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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com today is Saturday March 2nd 2013 we have a great podcast lined up for you here today I'm going to be getting into the topics of organic food today and I'm going to get into technology a little bit today as a topic I'm going to be talking about planned obsolescence a little bit later on in the show but I have so many notes and event announcements that I want to go over so much is is happening and going on I haven't done a podcast in about a month I've been taking a lot of time reorganizing my priorities really focusing on getting the free your mind conference together and making it be the best event that it possibly can be so we're doing a lot of work on in the organizational front with regards to the conference and I again as I said last week I've just been refocusing my efforts and rebalancing myself because for a while there I feel that I wasn't being effective in what I was doing and in order to do that I wanted to take a step back so I did that for a little while and again the the podcast may again come at a rate that is less frequent as they've been right now and at some point I may start ramping them up and doing them in a very regular fashion again but for now I think you know I'm going to pace them out and put a lot of material together I want to talk about and come forward with it strongly instead of doing it in small batches and again the organization for the conference is taking the bulk of the priority of my time right now as the conference approach is rapidly now coming up in April so let's jump right into the event announcements and I want to go over a few short notes and comments that I have here and talk about some issues that are going on in the modern world and then I want to get into our dual topic today of the state of organic food and I want to talk about planned obsolescence when it comes to technology so the free your mind to conference of course rapidly approaching coming up April 25th 26th and 27th here in the city of Philadelphia for your mind to is a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult the location is the beautiful Arch Street meeting house in the historic district of Philadelphia at 3:20 Arch Street the featured speakers Allen Steinfeld Alfred Webber Andrew basiago Ben Stuart Bob Tuscan Cathy O'Brien kertus davis dr. dream freighter x freeman fly fritz spring mayer yan Irvin Jay Parker Jim Fetzer Larkin Rose Laura Eisenhower Lennon honor Lauren Moray myself Mark passio Mark Phillips Marty Leeds Randall Carlson Ross Ben and Sonya Barrett an all-star lineup to be sure it's good just gonna be such a phenomenal event really looking forward to it the best way that you could support this conference is to buy an advance ticket advance ticket sales are only going to be through the end of this month April 1st will be the last day for advanced ticket sales you have to have your your envelope postmarked April 1st or we're not going to honor advance ticket sales beyond that so April 1st is the last day for advanced prices advance ticket prices for the freer mind conference free your mind conference is also going to feature a healing arts Expo on Friday and Saturday days two and three in the the West room I'm sorry the East Room of the the venue of the arch Street house and we're going to have vendors in there for all kinds of healing arts and powerful information as well from local activist groups so you'll definitely want to check that out when you're at the free your mind conference and the advance ticket prices very reasonably priced thirty dollars for the conference on Thursday twenty dollars for the meet-and-greet on Thursday evening also featuring a concert a theremin concert by the divine hand ensemble $40 for the Friday conference $40 for the Saturday conference and for the All Conference special all three days plus the speaker meet and greet and theremin concert featuring the divine hand only $120 for the whole package for more speaker information speaker BIOS and photos and for ticketing information please visit the conference website WWF re your mind conference calm to support the goals of the free your mind conference will be throwing the fourth and final fundraiser for the freer mind to conference on March 30th 2013 it will be an online all day radio marathon right on the free your mind conference website for your mind conference calm you'll be able to tune in to the radio stream March 30th 2013 from noon to midnight Eastern the radio marathon fundraiser fundraiser number four for the free your mind to conference is going to be hosted by Bob Tuscan Freeman fly myself and the illuminated one Curtis Davis four co-hosts of the free your mind to fundraiser number four Radio Marathon on freer mind conference calm be sure to tune into that from noon to midnight Eastern Time on March 30 we'll be interviewing a bunch of speakers from the conference and we'll also be doing some prize giveaways as well on the air so definitely check that out and support the conference goals and let me tell you something folks a conference of this size and magnitude does not just throw itself it takes a lot of time effort work resources money all of it and people are putting this work in out of the kindness of their hearts because they want to see humanity be free and they're putting hundreds of hours of work into this endeavor for free so please help us support the conference and help us to pay the travel expenses of a lot of these phenomenal speakers that were bringing in and it's quite expensive to do that to bring speakers in from all over the country especially you know with many speakers needing travel arrangements made to be flown in to Philadelphia and to be lodged in the city for a four-day duration because many of them are coming in on the date before the conference begins and then staying for the three days of the conference's duration so check please do check out that fundraiser on March 30th right at free your mind conference com also coming up in March I'm going to be releasing two new videos on the what on earth is happening calm website and the one on earth is happening YouTube channel I will be releasing videos of presentations that I gave over the last couple of months one of them was at the pencil Pennsylvania MUFON the mutual UFO network East Coast Conference and I gave a talk at that conference called morality and disclosure it'll be the first public video that I've posted relating to extraterrestrial phenomena and some of my takes on that so I'm sure it'll be a very much looked forward to by some people who won to hear my take on that I don't get too deep into you know speculation it's really about the moral issues that are involved in the ongoing cover-up so that is coming out that will be coming out on March 20th along with another video a shorter video that I did as part of the Tesla Memorial conference called why Tesla matters in New York in January and at that conference I gave a talk called scarcity to abundance which was really about why free energy technologies have not manifested themselves in our world and why we're still stuck in an energy paradigm that is based upon scarcity and the depletion of the earth's resources and it's about the the mindset that is holding us back toward the manifestation of free energy holding us back from the manifestation of free energy I should say so that's what I got in into that in that lecture so two two presentations coming up both filmed by Tim Smith of signs of the time media and he did a great job on the filming and put spliced in the the presentation slides into the video he was the gentleman who also put together the Matrix trilogy decoded video which he I think he did a great job with that as well so these two new videos will be hitting the website on March 20th I decided to do that deliberately on the spring equinox so look for those in the next couple of weeks also a new project that I am looking to put together here in Philadelphia I want to mention this to find out if there is anyone in the Philadelphia area that might be able to help me to manifest this I have been considering instead of just simple presentations putting together more intensive seminars that deal with natural law and human rights and what true freedom really is and what sovereignty really is and doing it in a form of a all-day workshop something like that or maybe not even necessarily an all-day workshop but maybe you know like a six hour workshop with you know you know a three hour session a break and then another three-hour session something like that at a local venue somewhere in Philadelphia or in the suburbs of Philadelphia just outside of Philly someplace I posted to my facebook page this idea got a lot of positive response but still trying to find a venue for this I actually also contacted the folks from citizens for liberty an activist group I'm going to talk about it with some people at truth freedom prosperity and find out if there's someplace maybe we can do this where you know we have like a classroom environment and it would be like oh you know attending a class or a seminar on natural law and really going over the basics even having maybe handouts for people and you know bringing this information to people in a face-to-face setting instead of just talking about it over the radio on the internet with some slides you know doing it in a face-to-face setting and making it somewhat interactive working with people working them through their mental blocks to what natural law is really about and what sovereignty is all about and true freedom and you know looking at scenarios looking at specific examples things like that so if anyone in the Philadelphia area again please limit this to the Philadelphia area if you know of a good venue that we can do this at that would house maybe you know 30 or 40 people something like that and would be open to allowing something like this and you know we could do this maybe over you know maybe even over a couple of month period maybe like do it like night a week for or one day a week you know in the afternoon or something for you know a month you know I'm willing to break it up in two sessions even if anybody has a venue in mind please contact me at mark at what on earth is happening calm and again it has to be local to Philadelphia I'm not looking for something outside the city to do this I want something in this area that's easy for me to travel to and set up at and you know basically teach an intensive course an intensive workshop or seminar on natural law so that being said let's move on to another event announcement on March 28th we will be having the truth freedom prosperity