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freedom mat that's what it's all about [Music] freedom [Music] welcome you are listening to what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm the networks website Republic Broadcasting org this show is live every Saturday from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Eastern Time that's 9:00 p.m. to midnight central today is Saturday March 1st 2014 and we have a show filled with hard-hitting streetwise spirituality coming at you tonight tonight my special guest is going to be Jay Parker Jay Parker was born into a multi-generational satanic family and received monarch trauma-based mind control as a child for the first seven years of his life Jay was subject to satanic ritual abuse in a large cult setting today Jay speaks on recovery and healing healing methods for satanic ritual abuse survivors he discusses in detail neurological and biological discoveries related to ritual abuse and reveals a specialized holistic approach for SRA healing Jay is going to be coming up here on what on earth is happening in just a few minutes I do have a couple of quick event announcements and I want to give the call-in number right at the top of the show me and Jay will both be taking calls from listeners throughout the show tonight so get in the queue and give us a call about anything that's on your mind I'll give the callin number right now it's 803 one three nine four four three once again the calling number 803 one three ninety four forty three on Tuesday March fourth that's this Tuesday from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time I will be on patio radio with Johann Alden camp Johann olden camp show and you could check that out at WWE ta PA ta onl petty NL I will be speaking live in Asheville North Carolina on Saturday March 22nd of this year my presentation is New Age BS and the suppression of the sacred masculine revisited with even more new-age deceptions exposed and on billing this as streetwise spirituality are you truly awake or do you just think that you're in you're awake and are you in a spiritual trap that's designed to make you think that you're awake so this is going to be taking place in Asheville North Carolina at the Lexington Avenue brewery the brewery is at 39 North Lexington Avenue and the doors will open at 9:00 a.m. and the the seminar is going to go pretty much all day the tickets are $7 in advance a seven dollar donation in advance very inexpensive to attend you could call eight two eight seven eight two zero eight four zero to reserve advance tickets or you can email I walk with purpose at gmail.com once again that's I walk with purpose at gmail.com for advance tickets at the door tickets only three dollars more expensive a ten dollar donation if you want to show up the day of the event and get tickets at the door in this one-of-a-kind presentation I will be talking about the New Age movement as a religion that has been created to deliberately prevent humanity from developing a deep understanding of natural law the information that they most need to understand in order to break out of our current human condition of slavery and become truly free I will expose many subtle new-age deceptions which have been cleverly disguised as spiritual teachings and then I will offer Corrections for each of these deceptions and these Corrections will convey deeper spiritual truths to balance out each of the new-age deceptions so if you've been lured into the so-called feel-good spirituality of the New Age movement this presentation is one that you are not going to want to miss because you need to see this presentation and to understand how you're being deceived by the New Age movement so that's coming up again Saturday March 22nd just in a few weeks looking forward to it and hope a lot of people in the Asheville area will make it out I am now on day 12 of a 30 day juice fast I feel really great it's going really well I have not faltered on it whatsoever really been doing well with it I've been checking my blood sugar daily it has been perfect within perfect levels since I began this fast and hopefully after the the juice fast is finished I will have rid myself permanently of type 1.5 diabetes that is the purpose of me going on this juice fast for 30 days it originally started out as a 10 day fast but a few days into it I said you know what I've heard reports of people actually completely curing diabetes and completely going off of insulin dependence upon doing this for about 30 days so I said I'm going to give it a try I did some research into it and I decided to go ahead with the full 30-day fast so I'm on day 12 now and again it's going great and hopefully after its completed I will be able to announce that my diabetes is completely gone so uh there also is a support donation button on my website at what on earth is happening com if you go there you'll see it on the left-hand side you can click that if you feel that my work has been of value to you and the information that I put forward is valuable and if you want to contribute by making a donation you could feel free to do so on the homepage of my website by clicking the support donation button so once again the calling number 800 three one three ninety four forty three and my special guest for today is J Parker J it's a pleasure to have you here today you've been on what on earth is happening two other times I'm not going to get too much into your background today what we're really planning on doing today is giving a kind of a report or a a review or an update if you will on the state of reality that's kind of what you're coming on here to do today maybe offer some solutions in the process but in any event it's great to have you here and welcome back to the show why thank mark and congratulations on your Republican radio show it's good to have you back on the mainstream airwaves and you're right definitely wanted to come on I haven't been on in while and my main gist is between what both of us know to sit down tonight and actually give a discussion an adult discussion about cognitive dissonance and realities and give me some hard-hitting subjects tonight I am going to talk a little bit about my experience as a monarch mind control slave and the cult I grew up with just to get people to understand that I went through trauma-based mind control but you live in a society of soft mind control and we're gonna discuss the media we're going to discuss the New World Order agenda and briefly give an overview of things you need to be aware of to protect yourself from in this world right now absolutely that really sounds like a plan I mean you you mmediately brought up the concept of cognitive dissonance this is something that I continuously see just about every day in interactions with people there's so many things that they're still in denial about that we can see that am I taking place before with that topic we'll come back right after this first brief when listening ladies and gentlemen to earth is happening here on the Republic Broadcasting Network [Music] [Applause] [Music] ladies and gentlemen it's all about a journey to the center of the mind the mind is what is manifesting the external reality and in if we want to change the external reality we have to change the way that we think so my very special guest this evening is Jay Parker a former victim of Monarch trauma-based mind control and satanic ritual abuse and he has actually survived that due to the strength of his spirit and recovered and has freed his mind and understands what's going on in this world but what we see with so many other people is this state of cognitive dissonance and Jay won't you wanted to get into that and I'll talk about some ways that people are still in denial about what's really going on in our world well no one likes negative things mark I mean you've really to be happy you want to keep yourself in a place of settled calm happy thoughts and happy feelings you don't want to spend your life as I say gargling with sewage and basically I use that term gargling with sewage to talk about some of the harder things to stomach with our modern society the wars the medical system which is killing 750,000 Americans a year due to prescription drugs unnecessary surgery and bad diagnosis and you know medical malpractice but and that's that's a tough thing to talk about and that there's a myriad of issues whether it's the cancer cure cover-up whether it's the drugging of our schoolchildren whether it's vaccines causing autism there's just tons of really negative things in our world that people don't want to face up to because these are corporate driven Illuminati driven issues when you peel away the paint and expose pull the curtain back and expose who's doing what and where the reason I wanted to come on tonight as we discussed earlier was to have a review of reality and to talk to people about what I've learned in the last 14 years since I became aware of my monarch mind control and basically I believe our biggest problem in the world today is cognitive dissonance it's people not facing reality it's people living in la-la land you know and they want to believe that truth is what they think it is not something independent from their own way of thinking that needs to be discovered they want to be the arbiters of truth and believe that if something is uncomfortable uncomfortable to accept that they can just say oh it isn't happening and that magically makes it true somehow like you know that they want to ignore eugenics the eugenics agenda you know they want to ignore that there are people who are so evil in the world that they actually want other people to die and they will do anything to to do that to make that happen to call the population - you know suppress actual known cures for diseases the only thing you know one thing that there's still so many people in denial about even in within the so-called freedom community the so-called freedom movement is the fact that we're being sprayed on on a daily basis aerosol spraying called geoengineering or what has simply been called you know the chemtrail agenda you know people want to deny that that's occurring and think that this is just somehow vapor trails or content sation trails you know at low level altitudes spreading out fanning out and and then falling to the ground you know and high levels of aluminum barium strontium Agony's and other soft metals you know they're in denial because they can't admit to themself how evil the world has become that they are actually living