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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening to what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches its critical moment of the choice and now here is your host Marc Pascal [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm the networks website Oracle broadcasting dot-com today is Sunday September 2nd 2012 this show is live every Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. East Coast time that's for to set 4 to 6 Central Time and we have a great show planned for you here today today's show is going to be information packed as always we're going to be wrapping up the topic of carnism as part of our ongoing solutions section talking about the non support of dominators and the practices of domination carnism of course as I spoke about it in the last couple of weeks I call it the ultimate expression of domination and we're gonna continue a little bit today talking about the occult reasons for ceasing to practice carnism this religion because that's what it really is and that'll be in the first part of the show today and then the second part of the show I'm going to transition topics to go toward another sub aspect of the solution of the non-supportive dominators talking about women's role in the non supportive dominators and strategies that women can actually employ to become a powerful force of influence in the lives of men men who are in their lives to help them to see the truth and to stop supporting dominator institutions and practices so that's coming up in the second part of the show I have a lot of event announcements so please bear with me it's very busy as I said last week but that's a good thing because that means a lot is happening and a lot of people are waking up to the reality that's around them and getting involved so of course the free your mind to conference coming up here in the city of Philadelphia next year in April through your mind who returns to Philadelphia in 2013 with a three a conference featuring top caliber whistleblowers from across the country who will shed light upon our world's problems and bring forward empowering solutions this unique event will build upon the success of the first for your mind conference in 2011 with a continued focus to spread awareness on the topics of consciousness mind control subversive occult influences holistic body mind spirit health and solution oriented approaches to the problems humanity faces in these challenging times for your mind to a conference on consciousness mind control in the occult here in Philadelphia April 25th 26th and 27th of 2013 at the Arch Street meeting house 3:20 Arch Street in Philadelphia the doors open at 8 o'clock a.m. each day the featured speakers so far we have 19 speakers lined up we're going to probably be booking about five or six more to complete the roster of phenomenal information and speakers who are going to present that information at the free our mind to conference including Alan Steinfeld alfred weber Andrew basiago Ben Stuart Bob Tuscan kertus davis dr dream mark P blur freighter X Freeman fly Yan Irvin Jay Parker Jim Fetzer Joseph Meier Laura Eisenhower Lennon honor Lauren more a mark passio Ross Ben and Sonia Barrett more speakers will be announced a few more speaker still to come the complete of the lineup for more information and for ticket information you can visit WWF your mine conference calm that's free your mind conference calm go up to the website check out all the speaker BIOS and information on how you can get tickets is already up there now I have one addendum to the freer mind to event we are looking to get some promotion done for this event as I've been saying in the last few weeks we still need help organizing for this conference we don't have really the full support as far as an organizational team we have a core group of organizers that's making things happen right now but we need some more assistance if you can help in any way please get in touch with me mark at free your mind conference com if you're in the Philadelphia area and you want to help out in a support in a supportive way in the free your mind to conference please do get a hold of me with that being said I have a public announcement I want to make regarding how some people in the New York City area can be of help for the Fremont and to conference you know New York is just a hop skip and a jump from the city of Philadelphia so we want to try to do some heavy promotion in the city of New York of course a couple of our speakers from around that area including the illuminated one Curtis Davis of a cult science radio and what we want to do is have folks print up some handbills if they want to contribute make a small donation to the for your mind to effort you know no obligation to do so but I'm just asking if you're in the Philadelphia New York City areas specifically Manhattan and you can print up some flyers I've posted to the web site on this podcast image number two in the related images section of course always images that I talked about on the show are always posted on the what on earth is happening dot-com website on the radio show tab you click the radio show tab and underneath the player it will say images for Today Show they become the related images for the particular podcast this is going to be podcast number 123 so on the podcast page you can also see the images in the related images section posted with each podcast for today you'll see image number two on the radio show page of what on earth is happening comm is a double a half page flyer for the free or mind to conference you can print this full bleed with your inkjet printer if you print it in full color it comes out even better and then you could take it to a local copy center staples or an office max or something like that a campus copy center and print some of them up as many as you feel that you can get them cut down the middle and distribute them now I'm asking people to distribute these in the New York City area on September 11th there's gonna be a lot of activists out there there's gonna be a lot of people who are conscious who are somewhat awake to what's really going on in our world and it's a prime opportunity to reach them with information about the free your mind to conference so anyone in the New York City area especially Manhattan if you are so inclined to want to help out with a little bit of a promotional effort for the free your mind to conference I have put a three hundred per inch high resolution JPEG as image number two on this podcast you can download it print it at high resolution copy it up get them cut down the middle and if you would be so kind please distribute them in New York I will not be able to be present in New York on this September 11th so that's why I'm asking for the assistance and we're also getting people involved on the existing conference organizational team to do this as well so if anyone in the general public who wants to help out a little bit with that effort it is image number two on podcast number 123 next announcement is the free your mind to conference fundraiser number one we're going to host six of these before the conference arrives to raise money for bringing in out-of-town speakers into Philadelphia which costs a whole lot so the first fundraiser is going to be taking place Saturday September 15th at eight o'clock pm at Liberty's pub on the second floor of the pub Liberty's is at 7:05 North 2nd Street that's the corner of 2nd and Fairmount streets in the northern Liberty section of Philadelphia there will be a 15 dollar donation at the door and this fundraiser will feature a presentation by me entitled The Matrix trilogy decoded I'm going to be breaking down the symbolism and allegory of the science fiction or achill science fiction trilogy The Matrix this should be a great presentation you won't want to miss it if you're in the Philadelphia area again all proceeds go toward offsetting costs associated with bringing in out-of-town speakers for the conference in April conference tickets will also be available they will be on sale at the fundraiser so if you want to get your tickets early you can get them at fundraiser number one at Liberty's on September 15th 8 o'clock p.m. for more information of course visit for your mind conference calm the nation wide and the Fed rally is taking place this month Saturday September 22nd in front of every Federal Reserve Bank in the country I am going to be speaking at the Philadelphia and the Fed rally and March along with Larkin Rose and many other great speakers this will be taking place Saturday September 22nd at noon in front of the Federal Reserve branch Bank of Philadelphia which is at 6th and arch streets for more information on this event please visit either truth freedom prosperity org for the philadelphia rally or for the nationwide rally visit and the Fed 2012 dot-com that's n the Fed 2012 dot-com the MUFON PA East Coast conference hosted by mutual UFO network of Pennsylvania will be hosting their conference September 28th 29th and 30th 2012 at the Sheraton Bucks County Hotel 400 Oxford Valley Road Langhorne Pennsylvania great speakers lined up including John Ventre Frank fascino junior sous y Tech Karen Dolan Stan Gordon Travis Walton Rob high tech Peter Robbins Grant Cameron Richard Dolan Steven Bassett and myself mark passio I'm going to be talking about the oral issues involved in the continued cover-up of extraterrestrial phenomena at this mutual UFO network conference my talk is entitled morality and disclosure for more information on this conference coming up at the end of this month here in Pennsylvania please visit www.opm.gov/health the first is down the rabbit hole with Popeye from August 24th also wide-awake news with Charlie McGrath I was on his show on August 27th and I did a guest host spot on the Bob Hoskins show on Tuesday August 28th those three shows are now up in the news section of the water on earth is happening website you could download those and check them out the one on earth is happening ad free sponsorship of course has hit its goal for the second three month period a phenomenal effort on the part of the listeners and I humbly thank you because you cared enough to make it happen and to make this show go ad-free for the for both hours of the show so we'll be resetting the ad-free goal for the next three month period which will be from February March and April February through April I'll be resetting that over the next week or so and we'll begin that effort once again I'll be taking September and October off for additional radio interviews and the reason for that is I'll be focusing fully on the organization and promotion of the free your mind to conference so you won't see any additional interviews going up in the water on earth is happening news section as that is the place they are usually posted until around the beginning of November when I will start doing interviews again next week we have a very special guest coming on the show - what on earth is happening to talk about sacred feminine energy and