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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening to what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches its critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascal welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm the networks website Oracle broadcasting calm today is Sunday August 5th 2012 we have a great show planned for you here today we're going to be continuing our ongoing discussion of the occult mockery of police and military personnel we've been talking about this topic for the past few weeks it is part of our section of solutions of solution oriented approaches regarding human consciousness and this solution section that we've been covering is the non support of dominators helping to understand why people who want who desire the control over other people want that control what's going on in their psyche what are their situations how are they actually being looked at by the people who are using them as pawns and tools and that's what this section this subsection the occult mockery of police and military is all about showing just how much contemptuous nnessee so-called controlling arm of this dark New World Order that is being built is viewed by their very owners by the people who own them in mind and since they own them in mind they therefore ultimately own them in body so that's coming up today on what on earth is happening I have a few event announcements the free your mind to conference coming up in 2013 I have a couple of changes about it you can take a look at the related images section for today's show on the what on earth is happening calm radio show page and you'll see that indeed the free your mind to conference dates have been changed so take note I announced that it was the 19th 20th and 21st last week that has been shifted back a week approximately a week to April 25th 26th and 27th to 2013 and those dates are now set in stone and are not tentative because we have now finally booked a venue for the conference so the venue I can announce today is going to be the Arch Street meeting house formerly known as the Quaker meeting house the Arch Street meeting house is a historical site here in the city of Philadelphia in the historic district it is about a block away from Independence Hall where the Declaration of Independence was signed the arch Street meeting house is a beautiful venue and that's why we compromised a little bit on the dates those are the dates that we had originally planned were not open at the Arch Street meeting house when you see the venue for those of you who will come out to this great conference you understand why we made a little bit of a compromise on those dates because it's a beautiful location it holds at least three to four times the amount of people that we could have possibly gotten into rubra Hall for the first year so this conference is going to be bigger and better than the first year event that we held back in 2011 so free your mind to April 25th 26th and 27th 2013 we need help in organizing this conference anybody who is local to the Philadelphia area who might want to get involved in helping with putting this conference on who might want to contribute your time your effort your resources please get in touch with me you could email me at mark at what on earth is happening calm if you are serious about wanting to do some voluntary work in helping to organize this conference also we need donations because it is not free to put something on like this in so far as we have to pay speakers to be able to travel we have to give them airfare we have to put them up in hotels for speakers that we may not have enough lodging space for in individuals homes who are going to be helping out in providing for for that logistics so there will be a donation page on the website I have built the new show of the new website and that will be going online sometime this week it is almost ready to go I am filling in content now so look for the new free your mind conference website look to go online hopefully by the end of this week and the old site will still be contained within it you will still be able to access all the videos from the first year event ok so that's for your mind to the truth freedom prosperity documentary night every last Thursday of the month here in Philadelphia at a seen market and cafe 719 South fourth Street and you know again I just have to give a brief aside here 4th Street in Philadelphia keeps coming up over and over and over again it's definitely some kind of synchro mystic event some kind of energy there it's very close to where Independence Hall is that as I mentioned the Quaker meeting house is at 4th and arch streets 4th and arch streets very very very symbolic so as a brief aside I just thought that that's very interesting synchro mystically but to go back to the free documentary night at a scene a scene is at 4th and Monroe streets closer to the South Philadelphia area 719 South 4th Street the exact address last Thursday of every month this Thursday we have a really special event planned it's Thursday August 20th 2012 we're going to be showing the film original intent part 1 we're going to be doing this over a two part episode two two episodes here over August and September at a scene we're going to show original intent which is which is a three hour long film about the original intent of the founders of this country and what they really intended America to become the the experiment in freedom that was this country and how we've gone so wildly off from those original and of the founders through cultural marxism and corporate fascism the maker of the film James Jaeger who I can also announce is going to be one of the speakers we have him confirmed for the free your mind to conference James Jaeger is actually going to be present at this particular documentary night he's going to introduce the film and he's also going to take part in the discussion in a way of a question-and-answer session about the film and it's making after the film is screened so that's Thursday August 20th a scene marketing cafe fourth and Monroe streets here in Philadelphia for more information on that you could go to truth freedom prosperity org James Yaeger gonna be live in person at the next truth freedom prosperity documentary screening night that should be very interesting okay I will be speaking at the MUFON PA East Coast Conference this just came through last week because one of the speaker's was unable to make it I wasn't originally scheduled but I've now been asked to speak and have accepted so the MUFON PA East Coast Conference the mutual UFO network September 28th 29th and 30th I will be speaking on September 30th that's Sunday and my topic is going to be morality and disclosure what are the moral implications of the continued cover-up of extraterrestrial phenomena not very often that I speak on this topic but when I'm offered an opportunity to do so I usually take the individual up on it so the MUFON PA East Coast Conference September 28th 29th 30th at the Sheraton Bucks County Hotel 400 Oxford Valley Road in langhorne pennsylvania for more information on this conference go to wwm F&P; a calm a lot of great speakers john Ventre frank Ficino junior sous white tech karen dolan Stan Gordon Travis Walton Rob's Y Tech Peter Robin grant Cameron Richard Dolan and Steven Bassett in addition to myself we'll be speaking so go to MUFON PA comm for more information on this conference coming up September 28th 29th and 30th ok last week at the top of the second hour there we did have a brief two-minute break cut into the show the producers at the Oracle and decided to keep that break in just so I would have I would personally have an opportunity to take a quick bathroom break if I needed to during the show I know that the show is has been made ad free by sponsorships by chip in effort on part of the listeners I after speaking to the network I asked them to let's keep that two-minute break in there at the top of the second hour just so if I have to use the bathroom I'll have an opportunity to just do that briefly and then get right back in at the top of the second hour so if that is a huge issue for the people that did donate to make the show completely ad-free just write to me and we can discuss it and I'm willing to be flexible about that and even take that one out but for now I told the network to keep that in because it does seem reasonable over a two-hour period I might need to empty my bladder so that two-hour break doesn't seem like a gigantic issue to me if it is to anyone else contact me and we can talk about it all right so regarding the ad-free chip and effort as I put on the web page and on the radio show page we will need to keep that going if we want to keep the show ad free so that this has been going great this is a was a great idea and people have really been coming forward and making this happen so we're already at 400 dollars raised for the next three month period we need to raise a thousand for the next three months to keep the show ad free and that's going really well please keep the efforts going keep the donations coming in I thank everyone wholeheartedly for that it worked out even better than I thought it would so great job to our listeners and it is very much appreciated okay the topic for today is the continuation of the occult mockery of police and military personnel which we've been talking about over the last several weeks we're going to continue that today and of course the slideshow that goes along with these with this talk is on the radio show page of what on earth is happening calm it's listed right underneath the player you'll see images for today's show there are a couple of images there and then underneath that you'll see a cult mockery of police and personnel slideshow images and there's a hundred and forty-eight listed we've gone through ninety-two of these images I'm going to pick up at image 92 and give a brief review that we were that we ended off with last week on symbolic language this is known as green language or alchemical language and I want