monthly free documentary screening and discussion night at a scene food market on 4th and Monroe streets in Philadelphia and this will be the last time that this meetup will be happening at a scene the last Thursday of the month is when we host these we've been doing them at a scene food market but we're going to be switching the venue on this past month we just showed the first in a four-part series it's called occult history of the Third Reich a phenomenal documentary series that explains the occult underpinnings of the Nazi ideology and agenda and for people that don't understand that Nazism was a solar cult it was a cult of the dark Sun the Black Sun the Schwarz Sun as the inner occult order in the Nazi movement referred to it as if people don't understand that this was an occult ideology that drove the Third Reich you just are still asleep you know and if people don't understand that this is the same solar cult that's still ruling us today you just don't get what's really going on so we really got into a good discussion and a good bringing forward of a lot of the key players in the occult under world you know that that put together than the Nazi regime and the Third Reich enter the these same ideologies of course you know not the same exact people they passed down their ideologies to their successors of course but the same ideologies are at work in our world today and one could say that we are in the fourth reich so we're going to be continuing the the series that we started this past thursday we did it on february 28th at a scene and we showed the first part of this four-part series it was called a cold history of the Third Reich part 1 the Enigma of the swastika and it got into the symbolism that drove the Third Reich's mentality part two is going to delve into the Schutzstaffel the SS the protection squadron Hitler's secret police and their ideologies and how that was really based on dark esoteric occultism as was really as I said the entire Third Reich it was a solar cult and again their successors are really the people who are behind the Fourth Reich which is dominating our world today so come on out to a scene on March 28th for part two of this four-part series and then there are two more parts that we're going to be will be picking up the second half of this documentary series when we move the TFP documentary night to underground arts at 12th and callow hill streets that'll be coming up in April and May I'll have to move the date on the one in April because of course the last Thursday of April is the beginning of the free your mind conference so I think I'll move it to the week before in April or maybe we'll skip April altogether and start them in in May at underground arts off to see how tactic the the mid part and end part of April actually is okay I attended the Second Amendment rally that was hosted by the group called citizens for liberty an activist group in the Norristown Pennsylvania area I attended the Second Amendment rally that they threw it was called gun owners against crime and this took place on February 23rd two to three and it was awesome I mean they really did a great job great speakers are 200 people turned out with their weapons and there was tons of people with battle rifles in the street standing for the Second Amendment saying we will not be disarmed and I thought it was very very encouraging anybody that has been following the work I've been doing on the Second Amendment and just you know the inherent natural law right to defend oneself inherently the fan one's you know their inherent right to defend oneself against violence well no I'm a huge supporter of gun ownership rights and I feel that whenever a society is enslaved it has to be disarmed first for it to be truly enslaved and that's why they want a gun grab agenda to be put into effect here in the United States because they want to take away people's right to defend themselves against tyranny anybody that doesn't understand that's what guns and gun ownership are for again you're still asleep and you need to wake up and understand that the Second Amendment is not in place to protect just your right to defend your home or to hunt in the wilderness which again I don't I don't even look at as a more use of firearms because I'm not for hunting or sport or game or eating dead animal flesh but I do deeply understand that firearms are for someone's protection of their freedom when someone else is encroaching against their freedom that's what they're for make no mistake about it and let me tell you something the people who showed up at this rally understand that fact it's not an opinion it's a fact that's why the Second Amendment was ever put into place to protect an inherent natural right that exists in creation and the people there understand very encouraging that they understand those rights don't come from man they come from the creator of the universe and they are not going to sit and idly by and watch those rights be taken by any man when they weren't granted by any man so I just want to say to the organizers of that rally excellent job keep up the great work and you know it was an inspiring day for me and I don't say that very much when I meet with large groups of people but that was encouraging let's just put it that way so the feedback so far for the new podcast format has been very good very encouraging a much better than I thought it would be I thought people would you know miss the old radio format but every single person that wrote to me Bar None I couldn't even believe it myself said that they thought I made the right decision I made the right move were glad that I had parted ways with Oracle and that they supported a new podcast format and not one person who who donated for the ad-free chip and asked for their money back and everybody said please put it into what you feel is appropriate so what I did with part of it and I still have plenty left over that I'm going to do more things with but I bought a mixer it's a simple six channel audio mixer and I bought a new condenser microphone so hopefully that quality comes through in the podcast I don't know whether you know people will hear a radical difference I'm hoping it does come through I did a couple of other interviews recently and I think it did come through rather well on those interviews from listening back to the audio quality I was kind of happy with you know the quality that I got out of this new microphone so far so the money is being put to good use and will continue to be and thanks for all the positive feedback that people have given me on the new podcast format I want to make a couple of announcements about some shows that I was on recently I was interviewed by Gary Hendershot on wide awake news on Monday February 25th and I got into mind-control and occultism and natural law a little bit on the show Gary is on the wide awake news network it's the same network that Charlie McGrath broadcasts out of and it was a good show that's up in the what on earth is happening news section I was also interviewed on awake in the dream radio the podcast put out by dr. dream and Laura Eisenhower two of the featured speakers at the free or mind conference they also interviewed me on February 25th the podcast was actually broadcast the next day on the 26th on their radio channel their podcast channel we got into natural law self ownership we I talked a little bit about the sacred masculine principle of the inherent right to use force in a defensive capacity the right to self-defense we got into a lot of other topics as well check that out that is also in the news section of what on earth is happening calm um last week I made our last podcast I should say I made some comments that I don't really particularly like humanity I don't really like people in general and some people took that the wrong way or a commented that well when you say that people who are hearing what you're saying in your podcasts read into that and say well you don't like me and my answer to that kind of is I don't have to like you for the information that I'm saying to be true you don't have to like me for the information that I'm saying to be true I kind of stress over and over and over again that for people to understand the non-aggression principle you don't even really have to like each other you can even find someone completely distasteful and still exercise the non-aggression principle not commit violence you know an undue force against them so the whole thing of having to like somebody or even trying to project that you like them is is to me it's like the New Age hooks that are in people and I'm gonna really be getting into this in the free or mind conference my my presentation at the free your mind conference is going to totally tear apart the New Age movement that's what the whole thing is going to be on all of the deceptions and falsities that are in the New Age mentality and one of these things is that you have to talk and sweep pleasing tones to people and appeal to their ego and you know try to try to you know sweet-talk them and that's not what I'm about that's not what I've ever been about since day one I'm not going to pretend that that's what I'm about or that's what I'm like I've been very open and honest I told people from day one I'm not an apologist for humanity I don't think that humanity is evil by its nature I think it has become sick and pretty much become destroyed that's not its nature you know that's basically what they we've allowed to happen to ourselves in our ignorance and apathy and lack of will and you know my comment from last podcast stands I don't really like human beings I don't like what human beings have become and again I'm not doing this for human beings I don't know how much clearer I could on that and more honest and open about it I can be I'm doing this because I'm charged to put truth out into the world so the people who choose to do so may learn and change their ways that's it that's why I do what I do not because I like anyone I love truth I love freedom and I'm putting these words out and these teachings out to protect those things because I'm on the side of those forces I'm their servant I'm not humanity servant and I you know I'll keep re-emphasizing that as needed but I just you know wanted to put that forward once again for people who that you know are worried well people will hear you say that and they won't listen well don't don't listen shut the podcast off right now as a matter of fact I'm not concerned with who does or does not listen to this show if I wanted a ton of people to listen to the show I would not be telling people things that they don't want to hear I would try to appeal to their ego and tell them everything's going