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freedom man that's what it's all about welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening to endeavour to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascal welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website Republic broadcasting org today is Saturday March 29th 2014 and this show is live every Saturday evening from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Eastern Time that's 9:00 p.m. to midnight central we have a great show lined up for you here tonight I'm going to be getting into the occult season of sacrifice a period of time which listeners really need to know about and understand that we have already entered into during the course of this year I am also going to be breaking down the characteristics of psychopaths and basically doing the review of what psychopathy really is and the characteristics that psychopaths embody but then we're going to shift gears and start to cover new ground in this show what on earth is happening we are going to talk about the possible origins of psychopathy as a lead-in as an intro to future material which we are going to ease into a little bit because it's going to be probably the heaviest and most controversial material that I have probably covered since I've started broadcasting so that's coming up on this edition of what on earth is happening let me give the callin number right at the top of the show so people can call in and get in the queue hopefully I'll have some time to take calls throughout the show tonight definitely want to get into calls later in the show but uh you know as as things progress maybe we'll take calls in every hour of the show so the calling number to join us here on what on earth is happening 1-800 3 1 394 43 once again the calling number to join us 800 3 1 394 43 I have several event announcements and announcements about what I've been doing so just please bear with me as I go through some of these and then we'll get into the material for tonight I spoke last weekend in Asheville North Carolina I gave a an all-day seminar on March 22nd the official beginning of the season of sacrifice that's the day that this 40 day time period starts each year and it was a huge success I have to say I was absolutely thrilled with how everything went in Asheville it was a packed house a beautiful venue at the Lexington Avenue brewery and I want to thank Caroline Guillaume for hosting the event she did a phenomenal job from beginning to end with all the preparations for this entire event like I said it was a packed house and the people the quality of people who turned out for this event I can't say enough about there were potential teachers of natural law and potential teachers of occulted knowledge in attendance at the Asheville seminar I could tell we we hung out afterward and talked for hours I stayed at the election can Avenue brewery until about midnight on Saturday after the presentation because the energy was running so high that I just like didn't really want it to end and I think a lot of people got great value from this seminar I think it really hit home with a lot of folks who attended and I think people will be sharing this information with others as a result so that's the news on the Asheville seminar it was marred only by one small mishap and I posted that on my webpage and it's actually been taken care of so what happened was the audio recording was lost and I thought I wasn't going to be able to make a video presentation because I have a lapel a wireless lapel microphone system that I usually use to record my audio the audio component of my lectures or seminars and what happened was I patched that wireless receiver through to a laptop computer on which I was recording the audio and there was no sound engineer on duty it was just me I was like wearing that hat as well as speaking this particular day that's kind of a mistake on my part I really should have someone professionally at the event that is going to do the recording every time but in this case I figured I had it covered because I had a good wireless lapel mic system and I had a good laptop unfortunately about 20 to 25 minutes into the morning session of the seminar the software that I used to record the the seminar crashed it that the operating system didn't crash but the actual recording software crashed on me and around lunchtime I recognized that we had lost all the audio for the whole morning session so I didn't even really bother to record the afternoon session because I figured well even if I record just that I'm not gonna have anything for from the morning session so I'm not really gonna be able to make a full video so what's the point I put posted word on my website afterward that if anybody should have announced it and I you know in going back into and getting my my head together for the second part of the presentation I neglected to mention it on the microphone on stage that I needed audio recording from someone in the crowd to make a video of the presentation afterward so I posted that on my website and on my Facebook page and finally someone did get in touch with me so that is resolved Steve Mercer from Florida steps forward to save the day with a good audio recording that he made in person right in front of the stage up in the front row it's a quality recording it's going to be sufficient to put out a video with this incarnation of this presentation new-age BS and the suppression of the sacred masculine revisited so over the next couple of weeks I will probably start working on that video editing process and hopefully get a video out within a month tops so thanks special thanks to Steve Mercer for saving the day with an independent audio recording and that's why I tell people anytime I'm speaking you want to record break out a video camera break out an audio camera and record away this information is not copy written by me it's not doesn't belong to me this is in that is the birthright of all intelligent beings everywhere and it is you know the human birthright and it's our responsibility to get this information out there and is widely available of a way and in as freely away as possible so that's my policy on anybody recording my material a couple of interviews that I did and some interviews that are coming up I was interviewed by Kevin tills neurons I cased Philadelphia radio the zeitgeist movement here in Philadelphia on March 27th and the main topic of discussion was natural law within a resource based or what is known as a gift economy and a Kevin and I discussed not only that but we discussed the the true difference between real property versus erroneous claims of property and what people believe are their rights to own you know everything and take it all you know and that was really stressed during the conversation what's real property versus what are bogus claims to property so uh you could check that out that is now posted on the what on earth is happening website in the news section I was also interviewed or actually earlier today a pre-recorded interview from by Jeff Brady from WBAI that's a 99.5 fm I believe that's out of Long Island New York and uh though that will be broken into two SH live shows they will both air on Mondays first March 31st at 10:00 p.m. Eastern on WBAI and then at on April 7th at 10:00 p.m. Eastern WBAI Network 99.5 fm New York and you could check out Jeff's website at New York sky watch comm stay with us everyone we'll be right back after these words Oh we don't need no mind control ladies and gentlemen we need to get out get out of the mass mind manipulation that is propagated everywhere on this planet I have a couple more quick event announcements before we get into the material for today's show Sunday March 30th 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time actually that's tomorrow I will be interviewed it will be a part two interview on star born support radio great group of people on at star born support hosted mainly by Michael Milton and Chris Augustine guys who have been involved in the UFO community forever in the Philadelphia area and like they're the leaders of you know promoting awareness of the topics such as this certainly in this vicinity of the country so uh I'm really thrilled to be going back on there and we're going to continue our discussion of the dark side of the abduction phenomenon and really how we're all under a form of abduction here on the earth so part two of my interview on star born support coming up tomorrow 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time you can check that out at blogtalkradio.com/ropeadoperadio on full spectrum radio four out of Denver Colorado on April 5th I believe that's next Saturday so I'll be doing two shows that day this show during the day from 3 to 5 p.m. Eastern and then I'll be doing my show of course at 10 p.m. Eastern time full spectrum is available on kzk o radio that's kzk o radio calm so lots of interviews lined up for the whole month of April it's gonna be a real busy month for me another great event announcement that I have is the truth freedom prosperity documentary screening night is back in the philadelphia area we had to stop doing this because we lost access to our venue we we were hosting these great free documentary screening and discussion evenings at a scene Market in Philadelphia unfortunately a scene got sold to new ownership and the new owner wants nothing to do with the education of the people of the world he's clearly all about nothing but the fake one I as his god so unfortunately you know with money being a lot of people's gods we had to we had to take up a search for a new venue so a scene was out because of that reason and now we have finally located a new venue so the last one we did live was out in a that was back in November the next one that's going to come up will the first one at the new venue which is Guerin recreation center and let me tell you something this place is great in the middle of South Philadelphia and it has a free parking lot for people who attend the recreation center so anybody coming out to this not only is it a great new venue in which case the people want us there and are really actively involved in wanting to spread information out to the to the people to help them become more informed not only is that the the spirit in which this new venue is accepting us but there is free parking at the venue and you don't even have to worry about parking on the street or look riding around looking for a parking spot there's a huge parking lot that is free for people who attend the recreation center Guarin recreation center is at 16th and Jack and streets in Philadelphia the exact address is 1600 Jackson Street and the meetup will now take place on the third Thursday of every month here in Philadelphia so for people in the Philadelphia area every third Thursday of the month Guarin recreation center 16th and Jackson streets the first meeting the first meet up for the free documentary screening and discussion night will be Thursday April 17th 2014 at 7 o'clock p.m. we'll be going each 3rd Thursday from about 7:00 p.m. to maybe about 9:30 something like that and it's just I'm really excited about the new venue the first film documentary film we're going to show on April 17th is it's actually a repeat we've shown this one before but I we feel that it's so important that more people need to see it and we figured out a new venue where new people are gonna be coming out we really want them to see this film it's called i.m fishhead a very strange name for a film but there's a real reason behind that name a brief description of this film we're gonna show on April 17th here in Philadelphia the film is called again IM fish head it is a well known fact that our society is structured like a pyramid the very few people at the top create the conditions for the majority below who are these people at the top can we blame them for all of the problems our society faces today guided by the old adage that a fish rots from the head the filmmakers have set out to follow that fishy odor and they found out that it is that people at the top who are more those people at the top who are more likely to be psychopaths than the rest of us and this is going to be a topic we're going to talk about a lot tonight on the show who or what is a psychopath unlike Hollywood's stereotypical image of a psychopath psychopaths are not always bloodthirsty monsters