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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm today is Sunday May 5th 2013 we have a great show lined up for you here today I'm going to be interviewing in a few moments one of the featured speakers from this past weeks for your mind to conference Alex Ansari of Alex Ansari TV that's coming up in just a moment first I want to let everyone know that the free your mind to conference is of course history and what an event it was I mean absolutely incredible from beginning to end could not have hoped for it to go any better the speakers were phenomenal they shared incredibly empowering information the turnout was great the crowd energy was fantastic I think everyone learned a lot and I think everyone was changed as a result and it was one for the history books as they say so for your mind two very very successful we're going to be releasing the videos in a video-on-demand format it'll be 28 videos we're doing this for a few months to help recoup some losses for hosting the conference because it did cost a whole lot to host it and we didn't quite make it out of the red and into the black so we're gonna do a video-on-demand format for a few months to help you know raise a little bit of funds to help us recoup some of the monies that had to be raised to host such a huge event and bring all these speakers into Philadelphia and half you know Lodge them for four days during their stay but we'll be announcing that pretty soon after the videos are edited you know be patient this will take a bit to edit all these videos 28 videos the 24 speakers plus three preliminary presentations and then the gathering of the minds speaker meet-and-greet session at the end of the conference so after those are all edited will be offering them on the conference website in a video-on-demand format and then after a few months of that we will be releasing them completely free and open to the public and that will be done also on for your mind conference calm as well as on my youtube channel youtube.com slash what on earth 93 so that's the announcement for the free your mind to conference that just passed here in philadelphia i want to let everyone know about my natural law seminar that i have coming up this summer in philadelphia it's called natural law the real law of attraction and how to apply it in your life a unique six class seminar hosted by mark passio of what on earth is happening calm i call it information that will not even be found in secret societies and fraternal orders will be unleashed in this unique six in depth six class seminar totaling twenty four hours of information the enrollment is open from now until May twenty-fifth three more weeks open for enrollment enrollment must be done in advance no walk-in enrollment and this is because it's going to cost you know some money to print all the materials for this seminar I'm even looking into the feasibility of maybe getting thumb drives for all the students of the seminar and loading it up with all the data for the course the dates for this seminar June 22nd June 29th July 6th July 13th July 20th and July 27th those are all Saturday's this summer ok from noon to 4:00 p.m. on all of those dates is when the seminar will be taking place so for hours on each one of those Saturdays and that's a total of 24 hours over the course of those six Saturdays so this will be taking place at Liberty's pub Liberty's is at 7:05 North 2nd Street in the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia we have the whole second floor of the pub reserved for the seminar so it's Liberty's pub second floor 705 North 2nd Street that's the corner of 2nd and Fairmount streets the enrollment donation is 170 seven dollars and sixty cents of little play on 1776 177 60 okay and you can get more information about the natural law seminar that I will be hosting here in Philadelphia on the image I've actually posted with this podcast on the podcast page of what on earth is happening calm the image the flyer for the natural law seminar please distribute this to ever whoever you see fit again this is in person only I'll be looking into the possibility of maybe offering this online at some future point but for now this is a an in person only seminar so I'd like to see this distributed to the New Age movement in particular who think that they know what the law of attraction is all about they should come and take it take this seminar and hear about what the real laws of attraction are so that you know along the lines of that I want to let everyone know I will be next week sometime doing a podcast with my presentation from the for your mind to conference I'll actually be giving the the lecture here on the air I'll be giving the presentation on this in podcast form I want to do that to elaborate on the information and get it out there even though it's not in the video format with of the the conference you know from the conference that'll be coming soon but I want to get the information out there to everyone and you know do it in annex lightly extended format as well so I'll be taking all the slides and posting them and you know going through the information in an even more leisurely leisurely fashion since I'm not under any time constraints here with the podcast so that'll be coming up on the next what on earth is happening com podcast in a week or two I guess so the end the Fed rally just a couple more quick event announcements before we go to our guests the end the Fed rally for Philadelphia will be taking place on Saturday May 18th and the Fed rally for Philadelphia Saturday May 18th 2013 it will be taking place at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia which is at 10 North Independence Mall West in Philadelphia this is actually the corner of 6th and arch streets in Philadelphia 6th and arch and it will be starting there and then there'll be a March there'll be some speakers and then there will be a march down to City Hall and back so it's going to be starting at noon and it's going to be hosted by truth freedom prosperity you could check them out at truth freedom prosperity org and also it will be hosted by citizens for liberty CF Liberty org is their website so that's the end the Fed rally and March for Philadelphia Saturday May 18 2013 at noon in front of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia at 6th and arch streets ok one more quick event announcement the truth freedom prosperity documentary night the free monthly documentary screening and discussion night will be taking place on Thursday May 30th Thursday May 30th at 6:30 p.m. at a scene food market and cafe which is on the corner of 4th and Monroe streets in Philadelphia that's 719 south 4th Street and we're looking into the possibility of maybe moving it to a venue that is more suitable for film screenings which was going to be underground arts on 12th and callow Hill we have not been able to confirm that fully yet but if I I do end up moving the documentary screening I'll make an announcement both on this podcast and as well on the truth freedom prosperity meetup group so for now the location is still a scene market on 4th and Monroe if that changes again you'll be notified through the meetup group if you're a member of truth freedom prosperity for more information you can check out truth freedom prosperity org o this month we'll be showing part three of the four part series that we're going through which is the occult history of the Third Reich the very interesting documentary we're going to be