to be fine you know the the you know the the Starfleet force from you know Andromeda is coming any day now no action is required and just sit tight and it's all gonna be taken care of that's what people want to hear you know people who put that crap out on their you know information based websites or or radio shows get hundreds of thousands if not millions of people tuning into their junk because that's what people want to hear I don't need to do anything I don't need to really change myself or anything about Who I am or what I think or what I do you know somebody else has got this in hand saviours coming in to rescue us from ourselves yeah keep waiting let me know how that works out for you you know that's what people want to hear people don't want to hear what I'm saying because it it's telling them massive changes required that starts with the way you think well good luck selling that to anybody you know only the people who are ready to hear that message and what it entails are gonna come here and listen to this information so you know the AHA this isn't a popularity contest nor is it meant to be this is here for people who are serious students of the occult the hidden forces at work in our world and how to change the world and create a better reality for serious students of that that's what this whole show is and has been about and will continue to be about so you know I stand by the comment I don't like people when people change maybe I'll like them a little bit better that doesn't mean I'm gonna stop what I'm doing because the truth remains the truth and that's the force I serve so people also commented on the aspect last week of vitriolic speech and a lot of people say that doesn't work you know you get more flies with honey than you do with vinegar and my retort to that is it's never been tried in mass never been tried in mass people speaking the truth totally unapologetically right to someone's face and calling people on their own it's nut never been tried it's never been done if you could show me an instance in history word has been done I'd like to see it and I'd like to see you document it because to my knowledge it's never even been tried let alone been done so if more people spoke the truth and actually called other people on their crap things might change but unfortunately most people are too timid to do that they're too afraid of what other people think of them you know they care more about somebody else's opinion of them than what the truth is and they think that they're gonna baby spoon feed this to people and it'll take 10,000 years for somebody to get the ABCs of this well we don't have time for that ladies and gentlemen we haven't had time for that you know so I also stand by my contention that more people need to put this boldly and even rashly into the face of people who continue to support human slavery and explain to them what they're helping help them see it in a clearer way even if they're not ready to hear that truth make them see it hold a mirror up to their face and force them to see it it's never been done it's never been tried because people are too timid to even try it so you know I think where we're at in to the level of transgression that we have fallen into as a species and sweet-talking people is not the answer that's gonna make people think that what they are doing and have been continuing to do is okay which it is not so I like the vitriolic approach and I have no intention of changing it I think it's more effective when people hear when somebody is righteously outraged by what other people are doing and the way that they are thinking that is destructive to the ends of freedom and justice in our world I think that has much more effect than being timid and shy and oh you might want to look at how you think about this no be bold get up in people's faces with the truth that's why the lie is totally dominating the world because there it's bold and in people's face you know and the lie speaks to people with a sweet voice you know it tells them what they want to hear and Pat's them on the head and people fall into it they love it they can't get enough of it you know you look at a television news program these people all get dressed up and do their hair so nicely and they dress in their suit and their business suit and you know they get up there and you know they tell people a whole crock of dong is what they do poisonous sewage comes out of their mouth that that can only do bad things that are destructive to human beings but they tell people it with a pleasing voice and a nice smile on the face you know a nice crap eating grin on the face and people just eat it up with a spoon and and slurp it up with a straw well I think the approach toward telling the truth should not be like that we need to get up in people's face with the truth so that they can not refuse to see it so that it will be put up there and spoken in a totally unapologetic manner by those who know and that's all the universe is asking us to do it's not asking us to make that decision for other people as to whether it's to accept the truth or not it's asking us to tell people how it really is and then their karma is whether to accept it or not so I'm not interested in sweet-talking anyone people say I do a lot browbeating you're damn right I do the truth remains the truth no matter how it's said to people it can be again whispered in your ear by a soft-spoken seductress or it can be shouted through a bullhorn by a guy with a loud raspy voice it three inches from your ear it nothing's going to change except your reaction or receptivity to it that's it and that's all in the ego that's all rooted in the ego my friends whether you hear someone screaming at the top of their lungs two plus two equals four just because you don't like how the message is delivered makes no difference as to the veracity of the message whether it is true or not and that's all that ultimately matters and yes that is all that ultimately matters is whether it is true or not not how it is spoken and not even whether it is received or not again that is the individuals karma that wants to reject truth that's not my business that's your business that's their business it's it's each individual's business whether they want to recognize and understand what's really going on and come onto the side of the truth and be a part of that the unfolding of that force or whether they want to keep doing the same thing that they've done and keeping the truth suppressed the ego has everything to do with the perception of information so I totally am NOT for the method of placating the ego the ego has to be broken down and that's vitriol means acid acid wears things away it makes things become dissolved the ego needs to be dissolved the force that doesn't want people to admit truth that doesn't want people to admit that they are wrong that's the egoic mind we are not doing anyone any service by approaching people with this New Age attitude of if everything is good now everything is not good there is good and there is evil there is right and there is wrong the a lot of this new age bunk teaching moral relativism I'm so sick of it there's no such thing as right or wrong there's a device that those are dualistic okay and I call you on that it's nonsense this is this is moral relativistic nonsense put out by a cultists who are behind mu a a lot of New Age teachings darker cultists and you have to understand that there's a big deception going on with a lot of the information that's being put out by this community that doesn't even understand the myth the total lie of authority they they Dussel tell you with a straight face people in this movement that there's such a thing as political authority and jurisdiction and you know the the the claims of ownership made by other people on you or valid they won't talk about sovereignty because they're cowards they're cowards now they won't talk about sovereignty because that challenge is Big Daddy you know and his bull whip we can't we can't do that these people disgust me they're cowards and they're deceivers so look forward to a scathing at the freer mine conference on New Age movement from me again that's gonna be my topic breaking down the deception and lies of the New Age movement um another thing I want to comment on is that I constantly constantly hear the statement over and over again when I you know see people may be discussing the information that I put forward on the internet I hear the phrase well there's nothing new here he's not telling anybody anything radically new or you know that this is so you know earth-shattering and in its different mnestheus other things that I've heard before yeah-hoo-hoo claimed that it was when did I ever make the claim I'm gonna bring forward so much new stuff that no one in the world has ever heard before you know radically new concepts that you know you'll have no idea what I'm even talking about at first you know when did I ever make that claim that I had brand-new information there's nothing new you ever hear the phrase folks there's nothing new Under the Sun nothing new is going on here on the earth it's all the same old crap there's nothing new same crap different day slavery going on on the earth what what new information am I going to bring forward that hasn't already been said or heard a billion or more times I'm a collector of information and I organize it into a stepwise progression that is digestible there's more readily and easily digestible by people so that they can process it in a linear sequential progression that is the point of what on earth is happening not to bring up anything new cuz they're I couldn't bring up anything new there is nothing new for me to bring up the information that I deal with is timeless it is cosmic in nature it is inherent to the fabric of reality that's it so how are you gonna make something new from that you know it's just it's people who are just morons well I mean let's just call these people what they are they're idiots they're morons they're brain dead they don't understand the concept that there's nothing new Under the Sun they don't get that they don't understand what that phrase even means you know and they think oh well because I'm just starting my awakening oh I'm gonna go here and it's going to present something so radically different and new to me that I've never heard before well don't it don't necessarily expect that maybe you will learn something new maybe you won't from what I'm saying but I never claimed that I was presenting anything new I never even claimed that this was my information to begin with because it isn't this information is the birthright of humanity Peary is the birthright of free beings everywhere