in so they try to you know make it like I'm gonna pull the blanket up over my eyes and the monster under my bed is just gonna magically disappear as a result you know they think that because of what they are comfortable with accepting that will magically change reality into something other than what it is that to me is what is going on and that's what cognitive dissonance is it really in its essence what do you have to say about that oh absolutely but where does the philosophy of todd- dissonance come from and and in my research the most important thing that I've discovered in the last fourteen years of research because when I woke up from satanic ritual abuse mind control the first thing I wanted to know was how why where who I wanted to know everything about the system I grew up in and who's doing what to whom and I grew up ladies and gentlemen in a satanic illuminati village called Arden Delaware it's pretends to be a former art colony it was founded in 1900 by a bunch of dark occultists and when I lived there in the 60s and 70s my mother an Illuminati which that worked for the DuPont corporation basically well she wasn't actually working for DuPont she taught the DuPont children but let's clear that out but let me say this that the biggest thing that I discovered in my research about cognitive dissonance and about of the mind control is it is a systemic social engineering going on right now the reason people are into solids is amazing people can decide like god what is true and what is not true is because socially we've been engineered that that is an acceptable way to think absolutely you know and they're propagating this through the new religion this ideology gets propagated through the New Age movement that you know there is no such thing as right and wrong there's no such thing as actual objective truth it's all just valid perceptions everybody's opinions are equally as valid as everybody else's and what you see continuously in this insidious movement is the downplay of knowledge knowledge actual ability to know truth is downplayed or just completely you know they claim that it doesn't exist you know that you can never really truly know anything and that's what solid sysm really is that's what the essence of Solace ism is and if they see the reason that they're propagating this and you know as well as I do the occultist behind the scenes they are not Sol abscissa and propagate their ideology in this regard they want other people to believe the truth cannot be known they want to know what the truth is but then they want to use that knowledge as a power differential over other people in their ignorance and keep them in the belief that oh everybody's opinion is just as equal as everybody else's and that person's opinion is just as good as that person's knowledge and you know of course this isn't the case but you know that's how they that's how they have socially engineered our society and people are still to this day buying into it because that's a comfort world view for them it's much more comfortable to accept oh it's all just opinion and nobody can really know rather than to think you know what I've been duped I've been lied to and I bought into something and now I need to reverse my position and admit that I've been duped that's very uncomfortable for somebody to do that is what takes spiritual strength and most of all having to admit that you are wrong we'll pick this up on the other side of this break folks don't go anywhere you're listening to what on earth is happening [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic broadcasting i'm your host mark passio my website is what on earth is happening calm my special guest tonight is Jay Parker Jay before the break we started talking about satanic ritual abuse and your experience in a dark occult family you you said that you when you woke up you started wanting to research all about the why the who the what the what the where you know all these questions about why are they doing this what what is their purpose what what do they abuse children for why do they put people through this trauma-based mind control abuse well after you free your mind conference in 2013 I talked about some of the friends that I knew in Arden Delaware who lost their lives by being murdered by the cult and I also talked about some of the people I grew up with who are involved in this and that was 2013 I woke up out of my hypnotic trance or my mind control whatever you want to call it in 1999 so it took me literally 13 14 years of study of wisdom gathering of emotional freedom technique work on myself to deconstruct the subconscious damage that they had done to my mind through the rituals for Mom trauma and I just want people to understand that the real core reason that you exist here on the earth believe it or not is to grow in consciousness is to understand natural law and to apply it in your life to actually develop a set of ethics that is to the death that you will not break your natural law ethics even for your life you're just totally convinced you're totally knowledgeable of what's right and wrong and you don't take any crap from anybody and when I grew up being raped and tortured basically the first thing they want to do is in the cult is to get you to believe that God doesn't care about you and that's the first thing they shoot down in your mindset the next thing they do is they break you down through physical torture and abuse to where you have low self-esteem so you have no spiritual help from the universe you have low self-esteem and by the time you're 4 or 5 years old and you've been sexually and ritually abused all your life I mean I my abuse sexually started in the cradle as it does for all of the 30 million generational Satanists in the United States this is a program of mind control and consciousness disruption that goes back thousands of years my mother said that her Illuminati satanic witchcraft history and her family went back 3,000 years to a people written about in the Old Testament called the Amalekite and the reason that they attack a child is several fold the first reason is to warp the synaptic pathways due to the fear and the chemical that the brain releases during trauma so that warps your synaptic pathways a second thing that they want to do is they want to pour the terror and the negativity into the morphogenetic field or the fifty-two grid energy field that we are in we exist in literally a sea of energy and information and then we decode that into our collective consciousness reality and all I all I want to say is through the years of learning and studying okay and really analyzing with fritzman Spring Myers books and with some of the things that Cathy O'Brien has written about when it comes to trauma-based mind control I really was able to take a hardcore look at what these rituals were trying to do to the person they were trying to make me into a satanic pedophile mass child killer but my consciousness would never go there but if they can't if you grow up in a satanic ritual abuse family generational Satanist if they can't get you to join a cult then they have Plan B which is basically to put you under a program of hypnosis and trance-like reality but as I came out of this in 99 all I wanted to do was know how this happened and how I could literally lose my life and which is what happened to me and in my studies you know it took years of reading years of psychological introspection but I've gotten to the place where I understand that we're here to grow in consciousness and we're here to know the truth and to be able to discern truth which means you actually have to care about yourself and care about other people because that is a number-one priority to actually knowing the truth it really is all about extending our care first of all beginning that within ourselves having self-respect true self-respect and as you said that's a big part of why they do this is because they're trying to stifle self respect from the earliest time of life so if you don't have self-respect you can't give respect to others you can't care about anybody else they're trying to create a secondary psychopath by doing this essentially at least that's what I'm picking up from what you're saying and in in doing that they'll propagate their agenda because the more Psychopaths that they have working for them and carrying out their agendas they'll stay in power there there are families will stay in power their entire operation will continue so the the main thing that they're doing societally is a smaller part of this you know they're they're putting these traumatic events out into society to basically break down people and get them to think about humanity in a very poisoned worldview type of a way such that we think oh people are just bad everybody's evil everybody's bed and you know I don't want to care about anything most of all least of all I should say not not getting involved in doing something to try to change it that's what stifles people from taking real world action and getting involved to change this dynamic of what we're of all the injustice is that we're witnessing in the world oh absolutely mark and my my cause today in life is to try to wake up people so that they have their own life I mean when you really start to study philosophy and human education you realize that how many truly original thoughts do you have and how many of your thoughts are nothing but a repeat of somebody else's information and when you actually do the homework and read books rather than watch television and research who you are physiologically who you are spiritually and psychologically I mean I cannot recommend more the work of Bruce Lipton when it comes to his presentation wisdom of yourselves it's a ten hour presentation that you can buy used five CDs on Amazon for like thirty five dollars and that presentation will encapsulate Bruce Lipton's microbiology career into a ten hour lecture where he will tell you and explain to you everything he knew being a top level microbiologist and one of the things Bruce Lipton talks about and other people are talking about this now too is the fact that the conscious mind runs on 40 bits of information a second the subconscious mind runs 40 million bits of information a second we are all knit together in a collective subconscious and that's what's making our reality listen to what on earth is happening my special guest tonight Jay Parker we'll be right back yes you're listening to what on earth is happening ladies and gentlemen my special guest tonight Jay