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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Laughter] [Music] welcome you are listening to what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches its critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascoe [Music] [Applause] [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com today is Monday April 8th 2013 and today on the show I'm really simply going to be giving people some updates as to what I've been doing lately and some projects that I have on the horizon and really mostly talking about the freer mind to conference which is coming up here in Philadelphia at the end of April I'll be getting into new material over the next few podcasts more likely than not that will be coming after the conference is finished and been putting a lot of work into the organization of the conference lately and of course putting a lot of work into my own presentation at the free your mind to conference which I'll be speaking about in a little bit telling people a little bit about what it's going to be about so let's jump right into some event announcements and we'll go from there the free your mind to conference of course coming at the end of this month in Philadelphia Pennsylvania for your mind to is a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult April 25th 26th and 27th the location is the beautiful and historic Arch Street meeting house here in Philadelphia at 3:20 Arch Street the doors will open at 8 o'clock a.m. each day with a preliminary presentation and then the official program will begin at 9 a.m. each day the featured speakers now you'll notice when I read this list there have been two changes to the freer mine roster of speakers we did have two cancellations unfortunately John Irvin has canceled for personal reasons and Randall Carlson has canceled for health reasons so yawn Irvin and Randall cars Carlson no longer on the roster of featured speakers for the free your mind to conference but fortunately we have refilled their positions in the form of Alex Ansari and Eve Loren and we're really excited to bring them on Lord for the freer mind to conference so here's the list of featured speakers Alan Steinfeld Alex Ansari Alfred Weber Andrew basiago Ben Stuart Bob Tuscan Cathy O'Brien kertus davis dr. dream evil organ freighter X Freeman Fritz spring Myer Jay Parker Jim Fetzer Larkin Rose Laura Eisenhower Lennon honor Lauren more a mark passio Mark Phillips Marty Leeds Ross Ben and Sonja Barrett advance tickets are no longer being accepted ticket requests for advance tickets are no longer being accepted but plenty of tickets will be available at the door if you're traveling to Philadelphia and your concern that you might not be able to get a ticket at the door do not be concerned about that we do have plenty of tickets available at the door no one will be turned away at the door so if you're coming to Philadelphia please let that not be one of your concerns you will be able to come in and get a ticket for the free your mind to conference so door tickets are still available although we are no longer taking advance ticket requests so this awesome event coming up at the end of this month here in Philadelphia for more speaker and ticket information please visit the conference website at WWF read your mind conference calm let me get into the schedule for the free your mind - event because I want to give people a little preview of what to expect as far as what's going to be covered on day one of the event Thursday April 25th the master of ceremonies for the day will be Bob Tuscan and here's the rundown of speakers and their presentations at 8 o'clock a.m. Tim Smith will be giving the first preliminary presentation called conscious immunity and the war on health at 9:00 a.m. dr. dream will open the freer mind to conference with with his Galacta vation ceremony 10 o'clock a.m. Marty Leeds will speak on pie and English Kabbalah 11 o'clock a.m. Alan Steinfeld his talk how to perceive new realities the truth is out there but are you 12 p.m. Jay Parker his presentation entitled true reality versus delusion 1:00 p.m. will be the lunch break for day 1 coming back in in the afternoon session at 2:15 p.m. will be Ben Stewart with his talk called irrational evolution 3:25 p.m. Alfred Webber his presentation entitled dimensions the ecology of the multiverse 4:40 p.m. Laura Eisenhower will wrap up the speakers for day 1 with her presentation called cosmic gaia sofia and our alchemy into ascension 6 o'clock p.m. will be the evening break 7 o'clock p.m. will be the speaker meet-and-greet and arrival 7:30 p.m. we'll begin the speaker meet-and-greet and the meal for the meet and greet 9:00 to 9:30 p.m. will be the concert arrival and seating 9:30 p.m. will be the concert that will wrap up day 1 a concert featuring the divine hand ensemble Friday April 26th day 2 of the conference the master of ceremonies for day 2 will be freighter X 8 o'clock a.m. our preliminary presenter will be Jay Parker his preliminary presentation will be entitled satanic ritual abuse 101 9 o'clock a.m. Curtis Davis will be giving a talk called how to free your mind 10 a.m. Ross Ben will speak his presentation entitled free your mound and your mind will follow the occult history of American mound griggers 11 a.m. Bob Tuscan his talk will be called the birth of a free mind 12 p.m. will be the lunch break for day 2 coming back in in the afternoon at 1:15 p.m. with Mark Phillips mind control out of control part 1 - 15 Cathy O'Brien mine control of control part two 3:35 p.m. Lauren Marais her presentation entitled gangsters in tiaras driving the Queen's Death Star 4:30 p.m. our second day dinner break 6 o'clock p.m. the evening session beginning with Jim Fetzer his talk is called when you have eliminated the impossible JFK 9/11 Wellstone and Sandy Hook 7:20 p.m. Sonja Barrett breaking the shackles of system controlled freedom and headlining day 2 will be Freeman at 8:40 p.m. with his presentation entitled operation culture creation thus a TANF occation of America