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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascal welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website is Oracle broadcasting dot-com today is Sunday September 23rd 2012 of course this show is live every Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. East Coast time that's 4 to 6 p.m. Central Time we have a good show plan for you here today it's going to be yet another all calling show on the topic of the non support of dominators the non-supportive dominators a topic that we have been covering over the last several weeks here on the show and we're going to be taking your calls on this topic today I'll give the call-in number right now at the top of the show the callin number is 8 6 6 8 4 1 1 0 6 5 once again the calling number for the show toll-free 866 8 4 1 1 0 6 5 the topic is the non-supportive dominators anything that we have covered in this section of solutions on the show is fair game to talk about here today on the show there is one prerequisite for calling in only if you want to call in to defend the practice of carnism which we talked about as one of the forms of domination which I talked about as the ultimate expression of domination in other words meat-eating and if you want to call in to defend that practice that's fine I don't have a problem with that but if you want to call in to defend it the prerequisite for doing so is that you will have had to have watched the movie Earthlings the documentary film Earthlings if you haven't watched that film I'm not I'm in all honesty not really interested in hearing what you have to say in defense of carnism if you have watched that film I'll take your call and hear your defense of this immoral practice but if you haven't watched it I feel like you don't really understand what you're even defending you have not seen first hand what you are actually advocating and therefore I feel like someone in that state of consciousness and that state of ignorance really doesn't have much worth saying so if you've seen Earthlings and you want to defend carnism still feel free to call in and defend it with that have being the prerequisite that you've seen that documentary film from beginning to end okay in one sitting I'm talking about sitting down actually watching that documentary and really taking it in now watching two minutes of it and then deciding it's too difficult to get through and and putting it down okay so the call-in number is 866 eight four one one zero six five event announcements let's get these out of the way and then I want to start in by talking about one of the events that just occurred the end of Fed rally here in Philadelphia so the free your mind conference of course coming up here in the city of Philadelphia in 2013 going to be the biggest event of 2013 on the East Coast probably for your mind to is a conference on consciousness mind control in the occult here in Philadelphia April 25th 26 and 27 2013 the location is the beautiful Arch Street meeting house here in Philadelphia at 3:20 Arch Street the doors will open at 8 o'clock a.m. each day and the featured speakers now Alan Steinfeld Alfred Weber Andrew basiago Ben stewards Bob Tuscan Curtis Davis dr. dream Marc P blur-free Durex Freeman fly Yan Irvin Jay Parker Jim Fetzer Joseph Meyer Laura Eisenhower Lennon honor Lauren Marais myself Marc passio Ross Ben Sonya Barrett and just added I did not even get a chance yet to put their information up on the for your mind conference website but just added to the free your mind to conference Arkan ROS and Randall Carlson so we're thrilled to have Larkin and Randall as part of the for your mind to event I wanted to make it even bigger what I would consider an even bigger event announcement than that regarding who were going to have coming and speaking at the conference we have not been able to fully confirm the presence of a couple of individuals I think people are going to be really excited about but hopefully I will be able to make that announcement by next week we're actually by the week after because next week the show will actually be a replay I'm going to be replaying the show that I did the interview that I did with Laura Eisenhower from two weeks ago because next Sunday I will be speaking at the MUFON PA East Coast Conference which brings us to our next event announcement the MUFON PA East Coast Conference I'm going to be speaking at this event on morality and disclosure the moral issues involved in the cover-up the continued cover-up of extraterrestrial phenomena the MUFON PA East Coast conference will be taking place September 28th 29th and 30th 2012 at the Sheraton Bucks County Hotel 400 Oxford Valley Road in langhorne pennsylvania the speakers in addition to myself are john Ventre frank fascino junior sous y Tech Karen Dolan Stan Gordon Travis Walton Rob's Y Tech grant Cameron Richard Dolan Steven and Steven Bassett for more information on this great conference coming up next weekend visit WWF on PA calm that's mu Fon PA calm you can also visit main line MUFON comm and click on the annual conference link where you can get speaker BIOS and an event schedule so the ad-free chip in effort has been going absolutely phenomenally I thank everyone who has made generous contributions and please keep up that effort to kee the one on earth is happening radio show for the 2 hours of the showw ad-free the ad-free chip in effort chart has been reset for the next three month period we will need to raise approximately $1,000 by January 31st 2013 to keep the show ad free through the following three month period of February March and April regarding the free your mind conference we do still need contributors and we still do need people who are willing to help to organize this event so if you're in the Philadelphia area and you want to get involved in helping out logistically with the free your mind conference please do get in touch with me at mark at for your mind conference calm or market what on earth is happening calm a donations would be very much appreciated we haven't really got many donations we collected a little bit at the first fundraiser we're going to be having other fundraisers event here in the local area but if you're not from the local area and you want to make a contribution to the free your mind conference which is very expensive to put on a conference and fly people out from all over the country get a venue in a metropolitan area lodge all the speakers it's something that we have you know a couple of benefactors who are helping us with but we definitely could have preached could use some donations coming in from people if you want to make a donation to the free your mind to event please visit the free your mind conference website at wwlp.com click on the donations page there you can send an email and you will receive instructions on how to make a donation to the conference buying tickets in advance is probably one of the best ways that you can actually make a donation I mean I would consider that as good as a donation we want to get tickets as far in advance ticket sales as far in advance as possible because we could then use some of those proceeds to help pay for the speaker transportation and lodging so getting your tickets in advance will really help us out and we would really appreciate it people can make their plans as soon as possible to attend and get the tickets that they are going to need as soon as they possibly can without having been said the end the Fed rally here in Philadelphia took place yesterday on Saturday September 22nd and I have to say great job to everyone who is involved as people know the last and the Fed rally that took place I had some you know constructive criticism to give because I felt that there were things that could have been done better and I think at this one a lot of people stepped up picked up the ball ran with it and really improved the effort there was less people out at this event and yet I still feel it was more effective the organization was well done congratulations to Michael hi Smike Salvi doing a great job in the organization of this event and the March was done very effectively it was at a good pace wasn't rushed and people brought out flyers we outreach to the public I've never seen more people take this information from us than at this rally and I'll tell you another reason I think it was is when we commented on this at the rally there were the the Ron Paul errs did not really come out to this rally it was all focused on the topic of ending the fed it wasn't about supporting a political candidate you didn't see a lot of Ron Paul signs in the crowd you saw people who really had knowledge about what the Fed is how it's a total financial fraud how it's a Ponzi scheme and they were there to stick to that topic it was a focused effort and that's what made it effective when we reached out to people the street they didn't see it as well this is some kind of a political campaign and who cares about that Kennedy they saw it as what are they trying to tell us you know about this institution and I'd say about 90% of people who I reached my hand out to with a flyer with information about this fraudulent institution took that flyer out of my hand and I've never ever seen that high of a percentage of people who were at least open-minded enough to want to receive the information he was usually about a 50/50 split in the past maybe even a little bit less than that about 90% of people took information about the Federal Reserve System at least out of my hand who I tried to hand it to yesterday on the street here in Philadelphia and that was an encouraging thing to see I also gave a talk at the event and that is up on YouTube I will probably post it to my site in the coming days so that's the event announcements that I have let's see if we have anyone on the phone yet let me go to the call center here yes we do have some callers so again the topic the non-supportive dominators open minds for the rest of the show here we go area code four eight zero area code four eight zero you are live on the water on earth is happening radio show welcome okay thank you very much I just I've been listening to you for about a year now and I want to thank you for for your rhetoric everything that you've been putting out and really thinks sinks in with everything I just want to know I want to ask you if you're familiar with the term aquaponics hydroponics but aquaponics I have heard of it but I don't know how much I know about it I know that I've read into it a little bit but why don't you tell the listeners what it really involves okay aquaponics is a closed loop of water it allows you to raise fish and all the nutrients from the fish water get sent to your plants you're the root systems clean the water and send it right back into the front into the pond so it's a closed-loop interesting no matter what climate you're in no matter how big of an area you're dealing with that you have even if it's a balcony you can you can be connected to your own food source and you know as I've been listening to that the carnism versus vegetarian I also want to you know just say not a lot of people are calling and arguing with you about this are they well well I mean I would suggest I would suggest that we might not get very many people to argue the point because of the prerequisite that I set and what I have noticed is that those who defend the practice won't sit down and watch Earthlings or they haven't and if they did that position will magically almost magically change because they are really seeing firsthand what this practice and moms and I and in the reason why I just I really want to get the thing across about aquaponics is you know yeah if you're if you if you eat meat you know and you want to start an aquaponics you can you can raise Columbia that's that's the most popular thing to do with aquaponics errs and and you can still eat meat but I think this would be the way that we as individuals in our communities and start you know telling our neighbors hey you know no matter how much space you got you know you know we you know you can do this you can you can be connected with your food source we can start you know start on this track to where you know just getting our families involved in the in the in the actions of doing these things that we need to more