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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Republic Broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm the networks website Republic Broadcasting org today is Saturday June 7 2014 this show is live every Saturday evening from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Eastern Time that's 9 p.m. to midnight Central Time we have a great show lined up for you here tonight I'm going to be presenting on air live over probably the next couple of weeks at least my cosmic abandonment presentation the presentation is all about the connection of inter the interference theory of human origins of as we have been discussing over the last several weeks to the current human condition I subtitled it an explanatory synthesis regarding human origins psychopathy slavery and the current psychological and social conditions of humanity I figured before we unpack all of this information and go into detail in some of the source documents and traditions let me lay out the thesis let me lay out my thesis in its entirety regarding where we came from what has led to the condition as we are experiencing it today in our world in the current times in which we live and then we can go and explore the detail but I figured let's put it all out on the table and what better way to do that then give an extended version of my cosmic abandonment presentation here on what on earth is happening so that's coming up on the show tonight I'm also going to be taking calls in the last hour of the show so if you want to get into the call queue the calling number to join us is 800 3-1 390 443 once again the calling number to join us live on the air and the topic will not be limited you could ask basically anything you want I just want to leave some time for questions and not just lecture through the whole three hours of the show so I'm trying to leave some time to take your calls the call-in number once again 803 one three nine four four three I do have a couple of quick event announcements that I'd like to read first and before we jump into the subject matter the presentation that I gave in st. Louis this past Saturday called streetwise spirituality it was an all-day seminar went over with tremendous success I consider that it was highly successful I want to thank the organizers Rae mummy and his wife Pat mummy and I want to thank everybody who helped out organizing the event particularly Adnan from UFO hub who recorded it got it on video and also interviewed me after the seminar I want to thank barb my partner for running the the table at the door there and helping out throughout the entire day and everybody involved who made this event go over absolutely without a hitch I think there was over a hundred and ten people there approximately it had to be between 110 and 120 people according to my count and it was a packed room it was a beautiful an absolutely beautiful venue the art and Mead Center and everybody stayed for the whole thing I mean everybody had great questions at the end as well the question-and-answer session went for an hour and a half and people were really ready to receive this information this knowledge and I could tell there's going to be a lot of people there who are going to become teachers of this information as well so I can't say enough good things about the seminar in st. Louis Travel was a lot of fun as well so again highly successful do look for the video coming up in the next probably several weeks I mean I don't want to put an exact timeline on it the video will be ready when it's ready but probably in a few weeks time we'll have a video ready to go live on both the what on earth happening.com website and my youtube channel there will be on Thursday June 19th that's not this Thursday coming up but I believe the following Thursday the free monthly documentary screening and discussion night from truth freedom prosperity and that that again will be taking place Thursday June 19 2014 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the Guarin Recreation Center here in Philadelphia in South Philadelphia the Guarin recreation center is at 16th and Jackson streets in South Philly this month we're going to be showing for our documentary night the film thrive by foster gamble thrive subtitled what on earth will it take ok for Humanity to create a civilization that is sustainable that and free and thriving and I think it's in a very important documentary I really like how he breaks things down in that documentary and it basically lays it out there for the everyman to understand and you know we have a new crowd that's turning out with these documentaries so we want to go back and revisit some of the documentaries that we've actually already showed we showed this in the past but we talked about it and thought that this was one of the more important documentaries that we showed so we're going to repeat it at the Guarin Recreation Center so once again Thursday June 1970 o'clock p.m. start time it's at 16th and Jackson there's a free parking lot entrance entrance on Wolfe Street just between 15th and 16th and after entering the main doors of the recreation center the meeting room for the documentary screening and discussion is the last room on the right-hand side it the event is free to attend but there is a cost associated with renting the recreation center so we ask for voluntary donations just to offset those costs for anybody that wants to give a donation voluntarily and again free parking and feel free to bring your own food and drinks which are allowed in the recreation center so oh and for more information on that meet up and that group in general you could check out truth freedom prosperity org I'm gonna make a preliminary announcement here tonight I will be off doing another all-day seminar coming up in Manchester Connecticut again hosted by art Capozzi and Chris Capozzi this will be taking place on October 4th 2014 I know it's a long way off but just announcing it preliminary here tonight on the air hopefully by next week I could have all the details and perhaps a an event flyer ready to go and to share with the listening audience but it's going I do know the topic it is going to be called demystifying the occult and it's going to be about occult symbolism and particularly particularly I'm going to get into Tarot symbolism in this seminar in a larger way so it's that the the title of the seminar is demystifying the occult art Capozzi is also going to be giving a presentation as well like he did last time up in Connecticut for my natural law seminar and I think this is going to be a really great event and it's gonna be at a really great venue as well and hopefully we'll have even many more people than we brought out last time the last time I spoke up in Connecticut so that's coming up in October October 4th a very synchronistic or synchro mystic date 10-4 10-4 is about reception right ten-four message received okay so I have one more quick event announcement on the other side of the break and then we'll be getting into our subject matter ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark a CEO of a couple of other quick event announcements people have been asking me about the progress of my book which I told them about several weeks back that I'm going to be working on with an editor and the the progress is going really really well and again when I first announced that I said maybe a year off maybe further I don't know I'm still not going to commit to any date but I just want to tell people it's going really really well and I'm very pleased with the progress of that so far so that's something I'm you know we're continuing to work on and also people have been asking me a lot about the results of my juice fast I did a 30 day juice fast back starting in around mid-february and ended at about mid-march approximately and I am very pleased to tell people that since I ended the juice fast that 30 day juice fast with nothing but juices and herbal teas no solid food for 30 days my blood sugar levels have not been elevated regardless of what I have eaten so I'm not going to come out and just totally state and claim that the type of diabetes that I have is completely cured not yet I'm not ready to make that claim yet however it looks like this really did what it was supposed to do I'll say that for now and so far so good so for people who have been asking me about that there's a little status report if this continues the way it has been going maybe somewhere down the line over the next few months I can make a statement that say yes this work and it is a cure for diabetes that hasn't gone really really far into insulin dependence you know a lot of people are looking at the new research about diabetes and you know there's been all this talk in past years about different types of diabetes type 1 type 2 type 1.5 or what they call Lada diabetes were juvie adult onset of juvenile diabetes or a lot of stands for latent autoimmune diabetes of adulthood which is the kind of diabetes I was diagnosed with meaning it's not sudden onset right to insulin dependence like juvenile diabetes and it's not very slow onset to insulin dependence like type 2 it's somewhere in between and it's uh you know they consider it insulin dependent of an insulin dependent form of diabetes but not as extreme insulin dependence as type 1 so I was told I could never possibly even control this with diet by the allopathic medical industry which was completely untrue because I recognized very quickly after I was diagnosed that I was able to control it with diet and of course they'll tell you you have to be on insulin for the rest of your natural life which is also untrue I haven't taken insulin since February any amount of it now okay and my sugar levels have been perfectly normal I've been monitoring them monitoring it and checking each day so you know a lot of what they're telling people about this disease is totally untrue to begin with the other thing I wanted to mention about this yeah the the new research that's coming forward suggests that there isn't different types of diabetes that it is all really one type and that it is just a matter of how fast you go from initial onset to total insulin dependence where the pancreas is so damaged that it stops making insulin altogether so clearly the type where the pancreas isn't completely you know hasn't completely gone to insulin dependence and isn't manufacturing any of it at all can certainly be treated with a juice fast and possibly even cured with a juice fast so again so far so good did a juice fast from February to March and my sugar levels have not been elevated since I am what I am planning to do is a maintenance to this is to do a juice fast for two weeks once every six months so to kind of break 30-day juice fast over the course of a year do it for two weeks every six month months as sort of a maintenance for you know what I've already done with a longer juice fast and I feel this is going to keep this in check at bay or completely eliminate it as far as I'm concerned and I'm really happy with the results thus far and thank you for all the well-wishers out there and thank you for all the people who you know I wanted to what we're you know we're interested in knowing how it went and wanted a status update so there you have it so one other quick thing I want to mention is that there is a support donation button on the what on earth is happening comm website it's on the left-hand side of the page you can click show your support by making a donation and that will take you to a page where you can make a donation via PayPal or request information on how to make a donation via mail so that is up there for people who have found value from the information I've presented on this radio show and my pot for more podcasts so if you you know have found value from that and you are in a position where you can make a voluntary donation you could do it through that support donation button on the left hand side of what on earth is happening comm with that having