day 3 Saturday April 27th the master of ceremonies will be Freeman 8 o'clock a.m. the preliminary presentation being given by John vibes called breaking the resource control monopoly 9 o'clock a.m. Alex Ansari with his presentation entitled solar maximum and the links to cycles of war social change and personal transformation 10 o'clock am evil organ the dark side of Cupid love affairs the supernatural and energy vampirism 11 o'clock a.m. freighter X the secret war on human consciousness 12 p.m. will be the lunch break for day 3 will be coming back in at 1:15 p.m. with Larkin Rose his presentation called removing mental malware 2:20 p.m. Andrew basiago the Mars project in u.s. time-travel history 3:25 p.m. Lenin honor will be giving a talk called the 9/11 fear-based mind-control program 4:30 p.m. dinner break for day 3 coming back in in the evening session at 6 o'clock p.m. with Mark passio my talk is entitled New Age and the suppression of the sacred masculine 7:20 p.m. fruit spring Meyer will headline the free your mind to conference on day three with a part presentation part one is entitled breaking the spells of the lies we live by part two is called occult knowledge of immortality and part three you are free they are the slaves and then we'll be wrapping up the free your mind to conference on day three at 8:40 p.m. to 10 o'clock p.m. with a speaker panel discussion and question-and-answer session with any of the speakers who are still present at the conference that want to take part in the panel discussion and Q&A; session and this will be entitled the gathering of the minds so that's going to be the freer mind to conference it is going to be a veritable light bomb going off in the city of Philadelphia you definitely do not want to miss it you want to be present in house at the Arch Street meeting house on April 25th 26th and 27th for what I can guarantee you is going to be the biggest and best conference of its kind anywhere on the East Coast in 2013 you can bet on that so that's a little preview of what the conference is going to be about let's talk about my presentation titled just a little bit before we move on my presentation is going to be entitled New Age and the suppression of the sacred masculine now listeners to this podcast to my former radio shows know that I've talked a whole lot about the Sacred Feminine and how it has been waning in this world and really needs to be needs to have a rejuvenation within us weather and we're not talking about gender here we're talking about qualities that exist within both male and female individuals the Sacred Feminine dynamic being the dynamic of care all the sacred masculine dynamic being the the instinct for self-defense when our rights are being violated and this is what the New Age movement as a religion is there to suppress in the majority of people religion in general is there to suppress this natural instinct to defend ourselves when our rights and our property come under attack and this is what I'm going to be getting into at the free or mind to conference how this natural inclination and instinct and this inherent right of mankind has been selectively bred out of us pretty much and not even really selectively bred out has been bred out almost across the board in people accept state sanctioned violence you know then they want to make people hyper-masculine and you know have that hyper masculine instinct within them but for people who are you know just your average citizens they want people completely you know they want your average slave on the plantation they want this instinct completely bred out of people and I'm gonna be getting into that which is why it always makes me laugh when I hear anybody referring to my work as new-age or calling me some kind of a hippie or something it's it's hilariously hysterical to me that I can be grouped into those categories without people even having the slightest notion of what I stand for obviously they you know judge a book by the cover I have you know long hair and so therefore I must be some kind of a liberal hippie or something and or I must you know be a total New Ager I'm certainly neither of those things and I'm really gonna be getting laying it - the New Age movement let's put it that way because this is the religion of acceptance and just bend over and take it pretty much that's what the New Age movement is really all about and I've attacked them several times here on this show because it's a deception it's I call it the land me and and many other researchers have called it the last cul-de-sac before the gold mine meaning before you get to true spiritual awareness and true awakening they try to lull you into this trance which is a religion and it's the religion again to get you to stand down and to just take whatever abuses are thrown at you because you believe that there's never time for the use of defensive force and I think it's a very naive thing and ultimately if it's taken a to fahren of an extreme I would go so far as to say it's complicity with evil so this is what I'm really going to be getting into talking about and breaking down specific new-age deceptions and then correcting them you know because there again there's that little bit of truth that they have to coat the poison pill in the coating of truth for people to swallow it so there's that truth the bit of truth that they give you that's a coating around the poison pill but we're going to we're going to take a look at what the real core principles are are at that people should understand in correcting I I will be offering corrections to these many New Age deceptions that are floating around out there and people are just grasping onto and accepting without any real level of critical thinking or principles being applied to them so that's what my presentation is going to be on and I do you know deliberately worded it with very strong language because I just want to call it what it is you know I was gonna call it New Age deceptions but I just said no let me just call what it is it's and we need to call people on their so