looking at in this third out of fourth video of this series the occult underpinnings of Adolf Hitler's career so should be quite an interesting documentary night at a seen market on Thursday May 30th alright those are all the event announcements I have so let's get going and get to our guest Alex Ansari all right ladies and gentlemen let's go to our in-studio guest for today Alex and Sri al Alex welcome to what on earth is happening Thank You Marc so we just came off of the free your mind to conference you were one of the featured speakers at the conference why don't you tell our listeners a little bit about your experience at the conference and also tell them about what you spoke about at the free your mind to conference well this was an amazing conference people came from all over the country on why diverse number of topics and I've been basically looking forward to something like this for a few years there aren't a lot of events that bring together so many different minds from the grassroots and it was really enjoyable to meet some people there that I've interviewed over the years but I've never actually met people like Linda nan Erfurt spring Meyer Freeman although I've met Freeman before was good to see him after several years I met him down in Austin in 2005 and Bob Tuscan was there as well so it really seemed like a big family gathering or a convergence of souls and what I was speaking about is the influence the Sun has on not only human consciousness but applying pattern recognition and seeing that at times in the past when we've seen a peak in solar flares we've seen Wars some of these wars and events being completely staged so I'm trying to introduce the idea to the conspiracy research community that there is a more strategic methodology to the execution of problem reaction solution for example the Boston bombing unfortunate false flag incident took place five days after largest solar flare of 2013 so my presentation and an e-book that I'm working on releasing later on this year is my purpose is to educate people about the massive changes that the Sun brings and that these changes don't need to be perceived as absolutely positive or negative there seem to be many positive and negative changes that take place when we go through an increase in solar flares which of course are impacted by other things such as certain planetary alignments or other celestial factors so this is an area of research that I think can help people in their forecasts for example of when certain things are about to be staged but also strategy times where we may want to start events launch projects things of that nature exactly I mean it can't really be understated how much influence the Sun has on everything that goes on in this solar system I mean it accounts for 99.99% of the mass of the entire solar system it sends out all of the energy that we need for life and for sustaining life here on the earth so why wouldn't we think that it has an impact on the way that we think and behaviors that flow from that thinking the Sun definitely has to be accounted in you know to those factors and I think it is something that is very under researched as far as these types of patterns go when it comes to human behavior and cycles that we undergo here on the earth absolutely and there's one very interesting piece of scientific research that everyone listening may want to look into for evidence as to how we could be affected by changes in the magnetic field for example it was discovered in 1992 that magnetite exists in the human brain even though they discovered decades earlier that it exists in in pigeons birds and other fish to help them migrate around the planet so if we have this in our brains and there is a concentration of it in the pineal gland what effect of these changes on the magnetic field have on human consciousness moods so solar flares trigger these geodetic storms which could also be triggered by cosmic rays hitting the magnetic field as well so there's multiple reasons why we can have a geomagnetic storm but it's it's it seems that if someone is not aware of these changes they could flip out and and we do see this a lot because a lot of people don't know how their emotions are affected by these things and that is unfortunate but if someone were to become aware of the intent shifting taking place in their brain perhaps they can use that to their advantage and direct that to something to something that's more conscious sure now um let's go back to the experience at the conference a little bit because um you you mentioned it was like a family there I mean so many people who have talked to each other the you know radio interviews on skype you know Freeman was there freighter X was there lenin honour myself yourself so many other people that made this event you know an event that no one is ever going to forget in their lifetimes who attended can you give me a little bit of your impressions as to you know some of the information that was shared their speakers that you may have resonated with or information that you heard there that you think is of vital and that really impacted you I noticed a pattern with a couple different speakers talking about collective manifestation towards something very specific which is essentially where my information seems to be going that during times of increased solar activity were more capable of manifestation so it seems like there's this one hundredth monkey syndrome type of scenario taking place even within the conference in the material that was presented from Curtis Davis to Sonia Barrett even Jay Parker touched upon the holographic universe yes and several months ago as most listeners know the scientific community has been investigating cosmic rays and how they may be a piece of evidence in the direction of Arkham are universal symbol a ssin so I noticed a pattern with that and it seems like we're coming to a simmer conclusion but we're coming to it in different ways the energy was really high there and and no one seemed to be talking about exactly the same thing right each speaker was coming with their own piece of information yeah there was a parallel between Freeman flies presentation and Fritz Spring Myer in terms of transhumanism and cloning right but they each came to their conclusion through their own unique original research and that was another thing incredibly amazing about the event of course Laura Eisenhower is always inspiring sure and she gave a fantastic presentation as well so I'm really looking forward to seeing some of these presentations on video after the fact because to be there is one thing to fill the energy and meet so many like minds enquiring minds but it takes also a long time to process this information and I hope that certain presentations such as yours for example get to the right people that need to hear this information because it's difficult to repeat and regurgitate all this information to people for example like our family right that's a very sensitive issue sending someone a link in many cases is a lot easier and can help plant that seed where they may have a block dealing with us for example I totally agree and that is the importance of getting this out there on video as well so that is coming and again be patient we are working on all of that and it will be up on the website in video-on-demand format and then eventually released totally free on the for your mind conference website and on YouTube but to go back to uh the the the oh the kind of parallels that we saw related to your talk in