women's influence in the non-support of domination and Dominator culture in general I'm gonna welcome next week to the show Laura Magdalene Eisenhower one of the speakers for the free your mind to conference she also spoke it for your mind one back in 2011 I can't think of anybody better to discuss this topic of women's role in the non supportive dominators with so next week look for that interview full two-hour interview with Laura Eisenhower next week on what on earth is happening in two weeks we will begin our first full call-in show on this topic the non support of dominators and the Dominator culture we'll be doing two full two-hour call-in shows starting in two weeks there will be one prerequisite rule if you want to call in and in any way defend the practice of carnism as part of this discussion on the non supportive dominators if you're calling in to defend the practice then the prerequisite for doing that is you will have to have watched the movie earthlings the documentary film Earthlings in its entirety and I posted links for Earthlings in podcasts number 121 and 122 so that's for free online you could go and watch it entirely for free the only people who will have that prerequisite or those who want to come on and advocate for carnism so if you don't want to do that it's not necessary that you've watched that to make comments on this topic but I will also be limiting the discussion to this specific topic everything that we've talked about in the solutions section called the non-supportive Dominator so far on this show that's what the topic is going to be for the two call-in shows okay that having been said let's jump into our material for today's show as always you can get the images at what on earth is happening dot-com / radio what on earth is happening dot-com / radio that's the radio show page underneath the player for the show you'll see images for today's show and there's 30 of them there the first few images were promotional Flyers the sixth image was a 6th 7th and 8th image is regarding the general topic that I have brought up as a solution to the problems humanity is facing in consciousness and I call this entire section the way out grassroots solutions for real and positive change and we're on the topic the the solution called the non supportive dominators last week and the week before we talked about the religion of carnism in the truest sense of the word religion which comes from the Latin verb relig ra which means to tie back to thwart from forward progress that's what religion in its negative connotation actually does it isn't a true religion it's something that is not based upon anything that is really rooted in reality it's not true it's something that's based in an illusion it's based in a belief system it isn't based on truth it isn't based on natural law it isn't based on morality it's based in an erroneous belief system that someone is trying to justify in their own mind and in that sense a religion holds us back while carnism is a religion it's a dogmatic religion that is based entirely upon violence the entire ideology is based on violence if you really break it down and get to the the root of it and and you're honest with yourself this is something that is entirely based on violent behavior its main belief system is that it is morally justifiable and/or necessary to kill animals and eat their dead flesh that is the religion of carnism we talked about this over the last two weeks I called it the ultimate expression of domination which is why we need to understand that what we are doing to other beings is going to be reflected unto us and we to be made to share in that experience and if you don't know that that's the case you're not really fully awake you're not really fully conscious if you do not deeply understand the law of Correspondence that it is in operation in the universe not because I say so but because it is a law of nature it is inherent to creation there is nothing you are going to do to stop the manifestation of that law it is in existence you are bound by it as you do to others will be done unto you the end that is a law of the universe and therefore what we are doing the animals ultimately is going to be reflected back to us and we are going to experience it in some form through some expression or manifestation and that's the main reason for stop stopping doing it you know actually I would say there's the bigger reason is because it's simply wrong and that it's causing suffering that's the main reason and you know the secondary reason the the reason that just sits just under that that's almost equally as important is because this is how we're creating our reality you know it again what we do is going to be reflected back to us through the laws of creation therefore if we want our reality to be just we should treat other beings justly if we want our reality to be nonviolent we should be nonviolent to other beings and unfortunately we're bringing all this suffering down upon ourselves and this is one of the practices through which we bring that level of enslavement and suffering upon ourselves through it's a choice last week we talked about the justifications for carnism and I went over six justifications including the apathy and ignorance justification whereby we say we have our own problems and we don't have time to worry about animals and whether they suffer or not that was justification number one the second was the fundamentally flawed idea of someone's completely erroneous notion of what they call the natural order quote unquote which has nothing to do with the real natural order of the cosmos it's this Darwinian concept of survival of the most ruthless that they believe in religiously this is the concept while other animals kill animals for food so why shouldn't we do the same right we're we're animals just like them well no we're not we're not animals just like them we're supposed to be human beings we're supposed to hold ourselves to a higher standard and not engage in violence and you know yet this is people's absolutely poisonous worldview of themselves this comes from ultimately a lack of respect it ultimately comes from seeing oneself as unchangeable that the will cannot be employed to change oneself let me tell you something if we employed enough will we can change not only our behavioral aspects of ourselves we can change our form we can actually change our deep right down to our DNA we could possibly change but people don't believe that's possible you know they have a very inadequate view of who they are what they're capable of doing and it's just a completely poisoned worldview to think of oneself as no better or worse than any other animals you know this is this is taught in Satanism one of the main tenets of Satanism is human beings are animals no different than any other animal that's one of the main satanic tenets look it up if you don't believe me go read the Satanic Bible by love a which is a concrescence of modern-day satanic a fil I D illogical tenants is what that book is of course this religion is much much older than him he's only putting it in modern book form that's all but this is a ancient religion they the the adherence of it themselves call it simply the old religion and one of its tenants as I said is man is no better than any animal that walks in the field and we should stop denying our totally carnal nature and just give ourselves over to it and this is part of this fundamentally flawed notion of the natural order quote-unquote the natural order because it's not the real natural order the third justification for carnism that we talked about last week was the false religion justification that God gave us dominion over these animals or so we interpret different clause phrases from the Bible as telling us so and that means we can just murder them and use them as we please when of course this is all false religion handed down to us by man and has nothing to do with the laws of creation the 1984 doublespeak justification don't worry this one was killed humanely you know this is free-range or this is humanely taken life and there is no such thing you put the words killed and humanely together and you could just see it's just Orwellian doublespeak if you're killing something you're obviously not treating it humanely because you're killing it it's as plain as day to someone who's being honest with himself but most of us are not the separation worldview justification well these animals aren't conscious in the same way we are so it's okay to just kill them and use them for food this totally ignores what we're doing that's creating the suffering that these animals are undergoing it's not looking at it as as all beings suffer as one being suffers all being suffer it's taking this totally separation worldview that it doesn't matter their suffering is meaningless to my existence and my quality of being and it's not we're all connected we are all fundamentally one at the universal field level of consciousness and therefore if others are suffering we should want to alleviate that we should want to be involved in the alleviation of suffering for all beings not just ourselves and then finally the no justification justification as I coined it last week or in other words the truth also known as simply the truth and that is well I do feel bad about what I'm doing here but I could never give up my meat quote/unquote my meat you know it's just way too tasty it just tastes too good I'm too addicted to it I could never develop the willpower to really change who I am and desist in a practice of violence or violence by proxy which is what carnism is and those are really the justifications that we use to try to create a right that's what the word justification means creating right making a wrong into a right of course this is an illusion it can never be done it will never be done it's only an illusion that exists in a diseased psyche that is trying to make a wrong action okay in their own mind in their own psyche so we also looked at the law of Correspondence last week when it comes to this practice and the law of Correspondence simply states that that which is above is like to that which is below that which is below is like to that which is above or in other words the universe is self-similar across all scales across all sizes and I would suggest modalities of behavior it is also self-similar meaning if we continue to create chaos chaos is going to be generated for us by something that is above us in the real quote not the real natural order okay the universe is going to intelligently rearrange the field of consciousness around us to provide the experience that we have been generating through our behaviors and it's going to reflect that experience back to us so that we will learn the lesson that hey it's not okay to behave like this we should not be engaging in such practices and people look at the image that I presented and they think of it like oh well that's just the natural order Oh life eats life and you know a little bit life that's real small gets eaten by something that's bigger and then