that's the title of my talk and I guarantee you it will be one for the history books okay so that's that piece of news this week on Wednesday April 10th from 8 to 10 p.m. Eastern I'll be interviewed by Charlie McGrath of wide awake news.com thanks to Karen Quinn tostado for setting up this interview and also I believe lark and Rose will be on the program with me so that'll be really great another speaker of the freer mind to event you know will lay down some philosophy on Charlie's show and of course promote the free your mind to conference there it's the only interview I accepted during the ramp up to the free airline conference so I'll be accepting other interviews after the conference is over I've kind of put that on hiatus a little bit because of so many responsibilities due to the conference approaching we had the freer mind - radio marathon fundraiser number four right at four your mind conference calm thanks so much to bob tuscan and tim smith for all the work they did in setting that up this took place back on march 30th and we raised approximately six hundred dollars total we were hoping we could have you know done a little bit better during that radio marathon because so much phenomenal information was shared I mean it was a light bomb if you will of itself on that day twelve hours of radio with many of the speakers and some people who were just supportive of our goals for the free your mind to conference but what while they were not actual speakers of the event also participated in it like Rick Simpson and Mary toko and others so it was a really successful event as far as information goes and we're very appreciative of the people who did donate and you know that's not too bad because it does allow us to probably pay for the speaker for travel expenses for one of the speakers so overall you know good job that's how that fundraiser went so I want to talk a little bit about some of the changes to the what on earth is happening website that have gone on over the past month or so before I get into that we just mentioned that two new videos went up on the website this took place on March 20th of the spring equinox I put two new videos up they were both recorded and edited by Tim Smith I want to thank him for his great work on these videos one of them is called morality and disclosure and it was a talk that I gave at the Pennsylvania MUFON mutual UFO network east coast conference back on September 30th this was a great event I was really excited to be a part of it I got to meet a lot of great people and speak with them and participate in the panel discussion with them this presentation was about moral issues that are involved in the ongoing cover-up of extraterrestrial phenomena it was about the psychological dynamics that are involved with it really a cover-up of any kind and I think it's one of my hardest hitting presentations I think it goes right to the point in the heart of these matters it was my actual third foray into speaking at UFO and extraterrestrial related events conferences and whatnot so I think this is an excellent example of taking really hard-hitting information and bringing it into venues where this type of information really needs to be heard so that people can get an understanding of the causal factors that underlie you know why things aren't changing the way they want to see them changing why aren't we getting disclosure okay and that this gets into those causal factors about what we need to change if we want to see the outward manifestation change likewise the second video that you can find on the water on earth is happening dot-com website in the video section it's also in the news section links to these videos you could also view them on my youtube channel which is at youtube.com slash what on earth 93 you can also just link to it on my videos tab of my website the banner up the top links to the YouTube channel the second video is called scarcity to abundance and this is a presentation that I gave as part of the Y Tesla matters conference that the Tesla Science Foundation hosted at The New Yorker Hotel this January I believe I gave this talk on January 6th 2013 so this talk was about why we don't have free energy and what we need to give up the psychological mind states and belief patterns that we need to give up if we're ever going to have free energy if we're ever going to see that manifestation of Technology science and human know-how for the betterment of humanity it exists it's suppressed and I talk about the reasons why we failed to manifest it and this is a short talk I believe it was slightly over 15 minutes so really again hard-hitting and I think that a lot of people haven't really heard this information to the level that I've brought it to them in this type of an environment they want to talk about the nuts and bolts a lot at many you know Tesla and scientific seminars but once you get into the moral issues it's it's really not very talked about it's it's something that is very sorely needed we need to see more things like this I don't think I I don't want to be the only person doing things like this and bringing information like this to such venues you know I want to put out a call more people need to be talking about these underlying causal factors that's what these videos really delve deeply into I'm definitely happy with the way these talks turned out and again I think they're great production values as well so do check them out and share the information with anybody that you feel needs to see and hear it for sure so let me talk about some changes to the website the what on earth is happening website as act has actually moved to a new server I had to actually have it relocated and this was because of false advertising on the part of the former host of the site who build the features of the site as unlimited in both storage capacity and bandwidth that would be used by people actually hitting the site and you know transmitting data from it to their computers so that means I don't have to pay additional charges if I want to add more content to the site