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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on the Republic Broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm the networks website Republic Broadcasting org today is Saturday September 27 2014 this show is live every Saturday evening from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Eastern Time that's 9:00 p.m. to midnight Central Time and tonight on what on earth is happening I'm gonna do an all-call in show your calls all three hours of the show tonight the callers will make the show anything you want to talk about is fair game there are no taboo topics on what on earth is happening there never are so your concerns your questions anything you want me to clarify about any of the subject matter that I've covered on the show up to this point or anything new you might want to bring up is fair game here tonight let me give the calling number right at the top of the show the call a number to join us tonight one 831 390 443 once again the callin number to join us tonight 800 three one three nine four four three so I do have a couple of quick event announcements before I start taking calls I am going to be giving a live all-day seminar called demystifying the occult one week from today Saturday October 4th 2014 all-day seminar demystifying the occult in Manchester Connecticut it will be taking place at the Manchester History Center at 175 Pine Street in Manchester the zip code zero six zero four zero the doors will open at 9:00 a.m. there will be an introductory presentation by Arthur Capozzi and then I'll probably begin speaking shortly uh around 10:10 a.m. maybe a little after and then the seminar will go until 8:00 p.m. at the Manchester History Center here's a brief description of demystifying the occult mark passio the no-nonsense teacher of streetwise spirituality will take his guests on a journey of exploration examining the world of the occult and its symbols topics to be explored what exactly is the occult what should you know about it or why should you know about it what kind of knowledge comprises the occult who possesses such knowledge and how do they use it how is occultism different from mysticism what can the secret language of symbolism communicate and how is symbolism being used in our everyday lives these topics and more will be discussed at this seminar and in the second half of the seminar I will actually be breaking down some deep occult symbology in the Tarot tradition I will be breaking down the Major Arcana of the Tarot and its symbolism so advance tickets for this seminar demystifying the occult are only a $25 donation you can reserve your tickets by sending a check or money order payable to Arthur Capozzi I'll spell his last name it's CA P ozz I at 500 Monroe Turnpike Suite 142 in Monroe Connecticut 0 6 4 6 8 at the door tickets only a thirty dollar cash donation if you want to pick up your tickets the day of the seminar demystifying the occult next Saturday October 4th in Manchester Connecticut at the Manchester History Center really looking forward to going out to Manchester I'm going to have DVDs for sale at the seminar I'm also going to have brand new what on earth is happening t-shirts that I just had printed specifically for this seminar to bring them out and hopefully get some advertisement going for the website in the Connecticut area I will also another event announcement I will also be presenting an all-day seminar called streetwise spirituality revisit a true awakening versus New Age nonsense in Kansas City Missouri on the weekend of November 22nd and 23rd 2014 it looks like there may be a schedule change that I may only be speaking one of those days or the other in Kansas City Missouri but it will be taking place the weekend of November 22nd 23rd I'm going to have full details here more likely than not in two weeks on the what on earth is happening show hopefully before that on the website so stay tuned to the website in the news section more details about the Kansas City seminar that I have coming up will be posted there shortly last event announcement that I have for tonight is of course the freer mind 3 conference will be taking place in the spring of 2015 I don't have an exact date or venue yet for this event but it will feature top caliber caliber whistleblowers from all over the country in the tradition of the first two for your mind conferences for your mind 3 coming up in the first half of 2015 for more information about this great conference please check out free your mind conference calm and information will be forthcoming there about the details of this conference as well there is a donation button on the left-hand side of the what on earth is happening dot-com website if you feel that you've received value from the information that has been shared and presented on the what on earth is happening radio show and the website in the form of video presentations you can feel free to make a voluntary donation to help support my work so that I can continue into the future with that having been said really there's no specific topics for the show this evening it's anything that you guys want to call in and talk about so once again the number to join us the toll-free number to join us 800 three one three nine four four three I've been mostly going through the cosmic abandonment presentation over the last several weeks on this radio show and I really didn't have too much time to prepare a radio show for this week because I've been really working feverishly on the information that I'm going to present this coming Saturday in Manchester Connecticut so I've been really putting the finishing touches on my presentation and you know getting it up to speed for next Saturday so you know that's why I kind of decided to do a call-in show this evening but there's no shortage of things that we could begin discussing until I wait for some calls to start coming in and you know one of them is the continued and insidious infiltration into our society of the New Age movement and how dangerous so much of their ideology is I mean I can't tell you how much I encounter New Age thought and in a very negative capacity not you know some of the truly positive things that some aspects of this community can put forward that are in balance and that are beneficial but I mean the really completely way right-brained imbalanced things that so many teachers and adherence to this movement to this culture if you will constantly put out there as I've talked about before one of them is salep season this idea that there is no such thing as absolute or objective truth one of the biggest and most dangerous proposition in a lot of the new-age community and again when I say New Age movement I'm not talking about one particular thing folks it's a conglomeration of different beliefs and practices and traditions and it's it it's a very diverse culture of individuals and groups out there that comprise this movement for people who insist on thinking when I talk about the New Age movement or the New Age community you have to understand I'm not talking about one thing it's a loosely conglomerated grouping of individuals and traditions as I've said that generally puts out concepts that are somewhat consistent with each other and there's the break music coming in for the first segment we'll pick this up on the other side ladies and gentlemen you are listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting stay with us we'll be right back [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone listening to what on earth is happening here on the public broadcaster I'm reference mark has no my website what on earth is happening bathroom so not sure why the break music is extending so far usually diminishes they start to come back in hopefully those of the network and can do something there we go okay so tonight on the show we're going to take your calls throughout the whole show I the callers will make the show I don't have any callers on the line yet but we will be going to them so let me give the caller number once again the call toll-free number to join us tonight 800 three one three nine four four three once again sorry folks my connection dropped out again I'm believing more and more on a weekly basis that this is a some form of a deliberate attack because and I say that not conspiratorial II but my internet connection is normally completely rock-solid and it has been all week with no dropouts and then the moment I get on the air connection failures begin to happen so to me that's not a coincidence to me you know there's somebody out there doesn't want to hear what I have to say doesn't want other people hearing what I have to say because they know it's having an impact you know and it's not gonna stop the only thing that'll stop that is a bullet to my head and that won't even stop it because I'll be back in this prison and doing the same thing speaking truth to end slavery so good luck getting me out of here or silencing me it's not gonna happen clowns it isn't gonna happen okay well so with that being said bear with me if there's any more connection failures or dropouts and you'll understand why that's happening so I was talking about the ideology of moral relativism which comes out of this new-age notion of solipsistic there can't be any such thing as right and wrong because what are right and wrong going to be based on if not true information if not truth if not objective reality okay so you you hear this over and over again by people who buy into this religion and it is a right brained religion that's what the New Age movement is you know I see people making blog posts making you know comments and social media sites all the time comments and YouTube videos etc that there's no right and wrong it's all just a matter of perception it's all just an experience and right and wrong or just antiquated concepts and antiquated ideas you know nothing could be further from the truth you know these people are brainwashed they have bought into a total right brained religious system that is holding their consciousness back from reality these people are in a daze they're they're drifting off in some kind of a spiritual haze okay they're not grounded whatsoever and you know another thing that I really want to focus on and I'd like to take some calls on it if people