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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm the networks website Republic Broadcasting org today is Saturday November 8th 2014 this show is live every Saturday evening from 10:00 p.m. to midnight Eastern time 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. Central Time and yes you heard me right folks from now until further notice this show is going to be a two-hour broadcast I regret to inform people of that of the scheduling on the network end has changed a little bit and I'm going to be on for two hours every Saturday evening instead of three until further notice I've been told that that may go back to being a three hour time slot at some point in the future the network's are juggling some things around and that's fine you know I'm sure it will work out fine and if it goes back to three hours or so be it but for now until you know things change and we have a different situation this show will be a two-hour broadcast every Saturday evening from 10:00 p.m. to midnight Eastern Time that's the really the first announcement that I wanted to make do have a great show lined up for here for you here tonight in the first part of the show I'm going to be talking to a former rbn host and one of the two main organizers of next year's free your mind three conference I'm referring of course to Bob tusk and Bob is one of the new for your mind three organizers with of course John G vibes and I'm gonna be bringing Bob on in the first part of the show to discuss the freer mind three conference make the announcement official and I want to give the calling number right before we even really start in tonight because I'd really like to have some people call in and talk to Bob and ask Bob questions about the conference and we want to get your take on maybe what you want to see happen at the for your mind three conference potential speakers that you might like to see there because new speakers are going to be the call-in number to join us here on the air with my guest Bob Tuscan coming up in a few moments is 800 three one three nine four four three once again the callin number to join me and my guest Bob Tuscan regarding the free your mind conference in the first part of the show tonight is eight hundred three one three ninety four forty three calling right now and I'll get in the caller queue to talk to me and Bob Tuscan about the free or mind three conference so in the later part of the show I'm going to continue with the cosmic abandonment extended presentation cosmic abandonment is a presentation that explores the connection between the interference theory of human origins and the current human condition in the later part of the show when I get back into the cosmic abandonment presentation I'm going to be covering what I call the unwritten story of our future which is part three the third and final part of the cosmic abandonment extended presentation that's coming up later on what on earth is happening on tonight's broadcast the big event announcement of course before I bring my guest on to the air the free your mind three conference coming up in Langhorne Pennsylvania just outside of Philadelphia April 10th 11th and 12th 2015 the dates are official they've been announced the event is taking place at the Sheraton Bucks County Hotel the Sheraton Bucks County is a beautiful hotel with a great ballroom style a theater room that uh is that where the conference is going to be taking place there's going to be a meet and greet with the speakers on the first evening April 10th Friday night this is going to be at 400 North Oxford Valley Road in langhorne pennsylvania langhorne is spelled lan GH o RN e langhorne PA just outside of the city limits of philadelphia a little bit to the north of the city and it's going to be a great venue for this event coming up next year the speakers that are already confirmed for the event are as follows Bob Tuscan Clint Richardson Curtis the illuminated one Davis Derrick Rose heed fortune freighter X and fortune of course is the Nuge known as the New Jersey Weed Man for those people who are familiar with them freighter X Freeman returning to the for your mine three conference as is Fritz spring Meyer also J Parker John vibes one of the main organizers for next year's conference Josie the outlaw wells Lark and rose and somebody you may or may not have heard of somebody named Mark pashia will also be speaking at the for your mine three conference April 10th 11th and 12th 2015 at the Sheraton Bucks County Hotel 400 North Oxford Valley Road in langhorne pennsylvania get your tickets in advance on all weekend pass only one hundred and thirty dollars the cheapest ticket that you will possibly find for a three-day conference of this scope and magnitude with the kind of high-caliber speakers whistle blowers researchers that will be presenting April 10th 11th and 12th 2015 an all weekend pass for the conference only $130 the best way to support this event ladies and gentlemen is to get your tickets in advance this is the best way if you want to help spread the word about human freedom if you want to help these whistleblowers be able to tell their stories get out there reach other people's minds bring everybody together so they can network come together meet each meet each other meet new people okay the best way to support this effort because this is a task that takes a lot of resources okay you have to get the venue lined up which is thousands of dollars you have to pay for all of the speakers travel and lodging expenses which is goes into the tens of thousands okay I mean when it's all said and done a conference this magnitude costs probably close to $30,000 if not more to really do right to do it well okay so you know the best way to support this effort is get on to the website and get your tickets in advance by an all weekend pass to support the effort what people you know we're really asking people even if you cannot attend support by buying a ticket get a ticket in advance make your travel arrangements now if you know that you want to go get the ticket first then you can make you know travel and lodging arrangements soon after you get the tickets but commit by buying a ticket and that really helps to promote and to really host the event because again a lot of money is involved in putting on an event like this so that's the best way anybody can really support the effort you can get your tickets now they are already on sale at free your mind conference calm a WWF free your mind conference calm is the conference's website and in the next segment of the show I'm gonna be bringing on my special guest Bob Tuscan one of the main organizers of the freer mind three conference in April of 2015 and we're gonna we want to hear from you we want to know what you want to see at the for your mind three conference we want to know who you might want as a guest as a speaker at the conference and we just want to get your general input and Bob's going to be making some announcements as well so that's coming up in the next segment the toll-free number to join us get in the call queue 800 three one three nine four four three we'll be right back with Bob Tuscon welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening right here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm alright I'm gonna go to our special guest one of the main organizers of next year's upcoming free your mind 3 conference in April of 2015 ladies and gentlemen welcome - what on earth is happening my special guest Bob tusk and Bob welcome to the show getting ready for a revolution here mark I've been ready my friend I know I know let's get it on that's what I gotta say at any moment at any given time we will experience a massive collapse whether that's because of a financial reason or a solar flare or something else it doesn't matter we're gonna experience it and I'm sure of this and every opportunity we get to get together in person and learn from whistleblowers and researchers and thinkers and learn from each other and hang out with each other and share with each other it's an opportunity that we must cherish and we must not take for granted and that's why these conferences are so incredibly important and so powerful and the freer mind conference is definitely going to continue the legacy of the last - with the upcoming conference this April 10th 11th and 12th Absalon there's there's something about being there right you know I come nothing like writers with being there live I mean it is one thing seeing it you know recorded in HD on you know a YouTube channel or something like that but it you know it really can't be understated to say how palpable and