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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm the networks website Republic Broadcasting org today is Saturday May 17 2014 we have a great show lined up for you here tonight the show is live every Saturday from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Eastern Time that's 9:00 p.m. to midnight central tonight on what on earth is happening we're going to be continuing to discuss the intervention theory of human origins we've been discussing this for the past few weeks and tonight what I'm going to do as promised last week is I'm going to present to the listening audience a slew of researchers and I'm going to also comment on some of their work and let people know about some of their books and videos etc and I'm also going to open up the phone lines and ask listeners if they have any other suggestions on researchers that I may have left out on you know of this particular topic and who they find very interesting and who they think people should look into as well so right at the top of the show let me give the call-in number if you want to get into the queue the number to call to join us here on what on earth is happening is 831 390 443 once again 803 one three nine four four three I do have a couple of quick event announcements before we get started with the topic for this evening I was interviewed there's three new interviews up on the water on earth is happening dot-com website on the news section or in the left on the left-hand side of the page under the latest news column I was interviewed on ghost in the machine on May 6th I was interviewed on illicit talk with Elissa hawk on May 11th and I was interviewed alongside Jay Parker on truth connections radio with Kathy Buckelew a couple of days back and that just went up on YouTube and it is linked on my website as well so if you want to check out the past few interviews that I've done over the last week or so check out what on earth is happening comm and go to the news section on Friday May 23rd that's this coming Friday from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. it's a really really early interview here on the East Coast I'll be on surface planet radio this is a on a terrestrial radio channel station it's on w g dr I believe that's out of Vermont and you could check that out at w GD r dot org this Friday May 23rd from 6 to 8 a.m. I will be giving a live one-time-only seminar in st. 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Louis Missouri and the doors will open at 9 a.m. the morning session will begin at 9:30 the lunch break at 12:30 and the afternoon session from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. followed by a question-and-answer session the seminar is entitled streetwise spirituality and the subtitle is what does it truly mean to be awake I'm going to talk about what real conscious awareness means what does it mean to be quote-unquote awake it's not what the New Agers want you to believe that it is it's so much more than that and it is so different than that state of quote/unquote consciousness that the New Age movement wants to pass off as being awake so I'm going to basically outline point by point what real spiritual awareness and enlightenment is actually about contrary to the typical New Age conception and it is going to be a very streetwise approach a balanced approach between the Sacred Feminine and sacred masculine principles and the Sacred Feminine and sacred masculine aspects of consciousness and that's what we'll be exploring in depth in this seminar really looking forward to it been preparing my slides and again I said this last week I haven't really been preparing many slides for the radio show I'm gonna get into more intensive research and preparation of source material and slides and things like that in coming weeks but really focusing right now on my st. Louis seminar and last week I only had a couple of new slides today I don't have any new slides for the show I'm just gonna basically present some other researchers and I'll talk about their work a little bit so that you know people can get a jump on this topic and realize how huge it is and how eclectic of an array of materials and research are out there for people's consideration so just wrapping up with the streetwise spirituality seminar the advance tickets are on sale there are only a $20 donation you can call three one four four eight eight four four five four to purchase tickets once again that number three one four four eight eight four four five four or you can email ray mummy that's our a y mu mm e ray mummy at gmail.com to purchase advance tickets at the door tickets only $5 more at the door for a twenty five dollar donation so that once again that streetwise spirituality Saturday May 31st 2014 at the Arden Mead Center in st. Louis Missouri okay I believe that is all the event announcement so now I have one more we'll be continuing the ticket giveaway for the seminar this week we do have one ticket left to give a caller came very very very close and I'll talk about the reasons that I feel I didn't want to you know actually say yes that is the actual correct answer a caller gave all the correct steps of the Trivium and he gave the correct subjects of the quadrivium but in my estimation the quadrivium steps were out of order last week so just give the the question one more time for the last single ticket to the streetwise spirituality seminar in our ongoing ticket giveaway these tickets by the way were donated by Joe from Kansas City so thanks so much to Joe for his generous donation of four tickets we gave away three already Swami Shiva Ananda Giri was one of the winners as well as Mark from Ohio and Jason from Illinois last week so hopefully we can give away that last ticket tonight the question was named the three steps of the Trivium and the four subjects of the quadrivium in order the four steps of three steps of the Trivium and the four subjects of the quadrivium in order that is the question if you want to call in and attempt to win a free ticket to the st. Louis streetwise spirituality seminar that I'll be hosting on May 31st once again the call-in number 800 three one three ninety four forty three so let's get started with the topic for this evening again this is ongoing we'll be talking about this topic probably for months to come at least a couple of months because I'll be really doing a lot of digging into some source material and reading into some researchers work as well throughout this entire breakdown of this topic it's called the intervention theory of human origins at least that's what I call it and we'll get into this in a deep way on the other side of this break ladies and gentlemen don't go anywhere you're listening - what on earth is happening right here on Republic blogcast [Music] you know the day destroys a nice night divide today tried to run do the other welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening right here on Republic broadcasting ok so the topic for tonight as we've been discussing for the past few weeks is the intervention theory of human origins and tonight what I'm going to be doing is just trying to impress upon people just how vast of a field of subject matter this really is by talking about much of the research that goes along with this area of inquiry and of course you know over the past few weeks we've been talking about the polarizing dialectics when it comes to human origins and how the vast majority of the human species falls on one side of this equation or the other on one side of this divide on the other I should say this a very polarizing divide and it's very deliberately constructed to be polarizing so that it keeps people in one form of brain imbalance or another whether they subscribe to the Darwinian quote-unquote evolution paradigm it's not evolution at all it's essentially struggle for survival paradigm that's really what it should be called the Darwinian struggle for survival paradigm or the Darwinian dog-eat-dog the paradigm maybe would be a good name for it but it's certainly not actual evolution not real evolution certainly not in any way that resembles truth and I do not subscribe to this paradigm as I don't subscribe to the creationist paradigm the creationist dogma which is uh you know the exact polar antithesis and these two dogmatic religions both of them are religions people can call Darwinism a science all they want it's a religion get is offended about that as you like but you know one the left-brain approach this Darwinistic religion purports that matter is supreme spirit is non-existent or completely insignificant there's no underlying intelligence true intelligence and Nate you know nature's just a clockwork machine you know then people extend this to things like how the body works it extends it to how society works or should work you know you can see how dangerous the entire proposition is to accept wholesale into your worldview and that's what it's designed to do and of course it paints that picture that you know people should be totally selfish because hey we're all in this as a struggle for survival you know natural selection choses Psychopaths to rule don't you know because they're willing to do whatever it takes to survive at the expense of anybody else you know so why should you decry psychopathy it should be celebrated right you know it's an evolutionary advantage don't you know it's what Darwinism essentially puts the idea in people's heads that it does that how it should be you know and then you have creationism on the other side you know spirit is totally supreme matter you know is insignificant that doesn't make a difference should be looked down upon and seen as something that's dirty you know God's completely separate from everything separate from his creation you know two distinct things the creator and the creation and God controls all the events within the creation so what do both of these paradigms support the idea that change is hopeless you know Darwinism basically says we're at the mercy of our genes and creationism says we're at the mercy of God's whim God's will you know forget leave consciousness at the door don't worry about human consciousness to actually create change to learn and grow and understand patterns and then actually change something here you know no that's that either shouldn't be the way that it is or it's impossible you know that's what these two competing worldviews these polarizing worldviews basically create in people's minds and you know the one thing that they both do very well and completely share in common is complete dismissal of free will leaving consciousness at the door total dismissal of free will and as I said last week also the external ization of all power you know once again either the genes have the power or god has the power but forget human consciousness there's no power in that there's no hope for creating change in that you know we're just it's they're both victim mentalities and yet you go and try to explain that to most people one they don't understand that these are both victim mentalities at all at all they're totally tied to their respective religions no matter what side of this polarizing dialectic people come down and within okay and they're completely unwilling to even budge from that position or look at it at an alternative at all because these are both religions they're absolutely religions okay so you know we we went into this and how this creates this schism in the brain in fact the actual brain physiology or you could even say maybe the schism and brain physiology leads people to accepting one of these paradigms or another if they're super left brained already maybe they start to buy into Darwinism and if they're very right brain imbalance and of a religious persuasion then they buy into creationist paradigm so it's very interesting how those dynamics