to explain briefly why it is called green language you could also follow along with the PDF document I have listed a PDF document underneath the images if you don't want to click through the slideshow you can download a PDF document with all of the images images in one place the only drawback there is you will not see the animation when an animated image comes up so let's jump into the subject material green language which we left off talking on talking about last week is symbolic word pun or wordplay language this does not necessarily have to be deliberately constructed by the person who constructed any given language it seems that this type of word pun language which is called either alchemical language or green language it is also sometimes referred to as the language of the birds and this is another pun because it's the language of bards okay of people who are coming forward using their voice to speak truths into creation so green language or our chemical language first of all does not have to be deliberately intended it could be as I mentioned last week an example of what is known as synchro mysticism which is the seemingly mundane is somehow speaking to us through language through symbol through sometimes through art through examples of medium different media that have that has been brought forth into existence through enormous creative effort you'll see this done sometimes through moviemaking you'll see this in art in literature it happens organically it happens I guess you could say by will of creation itself it doesn't have to be an deliberately intended effort on the part of the maker it simply works out that way and it seems to work out that way most often in the English language when you see this example of green language or when you see this aspect of synchro mysticism coming in through language so you have to really look up synchro mysticism and just get an example or a feel for what that is it's a great study unto itself and there's tons of examples on the internet about this we briefly discussed this on past shows so green language I would say is an example of synchro mysticism in action and sometimes it is also deliberately intended on the part of the orchestrator of a particular event or circumstance as the case may be so it can be orchestrated and deliberate and it can be an example of synchro mysticism the reason it's called green main language is green is the color of as we talked about in past weeks centeredness the middle of both the visible spectrum of light and the self because it is the color of the heart chakra in the chakra system the Vedic chakra system it is the color that nature provides in the greatest abundance the color that we need to take into ourselves to provide bodily health mental health psychological health and ultimately spiritual health this is care energy it's heart energy green energy so it's called green language because one only really recognizes it when one has become what when one has entered that green space you could look at it as one has come to a place of balance within themselves and the hemispheres of the brain the left brain hemispheres we talked about associated with the red frequency okay logic and the physical world physical world modalities of thought red frequency associated with this blue frequencies associated with the right brain hemisphere taking in without first you know of putting up blocks and filters to information open-mindedness intuition nurturing caring creativity etc these are right brain modalities very much associated with the blue frequencies of light again not pigment but light when we come to the place in the visible spectrum that is right in the middle between these two frequencies of light between red and blue frequencies we have green green is the color that is directly in the middle of the visible spectrum of light we looked at it as not only the center of light the center of the self but also the center of which is why this planet again produces a green in the greatest abundance very synchro synchronistically I have here a batch of green juice that I made and it is just phenomenal I mean it's one of the ways I think that we can supplement our diet if we do some organic green juicing you can look back into the shows that I did on food for some recipes on that and it will really help to energize the body and help to put our mind into a state that is balanced so that's why it's one of the reasons this is called green language it represents balance in the brain that is necessary to be able to perceive this synchro mystic connection in language that is telling us something it is the universe speaking to us through the language that we have constructed trying to tell us something about what really is that's what green language is or in other words alchemical language the language of the birds it's a very interesting study in and of itself please do look it up and study it on your own okay so we're gonna look at some examples of green language when it comes to the military and the police in mocking ways in very derisive ways in contemptuous ways so we left off at image number 92 last week and we were talking about the word police pol IC e police now we can break this word down in basically a couple of different ways if we break it down right down the middle pol on one side and I see E on the other phonetically you're saying pol isse pol ice okay it's the same phonetic variant in the way that the the mouth organizes the word the way it actually expresses it in green language you could there's a couple of transformations that can be done with the word or the syllables or the letters the first is you can make long vowels in two short valves because you're basically using the same phonetic variations when you say a or AA the mouth is doing the same basic thing you can also substitute letters for sounds or you can substitute you could spell out letters in other words if I have the letter I you know that's the same as the word i ey e I can substitute I in there because you're saying the exact same sound so I as a letter just the letter I meaning me i and i ey e can be interchanged you can do things like that so if we're looking at the word police and we're breaking it down we're taking pol and putting that to the left side and IC and putting that to the right side we can then put in a letter we can put in e pol II because we're not changing the sound of the word pole and pol which is the root of people okay and pol pol II the sound does not change that is being made when you speak those two words we're in the case of pol a piece of a word so now we have the term pol ice this is a Masonic allegorical symbol okay pol ice referring to police means these are the people who are making it next to impossible to make the climb in consciousness this is represented by the first degree tracing board in the occult tradition of Freemasonry these pillars or poles represent aspects of the consciousness as we have seen in studying esoteric Freemasonry on past shows we looked at what these pillars represent the duality that is inherent in us that we need to transcend okay that the world has programmed into us and that we will stay in if we stay in base consciousness or physical world identification which is represented by the checkerboard floor of the house thus representing the chequered life or the chequered worldview of people who have not come out of ignorance they still don't know about cosmic spiritual law they still don't know about objective morality the objective difference is between right and wrong and therefore they are Wanderers on this floor of the house and I'm referring to this symbol in image number 92 this sigil that is the first degree tracing board of Freemasonry that checkered floor represents that base consciousness and ignorance of higher law and it also represents the journey toward unifying unity consciousness unifying the left and right brain hemispheres the Sun and the moon the Temple of Solomon Sun and Moon that's what this image represents and that that's the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere of the brain they need to be brought together in balance so that we can make the climb up that ladder which is the middle pillar the path of balance that middle path or middle pole to higher consciousness represented by the all seeing eye of the creator and when you have the key of care in hand that's how you can make that climb that's why that key is there in the middle of that ladder that has to be striven strived for okay so that we can unlock the Stargate to higher consciousness that is within us this is a highly symbolic symbol that represents putting aside duality getting out of the imbalance of left and right brain hemisphere imbalance and making a journey upward in consciousness to unity consciousness whereby we are not dual anymore within ourselves we think feel and act without contradiction as we think so we feel so we act that's what this symbol ultimately represents so the word police or pole ice is a Masonic green language mockery that is basically calling them ice now that's another Masonic term again ice these are often lower-level Blue Lodge Masons okay specifically the FOP the Fraternal Order of Police is associated with the Blue Lodge degrees of Freemasonry and I would even say Freemasonry I again I have to train myself to get away from even looking at this as actual Freemasonry this is dark masonry is what we're talking about here it's not true original esoteric Freemasonry as was taught in the ancient mystery schools it is dark masonry it is a perversion of that original tradition that was a tradition through allegory and symbol to teach morality and cosmic law and it is again in the modern world we see that it is probably fallen from those ideals and it is being used in an occult way to subvert consciousness and this form of green language is one of these ways used as a mechanism of mockery and not even again it's symbolic and therefore whenever symbols are used it's wordless mockery but in this case it is being done through words but words that need to be understood in a context of