not even just humanity so you know I never made that claim that I present new information so I don't know where this concept even comes from or why people expect that I'm putting forward anything new when I go and listen to a research or online I don't expect him to put out new information I want to hear his take on what's really going on which is the same thing that's always been going on here least since human beings have been here and it's called slavery the only thing that would be new is if we got out of it got out of our self-imposed chains so to all the people who make this ass brained comment there's nothing new here all I have to say is wonderful work genius Brainiac you figured it out there's nothing new here exactly great detective work very proud of you so let's saw to a different topic before we get into the main two topics that I would really want to talk about big news two big pieces of news and you know I have to at least put some kind of a mention on the show on the podcast about these two pieces of news the pope resigned I mean this you know never happens I mean this is huge in the world of organized religion you know I'm not gonna say much about it other than you know whoever doesn't think that this has something huge to do with child pedophilia with pedophilia and uh you know crimes against children in some form or fashion again that's an incredibly naive point of view there's no way the Pope is resigning from his post okay unless something gigantic is in the undercurrents and guaranteed it has to do with sex crimes in the Vatican guaranteed I mean and that's my whole take on that and anybody with half a brain in their head has to realize that's got to be what this is about so I'll throw that speculation out there even though obviously that's not proven as a right now we know enough about his history you know involved in the cover-up of sex crimes and moving you know the parishioners of certain parishes to other parishes to go and do the same crimes against children in other places where they they weren't known and work with families behind the scenes giving them you know payment settlements to settle out of court so they wouldn't bring up these priests on charges it's disgusting what this pederast cover up cover up er at the very least if not a pederast himself has been doing throughout his his history is a career in organized religion so and you know whoever's offended by that go right ahead and get his offended as you want about you know your nonsensical esoteric version of Krishna exoteric excuse me version of Christianity which has nothing to do with true Christianity um not having been said I mean that's really all I want to say about the Pope's resignation if you call it a resignation or an abdication whatever you want to look at that as um the meteor that exploded over Russia also something I just want to briefly touch on a very rare that any human beings see something like that in their lifetime and live to have one that's just that size that it will explode detonate and maybe just hurt some people as opposed to you know making a gigantic crater where there used to be a city so that's an event usually makes ient estate 200 years or so and you know we probably won't see something like that in our lifetime but another possibility that that could be you know the goddess herself you know nature herself you know giving us a little shot across the bow if you will a little warning shot saying you know keep keep going with your immoral ways and you know I'm gonna send the big one next I'm gonna send the big knuckleball right down the middle of the plate next so you know that's that's my take on that is you know as things become more destabilized in consciousness here we're going to see more and more D instability in in earth changes and events that happen cosmic events that happen from space to me it's no surprise but nonetheless phenomenally majestic in its awesomeness to see that meteor come streaming through the Earth's atmosphere at the speed that it did and then explode in the lower atmosphere just an awesome act of nature itself that's my take on on that recent news so those are all the events and minor news items or major news items if you will that I wanted to cover the two topics I really want to briefly talk about here you know I probably won't make this a long podcast and again this is more of a stream of consciousness type podcast I don't have a like a formal slideshow prepared today about any of this stuff I just wanted to come on give an update talk about a couple of topics that have been on my mind recently and you know go from there maybe we'll do some more structured podcasts coming up in the near future but you know for now I just want to have like a kind of a stream of consciousness you know talk about the the state of organic food and the the state of some technology in our world now these are topics that I've been encountering and wrestling with over the last many months and the first thing is the costs of food in general not just organic food but all food if people aren't paying attention I mean you you look at the prices at the grocer grocery stores and at the supermarket's and it's just out of hand food prices are completely out of hand and this is part of you know how they basically degenerate a society by restricting access to good high nutrient dense foods and forcing people in lower-class strata to compromise and buy foods that are more adulterated and therefore their thinking becomes degenerated because they're not nourishing their body properly I mean it's very simple to understand the cycle and the agenda behind it to keep high quality and low cost foods off the market both simultaneously high quality and low cost and that being said I mean the quality of organic food isn't even how it used to be even as recently as a couple of years ago it's just the corners are being cut farmers are like doing some of the same types of practices of you know picking things too early obviously not nourishing the crop enough and it's just you can just see even in the organic produce items there is has been a to my perception a degradation and the quality of available available foods and that the prices that they're charged for our completely outrageous you know I don't make a lot of money largely the you know barb brings in the bulk of the Federal Reserve notes you know compared to the two of us I do independent work with computers but I mean it's so difficult to even have enough money left over for food prices you know once basic utility costs for a house are taken into consideration to even eat high-quality foods to continue to shop organic and high-quality and we continue to do it but it's like you know very it's very painful to do it because you see the toll that it takes on funds for any given period of time or any given month I can imagine what people who have are even less fortunate and make even less have to settle for and this brings me to the topic of organic food in general because I want to talk about the fact that this the prices on organic items are totally artificially driven up anybody that wants to you know be an apologist for these organic farmers who want to keep trying to present the argument that oh you know this cost so much more to produce and if you're serious about your health you'll be gladly willing to pay a premium they're full of crap let's just come out and say it just openly and honestly these people are just all about the money and I've touched on this before when it comes to like organic grocery stores like Whole Foods you know and Trader Joe's to a lesser extent Trader Joe's product prices are fairly reasonable Whole Foods as prices are so out of control I don't even know what to tell you you know and look i'm i do the monthly documentary screenings at a scene and this next month is gonna be the last one so you know I don't really even care their prices are so over the top at a food store like that I can't even believe people go and shop there and it's all done because they feel they can get away with it all these organic grocery stores feel that they could just get away with the rape just completely price gouging people who know that they're being poisoned won't have a desire to eat more healthy and they're going to put out the organic food as an alternative and it's price fixing and price gouging in cahoots with the food producers the farmers and the food packagers all of them together the food processors manufacturers farmers and the food stores the retailer's there is no effective actual reason that organic food needs to be priced the way that it is in comparison to conventional even if you said okay there's growing techniques I can understand that and I know people who are involved in growing food and I can tell you the price justifications are nowhere near reality of what they're claiming they need to jack up these prices to I could even see a small markup from the conventional stuff because of the growing techniques I understand that and I don't want to hear from people they're gonna you know go on tirade about oh this has grown this way and that's what justifies all this extra expense I understand that some of the growing techniques will fetch a slightly higher price but not the prices that you're seeing in stores when you go into organic grocery stores I'm sorry you're not gonna sell me that I'm not buying it this is price gouging because they have no competition if you had competition for organic grocery stores Organic venues organic produce places that you could go to and get organic produce if you had tons of competition in major cities there was no way that they would keep those prices up that high impossible it's because they have very little competition because the demand as high as it should be because people are largely concerned about the price people aren't shopping for their health they're shopping to get as much food as they can on as little amount of money as they can that's how most people shop that's the harsh reality and you know I watch these YouTube videos about people who say it's so easy you know these these new-age burnt brained morons is all I can I don't even want to be nice about it I don't even want to be nice about it because they have such a skewed version of reality in their mind they have such a skewed worldview about what they think is going on in the world because they live out in an area maybe in Southern California where there's organic produce stores everywhere and there is a lot of competition so prices are probably lower there and that's where they're largely being grown so they don't have to truck them across the country to the East Coast come out here on the East Coast and