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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening to endeavour to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website of course is Oracle broadcasting dot-com today is Sunday October 28th 2012 the show is live every Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. East Coast time that's 4 to 6 p.m. central and we have a great show lined up for you here today we're going to be doing an all call-in show again this week your calls the callers will make the show and set the topics for today last week we continued to talk about solutions and we went over two solutions in one show the power of true positive thinking not what many in the New Age movement term positive thinking but what true positive thinking can really do for one's outlook and attitude and the responsibility to teach others once you know the dynamic that is really taking place in our world and have a handle on that dynamic you have a responsibility to bring that information to others whether they want to hear it or not we talked about ways to go about doing that and we also talked about the power of words and how we could do a disservice to others by baby spoon feeding them information instead of helping to explain to them exactly how they're creating their own reality so that they can become in themselves responsible adults when it comes to the kind of energy that they're putting out there into the universe that is ultimately shaping the experience that we're all having so let me give the calling number right here at the top of the show people can call in and get in the queue and it's anything you want to talk about regarding any solutions that we have touched on I want to try to keep the show solution oriented I want to hear from you regarding how you think the dynamic is is going where do you think we're headed what do you think about teaching others this the section that I did on teaching others are you engaged in that process and if you are engaged in it how is that going for you what kind of techniques are you employing if you're not engaged in doing that work why not that's what I really want to talk about here today and I want to hear people's overall outlook on the nature of things as they stand right now in other words where we're at as a species where people think we're heading and what we can do possibly to turn things around so the calling number for the show is eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again the calling number eight six six eight four one one zero six five that's toll-free number calling and get in the queue and we'll be taking calls throughout the show I do have a couple of quick event announcements not too many today of course the for your mind conference the for your mind to conference coming up here in the city of Philadelphia in late April of next year for your mind to is a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult taking place here in Philadelphia April 25th 26th and 27th 2013 free your mind returns to Philadelphia with a three-day conference featuring top caliber whistleblowers from across the country who will shed light upon our world's problems and bring forward empowering solutions this unique event will build upon the success of the first four your mind conference in 2011 with a continued focus to spread awareness on the topics of consciousness mind control subversive occult influences holistic body mind spirit health and solution oriented approaches to the problems humanity faces in these challenging times the location for the for your mind to conference is the beautiful Arch Street meeting house here in Philadelphia at 3:20 archery the doors will open each day of this three-day conference at 8 o'clock a.m. the featured speakers we have 22 featured speakers so far probably going to add two more to complete the lineup at about 24 speakers the featured speakers right now as it stands include Alan Steinfeld Alfred Webber Andrew basiago Ben Stuart Bob Tuscan Cathy O'Brien kertus davis dr. dream freighter X Freeman fly Yan Irvin Jay Parker Jim Fetzer Larkin Rhodes Laura Eisenhower Lennon honor Lauren Marais myself mark passio Mark Phillips Randall Carlson Ross Ben and Sonja Barrett advance ticket prices for the Thursday conference $30 for the Thursday meet-and-greet speaker meet-and-greet on Thursday evening featuring including um vegetarian cuisine $20 for the Friday and Saturday conference Friday conference $40 and Saturday conference $40 and if you want the whole package all three days all three days of the conference plus the speaker meet-and-greet with a meal on Thursday night $120 for more speaker information for speaker BIOS and more ticketing information and information on how to order tickets please visit the free your mind conference website for your mind to website at free your mind conference calm that's wwf/e your mind conference calm I've been telling people over the last couple of weeks an advanced ticket sale is better than even making a donation to this conference we are going to be able to pay for all of the speakers travel expenses and lodging expenses which need to be done well in advance upfront okay if you order your tickets in advance now we're going to have a schedule probably drawn up within the next few weeks but if you plan on being in Philadelphia for the free remind conference especially if you're just coming up for all of the days of the conference consider getting the total package for the reduced price of $120 in advance and that will really help us to bring the speakers in and not have to shell out so much money out of pocket so again an advanced ticket sale better than a donation and also if people are live in the philadelphia area and are interested in helping out with the organization of this conference we still need help please get in touch with me at mark at free your mind conference com I know a couple of people did respond and I will be getting back to you this week if you responded to that with some details on how to how you can help us out in the organization for this event okay last week I neglected to mention an announcement that I wanted to talk about and that is the what on earth is happening website are the videos all the videos for the website are now in html5 format that means that they do not require a browser plug-in to play in the web browser and that they will also be able to be played in any handheld devices that anyone may be using to access the site so video on the what on earth is happening website is now all html5 compliant very closely connected with that announcement is that I have set up a YouTube channel for what on earth is happening that's a long time coming I should have probably done that a long time ago but there is now a YouTube channel for what on earth is happening and you could visit the YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/whitbypubliclibrary all of the what on earth is happening videos are there I also have some videos up from my speeches at the end the Fed rally I have other lectures that I've given including The Wizard of Oz presentation that I gave a couple of years back and coming to the both the YouTube channel and the water on earth is happening website I will be posting the entire Matrix series the the the lecture that I did on the Matrix trilogy called The Matrix trilogy decoded and I will also be posting the recent lecture that I gave the presentation that I gave at the MUFON PA East Coast conference which was entitled morality and disclosure so that's coming to both the what on earth is happening video section the what on earth is happening website videos section and also the what on earth is happening YouTube channel the ad-free last event announcement is the ad-free chip in for the what on earth is happening radio show needs to raise $1,000 by January 31st in order to keep the show ad free through the February March and April time period the fund for the ad free chippin currently stands at $200 and we haven't yet entered the month of November so we're just at the end of October and we have $200 in the fund so far so good work on people making a kind and generous donations to the ad free chippin please let's keep that going so we can keep the show ad free for both hours okay so today is an all call-in show and the topic is solutions I'm not limiting the topic to any particular solution although I would like to hear people's take on the show that I did last week on the power of true positive thinking as opposed to what the New Age movement talks about in regards to positive thinking and also the responsibility that we each have once we know to then speak the truth into the universe and to teach others what we have come to understand so the call-in number once again eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again the calling number for the show eight six six eight four one one zero six five we already have a couple of callers so let's go right to the phones here we go area code area code six zero two your I flaunt what on earth is happening yes there's a lot of noise coming from four line I don't know if you could do anything to push that up okay almost completely unintelligible so I'm going to I'm going to let you go and if you could call in on a different line I'll bump you right back to the top of the queue but unfortunately there's so much static in your line that it's impossible for us to take that call because we really can't hear what you're saying as it was coming through on the air so please call back and I'll definitely bump you up to the top of line if you call back in okay let's go to another caller caller you're live on what on earth is happening we have for us well yes yeah tree context of positive thinking but I guess one thing I'm one thing I'm doing right now is I got this this speech I'm trying to write or I got this speech class because I honor you saying something about you know that the world needs more teachers and stuff but I think my problem personally is is that I'm not really sure you know the right way to scientifically kind of go about disseminating cuz I know we know with the right that's the right tool so that's why I'm taking these all these each classes all these right in classes right now and I'm giving my speech actually Hana I'm a vaccine controversy yes and I notice I know the you know government's trying to mandate and they children take that so yes this kind of getting that out there and then for an argumentative paper which I'm trying to get into my college trying to spend like spread it around to Zia without faculty there is a something with it focuses something on that with the the cult of abomination kind of it's a whole Authority domination type thing right so regarding your confidence level I think you know that's something that you have to work on and just if you know that you're standing in truth just continue to put the information out there and even if it isn't the you know greatest rhetorical argument that is going to 100 percent convinced you know the most left-brained of people out there you know that you're doing the right thing by putting the information out there as a seed for people to take and even if a few turn it will look into it you know it's helping them so it's making a difference and it's helping people that it wouldn't that that information may not ordinarily have reached so that's really what we need to stay focused on we're reaching those who right now can be reached and who knows who you're going to wake up as a result of that process who knows who's going to look into this information and really wake up fully all the way and possibly even become a teacher in their own right so you know I would say the main thing when it comes to this is if you know that you're onto something you know that you're onto something that is good for people and will help to alleviate suffering don't second-guess yourself try to develop that confidence that you know that you're standing in the right you know