symbolism so when we look at the calling of police ice we're seeing two different ways of of mocking them one if they're Pole ice that means that if if the pole that needs to be climbed to get out of lower or base consciousness has been iced over it has been covered with ice it is going to be extraordinarily difficult to climb it and that climb cannot be made and indeed these are the people who are ultimately holding back the evolutionary progress of humanity through their lack of understanding of natural law these are the people who are doing the bidding of the dominators of this world these are the people who are physically implementing the New World Order the dark New World Order and have always been doing it they have always been that that's why it's called a police state ladies and gentlemen it isn't called a people state when there's horrible tyranny okay it's called a police state they're the ones who ultimately always implement tyranny regardless of who you want to claim is is responsible at higher levels for giving orders the order followers again are always the ultimate architects it can't that structure cannot be built without them they again they may not be the architects but there are the physical builders of it okay they're the construction workers that actually do the building so another way that ice is used in a derogatory sense when we're talking about Masonic green language here is that they're being told that they're they have not reached the light okay this is another thing that ice means in the context of free Masonic symbolism because reaching the light is the 33rd degree it's the first of what is known as the illuminated degrees of Freemasonry and if you're below that 33rd degree you're frozen okay 32 degrees is the temperature at which water is frozen is in its ice form which means you have not become free-flowing you have not ultimately received the light of the Sun so that you can melt and become water which is the symbol of spirit okay the spirit has not been taken in to oneself through the light of the Sun the knowledge that you take into yourself about higher law and that is why 33 is considered the first degree of illumination the illuminated degrees because it is the first degree of temperature at which water melts because it has received enough sunlight so calling police ice is another form of mockery is subtle yes it is subtle but it is there and again whether you think that's deliberate or not deliberate I would say is irrelevant because if it's deliberate you know we can build the case that it is deliberate based on how this symbolism works out through this kind of language and we could also build the case that okay it's synchro mystic well either way you're being told something as a result and it's something profound to see if you're at a place in consciousness that you're able to decode that symbolism and that language and I would say there's it's definitely an encoding a hidden encoding whether it's deliberately orchestrated or whether it's an example of synchronous mysticism I would say oh I would almost say it doesn't matter it's there for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear so another way we could break it down is we can substitute the word ice for eyes okay they were saying the same phonetic variant here it's not no different ice eyes it's the same thing you're you're forming your mouth in the same way to say these words okay so pull eyes right I've written it here on the fourth line of this image is saying the individuals have been polarized these are pole personalities polarized personalities in other words they have been trained and indoctrinated into seeing the world as us versus them which is their mental attitude when it comes to anyone who is not police or anyone who is not giving them their orders it's it's us and everybody else and as long as that mind state stays present in these individuals and they cannot be brought to true unity consciousness and seeing the situation of our world as that we're all in this together and getting out of this us-versus-them mentality see I'm not even in an us-versus-them mentality when it comes to the police that doesn't mean that when police come for my freedom all I would lay down and say well since you're me and I know that you're you know we are ultimately won at some aspect of being that I'm not going to do anything or take any action that doesn't mean that what it means is I'm reaching out to make this effort to explain this to them and help to get them out of that us-versus-them dualistic mindset the fact that I'm doing that is proof that I don't see them as separate there are the ones who continue to see everything as separate we have to try to get them out of this mindset so that they stop serving this evil in the world because that's all they're ultimately acting as what and again people can make a billion excuses about why they have to do what they're doing or why society is so much better with people like that in it no it isn't because it's all based on control which is ultimately based in fear and you cannot create order through fear you cannot create any goodness through fear you can only create chaos you can only create destruction and it's part of the reason that we're heading into a totalitarian society is because these people have chosen to try to control people rather than educate people I've said before you want to look you want to know what the solution is you need the people who are in this us-versus-them mindset and we're gonna control and we're gonna essentially plan everything and we're gonna you know create further centralization of power so we can control people and and that's somehow gonna make the world better if that's your your purely imbecilic mindset that's based on a complete lack of understanding and total ignorance of the laws of nature one understand you will never create anything good with that that's an impossibility that's like saying I'm going to ensure the safety of my house by covering it in gasoline and lighting it on fire yeah I'll create safety like that watch here we go you know enjoy what you're gonna get you're going to get something that is burnt to cinders and that's what ultimately these people through their ignorance are doing to the world whether anyone wants to accept that or not is irrelevant it happens to be the case it happens to be true and I've said before what they need to do it's not even so much as what they need to do it's what they need to stop doing they need to stop doing its apophatic the pathway the solution to this is apophatic they need to stop following orders order following is the problem okay and that can only happen when you're in a sick demented twisted world view of everything is us versus them and I have to get it come out on top and I have to be the one doing the control controlling you know true freedom doesn't just mean that there is no one controlling you it also means you're not controlling anyone else so this green language to continue it poll eyes is the polarity of these individuals it's the polarization of their mindset into looking at the world as constant strife and struggle between one group and another group and they are picking aside their choosing aside and saying I'm gonna play this role and I'm going to be the aggressor and I'm gonna be the controller so it's a polarized worldview that doesn't see everything as together as unified it sees everything in a state of constant separation the second aspect of this we can change the I apostrophe s as in many eyes or individuals into eyes ey es hole eyes and this gets into some deep mystical symbolism when it comes to vision when it comes to what is the difference between two eyes and one eye why is one eye such an important symbol over and over again and different in different consciousness traditions regardless where they happen to be geographically regardless what of what time period they happen to be found in when you're saying that someone has pole eyes you're saying they see the world in opposition consciousness in dualism they have not unified the eye okay they have not unified themself they're still in a state of conflict and opposition within and their spiritual sight is do alized okay it is still existing in a state of dualism that's what pull eyes ey es pol e poll polarity polarized right eyes so they're seeing with the two eyes on top of those polls the Sun and the moon in other words states of imbalance toward one brain hemisphere or another the Sun being the left brain hemisphere which in a state of imbalance results chronic imbalanced toward the left brain hemisphere results in the desire to control others to be a Dominator and in the right brain hemisphere the lunar ok hemisphere associated with the moon imbalanced toward that brain hemisphere results in being an order follower ok bowing down to authority accepting the authority of others and then therefore just doing what they say blindly and this exactly describes the consciousness of police exactly identical they are people who are stuck in the chain of obedience they think they in their right brain imbalance because their entire brain is imbalanced it's not just imbalanced to the left brain it's also imbalance in the feminine lunar hemisphere of the brain the right brain hemisphere because they're in a state of chronic imbalance they're because they're constantly bowing down to the authority of others so as an order follower they're trapped in the right brain hemisphere and then as a order giver as somebody who you know is given a little bit of quote authority to go and command others and bark orders out at other people they're trapped in that chronic left brain hemispherical imbalance so they're not only really truly in these states of chronic brain imbalance as we've talked about a ton here on this show but they're also being mocked in regards to it by being called police the word police means a state of chronic brain imbalanced toward both brain hemispheres when we decode it alchemically when we decode it in green language terms and again people in a state of left brain imbalance themselves