Parker Jay you were talking about how this ritual abuse goes out and it poisons the actual living field of energy that we're all a part of and that actually affects us at a epigenetic level you want to pick it up from there oh absolutely as you know mark I've been friends with you and Michael for seta and some of the other free your mind people here in Philadelphia and great group of people dedicated truth dedicated to helping the human race climb out of the darkness and all I have to say is a free mind group is a great group of people because when someone comes across a book written by someone that has a lot of great information or if someone comes across a lecture by someone like Bruce Lipton or Kevin Trudeau or Rupert Sheldrake we share that information in those books among one another and I've really gotten a core of fairly aware of people now and in my research of trying to overcome the damage motional II from the satanic ritual abuse I personally think truth is one of the most profound things that a human being can have in their mind and I know that my father would always say my pedophile satanic father you can never know you can never know well that's fine he can let walk around his entire life as a zombie repeating the mind control he went through as a child but as for me I want my life I want to create my reality with truth with real reality based on what is actually happening not what I want to believe is happening but what is actually occurring and why it's occurring and I call this the center path where you're neither an abuser nor a victim you're basically here to grow in consciousness and I got you I've had experiences from the universal spirit okay whatever of getting hit like a lightning bolt in my heart and in my mind saying to me you're here to learn and grow and take a stand for truth that's right and when you get on that Center path let me tell you you'll be motivated to help other people you'll be motivated to cut out eating crap in your life and start eating real food and start taking care of yourself and and start warning people about the dangers that they're in in this modern eugenic society but as I digress I'm gonna go back to talking about Lipton's wisdom of yourselves and his good friend Rupert Sheldrake Sheldrake is another scientist that is talking about reality as opposed to what we want to believe to make ourselves feel good Rupert Sheldrake has a book out recently called signs set free in that book he talks about ten different Sciences that are completely and totally off the chart off the path of truth and this is something people need to understand when you have a society when let's say cosmology okay where schools are teaching people that it's a helium-3 atomic son when all the real scientists that are honest are saying it's an electric son you've got a major-league problem it's like people following Einstein's physics when in fact the real true physics is Nikola Tesla and I could go on for hours about this but Rupert Sheldrake not only has the book science set free which talks about how science is totally corporate and government controlled and it's lying to us about reality but also Sheldrake gets into war 'fuck resonance and the morphogenetic field which is the 52 wave forms of energy and information that make up our reality and we in collective consciousness just we decode that reality and choose what's going on my mother told me basically when I was a child that the entire world was under Stockholm Syndrome identification with victim mentality and basically standing up for your oppressors well yeah what happens through trauma over and over again and if you're really honest and you look at the schooling systems and if you look at the religious systems that are in our society I mean we're talking fear-based we're talking step out of line you get hit think differently than the norm you get hit and what you're being what's being done is you're being programmed you're being compartmentalised you're being shaped and molded into what you can do what you can think and what you can believe and the mainstream media now control by five different corporations spewing out corporate and government propaganda I mean totally totally removed from reality I mean marijuana cures cancer if you take the buds of the marijuana sativa and indica plant and extract the pure cannabis oil like Rick Simpson is doing he has yet to run across a terminal cancer patient that has not responded and gotten back to health from taking pure 96% pure cannabis oil so 500,000 people die in America each year from cancer yet there are at least a half dozen it suppress cures and I know us but the biggest one that I find today we that shocks me of course is the cannabis oil or hash oil or the 96% pure THC oil it has a track record that I have yet to find one person that has properly taken 96% pure cannabis oil and not recovered from terminal cancer and I'm Rick Simpson from Phoenix tears dot-com I took on terminal cancer patients gave them four three 96% pure THC oil and all of them recovered and are cancer free and if you don't know about Rick Simpson and Phoenix tears that's one of my biggest pet peeves what you see Jay if we come out with a cannabis based cancer cure how will all these pharmaceutical companies and doctors keep their for Lexuses in their garages that's what we really need to find out this is what Rupert Sheldrake ensign set free gets into and this is what Bruce Lipton and his talk wisdom of yourselves talks about we have a culture where Illuminati corporations and Illuminati infiltrators in government are steering the human race right into a cage and one of the things in order to make that move you have to take truth away from people ladies and gentlemen that's the end of our 1/4 what on earth is happening this evening we'll be right back with the second hour you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic rod casting stay with us [Music] Oh welcome back everyone this is our two of tonight's edition of what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm today in studio with me my special guest Jay Parker the call-in number to join us if anyone has questions for me or Jay call 800 three one three nine four four three once again the callin number to join us eight hundred three one three ninety four forty three we'll be taking calls throughout the second and third hours so if anybody wants to call in and get in the queue feel free to do so now Jay you were on the other side of the break you were talking about how they need to suppress truth in our society in order to keep us in this victim identification to keep that abuse victim cycle going this is all part of social engineering and mind control driven by the social engineer dark occultic you Genesis that are running the show here today and we need to understand that we're all part of a inter connected dynamic living field of energy and a whole holistic living system that is the whole planet that is the earth and everyone on it the all the consciousness and particularly how it operates at the subconscious level it's so important to understand that because the subconscious mind makes up so much of our behavior unless we're actually going into that shadow material of the subconscious mind and actually really deeply working with it through deep introspection a deep self work and bringing those things up to the conscious level those things are running in the background like a background process in a computer that you don't see that just happens you know it's not in a window it just happens in the background and that's what so many people don't understand about how this mind control is propagated so I want you to pick it up from there well I couldn't have said it any better mark the subconscious run is 40 million bits of information suppose to the conscious mind which runs per second 40 bits of information so it's a million-to-one difference between the conscious mind and the information exchange into the field and the subconscious mind basically one of the things I learned from my Amalekite which mother was the most important thing to the Illuminati is the subconscious which is formed in the first six years of a person's life and bruce lipton in his talk wisdom of yourself gives a great explanation of how the subconscious works and how it drives her life and basically let me say this that even though I had woken up in 99 from my satanic ritual abuse it wasn't until I started doing EFT emotional freedom technique and started reprocessing the trauma that I went through as a child using EFT and actually destroying the synaptic pathways of the trauma and I all I have to say to anyone out there if you have a habit you don't like if you have recurring thoughts that aren't what your conscious mind likes these subconscious programs were given to you by your culture by your parents by your religion they were not put into your mind and running your adult mind through an act of will that you made they are placed literally like a tape player in your mind and that tape player that subconscious will run 95% plus of your adult life and it has an effect of filtering the information that you're willing to take in and the information that you'll broadcast back into the field so when I looked closely at the ritual abuse that I went through I just step back and critically thought about well what's that gun to my psychology you know what's the effect of that ritual you know what was their bottom line where they wanted to steer me and in my research for the last fourteen years of course not nearly as prolific researcher as yourself but I'm pretty good one I've run across a book by dr. John Coleman laws Tavistock Institute for human relations and my mother made it clear to me growing up when they were training me to be Illuminati that this whole paradigm of self-destruction of planet ecocide of human genocide is started and finished in the collective consciousness and basically when you are giving your subconscious programming as a child you are in a hypnagogic trance for the first six years of your life you cannot differentiate any information coming into your mind it's all just absorbed it really immediately look like like water flowing on to on top of a sponge it doesn't actually have a dry sponge that it doesn't go anywhere it just comes in and that's builds that the basis for our programming of our subconscious in those first six years of life and there is all of your in cultural in culturalization there is your culture that you grow up in in your family in your