from slasher movies you know and serial killers actually that nice old lady who chatted you up on the subway this morning could be a psychopath so could your elementary school teacher or your grinning boss or even your so-called loving boyfriend the medical definition of psychopathy is very simple a psychopath is a person who lacks empathy and lacks conscience the qualities which guide human beings when we choose when we make a freewill decision between good and evil between moral behavior or immoral behavior most of us however are conditioned most of us are conditioned to do good things with our lives but psychopaths are absolutely not they their impact on society is staggering yet altogether psychopaths barely make up 1% of the population and if I had to venture a guess it's far less than that a the primary psychopathic of type is far less than 1% through interviews with renowned psychologists and leading experts on psychopathy this film I am fishhead delves into the dark world of Psychopaths revealing shocking implications for human beings and our society so this film free screening coming up Thursday April 17th in South Philadelphia the Guarin recreation center 1600 Jackson Street and will be having free documentary screenings there once a month on the third Thursday of every month really looking forward to this new Meetup one more thing there is a support donation button on the what on earth is happening calm website if you feel that you've received value from this radio show or the many podcasts previously that I've done feel free to make a voluntary donation through the support button on the left hand side of the water on earth is happening calm website it's the only uh method of support that I have posted on that site you'll notice I sell nothing there is nothing merchandised on my entire website I don't sell advertising even the small buttons from other organizations that are posted on my site are done there through just consent mutual consent because I happen to agree with some of the you know agendas that those groups are working toward and I don't sell advertising on my site I don't sell any products on my site so if you feel that you've received value from the information that I've put out over the years there is a support donation button on the website completely voluntary so I want to direct everybody's attention to the water on earth is happening calm website on the radio show tab if you're not already there listening to the show live from the radio show tab go to that radio show tab because it is there where I post the images for today's show the images for tonight's show can be found right underneath the player on the radio show tab of what on earth what on earth is happening calm you'll see them there they're listed as numerical links you can click on them and a little slideshow will come up welcome back everyone on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting Network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com so let's jump into the material once again images for what I'm going to be talking about are posted in as numerical links on the what on earth is happening dot-com radio show tab okay we are in right now a time period of the year known as in the occult specifically the dark occult as the season of sacrifice so what does this mean what is this time period and what does it represent on slide number one for tonight you'll see the image of the Zodiac wheel representing the course of one year okay I've placed on this image the Sun at the middle because what the zodiac constellations really are about are the path of the Sun relative to the path of the earth that's all it really is it's a way of tracking time as the year progresses the Sun can be seen to rise in front of a different zodiacal house at approximately a one-month period a for approximately a one-month period then after a month duration it can be seen to be rising on the eastern horizon in front of a different zodiacal house okay this is a just a method of looking at the solar movement or really it's the Earth's movement around the Sun during the course of the year like one big clock you know with with 12 hour hands but there really represent one month okay so each zodiacal house represents about a month's time now that the ancients divided the zodiacal year into quarters okay you had the time period of the year where there were equal outs of day and night because of the Earth's axis of rotation 'el tilt with respect to its plane of orbit I know that's a mouthful but if you just envision the Sun at the middle and the earth going around the Sun making a revolution around the Sun in its orbital pathway you have to also envision that the earth is tilted with respect to that plane of orbit at a 23 approximately 23 point five degree angle its axis of rotation is tilted so that is what creates our seasons okay and when the Sun is actually at a zero degree angle to the equator of the earth that is when the earth the time period of the year is said to be the equinoxes and equinoxes literally means equal night equi meaning equal and nox meaning night in Latin so it means an equal amount of day and night all right throughout the throughout the world basically this is the spring equinox which is March 19th or 20th and the autumn equinox or fall equinox which is September 21st or 22nd at those two times of the year the Sun is actually at a zero degree angle with respect to the equator of the earth so that's a line that is this horizontal line on this image from equinox the spring equinox at the left to the autumn equinox at the right the vertical line represents the time periods of the year that are known as the solstices the solstices are the the high point of the Sun during the course of the year and the low point of the Sun during the course of the year so the summer solstice is around June 20th or 21st that's when the Sun has made its highest angle with respect to the equator of the earth the Sun is at the highest point that it is going be observationally located in the northern hemisphere conversely when the Sun is at the winter solstice that's when the Sun is at its lowest observational point in with respect to the equator of the earth it is actually at a 23.5 degrees south angle with respect to the equator so that's its lowest point that it can observational EB observed in the southern hemisphere okay so throughout the course of the year the Sun makes a journey from the 23.5 degrees south latitude with respect to the equator then it goes as the year progresses it goes up to the spring equinox where as it has a at a zero degree angle with respect to the equator then it rises further into the northern hemisphere and then it finally goes to the its apex which is at 23.5 degrees north latitude and then it finally starts descending back again and goes past the autumn equinox which is zero degrees again right at the equator finally back down to the winter solstice around December 21st 22nd the can't the tropics on the earth these are latitudinal lines okay the 23.5 degrees north tropic is when the Sun is at the summer solstice that's called the Tropic of Cancer because the Sun is actually getting ready to enter into the house of cancer on the zodiac it will be rising in front of the stars known as the constellation of cancer at that time period conversely when the Sun is at its lowest point it is at the Tropic of Capricorn because the Sun will be rising in front of the constellation Capricorn at that time period of the earth that's 23.5 degrees south latitude below the equator so the ancients depicted this quarterly time period the seasons they quartered the year by placing these two arms of the cross these four arms I guess you could say that the two cross bars of the cross forming four arms the solstices summer and winter solstice and the equinoxes spring and autumn equinox and this formed a huge cross which was what the Sun was then placed upon again this is all astro theological underpinnings of Christianity of exoteric Christianity that is based on Astro theology we're not talking about the true esoteric tradition of real esoteric Christianity we're talking about the astro theological tale that is spun and given to the masses the hordes of ignorant people and told a story about the Sun and they're actually you know giving that to people and telling them it's about the savior of the world when in fact they're giving them a story about the Sun I've talked about this extensively on former broadcasts I'm not going to get into the full story of Astro theology today but another way of looking at this is owed a achill breakdown of the year is that they're really only were two seasons the high point of the Sun when it's in the northern hemisphere which is where most life on Earth is and then the low season of the Sun the time that it was in the southern hemisphere so from the spring equinox to the autumn equinox the Sun is in the northern hemisphere of the earth and that's the planting and growing season and really the the harvesting season as well at least most of the harvesting season is during that time of the year so you could call this top portion of the zodiacal here from you know the the top 90 degrees top 180 degrees I should say from the spring equinox to the autumn equinox you could call this the season of life or the season of light because that's when the Sun is having efficacy and power in the northern hemisphere and that's when crops grow for the majority of people on the earth then there was a season of darkness that's a six-month period where the Sun is in the southern hemisphere where much less of the population of the earth is actually located far less so this was known by the ancients as the season of death okay it's the season that crops do not grow and winter is coming in and you're not going to do any real growing or harvesting of a lot of crops that sustain life you know plant life that sustains life in the southern hemisphere so that a season of shutdown that was a season of life going into dormancy that was a season of plants going into dormancy and that was a season of basically bunkering down and having to survive during inhospitable climate during that time of the year hence it was known as the season of death or the season of darkness now the ancients also had midpoints of these four seasons okay spring summer autumn and winter the midpoints were also celebrated as important times of the year particularly in occult circles all right these are known as Sabbath's sa BB eighty and it's one of the places we get the word Sabbath from so the Sabbat was a high holiday all right and it was different celebrations for different times of the year the midpoint of spring in which the fixed sign of the zodiac known as Taurus was the representation of the spring season the bull okay it's an earth sign and again it's one of the what's called the fixed signs of the zodiac forming what's known as the great cross the lesser cross is as we've already talked about the cross of the solstices and equinoxes but the grand cross was a galactic cross see the solstice and Equinox cross or the lesser cross was the cross of the solar system but then there's a galactic or great cross which is formed by the midpoints of the seasons group that up right on the other side of this break stay with us all right everyone we are back I'm beginning to break down of the occult season of sacrifice to help everyone to understand what this time period is in the world of the occult specifically the dark occult we were talking about the seasons how the ancients viewed the breakdown of the year as two basic seasons one of light and life and one of darkness and death and they had these midpoints that they celebrated depicted here by these red arrows that go right through the mid the middle points of the season and the middle of each central zodiacal house which are the fixed signs of the zodiac forming what is known as the Grand Cross or the Galactic Cross because it actually sets the reference for the center and edge of the Milky Way galaxy so the midpoint of spring was known as Val purchase nacht or st. valper juses night and it was May 1st May Day simply that's the midpoint of spring the midpoint of summer was and I'll just briefly tell you what these seasons represented the midpoints represented this holiday represented fertility and the emergence of life and also offering a sacrifice of some kind to ensure bountiful