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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening to what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches its critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website Oracle broadcasting dot-com today is Sunday November 4th 2012 the show is live every Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. East Coast time 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. Central we have a good show lined up for you here today I'm going to be introducing some material regarding solutions to the problems that humanity is facing in consciousness and the and to help to rectify the brain imbalance amongst the human population that is resulting in a horrific loss of human freedom globally and that's what we have been talking about over the past many months is solution oriented approaches we covered all of the problems over the first year and a half that I did this show and we're going to continue to be talking about solutions as we proceed today's show could be considered quite controversial because one of the solutions that I'm going to be getting into today is the employment in a responsible way and in a way that is conscious and in a way that is respectful of oneself of entheogenic compounds or what I would call spirit helpers spirit guide helpers that are of the natural plant kingdom people know these as psychedelics and this is going to be some introductory material to psychedelics or what has come to be called nto gens today on the show so if we have time we will get to some calls later in the show but I'll give the calling number if again if we have time we'll take some calls in the second hour the calling number for the show toll-free is eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again the call in number eight six six eight four one one zero six five Before we jump into the material for today I do have a couple of quick event announcements of course the free your mind conference coming up here in the city of Philadelphia April 25th 26th and 27th of 2013 a three-day conference featuring top caliber whistleblowers from across the country who will shed light upon our world's problems and bring forward empowering solutions this unique event will build upon the success of the first for your mind conference with a continued focus to spread awareness on the topics of consciousness mind control subversive occult influences holistic body mind spirit health and solution oriented approaches to the problems humanity faces in these challenging times the free your mind to conference will be taking place at the Arch Street meeting house 3:20 Arch Street in Philadelphia the doors will open at 8 o'clock a.m. on each day with the program beginning at 9 o'clock a.m. on each day featured speakers include Alan Steinfeld Alfred Webber Andrew basiago Ben Stuart Bob Tuscan Cathy O'Brien Curtis Davis dr. dream freighter X Freeman fly Yan Irvin Jay Parker Jim Fetzer Larkin Rose Laura Eisenhower Lennon honor Lauren more a mark passio Mark Phillips Randall Carlson Ross Ben and Sonja Barrett and we will probably be adding two additional names to that lineup to bring the speaker total to 24 speakers so those a couple of last minute speakers will be announced shortly as we confirm them but the the lineup is looking absolutely incredible so far the advanced ticket prices are $30 for the conference on Thursday $20 for the Thursday meet and greet with the speakers including a vegetarian meal and possibly including a music event we are working on that as well and I'll be announcing that if we can get it confirmed over the next week or so the Friday conference $40 and the Saturday conference $40 for all three days plus the meet and greet and possibly the musical event again once that is confirmed 120 dollars for more speaker information speaker BIOS and ticket information please visit the website for the conference at WWF or your mind conference calm I've been telling people for the last several weeks the best way that you can help and support this conference is within advanced ticket sale get your tickets in advance you'll save some money instead of buying them at the door and you are will be helping if you buy them now if you buy them in advance you will be really helping us to offset the tremendous costs associated with bringing all these speakers from all over the country travel is very expensive it is not cheap lodging is very expensive it is not cheap we're putting a lot of money into bringing all of these people together that's what a conference is that's what makes it different than any other kind of event it means the word conference means to bring together this is about bringing people together to help build upon their knowledge base and activate them get them motivated have them activate their will to go out and spread this awareness to other people that's what the entire event is all about so we tried to make it as reasonably priced as possible and the best way the people can support this event is to pick up your tickets in advance go to the website and you'll get information on how you can do that I've been telling people an advance ticket sale is better than a donation to the event it will really help us again to bring all of these speakers into town the second event announcement I have is the ad free chip in for the what on earth is happening radio show stands at two hundred dollars we need to raise $1,000 by January 31st in order to keep the show commercial free through the February March April period so please keep the kind donations coming for that purpose it's been very success well so far but again if we don't raise the required amount by January 31st the show will go back to having ads so we don't want that to happen so please continue to support the what on earth is happening radio show and let's keep it commercial free during the two hours of the show I also want to say how the last couple of days have gone with promotion for the free your mind event I told people last week that I would be going to the mind/body/spirit Expo event here in Philadelphia this weekend to do some promotion for the free your mind conference and I have to be honest about what I saw at the mind/body/spirit event there was a lot of nice well-meaning people that turned up but overall I feel that this event is entirely about money and about just you know vending items to people as opposed to really reaching out to people and teaching them something powerful and transformative now not that's not to take away from the speakers that did do presentations and event an event and had a lot of information to share but I feel that it's way way too leaning toward just the positive and not talking about not exposing the negative and that's typical of the New Age movement as I've talked about in the past but overall you see this total hard sell on a lot of what the vendors have to present and and try to sell you there and it really was about product placement and you know getting sales in and a lot of these items too or way overpriced in addition to some of them of questionable usage but I do think that the people are well-meaning and are into what they're talking about but overall I think the event is a way to in the new AG category for for my liking there were some people there who do understand the dark side of things and are working to try to bring some awareness to that and bring some balance to that but for for the amount of speakers that they have if you were to compare the value compared to what something like what we're doing for the for your mind conference there is no comparison only a few speakers for this event and if you paid to go to all of the events that would have put you up back almost $250 or maybe even more than that I'm not quite certain about the exact cost of that but um for 24 speakers and a nice event at the end of the night on Thursday evening on the first day of our conference it's for far less than even half of the price that an event like the mind/body/spirit Expo was charging that being said we did reach out with a whole lot of postcards and promoted for the free your mind conference in April and a lot of people got those and seemed pretty uh psyched about a conference of this kind coming into Philadelphia so I think overall it achieved its goal but as for the event itself and you know some of the people's mindset at the event again to me it was very commercialized and largely about money unfortunately so that's all I really have to say on that let's jump into our topic for today and hopefully if there's time if I cover all of the material that I want to cover on this topic we'll we'll go to the phone's later on in the show so as always with what on earth is happening you can visit the radio show page of my website what on earth is happening calm click on the radio show tab and underneath the player for the show if you're not already listening there you will see images for today's show and there will be listed numerical links that you can click on to bring up a slideshow of related images that go along with the material that I'll be presenting here today on the show image number one of course was the poster for the free your mind conference and I'd like to continue to reiterate that anyone that feels like they want to help with the promotion of the conference we got five thousand full-color postcards printed to do promotion but if you want to help do promotion on your own if you're in the general area you know on the east coast of the United States and you want to promote this conference feel free to print this poster I put it up there in color in high resolution you can print it in whatever format you see fit full-page half page color black and white doesn't matter and you know hand them out in your area or post them in libraries or coffee shops etc so that would really help from a grassroots effort to help get the word out about the free your mind to conference the second image is one I've had up on the site for many many weeks because this entire section of what on earth is happening of the what on earth is happening radio show is all about solutions and what I call the way out it's the way out of the complete prison that we've worked ourselves into as a species because we do not understand how we are effectively creating our own reality our own experience through our thoughts our emotions and our actions the third slide is the grassroots solutions for real positive and lasting change that I've been talking about over the past many months we've covered all of them except the topic for today which is the use of entheogens in a conscious context and we'll be talking about what entheogens are some of the the words involved in what have characteristics that have been ascribed to antigenic substances and we'll be talking about what a conscious context is what that means because as anyone knows I am NOT simply here advocating the use of what people would call illegal drugs these are no more legal drugs than mark passio is a politician okay um that's what people who have no understanding of the transformative power of these natural compounds that are contained in these plants are or what they have the ability to do if we commune with them which is what they're here on the earth for so I'm not talking about drugs I would not even call these things drugs people who call them drugs or ignorant of what they really are they are consciousnesses here that we can commune with and learn a great deal from about how to be in the