I can use whatever space I like as long as it's related to the site and unlimited bandwidth again means you're not metered as far as how much bandwidth users use when they pull data from your site or so I thought because apparently there's a discrepancy in human language where unlimited means 10 gigabytes didn't you know you know this was news to me you know they said I uploaded to many podcast too many mp3 files and on the actual page on the control panel for the server it says you are using 16 gigabytes out of an an infinity symbol gia I thought that men infinity but apparently ladies and gentlemen an infinity symbol actually means the number 10 so wouldn't you know that's what infinity means that's what unlimited means so then there will be people again who will pick up for people like that who advertise like that and in big bold you know twenty point 25 point font you know they'll have unlimited storage unlimited bandwidth and then in the legal agreement underneath it would that you have to see the link with a magnifying glass click that and then in further 5 print 28 paragraphs down it'll say unlimited applies only to PHP documents and graphics and you know but hey there's no other data that you can put on a website like audio or and videos and you know I won't even be complaining folks like I was you know uploading Hollywood movies and just keeping them on there as a sir and giving links out to friends you know whatever you know III wouldn't have a look you know I wouldn't complain about it if I was abusing a service like that I wasn't you know the podcasts or direct are the meet in the heart of the site that I put up there an integral part of the site you know that's what I consider directly related to the information of the website it is directly related is the heart of the information of the website so to me that's completely false advertisement and I immediately just said you know after arguing with the person for a minute and saying hey think about if this was done to you you put up a website invested a lot of time and then they hit you with this utter that unlimited means ten gigabytes how would you feel about it and you know the person tries to make justifications and I just said look if it happened to you you'd be equally as upset cancel the account I'm not taking any data down just let me get my database and I'll move on to you know another host so that's what happened and you know I had to spend a couple of days reuploading the entire website luckily there wasn't really much of a downtime when I you know move the domain name servers so I don't know if anyone even really noticed it but just wanted to throw it out there because this is you know part of the whole moral decay that has happened in America and you know how people misconstrue things and misrepresent things and again there'll be tons of people who have Stockholm Syndrome that'll just pick up for corporate America like that and say they could do whatever they want when in fact it's just it's just another form of no honesty no allegiance to truth greed and just trying to get the money and run you know that's that's all it is and that's all nobody's gonna justify it to me I don't want to hear anybody I'm not interested in your ill-informed opinion about them that being okay because it's not it's immoral everybody knows that's immoral if it happened to you you'd be upset you wouldn't want that to continue and yet it continued things like that continue unabated because people have no principles let's face it that's just all it's it's about okay that they'll just lie to you to get the money and then pull a bait-and-switch and then tell you you got to pay more okay so and and I really don't like I said I don't I don't care I'm just saying that's how it is I don't really want to hear anybody's justifications for cuz I know there will be and that's what it's all part of folks Stockholm Syndrome people are so identified with their own abusers that they will just pick up for anybody stepping all over them never never raise their voice never say no they just they love it they love it the way it is there's no concept of greed in their mind there's no concept of deception in their mind and they'll just pick up for these psychopathic idiots okay so I'm just done with people like that and I'm done with trying to convince other people that this is wrong if you can't figure out that it's wrong you're equally of a moron you know so that was the you know situation that happened with having to move the website so you know I have a not a slow DSL connection it's actually kind of is in the upstream direction is very slow I have a 1 megabit upstream connection to the Internet which is a disgrace my downstream speed is pretty decent it's 12 megabits but I don't have fiber-optic service here I only use a DSL line and you know sitting trying to upload a lot of data it's painful you know you got it you got to sit there you got to tie up your line when you're uploading it slows down all your other bandwidth in the house so when this next thing occurred it was kind of you know a real bummer the free your mind to one videos I'm sorry the free remind 2011 videos from the free remind one conference were taken off of the YouTube channel that they were being hosted at they were being hosted at Intel hub there they had a YouTube channel called not for sale to NWO well Intel hub had to change their name and they went through a I guess a bunch of legal threats from Intel Corporation who sued them over the actual usage of the term Intel you know because they claim that they own that word now no one can use Intel in anything they've trademark the word you know and this is upheld in courts believe it or not you know which shows the ridiculousness of human beings in the modern day we can now grant that corporations can trademark whole words and other people aren't allowed to use words anywhere now you know that'll be the next way that they actually eliminate concepts so this corporation has a trademark on this word you can't use it anywhere but anyway you