you're doing the right thing and then just do it so what you're doing I think is great and you know put that information out there for people and those who are ready to take it will take it and though they'll run with that ball and they'll do something good with the information that you're given to them yeah I tried one more thing um what do you think my uh looks like different types of renewable energy like it say we didn't have this you know like everybody was fighting over Africa I kind of thing right um say that that could actually have the Sahara they had this access to like solar power you will serve Apollo the wind power and we actually applied you know instead of our creative technology all going towards war right you know if our carrillo technology was towards like you know Tesla's kind of work I mean just I mean Africa's it took completely rich as far as potential lies why it's amazing that it's so interfered with yeah absolutely I've talked about this a lot on the show and people know that I'm you know a member of the Tesla Science Foundation here in Philadelphia and our am really trying to put out the word regarding the fact that these renewable clean energy free energy technologies have been with us for over a century and are actively suppressed throughout the world because they want to keep people in the paradigm of manufactured lack when you're in lack because everyone needs energy to live when you're in the perception that there is lack everywhere and there's only limited amounts to go around that puts you into the r-complex fight-or-flight fear response mode of the brain and from that that modality of consciousness that's how you can easily be controlled those who are controlling energy on the planet controlling those resources are ultimately controlling people the control of energy is the control of people I've said that hundreds of times and will continue to say hundreds more because it's true those who are in control of the current energy paradigm are ultimately controlling the people of the planet so all these new free energy technologies we need to break that open out into discussion in the world as much as possible so that people know not only is this a potential not only is it possible it is already developed and has been waiting in the wings so to speak for over a hundred years since the days of Nikola Tesla and even arguably a little bit before Tesla these technologies are real and they are in existence and they are actively being suppressed you know I mean hundred there's hundreds of stories about the suppression of free energy Tesla type technology cold fusion other the types of generators that are basically overunity devices and again these big oil cartels they want to mean their domination because they're living high off the hog from all the people consuming the types of completely obsoleted fuels that they're putting out there to them in dribs and drabs and they think that they can continue that indefinitely and it's possible that they can if people refuse to wake up to it because i do not believe that oil is a non-renewable resource i think it is something that the earth perpetually generates it's like blood in the human body when you take a plaintiff blood out of us the body eventually manufactures more blood it's not like you take a pint out and the body stays at that depleted level forever it's the same with oil it's like the blood of the earth and it keeps regenerating it as our haemoglobin regenerates our blood in the body so they couldn't keep this scheme going indefinitely if they if people don't wake up to it and realize that their being had so that's my take on all renewable energy I think I've made that very clear throughout the entire series of shows that I've done and that's why I stand so strongly behind the work of people that are trying to bring the science and the technologies of someone like Nikola Tesla out into the open like what the Tesla Science Foundation here in Philadelphia has been doing over the last several years also the types of technologies that we're talking about not only are they being suppressed for the general public for energy usages and energy requirements but they have been weaponized they have been turned for their worst possible purpose of you know mass murder and genocide even and they're being ramped up and scaled up to the most unimaginably horrific weapons of mass destruction that one can even imagine and I would endeavor to say they're even being deployed at a lower level scale on targeted individuals to harass and silence people who are who are whistleblowers and want to come out and talk about the the fact that you know we live in a completely totalitarian controlled system and a controlled paradigm so these technologies not only are being actively suppressed for the right reasons they have been weaponized and developed for all the wrong immoral reasons and applications of war as well something people really need to come forward and talk about out in the open more and more and help people to understand you're driving in a car that's burning this you know so-called fossil fuel that needs to be taken out of the earth and refined and that hasn't been necessary for over a hundred years people think we you know that one of the big arguments for statism is who will maintain the roads and I keep asking people why do you imagine that we need roads with the level of technology that we already possess today now not in 20 years or 50 years or a hundred years now today that is actively being suppressed we don't need roads today we can rip up all the roads we have technology that is Integra vidiq in nature that that could be used in a totally free energy system there wouldn't need to be plugged into any electrical grid and this the prototypes for this were developed over a hundred years ago when Tesla lived and you know we don't even need these ancient dinosaur technologies and ways of thinking in two dimensions flat to the ground that we're thinking about these things now people again it's all about limiting what people believe is possible not only what they believe is possible but what they're willing to accept it already does exist things not only are possible they're already in existence and people you know are their mind is so shut down they can't accept that so that's my take on the whole you know suppressed energy paradigm again I talked about it on past shows a ton and done shows with individuals from the Tesla Science Foundation who are involved in bringing this type of work forward so definitely check some of that material out in the podcast archives all right so I've um I totally agree I totally agree with you I don't know I can I can imagine being pretty bad I'm actually looking to get into my house I'm looking to get into the a renewable energy catcher and self so I can work on that like you know getting the idea of you know who didn't there's no there's no need for this whole scarcity based I guess yes it kinda mean you know gives a the internet gives you a UH is pretty much like free education absolutely it's amazing that what the internet is it's if you are another state of the world you can find it on there where you can look at the worst things you could possibly find you know and then that's the state of a really really bad just shadow part that nobody sees if you want to throw it down like I wanna go young like break it down that's exactly under the shadow you can find it out it's you know it's terrible it's out there it's that satanic stuff but then you know but then there's also there's also so many ways to connect with other people ways to learn you know ways to innovate ways like a watchdog you know you know watched other leaders and watchdog at what's going on in other countries and stuff so it's it's really that's where that's where the you know the modernism and I think is being created right now left over that that medium I mean that's really great points that you brought up there and uh you know I want to comment on that what the listener just the caller just talked about regarding the Internet the power of the Internet to help us to understand the truth that's why this has to be protected at all costs you know we have the opportunity to learn about what's going on all around us and learn anything that we want that we have a desire or a thirst for knowledge to learn and it's at our fingertips and this has never been available to humanity in this way before this modern time period and it's a precious resource that we shouldn't squander you know I was talking to a family member the other day and what and this individual was saying well how do you know all the things that you know and I said well hey you have one of these truth devices right in your hand just like I do just like we all have access to you have a computer you have a cell phone you have a tablet whatever you're using tap into the Internet you can learn about anything you want to know about you could download books from throughout the ages and read deep wisdom and philosophy you could you know read about anything technical and learn how to do things you know there's no limit to what you can learn now are we going to use these devices and the access to this incredible resource of knowledge known as the internet for frivolous things are we going to use it to play games you know we're going to use it to entertain ourselves are we going to use it for our edification and our growth you know and then helping to put more knowledge out there for others to share freely with others so that they can also edify themselves and become better people you know it's a choice and that choice is available to us and we have to choose wisely so great points caller um you know and best of luck with your you know foray into true education hopefully when it comes to learning about these energy technologies and then get involved in I highly recommend going to a resource like the Tesla Science Foundation and getting involved in their work or any other Tesla groups for that matter because that's at the forefront of this emerging field of science and I think you know breakthroughs are going to happen in these fields over the next several years that are going to make you know the existing paradigm that we are locked into seem almost you know completely crazy and unimaginable from where we will be and if we do it right if we do it for the right reasons for the betterment of humanity instead of weaponizing you know technologies to kill people more efficiently like the military-industrial complex wants us to do then you know we do it for the right reasons that we're going to see a transformation in human consciousness that is going to be you know partially driven by these emerging technologies and new energy technologies so best of luck to you in that in that regard so let's go to another caller here we go all right caller on skype you're live on what earth is happening welcome well mark hey Who am I speaking with you hear me fine yes which is as well from New Hampshire we'll how are you I'm doing just well well you're you're fading a little bit can you come in a little bit closer to the microphone and speak strongly into it I'm setting here better that's much better right I don't know why the volume control is going nuts on me so I hope it stays can you hear me fine yes I can okay I wanted to thank you and let you know that your work has really inspired me to get a get out there and and start learning some more and doing the best I can to figure out what's going on in this world well thank you I appreciate that yeah now the conversation with the energy before yes I thought that could be kind of interesting because I was looking at Einsteins equation equal e equals MC squared right and if you look at that it's energy equals mass times the speed of light squared now when you look at that equation you really got to break it down and figure out what mass and the speed of light are really describing mass to me equals space while the speed of