harvests during the covet coming growing and harvesting season so again spring is the planting season where you want to get all your crops into the ground so that they grow bountifully and you have a good harvest so that you can feed yourself and your society throughout the winter period the season of death the midpoint of the summer season was known as Lamas it's August 1st or simply referred to as midsummer and this was a season of thankfulness it was a harvesting time of the year it was a celebration of bounty and life again and also it was being thankful for what you did have at harvest or prior to harvest because you knew that it was going to be time soon to dig in for the the the time period of darkness in which in which time the Sun was going into the southern horizon and would basically stay there for six coming months the midpoint of the autumn season was known as soin or hallow mass we know it is Halloween and it was celebrated around October 31st at the midpoint of scorpion again the midpoint of Leo is the midpoint of the summer okay Leo is the the lion it's depicted as the lion because that's the the time that the Sun is roaring and it's the time that the the Rays of the Sun are emerging like a lion's mane so very symbolic depictions again the bowl was chosen for the zodiac of Taurus because that's when the Sun is beginning its charge in up into the northern hemisphere and it's charging toward its time period of greatest strength in the summer the scorpion represented the time period when the Sun was losing its power hence it was stung by the venom of a creature like the scorpion and it was on its way down to its lowest point of power the winter solstice so uh hollow mass was always about the going into the season of death and looking on back on lost of lost loved ones it was a reflection time of the year because you knew you were heading into the the darkest and coldest point of the year which is when the Sun is at its lowest point of power in the winter so October 31st or the midpoint of fall Sabbath soin was about reflection and about the pondering of impermanence and death and also about again preparation so the last midpoint or Sabbath was February 2nd which is known as Candlemas or in some other older traditions like the druidic tradition it was called in bulk and this was a time period for looking forward to the coming year because again the beginning of the year was always looked at the time period when the Sun would rise forward into the northern hemisphere of the earth again the spring equinox that was more more celebrated as the beginning of the year than any other time period certainly not like we do in January which is more arbitrarily chosen point the ancients viewed the time period when the Sun would begin to rise up into the northern hemisphere as the beginning of at least the zodiacal year in other ancient traditions they viewed the low point of the Sun as the birth and death point of the cycle so because you know it's at its lowest point or its death and it's also at the point where it's going to begin to come up toward the northern hemisphere again to restart it's a circular journey around or the the course of the course of its perceived rotation a revolution around the earth so the midpoint of of winter what or in bulk or Candlemas was celebrated at February 2nd and this was a time period of prediction of looking forward to the coming year and also of making the resolutions for the coming year saying what you were going to do to create change you know and hopefully following through with it so it was a time of looking forward and it was also a time where you know the darkest and coldest period of the winter was you know starting to move on and you were looking forward to that springtime period at the spring equinox when warmer climate would be would lie ahead and you would the Sun would be emerging out of its tomb of the period time the half of the year known as the time period of death or darkness and coming back up into the northern hemisphere so if we move the slide number two we can see this is another representation just showing where the Sun is at at particular times of the year again it's at its lowest point Queen Sagittarius and Capricorn that's when it's at the Tropic of Capricorn 23.5 degrees south with respect to the equator then it's at its mid points at the equinoxes okay and specifically at the spring equinox it's rising up into the northern hemisphere okay if we then follow its progression it goes up to the summer solstice that's when it's at the Tropic of Cancer at the top of the zodiac and then it turns back around and comes back down back down to the fall equinox the autumn equinox and then back down to the winter solstice and repeats the cycle all over again the special time period I'm talking about is from the time just after the spring equinox again the spring equinox is March 19th or 20th depending on the year it's the time period the Sun is exactly at 0 degrees with respect to the equator of the earth meaning there are equal amounts of day and night and the Sun is rising into the northern hemisphere from the southern hemisphere so this the March 22nd is a very important date and it's some very synchronistic and syncro mystic that my seminar in Asheville on new-age BS was conducted on March 22nd because that's a very dark date or a dark holiday I guess you could say for the dark occult and I use it as an opportunity to spread some light to people in the Asheville area and people came from all over the country for that event I mean there were people from California Florida the New England Ohio Kansas you name it all over the entire continental United States that people gathered to check out the seminar I was awed by it and really appreciative that so many people traveled from so far away and there were some Asheville locals there as well so a really good diverse crowd and this date is very important because it represents the third day after the exact time period where the Sun is exactly at the equatorial point zero degrees with respect to the earth's equator three days after that the Sun is said to emerge from its tomb and again here we come into alignment with the Astra theological story of Jesus he rises from the tomb after three days because he is the light of the world the Sun is the light of our world the Savior that renews us each spring season and stays in the northern hemisphere until he finally goes into that fall period and then dies on the cross of the zodiac at the winter solstice so again this is astro theological tale of religion and we'll pick this up right on the other side of the break and I'll fully explain when is the season of sacrifice when we come back freedom man that's what it's all about is happening here on Republic broadcast and I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm we're into our two of the show this evening talking about the occult season of sacrifice kind of a little bit of a review for longtime listeners but I really want people who are new listeners on Republic Broadcasting to understand this material it's critical to understand especially at this time period of the year so let's go back to slide number two on the one on earth is happening calm radio show page was talking about the time period of the year where the Sun actually breaks the plain of the equatorial plane the Sun actually moves from the zero degree mark to just above the position that represents the zero Degree point the actual equatorial plane and when the solar disc fully breaks that plane that day is March 22nd again the equinox is March 19th or 20th and then three days after that the Sun is said to fully emerge from its tomb the light the the the God's Sun emerges from its tomb from its period of death it had died three months prior to that or in other words days during the zodiacal year okay the three month period from when it entered the house of capricorn progressing through Aquarius through Pisces that's the death season of the Sun it's the the darkest time of the year that's winter okay the darkest and coldest time of the year finally when the Sun breaks the equatorial zero Degree point and starts making its way back up to the northern hemisphere the season of life begins again and the world is rejuvenated and that's the time of life bursting forward and spring the emergence of spring and things start to grow again and we could move into the planting season and I'm not gonna belabor this too much because we've already really gone into this if people really want to hear a more extensive breakdown you could check out show number 51 and 52 or I break down fully the season of sacrifice but I'm just doing a review here and at the bottom of this slide you'll see a couple of Masonic tracing boards in esoteric Freemasonry this is well known that you know the path of the Sun and it represents symbolically light and darkness within the individual and our journey our path and consciousness that we need to get away from earthbound identification and to hire godly thoughts you know that represent light and so the first degree tracing board which is the tracing board of the entered apprentice again I've broken it down extensively over many in many past shows but just to do a very fast review if you turn this tracing board onto its side 90 degrees clockwise or to the right you'll see that what it really represents is the earth being the checkerboard floor of the house which is that represents the lines of latitude and longitude of the earth and that's the western direction because the earth is currently in darkness and we need to move east toward the eastern direction up the ladder and as we move up the ladder in consciousness we're moving out of the season of darkness which is the you know down in the southern hemisphere the direction south pinpointed there at the bottom which represents the time of darkness and unprogressive up to the to the light of the Sun okay so which is the the light moving toward the northern hemisphere at the summer solstice and the three initiates on the ladder represent knowledge which is the desire to step into knowledge is coming off the floor of the house true care is the green initiate in the middle the place of balance holding the key which is generative principle of care of true care and then finally to right action the initiate holding the child at the top of the ladder which represents the solar child the savior of the world which is right action in the world it's a beautiful symbol if it's decoded properly many people don't know the first thing about decoding any Masonic symbolism including Mason's believe it or not first and foremost because they're Masons in name only and they have no idea what the true esoteric tradition of Freemasonry is even intended to be about they're in it for an old boys club of receiving and doing favors for other people not about receiving true moral instruction and the real difference between right and wrong modalities of behavior which is what esoteric true Freemasonry is supposed to be about not the Waterdown nonsense that is taught in large systems today where they don't even teach them the proper decoding of their own symbolism it's similar to what the church has done with esoteric Christianity turning into into exoteric Christianity and just turning it into a control system it's no different but this tracing board on the right hand side is known as the tracing board of two ball cane in the lower right hand corner of slide number two this cryptic tracing board is about the season of death and darkness at the bottom portion in which case the soul was actually in a tomb and then that we need to burst forth from that tomb into the light of the northern hemisphere where the light is actually you know present the season of life and light and enlightenment and unfortunately when we do that we see that the world is in ruins you know it's not a pleasant thing the world is we burst forth from that tomb of darkness of not being able to see the world as it really is when we finally do emerge into the light of day we notice that the world is a horrible place and it's a place of decay and death and ruin and our job is to rebuild it is to rebuild it in a way that is in keeping with common sense and with truth and with right behavior according to natural law if Freemasonry is understood in the proper sense people would would receive those teachings which is its original intent in the