tangible the energy in the air with that many conscious people in one venue together is when you gather those kind of minds it's an absolutely amazing experience that will really stay with you for the rest of your life I guarantee it you know we're gonna put these talks on YouTube like we have in the past and and they're gonna be out there and and I hesitate in saying that because I don't want to deter ticket sales because as you just mentioned we don't have any money upfront for this event this event is manifested strictly from those out there who want to support it and if nobody supports it in the beginning then it's not gonna happen I'm sorry you know we'll have to refund tickets well you know I don't know what would happen but that's not an option in my mind it's gonna take place like it did the last three times this isn't the law of attraction BS this is a no New Age BS this is a matter of manifesting this because people are hungry for the truth they're hungry for that camaraderie and they want to get together and and that's what the freer mind conference is it's for that purpose entirely and do you know you have an experiment I would really like to see happen as part of this conference I'll lay this out on the table you know my kind of intention for it for the next year's event I would like the people who really want to attend this conference and who have the ability to attend it and are gonna go okay I would like to see them reach out to another individual who is not as consciously aware as they are and bring them to the event you know say hey mom dad sister brother son whoever okay come with me to this event make it a family or friend thing and say I would like you to be here with me spend some time with me even if you go for a day if you go for two days or if you go for the whole three-day weekend you know come out and bring someone who needs to hear this information what do you'll beat what happened I think that the person's worldview would totally change in that short a period of time by seeing how many conscious people are all coming together and supporting the same basic information talking about you know how we have to completely change our paradigm how we need to change our worldview how that we need to change our mindset and the way we see things and we're going to talk about the deep dark problems that are going on in the world and a lot of people are going to start presenting solutions at this event and it's not even just about the speakers it's about coming out there and networking with a lot of other conscious individuals that's what happens at these events friendships are formed there and you know it's just again I just can't understate when you go and you attend something like this ly live it stays with you for the duration of your lifetime because you are actually changed by the energy of an event like this being around or this many people in one place who are really kind of largely all on the same page and are largely very very conscious individuals and you could really help you know your fellow family member or friend who might not know as much as you do by reaching out and saying I want to bring you to this event I want you to be a part of it I want you to experience it with me I don't think you could do anything better for a human being that you're trying to help wake up I wonder how that would play out though mark my idea is that okay you might have a couple of different things come from that so you bring your mom your friend your sister whoever that is completely in the dark so to speak but maybe they have an open mind enough to come with you and spend the time to go there right but this flood this absolute massive tidal wave of consciousness and light just encompasses them on a three-day period all at once you know they live their whole lives in a box in this you know blanket of deception and all of a sudden that blanket all at once is removed do you have this phenomena where you wake you know you're wet you've woken up a sleeping dog and it bites you I mean what happens do they go jump off of a bridge afterwards I don't know would it's it would be incredible to see what kind of a reaction people that I think they can do a couple things they can continue to go down that journey of learning and go down that journey of an Enlightenment for lack of a better term or they can put their heads back in the sand like an ostrich right and I could tell you a small quick anecdote about you know a gentleman I won't mention his name who attended the second for your mind conference who was invited you know by by barb and kind of um you know wasn't very conscious about these type of topics but after attending the event he did react with a little bit of fear and hesitation and trepidation you might say because there was some heavy subject matter going on there especially with you know people like Kathy O'Brien and Jay Parker and Fritz Lang Meyer etc and you know although the initial reaction was wow this is really heavy heavy dark even frightening material in many cases afterward you know the the actual energy the ripple effect you might say didn't hit him until much later like months later down the line he would talk to Barb and say you know I'm seeing the things that you guys were talking about at that event and I'm becoming aware that this is what is really going on and that I really need to pay attention and I'm waking up to all of this you know and it wasn't until those seeds were planted in fertile ground and then later on you know it it kind of it bore fruit later down the line and that's how it will happen for many people like that who may not you know previously have been exposed to a lot of material like is going to be discussed but you will be planting seeds often in fertile soil and that will bear fruit later on down the line at least that's how it played out for some of the people I know who came with an open mind to the other conferences and credible later on you know they kind of had an awakening absolutely amazing I can't wait to hear from the listeners 831 394 43 so excited about this comp and thank you as always for having found it and continued to be a part of this conference it couldn't be the freer mind conference without mark passio folks I appreciate that Bob and you know when I was starting this idea back in I guess it was 2009 or so I did it on the inspiration of a woman named Betsy Mets who in this area at just outside of Philadelphia in the mainline area hosted a conference about 9/11 truth and when I attended that conference I said you know I could do something like this I had no resources at my disposal no money on which to do it just an idea I said I want to do a conference about consciousness mind control and the occult the topics I care about and talk about you know and we made it happen [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] yes ladies and gentlemen the for your mind three conference is gonna wake up a lot of individuals from their sleep that's what it's designed to do it's a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult coming up April 10th 11th and 12th 2015 my special guests Bob Tuscan one of the main organizers of next year's for your mind three conference and we're gonna go to your calls in this segment I just want to finish telling people you know I started this conference being inspired by another conference organizer Betsy Metz in this area who hosted a conference about 9/11 truth upon attending that and seeing what a great job she did organizing that event I said I think I could do this you know I want to do this I want to put together a conference and I want to do it on the topics that I think people really need to know about you know even more so than anything else and that's you know mind control the the all the different aspects of the occult you know and human consciousness in general and where it is now and where it needs to go and you know so that inspired me to start you know getting organizers together and putting a group together in the Philadelphia area and you know the rest is history we hosted two conferences right in the city of Philadelphia in 2011 and 2013 for your mind one and two all the videos are up on the the website and the YouTube channel of course people can check out what the past material was like it's only going to get better and better and you know I stepped down from the organizational role because it was very taxing and what I really want to do is present I'm a researcher I'm a whistle blower I'm a presenter and that's what I do best I speak to people you know I want to get up there and give the best presentation I know how to make and to deliver and you know not that I didn't