world and how to interact with other people if we use them wisely if we commune with them wisely see use isn't even really the proper term I'm going to be talking about the use of these things versus their abuse their abuse but that's not even really the proper term either no more than drugs would be the proper term for what entheogens really are I would call them again spirit helpers or they are consciousnesses and we're not using them so much as we are we are yes we are ingesting the physical substance but we're doing that in order to commune with a frequency with a signal this is a these are carrier signals that are carrying vast quantities of information in the form of visionary experiences to us if we approach them with great reverence and respect which is the intent of how to put them to use in our lives or to commune with them so I want to make that distinction very clear before we even begin the fourth image on the page introduces the term entheogenic muscaria mushroom people know it as the narcoleptic mushroom because it's not so much a active visionary trance state as something like the psilocybin containing mushrooms as it is a sleep experience in which there are dream visions communicated to the participant in the in the communication with this helper or guide it's a very well-known octuple image which is why used it for this section to introduce the section because people you know basically have seen this image in fairy tales and books and things like that and it's been associated with the the Christmas season you know the red and white colors then associated with Santa Claus etc okay there's a lot of myths to go along hand-in-hand with with that with these mushrooms and ancient shamanic cultures that have used them over times over time but I used it because it's a familiar archetypal image in people's mind of the red white capped mushroom the word entheogenic and again when we break down words and we understand their real etymological meanings we can come to understand what's really being said through the word and why it was constructed that way and this reveals a great deal the word entheogenic and it's been proposed by modern researchers to replace the word psychedelic because of some of the negative connotations that psychedelics have picked up due to some of their abuse by people I think that's still largely fear-mongering the stories of their abuse and there hasn't been as much widespread abuse of psychedelics although it does exist I'm not trying to say that doesn't exist at all it most certainly does there are people who will use these compounds unwisely but not nearly according to the media hype that is put out there by the mainstream media and people disseminating disinformation as part of a fear tactic to get people not to look into this material okay but on slide number five shows the breakdown of the word entheogen again proposed as a kind of replacement a more accurate definition of what these things really are a versus psychedelic I personally prefer the term psychedelic even to entheogen but I like the word entheogen as well because I think it explains it very fittingly once you understand what the word means through its etymological break so slide number five breaks down the word into its atom etymology en n the root n in the Greek language means within this is a prefix that means within okay so that begins entheogenic the word Pheo comes from the Greek language as well which is Theo's Theo's means God or the divine okay so the heavenly the godly the divined okay then the last word the last piece of the word Jen comes from the great from Latin excuse me genera genera means to create okay so we put them all together and we have create divine within so entheogens are helpers that can help us to create the divine within us and I would say the word genera isn't even as appropriate it sounds very good but we're not really creating the divine within add so much as we are rediscovering it or revealing it it's already there thats part of the divine is already present it may just be completely covered up by all the world view poisoning the dirt the grime that we have accumulated you know through the mask conditioning since we've come out of the womb basically and uh we're not as a species the majority of the human population is not expressing that divinity within them it is completely covered up and suppressed so what I think entheogens do very effectively if they're used properly they're put to use properly is to reveal the divine within okay so I think that would even be a better way of putting what they do as opposed to creating it it's not really creating anything new or that's not already there it's kind of wiping away all of the grime and dirt and showing you what is already there revealing the divine within so uh number six on the slides if you're following at the what on earth is happening dot-com radio page breaks down the word psychedelics psychedelics are what people have traditionally been calling these substances compounds guides helpers however you want to look at it um for many many years probably for decades since probably about the nineteen fifties I I think the term was coined then I'm not exactly sure but of course we've known about these compounds and generally calling them hallucinogens for you know over a hundred years but uh the word psychedelics I believe was coined in the 1950s if I'm not mistaken Sony may correct me on that it may be earlier than that but let's break down the word into its etymology which is the first part of the word psychedelic is psyche okay the word psyche means in Greek mind that's where we get the word sigh the prefix I like psychology study of the mind psyche psyche means the mind and then the verb in Greek de lune means to make clear okay or in other words to wipe away what what is already obscuring something to get all the dirt and grime out of the way and to reveal what is underneath it that's de Lune okay so it means to make clear so what we're doing is we're changing the mind we're making the mind clear we're getting rid of things psychedelics entheogens are things that are purgative they get rid of things that we are attached to that are doing harm to us through our attachment to these erroneous and irrational beliefs and mental attachments the fundamental axioms that are completely untrue and are harmful that we have become attached to through mind-control psychedelics can help us to make our mind clear of them to clear the mind in other words basically reset us back to what we should be which is someone who is open-minded so I would say they open they make the mind clear by opening it to possibility is it is if they are employed properly they can help us to heal worldview and that's what this section goes also hand-in-hand with is the healing of worldview and we talked about what is a very powerful aspect of the healing of worldview when we did the worldview healing section as part of the solutions we talked about shamanism and what shamanism is well shamans traditionally have employed and used and helped others to responsibly use these entheogenic compounds these psychedelics throughout time you know we have been calling them these names okay for only a couple of decades a few decades in human history but these actual plants helpers have been here with us for as long as we have been here they have just been on the earth nature provides these for this function to help make our mind clear they are healing agents that's what they really are if they're properly understood again for anybody that thinks that these are quote-unquote drugs and even worse quote-unquote illegal drugs and should remain as such and not be studied and not be used in a respectful and conscious context you have no idea what you're talking about plain and simple straightforward just telling you right to your face you have zero idea what you're talking about you don't know what they are regardless of whether you may even have experience or have heard of someone else's experience with them because your only reacting to a fraction of what these things are totally about and not seeing the bigger picture the biggest part about what they are about is the transformative possibility that they hold if they are again used wisely and respectfully that's largely due to people buying into a particular worldview and listening to poisoned mainstream propaganda in the form of mainstream media and/or reading one small thing or accepting the quote-unquote authoritative information that comes out of medical literature or even worse politicians mouth or lawmakers mouths okay well I'm going to get into in the second part of the show the issues of self-ownership that go along with the exploration of the self through these substances and how that is the only thing that should have any bearing on whether anyone uses them or not there's no other consideration as to the legality of these things and so people will say well are you advocating that people break the law yes I would say I am advocating that because that is an unjust immoral law that assumes the ownership of yourself because if someone claims to that you may not put something into your body they're claiming ownership of your body and I say that that should be wholly rejected at all turns you don't own me you don't own my body you don't determine what goes into at the end the end and that's the only consideration that exists when it comes to any compound whether it be a particular kind of food raw milk cheap you know whatever um any substance if I want to go and take some rye and and drink it down with some water then that's my business because it's my body and somebody may not say oh you may not do that why that's that's a claim on your own body so we'll be getting into that how that is slavery by definition as we look at this issue to get back to the breakdown of you know what these things are and what they can do for us on ultimately we're talking about real sacraments that's what they are this is these are the active sacraments of old the active sacraments of ancient communication not religions but direct gnosis communications with otherworldly realms that's what these things are this is where religion came from as it became watered down and the direct gnosis the direct experience the direct knowledge from these realms was began to be removed and said this is off-limits for you humanity and now there will be a priest class that will commune with the realm of the divine and we will tell you what its dictates are and we will tell you you know um you know what it wants of you because this was all about control so shamans that had once helped people navigate the landscape of the self through these substances became degraded and became sorcerers and eventually that they just became the common everyday priest the priest class the ones who still maintain connections like this with these otherworldly realms through a lot of psychedelics and entheogenic compounds have become the dark priest class at the highest levels of the occult if you don't think that they're working with these substances and as a mechanism of control in the wrong way because again this can be done to properly help people to navigate the waters of the of the Spirit to properly help help them to come to a greater understanding of the self and as any other tool which is ultimately what these things are yeah it's their spirits in and of themselves but again we can employ them in a particular way in which you could look at them as a toolset and that's