particular I thought one of the speakers who really resonated with you know the types of energies that you're talking about was Ross Ben because he talked about this from the earth perspective where as you're talking about it from the the solar solar perspective he talked about mounds and mounds and one of the overlaps that I felt there with your presentation was that you both talked about that these types of energies present opportunities for us to actually maybe you know seize upon these types of energies that we can see coming in whether it be in the sense of geomagnetic storms or solar flares or in Ross Ben's case he talked about the types of energies that are actually infused into these mounds along ley line or dragon path energy lines that form the grid of energy around the earth and you both kind of emphasize that these energies can be worked with by us that it's not something that is just happening to us that it is an interaction or an interplay between these cosmic energies or earth energies and human energies so can you speak to that a bit I'd like to look more into Ross Ben's work really interesting presentation and there definitely is a link between the Sun and the moon in a lot of different ways I want to mention one example dr. Birol Payne did some studies on meditation mass meditations and their direct effect on sunspots and he had a group of people meditate on nothing in particular just a state of meditation during the full moon and they found that when they did that they saw a decrease in sunspots now in 911 for example there were shifts in the magnetic field around the time of the first plane going into the first tower and so on and so forth even when the buildings collapsed and all that was televised of course millions to billions of people watching this traumatic event on television right there are detectable changes that took place within the magnetic field so this information suggests combined with Ross Ben's work that we can effect sunspot counts we can affect the magnetic field we can't affect other things I mean there are so many different examples where people have experimented with mass panic Asians now this could have positive or negative repercussions yeah yeah and perhaps you could be happening unconsciously I think that certainly the case was seeing changes in the magnetic field on the day of 9/11 you know just all this fear combined together you know how one spot somehow affecting the field now what positive applications can that have and I think that's some to to explore further you know I'm interested in hearing what other people's ideas are but I think that it needs to be also realistic sure you know maybe certain things we have to work a little bit harder than just putting our minds together to make it happen because the world we live in today is a result of all these previous choices that came before us sorry we're still on the receiving end of the Karma that we have created for ourselves so when people also ask for solutions sometimes they're having a difficulty facing the basic information of what's going on right and some of these things that we're looking at some of these problems in our world don't have an easy solution because they didn't arise overnight so and and you know a big part of that solution is changing behavior it's not just changing thought and intent and emotion but it's then actually moving into the realm of making that a practical application in one's life and changing the behavior that are on manifest the behaviors that are manifested as a result of those underlying thoughts and emotions so when you tell people that it can be also very disturbing to them because this means not only do you have to think differently but you have to change what you have been doing up to this point and there's a lot of resistance there as well yeah there's definitely a lot of resistance just this concept of self responsibility you know that there's always blaming someone else it's it's habitual and we deal with this a lot and conspiracy research because we don't know what they are doing to us right and what we're trying to do is remind people that we have to be accountable for all our actions mindful relationships yes that is huge to me that's the core to me if we're gonna have a collective shift in consciousness I would expect to see more balance between man and woman including non-romantic the point where we evolved a point we realized we're brothers and sisters and we're not just you know zombie Homo sapiens wander into our next screw to our next meal to our next defecation we are more than that but if we behave like that's all we are then no we are not a collective utopia like kumbaya type of reality right but we still live in a world where people say that we have entered into that reality and my response to those people is you have lowered your expectations you have lowered the bar you know at some point we have to raise the bar and really start to be the best that we actually can be not find excuses for the way that things are or for the lack of our own self responsibility that's right I like Lenin honours term for that he calls it cosmic respectability and I think that's definitely a mode of consciousness that we all need to step into Alex tell us a little bit about your impressions of the city of Philadelphia and your stay here so far and be curious to hear about that well I think there's a lot of culture in Philadelphia I knew that before coming here that's why I was really excited to come to Philadelphia and you know in a way I kind of wish out another week to explore a little bit more but you know I feel it's time to go back to the middle of basically know where we're having staying since November of 2012 and know I didn't go up there because I thought the world would end in December 2012 but I've been going through my own life cycle you know and and I feel like I'm a sensitive individual not just because I'm a Pisces but for a lot of other reasons so I'm looking forward to going back in an area where it's quiet you know because I'm doing a lot of interaction and going into a new cycle in my own life and I've been doing alternative media since 2004 and so after doing the same thing for six years I like the idea of challenging myself and the way the blueness would create these mandalas made out of sand they would blow them away right that's how I feel like certain chapters of my life are the concept of impermanence the concept of impermanence and being able to go into Philadelphia without any attachments right expectations and just absorb the experience and in a way it makes me grateful for what I have out there I don't think that I would want to live in a major city at least not at this point in my life and it's got to be a big shift and a big change in energy compared to what you're accustomed to at this point based on where you've been living and I'm living an unstained right now over in West Philly so it's the University District right and I feel like I look more ethnic than some of the people that came directly from East India you know I see the conformity the short hair that tried to conform and the competitive energy and I'm sorry in that area of the city and university city very much yeah yeah it's like a matrix but there's matrix says matrix sees within matrix sees you know it's like Russian dolls and to go from a very quiet environment and go directly back into that and maintain your Center it's like a Jedi Mind the Jedi mind training this you know situation right so I'm just getting used to