work and we asked the question last week is there an alternative to these two prevailing yet you know totally entrenched paradigms and like I said if you just ask the average human beings on the street just do a social experiment ask your friends and family members where did human beings come from almost invariably you're either going to get the Darwinian evolutionary model or you're gonna get God made us this way you know that's it and you know I think if it's a sad commentary let's put it that way either of those things if people believe that nature just made humanity this way I think that's an extraordinarily sad commentary as I don't believe nature or God made humanity the way we are now okay I think something else did that okay and you know people were completely attached and they're there suck in one of those dialectics or another and that's what it's designed for to get people polarized fighting with each other and distracted from the truth we're looking into any alternative that can really explain what has gone on here on earth in the past and is going on here in the present in a way that presents it that topic with clarity and makes sense but if you just do a social experiment you'll see almost a hundred percent of human beings fall into one of those categories you will be hard-pressed to find someone a random average individual who will tell you that they do not subscribe to one of those paradigms or the other and I challenge you to do it I just I challenge the listening audience do this as a social experiment you know go and ask people what do you think the origins of humanity is and I guarantee you it will either be Darwinian quote unquote evolution or creationism in some form or fashion guaranteed I guarantee it okay just from talking to people myself and seeing where their their head is at where their mindset is that i 100% guarantee that that is exactly what you will find if you do that experiment you will find some people who will put a an alternative hypothesis out there but I guarantee you they'll be few and far between and you'll certainly not want to you'll certainly not encounter that many people who want to seriously consider and discuss the possibilities like we're going to be discussing about the possible intervention and interference that happened with our natural evolutionary progression by non-human entities here on earth in the very very ancient past so what I'm gonna do here tonight is again the purpose here is to try to impress upon people the depth of this ray of this field of research and how eclectic it is you you don't just make up your mind about this okay you don't just say it's not about a belief ladies and gentlemen that's the first thing I want to say all right what I'm going to try to present here is evidence not that's what science is supposed to be done using evidence actual evidence not just saying this is what I think I believe this that's called religion okay is there evidence to support this and have people uncovered this evidence and have they sifted through it you know and have they filtered it and have they explored it deeply that's what we need to talk about [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com we're talking about the interference theory of human origins and I'm going to be suggesting some researchers and material for people to look into on this vast topic however I just want to briefly go over what this theory entails we covered this last week this will be a very brief review we ask the question is there an alternative to these two imbalance yet prevailing paradigms of Darwinian quote-unquote evolution and religious creationism and before we you know postulated that perhaps it is a extra-terrestrial or simply non-human some intelligence of non-human origin interfering with the natural development of our species at some point in the ancient past possibly even continuing in the present day we looked at how there is a natural evolutionary process that is taking place in nature and directed by creation so you could look at this as a theory within a theory okay as combining aspects of how science scientism I should say looks at evolution except again leaving Darwinism at the door so to speak not looking at it from that perspective of it's just about a struggle for biological survival and nothing else it may that may happen up to a point with lower evolved organisms but then that work in the biological or genetic domain eventually proceeds to the epigenetic domain the domain of consciousness and that see this is where an entire field of endeavor an entire area of inquiry and subject matter unto itself an entire study unto itself is never going to be talked about scientism doesn't want to talk about epigenetics not much anyway okay you know they're they're still in this Newtonian paradigm in this Darwinian paradigm where it's all clockwork mechanism medicine still applies this to the body politic still applies this to social engineering it's all a clockwork mechanism it's all about matter you know and you know we want to run the body like a machine we want want to run society like a machine you know because they after all hey people aren't there is no consciousness it's just biological material interacting with itself and it's just like a machine the whole universe is a purposeless machine you know that's what most left brain scientism puts forward out there and you know then you have the opposite extreme with religious creationism saying oh it's all God God's doing everything there's nothing else at work or anything of significance that is outside of God you know but nobody puts tries to come up with any balance here nobody puts a theory forward to say maybe it's a blending maybe it's a balance between some aspects of both of these paradigms maybe there is a natural evolution real evolutionary progression not just about survival of biological material okay it works in the biological domain then it proceeds to the epigenetic or domain of consciousness the epigenetic domain and it's automated in the first steps creation is willfully directing it and driving it and guiding it you could call that process god I don't really care you if you are comfortable with that term I mean you know some people aren't whatever but in the early stages of this process and for you know vast stretches of time it's automated by creation until the point where it enters the domain of consciousness then freewill becomes involved see you could look at it like god is controlling things up to a point he's controlling the development of lower forms that these it's it's controlling this force is controlling the development in the purely material domain up to a point then when a certain level of complexity becomes involved then you have consciousness coming in and then the creative force there then starts to back off and it allows free will because it doesn't control everything it allows freewill choice of behavior once there is capacity for holistic intelligence now notice I did not say once there is true holistic intelligence involved I said once there is the capacity for holistic intelligence creation backs off the direct running of this process in the biological domain and it allows the epigenetic functions to then develop in other words consciousness and freewill and it backs off its control at that point now personally I feel that is a much more balanced approach and not only have I felt that that is how it works this is actually as what is taught how evolution really works in many of the ancient traditions Rosicrucianism teaches that it happens this way true Kabbalah okay true Freemasonry esoteric Freemasonry it's a blending of these dynamic forces the biological and epigenetic natural evolutionary progression and then that eventually proceeds into the epigenetic domain were than a species that has developed the capacity for holistic intelligence takes over its own evolutionary development based on its freewill decision-making processes ok so what this does is it explains that yes nature is directing the process of evolution but at some point a species becomes with the capacity for holistic intelligence becomes responsible for it's own progression or regression and there's that keyword ladies and gentlemen that keyword responsible after a point the amount of aggregate consciousness that a species has developed through its own usage of its free will okay is then taking over the the future progression stagnation or regression of that species that's what's responsible for it whether we have progressed our own consciousness or not through our free will do we want to pay attention do we want to learn do we want to grow do we want to evolve do we want to stop making the mistakes that we've made in the past do we want to become aware of patterns do we want to learn from history well all of the answers to those questions seem to be no in the modern day no we don't want any of those things we want to remain ignorant herd animals in a cage not evolving stagnating and possibly even regressing which is a spit in the face to the creator of the universe and enters to natural evolutionary progression of consciousness just spitting in its face and that seems to be what we've become what humanity has become and I'm not telling you it has to be that way I'm saying it's the case right now what we've become but we can change at any time we want right in the present moment that can be changed it's a choice it's not anything that's being done to us and this is what all the people stuck in these two schism paradigms let's call them the paradigms of schism see I just love that word love that word it says so much and it's a perfect word it's a perfect sounding word for what it really means you know a schism it sounds like it's a tense thing it sounds like it's an oppositional thing just in the word itself the way the word is structured because that's exactly what this whole dichotomy between Darwinism and creationism is all about it's a schism they're to hold people in thrall and hold them in the notion of powerlessness there's nothing we can do this is this is being done to us yeah it's being done to us you know we have no say in the matter we have no choice about the actions that we take do we it's all controlled by genes or the environment or by God I mean give me a break you know what that's called that's called little children who don't want to take personal responsibility for their own behavior and that's all that's called nothing else so this the the point that we were leading to last week is could the natural evolutionary process that is already at work in a species be interfered with let's just say let's just take for example even if it's only happening in the biological or genetic domain and it hasn't even fully progressed into the epigenetic domain could another species come along and affect the progression the natural evolutionary progression of another species well of course just look at humanity works thinking species by the day we're involved and getting involved in other species natural evolutionary progression every single day and in many cases making them disappear from the cosmos so we're involved in that what makes us think that couldn't have been done to us or that it isn't still happening we'll pick this up on the other side of this break stay with us everyone [Applause] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio so what I'm gonna do from this point forward is start putting out some general research topics and I'm gonna also put out some general researchers who have talked about these topics for many years who have a lot of books a lot of material a lot of videos out on the topic of interference theory as I like to call what people have called intervention theory they have called it the the theory of human origins from non-human intelligence they have called it ancient astronaut theory it's been called