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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host mark passage Oh [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website Oracle broadcasting com today is Sunday November 11th 2012 today is 11:11 a huge day with spiritual significance as far as numerology is concerned because the 11:11 in numerological terms occult eclis is a light workers call and I would suggest that's why it is also Veterans Day because the dark occultists who own the minds of order followers want to associate that with doing the light workers work when it has absolutely nothing to do with that when in fact the following of orders without question which is what all military service my light awry service is all about it's about dispelling the light and it's about doing the bidding of one's occult globalist masters it has absolutely nothing to do with spreading the light but of course they want to associate it with that great that true great work so 11:11 the light workers call many people have brought that to the forefront over the last many years and many people have experienced the synchronicity of seeing the numbers 11:11 especially those who are waking up to the true nature of the reality in which we are all embedded so today on the show we're going to continue with solutions oriented approaches and I'm going to open up the phones for the whole show because last week I had apologize at the end of the show I did not get around to getting to your calls we talked last week about the 10th and really the final grassroots solution that I wanted to outline in any kind of depth of course we can get into many other solutions as the week's progress but as far as the Big Ten grassroots solutions for positive change as part of the section that I call the way out in the presentation of the material here on what on earth is happening we talked about entheogens entheogenic compounds also known as psychedelics and how if they were used in the proper context they could significantly open consciousness and open one up to the nature of the true self and essentially motivate someone to take part and take responsibility in a deeper sense of exposing the truth in our world and working toward really empowering people to make positive and lasting changes in their lives so that we can rectify the problems that we've been experiencing here on earth in human consciousness so last week we got into things like how and the agenda if they're used properly can help to bring the brain to a place of balance and that it can set right in certain imbalances tore in certain modalities of consciousness in the physiological sense within the brain we talked about the importance of set and setting the mindset that you approach such an experience with and the the actual environmental conditions that you are going to engage such work within we talked about the difference between the use of these helpers these spirit helpers is what I call them and the abuse of them using them for the wrong reasons or just simply in the wrong ways and I believe there are proper methodologies for their use and improper ones we talked about personal responsibility being something that has to be engaged in this type of activity if one is going to undertake it at all times and places you're always responsible for your own actions and we talked about above all else the concept of self-ownership that no one has a right no one has the right to tell you that you may not engage in such activity of the employment of entheogenic substances if that is your will to do so because you own your own body you own your own mind your consciousness is yours to explore as you see fit so long as you are hurting no one else therefore no one else may say that that is off limits for your exploration and before we move on and get into this in a deeper way I do have a couple of quick event announcements before we do that I want to give the call and number for the show the calling number is eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again the calling number toll-free eight-six 6-8 four one one zero six five call in and get in the cube because we're going to open up the phone lines for the entire show your calls and I want to hear from you on the topic of entheogenic o dellux okay we're talking about psychedelics here that's what entheogens are just a different name for these spirit guides that are here to help us to expand consciousness when in fact we find ourself backed into a corner as far as consciousness is concerned and having a difficult time breaking out of the very shallow confines that we've worked ourselves into as far as what is possible what is real truth versus falsehood etc so I want to hear from people who have successfully employed entheogens to their benefit as far as opening up their own awareness goes I want to hear personal experience reports if you care to share them I want to hear your thoughts as to the the absurdity of the continued prohibition of these compounds and sent people saying they have absolutely no therapeutic value when in fact that is exactly what they are to be used for by nature itself if you've had a negative encounter or experience with them I want to hear about that too so your calls will make the show today we're talking about an theo genic compounds or in other words psychedelics and we're talking about them specifically in the context as a solution to help us to expand human consciousness and awareness and how they can be used as such if we take the time to understand both themselves and ourselves and they can be tools and helpers to help us to understand ourselves better but if we employ these tools with a healthy level of respect in their proper in a proper context in a sacred context I have called it so that's coming up on what on earth is happening today and I have a couple of quick event announcements of course coming up in April of 2013 the free your mind to conference a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult here in Philadelphia Pennsylvania on April 25th 26th and 27th of 2013 the location is the beautiful Arch Street meeting house here in Philadelphia at 3:20 Arch Street the featured speakers Allen Steinfeld alfred weber Andrew basiago Ben Stuart Bob Tuscan Cathy O'Brien Curtis Davis dr. dream freighter X Freeman fly Yan Irvin Jay Parker Jim Fetzer Larkin Rose Laura Eisenhower Lennon honor Lauren Moray myself Mark passio Mark Phillips just announced this week I haven't even gotten a chance to get his bio up onto the conference website I'll be doing that in the next day or two Marty Leeds will be speaking at the freer mind conference we're really thrilled to have him aboard Randall Carlson Ross Ben and Sonya Barrett 23 speakers lined up so far we're still going to fill I believe one more spot so there'll be 24 in total over this three day unique event here in Philadelphia next year advance ticket prices very reasonably priced for the Thursday conference $30 for the Thursday meet and greet with vegetarian food served we were we are also planning on having a musical event as part of the meet and greet that is to be announced only $20 for that event the Friday conference $40 and the Saturday conference $40 for all three days the whole package including the meet and greet with a meal and a concert and I can say that more likely than not we are going to be able to confirm the concert I don't know that for a hundred percent certain but it is about 95 percent I'm going to hammer out the details during the week and I should be able to make the announcement for next week hopefully but for the entire package with all of that you get with the conference with 24 speakers plus the meet and greet with a meal and a concert $120 advanced ticket price a an advanced ticket sale ladies and gentlemen is better than a donation if you're planning on coming out to the freer mind conference get your tickets in advance advance tickets will help to offset the cost upfront for all of the travel expenses and lodging expenses that the organizational team for the conference is going to have to shell out in order to bring all of these great speakers to Philadelphia this is going to be the biggest event of its kind on the East Coast next year Bar None get your tickets in advance for more information for more speaker BIOS and ticketing information please visit the conference website at WWF read your mind conference calm the free your mind to conference April 25th 26th and 27th right here in Philadelphia the truth freedom prosperity documentary and screening documentary screening and discussion evening we'll be taking place Thursday November 29 2012 here in Philadelphia at a scene food market on the corner of 4th and Monroe streets 719 South 4th Street the exact address here in Philadelphia 6:30 p.m. sharp screening time because we have a bit of a longer documentary planned for this month and this month we will be showing the documentary Turning Point a new documentary on the Bilderberg Group the globalist think-tank the dark occult organization known as the Bilderberg Group Turning Point is an excellent documentary I have highly encourage people to check it out if you're in the Philadelphia area on Thursday November 29th come on out to a scene food market and catch truth freedom prosperity truth freedom prosperities free documentary screening and discussion evening featuring Turning Point for more information please visit truth freedom prosperity org ok the ad free chip in effort for the show stands right now at still $200 we didn't get any new donations this week so ladies and gentlemen please keep the donations for this effort going any small amount helps we need 1000 raised by the end of January in order to keep the show ad free during the two hours that it is on the air so if we don't want the show to go back to having you know tons of commercials in the middle of this you know segments please make a even a small contribution many hands lighten the work so even a lot of small donations will add up so the ad free chip and effort you can go to the what on earth is happening website and right there in the top of the news section you'll see the the link to make a donation to the chip and effort and you will be able to see the chart at where the the donation stand currently all right so last week we talked about psychedelics as a solution in consciousness to help expand awareness if it is if they are employed if they are communed with in the proper context now two things I did neglect to do I actually talked about one of these things but I said that I was going to post the picture I didn't get around to making that until the middle of the week so I posted it with the images for today's show that are up on the radio show page or with the podcast image number nine you can go to in the radio show page underneath the player where you'll see the numeric links listed for images for today's show and image number nine is the image that I briefly talked about last week that I was going to post the word communion and I did have an inaccuracy in last week's broadcast regarding the etymology of the word communion which I want to clarify today I inadvertently said that muni ohm unary meant to think but it does not it actually means to build up or to strengthen or to fortify that's what muni o means so communion then means to strengthen together which is why it is a coming together okay in a communal sense and communion is sharing together and in doing so you are building strength among the community okay so true communion is strengthening together fortifying together and what I would suggest that internal communion does when you take true a true sacrament not an inert one an