and more I think just like Ivan on Phoenix a last call from last last week he's putting together website he's on Phoenix I'm out in Mesa out here in Arizona and and we're trying to do if you'd like the same thing put together a nine fashion package for everybody of resources and solutions for the people that fit are on the same page and and just just keep moving ahead it seems like there's miracles right around the corner and you know my daughter she has leukemia and we're almost through with their treatments and we're hoping to have everything going on our side of town as far as our backyard and being connected with our food source but and and so we don't have that happen again we're you know right now we're we're dependent on a lot of things just like everybody else and we just got to keep chipping away and it it's there and I really can't thank you enough for for putting all this out there I can't you know I get frustrated every day but it's just you have to keep going absolutely well thank you for the call and what I would say about regarding you know raising fish is I wouldn't look at that as any different than raising any other kind of animal for consumption however one of the points I think that could be taken from this is that we do need to be around our own food I think part of the problem that we're facing in society as far as dependency goes is that food has grown well outside of where we live and then its trunk trucked in from outside and that uses way more energy way more resources makes it more expensive we need to be growing food around where we live and you know walking past our food on a daily basis that's really what a smart society would be doing and that doing it in the city it makes it difficult there are challenges associated but there's a lot of different techniques for people who want to do this and their researchable and they work and if more people started doing them then it would kind of become an organic process that would become easier and easier to do the problem is so few people are engaged in that practice I can tell you we do have a little garden in our backyard but to step it up to the point where we can get the volume of food that we need it's it's difficult to do it and it's expensive to do as well so the we need to engage in you know practices that are kind of distributed and a lot of people are engaging them and helping out the effort there's a lot of information about this online you could even just look up on YouTube you know growing food around where you live there's projects and communities that are getting behind efforts such as that and I think that's definitely really important and it takes us away from dependency and domination because food is one of the biggest dependencies that there is and that's what the dominators ultimately want to control so good points brought up by the previous caller let's move on to the next caller caller from the 8th 1/3 area code you're live on what on earth is happening welcome what do you have for us Wow thanks so much for taking my call mark and I'm sure I'm speaking on a lot of people's behalf and just saying man so much gratitude for what you're doing you know your your show is definitely a listening to it from the first podcast the last one it's just a it's been an ongoing spiritual experience for me and I really appreciate that well I appreciate that sir thank you yeah and I'd like to point the finger inward if that's okay yeah you know one of the alchemical green language words that I heard is a the word mirror clue in that the word neuro clue actually means miracle and one of the reasons I really resonate what your show is because you know I I was in the same spot to where you know I had to face my own reflection in order to in order to stay alive you know is either either I had to change or or I was going into the grave but man as soon as I faced myself you know and and came to grips man I got better and and they say you know I'm a little bit nervous right now so sorry I'm not strong voice shaking no problem just take your time but uh yeah man I mean the place in consciousness that I was before before I went through that process and that you know I used to wish that the United States would just go over to Iraq and make it a glass parking lot you know just total I mean just dark dark place that I was in but the man as soon as I started facing myself you know I got better and just like you said and I remember a few podcasts back you said it's all about self analyzation that's self disclosure and amending the past and that's it part of what I brought up in the speech that I gave at the end the federal yesterday was that admitting that we are wrong is not a weakness it's a strength you know being willing to look at oneself say know my former actions were wrong and I'm willing to make an apology and the apology is actually changing the actions it's not just about saying that you're sorry it's about then actually reversing the course of your actions and doing something differently so that's definitely a strength and people need to see the admission of wrongdoing the admission of you know a formerly poisoned worldview and you know the actions that are based on that worldview being willing to say no that is that was wrong and I can reverse my position I can change my mind on that then do something different that is absolutely 100 percent a strength and not a weakness and should not be looked at as such by people the ego wants us in that condition where we can never admit that we are wrong that is a weakness that is what keeps us weak that is what keeps us you know how back from evolution and consciousness and ultimately what keeps us enslaved mm-hmm indeed and I I really gotta say man I love the the simplicity that you boil it down into in there you know we really don't have to go through all that all the conspiracy details about what's going on and especially with the monetary system you know we don't have to explain to people what happened at Jekyll Island and all that stuff I mean this money it's violently imposed on us and no one can argue with that and and and to see that in your show and you're able to convey that information into such a boil down you know it's just all about right and wrong okay and it's all about face you know facing our own reflection and you know treating other people the way we want to be treated and the fact that that you extend that into animal practice as well man you know I'm working on that and uh and and I've noticed an immediate differences just in trying and staying away from me you know a couple of days a week and just how much better I feel morally and since I feel better morally the actions that I'm putting into the universe this that they're better grounded and in the universe and will respond the universe will use it exactly and it's all about those mirror clues man you know I've been receiving those mirror clues now for fur along for a while for for about eight years and then here in your show is just definitely like its refined its refined me it's it's taught me so much and like I said man I'm sure I'm speaking for a lot of people that aren't able to call in right now but your show is just it is so awesome and I'm so appreciative of what you're doing I appreciate you sir so thanks so much for the call and you brought up a lot of good points there because um the truth is always simple the truth is simple it is it isn't about you know bogging people down with an overabundance of details it's about getting down to the primary fundamental axioms of our belief systems and challenging them from that level it's from a deep philosophical level that we have to look at what our deepest deepest held beliefs are challenged them and find out if they hold true and if they do not they have to be let go the attachment must be released from them and that's what people have a difficult time doing because they've been so used to staying in that belief system that they don't know what else there is they're in fear of abandoning that because then their thinking goes too well what else is there what you know if I don't accept this what what is real you know and that's a very insecure feeling for most P we have to always take it back to the philosophical fundamental axioms we get down to the very base foundations of a belief system and analyze it from there take a deep look at it from there that's where we're going to get to the heart of truth and ultimately as this past caller said that's all about looking into oneself that's about looking into the mirror is what that's about so a great points great call thanks for the call let's go on to another caller here we go caller you are live on what on earth is happening welcome we have for us yes hey work uh thanks for that thanks for doing the show it's great show thank you I come here with kind of like a also good news tip almost like it's it's not for the faint of heart and I would say that it rivals Earthlings in it in its scale okay it's uh I would describe it as like a cultural phenomenon um I kind of stumbled upon an accident like because I yeah I found you on YouTube and YouTube is really great for all sorts of enlightening information but they're also really really great for spreading carnism as like a pure satanic religion and there's a group that came off about 2010 and they do these their means their main demographic audiences as I would say from college age college age students to ten year olds um and what they do is they like get pounds and pounds and pounds of meat and then they just do like craft it into things or any like act like they're cannibalizing it like they're you know like they're mad zombies and stuff and I think it's actually related to the bath salts incident as well as possibly the shooting the shooting that happened to Colorado as well as some of these other incidents that are happening with people are just going crazy because I know you know these people are it it's and it's really weird because people don't they don't look at they're like oh it's it's nothing it's nothing they're just it's just entertainment but it's so much more than that yes you need to counter no ardour yes there there is a ritualistic setting to a lot of these behaviors and you just need to look into how much pharmaceuticals are injected into these animals you know because of the living conditions that they live in hormones as well you know to make them bigger it's it's unbelievable what we're taking in through a lot of this food and you know people will sell well you know then you just go to uh to uh animals that aren't treated with hormones like that or animals that aren't treated you know with chemicals like that it again as we talked about last week it's still a consumption of fear ultimately you're consuming something that was taken bought through violence so you're taking in the energy of violence through the field of energy through the field of consciousness that we all live in the problem is that many people refuse to acknowledge that in our connection they don't want to acknowledge that we are not separate from our surroundings and from other beings around us we are not 100 percent individuated we are individually at expressions of consciousness but that doesn't mean we're cut off from everything around us and nothing that takes place around us doesn't affect us at a deep fundamental level you know that that worldview that paradigm of separation is also what needs to be released we need to release attachment that we are separate from everything else and from the surrounding field of energy and life that is all around us we are part of that there is no separation between us and that and that's what this you know worldview healing is all about is about understanding that oneness that lack of separation to many people from a left-brain perspective are caught in that paradigm of separate separateness and to the extent that we're in that paradigm of separateness we are also in the paradigm of enslavement yeah and man well I I guess I can go from I was kind of being in a general sense but specifically it's that it's a YouTube it's at the eleventh multi-levels most popular show on YouTube that does this and I mean I am I got there I don't pulled up on Wikipedia on just a list of episodes but they they've got like a fast-food sacrifice and uh but and with with that