know they they I guess didn't want to get into more legal battles so they took down all of their videos you know instead of just taking the name down like I don't really know the details of what actually occurred but they wouldn't agree to continue to host the free remind one videos I only put them on their account a couple of years back when I did not have a YouTube content creators account now that I do and I have my own channel I have now reapplied am there and had to relink all of those videos reupload them relink him it was a lot of work but it was made a lot faster by my friend Chris Augustine who I want to thank he is the gentleman who runs aliens the truth comm a great website check it out chris is the owner and operator of that website aliens the truth com he also hosts the monthly UFO discussion group meetup here in Philadelphia which I attend on a monthly basis and Chris allowed me into his home and allowed me to use his FiOS fiber optic internet connection to reupload those videos which only took a couple of hours whereas for me it would probably would have taken a few days not not even a couple of days but probably closer to a week is more like it to get all those videos uploaded so again I want to thank Chris Augustine for allowing me to knock out the process of uploading those videos in a quick fashion so I did get those back up and those are now all real inked in the proper places on the free your mind one website which you can get to at for your mind conference calm and then go into past conferences and clicking for your mind 2011 and those videos are back up on the speaker pages unfortunately all view counts and everything get lost when you re upload videos to a new place so that is just how it is so let's see some other changes when i re uploaded the new website i went back to high-quality mp3 files so some people may have noticed about a year ago I guess I started compressing the mp3 files down to I believe it was 24 kilobits per second I've put them all back up in 128 kilobits the earlier ones some of them were like 64 most of the newer ones were 128 the podcast I'm now encoding in 128 kilobit I think most people have reasonably decent download speed connections to the Internet and you know I'd rather have them up in high quality than worrying about the then worried about the few people percentage-wise that don't have decent internet connections you can get your friends that download them for you folks you know I I just I want the podcast to sound good and you know I don't think it's unreasonable to have somebody download a file that's like a hundred megabytes in the year 2013 so you know so that's how they're gonna stay and you know other people complain about the mp3 format and I want to talk a little bit about this again this is a little bit of a divergence from the usual type of material we talk about here on what on earth is happening but I want to just talk about my decision to keep the podcast in mp3 I'm not going to be converting the podcast to OGG or offer OGG Vorbis format as an option to download the podcast in the reason is nobody knows what AG is I mean geeks know what Oggy is you know I'm a geek I know what aughh is but the average person knows what an mp3 is knows how to handle it can download it can throw it on their mp3 player plus you know people don't go into consumer electronics stores and buy OGG Vorbis pliers there's a reason for that mp3 is that the de facto standard whether you like it or not whether you like the licensing restrictions or not it's what people use folks it's called you know that's practical you know appealing to getting information into people's hands in the easiest way that it can be done without making it so difficult that they have to keep emailing me and asking me technical questions okay I'm trying to focus on content and delivery of the content in as easy of a way as it can be done and that is through the mp3 format I'm not going to be changing that I'm not gonna be backing down my position on that I honestly don't really want to hear anybody try and talk me out of that that's my decision I'm free to make that decision I like the mp3 format quite frankly I like it over OGG Vorbis even though OGG Vorbis is totally open-source I get it I understand it I'm still gonna use mp3 that's what people know that's what people use that's what take almost universally so you get it out to the widest available you know amount of people that are that want to download the content put it on a portable player and that's how it's gonna stay so that's my talk on my take on the whole mp3 versus OGG thing now I want to just talk a little bit about the Firefox web browser Firefox does not yet support embedded mp3 files in html5 audio tags now I know that's getting a little technical for most people who aren't very technically oriented some of the geeks out there understand exactly what I'm saying okay what it means is if you have an mp3 file and you want to embed it in your webpage and you don't want to use a plug-in to do the embed you want to use just HTML which is the normal hypertext markup language Firefox will not allow this to be done in with an mp3 file the reason for this is due to licensing restrictions with the mp3 format and therefore what they're doing is they're eventually going to build it in so that if the mp3 file can be decoded by a decoder that's already installed in your operating system they're going to build it into a future version of Firefox I have removed the ability of Firefox for the what on earth is happening website at least for content and audio content in my web site to fall back to the Flash Player so it's pure html5 with no flash fallback capability I'm completely abandoning the Adobe Flash format on my on my site it I've considered a completely deprecated format that is you know almost universally frowned upon by you know open web development standards these days and I personally don't like it I really never did like it I think it was buggy I think it was slow I think it was resource hogging and you know when html5 