have you know something to say about this topic is that another thing that I see coming out of the new-age community relentlessly and I mean they're pushing this and you see this on a daily basis coming out into the mainstream consciousness more and more and more and it's one of the most deadly vicious insidious ideologies that can possibly be adhered to okay it is the thing that is going to destroy human rights faster than any other line of reasoning or thought and it is not reasoning at all it's flawed thought it's flawed ideology and it's this idea that there is no such thing as ownership that all ownership is an illusion that all ownership is left brain attachment that all ownership is something that is a construct made up by man that is clinging on to attachment and it wants something more than he or she really does truly have a right to or something to that effect and let me tell you something that I see this I saw it a lot in the past but now these people who were propagating this religion are so hammering on this idea and they have so many people buying into it and believing it yeah they have useful dupe shill idiot children morons believing in this pure nonsense and yeah is that an ad hominem attack yes you bet you it is and like I said before some ad hominem attacks are true it's not to try to take the focus away from what I'm saying cuz I'm gonna sit here and explain exactly why there's ownership I'm gonna explain exactly why this is the most dangerous religious idea that there is no such thing as true ownership and it all comes down to an understanding of rights it all connects in with relativism it all connects in with right brain imbalance and with solecism okay it all connects in with this idea of fuzzy logic that there's nothing that's definitive that there's nothing that's truly objective and it's all right brain imbalance and I'm not telling you go into the form of left brain and balance either and try to become some kind of a Dominator or a rigid skeptic that doesn't accept anything spiritual that's not the right way of going about things either there's balance is called for balance is needed balance is required if we're going to get out of this prison that we're in you know so it's not about shifting into the left brain and saying I need 100% absolute rigid scientific proof you know peer-reviewed by the scientific community you know and and backed by you know government funding to believe in anything you know to accept anything as being real that's not what I'm saying I'm not saying go be a Dominator and want to push everybody around because you think you own everything okay rights and natural law are ultimately about knowing what we own and knowing what we don't own ladies and gentlemen that's the balance that is to be struck that's the balance that is to be a okay through knowledge and this is what these people don't have who I'm referring to these this new age community the new cage movement is more like it you know that's what it really should be you know coined the new cage movement because it's a prison for the mind it's a cage for the mind it's a cage for your thoughts all rights are based upon ownership all rights are based upon knowing what we own and what we don't own hence when you make a violation of rights you are infringing upon what someone else owns in the form of life freedom rights or property that's what a wrongdoing is is a violation of those things is a violation of ownership that's what sovereignty is about sovereignty is self ownership you know the argument is always made by these super right-brain and balanced people folks the argument is always made that because we live in a spiritual reality because oh and a quantum level matter really isn't physical okay and of course I understand this I'm not debating that okay but the argument goes this right-brain argument goes because it's a spiritual reality and matters like a quantum fluctuation in the spiritual reality and it's not really solid it only has the appearance of solidity to give us an experience here so that we can learn and grow in the physical / spiritual domain that because matter isn't truly solid that somehow that since and since we understand that we live in a spiritual reality that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience that that somehow means that there's no such thing as ownership because everything in the physical reality is transient and can never be permanent just because there's no permanence in the physical okay and yes everything is a construct within the ultimate spiritual level the ultimate spiritual domain level of reality I'm not debating that I recognize we're living in a quantum hologram you know that's what this place is that's what the whole universe is it's a quantum hologram you're living in a constructed experience and it's there to provide learning and growth capabilities learning and growth opportunities for the individuated soul matter the individuated soul consciousness that is here that forms the the everything that forms the the all the one okay we're all part of that agreed and understood that doesn't mean that there is an individual ownership within that construct that doesn't mean because I can't own something eternally that I don't own it while I'm using it while I'm inhabiting this body it is my property I own it you know and I I covered a lot of this information in the natural law seminar and in the natural law section of you know the the podcasts the radio material but I just feel it's so important to go over this again especially since I'm waiting for some calls to come in I'm not really sure why they haven't already usually as soon as I give the call and number the lines are jammed maybe the network's having some problems but no problem I mean you know anybody who knows me knows that I could talk forever so there's no shortage of material for me to discuss even though I haven't prepared a show I'll continue along the lines of talking about the absolute devastation of human consciousness that's being wrought by the New Age community in our world sounds like a plan to me until some calls start coming in but you know this idea that because I'm not my physical flesh body is not eternal that and it's going to pass away and die and turn to dust and you know eventually to absolutely nothing that somehow that means I don't know in my body now in the now in the physical construct in which we live and this is a completely utterly bonkers concept it's a bunk concept again it's a concept that's brought about by the brain becoming so imbalanced toward the right hemisphere that people think matter is insignificant okay and again the those who are extreme skeptics and extreme left brain imbalance think matter is all there is spirit is insignificant or non-existent and those who are super right brain and super right brain dominant and imbalanced believe that matter doesn't matter okay to deliberately you know caused upon their okay they think that matter is meaningless somehow that's that somehow anything that you talk about regarding matter or things or objects or the body is somehow attachment alright you know it's very very wise ancient wisdom that III I can't quite remember the philosopher who said it maybe I'll think of it but an Eastern philosopher once said that attachment okay is not about not owning anything okay or I should say release from attachment is not about not owning anything they releasing from attachment and releasing from ego doesn't mean that you don't own anything it means that nothing owns you okay a big difference between those two ideas you know and this right brain new-age variant here this right brain New Age ideology claims that any form of ownership is attachment okay and that's simply not the case okay ego is not there to be totally purged ego is a tool through which we learn and grow and have an experience in the physical domain okay it's not there to be completely purged okay it is there to be understood how it is to be used as a tool of interaction in the physical domain and through the knowledge that we gain in that domain we learn about what our property truly is what we do actually owned and use and have ownership of while we're in the physical domain while we're in the body and what we don't have a right to own or try to use and coerce when doing so means that we are are treading into someone else's rights treading onto someone else's rights so this whole right-brain imbalanced thought of any form of ownership is a form of attachment and ego is absolutely untrue as a matter of fact the understanding of ownership is the absolute basis for the understanding of rights if you do not understand what you own and what you don't own then that means you don't understand truly what a right is and you don't understand truly the difference between right behavior and wrong behavior [Music] welcome back everyone I apologize once again another internet dropout and again I'm becoming convinced that this is a deliberate attack to try to keep my voice from reaching people but we do have callers the calling lines are full so let's start going to the phones once again the calling number 800 three one three nine four four three anything you want to talk about no taboo topics let's hear from Tom in Toronto Tom you're live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show hey Mark how's it going yeah I know tonight I'm just gonna make it quick I'm talking about orchestral music okay and the orchestra and it's relevant to ceremonial magic so in New York astre there are four sections there are the woodwind they're the string there are the brass and the percussion so each of those corresponds to one of the four elements and lastly you have the conductor and the conductor's wand or magical watt so it's really very similar to ceremonial magic in that you call upon or element in order to you know achieve an effect right oh the strings would correspond to water and when you listen to strings music a very emotional style yes the brass would correspond to fire so if you listened like trumpet or trombone creates very heroic sound with the percussion that corresponds to earth and that gives a very what's the word action he sounds he could be like shamans would play the drum at a ceremony in order to get people dancing how to increase the energy in the area and finally the