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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com today is Saturday April 26th 2014 this show is live here on rbn every Saturday evening from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Eastern Time that's 9:00 p.m. to midnight Central Time tonight on what on earth is happening I am honored to let everyone know that we have a very special guest that's gonna be coming on with us to share his knowledge mr. jordan maxwell a cult researcher extraordinaire a seminal researcher in the field of the occult and religious traditions so he's going to be coming up and joining us in just a moment i want to give the call-in number right at the top of the show so people can get in the queue to ask Jordan questions we're gonna be taking calls in the third hour of the show but I'll give the number right off the off the bat here so people can get in the call q the number to join us if you have questions for Jordan Maxwell this evening is 800 three one three nine four four three once again the callin number to join us 800 three one 394 43 I have a couple of very brief event announcements I'll make them quick because I want to get to introducing our guest for tonight I will be on truth warrior radio this Monday evening April 28th from 10:00 p.m. to midnight Eastern Time you could check out a truth warrior at truth frequency radio.com slash truth warrior I won't be interviewed by Alisa Hawk on Wednesday April 30th 2014 her blog spot page is alisa hawk that's e li SSA H aw ke dot blog spot.com that'll be a pre record interview after the interview is finished I'll be posting it to my web site later on I'll be interviewed on a Colt empire by Bob from Cincinnati on Wednesday April 30th 2014 from 8 p.m. 8 o'clock p.m. to 10 o'clock p.m. we'll probably go even possibly a third hour I'm sorry I think it's 7 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and we'll probably you know it'll probably be a full three hour show and you could check out a cult empire at blogtalkradio.com/ropeadoperadio calm I'll be giving a all-day seminar an intensive all-day seminar entitled streetwise spirituality what does it truly mean to be awake so streetwise spirituality an all-day seminar I'm gonna be conducting this on Saturday May 31st 2014 at the Arden Mead Center in st. Louis Missouri the doors will open at 9:00 a.m. morning session starting at 9:30 we'll have a lunch break at 12:30 and then the afternoon session from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. and then after that for anyone that wants to stay and ask any questions about this seminar and the material presented we'll be doing a question-and-answer session to 5 p.m. advanced tickets only a $20 donation you could email rain mumm-ra Y mu mm e at gmail.com to purchase tickets so ladies and gentlemen my special guest for this evening is Jordan Maxwell read a brief bio and then we'll get right to it Jordan Maxwell is a preeminent researcher an independent scholar in the field of occultism and religious philosophy his work exploring the hidden foundations of Western religions and secret societies creates enthusiastic responses from audiences around the world Jordan has conducted dozens of intensive seminars hosted his own radio talk shows guested on more than 600 radio shows and written produced and appeared in numerous television shows and documentaries devoted to understanding ancient religions and their pervasive influence on world affairs today his work on the subject of secret societies both ancient and modern and their symbols has fascinated audiences around the world for decades his extraordinary presentations include documents and photographs seldom seen elsewhere considering the rapid rapidly moving events of today and the very real part that hidden religious agendas play in our modern war-torn world Jordan feels that these controversial subjects are not only interesting to explore but too important to ignore ladies and gentlemen welcome to what on earth is happening a gentleman who I personally consider to be a mentor in truth mr. Jordan Maxwell Jordan welcome to the show thank you absolutely my honor to have you here tonight so I'll start off by just asking you how long you've been involved in the work of exposing hidden knowledge to the public how long have you considered yourself an age do cultist of hidden information and what was really the the thing that put you over the edge to decide to start doing work like this actually I always even as a child always interested women though we hid in the world b.p I realized at an early age I don't know why I just gravitated toward the idea probably something in my personality when to start but I always knew I just had a gut feeling England as a kid that there's there's a whole world of knowledge you're not aware of you know there's things going on in the world and in the universe that you're not being told and then adults around me did not know anything about and so I just always had a hankering to I want to know what's really going on I mean I want to know what's really behind the scenes and so as a kid I started as I gravitated toward looking not just that what the seeing but we did not see what's the rest of the story and of course my mother always said that no matter what we would hear happening in the community she would always say well there's two sides to every story and sometimes those three sides and so I always knew that just because you're reading something in the paper about somebody and what they want to supposedly have done I didn't do whatever there's all kinds of other information if you're not privy to know about probably most of it as as propaganda and the rest of it is prejudiced and so you never know unless you are and you are yourself involved and you will know I remember an ABC News man many years ago on radio made an interesting statement that stuck with me he said if you want to know how corrupt and how corrupt and inaccurate the news that you hear on radio and television you want to know how bad it really is just wait till they do a story on you wait till on something that you are personally involved in comes out in the newspaper that on radio well you were the one that was there and watch what they're saying about you what would their watch what the media is saying about the situation about the problem about you you will know yourself what the real truth is and you will now hear the way the media is presenting it so I realized that a long time ago heaven the more I looked into what I was believing what my family was involved in [Music] [Applause] the cold while between us [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting Network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm tonight my very special guest is a cult researcher mr. Jordan Maxwell Jordan I have another question for you since you've begun doing the work that you do many years ago have you yourself do you see any actual perceivable recognizable difference in what you would consider the overall state of consciousness of humanity or at least I'll qualify that and say at least an increase in the interest in occulted knowledge and information what is your take on that well I know yes yes I can hear you I would say probably the opposite I would say this there seems to be less interest in anything intelligent today than it was when the O Bachmann sixties of fifties sixties and seventies it was probably a lot more open and open to here and you know and monocle of interest where today there seems to be so much going on in the world that's you know useless stuff baseball and football and sports and movies more to where people really aren't getting it found out the bottom line is people just don't get it what's really going on and so why they become sucked into and a part of the systems to such an extent that I don't really see people waking up very much yeah there aren't going to be those people who are but there's going to be a very small very very small number it compares because there were none so blind as those who choose not to see and so it doesn't mean that humans are so stupid they can see metal on most people at this point in life were scared and they don't want to see they don't want to hear anything that might frighten them off might you know they don't want to engage in any conversation which is not talk about polite company ion you still wonder about that why is it we don't want to talk about bad things certain people have done when we even in my family well even if your uncle was a criminal we don't want to talk about that at dinner we don't bring that up why not well because we don't talk about religion or politics or anything unpleasant in polite company we don't want to talk about that well and so the criminals say thank god this way nobody is talking about me I can continue to do what I do good nobody wants to talk about it so I you know I I think that there we are less aware today than we've ever been and but those who people those people who are aware are very much aware and doing what they can to enlighten themselves and that's the people that I am directing my voice to I'm not interested in saving the world the world can't be saved period Jesus trying to do work and all the other prophets and intelligent people trying to do something take a like Chester trying to like the world and all he got for was throwing into a you know thrown into chaos in his life and died a pauper so I know that you're not going to save the human race it's impossible to do what is possible is to help those individuals who are trying to do something to help themselves and to understand the world and Celeste who I'm directing my comments for those who want to know you know I hear a lot of people think well you know people are waking up today and my comment to that is yes that's what people do when they're in prison every morning Alcatraz and then the big prisons of the world people wake up and when they wake up they're still in prison but at least they wait at least they were woken but they're still in prison so just because people are waking up it doesn't mean they know anything and they have no power even the people who are awakening today in fact have little to no power to do anything about the world situation even though they're awakening and they may be quite a few but there's still the billions of people around the world who couldn't care less and so when I write what I hear people saying that there is a light at the end of the tunnel I always say yes it's a train coming so I don't see that civilization and the human race is going to be acting to be able to extricate itself or get itself out of the mess that we were in I only see chaos coming and when I have to tell you I've been looking at it for 50 years under what I'm talking about I tend to agree that we definitely don't have a mass awakening happening it's happening in small isolated pockets and scattered to the four corners of the earth most certainly I I personally see some more people coming on to the desire for a cultic knowledge and hidden information and starting to look into things and do research for themselves but I I do see that as being a very small movement when you compare it with the you know a multitude of the mindless masses that are out there that haven't even begun researching any of this information okay you know III think if we apply our will to talk about those hidden issues that we that you just mentioned like the the corruption that is going on and many more people do that work then maybe we could start to reverse that trend but I certainly don't see that as something that is happening and mass in any way as well so I tell you I tend to largely agree with your view when it comes to that can you give us your take on you know I've been accused of this in the past and actually up to the current day and I've heard other