don't think I did a bad job I think I did a pretty decent job organizing the other two events but I think you know that kind of work load of organizing and presenting was a little bit tough and so you know I was looking for other dedicated organizers and Bob and John stepped up to the task they stepped up to the plate and said we would like to take this over and continue it in the tradition that you began and uh you know the you know they're gonna take the reins from here on out and the organizational capacity and I'm gonna do what I feel I do best which is present so that's you know how Bob and John came on board and so far I think they're doing a really great job the new website is up the new venue is secured the dates are announced the tickets are on sale and looks like they have a really great lineup of speakers already with more to be announced yeah we're really working hard mark to bring on some new speakers we want to get your input on that because you know we really want to continue to widen our horizons with speakers at the conference some of the old speakers that have been at the conference in the past will be there again and a few more will be announced shortly we're still working on some of the loose ends with a few speakers before we make those announcements official and these are going to be speakers that the listeners know I don't want to make any hints but these are going to be several you know well-known individuals who have been presenting in this field for some time now and are going to be presenting again at the third free remind conference in April but I'd love to hear from the listeners I know it's been a while since I've been on the air I've taken a bit of a hiatus with my own show working feverishly behind the scenes on the conference and to figure out what my next incarnation is going to be of the bob tuscan showing and my research and without further ado I'll I'll let you start grabbing some of these cause I see the lines are lit absolutely the phone lines are full so let's start going to some callers let's hear from Andrew in Arizona Andrew you're live on what on earth is happening with our special guests for your mind three organizer Bob tusk and welcome to the show hello mark hello Bob how you guys doing hey Mel mark great work on the streetwise spirituality thank you excellent really reminds me kind of drive me but you're hugging Jordan Maxwell a little bit I appreciate that that's a high compliment yeah and thank you for your work as well yeah we wanted to have Jordan at the conference and we did reach out to him and speak with him I you know because he's in his old age now I guess I can say that without being too derogatory he's not able to travel to be there but he's definitely there in spirit him we're definitely all big fans of his work absolutely yeah that's well he's gonna recommend as a guest speaker but I'm also interested in hearing what a partner has to say maybe more on the Satanic you know I mean he was there man he was there I mean there's something that comes with having lived that and continued to live in you know we this trauma and we've all experienced it on different levels and we've all been around these occult groups on different levels perhaps but you know he lives with it to this day and he is an extremely powerful speaker and and he definitely needs to be heard at the third conference without any question and by Jay will also be promoting the conference on his own radio show sra today which is hosted on the blog talk network so check out check that out as well yeah I love to speak to Jay Parker because I do have a friend who uh ritualistically abused hmm and I did hear their story and it's very disturbing and there was underground tunnels underneath this church and went into a separate house and I could get into more detail and I would love to speak with Jay for sure yeah absolutely you should call into a show he does his show every Sunday on blog talk just type in SRA today and you'll find it online he does it a Sunday 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Eastern anyways I'm a film student okay I'm working on my own allegory I love allegories and I like network yes awesome record any twenty thousand of dollars into this film I'm working on it's gonna have the UH props wardrobe makeup visual facts it's gonna be really groundbreaking and I'm hoping to get it out there pretty soon I don't know I wish you the best of luck with it I'm similar to Brazil like Terry Gilliam's less which is a great Ella kori anyways I'm very disturbed I you know 911 and what's going on in this country the desensitized desensitization of a lot of these citizens when it comes to violence on TV you know the clock is ticking for us you know we have to do something about this very soon all the police all the police brutality and total you know raping of human rights that are being done by police in this country trying to desensitize people to it and accept it like this is just everyday normality yeah and that's that's what we see every single day I hear this very thing motorisation story yeah the scary thing is it is every day from every day every day every single day Jon vibes my co-organizer he writes for the freethought project right and there is every single day a new article about some guy in a fancy costume with a shiny badge that the occult spits on doing some act of cowardly absurdities Bob I think the number stands at almost fifty three hundred people have been murdered at the hands of police since 9/11 2001 more far more people dead at the hands of police in this country then died in the 2001 9/11 event the you know have died since that date at the hands of police police and doctors the topic that's probably on this plan and ilion's you know it's not yeah if not the hundreds of thousands you know we were the biggest killers police doctors and politicians there you go that's the Holy Trinity of murderers yep absolutely really reminds me of what the people about Nazi Germany were probably going through ah you know things were kind of going downhill you know people got probably new low shit oh shit you know some people oh and then we're gonna watch their language but appreciate it yeah anyways the clock is ticking and I think we need to get rid of all the chemicals or building up in our bodies when you juicing that's it I know cilantro parsley is very good for you have you met have a masticating juicer myself mark you should definitely get a mask oh I have one I have one of each kind mmm you know yeah they're really great I mean you know that's the thing I people always ask me what's the first thing I should do you know if you want me to do one thing or change one thing I say improve your diet get on to juicing get on to blending get on making green smoothies you know get a single auger juicer you can get a single auger juicer on eBay for $90 you know these things used to be four hundred and fifty dollars only a couple years back now ninety dollars on eBay gets you a great vertical single auger juicer that you could totally extract all the micronutrients out of you know good fruits and vegetables and you know really improve your diet and as a result really improve your your mental faculties sure great behind-the-scenes story every time we're up there in Philly for the conference's mark treats us for some juice it's out of this world we'll be right back everyone talking to our special guest Bob Tuscan about the free or mind three conference more your calls coming up stay with us [Music] [Applause] the community side that we don't dare speak it's a wall between us it'll rip so we keep pretending like there's nothing wrong it's cold asides cackle walk that's right folks the code of silence cannot go on and it will be ended at the freer mine three conference as it has been in the former for your mind conferences whistleblowers galore at these events ladies and gentlemen and bringing forward empowering information that you'll you will hear nowhere else April 9th I'm sorry 10th 11th and 12th of 2015 the free your mind free conference at the Sheraton Bucks County Hotel 400 North Oxford Valley Road in langhorne pennsylvania tickets are on sale right now an all weekend pass only 130 dollars that's the early bird special go to the free your mind conference dot-com website and get your tickets today buying your tickets in advance is the best way to support this event and its organizational team because the monies that are received from early ticket sales will help to pay for the the conference venue for the speakers travel arrangements and for the speakers lodging arrangements and that is what takes the bulk of hosting a conference like this ladies