going back into different environments and and and being able to to deal with it it was very difficult in Portland towards the last few years living there living in that type of a matrix it bothered me it bothered me that people weren't really growing or evolving the phone enos but i've also reached this point in my life where I care less about what the zombies are doing through the deeper self realization that I'm here to awaken to the deeper levels of my own psyche and that whatever they're doing is actually nothing to do with me it may irritate me but ultimately I'm not here to help them evolve even though I may be trying it's actually in the act of helping others I'm helping myself go to deeper levels all right so it's a good way to look at it because you know as we are doing to others we are doing to ourself and there is no separation between those two things you know the reason I asked for listeners who may not know a lot about your background is that you're kind of living in an isolated region right now you live in Colorado it's a high desert area right is that correct yeah it's high desert and right before I was in a Colorado I was in Dallas Texas for a year and that that followed leaving Portland in late 2011 and that was just embracing change a lot people were shocked they would go to Dallas they would go Alex why would you go to Dallas and it's like why not if you live in the same place your entire life you may prohibit your own growth and through the experiences that we have we can attain greater growth the things that we learn through the friendships relationships job experiences through the people that we interview in these podcasts we continue to grow and grow and grow and I felt that my growth was it was stagnant right something needed to change dramatically so sometimes the change is not enjoyable but the effects the the growth periods could be very rewarding so yeah I mean the high desert now and it is UFO country for those that have read crystal crystal Bryan's work the mysterious valley it's not your normal part of the United States that's for sure he actually refers to it as area 52 mm-hmm and the reason for that is the number of cattle mutilations over the years although I can't say that I've seen anything out there but I can feel it there is a lot of energy and this is probably what the Native Americans were tapping into and writing about a very long time ago it's an area where the Anasazi or at some point so there are petroglyphs right in the region and you just feel like this is the Land Before Time and by being out there you know for those of us that have spent most of our lives in a big big city and I'm not knocking those that are doing good work in the city I want to state that right out of the gate because we are all where we need to be right and it was a series of synchronicities to begin with that a led me here to the Nelsons absolute which we can talk about but also led me there so I've been the more I talk about synchronicity and the more I recognize it seems that the universe shows me more evidence of this existence working in my life right and this is pretty much the response that I get people and they ask me why I don't walk around with the gun and yeah and for the second and then then but how I live my life and how I address my own fears is my business right and I live a lifestyle that's based on as long as I'm doing good not being afraid of Jax yet because I that experiences where I've lived with less I've dealt with lots of racial discrimination of my life being half Afghani and half white even before 9/11 happened so there's parts of mean parts of my skin that have had to be thickened especially in the post 9/11 world right and I have looked at those challenges and judgments placed against me as lessons to further in my own understanding go beyond duality or go beyond an illusion of separation I think that we are in these lifetimes you know whether we're facing the New World Order the Illuminati that the the darker cultists or stuff in our own personal lives it's all there is a lesson for us to learn from so I've often looked at some of my own experiences with living with less with with judgment what am I supposed to learn from this why is this actually in my lap if we're gonna be operating outside of victim consciousness I think that we should be asking those questions in all aspects of our lives be it the good things that happen to us and the bad things as well absolutely well said and I don't think that the influence of synchronicity can be underestimated in our lives if we step into the the slipstream of higher consciousness synchronicity is going to take us to where we need to go when people often say well where do I begin with this I say any entry point is practically as sufficient as any other because one thing will lead you to the next thing will lead you to the next thing and you know that consciousness will open up as you are taking more and more information through sinker the city itself you'll be led to the next thing that you need to know about so it is very interesting the synchronicity that led you here to Philadelphia because we had a speaker cancel and when we had an opening on the conference a lineup and we had heard that you know someone offered to help you come to Philadelphia and we said let's bring in Alex answer he would be a you know a perfect replacement for the individual who cancelled and and actually you know really enhance the lineup of the for your mind to roster of speakers so you know this wasn't even a initially a planned thing but it all fell into place and I think everyone who needed to be at the free your mind to conference was there in person things worked out for the better they worked out exactly as they should have worked out and I would not have had it any other way uh you know of course when you know there's some sort of a little ratchet thrown into the plans you know we all make plans and then you know the universe might throw us a little curve ball and then we have to run with it we have to deal with that run with it but again I think that's part of the synchronicity aspect of life and it brought the people who really needed to be there and get the message that they need to get out at that conference it made that happen just the way it was supposed to happen and I felt like that was a really supportive sign that the universe sent me the the secret isset II but becoming aware of it like the universe winking at you you know I'm interviewing Freeman you know when a caller calls in and asked me if I'm going to the free of Mind conference I've heard of Mark passio now I saw what your lecture is about four or five years ago on Google when people are still uploading on Google and I had a lot of videos that I used to have on Google before they took them down right and I'm never going this is what the shift is these are independent people that aren't trying to be stars that are putting together their own powerpoints and their own information and they're presenting it and now the universe is created means for us to share this information with other people all around the world this is a pretty historic moment in light of all the dark things that are taking place sure and then I start look more at your work rotted on the same time period kind of connected the dots oh this is the main person that's organizing the freer mind conference and the last one and I was kind of skeptical that there would be any room left I mean we're talking like the last month but Bob came in and made