don't make a youtube video for me about how easy it is to eat organic at low prices okay because you're joking yourself these people live in a fantasy world and see the world through rose-colored glasses all day long they're living in a fantasy new age of drug culture the cup the new the New Age movement is their drug that's their drug culture and they're they're wasted out of their mind on the New Age stuff of bliss everywhere and the world is such a wonderful place because I could get groceries at three times cheaper than they're sold on the East Coast because they don't have to be trucked out there but because I'm ignorant to that fact I just exist in bliss and make youtube videos about how easy it is to eat cheap organic on the cheap your your pranksters you're joking yourself okay completely that that's that's all I can say about these people you know to and to put it very harshly you know get into the real world and see what's really going on not just what's going on around you that's the problem people have no global view of what's actually going on they only see their little micro osmond that's all forget it let's just shut it off right there you know no need to expand beyond that and find out what's going on in the rest of the world just a not the little microcosm it's so typical of Americans in general of just people in general but Americans in particular you know so I don't understand where these people get this from or what their salary is like what they're making you know because I you know I live like a pauper working independently and have to you know scrounge and scrape for everything I do and you know they're talking about how easy it is to eat organic on the cheap please if anyone can do this in the Philadelphia area let me know where you're going to get your produce you know and I'm you know people talk about food co-ops and to be quite honest I'm not saying it's not a good idea what I am saying is I've visited them in the past and I really do not like the the ideologies of a lot of the people that are there because they're it's it's a very and I'm not saying food shouldn't be openly shared and you know coops are not a good thing I'm that's not what I'm saying saying in the coops that I've seen around Philadelphia it has been largely people with a Marxist political ideology who is or running them and going to them in the brief interactions I've had and conversations I've had with people that are part of them and you know I just look at these people as completely asleep and which is why I don't really want to get involved in working with them in a any kind of a personal capacity even working with the coop on a monthly basis a co-op is something I'm not really looking forward you know I'm not saying I'm completely closed minded to it to trying it but I would rather go toward a farmers market solution or just smaller grocery stores that have some more reasonable prices which I have not been able to find that they carry anything that's organic you know you go into markets in South Philadelphia like for instance the ninth Street Market what's traditionally been called the Italian market here in the city in South Philadelphia which is walking distance from where my home is in South Philadelphia and it is just a conventional you know sprayed junk I mean it is you know food with laden with chemicals and pesticides and herbicides you know all kinds of poisons for the physiology I'm not interested in produce like that I want things I'm concerned with how it is grown with what is used to grow it I don't want chemical additives or fertile you know chemical additives using the fertilizer I don't want you know things to added to it to make it stay on a shelf longer these are poisons for the body and I don't want them in my body I want purity in the fruits and vegetables that I buy so one of the things I wanted to stress I mean you know if hey if anybody has any solutions as the word to get reasonably priced organic produce that doesn't break your wallet you know what in one bag of groceries which is what the the stores in this area do please let me know I know again I'm willing I'm you know open-minded to hearing someplace new and trying it out I don't really have much hope because I've researched and I don't see very much I you know I I hear about a couple of farmers markets there's a Amish farmers market that happens a block away from my house in the spring and summer that I visit every week and get a ton of stuff from them and I have no problem with them when I talk to them about the methods that they use for growing and you know they use a what it's what you would call it's not a legally certified organic but it's essentially organic methods that are used they're they just haven't been certified by an agency so I support Amish farmers markets in general but definitely open to hearing any new suggestions when it comes to that what the main thing I wanted to stress here is that please don't confuse people's willingness to grow food in a ecologically and health-wise responsible manner with any kind of true humanitarian reasons they're in this for the business more than they are for the health or you know ecological reasons they're in this to make money and as such they are seizing on a market they are capitalizing on a market that they can rush in and seize at a very high price command a high price because they know they have no competition and they know people are forced into a corner they love it they love that they don't want anything to change when it comes to that they're not interested in trying to have more competition these are essentially immoral individuals because God their God is that dollar bill that's what it's all about folks please don't fall into the naivete of believing that these organic farmers are some wonderful humanitarians and want to provide healthy food that is nutrient-dense for you know all the people of the world know they want to provide healthy food that's nutrient-dense to the people who can afford their price gouging and people may sell that's over the top that's so harsh mark that's how it really is folks and if you don't think so again you're super naive you you aren't really looking at what's there you're looking what you want to see there go to the motivation behind it if the motivation was truly humanitarian if it truly wanted to help people they would find ways to bring their prices down and make it available the people who really need it like people in the big cities and inner cities who are eating junk food because they can't afford to shop organic and yes that is legitimate when people say I can't afford it it's legitimate I tell people yeah it's worth investing a little bit more money but hey if you're gonna come back with five times less the amount of food you know people are gonna make the decision to say I guy just have to go with the the lesser quality stuff because I just don't have the money to shop like that I would like to but they can't afford it and that's because this price gouging goes on unabated because these people who are the producers and the growers know that they have people by the balls they know it and don't let them tell you otherwise that oh woe is me the poor farmer who has to keep my prices at rape anal rape levels okay woe is me I'm the one who's oppressed now you're the one who's gauging people okay because you know you have no competition and people have nowhere to turn for better food so they either have to come to you or they have to decide to poison their body and he eat crap that's the bottom line and that's really all I want them to say about the state of organic food which I'm not really even talking about the food itself I'm talking about the social dynamics of eating organic and I think you can tell I'm a little bitter over this because the plan is the starve people out folks that's what the plan is the plan is to starve the body of nutrition so that people can't expand their consciousness and understand what's going on and that's what will happen to the brain when it's fed a diet of poison and of a lack of nutrient-dense foods so the bottom line on all of this is get out of this naive mindset that these farmers are actually your friends they worship their God called Mammon that's their God I don't they want to tell you look let's put this way if it was so impossible to make organic prices you know reasonable why can I go to one or an Amish farmers market pick up organic produce for totally reasonable prices but if I go two blocks down the street to a supermarket I could get a similar item that's organic probably grown with the same methods and it's three times the price you want to explain that to me no no one can explain it because the answer is it's price gouging you're in simple it's the love of money these people's God is Mammon the almighty dollar they're not really there to help you I talked about this briefly before when we went into food and even food as a solution when we talked about all of negative consequences of you know the Western diet and you know the whole you know poisoning chemical poisoning of our food and then we went in into solutions and about organic food etc I briefly mentioned this there and told people don't think these people are all out for your interests because they're all about the buck that's it you know I mean the only thing I could say is support local farmers markets that have somewhat reasonable prices and sell organically produced food talk with them about how they make their food I guess that's the best bet but you have to go hunting different farmers markets finding them especially in winter can be difficult the market I'm I was talking about where amish come in from outside philadelphia and set up about a block away from here they don't do that in the winter so if it's it's even more particularly strenuous to find organic produce at decent prices during the winter season than it is during the rest of the year and again people will say grow your own well I don't have the kind of money to set up a garden and I don't have the kind of green thumb to grow through the winter in a small backyard in south philadelphia in the concrete urban jungle I'm sorry but you know I understand if you're very you know suited to gardening and I want to learn more about it and I'm open-minded learning more about it as well a barb does a bit better than I do with you know having a green thumb and and gardening techniques but uh you know I don't have land that I can just crack open and go plant stuff and you could say oh you can grow in barrels yeah well that's also extraordinarily expensive getting all that soil getting all those seeds etc and you know put you know putting the time and energy