how certain shamans will look at them as and these tools can be used for ill as well if they're not used wisely and if there's a level of ego into which they're of this priests class is taking these substances from so I would say that is absolutely what has happened and if you look at the dark side of the occult today this priest class absolutely works with these compounds and tries to keep them off limits for other people because they're keeping that um their intellectual in the sense that they these tools have helped them to gain great knowledge but they're still not holistically intelligent because they're using them for a completely immoral reason which is to control other people as opposed to help to enlighten other people so we have to understand that the higher levels of the occult this is one of the tools in their tool set as well but that is not to say that the tools are bad in and of themselves if they are used for the right reasons again they can be powerfully transformative of the mind and they can help to affect great healing as far as our worldview goes and I will tell you this before we move on with some of the breakdown of some of these words that are related to psychedelics had I not employed entheogens in my awakening process I don't think I would have come out of the dark and poisoned worldview that I did emerge from and I would not have start exposing all of the elements of the dark cult and it may be possible that I may even still be of that mindset and still working with those elements had I not employed the help and the guidance of entheogens psychedelics I greatly attribute my own awakening process to the employment in a knowledgeable and respectful way in a conscious context and again we'll be talking about more about what that means in my own past had I not employ that in my own past I probably would not be here doing what I'm doing exposing the dark occult and the mind-control techniques and the solutions that we can employ to free ourselves from all of this darkness and negativity in which we find ourselves so in that respect they were for me true sacraments true sacraments again the religions controlled by this priest class who is still directly assessing these realms through these substances detaches humanity from them so it can't receive the balance that they can provide and what we'll talk about that in the next slide how they do bring us to a center point or a balance point and act as a true medicine and they become the priests class that is now giving people proxies in the form of sacraments well here take this inert bread you know take some unleavened bread and receive it as a sacrament it's not going to do anything to your mind it's all about your belief in it you know drink this wine this sip of wine and take that in as a sacrament but it's not really going to do anything to you and these are all symbolic analogues for what was really once done taking the small amount of a substance eating it and it transforming you drinking the small amount of liquid and it transforming your mind giving you a visionary experience helping you to commune at a deeper level with yourself and with the divine energies that are all around you and now it has been turned into a proxy of itself now you're receiving an inert sacrament as a part of religion and the priests class the real priests class even controlling the other believers you know who have become priests and are giving this to you know the UH the unknowing giving it to the even deeper unknowing okay you know the real priest class controlling whole religion at the top which is our darker cultists aren't laughing at people laughing hysterically they find this completely and utterly amusing and hysterical because they're saying look we're giving people what once was their birth birthright as a proxy we're not giving them the real thing we're giving them the fake thing and telling them it's the real thing you know and to commune with these other realms as our human birthright that's been removed and legislated away by people who actually believe they can do that and other idiots who then go and follow them follow their orders and we'll we'll arrest people and put them in cages and try to take their freedom away because of something that is their natural right and their birth right so you know for anybody that's listening involved in law enforcement probably no one like like that probably listens to my show and I know that that's a generalization that I'm making but I feel anyone that's actively involved in that task is completely and utterly asleep whether they will admit that or not that's the case and probably can't hear anything I'm saying because they're so deep in the trance so deep in the mind control you know and if they got hit with a really big dose of something like what I'm going to some of the substances I'm going to talk about today maybe that would show them you know a different aspect of themselves and show them an aspect of truth that they completely continuously resist in this world because they just love following orders and they just love listening to Psychopaths who tell them what to do and then these people who follow them believe they're real men somehow when their little infant boys that don't have a lick an ounce of courage in their entire lives and probably never will and dare to think they own somebody else's body and they're going to go break somebody's door down for four you know smoking in a plant or taking some natural substance that grows in the earth the nerve of you is all I have to say the nerve of you to think you ever have the right to do that I would say the nerve of anybody to ever believe that anybody has the right to do that to another human being now again I'm going to talk about the responsible usage I talked about health extensively on this show and I would never say do something that pollutes the body that's not what this is about this isn't about abuse as with anything you can abuse it can these be abused I would say yes they can some of them are would be very difficult to abuse because of the the power involved in them and many people would not start you know doing them at a you know an insane pace or dosage because of you know what some of the experiences would become like so I would say they're probably the most difficult thing to abuse when it comes to any substance but can they be abused yes it is possible to abuse them okay especially if you're approaching it in the wrong way for why you should be using it in the first place and we're going to talk a little bit about that in the form of escapism okay but to go back to the fact that anybody listening if you still think that this isn't a natural right of man to explore his own consciousness and to learn more about himself and the realm that he's operating in you yourself are sick I don't know how much clearer I can put it you are ill it's not even that you're just wrong you're wrong and you are sick and you yourself would benefit from an experience with these compounds because you're the sickness that you have is worldview poisoning you are damaged inside your brain is damaged your soul is damaged and I'm not going to give it you know sweetly to you on a baby spoon or with a little milk bottle I'm gonna tell you you're ill and you need this that's what shamans of old simply would have done they're not going to baby spoon feed people into this they're going to tell you here's what's wrong with you do something about it or continue to be sick and create damage not only yourself but other people around you and then you're going to live in that experience so you're you're you think you're going to be isolated from it somehow that you're separate and you're not you're not separate from it people who would continue to advocate the prohibition of any substance you know I talked to people about prohibition of alcohol here in the United States in the 1920s well when it wasn't prohibited before prohibition laws passed well it was what that is okay well okay that's a moral activity and you're allowed to put alcohol in the body if you want then prohibition laws are passed and suddenly the people who are doing that yesterday aren't going to be jailed for it and their freedom taken away so how is something being illegal how does something being illegal legal or illegal make it moral or immoral it does not that's the answer it's just the arbitrary dictates of a psychopath and thinks their God telling people what they can and can't do which has it has nothing to do with whether it is right or wrong because if you're doing it to yourself and there's no one else involved with it you have the right to do it the end because it's not affecting other people but if you're doing it like let's say if I was taking LSD okay if I took a hit of LSD that's my right no one has the right to tell me I may not do that or to possibly do harm to me for doing it now if I want to asks if I have LSD and wanted to ask somebody else if they wanted to participate in it and they said yes and they took it from me or even if I sold it to them at a specific price that's also a right a human right because it's a non coercive contract being made by two people and that person has the right to engage in it and I have the right to give it to them or to sell it to them whether anybody believes that or not is irrelevant that's the truth that's the case unwaveringly until the end of time and get over it if you think otherwise it's you're wrong you're wrong and thick if you don't know definitively that that's a human right okay so people will start bringing up the you know completely extreme situations do you give it to children you know Oh what about people who will give this to kids well of course it's not right to give it to children who don't know how to navigate these realms you would teach them you would prepare them for that if they were going to do and then they should make that decision on their own not be forced into it necessarily you know the whole point here is freedom of choice I get to choose what I put in my body someone who has some discernment chooses what they put into their body and then the other rationale goes well people are going to do drugs and then they're going to do harm to other people as a result well then you need to gauge them or you need to treat them accordingly based upon their action not whether they were on some kind of a substance when they perform the action if you take a substance and then go do something harmful you did something harmful you didn't know yourself enough to know what your limits or capabilities were during taking a substance of any kind whether it be alcohol cocaine heroin it doesn't make a difference psychedelics large amounts of sugar it doesn't make a difference Red Bull you know what you do based on what you had in your body what you had in your body is not does not have necessarily any direct repercussion on what you chose to do yeah your judgment may have been impaired but you need to be responsible for that because you need to take personal responsibility for the act if you drank and then you went and killed somebody because you drank too much then that's your responsibility it has nothing to do with your right to put what you want into your own body the two things are separate and people think that they're somehow completely connected they're not connected whether you do an action on something or off of something you know on a particular compound or off of a particular compound you did the action and you need