we've got like the symbology of the upside a pentagram they have sand holing it that huh that's the name of it that's that that that's uh nothing like hey I picked a stew um they do live shows like they're even on Jay Leno so this is this is really like that that are really really dark but they're it's weird because they're really popular kind of you can look when they're on I've been bringing it right up into people's face you know the whole ritualistic aspect of it the satanic aspect of it they're coming more and more out right into the open because society just you know doesn't they look the other way they don't even care they they just accept it you know it's like oh yeah it's just some uneven accept some others are accepting it though some of them are they had what I'm saying is I have a functioning cult like if you go on their Facebook they have you know they have like thousands and thousands of likes from the South Bay of comments talking about eating children and they have they literally have at home you know and uh and I'm another video games and movies they're coming out to like this Hunger Games the the hostel movies all these Saw movies that came out well I think the Hunger Games in particular is a pretty allegorical about what we could be facing if we keep going down this path yeah so I think I look at that film is like a warning I think people should check out that film and the books because I checked it out I read into them and while you know I thought you know the the ending of the third book was it to me seemed anti-climactic I was expecting something a little bit bigger but aside from the literary aspects of it I think it's still a great allegory regarding the path that we're heading down as a species into total you know total surf you know complete enslavement and surf them if we don't wake up and realize what's being done legacy worst answerphone serfdom doesn't even begin to it's a sacrifice ritual is what it is they're sacrificing children in The Hunger Games you know that's what they're doing so absolutely the craziness is the people that with the show's called it it's on YouTube is called Epic Meal Time and it's funny because it's it's abbreviated ent i--please ents are like paramedics yes and it's just it's it's really weird it's like my sister came back one day with some homework talking about spying for the xxx administration it was called FIA but the FIA is like a family independent agency it was really weird but they use these abbreviations I've been noticing more and more to associate things sure but oh baby if you type oh oh yeah it just if you could check it out someone try to tell people about it and trying to warn people but it's just I can't get any kind of a validation that you know like like you know I go to my Christian grandmother not trying to tell her they say right on their thing that they're trying to create an antichrist and she's just like I guess it's just too much of a paradigm shift and you just can't take it so the more carnage the more bloodletting the more fear that's released the closer they are that they feel that their belief system is they're going to absorb and and direct that energy this is part of the belief system in the dark occult is that the energy of suffering can be channeled and then directed by them for their aims whether you believe that or not that's their belief and why they continue to do the practices that they do so I haven't seen these particular videos personally but I'm going to definitely check it out on your recommendation and maybe I'll comment on it on a future show so thank you for the call and I definitely agree that there's an entire ritualistic aspect and overtone especially when you see these big huge gatherings of these meat-eating festivals and uh you know wing bowls and things like that that are all about you know putting people into the mentality of just you know animalistic consciousness and and writhing in that you know and you know over gorging yourself on as much meat as you could possibly take into your body you know before you burst it's there's definitely a ritualistic overtones I think part of it is to keep people in base consciousness and base awareness because that's what you know a degraded form of food and degraded practices like that will ultimately do so thank you for the call let's move on to another caller area code 6:02 area code six zero two you're live on what on earth is happening welcome what do you have for us hello mark yes okay this is Ivan from Phoenix five and welcome hi listen today's show if you hear a little bit of noise in the background it's because I'm at work so let me know if you can hear me clearly it's not then I'll cut it short not a problem you're coming through fine okay good well Wow what do I start I have notes still from last week and more notes that I wrote today and just listened to the first few callers here gave me a whole bunch of new stuff to ramble on about talking about that YouTube video influencing people or showing all this death and carnage and everything such as on some of the notes I was going to bring up my movies something I noticed in films like Expendables 2 and active manner and other forms of that nature they tend to show a lot of mud and you know guts and everything of other people being killed you know so if you're not American and it's fine to blow them up and kill them and everybody's cheering and it's cool right everything but the minute an American gets shot or or killed it's like oh my god you know no matter films like that are reinforcing this insane notion of over nationalism you know like this excessive nationalism that everybody outside of America is bad as if we're the good guys or something like that and it's a apart it's definitely an influence technique that is used by the military industrial complex to actually get people into their way of thinking about you know of foreigners and other countries you know it's taken them into this xenophobic attitude and it's desensitizing them that these people are somehow not even human that there's somehow you know that it's okay or justified to treat them like that so definitely that's that's part of the mind control system that is employed through film and Hollywood and at movies like that aren't allegorical in nature they are there to actually get into the subconscious mind and program it so that particular movies in particular that you brought up but I can definitely tell you that's a technique that's widely used right right and just recently we released in the Raiders of the Lost Ark and IMAX and I went and saw it and I would surprised that this technique obviously has been around for a while but I notice today even in Raiders of the Lost Ark everyone is seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark is probably familiar with that classic humorous being of that sword needle being a Middle Eastern guy that comes out and indeed astronomist you know grabs a gun and shoots them and everybody laughs and once I saw that I was like wow even back then just that so do mind control you know implantation thereof you know Americans you know we can kill anybody else and look at cool cool to do it you know people we have the technology to do it right okay and let me see a Menace talk about apophysis and allegorical movies sophistication you mentioned the matrix panel of the apes equilibrium hunger games I have put all a few put together on my own showing you know that um all this boils down to basically thing to Authority and right to reality I was another a thing bra I was another big part of my theme at the end of Fed rally yesterday was saying no and uh you know I really put my lungs into it yesterday and you know shouted the word know extremely loudly that was heard all across the entire arm you know historic area in in Philadelphia here so you know that energy that spirit is what we really have to take into ourselves if we're going to find the solution because the solution absolutely does lie and say no no to Authority no to these false religions that are really holding us back as a species and holding us back from evolution and consciousness their false religions of authority and money and I you know at some point I want to talk about it some interaction that I had with dominators at the end of Fed rally because it was very interesting to see where their perspective still is and uh you know I'm sad to report it's not good it's it's definitely at a very very low level of consciousness and in a very brainwashed State but I'll talk about that a little bit later so you have anything else for silent oh I I have quite a bit more so I don't know if you want me to continue now or you know come back later because I don't stay on the line again yeah that would be great so I'll take another couple of calls and then uh if there's a law I'll come back to you and also if there's a law I want to get into some of the interaction I had with dominators particular dominators at the end of Fed rally it'll be an interesting a an interesting story so thanks for the call and I'll definitely come back to you so hold on the line all right thanks mark great all right let's take another call let me give in the callin number again the callin number is eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again the callin number toll-free eight-six 684 one one zero six five the topic is the non support of dominators anything that we've covered in this entire section on the non-supportive dominators is fair being emotional mind control the absolute nature of truth solutions what are real solutions you know that a solution actually is something that dissolves the false self it dissolves the ego in twos and puts it into solution that there is no political or legal solutions that that's an illusion that these are these are false paths that people get sent down and they're dead ends they don't lead anyplace they keep the control system going the only solutions based in philosophy and natural law we've talked about conscience justification for people's wrongdoings you know that they want to make endlessly apophysis as Ivan just talked about saying no as the ultimate solution we have to say no to evil that the say no to wrongdoing and stop participating in it by knowing what our rights are what they are not you know we talked about moral culpability and karmic consequences on this show and how at a fundamental level the order follower is always more morally culpable than even the order giver not that they're not both morally culpable but the follower the one who actually carries out the action is it even more morally culpable than the one who whispers in his ear telling him what to do we talked about trauma and bullying and the identification with abuser or victim as part of this very difficult to escape trauma and abuse victim cycle we talked about the reasons for dominators behavior the concept of them being disconnected from the higher self the concepts of groupthink and collectivism and the techniques of cults we explored how dominators ultimately want to abdicate and abandon their personal responsibility for their own actions we went into the occult symbolism that is that is attached to the dominators through their uniforms and regalia you know the occult mockery of the police and military we talked about carnism as being a practice that is the ultimate rushon of domination and we talked about women's role in the powerful influence that they can have in the discontinuation of the support of dominators if they step into that that role they step up in into it and own it and how they could be probably the most powerful influence in that regard so all of that's on the table for today and again the call in number eight six six eight four one 1065 let's move on to another caller area code three zero one three zero one you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hey thanks for taking my call sure I'm getting late on your show it sounds kind of interesting but what got me to call in is the fact that I went to the in the Fed rally okay and I heard that you went into one as well and I naively thought well it was in Washington DC where I went to mind what city did you go to the Philadelphia in The Vicar where Philadelphia okay all right and how we get turnout in Washington we had about David Koch cash was there with his megaphone