people calling you a New Ager and call myself a New Ager I don't consider myself a member of the New Age movement by any stretch of anybody's imagination most of all my own and I certainly don't consider you a a New Ager by any means whatsoever can you give me your honest take of what you know many people would call the quote New Age movement or New Age spirituality that's a loaded question that's a very very heavy-duty question because if you understand the the Bible to understand which Christians across the board do not one thing that most Christians have in common is they do not understand much of anything and so if they don't understand ancient history you don't understand the culture from which survival has come from and the terms and the words and haven't looked at the Anthropology of the concepts and the ideas expressed in the Bible and you're never going to figure out what I mean what's going on and you've got to call people names and that's what our small minds revert to if you don't understand what's going on you're not educated or not to intellectually discuss something then just call people names and that'll take care of you not to talk about the subject at all you don't have to listen to anybody who knows what they're talking about just calling me call a New Ager and that implies implication is that they are mentally disordered and demon worship with the devil worshippers and all that well who is it just calling people in New Agers is born-again Christians who have no conceptual idea of what New Age or a each or any of it means they have no idea what it means and there are a few out there who are leading and the Bible says there would be blind leading the blind and both shall fall into the pit and so by their fruits you shall know them as when Jesus said and that is something you need to keep in mind by their fruits you shall know them I'm talking about they'll be very important words to keep in mind ladies and gentlemen my special guest this evening Jordan Maxwell you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] and [Music] listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio tonight my special guest joining us is jordan maxwell a cult researcher jordan you were saying before the break you were talking about the concept of you shall know them by their fruits you shall know them by their works i think it's a very very critically important advice for people to take to heart and I feel that the the fruits of what we would call the quote unquote New Age spirituality movement is in action it is uh more than really alerting people of their current true predicament in our world and how the world is going deeper into bondage and slavery I think what they're doing is giving people a watered-down feel-good variant of so-called spirituality that's really keeping them in sort of a trance of inaction would you agree and can you speak to that well yeah I'm sure there's something to what you're saying but what I think is even more important is the fact that the whole idea of a new age comes directly out of the Bible now unfortunately most Christians have no idea what I'm talking about some Jews do but the whole idea of the Bible stories as talks about the New Age and today all over the world and especially in America look at the literature published by Christian denominations all over the country I don't care what denomination look and read the literature like I have for some 54 years we the literature and you will see everywhere the term the church age and our and our age today and the gospel age of the gospel agent today we're in the we're in the church age and then they always called and Matthew when Jesus said go for well go forth baptize and the name of the Father Son and Holy Spirit and I would be with you to the end of the world that's what it says and then the last chapter in the last verse of the book of Matthew Jesus said I will be with you to the end of the world that's a mistranslation the word and Greek has a on AE om which was mistranslated world go back and do some homework instead of calling people names go back and read the Bible and it said Jesus said I will be with you to the end of the eight-armed AE o n which is translated correctly age so Jesus that I will be with you to the end of the age so Christians will then say over left that was the gospel legend so now we're in the church age well now you're talking about ages the understanding and using the word age well from the gospel age now we have the church age could we say that the gospel age is a bygone era as a bygone age and that the church age was a new age and if that is the case and one their ages before the gospel age maybe there was a other ages before that was you and once you get into the Jewish literature and begin to read the Rabbinical but until you begin to see that the entire story of the Bible but only new but especially the New Testament is an isn't an astrological story and it's talking about the new age that's what Jesus said I will be with you to the end of the age and so what what are you talking about it's a very big story it's a very one cameo gives it to color but Jesus tells his apostles because then when Twelve Apostles they were following their their leader godson well and he was referred to as the light of the world when was the Sun is a light of the world what else like the world about the Sun and so his 12 followers or his 12 apostles on the 12 signs of the zodiac on the 12 months of the year whatever you want to call it the 12 ask God son now that you're going to die where are we supposed to go what's next and in the Book of Luke in the New Testament Luke 22:10 go read God's Son the light of the world said unto the twelve to his 12 followers go into the city and you will see a man carrying a water pitcher go into the house of the man with the water pitcher well one thing Bible scholars know that Christians don't is that nowhere in the Middle East in any country in biblical times out today nowhere does do men carry water pitchers in the Middle East it is a woman's job to carry water not a man period it would have been ashamed to see a man carrying water that's a woman's job this is what Jesus was always talking but to the women at the well women carried water not men period therefore why would Jesus they go into the city and see the man carrying the water pitcher go into the house of the man with the water pitcher well anybody who's got monitamon sins knows that the symbol for Aquarius is a man with a water pitchers and anyone who has done any research at all which most Christians haven't but if you have you will know that the symbol for Christianity and the ancient Roman Empire was to fish crossing to fish that's why Jesus feeds his crown with two fish than the Book of Luke the two fish are course obviously the symbol for Pisces they age of religion in the Roman Empire and it started about the 4th century so Jesus represents the master of the of the Age of Pisces he been to defeat this whopper to fish Pisces get it and then with the when he's getting ready to leave the world 2,000 years later he's getting ready to leave the world his 12 followers the 12 signs of the zodiac - 12 months of the year the 12 brothers of the twelve brothers of children the 12 apostles my god there's all kind of 12 in the Bible and nobody's even don't put it together the 12 of the 12 signs of the zodiac the 12 months of the year okay so when you see the 12 the 12 followers of the Sun asking where are we to go now that we've been in the age of the two fishes now where we could go well the master of the Piscean age says go into the house with a man with a water pitcher well obviously you've got find when it brings out you know the Aquarius follows Pisces and so the next sign it should be the Aquarius and so well let's go backwards let's go backwards before Jesus before the inauguration of the Age of Pisces what would we end there well if you go back at the time of Moses Moses was even before most the world was in the age of Taurus the Bull and therefore the Jews of the ancient Hebrews were worshippers of God's Son the land of the world in the age of Taurus the Bull that's why you have the golden calf the sun is golden and a calf is from a bull so the golden calf was the Sun in the age of tourists now and when this end of the age of Taurus was coming God calls Moses up to the mountain to give him a new law and he goes up into the mountain he gets the new understanding the new revelation the new law and comes back down to give to the Hebrew people and what did he do if he finds the people worshiping a golden calf why is telling you that the people was still worshiping the way they were in the age of of Taurus the Bull Moses comes down and says we've got a new arrangement God just gave us a new age a new time and he is that that means we are now in the age of Aries the RAM and therefore instead of worshiping the golden calf without supposed to blow the ram's horn and so it's really interesting how today we are we're seeing the Jews worshiping the Royal blowing the ram's horn and never ever suspected that it's all astrology the whole thing so Astro theological and metaphor or allegory were the prayer movement of the Sun through the precession of the equinoxes that's exactly what it is and if you're hearing fireworks it's because there was a big celebration here in the city and fireworks and so don't get excited it does all this not a problem at all Jordan Jordan stay right with us we'll pick this up on the other side of this break ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening my special guest the savings are in Maxwell stay with us [Music] welcome back everyone what on earth is happening I'm your host Marc Pascoe my special guest this evening Jordan Maxwell Jordan I want to shift gears a little bit and go into some even deeper waters if we can can you tell us your general view of human origins and do you think it's a possibility that in our ancient past there was a direct non human intervention in the creation of humanity or at least the creation of the current human condition whether that was done through possibly genetic or epigenetic manipulation your take on that there's no doubt in my mind what when I was transpired I've said many years ago that the word evolution and the concept of evolution is is incorrect to look at the evolution is not important the word you need to look at the conceptual idea you need to research is intervention not evolution let me explain the Bible clearly says and I'm fascinated with the wisdom that's encoded in the Bible it's not there for anyone to just sit and read but if you do the homework on breaking down the words and the etymology of the words and going back into the ancient language of Archaea linguistics which is a study of the ancient languages and the ancient concepts and ideas of the other pre you know the prehistoric world and how its come down to us today you will begin to see how there's a lot of fascinating stuff encoded in the Bible that Christians and Jews didn't see I would so I would say this that the bible does not say that God created man I am used to sit and talk of rabbis many years ago at the SOL and simon wiesenthal center for Holocaust Studies in Los Angeles I'm talking about many many years ago and even before that back in the 60s with rabbinical friends of mine and everybody it became apparent that from what they were saying that they were that they were intimating that God did not create man and so I got interested in guys in Wyndam and what do you think and the rabbi said first of all God the Scriptures do not say God created man that's that's a new flung that's a new idea it's a new concept when it has nothing to do with Judaism or ancient Judaism or the Bible at all no no where does it say God created man go back and read it correctly and and so I began to see that he was right