and gentlemen so if you want to support this effort and you want to support this conference and its organizers please go to the for your mind conference calm website and get your tickets in advance that's the noun phrase right now okay I mean Martin it doesn't happen otherwise I hate to say that in Federal Reserve notes suck and it's a crappy thing to have to sit here and you know I mean we're not begging if you see value in this right financially you got to put your money to settle or reserve notes where your mouth because unfortunately the people who you know facilitate travel aren't gonna take anything they're not just gonna do this because out of the kindness of their heart and say hey for its spring Meyer needs to get to Philadelphia so let's just put them on a plane for free the world unfortunately doesn't work that way yet okay we want donations if you if you don't want to be there in person I know a lot of people out there listening they really value the talks that are put up on YouTube they really value your show and the speakers at the conference donate there's an easy way to donate it's you know the equivalent of being there in spirit if you will that's one option and also we're looking for sponsors if you have a business if you have something that you would like to have associated with the conference sponsor the conference you know that's a great way to get involved and there's plenty of opportunities there as well just go to the website free your mind conference decide calm and you can find all of that there real quick folks another quick rundown of the speaker so far Bob Tuscan Clint Richardson Curtis the illuminated one Davis Derek Bros New Jersey Weed Man II D fortune freighter X Freeman legendary Freeman Fritz spring Myer you know one of the pioneers in this whole field of endeavor Jay Parker John G vibes Josey the outlaw Wales Lark and rose and myself mark passio it's already an all-star lineup it's only going to get better from here on out Bob let's go back to the phones and hear what other people say about the conference let's hear from Celt in the United Kingdom you're live on what on earth is happening with my special guest Bob tusk and welcome hello Hey yes hello can you hear us really yes we can we can invent on a mobile phone so not a great connection and well first of all I just wanted to say I really wish I could be able to come over and come to the conference but even if I had the money I got arrested for marijuana when I was 18 so they probably wouldn't even let me in the fucking country sorry sorry not Lotus way but mark what I really wanted to see it will I you about or comment on with a get your comments on was something that happened to me a while ago I was lucky enough to UM be the kind of person who didn't ever take any less energetic lightly that's when I took a listener genex in my early adulthood it's basically noticed because I was inclined to observe a certain pattern happening and that pattern was what I call the spiral of seven okay starts with visual beauty service things the surface of things moves to spiritual beauty you know the deeper aspect of life then to molecular or atomic beauty that can intricacies and precision balance of it all which leads to thoughts of educational beauty that point at which you kind of realized that you're learning something and try to enhance that process and after that comes the Divine Comedy some comical or you know mad moment where you realize one of the contradictory aspects of existence going into for some sort of a practicality of life and finally coming around to just a bit that I used to call that bit where you feel like you're looking into the eyes of God and then you go around spiral again and it was something that was definitely happening to me rather than I was making happen sure and the only thing I've ever come across that's come anywhere near to reminding me of that or seeming similar with the work that I saw you to Don natural law I appreciate that so much you know that can be a psychedelic experience in and of itself I mean you think about what you know natural law helps us to do it helps us well coming into harmony with that understanding helps us to to make our minds clean once again sanitize the mind that's what psychic psychedelic means to make the mind clear to clear it out you know and that's what an understanding of natural law will do as well there's nothing more psychedelic than that as far as I'm concerned so salt I really appreciate those sentiments I was very much a very much got a grip of it myself and get it up myself but what I really wanted to thank you for was and I watched the to a long presentation that you did then I watched about six or seven times like you know I'm really taking the damn board the bit where you talk about the e encompassing principle or just hey yes that really opened it up for me because then I realized that when you're going around the spiral it's at eight point it at point in between the the the eyes of God and the bacteria the visual Beauty side of it you have a moment where you get to choose you get to decide whether you're going to be flippant and just you know observe this on a superficial level and how the superficial you journey on the spiral or whether you want to really apply your brain and get involved yes exactly and that's the that's the third part of the Trivium which is the rhetoric rage and applying that wisdom and it's it's a fascinating talk we're having here in thien's has always been a part of my personal research and you guys really put something together in my mind that I had never thought about before and it's it's really profound it's that in Theo jhin's a lot like understanding natural law and several of the things mark brings up in his present his presentation on that is a removal of ego it removes all the filters if you will and that right there takes us to nature and truth and that right there to me is is one of the most pure and profound states of consciousness that you can be in and it's exactly what the powers that shouldn't be this satanic scumbags want to take you out of and that is essentially why they want to keep us mind controlled yeah and like I say natural law has the most occulted information if you want to know what the occult is ultimately it comes down to what natural law is all about which is what they are trying to keep hidden the very meaning of the word okay that's why because if people don't grasp that understanding they can continue to be enslaved that they're disempowered and they're easily manipulated and they don't know the nature of the reality they're living in and they don't know the nature of true and therefore they can be easily led and swayed in whatever direction these dark forces want to want to take them in and now once you do want that knowledge and then you grasp it and you deeply integrate it in your life and act upon it you become empowered and you cannot be manipulated anymore you know conscience the true understanding of the difference between right and wrong if definitively acted upon and you choose the right over the wrong action there's nobody that can sway you or manipulate you toward that dark side anymore you know and that's what this is ultimately all about it is standing firmly in that truth yeah I mean like for a lot of years and basically until I until I saw your natural law presentation I kind of had come to PST PST because my whole life army I came to I'm not perfect I haven't followed natural law perfectly my whole life but and I've had an instinct for I mean my dad's a policeman and I told him when I was 12 years old that there was an inherent and lack of morality in what he did right because he only followed orders right and they may come down a bad order and he was like her now he's starting to say that now I'm starting chip by chip to get through to them I mean basically that's caused by the fact that in in England it's only very recently that they've started hiring the f weight Psychopaths as the candidates for police and until very recently there was still quite a lot of good policing you know you know so since you brought me this topic just that as a brief aside or maybe you could call it a you know an announcement of sorts I already know what my topic of my presentation is going to be at the free your mind 3 conference so I'll just throw this out there my topic is going to be about order followers this is what I'm gonna talk about at the Conwell and I'm gonna really put the pedal to the floor on this topic at this event mark we just sold out on ticket ladies and gentlemen stay with us I'm gonna hold Bob on for another segment or two so we can get through to some more of