esoteric Masonic tradition certainly not the exoteric Lodge system tradition as it is taught today but I've again gone over that it's so extensively in former podcasts on Freemasonry you could get that all in the water on earth is happening comm podcast archive just go to the podcast section deuce deuce a search on page for Freemasonry and there I did something like 10 or 12 podcasts on that tradition breaking down all of its pretty much all of its symbolism so not to belabor that point let's move on to slide number three about the season of sacrifice this is the last slide about this particular topic for tonight the date March 22nd is the official beginning of the season of sacrifice many rituals and many important you know symbolic things that were carried out are often done on march 19th you could say March 19th is really the beginning of the season of sacrifice because it's the spring equinox so many people will consider that's the actual beginning I would say the official in earnest beginning of this occult season of the year this one eighth portion of the year in other words the first half of the spring season is actually March 22nd and it comprises the last nine days of March from March 22nd to 31st the entire month of April and the first day of May May 1st that makes a total of 40 days again that's a very highly symbolic and biblically symbolic number 40 day time period represents a journey it represents an odyssey it represents a sacred journey in consciousness biblically throughout time actually in all kinds of esoteric traditions 40 days is a symbolic spiritual period now in the dark occult okay it's a very negative period now they may not even look at it like that but for the bulk of humanity this is a dark time period they look at it like a time to celebrate by giving a blood sacrifice to the Sun and the earth this is what you have to understand about dark occultists there God is literally the Sun in many cases of course it's the ego of course it's the dark force which divides the consciousness of humanity which you could call the opposer the adversary Satan doesn't make a difference what you want to refer to that for says it's the adversarial force of consciousness I don't look at it as an embodied entity nor do they but the Sun is in many ways viewed as the literal or physical God of their tradition of the dark occult tradition which they will often refer to as Lucifer the one who wants to be like the God of creation because of his form of light and their form of light is dark light the dark Sun that is their their order the order of death the order of the dark Sun what this represents is knowledge being wielded as a weapon the dark Sun it's it's the skull and the bones intellect and action with no compassion with no heart with no spirit will pick up the symbolism of the some season of sacrifice on the other side of this break you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back this is what on earth is happening I've been breaking down the occult season of sacrifice and some of its symbolic imagery one of the images is the skull and bones again they use the date 3:22 which is the beginning of the season of sacrifice to actually represent their Lodge this is a clandestine Lodge known as the order of Skull and Bones or the order of death because it represents the dark Sun once again the dark side of the Sun is the dark side of knowledge it's using knowledge which is represented by the skull that's where knowledge takes place within the brain and you know the skull is the symbol of that and then the bones the cross bones represent taking action with that knowledge but you'll notice that there's something that's missing heart or care or the spirit is absent from that equation so that's why they choose that symbolism and you'll see it there on the left hand side of image number three for tonight you'll see the coffin of Hiram Abiff this is the Masonic simple hyerin be represented the Masonic Christ he is the Masonic symbol of enlightenment and it's about the souls journey out of darkness and into light out of the state of spiritual deadness emerging from his coffin and resurrecting okay from a state of spiritual deadness or spiritual darkness to a place of enlightenment to a mindset of enlightenment in consciousness so on the coffin of Hiram Abiff here on the third degree tracing board you'll see the symbol of the Skull and Bones that's what keeps Hiram Abiff in his grave you have to transcend the Skull and Bones and develop true care in order to emerge from the grave from the coffin of spiritual infancy and spiritual deadness it's actually again a very beautiful symbol if it's a encode decoded properly once again many people have a very singular or since yuna dimensional way of seeing Masonic symbolism and imagery and this is a largely propagated because Freemasonry has been co-opted and turned into something that is quite dark and not used for anything resembling its original intent or purpose as I've said before to continue on the season of sacrifice what we need to understand about it is it is a time period which was traditionally about offering a sacrifice in the form of a blood sacrifice of animals or human beings to the Sun and the earth at the beginning of the planting season of the year or in other words the first half of spring if you look at the season of life the 180-degrees section of the zodiac at the top portion in the previous images I I gave you could break that down into four quarters you have the two seasons which you know that's the quarter of the whole zodiac spring and summer but you each break those down into two components so you have the midway points that separate those two seasons the midpoint of Taurus which is May first of all purchase knocked and the midpoint of summer which is August 1st or Lamas day and that would therefore quarter that tops top portion of the zodiac the top half into four quarters and the first quarter of that first season or in other words the first half of spring okay is the season of sacrifice in other words from the spring equinox to the midpoint of spring the middle of Taurus May first and like I said officially if you really want to be technical about it it is March 22nd or three days after the beginning of spring three days after the spring equinox when the Sun has the solar disc has fully emerged into the northern hemisphere until the midpoint of spring again the reason for this is because this is planting season and if the Sun is your god that you're essentially worshipping as the giver of life on the earth in a physical sense because that's what sustains life and grows crops that you're going to be depending upon for life during the coming year then you want to offer that God the sacrifice at the very point of his coming to power which is the beginning of spring it's specifically the first half of spring so what this is still done because the people who are this solar cult who essentially came out of the ancient world and developed the systems of Astro theology and modern religion are still in control they still rule the world and they are still practicing their rituals of sacrifice and they do it in different ways now they don't March people up a pyramid and carve their heart out with an obsidian blade they don't tie someone down to a stone altar and you know cut them open and let them bleed all over the stone anymore they may do this in private rituals and ceremonies that they keep well hidden from the public but in public a different form of sacrifice takes place and these are commonly known as in today's parlance false flag operations they are psyops psychological warfare operations in the form of rituals these are modern-day rituals of blood sacrifice that are conducted throughout the course of a year of the year and it's amazing if you really look at the patterns and some people will say oh this is you're just seeing what you want you're seeing the patterns you want this is confirmation bias etc and so forth and once again I'll preface this by saying hey believe whatever you want but nobody's going to tell me that all of these things don't amount to something that is larger than coincidence when I read you this list okay especially when you look at all the justifications that have followed these acts and how many people have perished in these acts and how long the media has gone on and on and on about them and how politicians and control based groups have all used these horrible horrific circumstances as justifications to peddle forth draconian agendas all right nobody's gonna tell me that's just coincidence that these all happen during this 40 day time period of the year all right so I'll read a short list all right and that's what that's all I'm bringing this forward for people to keep in mind you have to understand this is a time period these psychopath lunatics love to trot out an event to get people in deep levels of fear and give up more of their rights so now is the time period to be hyper-vigilant I'm not saying anything's definitely going to happen I'm saying it may very well occur during this 40-day period which we are already in which started on March 22nd one week ago and which progresses until May 1st May Day all right so you really have to be on guard be vigilant during this time this is the time if some event happens it's almost guaranteed it's a false flag event and it's done as a blood ritual a bloodletting ritual during the season of sacrifice okay so let's um let's look at some of the events that have occurred during the seat this season the battles of Lexington and Concord were actually initiated by the British Empire against America prior the opening acts the opening volley volleys of the first American Revolution April 19th 1775 the battles of Lexington and Concord and folks let me tell you something they love April 19th and 20th if there's particular date they love that's it especially April 19th and 20th especially April 20th and IV I had to say one particular date they just they love those two dates okay that time period is special for these psychopath dark occultists all right I can't tell you exactly why it's around that date but I know they love those two dates and if there's any dates you want to watch and see there's an event gonna be taking place on this date that is there to inject fear into the consciousness of humanity it is April 19th and 20th all right above all other dates of the year so April 19 1775 the initiate the battles of Lexington and Concord April 19th once again 1861 the Baltimore riots in Baltimore Maryland thirteen people are killed during those riots we'll pick up this list on the other side stay right there don't listen to what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting want to wrap up this spot on the season of sacrifice maybe go to a couple of calls and then I want to break into the second portion of tonight's show which is to talk about psychopathy and its origins so this 40 day time period all of these different events have happened that within it the battles of Lexington and Concord the Baltimore riots which in which 13 people another symbolic number was killed April 19 1861 the sinking of the Titanic occurred April 14th and into April 15 1912 resulting in 1512 deaths and folks if you don't understand that that was about really the murder of one individual and fifteen hundred and eleven souls got caught up in a dispute between some elites you know I feel bad for you because that was about the Rothschild dynasty taking out one of the people who actually could have stood against them because of his enormous wealth as an industrious and an industrialist which was John Jacob Astor and you don't think that these psychopathic lunatics would kill 1,500 people to get one person who could actually stand against them because of the enormous wealth he possessed and he was challenging their agenda to bring in the Federal Reserve System at that time you have another thought coming to you so that that's the kind of again like they'll kill 3,000 innocents to usher in some war in the Middle East to seize you know resources that they want you these aren't people who think like you and I or have the moral sensibilities that you are off you or I do to ascribe our moral or ethical sensibilities to a psychopath is making a critical error in judgment and we'll talk about that later in the show so the assassination of Martin Luther King during the season of sacrifice