been said I want to direct everyone's attention to the what on earth is happening comm radio show page and underneath the player on the radio show page this is what on earth is happening comm slash radio or if you just go to the main page you could click on the radio show tab in the middle of the tabs and underneath the player you will see images for tonight's show if you're listening live or this will be listed with the images for the podcast tonight's show is number 158 and underneath the player you'll see two sections of slides with numerical links there is 184 slides this is probably if I'm correct the largest slide presentation that I'm going to with that I'm going to give live on the airwaves that I've done yet and I broke it into two sections so that the links would display somewhat decently on the slideshow so there are two sections of 92 images for a total of 184 images if you have any issues with the slideshow or you just would rather prefer to look at the images from your own machine instead of clicking on them and having them open in a slideshow format on the web there is underneath both of those sections of images a section that says all cosmic abandonment slides download here in the form of a zip archive a zip folder of images that is 48 megabytes hopefully if a lot of people grab this all at one time it won't cause problems with the server but you have a choice to do it either way you could either click on each images image as I go through the slideshow or you could download the zip archive and follow from your own computer so with that having been said let us jump into the material for tonight's show and probably the next several weeks more likely than not because I'll break this down slowly and take people's calls at the same time so I will do my best as I always try to do when I give a slideshow presentation on the air to make note of the number of each slide as I move forward so you know hopefully I could stick with that and it usually works out pretty well so here we go this presentation is entitled cosmic abandonment and you could see the title card for this presentation in image number 1 the subtitle once again is an explanatory synthesis regarding human origins psychopathy slavery and the current psychological and social conditions of humanity now the key term or phrase that I want people to take note of here is an explanatory synthesis so what this means is a coming together it's what a synthesis means a coming together a bringing together of a seemingly diverse body of knowledge and information in an attempt to explain the current human condition that's what this presentation is ultimately all about and we'll pick this up on the other side of the break ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening stay with us [Music] and we're back this is what on earth is happening I'm your host Marc passio let's continue with the cosmic abandonment presentation and I was telling everyone that this is what I call an explanatory synthesis it's not what you would call a total proof okay I'm not claiming that it is I'm saying that in light of a lot of this information that I'm going to present when you put it all together it explains a whole lot in a way that makes sense about what has been going on in human society for thousands tens of thousands of years okay so I originally gave this presentation at a meetup group here in Philadelphia called the Philadelphia UFO meetup group hosted by a good friend of mine Chris Augustine and Chris had a opening in back in December of 2013 and he asked me I attend this meet up regularly actually I try never to miss it it's probably my favorite meetup group in the whole area because of the kind of people that show up that are quite open-minded that are quite well-read that you know are willing to explore areas of inquiry that most other people's minds are completely closed off to and I find that a quite high consciousness meetup group and I've even joked around with some people and said this is my therapy session for the month you know it's where I can go to talk to other people who have done some homework about human origins and you know possible interactions with non-human entities extraterrestrial beings etc the different myriad of possibilities of life throughout the universe and it gets into a lot of discussions about what's going on right here on earth with the control system and you know the shutdown of different technologies and and medical cures etc it gets into all of it you know so it's not limited to just one slim or microcosmic topic of discussion but it really spans the entire spectrum so to speak and Chris asked me if I could present something at the meetup group and he had a whole two-hour block for an open presentation available and I said you know let me jump on this as an opportunity to present my thesis you could say anything I don't even want to use the term my thesis that's incorrect this is a thesis that again I look at myself as a person who has brought together the information who has aggregated it and woven it together in a tapestry with a particular style of explanation presentation aesthetics applied to it etc as again the old saying goes ladies and gentlemen and so many people want to you know attack me personally for things like this there is no new information that you you know people insist there's he doesn't present anything new this is just all stuff that's brought together from all different areas of inquiry and other researchers and you know well of course there is nothing new you're not going to present anything new I'm not going to come up here and say anything that hasn't already been said folks okay slavery is ancient it's still going on today it's been going on for hundreds of thousands of years what would be new is if we ended slavery okay that would be novel okay that would bring something new into fruition in on this planet at least okay but you know this old saying I want to start with it there is nothing new Under the Sun and people hear that or they may have heard it and it's an ancient saying from many different wisdom traditions throughout time in different geographical regions throughout the earth but a lot of people don't know what that for means it means the truth has always been here and it has not changed it exists all around us everywhere the problem is humanity also has not changed so the truth has been there all around them regarding what's going on on this planet and regarding what's going on with their psychological and social conditions okay and humanity has basically ignored the truth so there's nothing new it's all the same information that always has been here what would be new as if humanity took note of that information and then accepted it into their mind and heart and then change their behavior as a result and as a result of that they changed their condition that would be new and unfortunately as the saying goes there is nothing new Under the Sun that has not happened either therefore there is nothing new it's the same old story folks but to go back to the dinah interaction between me and Chris I said I took him up on his offer to speak at this meetup group and I'm really glad I did it because number one it got me to put this presentation together which I had kind of been lagging on and procrastinating doing because it's it's a tall order okay and I'm putting together the fine points of this now as we go forward and that's a real tall order as well and you know hopefully I'll have enough material assembled by the time I make it through the general presentation the general thesis to really go into the fine details and a lot of the source material in coming shows so I want to unpack this over months not just weeks okay that we're going to be staying on this topic unless something you know extraordinary comes up okay because again I've covered mind control for probably a couple of years I've covered solutions for over a year all right now we're getting into origins theory okay and trying to explain how the entire condition came to be the way that it is now which is extraordinary important to understand and people who think that this can be ignored don't understand how important the origins of a species are and how much control can be exerted over a species if you hide their true origins from them I've talked about this ad nauseam on past shows so we don't even need to be labor that point here at the beginning of this presentation but um you know I I thank Chris for the opportunity because it gave me a chance to formalize these thoughts in the form of a formal presentation and again give it structure and then you know present that and get that get the general idea out there to the public in the form of this quote/unquote thesis and then I knew later down the line I would be able to explain it in finer detail and unpack it so that's what I'm going to start to do here tonight moving to slide number two I dedicated this original presentation and I will dedicate the rebroadcast of this presentation on the airwaves over the next few weeks to the brilliant researcher Lloyd Pye and if people are not familiar with Lloyd Pye I'm telling you right now it's a huge mistake not to have looked into his material okay you need to become familiar with this gentleman and his work period that is how absolutely essential vitally important Lloyd Pie's researches and as you see he died in 2013 just late last year as a matter of fact he died the week that I gave this presentation just before I gave the presentation I think it might have been two or three days beforehand I'm not quite certain I gave the presentation on what was December 12th and he passed away I think it was the first week of December or maybe even just into the second week so I was very very very shortly before I gave this presentation for the first time and he died of an aggressive brain tumor and you know you see a lot of researchers going this way and you know people will say well it sounds conspiratorial what you're saying but you know it doesn't it would not surprise me if the technology exists to give someone a type of cancer that is very aggressive and fast acting from onset to the time when it goes terminal as it was as it was with Lloyd Pye and you know it's really a shame because he was not that old and I believe he was in his early sixties if I'm not mistaken I could be incorrect about that maybe he was in his late sixties but yeah late late sixties I guess so he um he put out so much work about human origins and tied so many things together and he did an extraordinary amount of work with the Starchild skull okay which is an anomalous skull that was found I believe in Mexico and displayed characteristics that were completely different from any human skull ever found and we'll we'll pick that up on the other side of this break ladies and gentlemen stay with us you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] you know today disguise a night night divine today tried to run try to hide and we're back you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Republic broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening com we are looking into an explanatory synthesis regarding human origins and the current psychological and social conditions of humanity that I call cosmic abandonment and people will understand why I've termed that that as we move through this presentation again it was dedicated to Lloyd Pye when I originally did this back in December of 2013 brilliant researcher people need to look into his work regarding human origins and hominids okay that's his main work I would suggest watching his YouTube videos such as everything you know is wrong hominids and an evening with Lloyd Pye again he's also done brilliant work with the Starchild skull which he became the caretaker of after its discovery and he's advanced the research of that forward a lot in the genetics realm to try to prove scientifically that it is not of human origin moving on to slide number three this is a quote one of the only few quotes that I might have