your calls we'll be right back [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm holding Bob Tuscan over into the second hour of tonight's show we have some more callers on the line Bob let's go to Dave in New York Dave you're live on what on earth is happening with my special guest Bob tard yes I can Bob thank you for taking my call guys sure I am Marty I want to say that you have your work has helped raise me in recent months I have a lot of gratitude thank you and then thanks yeah I have a bunch of stuff I'd love to talk about but um I guess in terms of the conference one thought I had was that did we lose you data was my buddy right there have if there was anyone who could give advice on people who were going through trauma based on quote-unquote waking up and I remember years ago when I was first going down some rabbit holes I came across a couple therapists who specialized people who were dealing with peak oil and I feel like this is a similar model in some ways it would be interesting to get some people who deal with this purely from the psychological perspective of you know what's going on in the world and how it's affecting people that would certainly fit into you know the human consciousness angle of the conference Bob what do you think of something like that maybe bringing on some type of a you know a quote-unquote professional psychologist or someone who helps people through emotional difficulties or problems I have a I had a guest on geez his name escapes me he's in Texas and he has an Institute of helping heal trauma he got out of the psychiatry business what is his name it's gonna kill me I had a guest on and he would be perfect for this because he talks about healing people who have been through intense trauma and he takes a you know his experience having written many books not not that his authority being a PhD in whatever psychology and and whatnot really is the end-all but he really did does do a good job and it's killing me somebody's gonna know who I'm talking about here I'm looking through my skype contacts to find them but when I think of it I'll let you know I think that would be a great addition thanks for the suggestion you know and it's kind of funny that you even mentioned this topic in general of healing from trauma or healing from abuse because this is kind of like the first part of this this third section that I'm about to go in on the cosmic abandonment extended presentation healing from trauma healing from abuse the whole abuse victim cycle and how to transcend it is one of the first parts of this you know end part of this presentation and again we may not even get to to it this week folks you know talking about the free your mind conference is going to take precedence here this week because I have Bob with us we have lots of callers on the line clearly want to ask both of us questions and talk about the conference a little bit and that's like kind of the main focus for tonight so you know this material can can wait it will be there and I could go into it you know at any given time but I think it's really important to get the word out about the free your mind conference tonight and take some of your calls so Dave did you have anything else or is at all um I just want to before I go I want a second what the previous caller was talking about okay and say that when I first got into the natural law seminar as I was watching it I had the thought this is how I think when I'm tripping and that like and I you know I have some friends who can vouch that after I watched it I was like this was arguably the most psychedelic experience of my life outside of that that's totally all I mean I just I think there can be no higher compliment than that because ultimately that's what real entheogens are designed to do to put us in a a mind state that is closer to truth and divinity and clarity and you know as assistants if they're used wisely if they're used properly that's what they have the ability to do and that's just what I look at myself an assistant to help someone clean up the you know the false paradigms that they're clinging on to mentally and emotionally in you know psychologically and get all of that mental you know garbage and clean it up and just you know make the mind clear enough for them to see what really is just to see the truth as it really is out there and that's that's all I can hope to assist somebody in doing so to call my work you know a psychedelic experience I consider it a high compliment a high compliment a high compliment yes pun intended I was up in Manchester and I'm hoping to be in Philadelphia on Sunday so um keep up the good work guys and uh God absolutely Dave thank you so much for the call and the encouraging words let's hear from Thomas in South Carolina Thomas you're live on what on earth is happening with my special guest for your mind three organizer Bob tusk and welcome to the show gentlemen how are you doing this evening doing well I started listening to your show mr. passio last week I apologize I'm not too familiar with Bob's work I did just search his site seems a very Intune gentleman as well thanks for having me on tonight sure don't be don't be too sure of that anyways now Bob's very Intune absolutely I would I would have not handed off the reins to an event uh you know such as the free your mind conference to him if I didn't think so myself so okay you know the conference is in good hands I trust your opinion on that mark I want to make you guys aware I'm sure you're aware of this phenomenon but maybe stress it a little to you a little more that there is something that can free us all from the entanglements that we're in right now and it's called the Bitcoin and I know you guys are aware of it but I'm guessing that you don't really fully understand how powerful that technology is no actually I really I really do Thomas I I use Bitcoin and you know I understand how it can help transition us away from you know the type of stranglehold fiat currency that were attached to that is regulated by the Federal Reserve System Bitcoin is a type of fiat currency as well that exists electronically and it's a crypto currency meaning it's works on encrypted transactions through what's known as a blockchain not too technical but you know it's really funny and very synchronistic that you would mention this because I actually just met with a gentleman earlier today who's a listen to my show who made a Bitcoin donation - what on earth is happening so I just actually engaged in a Bitcoin transaction earlier today so thing I've been used on more yeah and I'm gonna make one tea or conference because I fell down the Bitcoin hole rabbit hole really luckily in 2010 and I own quite a few of them and I'm using my it's freed me let's just say that I bought a thousand of them when they were at 25 cents Wow that'll give you any kind of indication and yeah that'll give me some indication about was you know being that they're up over what $350 now yeah yes sir not one of those person that's just a listener I've kind of dedicated my life to trying to spread the word about it I'm actually working with a with an actor right now that lives in my area promoting his coiny very cool you know that the first bit Bitcoin conference was actually held here in Philadelphia at a location where you know truth freedom prosperity a group that I work with has hosted many events in Center City Philadelphia it was the Bitcoin summit I actually sat and watched the whole thing I wasn't able to attend live I had some other commitments but watch the whole conference that was hosted online I definitely encouraged people to do that and check it out a lot of different perspectives were presented there and if you aren't familiar with Bitcoin you could become familiar by checking out the Bitcoin coin summit that is all available on YouTube hey Thomas email me man let's talk and we'll get you involved all right thanks stay with us everyone we'll be right back [Music] and your music kicks ass mark I'm jealous I've been getting emails about how terrible it is and and not non suited to the type of material that I talk about you know or which I don't have it available in ink that's what I'm saying Bob because you know I think rock music and metal music is the music of rebellion that the lyrics talk about freedom the lyrics talk about escape from mind control I'm personally into this stuff and you know I think it's very suitable to it personally but hey to each his own you know but what do you say we go back to the phones and talk a little bit more about the conference yeah let's do it and by the way the person I was thinking of from the psychological trauma Institute is Colin Ross