activated sacrament is it is strengthening together the left and right hemispheres of the human brain to build that temple that is within mankind to build it more strongly to build it up to strengthen it to fortify to protect this is what the word the verb in Latin muni o meu nere means okay so when you put it together with calm communion in me to build up together to strengthen together to protect together a very interesting connotation regarding what the word communion actually means from etymological point of view the other thing that I neglected to do last week that I want to do briefly here at the the top of the show before we start with starting with callers is there was a quote on the last slide last week which I didn't get to read because we you know we ran out of time by Terence Mckenna who I consider a very very profound influence in the employment of entheogens psychedelics in my own life and many will have you know different takes on McKenna and that's fine I happen to think he largely was a very well-intentioned human being and he was off on some of the things that he got into and spoke about but I don't hold that against anybody not every single person will have every single aspect of the picture or puzzle therefore I do look at McKenna's work as very valuable I highly recommend his books especially food of the gods and the archaic revival if you haven't already checked those out they are I think essential reading he got into his time wave theory and depth within his book with his brother Dennis McKenna called the invisible landscape which i think was also excellent but a very technical read but um Terence Mckenna was a a wordsmith he understood the power of words the power of language to affect and influence the mind and he had a way with words and he could also have been you know comical and ironic at times as well so I had a quote at the end of last week that I didn't get to so I want to read that now and it's a quote by Terence Mckenna Terence once said that if the words life liberty and the pursuit of happiness don't include the right to experiment with your own consciousness then the Declaration of Independence isn't worth the hemp it was written on and that's just it that hits the nail on the head as far as I'm concerned because the entire issue about entheogenic employment has everything to do with self ownership then if you are the one who gets to decide how your consciousness is going to be directed and steered okay if you're the one doing that and no one else is actually in charge of that or owns your consciousness and how can anyone say that an experience that exists within a human being is actually off-limits that's the definition of tyranny as far as I'm concerned that is the definition of slavery as far as I am concerned because what someone else is saying to you is that they own your body and they own your mind that it is theirs and they can get to determine what you may experience with your body in mind so I don't see how it could possibly be any more clear-cut but maybe we have people who actually disagree with that so let's go to the phones and we'll take your calls for the rest of the show the toll-free number to join us once again eight six six eight four one one zero six five call to join us on what on earth is happening our topic for today is psychedelics okay here we go area code six zero two you are live on what on earth is happening welcome hello mark exciting from Phoenix Ivan welcome good to hear from you I found much better this week yes not bad connection okay because I'm at work but not in a different section so no problem okay well yeah I listen to your show last week and that you were speaking there were a few thoughts that came to mind so when you were talking about and seojun's and the mind being kind of dirty or in cleaning it out there were Mogami of micro cesarean the the word sanitize yes the clean make clean yes and yet how that word is so close to the word insanity right word the mind is dirty underneath to be cleaned and that's right that's always stuck with me that's always stuck with me how everybody everyday crushes their teeth takes a shower bathes and all this to be clean but yet no one thinks to cleanse what's in their head in their mind and the brain there is acting and and I would think that these entheogens these natural plants are like a natural way of cleansing the mind and surrounding the brain the word psychedelics itself the etymology of the word psyche in Greek means mind and delune were the word the second part of psychedelics comes from de Lune is a verb in greek that means to make clear or to make clean amazing that the right in the word means to clear the mind or to clean the mind and in that goes hand-in-hand with sanity sanitized sanitation to keep clean and insanity is the opposite its dirtiness of the mind it is you know a you know sludge built up in the mind all the negative and untrue and completely erroneous axioms that we have taken into ourselves and built up over time these things can help to clean to cleanse to to clear away very powerful as far as words just the simple meanings of words go how much we can understand about you know what these helpers are really here to do to help us to do right I agree and there was another thing I call on the same line how some people kind of don't require and seojun's on their own through their own life experiences they can free themselves from just dirty mind this insanity whereas some other people like let's say law enforcement or or left-brained people right they kind of need that extra boost they need the soap they need concentrated and that's what the infusion I would suggest is for people of that mindset it's something that forces them to face you know their dirtiness or whatever I would agree and I would say that you know the individuals who may not require such deep cleaning so to speak are those who the the the balance of the brain hemispheres is probably not that far out of alignment maybe slightly have a slight tendency toward one side or the other but it's not really way out of alignment and it's not chronically out of alignment when it's chronically out of alignment one brain hemisphere particularly the left brain hemisphere that's when these helpers these spirit helpers and guides can really be very beneficial use if they're used the right way right right and then one last thing along the same lines that reminded me of a story that ROM das1 mentioned about his teacher how he gave him a whole bag full of bees and seojun's and his teacher consumed the whole bag and after May is this working and he you know wandah so the wide world I took the whole bag and nothing's happening around I was like oh my god you could overdose and he talks about how someone who was already but open mind already and liked and can take these things and it's like yeah I'm already there where is it supposed to take me right right it's all about cleansing the mind's eye it's been called many different things it's been called the third eye you know it's been called the one eye it's been called the center of the self it's been called the seed of the soul it's been called you know the doors of perception many different things that's been called but ultimately it's our connection with the higher self and our ability to see reality as it truly is and that's really that what has become fogged and clouded up and you know just tons of dirt thrown on top of it and again these things can be cleansing agents if they are used properly and if they are used with respect in a conscious context if we have the will to employ them in that way I think they can be very beneficial symbionts for Humanity to really help us to get through the the dangerous and devastating stage in consciousness which most of us here on earth are trapped in at the current time in history exactly and that's why the powers that should not be will tell people you're not dirty that's the way you should be is being covered in goop and you know being on that that that's fine that's the way it should be that way people won't go out and look for ways of finding themselves for example cannabis that's bad that's illegal marijuana mushrooms ayahuasca all this stuff those are illegal don't do that that's that's wrong because they know once people try these things their perceptions will change and see the crap for what it actually is sure and again keep it mine ladies and gentlemen none of us are advocating irresponsible usage or AB use we you know we accept that there is a proper usage for these helpers and then there is an abusive use or even to use them for simple escapism you know and I'm not saying you couldn't uh you know smoke some cannabis you know to relax or to just you know kick back with friends or something like that but I'm saying if you're going to really use psychedelics in their proper perspective and their proper context it isn't about just escapism or having fun and I talked about the joyride experience that you may get on the first couple of usages in that in that mental frame of mind but that won't continue really indefinitely from the majority of people they will begin to make you start to look at your own shortcomings and make you analyze yourself you know make you do some psychoanalysis upon yourself in the throes of the experience whether you really want to or not and I would suggest that's why they do not have any kind of a high abuse egde rate because when people attempt to use them for the wrong reasons oftentimes they get bit in the process by the the helper or the consciousness that is within these compounds itself it actually will bite them and say hey this isn't how this is really intended to be used and you don't see a lot of people abusing these because one of their extreme power as far as being able to change and modify and expand consciousness and to that they will make you look at your own crap it for lack of a better term they'll make you turn and look at it you know it's like holding your face in front of a mirror kind of and at least that's been my experience and been many other people who I knows experience with them so that's I believe why there's some of the most difficult things to abuse can they be abused yes they can we talked about that briefly last week it is possible to abuse even these substances but it's much more difficult than something like you know a street drugs such as cocaine or heroin or crack or something like that these are not the same class of compounds and that's the first myth that really needs to be dispelled is that all drugs can be categorized in the in the same class as the same class of substances and that is absolutely not true whatsoever but that is what the dominators want people to think is true because they want to lump all of the beneficial things like cannabis or psilocybin or dimethyltryptamine in with the more possibly destructive or abusive classes of compounds such as heroin and and you know concentrated cocaine such as such as crack that you know they want that obfuscated in the human mind to say oh it's all just grouped together you lump that all together and those are drugs and like I said last week the the compounds we're talking about here are no more quote-unquote drugs than I am quote-unquote a politician they're worlds apart world separated from that anybody that doesn't understand that clearly has not done the research they have not actually looked into what these compounds actually are so Ivan a fantastic call thanks so much for callin and you always bring some great perspectives I did you have anything else not not right now offhand but like I said I'm at work and I'm listening to your show through my phone so I'll just