remain but to very briefly recap the breakdown of this very complex symbol it represents the Temple of Solomon or in other words the human brain and I would also suggest the heart in conjunction with the human brain this is the temple of the self let's put it that way it's really the entire self and we have the two pillars up front representing the world of duality the Sun and the moon light and dark the floor of the house the checkerboard floor also represents that duality it's light and dark okay and it is indicative of a game the game of chess which is a game of strategy and a game of mastery so this tracing board ultimately represents self mastery but what you need to do to attain self mastery and to attain unity consciousness which was represented by that third pillar in the background with a W at its base so the pillar on the left is the jackeen pillar the light pillar leading to the Sun with an S at its base that s represents strength stands for strength and it has a level at the bottom of it which represents knowledge helping us just to level ourselves to help come to a place of balance we can't really do that without the left brain at our command the right pillar is the pillar of Boaz the dark pillar leading to the moon and at its base it has a B which symbolizes beauty and this is the right brain principle and you have at the base you have the plum which symbolizes uprightness and morality and basically guiding our actions upward it's some the the measure of the level of whether something is truly upright at a perpendicular so this aspect represents compassion we need to put both of these together we need to have the left brain aspects of logic and knowledge placed together with the emotions and compassion and the intuition of the right brain if we're going to make the climb out of base conscious toward unity consciousness and ultimately toward the light and that middle pillar with the W at the base represents the pillar of wisdom so strength beauty and wisdom some would call it the pillar of will you see it it's base is the upright square not the inverted square which represents ignorance which represents being on the floor of the house which represents base consciousness but it's upright which means you you're achieving self mastery through this climb out of the material identified world in the the world where you don't really understand light from dark where you're trapped on that gameboard floor the checkerboard floor and you're making that climb up the ladder which is known as Jacob's Ladder and this sometime this middle pillar is just simply referred to as Jacob's Ladder you encounter the three initiates on the way up the ladder and I would suggest that represents a thought emotion in action thought helps you initially get off of that gameboard floor you're being initiated up into knowledge taken above to a higher level of understanding but Kerr is in the middle it represented well here we go with the color green the green initiating the middle of the self that's why I see on the middle of the ladder and that's what truly grants us access to the higher levels of consciousness is care and it has a key dangling on a string the key represents that care that is dangling by a thread people of the world are trapped in apathy and therefore cares in a precarious position dangling by a thread but that key is the key to the Stargate it's the key toward the true light of the Sun okay and the all-seeing eye because the middle pillar is on the all-seeing eye it's saying that the way through to the all sea is through the Sun so this is also a symbol that represents esoteric Christian ideal of the way to the Father represented by the all-seeing eye in other words the God of creation is through the son being in the world but not of it cosmic spiritual awakening or in other words Christ consciousness so that top-level initiate represents true wisdom because it's putting what it knows and cares about into action which is the male principle so you have thought there at the bottom care or emotion in the middle and then action at the top which is converting what we know and care about into action and that's what grants access ultimately to the all-seeing eye to the eye on pillar the ionic pillar again more green language eye on the all-seeing eye being on or awakened is in the ionic pillar which is the middle pillar the left-hand pillar is a Doric pillar and the right-hand pillar is a Corinthian pillar so Doric ionic and Corinthian pillars the two ash Lars at the bottom the the cubes they're being worked upon one represents the imperfect ash law and the other represents the imperfect I'm sorry the imperfect and the other represents the perfect and this represents we have only a certain amount of time to go through life and then the gameboard kind of you know ends there and we need to use our time wisely to help make ourselves as good of people as we can be to help perfect ourselves to the extent that we can and not just stay quote rough around the edges represented by the imperfect ash Larne the perfect ash Larwood represent someone who has worked truly upon themselves through their life and done their work so there's so much more to this symbol again you have the three religions encoded into it Christianity being the symbol of the Sun Islam being symbolized by the moon and then Judaism symbolized by the all-seeing eye the stars and planets that are hot that are farther out into space we talked about that astra theological symbolism when we talked about Astro theology earlier on in the podcasts it's also all about travel this is about traveling and consciousness it's about evolving in consciousness not staying where you are movement and its movement toward the Sun toward the light toward all of the lights of the heavens and that's why the upward direction is East and if you're traveling toward the Sun you're traveling east if you're traveling away from the light that would be westward travel and that's away from the temple that's not going within into the temple of self that is going without which is a not a place that we're going to find answers and solutions to our problems we need to travel east so that's a good setup for how this symbolism