because the word man in Hebrew is ish i SH ish is man in Hebrew but in the Bible and it says in God so he was God was creating Adam and Eve and doesn't saying God can get an ish and it doesn't say that the word is 8dm in Hebrew a dumb not Adam we added an A in and become the license on a Jewish name Adam no no not Adam ad count dump means something in Hebrew and so the scripture says that God said come let us make man in our image when the word man there is not ish it's hot down so the correct translation if you if you do it right and go back to the original tearoom yes God said come let us make a dump in our image after our likeness that is in rabbi told me many years ago I am fascinated by this because he said go back and read the scripture correctly it doesn't say God created man is as God said let us make man in our image after our likeness not make man but make a man in our image after our likeness so he will look like us and so I said wait a minute God says come let us who was us and then later on God looks down on the earth and said see man has become as one of us or on Dom has become one of us and so what are you talking about us not talking to himself or who's he talking to well go back to Genesis 1 when it says in the beginning God created that God created the heavens of the earth that's not what it says in Hebrew it doesn't say that go back and read the word because in Hebrew the word for God as el e el el is God but that's not the word that is in Genesis 1:1 none at all go back and read it in Hebrew and it says in the beginning Elohim created the heavens in the air not out and so Elohim is a plural as like putting an S on the end of of an English word you have C AR is one thing but CA RS means many cards more than one in the plural so L is God but Elohim is a plural meaning more than one therefore the correct translation if you want to be accurate and Rita in the Hebrew the way it was actually written not the way your pastors said not the way in churches but if you want to go to the original then it would be correctly translated in the beginning that God's created the heavens in the earth more than one so then when we hear that the Hebrew Lily Jews or the AGV bros were the worshippers of one God they were the first monotheistic people and in point of fact that is absolutely ludicrous on the face of it Babe Ruth have never been a monotheistic people ever in the history you cannot prove that at all they have never been a worshipper of one God what the term is is not monotheistic is he no spell H P and O go looking up in a dictionary h-he and O he no means he no theistic means to pick one god from a group so on to understand what I'm saying is if you have say 15 guns and they're all equal and they're standing in front of you and you pick one God that you are he is your favorite so you pick one guy and you tell him I want to make a pact with you you'll be my god and I will be your earth your follower well what you've done now is you have picked one God from a group so we could say you are the worshipper of one God but that's not saying that there's only one God no it's the one God you picked and that's why correctly under the Hebrews were a he no theistic people they picked one God and that's why today we could say that they were worshippers of one God but then when you understand who were the other gods well that's why in the Bible says God said no Elohim instead that God said come let us make man in our image after our likeness so it's not saying that gods the gods made man ish no no gods made a new kind of man they came here and intervened in our evolution and created a new kind of creature that the Hebrew call Dom a DM look it up in a dictionary so therefore when you understand and to to go along with this whole thing it opens up a can of worms because in even the Genesis 9:1 after the flood of Noah's day and Genesis 9 weren't this is after the flood it says that God said he needs me God says to Noah and his in his family after the flood go forth multiply and replenish the earth so I asked the rabbi's is that a correct translation go forth multiply and 3r he replenish the earth because read means to do it again and rabbi said yes obviously if God if there were many people on the earth and God has just destroyed mankind with a great flood well if you're going to have people on the earth again that somebody's going to have to breathe already do it again replenish the earth make sense and I sent to the rabbi all right exactly the case then what about Genesis 1:28 where God is creating Adam and Eve and he says go forth multiply and replenish the earth do it again does that mean that Adam and Eve were a new creation or recreation of a new kind of creature yes obviously in your face there were there have been civilizations on this earth for millions of years fascinating information Jordan ladies and gentlemen stay right with us we'll be back after these words in the second hour of tonight's broadcast my special guest Jordan Maxwell stay with us [Music] you know the day destroys the night night divide today tried to run Rangoon to the other welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm today of course my special guest preeminent occult researcher mr. jordan maxwell before the break Jordan was talking about the possibility that non-human entities had intervened in the possible creation of the human species not only the current human condition but may possibly be the quote gods that the biblical texts of the old text that Testament talked about as he said the word Elohim is actually plural in Hebrew and it means God's Jordan I want to ask I want to get your take you know we talked about the possibility that these uh beings came here and had you know their own intentions in mind and didn't really care too much about us they were going to use us for their purposes and you know then certain groups of human beings chose one faction perhaps of these gods or one of these beings of among the many to worship and to venerate but how do you see the possibility of there being the possibility of positive non-human entities or presences that are here to not use humanity but to uplift humanity so that we might pursue our evolutionary development on our own do you see any possible presences that are here to assist us I don't think so no well I don't think so I think that if you look at the whole picture and something I would add to what we said before remember in the ten commandments that God that particular God Yahweh that was picked by the Hebrews that particular God said one of the commandments he lay down on that new arrangement that those people who chose him he said I am the Lord your God and I shall not have strange gods before me I am the Lord your God not all might the whole universe know I am that God you chose so I am the Lord your God and I shall not have other gods before me you didn't say there were no other gods I just don't want you worshiping any other God because you made an agreement with me and so it's like the guy is on the girlfriend I'm gonna you know I'm gonna be your steady I'm gonna be your boyfriend I don't want to see you with other boys I'm your boyfriend I'm your city I don't want to see you dating other well the concept of the same they gone and they picked said I am the Lord your God and I don't want any other gods coming before me I don't care when and download some of their silly stuff but don't worship any gods before me because I'm the one that you picked I'm the Lord your God so when you understand how this these scriptures are to the integrity correctly and how the words in the Bible heart are telling is something it's encoded and people don't understand it being a word than a hand coded symbolic that's why they even ask Jesus they asked Jesus why is it you talking riddles and you're only talking only and the Bible said the only talking riddles only that's the only way Jesus thought was in riddles giving and what was the other term that was used but the point being is you're only talking to riddles and then Jesus and I talk in riddles because I don't want you get insane I don't what you would real me I know what you hearing and getting saved I don't want you around me at all so I speak in such a way that the whole world won't hear me but only those who the father calls will understand what I'm really saying only those who are truly spiritual and who are chosen by the father will hear the rest of you will all just young you look with your eyes and don't see in you listen with the ears you know hear and with your part you don't get the sense of it so that's why I had a talk a littles and teach in riddles is because I don't want you to understand most people I don't want them in my company so I get the point this is why things are encoded in government government encodes messages because they don't want other people to read these if it gets out people won't be able to read what the government saying cuz it's encoded and so that's why today I'm saying that of both the old and new Testament are heavily encoded well by God we've heard all kinds of books and lectures about Bible codes when you better go back and look at that idea because it's true there are codes in the byuk we've little codes and then so when you start looking at words and terms as little rabbis used to tell me you know the way you Gentiles read something you've got your own take on it and you proclaim yourself to know what you're talking about you got your own claim when in point of fact there are encodes there are coded messages in there that the rabbinic authorities know that you don't know and so you you need to go back and do your homework if you're going to translate it correctly you've got to go back and look at the culture of the people who wrote it one of the words meant back then not what they mean today and look at the entire picture as an encoded message and when you do that you begin to see that there's more than one God there's many gods and when Adam and Eve and Cain and Abel Cain kills his brother and God is going to now banish him from from his family and take him away and send him out into the wilderness where Cain says the god oh my god don't send me out there I'll be a vagabond and now if you send me out there they're going to find me when they find me they're going to kill me and and God said no I'm not gonna let them kill you I'll put a mark on you so they may find you they're not going to give it and and you've got to ask you some what you're talking about this out of and he came in Abel Kane just killed his brother and now God is sending it out to the world and Cain says to God don't send me out there because anybody out there that finds me will kill me and now he's got God believing there's somebody out there cuz God says no I won't let them kill you if they find you who are you talking about that's in out there that that will that's different from you and they'll kill you if they find you though I thought there was only three people at this point Adam and Eve that came to the table and now now there's only three people because I want to kill the other one so what are you talking about well what we're talking about is that there have been civilizations on this earth for millions and millions of years the the history of life human intelligent life or intelligent life goes back millions of years and this is why in Seth I think again I'm saying this is why it says in Genesis 1:28 when God has created Adam and Eve on Tom and he you know for multiply and replenish the earth do it again so you need to you need to understand that there's a bigger picture here and most people are no idea I'll make this picture really is how far back it goes we're finding temples enormous structures in the oceans of the world were finding pyramids on the ocean on the ocean floor and the Atlantic refining enormous structures and temples off the coast