light squared equals time okay so really energy is the the synthesis of time and space it's the current moment it's the here and now right that's a way of looking at it and in that in that regard would it not be infinite yes very much so because we do have an infinite quality of space and time right I agree with that yeah absolutely now when people take over the I have to keep adjusting my um I don't know why it's going nuts because you're coming from fine now okay I hope it just speeds there it keeps creeping down on me I don't know why that is really weird anyways it's a level of dependency that the people are ending up in they're ending up in a state of dependency because dependent on the the systems that exist which are not controlled by those people so it's they they have to get their energy needs and requirements from somewhere who are they getting it from they're getting it from these you know multinational corporations and these large fuel companies that are controlled by you know government and you know these corporate figureheads it's really ridiculous to think about it that way but it's true absolutely and that's exactly what they want they want to feed off the needs of others to have them dependent on them to go to them for their resources instead of tapping into the abundant wheelwork of nature you know which is infinite and supplies infinitely to us without asking or demanding anything and it isn't about owning nature it isn't about just taking more than you need or and hoarding etc it's about you know what we require each day and using you know what is within our need not about greed and selfishness and just you know using up you know the take make and throw away mentality that's not what I'm advocating here in the sense that I'm saying that energy is infinite I'm saying there is more than enough present for all of our need and if we simply take the approach that energy itself is free its it's a it's a gift of God if you will to gift of creation if you will no one has the right to control that and meet it out to people in dribs and drabs in tiny increments that keeps people completely dependent and also in a fight or flight mode ality over the perceived scarcity of it that's not a right it's not a human right to do that exactly and then you have to keep running around in that hamster wheel that proverbial hamster wheel to try to you know make the money so you can pay the pay the rent and pay the fuel costs and pay for your heating and all of these different things sure and that's the structure that humanity really has been in for the last several thousand years right I find it interesting that when I open up the topic of discussion to solutions in general this is the first thing that has come forward that people are recognizing that the control of energy is one of the major problems it's one of the absolute major issues that we're facing that we're up against and the solution lies in overturning that energy paradigm it's one of the biggest solutions you know it's not one of the solutions that I've put on my solutions section but ultimately perhaps it should be included in there it certainly is you know my solutions are more abstract and thought based and to about changing our mind so then therefore we can go and change these you know that this paradigm of energy that we're basing the whole planet upon but absolutely the the overturn of the current outdated and immoral the outmoded and immoral energy paradigm that we're all living on on this planet is probably one of the ultimate solutions and perhaps we should do you know an entire show on that when it comes to solutions of course I you know really kind of did that when we talked with the people from the Tesla Science Foundation that talked about all the different energy technologies that were showcased at the last Tesla science conference but absolutely I think it's one of the most important things that we could discuss when we're talking about solution oriented approaches as for the you know the ultimate form of energy dependence what is money that's really energy that feeds the entire structure which makes all the you know everything turn and everything work that's work but you know I've got a YouTube channel can I try for the link out sure okay it's what makes it tick youtube.com slash what makes it tick you bet okay and I've included some of your work in there I've got a three hour documentary I do press nations with a light board a lot of its esoteric a lot of its you know I guess you could say magical based okay but the information that I do is all you know based in scientific principle things that are evident logically and I use things like the Trivium to try to express myself I do the best I can you know I'm just one guy and that's all anybody can ask we'll thank you so much yes yeah a mess is on population control in particular I don't mean eugenics I mean it's the different systems and structures of institutions that exist and the fact that they are systems of population control absolutely that is going on out there without any doubt and people will look around and you know see well there is a whole lot of people concentrated in two particular areas and it's true but it doesn't mean that if we changed our mind about the way with a manner in which we are living and decided to make more sustainable systems and to instead of hoard people into compact jam-packed cities where we're trucking in all the resources instead of growing the resources that we need all around us you know we what the population it would not be a factor whatsoever the reason that it's a factor in most people's minds is because it's set up in a sense of energy dependency and lack and manufactured lack and that's because of the way that we're living in these concentrated regions that we call cities if the population were to spread out and the population were to grow there their energy resources that they need in terms of food around them every day in a sustainable way this pot this planet could sustain probably I would endeavour to say possibly ten times the amount of population that we currently have now and a lot of people will disagree with that but that's my take on I don't see that that there being a an overpopulation problem on earth at all I see there being an apparent problem on earth with how people think that we could continue to live in an unsustainable fashion which isn't even possible absolutely hey thank you so much mark for all that you do great well thank you so much great call all right let's move on to another caller I'll give the call-in number once again all two hours your calls on solutions any solution oriented approaches that you want to talk about I would particularly like to hear from people about the responsibility to teach others and how they are doing that and if they're not doing that yet then why the calling number for the show to join us toll-free eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again the call-in number eight six six eight four one one zero six five let's go back to the phones area code five zero three area code five zero three you are live on what on earth is happening welcome welcome thank you very much for taking my call this is anthony from portland yes just one fine on the responsibility thing looking I've done it I just bought a domain name and my plan is to put a website on that and kind of document my process of what I'm going through trying to wake up and whatnot other thing is I've been studying this Cavalli on yes I wondered if you would take a question on that sure well anyway on the principle of rhythm they mentioned something in there called the law of neutralization yes and there's another thing they called the law of compensation and for my take on it is lot of neutralization is everything's going to swing back you're going to pleasure and pain and whatnot but by using the law of neutralization which from my understanding is you basically bring yourself up to a higher plane you can avoid that swing back into the negative and whatnot and how do you do this was my question my thought was you going there with some kind of meditation I've been sampling that too what you think well I don't think that this could be interpreted in the literal sense that if you you raise yourself to a certain vibration you're going to phase out physical existence and maybe not experience negative consequences in the physical domain of what's happening around us that is not what this refers to I would say that this refers to mental consequences and the consequences that govern our behaviors in the sense of natural law so whereas the rest of the population may be experiencing all kinds of consequences because of how much that they are contributing their energy to the control system if someone raises their consciousness up to a higher level and is no longer feeding that which is immoral then the overall consequences to them in the general sense in what is being generated - for them to be to experience will not be as harsh as many of the people who are ultimately serving that system whether knowingly or unconsciously as the effects that they will themselves experience so it's I believe that this is about natural law consequences not necessarily uh the fact that you know we might not experience the same physical results the same physical things that are going on in the world like let's say if there is a you know a crackdown on American citizens in general like there was in the Nazi regime it's not to say that people may not experience the negative consequences of something that goes on on a mass scale like that or if there is perhaps an earth event you know an actual earth changes event that you know affects the entire planet in some form or fashion it's not to say that you're definitely going to be insulated against that or you're going to be you know in some kind of an energy cocoon protected from physical results in the world it's I believe that what it's talking about here is that you're raising your consciousness up to a level of non-cooperation with evil non-cooperation with immorality that other people are still contributing to and still going along with and in doing that you're the karmic concept Pence's that you're going to experience in general in your lifetime whether it be in this physical reality or another reality that you'll experience it sometime in the future you will not you will not take on the brunt of those consequential effects as severely as many other people will who did not do that work upon themselves yeah right right it's understand that just because you raise yourself to a higher level of consciousness doesn't mean that you're not going to experience what every other physical being on this point right very right so you can have to experience that but you think of it more as like just changing your consciousness you change your frame of reference the things happen but they don't affect you this anyway obviously well it's not just about changing your mind it's about changing your mind and then changing their actions see the actions have to follow the change in mind if you know again the old phrase applies to know and not to do is not to know so if you know and and you say that you understand but you're really not changing your behaviors then do you really no absolutely not you know real wisdom is in having an understanding of what's generating the experience and then changing your actions in accordance with natural law to then change the outward experience so you know the action part of that is the most important thing and that's what would ultimately have to be changed if you really wanted the lesson the impact of those consequences on an individual scale or on a mass scale oh one last thing sure I've been experimenting a little bit with these any think these binaural beats oh yes totally it's important they give an effect like a brain entrainment and you're talking about balancing the brain they have been effective but the one thing I found if anybody