that gets eaten by something that's even bigger no that's not the natural order this is the Darwinian notion of the natural order that is a religion that is based on dogmatic religious belief systems this is not the real natural order this is not what nature does this is chaos this is the state of chaos it's the exact opposite of order things everything eating everything else that's chaos ladies and gentlemen and that's chaos that we have created by not saying no to this condition this is a condition it's not the natural order it's not nature there's a difference between the human condition and human nature we've talked about that ad infinitum on past shows this scene does not depict nature or the quote unquote natural order as people envision in their minds rather what it depicts is the chaos that we have created for ourselves the chaos that we have chosen through our behaviors and through our false belief systems and we have created that chaos for ourselves we've chosen it for ourselves by staying in that role and I'm talking I'm on image number 11 now try to be better about stating the images I always get ahead of myself in that regard and forget to state which image I am on but if you're following the slideshow this is slide number 11 and again the images can always be found for those who may just be tuning in at the what on earth is happening calm website radio show tab underneath the player for it for the show it'll be the the caption will say images for today's show you can click on one of the numbered images it will bring up a slideshow and you can jump to any image you want from that point we're on image number 11 also these images again are posted with the podcast so if you're on the podcast page you'll see related images and you could also get them from there all of these images are also downloadable so you could download them and maintain an offline copy if you so choose all right the middle fish in this image as I said last week is humanity but this is our condition it's not the way it must always be you know that would be the definition of permanent hell never being able to change your condition and that isn't the case we are capable of changing our condition see it's part of poisoned worldview to think we can never change anything and that it just always has been this way and always must be this way that is a diseased psyche it is a diseased worldview if that's your take on what's going on and I really feel bad for anybody in that state of consciousness I feel terribly sad for them because they've already given up hope and really there is no way they could affect any positive change you know until they abandon that that's why worldview healing was the very first solution it wasn't way down near the bottom of the solutions it's the top unless you can do that you're done you're not involved in the solution unless you can heal worldview you have to look at what is true nature what is the real natural order instead of this nonsensical Darwinian view that most people have you have to look at what is the real value of the individual and you'll have to look at what is the real possibility for change and be honest about all of those things not stay stay attached to a dogmatic religion or belief system about those aspects of life and until you heal worldview and stop taking that poisonous worldview that we're just animals so what's the difference what we do you know also oh this is just the natural order that's nature that's human nature and that's the nature of things and no it is not it's you're fundamentally wrong you're you're working off a completely flawed axiom understand what an axiom is an ID you're basing the foundational ideology on top of it's your foundation and if that's broken the house that you're building on top of it will be a house of cards people are building entire belief structures on top of fundamentally flawed axioms belief systems which they've held dogmatically for no reason other than it's been repeated to them ad infinitum endlessly by people who they think are authorities or experts on the topics instead of really looking into it for themselves and seeing what really is there and those people's psyches are broken as a result folks they're broken beings because they've accepted this totally poisonous vile worldview and this is one of them the idea that that this image depicts human nature instead of the law of Correspondence based upon our willing choices that are creating conditions that we must experience in reality that's what this image depicts that's what the law of Correspondence is stating not that things must eternally be this way that that's a condition that's created that's generated the generative principle goes hand-in-hand with the law of Correspondence we are generating or creating these conditions through our behaviors and as humans we are held to a higher standard of knowledge we are capable of understanding cosmic spiritual law or natural law we are capable of grasping the laws of the consequences of behavior so this middle fish in this image on number 11 will be humanity it doesn't have to be but it will be for as long as we continue to engage in such fundamentally flawed ideological axioms such as carnism as just one of them there are many many others of course in general the aggression principle the aggression ideology in general as long as we continue to engage in fundamentally flawed ideology such as that that aggression is ok to continue to do and support my proxy as long as we engage in these fundamentally flawed ideologies we will be that fish getting devoured yeah maybe powering some others that are below us quote-unquote below us you know that we view as being below us but ultimately will be getting eaten at the same time and I told people last week on the show humanity is being eaten we are being eaten as a result of our ideological practices that's how the law of Correspondence goes to work to bring us justice the universe is a perfect machine of justice and humanity is getting exactly what it needs what it must experience based on where our thoughts emotions and actions are at and that will be our condition until the day we change those modalities of consciousness our thoughts our emotions and our actions when they change the law of Correspondence will spring into effect and bring us a different manifestation Madoff manifested result a different manifestation but not a second before we will continue to get what we've always gotten because we're continuing to do what we've always done when we change that the external reality the external manifestation manifestation will also change so I started reading from the essay vegetarian vegetarianism and ocultism by C W Leadbeater last week and I didn't get quite to finish that we were talking about the occult reasons for ceasing the practice of carnism and I want to finish that reading because we got into the second section where he started transitioning away from you know some of the occult reasons we shouldn't do this for our own benefit but there are also occult reasons meaning hidden reasons reasons based upon hidden knowledge the knowledge of hidden laws of nature which is what this show is all about the laws of behavioral consequence as I call them or simply natural law cosmic spiritual law universal spiritual law is what we're talking about again it needs to be clarified because when you use the term natural that has a totally hijacked connotation in most people's minds because they've been hammered from their birth with this concept of Darwinism relating to the natural order when it has no such bearing it has no such connection so I want to continue reading this document to the end of it this is vegetarian vegetarianism and ocultism by C W Leadbeater we're at near the end of the document I want to pick up from the section called man's duty toward nature then I'm going to read the sections ghastly unseen results and the better time to come so quote then there is the far more important unselfish side of the question that of man's Duty toward nature every religion has taught that man should put himself always on the side of the will of God in this world on the side of good against evil of evolution against retrogression the man who changes himself on the side of evolution realizes the wickedness of destroying life for he knows that just as he is here in this physical body in order that he may learn the lessons of this plane so is the animal occupying his body for the same reason that through it he may gain experience at his lower stage he knows that the life behind the animal is the divine life that all life in this world is divine that animals therefore therefore are truly our brothers even though they may be younger brothers and we can have no sort of right to take their lives for the gratification of our perverted tastes no right to cause them untold agony and suffering merely to satisfy our degraded and detestable lusts very strong words thereby led beer and I concur it is our greed our selfish interest our attachment that makes us continue this practice there is known each other need for it it is not a necessity as we covered two weeks ago we absolutely destroyed the natural normal natural necessary argument right here on this show and gave tons of supportive evidence to that fact continuing to quote Leadbeater quote we have brought things to such a pass with our miss called quote sport and our wholesale slaughtering z' that all wild creatures fly from the sight of us does that seem like the universal brotherhood of God's creatures is that your idea of the golden age of worldwide kind leanness that is to come a condition when every living thing flies from the face of man because of his murderous instincts there is an influence flowing back upon us from all this an effect which you can hardly realize unless you are able to see how it looks when regarded with the sight of the higher plane the occult plane in other words the unseen the difficult to see continuing every one of these creatures which you so ruthlessly murder in this way has its own thoughts and feelings with regard to all this it has horror pain and indignation and an intense but unexpressed feeling of the hideous injustice of it all the whole atmosphere about us is full of it twice lately I have heard from psychic people that they felt the awful aura of the surroundings of Chicago even when many miles away from it mrs. Besant herself told me the same thing years ago in England that long before she came in the sight of Chicago she felt the horror of it and the deadly pall of depression descending upon her and asked where are we and what is the reason that there should be this terrible feeling in the air to sense this effect as clearly as this is beyond the reach of the person who is not developed but though all the inhabitants may not be directly conscious of it and recognize it as mrs. Besant did they may be sure that they are suffering from it unconsciously and that the terrible vibration of horror and fear and injustice is acting upon every one of them even though they do