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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one at all you're listening - what on earth is happening right here on Republic broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm the networks website Republic Broadcasting org today is Saturday December 27th 2014 the last show of the year for the year 2014 the year flew by it's amazing that we're already at the end of the year heading into 2015 this show is of course live every Saturday evening from 10:00 p.m. to midnight Eastern Time 9:00 p.m. to 11:00 central to 11:00 p.m. Central Time and we have a great show lined up for you here tonight a very unexpected topic I was of course planning on continuing the topic that we've been covering for the past several weeks on order followers their mindset and the mindset of the people who support them and we will be continuing that topic into 2015 I'll be going into some more controversial material as I talk about the reasons that women support order followers and the role that women could play in the reversal of the mindset of order followers should they decide to step into that role instead of the role that they've been serving that supports the slavery agenda by supporting these individuals so that's coming up on future shows but tonight I have a very very unique topic I had a personal UFO sighting today earlier today and you know people will come down on you know two sides of this and you know you'll have the true believers and then you'll have the debunkers and you know they'll never meet in the middle you know and constantly be butting heads and battling but I just posted the footage online to my youtube channel and website you can see it by going to the link on the left hand side in the latest news and also there is a link underneath the player for tonight's show tonight what I'll be doing is recounting the the sighting that I and a friend had here in Philadelphia earlier today and pointing people to the footage they can go and check it out and watch it and then I'll be taking your calls for people to comment on you know whatever you think that this may have been you're free to call in and make your suggestions but UFOs has always been a interest of mine I would consider it one of the end points of how I really started to change my consciousness and opening up my mind my mindset in general to the acceptance of the possibility of non-human intelligence helped me to come out of the very sickened and diseased world view that I had formerly been in that drove me into the arms of the dark occult when I was younger so that's coming up on what on earth is happening a little bit later now I do have a couple of quick event announcements as a matter of fact let me give the call-in number right here at the top of the show if you want to join us in the next hour to the toll-free number to join us eight hundred three one three nine four four three once again the callin number to join us eight hundred three one three ninety four forty three just a couple quick event announcements of course the free your mind three conference coming at us in April of 2015 April 10th 11th and 12th that's Friday Saturday and Sunday 2015 of April 2015 at the Sheraton Bucks County Hotel at 400 North Oxford Valley Road in langhorne pennsylvania langhorne PA is just north of the city limits of philadelphia a hop skip and a jump from Philly these speakers already scheduled for the free your mind 3 conference are as follows Bob Tuscan Clint Richardson kertus davis the illuminated one Dennis McKenna Derek Bros the New Jersey Weed Man heed fortune freighter X Freeman Fritz spring Myer Jay Parker on vibes Josie the outlaw whales Larkin Rose luke rudkowski Mark Devlin myself mark passio and Stuart Swerdlow that's the lineup so far more speakers will be added soon there will also be a panel discussion group with the speakers and there will be open mic sessions at the end of the evening from after all the featured speakers are finished there'll be five to ten minute segments for people to get up on the microphone from you know just from the audience and talk about whatever they would like to get out there on all weekend pass for the free your mind conference all three days including the speaker meet-and-greet on Friday night only 150 dollars you can get that deal at free your mind conference calm where the best way of supporting this event is to buy tickets in advance because that helps cover the cost of the venue and the speaker travel arrangements and the speaker lodging arrangements so the best way anybody can support this conference is to please get your tickets in advance for listeners of what on earth is happening exclusively if you enter coupon code 93 at checkout at for your mind conference calm that's coupon code 93 just the number 93 9 3 at checkout you'll receive a $20 discount on the all weekend pass ticket and you'll be able to get the all weekend pass for the free remind three conference for only $130 you can't beat that deal anywhere for a conference of this size and scope and magnitude so please go to free your mind conference dot-com today and get your tickets I'll be preparing a hard-hitting harsh presentation for the free your mind 3 conference my presentation is entitled the cult of ultimate evil order followers and the destruction of the Sacred Feminine that is going to be a presentation that people are not going to want to miss because it's going to really get down to brass tacks when it comes to what order followers are all about now another great event coming up here in 23 2015 the Tesla Science Foundation is presenting the third annual Tesla memorial conference the theme of this year's conference is called let's create the Tesla curriculum this is taking place Saturday January 10th 2015 from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. at The New Yorker Hotel The New Yorker Hotel is at 480 1/8 Avenue in New York New York for more information on this great conference please visit Tesla Science Foundation org great group of people you definitely want to check out their work I highly encourage people to get their tickets for the third annual Tesla memorial conference coming up in New York on January 10th there are still what on earth is happening promotional t-shirts available as a gift in return for a voluntary donation to help support my work you can click the email link that is listed in the article at the top of the news section on the one earth is happening promotional t-shirts to find out how to get one there's also a donation button on the left hand side of the what on earth is happening comm website if you feel that you've received value from