stay on the line and if you have another you know any downtime or anything to go is just come back great always a pleasure to hear from you my friend you take care all right you see mark thank you all right let's go to another caller area code five six to your live on what on earth is happening welcome hey Mark thanks for having me on hey what's your name Raj Robb Raj Raj Raj welcome what do you have for us first just quick shout out to Popeye he had you on I don't know a couple years ago whatever I listen to my show and you were talking about the occult in your tithe to the church as a nerd forget which position you held when you were on the dark side so pop when we push a pop-up Avenue on and now I'm on your show and your show has a lot of insight and great I just I feel like you offer a lot other shows have been offered even other great shows show hosts and so I really appreciate your words yeah I appreciate the compliment and Popeye from federal Jack he's a great guy he has me on frequently on to his show on Orion talk radio so that's great that you are heard about me in the show through Popeye and you know glad that you've been been listening and taking the information in and find it valuable exactly and back to the subject I guess I guess I want to touch on the historical aspect first because it's funny how I just you know what 1560 years ago these drugs were just all illegal pretty much and I remember advertisements hundred years ago said it has a toothache just rub some cocaine on it right so I guess it's not advocating advocating cocaine use or heroin use or anything but ever what you said last week now you must fight for someone's right to use even heroin even though how hurt or crazy that might sound because has personally known people who've used it's not it's not fun stuff oh absolutely well as far as that I guess it's funny how people forget you know it's just they're their grandparents and even their parents they look through times when everything's legal just second nature go to local drugstore to get a tearing to get cannabis to get whatever and now it's just Australia's 1971 the drug war they put all these memes and then people and people having researched MKULTRA which which is funny I find that because US government believe that the LSD that they're dozing people with could actually change them and mold them which I think they can if they keep on doing it every day right but I feel like it's do it once in a while it's exactly the effects the opposite effects proven for to help people with PTSD man-made version of some of the other options available shrooms in DMT but my personal experience in shrooms in DMT I think we're more on the joyride level and I feel like I agree with what you're saying is that I don't think I took in the proper environment so I feel like I need to you know get that set up get my mindset set up and right guess when you're in college when I guess when you're in college or whatnot it's just a joyride everything is it's so important the set and setting it could it can make or break the experience because I think it it is really determining the the respect that you're approaching the entire experience with and III believe that the the consciousness that you're communing with in that in the psychedelic experience kind of can sense that or it feels that and it knows where you're at and therefore it's going to kind of the experience is going to be tailored for how you have prepared yourself to approach it without any question and yeah what you said I wanted to touch briefly on what you said about the government attempting to use these substances for mind-control purposes people really need to look into that and that's definitely accurate MKULTRA if people who aren't familiar with this should definitely research it we could do you know ten shows on MKULTRA there's so much material and talk about the sick doctors and scientists who did these experimentations on human beings you know back in the the 50s and 60s and you really and leading up to the current day this is really an ongoing thing but you know they tried to use psychedelics to control the mind and really I feel that that fully backfired on them people will say oh well you know they were successful in a certain regard but as far as the psychedelics goes largely that opened up people's mind to a higher level of awareness and let them look at the absurdity of what was taking place all around them I don't really think it succeeded to the extent that a lot of people believed that it did I think it really backfired on them and they kind of let the the jack-in-the-box out so to speak and it was very difficult to put that that cover back on that lid back on after that you know that possibility escaped of what these things could be used for in a transfer transformational capacity so that being said it isn't to say that there can't be abusive usages of these against other people they absolutely could be done but again these substances are actually much more difficult to employ or use like that and I think that's what some of these mind controllers who are you know trying to use them toward that aim found out as part of MKULTRA is that hey this had an actual opposite effect and we're getting blowback from even attempting to have done this with the wrong choice of compounds in effect it got out and helped spark somewhat of an awareness now I still think that that usage back in the night the way that it was used in the 1960s wasn't as responsible nearly as responsible as it should have been and therefore it really didn't have a truly powerfully transformative effect on consciousness globally but it did open up some people's minds at least temporarily to see you know that society was largely about control and violence and you know help spur a lot of people on to dig deeper and do some further research in their own respect that being said not every one of the people that you know experimented with psychedelics back then fully awoke and many of them got a glimpse and then went back to sleep so you know it's all about sustained effort and it's all about really understanding the tool that you're going to be working with and then understanding yourself enough to engage a level of respect with you know your tool sets and with the the the consciousness that you're gonna commune with however you want to look at that you know I want you could look at it as a tool you could look at that as a consciousness that you're actually going to be interacting with at a personal level I think either way of looking at that is basically fine as long as you you understand it in in context that why you're doing this you know what you want to achieve and then again doing that in a responsible way and to bring it back full circle set and setting is one of the most two of the most important elements regarding that the mindset your pre-existing mindset has to be in the right place you won't want to do this in states of you know extreme emotional trauma or stress and you would want to do it in a trusted environment in a secure environment in a place that is set up for such exploratory usages and a place where you feel comfortable and safe and you can really you know delve into the experience in a immersive way and in a way that you're not going to be you know putting yourself in a position of irresponsibility by you know being around circumstances and situations that you might you know do something or mess something up in some sense or you know hurt somebody else you know it says make making the environment around you during the employment of these substances as safe as possible so that you one you feel safe and your experience is as transformative as it can be and again you mitigate the possible dangers that you might employ somebody else in a altered state of consciousness again we talked about last week you would certainly not want to be in any kind of a position of you know responsibility for other people in engaging these substances you would certainly not want to be around operating any kind of equipment or machinery that would be a completely irresponsible usage of something that is potentially transformative in a positive sense so great points that you've brought up regarding mind control and regarding the personal responsibility that needs to go into the the choice of the the proper mindset and this and the environmental setting when you're going to do such work so great points do you have anything else for us yeah yeah I had a couple of points and I wanted to take your comments on that soon heard anything about Silk Road and the online Silk Road and be connection with bitcoins I am not familiar no have you heard of what because I know about Bitcoin yes okay so what these people have done these quote-unquote drug dealers then create an online system through tor or nothing or Tories towards the free internet VPN virtual sided network service it's basically a no so you could surf the web and on exactly yes log on or and you use the corner and I hate the website you can look you can search this up honestly I'm not advocating it but I've I think it was not a lot of a witness present Oh quite quite interesting yes for those who don't know what bitcoin is very briefly it's simply an online secure currency that is an electronic form of currency that is very secure and anonymous and it's relatively new it's been being used for the last few years it's starting to become a little bit more popular and I guess they're using Bitcoin in conjunction with an anonymizer a web anonymizer called tor and explain what they're doing with it yeah so what they're doing is they're bypassing the you know the FBI v of all the law enforcement and they're going privately and they're having this forum and this marketplace for drugs basically and you could buy anything you could buy any ethno gin are you Oscar LSD shrooms DMT ecstasy cannabis I mean you name it you can get a prescription drugs and it's all anonymous you play through bitcoins it's all pretty much done trackable it's like ship it to wherever you want I mean they've it's busy I mean they're estimating it I forget the number a couple million right now in sales but you know you know how it is it's all under the table so we don't know the way I look amazing is when something's inherent rights are being abused they're gonna do whatever and runs they can to get around that abuse in a non-violent way and in that sense I don't see a problem with anybody doing that because it is a voluntary transaction and again there's no violence involved meaning there's no violation of someone else's inherent rights if they're all adults if they're all consenting then there's no no harm no foul it is a right that being said I think that the people who are so attached to want to control other people's body and mind are going to basically have there will be blowback from that and they'll try to shut this down you know as they always do because their will to control is so strong and they're so disease than sick they're going to keep coming and coming and coming and coming because they actually believe they own other people's body and minds they believe they are our owners that's all this ultimately comes down to and I don't think that that's even going to be sufficient to just get around them at a technological level I personally think eventually someone is going to have to stand up to these people let them know 100% openly and forcefully we are not your slaves you do not own us I own my body I own my mind I am the one who experiences my own consciousness and therefore I may do with it as I choose so long as I am harming no one else and I'm going to stop you in whatever way I need to employ to stop you from singing and usurping other people's rights because you are not in the right to do that you have no right there is no inherent legitimacy for you to stop anybody from exploring their consciousness as they see fit so long as they are harming no one else that is not a human right and it needs to be stopped people not only need to try to do end runs around these people or ignore them they when they see rights being abused they need to actually stop people from doing that behavior because to just continue and allow that behavior to go on unchecked is not it is wrong in and of itself it's its participation in or wrong you're watching somebody else do harm and you're sitting there and ultimately doing nothing and that's why I think there needs to be even stronger pushback against people who say no you don't have a right to explore your consciousness as you will we do it's a natural inherent right it is a right that is given by the creator of the universe and no man or group of men or women can take it away the end so I guess you could say I support efforts like that you know I I don't see any moral reason that doing something like that is wrong so that's my take on on that yeah yeah no it's up it's great that people are fighting back in their power in the technology and everything just synergistically working together and people just not waiting on the sidelines saying hey we're not going to wait for the government or whoever we're going to create our alternatives systems to combatants and you know they created the internet through DARPA and you know I'll take nothing else Rockefellers words you know he said we should have never created the internet so they created it we use it against them and I feel like we have to do that in every front you know same with YouTube they're censoring a lot of videos but it's still where most people get their videos and you know I'm happy you got kind of YouTube channel an outside I subscribe to that so thank you for having me on in LaPorta absolutely thanks so much great call okay yeah I mean when I that I believe there are positive uses of technology to get around the types of control that people believe they have a right to and have absolutely no right to I think ultimately what we need is a whole lot more confrontation with dominators who actually believe that things that they do are their rights to do when in fact they have zero right to do what they're doing see no police officer can ultimately be a moral human being blanket statement folks get as offended about it as you like blanket statement if you're a cop you're not a moral human being no truly moral human being throughout history has ever been a cop upon becoming truly moral if one was a cop they have to stop being a cop the end that is a blanket statement extreme absolute truth why because a cop by definition is the follower of orders called laws which are arbitrary dictates of men that do not always align with morality with the laws of nature with the laws of right and wrong under the creator of the universe therefore they're saying this arbitrary dictate is law now and I am a follower of the people who dictated this law quote unquote therefore I'm going to now end force I'm going to use force against anybody who is going against this arbitrary dictate so if I see somebody driving down the road and they're not operating their vehicle in properly you know they're not operating their car improperly they're just simply traveling on their way and they have a substance that I deem that the law quote/unquote has deemed isn't is off-limits for human consumption consumption and ownership then I get to physically stop them physically take their freedom away find them demand money of them demand their property take what is theirs take their property from them the nerve of this attitude this is violence and people can't see it because they're so brainwashed they initiated force when they had no right to initiate force because no but because no one else was being harmed the only time anyone has a right to initiate force is when someone is being harmed and you are attempting to stop that harm from continuing then you have a right to initiate force you never have a right to initiate violence because violence by definition is the initiation of force that you had no right to initiate see the differences who started the force if you're the one who started who or initiated the force you're not in the right there is not a right to begin using force when no harm was taking place and this is what every single cop throughout history does not understand and the people who support police and support military they don't understand the non-aggression principle they don't understand that none of this is a right it's always based on violence the entire institution of police is based upon violence because all enforcement of law are enforcement's of arbitrary dictate you do not need law enforcers you need people who are willing to exist in harmony with natural law and if people abuse them people in the community already possess the right to stop them from doing it the problem is they want to shirk their personal responsibility and hand it off onto someone else and say no you act as the protectors of society and people will say well then all people would be doing is for trying to protect what they already own in their own prime maybe that's what it would be but why would it be like that because you didn't educate people from the beginning about what isn't what a right is not it isn't because human nature is so bad that people the majority of people would just act as complete lunatic animals and go and steal rape and pillage that is not human nature and anybody that believes that it is is sick themselves with a poisoned worldview it's the current condition of ignorance about what a right is and what a right is not and that not being drilled hammered into the brain into the mind into the psyche of the youth from the time they're out of the womb and people will say well isn't that mind control yes it is ladies and gentlemen and I've said it before on the show that's the proper use of the influence of the other of another person's mind you start when that computer called the brain as young and you have to put proper software into it the problem is we have viruses we have virus programs running in the brain in the computer called the brain right now as an entire society as an entire species because proper software wasn't loaded when we were zeros six years old when the brain is a completely absorptive computer taking in everything all stimuli from its environment practically unfiltered and accepting it running it through that computer that's how the brain operates at a very young age they call it the formative years why do you think they call it the formative years ladies and gentlemen what's being done is a format of the hard drive a format that's why it's called format of years format --iv formative the format is being done to the harddrive formatting a hard drive is setting up the file system so then it can accept an operating system and it can accept software see the whole analogy to the computer system to the matrix is so relevant to the actual reality of this world and people don't think about it at that level because this all is a computer folks if you haven't figured that out yet you're living in a quantum hologram it's a quantum computer that's what you're living in that's what the whole experience of life is all about and if you don't believe that if you don't accept that as true then I would suggest that dimethyltryptamine might be able to help you out our friend Demetri might be able to render his services for you okay and he'll show you that this is a quantum hologram very very abruptly he will show you that okay and those who have who have been there understand exactly what I'm saying you'll know you're living in a quantum hologram believe me but see that that's the problem people are attached to this notion that they're distorted perceptions are reality and they're attached to the notion that because some six psychopathic lunatics calling themselves lawmakers told them so that they have rights that they don't have like to take people and take their freedom because they're engaging in a substance in their own body or even perhaps dealing with another human being you know and and and conducting a voluntary transaction of a substance that harmed no one else that both parties were fully consensual for you know they had fully had their consent on both sides there's no violence no violation the word violence is based on violation the violation of another person's rights has to have taken place in order for there to be violence so who's initiating violence the police are when they try to take someone's property away or someone's freedom away because they're engaging in a consensual or nonviolent behavior it's absurd anybody that can't see the absurdity on the face of it for the drug laws is undermined control and guess what I was once under that level of mind control I actually believed in drug laws years and years ago in my youth I thought it was right I thought it was acceptable you know I had to admit I was wrong a long long time ago I had to admit that I was wrong and see it from a perspective of rights of natural law forget man's law from a perspective of morality is it right for another human being to engage in violence against someone else because you don't approve of their behavior that's consensual and not harming anybody else of course that's not a right to do so all police are engaged in this even just by being in the police force you're you're part of an organization of a structure of a strata of society of an an institution that supports violence against other people and therefore you cannot be considered a moral human being it is an impossibility for you to make the claim I'm moral when you support violence no one who supports violence can be a true moral human being and in order to stop supporting that you would have to walk away from that the answer is quit your job literally it isn't about trying to you know just say to other people hey this is wrong maybe we shouldn't be doing this it's about saying I'm not going to be used for this purpose under any circumstances no matter how much I'm paid and therefore withdraw withdraw support that's the answer in every situation where there is injustice where there is a wrong taking place simply withdraw your support from it and stop engaging in that behavior that's the answer and that is that hard yeah you damn better well believe that can be very hard to do is it a simple solution it is very simple realizing what the solution is is not hard is not difficult to recognize but doing it is the hard part the willpower to actually do that because of all the attachments that are entailed that go along with working in this position that this has become your identity you're surrounded with certain kinds of friends you have a certain lifestyle and a home and a family etc and therefore all these these attachments come into play and then somebody just becomes committed to just doing what they know is wrong and that makes it doubly worse and I'll bet you there's a lot of cops out there who know what they're doing is ultimately wrong in a violation of a right they're not so brainwashed to believe that this is actually good what they're doing that they're active they actually have a right they know that and still do it which makes it willful partition participation in evil and that is what has to ultimately stop and if they're not going to stop it on their own I suggest that other people have the right to stop them from doing what they're