not know it in other words our practices toward animals are affecting the field of consciousness the interconnected field of energy in which we all are living we're not separate from that vibratory energetic field and whether we're conscious of it or unconscious of it it is having an effect upon our wellness a pound upon our well-being and ultimately upon the conditions that we are living with that we are living in that are affecting us every day on a day-to-day basis we're part of that dynamic we are driving that dynamic through our behavior the next section is called ghastly unseen results quote the feeling of nervousness and profound depression which are so common there are largely due to that awful influence which spreads over the city like a plague cloud I do not know how many thousands of creatures are killed every day but the number is very large remember that one that every one of these creatures is a definite entity not a permanent reincarnating in devant individuality like yours or mine but still an entity which has its life upon the astral plane and persists there for a considerable time remember that every one of these remains to pour out his feelings of indignation and horror at the injustice and torment which has been inflicted upon him realize for yourself the terrible atmosphere which exists about those slaughterhouses remember that a clairvoyant can see the vast hosts of animal souls that he knows how strong are their feelings of horror and resentment and how these recoil at all points upon the human race they react most of all upon those who are least able to resist them upon the children who are more delicate and sensitive than the hardened adult that city is a terrible place in which to bring up children a place where the whole atmosphere both physical and psychic is charged with fumes of blood and with all of it that means and Leadbeater is talking about the city of Chicago back at the turn of the century which was the biggest meat production facility in in the entire country and probably still is continuing quote I read an article only the other day in which it was explained that the nauseating stench which rises from those Chicago slaughterhouses and settles like a fatal miasma over the city is by no means the most deadly influence that comes up from that Christian hell for animals though it is the breath of certain death to many a mother's darling the slaughterhouses make not only a pest hole for the bodies of children but for their souls as well not only are the children employed in the most revolting and cruel work but the whole trend of their thoughts is directed toward killing occasionally one is found too sensitive to endure the sights and sounds of that ceaseless awful battle between between man's cruel lust and the inalienable right of every creature to its own life it's all about the principle of ownership folks don't take what you don't own it's not your life to take from that animal it is their life they own their life that is their right as Leadbeater says the right the inalienable right of every creature to its own life I read how one boy continuing to quote I read how one boy from whom a minister had secured a place in the slaughterhouse returned home day after day pale and sick and unable to eat or sleep and again I guess this is even before some you know child labor laws and these children were put to work in these slaughterhouses back then it's horrific continuing he was a day after day pale and sick unable to eat or sleep and finally came to that minister of the gospel of the compassionate Christ and told him that he was willing to starve if necessary but that he could not weighed in blood another day the horrors of the slaughter had so affected him that he could no longer sleep yet this is what many a boy is doing and seeing from day to day until he becomes hardened to the taking of life and then some day instead of cutting the throat of a lamb or a pig he kills a man and straightaway we turn our lost for slaughter upon him and think that we have done justice I read that a young woman who does much philanthropic work in the neighborhood of these Pest houses declares that what most impresses her about the children is that they seem to have no games except games of killing that they have no conception of any relation to animals except the relation of the slaughterer to the victim this is the education which so-called Christians are giving to the children of the slaughterhouse a daily education and murder and then they express surprise at the number and brutality of the murders in that district yet your Christian public goes on serenely saying its prayers and singing its Psalms and listening to its sermons as if no such outrages were being perpetrated against God's children in that sinkhole of pestilence and crime surely the habit of eating dead flesh has produced a moral apathy among us a moral apathy among us are you doing well do you think in rearing your future citizens among surroundings of such utter brutality as this even on the physical plane this is a terribly serious matter and from the occult point of view it is unfortunately far more serious still for the occulta sees the psychic results of all this sees how these forces are acting upon the people and how they intensify brutality and unscrupulousness he sees what a center of vice and crime you have created and how from it the infection is gradually spreading until it affects the whole country and even the whole of what is called civilized humanity and I'll jump in there and say exactly this is affecting the entire morphic field of consciousness that we are a part of you engage in these practices they do not stay where they are at and just because you try to hide them and erect huge walls and and fences your that doesn't mean that that energy isn't going beyond that area just because people aren't seeing it if you want to really see what these practices are and I guarantee you what you're even seeing there is not even the worst of it by any stretch of the imagination watch the movie earthlings watch it all the way through try to watch it through without looking away from the screen and I'll bet you can't even do it most people don't have the stomach to do it I congratulate someone who has the stomach to even sit through the entire thing you have a strong constitution and it should affect you negatively that's what it's designed to do and it's doing a good job of it that documentary it should make you feel sick because that's the energy we're all taking in as a result of these practices and you think that that's gonna build a good body and brain please continuing with the document quote the world is being affected by it in many ways which most people do not in the least realize there are constant feelings of causeless terror in the air many of your children are unnecessarily and inexplicably inexplicably afraid they feel terror of they know not what terror of the dark or when they are alone for a few moments strong forces are playing about us for which you cannot account and you do not realize that this all comes from the fact that the whole atmosphere is charged with the hostility of these murdered creatures the stages of evolution are closely interrelated and you cannot do wholesale murder in this way upon your younger brothers without feeling the effect terribly among your own innocent children surely a better time shall come when we shall be free from this horrible blot upon our civilization this awful reproach upon our compassion and our sympathy and when that comes we shall find presently that there will be a vast improvement in these matters and by degrees we shall all rise to a higher level and be freed from all these instinctive terrors and hatreds the better time to come we might all be freed from it very soon if men and women would only think for the average man is not after all a brute but means to be kind if he only knew how he does not think let me repeat that again he does not think he goes on from day to day and does not realize that he is taking part all the time in an awful crime but facts are facts and there is no escape from them everyone who is partaking of this abomination is helping to make this appalling thing a possibility and undoubtedly shares the responsibility for it you know that this is so you know that this is so and you can see what a terrible thing it is but you will say what can we do to improve matters we who are only tiny units in this mighty seething mass of humanity it is only by units rising above the rest and becoming more civilized that we shall finally arrive at a higher civilization of the race as a whole let me read that sentence again folks because that's probably the most important sentence in this essay it is only by units rising above the rest and becoming more civilized that we shall finally arrive at a higher civilization of the race as a whole the quantum effect that I've been talking about that many people have been talking about it doesn't matter if you don't perceive that a lot of other people are doing it it eventually as individual units change themselves a quantum effect will be built up as that amount rises and it will eventually spill over to the whole it is about numbers but we need to get to that critical mass number when this becomes common sense knowledge our consciousness being elevated by desist in such murderous practices just you know lifting our own consciousness up will be an influence in the whole field of consciousness for the totality of the all continuing the quote there is a golden age to come not only for man but for the lower Kingdom's a time when humanity will realize its duty to its younger brothers not to destroy them but to help them and train them so that we may receive from them not terror and hatred but love and devotion and friendship and reasonable cooperation a time will come when all the forces of nature shall be intelligently working together towards the final end not with constant suspicion and hostility but with universal recognition of that brotherhood which is ours because we are all children of the same almighty father let us at least make the experiment let us free ourselves from complicity in these awful crimes let us set ourselves to try now that's like that I called that on the show breaking in just for a moment I called that phrase on the show on Rosicrucianism that I did with Bob from Cincinnati on a cult Empire that's the ultimate Rosicrucian commandment try we must try to improve ourselves engage the will to make ourselves better than we were the day before if we're doing that no one can fault us let us continuing quote let us set ourselves to try each in our own small circle to bring nearer that bright time of peace and love which is the dream and the earnest desire of every true hearted and thinking man at least we ought surely to be willing to do a small thing as this so small a thing as this to help the world onward toward that glorious future we ought to make ourselves pure our thoughts and our actions as well as our food so that by example as well