April 4th 1968 again someone who was making significant inroads into the challenging of the dominant paradigm and who people were listening to the Waco massacre again the massacre at Waco April 19th 1993 they love this date there's the third one okay here's another one the Oklahoma City bombing April 19th 1995 they were getting into rapid progression now you know almost every year every other year the Port Arthur Australia Massacre which ended up with in total gun confiscation within the whole country of Australia April 28th 1996 the Heaven's Gate cult suicides very strange with occult ritual overtones possible MKULTRA mind control type stuff going on in San Diego California March 26th 1997 I don't have the total number of deaths there I'm sure it's some sort of a symbolic number these lunatics are these lunatic dark occultists do love their ritualistic numbers and there you know gematria the Westside middle school massacre in Arkansas March 24 1998 again at the beginning portion of the season of sacrifice here's a huge one to try to justify you know weapons bands and you know continued gun confiscation the Columbine high high school shootings April 20th 1999 again there's April 20th Hitler's birthday as well April 20th 4:20 the Columbine shootings again that's another one named after the goddess a lot of these rituals and blood sacrifices will be named after the goddess Colombia is the name of the goddess because that's the destruction of care the emulation of care the cremation of care see it's just another symbolic of the burning of the goddess another form of symbolism regarding the burning of care so the Columbine shootings April 20th 99 the Iraq war begins on March 19th the very beginning of the season of sacrifice you could say that's even a couple days before its official opening at right at the spring equinox okay so the Iraq war begins with the shock and all bombing campaign which is actually another reference symbolically to the goddess because it's not just shock and all its shock and awe Shekinah the Shekinah is a Hebrew term to represent the feminine force okay invoking the feminine destructive force actually it's like the Shiva force okay in the Eastern traditions the Shekinah and that was the occult overtones that opened up the war in Iraq on March 19 2003 the second Iraq war that was so then we have the Virginia Tech massacre Virginia Tech University April 16 2007 again another pre justification for starting to claim that we have to ban certain kinds of firearms okay and again named after the goddess had it done at a school where it's named after the goddess the virgin okay more Goddess symbolism in a bloodletting sacrifice ritual April 16 2007 the Moscow subway bombings the metro bombings were done on March 29th 2010 the beginning of the BP oil spill Hitler's birthday April 20th 2010 okay which the toll was still going on uncalculated for that ecological disaster Libya what the United States invaded Libya a few years back on march 19th once again the very beginning of the season of sacrifice March 19 2011 Libya was invaded and just last year - the Boston bombing April 15th at the very almost the middle point just around the middle point of the season of sacrifice April 15 2013 the Boston Marathon bombings I mean if you just think all about you just coincidence I would make the statement you're a coincidence theorist people will say oh you're a conspiracy theorist you think there's something to all of those dates well in relationship to the significance of the season that is actually real and practiced by the dark occult yes that there isn't anything that is just coincidental about that that is something that is deliberately done and planned for is if you ask me again you can call me conspiracy minded but I've been involved in the dark cult myself I know who these people are I know what their personality type is I know that there are psychopathic people and I know they wouldn't hesitate for a moment if it serves their agendas to kill any number of human beings that they feel that they need to kill in a psyops ritual to get their agendas put forward so people need to be aware this is real this is so practiced by this dark priests class and these dark occult religionists this is their religion that's their belief system you don't have to believe in it once again you don't need to believe in what these psychopaths believe they believe in it and they act on it and if we don't understand their belief system we're gonna still see these events take place and play out and think it's all just coincidence and there's nothing to it when in fact these are deliberately orchestrated events during a specific time period to carry out specific and genders that ordinarily they won't be able to push through so this time period that we are in right now is the time period we need to be the most hyper vigilant about false flags and I think that's all really say on that topic for this evening I think I've given enough information to whet people's appetite and let's go to go to the phones and then we'll move on to our second topic for tonight which is psychopathy let's go to Joe in Los Angeles Joe you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hey Mark nice to finally talk to you I've been listening to you for quite a while let me start with thanking you for all the the massive amount of occulted information that you have brought to the light so to speak you you changed me I I definitely use the ancient mystery tradition of Tarot I use it with regular cards and let me tell you 80 weight talks about not using it for ports and curling but it absolutely works to tell the truth it really really does and the symbols you're talking about with this masonry lecture you see it all fits was so when I was researching it further based on your your podcast I use old masonry dictionaries out alchemy dictionaries to get the meanings of the symbolism and it's mind-boggling the amount of and not only how it's all the same with all these traditions but then the synchronicities that begin to occur in your life yes you start to you start to see these things on bumper stickers and like the plates and everything like that hey Joe stay right there I'll let you pick this up on the other side of the break and you can go to your question just hold on and stay with us ladies and gentlemen we'll be right back after this break you're listening to what on earth is happening you're listening to what on earth is happening let's go back to Joe and Los Angeles Joe you were making a point and then I think we're going to get to a question go right ahead yeah I was just finishing up on the Tarot how accurate you are about your your information about the Tarot and all the ancient mystery traditions yes as well as veganism it absolutely opens up the body and the mind I can't even tell you how much spirituality is entering into me especially now that we're in fourth density quick comment about your what you're saying the BP oil spill that is it definitely a blood sacrifice the blood of the earth is oil that's where I don't know a lot of people a lot of people realize that but it is that is the blood of the earth it if somebody put an oil rig on your body and started sucking blood you'd know it in about two seconds so that was a bloodless tool for the earth herself they were attacked and the earth goddess herself right there absolutely and if you don't if you people that don't but I can understand not seeing it and in this awakening process but once you hear that and learn that if you don't believe that you're you are like what you call the unbe gun because if you cannot see baby bear they're trying to kill us nominate us and this earth and and they're doing it they're doing a beautiful job just think about all the names all the names okay you know you have you have the Port Arthur King Arthur a killing of a king ritual Heaven's Gate Heaven's Gate you know it's an attack on the gates of heaven Columbine the goddess you know Virginia the goddess the BP oil spill was done to the earth with the you know letting forth the Earth's blood you think all of that is just accidental you know the Westland marathon done at the place where essentially the American Revolution began and these aren't accidental things I mean people want to see coincidence everywhere you know it's not that people want to see conspiracy everywhere we're seeing patterns these aren't imaginary patterns folks these are patterns that really exist if you're conscious enough to see them yeah true though though you're dead on as always it's true and it's always this attack on on the innocent the feminine the children yes you know I mean there's there's very likely you know I still think the that coach from Pennsylvania I think he was just like a child pedophile runner the truth is gonna come out about that that that pedophilia ring is going to have its tentacles in our in our government in the Vatican Joe Paterno from Penn State absolutely he was part of Weber way way bigger look look at how quickly he died after that all came out I mean you think that wasn't an accident I mean you think that that was some kind of an accident or coincidence they needed to take him out before that got out there in a real big way what was really going on with a pedophile ring that's at that kind of a level absolutely no doubt about it he was part of something way bigger and you know very very low level person on that totem pole but he was just watching it happen and did nothing you know I don't feel bad for that guy at all yeah you know he got exactly what he really deserves so many people say oh well could he have gone he could have done a lot more than what he did he could have grown a set and come forward and done what was right is what he could have done and he didn't do that yeah he just watched it would let it go on unchallenged so if you look at it he is your stereotypical secondary psychopath right he's chasing that he's chasing that golden carrot just like all these other butt heads with their BMWs and their high-level jobs everybody thinking they're gonna catch the carrot there you never are going to catch it man they you are gonna be their bitch and then people don't really you don't realize that that's right but you know here's my question work I mean I could sit and talk to you for days and days and days and I'm telling you but here's my question you mentioned in an old podcast I think was actually an old interview about how how there are off-planet dark forces feeding off our fear lit literally eating off our fear eating our fear please tell me your your overall arch story arc and where your head is like you said at the head of the show tell me you're headed in that direction because some of us really are again I mentioned for density some of us are there we are so like I talked about being on this earth and not of it man I don't even belong here and as the vibrations continue to increase some of us really some of these light light workers like me we really need to know what what what do you know because I know there's much much more that you can you know wasn't likenesses and I know it might alienate some people but sure and it will it certainly will not everyone is going to be comfortable hearing some of the things I'm going to talk about in coming weeks on this show let's just say it just like that right out in the open okay but I cannot stay silent about this I've prepared the way for long enough okay I've given people a little hint or taste or an outline you could call it in my video cosmic abandonment on my website in the video section but what I'm gonna do in coming week starting tonight if there's time if time allows I'm going to talk about I'm gonna get into an extensive breakdown of this and go into source material that backs this worldview really is what it is it's a view of what happened here in the ancient past that led to the current human condition that's all it really is and see a lot of people won't want to hear it because in their mind they're dedicated that it is impossible it couldn't happen that way because what they don't want to accept or or come to an understanding of is that Earth is not metaphorically a farm it's literally a farm and I've talked about this before and I'm not doing this the other justification people will say why this all can't be true is they'll say oh people take this story and run with it because they're disinfo agents that are what