woodwinds corresponds to be air and that's I guess the intellect so you could see all of them being conducted by magician but the magic wand right very interesting oh absolutely and and music is such a prime influencing factor for so many people you know it really is shifts the humidity phase cheetahs are lights yeah even if you don't speak the language you'll understand music and if it's like you go anywhere in the universe like you go to Mars cdef ADHD all the notes the other thing you can communicate with hello other like better because it's all based in vibration and that's universal sound is a universal right the Bates right yeah yeah very very very very interesting topic you know as a person who's been around music and I've been involved with music my whole life that's something that resonates with me very strongly so great great concept to bring oh yeah anyway people should really take into consideration how when they go to an orchestra and how they feel during and after you know it's uh probably had a lot to do with how the ancient cathedrals were built because they made them to be sound resonating buildings and it harnessed a lot of that sound for spiritual purpose sorry I dropped out there for another moment those I was saying that this connects to like the Cathedral builders and how they built the ancient cathedrals to be sound resonating structures and they did that to contain these vibrations and direct them in certain ways that would have an effect upon consciousness of the people that were in that building in that environment so another way that music has been used as a channeling mechanism to have a profound effect upon human consciousness well that's all I'm gonna say for now mark absolutely Tom great call very profound you know idea of you know talking about the the way that the different elements of the orchestra correspond to the different elements of nature specifically in occult traditions of earth air water and fire haven't thought about that too much in that way myself but it most certainly makes sense to me so thank you for that let's hear from Elaine in California Elaine you are on what on earth is happening welcome to the show hi mark yeah I have a couple of thoughts actually and down but that I've always wanted to run by you but the first one is you know the old saying I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore well my Mike thought my question is when you look around you listen to people conversations what they're doing what they're watching what they're saying it has the appearance people just they're not quite getting with the program here no and what concerns me is even some of the top top conservative or patriotic conservative alternative talk shows and things like that I'm serious no I am NOT a rocket scientist and I believe that the pen is mightier than the sword and all that kind of stuff but why is that we don't have people shouting from the rooftops at this point in time with all the stuff that is coming our way in big-time evil why is not that the mention of stop paying your taxes as a solution to the ballonets that's going on in DC I agree no but I can't be one of the only handful that have thought of that as it may be of that oh wait I've talked about the complete legitimacy of all forms of taxation from pretty much day one on this show and I think it's absolutely something that people should do to the extent that it is within their ability [Applause] and sorry had another small drop out there Elaine can you hear me in my backup okay sorry I was saying that I think that's an excellent idea that uh you know I've talked about the legitimacy of taxation in general for any purpose for any reason corporate personal or otherwise from day one pretty much on what on earth is happening and I think that's one way that people give their energy and complicity to the the system of control and I think if they refuse to do that by refusing to work in any position that withheld taxation for the state then you know that would be if we did this in mass the whole system would shut down though we could shut the world down if we agreed to do that in mass you know let's have nothing flowing anywhere and then let's see how the the so-called masters like that you know the whole point is is people are ultimately complicit they're complicit at some level to what is going on like you said they're not man enough to get involved and here we go another drop out can you hear me yep people right yeah yeah can you hear me I can now yes okay if people can't tell that this is a deliberate effort you know to try to silence me then and it what is what it is folks is a validation of everything I've been saying that's that's what they're doing so thank you for that thank you you know all the people on the back end who were launching these attacks yeah sure absolutely a gentleman named Ralph ring I'm sure you've heard of him he worked with a protege of Nikola Tesla and back in the night and the late 1980s I believe it was they have invented craft that runs on consciousness market appears to me that the human race if they would just break have the cojones excuse me have the guts to break their chains we could all live free and beyond what we could ever imagine the technology the imagination has already put it out there what are we waiting for people are in fear of true freedom that's what it really ultimately comes down to they love their chains and when you say this to people they get about people to people who are partially awake can you hear me now okay when you when you say this to people who are partially awake they kind of get angry because they don't want to believe that the majority of the human population loves their slavery they want to remain childish immature spiritual babies because what that means is they're not responsible for anything this is what the whole thing is about the rejection of personal responsibility and only spiritual children reject their own personal individual responsibility and that's what we we are the human race is largely a child race that has been abandoned by its cosmic parents which is what the whole cosmic abandonment thesis and presentation is entirely about and so they're looking for surrogate parents they want people to provide structure and you know tell them what to do so that they don't have to think so that they don't have to own up to their own personal responsibility to choose right over wrong they don't oh yeah [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm the interruptions to the information I'm trying to put out there to the public continue and the only thing I want to say about this is what does it say about the kind of human being that we try to stifle an individual who is trying to promote human freedom and end slavery that they would take a paycheck to try to do something to thwart that individuals efforts and take their voice off the airwaves secondly what it definitively says about the people who hire little clown infantile children to do that job okay is it validates everything I've been saying since day one of this radio broadcast and anybody's mind who is listening and who has a modicum of common sense they will understand that what I'm saying is true so let's go back to the phone lines and continue let's hear from Joe in is it Los Angeles or Louisiana Joe you're live on what on earth is happening in Los Angeles welcome yeah hey thanks mark I'm Somme I do have a quote I do have a question for you so it yeah you're you are being attacked you should hear it on Arnott it's just it's just continuous music over and over again that your poor dispatcher or whoever does the phone you can't get through I mean it's this is an attack yeah to the credit of my producer Manny he's doing a great job trying to deal with this and mitigate it and you know again clearly this is a deliberate effort and it's not going to dissuade me in any way so you know do your worst and the whole point is is I want to thank the people doing it because like I said all they're doing is validating my message so great job thanks for helping me you know Oh totally and and that's exactly it you let me just let I do have a question for you but let me just have a few bitches know what you have no idea what's coming for you first of all your $33,000 a year that you're making listening listening to the Bush cabal to do their bidding it's gonna be worth nothing in a few months that's why all these wars are going on you ding-dongs because Russia and China started a new bank called Grinch and that's gonna end the Fed and end stuff very quickly why do you think there's all the desperation to fight cause these wars these shootings these are all false flags you are done so hold on to that 33000 better yet convert it to gold do something because it's gone it's gone they're becoming more any more desperate aren't they I mean it's desperation you know that's the sign that's the sign of an entire paradigms death pangs that's what you're witnessing here folks these are the DEF pangs of a paradigm that is dying and these people are desperately trying to scramble and hold on to it and they have their little minions there they're willing house slaves that want to go along with their agenda you know they'll always be people like that but you know it's it's pathetic really is what it is and you know we can't let that dissuade us from speaking truth mark yes it is not and I will speak on behalf of your listeners because I I sense it in their voices we don't care I will sit on these headphones I will listen to all the music all the commercials because it does not dissuade the spirit of me connecting with you and your listeners huh stuff guys you've already lost that's right fun you cannot break the bond nor the knowledge and love that this man Mark Cassio has been giving up himself he has permeated through the states through the BS because you know where you guys fouled up the internet you fouled up and you did it Olympic ceremonies and all your stuff to try to make it open focus bs man and you know what it's too late we are reached we're reached and what Mark said goes I'll put a bullet to the head I'll come back to the next life because you know why most of us know this life is a recycled life for most of these sheep oh there's a few licit no go ahead kill me I don't care you know what my life my