doing we're coming up to the 2-minute station break we'll be right back and we'll continue with your calls on the other side of the break you're listening on what to what on earth is happening here on Oracle broadcasting we'll be right back [Music] I was born Oh shot garden behind the girl I'll make my father day [Music] that's why they call me how appropriate just as I was talking about the fact that there may come a time to have to physically stop people from abusing other people's rights that song plays and like I said and have said many many weeks on this show every single piece of effort that I put behind anything I do whether it be my presentations my videos this radio show all of the information that exists on my website everything I do in personal interactions and communications with other people is 100 percent all of it is geared toward attempting to stop or prevent that eventualities I am doing this to try to raise consciousness to a level such that we don't have to have a hot revolution I don't know whether it's working so well folks though you know the more and more I see the state of people's consciousness out there in the world is it changing yes but all too slowly all too slowly and I think that the people who are still attached to the pods of the matrix so to speak they love it in that little comfortable warm pod they love being attached to have all having having all of those hoses you know all of those hooks in them and they're willing to fight on behalf of the machine and so be it is what I have to say because a lot of the people in this world who do understand freedom aren't going to go quietly into the night ladies and gentlemen you can bet on it so that being said the topic for discussion today on the show is psychedelics entheogenic employment the employment of entheogenic compounds for the transformation of human consciousness regarding what last caller said about YouTube I do want to reiterate there over the next couple of weeks I'm you know working try to get some of these videos up very shortly I will have some time hopefully and I will get the major presentation up online on my YouTube channel and on my website and the presentation that I gave at the MUFON PA East Coast conference as well I also have coming up another presentation on natural law a condensed presentation on natural law similar to what I gave a couple of years ago at survive and thrive coming up at a future survive and thrive meeting here in Philadelphia so hopefully I'll get that on tape as well and be able to upload that to the website I think that will be very beneficial to have out there in video format and I will also be speaking I haven't announced this yet I'm gonna get all the exact details and hopefully make a public announcement next week but I'll be speaking at the Tesla memorial conference in New York City at the New York or hotel on the anniversary of Tesla's death on January 7th I'll be speaking the day before that on January 6th in New York City on Tesla and covert free energy technologies that have been hidden from the public and not brought out for reasons of control so hopefully that will also be put down on video and I'll be able to get that up on the website as well I really want to enhance the video section and start to build a little bit more on the YouTube channel so just wanted to briefly mention that before we go back to the calls all right the calling number a toll-free eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again toll-free called to join us the topic is psychedelics and drug prohibition in general eight six six eight four one one zero six five your calls this whole hour here we go Dave in Montana you are live on what on earth is happening welcome what do you have for us yo mark how you doing good to talk to you clean give a can of this yes a cop thought one time he had the right to smash my head against the wall and kick me in the shin for possessing and smoking a plant imagine that to need your clothes house you makes you fool you medicine that's right that's right but uh I called up about this psychedelics I think it's like everybody should witness a birth yes change the world I think yes the same way with psychedelics I think it's like open my heart to more love that I never experienced before can be amazing that I would something that I wouldn't tend to think you know and stuff like that yes I was in communicate like communion with the earth because I could feel you know it shows you how many how many perceptual blocks that we really have operating within ourselves because it opens those gates so to speak and allows information that is always all around us to be directly experienced and communed with and it shows you when you when you engage this experience it shows you how formerly shut down you really were and then hopefully we can maintain a level of openness as we go about our daily lives after that experience happens to be over but we're we're changed at a fundamental level that makes us a little bit more open to the totality of what is really there and all around us and within us opens your eyes up to the discipline of life yes it's it's so amazing how many people are just so dead set against that level of possibility it's like what do they hate so much within themselves that would make them want to lash out at somebody for just wanting an experience that is all about more connectivity to the all to the totality of everything around them and that has the potential of making them a more empathetic and sympathetic being what would they be opposed to what could they possibly be afraid of what could they possibly fee you know it's all about them ultimately not liking who they are it's about them hating their SLOS it's a level of self-loathing has to be present in within them too for them to lash out like that against another human being just for having an experience experience and what witnessing of birth as my eyes to a lot I think if everyone witnessed a birth by the time they were 16 years old and was part of a delivery right there would be a great great change in the world did I go through the whole life without even witnessing that understanding it's like the same thing with with these like mescaline mushrooms LSD PCP that's now can I ask you a question why what you worry might in messy we determine I personally but that's like then mess in your mind like you were talking about you have to you have you have to have be be open kind of yes like in a good setting you know like you all you guys I was talking about before it's it's a certain level of preparation mind is the work minds me I've learned this word animosity and that's what it really does man it shows that we are all divine right and we all are do this divine respect that is within a soul right and namaste such a beautiful word is to recognize the divine another I recognize this and in you right I respect it and and you know - we all want liberty and freedom and these things that we're talking about brings liberty and freedom because without trust without respect without onus absolutely can I ask you something the birth that you witnessed you witnessed in person it wasn't just you know I mean I've seen no food never witnessed an in person that must be really powerful oh man like I said there would be a better world we would live in a better world as everybody witnessed herself a human being and took part in bringing that baby into the room one there's five people in there than all the seven six it was wonderful a lot of people think it's a bloody mess yeah but that's what life is man right oh that's what life is and we got to deal with that what looks like and if you're an adult you could you could deal with I see a lot of people don't want to leave that on the early of the mom right so they look to the government they look to religion like her cops they're more like Sanhedrin now they're they're implementing a way of life if you don't go along with this way of life you're a sinner right back you know go along with the religion it's a new religion exactly yes and and psychedelics also showed me that money is like the most anyone that is had the experience then they think I'm crazy because I'm telling the money is didn't saying anyone who has had I'm the crazy one because I don't have gold fever anyone who's had the experience of simply even attempting to use over engage the concept of money in during the throes of a psychedelic experience well almost all agree it is the most ridiculous funny absurd thing that you have ever encountered in your life it's how much horror and evil just and then it makes you look at fractional reserve banking you know then you go over money or what's that money about then you've learned about low fracture oh that's that's like money so evil and I could see right through it it shows the comedy of our whole experience it really can't you know laughter is a big part of the psychedelic experience the throes of to see in so far as you know getting the laughing fits etc and that's all I think showing us the absurdity of what we have built up around us and out of all possibility that we could have made we've chose to make this prison you know it is but it shows yes of your existential angst I have called it or your existential doubt you know believing that you are simply the body and and the mind you know you are the the thoughts you know it can get rid of that it can show you that you're something far beyond all of that and you are one with consciousness at a unified field level of reality itself you know that you're you know really at one with the all if you get a powerful enough experience if you you know engage it in a certain frame of mind that can become the experience and for those anyway you don't really need them drugs to do deities right exactly it shows you the way yes and it gives me a glimpse into the unseen like the spirit a lot of people exists you know but those are the people I think that are caught up into the physical because there's the seen and the unseen and and get a little glimpse into the unseen and sometimes you don't want to see what's in you and seeing because it's you sure sure I think that's again a lot of the reason that many people will dabble in the psychedelic experience but they won't really do much work as a result because they don't want to see what it has to show them about themselves ultimately this is all about self-knowledge and it's what these things are really doing is they're they're forcing us to deal with ourselves at some level you know they don't want us away they don't want they want us to think that dirt ooh God their money is to God in their ways to way so of course people wouldn't you know who are in positions of control and power don't want anybody experimenting with things that can really show you the true nature of reality and the true nature of yourself they want you to continue to exist in their former psychedelics draws you to earth and you know who is the one that gives us life and the son sure dear well you brought up some great points on that very very mark it's great talk and you know let me speak my mind you take care of my friend and I I think you have a really really great point of witnessing a birth could really totally help wake up a lot of people because they would you know be able to see that that divine expression you know in all of us through the actual birthing process so really great call and a lot there to consider a lot there to uh to ponder okay let's go to another caller area code 9 0 5 9 0 5 you are live on what on earth is happening welcome hi mark Canada I'm sorry and I think that your name Pope Lucas Canada Lucas welcome I um today I want to know if it's