will say there's nothing to this this is all just made up and you're seeing connections where there are none well I would say there's no way I'm seeing that connection by accident again you can make the claim that's not planned or orchestrated and fine wonderful it's still there then the universe put it there by our arbitrary choice in language and it's still telling us something if we understand how to decode it in language and symbol so the next slide and you know again more and more synchronous ism seems to be coming up synchronicity synchro mysticism because I didn't plan when I was making this presentation for this to be slide number 93 the next slide it just happened to work out like that it's not like I said well what's my number 93 slide gonna contain okay I didn't do that yeah and I really just noticed this in in relooking at this presentation that this the slide that I put together for the first free your mind conference of slide number 93 was about the all-seeing eye and it was a quote from the Gospel of Luke the words attributed to Jesus regarding the one eye now if there's no clearer example of syncro mysticism and of the universe speaking to us I don't know what is because again if you look at what the number 93 represents it is the number of will it is the number of ascension it is the number of love and is the number of aspiring to higher consciousness and unity consciousness there's no way that's an accident that this slide just happened to be slide number 93 of this presentation I no one will ever make me believe that that's an accident that an example of the universe speaking to us and what they call in synchro mysticism a sink wink quite literally the wink of the eye okay so this slide is showing what the all-seeing eye or the one I actually represents and the words attributed to Christ in this Gospel of Luke again here's more synchro synchronicity Luke is another form of the word light looks in Latin light and that's what this is all about the light and the words tell you that this is all about the light the quote from the Gospel of Luke light okay attributed to Jesus is quote the light of the body is the eye therefore when your eye is single your whole body is full of light but when your eye is dual your body is full of darkness now I want to take some time to really break this down and help people to understand what's being said here the words attributed to Jesus here in this gospel are telling people that the spiritual vision the spiritual spark of the divine that is within people is represented by this concept of the eye now that is the word ie ye like something that you see with being able to see the nature of the reality that is around you and being able to see the nature of yourself of what's going on inside of you is key to awakening is key to opening up that eye where that center of spiritual vision within the self and he's saying that the eye has to be single there needs to only be one eye in other words you cannot exist in dual consciousness he's saying the brain hemispheres in conjunction with the heart have to be unified as we think so we feel so we act our thoughts our emotions and our actions have to be brought together as one and when we do that this one I the spark of the divine the center of the spiritual intelligence within us all comes online it has been looked at as the pineal gland in the center of the head in conjunction with the heart chakra opening up and flowering true care being born in conjunction with knowledge and a balanced mind that's what the all-seeing eye is traditionally represented and here in the middle of these two pillars representing duality the two pillars represent the dual aspects of the personality masculine feminine ok the need to be brought together in balance and blending 200 waken the one eye now he's saying when that's done that the body is full of light that means that your actions will be in harmony with the laws of nature your actions will be in harmony with the laws of the creator of the universe you will be in harmony in your actions bodily with cosmic spiritual law which is the light if you see things in that constant state of separation he's saying when your eye is Dule when you have this us-versus-them mentality and moreover when the eye is Dule it also means that your thoughts emotions and actions are not in harmony with each other as you think so is not as you feel or as you act you may think one thing and then do another you may feel a certain way and your actions betray those feelings what has been traditionally called the sin against the holy spirit to sin against the Spirit is to know that actions are wrong and then to do them anyway you're betraying what you know to be right what you feel to be right what your conscience is telling you is the right thing and that's the state of dualism that's the state of opposition within and the Christ figure here is saying when your eye is like that when it's in that state of dualism when it's duel then your body is full of Darkness that means all of your actions are ultimately going to betray cosmic spiritual law they're not going to be in harmony with the laws of nature and in any way can they not in any way can they possibly create order or harmony or peace or prosperity it's an impossibility when that's your state of consciousness and that's exactly what is being said to these police they're being told at all times and places that this is the state of consciousness you're in and mocked as a result of that there being just by the fact that they're being called police and then they're called officers it's saying the exact same thing in two different words because officer we could apply some rules of green language off then take the letter I by itself and then take the letter C er the letter C er at the end off aye sir well we can look at it just like that off aye sir right it's a person who is has the eye off the one eye is off but if we apply another rule of green language okay we can take the word the letter C by itself and then just replace it with the letter C s with the word C s EE as in to see something so C and the letter C and the word C se applying to sight or vision can be interchanged in green language off I see her so the letter C and then e are tacked on to the end of that and that becomes when we put it together the word sere one who sees and in this case it's one who cannot see because if the eye is off off I see you cannot see especially if the one eye is off you definitely cannot see the spiritual reality of where you're at in consciousness and this is what these people are being mocked by being called an officer an off ice ear and they can't even see that pun intended they have no idea how they're being mocked in this way both the word police so put it together they're being called a pull eyes off i sear a pole eyes off i sear meaning they're seeing with the pole eyes but the one eye is off or in other words they're seeing everything in a state of separation and duality and us versus them mentality and yet they have no spiritual vision and as sad as it is that these people are being mocked in such a way I cannot say that it is untrue ladies and gentlemen it is not untrue is that not exactly what perfectly represents their state of consciousness or lack thereof I would say that it is I would say that it's a highly appropriate term that totally applies to where they're at they need to be made able to see this by putting this in front of their face constantly and some of the people that really need to bring this stuff to their attention is the women in their lives because let's face it yes women become police too but the vast majority of the people who are building the dark new world order are men through the physical force I'm not saying there's no women behind the scenes in the occult because but you better believe there most certainly are who are consciously directing this but the people who are going to be doing the physical work of this dark order are men because it happens to simply be the case that they have the muscular tensile strength to be able to force physical will on other people and that that's not a sexist statement it happens to be the case that men are the physically stronger of the two sexes of humanity for the most part not to say that there's no exceptions to that rule when it comes to certain individual women but I'm saying it's a generalization that does hold true men are gifted with the tensile muscular strength that is largely not present in the female sex so men are going to be the builders of this dark new world order one way or another their actions ultimately have to be controlled as a result of controlling their minds to get them to build this world of enslavement by physically controlling other people so women in their lives ultimately have to come to this awareness and awakening' and then reach them and I'm going to do an entire show on that coming up how women can reach out and help these men transform and get out of the state the problem is they first have to transform themselves and get out of some of the horrible mental states and you know physical world only identifications and obsessions with you know different frivolous things and you know identification with money etc that many women are trapped in it's not just men who were in those states of consciousness of course it's women as well so when women take back that power and transform themselves first they can become an incredible influence to the men in their lives and sadly one of the reasons why the world isn't transforming at a quicker pace is because more women aren't stepping in to that role as nurturers and transformative examples in the lives of the men that they share their life with so let's continue with looking at a little bit more green language we look at the word military military can be broken down into M I then Li t then ary and if we then just apply some rules of green language we can make the mi part long a long I sound my Li T would become a long I sound which is light and then a R Y we can simply pronounce alrigh so my light awry my light awry