wants to get into this is don't drink caffeine the daily unit I have some experience with this I'm familiar with what you're talking about and I do think that they're also pretty effective and they work well the caller is speaking about chemists have a sink which is a their sound patterns and frequencies that basically attempt endeavor to whom through listening to them with headphones to help to bring both sides of the brain to balance through vibratory tones and energy and it's a very interesting thesis that the people who put these out are working with because we are all vibratory energy and we do have resonances within the body and within the physiology and within the brain that can have the resonances when applied to the physiology can have an effect on the way certain structures and functions within the brain work you know we are energy we're existing in a sea of energy and when you change the frequencies around us then the the physiological structures within the body can also be changed healed restructured it's a very sound premise actually and I've actually used some of these myself in the past you could download them on the internet just type Hema sync or you could buy them from some of the people to put these out and I feel that they are effective pattern effective frequency tools in helping to balance the hemispheres of the brain now that being said I'm not going to say you should rely on that totally you know not read not learn not understand not you know work deeply upon the self even it within a conscious state but this can definitely help in a relaxed almost meditative type setting to out to work on this in an ancillary way so I think that they are effective and uh you know I'm not telling everybody going rush out and buy them but look into it research it see if you find it of value and if you do then then employ it put add it to your you know arsenal of other brain balance techniques and and self-improvement techniques but I definitely think there is something to it and there is value in it yeah it's okay well a problem with just a strain of meditation it gets you into that state quiet quicker yes um anyway that's it for the call I want to say thanks mark take care brother okay sir you got it great call okay hey let's move on to another caller okay caller from Philadelphia to15 area code you are live on what on earth is happening welcome I hey what's up mark in there ladies and gentlemen Tim Smith one of the organizers of the freer mind two conference welcome Tim amen I just wanted to uh I got some things written down here on the topic of positive thinking sure a secret movie sounds like kind of cover some of that my take off sure Tim's just speak up a little bit louder or coming a little bit closer to the phone you're a little bit low on on volume there that's much better great all right so how do when it comes to imprecision you always need to learn how to filter out the band and taking the good yeah there is always food information within everything important you take for I think that's that's that's very powerful understanding that we can't throw the baby out with the bathwater even in many things we don't agree with you can filter it and take the things that are true from it and leave the rest so the filtration system went up when applying its information you know many will call that the Trivium process or the Trivium method it is very important in doing that and also recognizing that even if again there are people we don't agree with they could have made contributions in certain ways that you know are valuable and true and then you can leave the rest and the same is true for people you mostly agree with they could put out certain things out there that are they're false and that doesn't negate you know or maybe you know not entirely accurate and that doesn't necessarily negate good things that they put forward you know I'll give an example and then you can continue with with but look at a lot of people are suspect of someone like Terence Mckenna who I say is like a mentor to me because of so much valuable information he put out just because they don't like the fact that he talked about overpopulation he bought into during his lifetime the overpopulation myth and accepted that into his worldview so in that sense was his worldview poisoned yes partially it was but that doesn't make him one of the bad guys just because he happened to fall for that aspect of what the genisis were putting out there and telling people that oh it's it's all about the overpopulation of the world you know it doesn't negate everything else that he talked about make him an agent of some kind just because he happened to buy into this one aspect of worldview poisoning so you know it swings both ways there are people out there who could be put out putting out tremendously positive transformative information and tools for people and they have some things that they aren't accurate on and then there are people who you know might really be the bad guys and are throwing out some elements of truth out there to lure people in it's about being discerning and filtering the information to take what is true is really transformative in a positive sense and leaving the rest so that's a great point Tim and I would say that's that goes a long way toward a solution because it helps us really to purify you know all the methodologies that we're looking to distill here toward the deal you know ultimate solution of being truly free and being sovereign individuals and you know living in a non-violent way and you know being in the world but not being of the world and really respecting the the you know divinity and sovereignty and all others and that's ultimately what we're trying the distillation that we're trying to synthesize here that will really truly transform this world for the positive for all of us so that's a really really poignant aspect a very powerful point that you just made there about way we have to filter information so good point what was your next though your next point when it comes to the secret movie I think there is a cure to be taken from it that the law of attraction is real yeah at consciousness and different types of thought I think they this within different vibrational constructs and they're a magnetic energy and as you as you focus your mind on certain things that exist in a particular frequency nation in that frequency people come to you who will come back to you in a synchronous manner and as you practice controlling your ad mental focus you will notice this type of synchronous happening to you all the time absolutely you know let me add to that a little bit part of this um the true aspect of the law of attraction that they're putting forward in the New Age movement and in the secret is that if you believe you can or you believe you can't even either way you're right so if you focus if your focus is constantly on that's not possible that's not possible then the the intelligent field of creation that exists all around us is going to rearrange the world to make that not possible because that's what you believe that's what you are insisting that is true you know so many people say well it's not possible for people to really understand rights you know for everybody to understand rights for that to be common sense knowledge I hear this from people all the time I say look the solution is everybody simply has to know what a right is and what a right is not or in other words what a wrong is and then they have to be willing to extend that courtesy of you know choosing the right over the wrong when it comes to their interactions with other people oh they say they want that for themselves and they don't want to be wronged by others but they have to be willing to simply do that to live that way to put that into practice in their own life when it comes to their interactions with others and you have people say oh that can't be no one everyone will not do that well if that's how you think about it and probably the universe is going to rearrange things to make it happen that way for you you're going to envision that it's not possible it's not possible then what are you going to be doing to make that the reality nothing because you didn't think it was possible so you won't put any energy behind it you know that's why so many people are not active they don't believe that it's possible to do anything about the situation that we're in and again that's what the dominators want to control the sense of possibility is what they're ultimately trying to control if they have you in that level of mind control you're done like I said the ultimate form of mind control is the extermination of the imagination what you are willing to perceive as possible if they can control that they got you they got you and there is no escape but if that is free if the imagination can roam free then your your mind can envision possibility and if you can envision possibility then you're going to be willing to put your willpower behind that vision to make it a reality so great point Tim and I think that is the true law of attraction and a true you know way that we're going to generate and create our own reality and it's all about possibility what we will what we think is possible and again then what we're willing to put our energy and focus and willpower behind it to create that possibility in reality so good point because they kind of tell you not to look at positive it's not to look at negative things I think it's a little different you need to look at the negative in a positive way and turn the negative into a positive you know like that you know true out to be right that so learning from that negative so you can overcome it and if you don't focus on the negative you can never overcome that negative situation that's right learning from mistakes learning from learning in the apophatic sense in other words understanding what not to do so look at the negative is to say hey this isn't working and now I'm understanding that that doesn't work and I'm going to learn from that I'm going to change the behavior but if you don't look at the shadow material if you don't look at the demon side of things so to speak you're not going to learn from that you know and the apophatic methodology of learning is probably the strongest again direct knowledge of something in the way of you did something it gave you the wrong result is probably one of the most powerful teachers again I give the example of a kid who touches a flame over a hot stove you know did he have to experience that no he didn't have to experience it but I guarantee you that's going to be an even better teacher when he gets his fingers burned and blisters up his hand then someone telling him that's hot and because it's hot you shouldn't touch it because there are negative consequences for putting your hand over that flame him doing it himself in contravention to the warning is going to teach him for all time for the rest of his life and he's never going to forget that lesson and you know maybe that's what humanity is trying to do here too to go directly into the flames themselves because they don't want it they don't want to learn from a word teaching from the teachings of words and communication they are only going to be satisfied if they go into the prison themselves but unfortunately I don't know if there's any turning back from that you know I think you know just burning a few fingers is a little bit different than what humanity is seemingly trying to do here by stepping into the the big flames you know of a prison planet so to speak and there might not be any return from from that abyss which we're seemingly so keen to go over the cliff and directly into but that gnosis that direct experience of the negative is a powerful trance tool and again it's one of the best teachers I believe I haven't definitely decided yet but I am leaning toward making my talk at the free your mind conference of through your mind to conference about this event about this dynamic the