and in front of the Treasury Building and we're there for about an hour and what would people there were there signs and I mean Adam khopesh yes Adam cook ah yes yeah I'm gonna say his name wrong I think you said David I believe and Adam oh yes animal - yes and so people got up and took turns on the megaphone and you know talked and well while we were there for the treasure of this big white SUV came by with the window rolled down from the street and you can plainly see that the driver in the passenger side had a you can see the blood stock of his submachine gun maybe there's an intimidation factor I don't know of course they're trying to do that they want to dissuade anyone they can through fear to get them to stand down and you know what that is that's a sign of their fear see when anybody knows that they're a liar and an abuser and a person who engages in violence and a person who is ultimately wrong and everything they're about and doing is wrong they have to justify that and they have to try to defend that with violence because they're afraid of the truth they don't want people speaking the truth that's how difficult it is to defend the lie truth doesn't really need any defense of it truth stands as what it is period the end and never ultimately goes away man can never destroy truth truth is indestructible it cannot be destroyed people can only ignore it for a certain amount of time but it's still there it's still always there and these people hate the truth they hate freedom they love being slaves they love their enslavement because what they're trying to do ultimately in their own psyche they believe that it is possible to advocate your own personal responsibility and it cannot happen it's it's not only that that you can't it's not not only like you can imagine that that can happen it's an impossibility in the universe it cannot occur you cannot give up your personal responsibility even if you try to do it you have not really done it you can only make the claim that you're trying to give your responsibility away to someone else that still doesn't make it the case that still never makes it true even if you're claiming I'm not responsible I take orders someone else is responsible and that doesn't make it true you're still incorrect you're still wrong and that's what all these people who love this control system love being slaves love perpetuating slavery because they don't want to do their own work on themselves they don't really want to be free they want to be told what to do because that's easier for them and they think erroneously incorrectly okay that they can somehow take their personal responsibility and hand it over to someone else and that's impossible they're attempting to do the impossible they want to add they don't like the fact that two plus two equals four they want two plus two to equal something else but it can't ever equal anything else that's that's an eternal truth that exists at all times and places everywhere in the extant universe and you know people will still try to make up you know ridiculous nonsense about how that you know that will might work out an arithmetic but not another case as well that's a semantical argument that a left brain moron wants to try to throw in you know some kind of uh that the the most ridiculous thing that might not conform to the rule and say well then the what rule doesn't apply everywhere in arithmetic two plus two equals four no matter where you're at in the universe the end that's the truth you know same is true about responsibility these people believe that they can hand it away and that's that's that's all based in fear fear of growing up you know they don't want to grow up they want to remain eternal infants well you're right most most people are lazy they don't want to think for themselves they don't believe the government can't Buganda the government lies these people that are in positions of minor authority think that somehow they're you know they're at the top of the heap and this and and this and this draconian brutal police state can't be pulled off if people refuse to acquiesce right and turn on each other like rabid wolves right you're absolutely right without any memo and later on when we're putting from the treasury building you've probably seen these big huge armored cars that the DHS coming at what they look like breeks trucks on steroids two of them and 202 black SUVs we're right near this intersection all four of them run around in a circle put on their sirens for about ten seconds and then pulled away you know I guess another intimidation fact it's amazing that you experience this down in DC because in Philadelphia the the police were extraordinarily cooperative with us and actually helped to uh you know uh steer traffic away from you know the rally proto so that you know there wouldn't be any altercations with car they are they help you know basically ensure that there was good safety between the the people who were marching up and up and down Market Street here in Philadelphia and you know surrounding traffic and and that's what I think at best which should be their role if they're even going to do that or be present at all they actually perform the function that they should be doing and did not attempt in any way to intimidate anyone here in Philadelphia and as a matter of fact they engage this in conversation and I you know I'm going to talk about that a little bit in a bit that didn't really go so well because there's such an intelligence divide that it is it's it's sad it's very very sad that weren't really talking about people who are so dumbed down that my I I actually feel pitifully sad for many of them so but but at the same time they were at least respectful and I have to give that a credit as human beings they were respectful of what we were there to do so that you know was definitely very different dynamic between Philadelphia and Washington DC and I'm you know not happy to hear that that's how you were treated in you know the capital city well how many people showed up pretty freely rally I'd say we probably had about a hundred people in the total March which is also a pathetic number but again it wasn't about numbers I think it was about focused this time and you know whereas we might have had a few hundred people last time you know two or three hundred I don't think it was nearly as effective as this time because the people who showed up this time more quality knew the issue and were there to do some outreach to the public and that's why I think it was quite effective so you know while we had small numbers and I would like to see those numbers increase for people who really understand this issue and want to support it it wasn't about quantity it was about quality sure and then we marched up in front of the Federal Reserve Building and I'm surprised that they allow us to get this close we marched from the public sidewalk up to the steps nearly to the doors of the Federal Reserve Building and we stood there and line in burned symbolic dollar bills right and just started you know talking about the Federal Reserve and they're like a half dozen Federal Reserve guards almost within arm's reach from a couple of them armed with submachine guns and they just stood there and watch the last time we were there they wouldn't even let us get up that far for a minute how many people were at this rally huh how many people would you ask me we're at this rally about fifty or so I would say okay so even may be smaller than the Philadelphia crowd which is you're not saying much I mean the Philly crowd is it was probably as light as it's been for one of these rallies in the past and for for even it to be less than that in Washington that's showing people that showing us that there are not enough people who are actively getting involved you know and coming out to support these efforts it's beautiful I don't know how much good it does we handed out pamphlets and some DVDs and stuff but if I don't do anything then I'll go nuts and maybe am i doing the right thing I know I'm not doing enough but I feel as if I have to do something and but can I count briefings on movies maybe I'm a glutton for punishment but let me say something real quick about your effort does not do something what you're doing you know if you want to step up the effort and do more great do what you're capable of but do something don't just sit there and talk about the problem you know reach out to people definitely get involved you know and and if you're doing that you can say hey I've contributed I've done something at least and another part of this though it without even just doing something you know do what you're capable of do we put as much effort as you feel you can into it but keep it going sustained effort is what this is about that's what will is about well isn't about making one big burst you know effort and then stopping that's not what's going to get this done ladies and gentlemen if you think that's how it's going to work you're sadly mistaken and extry namely naive this is going to be about patient sustained willpower sustained effort is what is going to be required you know they say you know slow and steady wins the race and it's true what the chains of slavery are going to break through constant sustained pressure upon them that's how we'll make them break not just one quick you know burst and then boom snap and then it's done it's not going to happen like that it's going to be again of a patient sustained effort where you may not see the results of your effort at first but over time if it's sustained it's like enough people pushing on a fence or a wall with sustained effort in force and continuing to build and build and build and eventually it goes down that's what's going to be required here so I just wanted to say that and then you can get into your other point yeah well I just wonder how many more times we can have rallies like this before the the hammer shops on us with the police state so I just don't know you know with economic collapse a looming and a possible world war three how long are we going to be able to have this go well in all honesty to be to be quite blunt and I really don't care who's listening I don't care who thinks otherwise for me saying this at the point that free speech is shut down then the revolution must go hot that's all I have to say once you stop people from speaking then it isn't about words anymore it becomes about bullets and that's all I have it's okay sure it's almost at that point now but I don't talk about movies for a minute because you mentioned them earlier and how they can be used for predictive programming and I pretty much have seen them all for Mad Max I saw in green too have you seen the movie the road uh yes is that the one about the survival about the man is one yeah good motion ethically yes good movie but it is about as weak as it can get well if there's maybe it makes a hopeful point though that that there needs to be something that is even beyond our desire to survive which is what the Sun represents getting out of just the r-complex mind a based on survival that the father represents and the son was about trying to treat people humanely it is a very dark story but you know it's all ultimately that movie is actually about compassion it's about keeping compassion alive especially through dark times and I think it makes a valid allegorical point well yeah it's definitely a dark movie for sure about keeping well by keeping the flame of humanity live in a dire world but the ideas are and I don't want to take up too much time I'm sure you get other people calling to you're really fine show here that's a touch there yet you get back you know there's a new TV series on NBC I think it's Thursday evening at 10 o'clock it's called revolution and it opens with a MP attack on the United States where you know everything shuts down all the cars break down circuits are down of the powering down then it fast forwards 15 years into the future and it takes off with this one survivalist very small interesting once again real quick will coming up at the station break at the top of the hour what is this show called again it's called revolution revolution it's good nbc.com and see that your measure I think it may fit one or maybe two show so far now you know that's all that's all the time we have for right now we're coming