religion in your schooling for the first six years of your life make up what you're broadcasting and how you're reacting through your entire life you're padding and patterns of behavior and your reactions of things and again as you said before your willingness to accept or even look into other forms of information that perhaps conflict with that early programming absolutely I mean I think one of the things that we can talk about when it comes to cognitive dissonance is fluoride a great topic many people still walk around saying oh fluoride is good for your teeth but ten minutes worth of research on the web you'll find that fluoride is the number one ingredient in rat poison that fluoride is used in was used in the Nazi and Soviet concentration camps to dumb down and make docile their inmates fluoride calcifies the pineal gland in the middle of your brain which is the third eye the spiritual nexus point for higher dimensional spirituality and intuitiveness and basically shuts it down and you know 10% 20% loss of IQ I mean it's it's a poison absolutely I mean this could bring us right back to cognitive dissonance because this is something people are still in denial about all the studies that are done about how fluoride basically destroys the nervous system plus even if as a topical agent it was good for killing bacteria on the surface of the teeth okay what why would you drink it internally you can't control the dosage way you wouldn't know what that the intake anybody's a particular daily intake of it was so how how could they possibly even justify this you know so people don't want to just make the the informed judgmental decision that indeed this is a deliberate effort to keep the population docile and ignorant by shutting down certain cognitive functions of the brain but again they're in this cognitive dissonance State this a psychological state of illness of holding two contradictory notions in the mind simultaneously will pick it up right there on the other side of this break ladies and gentlemen stay with us we'll be right back [Music] silence that when doing this a while between us welcome back ladies and gentlemans you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my special guest tonight Jay Parker so uh Jay y'all let you just pick up where you left off before the break well you know essentially what this show is about is cognitive dissonance holding two contrary thoughts in your mind and also a mark and I both believe that truth can be found it can be known and it can be the primary spiritual and mental focus of your life to actually walk breathe and live in reality as opposed to being under someone's spangle a spell because the the mainstream media and government propaganda that is being foisted on the human race by the five corporations that own mainstream media when you look at the history of what happened to media in America you will find that basically the corrupt bankers decided they'll just buy the media and then they'll buy the government and they will be the arbiters of reality and so far so good for but there is a small and radical group of true human beings like the freer mind group and others out there in the world like David Icke like Michael - Cerie on jordan maxwell and we're fighting back for humanity for Humanity to have a chance at something better than what all I can say is I mean 40 EPA scientists wrote a letter to the White House and the Congress years ago saying please take fluoride out of the water it is a major cancer cause oh now this is the EPA telling the government its own government this is poison and the government just saying tough lot you know I look at the scourge of contrails right now as a number-one mind blower when it comes to people being disconnected from reality all you have to do is spend a evening okay go onto YouTube watch what on earth what in the world are they spraying it's free on YouTube and why in the world are they spraying those two I consider really good chemtrail movies but understand this we are living in a eugenics elite society they wish to remove 80 to 90% of the human race they have said this in their white papers for the last 40 years that it's time to call the herd we are living through this right now when you take into account the GMO food the chemtrail aluminium poisoning and barium heavy metal poisoning that we're breathing from the sprang every day let alone the fact that it's making the soil acidic and killing the microbes that break down the soil to make the nutrients available to plants over 50% of those microscopic bugs are now gone from Kentrell spring and so plants aren't even growing with the the vital nutrients that they need and we're not getting that nutrition in in us to the levels that we once were because of such practices well basically most of our food now he's dead if you are living on a diet of processed food your your health is going can go to hell in a handbag and if you take into account the fluoride the aspartame again another neurotoxic chemical that's being put in all the food you can't buy a pack of gum hardly these days without having aspartame in it aspartame is a neurotoxin aspartame when it metabolizes in your system turns to wood alcohol now you wouldn't drink wood alcohol unless of course you wanted to go blind but all I have to say is that's what aspartame is and do some research it's a biological weapon mark I want to get your take on something I I've often tried to explain to people that the reason that this state of psychological denial that we have that psychologists are called cognitive dissonance that we're talking about here tonight in other words looking at the world and seeing one thing but then insisting in your mind that it's not that way and holding a complete contradictory belief in your mind simultaneously to what you see I've often tried to explain to people it's because people have a hard time accepting that there are psychopaths in our midst that there are people who are so truly divorced from any semblance of conscience that they cannot feel anything any repercussions of what they do to other people and it's actually a disadvantage not to be able to envision or understand the mindset of a psychopath people will say well why would you even want to try to grasp our psychopath thing sir the mindset that they're in the and the answer is because that is absolutely critical as part of psychological self-defense as part of your understanding of what's out there of the Predators that are actually out there in our environment so I want you to address that dynamic or give me your take on you know I feel that that's a huge disadvantage and one of the reasons why people still cannot see what's truly going on in our world what do you have to say about that well I I can definitely speak from experience of a monarch mind control slave that denial was one of the program foundations to what I experienced psychologically whenever I would run into a incident with my family in the forty years plus that I was actually under monarch mind control if something's quote unquote slapped me in the face that exposed my family as being dark occult I would automatically instantaneously go right into denial and throw that thought right out the window and pretend that we were a Norman Rockwell family and you have to understand folks if you read books like Tavistock Institute for human relations by dr. john coleman trillions of dollars are being spent by governments and corporate institutions through the media to steer your consciousness into a place where you make victim where you are disempowered I personally like the fact that I'm on the center path that I know truth exists and I'm going to find out all of it I don't sit in gargle with sewage all the time my life is not spent rolling around in the conspiratorial of agenda21 I spend most of my time in the positive areas of human growth philosophy like the Trivium and things like that excellent Jay we're going to pick this up on the other side and we'll take your calls after this quick break [Music] welcome back ladies and gentlemen this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm we're going to go to your phone calls for any questions that you have for Jay Parker or myself and before we do that real quick I want to let people know that Jay is also a radio show host he does a show every Sunday evening on blog talk radio it's his show is called SRA today and you could find his show and his archives at blogtalkradio.com/ropeadoperadio ashram ashram is a sh r am type 1 radio ashram so you could check out Jays show sra today and jay you say that's not does not stand for satanic ritual abuse you've had some other colorful acronyms for what that means right well it actually made a I I picked that SRA first satanic ritual abuse but I when I did first y'all I did a bunch of kind of different things for okay so people can think of them right now no worries people could check that out and Jays done I think probably about eight or nine shows so far to date and you can check them out every Sunday so with that said let's go to some calls what do you think take some calls absolutely okay let's go to Jack in Illinois you're live on what on earth is happening with our special guest Jay parkour welcome I'm mark hi Jay I hope I don't know if you remember me but we've talked that we spoke in the past about a year and a half ago about maybe working together but I just want to plot both of you but in particular to you mark I've been reviewing your some of your previous work and getting up to speed on some of your more recent work and it's just absolutely so spot-on it's absolutely splendid and I just trying to pass the word to as many people as I can to get them to watch a lot of your videos so I think so much for the work you do absolutely I appreciate that so much and like I said it's all about getting active getting involved and putting the truth out there for other people and that's why it's so great that J has also taken up that banner and he's doing his own radio show and let me tell you something his show is a smorgasbord of information you want to tune in and get in-depth information a source by many many articles from all over all over it from a very eclectic variety of sources you want to tune in to his show on Sunday evening so thanks so much jack did you have anything else yes I just have one I guess comment and then one question for both of you the comment more is for you mark in watching a lot of your presentations I can hear the I guess frustration in your voice about