experience of chaos and the embrace of the potential for chaos may just be my topic a theme at the event and I'm gonna be deciding that over the next month or two but that seems to be what I'm meanings were because people really need to understand the chaos ease not necessarily the enemy here it can be a powerful teacher it is one of what I call the two teachers so Tim stay with us we'll be right back after the station break and listening to what America's have real [Music] [Applause] the same things all the way through the subliminal said what am eager to see birthday know he defendant all [Music] welcome back everyone what on earth is happening here on the world that broadcasting radio network today is Sunday October 28 2012 we're in the second hour of the show let's go back to the phones Tim are you still with us you were talking about some of the positive aspects of the secret and the law of attraction when it comes to positive thinking yes great I think in a matter of vibration and as you are as you have raised your vibration a higher consciousness will come back to you and if you live exist in a web-based desire type of vibration this is where you're going to exist in life um I think way to raise your vibration is to turn from your negative experiences in life problems that exist around it so it's not to not look too negative but forget it deeply as you can and learn from it and raise up so it so then you can commit exactly I think that's what we really need to get out of the law of attraction there sure and and if not if we don't do that what was the suffering for what did we gain and what was the net gain for having gone through that experience nothing you know so I totally agree that is what the reason for the existence of the negative aspects are and if we don't pay attention to them and ignore them as many in the New Age movement would have us do we are completely squandering the lesson it is it absolutely is about looking at and learning from the negative experience without any question and we've talked about that a lot here on the show and talked about how that is a deception in the New Age movement to not talk about the negative things that are going on all around us because again those are some of the most profound lessons that we could learn from so great point Tim what what else do you have um from learning from the negative this is how we raise our consciousness and the vibrational frequency that we distant and as we change our frequency all new information will appear and a new life will emerge for it yes and I think it's all matter of focus help us focus our minds and a matter of that through focus in our mind it's a matter of frequency - sure Tim I ask you to just speak up a little bit or come closer to the phone again you're fading into the background a little bit again any better here much better thank you continue okay yes so as we are as we learned from the negative and raise our frequency on all new look will emerge around us and I think it's all a matter of being able to control our mental focus so many people in the world nowadays do not know how to focus and control their focus throughout the day you know that's right they're scattered you know and their will is quite low when it comes to putting their attention on something and holding it there and you know the point that you made about if your desires are oriented toward base things that's going to be your experience if your desires are focused on a hot the higher life as it is known then that's going to become your experience if your desire is on freedom and truth and justice and harmony with natural law and respect true respect and consciousness and responsibility you know and uh you know conscience doing the right thing then if all of our focus is on that what do you think is going to express in the world what we pay attention to is ultimately what manifests in the world what is true about the so-called laws of attraction as put out by a lot of the New Age movement is energy flows where attention goes this is 100% the case that is true at all times and places where we put our attention that's what's going to manifest in our reality without any doubt whatsoever that is how it works so then you simply look around and ask yourself the question what are people focused on what is their attention on on a daily basis and the answer if we're being honest with ourself is junk trash garbage low things low vibratory energy low vibratory things you know and it's the big part of the focus is on money so what do you think's going to be fed by that you know money is going to take the biggest precedence people are going to want to put more attention on that and that beast is going to grow you got to put your attention on freedom you have to put your attention on morality and that means understanding why those things are being diminished in the world it's not to say well don't look at the reason why it's it's it's you know those things are going away no you have to look at the reason why it's going away because if you don't know the reason why any problem exists you're powerless to solve the problem you don't know the causal factor that led to the effect and this is one thing that you'll see is very very mysteriously or maybe not so mysteriously maybe conspiratorial missing from the court unquote New Age movement is the law of cause and effect they don't talk about that one much very occasionally you'll hear it but they'll very rarely talk about if you don't pay attention to the causal factor you cannot solve the problem because you're operating in the realm of effect and you're never going deeper than that to the realm of causality to understand what generated the problem to begin with because you may have to look at negative things there in the lot in the realm of causality and this New Age movement you know this you know fake aspect of the New Age movement they want to try to take people us focus and energy off of that those causal factors and that's where they're not doing a service to humanity they're doing a big disservice by telling people don't look at that you're telling people in telling people not to look at the negative you're telling them not to look at a cause and again if they don't understand the cause they can never understand what generated the effect what generated the manifested reality that they are experiencing and therefore there is no way to change that reality so what part of what we're going to do at 10 I'm really glad you brought up this aspect okay because part of what the organizers of the free your mind conference are getting ready to do coming up in the next few days actually um it'll be next weekend Friday Saturday and Sunday the second third and fourth here in Philadelphia we are going to directly engage the New Age movement community because there is a big conference coming up here in Philadelphia that a lot of New Agers are going to be present at it's called the mind/body/spirit Expo and I'm not telling people about it to promote the event although I think there are some good that you can pick up by checking out an event like this absolutely there is good there um but we are going there to hand out flyers for the free your mind to conference coming up in Philadelphia to try to take the large numbers that exist in this community and try to get them to understand some of the really deeper occult aspects that are taking place around us and start to get these people who partially care but they are still lacking a lot of knowledge about causal factors that have led to the problems we are experiencing and they need to be exposed to more information like what we're going to be putting out at the free your mind to conference so we're going to do heavy promotion at the mind/body/spirit Expo for the free your mind to conference this weekend in Philadelphia so the organizers will be there many of us will be and we'll be handing out we got 5,000 full-color postcard it's already made ready to go we're going to be handing them out like crazy at the mind-body-spirit Expo next weekend in Philadelphia so ten great points what else you have for us oh yeah I just got some Lima where you're explaining I like I like to think of the law of attraction more as the power of thought it's the power of thought on the field of consciousness that exists all around it otherwise the way we think and how it affects through cause and effect and natural law you know that's exactly right a book that I would like to recommend that helped me a lot understand this stuff is as a man's think just by James Allen great book that's at the very cheesy and short read and but the knowledge is infinite in its wisdom and I he says that a man's character in being is to complete some of his thoughts that's exactly right yeah there's a that's a great book and I've read that about seven times it's a short read too for anybody that wants a good introduction to this you know way of changing one's paradigm and worldview and understanding how we're drawing realities to us by what we perceive as possible it's definitely a great read in a short read as well okay so I just have one more thing on positive thinking something that really real quick before you get into your next point I would like to recommend a couple of books I mentioned his name last week Richard W Wetherill and these are also short and easy to digest works on the book Tower of Babel by Richard Wetherill and that you can you could download these in the first of all you can go to his website and download them for free or you can get them right from the podcast section I actually added his works to the natural law the first podcast that I did on natural law which I believe was back in the in the 60s oh no I'm sorry in the 70s place I can't recall the exact podcast maybe 72 or something like that but Rick any of Richard Wetherill works I would also highly recommend right is might by Richard Wetherill right is might also there's a good synthesis of his work that was written I believe posthumously and it's called be right or go wrong and this is about essentially the law of attraction the the way that we our actions and behaviors are either in harmony with natural law or in contravention to it and therefore we're ultimately generating a you know the consequences the experience and it is if we're operating in the parameters within the parameters of natural law the experience is going to be positive and beneficial and if we you know completely trounce other people's natural law rights and you know refuse to live in harmony with the laws of right and wrong then our experience is ultimately going to be negative and painful and full of suffering so he does a really great job of explaining it the simplicity and understanding how that we can really come to understand this at a deep level and test it in our own lives so those two books Tower of Babel and Wright is might by Richard Wetherill and also again the synthesis of his work which can be found on his site or on the what on earth is happening podcasts on natural law which is called be right or go wrong if people are interested in you know doing a little bit of reading when it comes to the real laws of attraction then this is the gentleman that one of the gentlemen I would recommend as the previous caller brought up I would also highly recommend the work of hermetics known as the Cabal Eon so definitely check that out as well so Tim continue on your next point so the idea that everything happens for a reason helps a lot helped me a lot with positive thinking yeah it's every happens for a reason the one negative thing is it negative anymore everything happens to you for reason that reason is for you to learn from it exactly learn and keep consciousness and then what you learn is up to you to find out so that's that and that everything happens for a reason instead of saying what something bad after all why me I think well what to learn from this that's right we're driving but that's what it is we're driving no