alright if I go over my dimethyltryptamine experience and hopefully gave your interpretations of it absolutely that's what we want okay so first right after I took the DMT I started feeling a tingly adrenaline rush okay and then I saw vivid colors and sharp edges then all of a sudden patterns started coming up yes patterns that were like all encompassing yes and then I became a part of the pattern and then there was eyes in the pattern and they seemed feminine and they're looking at me and then the pattern started moving and then I was moving with the pattern Wow and then I felt like I was good and I felt like I was glitching and then um yeah I felt like I was glitching and I was losing all perception so like left right up down we're all collapsing in on each other I saw my like I saw a bunch of numbers going across the screen like I was glitching at a computer Wow and then I thought I saw my skull and then like from a third-person perspective right um it kind of like let go like it was it does and I had my last breath and then all these like light out light just left me like it was like I was made out of like lugging it was all leaving me and I was all in darkness I was kind of sad because I thought I'd died and then I I guess I like I was I was just floating in space at that point and then I felt like I was in a rollercoaster like it was bringing somewhere through space sure it was it wasn't intense but then I was moving towards something I the only way that I could describe it as a highly advanced collective database and I felt like I was I was a storage like saved file on it and then it showed me like my like I guess my file wasn't complete like that's the only way I interpret it it was showing me like I don't like a file or a battery of some sort and was like green on the inside but it wasn't coal yeah but I thought it was like it's not like I'm not dead you know and then I went into the the database and then it was an entity of itself and then I was still moving towards it like God all I thought was like a blue light and then I was running by like these blue or clear loving entities I mean they're uh they're just they're just showing you like love and then I recognized the police before I like I knew I've been there before I guarantee I was laughing I was how and I was like huh I've been there before I've been here before and then they brought me into like a white box like a giant white box and then the feminine entities like left me and then I was a swirling ball of like blue light in the middle of the white box and the boxes they look transparent like there's a lot of other boxes surrounding and then a black and white face popped up on the screen and one color was like inverting and the other one was like expanding and he felt like well it felt all powerful and it could be scary and dangerous to mess with but I felt like it was like loving and kind at the same time and I showed a bit of fear and then it like it sucked up like my fear like it eat my fear like I don't know it was like yeah I don't know how to really explain it but it was the fear elves and disappeared and then I felt like get it pardon I'm sorry it's amazing the level of clarity you are able to remember the the experience and the the progression of the experience in usually it's more hazy for people but that's great that yeah what did you happen to write it down like after it happened is that how you were oh yeah I had a yeah I had a recorder going so right when I came out I started so I recorded it that's a great way to do it yeah okay yeah continue I just wanted to clarify that good and then I felt like he liked that entity like that was on the front screen of the box it wasn't a block and wait I felt like it had expectations on me like I was like mighty at some point right then I felt like really embarrassed like I don't know I didn't know what to say and I felt really awkward and then he just kept laughing at me like he just just kept laughing at me I didn't understand and then I kind of felt like I was at its heel like I was a like a dog kind of in a submissive you know like head down and he was kind of like the more like I don't like above like looking at me you know like on a higher level and then and then um then since I didn't say anything like I felt like I was leaving and then I think he ate me but then I I saw like black and white flashing like checkerboard and then I was always leaving like I didn't want to waste my time because I wanted to say something and I I said I'd help defeat the New World Order and then I was like spinning out of it like in a vortex and he was laughing at me and I felt like everything had been predetermined like everything I don't know it just didn't feel like I don't know and then I felt like getting more in contact with my body or like a vortex feeling and then I thank the spirits for my experience I felt very Clanny and like I was a like the big energy conductor like I was a big watery energy conductor like my body and then I just felt more in touch with life and like less stressful and everything Wow now this as seemingly bizarre as it seems the people is somewhat typical of the strangeness of a really deep experience with dimethyltryptamine what would be considered a breakthrough experience with complete with entities I like at the beginning how you describe that the geometries that you were seeing became you became that you were like at one during the entire thing this is something I've experienced during the employment of dimethyltryptamine as well that it's all one substance if you will that you're visually seeing a representation of in the throes of the experience because I think what that is is you're seeing the unified field level of consciousness and it's all one thing but presenting itself in different forms or structures or geometries and the the entities that you encountered I feel are representations of the higher self and they're they're beings they're presences that are there to alert you to certain work or changes that perhaps you have to work on in yourself and I think you becoming the the submissive dog is you saying I'm open to the work that I still need to do and I am willing to do that it isn't that you know you were like in a challenging position with them it was like them saying well you know you were saying that you were under them and they were over you so I look at like that is like your lower will is saying I'm willing to do the higher wills work the higher wills bidding the bidding of the higher self you know to help raise consciousness up and defeat this dark cabal that you know you as you said you called the New World Order and basically I think it the left there is all about the the Divine Comedy the the absurdity of everything that we've built up around ourselves and how really what we need to do is simply take a step back from it take a look at it and realize the absurdity of it and then leave it let it go release it release attachment to it so many people don't have that connection with that you know complete absurdity of what we've built up around us that they are still in that serious frame of mind to believe that all of this stuff that we think is real actually is real you know and it matters and it has to be protected and we have to make people conform like the gentleman on the last call said it's a new religion and it's all about making people accept that making them conform to it and I think an experience like this shows you how important the release from attachment is and what you're ultimately doing in releasing from that attachment is you're stepping into the slipstream of the higher will and then the journey of life becomes more enjoyable bearable tolerable and you know that what you're doing is geared toward the the the higher will and it's geared toward the right you know so that's to me is my interpretation I'm an experience like that but in all honesty no one can really interpret your experience but yourself and it sounds like you've integrated it very well there's you know the that after experience known as integration where you have to really attempt to make sense of what you were shown because what you were shown doesn't necessarily translate in this world you know you have to revisit it mentally and go back over it again and again and you know take a deeper look at some of the symbolism or geometries or presences that you experienced in the throes of the experience or the trip and again travel you like you you said you are traveling that's another big motif in the DMT experience of actual travel you know from one place to another yes so um it sounds like you did a lot of good preparatory work you're set and setting was very good and you integrated the experience very well especially through writing down you know actually taking a pen and paper and writing the experience down afterward so that you could have clarity because the freshest that's going to be is as soon as you come out of it and that's the time to record it and that's something I didn't really take work to do I have a fairly decent memory which you know I'm lucky to have but I wish I would have even written down some of my experiences right after because it does seem that they really dissipate very quickly almost as if a dream right after you're out of the experience so that's something I think you did that is very good that other people should take note of - thank you and just a little thing like I remember Terence Mckenna he had a quote saying that uh dimethyltryptamine was like divine wisdom falling through the yeah the cracks of your fingers yeah yeah exactly yes it dissipates very quickly once you know the the experience is wearing off it's it's like a dream leaving you that you're you know struggling to remember kind of hazy even though the experience is very vivid and distinct you know afterward it's it's very difficult to remember or to really attempt to make sense of and again I think that's why it's a good technique to use an audio recorder or to have some form of note-taking capability by your side so that you can you know put as much down as you can and then go over it so that is an awesome experience report I want to thank you for sharing that did you have anything else for us no don't thank you very much absolutely : great cool and it gives people a little bit of a verbal um you know ability of through words to try to put it into words for people to take in the experience from a verbal point of view and what I would say is of course words are always going to fall short when it comes to such a deep level experiences of the psyche so the only way to really understand what this experience can show you is to engage it and that has to be done in a respectful way and let go of fear and simply want to engage in an experience that can show you some higher aspect of the self if you so wish to see it and what I would suggest for people is to go and read and listen and watch other people's experience reports you can go to youtube and type in DMT experience you know DMT report you know it DMT type DMT experience reports ayahuasca experience reports on the web read the experiences see what other people are encountering and that won't necessarily color your experience I found that even engaging in the experience multiple times with similar substance it can be completely different each time and have a completely different motif and a completely different message for you for me it was different every single time and III I've seen other people that will say the same thing that they'll pull different things from the experience at different times that they did it around different situations with different people so it's a unique experience