throughout this whole slideshow presentation from the philosopher the Greek philosopher Aristotle he said that it is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it and I would suggest it's the mark of a truly intelligent mind to be able to entertain any given set of thoughts without either accepting or rejecting them okay so I'm not asking people to accept everything I'm saying here but I'm also not expecting them to immediately reject it out of hands hand because it somehow conflicts with their pre-existing belief system or just because it is uncomfortable to even consider the possibilities I'm going to raise the during the course of this presentation and too many people cannot do this all right unfortunately and it's part of the human condition that we're in you know we hear new information and we immediately try to fit it into one of our boxes does this fit in my religion box no well then goodbye out the door it goes and don't ever bring it back does this fit into my scientism box you know that the truth can only come from established mainstream quote/unquote science oh it doesn't fit in that science says that isn't it isn't that way well out the door it goes and don't ever bring it around me again does this fit into my new-age box you know most things don't because anything slightly negative you know that they're saying something that is unpleasant to hear doesn't fit in the new-age box as we all know you know so if this is asking me to consider anything that is somewhat unpleasant well it's got to go you know can't look at that you know it's just ridiculous it's so ridiculous how people think it's unbelievable that we're still in that condition you know does this fit into my paradigm that there's such a thing as Authority my government and politics box no oh well then then it's got to go and God forbid because I'm going to attack the global worldwide 100% omnipresent religion the monetary God in this presentation you know Walt doesn't fit in with any kind of a monetary system this information well then it's the devil obviously you know and you know people can say all they want that that's not how the vast majority of people think but that's exactly how it is it's exactly how it is and as long as people think that way as long as people when they hear new information if it doesn't if it immediately conflicts with their existing paradigm their existing worldview their existing programming if they immediately reject it out of hand the human condition cannot possibly change that's the definition of slavery is the inability to think differently than we're already thinking because the way we're already thinking has gotten our slavery folks so by definition if you want to change the condition you got to change the way you think and if you continue to think the way you've already the way you've been thinking for hundreds of thousands of years as a species okay and it hasn't changed the condition what what how could you possibly expect the continuation of that kind of thought to somehow lead to freedom and to somehow change the existing condition which people say that they don't want impossible so I mean this sets the tone of the whole presentation this quote as far as I'm concerned which is why I opened with it it gives us an insight into where the human mindset is already at it's not already on board with my existing paradigm it's got to be thrown out or if hey if I have been looking into that this stuff doesn't make a difference how possibly wildly off were inaccurate something is I'm gonna just take it all in and accept it as true that's equally as dangerous that's a form of right brain imbalance and you know just accepting everything filters have to be up discernment and judgment are required going into research materials going into source materials weighing things in the balance that's what this is all about applying a filtration system applying a truth discovery methodology weeding out inconsistencies asking yourself continuously does this make sense giving the given the current conditions does this make sense as a possible plausible explanation that's why I call the whole presentation an explanatory synthesis it's an attempt at explaining why we're in the position we're at today as a species so let's move to the next slide slide number four and again I'm going to take my time with this like I did my New Age BS presentation okay when did it on air we'll unpack this over however long it takes to do it okay there's the world's not going anywhere right now slavery's not going anywhere right now at least okay so we could take our time with this material and you know try to give people a chance to take it and digest it okay and do your their own research in the process which I'll continuously be sitt suggesting different researchers and putting links in with these shows so this is my caveat or you know a you know little before we begin section all right and here's here it is the information contained in this presentation does not constitute a proof nor wasn't my intention to attempt to provide a proof proof of anything of such magnitude or covering all aspects of such topics could not possibly be accomplished within the confines of a two-hour presentation now that was the time limit that I originally had to give this presentation when I did it live which is extraordinarily short amount of time and I really had to rush through it and I made a couple of errors in doing that which I'll try to correct over the the you know slower unpacking of this presentation over the next few weeks but you know I challenge anybody try to put something together okay that does as decent of a job as this presentation did if you watch the two-hour version of it that tries to tackle a topic this large okay and just give people little bits and pieces of all different seemingly disparate pieces of information that brings a picture or a tapestry together in people's minds as well as this presentation did it which I will toot my own horn a little bit and say I feel I did a very good job in that short of confines to hours which I was pretty strictly limited to I think I may have by a couple of minutes but not very many it might have been like two hours and four or five minutes or something like that but it was pretty close to the two hour limit that I was told I had so the second part of this caveat is also please recognize that I am NOT attempting to convince anyone to accept or believe anything contained in this presentation I've said from day one believing me is the worst thing you can do I don't want to present information you hear it and you say oh that sounds good I believe you worst thing that could possibly happen I'm not interested in anybody believing we're following me never have been not not now and then never going to be alright I want people to research things for themselves extensively eclectically meaning from a as wide of a possibility of sources a wide an array of sources as is possible that's how you put that discernment and judgment into place you research widely not with a narrow focus you have to become a generalist when it comes to these types of topics I am asking however those with an open mind to seriously consider this explanatory model by asking questions and researching these topics for yourself you'll pick this up on the other side of the break ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening [Laughter] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] welcome back everyone second hour of this edition of what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm I'll give the call-in number once again I'll be going to your calls in the third hour if there are any 803 one three nine four four three once again the calling number to join us next our 800 three one three ninety four forty three and if there aren't that many callers you know I'll take the ones that do call in and uh plenty of material more than enough material to cover during the the show so let's continue where we left off last hour I was looking we were moving to slide number five slide number five has two images of the title cards from or title slides from two presentations that I formerly gave on the topic of what you would consider the field of ufology UFO non-human intelligence etc the first was it back in 2010 at the Philadelphia UFO Awareness Day hosted by Pennsylvania MUFON the mutual UFO network of Pennsylvania and I spoke with a lot of other great researchers that day and I gave a presentation called don't count on disclosure this is one I have not put on my own website because I don't have the video of it I believe it was filmed but if not if I'm mistaken about that I did give that again at a UFO conference it was one of the UFO Congress conferences I believe hosted by dr. UFO Pat market ilio so perhaps he might have some of he might have that video and I could get that from him and and pose this although it was you know it was a four years ago I gave that presentation but still really vital material still really material that is very applicable today because it talks about all the reasons that people who were interested in the UFO phenomenon people who are interested in the possibility of human interaction with non-human intelligence should not get their hopes up as two lines of quote unquote official disclosure meaning our governments of the world going to come clean and tell what they know about these phenomena forget it you're not going to see that happen unless government breaks down when government breaks down and there no longer is a control system that's when we're going to see the truth about human origins brought out in a much bigger way because these are the people who are actually holding this information down okay the this is what's locked up you know tighter than a vault alright and this and they don't want this information coming out to for Humanity to understand because again the control of the knowledge of are the origins of any given species is the control of that species and they want to continue to control humanity so it was ultimately all the different reasons why you shouldn't expect disclosure like you know free energy coming forward well these beings obviously are not using fossil fuels and coal you know shoveling coal into some kind of an engine on board their advanced craft alright they're using technologies that we can barely conceive of or understand at our level of development and it's probably technologies than interact with a much lower level of reality than we operate at and I mean by lower level I mean much closer to the Unified Field level of energy and consciousness and it's not based on excuse me it's not based on you know exploding substances together it's based on tapping that unified field of energy and getting down to the very source the underlying unified source of everything where things are undifferentiated it's not about you know even you know chemical molecular or atomic level energy or nuclear were a subatomic even it goes much much deeper than that it's what people have called unified field level energy free energy zero-point energy etc that's one of the reasons for cover-up another reason for cover-up is probably religious faiths and traditions would break down because people would become very much aware of how much the inter our interaction with these beings have to do with the formulation of world religions which I'm going to talk about later in this presentation the second slide title card here on the right morality and disclosure I gave back in 2012 at another Pennsylvania MUFON conference this was also a great event I got to sit on the panel discussion group as well with other great researchers like Travis Walton and Richard Dolan and others and this was subtitled moral issues involved in the continued cover-up of extraterrestrial phenomena and what I did in this presentation was explain the overall worldview of secrecy and coercion and violence and absolutely no respect or any kind of allegiance to truth that is necessary to maintain in the ongoing cover-up of the truth of