many different names I prefer interference theory or interference hypothesis personally because I don't look at it as just uh you know a type of intervention which you know could take on a possible positive connotation interference in general tends to paint the connotation that you're getting in the way that you're deliberately trying to prevent somebody from going where they want to go or accomplishing what they want to accomplish which is why I like into the word interference which has a more negative connotation because I believe this is certainly a sinister and negative thing that has gone on and it's a negative ongoing process and again I don't say that to instill any fear in anybody you know then none of the negative things I ever talk about or to instill fear it's just to make people aware and help people to deal with what is so that they can become empowered to change it so what I'll do is I'll present some general material that I talked about in my cosmic abandonment lecture and I just want to say before I even start this that you know the the people stuck in one of these paradigms or another the it's all you know Darwin theory Darwin you know evolution Darwin based evolution or it's all God doing it their attachment is largely based in fear their refusal to look at the evidence again you know most people will say I don't believe I don't feel this isn't about an emotion it isn't about a belief I was saying this a couple of segments back ok this is about have you actually yourself done the research have you actually yourself read some of the source material have you actually yourself read an eclectic variety of research material have you done that work with the time in your life and you know what the answer is most people cannot say yes I have they don't have one book on the topic they may have watched a couple YouTube videos on it and say oh I think this is all bunk and there's a reason for that and I'm gonna tell you what the reason is I said it let a couple of weeks ago and maybe even last week the reason is these people don't want to even accept that this could be a possibility because of the dire and disturbing implications that the possibility presents therefore their approach to this is it cannot be this way because I'm not comfortable with it possibly being this way and I'm not telling you I'm a hundred percent right ladies and gentlemen I'm not telling you it it is absolutely the way I'm not the way the case I'm going to lay out you know puts forward there you have to be open-minded and that open-mindedness also means you have to be willing to accept they could have went down a different way than how you're laying out your theory I'm not saying I know the absolute truth about the past what I'm saying is there is absolutely evidence that could be looked into and if we approach it with an open mind with a preformed notion of saying it can't be that way because that's too disturbing or it can't be that way because my religion says otherwise or it can't be that way because the scientists the the priests and the white lab coats that call themselves scientists told me it can't be that way you know that's not how any truth is discovered truth is discovered by actually looking at what's there by looking at the evidence and I'm telling you right now in all the people I encounter that come down on this one way or the other in one of those paradigms or the other one thing is always shared in common none of them have actually read or deeply studied the material I'm gonna talk about zero never ever ever but they have a strong opinion and a strong belief you know but you ask them well have you actually researched this well what books do you have what authors have you read can we compare video libraries can we compare physical books books in our library I don't have anything on it you don't have anything on it that means you haven't done one damn bit of looking and you think you're in a position to even offer an informed opinion see this is what where humanity is at folks we think that were experts when we've done no digging no research and I'm telling you there is a lifetime there is I couldn't research this if I lived a thousand years in its fullness if if a human lifespan was a thousand years you might start to crack the surface on this topic okay now I'm telling you the amount of research I've done is considerable but it barely scratches the surface and when you ask people what they've looked into you know it comes back a big goose egg and a glassy eyed look on the face and yet they still want to tell you they know something and that's how human beings are attached to their belief systems attached to the religion I'm not attached to anything I research and go where the evidence leads that's it and I say to myself well regardless of how many people are saying this does it actually make sense you know you can get people to buy into a notion that's wrong let's not forget that it has to make sense logically and intuitively both in both ways in the left brain way and the right brain way it has to make sense you have to ask yourself does it explain the model of the world as we can accurately see it today and in many cases both the religious paradigms of Darwinism and creationism do not explain the what the model of the world as it stands today certainly not how a human being is today does it explain because I'm telling you if you believe nature made something like this you know called humanity or if you believe God did this you have a very very very low view of both nature and or God and I'll be the first to tell you that and I get as offended as you want by that statement so the first area that I want to briefly talk about is source texts ancient source texts from which these stories ultimately derive end now we're going to talk about researchers who have compiled tons of information looked at different archaeological and anthropological evidence okay gone into the histories of many of these people and painstakingly uncovered details bits and pieces that form a puzzle that form pieces of a puzzle and then what it is is everyone's job to do is bring those pieces of the individual pieces of that puzzle to the table lay it out and say can we form a picture here so that we can now accurately start to understand what happened in our ancient past and once again people don't think this is important they'll insist it's not important to look into that let's just start from where we are now and don't get me wrong I'm not telling you not to be active that's the most important we do need to look at the situation as it is now and deal with it but if you think origins of a species is insignificant and him unimportant I don't know what to tell you I mean that is about as naive of an approach as you can possibly have because if you don't know where you came from you sure as hell don't know where you're going so let's let's just start laying out and just listing some of these source texts first all right and we'll look into them a read from a lot of these in the film future shows okay of course you have the Bible biblical texts mostly things like the book of Genesis the Book of Ezekiel okay the book of Exodus apocryphal so-called apocryphal books of the Bible like the Book of Enoch which is biblical era biblical period that's not considered official canon biblical text the Septuagint also will pick up this list on the other side of this break ladies and gentlemen stay with us [Music] [Music] well folks my code of silence on the interference theory of human origins has ended and I'm gonna be ending it in an even much louder way in coming weeks but let's go back to looking at just some just the general list of some source texts that we could explore the deal in many ways with these topics now of course as I was saying the Bible is one of these texts and people know my take on religion in general and it's that it's mind control essentially that is not to say that a lot cannot be gleaned from studying a lot of the texts of religion not buying into a belief system that surrounds those texts but understanding how many of these ancient texts were written and it is it true that many of them are written allegorically and symbolically absolutely and this is part of the problem with literalist interpretation of many religious traditions they don't understand that there's a lot of allegory and symbolism in ancient scriptural texts but is it all allegory and symbolism and I would highly suggest that no it is not there is some historical significance and there are actual events that are being described in a lot of these texts as well that the trick the key if you will to being able to read a lot of these texts properly is knowing when you're talking about something that's allegorical or symbolic and knowing when it is a historical documentation that the author is laying out and people don't want to acknowledge they want to come down on one side of that equation or the other it's that same dialectic it's all the literal word of God or it's all completely symbolic and allegorical and there's no in-between you know see again it's a dialectic that's always at work you'll see this pattern repeat in my work endlessly trying to explain to people often both sides are try they're trying to push you into both sides into one extreme or another because that's where you can be controlled from that's where no discernment takes place when you're in that level of thinking it's all this way or another when it comes to anything other than natural law natural law is the law the laws of morality and there is nothing that is unchangeable except those laws that's it the laws of nature are absolutely set in stone and if you don't understand how they work you suffer the end that's the part that you can't change that you have to understand it is extreme it is all one way and align your perception in that direction okay but when it comes to understanding how ancient peoples mixed different concepts in the ancient scriptural writings of different religious traditions it isn't all one way there it is shades of grey and you have it has to be read like you know a rosetta stone of sorts you have to pick it apart break it down in its constituent elements consider is this allegorical or is this somebody saying something that actually did take place and is talking about historical figures and in many cases there's a mixing and matching of that going out going on throughout even the same books because you think you know necessarily these books were all written by one person they could have been mixed and matched along the way and a scribe wrote them down you know or assembled them they're the work of man as such they're open to interpretation and as such they're not going to be perfect or complete so that's what has to be understood when it comes to studying any of these texts they can't be taken as the literal word of God in every aspect nor can they be taken as none of this could possibly be historically true and it's all just symbolic both of these are totally naive ways of looking at these topics completely childish ways of looking at these topics so let's just for for lack of time because I want to get to the phones okay and I want to see if we can give away this last ticket too and I want to get your suggestions I want to get to the researchers so let me just give a brief list that I outlined some of these things in my cosmic abandonment lecture all right we have the Bible itself some of the books of the Bible that deal with this Genesis Exodus Ezekiel the Book of Enoch the Septuagint the apocryphal some of the apocryphal texts again these things were left out deliberately by you know things like the the Council of Nicaea you know when the official religion of the Roman Empire was being formed and the Canon was being built for the for the biblical texts because hey these high love this high level priests