up at the station break we'll be back in two minutes they were [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host Marc patio my website what on earth is happening calm today an all call-in show this is the second hour of the show toll-free number to join us eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again the toll-free number to join us in our conversation on the non-supportive dominators eight six six eight four one one zero six five I'll bring the last caller back up to finish this point caller you were talking about the show called revolution that is a new TV show that was about it's partially about the loss of freedom that we're experiencing is that correct well I just basically painting a dystopic future where the population is heavily depleted ninety percent loss after an EMP an apparent EMP attack and above his survivals community trying to get by between the militias and the roving bands of brigands that are in the area and Jericho started out promising I know if you saw that series but I love my Jericho I thought Jericho was the brain allegory well I think you know I'm real picky I suppose but I think it started out good but they had some episodes that when of the dead ends and it seemed like it wound up being like a post-apocalyptic cheers where people are sitting around and a candlelit bar drinking booze that comes from God knows where yeah I mean there were definitely some you know story writing issues and plot holes and things like that but the main allegory was about it was a false flag attack the nuclear attacks a false flag and think about it the one bomb that did not go off this is was highly symbolic and I have no question in my mind that this was deliberate and symbolic one bomb in that TV series that did not go off that was actually that the city was rescued from destruction from nuclear destruction by the main hero in the in the story Jericho was headed for Columbus the name of the goddess the dove Columbus Columbo means dove and Columbus is named after the goddess figure Venus Colombo and Columbus represents the Sacred Feminine or the heart or care the spirit and that's what was being symbolically said there is that you know we need to rescue care we need to save the Sacred Feminine and that I thought that was very symbolic and then they refer to these attacks as the September attacks because they were false flags and it's kind of like an allegory about the September 11th false flags that we experience in New York and Washington so I thought it was a good allegory while yes some of the writing you know could have been a little bit better there you know and they also cancelled the show and then brought it back you can't forget that too now I don't think they wanted people to see the nature of that allegory and that's why you know the probably higher level executives at these TV stations wanted that show put down but the fans actually responded to it so well they they wrote in and and wanted the story finished and they got a few additional episodes for that second season and got them to finish the storyline so yeah the fan base added a reprieve but if you notice it to like on the fight Fight Club at the end of the movie you'll see high-rise buildings going down and canals evolution sort a lone gunman episode well I'm suppose hit you know so the events it would let us know what they're gonna do you know hey thanks for letting me talk and I'm some of the great work you got it thanks and maybe I'll maybe I'll check in next week after you watch the couple episodes of the revolution sirs and see what you think about it great sounds good all right take care okay you too alright let's move on to another caller area code 7:03 you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hello this is David I like serious if there's any way you can get their movies it's mention for prerequisite I'm sorry can you just repeat the question I was wondering with you before he had mentioned a movie that you needed to have watched it for Carly correct yeah it only if only if the caller wanted to defend the practice of carnism it's called earthlings it has been posted to the podcast page with the previous two podcasts the two podcasts that I did on the topic of carnism and the movie link is directly there actually you can also just go right - I believe it's Earthlings com or you could type right into a search engine Earthlings movie or Earthlings documentary and you can go right to the page and watch it for free right on their website on the home page of their website you guys don't know those two people no no I don't directly mail it it's available right online for free so anybody can watch this at any time of the day that they want just go right up to the Earthlings website I have it linked on my previous two podcasts what on earth is happening dot-com you click the podcasts tab and then for the two podcasts that I did on carnism which I believe were a few give me one moment I'll tell you the exact podcast numbers the shows that I am talking about were shows number 121 and 122 I linked actually 121 122 and 123 I linked the movie Earthlings in the notes in the in the related videos notes for the podcast so if you go to the podcasts tab of my website shows number 121 122 and 123 all have the links for Earthlings there is there anything else you wanted to comment on or any questions it is a learning phase anyway it's a great finish okay well actually we get well absolutely if you're interested in checking that out that's how you can I can go about doing that if you just in one moment I'll tell you the exact address I think it was earthlings comm is just the direct address let me just check that for you for a moment and let's see yes it's earthlings calm earthlings calm EA are THL ing s calm you can just go to that site and watch the movie for free and I was wondering is that unlawful busy so- we're working on that that's the address you can check it out and a good luck and brace yourself sir that's all I can say - to the previous caller so let's move on to another caller here we go art you are live on what on earth is happening welcome mr. Percy how are you doing this afternoon I'm well um yeah that does evolution the pilot was not long ago and I believe just a few days ago is the first episode of season 1 but I'm at nbc.com right now and I don't see the season 1 episode 1 posted yet so I don't know what the delay is on that but it sounds interesting I mean I I don't I don't generally watch television but occasionally I'll download a show if it's allegorical in nature and check it out to see what you know what a moral lesson it may have so it sounds interesting maybe I'll check it out well it's not what I originally called in about I was just going to comment on it real quick absolutely but it it does show great promise and I'm with you I thought Jericho is awesome and I agree I saw Illuminati in your face this is one possible plan we have for your suckers more than you know so we know how I go I saw that when you know how psychopathic these people are you know that they wouldn't hesitate for a moment if it meant maintaining their control they would go as far as detonating nuclear weapons in populated region absolutely absolutely but anyway what I called it about what got my attention I've been out building on chicken coops and stuff all day but I came in just about like the last 15 or so minutes of the previous hour so what I didn't catch most of it but what I did catch got me thinking and you were talking about what it takes what it's going to take is would you call it sustainable sustained will pal good yes preservation sustained will sustained effort yes well that guy I'm thinking you know I remember when I was studying law and I never did take the bar or anything like that because I didn't that was never my intention my intention was only to learn the law and how to apply it to my own personal life in my family but when I was studying law we were taught to pay very close attention to in case law and how precedent is set and one of the things you look for a very specific standout is kind of quotes that the that the that the court will you know put in their writings and you look at both the the opinion of the majority and the minority you have to look at both of them to see what they say to really grabs a full comprehension of the courts determination in the case and I forget what case it is but the court actually rendered in its determination that the only people and I mean gonna come to a point here the only people who actually will ever because I don't want member the no wording the actual wording so I'm just going to kind of summarize but what they were saying the only people who really can ever expect to receive the remedy will find the remedy within the system within the court system within the judicial system are those who are willing to be literally a belligerent claimant in person so when you talk about what it's going to take is sustained will and determination if we take that a the whole principle of being a belligerent claimant in person and apply it to that I think you can be quite successful because if you are absolutely belligerent in remaining three right and sovereign then your will your sustained will and determination is going to kick in naturally and you're not even going to think about how to think about what you're doing let us apply it in a very simple logical fashion and you can live with her in southern life without I mean with little or no effort whatsoever and I would also say that is an extreme point of view the truth is extreme it isn't about being wishy-washy it isn't about going half way it's about 100% determination and extremity you know when people call me an extremist I say thank you that I wear that with a badge of honor I wear that as a badge of honor I am an extremist the truth is extreme it is not moderate it is all one way and none of the other way not even a little bit the truth is that which is and does not waver from that which is so I I think there's a valid point here that we have to stand in the truth which is all one way and not be willing and that's belligerence that that's very belligerent that's a belligerent attitude because it's total belligerent against the lie the lie of authority has now I would like I'd like to see us take it even one step further why would we even have to acknowledge that the court system is the only person or the only entity that can insert in any way allow us to be left alone if we haven't harmed anybody and we know that in full knowledge I have harmed none and you don't have a right to a minute of my time unless I'm willing to grant it to you I feel like if I have harm none I don't need to show up anywhere to go to any hoops to jump through one hoop to explain one thing to another person someone else does not have a right to my time to my effort to my will to my money I can apply that but someone else that doesn't say that I'm demanding this of you and you must show up at a certain place at a certain time you know if I've harmed someone then that's a different story then you know I need to make some kind of restitution and you know there could be even possible you know retribution consequences coming my way if in case the fact is I've harmed somebody but for that authority to just be placed in some court in there in that institutions hands I still don't I can't I can't even bring myself to agree with that thing that point it's even like the idea that it you know I'm going to file the right paperwork to become a quote sovereign citizen or to be recognized as a free man on the land while I love the idea of having that status the concept is we already have that status that's already present it's already the truth the problem is is that there's this illusory religion that other people believe in called Authority that they believe is vested in these institutions and in other individuals who are members of these institutions that the products the problem is that that lie and that religion is still present and that's what has to be shattered to dust so we so we get to a point we don't even need to justify anything to anybody we don't need to try to prove something to anybody if there's no harm being done by me to another living thing I need to be left alone by other people that's the ultimate right that exists but not