it's tailored for you it's personalized for you there's a message in it for you and ultimately you know you can go to other people for their interpretations but ultimately the introspective work that you do to decode the experience that's what it's all about and it's there for you so again thanks for the very interesting report and a very detailed vivid a recollection so thanks for that let's go to another call and see what we have here area code two six nine you're live on what on earth is happening two six nine welcome to the show what do you have for us hello mark yes thank you for doing what you do who we speak pardon me who are we speaking with my name is Kyle Kyle welcome thank you I just wanted to relate a healing experience I had entheogens sure a number of years ago I had a near fatal asthma attack okay and and was hospitalized and intubated and while I was so I went through this experience for ten days and then I was I was thought to I was it was assumed I would die and somehow I came out of it and sometime after that I was around a group of friends who began to tell me that while I was in the hospital they were sexually abusing me Wow while I was being intubated and so is this I mean you talk about mind body consciousness and natural law every one of those was violated in just just didn't being told this and I've always been an intuitive person who's been very you know giving and and so I began to feel very betrayed by this circle of friends that were telling me this right and and at first they were telling this I thought it was some kind of a joke and because this particular hospital I was in was he had a very open attitude about allowing people to visit and you know they were very loose about allowing friends and and family to visit okay you know I don't really have a family you know my family I always thought my family was my friends and so they began telling me one after the other that they were abusing me in various ways while I was under the influence of whatever drug they were keeping me under while I was intubated Wow and just began to really break me down hello do we lose you know I'm just having trouble talking about I've never talked about this before and I began to realize that all these people that I thought were I friends warrants because what friends would say that to you right and um so anyway one more time went on and I you know just kind of sucked it up and dealt with that and I put these people behind me and um not not as far as they should have been behind me at the time and then I went on I went to Europe to do some work and and then I experienced DMT while I was in England okay and that began to open doors to make me realize that that these people were sick sure they were saying and and it began to uh it really helped me and and the more you know and and when I came back I began to experiment with more entheogens and it's it's I just wanted to say that that it's it's been very healing for me at least to understand the sick the sickness of the people that would say this to me you know as helpless as I was tell me that and I don't know it's very it's very difficult to talk about I've never spoken about it before so these words have never really you know passed my lips before so it's you know as I'm getting a little emotional ISM oh that's fine that's understandable but the the experience of looking at it from a different perspective through the use or the employment of the antigenic substance really helped go a long way toward your healing and actually moving past and you know and getting over the the trauma of that experience would you say that that's yes it did yes mark it really helped me get past that I mean I mean there were several elements one of these people were my employer okay Oh ever since then I'm not I'm no I've not been employed for several years I mean it's in many ways the whole thing destroyed my life and and left me you know without many friends really even to this day and this is mine six years ago this happened and you know I found myself rather removed from the rest of the world because of that and but I will say so I was I was I you know I began to shake uncontrollably at one point and I really at the time it started happening I didn't really know what caused it I just started shaking and so I saw a doctor and he put me on some antidepressant medication mm-hmm this only made things worse sure I think citalopram was the drug I was put on but yet thankfully they want people on these substances to numb out the the emotions so that they can't actually come to a level of empathizing and come to a level of deeper understanding through work within the self of you know the imbalances that do exist both within themselves and other people they just want people ignoring that and pushing it away pushing it away and not being able to experience the emotions which is the worst thing you could possibly do because those are our guidance system for the proper direction that we need to go in life as far as compassion and empathy to what other people goes so III assume you eventually worked or weaned your way away from those compounds and you know really did that the internal work that you needed to do with you know with yourself your own consciousness your you know working through these issues within exploring you know again the underlying reasons and imbalances that these people did what they did and hopefully coming to you know some level of being able to you forgive at a higher level and then move on with you know your life for yourself but you you eventually weaned off of these antidepressants that these doctors had you on well I was on the citalopram and it really made me worse right because there was an inner an inner force that was causing me to break through whatever mask the pharmaceutical was trying to play yes yes and so it broke out even more so I finally and then people kept these people actually had the nerve to keep ribbing me about this and in my it did this bled into my entire social life and I finally went to the police it made me feel like I was raped I mean here I was intubated and helpless and I actually began to remember things and whatever medication they had me on and that's another discussion I was traveling through time on this stuff and and all sorts of things but when I finally came out of it you know when I finally came out from under the citalopram I went to the police which we laughed at me and and they investigated it but only on the most perfunctory level and it was kind of you know it just didn't go anywhere and I felt like you know I shouldn't have it just it just drove me to crazy points so I finally turned to because it was hard to find any and I had remembered when I was younger taking certain entheogenic mushrooms and things like that and now of course it's difficult to come by these things some insurances of course but I do want to think it is difficult as possible well they sure did and but I'll tell you our healing substance that I found was something invented by Sasha Shulgin who was who I'm sure you know who I'm talking first who was experimenting with synthetic forms of mescaline and one of his synthetic forms of mescal was a substance called to seee right and two's bi well I found to see I was an extremely healing substance it was the best thing I could come to you know to getting my hands on legally because a number couple of years ago you could actually buy that stuff right I actually found it and got some and was working with it and it really really helped me and it helped me get off the the citalopram and and I'm obviously I'm still dealing with this ashram maybe I'll always deal with the Satanic situation that was being imposed on me but at least I think what these substances helped you to do is build up your own will to actually deal and confront the situation instead of numbing out the emotions that the situation may have made you feel and I think that's better than you know doing nothing or just accepting what conventional quote medicine is going to give you in the way of antidepressants you know that that means you're not actually dealing with the root causal factor of the trauma you're just burying it and masking the symptoms so that you're closing receptor sites so you can't experience those emotions and that's always a bad thing because those emotions are there for a reason and ultimately to do the work to deal with that shadow material with that darkness is uh will bring you through the experience stronger on the other side so it sounds like that you're it sounds like that is what happened ultimately with you and you came out on the other side stronger as a result in spite the experience right I really did and and you know it's it's an ongoing work and you know I'm I'm getting better and I feel better about it I'm glad I was able to talk to you about it to the extent that I've been able to communicate it and sure well I want to thank you for for sharing the experience we've had so many great calls and uh you know that takes a lot of courage to open up about a traumatic experience and share with how entheogens helped you to move through that and you know like I said emerge stronger on the other side very much so thank you Mark you got a thanks Kyle for the call and for sharing that experience Wow we've had some great calls here today so far and that was really uh you know again took a lot of courage for someone to come out and relate a traumatic experience like that but that is the power of some of these compounds they can really help us to engage the emotions and work through something that has been traumatic and you know show us deeper levels of ourselves and even confront the all-powerful but very difficult work of you know moving past something that has been extremely painful for us also forgiveness can be incorporated in that as well which is a big part of moving through trauma so a very very interesting call there let's move on to another caller let's hear from Nathan in Arizona Nathan you're live on what on earth is happening welcome I'm well I just a couple things I'd like to bring to light be honored uns recent research anybody you know it seems like it's created quite a wedge and then psychedelic community and I really you know would like to just point out that without critical thinking you know psychedelics have been used for manipulation and be done right and yeah and it has been well I don't write and John Irvin is gonna be there for your mind conference right sure yes yeah you know I I have countless experiences throughout my teens and twenties I have a family so you know pretty much straight edge now but I'm frustrated with the fact that they are scheduled one most long to do drugs and we can't get proper research we can get proper set in settings and our mind our minds as the general public have you know we haven't been provided we've been provided compulsory curriculum you know like Russian education system all these years and generations have gone by and critical thinking everybody puts their logic before their grammar and to really get the full potential out of an experience on a psychedelic re-experience if you don't have proper filters installed from you know the Trivium and quadrivium right it's not putting the cart before the horse more or less you know I think that's really really haven't gotten as much you know we really have not been able to progress and the most important area that we need to progress I think as a as a species so I would like to just say you know like a guy was talking earlier about some seeing the birth of a human being happy sure you know would it be too much to say let's everybody you know that the chat all these experiences