the lack of the number of people that are awakening and I guess my comment on that would be isn't is isn't the reality of the situation that it's a wonder that anybody wakes up given the fact it's against all odds yeah I will sit on every front that I've open saying your comment yeah let me just cut and cut in there for one moment I've often said to people it is a tragedy that it only took me 30 years of my life to wake up and it's a miracle that it only took me 30 years of my life to wake up that's my comment on your comment so go ahead with your next part yes okay this next question is for both of you regarding the dark occultist as it relates to animals you know I've listened to your presentations mark about carnism and that's one aspect of it what it is they're a plan that the dark or cultists actually implement regarding animals and how the slaughter and mass murder of let's say for example the many animals that are hunted that are promoted and actually which sponsors the Department of Natural Resources the DNR like deer hunting and all these other types of things that traumatize animals other than farm factories such as rodeos such as circuses all the lab animals that are absolutely tortured and right down the line is there an actual plan in place by the dark occultist so that that affects the energy level and a negative fashion etc Jack thank you so much for that question that's a great question and thank you for your call I'm gonna let J field that question J what do you have to say about the dark occult saw agenda toward animals and if I'm not mistaken you also as I M are a vegetarian is that not correct so you try to as much as possible step back from the harm of our fellow beings here on this plough from the animal kingdom I do take care of myself by eating organic occasionally I'll eat meat but it's very very rare my main thing with staying away from meat is the law of Correspondence also I personally think that animals have some form of consciousness that I do not understand and do I really have a right to take their life but the biggest thing that keeps me away from carnism is the fact that when you research what the factory farms are doing to these animals you won't want to be part of that system and it just comes down to the understanding when you think of the dark occult and the treatment of animals and the law of Correspondence ask yourself why is the UN on a former slaughterhouse on the East River when animals are killed in such a inhumane way over millions of animals and one of the biggest slaughterhouses in New York was situated and owned by the Rockefellers and they built a UN right on that property that property is literally soaked in blood and soaked in the morphogenetic field of death and I just want to say that when I talk when you talk about the dark occult their understanding of the morphogenetic field and Rupert Sheldrake's work on this is something everyone needs to understand Sheldrake and Lipton are two people you've got to understand their work you have to understand some of the work done by Kevin Trudeau especially when he talks about the fact that the additives and foods are nothing but drugs some dangerous stuff out there but when you start to study how they manipulate the energy field then you can look at well how can I manipulate the energy field in the other direction how can I be a light worker as opposed to a demonic possessed robot and I make organized and organized is something that you can research you should have organized in your home and on your person at all times the EMF pollution that's out there is extremely dangerous and not beneficial to your cell walls and the activities of your receptors and your we don't really know what the long-term effects of the EMF electromagnetic pollution on the cell wall is but the doctors that have posted EMF pollution on YouTube the few that I've honest doctor said I've heard give talks on this totally terrifying that's why I make him promote orgonite and I do a lot of things in my life to help people you know grow and understand and stay safe that's why I talk to speaking out against fluoride I speak out against eating conventional food that has pesticide one one person did a analysis of a head of broccoli and found 33 different chemicals in that head of broccoli fungicide pesticide herbicide now I want you to get this cognitive dissonance concept in your mind Farms have to by law post warning signs if they use herbicides pesticides and fungicides because of the damage that was caused the farm workers back in the 60s and 70s everybody knew that these chemicals being sprayed on the plants were causing genetic damage to human beings and it wasn't healthy now magically those same plants come out of those fields with those warning signs that say danger chemical pesticides get shipped to your supermarket and magically a magic happens and and they're healthy and it's good to eat suddam transformation what was poisonous is no longer poisonous anymore yeah see what what this all comes down to Jay is that this is all about the manipulation of energy that's how they're manipulating human beings whether it's by injecting poisons and chemicals into the food supply or affecting the the morphic field of energy that we all live in through the slaughterhouse a factory farm system you know it all comes down to that's affecting the consciousness of people because that energy field is what we live in and we resonate in that field it's an inescapable conclusion we are bioelectrical beings we are living in an energy field if you poison that energy field it would be the equivalent of poisoning the water in a tank of fish it's going to affect all the fish if the water is poison it's the same thing with us we are living in a sea of energy and while people may not be able to directly perceive that that etheric energy field is directly affecting the mind it's not just affecting the body it's affecting the way we think too and again the way we think is going to directly influence behavior and then that's going to directly influence the manifested conditions on the earth which is how they do this that's how the mind control works and that's how they keep it propagated let's take another call let's go to a Fred in California you're live on what on earth is happening with our special guest Jay parkour welcome Fred for taking my call I'm disabled in in bed most of the time and starting 2001 when the second tower drops I stopped reading novels and wiping history and it took me to places I had not dreamed of I agree with probably a lot of what mr. Parker what you're saying tonight and as I would consider myself a researcher and I really commend you for the time and the energy that you put in along with all the talk show host on this network it's a lot of work and I come to a point where it's very easy to become what I call a reader repeater and to get stuck into things and to keep an open mind I've noticed that you know you use the word truth many times and that you've been on this this journey for 30 years you can only imagine a family where both parents are working and have kids how much time they have how much energy they have left at the end of the day to do the type of research that we're all doing here and trying to help our fellow man the question I have for you is factually what is true because I use it a lot and and that's my question to you tonight yes I actually did a interview with Richard grow from tragedy and hope comm and he led hid the entire show that I did you could find this on my the news section of my website he led the entire show with this question directed to me so I'll field this and then I'll let Jay that you know speak on whether he concurs with my working definition for that term to me truth is that which is it is that which has occurred in the past and is occurring in the present and it is nothing more nor less than that it is a we have to demystify this concept people want to overthink it they want to mystify it and they want to complicate it into something that it is not they want to try to get it what is the mind of God what is the purpose for all existence you know what is happening in other dimensions I I try to stray from from making it about all of that we have to simplify and demystify this concept ok and understand that we're talking about events which have occurred and which are occurring now the reality of the situation that we are actually in is what the truth is the the things that are taking place within us and around us that's the truth the truth is simply that which has occurred in the past and is occurring in the present moment Jay I'll let you I'll give your take on that basically my my viewpoint of truth is something that's based on actual research a clear understanding and not tied to a belief system today I'll let me pick up that on the other side of the break you're listening to what on earth is happening ladies and gentlemen we'll be right back Oh listening to here on Public Broadcasting Network I'm your host mark passio my special guest tonight is Jay Parker jr. before the break the caller had asked you about your view of truth and you were talking about what it is to pursue truth so you can pick it up from right there all for me you know having gone through the mind control of hard trauma being a letter shot raped tortured for the first seven years of my life and then manifesting a life where I basically obeyed the programming that my parents gave me this slave programming and for instance in my business life basically if someone recognized me as a Illuminati slave they could use a simple Illuminati hands they know and I would basically work for pennies on the dollar not a very fun place to be but my pursuit of truth once I woke up has led me into a myriad of studies but it's all based on a simple premise that I understand the Illuminati system in the world that we live under today and if I can say this one truth to you and you can hold this in your mind I want you to understand the paradigm you're in and that truth is let the buyer beware if you are ignorant of reality when it comes to aspartame fluoride the cancer industry cannabis whatever okay GMO food if you're ignorant these corporations and these Illuminati dark occultists okay their understanding is it's not our fault you're stupid enough to ingest that it's not our fault you're ignorant enough to believe that it's not our fault that you don't read books and study reality and study your own physiology and study your own psychology that's you you're doing