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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website Republic Broadcasting org today is Saturday October 25th 2014 this show is of course live every Saturday evening here on RB n from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Eastern Time that's 9 p.m. to midnight Central Time we have a great show lined up for you here tonight we're going to be continuing to present the extended version of the cosmic abandonment presentation that I gave back in late 2013 cosmic abandonment is a presentation that explores the connection between what I refer to as the interference theory of human origins and the current human condition tonight on the show we're going to have a little bit of fun and we're going to discuss some movie allegories some works of fiction that actually tell a very powerful and important part of the story of the real origins of humanity the interference theory of human origins through Hollywood fiction and I'm gonna discuss several movies and talk about some of the connections that they have with the events that occurred in the ancient past on earth so that's coming up on this edition of what on earth is happening and then maybe about halfway through the program or so I will start taking your calls on any topic you want to explore including cosmic abandonment or anything else because there are never any taboo topics on what on earth is happening and never will be so I'll give the calling number right here at the top of the show and people can get in the caller queue if they wish to so the calling number is 803 one three nine four four three once again the calling number to join us here on what on earth is happening eight hundred three one three ninety four forty three just a couple of brief event announcements the for your mind three conference is coming up in early 2015 you can check out more information about this great forthcoming conference at the conference website free your mind conference calm I am scheduled to be one of the featured speakers at the free your mind conference really looking forward to it it's going to be held just outside of Philadelphia of this year and that's all I'll say for now all that you know people go to the conference website to get details which will be forthcoming so for your mind three coming up in April of 2015 the website free your mind conference calm definitely check it out I want to let people know that I am working with an editor on a what on earth is happening book I've talked about this briefly on past shows this individual has done absolutely phenomenal work helping me to prepare the material for this book and he sent me a draft and I've been looking it over and having a couple of people look it over and it's coming along really great and I'm really excited that I think probably by early next year hopefully by the time the for your mind conference rolls around are although I don't want to make any promises the book will be actually you know published I'm gonna self publish it and you know put it out there for anybody who wants to pick up a copy so you know I just want to let people know a little progress report there that it's going really the book is coming along really well and I'm really looking forward to putting that out sometime early next year if everything goes according to plan with that said I also want to mention that there is a donation button on the left hand side of the what on earth is happening dot-com website if you feel that you have received value from the information that I've presented and shared on this radio show and on my website you can feel free to make a purely voluntary donation to help support my work so that I can continue it into the future and you know don't you know the new thing the new attack when you know people when absolute chills and you know people who are brain damaged can't attack the information that you put out and they can't put a chink in you know what other people mentally you know think of you as because you do hold some integrity and you do stand in truth and you do stand in courage and you do keep speaking the truth out into creation for other people to hear the very last thing people can attack you on is oh you're accepting donations you know that makes that makes everything you know all my work somehow invalid or that makes me some kind of a show because I open up for you know other people's generosity should they want to voluntarily give it I mean this is the most nonsensical notion that I've ever personally heard of but you know for people who you know fall into these kind of logical fallacies it doesn't really surprise me there's a lot of people out there with completely burnt brains so you know that's all I really have to say about that and you know I've already spent too much time even even bring mentioning it or bringing it up I guess I'll be you know EE or Tripoli a show by mentioning that I do still have some what on earth is happening t-shirts I have not put anything for sale up on my website ever up to this point when the book comes out I'm obviously not going to be able to just give books away because I'm gonna have to put out a significant amount of money to press the book on my own to actually you know self publish it so of course the physical copies I will have to sell but I'm going to arrange somehow putting out electronic copies of it for extremely extremely inexpensive prices maybe I'll just do any any kind of a voluntary donation for the book we'll get you an e copy of it you know and you know that'll be as close to free as I could put it out there and you know I don't care if anybody wants to share it with whoever they want of course I want it to be shared I want the information out there so you know I'll probably do something like that with an e copy of it once it does get published and of course you know I'll have to charge a small amount for the actual physical book you know because I can't just press those and give them well I don't have that kind of money to do that but um you know I also have some t-shirts that are left over from I printed up a bunch of t-shirts for the Connecticut seminar that demystifying the occult seminar and I want to really thank everybody who attended that seminar and the t-shirts actually sold very well it was like a hot item at the table you know when we tabled some merchandise there and you know people seem to really like the design it has the what on earth is happening earth design on the front you know with the website and then you know with the the blue rays coming off of the earth and then on the back it has the one great work seal that I kind of designed based on the the you know the classic all-seeing eye design the reverse of the Great Seal but it says one great work truth love freedom and then there's the phrase there is only two mistakes one can make on the path to truth not starting and not going all the way so we'll continue on the other side of this break folks you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] [Music] [Music] we welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm before the break I was just letting everyone know you know I was basically continuing my Schill activity because I'm going to mention some merchandise for like the first time since I've you know pretty much come out and started publicly speaking we printed some what on earth is happening t-shirts I put out maybe about a little over 1,500 dollars to have these professionally silk-screened they came out really nice and we brought them to the Connecticut seminar it was the first time that I've ever had any t-shirts pressed you know the idea here was you know let's get some promotion going for the website and you know a nice t-shirt might get some people talking could you know bring up the topic of you know kind of what this radio show talks about and you know what the website gets into and turned some people on to it and that was the intent so we printed some up they sold really well people really seem to like the design and I may offer these on the website you know people could let me know what they think of that or maybe I'll just put an email link or something like that and you can email me and ask me how you can get a hold of a copy I'll you know figure out exactly how I want to work that but you know I'll probably make some of these publicly available because I do think they came out really nice I think people will like the design maybe I'll take a photo of them and you know put it up on there on the radio show next week or you know put it up somewhere on the site next week but I just wanted to mention that that I'll probably be doing that in the near future and of course that makes me an absolute fraud so you know just so everybody's clear on that seriously though let's jump into the the topic the material for tonight's broadcast and as always I want to direct everybody's attention if they're listening live to the what on earth is happening comm radio show page you go - what on earth is happening click the radio show tab as always underneath the player when I'm live on the air there are images for the show and underneath that you'll see the cosmic abandonment slides if you're listening with the podcast this is podcast 173 and the slides of our of course posted with each podcast there's also a zip archive link where you can actually download a zipped archive of a zipped folder of all of the images if you want to open them up just locally on your computer that's my recommendation probably the easiest way to do it you have all the images numbered in one folder so we're gonna be starting on image number 157 this evening which is simply the section it begins the section of the cosmic abandonment presentation called allegories so I'll just start by defining what an allegory is because you know some people may not be familiar with that term I would guess any kind of longtime listeners of course are familiar with what an allegory is it's something I talk about a whole lot an allegory is a story a poem a picture a symbol of some kind that can be interpreted it's an encoded story poem picture or symbol it's something that is encoded and it could be decoded or interpreted in a certain way to reveal a hidden meaning to reveal some hidden understanding and usually that hidden meaning were hidden understanding is a moral lesson of some kind it can also be hidden events that people want to explain in a covert way without coming out and actually saying you know these are the names these are the dates these are the people involved etc you know so they'll change the name but the story is basically the same so this is what we're going to be talking about tonight on the show allegories that deal with the cosmic abandonment topic that deal with the interference theory of human origin that beings came to our planet in the very ancient past and did some of manipulation to humanity or created humanity in a manipulated way for their own purposes and wanted to use this planet and people for their own resources and their own reasons their own agendas that's the general thesis people have called this you know I call interference theory people have called intervention theory you know I accept that as a name for this topic but like I say like I've said it kind of like doesn't really do it justice because it almost sounds like oh you're doing an intervention of some kind well that could be helpful you know interference means you're standing in somebody's way of where they want to go you know you're blocking them you're preventing their forward progress that's why I prefer the term interference theory but it's also been called ancient astronauts theory you know things like that alien involvement in human evolution etc you can call it really whatever you want it's all the same basic concept and many fictional movies fictional stories have dealt with this theme again in an encoded way and you have to understand the general background story that