dr. Colin Ross I think you are all ready for an event like this do you know him I am familiar with some of his work yeah I think he'd be great too so another great suggestion that's why I'm I'm excited about this show tonight we're getting some great calls absolutely and you know I really appreciate the input so won't we'll reach out to Colin Ross and see if you will be a part of the conference cool all right let's hear from Daniel in is it Los Angeles or Louisiana Daniel you're live on what what on earth is happening welcome Daniel oh yeah I know Dan from Louisiana all right amen of an old-time Kotler mark to my show one of the frequent callers that I miss not doing my show ring hey Dan hey yeah you know I know you was home to death now we are be in for a while this can't come in your slide you know y'all spend so coolidge a game you know on all four your mind I got 130 down in that right now alright cuz like I'm trying I'm trying to make a name for myself in this alternative media blogosphere well you know that's a it's funny you say that because a lot of people want to get involved and they want to look for the opportunity to do that and the conference is a great way to get involved to get out there and network with these people start to make connections and it's great opportunity to do that so I think you're onto something there and saying that you're trying to get more active and the conference is a great place to try to work on that yeah yeah yeah I could bring it I could bring a second amendment angle I could bring all healthfoods angle I can bring a conspiracy theory angle to do to the conference you know I'm excited about it you know it's a long ways away but hey you know I mean I'll make a meet-up I'll make a meet-up Monday and if there's anybody that you know is in my area that wants to Mack about just new world order stuff and just for your mind stuff like I'll make a meet-up like Monday yeah that's that's good but mark doesn't eat meat so this isn't the show to talk about making your meetup oh well good from you Dan good to hear from you man yeah yeah so sure white oh you want to hit up some face-to-face time on skype about this for your minecraft let me know alright hit me up you know how to reach me and you know that's the thing mark I'm out there for anybody to reach if you want to get involved in any way with the conference you if you want to help out get the word out just reach out to me um you know it's it's not like we're hiding behind some thick veil of several people I'm just a dude that is like many of the listeners and everyone everyone else out there that appreciates this kind of research and wants to get involved so reach out to me go to the website you can email me personally the Bob Tuscon show at gmail.com and we'd love to hear from you absolutely ultimately we're just basic down-to-earth Pete who want to live free want to spread the message of truth want to spread the message of freedom and want to bring together people so that they can network and spread these ideas themselves as well so let's hear from another caller ladies and gentlemen on the line with us one of the speakers from the freer mind to conference and who is going to be hosting a meditation gathering at for your mind three welcome to this show Swami shivananda Giri from Illinois ladies and gentlemen swami shivananda giri and blessings i welcome everyone with great love and great respect from the heart of all outstanding to be on the airwaves with two of my favorite humans cruising around the planet and working for the upliftment of humanity that's right Swami you're gonna be a big part of free your mind three as well let's talk about that well I'm not sure what all is gonna happen but I'm looking forward to whatever does happen you know last year the last time showed up there and next thing I knew I'm at your house and you're saying oh hey we've got a slot would you like to do a talk in the morning amazing synchronicity yep synchronicity was just synchronicity and good fortune it just all came together you know and exactly what was supposed to happen happened and then we had that room that you know we put together the meditation gathering yes and a lot of people benefited from that got to experience something from inside themselves and they have some inner experience right including myself I mean right before I went on to the stage to deliver my New Age BS and the suppression of the sacred masculine presentation i sat in that meditation gathering with you in the other hall at the freer at the Quaker meetinghouse and it really helped me focus myself and gather my thoughts and gather what I knew I needed to get up there and do at that event it was awesome and got that up now here's what I want to really bring out and speak to for everybody listening live or in the archives podcast later whatever you the listener right now doesn't matter what your name is each and every human you run into at for your mind 3 is gonna welcome you like a brother that's right sister yep the most amazing vibe I've been I've had the opportunity in in my 51 years cruising around the planet to be around people with name and fame and miss that yeah but you know what Swami you're not you're not kidding and you're not just saying that I know because I felt that myself you know that there were speakers you know big-name speakers at some of these events and they personally came up to me thank me for hosting the conference for being one of the organizers of the conference and said this is the best event I've ever been to and they must have spoken at a whole lot of events - and yet they said the energy at this event is the best I've ever felt it was amazing I mean you would think yeah you know in and amongst the speakers and that sort of thing you would see some riffling and some attitude none of that and every ticket holder and a Jim D was hugged and handshake by everyone they cared to me you know so all these people that you the listeners have been listening to through internet radio for all these years who are a part of the free your mind group whether it's Jay Parker whether it's marked a CEO Bob Tuscan yeah when you play directs three men come on you know I mean and these are just the names that have been released the spawn oh I can't wait to hear them every single one of these people you're gonna get to walk up and and express personally how they touched your life they're gonna be happy to hear you're not going to get an attitude of superiority from anyone all of us are just happy that you're there to share the vibe with absolutely Swami thank you so much for the kind and encouraging words and thank you for being a part of the conference last year and thank you in advance for the contribution you'll make this year ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on rbn don't go anywhere we'll be right back [Music] you know today disguise at night night divine today [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm talking live with my special guest Bob Tuscan this evening about the free ermine 3 conference and we're taking your calls I'm just gonna keep Bob on until the end of the show and we'll continue with the cosmic abandonment material next week because I think the free remind conference announcement of the the dates and the venue need to take precedence and we're interested in hearing your perspective on this conference and what you'd like to see out of it so let's go back to the phones and let's hear from Ivan in Phoenix Ivan you're live on what on earth is happening with our special guest Bob tusk and welcome my friend hey Mark Bob thanks for having me on the show right now sure I'm good to hear your voice Ivan was a great help at the last conference absolutely he's hosted his own meetups vegetarian meetups in Arizona for the freer mind Arizona group and we always appreciate Ivan's work Ivan was a I think I think Bob was just was just you know gently giving a little little meat of hitting there but but but Ivan really was a huge help at the for your mind to conference I mean I can't thank you enough for the the work that you put in at the event in 2013 Ivan it was just a huge help and we really appreciate your efforts well thanks for that and you know that that was a kind of unintentional I've had bought my ticket went there with my little camera just as an observer just to take it in but I can see that you know hands were needed and that was something leading up to that event that you were away saying many have make like worse right and that was it I just found myself imagine where it was needed that does a lot on the setup day made that easier and you know just help facilitate anything that we needed