class doesn't want people really knowing their origins because then how are the how does the priests class going to control their mind you know so we can't have people really understanding about where they came from we have to leave some of that out we certainly have to leave things out like the NAG Hammadi texts and things like that that's why they were even taken so far away from some of the places where they were written and hidden because you know the many of the people who studied those texts and live their lives by them realize that the the the early church gets a hold of any of these things that's it you know they're gonna be burned or the people who even even preserve them are gonna be burned they don't want people understanding any of the real internal power you know their real inherent power forget that you have to hide that from people you know and you have to only give them the exoteric knowledge you can't give them any information about again their real power or where they really came from because then God forbid they'll start using that thinking that you know that the priest class control isn't valid or legitimate we can't have that you know so the Bible is certainly one of these source texts of course people know a lot or have heard a lot about these Sumerian texts the clay tablets the Cunha form tablets and seals we'll get in that material also other epochs of creation similar to Genesis but in much more detail like the Babylonian texts the anima Elish or the epic of gilgamesh you have ancient Indus Valley texts like the Vedas and the Mahabharata that talks about battles between many of these beings the srimad-bhagavatam the Ramayana all right you have other texts from the empires that were coexistent with with Babylon and Sumer you have things like the Assyrian and Akkadian texts and their creation epics then you have some African histories like the the histories of the Zulu tribe and the Dogon Dogon tribe of course you have European myths you have the druidic histories you have the Norse histories than the Norse epic poetry like the Eddas and then of course you even have new world texts you know South American and and Latin American histories you have things like the Mayan Popol Vuh and of course we could get into I'm not as studied in it as some of the other source materials but you have the Native American traditions stories about sky beings as well so there are a Lu of histories from all over the world you know there's far-eastern texts and histories that go into that some of them a little bit more buried than others but and again you know because of the very draconian types of government that exists in far eastern countries you know a lot of that material hasn't even surfaced so much of this material is even still to this day not in public hands and is sitting again like I said in in research facilities or anthropological and archeological facilities in basements on categorized on catalogued because they're anomalous and they don't fit into the existing paradigm protection structure of those so-called Sciences we'll pick this up on the other side of this break and then we'll be going to your phone call soon stay with us everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm talking about the research that is involved in looking into the interference theory of human origins and what I want to do I've talked about some source texts briefly listing a few we'll be getting into some of them on future shows I want to talk about some researchers that I think are it is valuable to look into their work I don't agree with all of their conclusions very few individuals I agree with all of their conclusions you know in any individual however that doesn't mean you shouldn't look into these people's work because there's a lot of truth to be discovered in it and it brings a lot of the missing pieces of the puzzle to the table so you can understand the bigger picture again it's not about just going where you're comfortable going or just you know continuing to research things that you already you know think are true or believe it's about looking at all the perspectives and assembling the larger picture and putting it together so here's a general list and what I what I think I'll do to complement this list is with the podcast maybe I may not do this tonight because it may take a little while but over the next day or two along with the podcast I think I will assemble a bunch of links maybe well this will be a big podcast in the resource not the resource section of the website but underneath the podcast when I list resources that are associated with the podcast maybe I'll do a really big one and put you know links to all of these researchers material maybe I could do something like link to Amazon or Barnes & Noble's so you can get their books link to YouTube so you could watch their videos maybe I'll make like a little resource page just on this topic within the the podcast section okay not a whole page but like you know a large paragraph with a bunch of links something like that this way that could just stay there as a little resource or reference guide that people can click links and immediately go you know see what what research materials are available by some of these authors and and researchers I think it's a good idea I think I'll work on it over the next day or two okay so let's look at some of the researchers an individual who I think's been doing this for a very long time and is still putting out a lot of great work is Erich von Daniken now von Daniken's been doing this probably since the 1960s certainly since the sixties maybe earlier than that but he's most known of course for Chariots of the Gods the book and then of course The Associated video that came out based upon the book and he has a whole lot of other material out there at one of his uh good books that's out there he has a book called history is wrong and that's a that's a good one that lays out the whole alternative hypothesis of intervention or what I call interference theory you know he did the whole the whole series of books on the quote quote-unquote gods you know of course you had Chariots of the Gods he did gold of the gods return of the gods miracles of the gods etc so there's a whole series of books out there on the quote-unquote gods by von Daniken of course I think good starting material for him is Chariots of the Gods and that video I'm sure at least some people have at least seen Chariots of the Gods if you haven't you're missing a great documentary and another thing people a lot of times people will complain about some of these resources all they've all been debunked you hear that constantly these people are asking questions you know they're how many questions are posed by them they're not absolutely making absolute blanket statements and saying it definitely was this way and there's no room for interpretation there's they're asking questions could this have been the case does this make sense what they're trying to do is break this into the public forum for debate looking at it with an objective open mind which most people are unwilling to do because they have a religion and that's what I think von Daniken does well he asks questions okay he leads you with the question and then he provides some evidence okay and he's saying does this make sense when you weigh it up against this and you see the evidence does it make sense that it may have gone down this way and that that's what I think he does brilliantly so I find him to be personally a fair balanced researcher that has really done his homework and has looked into a lot of these source materials and has looked into the archaeological and anthropological evidence and I find his material invaluable personally I don't really care who doesn't like any of these people either you know you're not you think that's any sweat off of my back if you're gonna tell me I think that person is that their materials absolutely wrong and you're you know you're somehow discrediting yourself for saying that you like their material I could care less what you think about who I whose material I like or don't like could absolutely care less okay all I care about is what's true all I care about what's actually going on I care about truth and morality and freedom okay so if this can help to explain why we're in the situation that we're in I'm taking it in with an open mind I'm not gonna be set in stone it has to be this way I'm gonna look at what is there objectively and try to come to a logical reasonable balanced conclusion about it regardless of how dark that may be so another researcher that gets a whole lot of flack constantly and has been debunked from here to the moon is zecharia sitchin of course constantly you know you continuously hear people bashing this guy when how many people have done 1/100 of the amount of research that this gentleman is put out during his life none of them real quick to debunk ok real quick to say oh it's all nonsense and you shouldn't look into any of it and the the same people have done absolutely nothing in the way of looking into any of this material it just can't be because they're uncomfortable with it of course Sitchin is best known for his book the 12th planet and the entire Earth Chronicles series but he's an eclectic researcher and you have to understand how much material is in these books see you can't watch a snippet of a documentary a snippet of a YouTube video and this is what so many people do this is what so many people do I'm telling you the people who are completely ignorant of this entire hypothesis this is what they do I'm attached to an idea it couldn't have happened this way because this says otherwise or I believe otherwise because of this and therefore I ask people hey have you actually read that book No are you planning on ever reading it no well then what makes you think you're qualified to possibly even comment on any of this person's work you haven't actually looked at it it's like people who won't watch my New Age BS seminar because they're new agers well is there any validity what he's saying no why because I don't like the title you don't like the title did you hear a word I said in the presentation no cuz I won't watch that I'm offended by the title and you think you're qualified on speaking on any of my work you think that that gives you some kind of an informed opinion when you won't even look at it see I have looked at all the alternatives I've read into all the religions science ok the New Age movement you name it I take it all in regardless of whether I agree with it or not we'll pick up with some of these researchers on the other side stay with us everyone [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening we're going to be continuing with a list of general researchers in the field of interference theory or intervention theory regarding human origins I was talking about zecharia sitchin and how most people dismiss his research you know because they don't like the implications they haven't really ever looked into it you know and that's just where most people's head is at you know most people have absolutely no idea how truth is discovered whatsoever they go on their whims on their preferences on their likes and dislikes and actual digging and looking into the truth and deep introspective study you know doesn't play a role in their in their worldview whatsoever it's a sad but true commentary on this species called humanity you know but another gentleman that I have the utmost of respect for who unfortunately we lost though this past year in 2013 was Lloyd Pye Sitchin also passed away in 2012 I believe and you know these two gentleman's work will definitely live on even though they're no longer here on earth but Lloyd Pye is just absolutely brilliant his videos are astounding and world-changing as far as I'm concerned you have to really check out everything