we've gone over in the first part of this extended presentation which was called the story of the human past if you need to understand the basic outline of that story in order to understand how these allegories are retellings of that story of our past so you know of course if you're not familiar with that you want to look at the researchers I talked about last week on the program and listed and I've gotten some good feedback about that people seem to be putting that resource list to good good use they like the way I you know provided some basic links so that people can just click on you know to do a web search or to do a YouTube video search or to do an Amazon book search you know so that people can do this type of research on their own and you know you'll discover so many other researchers connected with this field when you research the ones that I put out there so it seems like that was a it worked out the way I that stuff and people are getting some good use out of that and I'm glad to hear that so let's start in with some of these allegories and I look I'm sure I've missed some I'm sure people will have others you know there's a couple that I am gonna mention that aren't on the slides I didn't make slides to to represent them or you know I became aware of them after this presentation had already been built I'll probably add in some slides down the road when I refine or enhance this presentation but for now we're just gonna touch on a few and then we go when we go to the phones if you want to bring up any that you think allegorically deal with this topic you know you're free to do so so the first one that I'm gonna talk about on slide number 158 is probably my personal favorite movie of all time it's the cult classic they live starring Roddy Piper it was made by the director John Carpenter and I'm gonna tell you know a little bit of an anecdotal story about my meeting with Roddy Piper in a little bit but let's talk about the movie first they live I believe came out in 1985 or was it 80 88 I'll look up the date but essentially it's it was 88 and essentially it's about a man who is pretty poor he's looking for work he's out of work and you know he finds some work as a construction worker and very synchronistic experiences lead him through kind of living in a tent city to become aware of some sort of an underground resistance movement that has together detected the presence of alien beings that are already in control of the planet that are already in control of the earth they are you know the so-called elite of the earth they're the people who are the quote movers and shakers they're the people who own all the corporations all the money all the businesses the police the military etc politics - we'll pick this storyline up on the other side stay with us everyone [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Sakuni decides that we don't dare speak [Applause] it's a while between us little whip so [Applause] we keep pretending like there's nothing wrong Cole decides that's right the code of silence can't go on ladies and gentlemen that's why we're gonna broadcast the truth out into the universe until it is heard understood integrated acted upon and sets this world free let's continue talking about some of the fictional allegories that deal with the interference theory of human origins as part of the extended cosmic abandonment presentation we were talking about the movie they live starring Roddy Piper a cult classic by John Carpenter from 1988 the piper character his name is not a very interesting that that kind of is a slang word for nothing you know he's like the the spirit you know who's going through through life going through the world of incarnation here on earth and you know discovering hidden truths so he comes across this resistance movement that is poor and trying to put the word out about aliens who are present in the midst of people you know this could be a allegory regarding Psychopaths and you'll understand that that's in many cases that's what these people are talking about because you know that they're the progeny of these beings that were here from thousands of years ago they interbred to try to keep the genetics as quote pure as possible you know as they saw it and therefore they may have you know kept a lot of psychopathy going in or in many cases again I talked about psychopathy primary psychopathy in particular having an origin in the genetic manipulation that was done to early humanity and then therefore Psychopaths want to continue to enter breed those traits those those genetic characteristics among them to kind of keep it in the family and keep their ruthlessness intact so that they can stay on top so to speak that they can keep these dominating and controlling aspects you know that come with the concept of the come with the disease I should say of psychopathy so um you could interpret the allegory that way or you can just see it as you know these beings represent you know on at face value what they're portrayed as non-human entities or perhaps possessed Souls beings that have been inhabited spiritually you know and have been taken over you know another movie I I'll just briefly mention it has a concept like this is invasion of the body snatchers that-that'll I didn't include a slide for that either but that has a lot of these same themes in it where people are being taken over and you know they're not acting you know as normal individuals and these are consciousnesses from elsewhere coming to take the planet coming to basically inhabit the the the bodies of the people of Earth and and ultimately take everything they live you know works with this alien theme and the goal with what they realize this underground resistance movement that the piper character nada becomes involved with what they realize they have to do is stop the mind control signal that is going out to the population through the television the radio the newspapers subliminal messages everywhere he looks with these glasses that this underground resistance movement has developed that they call Hoffman lenses these black sunglasses can allow you to see all the subliminal mind control that these beings are putting out to keep the population asleep and continue to rule over them so it's a brilliant allegorical film it's kind of b-movie ish in many ways and that's you know absolutely I have no problem with that as a matter of fact I kind of think that lends to the character or charm of some of these movies a lot of people who want to watch this as strictly you know movie buffs bad idea because you're not watching this for the entertainment value so much as you are for the encoded message if you understand it's an allegory try to reserve your judgement about well how were the effects or how was the acting okay moviemaking aside you have to be willing to suspend that critical aspect of looking at a lot of these films and just watch them to look to hear and understand the message that's contained within them a lot of people can't do that you know unfortunately very unfortunately they see a movie as just a piece of entertainment value just a movie just something a story somebody is just trying to creatively tell and in many cases that's definitely not the intent behind the creators of film they're really putting out a spiritual message in many ways and what Carpenter is clearly putting out here is you know what he thinks of our current situation in the world as being ruled by these six psychopathic people and the whole goal is shut the signal off get the television message out of people's heads get the propaganda out of their heads once you shut that signal off by their very nature they'll be open-minded more to the truth it's like I said you know the whole mind control signal is like The Sorcerer's dissociative datura this plant that is used by South American sorcerer shamans to basically dissociate people from reality and basically then you know keep them under their thumb and keep them under control and keep them in a hypnotized type state that's what the television does and the message of this is until we turn off the poison signal we interrupt the poison signal we're not going to really make be making much headway and the main character has to actually sacrifice himself at the end of the film in order to do that so you know themes of sacrifice are profound in the film as well I cannot recommend strongly enough to anyone who has not seen film to watch it immediately if not yesterday okay I mean that's I can't give any stronger recommendation for a film so for those who are familiar with it you understand why I recommend it so highly for those who are not familiar with it you need to watch it right away I just want to briefly talk about my personal meeting or encounter with Roddy Piper when he came to Philadelphia and it was at a movie screening for the 25th anniversary of the film they live I saw they live in the theaters on the first night of its release and people will say well why would you go see this film on the first night of its release you know and that was 1988 what was i I was that would make me 14 years old at the time okay so why would I as a 14 year old boy want to have gone to see this this film and the answer is because I was a big fan of Roddy Piper growing up because when I grew up I was into pro wrestling yes I've said it live on the air you know uh people will probably you know have lots of things to say for that revelation but uh I was big into wrestling when I was young as are many you know people so I liked Piper in particular from the very folks first moment I saw him wrestle and saw you know do his his uh you know stage persona and that's why I wanted to see the film because when he became a Hollywood actor I wanted to see you know what was he gonna do what kind of movies was he gonna make and I didn't understand the film at the time of course you know not many people did a lot of people still don't but I went to see it and I really enjoyed it and so of course after really you know becoming awake and understanding what the film was really about I saw it with completely fresh and open eyes and saw its brilliance by John Carpenter so I went to the 25th anniversary screening which was very awesomely presented here in Philadelphia when I saw that you know that was the the 25th anniversary screening was going to be only a couple of limited places New York was one Philadelphia was one of them I think there was a couple other cities if that I was really excited to see that so Oh Barb and I did get tickets with some friends and went to the screening and there was a there was a picture signing session with Piper kind of meet-and-greet afterward and we got kind of held up we had tickets for the meet-and-greet as well but we kind of got held up talking amongst ourselves and doing some other things and we ended up being the last people in line lit I was literally the last person in the line for the meet-and-greet there was no one behind me I was the last person in line so you know he was you know still there and I had noticed even up to the very end he was very cordial very gracious to the people who came to for the meet-and-greet and the autograph signing you know with his picture that they had given out and and I was pretty impressed by that because it had to be a long time that we were staying in a couple of hours at least standing in that line to to you know go up meet him shake his hand talk to him a little bit and get the photo that they had given out to all the people who had bought meet-and-greet tickets autographed and I thought that was pretty cool of him that you know even till the very end he remained you know really happy and very glad to meet and greet the people who came to see the film so I'll pick up that little anecdotal story after this break ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening here on rbn we'll be right back [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio was giving a little anecdotal