every day into doing that and especially making it work in the winter what does you know you're much more limited to what's going to grow in the winter climate so again I'm not a farmer that's not what I want to spend all my time doing right now I want to deal with farmers who produce good food organically grown and will charge reasonable prices not price gouge so you know any suggestions to that I'm open-minded and I'll just I guess leave that you know part of the podcast at that the second thing that I wanted to transition into talking about was something called planned obsolescence it's something I haven't really touched upon too much I've been really gotten into technology much at all we should do a couple of shows just on technology and you know my take on a lot of different things because it's something I know a bit about and you know could even pry I mean I know so much about computers I could probably you know do a whole podcast of advice on you know on computing in general and you know suggestions and you know troubleshooting and technical support etc it's what I did for a living in the past but I want to talk about the concept of planned obsolescence and this is designing things with a planned lifetime in mind after which the the device is designed to wear out or break just so people can go and have to get another one get something new or get the next model and there's really no need for this there's no necessity for it it's just designed to do that so you have to throw this one away and get a new one planned obsolescence and this came up because over the last the the reason this has really kind of come up in my life and is something that has basically continued to come to my attention so much that I said I have to talk about this in a podcast coming up is because over the last year to year and a half I have recently completely read fitted my home with all LED or light-emitting diode light bulbs there is every light bulb in my house now is an LED energy-efficient bulb and you know there was a lot of work into looking into the the right type of replacements because I wanted to go to a energy-efficient style I definitely did not want to go to compact fluorescent what they call CFL bulbs these are poisonous these are horrific energy emitters the type of energy that they emit yeah they're more energy efficient than the standard compact than the standard incandescent bulbs but the frequencies that they emit are poisonous to the human physiology they contain mercury inside the bulb that is very dangerous particularly as a vapor if the bulb is smashed on the floor if it falls and hits a hard surface the vapor that comes out of it is poisonous even possibly deadly and you know I just don't recommend them based on the technology is inferior to LED there's dangerous toxic substances in them and the frequency field that they output is just toxic it's poison I mean I had a couple of them in in this house years ago and just got rid of them all you know just immediately was able to recognize that these are just bad news and just tossed them I went back to regular incandescent until I researched LEDs a little bit more and you know this is a good example of planned obsolescence when it comes to the incandescent bulb many people don't know that a meeting an actual documented conspiracy was convened in the 1920s to keep lightbulb hours incandescent lightbulb hours down to a specified minimum they used to make them 2,500 hours and an even greater in many instances and this cartel of light bulb manufacturers got together and actually met to say we need to reduce this time because we're not selling enough bulbs we need to have the turnover time faster for our bulbs so they said well we'll make the filaments out of substandard materials or make them thinner so that they will wear out after 1,000 hours turning the bulb on and off filament breaks after about a thousand hours of usage and you got to get a new bulb planned obsolescence so you know having I'm the kind of person who I I hate having to do things that make me continue to deal with the physical world when I know we need to place more emphasis and time onto our spiritual awakening I want things in the physical as out of my way as possible you know when I deal with technology I want it to work I want it to be out of my way I want it to be available when I need to pick it up and use it as a tool and then put it down and have it be out of my way out of my life I hate having to go and spend more time on technological tasks than I need to I have things I want to be doing with my time productively and not wasting time replacing light bulbs and having to get up in ladders and change them every couple months not interested in that I want to when I buy things I want to buy things if I'm gonna invest money in buying something I want to buy something that's gonna be built to last I don't want to be gouged for something because this person doesn't want to build it properly and they just want to build it out of substandard materials and just reinforce the take make and throw away Society which is not only morally irresponsible and it's it's it's basically totally immoral toward the consent the the customer I almost said the word consumer I hate that word it's morally or responsible toward the customer we're not consumers where your customers get it right but it's it's also a moral toward the earth your your knowingly taking resources from the earth at a premature time when you don't need to be replacing those when it can be made better and last longer but know again the God is Mammon once again the God is money people don't care about other people they don't care about morals they don't care about the earth they care about worshiping their God that dollar bill that piece of paper that's their soul their God their soul their reason for being which ultimately makes someone a total piece of trash if that's your God that's the essence of your soul and that's your reason for being you're a total piece of trash if money is what you're about and nothing else and that's that's just everything you live for and breathe for so the entire problem with this world are people like that with no actual values the value when they think of the word value they only see a dollar sign they don't have any real values no principles so I again recently completely rial fitted the house with nothing but LED bulbs there is no bulb in this house that is not an LED I'm sorry there is one the we have a lava lamp an old-school 70's style lava lamp an original one and of course that needs heat so there isn't incandescent bulb in that one but that's about the only one left in this house they're all LED and I had to do a lot of research to understand the LED technology and to uh you know make sure you get the right color temperature for the bulbs because if you try to replace them a lot of these have you know you can get cheaper ones and they just are hideous in the color frequency that they output because the color temperature is way too high the sweet spot with the color temperature for people who you know just want a little bit of advice and I highly recommend the LED bulbs especially on the directional LEDs over you know these horrible CFL compact fluorescent bulbs you want to steer clear of those 2700 K maybe up to 3000 k color temperature you don't want to go above that you go above that you're into hues that do not look like incandescent lighting 2700 K is definitely where you want to be at if you're going to be trying to replace a standard incandescent bulb with an LED bulb and that's what I did for this house you know and I bought decent bulbs I didn't buy cheap crap you know each bulb that I replaced in here I spent ten dollars on and some of them for the omnidirectional ones I spent twenty dollars to get those people will go like wow you spent that much money on on light a light bulb well the light bulbs I bought are going to last 30 years they're not they're not made for planned obsolescence they're made to last LED technology is built to last and actually if you really look into it they last even longer than that the brightness will dim to an extent after a certain amount of years guaranteed LEDs are so long-lasting if you studied what the technology is I guarantee these bulbs will be burned longer than 30 years some of them so yeah I'm willing to pay a premium when it comes to something like that because one it's not planned obsolescence I can put it in and forget about it and I'm done with that I don't have to think about that aspect of the physical world believe me ladies and gentlemen there is enough aspects of the physical world that we need to deal with on a daily basis from cleaning our bodies to cleaning our cars to nursing our bodies to you know cleaning our homes you know to putting gas gasoline and your internal combustion engine vehicles since we don't have free energy technology unfortunately you know all of those things you have to deal with on a daily basis the entropic nature of matter you know just accumulating you know detritus and you know dust and debris etc just cleaning dusting you know I don't want an additional thing to be concerned about what I can simply take care of and you know have it work permanently or at least for a semi-permanent basis you know I might have to buy one more set of LED bulbs in my lifetime if I'm still in this house you know and and you know a total hits the fan situation doesn't happen and war not erupted in this country during my lifetime you know or something else you know if I do happen live to it to somewhat of an old age I may have to replace the the bulbs in this house one more time and by then I guarantee these bulbs will be down by that year if we're all still here these bulbs will be down to a dollar you know a dollar fifty of a light bulb if that so my point here is you know people will say well isn't that price gouging no it's a new technology okay these are people who are interested in putting out something that is better for the environment less energy expenditure saving people money on their electric bill they're made to last and think about how many bulbs you would go through in 30 years you'd go through a minimum of 30 bulbs most bulbs aren't going to last over a year minimum let's say minimum 30 bulbs that's 30 entire light bulbs all the metal all the glass that had to be you know manufactured the shipping of all of those bulbs to stores me having to use fuel to go into the store and get it and bring it back to the house etc add that up for all the bulbs in the house and then look at the environmental impact on something like that so I'm totally a supporter of LED technology and I you know I'm not even gonna you