our interaction with other types of beings you know the kind of aggression and violence that has been done to people have tried to break a lot of this information out and the threats that have been made to them I talk about this a lot in this presentation and I use the Roswell incident the alleged crash of a flying disc at Roswell New Mexico in the surrounding area of Roswell back in 1948 as a case study a psychological case study of what kind of psychological dynamics are in in the ongoing cover-up and you know one of the things I did really want to get to in this presentation and didn't really unpack too much is the people who are really covering up this phenomenon are people in the military and the intelligence agencies and the media there who are ultimately responsible you know we have to go and ask that question who is ultimately responsible for the embargo on truth when it comes to these issues and it is those groups of people it's the military-industrial complex who are protecting the energy paradigm okay it's the oil industry and the executives that run that and the bankers that are lie behind that as well but moreover the people who do it directly are people in the military and intelligence agencies because they're the one who or who our feet on the ground in cover-up operations when it comes to these type of things and then the media just goes along and does whatever you know if it it the repeaters you know the the horace pondan says they're called the prostitutes they just do their job very well of just repeating whatever the military industrial complex Psychopaths tell them to repeat for a paycheck you know no allegiance to truth and i'm very highly proud of how this presentation came out i I still think it's one of my favorite presentations that I've done for how it addresses part a dynamic of a an entire field that hardly anyone ever touches on that dynamic morality involved in the whole disclosure process and how people just don't have it that's the reason we haven't disclosed the truth about this topic is because again the human species is largely an amoral species of beings and that's not our nature that is our current condition all right you have to make that delineation very clear between nature and the condition that we're currently in so this presentation is going to be given in a few parts we're gonna first do an introduction which I call starting from where we were left off and then I talked about the story of our past and then I talk about the story of our present and then I talk about the story of our future or what we can do about the situation that we are currently in okay so let's uh let's begin section number one and this is slide number six I call starting from where we were left off and the word is in parentheses so in other words starting from where we left off but this is a new twist on us starting from where we were left off okay meaning again that abandonment theme that we were left here okay and we'll get to what that ultimately means later but this is the introduction section and again I address the dynamic of religion here the world religions and again people hear that and this has been something I've you know pounded on relentlessly throughout you know all of my work and all of my radio shows and presentations I keep constantly going back to this theme most people have a religion and I don't mean just a cultural religion meaning that they're a Christian a Jew a Hindu a Muslim a Buddhist etc they have a belief system or a worldview that is holding them back from seeing the truth so we'll continue from right there on the other side stay with us everyone [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm continuing with the cosmic abandonment presentation that I'm sort of giving as a prelude or a setup to unpacking more detailed information about what I call interference theory of human origins other researchers have called an intervention theory like the person who I have dedicated this presentation to Lloyd Pye I consider it interference with our natural evolutionary progression we were on slide number seven and I was talking about the overarching worldviews that hold us back from where we say we want to go as a species what I call the false religions I consider there's only really one true religion and that's truth itself there's only one thing that could take us to where we say we want to go as a species we want to go to freedom we want to go to harmony peace free energy exploring the Stars all the things we say are good for humanity Universal brother and sisterhood etc you want all those things I want all those things most people will say sure yeah I want all those things well why don't we have them because mind sets that control the mind are holding back the manifestation of those conditions because as the mind is controlled behavior comes out in a particular manifestation that prevents those conditions from occurring that the conditions we say we want those are called false religions once again the only way we're going to come to getting all the things we say we want for ourselves is through the acceptance of truth when we accept truth and then we speak truth to others and we understand natural law then we're going to have all the things that we say we want you know and the universe will come to our assistance as a species and we will be able to do things that we thought impossible before as long as we stay in false religions expect more slavery expect the same old story that has been here for hundreds of thousands of years and most people are still in one of these religions whether it be again we talked about it earlier politics the religion of authority all the cultural religions they try to squeeze everything into my one little box of cultural religion what I've depicted there up on the upper right-hand side of slide number seven you know all the different cultural religions Christianity Judaism Hinduism Buddhism Islam Taoism Shintoism etc and so forth okay then you have the scientism community that doesn't think that they're religious and they've just turned science into a religion and of course the New Age movement and I've broken it down into the you know the left hand the left brain hemisphere of religions authority and scientism and the right brain hemisphere religions cultural religion and the New Age movement all the things that hold humanity back and everybody who's trapped in one of those religions thinks it's the answer and they've bought into a false paradigm they bought into a completely false notion of an entire worldview a whole perspective of seeing reality from a totally filtered and cut off perspective see they want to make their false religion into the truth when I've told people the only thing that's going to save humanity is making truth into our true religion getting rid of all the false belief systems the false worldviews that aren't serving who we are but people will try to put everything into their little box for consciousness because their consciousness is too small to expand it outside the parameters of that box unfortunately some people listening to this show right now are in that position some people listening to this radio station are in that position you know it's all fear that holds people back and you know people will say well who-who aren't you including in here you know yeah that's basically going and attacking everybody yeah everybody with an ism everybody with a belief system you know if it's a belief system that doesn't lead to truth that doesn't lead to heart living in harmony with natural law and therefore becoming more free because you are becoming more moral as a human being and then as a species then that's an ism that is holding you back and that's what all false religion is and there's one overarching religion moving to slide number eight that binds them all together and brings them all together in a nice neat little package because it's the ultimate religion that's running the whole planet and has the most adherents the most blind believers the most blind followers than any other religion you know I'm telling you you know as the number one cultural religion in the world Islam and Christianity they're number one and two they have nothing on this one zero okay absolutely nothing all the atheists put together in the world all the scientists and believers everybody who believes in government all put together has nothing on the believers of the religion called money it is the overarching worldwide religion and people never even questioned the origins of the monetary system of all money they want to think oh it's all just about some bankers that came together to alleviate the burden of carrying gold coins okay so they put them in vaults and then charged people you know gave people interest on keeping them in there and then realize that they could you know have actually much less actual deposits in their coffers than they were able to lend out and so they can make enormous sum of money it's called fractional lending people think that's the origins of money I mean you know this is utterly ridiculous money was around for hundreds of thousands of years before this okay just because the established history doesn't want to tell us that doesn't mean that money and monetary systems didn't exist before that because money was given to us by the quote-unquote gods beings that have absolutely nothing in common with our better interests who are all about enslaving and controlling us created and gave us all monetary systems and we'll be looking at that as we progress forward in this information as well you know the people the farmers of this world invented money okay gave it to their animals said hey how can we get our animals to interact better so we don't have to control the farm as ruthlessly and brutally and it's a little bit less work to control the farm well we'll come up with this thing called magical pieces of paper or magical chips of metal that they interact with because we've made them so screwed up that you know they're so barbaric in their interactions that we have to give them this fake system to you know get them to interact with each other in a little more civil manner so they're not running around this planet so crazy that they're impossible to control that's where the monetary systems of this world came from and there are people who are so attached to it so you know I deliberately tried to upset everybody here okay because if you accept any of these religions your mind is in a cage and if it stays there you cannot cannot work toward true freedom because your mind is working toward a system of control called a religion that is going to keep the current human condition exactly as it is enslaved we'll pick this up on the other side stay with us [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] the cool side that we don't hear speak it's a while between us little ribs so deep we keep there there's nothing wrong there's a cold of fact I can't go wrong code of silence about human origins cannot go on not if we're truly going to free ourselves ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio we were on slide number one of my cosmic I'm sorry slide number nine of my cosmic abandonment presentation in which I pretty much put up this image of all the religions you know crossed out and explaining to people that if you try to put consciousness into one of these boxes the five overarching religions of the world cultural religion the New Age movement the religion of authority scientism or the monetary system more likely than not you will be prevented from being able to see the bigger picture the patterns okay and you will not be able to see what needs to be changed such that we can actually change the human condition and get what we say we want in our experience in life as a species and you know too many people are in that condition as I've already said and there's a reason for that you know and it has to do with how we were made so slide number 10 there's the one religion that's it you want the one way out of slavery there