is often used when it comes to ritual mockery of police because you will see this a checkerboard floor and all-seeing eye symbolism repeated when it comes to police mockery occult police mockery we're going to specifically see that checkerboard floor used many times and that checkerboard floor represents existing in base consciousness not knowing the difference between right and wrong ultimately certainly not choosing the difference between right and wrong not choosing the right over the wrong it represents man's checkered life okay being a wanderer in the wasteland of ignorance that's what that bottom level represents okay that's what we have to understand about the checkered floor it represents ignorance and being used as a pawn okay we can be manipulated as a pawn by the Masters of the game of chess if we don't understand ourselves enough to rise up up above that floor where we can actually become a full participant in that quote game of life okay it's not really a game that's an allegory but the whole idea here is that the chess master is above the floor of the house he's not on the floor of the house where he's a pawn to be position as the master of the game wills to position him he's actually making his own moves okay he has mastered himself that's why the the chess symbolism is used so if we go to image number 70 we will see that of course this allegorical system of Freemasonry is actually connected very deeply with an older tradition of Kabbalah the Kabbalistic tradition is one of the places that esoteric Freemasonry grew out of and was derived from and to attempt to study one is really to study the other the lessons allegorically symbolically will all correspond to each other as we have seen we looked into the tradition of Kabbalah I won't completely reiterate all that you can go back and check that out in the podcast archive as well at what on earth is happening calm slash podcast or just click the podcast tab at Walt Lorne earth is happening calm but we need to understand that these three pillars are representative of the three paths of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life as we said this is all about the tree of life within us the the journey upward in consciousness from the base consciousness to the crown to the cosmic consciousness represented by the chakra system the seven chakra is represented here by the Tree of Life just collapse it into the middle point collapsed the two outer paths into the central path and you have the seven chakras of the body on the middle pillar but ultimately these three pillars the two representing duality that needs to be synthesized or blended together to create that unity consciousness by which we are granted access to the ladder to climb to higher level of conto higher level of awareness the same thing in Kabbalah you have the the left-hand path which is the path of severity the right-hand path which is the path of mercy that need to be synthesized so that one can progress up the middle pillar or the path of mildness it's the same tradition just different symbolism it's the same basic understanding about the qualities that exist within all of us that exist within each one of us so these are traditions to understand the self in their original untainted unadulterated forms can they be perverted yes have they been perverted yes is there still a true esoteric tradition with the true original intent intact in the world yes and that's why people need to really research these from the real perspective the true original intent perspective of these ancient mystery traditions because they can give some of the most profound understandings and insights into the human psyche that are even possible when we study true Freemasonry esoteric Freemasonry and true the true Kabbalistic tradition and we've looked into these traditions extensively on the past so that's all really say on that I want to get back to looking at how these are employed when it comes to police symbolism again the left hand pillar in image number 71 represents the masculine solar left brain hemisphere of course it's depicted by the Sun they're right in the image and the lunar pillar represents the feminine lunar right brain hemisphere depicted by the moon so it's it's very the correspondences are almost blatant once you understand a little bit about how the brain hemispheres have been correlated or corresponding to these different alchemical symbols and these different astro theological symbols then you look at a symbol like that and it almost smacks you in the face unfortunately the people who meant much of this symbolism is being used against have no understanding of any of these traditions and have never studied them day one in their life you know I'm not not even study them for a microsecond so what we're talking about this image representing is the Temple of Solomon as we've said and Solomon breaks down to Sun and because it's all about the left brain solar aspects of the self and the right brain lunar aspects of the self okay image number 73 here we go shows where this symbolism is used on the police and their uniforms and specifically where it is used on their body which I said earlier in the show tonight is very significant the checkerboard floor of the house again represents base consciousness not truly knowing the difference between right and wrong being a pawn in someone else's game not being a master of self but being owned by someone else that's what that represents in Freemasonry and what are they doing they're taking this checkerboard pattern and they're wrapping it around the human brain it's directly it's it's a crown around the outside of the brain put placed on these hats of these police in this capacity as you see in the images on image number 73 I mean this is about as contemptuous as I think it can get you're putting the checkerboard floor literally around the Temple of Solomon on the individual right around the temple you know where the brain is at in the temple and just completely telling the person you have no idea at all what you're a part of you have no idea who owns you I mean it's dark a cultic mockery and it's uh you know I hesitate to use the word fineness but probably at its most