story about the time I met Roddy Piper last year and I was saying how cordial he was even though he had spent you know a couple of hours signing autographs and talking with people even down to the very last person in line which was me and when I got up to him you know I gave him the photo to sign and I also handed him my card my what on earth is happening dot-com business card and he said what's this and I said that's the real sunglasses and if you go to that site you can put them on and he said ok I'll definitely do that and I'll check it out I'm open-minded to hear what people have to say I said awesome and I you know shook his hand and I said you know at this screening you know you you were you know you came out on the stage and you talked a little bit about the making of the film and how it was to work with the other actors and the directors and everything like that and you know how the film blew up and you know you didn't expect it to get as huge as it did and to become a kind of an underground cult classic film and I you know it was really awesome what you came out and said and you know it was very interesting to hear but I said you didn't really get into what the film was really about you know philosophically and what the message that carpenter was putting out there was and he said yeah I've kind of stayed away from doing that up to this point and I said well have you ever considered you know really coming forward and talking about what this film is really about because you're a very charismatic individual and people would be willing to listen to you you know they know you as a public figure you know and if you did something like that it would probably be very well received and he said well you know I appreciate you saying that and I appreciate the vote of confidence and he said there are some other people who have been asking me to do that as well and I've been just you know talking with them and considering it and kicking around the idea a little bit but I haven't really decided to go ahead with it and and I you know kind of tried to like give him that little nudge or that push and I said well you know I think you would be awesome at it because again you're very well-liked and it would probably be a natural thing you're you're you already you know we're always you know great at speaking when you were in wrestling and you know this would kind of be a natural extension to that except you would be putting out really valuable information and as again a public figure that is charismatic and well-liked people would be open-minded to hear what you have to say and I could tell he really you know thought about what I was saying and was you know again very nice and very cordial about it shook my hand again we said goodbye and you know that was my little encounter with him so I didn't really think too much of it after that and again I'm not gonna take credit for this I'm just gonna throw it out there that possibly I may have had something to do with it but very shortly after that maybe within about a month or so after that encounter Alex Jones actually brought Roddy Piper onto his show and interviewed him and he talked about all the themes that you know we're in they live and his whole mental you know view of the world in the modern day and you know how it was really going and did a great job I thought and he was a kind of influence to do that by Sean stone you know the director Oliver Stone's son who you know knows Piper's friends with him and I believe Jesse Ventura and and his son Tyrell and then you know they know Alex of course and he brought them on his show which I thought was a great interview and uh you know I'm not going to say I you know made that happen but maybe who knows maybe he took to heart something that I said you know I'd like to think of it that way anyway and hopefully kind of uh that you know encouraged him a little bit if nothing else so that's my little al anecdotal story about my uh my meeting with Piper during the 25th anniversary they live screening here in Philadelphia it's very cool let's move on to the next slide 159 and take a look at a couple other allegorical films dealing with men who want to be gods which has put this whole interference theory of human origins is really about beings claiming God ship over other beings and there's no better example of this than the old story by Rudyard Kipling the man who would be king that was made into a Hollywood film back in the 70s starring Sean Connor and Michael Caine great film about actually very interesting that the they're Masons in this movie as well you know so the idea of secret societies and you know hidden knowledge and occultism is brought into the film that way and the one character once of course the one brother were you know you know you could look at them as two soldiers on a mission one of them wants to stay and rule a less technologically advanced civilization that they are thrust into and the other one just wants to do what he has to do and move on and get out of there and go back home it this is the veiled story of the brothers and key and Enlil of course an key being the being that wanted to create us and lyl the being that wanted to rule over us mercilessly once we were created because he looked at us as sort of an abomination against nature that had been made and disagreed with the whole plan to genetically manipulate an entire race of beings these themes are heavily overlapping in this throughout and again with these films you know it's not an identical telling of the tale there's a lot of themes in it and some of that there's a lot of different themes in it you know some movies have some themes with the the this story that we've laid out here on this extended presentation and many other researchers have talked about and written books on and made documentaries and you know television series etc so you're not going to see every film containing every element you know they're they're scattered throughout all of these films and again the other part of this is you have to take into consideration that possibly the universe is at work here that literally the underlying intelligence creation and will of the universe itself is it work dynamically in this dynamic form of energy and flow that people have referred to as synchro mysticism and we've talked about this on the show in the past many times synchro mysticism is kind of how information gets populated into fictional stories through the creative process now some people will call this wrongly in my opinion predictive programming predictive programming is what people think well they're putting out these things deliberately to try to get people to have this in their subconscious mind I really don't see these allegorical works of fiction so much as predictive programming now I'm not saying that none of that exists I definitely think it does exist but these types of films that are trying to that are putting out elements of the truth okay I don't think it's predictive programming I think it is an example of synchro mysticism in many ways where the creative process perhaps opens people up to information that is simply all around us in what people have referred to as you know the underlying field of intelligence you know the Unified Field the Akash whatever you want to refer to it as you know this is what you know certain people with psychic capabilities have been able to pick up on this is what people I feel tap into through the extreme creative process of something like writing or directing a film and it so it doesn't have to be conscious knowledge necessarily on the part of a lot of these filmmakers although in many of the cases I do believe that it is conscious knowledge so with that being said there's a film that's very similar almost an identical retelling of the man who would be king in animated it is a type of like it Soloff against Disney I think it was DreamWorks if I'm not mistaken dreams were DreamWorks films made an animated variant of this called the road to El Dorado which is also the the movie poster is also pictured on this slide very similar they're coming they're coming for the gold see again here's this concept once again that these beings were here for gold and then they stayed for the quote adventure and it's definitely a film worth checking out that has a lot of parallels with the interference theory so we'll continue on the other side of the break folks stay with us we'll be right back [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening com were into the second hour of tonight's broadcast continuing with the extended cosmic abandonment presentation tonight we are talking about fictional allegories that recount the events of the ancient interference with our origins and we were talking about the films that kind of deal with the the two brothers like the man who would be king and the road to El Dorado by DreamWorks the road El Dorado is has some interesting symbolism in it you know you look at the movie poster there and the first words on it is they came for the gold you know this whole concept of these beings coming here for gold as being some sort of a sought-after substance in the universe in general I mean you know this is repeated in the movie we're gonna get to in a few moments dune you know but in that it's the spice and it could represent oil as well but it could also represent gold you have the gold step pyramids in the the movie poster and you have the two brothers one in one in red again Masonic colors here Masonic connection the two opposing colors on both ends of the spectrum of the light spectrum okay and you know you have that they're both riding the white horse and he's holding up a bag of money the one eye tons of little you know wink-wink nudge-nudge symbolism they're they're you know they're the riders on the white horse that's you know biblically you know in revit revelatory symbolism that's death you know there's saying these beings brought death here they brought you know of the the death of you know our potential here if we don't try to undo what they've done I think there's tons of symbolism right there just in the poster alone not to mention the film and I again as I was saying before the last break I think it's definitely a film worth checking out certainly in conjunction with its original counterpart the man who would be king let's move on to the next slide slide number 160 again you're gonna see this two brothers theme repeated once again and in more modern times the four movies you had the first Thor movie and then you had Thor the dark world I really enjoyed both of these films actually and almost immediately recognized the pond seeing them that this was going to be again another retelling of this ancient story of brothers that had very profound impact on our world who came here from elsewhere their father the king of their their world Odin you know that that would be representing he would represent anew again this is all Norse mythology and it's just a direct parallel to Sumerian mythology these are the stories that are essentially written about and told about these beings and their interactions with our planet so you know in the Norse mythology Odin is the Creator God his sons are Thorin and Loki again in the Sumerian mythology you have the in the story of the Anunnaki you have a new who is the king and then you have the brothers and key and Enlil and in this allegorical fiction of Thor Thor himself would represent the brother n key and Loki would represent an Kees brother Enlil again and lo wants to be the one who rules with an iron fist and key I'm so yeah and lo wanted to be a guy who ruled with the iron fist and and and ki is the brother who while he had the most direct interaction with human beings wanted to see them helped and uplifted again I've come forward and said in no uncertain terms do I think that that makes him the quote good guy many people see it as such that he was such a great being and you know tried to help people I don't