it is staring you in the face what's already been there it's already there has been there it's not going anywhere it's never going anywhere can't be destroyed you know the problem is humanity refuses to engage it and humanity can certainly be destroyed oh it can go away you know there may be nothing new Under the Sun as far as truth is concerned it's always been here it's colonel it's singular its objective but you know one thing that can disappear from under the Sun is the human species there's nothing that says we have to remain here we can certainly go we're well on our way out the door as a species because of our refusal to engage truth so you know slide number 10 shows what I call the one true religion there's only one true religion it has nothing to do with a belief system it has to do with the acceptance of that which is that which has occurred and in that involves looking into the past and being honest about what has happened here rediscovery of what has happened here in the past and the truth is on slide number 11 that we are in a condition of slavery and again you know the people who listen to this radio show that they understand that but as I you know was giving this presentation and I'll give this caveat again here today and on slide number 12 for for the people who don't already deeply understand already that the current human condition is slavery it is in fact slavery that we are enslaved as a species physically enslaved many of us are not spiritually enslaved anymore many of us are not mentally enslaved anymore but if you're a human being living on planet Earth you are physically enslaved you are living under duress because you are living under government externally imposed coercive government therefore your physical body is under the state of duress which is slavery okay so for people who don't already understand that I personally am NOT you know under the delusion that they may have an easy time of you know hearing what's in this presentation I fully recognize that for those who don't understand that that's the current human condition they may not even be able to consider this information with an open mind because this information requires so much requisite information which is why I didn't come on here day one and start unpacking this information on day one it's show number 158 that I'm doing that okay for the people that don't maybe on the fence about understanding human slavery okay this isn't the material to start with I don't recommend that you put people on to my work with this presentation and say hey you're you want to check out some of Mark Paseos work go check out his cosmic abandonment presentation on youtube or on his website bad idea really bad idea okay so if you somehow you are new to this podcast and you know you're hearing my voice now okay this isn't where you want to start folks this is where you want to end up okay information wise you want to go back and listen to the podcast number one and then podcast number one through 157 inclusive before you start listening and listening to this material this requires prerequisite knowledge meaning knowledge that comes before hand so you can establish a firm foundation in order to understand this information that's what prerequisite means okay you can't take calculus until you've taken algebra algebra is a prerequisite for understanding calculus okay this information has prerequisite knowledge that lies in my earlier 157 podcasts and my earlier video presentations so go check those out first before you turned yourself on to this information slide number 13 of course there's my website that I you know put in there for the people at the live presentation slide number 14 I explain to people that what the website addresses is the question of all power why is this the current human condition and that's what this particular presentation is ultimately going to get into in a very big way now you could look at mind control say well is that the reason for the current human condition yes it's part of the reason for the current human condition but why are people so success susceptible to mind control and don't want to think for themselves what's the underlying psychological condition that makes them puts them into that condition where they are malleable where they are programmable where they are able to eat pretty easily be deceived through the techniques of soft mind-control so what I'm talking about here in this presentation is the ultimate causal factors that have led to the psychological condition that humanity is currently in how did we get from there to here what happened in our past that put us into the current condition we're in now very critical to understand and of course you know in explaining the human condition we have to understand that the reason that the current condition continues is because humanity does not live within the boundary conditions the parameter is known as natural law moving to slide 15 I started explaining that in this presentation and I consider this presentation an adjunct or a continuation of my natural law seminar and my new-age BS seminar as well because if you don't understand natural law you know you're gonna have a hard time with understanding this material and understanding the causal factors that have led us to experience what we are the condition we are in right now which is slavery so what is natural law okay why is it so important why do I say it's one of the main factors for the continuation of the current human condition did something put us in this condition yes but does that thing absolutely hold us in this condition no ignorant holds us in this condition you know the information that we need to understand is there unfortunately humanity continues to checked that information and does not want to understand natural law because understanding it places them in a position of adulthood and responsibility and as children who have been abandoned we want to fall back on that and say well we're just helpless children who are like this through no fault of our own and while there's a component to that that is true ok it doesn't mean it has to remain eternally like that you know it's it's this idea you know you we could just liken this for a brief moment to somebody who has gone into a state of self-loathing and then perhaps addictive patterns or addictive tendencies like let's say some drug addiction because they looked at themselves as inadequate because their father or mother had nothing to do with them when they were a young child and this happens all the time this is it not a rarity this is like the rule not the exception to the rule a lot of people who become drug addicts and who you know really do horrible things of themselves through drug abuse have abandonment issues parental abandonment issues psychologically and the rationale goes something like this well my father let's say wasn't around when I was young he took off and abandoned you know my mother and me when we were when I was very young this somehow is some kind of a reflection on me perhaps I wasn't good enough ok he didn't want to be around he wanted to take off he wanted to be with someone else ok and then therefore I'm gonna see that there's a reflection on my self-worth and I'm gonna let that color who I see myself as will pick this up on the other side ladies and gentlemen stay with us [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome baton everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening let's continue with the cosmic abandonment presentation I was talking about this dynamic where people fall into a pattern of self-loathing because of parental abandonment and then you know they want to blame their continuation of staying in a condition perhaps like drug addiction on the fact that their parent abandoned them you know during the early part of their life and they're you know people who were 25 30 35 40 years old now well this is the past you know it's just this is completely applicable to the current human condition the story that I'm going to talk about happen in our ancient past it's not what's taking place actively right now our origins are one thing and what happened to us in the past are is one thing but we don't have to let that define who we are today and color our worldview today and this is why you know people say because I even talked about this okay I have to be some kind of a worker for the dark side because I'm trying to paint a hopeless picture in people's minds about the impossibility of changing things I've never said that things are impossible to change ever once from show number one in to this show to in any of my former videos ever okay I've always constantly maintained change is possible it can the situation that we're in can be changed will it be changed as a different story can we summon the will to do what is required to change the current human condition that remains to be seen if enough people understand natural law and teach it to others we certainly can but the point I'm making here is you we we have to understand while this is something that this trauma happened in the past you can't let it define you in the current you can't be that person who's in a state of self-loathing saying oh my my father abandoned me when I was a child and therefore I'm gonna continue to you know do horrific things to myself with drugs because my self-worth is still in the toilet bowl because I'm letting that scenario that happened 40 years ago determined Who I am and how I look at myself today the same thing has to apply here we have to understand yes this was a tragic thing that happened in the past you know woe is us it occurred okay but it's not what defines us in the moment and we can change we can do something different we can respond to it we can change ourselves epigenetically through consciousness through awareness then change behavior and then the manifested conditions will change and this is how natural law works to bring us our experience it works in the domain of consciousness and awareness with the capacity for holistic intelligence in the beings that have the capacity for holistic intelligence that's where the epigenetic boundary conditions of natural law are operating you know again well let's let's move forward slide 15 is this slide that where I define what natural law is so it says got natural law why not well what is natural law natural law is the body of universal non man-made binding and immutable conditions which act as the governing dynamics for the consequences of the behavior of beings that have the capacity for holistic intelligence I'll say that one more time natural law is the body of universal non man-made binding and immutable conditions which act as the governing dynamics for the consequences of the behavior of beings with the capacity for holistic intelligence you know people get confused about this sometimes I could tell people send me emails and I could tell they don't understand exactly what I'm saying when I explain the dynamic that natural law doesn't apply to the animal kingdom it doesn't mean that humanity shouldn't treat the animal kingdom with non-violence okay i-i've said many times I have been a vegetarian for many years and I'm trying to go full vegan I'm about what I would consider about 98 99 percent of the way they're still wrestling a little bit with cheese every now and again I'm trying to cut that out completely though as well but I'm almost 100 percent vegan and have cut down my consumption of any even dairy products by probably about you know 95 percent or greater okay so you know probably over the next few months to a year I'll make that transition 100% complete but you know my point here is when I say natural law doesn't apply to the animal kingdom I don't mean it doesn't apply to our treatment of animals of course natural law applies to human treatment of animals okay how could it not there are other sentient beings what I mean is that the boundary conditions that govern human behavior are not the same boundary conditions that govern animal behavior because we are