consider I mean all we all do we all have both of us I'm fine but really this um you know if we want it to not be expendable one signal to drug we want to be criminalized all these big things we can actually get real progress and not in this world but and I guess maybe the kingdom from within actually letting it come out you know maybe we should all be a little bit more sober and determined and use that determination to really figure out what it is to be liberated what it is to be independent from and I don't know that that's the only thing I have so many experiences that I can share with you guys I'm sure well I think I think those are all really great valid points and you know we have to be aware that yes anything can be used for good or ill depending on whether it is being used for its intended purpose or whether it is being abused used in the wrong way for methods of control I think there's probably many other things that have worked more effectively for control of in the dominators toolset than psychedelics television being the biggest drug in the world I think the most abused drug on earth is television and television is a drug that's something that people would not consider a drug and it is and these things which are psychedelics and and entheogens which many people would consider drugs I don't consider drugs I consider television a deeper hardcore drug than any entheogenic compound in the world personally and that's a drug that most people are hooked on and you know couldn't put down for a day without serious withdrawal that's a mind-control drug you know they're being fed a specific version of reality that they're addicted to that they are hooked on and you know it is about breaking those attachments and absolutely what you said is valid you have to go in with knowledge you can't you know the like you said people put the logic before the grammar and that can't be done you have to gather your information first ladies and gentlemen don't step into something blind do your homework do your research the reason people have experimented with certain things and put out information there is so other people won't necessarily have to take the torturous route route of trial and error and no self-experimentation and you know making a whole lot of painful mistakes you can gain a lot of knowledge simply by doing your own homework on all of this material and entering into the experience in an informed way so that's really good advice as well regarding um you know the infighting that you were talking about in the psychedelics community about who's involved with what and you know whether somebody was genuine not every single person is going to have the full picture there are statements people are going to be made that are wrong there based on their worldview not being you know fully healed and intact there are also you know you know things regarding um you know what is actually going on in the world the people have wrong or could have bought into that are put out there by others but that doesn't necessarily make one you know an agent of the dark side either so I think we have to engage you know logical filters there as well to say okay someone might have held this opinion which is kind of a similar to an opinion of one of the dark you know side but that doesn't necessarily make them one of them it just might make them uninformed or wrong about that particular aspect that they happen to be talking about so I mean that's what I try to also caution people to just because you don't agree with what one person says doesn't make them working for you know a you know a mind-control operation or you know means that they're their it shadow op insiders it simply means they might not be correct about that one aspect of reality that they're talking about at the time and their worldview may not be fully healed and integrated so that's another thing I think we should be careful about but all really great valid points especially the part that you bring up about really you know doing your homework knowing what you're getting into before engaging it and that's all openly available to us at this time in history through that little thing called the internet if we use it properly as a tool you know for our edification and our uplift in conscious so thanks so much for the call nation real Nathan really great points that you are brought up for consideration so thanks let's let's take another call at area code 6:02 I'm sorry six one seven six one seven you are live on what on earth is happening welcome my name is Brandon Carey hey Brandon how are you coming in loud and clear all right great I just want to thank you for didn't listening to this show the very beginning and he's taking me through quite the journey my friend so um during supporter of everything you do you're so passionate about everything and you use open my eyes to symbol literacy which I really wasn't getting but uh so I just wanted to thank you but on blossom I appreciate that very much thank you yeah I so I'm trying to pull you up here in Boston as much as I can but uh you know the print of the Flyers around the colleges for the three of mine to conference but uh I wanted to talk about it in Jim's stay on topic here sure what I would have experienced as a friend who you talked about that that crucial chakra let's say the part moment where it's Joseph Campbell talked about this where you can either go up or down right you cannot invade it or you can either go to the deep level of it and I'm a friend we're kind of opposite I'll take the antarians and I'll go inner and I want complete darkness I want to talk and have a anion battle conversation with and symbiotic entity that is exactly as it seems like you know they have a pattern to it almost a scientifically verifiable method it can be falsified you know all these different things about it but a great where is he he doesn't really want he's afraid of going down I think it's not the heart chakra but one was the stomach chakra he's afraid of going below and really facing the demons that are within himself so what he does is he opens his eyes he runs around and you know plays gaining those push-ups and runs up not yeah that's all great and great experiences nature and touch and feel and see all these great things and stuff and but I mean I think the real way to do it the proper setting is to experience and high doses and complete silence and darkness and yes many advocate that a bench yes yeah yeah and what I've learned is you know when I was that first time happens me I started to get nauseous and I ran to the hillside just kind of collapsed that's what I was going to die and I heard a buzzing in my ear kind of kind of it was almost like at home who is this got really loud and after that I love solids and almost in tears and I closed my eyes and the darkness all of a sudden I could I could focus on little little pieces of light and when I did they became clear and they trance into those photonic solids that we talked about may overlap each other and they were geometric and I realized it was an entity and and I laughed and the first thing I said was there you are that's the thing I've been looking looking for for my whole life it was right there and Brayton between my temple very my eyes between my eyes so well another thing that's my experience is not one more thing it's rustic it brings to that archetype what a level as well you get to see people as archetypes my friend right that I turn the old man at one point I think there's a important thing about you know stimuli during a trip or experience but I setting setting should be really reverential to the to be the plants or substance itself and you know because we really don't know too much let me know a lot but we don't know too much and I and it has to be combined with some sort of other spiritual practice whether it be you know some kind of meditation or you know even if it's we re again you're not seeming to create anymore sure my meditation is reading and I think you know if you don't combine spiritual practice with infusion the combination of both is great but if you just go will be anything at you and you get things like burning and yeah you'll end up with a right brained form of chronic imbalance if you did only that with no you know other practice like you're talking about we maintaining balance is the key here and again these are the most transformative to those who are already in a left brain overly five sense attached a worldview that left brain modality that when it's chronically dominant one becomes like a Dominator or you know you know overly analytical logical and and you know not engaging enough in the intuitive and in the creative aspects of life and in the nurturing and empathic side of the personality so that's those are the people I think that it can have the greatest benefit for if they're open-minded enough to give it a chance to and it can work wonders on them if they have that open minded approach but I agree it is not simply to engage over and over and over just because you feel like doing it and therefore you know can put you if you did were to do that in order to use it in some form of escapist means it can put you toward that right brain form of imbalance in which case you're not really paying attention to much of what's really going on around you and you end up not caring because you're like drifting in some sort of a spiritual haze or fuzziness that is there's no grounding in the real world then you know right and I'll give it just a really quick example this friend of mine they were always opposites he went up to a place in California to paying a canyon right off the cliffs and now the called it's called tribal Oasis this big kind of Burning Man 13 acre Indian Reservation place so we went there and did took some do Jennings and I sat there and I sat in one room in one position and you could hear every little noise making of from the I mean of the whole village can make the sense is extremely acute you know yeah and this in this room the mines my teacher he's sorry but he just he he we came in he was so loud he was just like looking at Hey look at this look at that he's like you know what no I'm gonna do what you're doing I'm gonna sit and meditate right and that's the you can't will you don't will yourself humidity I'm suffering this laughing to myself and then men lo and behold a person came up and said me shut up you know we're trying to sleep and I said man he was very much aware of what happened right right yeah it can definitely in that heightened state and get you to attune your senses with nature and again it can also expose things that you are doing that you're not consciously aware of and you know expose that and then make you aware of your own behavior and how you might need to make course-correct mints or adjustments to that behavior so I want to thank you for sharing that experience and we're running almost out of time here on the show us a minute left but so thank you so much for the call and all really phenomenal calls the whole show today of the the listeners who called in I want to thank for sharing their experiences with us and bringing up some really valid points remember this is all about use versus abuse and understanding the proper context that the sacred context the conscious context to employ these powerful transformative tools in it's all about personal responsibility and ultimately it's all about self ownership ladies and gentlemen remember there's only two mistakes one can make on the path to truth not starting and not going all the way that's all the time we have for this edition of one earth is happening we'll see you right here next week ladies and gentlemen good night