life is not recycled it's up at the three the sets despereaux's number three understanding the death card I know that there's renewal kill me you can't take my knowledge stick of false Ebola of accident to whatever you try use to hold me down doesn't matter when I die I take it all with me and I come back give it back to you because I truly love you don't hate you I love you you cannot break the spell of Mark Cassio now I do have a question sure alright Joe thank you so much for that and I totally agree that's what this is all about is coming together and standing within the spirit of truth and once you're in that power nothing's going to stop you you know and it doesn't make a difference like you said if we are taking even out of the physical domain that nothing passes the power nothing transcends the power of the human spirit ultimately and that because that's our ultimate essence you know so nothing is going to stop this truth from breaking forward and getting out there and ultimately transforming this place it's too late so here's my question sure interview it with with andre weber it was your very last entry Alfred Weber yes from from XO politics.com that's right that's right you let a little bit of a cat out of the bag and I have to hit you up on it okay what what happened to you you said there's a little kernel around a minute an hour and 10 minutes in you said I have first-hand experience with with ET sure I'll talk about that a little bit not with actual beings but I had a very very close encounter you might say what people might call a close encounter of the either second of the second kind not not the third because that involves the witnessing of beings of non non terrestrial beings which I did not have but I had a daylight sighting of a craft at close distance at close range probably within 300 feet maybe less and I'll tell you a little bit about it since you asked that's a good topic to get into it's something I don't usually talk about that much on this show but I did have an experience while I was working in Philadelphia and a former job I worked as a technical support technician in the University of Pennsylvania years ago and I was it was the middle of the day about 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon on a on a fall afternoon it was October mid-october and it was a very bright out it wasn't cloudy it wasn't raining it was a clear weather clear visibility and I was on the ninth floor where I had an office in one of the buildings on the Penn campus the the School of Medicine and I looked out my window and coming through the medical the School of Medicine campus there was a small craft and I say small because when people think of UFOs they usually think of pretty large objects and it was not a ball of light it was not a series of Lights it was not anything that morphed it was a solid craft unlike anything of Earth origin that I have ever witnessed it was so black that no light reflected off of it at all it was like a black hole okay literally I'll pick up this description on the other side stay with us folks [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm we were talking to Joe in Los Angeles before the break and he asked me if I had ever had any encounters with what might possibly be non-human intelligence and I was talking about a former UFO sighting that I had I believe this was back in 2006 or 2007 and I was talking about the experience of he heard me briefly allude to this on an interview that I did with Alfred Lambeau Mont Weber from exo politics.com I neglected to mention this at the top of the show perhaps I should now real quick if you go to the news section of my website or look at the latest news section on the left-hand side of the site you'll see that I was interviewed on XO politics.com September 24th and that interview is posted it's a video interview with alfred weber who was one of the speakers at both for your mind conferences a really great gentleman who's put out a lot of research and information and done a lot of activism to better this world and he interviewed me a few weeks back pre-recorded interview and it just went up live this week so people can definitely check that out and check out Alfred's site at XO politics.com but the caller asked me about if I have any sightings and I was starting to get into the story I was working one day when I used to work at the University of Pennsylvania I was on the ninth floor where my office was of a research building and I looked out the window and I saw a black craft floating by silently now my window faced a hospital Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and there was always helicopters landing on the roof of that building and the amount of sound that that generates is just enormous it practically shook the windows in the building where I worked and it's undeniable when there's any other type of craft going by in that vicinity any type of you know earthly craft this craft was about the size of a SUV I would say if I had to make a general estimate of its size you know maybe the size of an explorer or something like that and it was so black that no light reflected off of it like make a you know a black square in a computer program like in Photoshop just make a square and then fill it in completely black that's how black it was impossible even blacker than that if there is such a thing I mean it was like looking into a void which is very uh unearthly and otherworldly in and of itself you don't usually see materials like that it was as if this machine or whatever it was um had the ability to completely absorb light in every spectrum and nothing reflected from it and the shape was like a bird believe it or not and I always give people who I talked about this sighting with the example of if you're familiar at all with the television series Star Trek The Next Generation not the original Star Trek series but the next generation the Romulans use a craft the Romney and people the aliens known as the Romulans use a craft called the warbird and if you take that shape of the warbird and just make it like completely solid with no holes or no you know openings in it at all and you shrunk it like significantly down to like the size of a large car or a small truck this is the type of drone craft that this was and it floated from the North Northwest to the southeast I would say at a very very slow speed and I say floated because that's what it was like it wasn't like this was being propelled it wasn't like a rocket or anything like that moving fast it was floating silently as if it was on a cloud of air you know and just drifting almost like a balloon would drift except this thing had the most peculiar shape to it and the most peculiar properties that it did not reflect light in any way and it floated maybe you know at about ninety to a hundred feet in the air and at about a distance of about 250 to 300 feet from the window where I was at maybe less and it then proceeded out toward the southern direction toward South Philadelphia this building where I was at is in University City which is in the western part of the city just of the Schuylkill River and I immediately tried to grab from my cell phone again I had a pretty primitive cell phone back then you know one of these flip style phones from that era and it had a low pixel density digital camera in it but that's all I had where I was at in the office where I was at so I went and I reached for that to try to get a recording or a picture of it and as I reach for the phone I realized the battery dead it had drained and I did not have it plugged in so I could not take a picture and so what I've immediately did to get the experience quote documented I guess you could say is I immediately called barb and while I was on the phone you know I called her in a state of excitement and I said hey I'm having a UFO sighting right now and it was still happening I was on the phone telling her what was going on while I was still still had my eyes on the craft and it's floating and making slow steady progress toward South Philadelphia which is you know toward the the area where I live but not quite that far and it then stopped and floated stationary over an area of the city here in Philadelphia then the neighborhood known as Gray's Ferry because I could see landmarks from that area that I passed by often on the way to work when I worked at Penn and this craft just stayed stationary in the sky like it just stopped and hovered completely silently again I never heard any noise from it at this point it would have been too distant probably to hear any noise coming from it if it was emanating any sound but it stayed floating for probably a good minute or two and I was talking to barb and telling her what was happening she was suggesting all possible alternative explanations for what I was witnessing and I'm like no you don't understand this is like nothing I've ever seen I know what general generally just about every aircraft possible would look like that would come through this area this is nothing like and not even remotely similar to anything like that so for a brief moment while I was talking to barb I heard my glance and looked down at something and as soon as I went back to that area with my eyes the craft was gone it had vanished completely I didn't see it move off okay I didn't see it go up go you know to another area of the city it just completely vanished from my sight as soon as I took my attention away from it for a split second okay that was my experience it's very bizarre I can't explain it I can't tell you what that was I can tell you what it was not through a process of apophysis or elimination or saying what it was not that I can do it was not any earth craft I've ever seen or know of or know about it was not any technology I know of or know about or have ever witnessed or seen so you know when people say oh you were just witnessing a secret military aircraft okay well what are they flying secret military aircraft in the middle of the day in a populated area of of West Philadelphia University City and again no one else saw this you know III I looked you know in in both directions down the hallway there was no one there who seemed to have witnessed it I went to a couple of adjacent offices there was no one in them I went downstairs to the to the there's a restaurant and a like