more than an animal okay so an a lion who takes down a gazelle in a field and eats the gazelle is not going to experience the same natural law consequences then let's say a human hunter that goes out with a high-powered rifle and shoots a deer alright because we have the capacity for holistic intelligence and we have we can understand that that's not a necessary behavior whether people you know through their religion called carnism still believe that it is or not okay versus an animal is a as a lion is an animal that is existing and operating on pure instinct and does not have the capacity for holistic intelligence because their brain does not have the complexity of our brain affording us the level of consciousness that we can arrive at which I am calling holistic intelligence meaning having both logical and intuitive and creative capacities working in balance together in hence intellect plus the generative capacity called creativity you know and that also includes nurturing and care and you know compassion for others for all beings so that's what natural law is and it's why we're in the situation that we're in continually until we understand natural law and live in harmony with it we can't come out of this condition okay so this is different for what got us into this condition it's a different story what keeps us in this condition is our ignorance of natural law what got us into this condition is what I'm talking about in this presentation but I'm making that distinction clear here in the early going what does it mean to understand natural law slide number 16 understanding natural law means truly developing conscience truly having conscience possessing what is known as conscience and conscience is knowledge it is the definitive knowledge of the objective difference between morally right behavior and morally wrong behavior that is an objective difference that exists in nature it is not a construct it is not a human conceptual construct or idea that exists only in the human mind because the actions take place in the physical domain and therefore they are inherent to nature itself they are happening in the world of nature so their difference the difference between moral morally rights behavior which does not cause harm to other beings and morally wrong behavior which does cause harm to other beings is objective it is not something that is subjective and the knowledge of that difference is what conscience is so what does slide number 17 now what does living in harmony with natural law actually mean living in harmony with natural law means exercising conscience putting conscience into practice in our lives putting the knowledge that we have developed called conscience the difference between right and wrong behavior into practice into action in our lives through exercising behaviors that are in harmony with right action and not taking actions that are harmful to others so exercising conscience means willfully choosing morally right behavior / morally wrong behavior once the difference between the two is clearly understood and integrated into the consciousness of the Bing slide number 18 what happens when human beings live in harmony with natural law when we live in harmony with the laws of morality and therefore we are we have become moral beings the human condition turns into a condition of freedom and it stays that way for as long as we continue to live in harmony with natural law so when human beings live in harmony with natural law and they are therefore moral beings they become and remained free this is called the law of freedom conversely when human beings live in opposition to natural law and are therefore amoral beings they become and remain enslaved which is why we're in the condition we are in right now we'll pick this up on the other side don't go anywhere [Music] welcome back everyone we're into the third hour this evening of this edition of what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm if anybody wants to call in I will be taking calls this hour the number to join us 800 three one 394 43 once again 800 three one three nine four four three all right while we're waiting for some callers to call in all continue with the presentation Kosmic abandonment we were on slide number 18 and I call this the law of freedom what determines whether a species that has the capacity for holistic intelligence is either free or enslaved and it is the answer is whether or not they are living in harmony with the laws of morality which are natural law when human beings live in harmony with natural law and are more therefore moral they become and remain free when they live in opposition to natural law and are therefore immoral they become and remain enslaved and that's how it works 100% flawlessly throughout the cosmos if you want to change the human condition from slavery to freedom you have to change the human condition from immoral meaning in opposition to natural law to moral meaning in harmony with natural law and the problem with that is what I call on slide number 19 the one true divide that exists within humanity most people believe in the existence and legitimacy of this concept called Authority which is slavery okay and a small tiny fraction of people are out of that religion and know that there is no legitimacy to slavery and that's the only real true divide between humanity that distinctly separates humanity into two distinct types of individuals you know all the other types of division are divide and conquer strategies okay but this is real this divide and the criterion for that divide again is whether or not an individual believes in authority and therefore believes that there is legitimacy to slavery the two types of people of course status and anarchists status are supporters of slavery by definition and anarchists are opposers of slavery by definition that's the only true divide and I've you know be labored this in the in the past so I don't need to go into that here again tonight you know most people who have listened to my former podcasts and you know my former presentations understand this and know my position on it and you know people have to understand there is absolutely no legitimacy to government there is no legitimacy to Authority it is an illusion it exists only in a mind that is diseased it's the notion the religion that a certain group of people that call themselves government have magical powers that other people don't possess they have rights that other people don't have okay they can do violence to other people unchecked and unchallenged make people do things that they don't want to do even though not doing them is not harming anybody okay or they can prevent people from doing things that that are harming anybody okay may I'm sure I should say make people do things that they don't want to do that that are causing harm okay and this whole idea that somehow these non-existent rights that are magically granted the government can somehow be delegated can be given to a group of people they don't exist for other people but somehow those people who those rights don't exist for can magically grant or delegate rights you know quote-unquote rights grant them to other people there's no such thing as the delegation of a right that does not exist the delegation of a wrong it's an illusory concept people have to under than that and that's the problem people don't understand that they think somehow the laws of morality apply but not for government you know then it then they're suspended and again it's all that this filter mechanism that's just not present in a lot of people because of how much mind control they've been subjected to they can apply logical filters you know because oh this doesn't apply because this is my religion I can't possibly look at this objectively you know from a position of actuality and truth because I have this mechanism that's in place called a blind belief system you know because you know I forget who said it but if you know understanding something means that you're going to lose your job or your paychecks um and I'm paraphrasing here if you know your job depends on you not understanding something then people will continue not to understand it to willfully choose willful ignorance you know if making money you know determines if somebody's job depends on them not understanding something you know they'll willfully choose to ignore the truth regarding that thing and you know that's there's no better definition of a religion than that that's what religion is preventing and holding people back from the understanding of truth just because they're somehow benefiting or think that they're benefiting now we're receiving these magical pieces of paper that aren't worth the paper that they're printed on and I think I'm benefiting and really what's happening is my soul is being destroyed and I'm going into deeper and deeper bondage and I'm taking my progeny there with me and that's what's really happening okay so let's move on to slide number 21 where I get really to the heart of what is at this the whole matter what this whole presentation is ultimately about what we're asking is why the current human condition continues the way that it is now that's ultimately what we're trying to get at that understanding so what's going on psychologically within humanity that prevents the current human condition from changing okay and yes it's our ignorant of natural law but why do we remain in that ignorance why are so people most people on this planet so unconscious that they continue to refuse to live in harmony with natural law they don't want the knowledge okay they don't want to develop the knowledge of morality why it's not human nature see that's where most people's mind will go oh that's just human nature no it is not human nature and if you think that you are completely incorrect and do not understand what human nature is you have a poisoned worldview when it comes to nature the nature of human beings and you think it's fundamentally flawed or bad and I'm telling you even with the genetic manipulation that's been done to humanity that we're going to talk about human nature still is not bad it is simply programmable that is how we were made as programmable beings why do we fail to recognize the rampant presence of evil that's going on all around us well that's because we don't want personal responsibility to change it why do we willfully some of us willfully participate in such evil either directly or indirectly and on the right hand side this tree of evil as I call it I'm trying to explain to people the causal factors for that the continuation of that condition and of course the reason that that continues is humanity's willful ignorance and I put that up at the top of the tree representing that willful ignorance is the leaves and the fruit of the tree it is what the fruit it is what the tree bears ultimately it is not the foundation or the root of the tree so most people would say well what's deeper than ignorance well are there reasons people remain willfully ignorant are there psychological factors for that condition existing sure and we'll look at what they are on the other side of the break stay with us [Music] [Music] that's right we have to break on through and get out of our self-imposed barriers to self-realization to get out of the false religions that are holding us back from going to where to the places that we say we want to be as a species that's what this is all about expanding consciousness and getting out of the mind control systems that we're living under so we were talking about what are the factors that lead to the willful ignorance of humanity of wanting to stay in willful ignorance and not look at the truth you know and when we go down one level beneath willful ignorance which I look at as the fruit that the tree of evil bears it is the fear of owning personal responsibility you could look at as the the smaller twigs and small branches of the tree we don't want to be responsible for our own actions we want somebody else to do our thinking for us we want somebody else to