of Cuba off the coast of Japan Okinawa we're finding enormous temples around the world on in the bottom of oceans what does that tell you when the oil rigs of drilling into the earth in the oceans they go down miles beneath the ocean to hit the oil but before they hit the oil they're sucking up the stuff that they're coming through and they're finding handmade artifacts under the ocean floor wake up you need to wake up and find out that the earth has got a history you're not aware of and I think what you're saying in so many words is that in this replenishing of the earth after the deluge what was really being done was they were just rebooting the matrix of slavery all over again we got it we'll be right back everyone stay with us [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm my special guest tonight Jordan Maxwell Jordan on the other side of the break you were talking about you know that there have been many many ancient civilizations going back for possibly even millions of years and this system of slavery has really been ongoing and has been you know wiped out and rebooted possibly several times to switch that back to what's going on in the modern world obviously we're still entrenched in a system of control and slavery so I wanted to I want to ask you what could be construed as a controversial question but here it goes anyway what is your personal take on the ideology that is referred to as pacifism and let me get your take on that first and then the second part of this question I want to ask is is there an inherent right of self-defense on the part of people who other individuals consider as their slaves or their property to use their a physical ability their physical power to physically rebel and free themselves from that imposed condition that is imposed upon them called slavery well I think that whole thing on the obvious it's really a philosophical question how you view freedom I mean I I'm in the system that I did them I am not complaining about it I live in a system I understand it I I'm the one they're talking about from the years about how the system works and but I as a matter of fact I don't have any problem with it as such because I realize it's just part of it is what it is it's part of the continual flow of power over the human creatures and over the intelligent creatures of the earth have always been dominated by occult powers by in the hidden powers of the world we call them Illuminati today I don't care what you call it obviously at the top of the world you can go like in the organized crime in the street criminals and then there are captains that cut holes and then down to that you have you know they in the heads of the families and after that you've got the Commission and after that hit and he just keeps going up the ladder and dr. London till finally comes to the bottom line the bottom line is the big boss boss of all bosses at the top well the boss of all bosses at the top in the steel in this theological world I believe are demonic I believe that this wooden structure says the Bible says that all of your gods are demons and you're worshiping the worship of demons and Devils I think there's probably something to that because I think that's exactly what's happening I think religions today are the are the product of higher of the world intelligences who have are misleading the whole human race and that's the whole race you know go back to the scripture where I said that Jesus will take it to the pinnacle of the temple and shown all the kingdoms of the worlds and I will give you all these kingdoms he'll worship me well obviously you couldn't give all the kingdoms of the world if you don't own them well the scripture actually says the god of this world is the devil and all the religions of the world are from the devil's from evil demonic depravity well again like we started to show off again by saying by their fruits you shall know them so what is the fruit each of the three major religions in the world today Judaism Christianity and Islam is world chaos world wars violence and we can start dissecting each one of those religions and begin to see the real story find what these religions really are where they come from and then you get into the sexual perversions and the lies rubbing it on the entertainment the propaganda Wars and the violence and the mistreatment of children independently on the horrible stuff in the circumcision of children and babies and cunningly the foreskin Dauphin children the baby's penis and sucking the blood what is all of this incredible stuff that we humans are subjected to and Noma but he has saved the question where does this stuff come from where do these ideas about God and I remember like you never know cool then years ago teacher emphasized the point when you're discussing something with other people define your terms understand that other people may have a different view of the word you're using so that's why I always ask Larry if we're talking about theology that's another very interesting word theology because it goes back to the word feels which is God in Greek the else of the Oh in Greek is God that's why do you and so and the ancient Greeks where they used to go to hear about God Christians go to churches well the ancient Greeks and then go to churches they went to the painters so it was called the God show they went to a theater until the DA to talk to them about the ISM arm of theology so this is where today we get the idea that when you go into a big show you're going into a theater or that's what you do when you go into a church you're going into Church and some theater it's a show the God show and people pay money and the and they are entertained and then they go out and leave they are edified because they saw a good movie they are no good sermon or something does it mean you've learned anything no saint people have gone to the same church for 46 years and you can ask them a question of theological question and they can answer it they don't know what you're talking about so I kind of say to myself if you've been going to a theater or to our into a class in a theater or to a church for 40 years and I ask you a question and you can't answer it that tells me how kind of an education you beginning at this theater or in this church which is by their fruits you shall know them so when you start breaking down religion you find out that the people who are very religious also are totally ignorant LLL inform unread and have no understanding of the word God and where it comes from they have no concept of what they're talking about and you're jumping use the term Christ freestyles Christ Jesus where did these words come from so God as I've always said on few famous will say that God has simply don't going backwards and there's way in dogma in the church you begin to understand the etymology of the hidden or occult significance of religions where that can come from why did we only have three major religions like Islam Judaism Christianity why three there's a reason why why do all religions almost all religions in the world have a triangle God's servants you know the Hindus that Brahma Vishnu Shiva Egyptians have Alzheimer's Pisces for us the Catholic Christians help father son Holy Ghost and the Jews have Abraham Isaac Jacob all ancient religions have I trying God why it goes back very very far that's a very good reason for the concept of a triune God the triune God is one God but three divine persons well it goes back to Sun worship the Sun in the morning was the newborn Savior and the Sun is your savior and it does was it rises every morning so he was your risen Savior and if you don't think the Sun is your Savior wait till it don't come up so the Sun shall risen Savior at noon the Sun became known then the ancient where all those the most high why couldn't get any higher than high new so therefore he's the most high later on he's dying so therefore is the baby in the born in the morning he becomes full-grown at 12:30 and now he's going to die have his old age three persons and one gun hold that thought right there to another break ladies and gentlemen my special guest tonight Jordan Maxwell stay with us [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Public Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm this evening my special guest occult researcher jordan maxwell before we go back to asking Jordan a couple more questions I have just a couple more questions I want to run by Jordan and then we're going to go to your calls in the third hour I want to give Jordan the opportunity in this second hour second half of this hour to let the listening audience know about a very stressful situation that he's been undergoing regarding actually of all things his own name Jordan do you want to inform the audience about this it is very distressing you have no idea how disgusting it is you know because I'm 70 almost 74 years old I don't really understand the technology of today I've got a I've got a phone cell phone I don't know how to use it I just you know I'm doing the best I can with just working on computers and so I don't really understand the technology of the day I'm studying my subject and so I have to depend on somebody to help me be because I have nothing I owned I think I have no property I don't know no home I don't have a family I have no checkbook no credit card no car I own and has nothing so I have to depend on someone who's younger needs me to help me to do my work all I want this to fuck my work out to the world and do what I do but I need help doing that because they don't understand the technology so when someone comes to visit me which people do all the time they come to visit me and they see how I live with nothing they say oh my God look at you no let me help you only want to help you and I say I wish you would appreciate if somebody would help me so these at home yeah let me let me what need do your needs a website for you he is the end and will handle your distribution product and will connect your email for you and will just help you and so all we need to do is we need to get permission to do this from you so we needed to sign this piece of paper that gives us permission to do my master and do all this stuff for you so I do my assignment BB and then they have my women now they have ownership of my website for me and so what happens and has happened is when I found out the webmaster I had four years ago four or five four and a half years ago when I found out that this young girl was not who I thought he was and I found out his proclivities and who he went what went is trying out life is really like I didn't know I'm just an old man and the young man comes in once they're all people but I found out what he was really all about it shocked me and I had and so I decided I don't want you to be me I don't want you to my company more I don't want you to do anything for me anymore just give me back my website and you go your way and I'll go mine too when she said oh no no nobody walks away from me and so I found out that he went into the back of my website and changed the ownership from my name to his name he changed the email my private email that I've had with my website he redirected my private email to himself and of course he had already redirected the bank account to his personal bank account and then behind my back not knowing that he went to sent to Washington DC and copyrighted all of my all of my books and tapes and videos that I've produced over the years and copyrighted them all he'd be by my back and I didn't know anything about it then he went to the trademark department and tried to trademark my name so that he would actually own my name by product like money by email by bank account everything he owns at all when I confining him on this he said looking just get out there make me some money and so at that point I I was devastated I didn't realize the