that you've been brought up in a culture of ignorance and a culture that tells you that you're nothing that you have no power and I'm here to tell you that you are the ultimate power because you broadcast into the field and the biggest thing the Illuminati is afraid of is people waking up and broadcasting freedom and broadcasting self-determination and self responsibility that's right sovereignty absolutely we're dealing with collectivism we're dealing with the state wanting to take over all aspects of human in life that's exactly right it's all about the under deep understanding of our own individual sovereignty and then respecting that sovereignty and all others let's take another call let's go to a Robbin Ecuador Peru I'm sorry in Ecuador robinette already you're live on what is happening welcome Rob good evening mark good evening Jane yeah a bit of a bit of a comment bit of a question I think anyone who's who's got the courage to become awake realizes that we're dealing with ultimately a dark satanic force right now in the UK there's a there's a gentleman called Robert Greene who was investigating child abuse he was abducted out of the UK taken to Scotland by police and then they've tried to section him now he's incarcerated just for investigating child abuse and of course they they took all his computer records and all his all his evidence as they went because it goes right to the the very the very heart and highest levels of society I'm sure you've heard the name Jimmy Savile in in recent months and and I know it's hundreds of thousands that go missing or a couple of hundred thousand the kids go missing in the in the US and a few tens of thousands in the UK stay with a what James gonna give you his take on this on the other side but stay with us until the other side of the break ladies and gentlemen we'll be right back you're listening - what on earth is happening [Music] welcome back everyone this is the last hour of tonight's edition of what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm my special guest tonight Jay Parker and Jay we were fielding a question from Rob in Ecuador regarding pedophilia within in the highest institutions of government Rob if you're still there if you want to finish up your question and then all that J filled that yeah well that they be the child abuse pedophilia thing we I'm sure you all heard the numerous people been called out in the BBC and Jimmy Savile recently and it's just it's this this is merely one part of the burden that those of us who who who feel we're slightly awake here you we have to look at this stuff and and this is just one of the intricate web of the negativity that's being that's being foisted on humankind my question is and and you've begun to address it really is we all we understand how powerful the mind is how one needs to be in a positive state to to create better health to be creative to be able to shape our own futures we we have to as you say not gargle in the sewage and because fear is as we start to wake up of course we're facing scary stuff in the first reaction is to just end up completely consumed by by by fear and you know certainly something I've I've been through most I think most of society is is has been so traumatized and I'm not in the same way of course that Jays been through but just by it all all of the mind controls that you discuss mark most of them just have no interest in waking up whatsoever they they don't even it's almost like the frog in the frog in that the pan of water being slowly heated up they they don't seem to have the ability to even a face it and yet when we do we will most need to support each other or come forward with techniques and you've mentioned one I think emotional freedom technique to help those that are coming awake to deal with what they're finding so my question really is around how do we you know can we actually be in against such overwhelming odds is it possible to live a happy healthy life whilst having to look at some of this this this sewage that you know that we're waking up to I guess it's amazing that you during the break mark and I were talking of course and I said the mark I've never been happier than I am right now having reality as the basis of my existence rather than someone's mind control and true that this is there's ugly subjects like the pedophilia pedophilia is a satanic or Illuminati sacrament and if you wish to get in with the in-crowd of these are conic energies these offworld other dimensional energies that motivate these dark occultists that take over their minds I've seen my parents literally change into other beings right in front of me on a vibrational spiritual level and it's this other satanic demonic force I call it our conic due to the work of the Gnostics and I believe that they have an understanding of what we're going through as a species better than most I just want to say when when I talked to an old friend of mine recently and I've been turning him on to Kevin Trudeau and Bruce Lipton's lectures and I he's very busy man he has a small business he has three kids he hardly has any time to himself but I said to him just listen and read as much as you can every day and get away from the television the television has tons of subliminal program going on when you watch TV you were put into a mild hypnotic state David Icke and other researchers I've talked about this Alex Jones has talked about this the TV is absolutely doing mind control on you on a subliminal level so get away from it open the book start doing nutritional research one of the first things that made me happiest was when I started eating right when I started not poisoning my body with the processed food out there and really paying attention to the water I drank I got a fluoride filter I don't drink fluoridated water really there's things you can do to change how you feel and one of the best things is of course eating properly not eating the mass-produced poison but eight hundred thousand children disappear in America every year according to the Center for Exploited and missing children this is one of the largest organizations of Missing and Exploited Children in America and they report eight hundred thousand children disappear every year well I know that a lot of those children are ending up in pedophile slavery's I know experimentally a lot of those children are ending up in human sacrifice rituals gun for the twisting of Monarch mind-control slaves and Cathy O'Brien talks about this stuff too and all I have to say is I had an old girlfriend that when she broke up with me she said to me I just don't want the Illuminati in my life so she went back to sleep she went back to lala land as if ignoring reality can make that happen as if ignoring reality will somehow change the external situation in our lives and you know that that's that's that cognitive dissonance we've been talking about the whole show that people believe they're the arbiters of truth I can just you know flick my attention one way or another and and that changes reality you know it's not about actually taking action to make things different in the world I want to speak to the dynamic of happiness for a moment because I totally agree with Jay although I have become aware of what the world really is and I tell people hey you want to know what the world really is in one word the world is a farm the world is not just a prison it's a farm where we're farmed for energy human beings are an energy source as dark of an understanding as that is coming online to understanding about the slavery system here on earth nothing could have possibly made me happier in a cosmic sense see it's there's a distinction here that we're talking about Rob I believe Robert was the caller's name the distinction that we're talking about here is the difference between individual happiness based on personal desire versus true cosmic happiness based on doing the great work of propagating the truth and therefore alleviating suffering so I'm cosmically happy am i happy about the situation no am i happy that I knowing what I know have the responsibility to happen to have to do this work and to sacrifice my time and energy in the way that I know that I must do it because I have a more obligation to propagate the truth knowing what I know no I'm not happy about that I would rather not that not be the case but the the happiness that Jay is referring to here the peace that you can find is through knowing the truth and knowing that you're doing the great work to actually bring that truth to other people to make this world a better place to live in not only for ourselves but those who come after us so I hope that answers your question and I thank you for your call let's go to Diane and Nebraska actually let's hold that and we'll pick up with Diane and Nebraska on the other side of this break ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic broadcasting we'll be right back so gnarly we got it this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio I'm here with my special guests for this evening J Parker we're taking your calls let's go to Diane from Nebraska welcome to what on earth is happening Diane well thank you both gentlemen for being here and talking with us all tonight appreciate your work Marc I just discovered your work a couple weeks ago and I saw your piece on the cosmic abandonment and it just blew the lid off of everything I've been questioning for years and my consciousness and and my question for both of you i since i'm just recently reached that point where i saw not only the awareness of what's really going on but how evil it is and how deep it run and and made that first realization okay everything I've known about life up to this point has been shattered and I was wondering what techniques or how you both dealt with it when you were at that stage where you first realized well everything is not as it seems sure I'll speak to that first and then I'll let J Pickett pick that up and the the first the thing when I understood what the world really was the first thing that I wanted to do was I wanted to tell that to as many other people as possible in the effort to help them to understand what I had come to understand so my only motivation was immediately my mind switched to knowing this just me knowing this obviously isn't enough other people apparently very obviously do not know what I know and therefore I have an obligation to communicate that to other people that's where that's what actually took the pressure off of doing that but see I at first in that process