see the whole story like that I have a pretty dark negative view of all of these beings quite frankly because once you start getting involved in messing with another races evolutionary progression in the natural realm you've played the role of God you've tried to usurp the role of the creator in nature and so all of these beings were wrong all of them were immoral none of them were we're good guys were some of them somewhat better than other in their interactions with us yes most certainly did some of them regret what had been done and tried to negotiate the situation or mitigate it yes which again in an unwanted pregnancy or an unwanted child situation that is what a parent or parents who want to try to become responsible would do so maybe n ki started looking at us in that regard perhaps okay I have to keep an open mind when it comes to the whole you know recounting of these events that that may have very well been the case and lo of course is always basically written about such that he really wanted to see humanity gone he didn't didn't agree with the plan from it's very inception and wanted us gone up until the point of the monstrous deluge that basically wiped out 90 plus percent of the population on this planet upon pockets of survivors of surviving that Cataclysm the Sumerian texts actually tell about even Enki's heart kind of being softened at that point and saying along with some of his counterparts discussing the idea that perhaps fate itself or the god of creation itself may have one of these beings to remain alive and propagate for some unknown purpose and at that point allegedly and key even backed off of his position that all the humans need to go if you accept those you know those texts as being accurate so the Thor movie unequivocally is a recounting of these ancient stories and again it all comes from Norse ideology with that which has a direct parallel to again the original Sumerian Akkadian Babylonian you know etc texts from the ancient Middle East so the Thor movies I definitely also recommend for some allegorical works and you know not too bad action line stories from from Marvel if you're into that kind of thing from a purely entertainment perspective but the allegorical content is what I'm mostly interested in let's move on to the next slide slide number 161 in the presentation is the island of dr. Moreau again this is about genetic manipulation this scientist / doctor played by Marlon Brando basically is creating animal-human hybrids or what you would call chimeras by splicing their genes together and coming up with new species this is exactly the story that the Anunnaki that is told about the Anunnaki and this movie poster actually has these beings kind of like worshipping this hood at an inroad being that has like a triangular shaped hat like the all-seeing eye you know this priest class type being who is the God of the island well what is the island of dr. Moreau it is the earth we are the genetic chimera we are the hybrids and the the caption on the poster says through DNA experimentation dr. Moreau has upset the balance of nature that's an understatement he has turned animals into humans and now heaven has turned into hell so ladies and gentlemen we'll pick up exploring some of these allegories on the other side of this break you're listening to what on earth is happening here on rbn stay with us everyone we'll be right back [Music] you know today disguise at night night divided today tried to run welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com we're talking about fictional allegories that deal with the interference theory of human origins and we were talking about the island of dr. Moreau the movie poster is on slide number 161 if you're following along with the cosmic abandonment slide presentation images again the story is about a doctor who you know wants to improve upon nature he wants to be God and he changes the genetic code of many beings and hybridizes them and turns him into human animal chimeras and the caption on the poster says he has turned animals into humans and now heaven has turned into hell it's this story of our planet what could have been sort of a parody sickled realm with evolution taking its course naturally according to the natural evolutionary progression in nature was interfere dwith by a group of beings and you know they wanted to be God here and create you know beings as they saw fit to create which was again the usurpation of the place of the creator in nature and this is the argument that kind of went on between the Brothers of Enloe and Enki and Enlil argued on the side of not performing these experimentations because that was usurping the role of the creator of the universe itself and you know of course they went ahead with it anyway and that's kind of you know what this allegory is about the island of dr. Moreau is the earth and you know morro is you could say Enki for the one who actually conceived of and for with these experiments genetically definitely an interesting film that shows that it kind of it probably isn't going to end well let's just say that to move on to slide number 162 this is the time machine I didn't put this in the original presentation and I kind of you know beat myself up over that that I had left this out this is probably one of the most important films that deals with this topic allegorically because it's about a man who loses his wife which is about the loss of the Sacred Feminine and wants to reverse time he wants to go back in time to prevent her death what he finds out is that no matter how many times he you know makes it his absolute obsession to be able to build a time machine and go back in time and when he finally succeeds in going back in time he finds that he cannot prevent her death she dies she'll die in a billion different ways no matter how many times he goes back she doesn't you know he prevents her from dying the first way and then she dies another way and then he goes back again stops that death and yet she dies yet yet another way and the main overarching concept of the film is that once something has happened it can't be undone truth is what is and you you can't change that it's what has occurred and is occurring so you can't go back in time and have events undo themselves and that's part of dealing with what we would consider the linear notion of time okay we talked about how times kind of an illusion there's only the now but in the now that's where events happen and then they're written into the record of creation and that's it you can't undo a past event so this is what this film is saying you know esoterically when it's talking about the possibility of time travel there is no possibility of going back in time and altering the past the past is absolutely irrevocably set in stone because of choices and the wavefunctions that those choices collapsed on to the present moment as that which has occurred that's called the truth so this film is talking about that very concept and what it the you know aha moment of the film were the you know actual piece of enlightenment that it's trying to get forward to the people who are you know watching it for its allegorical content is what can be changed is the future because the future begins in the now and that's what the main character finally realizes now what he encounters in the far distant future is that humanity has basically been turned into a form of food for a genetically modified race a genetically you know quote-unquote superior race that evolved because the moon broke up and they had to go underground and essentially they developed these different traits and characteristics that made them almost like reptilian / dinosaur type beings again this reptilian theme comes up in a lot of these allegories as well again we talked about the possible appearance of these beings as having skin that looked somewhat reptilian fish-like or bird-like scaly in other words and that may have led to the whole you know cults of the serpent the cults of the snake etc the veneration of the serpent and the snake throughout time religiously in just about every culture anywhere on the earth at any time period no matter how far you go back as long as there have been humans so in this particular allegory you have and again I I just want to say I highly recommend the newer version the 2002 edition of this film okay you you could watch the original nineteen fifty something version of the film for sixty something I don't quite remember but I'm specifically talking about the 2002 edition which I find you know the one that really has the effect of allegory and again here's another film folks destroyed in movie reviews again you'll see that theme pop up over and over and over and over when they don't want you to recognize a film's allegorical content guaranteed Hollywood writers reviewers film critics magazines newspapers journalists of all kind are going to come out of the woodwork and absolutely crucify a motion picture if they're doing that in unison go see that film because I guarantee you they're doing that for a reason because they want to cut off its popularity as quickly as possible so that the the vast amount of people say it got horrible reviews I'm not gonna waste my money I'm not gonna go see that film if and even if you don't see it in the theater see the film download it okay go on BitTorrent or wherever and grab the film and watch it okay you could easily find any of these films on wherever you want to search for them online any torrent site probably has most of these popcorn times stuff like that they're easily findable you know if you miss them in the theater or you don't own the DVD or blu-ray Disc okay or you can go and if you want to buy them buy them on you know wherever your favorite DVD site is so my point here is the second incarnation of this film from 2002 is the one to watch and you could see this movie poster has this very sinister looking being alien looking being which is this you know genetically modified being from the future that is essentially these beings like eat the people of the earth they use them as food as resources and the one race is the Morlock and then the race that they control and eat and dominate is the Eloi and what this character the hero of the film wants to do is try to free the Eloi from their suppression and domination by the more law and try to make them aware hey you're not even resisting you're just being eaten by these by these beings and finally when he recognizes that what he can do is change the future by what he's doing in the now he steps up into the moment and starts to offer resistance against these beings it's uh it's a very decently put together film and I think it really shows the whole concept of the predation of humanity by these beings that came here from elsewhere so definitely worth checking out the new version of The Time Machine stay with us everyone more allegories on the other side we'll be right back welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio we're talking about allegories that deal with the interference theory of human origins and we were discussing the time machine what I find interesting in the 2002 version of the time machine is the Morlocks kind of control there there are enforcers through a form of mind control and you'll see this repeated as well and this is all about you know the the dark occultists who ultimately are ruling in on this world who are the progeny of these beings that came here from elsewhere they ruled their house slaves called the police and the military through mind control you know they're just basically telling people exactly what's going on in the world through this allegory and the discussion that the high-level Morlock the the super Morlock type being you might say that is the really advanced one the discussion that he has with the main character toward the end of the film is a very very interesting that he talks about how you know they would be even more vicious barbarians if we