came around you know not that many browsers supported certain formats but I think right now in html5 mp3 is supported in Internet Explorer on Windows Safari on the Mac and Chrome on both platforms and that covers 90% of people and and what browsers they're they're using out there by default a lot of people still use Firefox I think it's taken a big step down in recent years and again right now mp3 does not work in Firefox so if you go to my podcast page in Firefox you will not be able to play the mp3 you can only download them and then play them with a player on your computer that is in that is how I intend for it to work I'm not going to support the Firefox web browser to play mp3s by adding a flash fallback support in the site in the code of the site I don't want to do that I'm not going to do that so be aware Firefox is going to eventually work with mp3s the makers of the program have Mozilla have said that they will be supporting on most mostly all platforms the ability to play mp3s inside the web browser eventually it's not that way right now but at some future release version mp3s will work again and you will be able to simply listen to the audio in on the podcast page and the new section and anywhere else where audio occurs in the site but for now I just wanted to make users aware of that if you want to listen to the audio in the browser you will have to use a different web browser other than Firefox at least right now I recommend on the on the Mac either Safari or Chrome and on the windows side either Chrome or Internet Explorer prior just recommend Chrome on the windows side so that's that let's see what else did I want to get into future material for what on earth is happening podcasts will be getting into speculative areas I want to start talking about things that aren't just philosophical but are speculative and are scenarios that may or may not have occurred in the ancient past because I want to talk about our origins and what put us into the situation that we're in this is when we jump in a new material after the fur your mind to conference is over this is what I want to start talking about and opening the door to a little bit and trying to open people's worldview and perceptions up a little bit about because the world is stranger than we even think it is if you even think just the occult is the end of where the strangeness of this realm goes you have a lot to understand and learn and a lot of left brain individuals will have a very very difficult time with some of that and again I'm not even going to claim everything I'm talking about is 100% true I this is a speculative area of research that we'll be entering so I have joked around in past shows and said maybe you will change the name of the podcast temporarily - what on earth may in fact be happening you know it's speculation can help people to again open up their mind and try to grasp a larger worldview and understand more is possible than what you may have previously imagined was possible there are wonders in the universe we can scarcely conceive of and if we really want to understand ourselves we have to open our mind to those possibilities and we have to explore potentialities and what may have occurred you know different scenarios that could have led to our current condition as a species so we'll be getting into some strange places as we go forward in the future and I just wanted to touch on that briefly and let people know that's the direction I'm gonna take this podcast in the future because I've basically said everything that I want to say on the dark side of things and mind control and the methods of manipulation that were subjected to on a daily basis I've also brought forward so many solutions that people can put into place in their lives and there's so many more out there you know but I really want to go into some unexplored areas and take a look at potentials that we need to be aware of if we are gonna really have an expanded understanding of more likely than not what led to us being in the place that we are today so just wanted to put that out there for people and give them a little taste of you know what they have to look forward to on future shows that being said the last thing that I really want to talk about on this short podcast today again is really just to catch people up on some things that I've been doing what I've been working on get them excited a little bit about the free your mind to conference give them some of the the presentation titles tell people about some changes that have happened and why with the the technical stuff on the website and I want to really wrap up with talking about one of the things that I am really the most excited about being able to offer and it's really the direction that I want to take my work in general I'm not saying that you know I won't still be doing a podcast might be doing a live radio show again soon okay lots of things on in the works on board on the horizon for me as far as the the entire truth movement and you know awakening process goes but this is probably the thing that I'm the most proud to be able to say I'm going to be offering people in the very near future it's going to be a seminar on natural law in person face to face work group working with multiple people in an intensive seminar offering an intensive seminar to actually work with these concepts and ideas and have course material for people as well in the form of pamphlets resource lists possibly books possibly even digital thumb drives if I could get enough people signed up to be able to afford to get course materials in that form and purchase them for people for the course for taking the course we'll see depending on how many people join up so let me tell people a little bit about this this is a six class seminar called natural law the real law of attraction and how to apply it in your life the real law of attraction and how to apply it in your life not the new-age peddled variant watered-down variant of the laws of attraction this these are the real laws of attraction that operate in the world and