one's directing this Big Spaceship Earth except us we're the ones who are driving our experience here and we have to own that responsibility we have to come to terms with that and own it if it's happening here on earth we are doing it okay and I'm you know of course the exception of nature as far as the forces of of the physical aspects of nature hurricanes earthquakes and maybe even in a lot of ways we might be doing those things too in the modern day at least you know but barring those acts of God quote-unquote we are creating we are generating our experience here on earth we're the ones driving and we have to again come to terms with that and own it and accept the responsibility that goes hand-in-hand with that understanding great point Tim what else ya got the kabali on I think yeah law of attraction ties in with the the seven principles of Hermeticism especially principle number one the all is mind also the tricks of Correspondence that what you put out comes back to you I just wanted to throw that out there two of the most powerful pieces of understanding that anyone can incorporate understanding that mind is the generator of everything that we're doing and ultimately it's what we care about that is acting as the prime generator you know what we are taking from our heart and putting into our mind the hearts really the generator you know it's about what we care about and that's where it ultimately stems from the heart and that's what's driving what we're doing with our mind our cares driving the mind but the mind ultimately then expresses what we experience that's the principle of mentalism that the all is a mental construct is a creation of mind and the principle of Correspondence I mean I can't say enough about that and hopefully my breakdowns of natural law have helped people to really understand that the universe is a mirror and that which we are putting out into it is coming back to us that we will experience that which we generate and put out there into the field of creation it will always come back to us and we will experience it we are experiencing ourselves ultimately well what we are made of is what our experience will be also made of that will be the quality of our experience so absolutely powerful points that people need to accept to understand and accept it isn't about belief it is about these are forces that exist in nature this is just how the laws of the universe work man didn't create them we are subject to them you know there's one thing you're not going to be free of you're not going to be free from natural law natural law is what this entire domain is governed by and again if you can figure out a way out of the physical universe you let me know where there is no natural law you know and there are no contours action without consequence because in this entire universe there is no such thing as action without consequence what you do you're free to do what you will that's freewill but you're not free to do what you will and have no consequence so we have free will but not without consequence there is free will with consequence this is a free will with consequence domain that's where you're at in a domain where there is free will with consequence and that's what the law of Correspondence is all about and in understanding that it has nothing to do with religion it has nothing to do with belief systems it is just like understanding gravity or any other force that exists within nature it is simply that which is man did not create those laws they are in effect you are bound by them the end for all time and again if you don't like that you let me know when you could figure out a way out of this universe and I'll be right behind you but until then you better understand and accept that there are laws in place that govern the consequences of our behaviors and then try to bring your behavior into accordance with those laws so you don't generate self-inflicted suffering it would probably be a wise thing but hey most people don't want to hear that they want to think they can act without consequence and they're going to bring down heaps of suffering down upon them just like bring in a building write down on their head you know detonating a building and being in it at the same time that's what largely humanity is doing here on earth at this current time so 10 phenomenal points do you have anything else for us I just wanted to say that you know you've helped me a whole lot of understand these that fundamental laws and I just want to thank you for that and and that's all I got to have a good night man Tim always a pleasure man you keep up the good work that you're doing my friend great call always a pleasure to hear from Tim Smith again tim is one of the organizers of the freer mine conference and the freer mine conference would not be what it is without his help so let's move on to another call let me give the call-in number once again we'll be taking calls throughout the end of the show not many people in the queue so if you want to call in you'll pretty much be bumped right to the top of the queue um you won't shouldn't have to hold on for that long so calling number eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again toll-free call in number to join us we're talking about solutions anything that we've covered in the solutions section I would also really like to hear from you about your responsibility of teaching people the information that we've been talking about here since day one on what on earth is happening if you're doing it how is it going if you're not doing it why aren't you so I'd like to hear that dynamic the toll-free number to join us eight six six eight four one one zero six five okay let's go back I believe that this is Kevin who had a problem with his phone earlier let's go back to them and ask if he's okay Kevin are you with us area code six zero two you're live on what on earth is happening welcome Ohio driving in Phoenix can drive a little better now Ivan I can hear you much better now there's still a little bit of static but you're definitely coming through okay now okay well it's not fully static if the bunch of background noise I'm at work I don't know much I really want to talk to you about and put out there but that's on yet but you know it that is understood and we'll deal with it because I can at least hear your voice well now so you go right ahead okay I'll just try and throw everything out here in a minute and then you can take it from there I guess I'm pretty much your media correspondent because a lot of my stuff is referenced from movies and TV shows I don't know if you're familiar with the TV show fringe yes I am it has during job okay yeah I don't know if you noticed during opening credit I have not watched that as I'm checking out season one right now people think that's odd well this is something I'll do but I just actually done really into it a little bit watch out of political connection and see where they're going so I'm kind of okay okay well you probably noticed during G opening credits that they have a lot of words coming across the screen like quantum physics and ela alternate universe and stuff like that was this season it's pretty interesting that during the opening credits they show the word unity joy education free thought and the last word issue is freedom wrapped around those thin barbed wire and one and all those words are inside a prison very interesting and not for the showing at our future doesn't even take place in the future very interesting yeah I did not I was not aware of that sir thanks for that I'll definitely be working my way up to that great and then another thing to more media related things the films and the trust are the second part is out I was not aware even ever I got into pain Winesburg after watching these two films that's also very interesting concept there which that can be taken in either way the other rich to you know maintain society the way it is or for the regular people like us to realize why things are the way they are I think there's a lot of value in in Ryan's work I don't think that she was like so like why instructs the imagination or understood a lot of the aspects of the conspiratorial system that you know work all of editing but there is a lot of value in the free market aspects of her work when it comes to promote innovation and freedom so I said so when I worship a group and then there's some aspects of her work that I don't agree with but definitely valued studying her work I would definitely and people to check out Cosby it leans a bit too into the selfish side formation so action this event it's like hot over that off what's up all right right I scoop I want that quick pain assessment there but not yes one one that quick thing then well I still have a few more things but real quick on up on the movie side there's a film that came out this weekend called Cloud Atlas by the Wachowski siblings who did the matrix and I've seen film already twice it is excellent it's in the top ten list for me and it's very a lot of information that you would probably love and pick up on and listeners of the show Donegan Cloud Atlas flies on a book that came out in 2004 okay Cloud Atlas lotta good dialogue and concepts in this film also one particularly dialogue that stands out for me is one of the main characters says every crime and every good deed create our future Wow who's not we are very very deep very uh you know fundamental kind of ideas that a lot again the Wachowski brothers put in the film yes a lot of people are really getting the idea and putting it out there that we Clark to see the experience that we can have we're taking our bedroom enough lay on it that's all really comes down to it escapes the last complete us were working in elegance so I'll check that one out doesn't right right and then one one quick comment or something else up go out there it's past weekend yesterday Saturday morning with David Icke Wembley Arena lecture for what a presentation I don't know if you caught right or watched it in zebra one was a friend of mine Hawk Woodley and is office here not an app the next night was dog food that's not right yeah it was very informative it's lots of good information from digitized again you can see where regarding Saturn and the moon and stuff like that my thing is that I have a meetup group set up for that and I don't know how your meetup groups go back there Phoenix in Philadelphia this searches on your topic of responsibilities mom I get about 10 to 15 RSVPs for these meetups you know the disappointing part is not only about four or five actually show up so there are people that know the information well or know all the information but they don't really take the time to put in the action the effort into being part of and participate in it so that's a little bit of dusting holding us back as a movement or or yeah I agree with you and I will share a little bit of the experience that we're having this part of the truth freedom prosperity documentary night meetups I mean it could possibly because they just think that they know this information but we get into discussions there but I guarantee that people who can really learn a lot of the discussions engage it we're also seeing very low numbers issues to have 25 33 come out and now over the last couple of meters main content probably under she's not encouraging and especially now with the time that the critical time that we're in right on tell you know I've you know this is weekly percents of vertically now I'm more than ever so I'm kind of discouraged in seeing the numbers of people who are willing to come out and spend their their time to know edify them stop it Wow mark I could hardly make you out here I'm I'm losing the constants I'll let you go and I'll try and call back one of your neck children all right Ivan thanks so much great call okay so at least that'll knock out the background noise and I'll continue with what I was saying yeah we're seeing a diminished of amount of numbers in people who