and the word awry means it has gone astray it has wandered off the path well if your light has gone astray and wandered off the path and is out of control that's not a good thing it's more subtle mockery through words through this green language pun my light awry no one wants their light their inner spiritual the spark of the divine that exists within us their inner spiritual strength to go awry you want it to be on course you want it to be you know directed and taking it where you want to take it if it's gone awry that's certainly an indicator that your life has gone awry that you're you know headed in the wrong direction in life so we'll pick this up in a couple of minutes stay with us ladies and gentlemen you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm we'll continue with the analysis of the occult mockery of police and military personnel and the second hour of the show today we'll be right back [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] okay everyone we're back continuing our discussion about the occult mockery of police and military personnel through the use of green language we're alchemical language word puns we were looking at the word military which breaks down to my light awry well I don't know about you but I don't want to be one whose light has gone awry I want my light shining brightly and directing me on the proper course in life another word that is used to describe individuals in the military is soldier and soldier is another word that is a alchemical occult word pun we could look at break it down Sol and then di er Sol Sol means a couple of different things it's the name for our Sun the light okay Sol is the name of the Sun and look at how many things the the phonetic pronunciation of that term Sol means soul is the Sun Sol is means one once again we see this come up over and over and it also means the soul the spark of the divine within my soul Sol if all of those things have died dire or you could even look at it you could reverse the R and E at the end because it doesn't change the pronunciation of the word it can mean dire meaning really in a bad situation well if the Sun you know our light is in a dire situation if the individual aspects of the personality is in a dire situation and the soul itself the spark of the divine within us is in a dire situation that's really a bad thing see even if we don't reverse that our Andean we just keep a DI er saying it's a dire one who is dying the light is dying within us our individuality is dying and ultimately our soul is dying more occult mockery and again you don't have to accept or believe that this is orchestrated in the creator's by the creators of the English language this could be an example of synchro mysticism telling us that that's exactly what this individual is one who has sacrificed all of these things within themselves their light their individuality and ultimately their soul and that's why so many of these people come back from the immoral situations that they put themselves in by following orders and commit suicide or exist in a complete state of psychological devastation through post-traumatic stress disorder and other psychological illnesses that manifest themselves when they're not mocking you in symbolic language in these positions the controller's the occultists of this world will be all too happy to do it in a very direct way for people who you know think oh this is all too subtle and you know it's just seeing connections the next slide image number 96 shows Henry Kissinger making the statement that military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy dumb stupid animals what did I tell people that the dark occultists of the world call the military and the police they call them their dogs and at once again just to be you know very clear about this that's this is not a term of endearment this is not a street lingo term being used in the sense of yo my dogs absolutely not it means that you are an animal that will listen to my commands you will sit when told you will you will speak when told you will attack when told and you will lay down when told they look at them as animals that have no intelligence and no ability to make their own decisions that have put themself in the position that they put themselves in because they don't want or like personal responsibility and they want to simply be told what to do they want to be given orders and then the follow those orders like automaton robots and the controllers of the world who were positioning these people in the world positioning military and taking you know troops and putting them into different life-threatening situations this is how they view them he's one of them he's one of these planners Kissinger and he's telling them to their face that you're a dumb animal that I'm gonna use as a pawn in my game of chess of global chess and yet these people will still go into these positions it's amazing because again as image number 97 shows they love being that puppet they want to be that puppet because that to them that means oh I don't really really have to do anything for myself I don't really have to better myself I don't have to change myself I don't think that have to think for myself or come to my own conclusions about anything that I may take in in as far as the outside world goes I could just be manipulated and moved and where the puppet master leads me I go no thinking no responsibility that is so true as to why so many of these people love this state of being love it and it wouldn't matter how much they were mocked or ridiculed they have given themselves over to darkness they have given them not wanting to ultimate control yourself to want to learn about yourself to want to go within understand what's going on in the psyche work with that material and take the responsibility to transform and better that it means you've given yourself over to evil that's what that means in no uncertain terms and I'll say the state that unapologetically if that's the kind of person that you are you don't want any responsibility you don't want to have to work with your the aspects of yourself and your own personality to transform them and make them better and you want to just give your actions over to someone else and let them make decisions for for you that does mean that you've given yourself over to evil that's what that's the definition of giving yourself over to evil at the at the very base fundamental level and that's that's these puppet masters are all too happy to take those strings there's they're sitting there you know lying in wait to take those strings that people willingly put in their hands because of the lack of that responsibility and again going back with this theme of looking at people as dumb immature animals that absolutely can't think don't want to think we said at the beginning they call them their dogs and they symbolically place on their body when they go send them off to the altar of sacrifice they put dog tags on them some here in image number 98 and this is again this is deliberate because you know they've been calling these kind of people their dogs their animals for a lot longer than I have become aware of it years ago this has been going on for a long time and people can you know find the ostensible origin of the dog tag I understand that there's other explanations given for where it comes from let me tell you something what lies ultimately behind that effort is an occultist who decided let's have some fun with our pets believe me if you understand what how they think of these people even seeing the symbolism and the wordplay all of that and how they look at them even seeing hearing Kissinger's words we're understanding that the dog tags literally means that they look at them as their dogs it doesn't even still do it justice again I want to try to have the scene depicted where I watched one of these Satanists break down hysterically laughing like you know the-the-the kind of you know let laughter after which you're holding your ribs because your ribs hurt and you think you're one of your ribs is gonna crack from how hard you were laughing tears streaming down his cheeks laughing at the police telling me that if they came forward and told them how much they were involved financially politically militarily in all of the control aspects of society in all of the institutions that they wholly owned their mind and body do what they've gotten them to believe in how they've gotten them to give over themselves you know to these institutions and do whatever they're commanded to do they said that this gentleman said to me if we came forward and told these people that these animals they would not accept it from us that's how complete our mind control over them is it's so total and complete that we have gotten them to accept that that we are not actually their owners that's how much they believe in the illusion of these institutions that we've perpetrated for them to believe in so they don't need to tell them openly that they're their owners you know that they've gotten them so wholly to believe in this religion of authority and this religion of government that ultimately they've given themselves over to that even though these dark occultists are the ones who are really pulling the strings behind those institutions of ostensible power so another aspect I want to start looking at today in the second hour is numerology involved in the occult mockery of police and military because we've looked at symbolism now and we've looked at language through green language let's start taking a look at numerology and again this is another thing that people will dismiss and say oh there's nothing to this well I would say there most certainly is something to the numerology because it keeps working out in the same ways because it's it's either the deliberate orchestration put forward by these darker cultists or it's enough another example of syncro mysticism the universe telling you pay attention to symbol to archetype pay attention to sound through through words through language pay attention to number well let's think about this for a minute what are