didn't control them with you know through their mind you know it's talking about that's what order followers are like order followers are absolute animal barbarians with absolutely no conscience whatsoever that would you know eat their neighbors basically you know and exhaust their food supply it's just uh I personally agree with the sentiments put down by the super Morlock in that movie regarding the people that he's really talking about as being you know absolute sick demented monster type meant having a monster type mentality because that's what order followers are they're the ultimate evil and the movie does a pretty good job explaining that element of mind control I'm gonna kind of talk about that a little bit when I talk about Deep Space 9 coming up so I'm gonna move a little bit faster here and try to go through some of these because I want to get to your call soon the next slide is 163 and this deals with the movie dune also one of my favorite films also got crushed in the reviews somewhat b-movie ish the novels by Frank Herbert are great it's a very high level spiritual allegory the main character Paul Atreides sent with his family to live on a planet where spice mining is the big thing this spice melange is the huge thing in the galaxy perhaps this is about gold again some people see it as oil you see the recurring theme of beings coming to another planet to take resources from them this is repeated over and over and over again and you see you know the again the robed royal type figure with the triangle shape behind them in the archway Stargate is another film again I didn't put that in this round of slides but you know stargates another film that has a lot of these similar topics you know you have the God raw in Stargate who's ruling on another planet and taking the resources of these people bringing them aboard his ship you know ruling as a god when he's just an alien being and you know they travel back and forth through stargates and and ships so there's so many films that that deal with this type of stuff all have again bits and pieces of the story different aspects of the story are involved in dooms case is largely about the resource mining and it's also dealing with you know that you have to actually fight these people on a mental level and change your mental vibration if you're going to rise above and see through all their mind control so powerful themes in dune I can't recommend that film enough either let's look at the next slide slide number 164 avatar I think it's still the top grossing film of all time if I'm not mistaken I could be wrong about that but this film just absolutely blew up when it came out people intuitively recognize the allegory of this film as being an allegory for going into a less developed area region a less technologically advanced civilization you know just taking their resources by force similar to what we do to other third world nations and that's basically what it's about but it could also be interpreted to be about the beings who came here in the ancient past and took over this planet again an all-new world awaits is the subtitle these blue creatures again that's another big theme and the recounting of these stories many of these stories talk about humanity as being blue beings you know as being the blue monkeys you hear them referred to as the Sumerians referred to them as the referred to humanity as the Lulu race the Lulu species which meant worker race or primitive worker okay and again the humans in Avatar represent the alien consciousness that comes to another world and basically takes it over and exploits the beings as and their resources very powerful allegory people I think resonated with it at a very deep spiritual level and that's why it became so popular even though many people didn't really outwardly understand the allegory when this film came out again I highly recommend the film I think it was brilliantly done and uh you know I'd like to see them come out with you know a sequel or something like that you know to continue the story but avatar is just I think a great allegory about you know of one highly advanced technological civilization basically coming in and pillaging a less advanced along those lines the trilogy the matrix of course which I broke down extensively in my matrix trilogy decoded presentation is all about another consciousness ruling humanity and enslaving it in the in this case in the form of AI being beings artificial intelligence you know robotics etc and again this could be interpreted as an allegory for these beings keeping us in a state of mind control enslavement being used as human resources exploiting us just as a resource for the energy that they require a need using us as slaves you know and again the idea is to come out of their matrix of mind control that's the way you're going to really recognize truth and stop being acting like a slave brilliant allegorical trilogy not enough can be said about it for people who haven't watched all three of them and don't really deeply understand all three of them you need to watch them all not just the first one the first one is the one that's popular the second one's the second and third are not nearly as popular because they're much less understood than even the first one the first movie answers the question what is the matrix that make the answer is control slavery of course the second film answers the question how did the matrix basically come to be why are we in the matrix and the answer to that question is we don't understand the laws of causality or in other words we don't understand natural law we don't understand the law of freedom how morality is inextricably linked to the manifestation or the lack of manifestation of freedom in any given society and the third movie answers the question how do we get out of the matrix which is what is what kind of persistence and sacrifice is going to be required to ultimately undo the situation that we are in the these films are such high level spiritual truth that I don't even I personally don't even really believe that the Wachowski brothers were the driving force behind the allegorical spiritual knowledge of these films I could be wrong about that you know people will disagree and debate that people talk about Sophia Stewart as writing the kind of predecessor the framework for for this trilogy and not being kind of credited for that I don't really know what to make of that situation either although I'm open-minded to you know hearing or reading about it but the thing that trikes me is highly interesting just as a brief aside regarding the matrix that I didn't really cover in my presentation on it is that when you look at the Wachowskis brothers contract with I think it was Village Roadshow films they're forbidden to do ever do any interviews about this film now why would a movie company forbid the so-called writers of a film ever to discuss the film publicly for like the duration of their natural lives to me I think it's because they wouldn't be able to tell anybody what the film is really about because probably they were just kind of like you know puppets put up to put this out under some kind of pseudonyms or whatever and you know again I could be wrong about that I could be you know not really seeing the situation accurately when it comes to these brothers but I personally don't really think if somebody puts out a work of art like this which is what this is it's a it's a work of alchemical art the Matrix series and then they don't ever want to talk about it for the rest of their lives something is wrong there something isn't right there folks that's all I have to say so I'll wrap up on the other side the allegories and then we'll get to your calls coming up on this edition of what on earth is happening stay with us everyone [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] we go welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio I'm gonna wrap up this segment of these spiritual allegories that we've been talking about dealing with the intervention theory of human origins I just have a few more to put forward slide number 166 Star Trek Deep Space 9 I would say the entire series deals with this entire concept allegorically especially once it transitions into dealing with the Dominion this race from the other side of a wormhole or a Stargate again you see the Stargate theme repeated over and over again throughout these spiritual these fictional allegories as well not only in the film Stargate you know you have the the movie for dealing with the Rainbow Bridge you know the Bifrost as it was called in the Norse mythology you know this is an allegory for a Stargate and the deep space 9 station is positioned in front of a Stargate or a wormhole a stable wormhole that connects two quadrants of the galaxy in this you know incarnation of Star Trek and these beings the founders depicted here on the lower left-hand side of the image in orange they're they're shapeshifters again you often hear the beings that came here in the ancient past being depicted or recounted in the stories as being shape-shifting or having the capability of morphing their appearance at a genetic level and you hear these stories by modern researchers researchers I'm sorry of course David Icke being one of the most popular ones that discusses this topic of shape-shifting and in the film again you see this tight level of control over their house slave minions once again by pumping them full of drugs and the drug that they give them is known as white and what this is is an allegory about adrenaline that the beings that act as the house slaves for the real controlling class are adrenal junkies and adrenaline is probably the substance that will destroy the human neocortex faster than any other substance because when the adrenal response is going what happens is Quan large quantities of blood are quickly pumped away from the brain to put you into what's known as the fight-or-flight modality the fight fight-or-flight response in which case the extremities need to be blood filled and hardened to deal with the threat in in the case of fighting the threat fight response the upper extremities or the arms have to be hardened and rigid with blood because you're going to actually use them for combat purposes in the example of the flight response where you're going to try to escape the dangerous encounter with a predator or something else that may be happening the blood has the heart and the lower extremities the legs so that you can flee and therefore survive in this case the torso is largely the internal organs are large richly oxygenated blood is pumped away from the torso and the internal organs and that's why if you're in a constant state of amped up you know high you know tension stress consciousness or unconsciousness as the case would be you're going to develop internal organ problem body body problems health problems and of course the brain isn't going to function properly because blood is pumped richly oxygenated blood is also pumped away from the brain in that bio physiological response circumstance a fight and flight fight or flight mechanism response so this is a a great you know allegory for the control that the so called controllers the oh the obedient order followers who think they're in but our just basically adrenal junkies and hopped up on stuff that is probably the most dangerous substance in the world called adrenaline that if you're on it constantly will basically burn your brain not to mention burn your health out these people die of heart attacks all the time it's the number one leading cause of death and people in the control industry whether it be police or military heart attacks is what most of them die from because you know one they don't have true care and that affects the heart at a spiritual level and to you know this flight flight response constantly going off in them you know destroys the heart you know and it certainly destroyed their brain a long time ago I'll tell you