a big Lobby down in front of this building I went down there to see if anybody had seen anything no one was looking up at the sky both indoors and outdoors no one was talking about anything I mean I went down immediately after this after I hung up the phone I said I'll call you back I went immediately got on the elevator went downstairs to see if anybody had seen anything out out there when this happened you know and you know obviously doing it you know so as not to you know draw a whole lot of attention just going out there and seeing hey is anybody looking up at the sky is anybody talking about anything that they might have seen was nothing unusual whatsoever so that was that was my close encounter and it definitely changes you when something like that happens they use and gentlemen you're listening - what on earth is happening we'll be right back after this break stay with us [Music] welcome back everyone listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio on a night plagued with some vicious attacks by those who don't want to hear the truth or to have it spread to others that's fine we're going to plod along as we must we're taking your calls this show you make the show anything is fair game no taboo topics again there never are hear the toll-free number to join us 800 three one three nine four four three I just want to wrap up this story about this sighting and just bring a couple of quick points to people's attention regarding you know certain cliches that are often brought out when somebody sees something like this and the first one is well are you sure it wasn't a military secret military craft well you know isn't that's still the biggest news in human history pretty much you know hey if military have craft like that okay that can float hover completely silent propelled with some form of anti-gravity technology why are we still driving around in combustion engine cars polluting the earth confined the 2d space jam-packed on roads all kinds of moving components expensive etc when this kind of clean and clearly exotic technological propulsion and transportation methodology it clearly exists if that were the case and why doesn't the public know about it so what they they have a right somehow to develop this for weapons of destruction but the public doesn't have a right to possess that same technology for transportation and whatever other means we might be able to use it for that still that cover-up still wouldn't be the biggest story in the history of the world you know I just have to laugh at people when they bring this up as if oh that's that's nothing you know it's just military back to bed you know it's utterly ridiculous it's an utterly ridiculous justification even if it were that now do I have to keep an open mind that maybe this is some sort of black ops project you know black budget project I should say absolutely you know maybe they're working on light bending or refracting technology maybe they're working on some type of cloaking technology who knows you know obviously it was anti-gravity propulsion of some kind because it made zero sound I mean none no air currents disturbed to the best of my ability to tell so you know that pretty much is really what I wanted to get at you know the people who kind of bring up this cliche of well it probably was just military well even if it was that's still a huge huge deal and people should be talking about it I personally if I had to make a an assessment and a best guesstimate I would guess that this was not of human origin personally from what I witnessed I don't think humanity even has technology like that now people say oh we have technology hundreds of years from the breakaway civilization that's operating on this planet yeah maybe so but even if that were one of ours and somebody you know human being we're piloting it I don't really think we got that we developed that technology on our own personally that's just my take you know people are free to disagree with that but I feel that that was something that was of a narcotic nature let's just say okay and when something like that is done in the dark I don't really think that it's for good purposes quite frankly I don't have a good I don't have a good feeling in general about the entire alien quote slash UFO phenomenon in general because I think that they have interfered with people's personal sovereignty on this planet we could get into discussions about abductions possibly at some future point I haven't really covered that material as of yet it certainly interconnects with the cosmic abandonment thesis and information and again I want to provide a little bit more you know evidence to support that whole thesis in coming weeks you know before I move on and to differ talk different topics of discussion but in general I don't think this phenomenon is something that has our better interests at heart it may certainly be simply self-interested and operating according to its own agenda but I definitely don't think it has our betterment in mind that's just my take on it there again would be people who highly disagree with that I think that good works are done in the light of day and dark works are done in secrecy and darkness okay just my take on it let's move on to another caller Joe before we move on I want Wonder's say thank you to Joe the last caller because the comments that he made were are very encouraging and very heartening and I really appreciate you know the things that he said so let's move on to hear from Mike in Kentucky Mike you're live on what on earth is happening welcome Mike are you with us come on yes there you go you're live on what on earth is happening welcome to the shaft and interesting audio problems you've been having indeed you mentioned something way back before we start taking callers and I think it's a foundational principle that a lot of people are that that's a great way to pull the foundation out of legitimate government in this land is the idea that property is fundamental to the natural basic rights that we have or if you don't have property or the ability to own property right then what do you have I mean that's well the question becomes what then are you by definition you're a serve your property is your speech your speeches your property a a an on property owner is a serf living on the land you know just in that land is somehow just entrusted to them as a landlord a Lord would entrust a feudal serf to to a piece of land but if they don't do the bidding of the master of that land then you know they somehow lose the ability to live on that you know well are we serfs on the land or are we sovereign individuals are we slaves you know that a master is keeping on a plantation well I reject that outright wholesale I reject that you know that we are somehow legitimate serfs or legitimate slaves there is no such thing as the legitimacy of serfdom or slavery it's always illegitimate because it's always based on coercion and violence which are against natural law and our wrongdoings and and therefore I can't see how anybody who claims that they want freedom or claims that they want to understand rights you know could possibly not grasp the idea of the legitimacy of ownership in the physical domain and again it doesn't mean folks like I was saying it doesn't mean that I own something forever I don't own this computer forever I don't own you know this printer forever I don't own this this hard drive forever this lamp forever but while I'm using them they are my property I am in stewardship of them if you want to use that terminology it's it's splitting of hairs okay you nobody can own anything forever so to talk about concepts of forever are meaningless it's it's just meaningless it's it's it's drivel really is what it is it's it's it's getting involved in semantic debate as opposed to looking at the reality of the situation from a simplistic point of view and that is we own our bodies we own the things that we acquired lawfully without harming somebody else and are using and that includes property living space etc okay that these are legitimate claims you I can't make the claim I own all the water in the world or I own all all the water in the city of Philadelphia that's not a legitimate claim because other people needed to survive hey I could say the water in this house which I am using right now is my property okay I've bottled some some water in this house so I have it for my personal usage that is mine I have staked a claim to it because I am using it and intending to use it over the next few days so that's my water somebody would not have a right to just come in here and take it you know it's the same it's the same thing with anything else if you don't understand what property rights are you don't understand any rights you know then you're getting involved in you know going down the dangerous trail the dangerous path of allowing for the violation of rights to take place if you don't understand property you know people give this example oh the Native Americans here had no concept of property and I tell people really you don't think that they did you think if one of the Native American people went into the tepee of a husband and his wife and tried to throw them out of there in the middle of the night that that those two people wouldn't have a problem with that because that's what property is they're using it they're using that space [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening we're into the third hour of the show despite a couple of setbacks the show continues on and we're taking your calls tonight the toll-free number to join us 800 three one three nine four four three we were talking to Mike in Kentucky who had brought up the point of how central the concept of ownership is to understanding and preserving rights keeping them you know and I was saying that people who don't understand the nature of true property of what we really own and what we do not own of real ownership cannot truly understand natural law that's why people who think this way should go back and listen to my natural law seminar watch that seminar look at the slides go through it slowly if you have to take your time with it take take it over several days or a week okay I get into the concept of ownership and what it is what constitutes ownership you know it's the its rightful acquisition without violence