they're really trying to do under the surface is they're trying to annihilate hope in humanity because if we're fighting something that's truly not human in its origin then what a chance do we have to defeat it and you know what my answer to that is we have every chance to defeat it and no it wouldn't be disempowering to talk about it out in the open because it doesn't make a difference if human beings are at the top of this agenda of control if demonic entities from other dimension are at the top of this agenda for control if Satan itself in whatever embodied or disembodied form you might want to imagine that for says it doesn't make a difference what is controlling it because the solution is the same to get out of mind control to rise in consciousness and to use the lost word which is no I am NOT your slave and it doesn't make a difference what you do I'm not gonna be complicit with your agenda to enslave myself for others around me the end and when we step into that power of truth game over no matter what entity lies behind the system of control yes yeah absolutely in and even further I think people they don't realize that we really are not human well we're human in this incarnate but they people think that this is it and I Got News for you this is one of many you might have you might have come back as a completely different entity as an animal as a hammer I mean it doesn't catch her the thing is we are limitless we are we are actually indestructible our souls are indestructible and people don't think people don't realize that simplicity of forms and forms of consciousness consciousness is eternal it goes on there is no beginning or end for it that's what we ultimately are at our essence period we are spirit at our very essence this is just an incarnation for experience to be gathered and for us to learn and grow and we can't be tied to identified in matter that's why so many people are accepting the chains of bondage that we're all in because they're so identified with this life they're so identified they're afraid to die if you're gonna be free you have to get over the idea that you are just the flesh and you got to get over the fear of dying you want to be free you let it all go you have to be willing to take the chance that you might go into another incarnation you know that's when you'll be truly free you know but most of it they're not there yet these freedom you know you're absolutely right but once one realizes that all of a sudden you realize you are eternal I mean did you look you look back at your mindset before thinking oh what I got a dis I got a hold on dis like oh I don't want to die I mean let me tell you you talk about having no no attachment try having no attachment to your life and I got news for your man I walk around this earth every day loving that I have absolutely no attachment to that life and I Got News for you it is empowering as you would not believe success now I know so thank you so much they've all really really great insights you brought up I appreciate it we'll continue on the other side of this break folks stay with us freedom man that's what it's all about is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening comm we do have some other callers in the queue but I'm gonna ask them to just be patient I want to cover some material on psychopathy and its possible origins and then I'm gonna go back to your calls in the second half an hour of this final third hour of the show tonight and hopefully I could take a bunch of questions about psychopathy and get your take on what its possible origins may be so I've talked about psychopathy pretty extensively on past shows so this is again another somewhat of a review topic but let's break down the word first and foremost and we're working on image number four slide number four on the what on earth is happening comm radio show page or if you're following in the podcast this is podcast number 149 psychopathy if we break down the word it comes from Greek in its origins and it comes from the Greek noun psyche and there it is written in Greek Greek script and the word psyche or psyche in English means mind okay and the second part of the word p-a-t-h y sy k and then PA t hy the second half of the word comes from the greek noun pathos pathos means suffering in greek so we put them together and it means suffering mind or in other words sickness of the mind or suffering of the mind or in other words mental illness that's what psychopathy is and just think about it you know pathology it's the of illness or sickness so we put that together with the psyche it's about the illness or the sickness of the mind that's what psychopathy is at its absolute essence it is pure mental illness and sickness of the psyche really if you go down to it it's sickness of the soul and there are many people who will still to this day insist I still get emails from them you know there's no such thing as psychopathy it's an invented mental illness as are all mental illnesses there's no such thing as a mental illness I mean this is how naive people are these are absolute New Age children I'm sorry I'm sorry let me rephrase that they're new caged children to borrow the term from Cam'ron day and other researchers okay they are children of the new cage movement that haven't grown up that haven't matured that don't want to accept the real that don't want to accept that which is true like I've said before in many past podcasts except that which is or continue to suffer understand and accept truth or get used to the chains folks get used to the chains of bondage in other words in other words respect existence or expect resistance from the universe itself okay respect that which is respect existence or expect resistance from nature itself because that's all you're gonna get if you want to deny that which is and the people that want to believe it's all of a huge bed of roses here on the earth and there's no such thing as mentally ill people I mean you're naive children you're not looking at what is you're looking at what you want to exist what you want the reality to be there are such a thing as mentally ill human beings mental illnesses are real all you need to do is open up your eyes take off the rose-colored glasses and look at the behavior that's out there and you don't think that's a product of psycho of psychological illness well what's what's it the product of so I mean I don't really want a male's like that anymore okay look folks my mind is made up not because I have a belief system because I've done enough study and homework over decades of my life all right I don't you're not gonna convince me something I know exists doesn't exist I've studied it extensively from a perspective of psychology and neuroscience alright not pseudo-sciences okay psychopathy psychopathology of the mind exists and is real get over it get over yourself and your own ego it's it's again you don't want it to exist you don't want to live in that world war well tough tough it's such such a shame isn't it that is the world however so get over yourself okay now no that's just for you no get over the fact that psychopathy exists and let's look at what it actually is because a lot of people are in confusion about what it is they think it's this Hollywood variant of psychopathy a psychopath oh it's got to be a serial killer right it's got to be a total lunatic wielding an axe and going after people at random that's a psychopath know that size enough that a psychopath could be that that's not what a psychopath has to be like as a matter of fact most Psychopaths are very good at covering up what they are they become very good actors you know in order to survive they can feign and pretend to be like a normal human being and they gravitate into positions of power and they put on that mask as you see there an image number for this husk this shell this fake human being that's not even a human being it's an animal that looks like a human being puts on the mask and tries to look like a human that's psychopaths really adept that they're very very skilled at doing that and that's why naive people who are really children in their psychological makeup okay and haven't grown up and haven't become adult human beings psychologically and spiritually want to believe there's no such thing because they don't want to accept that there are other intelligent beings walking amongst us that look human but are not human that are animals that walk on two legs but they are not human beings intelligent Chris so-called intelligent creatures they have intellect they don't have real intelligence but their intellectual creatures that walk on two legs bipedal they walk like a human being they have speech they talk like a human being they look just like a human being but they're not a human and I'm not just trying to dehumanize a class of Peete human beings I'm telling you factually definitively they are not a human being what makes a human being a human being is that they are truly sentient and have the capacity to feel a psychopath does not truly have the capacity to feel they are like a computer program that's running which is why this image here an image number four is so great I saw that I did a search for images that represent a psychopath and this is the one that embodies it perfectly it's some sort of a husk a shell a wraith that looks somewhat like a human when it puts the mask on but underneath it's an empty husk or a shell that that barely even resembles a human being it's some sort of a shadow okay some empty degraded husk form that that has the vague semblance of a human but it is not a human most certainly and at O we can understand Psychopaths in that regard you're not going to make any progress in overcoming their influence in this world zero get used to the chains of bondage because that's where you're going to be for a long long long long time until you accept that this condition exists that it is real that it is operating around you and that these beings are not human beings there are something other than a human being so let's look at their characteristics these animals that look human they're aggressive callous and cunning they are adept cunning thinkers they have intellect cunning intellect not true intelligence because true intelligence engages the feminine aspect of the psyche which is the intuition and the compassion and the creative aspect of intelligence holistic intelligence comprises both intellect and the creative generative side of the psyche which these beings do not have they only have the intellectual side they have a complete lack a complete absence of conscience and empathy which we talked about earlier no conscience no ability to feel the repercussions of their behavior toward others we'll continue with this list of the characteristics of psychopaths right after this break stay with us welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting talking about the characteristics of psychopaths let's get right back into it there this is slide number five on my images for tonight's show they're aggressive callous and cunning very intellectual creatures but not true holistic intelligent beings holistically intelligent beings they have a complete absence of conscience and empathy they cannot feel the repercussions in their physiology of what they do to others and when I say that I mean it literally can not it's not possible for them to feel empathy as strange as that is for most people who do have that capacity okay there are beings in the universe that that is true for it would be like if you cut off someone's hand then you catalyzed it and sutured it up so they didn't bleed out they would no longer have a hand they would no longer have the capacity to grasp something in that hand in that limb without some piece of artificial technology the capacity would no longer be there that's what a psychopath is like when it comes to the ability to feel they're very adept at manipulating other people especially emotional manipulation real good at getting to people through their emotions not the Psychopaths emotions through the people they're manipulating through their emotions they can play up to other people's emotions to then manipulate them and get them to do what they want they have a strong willingness to just take whatever they want and do whatever they please and it doesn't make a difference who is hurt or wronged they don't care about right or wrong it's meaningless to them they're