that much you know and like I said you know you get offended by my you know flat-out harsh statements when it comes to things like that get his offend that as you want folks it's not going to stop it's probably that rhetoric is probably going to be amped up if anything else after I cover this this topic in the coming weeks much more is to come on order followers in general I'm probably going to even prepare an entire presentation on the the evil that is order following so just a couple more briefly this is the last slide that I'm going to talk about tonight but I do have two other films I just want to briefly mention so we're on slide 167 which deals with Battlefield Earth and I'll leave that for last I want to talk about Jack the giant slayer just briefly it's a film about Giants and again a bridge connection from the earth the heavens to the earth in the neigh in the form of the Beanstalk this is a retelling of the Jack and the Beanstalk mythology and you know he deals with giants and having to reclaim sovereignty from them very very interesting film that I definitely recommend for people dealing with this topic also the movie Noah that just came out with Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly absolutely is about the factions of so called angels the Enloe faction and the Enki faction being the the Angels that were serving the Creator and helping Noah and his kin versus the Angels that were serving to Baal Cain and his kin which were the fallen angels of the fallen ones Nephilim etc a brilliant allegory as well plus a lot of the themes about second chances can people change you know is there good left in humanity are powerfully brought out in the film I absolutely recommend the new Noah film you have to set aside any kind of literal interpretations or traditionalist interpretations of the flood mythos in general and a look at it from the perspective of ancient aliens and interference theory if you're going to get a lot out of it allegorically however the film that is the story of the ancient interaction with the beings that came here and created humanity and put us to work as a slave species is Battlefield Earth written by l ron Hubbard of Scientology fame but whatever else you think about Hubbard regarding the religion that he put forward in the name of Scientology in the form of Scientology which was originally Dianetics and then I feel co-opted completely because of the information it was talking about dealing with the reactive mind and then you know it got morphed into a religion to basically get people away from looking at some of the positive aspects of Dianetics then they came in with Scientology and turned it into a ridiculous religion aside of what you think about Hubbard personally he had knowledge dealing with the ancient past certainly and he is telling this in a future version where it happens in the future but really what he's talking about is the is the ancient past of Earth and this is the film that I think most accurate accurate accurately portrays what really occurred here or something similar to what really occurred and probably accurate accurately portrays some of these beings and how they may have looked they're conical shaped heads and large stature certainly like you know 9 to 12 feet tall beings easily lifting men throwing them around very advanced technology putting men to work to mine gold this film was utterly crushed in film reviews and in the theaters flopped horribly is it a b-movie yes it is is it cheesy in some parts yes it is is the acting ham Ian in many parts or most parts John Travolta's in the film folks okay you know so you're not we're not looking at this film for Academy Award acting potential we're looking at what is the allegorical content of the storyline and if you watch it for that this film will blow you away it's as good as they live or if not better in many respects and I love the solution folks the solution is knowledge it's presented in the film that unless we get knowledge of the enemy of who we're really dealing with of their tactics of their mentality we're not going to make progress toward freedom an ignorant society is an enslaved Society ladies and gentlemen your calls in the third and final hour coming up stay with us don't speak please and gentlemen welcome back you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host Mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm I'm gonna be taking your calls in this hour the toll-free number to join us 800 three one three nine four four three once again toll-free number to join us here on what on earth is happening for the third hour eight hundred three one three ninety four forty three phone lines are lit up so I'm gonna get right to it there are no taboo topics you could talk about anything you want ask anything you want comment about anything you want or if you want to bring up any allegories that portray the intervention theory of human orange origins that I may have missed or comment about the ones I already discussed you're free to do that as well so let's see what people have to say this evening let's go to the phones and hear from Brandon in Boston Brandon you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hey Mark thanks for taking my call it's not you had just really great movies you mentioned there just wanted me mention a few more sure go right ahead alright I would say people look into the works of Stanley Kubrick oh absolutely I mean that's required viewing as far as I'm concerned yeah you know I mean all his movies dr. Strangelove 2001 and 2010 you know brilliant films and he you know the Apple Kuroko Sims Clockwork Orange you know let's not forget Eyes Wide Shut I mean you want you want a fictional tale about what's really going on in the world as far as the influence of the dark occult that's it and a lot of people think that Kubrick may have been the you know deliberately murd for the making of that film and you know how he portrayed the elite in that especially the footage that ended up on the cutting room floor even after he was told that he had final edit of the film the movie studio you know basically went back on on that agreement and took out footage which many people feel may have portrayed pedophilia within these groups oh yes and the connection between ron Hubbard and Scientology and the OT oh sure or the yeah anyway because you have the Marine Lucy this was Nicole Kidman and all thing and everybody I mean just look at the Al Gore is there um and a lot of synchronous ISM in there as well yeah oh yeah and then just the means and that was one of my questions as you said the law thinking uh a shell few weeks ago he said you could break down them I've been thinking about doing a special presentation on that like I kicked around like the the comical somewhat comical title of there is only one God and His name is Bill I mean if you see how the name bill or the phonetic variation of simply the characters B and L have been used by the dark occult over the centuries it's absolutely astounding and amazing because that's that was the name of their God in the ancient world the ancient Phoenician Aenon dark Sun God was Bill or Bell and many people know him by you know the variant Bale ba al you know so there's tons of examples of this in in culture I mean you know you just look at what's the the God symbolic God that these beings basically put right in in front of their their altar of money on Wall Street is the bull you know and you you have this whole BL phonetic variant you know regardless of what vowel sound is in the middle of it repeated I could literally go on and on and on and on and I'm probably going to put together this presentation like I said I'm gonna call it there's only one God and His name is Bill and it'll be a little comical title but just to you know piqued people's interest and say hey what's this guy on about talking about Bill as being the name of God and I'll break some of this wordplay and symbolism down in a presentation it's something I've been you know basically kicking around the idea of doing maybe uh I really wanted want to put some presentations here together in Philadelphia and bring some people here you know like small gatherings you know not a whole conference maybe me and another speaker something like that and just do it locally here at a venue in Philadelphia and I'll just throw this out here on the air while we're on the topic if anybody has any venue space in the area or in or around Philadelphia I very much appreciate that they contact me if they'd be willing to you know work out an arrangement for you know a reasonable cost to rent a place to do a present an all-day presentation like you know from like maybe nine to five or nine nine to eight o'clock at night something like that like what we did in Connecticut you know I'm looking for an active venue in Philly because there's just not many places that are willing to host something like this so I just wanted to throw that out there but that concept of the the dark occult is God being named bill bail bail the bull etc is something I'm definitely gonna work up a future presentation on so that you could have William of course Bill's right on the the big phallic symbol that presides over this city absolutely and it's pointing and also Liberty Bell right I see that as a more positive as because there was the positive aspect of Bell the Sun you know you have to understand when you're dealing with silver symbolism as I broke down in my demystifying the occult presentation the sun's always been a symbol of knowledge light spiritual enlightenment etc and truth and you know the essence of the divine at work in the world and within us but there is a dark side to the Sun that's when knowledge is perverted and used to control people when you keep certain people in ignorance and then one group hoards all the knowledge and uses that as a weapon to control those who are still in ignorance of that knowledge which is what dark occultism is all about so the the the Bell God or Bill God had this dualistic aspect just like in Egyptian culture you have the three different aspects of the Sun God and many other aspects as well the three main aspects the Rising Sun Horus are men raw which is at its zenith of light the high point of light at noon and then the setting god the dark sun set so you know it's this whole concept of darkness and light but they both are about knowledge and how it is used so I want to office also emphasize that when I eventually get around to making this presentation on the the Sun God named Bill and I'll see a breakdown The Wizard of Oz I would highly recommend the movie dark he was also critically ignored the very old German metropolis oh yes Oh a cult symbolism rich throughout that film you know Jerry dystopic very ahead of its time for sure yep and you can it's right on Netflix and another in the holy mountain by Alejandro Georgia absolutely one of the probably one of the best pieces of it generally about the the spiritual journey in in general and I highly recommend that one as well yep and this is just my question surely he also did he almost mean during by the way he almost made his own version of that got it oh I just want to mention real quick since you brought up dune I really recommend dune 2000 which I think was a an extended like TV movie on dune and that's actually tells the story even better than the original Hollywood film and I think the the characterization is better in the the plotline just it's just a much better put together film from a storytelling perspective and a good look at the a check Andy its first first movie ever made absolutely and beyond it crap Brenna thanks so much further suggestions my friend we have to jump to break ladies and gentlemen stay with us more of your calls coming up [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening we're taking your calls in this final hour of the broadcast for this evening call a number to join us 831 394 43 I want to thank