to someone else and then it's actively using it on a continual basis and then it's being responsible for it and if you're if that applies to a thing you own it hey that's why I own my body there's a reason it's not just a statement or a claim there's reasons to back it up okay and they make perfect and sense if we think about them on a natural law level on a level regarding is violence being done is coercion being done or not okay and then that makes the difference between us understanding what we own and what we do not own and I want to thank Mike from Kentucky for bringing up that point it's something that more people really really need to think about it a deep fundamental level and understand completely so Mike thank you for the call let's hear from Chris in Las Vegas Chris you're live on what on earth is happening welcome well good evening mark and what an interesting evening you've had so far husband hasn't it we know as Mike was speaking I think it was George Washington that said that private property and Liberty were inseparable and mutually interdependent you could not have one without the other I agree also you it's such an interesting evening here there's so many things I'm sitting you're working on a land patent case where land was stolen by the bar down in Louisiana from a bunch of tribal family members had had it from the Spanish land grant and they did it in a absurd or a not jurisdictional location to have struck them so I'm helping fights and people fight for the land get it back what was stolen by the bar several hundred acres should be quite interesting so I wish you luck with that oh and also you have noticed since you've been having such flack we know that we're over the target if we're catching lots of flak and you've been catching lots of the night that's right but truth is the first casualty of war in the Empire of Lies and so you're obviously seeing great interest in that respect and that's okay you know it's something that I guess I'm gonna have to accept and make some contingency plans for and you know all it does like I said is it helps me because it's validating my message to everyone out there you know and they'll hear this archived in the podcast and it'll make them think you know about everything I've said in the past and how now this is coming under deliberately quite blatantly and clearly and you know it's gonna validate it's gonna only serve to validate everything I've said to this point so you know like I said they could do their worst you mentioned you were going to go to an occult conference and speak on those topics here in your future and we might talk about the actual etymology the word term occult which means secret knowledge I think that's it hidden knowledge that is all the occult comprises it's hidden knowledge of how the human psyche works and operates and it's hidden knowledge about how the laws of nature operate both in the realm of the seen meaning the physical laws and in the realm of the unseen meaning the spiritual laws that govern creation let me share a couple of things that you may have some knowledge of but you may not know quite all that I'm going to share with you this evening I think you probably know where the term Isis actually came from its reiteration not considering its original Pharisee Pharaoh ancient Egypt or Kennett utilization for the ancient demon goddess of war destruction and fertility but we know it was reformed in the I think of it on plate 90 early 90s or so by Mossad from the British mi6 which I think stands for Mossad in Israel and of course the 69th star star ball chamber of Satan and so if you given that then we've got this new iteration of this new terrible terrorist group that's even worse than Isis they call Horus on and my inspired interpretation tells me that it's actually car Horus on or car Horus shot on like - which is Satan or Lucifer and of course Horus was the concert of Isis and so it's not without pretty interesting suggestions that the same people that have these dollar Baalak agendas of looking to these ancient demonic gods and goddesses to perpetrate their frauds and the American public in these false flag pretense events would carry out the same cohesive connection or LexisNexis to their storylines it's an interesting interpretation and you know I've talked a lot about the ancient Commission pantheon of gods and goddesses are here on the show and you know Isis I look at as a goddess figure that represented truth and love not so much that you could look at different goddesses and incarnations as having a negative aspect but I look at this whole thing as yet another symbolic attack on the goddess energy in general as attacking a care as attacking truth as attacking love as attacking higher consciousness to keep people in fear and one of the things I think we really have to be vigilant about is the possibility of new false flag attacks coming to keep the consciousness of the people rooted in fear and they're doing this by propagating on the media that this group is so huge and has so many you know sleeper cells and has so many assets at their disposal when you know I mean we really didn't hear about these groups that much even only a year ago and one of the things that I do agree with is that that you said is that these groups were all really ultimately created by intelligence agencies we're talking about intelligence agencies of the United States of Britain of Israel coming together to form these very sick twisted militant forms of Islam but we really did this we created this our intelligence agencies made this so that they can continue to justify their existence and continue to justify the imperialist military incursions into these other lands and to seize their resources and and oppress their people so you know interesting interesting interpretations Chris and I want to thank you for the call and I want or something yes sure thanks for you we know that Eric Holder resigned on Thursday yes if you gotta consider what the true of the months are and if we look at the actual months and the new neurological relationships we know that the month preceding October which is the eighth month since September meaning the seventh month of course we had the two fabricated months by Pope Gregory and the Julian calendar and they added July and August or Haji justice all right so if you give this September is actually the seventh month not right then the 24 25th which was Thursday is seven and two oh one four seven so Eric Holder hit the jackpot I got priesthood ha ha ha quite interesting Chris thanks thanks for that they're all about numerology aren't they [Music] night divine today tried to run welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening we're taking your calls for the duration of the show let's go right back to the phone lines and let's hear from Brandon in Boston Brandon you are live on what on earth is help is happening welcome hello Brandon you're live on the air Brandon are you there yep okay there he is okay groan yeah okay no worries what do you have for us this evening all right yeah first of all I just wanted to give a kind of a flat moral relativism sure go ahead yeah I want to give any know that I've fought this battle for a long time and I lived in an area that was rabid with post-modernism and feminism and relativism and you know I might have even fallen into that trap of you had all these new age books like the dancing movie masters that was and the Dallas physics and things like that things that wanted to equate God with quantum physics and the problem of that is that that's just one interpretation that's the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum physics works just one interpretation of looking out of that old movement I think that's why Einstein said that God doesn't play dice that in fact relativism only applies on the quantum square scale it's not to be a thought applied on the human scale another way I would entire arguments I'd say people often say to me well there is no truth there is no good and and they say well I said well is that is that statement true mmm-hmm it kind of stopped them in the track and if it's true then there is truth there's no loss and that Falls there's nothing in snow ISM another way H I'd do that and that's just truth so let's go the morality at the elephant teach seminars philosophy de feminists and stuff like that there'd be a guy or two in the class and I said well there is no true there is no real good or evil come on in Chris Walden okay there's no but what is it then most based on it's all based on power you know true real good and evil bait is based on who has the power at the time and you can see it in history how its ways from one what's good in one age is bad in another age okay it's a okay well right now I have to power I'm gonna separate the class into two groups men and women and all the men I'm gonna get A's all the women are gonna fail well that's what what's did it immediately from the that's unfair mmm-hmm nothing because if you're in power and you get to make up what's right and wrong well then that's right isn't it yes and it's in fact that it's rooted in extreme narcissism it's basically saying what is truthful is true smooth for me that's right I call this the arbiter of truth syndrome that's my personal little branding or coining of this dismantle II diseased condition that people have fallen into that they believe that humanity can somehow be the arbiter of truth that we get to decide which what is true and what is not true instead of through opening our perceptions and taking in what's really there discovering what is true for ourselves yep so you know and that you know some really great books on this it's just um she has Lewis's the abolition of man he says about relativism he said it will surely damned lost souls and were and in the world and Bruin and damned our souls okay he an oxonium czar on you know they're not really they don't really exaggerate that much but it's oh and then you know you have people like you know where Ellis at this is just stuck and as possible I call a Boomer itis because it seems to take hold with the goomar aviation that will the Peter who were plopped down in front of the television by the so called greatest generation after that generation fought World War two and then thought everything was just peachy keen