was almost kind of afraid to do that because it was like am i do I really have the big picture right am i really accurate and a person helped snap me out of that like waiting process I wanted to do it but I didn't immediately act on that okay and it was a mistake not to immediately act on that it was a mistake not to start immediately communicating to that it took somebody basically kicking me in the rear end and telling me that I was one of the most knowledgeable people that they had come across but I was still remaining inactive and in so doing that I was not actually fulfilling a responsibility that I have as a knowledgeable person to communicate that knowledge to other people so when this person very unapologetically and almost brutally honestly said that to me it kind of snapped me out of that that a waiting process that holding process that I was in and then I finally came fully online and said you know what I have to take this immediately into the realm of action and start doing what I know there was the right thing to do which was start talking to everybody around me and everybody in his white of a sense meaning on the Internet as I possibly could so that's what helped me to deal and mitigate with that initial shock process of really understanding the big picture J your process as far as that was concerned well of course waking up from satanic ritual abuse the first thing I felt was rage that my life had been stolen from me and that my entire you know family history was a complete fraud and very angry at my brothers and my parents and how do I deal with that anger well very simple simply I was angry enough not to go ballistic and start screaming in people and this and that about what I knew worse now but basically I was angry enough that I said I'm going to get to the bottom this right the bottom of all of this and that's what my last 14 years has been and the reason I'm doing SRA today the radio show is to warn people about aspartame the cancer uh fraud all of it I talk about a lot of negative things but I also talk positive things you see in that negativity that you're bringing forward you're providing a defensive shield that knowledge is what is actually allowing people to empower themselves and defend themselves against these attacks so that's what people have to understand when we talk about these negative things it's not to shut people down and keep them in fear it's to say here's what you're dealing with this is what you're up against this is what you have to be aware of if you want to protect yourself and then ultimately thrive in this environment where we're besieged on all sides by different poisons and and fields of energy and you know lies and deception so that process of actually telling people and warning them about that is actually extremely pot an extremely positive process one other thing I really want to briefly comment on Jay before you continue is your anger that's also a positive thing because that motivated you to learn the truth and then start communicating the truth to other people see this is what the New Age movement has all wrong it's not about not looking at the negative and never getting angry it's about understanding what is regardless of how dark it is and initially getting angry about that now you can't stay in that anger and let it fester and let it eat you alive you have to use that anger as a motivating force to do something with that knowledge that you now possess and that is what the positive usage of that emotion is so Jay you can pick it up from there I feel for you because when the veil drops and you look at our society for what it truly is it's a real punch in the gut it's just like reading tap a stock institute by John Coleman that'll make you feel like crap for a couple of days uh another thing I can recommend to someone who's just waking up is you know get one of David Ickes books that are about 700 pages long and you can see a complete overview of the economic political and social history of the human race itright Swilley good books about like that but one of the best things that I found and this is what Mark was touching on that as you grow on in knowledge and wisdom and protect yourself and try to protect the people that you love around you tell them you don't have to take vaccines because you can get a waiver vaccines are very dangerous I mean I have done the research okay I've ran into a PhD woman at the train station the other day and I got in an argument with her she said vaccines don't cause autism and and I just shot back with her the CDC recently had to admit that they were suppressing for thirty years research that shows vaccines cause autism they admitted that yes yes there's a doctor in England got a Freedom of Information request finally through after ten years and it shows that the CDC has known for thirty years through there's like twenty four studies that autism and vaccines go together now you can google CDC suppresses 30 years of vaccine research and you've probably get the article I get was on my show not too long ago but but the thing is if you take the same amount of drugs into your body at a hundred and eighty a eighty pound adult that is given to a baby during a vaccination you would have to take 30 injections to have the same amount per body weight okay per mass that that infant is getting now think to yourself thirty shots of mercury laced squalene and [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio we're taking your calls the call-in number to join us 831 394 43 let's go to Robert in Missouri with our special guest Jay Parker Robert you're live on what on earth is happening welcome greetings guys great conversation great program just all the topics covered you know I I noticed in this I listened to a lot of underground talk you know various networks various hosts and so many people are half in half out there they're unwilling they get themselves you know what they think is awake and then they do to their own preconceived programming they're unwilling to come out further right and we give you an for instance so many people in this you know alternative media movement they still get this hero worship of the military I'm a marine honorably discharged I got out long ago but we still have this thing to we're joining the Marine Corps the army whatever going off and doing the bidding of a psychopath we still want to give these guys a pat on the back rather than given the truth in their face right and it's it's getting you know to the point where it's like look the whole world is aflame with conflict and we've got to get to this point where we say look I'm not going to pick up a rifle for you goons anymore and you know this system you know Homeland Security why would you pick up a weapon and put on a homeland security uniform I just can't it obviously you know lack of self respect you know a feeling of disempowerment in their own lives than resulting subconsciously in them craving power over others I mean that's really the psychological dynamic that's going on with a person like that of course they're not aware of that at a conscious level but at a subconscious level that's what's operating but I totally agree with you Robert that you know we need to be in the face of people like this telling them that they're not moral they're not heroes they're doing something that's actually immoral and always have been it always has been like that you know and they're just being used by these psychopathic financial elitist to you know basically confiscate the resources of other nations and other people's at their behest J your take on this nine hundred military bases throughout the world does not mean peace of freedom it means corporate hegemony over the world and our military has been viciously and maliciously used by the international bankers I guess over a hundred years now because World War one was just so blatant as far as an Illuminati conflict but of course you know you look at the economics of imperialism this is what's driving most of this and you know spanish-american war we did a false flag with the blowing up of the main and declared war and took a bunch of things from the Spanish Empire and became an empire ourselves and we haven't looked back since that's exactly like a you know yeah you know i I've been really trying to look into this this thing we call conscious list no no conscience psychopathy and it's you know what I've been reading some esoteric works and you know Pike everything all the secret society stemming from you know a lot of the secret society thoughts stuff stemming from Kabbalah and hmm and I've been getting into some Talmud and it's just like you know when you consider you and your clique as the only people that are truly human and the other you know six point whatever billion people on the planet as in human this is a perfect breeding breeding ground for psychopathy where you you know the skullenbones guys up there at Yale everybody that's not a Bonesmen it's called the Gentile right you know if Freemasonry everybody outside the law just called the profane this this mindset has infected so many institutions and so many organizations towards us within work were the gods everybody outside you're nothing it will do with you as we please whether it's poison you shoot you up with vaccines we're gonna put a chip in your head we'll upgrade you that's the story we're gonna give you but it's probably a downgrade and you know all these things that we can experiment on the rest of humanity because guess what will rationalize it on our own minds that no they're not humans they're just animals to be disposed of and used as we please and that's the perfect breeding ground for nutjob psychos and people are unwilling to you know get into this and say hey look I'm not a hater by any means of your ethnicity or tribe or whatever but when you look at me as less than a human then we've got a problem buddy and this this weak dynamic of the consciousness of separation and it doesn't make a difference what group it is you know it could be the dark occult it could be Satanists it could be Zionists it could be any particular religious extremist group forget the Jesuits of course you know it's the whole idea that is a group of people that if you're inside that group then you are you know better and elevated than other people and I talked about that there's only want all of that solution you know we're all in the same situation together I talked about and I as I brought up last week and will continue to discuss there is one true divide that does