know throw out any brand names I'm not this isn't a commercial I'm just explaining this is an example of the opposite the antithesis of planned obsolescence this is what technology should be about making something to last building something that is good for Humanity that is good for the environment that helps save money have to save money for people yeah it's a little bit of an initial investment you know that every single light bulb in this house I could put my palm directly on and there's no heat dissipation you know I could touch every bulb you tried doing that with an incandescent bulb you'll blister your finger up I had xenon bulbs in a lighting fixture over our sink and I didn't make the choice that was done by when we were setting up the house the electrician who wired it happened to choose that fixture and we you know went went with it I replaced the whole fixture because you know there was no LED replacements for these xenon bulbs for forty dollars I got the fixture replaced but I mean those bulbs were so hot if I put my hand up to that fixture I could get a second-degree burn that's how hot those bulbs burned so you could imagine how energy and efficient they were with the replacement I put up there I could keep my hand on it all day he'll never even feel any heat at all totally cool to the touch all day no matter how long it's burning for if you haven't looked into it I highly suggest checking it out again 2700 K is the color temperature if you're going to approximate the lighting that comes out of a incandescent bulb and you know you want to also look for dim ability if you have them in a fixture that supports dimming you have it on a dimmer so what kind of put me onto this is I was talking to people about what I was doing you know and I even asked the electrician who wired the house hey do you think this is a good idea what I'm doing and you know what his answer was absolutely he said does it make less work for me yeah it does but I'm all for it because it saves people money they don't have to go and replace the bulbs these are built to last the light is just as good as incandescent lighting anyone who comes in this house would not be able to would not know that I have LED bulbs they would think it's standard incandescent bulbs throughout the whole house until I tell them they're LED bulbs they would never even think to ask that's how exact the light that comes off of these are okay and I counted it up I had in the main living room area of this house I had an incandescent wattage over 700 Watts going through one room with all the bulbs in the way that the fixtures are in in the in the living room of my house that on the first floor after replacing them with LED it is just over 100 watts in the same room and the same light the same actual approximate lumen rating or light availability is in the room for about a hundred watts that's seven times less electricity being used on a daily basis it's a No Graner a no-brainer so you know what in having conversations with people different people were you know expressing different sentiments to me you know Electrician said this is the way to go you're doing the right thing I think it's great which I thought was very encouraging especially that's his field he gets paid for doing stuff like this and replacing things like this often he's like it yeah it'll be less work for me in the long run but I totally am behind it which I thought was awesome you know and then I talked to some other people and they're like well I'm just not gonna pay 10 dollars for a light bulb period I don't care how good it is I was just like that's you know like such a closed minded approach you didn't even look at the technology or see what it's about or see what it can save you in the long term because all people are about is the short term this affects me like this in the short term I don't care how good it is in the long term you know just like the changes we need to made in respect to our thinking they're gonna have a long-term effect on human freedom oh they don't want to do that because it involves a little bit of shake-up in the short term god forbid anything be disrupted in the way I live my life in the short term doesn't matter whether I lose my freedom and my children lose theirs and my grandchildren lose theirs and my great-grandchildren lose their freedom now that doesn't matter all the matters is me mean me in the moment yeah so you know talking to some people about it I just got the this total other reaction and it's like you know okay you bought three bulbs here for the you know these fixtures and they were 20 a bulb yeah I spent oh my god I spent twenty dollars for a light bulb yeah but that light last 30 years you know and save a whole lot of additional resources from being you know dug up from the earth and and you know put forward and we're and then have it be recycled etc and having to be shipped and trucked and you know wastes of energy when they're when they're actually plugged in and lit to me it's a no-brainer you know thinking about the savings both financially and ecologically not a no-brainer but other people they have that short-term approach only what what's this gonna do for my you know situation just right now in the short term and they won't even bother like I didn't do it all at once it's not like I did this all in one day I did this in sections I said well here's some fixtures here you know on the ceiling I have some recessed fixtures let me replace these six you know there's six recessed fixtures in the area where I do this show in the room where I do my show out of let me get those six you know let me replace the kit the ones up above the the fixture in the kitchen I'll do those I did it in increments in sections so it's not like you have to do it all at once just like with any other type of change I didn't replace you know I didn't go vegetarian all at once I didn't replace all the incandescent bulbs in this house all at one time but it's just even just suggesting a small change to people it's just there's it's so alien and foreign to them and this is what this is what the government is planning on when they because they're going to make the old incandescent bulbs illegal they're gonna actually take them off the market and say you can't get them anymore at some point may I think starting next year this is going to push all these people toward the least common denominator the cheapest thing they can get their hands on which is the compact fluorescent bulbs which are toxic poisonous emitting horrible frequency fields but oh they're a little bit cheaper than the LEDs you can get them for you know a dollar or two well not wanting to spend that extra eight dollars or for a good omnidirectional led in some instances that you may need for certain situations if you don't have recessed lighting on your ceilings you know to get the the omnidirectional ones that are comparable to the the light pattern of traditional incandescent you might need to spend about 19 or 20 bucks and you know people are gonna you know have a knee-jerk reaction to that cost and they're gonna go run out when they no longer have access to the incandescent bulbs because guarantee they won't stock up on those and they'll go and get the compact fluorescent bulbs which is exactly what they want you to do because again this is all about undermining the health that's what it's all Tamilian reminding the health through frequency fields and that's what these compact fluorescent bulbs will do just look them look up the data on that it is out there in abundance how bad these things are understand about this technology now because you know I think people should be really looking at LED technology it's there it's ready it's ready for primetime and like I said I'm not endorsing any particular company go do your own research I'm not this isn't a commercial for you know any particular led manufacturer I'm just saying this is a technology that I happen like and I think it's it is something that's good for the very reason that it's not based on planned obsolescence and when I was trying to tell people about planned obsolescence it was like well aren't you mad at all and see I I wanted to replace the incandescent bulbs in my house not with compact fluorescent but with LED because I recognized that all of these a long time ago knew that all of these light bulb manufacturers were all about just keeping the hours down to a minimum so that they could profit I learned years ago about a light bulb that has been burning in the United States for over a hundred years it's in just outside of San Francisco California in a firehouse an incandescent bulb manufactured in I believe it was in the late 1800s and it was used in the early 1900s I think it was 1901 it's still burning a hundred and twelve years later a hundred and twelve years ladies and gentlemen an incandescent bulb built in the late 1800s is burning in a California firehouse for a hundred and twelve years uh yes you did not miss hear what I said look it up it's called they call it the Centennial bulb okay and this is proof of the conspiracy the outright open conspiracy by light bulb manufacturer cartels they I believe they called this the Phoebus cartel and asraam and Phillips were the main people behind that cartel and they decided to get together and say we have to reduce the quality of the material that we make these filaments out of so that they will break after a specified amount of time and they set the specification to 1000 hours and find any members of their cartel the manufacturing facilities that were manufacturing bulbs that exceeded a thousand hours and a great there's a great video on this actually I came across this about a month ago it's called the light bulb conspiracy very well done documentary on this very concept of planned obsolescence very well done now I'll post it with the podcast as a matter of fact but people have to check out the light bulb conspiracy to understand what planned obsolescence is and how it works in our world and start looking for ways to circumvent planned obsolescence don't put up with it one of the ways I don't put up with it as I no longer use incandescent bulbs I switched all to LED I don't have to replace any light bulbs in this house for 30 years I'm quite proud of that personally you know that that's one extra way I get my attention off the physical world and put it where it needs to be on bringing the deep moral essence of spiritual life of the higher life to people and I don't have to be as focused on the physical tasks of everyday life to the extent that I may have before of course there's many other aspects of physical life that do demand attention but that's one less and that's how I look