meaningless ideas to them that's all right and wrong has nothing to do with natural law they don't care that natural law exists they don't care about the repercussions of breaking it they just want to do whatever they want take whatever they want whoever is wrong isn't it's meaningless to them they're an animal it's not a human being folks it's an animal it's a pure animalistic consciousness embodied in human form that's what you have to understand that a psychopath is and get streetwise about this we need to get streetwise about this because these beings are out there among us feeding off of us and you know what people are still in denial of their existence still in denial because they don't want to believe that's the world they live in Psychopaths have a deceptive ability to pure appear outwardly benevolent and that's because they're really good at feigning normal human emotions they have a deceptive ability to behave in superficially charming wave stop ways to hide purely selfish motives they have a willingness to use intimidation and violence to control others in order to satisfy their own needs they have a willingness to intentionally violate the basic inherent human rights of others again as I said natural law rights are meaningless to these animals they have a complete absence of any sense of guilt or remorse so it doesn't matter who's hurt they're not gonna feel guilt they're not gonna feel remorse they don't have the capacity to feel guilt or remorse it isn't that they don't want to feel it they can't feel it there's a reason because their limbic brain is not doesn't work the same way as a normally functioning humans limbic system in the brain the midbrain the mem million brain is broken in a psychopath and there's a reason it's broken which we're going to get to psychopaths have they rationalize their own immoral behavior so rationalization is a big thing oh I'm not really wrong for doing this there there's a reai of a right to do this I can rationalize it and come up with a reason that it's okay that I just did that harmful behavior and then to lay blame on other people for their own conduct that's another big characteristic of a psychopath blaming other people when in fact their own behavior was harmful they will outright deny their own wrongdoing so willful denial of truth is a big thing in Psychopaths they have total contempt toward the feelings and desires of their fellow beings what you want a justice truth right nobody violating your natural rights that's meaningless to a psychopath they don't care they don't care you know if that's two words that sum up this whole list don't care that's what a psychopath is a being that does not care doesn't have the capacity to care or feel period they will pathologically lie say anything without any concern for truth in order to advance their own hidden agenda they here's key a key point of their personality trait and character traits and characteristics they have a very cunning manipulative ability to fake to feign normal human emotions and empathy they watch other people and their behaviors and they observe how they behave in certain conditions like when a loved one dies and they'll observe genuine emotional sadness and then they'll mimic it like an actor they will step into that role because they know they're different than other people they know from a very very young age that they're not normal human beings that they're an animal that looks like a human but is not one and so they have developed this very deceptive ability to act to play act you know what watch the TV show Dexter it's a good example of a secondary psychopath who's play-acting and trying to pretend like he feels the same thing thing that a human regular human being feels while Dexter in that series is not a primary psychopath he was created as a secondary psychopath through of at a very young firm attic experience that he underwent that doesn't mean a primary psychopathy does not exist there are beings who are born like this and it is a genetic can that as a result of a deformation a a mechanism that is not working properly in the human genome in our genomic code the code that makes the human species what it is there are things in that code that are not working right that are not functioning right we have anomalies genetic anomalies in our actual genomic code over 4000 genetic anomalies genetic deformations that express as different types of diseases different types of disorders physically and mentally and psychologically so Psychopaths also have a completely distorted sense of the consequences of their actions they don't see the consequences they just act in the moment like an animal they don't look at the long-term consequences so you say psychopaths are destroying the world that they themselves have to live in well that doesn't compute to them it doesn't matter they're living fully in instinct because they're an animal without a true ability to care about what they're doing in the present moment that may affect the future even if it affects their ability to live in the future that's what you have to understand that a psychopath behaves like it's so unfathomable to the normally functioning human being that the mind the soul could be that broken that the the the normal mind often wants to reject it and say my god how could a creature such as such as this exist you're talking about the proverbial vampire the proverbial demon yes exactly now you're getting closer to them to an understanding if you think of it in those terms of what a true psychopath is they have a total failure to accept any personal responsibility for their own socially irresponsible ways they will not accept responsibility so forget trying to say you're responsible for this you caused this you were the causal factor of this doesn't matter they don't care and they a strong belief that they will never be brought to justice for their criminal behavior totally smug arrogance you'll never beat me you'll never take me down on the top of the pecking order on the top of the food chain I deserve to be in the position that I'm in and I'll be there forever that's what they think that's what they think let me tell you something folks their reign is not gonna last forever what I want to talk about in the next section is the origin of this condition so stay with us you know today destroys the night-night divide today tried to run try to hide we have to break on through in our understanding of the truth and what will lie on the other side of that breakthrough is true freedom if we are willing to go all the way in that truth and we're going to start venturing into some pretty uncomfortable areas and psychopathy is one of them but you know what's even more uncomfortable than understanding that psychopathy exists and this is one of the reasons why a lot of people don't want to acknowledge its existence because once you understand that this exists and there's this creature here with us on the earth called the psychopath which I would say possibly makes up a percent I mean not even a percent a portion of a percent of one percent of the population of humanity if that once you understand that that condition exists what you have to do is wrestle with a profound implication and that is why does it exist how was this condition created because if it's here with us there has to be a reason it's here something had to make it something had to create it and put the psychopath here on earth with us so what did that what is the origin of this seemingly insane condition you know yeah these are insane people but I'm saying that the actual idea of it seems crazy and insane to even contemplate that something like this could even exist to those of us who do have normally functioning emotional make up a normally functioning emotional make up so my next question that I'm going to pose and people you know who call wind could take a crack at answering this is what is the origin of psychopathy now I'm gonna look at just four potentials four possibilities because you know from here I'm not gonna claim I absolutely know the truth of this I'm going to put what I feel is the best explanation of this out there for people's consideration to look folks I'm not gonna claim to know the absolute truth when it comes to this I feel that I have an educated understanding of this condition because I've studied deeply into what it is and all of the possibilities regarding why it may exist so from here on forward in many of the next shows that I do we have to understand I'm going to enter the realm of speculation you shouldn't take my word as gospel truth at any time you really shouldn't I've said that from day one the worst thing you could do is believe me on anything you need to do your own due diligence you need to do your own homework you need to do your own research you need to do your own reading and digging you need to apply the Trivium methodology a truth discovery methodology that is based in the scientific methodology to come up with an understanding that is accurate don't just believe anybody when you read other works when you read source works which we'll be getting into on future shows we'll be looking at you know ancient texts okay we'll be looking at interpretations of those ancient texts we'll be looking at synthesis synthesis of all this information I'll be reading from a lot of texts you can't just take everything at face value you have to compare and contrast it you have to look at a whole wide eclectic variety of knowledge and compare and contrast it weed out logical inconsistencies and come to a logical conclusion by processing that then from that available information then maybe we could bring all those pieces to the table and arrive at knowledge and arrive at truth eventually so you know maybe we should call the future shows on what on earth is happening what on earth very well may have occurred you know and that we have to be willing to be open-minded about looking into so that we can come to an understanding about what very well may have occurred here in the ancient past maybe that should be the name for upcoming shows on water on earth is happening because up to this point I've covered things that are fairly provably true you know and I know are taking place I could state I know that they are taking place here I could say I'm making a best educated hypothesis regarding what occurred here that led to the current human condition so again nobody should be taking this as 100 percent gospel truth you should again you shouldn't be doing that with any of my work no one should be doing that with anybody's work you should always look at it compare and contrast that and then come to a conclusion about it after you've processed the information in great depth that having been said let's look at four possible origins for the condition called psychopathy possibility number one and I've heard this from a lot of people who I've posed the question to hey tell me where you think psychopathy came from and people will say it's completely natural this is a natural evolutionary condition you know what people I personally think this is the most dangerous view to take I personally think that this is the most and not to just color this first possibility we have to consider it okay not to just call her it negative and evil right on its face I'm just saying I personally feel that this is the product of a very poisoned worldview when people think I've heard people say I think psychopaths are the alpha humans these are the people who deserve to be in charge and rule the planet I've actually heard people state that that's like saying how I think of myself is that I actually belong in bondage I belong in slit in enslaved chains that's that that's that worldview it's no different it's no different than saying these are the people I believe should be my rulers and slave masters because they have no emotions and no ability to feel so somehow nature made that condition and has allowed these people to rule the roost of humanity through absolute ruthlessness viciousness and immorality and somehow that's a right condition that should continue in nature because my Darwinian religion tells me that that's the quote unquote to order well you know what I think of people who think like that I think they are extensive fools who have bought into a religion called Darwinism who believe that they are somehow rightfully slaves on this planet and somehow total absolute lunatics who are