you know is wrong an evening with Lloyd Pye hominids you could check those out on YouTube or download them online he's done amazing work with the Starchild skull showing how there is non human characteristics of that skull and it is not just birth defects or just random anomalies he has a one of his recent books was alien origins definitely is carried on an advanced a lot of the work of Sitchin and others and you know found himself with an aggressive form of brain cancer this seems to be what happens to people who dig into this material and get you know extraordinarily close to the truth in a way that is quote-unquote scientifically presentable or demonstrable another individual I highly recommend is Michael tel injure his book slave species of the gods is required reading and I would tell you if you haven't already read slave species of the gods you're missing a big piece of the human puzzle that's all I have to say that's how important that book is all right but his other work is just also brilliant you could type his name into YouTube and watch hours of his lectures just great work I hope to maybe interview him on the show sometime would uh would be a great show I think another researcher who's been debunked from here not to the moon but from here to Pluto is David Icke and once again I've talked about this gentleman on the show many times I don't agree with every one of his conclusions and I don't have to and nor would he have to agree with it all of my conclusions for me to respect his work I feel that he's one of the people who really woke me up to a lot of truths about this world and again I've commented on his courage many times in the past I think if people were as courageous as this person the world would already be free unfortunately most people are cowards they're ignorant cowards too because they won't even look at his research material and how well-documented it also is you know you could research from one David Icke book an entire lifetime whole lifetime and you know most people know about him he's the reptilian guy yeah well who gives a damn that he has a theory regarding reptilian shapeshifters have you actually read his books have you gone back into his old books his first books and progressed forward through them I've read I've read like 13 out of David Ickes 18 books okay I'm telling you there's some of the most prolific works out there and you could research just in the endnotes of a chapter for a whole lifetime and yet most people have heard a snippet of something he said on the in a YouTube video or in an interview and they go oh it's a bunch of nonsense I mean this is how retarded people are you know they don't they don't look in-depth in anything you say one thing I don't agree with and the retards rear of their head and go well everything he says is junk everything it's all nonsense I mean this is an absolute child's way of looking at the world and researching anything when if you actually see you know what it's all about folks I'm just gonna tell you right now out here in the open it's the bottom line is the peas people are lazy they don't want to take the time to sit and read a 600 page book that is thick with information and reads like a text book not some not some fiction novel okay because Ike's work is dense with material it's dense with knowledge you have to read it like a text book and then you have to research into a lot of the connecting material and the source material that he cites his research is not a joke and yet people would dismiss it as such because they've never actually picked up one of the books and delved into it highly highly highly recommend and the truth shall set you free the biggest secret children of the matrix let me just go back to to Sitchin for a moment um you know uh let me let me give you some of his books because it's important to just make a general list put put a list out there of some of these people's books the earth Chronicle series by zecharia sitchin it includes the 12th planet the stairway to heaven the Wars of gods and men the lost realms when time began the cosmic code and the end of days those are the seven books of the earth Chronicles series by Sitchin and he has other supplemental material that goes along with the earth Chronicles series and complements it those books are divine encounters Genesis revisited journeys to the mythical past the Lost Book of n key and there were giants upon the earth and he has other documentaries it has been included in many documentaries it's an abundance of material tell injure his main book is slave species of the gods he has another book about getting rid of the whole monetary system called a bun - and I also recommend people check that out let me read some of David Ickes bibliography let's see David Icke has I am me I am free and the truth shall set you free children of the matrix the biggest secret the robot's rebellion tales from the time loop infinite love is the only truth everything else is illusion Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center disaster the global guy the guide to the global conspiracy and human race get off your knees the lion sleeps no more he has a new one now called the perception deception I don't have that one yet I plan on getting it but you know just absolutely profound amount of work that he's put into researching these volumes some of these are 6 700 page books ok 600 700 pages and I'm telling you you could in one of the books you could do a lifetime of peripheral research and like I said most people haven't read one of his books let alone all of them I haven't read them all weren't working on that I'm you know most of the way through I have a couple some of his most recent ones I haven't gotten too yet let's see who else I cos of course brought credo moot wha on the global scene and exposed his vast knowledge regarding the Zulu nation that Zulu tribes of Africa and their their histories so I highly recommend checking out credo moot waz work he was interviewed by David Icke in the video the reptilian agenda and I think he also has a book of his own out I can't recall the title off the top of my head I don't actually own that book but I'll try to link to it Michael - sorry on unbelievable amount of material ok just to even use the word prolific is not enough monumental amount of work that he's done particularly with the origins and Oracle's series and again you could research for a lifetime you know branching off from any one of the topics that he covers in the origins and Oracle's box sets of 22 DVDs all of which are you know around 2 hours long we'll pick this list up on the other side of the break stay with us [Music] you know today destroys the night-night divide today tried to run let me tell you something ladies and gentlemen some of these researchers will help you to break on through to the other side they'll help you to really gain a more clear understanding about where we're really at I'm not telling you it'll be a pretty picture but the truth often is not pretty so let's continue with this list of researchers and then we'll go to your calls was talking about Michael - sorry on and his work anybody who has not seen origins and Oracle's the 22 disc DVD set that Michael - sorry on put out years ago you are depriving yourself of some of the best research that has been probably ever been put out there into the world has been ever do coltd and you know absolutely blasted out on to the earth okay for everybody to see and hear and understand it's just brilliant work and I don't think he could be commended enough for it he also has a great DVD called architects of control and many many in-depth research series of presentation series on YouTube and his own website so also Graham Hancock is another great and prolific researcher in this field he doesn't so much go into the intervention or interference theory and comes down on the equation that a lot of the ancient monuments that he talks about were just human constructions etc but I think it's still very powerful to look at some of his work and I think a lot can be gleaned from it of course he wrote fingerprints of the Gods lost knowledge of the Ancients let me see what else Oh quest for the lost civilization that was a DVD three-part series that he put out which I highly highly recommend the message of the Sphinx super 9 trol and there's some others like I can't recall again I'll try to link up to a bunch of these on on the podcast Michael Cremo again not necessarily talking about the intervention or interference theory but when you talk about forbidden archeology this is one of the main sources that you need to go to how the so-called scientific establishment who I call the paradigm protectors anything that doesn't fit in with their you know linear Darwinistic theory of how we came to be or how the earth is the way that it is now is thrown out the door you know it's not allowed into the body of evidence and his book forbidden archeology documents this in extensive excruciating pain staking detail with tons and tons and tons of accounts I think it's a twelve hundred page book something like that all right absolutely have to check out Michael Cremo work la Marzulli now while I don't necessarily agree with his conclusions about you know some of the religious take on his work I think his work is absolutely vital and is very worthy for people to look into he has a phenomenal documentary series called the Watchers some of the best visuals I've seen in documentaries in this series and some of the most thought-provoking material regarding the possibility of extraterrestrial interference with our species I believe he takes the take that they are fallen angels as opposed to biological entities or hyperdimensional entities of some kind or extraterrestrial entities however I think his research is still very very very important and he has a couple of books on the trail the Nephilim is one of them the revealing is another but I highly recommend the Watchers series for sure and he works with a gentleman by the name of Brian Forester who also has really great research when it comes to particularly the anomalous elongated skulls that have been found that are not a product of cradle boarding which we will get into in depth on future shows and show some of that evidence and talk about why they're not cradle boarded and why that information is totally hidden from the people and even the scientific community and often just completely thrown in backrooms and/or basements of museums and never to be seen again because they don't want to explain these skulls and people will just dismiss them very easy easily and readily you know just again they're it's it's so easy to convince people that you shouldn't pay attention to something so simple you know you don't need to know about that don't look over there here have some of this here's a ballgame you know it's just it's a joke like I said most people are just a complete asinine joke and that's why they're living on a farm and that they have no intention of getting off and they're not going to get off of the farm the farm is going to keep rolling right along because they're just pure ignoramuses and don't want to look at anything that conflicts with their little so-called life of comfort when it's really no such thing it's you know again ignorance isn't bliss folks people think ignorant people were all so blissful ignorance isn't bliss ladies and gentlemen ignorance is death absolute murderous death which is what's happening on this planet you know and people have the illusion of remaining in blissful ignorance you know it's nothing of the sort they're being run through a meat grinder and they don't even know it it doesn't make a difference whether on the surface they appear comfortable and you know well etc it's you you could even be totally comfortable on the outside physically and be dead inside you know or dying spiritual