that offer at a time where I had already put it out to the universe in my own of course I'm talking with a friend out there so the universe is picking up on the signal I've got to work on this project and continue to gather data on this very interesting subject because the point that we are at in the timeline the virus go into the maximum portion of the cycle people are going to be more receptive to the information there are going to be more events taking place that are staged around solar flares again Boston hadn't happened yet but I'm thinking about this with this knowledge comes responsibility and it's not about me and I'm just connecting the dots and others will hear the information also start connecting the dots as Alexander chevensky did the Russian scientists that started looking at this 100 years ago and and Raymond Willer and Beryl Payne and Edward Dooley and Carol Moore from the website sunspots and activist strategy I'm like wow there's a lot of people that have been looking at this and it seems like the universe in that case in many cases helped make that situation manifest so looking back at it you know I'm thinking as we all should as we start to learn about our abilities to manifest mindfully what do we want to create as we start facing these horrible pieces of news and and what they want to create they want a manufactured civil war they want blood in the streets sure they want us to respond to their baiting but what do we want and that's the interesting question are we mark I I wonder are we ever going to pull it off to where we have independent communities outside of the grid so we have people doing their thing in the city but we also have other things going on are we going to get to that point or are we always going to be at war with our ourselves our own egos you know completely forgetting that what we have to deal with is ourselves right okay we're all in agreement on this or an agreement on that now we don't want Cole we don't want to kommune our sources together to start making some some bigger impacts and I think that as human beings as souls we have lessons along those lines in this matrix is much more than resistance to just oppression I think what that dynamic ultimately comes down to is reversing the trend of constantly looking to the external looking outside the self and only looking at the problem and the trend needs to be to look within and to look at how we're generating what we are ultimately experiencing on a mass scale okay I'm not saying one individual is generating what we're experiencing saying in the aggregate we are all generating that when I tell people that you know the world is the way that it is because more people want it that way then do not want it that way people get very angry when I say that they get very very angry they don't want to hear that that truth that basic truth because that place is the the responsibility firmly upon us collectively as a species more people are still in this mindset of lack are still in this mindset of scarcity are still in this mindset of control and the belief in authority and that it has to be this way and that we have to use these monetary systems and we have to have this scarcity of in the energy paradigm that we have and if more people would change their thought about that and then take actions to actually change the way that it is it would change but since so few people are doing that internal work the external reality is not following their internal changes and it's not manifesting into what we say we want we're just getting more of the same exactly and that's what I appreciate about your podcasts is that I'm hearing some things that I haven't heard from other people and that's what's really good about your program and I think that's why it's so well received by the people that are listening they're looking for something more right and there is there is a deeper level that we need to go in terms of what we need to do for ourselves that's that's pretty much my life is part of also going out there was okay I'm gonna go into an environment where there's no one else to blame right for anything for how I'm feeling emotionally because I've become increasingly non materialistic you know it's not a whole lot of things I can wine them out up there because I really don't need that many things but whatever state of mind I'm in consciousness thoughts that's all on me right and so if we can find ways of being accountable for ourselves I think we could see more of our increased ability to affect things outwardly absolutely let's just talk a little bit about your current environment um you're living off-grid I believe if so there's rages to getting off-grid and then there's being self-sustaining so I want to make that that clear what I can say is I survived in a climate where it gets as low as negative 40 and during some of those nights I retain my own body heat and I did it without firewood and I would wake up in in mornings where everything was frozen around me now to really be off the grid and self-sufficient you have to have an ability to get yourself water there's no water out there no running water it all comes from somewhere else where not the river comes from town or knowing the neighbor who has well all that helps is is actually necessary really if you're gonna have a garden out there right and we all know that we need to start going in that path if we're not already and everywhere the listener maybe it's going to be different than somebody else or different listener different climates sure so I'm trying to learn some of those basics those basic skills that I've been talking about for years on YouTube and I've interviewed about 20 different people in my lifetime on the television showed just about their information on what we needed to do to be off the grid so I was just providing information but I'm not fully doing it at this point it's step by step by step because the other aspect is being able to live without certain things certain people at times the internet I still haven't got a good internet deal satellite wants over 100 a month most of those companies because we're surrounded by mountains right now how can that be a positive thing we're talking about ancient sacred land where no signals yeah are penetrating right now term that I will look at that in a shamanistic way sure I think this is an amazing place for people that are on the search for truth higher truths perhaps other truths in the area that has some very interesting energy be a positive or negative again like the Sun it's a little bit more mysterious than that it's neutral it's the effect that has on the individuals so when I look at where where I am I can see someone having a shamanistic experience but I can also see whether there's an abundance of alcoholics out there right that don't know how to channel their energy in a mindful proper way other than alcohol so people are going to respond to those environments different ways I ain't stayin in the yurt that's the other aspect there's not a lot of yurts out there and so this is a circular shaped odd design so it's basically a glorified teepee there are some people out there that have dug their homes into the ground which will give you more insulation and they've created a sandbag structure along the walls and after they fill the sand bags with dirt usually want to cement that or pack it in interesting and there's another person that has a straw bale home which is a mixture of straw and concrete so there's different tack techniques that that different