do our discerning and judgment for us you know we don't want to really weigh our actions in the balance each and every time we take an action you know we want somebody to tell us this is what you do now go do it and then you're not responsible I told you to do it so I'm responsible and it doesn't work that way you know you're always responsible for what you do it doesn't make a difference who told you it was okay or not okay now you have to weigh the morality of an action and through your understanding of natural law take the right action over the wrong action but people don't want that because that involves personal responsibility and knowledge that is hard-won through effort of really deeply understanding the difference through discernment what is a right action what is a wrong action then there's a condition that underlies that well why don't people want personal responsibility well what kind of people don't want personal responsibility people who want to remain in infancy in childhood in a state of immaturity children in other words and that's mostly because as they have not fully grown up and developed a deep personal relationship with themselves they haven't developed true self-respect they're still in a state of self-loathing they're still in a state of confusion they're still in a state of not understanding who they really are ignorance of self you know that that go that's what lies beneath willful ignorance of events that are taking place in the world ignorance of self why would anybody want to remain ignorant of themselves and how they work well that's because they can't possibly truly deeply love themselves they couldn't afford a deep personal relationship with themselves let alone anybody else you can't have respect for somebody else unless you have self-respect you can't have love for anybody else unless you have self-love and then moving to the next slide slide number 22 and then I'm going to go to some phone calls the ultimate thing that lies beneath the issues of willful ignorance the fear of owning personal responsibility deep issues of self-loathing confusion and lack of self respect not having truly grown up or forged a deep personal relationship with the self there are underlying parental abandonment issues that have not been dealt with or confronted and they exist for almost everyone in humanity and again we talked about this in the physical sense with you know abandonment issues parentally right in the here and now with your physical parents and that's whether they are there physically or not doesn't mean they're there you know not may not necessarily be abandonment issues there the parent can be physically present and there could still be other kinds of abandonment issues there could be psychological abandonment emotional abandonment spiritual abandonment not being emotionally available for the child not giving mental emotional spiritual psychological support for the child you know then there could be physical abandonment issues not being around to help support the child's physical needs etc all kinds of different abandonment issues and what we're going to what I'm going to explain here is this is the underlying psychological causal factor for the condition that humanity exists in I put this picture here on slide 22 showing the image of this bratty child being ignored by his parents who were sitting you know with another child paying attention to to her instead of him and he's in this freakout mode and I thought when I was looking for an image to convey what humanity the state humanity is actually in this one jumped out at me like a freight train okay it was just like yes this is exactly it this is exactly descriptive of the condition humanity exists in we are collectively Humanity is that child that once what he wants but is acting out okay that wants to be paid attention to that sees himself in some kind of a degraded way because of what his quote parents have done to him is letting that influence what he does in the future how he sees himself in the future and therefore influences behavior this is a model this is a framework that we're working with as we move through this deeper information about human origins I'm gonna hold it right there okay and let people take that in and absorb it alright and you know put that out there for their consumption and their thought and breakdown alright and let's go to the phone lines and take some calls because there's plenty of people who have called in now and are holding on the line and again you could talk about this topic what we've covered so far ask any questions about it you want or you can go off on to other topics if you want you know no taboo topics here all right so let's hear from Joe in lausanne Joe you are live on what on earth is happening welcome hello Joe are you there hello yes there you go yes okay this Joe Mellon how's it going Marcus I'm doing well great quick questions the first question is um you recommended micro cesarean or origins and Oracle's and about 10 hours of video excellent I got through it and my question is um do you do you think his end game that he presents in the video of like the the dark ones that are here from the alien race do you think that they're really just trying to get back off planet and they can't because of the force field and they're trying to build up their tech it's very possible that some other beings galactically saw this place as a area that needed to be quarantined because of what had been done here I don't rule that possibility out and who knows what technologies they may have put in place you know I mean they could be at such a level of understanding and and development that they could be non technological technologies if you want to look at it that way they could be some sort of a spiritual technology that I'll prevents any quote-unquote escape from the prison planet so I don't rule that out at all I'm not saying I it definitely is that way or that's a hundred percent true I I look at it as a possibility but my mind is open to that to that that we are physically quarantined here you know I wouldn't rule that possibility out at all because after all you think about it from a perspective of this state of consciousness that we are trapped in is like a disease and they don't want to just do away with the beings that are here to just snuff out all that life because they want to give it a chance to develop and to grow and to learn and to evolve so if you are in that position and you took compassion on what had been done to an entire species of beings a whole race of beings you might want to simply cordon it off from the rest of the local neighborhood so that what happens there if it's extremely destructive can be confined to that region to that area so we'll continue this on the other side stay with us stay on the line and I'll let you get to another point if you want on the other side of the break you're listening to what on earth is happening ladies and gentlemen stay with us [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio we were talking with Joe from LA he was talking about the possibility of earth being quarantined from the rest of the galaxy because of what has happened here and because of the condition that humanity continues to exist in and I was saying that I find that a plausible scenario not saying that I 100% definitely think that that's the case but it's certainly possible because if you just think about it from a human perspective if you know some animals we're creating a whole huge mess we would try to quarantine them somehow or not have them just run rampant through our our living space and that seems to be what possibly has happened to earth which is why beings only pop in and out of here occasionally maybe to check in on you know what's going on make sure we're not going to completely annihilate the planet because you know if we annihilate each other that's one thing but I don't think that they would even take too kindly to in another body you know a celestial body like the earth being taken out of existence which were you know pretty well on the way of in that respect as well but Joe there's that does that answer your question regarding my take on that and do you have anything else for us yes it really you know between your work and cosmic abandon is everything else and so the barians work you know the origin Oracle there is just so many possibilities to fathom so no it's just it's so nice so like you mentioned it's good to be a generalist and I really I'm lucky enough to be that kind of person where I can really hold in my mind as many different theories as possible just so that when something does go down I'll be like ah that's the one that sits there so I do have one other I'm sorry no go right ahead I just had a question you mentioned earlier in your broadcast that you're going to go into more explanation of the Tarot in a future discussion and one of the things I used to Terrell and I use it based on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life yes um szilard's similar very similar and majorly instance by the way you describing Podcast I noticed when I hit the 13th card death there's this picture of a bunch of the people dying later it's like a priest a girl and people from all different life they're dying of course death and beautifully engraved solely on his horse but then there's a cliff that seemed to be rising almost like Earth is ascending up on the right with 11 you know the double towers and the Sun so my question is and I believe in the sign oh the soul is eternal and I do believe in you know you pick certain incarnate sometimes I believe that the dark are also in addition to this slavery thing that they have a sin they have it locked in doing their bidding doing you know making their money in their taxes and all that but they also have a failing every time we die so that we're kind of recycling each incarnate and instead of evolving or ascending like we should we just keep popping back in like a baby trying to learn his lesson stuck in the same taxes military left-brain schools the religions of money all this stuff and never quite make it and I think a the dark forces that are off planet or the you know I'm not sure you you know the more a spherical force right it's got a hand in that to just recycling that the death you just keep going over and over and that's why I believe people might have so many pacifies because you never get the idea of that ascension where you go oh my god this is it this is what it's all about and that's about that's about ignorant in this life for which death is no cure you know that the old that old phrase death is no cure for ignorance maybe we have to do our work in the here and now feet on the ground spirit in the flesh right here on earth and if we don't do that we're not going anywhere you know that's how I look at that which is why the great work is the number one thing that we could do to truly learn grow and advance and evolve ourselves so that perhaps we can go on to another type of experience you know I'm not saying earth is the only experience here there's plenty of realms in the cosmos that we could be learning and growing in that are different from this experience maybe the only reason we keep coming back here is because we haven't learned the lessons of this planet that this planet has to teach us very possible scenario Joe I want to thank you for the great questions and insights so absolutely yeah and I look look out for that coming presentation that I'll be giving in Connecticut in Manchester in October because I will be going into occultism I will be going into the difference between occultism and mysticism I will be going into a cult symbology how it is used for both subversive purposes and mind control and how it is also used for how it can be used if people understand occult knowledge from the very positive perspective how it can be used to uplift and awaken your fellow humanity your fellow man and all of humanity by employing it in a very conscious way and that is how traditions like very symbolic