that's the number one human right is the right to be left alone the right to doubt to remain exists and live on accosted so long as I have caused no one else harm to their person or property and that's how that's how simple we have to get it down to yeah and you know I have to laugh when I hear these people talking about you know you gotta call this affidavit of intention right now yep thank you wait a minute hold on hold on just a second it's like no more line and this is what I tell people wait a minute you know this doesn't make any sense you're telling me that I just can't simply stand here and look out there and say look I am a free man you are no right or authority to come in here and get cake to me how to live my life what to eat what not to eat what to drink what not to drink where to go who to hang out with that's it we are UV time nothing God's so full stop the end nothing else and that's you want to know how humanity is going to be free that's how it's going to be free with that attitude we project that attitude out into the world nothing can stand between us and our inherent god-given natural rights to be free right there you said it phenomena nutshell but yet they'll sit there and they'll tell you you know just go resist what is it that's five ten you know if you grow your own food and you got your own chickens for eggs and meat you got your own dick out cattle and goats whatever for milk or whatever you are a criminal really how is this working out for you and this the hope and change you hope that you were looking for America because I tell you what if this is what they would if this is the open change you want I want no part of this nightmare this is absolute lunacy anyway mister passio thank you so much for your time and awesome great chill man I'm out thank you alright let's move on to another caller area code four as a matter of fact I'll pause here just for a moment because I I do want to bring off before we go to the other callers callers please stay on the line be patient I'm going to get to you lots of other people waiting on the line so that's great that more people have called in I want to just take a couple moments to talk about of the dynamic that I personally engaged at the end of Fed rally because when we showed up I immediately began talking to the police and this is one of the things I think people need to do more and more is like really just directly get involved in conversation with these beings because until we change their minds you know things are going to be increasingly difficult but to say the least we need to reach their minds and hearts and you're going to see how much of a wall how much of a divide is already built by years of indoctrination and by religion and again I'm not using the word religion in the sense of Christianity Islam Judaism Taoism hint Hinduism Buddhism anything like that I'm talking about the universal religions that they are so attached to no matter what religious background they may come from they are so attached to the religion of authority that it Trump's their religion I'm going to give you an example and I going to have some harsh words because I think it needs to be told as plainly and succinctly as possible and unapologetically while as human beings I can respect another individual okay now I could show them respect in the role that these police are playing in the world they are as dumb as a bag of bricks and a lot less useful all right and you could say oh that's being so harsh that's judgmental yes it is on both accounts it's harsh and it's judgmental those who have the knowledge have a right to say other people are really exceedingly dumb that they are completely ignorant you know that's that's not a problem if you really do know better you can look at a child and say that this child doesn't know as much as I do they're very naive and at this point they're not intelligent intelligence is something that has to be built it has to be built over time that's why in the tradition of free masonry it's all about the building of the temple within man it's a process it takes time to engage it and it takes sustained effort to build a structure that is sturdy and worthy okay so when engaging these police officers one of the things and maybe some videos will crop up on YouTube because we had a fairly lengthy exchange in engaging them one of them actually said to me which I thought was a an admission that you know I almost was like sad to hear make it in a way but at least he admitted it he actually said in just hearing you speak for a little bit of time I realized that you are so much more intelligent than me and he used the term intelligent he didn't say intellectual intelligent I'm not even saying this to two my own horn or anything this has nothing to do with me I'm talking about how ignorant the people who think that they know what they should be doing are really truly and we're admitting their ignorance he said to me one of the police officers I engaged at the end of the rally said to me you are so much your intelligence is so far beyond mine and I recognized that that it is almost like we are speaking two different languages and I am having a hard time even comprehending the concepts that you're trying to get me to grasp he admitted that to me with his own words which again I thought was profoundly sad and yet I had to at least have some respect because he at least admitted I am not at your level of awareness and that's the problem and I told that to him I said I I respect you for saying that and admitting that and therein lies the problem that's the the gap I'm trying to bridge and I'm trying to help you to understand what I've already come to understand because if you and others like you don't come to understand it we're going to be in a world of hurt all of us it's not going to be pretty the eventualities that were rapidly heading toward and at least they were the two gentlemen I engage were willing to hear out a good bit of the philosophy that I was laying out for them they didn't walk away they didn't dismiss it they were not dismissive at all so I have to have respect at that level that at least they listened for time but the religion of authority has them in its grip I mean deeply one of the things I was trying to convey is that no individual anywhere on the earth or anywhere else for that matter has the right to rule another individual and I tried to keep it at a level of individual see the problem is they're so brainwashed and indoctrinated into collectivism that they can't even any longer conceive that there is at we really such a thing as an individual and that's all there is that this idea of a state or a group of people all wanting the same thing we're deciding upon the same thing is an illusion yes there is a whole of humanity you know that is that is right now bound to this planet but the point I was trying to get him to understand is that a right that does not exist for an individual can never be granted to a group or even other individuals no matter whether people believe it can or not so he didn't could not intellectually grasp the concept that there is no such thing as the transference of a wrong you can never grant a wrong to someone to do that's an impossibility doesn't exist you cannot do that in nature you can say you're doing it again it's like trying to advocate responsibility you can make the claim I'm giving up my responsibility to someone else but you haven't really done it actually in reality you haven't you cannot do that it's not possible your responsibility is always yours and can never be given away the same is true with right and wrong a right always remains a right a wrong forever remains are wrong and cannot be turned into a right so I was trying to explain to these police officers that you believe in a religion that states that a wrong can be granted to someone else and then they may be allowed to do it and he couldn't grasp that concept because all he could think about is the collective the people the state somehow gives that power to certain groups to a certain group of people within it I even asked it where do you where do you do you know where rights come from and he got the answer immediately he said rights come from God not men he actually said that and I said well how could you not then see that the concept the very concept of authority is an attempt to elevate man to the status of God to the play of God to reverse those roles and say man is the authority we get to make up what's right and wrong through arbitrary dictates called law and he couldn't see it the imagination was not opened enough you know his mind was at least open enough to hear some of my words but not open enough to get the concept to integrate the concept but guess what it's progress because if his mind was at least open enough to hear the words the truth cannot be unheard and if that ground is at least somewhat fertile that seed will Nestle there and eventually sprout so with that being said let's go back to the phone's area codes 4 8 0 you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hear me yes I can all right this is Nathan again and I don't know how long my phone is for the last year and I apologize for my background sound I mentioned aquaponics at the beginning there and I was wondering I have a website but I'm too embarrassed to put it out I just I still need to fill up you know put in all the meat and potatoes into it but there's a family out there there's a website that I would like you to share and I was wondering if it'd be okay if I here's all put it out there sure okay it's garden pool org family that turned their pool into an aquaponic system and they offer plenty of free resources probably anybody wants to come and check out the website as far as turning their own their own language no matter how small it is and utilize aquaponics and it's like from Batman I I hope you take off down the road here because I I really do think that you know looks like we'll have lots of hopper and I just need to give it out after sure after I really get it going here no problem right thanks for the info and yes we will be taking out other we will be taking calls on future shows absolutely I just did not take them during the non-supportive dominators because I really wanted to hammer home the concepts in that section uninterrupted so calls will be a part of the show as we go forward area code 774 you're live on what on earth is happening welcome greetings mark hey how are you that's Raider X ideal though brother welcome ladies and gentlemen one of the speakers for me for your mind to conference Frey directs welcome to the show I am honored to be here great show I'm obviously a huge fan of you mark take the Lord Goethe for Mark passio I love your show brother as well on American freedom radio on get give a plug give your website please tell the listeners well I'm glad you mentioned that because we actually have a new timeslot the new time next week starting next week for the middle chamber on American freedom radio calm is 6:00 p.m. Central Standard Time so we're actually two hours earlier for all my listeners out there just show up two hours earlier and the same VHF awesome give them your website as well little chamber FX dot wordpress.com is the new URL market pre knit middle chamber RF at horse middle chamber FX dot wordpress.com all right great all right brother I know you're going to sort of dominated I know you're going to have something profound for us yeah I just wanted to say mark I you know I your your campaign on the non non supporter dominated is commendable my friend I was first turned on to this from John lash and his work not in an image it the first part of that pointed out the victim perpetrator paradigm this is the opera home religious infection produces in the human psyche and it's a transgenerational multicultural information program and you're so familiar with I know yes very similar to the abuse victim cycle as I've described it on the show yes yeah anybody who heard last night might show with Josaphat well where we talked about features and SIA and the Roman conspiracy to invent Jesus and invent the Christian religion and the means religion as we know is a mental virus a tool of the elite and I commend you sir for being out there in the front lines going into the streets and confronting the police in my position as