neighbors have tried it's it's it's cheap really I mean I know my friend Ryan bought us home for like five hundred down and we're talking like 50 to 100 a month in payments Wow and maybe two to three thousand and building materials Wow so I'm shocked at cuz some of these people aren't the brightest some are besson marked and so it's one of those things that if they can do it right you know a lot of other people could and despite the fact that we're reading about drones working for police or police using drones to catch people that are harvesting rainwater or doing certain things off the grid it doesn't mean that the whole world has turned already into that nightmarish reality where we just can't where it's too late to start there's some people that think it's too late to start right and what people need to look at if they want to go off the grid is what the building codes are like now in this area the building codes are fairly wax but in some areas unless you have a septic tank unless you have certain things you can't have a community of 10 15 20 people because the city will come out and find you this is one of those areas where that doesn't happen so right now um you you spoke to the fact that there's so much less electromagnetic soup that you know we're living in here in the cities and that could create a lot of opportunity for like more self-introspection because those signals kind of are out of the way when it comes to the dynamic of not being around a lot of other people because you know there's the population there is so sparse compared with other areas what it what is that dynamic like for you well you know I'm very opinionated in terms of like you know as you might expect as another truth or in terms of 9/11 and the things taking place and illegal taxation without representation I have my opinion it's just like a lot of other people in the alternative media but I've had to develop the skill to tone that down when you're actually in a real survival situation where you need to know them you can't completely freak them out and you know there's some people that just don't get this stuff right but there are certain needs that need to be met I need more connections for water I need more connections for firewood I need to be able to help people with my own muscles my own body just direct me how can I help you or how can we build this project how can we finish this green house and so I've been psychologically going into a different mode of how I interact with people and and being careful what I say you know there's there's one neighbor that I know and I told him about the presentation and the trip to Philadelphia and he started ranting and raving about how anyone that would study sunspots is a mad person and I'm probably making up what I'm saying how I just pull information off of the end and see here was the ego that we talked about earlier the Buddhist mandala Blanc that's what I did when I left access TV that was a great part of my life those six years of connecting with members of my own community plus it was on the Internet but I mean that's access TV has its own energy to it right that's very powerful Alex Jones of course got his start doing access TV there's something very real about that medium but Freeman as well I believe Freeman Isabel Austin access TV is great so the ego gets challenged all this work that I've done to help educate people and they will throw that negative energy and it's just no it's like Aikido learning to step to the side okay Kevin all right good luck with that right been walking now with that incident no need to pull out a megaphone right no need to scream or throw flyers in his face or Kohima zombie just walk away and realize the situation I'm in and that no matter what era of time or were in we may still be doing with the same percentage of sheeple I don't ever waste my time anymore saying when are people going to wake up because I understood at some point for myself the nature of the suffering that that brought me we may always be dealing with a certain percentage of awakened and a certain percentage of those that are asleep because that just seems to be the way that it's been over time see that whole mindset of someone saying something like that comes from the belief in separation that the whole thing that oh how could it be possible that the Sun could affect behaviors on earth because that's over there and we're over here that's it that's that thing and we're this thing you know this this idea is so entrenched in modern society because we've bought into this you know these ridiculous notions of you know pure Newtonian physics and you know Darwinian macro biological evolution and the primacy of matter you know and it's just amazing how entrenched that whole ideology of separation and that that poisonous worldview is really what's at the very base level holding people's consciousness down because if they can only shift that to an understanding that not only are we all connected we're all connected at whatever distances that perceived distances that exists and the effects of you know energies that that are had upon what we perceive as matter are actually instantaneous I mean that it doesn't make a difference how far it is apart effects happen instantaneously and this is actually born out and proven by new science the people like this are just completely unaware of they're unaware of the experimentation that has been done they're unaware of the new work in physics and the new work in biology and their worldview is based upon science that is a hundred a hundred and fifty two hundred years old and this is because of that divide that dichotomy of how long it takes for modern understanding of science to actually come into the public consciousness there's such a time gap in that and you know just wanted to throw that out there and you know if you have any comments on that and you know go right ahead absolutely but in addition to that climate we know that the climate is impacted by the Sun I mean you assure this is common sense primarily it's not well NASA's admitted that the Sun has an impact on on temperatures on the earth and we have all types of charts that we can access where we look at the the little ice age from several hundred years ago look at sunspot activity at a record low but yet the UN's IPCC we know from the last few years all the informations come out about scientists being kicked out of that organization that have data that shows yes the Sun does impact climate but yet while they censor data that shows that there's another reason why climate is changing you have other scientists saying that we should we should geo engineer we should he reformed the planet because well because of global warming we need to reflect particles from the Sun so they deny that there's a connection and then there other scientist come around the back door and go and we've got a solution let's legitimize chem trailing and that's a very very serious situation obviously right and since the movie came out what now are they spraying there's been a lot more awareness on this particular topic but I want to say this real quick in reference to the Sun a lot of people think that HAARP is the sole cause of some of the major earthquakes that we've seen simply because there's evidence that harps being used sure but there's really evidence that shows that harps being used at moments that we have solar flares for example with Fukushima there was a solar flare several days before that annex one point five but there are these Magne meters that