as by precept we may all be doing we may be doing all that in us lies to spread the gospel of love and compassion to put an end to the reign of brutality and terror and to bring nearer the dawn of the great kingdom of righteousness and love when the will of our Father shall be done upon the earth as it is in heaven and I mean that is just so profoundly powerful that I think it just speaks for itself and nothing else really needs to be said on this topic I mean that is I'm going to wrap up right there the topic of carnism people should read that entire document vegetarian as vegetarianism and a cult by C W Leadbeater and really contemplated really reflect upon it because it says everything that needs to be said it says it all when it comes to this and I think we'll pause there for this brief two-minute break and on the other side for the next hour we'll be talking about women's role in the non supportive dominators and specific things that women can do to help the influenced men in their lives to cease and desist these immoral practices be right back after this brief two-minute break folks you're listening - what on earth has happened stay with us [Music] [Music] all right everyone we're back this is the second hour of what on earth is happening today is Sunday September 2nd 2012 I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm for the second hour I'm going to transition the subject matter and we're going to begin another subsection the final subsection in the non support of dominators solution this is part of our solutions section that I call the way out in which I present 10 overarching solution oriented approaches to the problems that humanity is facing in consciousness now we've been talking about domination we've been talking about how people are under the erroneous impression that they own the lives and rights of other beings that's what this is all ultimately about that's what this entire planet that's what the the the people are on this planet to learn this lesson that's what all the souls who come here are for that's what they're here for to learn what you own and what you do not own that you own your life your liberty and that you're not to take the life liberty and property of others don't steal in other words when people ask me how can I boil natural law down to its primary essence I can do it real easy in two words don't steal theft is the ultimate transgression in different forms against the laws of nature all natural law transgressions boil down to a form of theft murder rape theft trespass murder the theft of other lives and you know attempted murder assault etc it's you're attempting to take the life and well-being of another and that's not you to take rape theft of someone's freedom to associate sexually with who they will you're taking that you have no right to take that freedom of association theft of property taking physical things someone else is using trespass that theft of someone's security within their own layer you have no right to take that from them ultimately it's all theft the theft of someone else's rights is something we're most certainly here to learn and that's problematic for most people because they cannot understand the ideological the philosophical principles upon which the non-aggression way of being in the world is based they can't they don't understand deeply understand self ownership they don't understand the illusion of authority they've bought and are attached to these notions and they're all illusory they're all based on a poisoned worldview and religious thinking believing in something that isn't true believing in something that is not based on nature not based on that which is that's what truth is it's simply the way things are looking at it honestly and coming to an accurate understanding of it that's what the process of the discovery of truth is and unfortunately people are so diseased in the mind there's a disease of the mind and the soul and the body too through all the poisons that people take into their body we poison the morphic field of energy all around us and therefore we can't see clearly regarding these rights in the last document I read Leadbeater defined what a cult ism was at the beginning of the document he said house we define ocultism the war the word is derived from the Latin ocultist meaning hidden so that it is the study of the hidden laws of nature not the hidden suggestions of nature not the hidden opinions of nature the hidden laws of nature binding conditions binding conditions they are self existing they are binding and they are immutable they cannot be changed we have to wisdom is understanding what actually can be changed and what cannot be changed that's part of wisdom that's part of discernment and I would say that's discernment that's knowledge that's understanding and then wisdom is putting that into practice in your life such that your behaviors are not displaying contradictions with that knowledge so a great definition that Leadbeater gives of what is the study of the occult people still have a lack of understanding of this and they still think that this isn't the most important knowledge to grasp and to take into oneself because they're still thinking in religious terms being told oh this information is somehow evil and that's the only connotation you see it through this information is knowledge of truth about how the laws of nature operate to bring us the experiences that we've ultimately chosen for ourselves through our behavior so I call them the laws of the consequences of our behavioral choices now that's what natural law is get over this hijacked notion of the term natural and understand what it really means it is inherent to creation it is that which does exist so Leadbeater said that the word is derived from the Latin occultist meaning hidden so that what occultism is is the study of the hidden laws of nature since all of the great laws of nature are in fact working in the invisible world far more than in the visible they're unseen enough words they're not readily seen you have to make a true study of them through looking at their consequences their manifestations in order to really come to know and understand them okay quote ocultism involves the acceptance of a much wider view of nature than that which is ordinarily taken the occultist then this is what an occultist actually is listen up folks understand what occultism and an occultist actually is on a cultist then is a man or a woman who studies all the laws of nature that he can reach or of which he can hear so what you can come to an understanding of through your own direct experience or through someone else sharing their experience secondarily and you you know trying attempting to verify their experiences of it through what they have written or expressed through word that's what the occultist is and as a result of his study he identifies himself with these laws and devotes his life to the service of evolution because the only way we really evolve is by coming into harmony with these hidden laws and this is what most people on this planet in their ignorance and ego absolutely refuse to accept that these laws are in existence that they are bound by them and that these laws are not changeable by man this is because we're largely trapped in a completely masculine dominant society a masculine dominant form of energy in which we are bathing and a masculine dominant ideology a mental and psychological framework that is completely imbalanced to the masculine and it lacks the presence of the sacred feminine qualities that's one of the reasons we can't come to grasp natural law people who have a hard time with that concept are so imbalanced toward the left brain they're not in a state of good mental and psychological health regardless of what they would claim or even what modern science might even claim regarding them when it comes to the higher level knowledge about how the human psyche operates and that real health regarding the human mind and body and spirit the people who cannot grasp what I just laid out regarding natural law are seriously debilitated they are in a state of ill health when it comes to the psyche because their actual physical brain is imbalanced toward the left brain hemisphere this has to do with physical brain health which has to do with energy that you're putting into your body through food through water through your emotional makeup through the practices that you engage in on a day-to-day basis and this is why so many people can't see the simple basic truth about how aggression and violence is wrong and the answer is to live non violently not to take that which by force by coercion that which does not belong to us and that's what the entire crux the entire root of the problem that we're facing here on earth is all about it cannot be stated much simpler than that if people still don't understand that that's what the problem humanity is embedded in and that's putting them into deeper and deeper bondage and Chains and enslavement they don't understand anything they have not yet gotten to the root fundamental causal factors that are driving the dynamic here on earth resulting in their enslavement and again that's because there's an imbalance toward the masculine energies and the sacred feminine qualities of the individual have been really left to the wayside and are not being focused on and are not being engaged in and are not being built back to a level of health so when we talk about what woman's role can be we have to understand what we're really talking about is physical gender when we talk about women versus men females versus males in the physical gender of a species and I'm I am addressing physical gender here today not just what would be called mental or spiritual gender which is what I've been talking about when I talk about the masculine qualities versus the feminine qualities that exist in every individual so we need to make that distinction clear first there is physical gender male and female then there is what is known as mental psychological or spiritual gender which has to do with qualities that are existing within every individual and that I would use the term masculine and feminine to describe not male and female and again the problem is that the masculine is dominating and the feminine is not really engaged in in any level of depth in other words the spirit aspect of the mind body spirit is lacking that's what the feminine energy or the feminine principle is all about our spiritual lives it is the nurturing qualities the intuitive qualities the creative qualities that exists within us and the focus again is taken off of these in modern culture especially in dominator institutions so what I'm going to talk about here today is kind of a review of the entire section on the non support of dominators and I'm starting with image number 12 we're actually talking about physical gender as well today how women specifically the female of our species can play a significant role step into a powerful and empowering position in all of society to help dissuade the men in their lives from