death okay so they're in spiritual impoverishment and often don't even know it so ignorant is 100 percent total suffering but la Marzulli and brian forests are people got to check into their work it's just phenomenal David Hatcher Childress he's done a lot of work in the technology of some of these beings definitely falls into the category of ancient alien hypothesis researchers Trey Smith kind of um I might liken him to LA Marzulli a bit he's done a lot of great work he's got a video series out called the Nephilim the truth and has a sort of a religious or a biblical you know take on things which again I I don't just fault people for that and say hey I'm just gonna not look at your research because you believe in in exoteric Christianity no comma come to some of the conclusions that you you know basically align with biblical scripture and the interpretation of the Christian interpretation of biblical scripture no hey I got to throw out everything you talked about right because I don't agree with some of your conclusions no no I'm gonna look into la Mars always work it's valid I'm gonna look into Trey Smith's work it's valid you know I'm gonna look into researchers work like Rob Skiba I don't know if it's Kaiba or Skiba you know you know he takes us somewhat of a biblical approach to there's another great researcher he put out this series Archon invasion you could check that out on YouTube um see the whole point here is people hear something they don't agree with and oh that person's work is invalid or or pay they were affiliated with a particular group and therefore I all their works invalid they throw out everything I say cuz I was a Satanist in my past you know hey this person attended you know seminars or taught seminars at the Esalen Institute throw out everything they say you know this person may have been working with some kind of an intelligence agency at one point in their life threat nothing they could say it could ever possibly be true I mean this is a retarded child's worldview that's what it is okay I'm sorry but that is what it is folks you know if you think the truthfulness of information is just based on what a person may have ever done in their life it's the highest form of ignorance and and fallacious thinking absolute fallacy absolute logical fallacy in the thinking process and people can't see it they can't see it because they're totally attached to it totally attached to it and it goes on it goes on and on and on it goes and so does the prison folks and it's the very mentality that's keeping the prison going enjoy it you you seem to love your chains and you want to in fight you don't want to look at the big picture and you don't want to take what is actually the truth and then leave the rest okay you know a friend of mine came over for the documentary night my friend John we were sitting in my living room we were watching a Rob Skibo or Skiba I apologize if I'm pronouncing his name incorrectly we were watching a video by him and he says mark you know you just basically told me that you don't really agree with a lot of this guy's conclusions or worldview regarding his crew you know biblical perspective why are you continuing to watch this I said because there's a lot of great information that I can learn from this guy in this video that's why and he just said that's why I respect you you could take it in and you could hold it and consider it without having to fully accept it that's the mark of holistic intelligence we'll be right back everyone [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone we're into the third hour of the broadcast for tonight I'm going to wrap up in this segment with the researchers that I'm going to recommend to people and then I want to hear if you have any researchers in this topic that you want to recommend to the listening audience or to myself the call-in number to join us eight hundred three one three ninety four forty three we also have one more ticket to give away for the st. Louis presentation the question to answer is named the three steps of the Trivium and the four subjects of the quadrivium in order so some other researchers talk about another guy who gets a lot of flack it seems like you know you just put it paint yourself with a bull's eye as a target if you get into this field so um you know willfully stepping into that domain and so be it you know let's put the target right on me Hey like they say if you're over the target you're getting the flack okay so you know you're being you're going to be shot at if you're actually getting to something that it's at the lies at the heart of the matter and that's why so many of these researchers come under such brutal attack by people not because not what they're saying is invalid or has no worth to it because the paradigm protectors job is to ruthlessly beat up on anybody who's trying to overturn the paradigm that is protecting slavery on this planet and that's what these white lab coat priest class do okay that's their job you know keep the slavery system going boys you're doing such a great job of it you know your children are involved in it too they're not exempt from the slavery you know but you don't give a you don't give a damn about them do you know you care about that Lexus in the garage that's what you care about you know couldn't give a damn about your children otherwise you wouldn't be doing that job otherwise you would you would actually care about truth instead of what it takes to keep your tenure or your position of power okay cuz you don't carry your children grow up enslaved now that doesn't mean a damn thing to you so to wrap up this category a few people are really under you know hard condemnation Immanuel Velikovsky okay ruthlessly barbarically criticized for just having theories about the ancient origins of our solar system again this connects in with the interference hypothesis and cataclysms must be taken into account we talked about this I have a take you know that this is intimately connected with the interference our origin theory okay but we'll get to that in future shows but Velikovsky's book worlds and collision as a classic Giorgio tsoukalos he takes a lot of flack for his ancient aliens series and I you know I think that his early work with ancient aliens was very on point I think some of the later material gets a little bit more of a stretch because they were pressed to come up with new material to continue the series and it's some repetition and then some far-reaching but in general I really like his work Robert Schoch again somebody who indirectly touches on this topic through looking at ancient civilizations and monuments and he's basically a geologist that you know goes into like weathering patterns on monuments to talk about their antiquity their age and talk about the nonlinear you know progression of you know human civilization great work of course connected with cataclysms you have to look into the scientists D s Allen and JB de l'air Allen and de l'air their book Cataclysm absolutely critical work regarding the possibility of you know cataclysms having to do with what has happened with humanity and its mindset etc in regards to that there's another scientist I'm trying to think of his name off the top of my head because didn't write it down it's Paul Laviolette dr. Paul Laviolette he also gets into Cataclysm theory as well regarding Seifert galaxies explosions another researcher that you definitely want to check out when it comes to Cataclysm theory so they're the basic researchers I wanted to know I'm not it might have a couple more let's see how William Bramley I can't not mention him he wrote gods have Eden of course a great book on this topic I personally really dis dislike the word he uses to describe these beings he called them throughout his book custodians I don't think they're that they were the custodians of anything you know I like to look at these beings as farmers okay I hold them kind of in the same regard that I hold farmers when it comes to the treatment of animals and that's essentially what this planet is it's a huge farm in humanity is the animals on the farm you know that's what George Orwell was trying to tell people with the book Animal Farm you know it's what he was trying to tell people in so many words through an allegorical story it's so much more monstrous than we understand and again I don't say any of that to frighten people or to paint a picture of hopelessness you have to understand where you're at to know where you're going and if you want to empower yourself to get out of that situation you have to accurately understand where you're at so William Bramley great work Richard Mooney he wrote a book called gods of air and darkness which i think is very very interesting and good information to look into I've talked about briefly robbed Skiba or sky be' he has a series called Archon invasion out on YouTube some other individuals who might be a little bit lesser-known I have some single books individual books that they wrote I don't know they may have more material some of their books are out of print w raymond drake he wrote a book called gods and spaceman in the ancient East Robert Charo ch AR ro UX I believe he also wrote a lot of material in French but he does have some work Trant translated in English forgotten worlds is one of his books you have let's see Allan Landsberg and his wife Sally Landsberg in search of ancient mysteries another older book possibly out of print now will heart which i think is a pen name more likely than not it is could be his real name I don't really know wrote a good book called the Genesis race which I'm reading now subtitled our extraterrestrial DNA and the true origins of the species which I recommend people to check out based on only uh basically being through it not even halfway but there are some researchers that get people started and let me tell you something right there is more than a lifetime of work with what I just would just the brief amount of names I dropped right there in this one show you wouldn't be able to do all that research in a human lifetime probably okay even if you get started right now because I'm telling you where all of that branches off and leads to is so unbelievably huge of a endeavor and the amount of material that is involved what what we need to do is as the saying goes as I've said many times many hands make for light work we need to bring this all to the table and start putting it in the public discussion and doesn't make a difference what people think of you you got to say hey instead of knocking this have you ever looked into this have you ever researched look how many people are involved in researching this and you know that isn't just a logical fallacy to say a whole lot of people have looked into this yeah a whole lot of people could be wrong too but I'm telling you if you really look into this body of knowledge there is something to it it makes so much more sense than a lot of the drivel that we have been fed keeping us in the dark and feeding us BS that's what the paradigm protectors have been doing for hundreds of years keeping us in dialectics so there's a brief list of names to get people started and we'll look into individual works by these people in coming shows we're going to go to your phones in the next segment ladies and gentlemen stay with us you're listening - what on earth is happening [Applause] [Music] [Music] about everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening let's go to the phones in this segment I've laid out the researchers that I wanted to bring to people's attention I'm sure many people will have researchers that they want to talk about that I may not even be aware of and you know that they think people need to look into so all so let's see we can give away this last ticket to the streetwise spirituality seminar let's hear from Patti in Illinois Patti you're live on