ultimately through our free will decisions are constantly working to bring the manifestations of our behaviors to us so that we can actually learn and grow from that experience so this is going to be an intensive breakdown of how natural law works with specific examples given again resources that you can look into it's going to kind of be like my natural law podcast but extend it out and really broken down in more detail okay and have face-to-face interaction with people and scenarios that we can go through and understand in those scenarios how does natural law apply what would be the correct mode of behavior the correct freewill choice to apply an intensive breakdown of rights what they really are explore that those ideas in an in-depth way that's what this seminar is going to be about six classes okay they're gonna be six four hour classes each weekend a four hour class on a Saturday from 12:00 p.m. noon to 4:00 p.m. so this is going to involve commitment on the part of the students I'm not expecting just lightly interested students I'm expecting students who really want to go deep in their understanding this isn't for just the average person who has a passing interest this is for people who want to take their knowledge all the way and want to be teachers of this that's what I'm real this is more of like a seminar to train future teachers of natural law that's how I look at this okay to get people who have a part understanding and a desire to really learn more and go all the way with this and bring them to that all the way help bring them to that all the way point where they can actually grasp this material so deeply that they could teach it themselves that's my goal for this seminar okay so it is a unique six class seminar hosted by me and I built it as information that you will not even find in secret societies or fraternal orders it will be unleashed in this in-depth six class seminar totaling twenty-four hours of material and I can say that that is a true claim you can go into a lot of secret societies and fraternal orders and not even come out with this knowledge because they've done a lot of good work in their mind good work very bad work when it comes to the bulk of humanity in occulting that information keeping it hidden keeping it secret so that people have a tactical disadvantage and they the ones who have occult at it have an advantage over them well you could look at this seminar as ad occult ation taking it out of hiding and bursting it out onto the world all right do cultic knowledge that has been hidden from us for thousands of years so this is going to be this summer June 22nd is the first day and then every Saturday thereafter until July 27th so June 22nd June 29th July 6th July 13th July 20th and July 27th 2013 from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. and it will be taking place on the second floor of Liberty's pub Liberty's pub is at 705 North 2nd Street that's the corner of 2nd and Fairmount streets in Philadelphia on the second floor we'll have the whole second floor of the establishment reserved ok the enrollment donation for all six weeks and there is no partial class given or offered if you can't make it in all six you know you'll be missing out if you have to skip a course but there's it's the same price whether you want you know one will attend one course or all six and really I'm I really want to see people who are going to be in attendance for all six courses who want to make the commitment want to learn this material deeply to a point where they can begin to teach it to others in in no uncertain terms you know and gain the confidence to to actually that they know this material so well that they could explain it to someone else that's the kind of clarity I'm trying to work toward in this seminar okay so the enrollment donation for all six weeks is one hundred seventy seven dollars and sixty cents and that will help to pay for the course material I'll be doing a lot of printing and again probably buying thumb drives for people and loading those with a lot of information related to the course material in digital documentation etc ebooks audio lectures etc and you know the classroom environment will we'll have tables there I'll have a projector with a projection screen a whiteboard I'll have probably course materials again to handout physical pamphlets and study sheets etc and we'll really be getting into this in a deep way again such that hopefully what we would be doing as a result of these seminars is creating new teachers about natural law and that's the goal so hopefully people will get that number that I put there as the enrollment donation 177 dollars and 60 cents 1 7 76 and then you drop the zero 1776 it's you know supposed to be about freedom you know an understanding natural law is the path to freedom you put the one in the six together you have 777 the number of completion in man or man becoming enlightened and really deeply understanding the laws of nature such that he can actually direct his destiny without inflicting self-inflicted suffering upon himself that's what that number represents in occult teachings in many variants of occult teachings so it's kind of like a little play with the numbers there 1776 hopefully people will get it the donation method for enrollment in the six-course natural law seminar that i will be hosting this summer will be check or money order made payable to cash similar to what we did with the freer mind to conference if you make the check or money order to any other name than cash you will not be enrolled in the course and the donation will be returned to you it has to be made out to the name that you make the payment out to must be cash for me to accept it or you have to meet with me if you live in the Philadelphia area and want to take this course you can meet with me and pay me cash in person but and you will be enrolled but you can't write the check to me or any other name only cash to be written on the check or money order and then you could send it to my address which is listed here in the flyer that