to be held responsible for the action okay people blaming this all on just whatever compound somebody may have ingested is nonsense now again taking the substance and then going operating machinery you're placing other people at harm in harm's way so I wouldn't advocate again and this is all part of set and setting which we're also going to talk about I would never advocate taking something like this and trying to operate in normal society especially if you're going to be responsible for operating a piece of equipment or machinery that would be utterly irresponsible and immoral and of course you shouldn't be taking this and then going and driving or taking this and you know going to work and we're you know taking psychedelics and then trying to you know care for the treatment of others like in a healthcare profession or something like that you know while the experience is happening you don't you want to be in your fully functional state of consciousness not in a visionary state while you're interacting in a capacity that entails responsibility you know that doesn't mean that you should outlaw the substance and say nobody may do them because there's a potential for a chaotic outcome when people interact on these with other people absolutely not that still is your right and if you do something harmful you need to be held to account as an individual according to your own personal responsibility so I hope that clears that up as well okay so again anybody who's advocating that this is not a human right you don't know what you're talking about and your world view is completely poisoned probably because you watch too much mainstream media and you believe in things like man's law you know out telling people what's moral or immoral so like to go back to the example of prohibition suddenly prohibition alcohol consumption and sales went from being moral to being immoral and now people can be have their freedom taken as a result of participating in that activity well either if the activity is moral or it's immoral there's no in-between either it is a right or it's not a right man does not get to make up what rights are you cannot create a right rights are self existing they're inherent to creation the Creator in created right and wrong rights okay it has it is inherent to the universe that's what right our man didn't make them man cannot make new ones man cannot unmake rights cannot take rights away that already exist oh the the disease psyche of man believes he can do that but it never actually occurs in point of fact reality which is different than the diseased distortional thinking the at the constructs that exist in a completely diseased brain that has abs one has nothing to do with the other and I'm talking about the actual moral right to do something based upon moral right and wrong is inherent so it is a right for me to consume alcohol it is a right for me to say I'm going to give this other adult human being alcohol if they want it that's a right the same thing applies to any substance any compound doesn't make a difference what it is I don't I think injecting heroin would probably be one of the worst decisions anybody could possibly make but I would die for their right to do it I would die for a junkies right to inject heroin into their arm I would protect that right by whatever amount of force is required to protect it and unfortunately not enough people are willing to step up and do that to take that action to even agree that that's right to do to protect someone else's right to put what they want in their own body because they're trapped by fear fear all about what might happen the fear of chaos and this is again this is part of what I'm going to talk about at the free your mind conference the fear of chaos is what's keeping humanity enslaved the possibility for chaos has to be embraced without embracing chaos itself you need to embrace the possibility for chaos otherwise you cannot be free so I tell people hey drink as much as you want do as many drugs as you want it's your body you're harming it if you don't use it if you abuse it okay but if you go and start harming others then it becomes everybody else's business that's where it's no longer about a right because you've engaged now in a wrongdoing that the understanding according to natural law taking a substance everyone has a right doing an action that causes harm you don't have a right to do so you need to gauge the action that the person is doing to know whether it is a right or not a right if I take a whole bunch of psilocybin mushrooms that is my right if while on the substance I go and damage someone else's property or hurt them that is not one of my rights and I would need to be judged based upon the action that I took that harmed someone else not that I happen to do it with a substance in my body that has nothing to do with and again I would say there would be no excuses if you're drunk impaired and you go and shoot and kill somebody that's on you you did the action if you aren't responsible enough to be able to rein in your action because your judgment was impaired because of what you put into your body that's on you and people need to understand this and make the discernment make the understanding between the two things so anybody that believes in prohibition first of all you got a look at how it doesn't work anyway look in the law Enforcement Against Prohibition leap who I feel doesn't go far enough because they never talk about the self ownership issue but you know look at why they're telling you that that all forms of prohibition don't work you know and you need to look deeper than that at the moral issue involved that you can't make something immoral one day and then then you're going to repeal that law and it becomes moral again either it was moral to begin with or it was in world to begin with and if you understand it has nothing to do except with anything except self ownership then you understand the putting of any substance into the body no matter what it is is moral what meat which means it is within the parameters of right under natural law is a right and not nothing anybody can ever say or has ever said from the dawn of time until the end of creation will ever change that or make it a different way that is the case that is the truth that is simply the way it is so I don't know how much more definitive and click 100% I can be about that and the proof is in the understanding of Rights and you somebody will say what proof do you have of that the proof of the objective knowledge of the difference between right and wrong is the proof the understanding of natural law is the proof of that statement that it is true and will eternally be true so to go back to psychedelics or entheogens as sacraments as active sacraments we can break down the word sacrament this comes from two Latin words and I'm on slide number seven now the etymology of sacrament sacrum in Latin means holy sacred like the divine sacrum it would be actually pronounced sacrum means holy sacred or like the divine and then we have meant a and again look at how similar this is really almost the the same as antigen and psychedelic if you really think about it especially entheogen to reveal the divine within and psychedelics means to make the mind clear okay or to unpolluted the you know worldview poisoning that has it has been infected with okay so the word sacrament means from sacrum holy or sacred and then men's men K in Latin means mind the actual first person form I'm sorry dia stripped-down form of the word mente is I think the objective or ablative form of the word in Latin but the for the first form of the noun is men's men's mentis in Latin so meant a means mind just like psyche in Greek means mind okay so meant a is a Latin word for mind so when we put them together we have sacred mind sacred mind or to make the mind sacred to make the mind holy to make the mind resemble the divine and I would say to make the mind whole w-h-o el e to make the mind one because what an active sacrament in the form of entheogens or psychedelics actually do is help to create balance between the two hemispheres of the brain if it is used properly and I would say largely if there is a predominance or a predisposition to the left brain hemisphere chronically these helpers or guides help to bring the mind to balance specifically if it is chronically engaged in left brain modality so will help nudge that left brain modality toward the right or toward the center now here's where I would have to UM put out a word of caution to people that if you're already of a too much of a right brained bent okay and you are much more in the intuitive or nurturing capacity but you have a difficult time with concentration or standing up for yourself or you know grounding in the real world then I would say an overabundance of exploration in the psychedelic or entheogenic domain would probably not be a good thing for you you need to know where you're at before you start engaging in any substance that you're going to put into the human body you need to know what your limits are you need to know what your capabilities are you need to be comfortable with yourself and who you are first I wouldn't advocate for people who are just completely a wreck to just dive into this especially not on your own you would want a guide or a helper in the physical sense who understands this this map of consciousness a little bit better than you do and can act as a an assistant to you and that's not to say turn them into a guru or a priest that's not what I'm saying at all or a leader saying you need to do your own research you need to do your homework your own due diligence and understand what you're going to be doing read experienced reports we could talk about all of that and some you know places to do some of that at some resources but this is about largely helping people who are in a left brain mind state to come to a place of balance so I would say for the right brain among us you probably would not want to again engage chronically in the use of psychedelics I would say it would be okay for to revisit this as a cleansing experience every so often but if you got into doing it too much you're going to push yourself toward that extreme form of right brain imbalance which is lack of grounding in the world and therefore it's going to make you ineffectual to do real work here staying focused say you know a high level of focus or or energy or concentration to carry out real-world tasks which is very important about this is connected with will that left brain side is as important as the right brain side it has to do with getting things done with engaging the will with reaching out to others and you know holding a point of attention and focus so the right brain among us I would say could benefit from the usage of these in a sparing capacity but the left brain among us would probably benefit in a much greater way from these substances and probably need it more so much more so than those who are already have characteristics that are largely skewed toward the right brain in their personality already the left brain needed far more because they're of the dominating type they're of the completely worldly with no spiritual vision with no open mindedness toward the spiritual world and therefore these substances can really help them to open their mind and break out of that prison of the left brain if we talked about as one's a big package of mind control and helping people to stay in the Dominator of mind set this up on the other