separate people and it's not an illusion and that is whether they believe in the concept that certain people are an authority over other people that is the thing that actually does truly differentiate the level of consciousness from of one group of people over another group and that's what this whole Great Awakening process is about that's what this whole great work to awaken humanity is about to get them to understand there is nobody over anybody else there is no Authority the only Authority is the law of morality the laws of morality that the creator of the universe put into effect in this entire reality that is the authority in this domain of existence that we call the physical world there and and nobody is that it that you know nobody is higher than God you could just say it outright like that and that's what these people want to think that they are this is about the dynamic that's happening on the earth is about man thinking that he's God man is not God man did not create the universe and put the laws of nature into effect that was done by the creator of the universe and were bound by those laws and if we flagrantly disregard them we're going to live inside of a prison for for as long as it takes for us to understand that we were wrong and then start looking at the laws of morality and living in harmony with them Jay your take on that of all I agree 100% with what you just said I I am very fearful about what could happen in the next you know five ten years in America if everything should go badly for freedom and truth but I also have another part of me that that thinks that I have more faith in the human race and less faith in the people that are pulling the strings in the media I've read I think the common man when push comes to shove I think we might be okay so Robert thanks so much for your call let's move on to Andrew in California you're live on what on earth is happening with our special guest Jay parkour welcome thank you for all of your work I like to say I enjoyed the cosmic event um YouTube think I was very awesome okay with a the Colton knowledge becoming more and more increasingly available through like the internet and things that YouTube documentaries learning this stuff can kind of sometimes still like a bottomless pit especially for like naive kid coming out of like the brainwash education system realizing we didn't really learn anything with any actual true value like I did I've seen friend least touch with reality and I know I've even felt illusion in the recent past that sometimes the dark side is a seductive and um how do we know we're alive we're aligning ourselves with the truth with all these different paths of learning how available how can we truly know we are doing the right thing as it can be confusing at times is there only one supreme understanding and is why the polar opposite of truth and for Marco what are your feelings on someone like Marilyn Anthony okay we'll put that up on the other side I'll let Jay speak to the answer to that question on the other side of the break and then I'll give you my take on Manson so stay with us they call proprietary music for this last segment of what on earth is happening this evening here with my special guest Jay Parker and we had a call from Andrew from California I want to thank you Andrew for your call how does one really know that they are actually on the path to truth Jay you want to take that one I I personally in my studies got back into classical philosophy looking at what existed in the Western world and the eastern world you know several thousand years ago especially looking at what mark deems the natural law looking at the Trivium natural law using EFT personally and writing down traumatic experiences and feelings reoccurring ideas in my mind and you tapping on them with EFT and reprogramming my subconscious and using EFT also to bring things out of my subconscious that I needed to work on and and that's I believe you know one of the problems with the human race right now is that we're taught in a psychologically negative system and we need to reprogram our subconscious to give ourselves a break I want to tell everyone out there that's on the path to being a freedom activist or a truth shower that you're not you don't have to be God you don't have to be a messiah all you have to do is speak the truth in love when it's appropriate that's it it's very simple and it's a simple walk and it's not stressful the universe isn't asking you to be Atlas and hold the world up what you really want is a center of knowledge in your heart to where you can look at yourself in the mirror and say I know what it means to be human I know right from wrong that's it that's what it's ultimately all about to answer Andrews question you have to know the difference between right and wrong you have to know what actions cause harm and which actions do not cause harm you have to know what you have a right to own and what you don't have a right to own or try to take away from someone else and ultimately that's all about understanding natural law I highly recommend you Andrew to check out my natural law seminar on my website in the videos section it's a three-part video constituting about eight eight hours worth of worth of work you probably get a lot of value out of that because it is ultimately about conscience the path the truth is and knowing that your honor is when you are doing no harm and you are helping to alleviate suffering forefront for other people so that's the aunt that's my answer to that as well and to answer your question briefly about Marilyn Manson Manson was a laveyan styled Satanist and he was a priest in the Church of Satan he actually held the rank of priest the same degree that I held within the Church of Satan when I was involved with it many years ago and I do think he ideologically grasps and understands the the tenets the ideological tenets of Satanism I don't think that levae himself would have appointed him as a priest in the church if he didn't so that mindset is very very poisonous and I would I would personally suggest that he's definitely one of the people who is working toward the goal of a pure selfishness and not really hasn't woken up and understood what's really going on here in this world if that is indeed still his ideology I don't know what his ideology is now in the present day I'm talking about many years ago at least when he was appointed priest in Lovaza search of Satan of years ago so maybe he's changed from that ideology but that's generally my take on him he is an ideological Satanist or at least he was in the past again for what he is doing now I can't speak to that because I don't really follow what he does so that's my take on him to answer that part of your question let's go to another caller let's hear from ray in Oregon ray you're live on what on earth is happening with my special guest Jay Parker welcome hello can I give you my take on on what truth is absolutely let's hear it truth is a vibration it's a holistic a non-dualistic unconstructed energy that everyone has within them the thought of truth is merely a concept based on the intellect which is satanic ly controlled it is based in duality therefore it's divisive in nature and opposing in all things which what is conflicted within and they projected without and create the world that they live in now truth is found in the subconscious mind which is infinite infinite without boundaries the subconscious mind is God itself now one who is resonating with in truth is actually in tune with the subconscious mind which is Christ consciousness for if one listener titanically ruled intellect they are there under the influence of satanic mind control and that includes every civilized human being that has ever lived the purpose of life is to transcend that dualistic level of conflict and merge with the subconscious mind which is possible it's not recognized by the conscious mind it will resist it with everything that has then try and destroy it but I can't because truth is what is it has always been it is what is now and the she'll always be now that's the nature of the conflict that's going on in the world it is very simple one must die to be reborn as a spirit of divine intelligence and that is the transcendence from the dualistic mind to the non-dualistic unconscious mind a similar concept to what in Eastern traditions they've regarded as ego death or transcending the grip of the ego the control of the ego over the personality so Jay your take on that well it's interesting that you know you bring up this subconscious because really doing EFT I have found things in my subconscious that has just blow me away and I personally Marx natural law taught just an amazing and amazing presentation and so uplifting and when you hear truth from ancient philosophers and from people like Mark passio and John lamb lash today and you hear these spiritual psychological metaphysical truths that really basically come to it to me it all comes down to the Golden Rule but you know do no harm and all I can say and I want to get this point across to as many people as I can you know get a notebook and start doing aft diary and work with EFT and write notes on what you're tapping on and you're going to absolutely if you put the effort forth transform your account J absolutely great answer ray thanks so much for your call was a pleasure to hear from you we're going to come down to the end of the show right now Jay I want us thank you so much for being my special guest today you put out so much great information everybody should check out Jay show on Sunday evening Jay you're on from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. East Coast time is that correct that's right mark type 1 radio ashram right blogtalkradio.com/ropeadoperadio in our faces there's going to be a natural blowback and people are not going to put up with it we are not like the Europeans they are not like the South Americans we know what it means to be somewhat free so when they try to put us in a cage and microchip us and X Y & Z us people I just want to say I don't think it can happen here because too many people are waking up and taking action against the for option and that's why we have to continuously speak out to others to help wake up even more ladies and gentlemen remember there's only two mistakes that you could ever make on the path to truth not starting and not going all the way that's all the time we have for this edition of what on earth is happening thanks so much for listening we'll see here next week