at it so um you know when I was talking to people about this conspiracy that is open and documented you know and not denied whatsoever you know in saying well how does that make you feel they deliberately could have built this out of better materials made it available for the same prices you wouldn't have to replace light bulbs as much they could even maybe even make it more energy efficient and longer-lasting and yet you're basically being taken advantage of they're telling you no we want you to give us more of your money on a more frequent basis we don't care really care about you as a customer and you know the majority of the reaction that I got from just asking people that wants to showing them that there is a documented conspiracy about light bulb life incandescent bulb life I don't care I don't care whatever see to me that's there's so much to that that that somebody could just that's the reaction it tells me you don't really have any self-respect you you like being taken advantage of that's the first thing it tells me is that deep down inside you don't really deeply like yourself and you could say oh you're blowing this into something bigger than it is no I'm not psychologically that's what you're saying when you say I don't care to something like that I I don't really like myself you know I'm not saying you know go and develop some skill you know that requires enormous for saying how do you feel about being taken advantage of you know to say oh well you know you don't have self-esteem because maybe you don't want to develop a you know an interest in the arts or music or something you know somebody might not want to actually put that level of work into something that they don't feel deeply and strongly about but when it comes to being beaten for something being taken advantage of for example you know being seen as a consumer instead of a customer that should be treated with respect the this can only happen if the person doesn't have respect for themselves and then keeps going back to the same people who are doing this so when I was replacing light bulbs in the past it was wearing on me because as someone with self-respect I was like why should I have to keep replacing these this frequently I intuitively just knew they can make these out of better materials they deliberately may I knew that they deliberately made them to fail even intuitively before I even learned about the Phoebus cartel so I'm sitting there thinking this isn't something I want to continue to support I want to support products when I buy something I want it to be made as well as it can be made something built to last I don't want to go out and just buy a total piece of junk that being said I don't want to buy something that I have no usages for in the features I'm not gonna buy things with so many extra features I'm never going to use it like I didn't go out and buy a 24 channel board to do a little podcast you know to do a simple podcast with a microphone and maybe two microphones if I have a guest in studio you know I went out and bought something that's gonna work that's reasonable there works well you know I didn't go out and buy a $5,000 Newman microphone you know I picked up something decent that there was reasonably priced better than the mic I was using before it works well so you know this hat it comes down to south respect psychologically ultimately and when I hear the term the phrase I don't care I just don't care what that says to me is you really don't have any self-respect members of my family who I just you know said hey I replaced on all my light bulbs with LED totally energy-efficient saving money on the electric bill every month you know of reducing the electric consumption and in the house at least buy bulbs by about a sixth or seventh easily and they're sitting there like slack-jawed like I don't even want to hear anything about this like because that might involve me learning something having to look something up learn about it a little bit for a few minutes and maybe then go and invest a little bit of money into something new I don't have time for that I don't care about that no but you'll keep going and getting raped by someone who is just beating you because you don't know any better and don't think there's an alternative and that's planned obsolescence and that's exactly the mindset they want people in I don't care so you know I think I should do like maybe some memes you know like put out some memes out there for people like real simple phrases that people can latch onto like a mantra' because that seems to be what sticks in people's minds and just keep repeating them over and over and over and over and over again you know the first one should be I don't care creates a prison for everyone there you go how's that sound I don't care creates a prison for everyone that's the dynamic that's at work in the world folks you know that phrase I don't care when that's uttered that means I want to accept the very base minimum of the default settings of how reality is generated for me and everyone around me and it immediately descends into entropy by saying that I don't care there's no ordering principles and I don't care there's no true value and I don't care there's no self-respect and I don't care don't care generates a prison for everyone not just for you for all now let's put that on some t-shirts or on some Facebook memes I don't care generates a prison I don't care in quotes the phrase I don't care when that leaves your mouth creates a prison for everyone you know we should do some real simple memes like that and keep hammering them into people not caring is what makes you a moral there's another good meme not caring is what makes someone immoral that's the definition of immorality not caring you don't care about social justice you don't care about right from wrong you don't care about the suffering that's taking place in the world you don't care about the continued degradation of the environment you don't care about any of it and I'm not talking about carbon credit nonsense and you know climate change our Al Gore I'm talking about real environmental degradation and the real irresponsible use of the resources that come from the very dynamic living energy system that is the earth herself and just pillaging that and plundering it that's what not caring does I don't care creates a prison for everyone not caring is what makes you immoral and this is the response I got from so many members of my own family and what I'm peein people think people are waking up yeah people are waking up right in some fantasy dream world that you live in people are waking up said it being honest about people waking up because people say people are waking up because in the little new-age circles that they live in in there huh they daily hovel lives in their bubble world the other people that they interact with on a daily basis might happen to be semi aware and so they say well the world is waking up just you know spend the day with me and I'll show you how much the world is waking up you know go into the trenches of consciousness you know people are living on the outskirts of the town they don't want to venture into the inner city and there's there they're looking at the world from the outside and going wow that's pretty good that shell looks pretty clean and they're not going into the core that's all diseased and you know just completely degenerated now they don't want to look deep into that heart that blackened heart that is just all crumpled and wrinkled and ugly because then they might have to face reality and face what their work really is they want to see the world through their little rose-colored sunglasses you know and they don't want to call people on their nonsense when they say I don't care they don't want to be confrontational I don't want to be confrontational you know I want to make that person feel good this is the problem with the whole New Age nonsense it tells you that the goal of life is to feel as good as you can not to serve truth not to put the out into the world is in an unapologetic manner as possible so that it can be heard by people no it's to feel good don't you know your hat your personal happiness is life's goal that's your whole agenda I mean this is borderline hedonism what they're teaching in new-age circles these days and it's all nonsense and then they teach people don't call people on their nonsense oh they have a right not to care really because oh that doesn't affect my freedom or other people's freedom so they can just continue to do that on abated them not caring about issues related to wrongdoing being committed against other people them not caring a bit about the environmental destruction that's being done well see these dike types of dynamics that people say that they have a right not to care about unfortunately since we are connected and living in the self the same planet that dynamic is destroying other people's freedom including my own so I beg to differ with people that they have a right not to care they don't have a right not to care it's an immoral standpoint saying oh I just don't care about the loss of freedom well newsflash Punk you don't have a right not to care about that because you not caring about that is what's destroying my freedom and the freedom of other people who do care and therefore you are morally wrong for even daring to say about an issue like human freedom I don't care and again just something like planned obsolescence is a microcosm within the realm of slavery of things that keep us enslaved but it's an important issue nonetheless and it's a big pet peeve of mine that I can't stand and I think should be thoroughly rejected it should never be accepted it should be one of these things we refuse to accept and we should fight back against it at all times and places too very best of our strength and and knowledge so I highly recommend the movie light bulb conspiracy and again I'll post it with this podcast and that's really all I wanted to say on planned obsolescence and hey this goes on with so many other technologies to folks believe any lightbulbs at the tip of the iceberg I mean they get into it in the film with a lot of other technologies as well so it's something people just to put a seed there for people to think about I'll post a couple of links and I'll definitely post the link to that documentary film it's a good one check it out and with that having been said I think I'll wrap it up right there for this podcast and say everyone thanks for listening definitely check out free your mind conference calm the free your mind to conference coming up April 25th 26th and 27th here in Philadelphia please again 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