in the whole world and they rested on their laurels weren't vigilant whatsoever were completely asleep at the switch while this country was taken from the inside by both Nazism and communism and they plopped their children down they accepted all the new technological innovations that came into their lives around that time and said well we'll need to really truly raise our children and plop them down in front of a TV fed them TV dinners and the state took their minds in short order I might add and if people think that's too harsh of a of a judgment to pass upon both the so called greatest generation and the baby boomer generation well guess what look look around and take a look at where we're at right now okay that's a result of people being asleep at the switch varial they're the most I think the baby boomer generation the reason why we're stuck at the where we at where we are at right now baby blue magenta the so-called greatest generation has they would also include the cities well I'm the greatest generation I'm talking about World War 2 era and then they're there their children the next generation would be considered the baby boomer generation well I'm talking about those two generations being largely responsible for where we are at now in human history at least in the United States you know it's uh it's um it's something that many people don't want to talk about and I'm not just pointing fingers saying oh it's all just that group of course a lot of people bear responsibility for it but really the the powers that should not be slammed through so many agendas during that time period and just slipped it right by people's minds in both of those generations because like I said they were just completely asleep at the switch they were distracted they were you know raised on television particularly the baby boomer generation they were raised on TV the propaganda worked so well on them because it was fresh it no one had analyzed it no one had understood how it worked and they they took their minds at a very very deep level most of them now I'm not making a blanket statement not saying all of them were taken but the vast majority for certain yeah and you know I know it's just reading that um Mussolini and Mao Zedong they're their moral relativist oh sure oh that's a it's a cornerstone of both of those ideologies cornerstone of both of those political ideologies is moral relativism absolutely oh I mean it's a very really is the most dangerous thing out there I'm glad you're fighting that good fight mark and I'll be in Connecticut absolutely I'm glad you're fighting it as well keep up the great work Brandon Brandon thanks so much for the call let's hear from Frank and Montreal Frank you're live on what on earth is happening welcome okay hi Rachel by the way first time I heard of you is when you were getting an interview in Montreal from people from that radio h200 yes great show oh my yeah and so you got a couple of new listeners there Franco humor and his crew yes great yeah pretty glad you went there I'd like to I'd like to ask a question about the sick sick sick nature of time it's something that you've talked a little bit about but I would I would like to have a little bit more precision about how past events could repeat today if it's something that actually happened that the time is actually 60 nonlinear how can we how can we eat today in what's going on today Frank this is a great question I'm glad you've asked it it's something I do want to clarify more and talk a little bit more on so when when people say time is cyclical I think that gives a wrong impression in most people's minds that events somehow are doomed to reoccur and that's not the case I would say that time has a cyclical quality to it but it itself is not cyclical and I'll pick up what I mean by that on the other side of this break stay with us folks welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm Frank from Montreal asked a question before the last break for me to clarify my understanding of the cyclical nature of time I said it's not so much a cyclical nature as that time has a cyclical quality to it and let me finish explaining that see it's not so much that events recur and were somehow doomed to repeating the same things over and over again it's that tendencies seem to keep being put before us and if we don't learn from the events that we collectively have experienced in a in a past cycle then the results will more than likely more likely than not be repeated and be the same and often maybe even worse because we did not get the lesson that was intended for us as a species to learn during the previous cycle these are what some researchers have called choice points in time ok and we have an opportunity to evolve during those choice points you know because we have an opportunity to learn from past mistakes and to understand the pattern that have been inherent to this cyclical quality within time okay so again you cannot take this to mean that time is a circle you have to look at it like time is a spiral staircase you know if you get the lesson you're going to go up around or a notch up the spiral and if you don't you're going to get bumped down one okay and it's going to look similar but the events will be still different you're not doomed to repeat them unless as the old saying goes you don't learn from history you don't learn from the previous cycle you know that the saying is not humanity is doomed to repeat history the saying is humanity is doomed to repeat history if we ignore its lessons and that's what you know the preservation of knowledge is all about passing that down the future generations so they don't make the same mistakes that we have made so then instead they learn and grow from those experiences I hope that clarifies it I don't really know you know any other way of putting it to make it more clear so I hope that's you know somewhat understandable and I want to thank you for your call I want to try to get in some more callers before the end of the show let's hear from Mike in New York Mike you are live on what on earth is happening welcome my friend I'm mark thanks for take my call I'll always grant later from you I just wanted to bring up a real quick book for the abduction we're talking about maybe getting sued down the road dr. Paula Horner has some great information and I thought she'd be worth bringing up the topic but I wanted to really bring up the the fact that you you had said mostly humanity really does have a tendency towards self-hatred yes and that that ultimately is our biggest down that's what's stopping us from moving forward or up that staircase if we really do get over I think we'll have a better shot at accomplishing anything else that we're looking to do sure ultimately you know if you look at it's most of society sound for YouTube's delusion delusional self-hatred or egotistical you know upward Babylon is a great example of that if really you know self-love is a tough thing sometimes I think ok that's the key to everything because how can you project love outward if you don't truly love the self if you're doing things that are harmful and detrimental against the self can you truly love someone else can you truly project the spear or essence of love to anyone else you know it's all about self-respect and self-love that's where all love flows from it has to start at the self and project out from there that's right people want to know where the confidence comes from it comes from sometimes working your hardest maybe selling sometimes but ultimately you know if you don't give up and you strive towards better you will accomplish it you work enough hours that anything you'll get good at you'll get good at it all right doing it being a 3d artist as a hobbyist sometimes it can be very very tedious the software changes that the years go on you know sometimes if the money's in it sometimes there's not you know and you really do it for the love and and really if you spend a good five thousand hours or more you'll get better and unfortunately if you don't want to put in that work you're never going to get there it's all about practice it's all about persistence it's all about willpower you know willpower in conjunction with care in conjunction with creativity you know that's what will get us there you know we don't want to develop that then you know stagnation is the order of the day and ultimately you know slipping backwards you know ultimately entropy and chaos will take over you know again like I said true care and true will are the ordering principles within creation that's what the force of centra P is ultimately about the counter accent and counterbalance is that force of entropy and chaos at work in the world and that's what's amazing you know and you watched you're truly putting together you know through these podcast what really needs to be said especially you know now today at this time in our society reincarnation I think plays a big role in that cyclical thing that we keep dealing and you know seeing and throughout history or feeling in the back of our mind it pops up again and again maybe in your life deja vu I've had that before you know you were being very honest say about a story that you shared about you know experience you had with some sort of craft and you know I throughout my life I've seen you know shadow people or or animal like all figures that can move very fast you know throughout my life I've seen it you're almost like it was second nature and I realized that one point yeah you know other people didn't really see them until I started watching you know so much TV shows and realized that it was out there but might potentially that's what that's what got me on my Road you know back in me I was there control ninety somewhere it's a huge phenomena that's a that's a much larger phenomena than most people would even believe I mean looking into that whole concept of you know uh shadow or dark figures were working in this world and seen at the periphery of people's vision in many cases it's a huge phenomenon that goes out in the world especially depending on where you are in locations that can play into it but it is it is without a doubt my my whole life eyes I've seen them I've seen them be able to move object you know let's lift the lid on the toy chest when I was younger you know that there are you know