are coming out in the documentary screening and discussion evenings even the last fundraiser for the free your mind conference was very very low on people even though I gave a presentation that I worked for weeks at really putting something very nice together and I thought that the information there was top-notch and yet we had a very disappointing turnout it's very difficult to get people to sustain their energy sustain their effort and that's what is is the solution it's going to take sustained will constant willpower constant effort constant work that's what the process of alchemy is about now is no time to be quitting I feel the the low surge of energy as well I said that a couple of weeks back or last week and there's no question about it the times we're living in are as far as knowing what's going on truly it's draining on the psyche and that's why you have to build the will build up the will I understand what the strength of will that I have I still feel the pressure to you know of oh it's not having enough of an impact or you know we're not getting enough done or it's it's you know too much of the negative dynamic and we we're never going to overturn it but again I even if that's where my current thinking is in any particular day I still say it doesn't matter I'm gonna do what the right thing is for that reason alone because it's the right thing for no other reason again the idea of Smith grabbing neo by the neck and saying why do you continue to fight me when you know you can't win or you know at least the dynamic looks like you can't win and his answer is simply because I choose to free will that's how I'm going to use it I'm not going to squander my free will I'm going to use it and employ it through constant effort even if I feel like giving up I'm not going to and believe me I'm long than I am sometimes on the verge of giving up but I I make a continual renewal a continual renewal in the moment to press forward and that's the kind of effort that this is going to take to get done if you don't have that get off the battlefield you know because again if you think this this is going to be an easy you know stretch and it's not going to be an uphill climb you're sorely mistaken I didn't say it would be you know difficult to understand it's simple but easy and simple are two different things okay it's not going to be easy where we've worked our self the corner we've worked ourselves into it will not be easy but the truth is always simple and it requires no special magical effort to understand to create that change though is go is going to be difficult and require a Herculean effort of will and we should psychologically prepare ourselves for that encounter you know because we are pedaling uphill there's no question of that but yeah the the numbers of people again to go back to Ivans a point that he was making about being disciplined about numbers it's the same we're seeing the same dynamic here in Philadelphia you know people say that they're going to come out and then the number the turnouts are always less than the RSVPs but again I think it's because a lot of people are feeling that pressure and they're they're down on things you know it's up to us to renew it and to come up with some creative things to regenerate their interest to help them make that renewal of will and effort that's what it's all about and if we're going to do that you know if we're going to be effective teachers in that regard or at least wayshowers you could even look at it as if you don't even like the word teacher just a wayshower you know then we have to at least steel ourselves against that F of energy that we're feeling and say I'm going to make a continuous renewal because I know it's the right thing and then try to reach down into ourselves and generate some creative energy and put something forward that might reduce their interest that's the best advice I can give it the current time close I'm feeling the same thing you are my friend we're seeing the same thing here does that mean I'm going to give up absolutely not so let's go back to the phones we still have some callers on the line for this last half hour of the show caller from the five one three area code five one three you're live on what on earth is happening welcome five one three will be four in Cincinnati Ohio of welcome ladies are telling occupants Maddie Thank You market is your friend live in Cincinnati mark please you know and I know that we don't we do use you the crutch we please don't be disheartened sir it is it is tiresome there is a an array of electromagnetic low-frequency Els waves constantly bombarding us weakening our sense of strength I myself can literally hear the frequencies in the quiet of the night used to be at three or four in the morning one could quietly gather their thoughts and meditate as the hum of the natural day of the modern world had subsided now this non-stop electromagnetic low frequency wave is running during this array of towers we must be aware of it I'm like Don Quixote striking the cell towers with my Lance but you know and you're right it is sad that our strength our resolve does weaken but please keep your resolve up sir trying to I'm doing my best and I know you were recently under some kind of computer attack from your last show you spoke of the all manner of computer things going down there was I wasn't an attack it was simply hardware failure from a design flaw that had existed and I did get it taken care of and it was a painful process but I'm working to ensure that even if something similar to that does happen again I have some I have some insurance in place and uh you know back up and of course I meticulously back up my actual material and documents on my computer that was no worry ever but it was simply a hardware issue that I at the time really did not have the it did not even have the funds to solve the problem and a friend helped me out by you know coming forward with some funds which I you know thank uh John last week on the show if he hadn't done that yeah I might still be down so our that was just great that you know friend helped come forward with that with that a financial effort when it was needed as well so um yeah it I don't believe it was an attack from anyone anyone outside it was simply hardware failure but again when that when that strikes and you don't have the means for correcting it or the financial means for getting what you need then you know that could be a big problem and that was a problem with me for you know over a week you know it mean into the second week and you know things didn't really work out that that second week so I couldn't come right back on the beard then but it's all worked out now and uh you know I'm again I'm working to take a measure of insurance so things flow a little bit more smoothly for me here in the in the technology department luckily I have a lot of skills in that regard because that's what I used to do for a living you know I work as a technical specialist so you know even with that this really set me back a little bit but it's worked out now and things seem to be going pretty smoothly so thank you enough CERN in that regard oh we're all concerned mark we appreciate your fine work as always two things to comment a question that comment is congratulations on securing heavy hitters to the for your mind to conference yes in the form of Mark Phillips and Cathy O'Brien very interesting should be quite a treat it's going to be great I'm so looking forward to their information that they're going to present and it's an honor to have them as part of the conference absolutely their story is intriguing to be sure and then a question mark I know it's a negative combination of numbers but the 77 is keeps popping up in my world and I remember that it was a dark click configuration can you remind me please and others why it is a dark occult symbol 77 thank you again for your voice mark we'll talk soon yeah I could briefly talk about some numerology in that regard and 77 is generally known as the number of sorcery in the occult I would say that the one exception to that rule would be Crowley's book 77 which I think has very powerful spiritual truths contained within it which is known as Li bear oz The Book of Oz um but to go back to the question about why 77 is seen as a sorcerers number and dark occultism that's because it is being looked at in connection to the number 777 in occult or gematria terms 777 is seen as the number of man's completion or man's activation if you will so you're seeing the number seven seven to 777 in relationship to the three sevens the triple seven the triple seven generally represents again man's consciousness coming into full activation and into a state of non-duality meaning that as one thinks so one feels so one acts and there is no contradiction there is no separation between those three modalities of consciousness so your thoughts your emotions and your actions are in alignment and non-duality that is man's positive awakened enlightened activated state from which he is going to generate true freedom if one of those components is in failure or missing altogether then the solution is not possible to enact it is not possible to create true freedom it is not possible to create one's reality wisely because you have to have your thoughts your emotions and your actions all in place and working properly toward the same end in non contradiction non duality therefore the seventy seven represents two of those three aspects but nothing in the way of the other in the way of the third and of course when it comes to the dark occult and sorcery in general the two aspects that are complete are the thoughts and the actions in other words the intellect and the will have come together to their full expression but the thing that is the zero is the emotions is the heart so there is no emotion present and this is what a sorcerer is a sorcerer is one with no emotions but who has intellect and the willpower to back up the intellect to carry out what they want to do but there is no true care there is no true heart involved and therefore that is why seventy seven in certain occult systems of numerology has become associated with the dark occult or the concept of sorcery in general and I would say the again the exception to that is book oz that Crowley wrote which is about the expression of the natural rights of men very much in harmony with natural law as a matter of fact and talks about man being the generator of our experience here that we are actually the creator of our experience and then goes on to list the universal rights of men and it's something I haven't talked about much because I haven't really gotten much into thalamic philosophy on the show other what other than to comment about what the leymah in general represents and some of the things some of the concepts numerologically and in gematria that it works with and perhaps i could do a whole show on the thalamic philosophy in general the general tenets of the leymah at some future point maybe break down a couple of Crowley's writings like the book of oz lis bear 77 or perhaps parts of the book of lies that he wrote which is an interesting name doesn't mean what people think it does but part of that is chapter 23 which is one of my favorite pieces of Crowley's writings I've never really talked about the numerology of the number 23 either which I'd like to get into at some future point I think that's very powerful and almost as powerful as the number 93 when it comes to conceptual ideas that it represents you know the chapter 23 in the book of lies is all about getting out of the mental prison that most of us are living in freeing ourselves from mental bondage from the head cage the beginning of book 23 is sefa a cagey cephalic a pajama cefaa lay in greek means head and then a calf allay is the exact correct pronunciation and then the letters K G is green language for caged so Kepha Lake a Kappa Gamma head cage TEFL a means head in Greek and then kg cage Kappa