the most basic elements of energy sound form and number quantity this is these are these are the building blocks of everything sound form and number and there we have it form symbolism sound words number so regardless of whether you want to accept or believe that this is a orchestrated coming together of this form of mockery if you don't want to look at it like that look at it from the synchronistic perspective because it's this it's ultimately the same thing it doesn't matter what's being said regardless of whether it's coming from man or from creation is the same thing so when we look at the gematria of police and military mockery we want to look at we want to start with two basic numbers and this is the number 777 the numbers seven seven seven and 666 and we look at this on a past show when we looked at the geometry involved in 9/11 the number 777 in different mystical traditions has always been looked at as number of man in a state of unity consciousness we're having been transformed to the extent that he is like the divine the divine within him is being expressed it's it's at its highest level of expression so therefore he is in the world and not of it you can look at this as Christ did consciousness okay it's unity consciousness thought emotion and action have been brought together no opposition as we think so we feel so we act our thoughts emotions and actions are unified and activated so it's the number you could look at it as the number of the completion of a man our lessons are learned we see things no longer in a state of separation but as fundamental unity and our actions reflect that so that we see the divinity and others and treat them as such as the sovereign beings that they are if we make the gematria reduction which ultimately is adding the digits together and then we take get a result and add those digits together until we come down to a single number so seven plus seven plus seven is the number twenty-one and then to +1 we add the result together the 21 2 and the 1 give us a 3 that is called the gematria reduction of a three-digit number such as 777 so 777 reduces to 3 another number to understand occultic Li in gematria gematria meaning occult numerology it is geometry and mathematics brought together 666 is the failure of all of those aspects of consciousness in man we're not using our thoughts or emotions and our actions to our benefit or betterment we are not in unity consciousness we have failed to arrive there we have we exist in duality in base consciousness so the number of man in base consciousness or beast consciousness is 666 it is the falling short of that number 777 in those three aspects thought emotion and action which each digit represents and there's a reason it's 777 being the number of man like the divine in other words embodying the principles of higher consciousness because eight eight eight is the number of the godhood the infinite one it's a number of perfection and infinity which no man is in his earthly form as a human being that's why are not number in our highest state is 777 set and this is symbolic again we have to understand this is symbolic it's all about number and form and relating that allegorically to a message to an understanding of ourselves the number nine nine nine represents unifying man in his perfected state with the divine which is in other words the concept of the perfection of all creation or the reason for being of the universe 999 and you know we we look at it as if we add eight eight eight the number of the divine to seven seven seven the number of man embodying the characteristics of the divine in the physical world we arrive at nine nine nine the number of cosmic completion well people will say well how do you add 888 and 777 and come up with nine nine nine well that's really easy if 777 reduces to three we could also rewrite it as 1 1 1 we saw that in the gematria of the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States on the back of the one dollar bill that 777 and 1 1 1 are used interchangeably so add 1 1 1 which is the same thing as 7 7 7 2 8 8 8 and you get 9 9 9 so understanding these two numbers and what these characteristics you know of these numbers represent symbolically helps us to a long way on our understanding of how certain numbers are used when it comes to police and military and I'm gonna give it an example here specifically of the police because this is where numerology is used most frequently when it comes to police it's used in the military too but the best examples that I have to present are used when it comes to police so 666 men and base consciousness the number of the beast the thoughts emotions and actions are inactive they're incomplete they're certainly not unified when we reduce 666 we add three sixes together to get 18 then we add the one in the eight together and we get nine so ultimately the number of men and unity consciousness is three and the number of men in Beast consciousness is nine okay the number nine I've talked about this before represents the carnal nature of men man existing in duality men existing in $0.05 identification and in slide number 100 I give a quote by the founder of the Church of Satan an organization that I was a priest in appointed by the high priest Anton LaVey he's giving a giving a quote by from Levay here from his book called the satanic rituals and it's about the number nine levae says despite others attempts to identify a certain number with satan it will be known that nine is his number nine is the number of the ego for it always returns to itself now people just reading this for the first time may be confused by this but it will it will all make sense no matter what is done through the most complex multiplication of nine by any other number in the final equation nine alone will stand forth solavei here is admitting that nine is the number of satan or man trapped in beast consciousness in the ego in the state of separation in the state of duality but he does not offer the fact that in gematria when we reduce 666 we get a single digit which is 9 because 6 plus 6 plus 6 is 18 1 plus 8 is 9 so he doesn't offer that he says despite others attempts to identify a certain number with satan meaning 666 but he's not telling you that in occult gematria terms those numbers are identical of course 9 is his number it is 666 reduced that's all it is if we look at what LaVey is talking about when he means that it comes back to itself that nine returns to itself all the time we'll see what he's talking about when we look at image number 101 the properties of nine from a purely mathematical perspective pure purely mathematical perspective it represents the ego or base consciousness returning to itself okay so on the left here we see the additive properties of nine when you add nine to any other value so if nine represents base consciousness man in ego man in duality and when I say man I don't mean male I mean mankind okay humanity humanity and ego base consciousness when we add that to any other value so we start with one we add nine we get ten and then reduce 1 plus 0 is 1 we end up back where we started at 1 meaning we added the 9 and it did not change the result let's do that with 2 2 plus 9 is 11 add the 2 ones together you reduce it to a 2 we started with 2 we end up with 2 adding a 9 did not change the value you do this with any number any number whatever it happened to have it as its original value you add 9 and it goes nothing changes ok so adding 9 changes nothing and when we understand 9 is the number of the ego it means when you add ego into any situation it changes nothing no value can be brought to the table nothing can be changed as a result if ego is what you are working with or adding into the equation let's look at the multiplicative properties of 9 what happens when we multiply anything by 9 well 9 times 1 of course is 9 9 times 2 is 18 1 plus 8 is 9 9 times 3 is 27 2 plus 7 is 9 9 times 4 is 36 3 plus 6 is 9 we have a pattern no matter what you multiply 9 by you add up the result and you get 9 it doesn't matter you could do this with a decimal value you could do this with a number no matter how large it is how many decimal places it has whenever you add whenever you multiply 9 by anything it only creates more 9 so in other words whenever you multiply base consciousness or ego more ego is the result more base consciousness is the result and that makes perfect sense you multiply something you get more of it so you multiply the consciousness of duality you get more dual consciousness and that's what we're being told symbolically that's why 9 is considered the number of the beast it's 666 the failure of men okay and the inversion of that when we turn it upside down is 9 9 9 the triple-digit 9 is number of completion that's of the higher level consciousness man unifying with the divine which is the purpose of creation is for consciousness to come to a higher level of understanding of it of itself and emerge with what it really is so when we look at a cult gematria one of the main concepts found in it is the ascension of from base consciousness to higher consciousness or to go from the 666 to the 777 to go from base consciousness to to Christ at consciousness from the consciousness satanic consciousness to Christ at consciousness and therefore we could look at it is going from because they're able to be used interchange of not just going from 666 to 777 but going from 9 to 3 and there's that number 93 the number of the will fillet ma the number of love the number of ascension to higher levels of consciousness 93 so in slide number 103 I explained that that is what the number 93 has traditionally represented symbolically in occult terms it is the number of love energy it is the number of will power aligning your will to the higher will of creation and it is the number of the climb out of base consciousness to come off that floor of the house and make the climb up the middle pillar to the all-seeing eye it is the ascension process to higher consciousness so what does 93 have in any way to do with the police for those asking that question you're exactly right it