continuing the practice of domination and enslavement of others and the stealing of the of other people's natural inherent rights women can have a powerful influence in this regard all of the roles that they play in society as mothers as sisters as wives okay we are all in some form or another powerfully engage with and influenced by the women in our lives and I would say the primary role is the role of motherhood influencing the makeup of a child is such a powerful responsibility specifically when it comes to a woman's role as a as a parent what woman's role as parents and of course I'm not taking anything away from the family dynamic of mother father and child what I am and I'm that dynamic is quite under attack as well by cultural marxism and forces that are really trying to break down that family dynamic in order to bring us into a totalitarian system because when there is that dynamic present there's a more of a vehicle and an opportunity to teach morality to the child because a a more stable foundational structure being that family is is present and it's a more nurturing environment now I'm not defending all aspects of family life there's hardships that come with that there's a lot of imbalances and neuroses depending on the respective imbalances and neuroses of the individuals within a family largely talking about the parents in that regard because they're the ones who are driving the family dynamic but specifically to go back to the woman's role in how they can help shape and influence the mind of the of the men around them the first and most important way they can do that is in their role as a mother by learning the principles of non-aggression non-violence the absolute illusion of authority and then communicating that deeply to their child one of the ways they could actually practically engage in that is through home home schooling if it is possible for them to engage in that because putting your child into a government indoctrination camp is ultimately going to result in some form of mind control at least in a home schooled environment a mother and a father can convey moral lessons to their children without the state stopping that from occurring and you know you could teach them the curriculum that they need to pass the classes and everything but the whole point is here you also really have an opportunity to be around them for a significant portion of the day so that you can convey accurate understandings about moral law to them and see this is the problem which is missing this is one of the biggest dynamics that's missing because most people just ship their children right off to a new government indoctrination center where there are no values taught the only values are adherence and obedience to the state that's what's taught in government indoctrination centers total and complete complicity with the authority of the state and a child no matter how much the influence might be good at home if they're put around that 4 6 7 8 hours a day or longer it's going to have an influence on their mind and the way that they think and their worldview so the only way you can really truly control that or have a better effect upon that is not putting them in these schools to begin with and that's a severe a dedication a dedication or act a devotional act an act of love that's it's not easy to do that I'm not a parent but I understand what would be required in order to take on that role of being a a teacher to a child every day I look at it like it's hard enough coming on here once a week and doing a two-hour program and giving you know speeches and presentations out in the world but to have a young influence that's a young mind that's your responsibility to guide and shape on an everyday basis is an absolute incredibly huge responsibility and one that's sacred so that's the first way that women can get involved in this see I put an image of a woman being nurturing to a man on image number 12 and just being supportive we have to understand what the non support of a Dominator really means what it ultimately means is being supportive of the true self the true being that is underneath the ego role you know the identified role that a man plays in whatever institution he's I'd have identifies himself as being a part of so it isn't supporting the soldier it isn't supporting the policeman it isn't supporting the government employee or the politician it would be not supporting that role so you would ultimately be coming in to the support of the true being that is buried by the identification with that institutional role see this you have to go back to the shows I did on ego identification total attachment to the roles that we play in society this is what unaware woman would be trying to help her the man in her life get out of whether it be her son her father her husband her brother any any man that she has a close affinity with an association with so image number thirteen is the exact opposite of what we're talking about we're not talking about supporting what a man is continuing to do that he should not be doing that's ultimately based in domination and and the aggression principle so this image of supporting the troops you know wearing your little ribbon or your button and waving your placard signs to say our family supports our soldier and keep our promises to whatever country we happen to be bombing this week or this month is the exact opposite and wrong notion to be thinking of what I'm talking about helping to support a male by not supporting their role as a Dominator image thirteen depicts the wrong way of going about it which most people think of as oh I want to support you know the person in this role the object here is to try to take the real being back because they've been stolen the real essence of the Bing is gone if they're identified in their roles as police and military and as we said police and military are ultimately the construction workers who are building the world of enslavement whether you want to believe that or accept that or not is is up to you that's the truth there are architects of this plan most certainly there are dark occult architects but they're not the person who are actually doing the work to build the enslavement society the police state society the people who are actually doing the physical tasks on a day to day basis to build that world of enslavement are the police and the military and there is no refutation that can be offered to deny that it is the case that is the fact of the matter so one of the first things women need to do is to get over if they want to step into this powerful transformative role which I would say is their birthright as women as females who are embodiments of the sacred feminine energy one of the things that they must do if they want to step into that role in a powerful way in an in a powerful powerful and influential way is to themselves become extracted to extract themselves from the dynamic of emotional mind control and that can be difficult for many women to do because they so powerfully embody that sacred feminine energy and quality when the emotions become hyper dominant and this can happen particularly in the female gender a lot of times people can go into the opposite level of imbalance the imbalance toward the feminine instead of the masculine and imbalanced toward that feminine often results in this dynamic that I've talked about on the show in the past called emotional mind control this is identifying with the emotions that one feels when they are around a person who is playing a specific role in their lives so in other words a woman who is a daughter to a man okay the man's her father and he's a police officer and he's going and he's working and he's abusing people's rights on a day to day basis even unknowingly unconsciously he thinks he's doing the right thing but every day in his role as a police officer he is engaged with evil because he is engaged in the aggression ideology and he's ultimately destroy helping to destroy rights thinking that he's doing something that is good well a woman who's under emotional mind-control cannot clearly see that dynamic because they're identified fully with the role of that male as a father figure to them so she's seen daddy she's seeing the the provider of the family she's seeing the guy who goes out and plays with her and you know takes her to different places and buys her you know meals and and you know gizzard desserts and you know spends time with her with her mother and you know has a great time in his role as a father so she's identified with that role emotionally and that's blinding her from pulling back from her closeness with him in that particular role and seeing clearly the abuses and the wrongs that he is doing in his role as a Dominator so if someone's still under this level of emotional mind control oh my brother is involved in this my father is involved in this my son does this job and therefore he can't be bad because he's identified with me and I love him and you know he can't be a bad person this is emotional mind control and this is the first thing one has to get over one has to see the truth as it is and stop identifying with the role because though with the role that you are emotionally tied to with that other person because then all you're seeing is them as a good person and you're you're not being honest you're not looking at the situation objectively you're just feeling the situation and conscience is not about feeling conscience is ultimately about knowledge it's about knowing definitively the objective differences between right action and wrong action and then the exercise of conscious is willfully choosing the right action over the wrong someone an emotional mind control cannot do that effectively because again they're attached to the role it's part of ego identification it's part of the healing of worldview getting out of that ego identification it's one of these emotional mind control and ego what we talked about as barriers to the awakening to the true self and if you're still in that lower sense identification you're not really going to have much of an influence and in effect so really what we're starting with is you have to wake yourself up first obviously you have to wake yourself up fully and really no natural law know the difference and be able to articulate it as well you need to know the difference between right and wrong and be able to effectively communicate that so I would say in in acting as an influencer you have to have your knowledge be on point and have woken up yourself in regards to true conscience and to natural law and then you should work on your communicative abilities such that you can verbally carry that information to other people in an effective way and if you're an emotional mind control you're not going to be able to do that effectively you have to understand that the men that we're talking about and let's face it the the Dominator of society is male-driven again physical gender plays a big role here excuse me physical gender does play a role in this regard men happen to be the stronger physically