death that people will go because I've had people cheating me before but this this took the cake I've never had anyone steal everything I own and then talk to me like I was a fool so I had to talk to lawyers and not lawyers of course would say oh this is terrible we can do something about this but don't cost you ten thousand I don't have a nickel I never have any money and whatever money I did have and goes they end now so four years so the past four years all the products that have been sold on my own website Jordan Maxwell calm jordan maxwell calm has not belong to me before years because my webmaster he's the one that has the the cold and the passwords and the username i know i never knew anything about usernames i don't know anything about passwords and codes I'm standing over years old but he does so he went into my web site stole my website stole my money redirected my emails which is mail fraud I'm told by attorneys and now people writing me all over the world goes to him and he answers as if it was me and and you sending out invitations to de remand to to donate money to jordan maxwell he needs your help financial health and so people are sending money to him unbelievable unbelievable criminality and in your face but i can't do anything about it because i'm broke i have nothing I've got my life's work as they've stolen from me and so the best I can do is just get a lawyer if I had the money so I've had some people come in and say Jordan will let us help you you don't have to sign anything you don't have to give us your life's work we're not going to steal from you we'll get you a good attorney and we'll put on Kickstarter or something up there and on some kind of a donate button to at least get some money in to get an attorney to get your life back to get my work back so that's why I have a little radio show that was done for me I don't know anything about radio let me help to put a show together I just do what I do but I am a radio show now it's a little podcast called Jordan Maxwell show very simple the Jordan mentors show and on that I'll get him about 36 little more than 36 different shows it's all free I am guest on tonight talking rat law myself on my own show but it's a podcast Jordan Maxwell show and if you go there there's a button for a kick starter and there's another button there for a direct donation to me even though I'm just asking anyone who would like to help me get my life back and and be able to pay an attorney because I've got a very good copyright motion picture copyright attorney who saw my plight and said wouldn't this is criminal let me take care of this in court I'll do this I'm gonna get your life back you your money and everything else that was stolen from you so good but you know attorneys cost money I don't have it where all these he's working on in any way so I appreciate that but I would like to be able to pay em and I'd like to also continue to do the radio shows but I don't have the money for that 250 you know a little item with possible marketing you already know show continued with I don't have it expect expenses associated with equipment with bandwidth with you know hosting it's not free as many people think you know it's not as easy as people think it is to do as far as you know the technical know-how goes you know right when I edit this podcast I mean I sit here for you know an hour or two even after the show is done edit out the commercials I have to upload it to a site I have to build an article on a content management system it's not like you press a button and a podcast puts it hosts itself you know it doesn't have I don't know how to do any of that I don't even know I just learning how to work out the computers I don't know how to do that but I have a dear friend couple of guys that have come in to help me and they put they put a website together for their podcast in the show and they put a little Kickstarter up there so I can have a Kickstarter and by the way I've heard your new radio show the new incarnation the jordan maxwell show and i just want to say it's absolutely brilliant it's a really great work that you're doing on that show i've listened to them all and i think it's a phenomenal show and let's be very clear and tell the audience the exact website that is yours okay jordan maxwell show.com that is your official website so it is going to any other website that is not Jordan Maxwell's official site and if you are putting any kind of donations toward that site or buying anything through that site that is not going to Jordan none of those proceeds will go to Jordan the only site that is valid for Jordan is Jordan Maxwell show.com be very specific and make sure you get to that correct site I'm going to pick this up on the other side of the break ladies and gentlemen don't go anywhere you're listening to what on earth is happening with my special guests for this evening Jordan Maxwell we'll be right back [Music] [Music] [Applause] as a cool side [Music] that we don't dare speak while between us no rips OH we keep rated there that there's nothing wrong I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com my special guest this evening a cult researcher Jordan Maxwell Jordan in this segment I'll let you wrap up your thoughts on the very unfortunate series of events that have been conducted against you uh let's call this what it really is this is pure and simple identity crime I mean the individual stole your very identity and and stole you know the proceeds of your your life's work and the research that you've done over the many years and I'll let you I'll continue and wrap up what you want to tell the listening audience regarding that situation well it's true that's exactly what happened when I found out like I said because this is what I found out he what his private life was all really about I wanted nothing more to do with him and I told him that I said because you know you work for me and you know I was supposed to be my friend and helping me you're younger than I am I thought you meant to help me I don't want you around me I'd only be have nothing to do with you now now and you know and so his response was okay I own you now I own you I own your name on your product they don't get bank account I own everything so now you know you're not gonna get rid of me I own you so I was told by my iPhone you need to get out there old man and make me some money that I owe you I own your name on your website oh yeah your email the bank account your products you know he fell off he bailed on an affidavit on the penalty of perjury and sent it to the trademark Department to trademark my name then steal my name from me well he got caught on that one such as caught him on that one and so he backed off of that but he's still copyrighted all my products stole everything from me and left me penniless so that's why my friends have put this on this donate button up to hopefully donate some money so that I didn't pay my lawyer and get my like back this bottle wine Jordan do you alright you want out this individual by name on the air here tonight well I think it's I think it's already out there I think it's already out his name was Joseph jos do you have joseph dolars el gol ici a doulas l and as his father and his brother there were three of them in the car there are three of them in the company Joseph de LaSalle Jacob Dolezal I'm glad you're naming them by name because it's good the people should know not to deal with individuals like this and the only way they're going to know is if they're outed by name right there so that the site that's already out there on the lawsuit if you go to go to the federal trademark departmental to see where they signed it then and trying to trademark my name and stole my money and now and Jacob Dolezal told me we've done a new plan that you won't man you're going to get out there make us some money so get off your lazy butt and get out there and start making us a bun unreal Oh at that point I just don't know this is a twenty six-year-old kid and he's telling me at 70 for stuff like that so that's nice but is God unfortunately that's the God that they worship you know oh so I will be sure with this podcast to include the proper link to your site and I'll have a link there for your Kickstarter campaign as well and that is under the player for tonight's show if you're listening at the wat on earth is happening comm radio show page you'll see under the player there is a link underneath Jordan's biography his short bio there it says you could visit the jordan maxwell kickstarter campaign so if you feel like Jordans information has been a value to you through the many years he's been doing this research and providing it for people you can make a donation at that kickstarter page so um jordan if you want to do a few more questions in the remainder of this segment and then we'll go to some calls in the next segment and hear what listeners have have to ask okay great just a couple of quick personal questions if I may what do you what would you say to you is part the most influential if you had to pick one single influential book that you want to one book to recommend to people what would that most single influential book on your entire mindset throughout your life have been and why well that's really a difficult question because I've had hundreds of reference books and one half of them are priceless pieces of working and they are profoundly important but I guess I would have to say for especially if you're interested in the modern-day world that you're living in the book is called fire in the minds of men Fira fire in the minds of men as written by James Billington and James Billington today is the chief librarian for the Library of Congress so you don't get any more academically correct than the chief librarian for the Library of Congress and he has written many books but there's one particular thick volume called fire and the minds of men is a mind trip reading this this guy has an incredible storyteller but he documents all of the occultism and politics religion secret societies the emblems the words terms the new menotti where the Democratic and Republican Party really came from and talks about the Illuminati the Mormons of Jehovah's Witnesses of sex the cults and the money the banking industry the whole entire dirty world of hidden knowledge hidden power hidden wisdom thought she library from the Library of Congress James Billington wrote a phenomenal book called fire and the minds of men I should take you about 10 years to go through that all right great let's uh let's let's see what other questions do I have here how about if you could spend some time with any individual living or deceased past or present okay and you could pick their brain for a while who would it be and why well again I'd have to think about that because there's been so many brilliant people that I've already been in the product and the presence of all my life I have been blessed to be in the company of extraordinarily brilliant people I think it would be my girlfriend's father my first girlfriend in California her father I would love to be able to sit and talk with him again but that's a personal thing because he was one of the most extraordinary experiences I've ever had my first girlfriend and her father Mia you may have heard me tell the story about it he bound him and my girlfriend when I was 19 years old but he was an extraordinary man and I would love to be able to talk with him again they have you ever heard the story I'm talking about my girlfriend as father father I I have not go ahead well I was the back in 1959 and 19 years old 19 year old kid freshly from Florida and I'm in Los Angeles and as North Hollywood and one morning I go into the restaurant in downtown North Hollywood 1959 and there was a there was no room anywhere except one one chair at the counter so I'm sitting down next to this