show the HAARP flux that was active that day as well right we could see similar patterns with Haiti Chile and and and many other examples as well so it's not that HAARP isn't to blame it's that HAARP seems to be using the energy that's already being created naturally and directing it and Hurricane Katrina is another example of many scientists saying that it came in at a 90 degree angle after the storm already formed right I think that's a very powerful analysis I think you're right on about that that these types of ionospheric heaters that we're talking about when we're talking about HAARP don't necessarily have the kind of power to create that energy but they do have the power to direct it to take energy that is there from natural sources and to redirect that in the way that they see fit so tell the listeners a little bit about what you're doing next what is the next big project for you you know let them know about you know whatever you're working on right now what's coming in the future well there is something that I want to accomplish the next couple of years but this year would be better I would like to make a documentary film about my perception of where things are going to be in 10 years if we don't have a major rhe correction and what my forecast is for the next ten years is a manufactured Civil War scenario the world war 3 scenario that a lot of people believe could be any day now at any point be it with China beat with Russia I see as something that they planned for the next solar cycle solar cycle 25 so I want to get more involved in putting together this presentation it could be on PowerPoint there could be a version of it that's in a film but I would like to further delve into the background of China the background of Russia the powers that be behind malice a tongue the powers that be behind the Bolshevik Revolution which Anthony Sun also wrote about the wall street in the Bolshevik Revolution yes oh we could see all these pieces of evidence that show the levels of co-option taking place at that time and we look at the world that we live in now with a military industrial complex and all these different corporate corporate companies selling weapons around the world and we can see multiple pieces of evidence of just about every single Administration in our own country transferring military technology to China or allowing it to happen something along those lines being a regular serious issue not starting with the Clinton ministration but lot was going down around the time of the Monica Lewinsky distraction you know there was information coming out they called it China gate and what was going on with Long Beach California and the the the famous port deal with with the Chinese company Costco all of a sudden Monica gate came out you know and it really distracted people's focus right so there's a lot of information that I think the American people in fact mark the Chinese people I actually even the Russian people you know my my long-term dream if I get this project done is to have the work translated into Russian and Chinese because I think we have a serious issue not only the plans for World War 3 which the people of the world don't want or World War 4 depend on Howland chooses the phrase it we've got to make an attempt to break through the firewall if we're aware of these things remain in place we have a responsibility and this is not just about you know the 1776 you know about America ID I mean this is this is a global syndrome take a look at September 11 2001 okay most the people know was an inside job that are listening this podcast but how many times do we remind other people that this is a global operation when we can show with quantitative evidence that they got that skill steal out of 9/11 within days and got it shipped to China and we're talking about the nation that has been funding our wars the nation were in debt to and we can see the land that is being sold at a alarming rate to China so when I look at the American Empire and you know the pattern of the new world order before the British Empire Nazi Germany it's like they use one nation at a time to fulfill a certain agenda it's right and they kick him out of the the car like a whore right and I see the torch being passed and sometimes this is being done symbolically as I believe it was done with the 2008 Olympics you know and and the Chinese secret police having the right to engage in domestic law enforcement at some of the the torch rallies that took place here in the u.s. San Francisco there were some situations and incidents I believe also in England as well so I think that we're being shown these rituals when Obama goes around and bowels before these world leaders you know when the Chinese flag is raised in Washington DC in 2009 even bigger even better a Chinese satellite going over the United States 2011 these are these are subtle rituals yes that that anyone in their right mind would go wait wait a minute this is this is not right how many people know that in a League City Texas there Cheney there they're training Chinese Police Cadets sure and I haven't seen that on Infowars I would like Alex to check out that story at some point because it seems rather Pazzaglia that he would be presenting that information since he's in Texas but you know in Texas the come and take it state there's still a lot of awareness that that needs to manifest Rick Perry the governor of Texas brought in a company called wall Wayne and they make these cell phones the Chinese company the Pentagon has already listed this company as one of the eased wrapping cyberattack companies coming from China so why is Rick Perry a globalist allowing the Chinese company to come in to Plano Texas just 30 miles outside of Dallas and set up shop so these are things that I see is major red flags that are getting that aren't getting the coverage that they shed absolutely and it is that that ritual of passing the torch like you said they use up one country for their purposes to get done and advance their agenda to the level that they want and then they move on to another and we have to become aware of that pattern and understand that that's taking place right now as we speak yeah it is it's definitely taking place as we speak and I was also curious what your analysis was of the the 2012 Olympics having referenced the 2008 and I remember seeing those rituals sure being played out and appeared to me without getting deep and you know any old analysis but just obviously it seemed to me that it was a ritual portraying the death of humanity in a sort of a big baby or Nephilim with the Phoenix symbol being very prevalent in the whole ritualistic aspect of you know being a firearm Oh knees yes so I definitely do see it as that they're going to try to create death and destruction and from that chaos and from those ashes birth their version of the dark New World Order that they want to see come to fruition you know that's what they do they manage chaos they manage death and destruction right you know creating it is one thing but it's the fallout that they're managing afterward because that's when people are in that susceptible state they're in that fight-or-flight mode there in the arc complex they're not really making rational decisions they're not really seeing patterns they're not using pattern recognition which is made possible by the higher part of the brain the neocortex there burning from the fight-or-flight modality or the reptilian complex of the brain and in that fear mode that's when people can be easily managed or