you know a member of fraternal orders I've come into contact with police I've sat in lodge in a higher rank in the lodge line than the police so that's always been interesting because then we go out into the public and interact and my unique position it's always a very surreal and I've been very confrontational as you know you know that the cops the local pigs I mean I got to call them because they're mostly asleep you know they're like swine asleep and the local cops they lack the education all of them are master nations and in the fellow craft agreed in the Blue Lodge system it is all about the seven liberal arts the Trivium and the quadrivium that's what you're supposed to be doing it's educating yourself and cultivating wisdom and awareness that's right I've always a life I've said on the show in the past the entirety of the true esoteric tradition of Freemasonry ultimately lies in degree to the fellow craft degree it can be setting that is a microcosm of the entire tradition and I feel that almost every Mason that is out there that is calling themselves a Master Mason or any degree beyond that actually should never have been passed because pass absolutely that what we offered to when we talked about obtaining degree number two the fellow craft entered his first degree passed the second and mastered his third there are made the most the Masons out there should never have been passed because they do not grasp the lesson at all of degree number two which again I feel is the heart of offering masonry true free nation absolutely anisia the original initiatory system was a seven year process from initia to fellow of the craft direct full of journeyman you know the secondary was a journeyman like in the local the modern traits they use that term jerry missus we do not would do would be a fair assessment to to say how much time would be required to take really in the level of information and knowledge that is required to process to really change your mind that sounds about a fair assessment and now it's done in what a day so if that week we might have would watch it yeah it's it's really not not very not comprehensive at all and not on I don't want to get hauled in time true but mark I wanted to just that you know to throw out that look and I've been I've been really appreciating the the most recent series that you're working with and I stand you know with relation to the subject of carnism which I am both intrigued and convicted by thank you very much but I have to say in fact you have diminished my carnivorous experiences okay I apologize I'm sure you appreciate that well now you actually don't I'm sure you appreciate that I don't want I know human that's what I read but I mean it's the same process and you yourself you know I've gone through and but what I wanted to ask mark because I didn't keeps coming up in my thought process I'm listening to what you're saying I just I wanted to get your take on this your question to you and probably some religions might appreciate this and then well no mark with relation to the idea that you put forth in the most recent shows probably two shows ago you spoke about the furyk universe the energetic universe that there are all exist within and how the suffering of a living thing within this that spirit realm has an effect on all living things within the realm yes and you mentioned how the idea of carnism you know the idea of our awareness of suffering and then the reception of the flesh at the form of sustenance as a result of suffering we actually continue the suffering and a fear that's right that's produced and so what I wanted to ask you mark was with because I can really I can really understand that and I and that that is very compelling and convicting for myself to think about and I think there's a lot of a lot of merit in what you say about the effect that can have on humanity to ingest fear and then to produce it once again and continue with it and so why I know that would resonate with someone like yourself because you are studying the occult aspects to creation that which is hidden or is not easily revealed to the site which takes a lot more introspection and and deep study and work with these concepts to really bring it to the to the surface so that it can be seen that's the difference between one who is an occultist who studies the hidden laws of nature versus those who do not think that it's all about just the physical level of our existence so that's been a great point very applicable yes because it's already I'm already aware of that I'm already thinking I'm a charge and so right what I immediately the thought process it takes me to the idea one of the animal kingdom mark what are the predator-prey dynamic how does that relate to what we understand with regards to the moral implications of the awareness of fear right okay so I'll bring up two things regarding this and that's a phenomenal question we're in natural law when people say well animals eat other animals so why shouldn't humans do it it seems like it's natural human beings because of the complexity and the different nature the higher nature of their consciousness and their ability to think and reason and comprehend and delve into the laws of nature and understand them so their ability to reason and understand ultimately holds a human being to a higher standard when it comes to moral law than animals are held now that isn't to say that when an animal you know eat another animal that's wrong for them we are held to a higher standard because of our higher consciousness so natural law is going to have an effect upon us for doing that there is also another consideration to take into account when it comes to this and something that has been hinted at in ancient writings that it is very possible that perhaps even in the the quite ancient past or maybe even not in the so distant ancient past but in the near ancient past that this even was not always the case for animals people believed in this linear progression that that species cannot fall from a place that they once were from a higher place they once were we have this erroneous notion through archeology and anthropology and other Sciences who haven't really seen the full picture in scope about how cycles of time work ok and the people think we're moving in a linear progression from less advanced to more advanced and nothing could be further from the truth we have seen higher places of our civilization we have seen lower and time moves in cyclical progressions that are not we're not bound to those cycles but they are tendencies and our choices will ultimately determine what we experience as a result of those tendencies and how we react to those Ed's and flows in time of those cycles of time there is a high degree of probability and a lot of evidence through some ancient records that animals were not even always at the base level of consciousness that they were at and perhaps did not engage in the types of practices that they engage in in what we call the natural kingdom you know at some past moment in time so animals may not even have always been like this we're looking at their current condition and just accept accepting the notion just because we see it like this and it for as long as we've been paying attention or keeping records in the modern world believe it it has always been like this and therefore that is how it always should be again this directly relates with worldview what you believe we are or are capable of becoming and I talked about one of the defense's for carnism or justifications for it as the we are argument and you'll hear people saying this all the time we are hunter-gatherers that's what human beings are no that's a condition that human beings were experiencing and actually really even aren't experiencing that except in isolated pockets of the world today we are not anything we can be what we want to create ourselves into other than the makers of right and wrong we can basically be anything we want that's not man cannot ever make that but man can evolve and not be bound to certain practices or ways of being in the world that he may have once bound himself into or environmental conditions may have temporarily bound him to or to to engage in we are not anything that's the whole thing to keep in mind here that's the worldview if you're stuck in the world view that the current condition is eternal you might as well hang up your hat now and walk out and give up and why bother saying a word talking to anybody trying to affect any change except your situation because right now you're a prisoner so could we say human beings are prisoners and that's just eternal and you must accept that and be like that forever no it's ridiculous it's nonsense you have a choice choice is what's keeping us in the prison of our own design of our own making we choose something different if enough of us wanted the same is true when it comes to what we call nature what we are caught what most people are calling human nature has nothing whatsoever to do with what the real essence of humanity is it's the current condition that they are attached to and identified with and think can never be changed to think that just always was is now always will be and it has to be accepted and that is a poisoned worldview attitude and way of looking at the world so I don't even look at it as animals have always been like this I think animals were once at a higher level of consciousness and didn't do this to each other how about that I think we were out to the higher level that consciousness didn't engage in carnism we're now in a low level of consciousness and we have an opportunity to move to a higher level of consciousness based upon our choices and our consciousness what we can perceive what we can become aware of that is taking place within us and around us and we can choose at any given time once we've developed that consciousness to be something other than what we currently are so those two things together that we're held to a higher standard because of our capability of understanding the the realm of the unseen and the laws of right and wrong we're held to a higher standard than the animal kingdom who is not capable of reasoning at the level that we are that's number one one aspect to the answer to your question and the number two is that you know people believe that you know this is just the nature of things this is the quote natural order in their mind and I believe that they're fundamentally mistaken that's a fundamental axiomatic flaw on their part not to see in the grand picture of time things have not always been as we see them now that's a great great point mark and you know the funny thing is is that one of the one uh one of your listeners in the chat buran mentioned it in the IBF moralistic evolutions the idea of moral evolution and what it would at what you said with regards to ancient beliefs triggered a thought in my my picking was the ancient belief that the animal kingdom each species has an over soul which governs that specie the animal kingdom its which changes the dynamic of predator prey there's no awareness of suffering as with the web with humanity yes we are aware of an acutely an area yes and it makes it quite a distinction Antonette it's a moral distinction and so that's that's great I'm so yeah that really answers the question mark well thanks I really appreciate the question I think that's profound and I hope that that will help clarify some of that in the minds of listeners so I really appreciate you all calling in with that question no problem great show mark and I'll let you get on I'm sure you get other collar and I thank you for your time and yeah everyone just uh you know just to make note two hours earlier next week we got yan irving coming in to continue his research so we're really gonna have an exciting show thank remark for other thanks so much for thanks so much for what you do sir all right Cheryl talk to you have another great night but I right ladies and gentlemen Frey directs one of the speakers at the free coming up at the free your mind conference in 2013 all right let's go to another caller let's take a call from Philadelphia area code two one five you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hello is me am I on yes Tim hey what's up Mike Tim Smith ladies and gentlemen one of the organizers for the free remind conference