and eating young you younger you don't even realize what's happening you know and all the sudden you look back at excel is so young and I said oh my god that's exactly what happened you know but they're not your life you know you can if you don't have don't hold on to your humanity and that that's really what separates us the ability to really love and have action you know without explanation sometimes or for yourself or others you have to have that that's that is what separates us and if we don't let them take that from us so we don't willingly give it up we can develop it into power true good power that could really uplift humanity instead of using power for the tools to bring people down exactly Mike absolutely profound insights as always that you bring to the show whenever you call in thanks so much my friend great to hear from you everybody thank you you too all right let's hear from Kerry and Rob in Philadelphia Kerry and Rob you are on the air on what on earth is happening welcome guys if you want to lower the radio a little bit or whatever device you're listening on Kerry and Rob are you there don't delay I think they're gonna not hear that okay no worries we're going to skip Carey and Rob then if you can call back on a better connection of some kind then I'll put you to the head of the line let's hear from Swami shivananda giri in illinois swami welcome back to the show I got a my very self so masterfully playing the role of Mark passengers hey Aakansha what an adventure this has been tonight yeah it hasn't it it's been a rollercoaster ride right well I mean you know this Swami hangs out in the the chat room during the show and he'll have been going in there outstanding because what we decided as these things were occurring some got very frustrated but myself and a few others said look the whole intent of this is to drive listeners away breathe simply sit here shoulder to shoulder no matter what happens right until the end of the program then we win absolutely Swami's stay with us through this break and I'll let you continue on the other side ladies and gentlemen you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn we'll be right back [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website wall on earth is happening dot-com this is the last segment for this edition of tonight's program we were talking to swami shiva nanda giri in illinois swami are you still with us oh you bet you go right ahead and continue i just wanted to congratulate you you know you're not you're not getting hit with the flack until you're over the target that's right you know like I said it's just gonna lend more validation to my message the more that this keeps happening and you know it's all too coincidental to be accidental as far as I'm concerned I mean it's uh this is something that I feel is deliberate because it's happening just at the time I go on the air when I have had no problems with this connection over the past several weeks you know only during the time that I hit the airwaves but like I said it's gonna ultimately work against these cowards these anonymous cowards who take a paycheck to try to stifle a message of truth it's gonna work against them because in everybody's mind who listens it's gonna validate my message from day one and I just wanted the cyber high-five yes and tell you how excited I am to be standing shoulder to shoulder with you in the upliftment of human consciousness absolutely and it's a pleasure that you are in our company sir oh also wanted to share with you do to your inspiration this Swami will be taking on a raw juice raw juice fast great great I wish you the best of luck with it when will you be starting November 1st awesome well any assistance or tips or anything information that I could help you out with don't hesitate to ask you know at any time you know I'd be here to help you with that endeavor thank you so much and and you know one of the reasons I mean one of the greatest reasons I'm doing this is because you took took up the challenge to do it and what about real hope that's right hoping to simply replicate the very same thing with this you know and I'm due for another one I'm gonna have to do another one pretty soon and you know reboot as they say and perhaps within the next few weeks I'll start one myself nope all right thanks again mark for doing what you do and being who you are and all you've gone through all you go through and all that is yet to be gone Swami the same here we appreciate you my friend take care all right let's hear from Ivan in Phoenix Ivan you're live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show you more minute today as opposed to the very last minute yes it's unusual I took your call a little bit early except not quite at the very very end of the show so we have some time to chat what do you have on your mind this evening my friend all right this connects a lot of dots here so you're talking about cosmic abandonment and basically the interference with man within our ancient history this ties connect a few things for me real quick here and it disposed to vegetarianism and carnism okay I would suggest I don't know if you've mentioned this in the past or not but I would suggest that man was vegetarian or vegan that's the one who ate naturally the natural foods the foods that don't need to be processed or modified you know you can just grab a banana grab an apple pick some cherries take anything that comes from the earth and you can eat that naturally and you're fine then we have the interference or what the Bible says let us make man in our image not human but man in our imaginary and that ties in with something I heard a few years ago that David Icke mentioned a researcher was looking into the origins of I forgot some religions and stuff and came across 70,000 years ago was the furthest he can go back about reptilians or serpents and that was something about you or that Q was was the name and so now we take that concept and man was made in whoever's image maybe that was these serpents or or reptilian and then man became human and then from that point on that's where you get all these carnivores saying what the body needs to eat me don't can't you tell how you know good it feels when you eat meat and everything and that's why I would suggest well because it's we're down the line of this interference yeah we were manipulated or modified to require this meat because you know as natural as it is to just eat the fruits and vegetables I don't know I don't see these carnivores you know right now I'm still corn for but I'm with trying to change that might answer is I'm that willpower I'm trying to develop at and and kind of use my sacred masculine to use force and I know do the right thing and stop eating that we aren't carnivores don't go to a cow and just take a bite out of it we don't rip a chicken leg off and take a bite out of it we don't bite let sink our teeth into a pig they see so if it's as natural as eating these fruits and vegetables that we just picked up anywhere and eat why don't we do that with to me because our our I would say from the neck up our body recognizes that we're not supposed to do that very include the taste buds are meant to construct we don't take red meat all bloody and and everything I mean young II know we need to put you know spices and we need to marinate it we need to cook it to a nice color and very nice smell so that's all men to stuff that's right it's acceptable see so like all the old saying goes if people had to kill the animals that they eat there would be a lot more vegetarians in the world exactly yeah so that that's something that all these extra ducks here was you know the food and preparing it and and these interference that ties into you know supports what you were talking about the interference sure it's a man and human it's a very interesting theory that that may have been actually genetically programmed into us through the modifications that these beings may have made to early man that's one possibility I'd like to just suggest another alternative hypothesis or possibility if the earth was at one point not at the angle of its axial rotation with respect to its plane of orbit around the Sun that it exists now which is at a twenty three point five degree tilt with respect to that rotational plane with with that orbital plane around our Sun if it was at one point perfectly straight up and down with respect to that plane of orbit if it was at a zero degree angle we would have a perpetual state of spring in all areas of the earth basically except the most extreme parts of the the poles and you would have a huge temper temperate zone capable of supporting all kinds of vegetable plant and vegetable life throughout the course of the year year round there would not be extremes of summer and winter and that means food would grow everywhere abundantly in both hemispheres of the earth in northern and southern hemisphere year round you wouldn't have this season of death and decay and pushing people into survival mode and looking for alternative sources of of energy and food like hunting animals okay so I think perhaps environmental pressures brought about by a cataclysmic event possibly even one that was created by these beings that came here in the ancient past with their technology because if they were some sort of a type to civilization you know they may have even had technology free energy technology that would have been capable of creating a pole shift but there are some researchers that talk about possible the possibility of a galactic gravity wave created from a Seifert explosion I've talked about briefly some of the work of Paul Laviolette in this regard I think people should read his book earth under fire you could also check out Allen and delayers work Cataclysm in that regard that may have changed our dietary habits but that's all the time we have for this edition Ivan I want to thank you as always for your call ladies and gentlemen I'll be in Connecticut next week looking forward to seeing everybody out there I'll return live to the air in two weeks from today you've been listening to war on earth is happening ladies and gentlemen remember there's only two mistakes you could ever make on the path to truth not starting and not going all the way we'll see you right here in two weeks [Music] [Music] [Music]