what on earth is happening would you like a chance to win the free ticket to the st. Louis seminar yeah sure okay go right ahead the question was named the three steps of the Trivium and the four subjects of the quadrivium in order um Trivium grammar logic and rhetoric that is correct and the quadrivium arithmetic geometry music and astronomy that is correct you've won the final the fourth and final ticket that Jo from Kansas City so generously donated for give away on the radio show so congratulations patty from Illinois they want a line after the call and my producer will take your information and then you'll hear from Ray mommy shortly after probably sometime tomorrow or the next day after that and he'll you know ensure that you need have all the information that you need to claim your ticket okay so um what else do you have first tonight now why don't you let another caller go ahead because I'm just soaking in this information and I'm already amazed by the vast amount of research I've yet to do so great well patty congratulations and my producer will take your information so thanks so much and congratulations yeah great have a good night okay so let's see who else do we have on the line let's hear from uh let's hear from Ivan from Phoenix I usually take him like at the end of the show let's hear from Ivan now Ivan in Phoenix my friend how are you I'm doing fine mark and you doing well hanging in there you know trying to break through the different levels of ignorance and cognitive dissonance it's taxing sometimes but you know the great work seemingly never ends so you have to be up for the challenge yeah tell me about it I'm holding a screening tomorrow all day at my home for selects you people of your natural law seminar I would just get down to only about three people really dedicated wanting to learn this so let's see if they actually show up so I barely got the third reservoirs BP about an hour ago so we'll see let me see you mentioned Cradle mutrah that he had a book and I looked up on Amazon real quick and found the title called in Baba My Children that's it yep I couldn't think of it but there it is it can't came back to me as soon as you said the first word I remembered yes yeah I haven't read that one I don't actually own that one so I can't speak to it but I'd be very interested in checking it out mm-hmm and then um I don't know if you mentioned him today gay whitener wiener dog yes absolutely he's done a lot of great work on talking about the archons Jay widenar absolutely I'll put him on the list thank thanks for reminding me about him yes right and then this was more on a what is it a fiction or you mentioned it with movies before Battlefield Earth l ron hubbard sure on that that's not necessarily research but they trying to extend opened people's minds to a possibility yes we oh I should I should definitely some time next week talk about some allegories as well maybe leading into some of the deeper you know a source material because the allegories really are kind of paint this picture in a creative sense I speaking of allegories this is great that you brought this up I was watching the video called Archon invasion the rise fall and return of the Nephilim by Rob's Kiba horse Kaiba again I'm not sure how his name is pronounced and he recommended a film that had allegorical content regarding genetic manipulation of humanity it was called splice and again I found find it very very interesting that things like this fly under the radar and I had never heard of this nobody I know had ever heard of this movie have you ever heard of this movie noise yeah I saw that that will maybe buy five or eight years ago yeah yeah but think about how unpopular that movie was I mean I had a man when with one of those two or three weekends at the theater then gone I'm telling you this was a Warner Brothers high-quality production with high quality graphics and you know animation you know 3d animation and it was apparently in and out of theaters hardly any reviews written on it and goodbye to that because they did you know and whatever a video a movie is like that you know there's something in there they do not want getting out to the public they don't want the public considering it in a big way right right right and that's funny that you mention a movie like that because I just finished watching 1997 film island of dr. Moreau oh yeah that's a great one right there also and that goes to show that humans in this day and age messing around with DNA and splicing of other animals was not to say that thousands of years ago that wasn't done by a more advanced civilization to us and then it's it scattered around through quote-unquote history and what's called Greek mythology with you with the mannitol whatever those horsemen and with horse bodies and it's like well that's a nice story but there you never know sure I would suggest that is an allegory of what happened in the ancient past and we are all living on the island of dr. Moreau that's exactly what the dr. Moreau is the N key character in the sumerian creation epics that's it right there hey real quick also um you were mentioning about people trying to get this work and everything and how a lot of this information is already out there sure I jot it down a quick note here that the information is coming out because the ones who are putting it out know that folks are too far behind to know what to do with that information basically they lack the Trivium so the the grammar is there yet they don't have the logic for processing it yes and then there is correct because they have so many logical fallacies in their mind that they cannot sequentially process that information to arrive at an accurate understanding of it that is absolutely correct Ivan you pinpointed I and the head so they don't even care the grammar could be all out there and people are just well dismiss that dismiss that this conflicts with my belief system so throw it out we're not going to even bother to take that in and process it you know nothing right sadly though their mind control works mm-hmm and another quick note I wrote found here you were talking about lazy and I wrote bound they're lazy to sit that this was my personal experience with the last time I tried to show your natural law seminar lazy to sit and watch nine hours of natural law but will work 12 hours for money and you got it bad yeah yeah and hey that's the god of this world you know and like I say if a piece of paper is a species god they belong in a cage you know as harsh as that may sound can can I tell people who their God is a piece of paper that they really truly truly deserve freedom I can't even really make that statement myself I think the people who don't accept that as their God deserve freedom AB son unfortunately these mental midgets okay out there who do accept a piece of paper as their God all right are holding us all back because the the the evolution of a species is what is happening it's not just an individual person evolving like these new agers believe you're in the same scenario and mess then all these other ignoramuses are ivenn stay with us I'll let you finish up on the other side of this break you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back folks [Music] [Music] this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio we were talking on the line with Ivan from Phoenix Ivan are you still with us here okay continue okay yeah just finishing up on that a little lazy thing we were talking about a while back I tried to share just a short your short little 15 minute video you did some time last year or the year before at either the Tesla Science Foundation or something like that yes tried to share that short little 15-minute video with a female co-worker at work and within two or three minutes she was already impatient and like just like come on out with it kind of thing I'm like wow you know so it's not only your laziness it's a impatience they want to write like you said at the natural law seminar that you should be able to come out and say don't steal and that's it that's I guess the answer she was waiting for there that they don't want to go through all their information all the research just tell me what the answer is quick quick I don't have tiny da gratification society you got it exactly yep and then you mentioned something about farming that the planet it's not custodians but that you were preserved farming and I thought of this as this film coming out in July called Jupiter ascending and that has a little quote in there there's these are royalty alien beings whatever that they're coming down here to earth and they know about us in all this kind stuff but there's a line that's in there that says your earth is a very small part of a very large industry you know that's kind of in distinction yet movie puts that out there and you're talking about the earth as a farm and it's like what's this movie called that's coming out Jupiter ascending and it's made by the the siblings now they used to be brothers now his brother and sister siblings that made the matrix Charlie oh I'm sure I'll be a good one then if it's put out by there yep one last quick thing godzilla came out this weekend and i watched that and it was very good and it's a little line that the scientist says something about godzilla is nature's balance it's nice way of balancing things and that was kind of interesting like the premise of the first Godzilla movie absolutely oh yeah and then real quickly with my last little note here was something about a change can come from something small with the massive effect and vice versa something massive like a global occurrence can have a very small effect and what I mean by that is kind of like in the movie Flash Gordon you had Ming from like across the galaxy causing these global earthquakes volcanic eruptions it's massive stuff on the planet right and I'm thinking those huge events oh that huge event all that needs to do is just trigger their little sphere mechanism in our in our subconscious and that little little drop in the pond right there and that right there just controls everything else awful wagon trommel works in a very funny way and humanity has been traumatized by many different events in our past not the least of which are the way that we were actually created that was a trauma in and of itself and then cataclysms that followed in our ancient antiquity as a species just absolutely did a number on this race and that it's it all adds up to why we're in the current state of mind that we are in you know when when conditions like that happen it has an effect on psychology in very on it and it's still perpetuated what's the first thing that happens at Birth the doctor spanks you in the butt but you get that ear that pain and we're like oh and then often times you're mutilated to at least men are exactly yeah yep Ivan all is always a pleasure always great insights whenever you call in so thank you so much my friend keep at it keep up the great work you're doing great work as well my friend so keep it up sometimes it doesn't feel like yeah and since you said that let me plug my website real sure absolutely read your mind easy calm so that's free your mind a Z has in Arizona calm and I know I'm not as I said this before linguistically skilled as you are and I tried I did those for podcasts and put them out there but I gotta give it to you mark you do this week after week after week and the work it takes to do the research and put this together and put it out and keep going it's like my goodness I was struggling just to do those it is taxing I won't lie and just tell people it's the easiest thing in the world because it isn't it's it's taxing I'm I I feel drained a lot of the time I feel tired but I'm gonna keep pressing forward and keep doing what I can and don't sell yourself short you're an eloquent speaker yourself and you did a great