Brandon for his call in the last segment and I'm gonna move on to Chris in Canada Chris you are live on what on earth is happening welcome hey Mark know the first thing I want to ask is uh are you familiar with a Myron C Fagin I am NOT okay well he'd eat this I wasn't either he spelled the name for me Myron my Oh n okay he mm-hmm Fagin F a G a n okay and what what his work deal with well what he had to do was his uh the Illuminati and the CFR and he recorded on vinyl discs if you're familiar with that uh the Illuminati in the CFR exists in 1967 and he recorded it on vinyl discs so that people would be able to to hear it I know up there you know with most most of listening of audiences they're not they're not familiar with vinyl discs sure I mean it's you know an older form of media but by today's standards certainly yeah but it was around in my time starting to fade as I was getting into music but still they're still there today I mean you know a lot of people prefer it because of its audio fidelity but what did he really get into when he are you for me that you and this is this is what I really found fascinating in 1967 he was trying to tell us about that takeover of our governments and in the whole world and and a new world government and this is a 1967 what I find what i find really um - well I just find it amazing that this man can do the research that we couldn't do back then I couldn't do it there were people still doing it according to the old methods you know call it's call it was called going into research libraries and you know actually doing your homework in books you know we have it easy now we could we could download whole books you know we could download whole libraries practically you know video supplementation documentaries audio presentations I mean you know the information is all widely available it's just people largely don't want it so looks like this guy was well ahead of this time and I will absolutely have to check out his material I will listen to it okay well it's Myron C Fagan excellent and yeah totally amazing I mean it'll blow your mind fantastic arcing wood everything that's happening now back in 1967 sure now you know people people were in that they knew about the plan you know they knew that this was actively at work in the world I mean you know look at researchers like Gary Allen how long ago he told people about the things that were coming and has been absolutely accurate on so there's many people like this who were visionaries of their day not listened to and yet they're being proven right by what's the the actual events playing out in our world in current time so Chris I want to thank you for your suggestion I'm definitely gonna follow up on that so thank you so much for the call let's move on and hear from Kevin in Philadelphia Kevin you're live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show Hey hi again mark it's Kevin good to consume you as always I want to mention it you brought up Doon earlier and it was brought up again so I want to touch that first but I have one other thing that I thought was a synchronous with what you're saying earlier as well the god-emperor doon look would like the fourth book in this series and that was never really made a movie into like you had mentioned they did like three films just recently it was like the first three books all it together by sci-fi and it was gritty but they never did the fourth book and the fourth book as far as I'm concerned was actually the most important of all other stories because it was like how they defeated the god emperor of doing that dig and and like not like this is kind of a spoiler alert for people who don't who want to read a book but like oh no worries I've been spoiling movies all night so you know just to get ahead and talk about it as long as you know you're you're gonna bring up a good point regarding the allegorical content go right ahead that's perfect actually that very simply put the God Emperor literally beat down humanity until humanity's finally understood the only way to take him out was to become responsible for itself imagine that Kevin yeah what a novel daylight center there huh Joe is like this state like the ultimate embodiment of the state and it just the only way humanity was ever able to finally defeat him well he always had this one moment that was like in his future that like he never like he always kept in his death from himself like even though he had the ability to see into the future he kept that moment from himself and essentially it all came to like a head where like humanity rose up and then in in combination with rising up against those ultimate powers they also prepped for themselves in such a way that they took responsibility for each other and and kind of created their own new their own new paradigm together as like examining one human family kind of right yes yes yeah not everyone did some people like ran away and that became like the second or the fifth and six novels that Frank Herbert out because that was them those people then coming back but that this mean arching story itself was all about how humanity literally had to become responsible enough for itself to finally stand up for itself to take on the god-emperor absently do it I mean that's the key you know total freedom with total freedom comes total responsibility and you know it's it's amazing how like you know something like the Dune franchise they never really tried to pursue a lot of these topics and in movies and just like that first movie fail you know basically flopped in Hollywood and no one ever came back and tried to uh you know to retell these stories in in a way that would get people really interested in them it's it's pretty much a shame I think yeah yeah the other thing I want to throw at you with some you DAST things that you may have missed and I always thought it was really important that whole I I found it really amusing that there's this guy named de la Lu who fought against on you yes or they ever like left Atlantic and like ship according to these getting ship legends exactly actively in media and key in the books of Enki and in in one of them specifically it was like a wrestling match that they had together that they fought together on one the other planet to start out with and that's actually was when he whenever we want to congratulate you for winning Alalu left leg when took I went to earth and that's when he discovered that earth had the resources that they needed exactly yeah very interesting these little details and gems are in a lot of these recounting of these ancient stories I definitely recommend people check it out we're going to get into that in future weeks on the show - ladies and gentlemen stay with us we'll be right back [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic broadcasting i'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm we're taking your calls in this third hour of the broadcast tonight toll-free number to join us 831 394 43 I want to say thanks to Kevin who called it in the last segment and we're going to move on to hear from Michael in Pennsylvania Michael you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hi mark thanks for taking the call sure um my question regards our they will I'm sure you've noticed that the scene where on Roddy Piper OU's character is nada and his coworker walking in through the building a building which is like the meaning place and on the wall on the brick wall 93 yes exactly I love it I love the little nods that you get in the film like that it's a it's kind of like what let lends to the charm of the film as far as I'm concerned yeah do you think that has anything to do on the T part 93 Current which I believe is a polemic Aleister Crowley on you know philosophy and I know you talked about 93 on the dollar bill and in 9/11 which blew my mind you know it absolutely is a reference to thelema and what a Crowley referred to as the Aeon of Horus which is when humanity would begin to emerge from the mind-control slumber that it's under a lot of people erroneously believe that Crowley's a on of Horus was about the the dark new world order coming in and taking over that is that was what Crowley referred to as the Aeon set and the Aeon of Horus would be when knowledge and enlightenment would be being born in humanity and they would start breaking their chains and getting out of mental bondage that's what the Aeon of Horus referred to Salima Klee in the in the philosophy of Thelema so clearly you know the movie they live is about slavery versus freedom you know and how the mind is either controlled or it's either free and carpenter clearly was somewhat studied in fillet mcfillin through the number 93 in there deliberately I'd be highly highly shocked if that weren't a deliberate reference to Philemon general if it were just an example of synchronous ISM I'd be pretty amazed by that personally yeah what what do you think of I mean what do you think of the teachings of bounine or also the order of the Golden Dawn arm as a practice you know in other words ritual magic of the library right right has not only a tool of personal transformation but also kind of the defense I don't personally discount it but I also don't personally really practice it it's not just an aspect that I've gotten into because I just feel like the mental and spiritual aspects of awakening are just so much more important to free the mind of illusion and delusion and you know not and just stop accepting things that aren't true or real is so much more important than trying to perform conjurations or calling down certain energies etc that I mean there are people who would disagree with that and think that there's a lot of importance to it but this is kind of where I delineate what I would call mysticism from true occultic teachings from true ocultism which is hidden knowledge regarding the human psyche and the laws of nature and how those things work in tandem with each other to create the reality that we experience I see mysticism as simply sets of practices that have ascribed spiritual intention or intent or frame of reference or you know goal and kind of leaves knowledge a little bit more at the door when it comes to natural law or just knowledge of self you know deep introspection of the human psyche and the understanding of the different aspects and motivations within all of us so that's kind of my line that were I delineate between mysticism and ocultism and I explained this in my demystifying the occult seminar which just want to let people know will be available shortly again when Richard is finished editing it he'll be publishing it you know no rush on and I know he's gonna do a brilliant job and again we always thank him for the work that he does especially with the you know his tragedy and hope calm website of course linked on what on earth is happening and you know the the great podcasts and videos that he's done and put out just some of the best work out there as far as I'm concerned and he's gonna be editing that footage and putting it out shortly so you know look for that it'll be up on my youtube channel it'll be up on my website I'll mention it of course on the show but this is the kind of stuff I got into a little bit in the presentation it's you know I kind of talked about it in a rudimentary way but I still did cover this type of stuff that you're talking about here on in this question so I think you'd find that part of the seminar pretty interesting and if you want to know a little bit more about my take on Thelema in general my main recommendation to you where I could you know cover it on a future what on earth is happening show I would you know like people to go and check out in my news section when I did the show with Bob from Cincinnati on a cult Empire we covered Crowley's life in general his writings the thalamic the basic principles of the thalamic philosophy I didn't get super in-depth but it covers the general point and I think I did a pretty good job