redirected to suit the goals of these manipulators of these orchestrators that have actually created the chaos to begin with now they're managing it through people's fear to rearrange things to come out to build the outcome that they're looking for all along exactly and this source cycle and the next one number 25 I think they're just going to continue to get more intense and more intense and more intense and NASA's looking at 2022 they've looked at the Suns great conveyor belt and they believe that that has the key that that is what indicates the speed of the cycle low-grade conveyor belt speed means more sunspots according to their latest calculations right so if they're expecting an all-time low speed of the great conveyor belt in 2022 that means that the next cycle will be more intense than this one instead of it being more mild and that's what they were initially projecting now why this is interesting is because of the links between selectivity and consciousness leaps in evolution if something really big is coming you know there could be a lot of new ideas and people are talking about the shift in consciousness for a long time if the Sun is a primary conduit of it transfer of that energy through photon waves and light and all different other things that are affecting every aspect of our body maybe potentially this plan to stage this third world war that can cause so much fear trauma I mean think 911 on steroids or that would really freak people out that they may be planning to pull this at a very specific time pull the trigger at a specific time where we have the greatest ability to evolve right where we're even more tapped in than we normally are even though we live in a world where we hear these fears all the time about the grid going down which by the way could lead to a beginning of something new right if we're able to imagine it I would like people to imagine it imagine a rule about money or technology where our friends and our relationships more important than those obsolete things so this next solar cycle I think it's going to be really really interesting and by knowing about it and the potential for us to evolve we can avert being played against one another that's right it's becoming aware of those patterns and they're aware of those patterns these dark occultists I mean that's what this is we're deok halting information that has been hidden they're very aware of these and they use those cycles to their advantage they understand these energies they understand what they're capable of doing with these energies and that's why they plan their orchestrations at very specific times in cycles such as what alex is talking about so Alex I want to thank you for being here today I want to give you step aside and just give you the floor for the last few minutes to talk about anything that you want to leave the listeners with please mention whatever work you have coming up and definitely tell the listeners about your website and how they can reach you the floor is yours my friend well my websites Alex sensory TV and since I've been living off the grid of that internet I'm working to get that updated again with fresh news but Saturday nights on American freedom radio calm you can hear me there live 8 to 10 central and your show is called it's gets called out to the box outside the box assistant with with the name of the radio and television show and and if they want to see what what I've created over the last few years it's youtube.com slash Alex Ansari and so there's about a thousand videos at that YouTube channel featuring some of them you know early days the 9/11 truth making a lot of noise in the streets of Portland Oregon a lot of maleness tree interviews of those really involved in a lot of local issues and so a lot of the history is there but what I want to leave the audience with you know kind of one of the core philosophies that I'm sharing is that I don't view the world in terms of polarized opposites and I think that we can free ourselves from a lot of misery if we detach from those obsolete belief systems one of those is this belief that in our lifetimes we're all going to collectively shift together we're going to hold hands so we're just going to start levitating our palms are just gonna go away because the energy says so and I see this as a violation of free will of those that are still susceptible allow themselves to be controlled or still are involved in controlling others this planet this world it is it is a small world but it's also still a very large world and it's large enough for us all to have our own microcosmic experiences and to learn that cause and effect reality what we put out there comes back to us so the problems in the world don't have an easy solution that can just be easily turned around overnight because all the factors that got us here and all the factors necessary to get us out and the other polarized worldview that I want to pull people out of if you know they have the ears to hear and eyes to see is that it's dangerous to assume someone's going to kill you because you're aware of plots and plans and deceptions that gonna really pollute your sense of possibility and your own ability to create if you're owning consuming media whether you identified to be independent media or alternative media another alternative media is is healthy media but some of it is a mix of both we need to discern what is not our information and be very aware of how language impacts our reality especially when we're talking about where we'd like to see ourselves or where we believe we're gonna be in a few years because if we continue to tell ourselves a pessimistic tape about ourselves in our world we won't go anywhere and we're gonna be looking towards others to give us the information that we should be tapping into ourselves I think this is as you say quarantine prison for souls that have stolen but also that people call it a holographic universe I called a spiritual biological videogame and we're all here from God knows where with God knows where we got this knowledge but we are working with different pieces or tools if you will of knowledge to work us up the levels and I think there are many levels to this matrix and that we have to be beyond in our site the site in the sixth sense beyond heaven or hell and see all the different possibilities of reality that we could inner and that we may have come out of and that this is really about doing the things that we need to do to get to where we need to be and realizing that events from the past whether we believe in past lives or past actions within this life have got us to where we are right now at this moment yes and we need to keep that in the right perspective when we look at the whole globe and and all the fears that people have about the future well maybe that really are billions of people on the planet not as parasites but here to learn something at this moment in time so keeping things in the proper perspective can can heat can keep things can keep the site clear can he keep one emotionally balanced and centered and I think that's the most important thing people can do right now well said well said give the listeners your website one more time Alex answered on TV and of course you can find me on Facebook and youtube.com slash Alex an Surrey and Saturday nights American freedom radio 8:00 to 10:00 central fantastic ladies and gentlemen Alex answering one of the brilliant speakers at the freer mine to conference this year in 2013 thank you so much for being here Alex thank you Mark