side you're listening to what on earth is happening right back after this probe station [Music] okay folks were back this is the second hour of what on earth is happening for this November 4th 2012 edition we're talking about entheogenic being used in a conscious context as one of the solutions the grassroots solutions that humanity can employ to come back to a place of balance in consciousness to heal our worldview and get over the problems that we're currently inflicting upon ourselves in our ignorance as a species so we were breaking down some of the words that are associated with entheogens or psychedelics they are true sacraments they are active sacraments as opposed to being inert sacraments which modern religions offer the proxy of a once active sacrament but moreover and I would say probably more so than anything else what these things really are is medicine true medicine is what these things are and in the sense that they heal or help us to heal worldview we have to be open to working with the spirit to commune with the spirit that we are working with okay we have to be open-minded enough to do that this isn't about just that you take it it does all the work you have to take it again in a proper set so set and setting is something I wanted to touch upon that is often heard regarding the proper respectful employment of antigens set means mind set it's short for mind set your mind set should be prepared you shouldn't be looking to do this for escapist reasons and if you're looking to do it as such very few people get away with that at least for any length of time that they're going to be working with these things yeah you might get a Joyride once or twice but after that you know Terence Mckenna described it as you know they're there with a clipboard you know these these spirits and the other and the other realms that you'll be community and they're like you know got a clipboard saying well has he been here before why is he doing this has he shown any progress in the real world when he goes back you know and they're there ticking off the checkmark boxes on that clipboard and they're going to give you the the that the spirit guides in that that realm we're going to give you the experience that you need if you're using it for the wrong reasons and that's why it's difficult to get into an abuse pattern with some of these things I think with some of the synthetics that is more possible and we'll talk about cannabis abuse a little bit toward the end of the show too but in general some of these things I'm talking about are so powerful and transformative that it's difficult to abuse them many would say that us psychedelic mushrooms don't have an abuse profile nor does dimethyltryptamine which I'll be talking about as well but I would say with anything the potential for abuse is there it all depends on the level of self-knowledge that you're bringing to the table in your approach and set is part of that you need to know your own mindset I wouldn't say if you're you know in a completely fragile state of emotional you know upheaval that it would may be a good time to do that I mean some people think that that is the time to do that again you need to know when is the right time as far as your mental preparation and your mental stability goes for the mentally unstable I wouldn't recommend you know using this at all I would say get your mind to a stable place first by you know confrontation with the self but again some of these compounds can do that they do provide confrontation with the self so you need to try to make your own fully informed decision based on research based on you know not just jumping in and saying oh let me just try this you know because somebody told me it was cool you know that's not what I'm advocating here I'm advocating doing your own research understanding what you're going to be ingesting and communicating with and doing that for a reason that doesn't involve escapism or just wanting a joy ride on some substance that's not what this is about this is about transforming consciousness for the better activating oneself getting to know oneself at a deeper fundamental level and getting over existential angst about consciousness ceasing at physical death I think some of these substances can help one to do that in a very profound way dimethyltryptamine certainly helped me to do that in a profound way I tell people after I commune with that spirit helper if you will that that was the end of all my existential angst about consciousness being the cessation ceasing at physical death death being the cessation of of consciousness when the physical body dies because there is nothing that could possibly explain the strangeness and the profound spiritual connection in that realm um when when you're looking at it from a perspective of consciousness versus the the physical world so I would say that people really need to have some basis of self-knowledge before jumping in with both feet into the water so to speak it's not about just going into this blind and there's a lot of research on the internet there's a lot of experience reports you won't you want to be familiar with what you're going to be quote-unquote getting into okay and you want to be going into it again for the right reasons which is knowing the self even better okay coming to understand natural law even better because these things will put you into touch with what you're doing to others they will make you empathize you will be confronted with your own negative behaviors in many cases these guides do this in the throes of the experience I would say there's a compound while psilocybin certainly will do that LSD has been known to put somebody through the rigors of self psychoanalysis as well if boga has that potential as well in African um NPO gen so if someone isn't ready to confront themselves I would say these are substances which most people will want to steer clear from again and that's many people's take on them wow that really made me confront my own you know so I don't want to go anywhere near that again a lot of people have that experience the first time and then they never want to go back and and go for another spin luckily I that wasn't my case ah fit I I did some I had some experiences where it was really making me look at my own worldview and how I was completely mistaken and I went back and repeated the experience over and over you know so it's a level of courage is involved especially if you go to higher dosages with some of these substances because it can get into deep waters uncomfortable places DMT is about as strange as it gets I mean to me that's about as far as you can go and still maintain any connection to the physical world at all you know still come back to the body you know some people express amazement at coming back to the physical body after the immersive DMT experience we'll talk about that a little in a little bit but I wanted to uh continue to talk about how these things are truly medicines they are true medicines because they can help to bring the brain back to a point of balance and heal worldview that's what they're healing that's the illness that they're healing if you're open minded to that healing you have to be open to it you have to work with them it's not like one and done it's not like you do one of these substances once or commune with these substances one time and then you're going to be healed immediately that's not how they work okay it about revisiting that realm and working in that realm and confronting yourself when you are not on that compound and you know after it drops you back down and takes you up the elevator and drops you back down on the ground floor and and so now you know where your work is what your work is to do upon yourself that's how it's been described by many researchers you know it doesn't take you up to the top floor and just leave you up there it takes you up to the top floor and the elevator it opens up the doors show you shows you what's up there and it says that's what you have to work toward closes the doors drops you back down on the first floor and let's and kicks you out of the elevator and says now go and do the work to get up there on your own that's not that's the best way I would have to describe what entheogens psychedelics are true sacramental medicines really are they show you what your work is to do but you have to do it yourself this isn't a crutch anybody that thinks that this is a crutch you're sorely mistaken anybody that thinks this is all about a joyride you're sorely mistaken this is about a tool through which you need to do work that's what entheogens are actually about if they're used properly for those who know what their intended use is and yes there is an intended use I hear people say I can use them however I want well yeah you can you can use a hammer however you want to it doesn't mean it's always going to be in a wise capacity yeah you have the freedom to go and abuse them but good luck with that let me know how that works out for you especially with things as powerful as what I'm talking about okay so medicine let's break down this word it comes from Latin two Latin words many people never looked into the etymology of the word medicine and it's fascinating when you do so true medicine okay which is what entheogens are meant the word medicine comes from the Latin Medi which means the middle the center or the point of balance the middle the center or the point of balance Medi in Latin m e di and then see INE the second part comes from the Latin Cena's sin us as most people would pronounce in Latin it will actually be pronounced penis penis means ruin or destruction ruin or destruction so let's think about this for a minute Medhi penis right to bring ruined to a place of balance to bring destruction to a point of balance back to the middle back to the center to bring devastation or destruction back to the center from the from the total extremes that aren't assisting us or helping us back to balance so from either you know particularly what they're talking about is left brain imbalance you know but medicine can bring one back from in the in the in the case of psychedelics or entheogens medicine in general can bring you back from either right brain and balance left brain and balance but different forms of bodily energetic imbalances it's about bringing ruin back to a place of balance back to the middle back to the center from the imbalance that led to the destruction so very interesting etymology of the word medicine in and of itself that many people do not know so let's talk about what some of these medicines are and how they have been used traditionally in shamanic cultures by shamanic cultures to do worldview healing to assist in worldview healing one of the most known entheogens which many people will not categorize as an antigen I certainly would is cannabis the two main forms of cannabis being cannabis sativa and cannabis indica cannabis sativa this is you know more commonly known as marijuana it's a family it's the the cannabis is within the hemp family and this is um you know commonly known as pot weed marijuana a million other names okay cannabis sativa and indica are the two main varieties of cannabis which contain THC tetrahydrocannabinol tetrahydrocannabinol which is the active psychoactive ingredient in cannabis the sativa variation of the plant will give an an energetic change in consciousness or an energetic high it will basically put you more into an active modality where you want to do things or be up awake aware