doesn't have anything to do with the police that's the problem what number does have to do with the police again a number we've seen and talked about already which is 9 1 1 the number at least here in the United States that people dial for the police 9-1-1 now add that together and we get 92 just add the two ones together we could also look at it as add it all together 9 plus 1 plus 1 is 11 and that comes out to a 2 which is duality so 92 we can look at 911 92 what that's saying is that you didn't make it to 93 you didn't ascend you're still in duality you're still in base consciousness chaos lower awareness lack of understanding not making it to love energy not making it to with true willpower the alignment of your will with the cosmic Universal will so the number of the police is 92 which is the failure of all of those things not just for them but for us for even relying on them to solve problems for us calling the Dominator to fix problems for us in society not being willing to take on the responsibility to educate ourselves and others properly so we don't have to do anything like that and even even just doing it is the failure of personal responsibility to handle issues for yourself well I won't worry about this individual who you know clearly wasn't educated properly and you know ended up becoming a secondary psychopath not caring about anybody but himself because of the nonsense he's been taught all all of his life and indoctrinated with and uh you know it's not my responsibility to do anything for a person like that so I'll just let him become a criminal and wreak havoc on society and then we'll call upon the dominator police to come and take that person and remove them from our sight remove them from society and therefore we don't have to look at that problem yeah that fixes it all that cleans it up real nice and tidy doesn't it you failed at educating yourself and therefore you feel that educating others and then this problem manifests you don't want to deal with it so you leave it into other people's hands to deal with it and just remove it from your sight let's just sequester them let's let's move them into with this this private holding area here where they'll really ultimately be taught to be more hardened professional criminals as well and the problem will just correct self yeah we won't ever have to look at it and deal with the issues that made that in the first place sure sure let me know how that works out for you oh wait a minute all of the evidence is already all around us how that works out isn't it exactly so looking at the number 92 in relation to 93 shows us something even more important if we only arrive at 92 of 93 that's why this number is so important in a dark occult terms 92 or 911 it's because of what it represents when you compare it with the number 93 which represents higher consciousness 92 is duality in base consciousness beast consciousness because it's 9 9 plus 2 is 11 okay you you're the 9 doesn't add anything 9 added to 2 gives you 11 and you're back to 2 okay so you're starting with duality and you end up with more duality because you added nothing but ego and base consciousness and lack of awareness when we look at that in conjunction with 93 ok we can reduce both terms so 92 reduces to 11 and 93 reduces to 12 9 plus 3 is 12 then we do another reduction 1 plus 1 is 2 and then 1 plus 2 is 3 so 92 out of 93 of course the nines you could even skip the middle step there and just drop the nines whenever you see a 9 in any other number or even digits that add to a 9 you could just strike them out because they're zeros in gematria in a cult gematria terms a 9 is equivalent to a 0 so we get 2/3 and as a decimal that is written as a repeating 6 the concept here being that the failure of thought emotion and action continues on forever that no actual corrective mechanisms are being put in place to make this situation better when we exist in base consciousness and then say I'm not going to actually do anything in my thoughts to learn about what's called the causal factors of this problem or I'm not going to activate my care to want to do anything about it and I'm just gonna remain apathetic about it and then to not act not take action and to just continue along that line is an eternal failure of thought emotion and action or in other words an eternal deadness of consciousness remaining dead remaining in the tomb never awakening never rising to a higher level of awareness and that is what we could consider hell is the perpetual remaining in that state of being of the the death of thought emotion and action or in other words the death of consciousness and that's what this world is really rapidly becoming I would say the vast majority of the people of this world already exist in that state of Beast consciousness 666 and I would say they really exist in a state of that repeating 6 that eternal failure in those capacities they don't want to think they don't want to know they don't want to develop care they like it the way that it is they don't want to act they want to continue to be lazy they don't want to improve themselves they don't want to look at their actions and their behaviors and and analyze why there is imbalance here why there is imbalance present there so 92 is the failure to achieve love consciousness it's the failure to achieve unity consciousness the failure to achieve a higher level of awareness in self and when we compare it to 93 it ultimately represents endless failure and it's again you could say well that's terrible but isn't it so appropriate and isn't it exactly as it is isn't that what the whole concept of 911 or 92 it represents that we failed having to call upon dominators to solve our problems for us as individuals because we didn't want to take personal individual responsibility for bettering ourselves and for bettering our young to properly educate them to draw out what is truly within them that spark of the divine within them no we wanted to indoctrinate them instead which is the exact opposite of real education so let's look at a dark sigil a dark occult sigil in relationship now that we understand what all this symbolism is and what the gematria represents now we can decode a complex signal namely the Fraternal Order of Police is emblem so let's look at image number 107 this is the Fraternal Order of Police a police organization that is connected with the Blue Lodge degrees of Freemasonry and we see the five pointed star which ostensibly represents sovereignty ostensibly represents the individual standing on his own the opposite of collectivism you know unity within and this symbol is being used in proxy of course it's not the real thing it's they're trying to sell you on that idea that this organization somehow represents that when it represents the exact opposite the letter is FOP for Fraternal Order of Police ostensibly once again because when we translate them into gematria terms we'll see that it's quite the opposite we see the all-seeing eye or the one eye a Masonic grip on one of the other arms of the star then the words use Phaedo sliver Atum law or justice fidelity and freedom and we see a structure like a fort a fortress with a shield under it with three pillars and a checkerboard strip representing the checkerboard floor of the house and Freemasonry now we'll get to what the letters represent let's look at the symbol on the inside briefly actually we can do that afterward let's look at the numbers first so well you'll say what numbers well we saw that letters can be translated into numbers in gematria we did this with the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States with a date on the bottom the Roman numeral dates MDC CLX XVI and we translated those into numbers that was a nut an example of gematria with this sigil we're going to use english gematria and we're going to translate each letter into a number so if we start with we write out the English alphabet we start with a as one and then seed with bs2 I would be nine which is symbolic in and of itself the ego nine I okay J is ten which we would start at one again and then we will repeat accordingly so f is the sixth letter of the English alphabet so F translates to six o is the 15th letter of the English alphabet we're looking at image number 108 now o is 15 when it comes to the English alphabet it's the 15th letter one plus five if we reduce it is six and you'll see I did the reductions for o and P in image number 109 so P is the seventh I'm sorry is the 16th letter of the English alphabet and that reduces when we add the one in the six to a seven so in image number 109 we see the reduced values for f o p f o P reduces to six six six seven I'm sorry six six seven not 666 but six six seven so what is six six seven in relation to 666 well we saw that 666 is the number of beasts consciousness man in a state of the lack of activation of thought emotion and action those three aspects of consciousness remaining inert well six six seven represents that only action has been activated has been brought online and someone is acting without thought and without emotion they're acting without thinking and feeling now what does that sound like that sounds like a robot an automaton ones whose act our automated but ultimately does not think or feel they just perform the actions and this is exactly what police are people who simply perform actions without ultimately thinking or feeling and you I don't know if that came through on the air but there's a thunderstorm rolling through Philadelphia right now and there that was a pretty big lightning strike there just as I was making that point which is I mean you know the synchronicity can't be any greater as far as I'm concerned the synchronicities pas are just piling up enormous ly you know the strike of lightning as soon as I say that that's a robot that's an automaton that's someone who's acting without thinking and feeling nature coming through and and sounding with with sound and light is amazing to me so this is what is being said wordlessly just through the numbers themselves now let's just look at the word FOP a FOP what is a FOP