young girl I'm my teaching phone May 17-18 and we got to talking and far less she only lived a couple blocks from beta Marly lived about three blocks in town she had walked downtown I had to so we walked back home together and so we started meeting each other on weekends downtown and would walk home and so but she lived about two blocks further than I did so she knew where I lived when I never followed her home so I didn't know exactly where she lived and one night she came over to my house and she said my dad wants to talk to you and of course I wasn't interested to talk your father she said no my father is very important very interesting and he wants to tell you something so I thought that sounded interesting so I went with her and when I went there cut it short that her my girlfriend and her younger sister they she the two girls sat on the floor the mother was in the kitchen the father and I sent on the loan so far he said on one end I said on the other and we were talking and you know just small talk asking me how I'm working and how would you like the job how long have you been here center cetera and so I felt all right about him but there was something very very very strange about him but I felt confident and wasn't threatened because he was talking about normal things that I could really do and so in the conversation he then when I was feeling all right about him because he realized that was very sensitive to who he was and and then he said to me and remember back when you were eight years old and when your dad built a new back porch back in Florida and your uncle helped your dad build a new back board to remember that that's when he tore down the old back boards and he built a new one and he built in the back porch with green lumber and it smelled funny remember you were about eight years old and and your dad got the new back porch I'm not been doing done happening and it frightened me and I didn't want to show tears in front of my girlfriend but it scared me because he was right I did do my dad didn't look like voice what I would say and now I don't where would he know that and then he said to me he's in the remember one night you were in bed you were supposed to be sleeping but you got a and you went out in the back porch and looked at the moon and the moon was full you remember doing that and I just looked at him but I do remember doing that and he said then you looked up at the moon and he was you are kicking the wood with your finger because it's so funny like the green lovers and you were picking the pieces though you know with your finger and putting in your mouth like a toothpick remember and I just looked at him because he was absolutely frightening me I had no idea that where and he knew that and he said to me well how in the world did I know that and I said I don't know how you know that he's a well did you do what I said I said yes you're right needs to what happened I don't that but I don't know he says while I was there I saw you will pick me so there in other side of the break stay with us folks [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] and and [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening we're into the third hour for this evening with my special guest a cult researcher Jordan Maxwell Jordan I'll let you wrap up the story that you were telling about a former girlfriend's father and I'll let you pick it up where he left off before the AH the last break yeah so he said to me in front of the two girls as I said on the floor median I also on the sofa and he said you know he told me about my dad building a back porch for my uncle which was which he did and he said that he used green lumber and a smell funny which it did and then he said that one died he said you was supposed to be a bear but you got up and he went out and set it on the back porch and you were looking at the phone which I did I remember that distinctly and he said and then you talked to God didn't you and I just looked at him he said well did you would didn't you I said yes I did and he said well wouldn't you say to God and I didn't say anything to him I just looked at him he's no I'll tell you what you said you said to God that you wanted to do something important with your life you wanted your life to have a purpose for something to do and you wanted to do it like to be important to do something with it and he said so is that what you said and I looked at him I said yes that's what I said and he said to me how did I know that how would I know all of this and I said I don't know how you know I have no idea how you know this and he said I know this because we were there we were right there watching and I said what do you mean we were watching me and said we were there how would I know everything that you did there's why wasn't there and I said I don't understand to me and he said well it's not important what you need to know is that we've been watching you for a long time we and you did ask after all you did ask so we're going to give you an opportunity to do something with your life and he said that what you're going to do for us you will not do - the very last part of your life so just understand we have something for you to do and you will do it but it will not come until the very last part of your life so I ask them is it so what is it I'm supposed to do and even that's not important because even if I explained it to you you wouldn't understand now but there will come a day and when in the last one of your life where you will know what you have to do and what you're doing and so and you'll know what what we have for you to do so as it turns out that was very startling that was a very incredible experience but I do know I do know what I have to do with what I'm doing and why I do it but I do it to help my fellow man to lone Watie my fellow man and I thought I was doing something of dying to help people to research and wake up and to and so I started talking about the conspiracies in government back in 1959 6061 I was going around giving lectures at little Mickey Mouse occasions like in bookstores and women's clubs and all that back in the early sixties and seventies so you know Hans though it's been my life's work well now I'm toward the end of my life's work now I'm 74 years old I now see that all the things I was talking about that were happening he will sleep with Society Illuminati and the Federal Reserve and all the Knights Templars and all of these subjects that I've been talking about I used to talk about these things in Hollywood for years I would go around to the more motion picture studios at night and there's the working class people not the executive but the working people will get me in and I'd go into the sound stages at night at and one of others in different motion picture studios and give slide presentation little Mickey Mouse cheap little psycho to a bunch of people they don't beyond now all these were you know off from working and just sitting on the soundstage and we set up a camera and projector and and I was sitting talking about the Illuminati and and call societies and all the stuff going on buying religion and the dark occult forces in the world and Knights Templars and menardi and banking and all that well today now of course it's everywhere in Hollywood now it's all over this da Vinci Code and national treasure got those all the rest of it but this is the stuff I'm talking about many many years ago and today you have you today I have far more that I had never told today and a lot of the stuff I can't talk about in public but I'm trying my best to alert my fellow man to all the dangers which are going on and what I received for his young people coming in and taking my website taking my everything I'm working for stealing at all and treating me like a fool so I just I just my feeling is at this point I'm very philosophical about my life my mind my mortality I high-end I've already come to terms with that I'm not going to be able to longer so I do the best I can to help my fellow man in the face of people stealing from being lying to me and taking everything I own but I feel the dollars Elle's will eventually have to go to jail because they have really come into some serious crimes and they they have no idea that there are some felonies big time felonies that's going to put them in jail and if those days are coming so I just wait on the great spirit minute call God because I believe in God so I just wait and see what this brief spirit will do to help me to get my work back and get my life back because I feel but I still have a lot to do yet well sure let us part of my life and and what I can do it you will continue to do it and you'll do it effectively because you doing the great work for a very long time and the universe is going to open up its arms and ultimately reward you for having done that work that I feel that is the the greatest form of protection that anybody can really bring upon themselves is when they step into the truth and speak it and do so unapologetically because it is the right thing to do as you have done because I personally have a very strong belief in the presence of the God that moved out my mind because a higher intelligence profoundly wise and all-powerful profaning the universe and especially us but I don't have any problem with God I have a problem with organised corporate takeover of the world by men who are dark and evil and have sinister plots against the human race well I understand I know it's all about because I've been talking about for 50 years but I really would like to get out from under these young punks who are installing everything well an old man and ridiculed me on my own on my own website that ridiculed be a public and at the same time they're ridiculing me and calling me names they're trying to sell my client my products obviously because they're making a lot of money while they're medically I should tell you something about their men tells you everything you need to know about their character because their character is based in in the desire for Mammon that's there yeah you know especially that's that's going to bring them cosmic retribution that being though yeah all about it absolutely especially Joseph Dolezal the kid with his pregnant life stuff that I know about I you have no idea and the world is in two so what I found out I want nothing more to do with him is immediate reaction is well okay what are you going to do about it I own everything I'm in control so I change there but they go to me so I own at all and he probably things like with the corrupt court systems and everything that you know they'll they'll side in his favor or something like that that's probably where the good surprise yeah the better thank you I'm still doing what I can do in Georgia we appreciate you for doing it so you want to take some calls absolutely all right great let's go to the phones our first caller on the line this evening is Jay and Pennsylvania Jay welcome Oh Jay is this Jay Parker yeah Jay yeah I'm gonna get to your call on the other side of the break a comer a commercial break is catching us right here but stay with us and you'll be the first person to be able to ask Jordan a question on the other side ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening with my special guests Jordan Maxwell we'll be right back [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening comm special guest this evening Jordan Maxwell we were about to go to the phones I apologize I wasn't paying attention to the time clock in the last segment so we were on the line with Jay Parker in Philadelphia Jay is one of the speakers of the first to free your mind conferences right here in Philadelphia Jay is also a survivor of satanic ritual abuse and Jay actually hosts his own show on satanic ritual abuse and uh it's a show that also discusses solutions to the problems that humanity faces