during the the actual event and that's what it's all about ladies and gentlemen it's all about just getting involved you know it's it's really easy once you start doing it you know the hard part is making the decision developing the courage to make the decision to get onto the playing field you know you can't you know put the ball into the game and baseball from the dugout you got to get onto the field to do that you know you can't stay in the grave that masonic allegory if rising up from the dead you know that's what the game of baseball is all about you got to get out off the bench and onto the field where the game is played and that's about getting involved in putting what you know into action you know so I commend you Ivan for doing that and doing that in your own area with the free or mine Arizona group and you know I hope these groups kind of spring up all over the country and we would love to see something like that happen it's happening slowly but surely it is happening I've received maybe two more little messages one out of Washington that they want to try and start something up there and I saw a message out of New Jersey and so the ones that already got up and going there's a one in Colorado there's one in Georgia mouthful I would I would suggest this is something I did for the last conference when you guys are gonna probably hold two or three fundraisers where you do about 10 or 12 hours on one of the radio networks the marathon building of funds I went ahead in both times for the last one how to meet up out here throughout the whole ten or twelve hours of the marathon to have members come in listen and get some of the information and hopefully if they you know they can call in and make whatever contributions and donations for you know helping get the funding I will definitely you know the meetup groups to do that also to come together and bring you know awareness trivia we are definitely gonna try to do that again before this conference are these radio marathons we would like to do at least a couple of them more likely than not so listen you know stay tuned and listen for announcements regarding that and hopefully we can make that happen right and um thanks thank you Mark I received this shirt the one on earth is happening shirt and horse work already this week and I had about three or four comments from workers that you know they read the back of the shirt with me to mistakes on the path to truth not starting not going all the way and had a few little huh okay huh so that at least got planned a little bit of seed that you know hey something's going on here kind of thing and then also a co-worker who's who might shared information with I told this person about the conference and they expressed some interest of possibly heading up there and taking this in and that's that I wouldn't be surprised if that happens because the last conference I ran into someone from Arizona from Phoenix from one of the other meetup groups out there so we never know where you know where we're gonna run into people and and all this kind of stuff but yeah I wanted to bring up we had one of the meetings online or sharing ideas for the conference and we threw out some names and it's pretty interesting that I was thinking of Josey the outlaw and Claire Richardson and before I spit it out you guys already had them in there I threw out the name mark Devlin he's a DJ out of the UK who's focusing a lot on the music industry and the satanic influence through music to the youth and he contacted me and we've been in touch and he's into you know brought up a lot of different local artists that are also awake and sharing information one of them isn't too far from here in Colorado this female artist Elias clay and that maybe that might be an area that we might want to also address is the youth and so there's a lot of hip-hop there changing the term now from hip hop to truth hop trying to get the truth information out there and that's a good Avenue to try and get the youth aware of this stuff through that some of the rap music and hip hop music where the lyrics I love I love consciousness I love conscious rap and conscious hip-hop I can listen to that a lot as well you know conscious rock you really you know inspires me a lot but conscious rap and hip-hop is definitely a very very very encouraging genre of music as far as I'm concerned and that would be great I think you guys are missing one genre tad there what's that it is reggae music absolutely believe it or not a lot of modern reggae music it's really filled with conscious lyric you know and a gentleman wrote a song about natural law who is a member of a reggae band III really should play it on the air one day or put it in my bumper music rotation because it's really really an excellent song maybe I'll even play the whole thing on the air one day he sent it to me in my email and said it was kind of dedicated to to my work and it is I think I believe the song is called natural law and it's really a phenomenal reggae song so that's something I want to do in the future I'll have to remind myself to play that on the air one day yeah music should I think music should be a part of this conference in some form or another you know it's something that I think really uh you know inspires people and that right-brained you know creative capacity should really be included as part of an event like this so something to look into oh great Ivan always a pleasure to speak to you and you know you mentioned the t-shirts I just want to say a quick thing about that because I have to complete my complete chivalry you know the you know being that I'm now offering a piece of merchandise in in in return for a voluntary donation as a gift for a voluntary donation of course that makes me a complete shell and you have to throw away all the information I've ever said from day one so I might as well just finish my shoulder II completed by making the announcement officially on the air that the there is a what on earth is happening promotional t-shirt that is available and I posted it on in my news section it's at the top of the news section and in the latest news on the left-hand side of the what on earth is happening website I made these shirts when I did the demystify demystifying the occult seminar in Connecticut in a last last month in October and we printed up some shirts to bring and sell at that event and you know I had plenty left over because I printed up a nice big batch of them and they're all professionally silkscreen their own good high quality black t-shirts the front of the shirt has the water on earth is happening logo if you will you know I call it The Awakening Earth motif with the words what on earth is happening in front of the earth and then on the back it has my all-seeing eye design that says one great work truth love freedom and it says on it of course the phrase I usually end the show with that is a quote from Buddha that it says there are only two mistakes one can make on the path to truth not starting and not going all the way and then it has the water on earth is happening calm website URL on the bottom of the back of the shirt so if you go to the news section of the site it's the first item there the promotional t-shirt is available there's a little they're available in medium large extra-large and double extra-large they're only in black color and only in men's style you know regular standard traditional t-shirt style for now but there's a little email link you can click there it says ask about the water on earth is happening promotional shirt if you click that if you're interested in a shirt you know I'll let you know how you can get a hold of one so that's up on my site I just wanted to mention it and now you know I'm a complete show so there you have it ladies and gentlemen stay with us last segment coming your way more your calls with our guest Bob Tuscan [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm this is the last segment of tonight's broadcast I'm with my special guest Bob Tuscan one of the co-hosts and organizers of the freer mind three conference coming up April 10th 11th and 12 2015 in Bucks County Pennsylvania let's go back to the calls and let's hear from Mike in California Mike you're live on what on earth is happening with our guest Bob tusk and welcome even gentlemen thanks for having me on absolutely right on the conference thing but maybe throwing out a point I tried to calm for in the past I've always been well been researching and you're realms for a while now and one question that keeps coming up to me that I've never quite heard anyone really expand on and maybe you could get a guest that could get into detail is the importance of