mentally ill are somehow in a rightful position of rulership in this world that's mental illness in and of itself ladies and gentlemen so you know that's my view on this position personally but let's just look at what this position states that psychopathy is a natural occurrence in nature it's natural nature made us this way it made a certain subset of humanity this way that's like psychopathy is a naturally occurring phenomenon it's a set of characteristics which developed in humanity or I should have put down developed in a subset of humanity as part of quote I should have wrapped this in quote evolutionary adaptation of our species to certain environmental conditions and you know extreme survival circumstances can create psychopathic tendencies if you're constantly in fight/flight mode and you're you're unable to leave that condition mentally and psychologically you can become a secondary psychopath I'm not really talking about secondary psychopathy in this question where did Psych optically come from I'm talking about primary genetic type 1 or primary psychopathy the kind of psychopathy that is created through environmental stressors or conditions is secondary psychopathy which is reversible secondary Psychopaths are normally were normally functioning human beings with the ability to feel and empathize at some past point in their lives and then they lost that due to a traumatic circumstance which they were unable to overcome or escape ok so prolonged fight or flight conditions can create secondary Psychopaths so you could look at it as did prolonged survival circumstances create a subset of psychopathic people the reason I don't think that's the case even though yes that's possible okay is even after prolonged set of survival conditions is in effect and it may be it may no longer be in effect there are still people born with primary psychopathy genetic psychopathy so that's why I don't personally think that this explanation or possibility holds much water there are people who may agree with it and that's fine I'm not going to tell you you must agree with me but I don't believe if you apply Occam's razor in a sense to this hypothesis this possibility number one that it holds up personally that's my take ok plus I don't see that as a true evolutionary adaptation I think true evolution means we're going toward a higher form of existence in consciousness and true evolution means we're moving into a more moral place in our being in our consciousness not a less moral one which is what a psychopath certainly is so people should look at these as the alpha humans they should look at them as the absolute last in line when it comes to the evolutionary development of humanity they are they are the ones that are leftovers if anything from a prior quote-unquote evolutionary lineage ok this is the lowest form of evolutionary life on the totem pole of human form because it is absolutely not a true human being it is something that lacks the genuine characteristics of a real human being which is why I don't accept possibility number one personally once again I'm throwing it out there as a potential ok and people should seriously entertain it as a notion and really think about it absolutely again I have done that process of taking this in and processing it and really deeply thinking about all the possibilities when it comes to this possibility number one that psychopathy is a naturally occurring phenomenon and it is not it was an evolutionary quote-unquote adaptation and I personally reject that as the answer to the reason that psychopathy psychopathy exists so let's look at this second third and fourth possibilities for psychopathy the existence in our world when we come back after this break you're listening to what on earth is happening stay with us welcome back everyone final segment of what on earth is happening here this evening on Republic broadcasting I'm going to just briefly briefly outline these other three possibilities and then I'm gonna try to take a few phone calls so as not to leave the callers hanging I know I wanted to get more calls in but I'll go over these possibilities next week as well as a review before I get into some new material possibility number two for the possible origins of psychopathy and humanity it was created by God God did it and Psychopaths were put here on the earth alongside human beings as some form of punishment to torment human beings for reasons unknown the creator of the universe just made this absolute condition of mental illness and lunacy and placed these animals here with us to torment us and eat us and you know keep us as their slaves somehow as some form of punishment for something we don't even understand that we did I see this also as a very dark worldview as a poison worldview as a dangerous position to take because it leaves one to believe that it's all just predetermined and since God did it there's nothing you could do to fight it if anything is disempowering it's that worldview I also don't take this position I look at the two final possibilities that I'm going to propose as really the only sensible or possible ones and that leads us to possibility number three on slide number eight so we went through slide six and seven as the first two possibilities slide number eight possibility number three human beings did this to ourselves we created this condition in humanity because in our ancient past we may have a we may have arrived at a culture a civilization of high technology at some point in our ancient past where we developed genetic technology and we performed a form of genetic manipulation upon ourselves or a subset of our species in an attempt to somehow create new in our species or improve upon our species but in our in our inaccuracy in our genetic manipulation we inadvertently created certain conditions in the human genome and psychopathy was one of them so we inadvertently created it ourselves now that's if you believe the world view that humanity was once a very high civilization but it kind of like you know forged its own path and was in control of its own destiny that's not my particular worldview or how I see the ancient past having played out and I'm gonna be getting into why I don't think that this is the case and why the fourth possibility is the one that I most subscribe to for the actual origin of this condition and that leads us to slide number nine that it's possibility number four that something else did this to us something other than humanity in other words something that was non-human regardless of what you think that may be or what its nature is I'm not going to sit here and argue and debate over the nature of what that thing was that non-human form of intelligence but essentially this possibility could be described like this some other form of intelligence that is decidedly not human created the condition of psychopathy within a subset at least a subset of humanity of human beings either deliberately or inadvertently through some form of genetic modification or manipulation and to me this makes the most sense and I know to some people they'll say that makes the least bit of sense to them because they won't want to wrestle with the implication of non-human entities having been here upon the earth with us in the ancient past or even possibly still being among us in the modern day in the current day because they don't want to live in that world they don't want to even concede the possibility that that could be possible yet many many many ancient texts talk about this scenario in extensive detail and yet scientism and modern interpretations of these texts claim that these are just mythological stories told by crazy people in the ancient world trying to entertain themselves you know then I guess people think of archivists of information I consider myself an archivist of information now in the modern day think about how relatively easy that is to do to preserve an archive data datasets we have digital access we have access to technology and machines that make that archiving process easy I offer an archive Drive it's called an arc for short amazing repository of knowledge one terabyte of information on every topic you could possibly imagine Under the Sun okay to research and study you don't even have to search the internet it's all right there on onedrive really important material but but you know the ease at which that can even be done in the modern day think about our ancient ancestors the difficulty that they had in preserving knowledge the lens that they had to go and then sects of dark the dark priests class and the controllers that they were up against to try to take them out would murder them for attempting to spread this information and in that time period it was a direct risk to your life to your physical life back then we have it easy in comparison to spread this knowledge to do the great work in comparison to our ancestors who were attempting to do this work to enlighten their fellow brothers and sisters we have it simple so think about the level of difficulty they would have to go through to preserve this with nothing but ancient so-called technologies non technological civilization you know different forms of ancient writing pressing forms into tablets into clay writing down things on purpose with read it's on huge Scrolls I mean you know we its cake now in comparison we could throw it on digital devices that are mobile take it everywhere you could have a live at the library sitting right here in my hand a tablet 6000 books on a tablet our our ancestors would weep if they knew we had it that easy compared to what they had to do so why would they have just told random stories they were meticulously trying to preserve an account of history as far as I'm concerned and we'll be getting into those histories in later weeks on this show starting next week let's go to your calls for the last few minutes I know I didn't allow a lot of time I apologize for that let's talk to ganzalo in Toronto gonzalo you're live on what on earth is happening are you with my crew clearly yes there you go we don't have a lot of time um okay I just like to say thanks for the show first of all true and my question to you would be in terms of psychopathy when did you come across it because funnily enough I see even some musicians and other people integrating their encounters with Psychopaths and pushing it off in their art yeah I've probably been studying it for the greater part of 20 years of my life now so I've been aware of it from for the large larger part of two decades and have studied it in different capacities from a spiritual perspective from you know scientific intellectual perspective in the sense of psychology and neuroscience etc and also looking at its origins or attempting to delve into the explanation for its origins over probably the last decade of my life so it's been a long journey a long study for me and most people haven't even begun a study of this most people are not maybe not most but many many many people are still in denial of its existence let alone having started at an actual rigorous study of it and that needs to change we need to make more people aware that this is something that we really need to become aware of and in depth to understand these beings were all around us you know there's not as many of them as there are good people most certainly but they are out there and they're in positions of power psychopaths weasel their way into positions of power in this world we prop them up we're the ones who prop them up I hope that answers your question let's see if we could squeeze one more call in let's go to Tyler and Tennessee you're live on what on earth is happening welcome Hey sir I don't know what your name is this first time at this new you I'm mark passio my websites what on earth is happening com doing a show here every Saturday night 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Eastern and mark I am an army and everything like that I usually ask during the day but some for some reason never listen to you tonight and I was getting held to call I want to I'm a Scorpio my birth date October 28th and I I just wanted to relay to you a dream that I had I'll tell you what you call into the next show we're out of time unfortunately calling next week I'll put you right through you could tell me about that dream that's all the time we have for this episode folks we'll see you right here next week thanks for listening you