I'm going to attach with the podcast include your email address with a donation so you can receive confirmation of your donation and enrollment in the course okay so you send in your envelope the check made out to cash for the amount specified and you put a piece of paper in there with your name and your email address and I will send you an email confirmation and you can bring that with you when you arrive the show you enrolled in the course and you know when you check-in for the first week so it is a again a full 6 class seminar comes as a package this this seminar comes as a package I really don't want people requests even requesting can I take you know one course and give you $30 $35 one class no it is that's the the price for the whole package it is intended to be given as a whole seminar to get the entire information and the full picture so that people can really have a deep firm grasp on this course material and they can start teaching it to other people okay again that's the goal that's what this is for and by the way we already have one enrollment which is great because I only put this up a few days back so that's good news we already have interest I know there's a lot more interest out there so anybody that wants to get involved in this class please contact me immediately or send your your donation to the address and we'll get you enrolled immediately okay so that the seminar comes as a package no partial sessions are available and it's in person only people you know have already seen this on the website and you know talked about is this going to be online is this going they're gonna be videos audio right now we have no plans for streaming audio or video and this is an in-person seminar only to teach people direct one-to-one face-to-face and work with individuals in person to get them to a higher level of understanding about what we're doing to ourselves and help them understand natural law in a very clear fundamental way so this is going to be like unlike anything that has ever been offered anywhere as far as I'm concerned I know of no one else that has ever done anything like this okay so I'm thrilled to be able to offer this to people and again that breaks down to just over under 30 dollars for each for our class which i think is very reasonable especially when you get into the understanding I have to rent the room I'm spending a lot of time to develop the course material and be there each week myself to teach this course and then I have to print a lot of materials you know I have to buy thumbdrives if I'm going to be offering that again that will depend on how many people enroll and I think I will be able to do that hopefully I would like to see 20 people enroll in this class okay and if it goes really well I already have a preliminary agreement with the proprietors of liberties that we could do a six-week on one month off type arrangement where we would have like little semesters we would have you know all for a six-week course and we'll take a four-week break I'll do another six-week course and he said if this works out there I could do that indefinitely so we'll see if people are interested in taking this course and we get a lot of support and we get people who are enrolling in it and you know it goes off as a success I might be able to continue to do this indefinitely we'll see but for now the first one is June 22nd and 29th and then July 613 20th and 27th of this summer so please enroll today if you're interested if you are a serious student and you really want to take your understanding of natural law further and you want to help to become you want to you want to move yourself into the position where you know this material so well that you yourself will become a teacher of it that is my hope and that is my goal so that is my big announcement for this podcast I saved the best for last and really that's all I have for people today again just a light podcast with just catching people up-to-date on what I've been up to and again check out the show with myself and Larkin rose on Charlie McGrath wide awake news calm this Wednesday April 10th and ladies and gentlemen if you're anywhere near the Philadelphia area or you know if even if you're not try to do your best to be here for April 25th through the free your mind to conference a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult and it is just going to be a phenomenal event over three days with 24 of the best whistle blower speakers from all over this great country and you will not see anything like this anywhere else I guarantee you that and it's going to be the biggest event on the East Coast for sure this year don't miss it make your plans now to be there there will be plenty of tickets at the door I don't know if I will be doing another podcast before the free your mind to conference I'm really you know working with a lot of responsibilities for the conference right now and I'm still polishing my presentation it's not completely finished yet I'm still working on it I'm gonna try to make it as you know good and hard-hitting as it can be so I really make an impression at this year's event and so probably look for new one on earth is happening podcast barring any kind of you know really big event that I want to talk about and cover but probably look for new water on earth is happening podcasts to pick up probably at least a few days after the completion of the free remind to conference so ladies and gentlemen thanks so much for listening definitely check out the the flyer on the flyer and the article in the new section on my natural law seminar that I'm offering this summer and if you're so inclined enroll in that and you know really help to put this information out into the world in a very targeted and effective way that's all I have for everyone here on this edition of what on earth is happening ladies and gentlemen thanks for listening and remember there are only two mistakes one can ever make on the path to truth not starting and not going all the way we'll see you right here next time on what on earth is happening