in our world Jay welcome to what on earth is happening and what do you have for us this evening well I just wanted to uh thank Maxwell Jordan Maxwell for all the work he's done certainly a great volume of work and although the numbers are small I believe that people who are doing due diligence and researching and studying they they are real human beings and should be encouraged to wake up and to long these secrets of the occult I have a question for Jordan pertaining to something that was on his website years ago that I saw and it was a symbol of like it was in a circle and it was like an electronic symbol and you were asking if anyone knew what that symbol was on your website and I saw that symbol I was shown it when I was about five years old in the Illuminati group that I grew up in and they were asking me if I knew what that symbol was and I wanted to know if Jordan still had a copy of that symbol and if he could get it to mark passio yes let me let me are you talking about the symbol where of those little arrows pointing all out in all directions from circles and little arrows and long arrows pointing out provide circle is that what you were talking about the one I saw on my lip there on my website that I saw this on my on my computer is that there's only one thing yes yeah someone someone sent it to you like 11 you posted on your website and were asking me people do you know what this is and I have I was shown that exact same symbol when I was about five years old and my mother asked me she was an Illuminati which works for the DuPont's and she by the way with someone who Mon control program John du Pont the heir of the du Pont fortune that killed the wrestler show she set him up and I just want to say that I really want to get a hold of that symbol again so I realize I think that I'm important if you want to email my go on my my website Jordan Maxwell show and and ask for that symbol and I'll tell the people who are Manning my site to look for your email and put a cult symbol in the in the title and then I'll I'll send it to you I've got it or I don't I would never forget that symbol so I made copies of it on all my hard drives so yeah I've got it I'll send it to you I wouldn't be surprised to see what you might have to say about them well that's quite Jordan and I just want to thank you again and keep up good work well thank you very much I appreciate it do email me I'll get back to you thank you excellent thanks so much for the call Jay let's hear from Don in South Carolina Don you're live on what on earth is happening with my special guest Jordan Maxwell welcome John hello mark how are you doing it's John by the way Shawn I'm sorry it's okay doing Jordan how are you doing I I just wanted you to know I'm 65 years old and you can this is one person that you can say that you're responsible for changing his life because I kind of grew up with a lot of this stuff when I was coming up I grew up as a Jehovah's Witness and I learned as an early age how wrong that was so I got very interested in investigating things especially in the biblical sense because the entire Western world sat accused is based on their interpretation of the Bible so I spent my early years doing a lot of that and then after my first divorce I was in a hotel room and watching TV this was before a whole lot of things started on the internet and watching TV and on a one of these oddball stations it had Jordan backs well I've never seen Jordan before and it was showing some Illuminati stuff and Jordan gave gave a speech I can't remember what it was but I thought about that for a couple of years and when I found Jordan on the Internet I probably spent a month sitting there now watching every video that he did every video I could find and I just you know he really made a big big difference in my life and I just wanted him to know that thank you very much I just do what I do and hopefully whoever supposed to hear me will was not supposed to hear me won't so I appreciate it though you don't get have any good comments I have I have a question for for you Jordan if I may and I also want four more - you were talking earlier about the Hebrews being you know there are you know phenyl Fiesta Karim is that correct he knows what about the design astir sect is that do they not or at least put out the idea that they're monotheistic man yeah well scientism is not Jewish as zero nothing to what to do would be Hebrew or Jewish as a very very hidden well hidden political society it's a very profoundly dark and well hidden operation has nothing to do with be Jewish at all cuz I am handsome has zero to do with Jewish and Israeli period and the reason why and some of the things you need to know about the Zionists is that when even the original Zionist she and Wiseman and and Herzl Herzl GM Wiseman's the people who were founding Zionism who they really were what they were connected to the secret societies that they were connected to but when the Zionists were looking to do for my their own homeland their own base of operations political base of operations the first place they picked was Uganda Africa that's a fact in the of history they take Uganda but the British after looking at it decided that doesn't sound like it's going to work so they they abandoned the Zionists abandoned Uganda as their as the homeland of the Jews and then they got to they went to other they went to four other places on the earth they even talked about the even had discussions with the president at the time about the president you asked about having a home man in Texas but detective but detective state in the end the federal government decided that's not going to be very smart having a zionist old man in Texas so they abandoned Allen one of the bottom three or four more on the places that they tried to set up their homeland and finally finally they decided well let's go to the Middle East if nobody knows it's there and so they went to the Middle East well you need to understand that if it was really based on the Bible and the biblical idea of God's chosen people they would have went to Israel to start with they wouldn't have gone to be condi and Texas and all the other places is in the history books look at all the different places that Zionism one to set up a home that that didn't work out there we're coming up to another break ladies and gentlemen we'll be right back after these words you're listening to what on earth is happening stay with us [Music] you know today disguise the night-night divide today tried to run try to hide to the other welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my special guest this evening Jordan Maxwell we were taking a call from John from South Carolina and he had asked Jordan about Zionism and Jordan you were talking about the orders within Zionism had been debating among themselves about setting up a base a political base of operations I'll let you pick it up from that point I said it has nothing to do with God God gave this land to the Jewish people and I and others as a fulfillment of Bible prophecy knows a bunch of bull you go back to go back to the beginning of Zionism and he read what Baron von hearse and she and Wiseman and the other Zionist wasn't what they were really talking about if you go back and read it and find out where the money came from always traced the money and complicated that detectives will tell you that always trace the money where did the money come from and so when you trace the money behind scientist I've been traced to secret societies that gave the money to desireless and then when you see that the Zionists wanted to establish their first home where and like I said Africa Uganda and that didn't work and they will come put in Texas I didn't work well they don't put it through more other places before they finally decided to put it in the Middle East into what we today call Israel and so if you understand where the word Israel comes from and I've been talking about that a long time and you will find out that what we're talking about is a secret society a very old well-established well-funded very powerful secret society in Europe that has been around for hundreds and hundreds of years is connected to the Vatican from again that 282 logic and the Vatican is connected to the Hanseatic League untied insurance as has to do with the whole financial religious system of and from the alcohol society's i'm here's a hell of a story when you begin to unravel this mess and find out where all of the stuff really comes from and trace it back to where did that money comes off Dumas financier and there's a very interesting question but it's a very loaded question because I'm telling you Zionism has nothing whatsoever to do with the Jewish people got all the Jewish people don't know that they're dancing around and supporting Zionism today I work for a moment suspected but the same thing is true of Christians and of the Islamic religion to Muslims and dancing around supporting their God Allah never for a moment suspecting where Allah came from and where the concepts of Christianity actually in fact came from so you know it's a point of story we don't find to get into all but all I would say is that Zionism is nothing more than a plan of the secret societies to either look at Giuseppe Mazzini Albers point how the secret society is within the fraternal orders of Europe behind leave leave behind the what was I think royalty of Europe some very dark stuff has been going on behind the scenes but I'm manipulating and exploiting Christians when they Mulaney lying and distorting the truth for Muslims and and for Judaism so having said that if you know if you want to do something to somebody search look up help fuzzy on ugly Tontine insurance you know and where the money comes from and who prints out money today and where that comes from is all one ball of wax is all one story the continuation of something very very big very dark that's been going on for hundreds and hundreds of years in Europe and now as the world by the throat and it's all being orchestrated from behind seasons got nothing to do with being Jewish you better ticket you better go back and start looking in the back and sequence society pump again to do 82 and all this die and some of those organizations operating out on the damages ask where you either start looking doesn't they may think they do a big Jewish so then we hear all these stories about the true the goodness the Jews are doing that now you've been a legend at Bannock Vatican represents Caesar Caesar was they improv for the whole Roman Empire and the Jews were empress of nothing so when I am hear about all these things that the Jews are doing as the Jews are doing that though do you let her go back and we look at this picture because it has to do with the Vatican has nothing to do with being Jewish and and Zionism has nothing to do with being Jewish then the big story and I would love to one day Department I was one day I would like to explain this story so that people would hear it and understand it for the first time what's really going on as a sad story about how the entire world has been hoodwinked and lied to and tricked into believing all kinds of silly nonsense and often the very people who are the most hoodwinked by that society are the ones that are moat the most oppressed by them the people that they get to back it yeah oh you got that waiting enraged account let's uh let's take another caller let's hear from Diane in Nebraska Diane you're live on what on earth is happening with my special guest Jordan Maxwell welcome well thank you and thank you Jordan for being here tonight and for for everything really all the inspiration all your hard work I wish you all the best and getting your your identity back and and getting back on your feet and I'm gonna do my part to help read the word and thank you Mark for getting Jordan my question I've been