you know during the experience the indica variation again and it's very rare to even find a 100 percent screen without any because a lot of hybridization has occurred with these plant species over time so there is almost invariably a blending between the sativa and indica varieties but the indica if it is much more of an indica screen or hybrid will produce more of a body effect and a calming effect or a Down type of effect than the sativa variety this plant in general has been demonized for reasons that are very understandable if you know the real reasons why they're demonized this substance can help one to transform their worldview heal many physical illnesses not necessarily in the smoke form but in if you take a tincture a tincture of its oil the oils contained in the plant have very powerful healing properties from a physical point of view especially when it comes to different forms of cancer and the dominators want all of this ability through this plant suppress now if you even look at the variations that don't contain tetrahydrocannabinol or THC these are powerful building materials because they're so fibrous they form fibers that can build materials harder than wood or even concrete and at a much cheaper price so the corporations that control building materials don't want to see this used the medical corporations and farm big pharma don't want to see this medicine used because it will put them largely out of business in their cancer treatment business because it's all about a business it's all about raking in the dough from sick people from dying people with their nonsense chemotherapy that is just murdering people and people think it's doing some kind of good when in fact you know you got to pray that it kill it kills the tumor before it kills you because it's totally indiscriminate radiation but the other reason is they don't want people to experience the transformation in consciousness if the substances used wisely and again can it be abused can cabinet cannabis be abused absolutely it can it will probably be an abuse profile that is far less dangerous than something like alcohol or heroin or cocaine or anything like that or crack or you know things like that much harder and more dangerous substances that are totally synthetic we're talking about plants that grow naturally in the earth and you want to get it organically grown if possible not treated with any chemicals because a lot of since it's illegal black markets open up things to all kinds of further degradation you know and there's very unsavory types in many cases growing this because there's a market for it and you know who knows what they're adding to it are spreading on it so you do have to be careful for the very reason that it's illegal you go to a place like Amsterdam where it's legal you'll get some of the highest quality strains you know where cared for grown by conscious people and it's absolutely amazing what the difference is that you'll see compared to you know some generic cannabis that is grown in the United States simply for profit by who knows what drug cartel down in Mexico or anywhere else so um the illegality actually affects the clause all the time and that that actually makes creates more harm that there's prohibition laws passed in regard to these substances making them type 1 compounds even you know they're they can't even be researched on by the medical community no because they don't want people understanding their transformative capability they don't want that they're not interest the dominators are not interested in that they're interested in keeping people totally in the left brain prison because that's where they can either be controllers for them or become controlled by other people especially if there's two forms of brain imbalance present or the left and right side where you believe you can be a controller and you can control other be controlled by others or answer to others in a hierarchical system and this form of left and right brain imbalance is highly highly prevalent when it comes to anybody in the control system thinking that they're you know the controllers like military and police military and police aren't just in left reigned by imbalance they're in left and right brain imbalance I talked about that many times where they believe they're in charge of somebody else but they also believe they have to completely answer and follow the orders of someone else so you know wanting to dominate would be left brain and balance and accepting that someone else gives you orders and you follow them unquestioningly is the ultimate and right brain imbalance so there's nobody who could probably benefit more from some of these medicines than people in the state of consciousness or I should say unconsciousness as people like that but um the the substance is suppressed the plant is suppressed for a reason they don't want the communication this is communion that's another word I should have should have put up as a breakdown maybe I'll add it afterward okay communion is what these things are see that's what we call a sacrament in traditional Christian religion the the sacrament that is given is called communion which means to come together okay and muni ohm unary means to think so it's bringing thoughts together okay it is it is interaction at a mental level at the mental plane with this these spirit helpers you're taking the mind into that realm that's why it's called travelling tripping in many cases with some of the substances we'll be discussing you are traveling you're traveling into a different mental domain and you're encountering knowledge information knowledge about the self knowledge about that realm in many cases as with a psilocybin based mushrooms and DMT you will encounter what would be considered spiritual or noncorporeal entities and again you also have to realize you'll be encountering consciousnesses in here some people will say these are all aspects of ourselves that we simply have to deal with and come to confront and know better and some will say oh they are actual this corporate consciousness is in the you know a spheric field of energy that exists all around us I would say both are true you encounter both aspects of the self and you probably encounter aspects of entities that are do exist around us hey when you will understand the unified field of existence of course it's all one thing and that is all just consciousness and it's all aspects of ourselves okay so fear cannot be taken in to this realm it's difficult because you're you'll be encountering encountering strange places especially at what people call heroic dosages of these compounds and well one of the substances that makes travel like that possible is the psychedelic mushroom that contains psilocybin you see some of these substances that are all-natural grow from the earth I'm not going to talk about any synthetics at all in my opinion the stuff that grows in the earth is what we need to commune with and I the exception that I would make to that is the extraction of DMT into its actual base form of the concentration of DMT coming out of leads grasses or root barks um I still look at that as a natural psychedelic people will look at that as a synthetic because it is going through a chemical process to do that but the the alkaloid is simply being removed from the from the plant um there is a slower form of DMT absorption known as ayahuasca which I'm going to break down as well so let's look at the we talked a little bit about cannabis and it is a entheogen particularly in a higher dosage I would say it can produce a similar mental effect and a similar immersive effect as something like LSD especially if it is consumed as opposed to being smoked that's why many people will bake it into cookies or brownies etc and eat it it definitely has a more powerful effect when consumed orally into directly into the the Restonic and gut than it would if smoked so um we looked at cannabis a little bit let's look at suicide than containing mushrooms psilocybin produces a when ingested and again mushrooms usually taken either in smaller doses is up to about you know maybe the five six seven gram region of dried 50 gram 50 to 60 gram region if they are still fresh very high dosage would produce an effect almost similar to the dimethyltryptamine experience but would last several hours psilocybin and DMT are chemical cousins very similar indole ringed molecules okay and the if you look at the chemistry of these compounds they're very very simple they're not very complex molecules the DMT molecule only 20 atoms I believe the psilocybin molecule which is for phosphorylated DMT is very simple and the molecule the molecular complexity would not account for the a variety and strangeness of experiences that is that is encountered Dornan's people say well when you engage these compounds how you know you're just not making up the experience with your own mind well that's a question that obviously is asked by someone who has not experienced some of these realms that I'm referring to now with cannabis you probably won't get into any kind of a deep immersive otherworldly realm but certainly with a high enough dosage of psilocybin containing mushrooms such as selasa bay cubensis and others you most certainly would so psilocybin mushrooms are what are traditionally called magic mushrooms very much differ from the mushroom that I depicted in the the background of the word breakdowns and on the introductory slide for antigens that is the Amanita muscaria mushrooms which mushroom which greatly differs from the psilocybin containing variety if you are going to attempt to commune with the mushroom in general please be sure to most certainly know the difference between these two forms of mushrooms especially if you are going to perhaps get one of them via some sort of a botanical supplier um I'm going to muscaria they call it the narcoleptic mushroom is not a active experience it is again an experience that you engage in during some sort of a trance type sleep so you will be unconscious to the real world the physical world in taking a large dose of Amna needs and muscaria whereas on psilocybin containing mushrooms you will still some what it you know be able to engage the real world on lower dosages but at very higher dosages it will also put you in more of a trance-like type mind state for a couple of hours now the and again the entirety of the experience the rise peak and and return to normal consciousness would be in the realm of several hours with the psilocybin mushrooms possibly up to eight or ten depending on what you took and the the dosage and strength but it's a very visual experience in comparison to something like cannabis which largely will work upon the mind and body the visions that you will see are highly geometric often containing you know of all the audible hallucinations and are often involving communication with seemingly spiritual realms or entities and again you want to know yourself first and you want to venture in to the lesser waters before you go plunging into the greater waters there are people who disagree with that approach and say just jump right in with both feet and take the heroic dose immediately I am NOT an advocate of that I know Terence Mckenna sort of advocated that I happen to disagree with his approach in that respect I think for more experienced people that's fine I think that you would not want in many cases that I think that will scare people away who don't have enough open-mindedness and willingness to work upon themselves