Gamma so he wrote in code he wrote in cypher and you know the number 23 is all about getting out you know represents escape not in the sense of escapism but of release from attachment of getting out of your current shackles of your constraints that you're currently under there there shackling you and enslaving you so it's all about getting out of the head cage maybe I'll break that down at some future point maybe you know who know maybe we could do a show on thelema on a Colt Empire Bob who knows you know we could tackle that at some future point or maybe again I'll do a show on it here on what on earth is happening is another breakdown of an occult philosophy but that's the breakdown of 77 as I understand it in geometry terms and why that has become known as a associated with dark occultism and sorcery so I hope that answers the question let's go back to the phones area code two five zero you're live on what on earth is happening welcome role mark see Who am I speaking with my name is Brad hi Brad how are you doing complete when I write today right mom it's calling because I've listened to you for quite a while and a couple little things maybe I haven't covered and I'm kind of interested in on your take on them so it's not a question of is the first question is how does natural law of you pro-life pro-choice abortion yes that is definitely doing harm so harmony with natural law would not include the practice of abortion charm is being afraid to a living being okay so a natural law wouldn't wouldn't be affected of course by rape or incest it wouldn't see those two things as a correct those who would be working in harmony with natural law would be attempting to get at the root causes for why anyone would do those practices and therefore address those causes which would then not lead to those eventualities and the problem would take care of itself okay um so it did happen and hopefully it would resolve before it happened well this is the entire problem it's a chicken and egg scenario people say well what about the people who are going to murder people are going to steal from people what do you do about those people well yes you have to address those people you have to deal with those people and you know it isn't about drafting laws that say you can't do things that are already in contravention to natural law it's about simply taking action if someone is going to take those behaviors and act upon them but the problem already exists that the failure is already present because you allowed someone to grow up in the world view in the world view poisoning that would lead to that condition you didn't deal with the problem you didn't nip it in the bud so to speak through proper education in the developmental period of youth this is the entire problem we're a nation of grown children were world of grown children that know nothing about how the laws of nature operate and think we're adults and there's 80 year old people who are mental midgets and mental infants complete spiritual and mental infants who have never thought about anything worthwhile or anything higher than the most base of functions and needs in their entire lives and are totally self-serving in you know and totally reptilian mindset and then there are thirteen year olds with profound spiritual understanding you know so age is meaningless physical age is meaningless when it comes to knowledge about how things actually operate it's all about were you nurtured were you truly raised out of base consciousness how was that how was that computer that we call the human brain programmed what kind of software went into it during the formative years of development which largely determines the worldview and behaviors of an individual and that can be changed even if it's even if it's been a very badly badly programmed as I was when I was a child the worldview that I was taught by my family members was atrocious an atrocity and it took me years to overturn that programming but I did it in an act of will and this all comes down to the effects you cannot treat the effects so when we're talking about what people are willing to do for money or to sate their base desires rape incest theft theft you know murder etc these are the effects the effects cannot be treated you have to treat the causal factors and the causal factors is the programming that we're receiving the mis-education that we're receiving that has nothing to do with truth and has nothing to do with an accurate understanding of how the laws of nature function where the problem has to be addressed from and then you will not manifest those behaviors the society will not manifest those behaviors why do you think these behaviors are largely not present and the manifestations of those behaviors are largely not present in truly shamanic cultures because they treat the issue and nip it in the bud they teach people the true way of being in the world that doesn't lead to chaotic conditions like that from the time that they're young and they are not permitted to refuse those teachings they hammer them forcefully into the child and people will say oh that's a form of mind control yes it is it's a it's mind control that's the time to engage true positive mind control you're putting programming you're putting software into the brain of a child so then what gets output on the screen is beautiful and harmonious instead of a piece of junk which the the parents of today's society our children themselves and even but even people who do have a somewhat adult mindset from a spiritual perspective they don't want to do that work they want to leave it to somebody else this is what responsibility is all about this is what the shirking of responsibilities is about a friend of mine or I'd only want to use the word friend because I want to be more selective about who I'll use that word to describe an associate of mine who I do not dislike I actually like at a point in the past said to me I'm not concerned about other people's education that's not my responsibility and I said you obviously don't understand what's driving the dynamic the mis-education and if you know then you will have a responsibility to try to balance that by putting out the information and and helping them to rewrite that software code that is in their brain and is driving their worldview in their behaviors and yes it is your responsibility to educate others especially if you really know the dynamic that's operating so I that in general did helps you to understand my take on something as complex of an issue as when people bring up abortion is it in harmony with natural law it is most definitively not in harmony with natural law it is not a right it is a wrong you are doing something to another being that is harmful and therefore it's not in harmony with natural law regardless really of why it occurred the best way to deal with that bad situation is to avert it by teaching people how to behave in the world that is in harmony with natural law so you don't have people who are going out there raping people so and again rape is one of the big the big four incursions against natural law the big transgressions against natural law murder rape theft trespass so again people want to bring up all of these exceptions it's the old adage two wrongs don't make a right just because someone happened to do that there's another being that's involved now and the right decision would be to figure out a situation in a communal aspect the community would need to step up and address that wrongdoing by doing right by the mother and the child at that point I don't think aborting the fetus is the right solution personally and there are many who will be outraged by me saying that and this and disagree and they're fine to go right ahead and do that I know the difference the definitive objective difference between right and wrong and abortion 100% stands on the side of wrong am I still on the line yes okay great I didn't know if you put me on ute the only circumstance that I see would affect it in a very strange way would be the circumstance of a mother during birth and having problems with that birth and right doctor having to decide whether to save the mother or the child now that this has come up throughout human history and of course you know that there's again more delicate sensibilities involved there but that would to be a medical decision based on probably what would be more likely to happen in the event that you didn't have access to you know modern medical facilities to do a cesarean section or something of that nature so I would probably tend to agree with you on that side yes one of the exceptions - it's probably one of the only ones I can think of to actual audit one has to make a decision right Karen yes okay okay the other question I have and hopefully it doesn't we can get you too much fired up it's just a question basically it's a little bit one the non-supported Dominator side which one is deafening back um and I'd like to say that as far as I'm concerned the real solution to the problem is the children of the future because without the proper education we're just going to keep doing the same things we buy I agree well that is really the biggest solution is teach your children that's right a difference wrong what's wrong what's the other the other question I had was nucleus is at what level do we decide and fortunately have to decide to draw a line whether life is insignificant I mean that because you know you talked about animals and humans and trees but there's other life forms on this planet that are much smaller right and make up a larger amount of actual life on this planet and we're into you know the insects bacterial fungal cell for sure where do they fall on the scale of natural law and deciding whether their libraries are just as important why ours well well look I wouldn't advocate people being in abject terror of going out and stepping on their lawn because they might step on an ant in the soil someplace that this you know we have to apply some degree of common sense and recognition that okay we are affecting physical matter that may involve some smaller forms of life you know what I'll give you an example of this the other day I did the dishes that were in my sink after a meal okay and I a pot off to the side and there was some water you know trickling off the edge and pulling in the in the pot and a fly flew into the water at the bottom of the pot and I actually saw this happen and saw the fly drowning and struggling in the little minor pool of you know droplet droplets that had gathered in the in the bottom of the pot after I had done the dishes for the night and I tried to you know move the water out so that the fly wouldn't drown you know and it was in pretty bad shape it looked like it was going to die and I said well well what you know do I just get since I'm going to dry these and put them off the shelf do I just you know smash it when I'm taking a you know a rag to it or something no I set the pot off to the side it's not going to harm me to sit there for a little bit I let the fly dry out and I came back and he had flown away so it for the couple of minutes it took me to make a decision well do I just end this or you know it has he suffered too much earns he is he already drowned really I let time sort it out and figure you know if he's going to dry out then he'll be okay and he'll fly away and it's you know what's the big deal so that's what I did and what I'm trying to say is if it's our intent we have to make a decision and make an intent and say am I going to interact with what's there now and I know is actively present and there and make a decision to be kind or make a decision to ignore it and just you know do whatever so again that's another delicate sensibility that I think we have to exercise common sense when it comes to that and you know you can't live in abject terror of just you know affecting the smallest of microorganisms but I would say exert kindness whenever it is it is within your ability to do so