watching some interviews of you Jordan and I hang on your every word you inspire me so much excuse me and one thing I noticed in a couple of interviews you had mentioned that you had brought David Icke over to the United States mm-hmm you regretted it and I was wondering if you don't mind sharing why that was that you regretted that well I don't regret helping David because David never did anything to me no David didn't nothing to be I did bring David over here when I was in San Diego I was working for a company called truth seeker and I was pretty much running the company for two and a half years and so I had access to the the trust fund which was very large and so the company had money and I was pretty much running it at the time and so I brought David Icke over to America at the behest of a lady who younger Alton's came to me and asked me if I would do that if I would help David so it's a long story but I really got my the people around David II never do anything about it but people here that were promoting David to me and what I did for them I gave them money I gave them a place to live I bought him a car I gave him credit cards on the on the corporate account I gave him jobs paid about $2,500 a month I did everything I could to help this girl and the guy that was with with her because they were trying to promote David Icke and so I gave him a job like I said I gave him a place to live a credit card to keep the money they travel all around the world the two of them and and they spent enormous sums of money to promote David Icke and then and and and used me and used by engineers at E and ultimately took everything from me got me fired and filled off the street and lied about me and got me thrown into the streets with no job at all so that was the thing you I got or or that's a whole story Wow you know how that happened and what I did and how I was treated I lost everything because I bought david icke over here because the girl that came to the ocean was so sweet and she wanted to help the one friend David I don't at the morning enough but she wanted to help David and so I said okay I'll do whatever I can I don't know who he is but bring him over here I won't keep your credit card on and I'll give you a job so I gave her a job $2,500 a month and I am a nine on office and I had the outfit the office in Des Moines with the guys but there I gave him a job and they have a car so on one of my car and they had that place than them so I got him an apartment and they have to have furniture in the apartment so I gave them both $3,200 a goodbye furniture as I give them credit cards money anything they needed and the idea was that the two of them would work for me and at the same time they can promote David I do and so everybody was making money off of me and then after David Icke was being becoming now well-known the girl went into the the company headquarters and suggest that they fire me and bring day that I came to take my place in which which ultimately knows what they did so I got fired by the same girl that I in finance and giving her money a home a place to live a new car and a job and given her a credit card so she could travel all around the world with our girlfriends all my on the my credit card and for that she got me fired and thrown into the street and the bring David I came to take my place so that the thank you I got from my name was Alice Ferguson Alice they're adorable we'll pick this on the other side the vertical story [Music] welcome back everyone last segment of this edition of what on earth is happening coming at you right now my special guest this evening Jordan Maxwell Jordan before the break you were answering a call or regarding a situation that occurred to you with promotion and I just like to briefly interject and say you know it seems that whenever there is even modest sums of money let alone when large sums of money come into the picture you just find out where people's real intentions and loyalty lies and you know where they're there you know the thing their value system is that the thing that they really want to put their attention and focus on as opposed to the truth you know do you find that to be the case the case oh my god I could go for hours and tell you about the people I trusted and the people I have been around that know they come in as they all would just love what you're doing and you know sign this piece of paper and give us this and give us that and I trust and I out why hopefully I'm trusting that to be healthy and then if I don't know they went to the bank and took everything out they ripped it off the listing stole the money stole the the products they stole everything and so yeah unfortunately that's what we have to live with in the world they say they have dollar signs in their eyes unfortunately they doubt about it yeah and incidentally you know you mentioned that and the dollar sign remember the original sign for a dollar was a I going to an S sure when I remember that sure like the word is yep that's right so so high going through the S the iron stood for the I stands for insurance and the asses for script so the the symbol for money because money as an insurance script and so if you're going to talk about the Federal Reserve and the Internal Revenue and why is the Internal Revenue called the Internal Revenue not for the whole country was the Internal Revenue and why is the intern revenue and the Federal Reserve Home Office in Puerto Rico not in a Marilyn I'm in the u.s. then the state's whole office of the Federal Reserve an internal internal revenues is in Puerto Rico why it has to do what Pirates of the Caribbean and once you see how on the Pirates of the Caribbean are tied to the Knights Templars because that was a symbol for the Pirates of the Caribbean is a Black Plague it was called the Jolly Roger it was a black flag with a Stalin crossbones and so that was a symbol of the Pirates no no no that was a symbol of the Knights Templars of Europe the ancient Templar order of Europe which was in a Catholic order American order and they are the ones that gave us what we call international banking or Pirates of the Caribbean and that's why ABC television and movies and Hollywood have been making all those movies about pirates of the Caribbean that's why Disney had it and in Disneyland parents of the Caribbean who was a Pirates of the Caribbean the the the order of knights templars the people who gave you what you call international banking and so they can all of their gold and everything that was stamina stealing pirates and Caribbean they hid it on the island of Puerto Rico so that today photo Rico is the capital is the corporate headquarters for the Internal Revenue and the you know for the Federal Reserve so you need to understand that the I asked simple bug for money as an insurance script this is why it goes back to the idea that the insurance companies back in 1871 that was set up one of the real powers there was setting up something called insurance companies insurance companies are based on your body the buying and selling of human bodies and it has to do with ton tying insurance and they caused the article either you know there's a big story here so if you want to talk about the Federal Reserve and all lifetime stuff there's a far bigger picture yeah I mean is really big and it's old and ancient and well-established and people have no idea how far gone this world really is you know you confront the Federal Reserve you confronting something that's at least a thousand years old it has formation it goes all the way back to the Phoenicians Canaanite system of water law along water maritime Admiralty parents of the Caribbean but it's it's a hell of a story there's one incredible story but there's really reading they're really trading and selling people's souls as they see it that's how they interpret what they're doing you know trading their identities trading their you know very soul you could say well I'll tell you what when a baby is born the hospitals will always instead of taking out a fingerprint or thumbprint they roll the the the the ink on the bottom of the babies son and they and they put the footprint of the baby because that's where your soul is and so that that's what they own they they now own your soul so they own your soul for the baby's soul before he puts his soul on the ground once you foot is on the ground now you are a man on the land but before you put your foot on the soul we say that before you put your foot on anything we we already own you but you were born we but we we got a copy of your soul and now in there in the high-tech world they're even taking genetic sampling at birth exact in your genetics yeah there's that and so if people do not realize to what extent the the Christian Church has said nothing and they do about this the Vatican knows the Vatican's behind the the the Billy Graham's of the world all the holy rollers and and wealthy far as they plur gee they know they because in in their system canon law lies even behind our Admiralty that's exactly right there'd be like it's all legitimate you know I mean it's a it's a clean whole thing yeah the whole thing is it would you fire we'll have to do another show on just that information sometimes because that's a fascinating study to delve into well you've got that language you get into churches and where the word church comes from people going to church I've no idea what that word means where it actually came from and what that would be and you'd be surprised and shocked that the word church and we're after the ancient dot Aesir can write that well it's a really interesting start again and people know Christians use the term Christ Jesus Christ they have no idea where the word Christ our priest those comes from and what it means in the ancient world when priests also Christ men asked us it has to do argument to argue or again it has to do with sex the whole idea of a Christ of priests to Christ is sexual term that was used as sex worship thousands of years ago Kristoff's price sex wake up and smell the roses there's something going on and that's why you have all the sexual perversion photography and all kinds of stuff going on in religions today with the Islamic religion marrying little seven-year-old girls you can you know marry six-year-old marry his seven or eight year old is absolutely outrageous priest was priestess was actually Lewbert lubricating a will that's right there was a lubricating oil and that's why the king of queens of the Europe when they became king the Queen there their heads were anointed with holy oil and that when the Queen of England was anointed with the Queen she had oil poured on her head that goes back to the the penis being lubricated with oil three stops to Christ sex worship you don't think so do some research on it you'll find out the whole life dia of the anointing the anointing in the ancient world was sexual lubrication of the phallic before sex incredible stuff going on right in front of you and the people of the world have no idea at all Jews Islamic the Christians have no concept of what's really going on but you can see you can see the residue of it with all the sex going on in churches and all that all the stuff that we're doing about every day that's all part of it Jordan we're coming up to the end of the show I want to just say it's been a pleasure to interview you this evening and I want to give you the last a couple minutes of the show the floor is yours well I thank you I suggest if you want to help me I've been trying to help I follow them if you want to help me just go to my website Jordan Maxwell show and if you would like to help me then contribute to either buy it by a money donation button or do if you want me to my Kickstarter thank you so much ladies and gentlemen that's all the time we have for this edition we'll see you right here next week [Music] you [Music]