welcome Tim thanks for calling in man what do you have for us hey I just want to mention first as it's great to hear all your top colors and gives me a much needed at positivity and optimism you know hearing these people these initiatives on the path of consciousness I've said it before this show has the best callers of any color on the Internet as far as I'm concerned yeah I agree man um before I got into the topic I want to cover I just want to reach out to your first caller I think his name is Nathan yes um um I just I feel deeply for him because he said his daughter has leukemia yes and I just wanted to recommend to him a couple movies like as a movie the beautiful truth it's about the Gerson Therapy and not dog therapy to do one also as cancer the forbidden cures and cancer is curable now it I it just covers the cancer conspiracy and you know from what I've looked into the cancer thing is just a part of the Jencks agenda to take down the populations too low you know a lot of numbers so uh I've been incredibly involved in exposing this conspiracy and I just want that recommenders need to make absolutely give them the titles one more time okay so it's the beautiful truth covers the Gerson Therapy then there's also the forbidden cures and off I can't do the submit insurers and then also cancer is curable now great I've seen all three of those in their phenomenal documentaries all of them I know that's I know that's one of your big fundamental issues that you work toward getting out there that there's alternative treatments out there to cancer cancer can be treated holistically could be treated you know through we could prevent it through what we do with our diet and you reach out there to people who are suffering from this you know horrible condition um you know on a day to day basis that's one of the big aspects of your work so thanks for doing that oh you're welcome I want to uh he we went out to the a Susan G Komen Race for the Cure we're out there and handed out information everything devil in fact people want to watch those videos marked in the video too and can go to youtube / signs of the time media and that's my YouTube page and they can I have watched the video talk to Campus Crusade I give that one orange ute youtube.com slash signs of the time media right okay signs of the time signs plural time singular signs of the time media yep great oh man um so I wanted to cover a topic of bonanza sort of Dominator I kind of want to fill in something here that I'm not sure if you thought about yes go ahead I first bought that not only do we not want to support dominators but we don't want to support ourselves being dominated so that sometimes when we all do a little bit of power we kind of that's right okay that's right and that's the whole issue that people take down one system of control and then they become the controllers and erect a new one you know we have to take down the system of control and replace it with nothing replace it with no control except self control meaning working with yourself to understand the difference between right and wrong and then choose right action over wrong action that's involves discipline and self-control that's the only kind of control that's real you're in control of your own thoughts your own emotions and your own actions and exactly nothing else so that's a great point Tim we can't become the Dominator ourselves yes yes we call them my freedom movement where you know everybody just wants to kind of change the system for their own belief system better if less people be free you know that's right clapping that but I'm not sure if you a positive aspect respond to the non-sport dominators but I find it very important in understanding the causal factors how people have gotten this way and how my people support the very same people that inflate those I mean personally I find hard to understand like people would want to be controlled by other people you know because we're all just people and why would you want somebody else because person just like you yes I taught you I watched I touched on it a little and I think it all comes back down to the the dynamic of personal responsibility you think about it a master/slave relationship in any engagements with anyone who may be outside of that relationship let's just talk about one master in one slave let's say the master is interacting with another group of people who are in his slaves you know they may be masters of other slaves or something would be other people that are going to go and interact with the master go and ask the slave anything interact with him on any level that means anything you know other than maybe you know give him a suggestion or command no he's not interested in what the slave thinks he knows that the slave is has abdicated his personal responsibility or at least attempted to to the master and the master is saying I'm your owner you're my property and if the slave accepts that he's basically saying you know the master does all my thinking for me he clothes me he feeds me he gives me shelter he does you know I do whatever he says that I have to do but ultimately you know once that obligation is fulfilled to him I don't have to do anything I don't have to worry about anything for myself I don't have to be self reliance I don't have to make my own decisions he tells me what to think he tells me how to dress he tells me what to do on a daily basis you know and that's it and I you know none of those decisions they're all out of my hands and they belong to the master you know even in civil war slavery period in America you look at the dynamic from studying in writings and letters etc that are that were left behind and you realize the slaves that were kept the blacks a lot of the black slaves that were kept in America enjoyed the condition they as I understand how absolutely horrifying that sounds to be in people's minds but many slaves did not want to be freed and many slaves after they were freed in this country they they wanted to go back to the plantations where they looked at it as they had it easier than being free and then having to make a way in life for themselves and that that's also difficult because guarantee they didn't set them free with much money you know and and the system was still controlled by money then and they had to fend for themselves with very little resources at their disposal so most people wanted to go back into dependency into total dependency so it's not and not in any way blaming them for that condition please don't take it as such I'm saying that even when they were being held and viciously beaten and kept in too poor conditions many of them accepted it because they did not know any other way of life they came up in a system like that many of them had come up from the time they were young raised in a system like that and that's our condition globally that we're raised in a system of slavery and so many people since they don't know anything else they're comfortable with it and somebody telling them this is slavery here's what freedom looks like they say oh my god that's what freedom looks like you can keep it they want to be dependent I also addressed this issue in the speech at the end of federales that so many people are hopelessly dependent on the system as they say in the matrix you know they're so inured you know they have been so beaten and downtrodden that they are completely dependent on the system and they've grown to like it they like their dependency because it means they don't have to make their own hard decisions they don't have to be self-reliant and ultimately they can pretend to advocate their personal responsibility to someone else absolutely like a key factor that I have picked up on that causes a condition of people seeing their dominators is the same people carried their children yes I was only I don't parenting skills or the lack of yes absolutely our parents treat their children as property as if it's something that they own like that their job is for child until that child comes first instead of actually raising their own children in crisis not thank you boface mindset of you know reactive mindset mindset where it's all respond exactly that's a brilliant point and and this this goes right down to the to the root causal factors we raise our children like we own them you know Adam Mike at a macrocosmic level the state's treating us like they own us you know do this because we say you have to do it or else and that's a lot of parents go about parenting so-called parenting their children that isn't raising anybody raising someone involves helping them to understand the why that's where all the power is at you want to empower somebody you have to help them to understand and the why of any given situation or problem and this way they know why they should act a certain way what are the consequences and repercussions of choosing unwisely that's what education is real education is all about and it comes from the Latin Educare a a do care a means to lead out from okay what you're leading someone out of is darkness and ignorance you're leading them out of the darkness and into the light if there's a real education conversely if there's an indoctrination that's all based on fear and it's all based on my way or the highway type thinking which is all control based you know you do this because I said so why how many kids that that the two words kids come into this world saying ladies and gentlemen two words the kids you know maybe they'll say mama or daddy for you know first words but I guarantee you the words that they will be saying in their childhood more than any other words here they are is know and why that's what children come into the world saying and then we breed that right out of them we indoctrinate that right of them and parents do that most of all don't say no don't ask why just do it because I said so if that's the thinking of a parent you're going to raise your kid to be a good little slave to the state so great point in yeah kids always say why and parents just always say because I said so I think it's important playing so why so then the children actually understand why yes you taught us why you're gonna have two different actions and kids I think one the child's gonna lose respect for you please you'll never give them a good reason why you take the time you take the time to explain your your knowledge your understanding to them that's what parenting is all about a spending time with your children to help them develop understanding that you currently have you know sadly the part of the problem is so many parents don't have that understanding that it's the blind right you know not raising the blind you know so God continue with your point but yeah I mean just you know definitely brilliant and very apropos to the situation for sure yeah so you created it has no respect for your created kids and obedience plays right and then I throws up the beat by this society and this is why we have this problem we have done so absolutely um I basically have a couple things I don't do it because I spent okay I don't take all chick names and say what is wrong with you or what do you stupid or something like that or cold sound because that goes into this that goes into the subconscious and then they begin to believe it about themselves then they they stop trying because oh well I'm stupid and I've always been like that I probably always will be like that and why should I bother to try to educate myself you know you see that with so many people that that's what they've been told and that becomes subconscious programming that is continuously reinforced through their lives another great point God continue instead of a negative one and just tell them things like you know you disappointed me because I know you know exactly and again that's really what parenting is all about and that's what this is all about as education you hear the intro the outro music coming up Tim phenomenal police other callers who are on the line sorry we didn't get a chance to get to you but that's all the time we have for on this edition of one on earth is happening ladies and gentlemen two great calling shows over the last two weeks thanks to all the callers who called in and made the show great there's only two mistakes you can make on the path of truth not starting not going all the way tonight everyone