ruthless so there you see it combined with the inverted pentagram and in the and the Victoria Police is emblem on the bottom there bottom right and in the top right you see it on in English police officers helmet it's in English and you see the that could be Victorian police as well not quite sure but it's definitely either European or Australian and you see the double square which we're going to get into in a little bit actually I'll probably get into a little bit today and will continue the hypercubes symbolism next week but I think this clearly shows the dark occultists disdain for these individuals and these symbols again I mean if you think all this keeps adding up to coincidence I feel horribly sad for you because if your mind can do that kind of mental gymnastics to think that all of this is with the explanation of the symbols that are spot on I'm not telling you that I think that's what these symbols represent I definitively know what they represent from being involved with these different occult traditions they do represent what I'm telling you they represent you can go and verify it in your own research for people to think that an inverted five-pointed pentagram coming together with the checkerboard floor of the house right on a police officers brain right around their brain is accidental and that's just random stuff coming together the men level of mental gymnastics you have to do to get from there to here I feel sorry if you're that naive that's all I'll say let's jump to the next piece of symbolism which is the hypercube or also known as the tesseract I think I did a practically an entire show about the tesseract and the tesseract is one of the deepest occulted symbols you're not going to find too much in the way of overt explanations of what the tesseract represents because I would suggest it's one of the darkest occult symbols in all of dark cultism if not it represents the symbol of darkness and mind-control and perversion and the destruction of spirit and the imprisonment of the spirit high level initiate sin to dark occult traditions often have really taken on a deep understanding of this symbol I really didn't get a full understanding of the symbol until even after I left the Satanic hierarchy after my awakening process begun I saw it used and employed and I know people who referred to it but my understanding of it didn't even evolve until kind of when I was beginning my wake up process and I was understanding how it was being used when I saw it employed even when I was in the dark occult so we need to understand that this is a symbol of a prison okay this is a symbol of how a dark occultist sees the world in their poisoned dark worldview we can better understand this when it comes to looking at dimensions or densities and again I wouldn't say that this is really how the dimensions of our world operate but it's a rudimentary and simplistic way of looking at it if we imagine a point as having no dimension and a line as having you know one dimension being able to just move backward and forward and then a plane being able to move in XY coordinate system as being two-dimensional and then we extrude that plane so you know each one of these is an extrusion of the one before so if you extrude a line meaning a point meaning pull you pull the point down through one dimension you get a line then you take that line and you pull it you know sideways so it you know forms a plane and then you take that plane and you pull it you extrude it so that it forms a cube or space then if you pulled that cube it would form a four dimensional space which is very difficult to envision because we don't live in a four-dimensional reality we live in a three dimensional reality but the 4d hypercube is the extrusion of a 3d cube and what you're seeing here in image number 75 is a representation of a projection for an extrusion of a 3d cube as a 4d hypercube so this would be a 2d projection of a 4d object that's what you're looking at there in image number 75 on the right hand side 70 image number 76 does a good job at explaining what the hypercube would look like because it is the rotation in all dimensions of a 3d cube so you're actually rotating the cube outward in other words you're rotating each face of the cube out into another dimension of space very heady abstract mathematical concept very difficult to visualize so image number 76 is a animated GIF image which shows how a hypercube is actually rotating perpetually rotating within itself in this way it can be seen as a self creating shape that is always feeding into itself in a feedback loop and this could be looked at as a box that can never be escaped from okay it can be looked at as a prison of the mind inside the prison of the physical world so being in the world and of it you know not being hid in the world and not of it but really being identified with base consciousness and physical world is all there is mentality okay it's the symbol of that identification and level of mind control so the inner cube would represent the mind being held prisoner in the outer cube which represents the physical world as a prison if that's how one were inclined to see it and this is the dark occult world view the dark occult world view is that everything is a prison that you know natural law cosmic law is all set up as a prison for the soul when in fact that's nothing could be further from the truth it's something that is there to help guide us evolutionarily and it's the boundary conditions that this entire universe operates according to according to that higher cosmic law and it's there for our evolutionary growth and development in this construct for experience the dark world view the dark occult world view sees it as sees this whole place as a prison and their ultimate objective is lets rule it let's move this prisons better to reign in Hell and serve in heaven a very poisonous ideology to be sure he'll pick up and help this bar clench a hypercube symbolism is used on next week's show because unfortunately that's all the time we have on this first at show fix it up add it next week right here every wall nervous happy thanks for listening and see you next week [Music] [Applause] [Music] sunshine [Music]