gold throughout history I've heard some people kind of touch on it whether it be you know involved in hyperdimensional travel or whatever it might be but I've never really gotten a really good answer to why gold throughout history is so important to the powers that be well I'll tell you my take on it is it's just a matter of scarcity it could be anything and it would serve the same purpose and I think gold just happens to be a convenient scarce metal that is utilized to perpetuate control and and in essence scarcity because at the end of the day there's technology out there that could extract certain minerals from ocean seawater and provide an abundance of gold more gold than has ever been harvested from the plain so the only value that I see gold having and I don't know any occulted rationale behind their obsession with gold but I know the practical obsession with gold is that it's scarce in it if we keep it scarce we keep the control and it's the same mind control we see behind all forms of money Mike I'll give you a slightly different take from my perspective and I would recommend my podcasts number 165 and 166 on my podcast archive on my website where I talk about this as part of the extended cosmic abandonment presentation that the so called intrinsic value of gold actually comes from the gods valuing of this substance for reasons that we do not really fully understand because as I talked about in those two shows it the word intrinsic literally means what you can do with something in nature when I tell people to consider what intrinsic value really is is if you were put into the wild with no means of really sustaining yourself what are the things that you would pretty much look for to assist you in a situation like that you would look for food you would look for clothing you would look for shelter you would look for the ability to defend yourself and that is what would be intrinsically valuable to you that's what intrinsic means literally by definition it's something that is existing in nature inherently and possesses value a piece of technology has intrinsic value a structure that you can shield yourself from the elements has intrinsic value clothing has intrinsic value food and water have intrinsic value apart from that if you can't do any of those things with it feed yourself shelter yourself use it as a mechanism of defense from you know other predators then it's not intrinsically valuable okay people use this term in the way they want it to what they want it to mean that's not what the word intrinsic actually means it means what I just laid out there for you so if it doesn't have any of those applications it's not intrinsically valuable does gold supply any of those applications nope not one of them okay you can't eat it you can't drink it you can't closer to close your sight what you could eat it but yeah I mean I guess you could make some kind of a flaky light clothes oh yeah with gold flakes but whose nomar's gonna do breakfast although the t-shirts a 24 karat omelets but but seriously you can't make a weapon out of it because it's super soft you know it's a James Bond golden gun man so you know when people talk about it as having intrinsic value that's their definition of what intrinsic means it's not the actual definition of the word so it's a it's an ascribed value so then what I talk about in these two podcasts is where did that ascribed value come from who held it intrinsically valuable for reasons we don't understand and then kind of you know transferred that perceived value on to us you know because it had some kind of social status because it it was intrinsically valuable to these beings and if you go back and listen to the cosmic abandonment presentation and the extended podcast presentation from the beginning of that section you know I slowly work into that topic and it kind of comes to fruition in shows number 165 and 166 so I just recommend you go back into the archive and check those shows out where I give my take on what why gold became popular and human in the human mind I'm gonna have to check that out myself awesome Marc we have three more colors in only three minutes can we do it let's at least take one of them let's hear from Nick in Ohio Nick you're live on what on earth is happening with our special guest Bob Tuscan yeah you don't I'll be quick huh yes yep your go ahead okay first off just want to say thanks man you're at you being so bold and saying what you say even though you know it's not popular whatever it's really given me a lot of courage to because you know I used to be all paranoid about stalking other people wanted you know but now I'm just kind of like whatever that makes me really happy to hear that's a high encouraging compliment as far as I'm concerned because when you're bold universal forces come to your assistance right on like always you know thought and learn but I I was always so passive you know I think as I was really just you talked about the right brain and I was also passive and scared to act and to speak you know I mean I've been speaking more and acting you know a little bit more because I wish I were like you I got such a big mouth I can't shut up I was younger I'm getting back to it I'm going from coming full circle now alright I've been on this path ever since I was a kid and this is the closest thing that I've gotten to what I was seeking you know I mean like in terms of learning about natural law there's two interesting things I just wanted to say to people out there like we're talking about Ma'at and natural law it's funny I was researching this and she has a kind of like a reflection or a counterpart and her name is she's shot like that's the SAT SAT yes is the goddess of measuring and architecture and building right yeah the seven a seven leaf star her head it looks like a marijuana leaf and I feel like there's a connection there but also when in terms of you know smoking and all that like it's good for people out there is good for shadow work because like if you are a paranoid I personal never like your fears and stuff come up or like things come from your subconscious at a higher rate and projection in front of your face exactly where you have this family imbalance oh I totally agree cannabis can absolutely be used like that if you decide to do that and you want to work with that shadow burial it can be a very influential force to help you work with that that is subconscious me one addendum to that in addition to what you guys just mentioned Cathy O'Brien speaks about that her book and I actually when she was at the second for your mind conference spoke with her about this and if all the substances her handlers would allow her to have cannabis was the most prohibited right of them all and gentlemen I will testify to that myself I will I will corroborate that in the Satanic community okay cannabis is the single most frowned upon substance because they know about its curative properties they know about the properties that can affect in consciousness with this plant and they do not want people to engage it their gosh see but he's known for smoking no marijuana also uh along with dreams you name dreams are also good for out to me also like H they show you theatrically in symbolism what your masculine the the the trap that your masculine mind is putting your feminine mind in you anime it's like abusing your emotion you know there's like that abuse of the male has to the women have left and right brain whoever right so that those things in conjunction the marijuana and dreams in conjunction with shadow work when you talk about you know facing all your demons and all that I know exactly to talk about it like I'm going to standing up the light I'm coming to some kind of end but it's like my final arch enemy you know any which is my terrible social anxiety Nick Babbitt like we're coming up to the end of the show it's all about balance my friend ultimately leading to courage and right action it's part of what the whole for your mind conference is all about Bob Tuscan main organizer thank you so much for being my guest given the details about the conference one more time Bob freer mind conference calm check us out on Facebook please get your tickets now because we can't afford to do the conference if you do not mark you the best man absolutely ladies and gentlemen be part of for your mind 3 April 10th through 12th 2015 Sheraton Bucks County Langhorne Pennsylvania Bob thanks so much that's all the time we have for this edition remember there's only two mistakes you can make on the path to truth not starting and not going all the way we'll see you right here next week folks [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]