of the the two genders of humanity therefore they're the ones who are most employed in the task of domination in these different institutions that employ domination and slide number 15 shows ultimately men are the creators of the dark new world order these are the people who are actually building the prison planet they're building the prison society again they're not the architects they're they're following the orders of the architects often unconsciously and unknowingly and as we saw on a previous show they're often themselves trapped in what is known as the abuse victim cycle this is a cycle psychological physical trauma this chart in image number 16 shows how this cycle works and perpetuates itself unless someone finally steps in and breaks the chain and breaks the cycle through applied knowledge care and willpower and they don't have to do that alone that's again woman's role can be coming in and helping with the healing of this psychological and physical trauma in the lives of the men who they are around so that's part of it if you have you have to understand the abuse victims cycle and you have to see signs of it and talk through it with the person now you have to have a deep understanding of the psyche and what is going on in the individuals life so conversation is a gigantic part of this dynamic and again to converse means to change together Khan in Latin means together or with and verse sorry means to change so by conversing you're changing together you're helping that being work through the problem because guaranteed guaranteed a hundred percent there will be abuse victimization that cycle will be present in the life of the dominator invariably unquestioningly guaranteed because if it wasn't they wouldn't be acting the way they're acting or they would have already healed from it you know and they're they're currently not acting that way because maybe they didn't experience that and now they're healed and it is possible to heal from that kind of trauma but you need to go and do the homework yourself and understand how this dynamic works within the psyche you can go back and you know I scratched the surface of it talking about the abuse victim cycle here on a former podcast but you need to really do your own due diligence and do your own homework and really look into these psychological dynamics for yourself in a big way ultimately what you're trying to get the Bing that you're working with path is the notion that since I have suffered therefore I need to cause suffering for others and that's what all ultimately is nestled and held deep in the psyche and in the subconscious of everybody who's doing the work of a Dominator everyone no invariably as I've said bar none blanket statement yes this is 100 percent of the people engaged in this have have deep in their psyche this notion since I have suffered I must cause suffering and I said on the show in the past when I talked about that slide which is presented here I slide number 17 that is the total mindset of a slave that is the slave mindset that is the mindset that will keep you a slave eternally an image number 18 shows what you really are if that's the mindset you have you are a prisoner yourself you are you are actually willfully by holding on to that attach to mindset keeping yourself in a cage maybe not even realizing it consciously and what you're really doing is you're preventing the development of true respect for yourself because no one who's developed a true level of self-respect continues to hold on to an attachment like that that oh since I've suffered in my past I need to keep that going you know this is all I know and I just want to make other people feel the way I do about myself ultimately it means you have no self-respect to perpetuate that cycle you can't really like yourself to want to continue to do that it is impossible so part of a woman's role in this regard how they can be a powerful influence in this regard is to be supportive in the process of extracting what that trauma was that's where the Sacred Feminine nurturing energy comes into play you need to really hear what's being said by that individual and again I'm just saying women can do this please don't confuse what I'm saying here I'm saying specifically women can step up into this role they already have very much inherently that sacred feminine energy presence and have that nurturing quality that nurturing side many of them again that isn't to say the masculine form of imbalance isn't present in women either as far as gender goes so you have to understand it's a complicated dynamic and I'm not saying that men cannot step up into this role as well but specifically we're looking how women in their societal roles with men can help to be a big influence in that regard because they are their mothers and their wives men are very apt and willing to listen to the advice and the opinions of the women who are important to them in their lives at least if they're not a total jerk and a total you know egoic driven mind that really just cut off from everything else but you know I think if if mothers really started telling their their children their male children some of these dynamics because they understood it from a deep perspective themselves I think there would be some receptiveness on their part and that's part of the problem is not enough women have really stepped forward into this knowledge in a very deep capacity you even look in the truth movement it's so dominated by men who are speakers and communicators of this information I mean there and that is not to say that there aren't many women in it but it's a skewed dynamic number-wise you know it's a very skewed ratio of men to women in the in the alternative research and alternative media community that's attempting to convey this knowledge so it's bottom line about helping the person to redevelop true self-respect you're taking the person out of that dominator mindset by helping them to really engage the self and look at what made them hold certain opinions what made them hold certain ideological points of view you get down to the bottom line essence of that and you will find pain you will find trauma you will find suffering and I'm not I'm saying that as a blanket statement it is going to be 100 percent true 100 percent of the time that's what you will find when you start peeling back the layers of that psychological onion you will find trauma and pain and that's what they're holding on to they're attached to that in some respect and therefore they're not really taking another look at it they want to bury that and suppress it this is all suppressed emotion when you suppress the emotions you're suppressing the sacred feminine energy and this is what all of these men are doing and that's the expression is the lashing out violently against others because they're not dealing with something that's going on traumatically within and so the development of respect is a process of doing that internal work you don't have to do it alone you could do it with someone else that's why I suggest women step up and take on that responsibility and I'm not saying just women do that I'm saying women can have the most profound and powerful affect and influence in that role I think they can have a better influence than men if they were to fully take that on if they were to own that dynamic they were to own that responsibility and step into it in a big way in a full expression I think they could be better at it than any man could because of certain inherent qualities and characteristics the female persuasion of our species do inherently have respect again in Latin means to take another look at if we do the adam etymology of the word re in latin means again and Specht are a means to to look at so we're helping them to do introspective work to take another look at what's going on inside of them and it's not just understanding things that are going on within it's also looking at things that are objective that are inherent to all of nature its then helping them to understand what rights are the objective difference between right and wrong which is not set or made by man which is part of the underlying aspects of all of creation the Creator put right in raw set the laws of right and wrong in place man did not it is up to man to make that discovery so that he can bring his behavior into alignment with those laws and stop creating self-inflicted suffering for himself and anybody in the position of Dominator doesn't understand that they have not yet really fully received that knowledge or even if it's been around them they've rejected it for some reason because of these psychological imbalances often food and balances another part of that the role that a woman can play in helping to achieve balance and higher consciousness is getting the men in your lives to eat better and stop eating polluted poisoned food because it has every much everything to do with what you're putting into your physical body as much as it does what you're putting into your body through mental food into your makeup through mental food so the physical food can't be ignored either and that's something that I just wanted to touch on briefly women can help with the shopping and the preparation of meals and men can do that too but to be an influencer a lot of men don't want to think about that they want to eat whatever they want you know it's that that animalistic quality that that man masculine side of things it's just oh I can I can eat this and take it and it won't have any effect you know a lot of men think like that women have to try to bridge that and be a balance to that and play the nurturing role in helping to influence a better diet very significant because what we eat is going to become the makeup and comprise our body our brain and then ultimately our mind and that's going to influence behaviors and we talked about this extensively on those sections on food on this show carnism is another big aspect of that you know helping the man to understand the suffering that this is creating and they're a part of that they are not only engaged in it by proxy or even directly if they're you know engaged in the practice of slaughtering these animals in slaughterhouses but indirectly they're being affected by through take the taking in of that food and the taking in of that energy of suffering what we're trying to help communicate here to the victim to the person who really is you're reaching out to to try to help transmute and transform into some something better than what they are currently is an understanding of rites through the understanding of what is right what is wrong what rights do people have because they don't cause harm so in understanding natural law with these dominators you have to try to convey over and over again that in order for there to be harm someone has to be hurt in some way in order for there to be a violation of natural law so many of these people are going in attacking and caging people who never heard another living soul you look at the example of a cop who jails someone for using drugs or even selling