rich symbolic traditions like the Tarot have been used by what I would call light occultists or do cultists throughout the ages so that'll be coming up in my future presentation called demystifying the occult in October in Connecticut so let's move on to another caller let's hear from Swami shivananda Giri in Illinois Swami welcome your live on what on earth is happening thank you everyone this swami welcomes you with great love and great respect from my heart o swami it was so great seeing you out in st. louis and getting our getting to hang out with Shakti ma as well and we just had a great time at the the event at the the venue and then afterward at the after-party at ray and Pat's place it was just an awesome weekend yeah we had on type 1 radio ashram network on blog talk we had rayon today on the type 1 radio lounge along with freighter really Thomas Sheridan although he could discuss his aquaponics because I think that as something that communities need you know if we can free ourselves from the food requirements by providing ourselves with community aquaponic setups this then gives us both protein and vegetation a barter for you know for community support yeah he definitely had an interesting system set up looked you know like it was pretty well sustainable and you know grew a whole lot of greens that way I'll tell you you know yeah he was telling us that he could with with the very small I mean his for those listening his setup is smaller than a one car garage by Allah yes and he said that would support I mean you know in a in a survival circumstance that would support up to 15 people amazing and that's sustainable year-round oh yeah he said he he was he was growing all those greens in winter and you know it barely um you know took any steam out of the equation the entire winter you know I mean so that was you know that was why I wanted to have him on on the lounge just to expose people to the fact that this stuff exists it is an option you know I mean we we are so blessed with farming is so blessed to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you and others for the good of team humanity raising consciousness one heart and mind at a time to whatever level they can take on and and just you know I mean I was explaining to Shakti mom that just the information you went over that day once upon a time one would have to be a part of some sort of secret society even to get exposed true that's right and no but what I was you highly impressed with Swami when I asked people at the beginning of the day how many people were completely new or at least relatively new to my work over 50% of the hands went up you know now I was highly happy with that because that means the information is reaching more and new people and they're going to be turned on to it and then they're going to share it with others and it will expand then it will snowball from there and we're going to we're going to make more teachers as a result not that old saying they don't I'm sorry that that old saying that the root that the true master that the the the the master who's the most effective isn't the one who has the most people listening to him or the most students if you will it's the one who makes the most masters or who influences people at least you know even saying makes them masters is wrong but who influences them to go on and become masters themselves and then to teach others that's the most effective teacher right mass and that that's one of the things this Swami was talking about on that show was that in it to be very honest and have a bunch of followers is a big pain in the ass that's right they want you to micromanage and you just don't want to deal with it this Swami wants everyone who is capable to rise up to the very same level in a spirit independence share with more that's exactly right Swami always enlightening to hear you thanks so much for your great insights ladies and gentlemen we'll be right back you're listening to what on earth is happening we go [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening find a segment for tonight's broadcast let's go back to the phones I'm gonna skip around a little bit here let's hear from Bob and Poland Bob you're live on what on earth is happening all the way from Poland what city are you in in Poland Bob trot oh okay Bob dropped off the line sorry it would have been nice to have a caller from from Europe there but no worries let's go to Mike in New York Mike you're live on what on earth is happening welcome I'm on thank you for taking my call my what D hearing from you thank you I wasn't a person that you and I introduced me not physically to but I had the information I'm saying the name wrong except just Mirchi yeah Jiddu Krishnamurti yes okay I'm standing information but uh and one of the things that really hit home with this is you know holistic understanding brings order into your life where you have built chaos you know really you learn how to reverse reverse to where you have the chaos on the outside but inside us opposed order or unity understanding or holistic understanding of yourself that's that's really where we lost our power I easy lost the understanding of ourselves why we're here who we are I know I was really lost in my life right about the time of 2008-2009 when I found your information the way you presented everything like you said nothing's going to the Sun but the way you presented it really really changed my life and the topic you brought up with parental abandonment I feel more in my life I I had a pretty decent parent but I I abandoned and I rejected them because I I wasn't sure of who I was you I wasn't there I think coming from a very religious Catholic Italian family they're not going along with the flow is is very difficult sometimes sure but I through the information that he presented and how you presented it and really taking in and studying and practicing in the mural Mike the information I was actually able to find piecemeal or or or made up with my father before he passed away and I think without information without that timing coming into my life I don't think I would have been able to do that that I wanted to thank you personally for helping me achieve that before he passed away so that would be something that I would regret not being able to do so your information actually brought back the relationship where it was broken before and you know so it is possible and I thank you for it oh that's really awesome and I'm glad that you know the information that I shared was able to help you to do that in a relationship sense with a close member of your own family so that's really appreciated Thanks thank you so much I hope everybody I know we show you know what I put the information active in their own life it will change you for the better thank you Mike thanks so much always a pleasure to hear from you and that's what it's all about folks I mean it's about you know learning and through what you have come to learn sharing that with others and creating a shared growth experience as a result where everybody has changed and transformed for the better in the process and that's what the great work is all about you know and if more of us did that we would see radical transformation throughout society at such a more rapid pace than what we're seeing now I think we're on the very verge the very very tip of that process but it's there's not enough there to tip the process and you know toward the positive direction right now because of still how much mind control and false religion and fear is going on you know if more of us get involved in that teaching process you know the sharing of information process it's going to that shining that light is going to give other people quote-unquote permission it's going to lay their fears you know when you speak out other people see that and they take that as a as a sign they take that as a an encouragement you know that's helping them to develop the courage that you have developed for speaking out openly you know more of us do that the transformation for betterment of this species is going to happen at an accelerating pace so Mike always our brings our excellent excellent viewpoints and insights to the table whenever he calls into the show so Mike thanks for that let's hear from another caller let's hear from Raphael in Indiana Raphael you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hi Marc players are speak to you as always powerful and and from informative information you always have just want to comment on the tapestry of information that always blows me away and always inspires all of us and you know just ah-hoo quick comment I came across a past podcast where you mentioned you're on a guest on Bob Hoskins show and you came off to cross the topic of carnism and some of those callers and uh yes link wasn't working so I looked all over and I actually found it I listened to it and I was pretty amazed and shocked and some of these callers first I just wanted to make fun of you guys it has the quote the second guy wanted to justify his scientific means as far as protein the third guy courted scriptures in the last guy basically when you mentioned the laws of Correspondence he because he said I don't believe in that that's right all religion what you were witnessing there is real carnism is a religion you know and all of those people are trapped in that religion something that holds people back from where they say they want to go and you know III don't make this the number one issue when it comes to what we need to change of course it's something we need to change about the human species but I look at it like we need to see what we're doing to ourselves first and foremost and what we're doing to other humans first and foremost because that's where people in an ego identified mindset can see you know you you if you go right to that issue people in a totally egoic identified mindset are going to have an even harder time seeing what they're doing to other species that they have no right to do and it can be a very difficult thing to get people to see anything different from what they've been programmed according to according to a religious belief system lie mean let's call it what it is so um I haven't like what I would call harped on this you know i've extensively gone into it in a couple of podcasts and destroyed the meat is necessary it's natural it's normal it's necessary etc argument that we can't get the sufficient protein from vegetable matter of course you can through spinach through other leafy greens through carrots through you know quinoa beans etc I mean there's so many things that have protein in it in in the plant kingdom it's it's unbelievable and you know this notion that you can't maintain total health by eating a plant-based diet is just it's Lieut it's it's nonsense it's ludicrous of course you can I'm personally proof of that I'm also proof of it that it can reverse conditions that's allopathic medicine and traditional mainstream science say there's no help for or or possible cure for and with a little bit of willpower and a little bit of dedication toward doing the right thing when it comes to putting what we should be putting into our body into it you know we can make extremely powerful changes that then flow over into behavior not you know thought and then of course into behavior and it also teaches us the lesson that you know of what is our property and what is not our property you know our other beings lives do they belong to us or that their lives to pursue this idea of live and let live you know has to really be exercised that is the non-aggression principle that is the Sacred Feminine principle that we should all strive to live according to so Raphael thank you so much for that great call that's all the time we have for this edition of what on earth is happening ladies and gentlemen remember there's only two mistakes you could ever make on the path to truth not starting and not going all the way we'll see you right here next week thanks for listening everyone good night [Music] [Music] [Music]