and their own you know shadow aspects or the shadow self I think for someone with a little bit of trepidation or hesitancy you would want to start off small and work your way up to the bigger dosage I think that's more prudent quite frankly and I think it's better advice I would say you know maybe the one place that that doesn't hold true because I almost look at it as the dimethyltryptamine experience is practically all or nothing that's not exactly true you can have a non immersive experience that is somewhat you know transformative but with with DMT you want the full shebang so to speak and it can actually be difficult because of the method of ingestion which is smoking unless people were you know actually had medical read the MT and we're going to take it intravenously which I also don't really recommend because you want to be comfortable and that to me is in a comfortable way of experiencing a spiritual helper but um when DMT is smoked it is active because it is inactive orally because of its chemical structure on the mono amine oxidase of the intestinal tract breaks it down and prevents it from entering the blood barrier if it is ingested orally therefore you would need to take DMT with some type of an MAO inhibitor a mono amine oxidase inhibitor if it is not extracted in its base form from whatever plant material you would begin extracting it from so DMT or dimethyltryptamine another indole binary ring indole molecule that varies is very very very similar to serotonin or 5ht serotonin is the neurotransmitter that is essentially responsible for our normal waking state of consciousness when you ingest DMT the serotonin gets pushed out of the neural pathways DMT latches into the receptor sites and provides an completely immersive hallucinogenic experience or psychedelic or entheogenic experience in which the visual aspect is the most profound there is auditory elements as well but visually the real world in if you get enough of the dosage into the bloodstream and into the blood-brain barrier the immersive experience is total meaning that the real world with eyes open or closed goes away so to speak it is not there you cannot interact at all with the real world you are completely immersed in a geometric realm that contains consciousnesses that you can communicate learn from etc very strange experience strange beyond any words you know I could go and try to tell my experiences but they would all fail in attempt in their attempt to communicate the experience through words because it's so strange it cannot be even imagined if you have not experienced that you can not imagine it it's not anybody could try to tell you what it's like I have a few images listed to even begin to scratch the surface at attempting what the visuals you know approach but they don't even exactly depict it some of them get sort of close the ones I chose but I would say they do not depict it exactly and it's almost impossible to imagine that's and that's the way I the way I look at it is that experience was so strange it most certainly did not come from my mind it was made possible by the carrier signal through the the substance the the helper spirit that I am communing with in order to produce that experience that's that's why it was possible people say well can we get there on our own through meditation I would say a similar to McKenna's um a take on that I would say if somebody got to the DMT experience entirely on their own I'd be almost a little bit worried because um yes meditation can put you in you know highly relaxed mind states that you can get some immersion similar to DMT but I would say it is not the same as the the entering of what people call the DMT space again a breakthrough experience is different than any deep meditative experience I have ever had in my life a breakthrough DMT experience you'll know that you're there you'll know what the difference is but again to talk about doing getting to this level of consciousness on the natural as they say I think it is possible to transform one's consciousness so that you're at such an elevated state of consciousness that you would not need the assistance of DMT or any other psychedelic such as psilocybin or THC or LSD or any anything like that to remit to stay there in consciousness see people will say well you have to go back and revisit these realms constantly I would say no that's not necessarily true if you truly transformed yourself if you've truly healed your worldview if you're healed you're healed and the medicine would not be required on an ongoing basis you would not be addicted to it or have to take it forever okay some people are of that opinion that you have to or should go back and revisit it I would say if you that is your desire and you would want to then absolutely that is within your right but I would say at some point of transformation of the world view that it would not be required to continue to revisit that and I differ and disagree with certain uh you know shamanic communicators in that capacity and you know that may make me unpopular in that regard so be it but I don't think anything is uh as far as uh communicating in this realm or you know engaging in a substance such of this is eternally required or necessary okay once it has done the task at hand then I would say you can choose to participate in it or not but many people stopped working with these substances out of fear of what they are basically being made to confront during the experiences and therefore they stop their work and do not go all the way to that level of truly transforming one's worldview and getting out of the fears you know associated with not changing their actions and behaviors and ultimately their thoughts so I want to talk about a form of DMT which is a known as a DMT containing analog known as ayahuasca many people will be familiar with this and is gotten a lot of press and a lot of popularity over the last few years do several documentaries made about it and information basically brought back from largely South America where people engage in ayahuasca and have for you know hundreds of generations but ayahuasca is again it's a plant analog which means it contains two active compounds or ingredients the first is DMT now DM the DMT component is not what is known as the ayahuasca vine and many people confuse this and think it's the other way around that the ayahuasca vine is what provides the visionary experience and that is not the case the ayahuasca vine which is called its scientific name is banisteriopsis caapi okay Dona stereopsis copy is the ayahuasca vine and that is the MAO inhibitor containing component of the ayahuasca a DMT HANA lock okay um that is the substance that will make DMT or dimethyltryptamine orally active if consumed orally okay the DMT containing component can be anything that contains DMT in nature and there's many many things that contain it the most popular usages in modern culture because they have the higher concentration of dimethyltryptamine containing grass leaves barks I'll give you one of each the leave that is the most popular is called chacruna that's the native name for it but its scientific name is Socotra viridis psychotria viridis or otherwise known as chacruna this can be combined with banisteriopsis caapi to make traditional Amazonian of style or of Brazilian style by my awastha okay so that's one of the analogs another of ayahuasca is combining the banisteriopsis caapi vine with the mosa hospitalists root bark okay and mimosa hospitalist has a very high concentration of dimethyltryptamine alkaloids in it as well that's another ayahuasca analogue a third would be combining the vine with the the phalaris grass okay it's called phalaris or Indonesia or I believe it's called re um canary grass reed canarygrass something of that nature but if you combine any of those three DMT containing plants with the ayahuasca vine which is the MAO inhibitor then you will have an ayahuasca experience which is a slowdown of the very intense pure DMT immersive experience and it will stretch it out it will it will make it more gentle and stretch it out over a period of four to five hours this is the traditional way that the DMT substance has been ingested for visionary experience in indigenous tribal or shamanic cultures throughout time especially in the Western Hemisphere and that form of taking DMT as a visual visual visionary experience through ayahuasca is how the indigenous peoples consider is the proper way to commune with the dimethyltryptamine visionary component and when asked how they understood out of all the species how to combine this vine which is what makes the DMT orally active the answer that many of these shamanic cultures and the prominence of their culture gave was we were told to do this by the plants themselves by the force we commune with them in our normal waking state of consciousness by simply coming into our you know own presence and our own quiet state and listening and meditating and we receive this information in those altered states of consciousness that they said if you want a deeper immersive experience then this is what you combined these are the medicines to combine and is looked at as a sacred indigenous medicine by many religions throughout the world I believe the you now oh do vegetal is one of the more widely known they want a big court case that went up to the Supreme Court about the right to use this as their sacrament because they wanted to try to make it illegal in the United States sick people who think that they have a right to tell other people what they can and can ingest when so far as to try to take a sacrament away from a religious group and say you can no longer engage in the traditional traditional tribal sacrament that you've been engaged in your people have been engaged in for thousands of years I think that's you know just as insulting as them telling that any anybody else that they may not ingest anything into their own body you know but because it was for a religious purpose it garnered a lot of media attention and they did finally win their court case from the dominators uh you know Court ruling to finally say we're allowing you as a as a religious sacrament to be an exception to our law you know but again that's all I really uh there's one other psychedelic that I think I want to cover which is iboga okay at Boga tavern anthem boga it's it's um scientific name and this is a root bark that is traditionally commune with in the African continent namely the western region of Africa the Gabon region and this is a helper that definitely is can bring balance to the brain especially when one is in the severe state of imbalance through the abuse of other substances this is also why Taverner olga and it's extracted form which is a bo gain is not promoted in the united states and many people do not know about it because it can help if it is used properly and again iboga can be one of the more dangerous entheogenic compounds because at a certain dosage you can actually kill you it can become poisonous and kill you you have to very carefully weigh out the dosage of a compound like that which is again why caution know yourself know what you are about to engage in do your research before attempting to do anything as with with anything it's all about knowledge it's not about this again I'll reiterate it's not about a joyride it's not about escapism it is about knowledge and transformation so know what you're dealing with and in the case of iboga strong caution if you're whatever attempt to engage