in that in that interview so I recommend that one to people when it comes to this topic okay um and I have one movie on shortage of possibility oh I think they ought to do community intervention theory and that is a fountain directed by Darren ah what a great film I mean I can't specifically say that it deals with an intervention theory but that is a brilliant spiritual allegory that does deal with you know true awakening and you know getting to the place of recognizing sovereignty you know just a really powerful psychedelic film I mean that is a mind trip for sure that film you know now that one definitely is about intervention theory without any question you know that talks about the Fallen Angels you know these these were the Nephilim these were the beings that were you know the the progeny of the Anunnaki and you know in this film they're depicted as rock beings because they were originally beings of light and spirit who then had been encrusted by the earth before coming here and interfering with humanity's natural progress progression of evolution according to the real creator of the universe and you know the beings that are sent by the Creator the Creator quote-unquote is Enki that's the Anki faction in this film and then the beings that support the rock beings or fallen angels who support the to Baal Cain character are that's endless faction so you know if you look at it with fresh eyes knowing the story of the ancient human past as we've laid it out here you really can can see this film as really being a battle for Humanity and it's it's between the N key faction and the Enloe faction of quote-unquote angels or Anunnaki beings or Nephilim beings so it was I think really well put together the allegory is pretty veiled because of the way they depicted these beings and not showing them as you know they anything like what they really looked like it's very symbolic but it upset a lot of people who you know follow with the Bible and illiterate from a literal perspective because they don't understand all these different aspects that were being brought up in this film because they don't know the real you know story of interference theory of our origins unfortunately yeah so the parting of falcon of as far as like then defeating death that'd be something that has its you know because we're maybe our DNA was programmed full of short lives deliberately i mean it could be something regarding that i think it's a little bit more symbolic to mean that you're you're conquering the things that really hold you down and the whole you know death card and the tarot isn't so much about physical death as it is the force that counteracts evolutionary progression or in other words the entropic force is the death force and i think that's what they're talking about we can counteract that force of entropy at work if we align ourselves with the sin tropic force which is the will of creation so Michael I want to thank you for off those points that you raised really great stuff and we'll continue with your calls in the last segment folks stay with us [Music] you know today disguise the night-night divide today welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm last segment for tonight's show we're taking your calls let's move on and go to another caller and hear from Steve in Pennsylvania Steve you're live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show thanks for having me mark I just want to first of all compliment you on your work I actually went to your that one of your national law seminars about a year ago well sorry I appreciate that thank you and I just want to let you know people are out here you know doing something with the resource that you have because your website essentially is a database and it's helped me with my progression as far as you know vehicle and different things and I'm actually working on a book right now called with the side so I'm just using you know some of the stuff that you help me get a better understanding on and presenting that as a resource and see that's what it's all about right there folks I mean just listen to that you know it's somebody doing something with what they've come to understand and they're putting it back out there for other people to learn from that's taking action in the world that's affecting people at a mental and spiritual level that's what the great works all about so I commend you for that Stephen that's that's getting on the battlefield you know exactly and it's something I want to present to you as a possible theory on the human interference and I've been doing some study on the Hebrew language and just making what I call like a cross reference so when you look at blood and Hebrew the letters that are used to spell blood are D and M and I don't know if you know but Hebrew actually has pictograms know the potential pictogram for D would be a tank door or a pathway and then with em it would be water or chaos so a potential I guess you could say esoteric definition for blood is pathway to chaos and I'm just curious as to you know your feedback on that because you know whatever these things were or the whole human interference theory I think what it has something had to do with that entrance of blood in the human body because if you look at like the B and just different things that happen as an effect of having blood or losing blood I think that has something to do with on a generative human body it's also why certain blood types are completely incompatible even when it comes to pregnancy and human females in many cases but I think instead of interpreting it in a negative way like that you could also look at that as meaning water door right which is that what a Stargate is that if we go through the process of transforming our mind and coming out of the types of of epigenetic conditioning that were under who knows how we could transform our actual physical selves genetically you know the DNA is just a an antenna receiver type thing that has to do with the type of consciousness that we're in when we're at a point where we can direct our evolutionary development epigenetically and this is something I'm going to talk about over the next couple of weeks as we move toward the end of the basic extended presentation I'm again going to look at some ancient texts and you know put some information forward from these texts deliberately of displaying a lot of the interaction between ancient humanity early humanity in these beings and you know put some evidence forward from these actual you know source accounts in coming weeks as well but I think what I'm going to do before I even start to get into that is talk about epigenetics and how regardless of what was done to us genetically by these beings it isn't a hopeless situation because consciousness ultimately can change things even at a physical level I'm not saying we just you know magically wish ourselves into being a different type of creature but I'm saying that when our consciousness moves forward eventually the physiology follows suit and who knows what will be capable of or what latent capabilities that have been disconnected from us will be taken out of their dormancy and reactivated at that point and to understand this you really have to understand the relatively new science of epigenetics and how it works yeah I totally agree with that and it's funny you say that because the final chapter can I'd try to keep the book you know not too long because I know you know a lot of people aren't going to read and do the research so I don't want to you know deter them because the book is too long but the final chapter of the book is entitled destiny unbound and it's just kind of like humanity what to take to change all we want to recognize what goes on like you've been saying for a long time now you know the possibilities are endless it's just collectively everybody has to do their part nothing right whether whether people want to believe it or not what they believe and what they do actually does affect other people because the whole earth is a community that's right and we are all interconnected yes right and when people don't step up and do their part they're either affecting what's going on in a positive or negative way depending on would be you know what they do with their life because ultimately the actions is read counts everybody is or isn't going matters Steve you have a very firm handle on the situation dinah the whole dynamic that's going on I'd be very interested in checking out you know the information you put out and I like I said I commend you for getting on the battlefield and and sharing what you've come to understand because it definitely sounds like you you know what you're talking about when it comes to how the dynamic of interconnectivity works within a species it's something I've been trying to impress upon people and you've definitely expressed it pretty eloquently there so I want to thank you all for the call and the insights that you've all put forward thank you and my final word would be it's not exactly a movie as far as like the human in Afghanistan but I think I movie everybody you know should watch that was way ahead of his time to network oh sure Network yeah I mean it's about using the dynamic of righteous indignation to start speaking the truth out into the world and trying to create change in other people without any question Network is a brilliant allegory about the takeover of media and the mindset of the people and how to get out of that mind control so I would definitely recommend Network to anybody who's listening Steve thank you so much for the call really great points that you brought up there let's end the show with Ivan from Phoenix tradition right Ivan yeah and I just got off work so we got rid of all that background noise we got a little bit more time than last week's and what do you have for us tonight okay well trying to stay on topic I just got home look quick and quickly picked through a whole bunch of my DVDs and blu-rays here to pick titles that might correlate with what this what's talking about tonight so they might not all deal with the origins or interference theory but they all deal with some beings having something to do with humanity's in the past and the president or maybe even in the future sure so War of the Worlds the remake wasn't even filtering and Tom Cruise even though the beings appeared to come devices were already here so that shows you know a time piece there the alien versus Predator films those films showed how the Predators were using the aliens and humans way back before for their little ritualistic stuff instead a little I haven't seen those who have to check those hell yep then we have James Cameron's other film the abyss where they were being deep in the ocean yes watching what humans were doing silly Earth's right and this one's kind of hokey but I've always liked the 1980 film Flash Gordon did you have that Ming the Merciless way on another part of the galaxy this planet just for you know as a personal amusement you know so we could be a little bit of an allegory like on ooh on Nibiru if you accept the Sumerian text version you know controlling things from you know another aspect of the galaxy mm-hmm right and then actual physical you know manipulation we had that Steven Spielberg miniseries called taken I love to take it bacon is a miniseries that people absolutely have to see about the kinds of cover-up that go on within the entire spectrum when it comes to nonhuman interference with our species I highly recommend it yep and before we're done there was a film called knowing KN owi Nicolas Cage great movie Ivan unfortunately that's all the time we have for this edition of what on earth is happening remember ladies and gentlemen there's only two paths you could ever make on the path to truth not starting and not going all the way thanks for listening - what on earth is happening this week we'll see you right here next week folks you have a great night [Music] [Music] [Music]