job on that and on your site and everybody should check out Ivan's site free your mind a Z com and that's an example you know we have a bunch of people doing something like that putting out videos and articles and you know podcasts you know it will make a difference in the aggregate sense you know that's what we need get involved do the great work and you're an example for people Ivan so thank you well thank you Mark you're you were my spark plug so I appreciate that you have a good night I forget take care all right all right great to hear from Ivan in Phoenix let's um oh just briefly too before we take the next caller I just wanted to give my take on why I did not give the ticket to the gentleman who called in last week and got the steps of the Trivium correct grammar logic and rhetoric of course I could have also accepted knowledge understanding and wisdom I would have even accepted the computer analogy input processing and output those are kind of the three ways that the Trivium has been described one is a modern interpretation the grammar logic rhetoric one is an ancient interpret knowledge understanding and wisdom and one is a computer allegorical interpretation input processing output where I did not give it to the caller from last week was because he reversed two of the steps where the subjects of the quadrivium arithmetic geometry music and astronomy and his ordering was arithmetic music geometry and astronomy and therefore I did not give him the the ticket and while he made a point that he felt and agreed with some of the ancient philosophers take that music was so primary and important to you know the soul and the makeup of the human being and the psyche that they actually placed it right after the the very first or primary subject with which was arithmetic I didn't accept that as as the answer because I personally don't agree with that interpretation even though it is true what he was saying that many ancient schools of thought did have those reversed I mean some ancient schools of thought reversed the steps of the Trivium which i think is a very dangerous thing to do personally but they did in in certain schools teach the quadrivium in a different ordering which I I personally don't find to be valid or something that is going to do justice to the entire subject matter of the quadrivium and I'll explain my take on this very briefly you have arithmetic which is pure quantization quantity measurement okay then you're going to have to study form music always follows form okay is a movement of form so geometry the study of form has to come first before a flow of form in the form of of music and then astronomy is like the the music of of the heavens the music of the the galaxies and the creator of the universe etc okay so that's the the the sequential progression and the reason for it and the reason I did not accept the answer with music ii and GM 3/3 so I felt it was only fair to briefly explain why did not accept that answer for the gentleman who called in last week although he made a good case for why he felt that that was a valid sequence I but you know I gave it to Patti who gave the correct ordering of arithmetic geometry music and astronomy so congratulations the Patti again for winning the winning of that fourth and final ticket let's go back to the phones let's see who else do we have on the line let's hear from Russ in Minnesota Russ in Minnesota you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hello Russ are you there I don't think you're funny okay Russ has dropped from the line so let's move on to John in Washington John you're live on what on earth is happening what do you have for us this evening hello yes hi how you doing hi mark I'm doing great I'm I just want to say that I love you I appreciate that I do I love who you are and the work that you're doing you've made such an impact on my life and I have to say also in my girlfriends wife Patti who won the ticket earlier side she's my girlfriend's group we're a great fan of what you're doing in your work John hold on through this break I'll let you continue on the other side ladies and gentlemen stay with us last segment coming right at you [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to Waddle on earth is happening final segment for the night we're on the line with John from Washington John are you still with us I am okay oh yeah I'm sorry so you can continue yes I just wanted to give up a couple names of alternative historians that you know that we were talking or you were talking about earlier tonight sure go ahead different authors a couple that that have had an impact on me they're older lesser-known authors a ton I'm sorry okay um the Bible is an English book that's the title of one of his one of his works can you spell his last name mcdhh re ma see the da RI okay Michael desiring talks about his work in his Irish origins yes Commons Beaumont oh yeah he had Keith written some really good stuff and I was thinking also Ignatius Donnelly yes Atlanta yes oh yeah great great suggestions there I'm familiar with Ignatius Donnelly I'm I've heard of some of Thomas Beaumont work I haven't really read much of it but I'm not very familiar with Conor McGary I do know that Michael - sorry on references him though but yeah great all great suggestions I'll try to include them in the list great I my question tonight I I have a page full of questions for you but I can only enforce pick one but your most pressing question than the one the most pressing question right now is the great work yes and how would you compare the great work to Christianity's the Great Commission in some way please I mean it is it a is it a ministry is I think what you're asking does that fit is that a fair yeah I was like evangelizing people with the truth it is I mean that is what we're talking about the difference is is it's not a religion it's what's actually occurring so you know you you could ignore reality but there are consequences that lead to suffering for ignoring reality more than that what when you ignore reality you're actually doing harm to other people because if you ignore reality and you don't understand the difference between right and wrong you don't know what rights are and therefore when somebody else's rights are being shut down okay you're going to sit back and do nothing let evil run amuck and other people are going to be harmed as a result so whenever people ask me don't people have a right to just remain ignorant no they don't when somebody is remaining willfully ignorant of rights especially regarding what is happening to people around them in their midst do you just possess a right to just sit back and say I don't care that that's happening I don't think that right exists personally because harm is being caused theft is being conducted if people are being robbed of their property in the form of their rights and other people are just sitting back watching it happen they're complicit in that evil act all right so the answer is absolutely this is it is in a way like bringing a ministry but it's not a religion that's an interesting difference in in proselytizing a religion to somebody versus telling them the truth there's a huge difference between those two things but I understand your comparison it is a valid comparison and I would say it does hold true you know the difference is getting people to believe in a religion isn't isn't necessarily in alignment with truth there can be aspects of it there are in alignment with truth but getting people to understand that which is in the form of the natural laws that are operating around us and through our behavioral choices are bringing us the experiences that we undergo okay you either understand that and you don't suffer or you don't understand it and you suffer as a species that's how that works so everybody needs to be on that common ground then we could have beliefs that branch out from there you know as long as you know we're not actively doing harm to other people if it's in harmony with natural law believe you know believe whatever you want if it's a harmless belief the problem is we have harmful beliefs as a society now that need to be dispelled by speaking the truth to other people that's what the great work is again it's a subtractive process it's a breaking down it's acidic it is a disruptive process of removing the the illusion of breaking down the untruth and this is why it people are so resistant to it they're attached to those belief systems I hope that answers your question or at least partially yeah I mean the reason why I ask is because my background is well I became a born-again Christian and lakitu took twenty and really super hardcore super hardcore Christianity exoteric Christianity and talked about olives and deep super deep and but and evangelizing people bashing people with head with the truth you know in Exeter Christianity viewpoint and then coming out of that right when I started hearing a lot of the material that you were talking about was the great work is like you know I started getting triggers sure you know is like you know okay so it sounds like that you know some of the things I've heard from being a Christian you know of you know bringing truth to people whether offends them or not right and so I am perfectly okay with this you know I I just wanted to make sure I was understanding you clearly yeah here's where it differs okay they're not talking about real actual in nature objective morality that's where the the true great work is different than any religion because if you find me a religion that's talking about the points of ownership and property and the actual objective difference between right and wrong and laying that out that distinction out like I have in my natural law seminar and by people who have truly understood and discovered for themselves the non-aggression principle I'd like I'd like to know where those religionists are because I've never met them in my life I've never encountered them ever yeah they're the religionists that I know do not understand natural law deeply in any kind of a deep way they can touch on it they can they can hit on some of its points but could they really lay it out and describe it accurately and do they have do I feel they have it any of them have a deep understanding of it no absolutely not I I wish I could say that they they did I would look I have no problem with anybody's religious belief system as long as the foundation is natural law the foundation is absolute moral understanding whatever your belief that follows that it's fine by me I don't care whether you're a Muslim Hindu a Buddhist a Jew a Christian that's all I'll just you know meaningless distinctions as far as I'm concerned if you understand the non-aggression Sacred Feminine non aggression aggression principle combined with the sacred masculine principle of self-defense in other words do no harm but take no crap from other people okay then whatever your belief systems are after that you know I'm probably going to be fine with as long as we start with that common ground which is why it's called conscience common sense and unfortunately many just like many scientists believe errs don't have real common sense many religionists don't have real common sense and again that I realize I get that offends almost everybody in the world so be it the truth is belligerent and offensive to most people because most people are not resonating in the truth at all whatsoever well unfortunately so I hope that that clarifies my position on what I call the great work I hope that's answered a question and in any event that's all the time we have for this edition of what on earth is happening ladies and gentlemen thanks so much for listening and remember there's only two mistakes one can ever make on the path to truth not starting and not going all the way we'll see you right here next week [Music] [Music] [Music]