that means something as well a FOP is someone who's trapped in ego this is a slang term it's someone who's totally obsessed with themselves it could also just be a simple derogatory term as well he's a fob you know he's just someone who you know doesn't really care much about anybody and is just you know he's concerned with himself it could mean that you know he's obsessive and you know is overly concerned with how he looks too but in general it just means the person's overly concerned with themselves they're trapped in ego that's what a fop is cares only about himself and then the numbers 667 representing the failure in thought and emotion but activating the body so taking action not really knowing why you're taking it and not caring and this is what the basis of every police state is is a being in that state of consciousness or I should say lack thereof the lack of true consciousness now but second satanic aspect of this symbol is the raising as if that's not already bad enough the raising an image in image number 111 more syncro mysticism one one one the three pillars I did not plan that folks that just worked out like that and the image is about the three pillars and an important aspect about them that the pillar of unity should be raised above the pillar of duality not the other way around and yet here on this sigil in the middle of the Fraternal of Order order of polices emblem we see the pillars of duality are enshrined and held up above the pillar of unity with the checkerboard floor of the house in between them this is representing that the dualistic principles are upheld over the unifying principles where in other words keep them in dual or polarized vision keep them seeing the world as us versus them keep them in those chronic states of duality and brain imbalance chronic imbalance toward the left brain hemisphere or the right brain hemisphere keep them in a state of internal opposition mostly as I said the opposition has to be within has to be internal opposition not just the external opposition of keeping them warring with the the general population that they see as outside of themselves these police you know they don't see themselves as being with us as being part of us they see it as we're separate somehow no you're not you're not separate from anything you're going down and on the same ship and unfortunately you're the ones drilling holes in it and can't see what you're doing because you're under such depth of Mind Control an indoctrination but most of all the thing that prevents them from seeing it is that they're in a state of internal opposition they're ultimately they don't have their thoughts emotions and actions unified they're taking actions that betray conscience that betray what they really deep down inside genuinely no to be wrong they're betraying what they know to be right and they're doing what they know to be wrong they're betraying conscience and that state of opposition is what the word satan cut where it comes from the word satan means a poser one who opposes one who creates strife one who creates opposition an adversary that's what the word Satan comes from in Hebrew language ha Shaitaan means the opposer and it is it's not just Satan in in bib in the biblical language when the word Satan is depicted it when I would when it appears in the original text it is written as Satan hashset on the Satan the adversary the opposer meaning that there is one force that does this and that is the internal opposition that exists within man when he is in a state of dualistic consciousness when he is not in the state of consciousness that as he thinks so he feels and so he acts with no contradiction between those three aspects of consciousness so we looked at all of the reasons why people act like this why is just as important to understand the what more important even the indoctrination the poison all of the it really it comes down to one thing it's all poison poison going in when garbage goes in garbage comes out you put garbage into a person their behavior is going to be garbage that's all it comes down to so the forms of poison through food through medicine shown in the next couple of slides through mass indoctrination and hypnosis in mass media what these people are taken in constantly all day the trash that they read in the newspapers the trash in magazines the trash that they take in to that idiot box called the television and the trash and poison that they've been fed in the outcome-based educational school system and for people who don't understand that term you better really become familiar with it and start looking into what OBE is and it doesn't mean out-of-body experience it means outcome-based education understand that the form of so-called education which is just indoctrination and indoctrination toward different varying degrees of socialism what this school system came from was national socialist education methodologies from the Nazis they called it mastery learning and before them the Bolsheviks had the same system and the their system of Education doctrine ation I shouldn't even call it education it should be called outcome based indoctrination is what it is it's his call it education as a misnomer because it's not education it's indoctrination it's not really drawing out what's within a person it's not leading them out of Darkness it's leading them into darkness speaking untruths into them so that they are led into darkness for people who want to become aware of how this system works and how its propagated you really need to check out Charlotte Ezra beats work the deliberate dumbing down of America yeah it's a big tome but I guarantee you'll learn a lot by reading it and understanding how this education system came to be and what it's doing to the minds of our children so that's a huge part of their actions their identification complete identification with an institution and taking that on as you know ego identification as being who they are playing that role so fully that that is becomes their identity that they think they are that soldier there's no deeper aspect to the self in their mind they are the lower self you know they are the role that they play in society and that's what's turning them into the automaton agents of evil and they can't see it can't see it because all the individualism has been crushed within them they're part of a collective and a collective doesn't really have conscience a collective is only concerned with the survival of the collective the individual has conscience the individual can make a distinct definite determination objectively between right and wrong identification with a group is the the first step toward the death of conscience certainly an identification with an institution is really the beginning of the end of conscience Thomas Jefferson really talked about this even before you know anybody realized what was going on with the takeover of Education here in America you know he understood just from a general perspective he said that if a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization and expects what never was and never will be ignorant does not go hand in hand with freedom they can't exist simultaneously period you want to be free you have to be knowledgeable you have to have the light meaning knowledge of what's really going on within you and that these people don't have it they're blindfolded they're hoodwinked and like I said they're all too happy to get on those strings of the puppet master because they don't want personal responsibility image number 119 and 120 show that you know willfulness to blindfold oneself you know see the world through this distorted filter and then ultimately because you hate personal responsibility so much you're all too willing to just jump right in there and be the willing puppet of a puppet master image 121 shows what it really is to be a soldier in today's world thieves of resources of other countries that's that's what it really comes down to and I don't really care who's offended by that like I said get his as you like if you're in this institution that's ultimately what you're being used for but you obviously probably like being used or you have this ridiculous childish outdated distorted notion of what a soldier actually is some some asinine version of look T or honor that has nothing to do with being a soldier zero because you just want to be a member of a group of a collective and be a team member with somebody else so you have something bigger than yourself well here's the newsflash genius there's nothing bigger than the self that's what you still haven't gotten and I'm talking about the capital S self if you have a connection to that you have a connection with the universe but you don't have a connection to that and so therefore you want this connection to to this Big Daddy version of the family and who's gonna take care of me it's just another variant of what is known as the race spirits the familial spirit and the race spirit then the occult traditions referred to as being the thing that comes in and devastates and destroys the individual the spark of the divine within and gives oneself over to the collective and that's why the usurpation of human freedom and the destruction of freedom and encroaching tyranny is always going to be created by a collectivist mindset people have to understand the way out of that is getting in touch with the self and understanding that the magic number is one ladies and gentlemen I've said that before that's the magic number not only oneness you know from a perspective of seeing everything as not not separate but from a perspective of unifying yourself within the self within the context in the work of the higher-self bringing your thoughts emotions and actions into a state of non-dualism and that is never going to be accomplished by identification with groupthink or with a collectivist mindset I'll leave it right there and we will wrap up this topic of the occult mockery of police and military next week thanks for listening folks hope you enjoyed today's show that's all we have time for this week we'll see here next Sunday same time [Music]