them voluntary exchange voluntary interaction no coercion involved putting a substance into one's own body that they own the principles of ownership voluntary interaction non aggression non coercion all need to be grasped at a high level so they you need to help communicate the knowledge to them that a living being has to be harmed or defrauded in order for an actual violation of rights to have taken place and if that isn't the case you shouldn't be taking any action against that person and yet that's what these people do these dominators do every single day of their lives and by doing that they're ultimately taking that which isn't theirs the right of others a free association of ownership of their own body supporting the concept of Taxation is another one these people going in jailing people and taking their freedom away for not paying an extortion paying into an extortion racket that's then gonna be going used largely to do other murders and someone objects to that and says no I'm not going to do that no I'm not you're not gonna steal for me whether they even object to it on high moral grounds or just saying what's mine is mine and you're not gonna take it from me I laboured for it I earned it and you're not just coming in and taking it based on services you say you're providing that I have no right to refuse and that's all taxation is is another form of theft and supporting it by jailing anybody who refuses to engage in that extortion racket is wrong is not a right and they believe that it is because oh the government said that I can do that well this is the second part of understanding natural law the second main tenant is that rights that do not exist for an individual cannot be granted or delegated by man's law to any other individual or any group of other individuals if something is wrong for one person to do steal from another physically hurt or assault another defrauding other then it you can't make a piece of legislation saying because we've agreed that we're going to allow this we're gonna delegate that wrong we're gonna say well this is a wrong for an individual but you can do it in this role you're playing government the people that call themselves government now they're allowed to do it the military they can do it the police they can do it because they're special they have rights that other people don't have and of course this is an illusion and it's all nonsense none of it is true it's all based on falsity it's all based on illusion it's all based with on that which does not exist in nature the creation of rights no one creates a right folks you can never create a right ever you never created a right man never created a right man cannot create a right today men will never and can never create a right into eternity understand that rights are created by the Creator they exist inherently in the universe man did not make right from wrong he did not make rights the rights we have exists because of natural law the law of the Creator not man's laws no man-made rights ever you can write down anything you want on a piece of paper that doesn't change truth it will never change truth man does not create or invent rights man cannot delegate rights that don't already exist inherently in creation it's an impossibility it's an illusion if you believe that can be done you're under mind control and you're under deep illusion you're sick you are ill you are mentally psychologically emotionally and spiritually ill if that's what you believe because that's false it is not the case ever blanket statement it is 100% true that man never created a right ever and never can and never will because rights are not made by men the end nothing else to say regarding that that knowledge has to be drilled in to people drilled in whether they want to hear it or not whether they want to understand they're not the ego has to break when it comes to that folks the ego must break that's what the solution is all about breaking up the ego which is the solute which must be dissolved the ego is the solute you're not not gonna make a solution if it's hardened you're gonna have a suspension you're not gonna have a solution a solution means that the solute the hard substance is broken up is dissolved and that's what the ego is hard headedness and don't be afraid or accosted by the ego as you encounter it in other people you need to stand in your truth stand in truth and keep hammering on it until it breaks and no that has not been done that has not been tried in any kind of a wide sense that's why people are still engaged in these immoral practices it has not been done and that's an effort that women can really come to the table and step into that that place of force not violence the use of force standing in the force of creation the will engagement of will when you're attempting to help this being out of their self inflicted suffering which they're so desperately clinging to because ultimately they don't like themselves what you're really trying to do is help them to develop self respect and self love a being what self respect and love would never be involved in that institution for any reason they would not be able to do being deceived about that being something that's good it's based in violence it can't create order it can't create anything that's good it's not possible according to the laws of creation not just because I said it isn't possible it's the way nature works to bring us our experiences through our choices of behavior natural law is the laws of the consequences of behavioral choice that's what it is not because I said that's what it is that's because that's what it actually is in nature and we can come to understand how that force is operating in our lives at all times and all places and that knowledge is the development of conscience which is again what a woman is ultimately trying to bring forth for discovery to a man in her life you're bringing forth knowledge you're you're the bearer of that knowledge of that light that this is the Venus energy the goddess energy that we're talking about the sacred feminine presence the holy spirit be the natural embodiment of that to convey conscience the definitive knowledge of the difference between right and wrong again coming from the Latin language con a prefix meaning together or with and ski o ski air a meaning to know to develop conscience is to develop common sense people don't understand that that we're in the situation we're in because we've lost common sense because we've lost con science common knowledge knowing together what right and wrong are then helped to embody those principles and show by an example how to live that Sacred Feminine truth because the exercise of one conscience is willfully choosing right action over wrong action once you have that knowledge in hand that's what the exercise of conscience is ultimately as a woman in the roles that we're talking about here and being this powerful feminine influence you need to embody that by actually living it yourself exercise conscience and set an example through your own behavior by definition it is an impossibility for anyone to be quote following orders and exercising conscience simultaneously cannot be done this is another thing that needs to be communicated to people in the role of Dominator and again you always hear me saying in the role they are not actually that thing that's not their essence that's not who they are that's who they become identified with they've become identified with that role reaching these people is about dis identifying them detaching them from identification with the role that they're playing in the world and ultimately what needs to be also communicated is that they need to step into personal responsibility and stop justifying actions that are known to be wrong justification again means to create a right which we've already talked about emphatically cannot be done it also comes from Latin yes jus means right or law and youfuck are a means to make or to create justification therefore means to create a right to create right out of a wrong justifications hold no water they should not be given validation we should not be excusing people based on them saying oh well you know I was just following orders we're in two slides number 24 and 25 now I was just following orders needs to be thoroughly renounced and rejected because that is never a valid excuse or justification for immoral and criminal behavior and again women need to call their men on this they need to call them on their crap of saying well it's okay for me to do this because such-and-such said I could do it and I'm just following orders that's my job I'm just doing my job if you as a woman are truly stepping into the role of personal responsibility that's what you have to try to help convey the conveyance of that is part of that duty as an embodiment of the feminine energy the spirit energy I quote the research or David Icke he said this about personal responsibility quote accept responsibility for yourself and your actions thoughts and words you alone make choices you alone are answerable to the consequences of your behavior the feeble excuse that your boss required it that the establishment expected it holds no truth or justification stop just letting these men off on this concept of justification and saying it's just their job no it isn't it's personal you're doing things that are personally affecting the lives of other people for the negative for the worse and taking their rights which you have no right to take and women out there who are taking this to heart and are going to start putting this into practice in their lives with the men in their life ultimately what you're helping to in flow as a spiritual alchemist is to get them to say no and to stop engaging in that practice of domination of others saying no apophysis is the solution that means the ego has finally broken down and accepted the truth what truth that there is no such thing as authority in the three-dimensional realm at all no one here is an authority you are not the authority there is no such concept of authority the right to rule over another and dominate them Authority is not truth the truth needs to be our only only authority in our lives and our highest responsibility needs to be to the discovery and communication of the truth in this realm without having been said what you're ultimately doing by stepping up into this powerful role of influence with the men in your lives and communicating these truths is you yourself are being becoming a Sacred Feminine reflection of the of the very embodiment of selflessness you are giving over oneself not being motivated any more by selfish worldly concerns but truly being motivated by the desire to improve and evolve at the higher self and I'll leave it there folks because that's all the time we have for this week next week coming at you a special two-hour interview with Laura Eisenhower we're going to continue the topic of sacred feminine energy and influence on people's lives you all want to miss that thanks for listening folks and see you right here next week [Music]