in it you need to know exact kilogram know when to kilogram ratios of you know how much you weigh versus how many milligrams of active ingredient you're going to be putting into the body or it can kill you so uh if boga can actually be and it can and is being used in treatment centers through its again it's a derivative form known as ibogaine to treat addiction and again they don't want this known in the United States it's actually illegal in the United States of course because they hook people on methadone when they're addicted to harder street drugs such as heroin which is arguably ten times worse than even doing the heroin itself because it's systemic it gets into your bones it's more addictive it has a higher the profile then even heroin and it's a very very much more difficult to even come off of then heroin is itself so with that being said I'm not going to go deeper into a breakdown of more of the entheogens or psychedelics I wanted to touch upon and this is in no way meant to be any kind of a extensive or all-encompassing presentation I'm putting some of these out there for you to go and do your own research on and decide if one of these medicines would be something that would be needed based on the level of consciousness or imbalance as the case may be that any one happened to be at if you want to take a look at some of the visuals I put three very very nice and cool and beautiful visuals regarding what some of these realms can look like in the mind's eye under a stronger dose of psilocybin or dimethyltryptamine or ayahuasca so the first one is image number 10 which has a lot of green and blue hues and a lot of spirals and is similar to fractal patterns see that is what some of these entheogens will do is show you the fractal holographic nature of reality this is the unified realm from which all consciousness arises I would say this is the realm of the real the truly real not the Maya or the illusory realm that is the physical domain the the physical matter that is being imbued with vibratory energy and appears solid this is the void or the the the the room if you will that we enter into through these spirit helpers and the carrier signals that they help us to engage and lock into to see the base version of reality you know this is the construct so to speak this is the holographic realm that then gets infuses through the void through this actual geometric the spiritual room infuses the vibratory energy into this realm which we call the physical world and that's how it generates this seemingly physical holographic reality that we call the universe I like the work that david icke has been doing on the nature of reality I like the work that David Talbott in his book the holographic you um or what Michael Talbot I believe his name was on the holographic universe I like the work that Terence Mckenna has done in explaining trying to verbally explain the experience in some of these realms and I like nassim haramein x' work with the void the potential energy of the void and another gentleman to check out when it comes to the unified field of consciousness is John Hagelin who is a physicist Kozma theoretical physicist I don't know if he's a cosmologists but definitely a theoretical physicist that has talked about not necessarily psychedelics but the unified field level of consciousness and how that is the projector for the physical experience that we day-to-day experience that we live in so a lot of this backed by hard science but again these are the helpers to get to the realm of realizing this of showing it directly to yourself in a one-to-one experience it's gnosis it's not theory it's direct experience with that realm of the divine and on another image slide number 11 if you're following on the slide shows a depiction of what might be considered a being a noncorporeal being or entity encountered in one of these realms and yes it does get that strange have I encountered entities are being similar to this who during the experience with the DMT absolutely and it gets stranger than that that would I would say would be mild if I encountered a being such as that it gets even stranger no people could say oh look is it just geometries blending you'll know if it's just geometries blending together looking like a face because they will attempt to communicate with you most certainly and again I could go in all my experiences they get very strange most certainly but it's again it's almost pointless because words would fail and it would be impossible to describe and it's also impossible to really describe what they're communicating because they don't communicate like us it's almost nonverbal communication and it's often communication through geometric forms so you know different people can decode it differently and it can actually be uh you know that information can be taken into the real world and employed in different capacities so it will be different for everyone the key here is the existential doubt that it has the power to remove and therefore transform your understanding of reality as a result one of the most accurate depictions that I've seen so far is image number twelve and this is very similar to what an immersive DMT experience will produce and I mean you will be that will be wrapped around you and it can get even stranger than that the motifs of the Aztek the Maya other Senka other South American cultures um the hawaiian motifs of the Tiki idols the Tiki gods etc you will encounter these types of motifs very very often often you'll see the green motif the the forest woodland the Green Man motif comes up over and over again elfs fairies gnomes all different types of entities you know descriptions of entities ascribed to different things that are encountered in some of these realms is it real I would absolutely say that it is is it powerful it is beyond powerful if you approach it the right way again the set and setting being important setting meaning the actual physical surroundings the physical location that you're going to choose to partake in such an experience you should have exercised a modicum of control over the environment you're going to do it in again as I said mindset is the first thing to consider but then the actual physical setting that you're going to partake of whatever experience you're going to partake in you want to make sure you're going to control that environment you know make it comfortable make sure there's no distractions or noise as I would say as quiet as possible unless you prefer music but the setting can be as important as the mindset that the experience is approached from and again this is all about personal responsibility you need to be responsible for your own actions I'm not again advocating the irresponsible use I'm advocating the responsible employment of substances that can be powerfully transformative in human consciousness it is all about the balance of the human brain particularly if again you are the left brain bent these can help bring that devastation that has been done through the imbalance of the brain to the middle to the center to the point of balance and to a point of healing if if big if it is approached with the proper mindset okay which is that sacred context but I'm talking about the use of entheogens in a conscious sacred context and again many people will disagree with that and say go and use it however you want again I feel that's foolish I think there is a proper use and an abuse there is a proper way to use a tool and there's a proper way to really screw things up using tools well so with that being said it's all about self respect as everything else comes back down to responsibility and respect okay and those are two of the r's the third are in the solutions that I talked about is remembrance this can bring us back together if it is used wisely and ultimately okay it is about self ownership the the prohibition effort has gone on for too long and needs to just be refused refused and people need to step forward and say yes we are going the experiment with our own consciousness yes this is a human right no you are not going to jail anybody for doing it and if you attempt to do so we're going to put down that effort by whatever means we have to do to put it down and that's the courage it's going to take to say no because these Psychopaths are not going to stop with their abusive immoral laws they're not going to just stop doing it and say oh we were mistaken sorry that's not going to happen where we're at believe me I would love to see that happen but unless more and more people educate cops as to what rights are and what they are not don't expect to see that happen if you continue to buy into the whole bull that this isn't a human right to use your own consciousness as you will and doing just whatever you will into your own body as long as it's not harming someone else then you don't understand enough to rectify the wrongs that are being done by police and governments throughout the world it's telling people what they can and can't put into their body that's called slavery ladies and gentlemen when you say to someone else you may not ingest this that is a claim of ownership on their physical person on their physical body and that's called slavery to tell someone I'm telling you that's off-limits for your consumption now again that doesn't mean certain choices the put of what to put in the body would be not be bad ones there are bad choices of what to put in the body and again I'm being discriminating here I'm exercising discrimination and discernment okay it is not about harming oneself it is about working with the self okay working through the dark aspects of the psyche working through um different encounters and experiences that can help us to come face to face with who we are and if we so choose then to change for the better that's what this is about and that is a human right to do that and anybody telling you you may not do that needs to be thoroughly thoroughly rejected and told no you are not going to stop me from putting what I will into my own body the end so we need a complete radical readjustment in our thoughts when it comes to all kinds of prohibitive laws about what we do and do not have a right to ingest if it's your body and you own it and you're not the slave of someone else you have a right to ingest what you will into it again providing you're not harming someone else so you don't have a right to take as much alcohol and pour it down the throat of another person as you want but if you're going into your own mouth then that's fine do I have a right to dose someone else with a hallucinogen no because they didn't agree to that's coercion that's not right that's wrong but to take it into my own body of my own free will of my own accord not being coerced that's my human right so I think I will leave it there because we're running out of time I'm sorry to anyone holding on the line that I didn't get the calls this week how about this we'll do an all calling show on the topic of entheogens next week antigens and psychedelics anything you want to call in to talk about questions that you may have and we can even open up the line for some experience reports next week on what on earth has happened to continue the discussion on truth sacraments and hygienic substances that are Helper by these spirits to help us to transform our consciousness for the betterment of ourselves and all that's all the time we have for on this edition of what on earth is happening thanks so much everyone for listening we'll see you here next week