the information that I've shared on the website and on this radio show please feel free to make a voluntary donation to help support my work so that I can continue it into the future with that having been said I just want to direct everybody's attention up to the radio show page of the what on earth is happening comm website underneath the player for tonight's show you can see images for tonight's show listed there as numerical links you can click them to bring them up as a presentation we'll be right back folks [Music] the cool side that we don't dare speak it's a while between us it'll rip so we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong there's a cold of sides a walk welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening right here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm before the break I was directing everybody's attention to the website what on earth is happening calm to the radio show page underneath the player for the live broadcast there are images for tonight's show the first three images were regarding the two conferences that I talked about the free your mind 3 conference and the Tesla memorial event coming up in New York and the last three images four five and six are images I took today of the skies over Philadelphia and they were absolutely riddled littered with chemtrails with chemtrails spray I mean the geoengineering effort is going along full-steam and it's just if anybody thinks this is normal water condensation vapor or any kind of normal jet activity from commercial jet airlines I mean you have to have your head examined that's I mean I don't even know what else to say if you don't understand geoengineering is a huge agenda and it's going on and it's been actively going on for well over 20 years more likely than not probably a lot longer than that I mean I've tracked it since about 1997 going on 18 years and you know been talking about it constantly but just look at these images I mean the skies were absolute covered patchwork of of lines in the sky from this chemtrails spray these pilots were out there all day long from in the until the Sun went down and it's just a disgrace that they'll still fly missions doing things that they have no idea the repercussions of and you know just follow orders again it's all part of the order following dynamic but I figured this would be a good transition into the topic tonight which was my UFO sighting the second major UFO sighting that I've had in my life I recounted my first one on the air several months back and this one was arguably more dramatic there's people who again come down on the skeptical side of things saying these were birds there are people who are the true believers saying you know these are you know our space brothers who are basically lending their help support and guidance etc I mean I'm trying to keep an open mind and just talk about what I feel they very well could have been and what I feel that they certainly weren't and so I'll recount the story as it happened today this is something that was completely unexpected of course I was in my home talking to a friend on skype and I heard my phone ringing in the other room so I hung up the call on skype and I went to pick up my phone and it was my friend John and he said mark you got to get out side of your house and look toward the eastern sky and you'll see a fleet of objects in the sky and I went outside and I couldn't find them I was he was trying to talk me through where in the general vicinity of the sky they were located and I was went out to my corner on my phone and was trying to pinpoint their position based on his description I was not able to locate the objects so he was about three blocks away from my current location and said I'll just walk over to you and point it out so I waited on the street corner for him to walk to my position and when we met up he pointed out the objects to me and I was immediately able to see where they were and I became very interested and these were a huge amount of objects I would probably say close to a hundred of them and they were scintillating and glowing in the sky and they looked spherical and they were staying in one place in the sky they weren't moving they seemed to be hovering in one spot high up I would estimate almost 50,000 feet if I had to make a conservative estimate well beyond the chemtrails spray probably above you know any lower natural clouds which I don't think they're learning natural clouds on the sky think every cloud formation so-called cloud formation that was in the sky over Philadelphia today was a CEM cloud you know was chemtrails spray that had fanned out so when I looked these objects they had a very unnatural appearance to them and definitely looked like they were staying exactly in one position but shifting in their relative positions to each other so they were making these different patterns and formations in the sky and I immediately took out my cell phone and started taking video footage and that's the footage that you see on the news section of the site it's the second item in the news section and you could click the link underneath latest news that says mark witnesses UFO event video footage December 27th 2014 or you can click if you're listening live underneath the player it says video footage of Mark's UFO sighting of December 27th 2014 just underneath the images for tonight's show now the footage is a little bit shaky obviously because I hadn't had no tripod to take it on so I'm just holding the camera and trying to do my best to keep it still we were both you know very taken aback and excited by this as you'll hear in the you know in the footage and again these things did not look like they were any kind of natural phenomenon they looked like they were somehow being intelligently controlled at least that's what it looks like to me now again there are people who will say well these are birds I keep hearing the son type of geese snow geese etc and I have an open mind that it's you know possible that this the phenomenon of geese flying at high altitude could look similar but there is something that happened during the course of this event and I'll keep relating the story and I'll get to that that makes me think that this was definitely some type of intelligent activity whether it be human or non-human is debatable but you know we could speculate on that but my point here is we started filming this and asking other people who were passing by on the street to just take a look up and you know see what they made of it to get some other opinions opinions or impressions and a few people stopped on the street and looked up and some of them said oh I think that's just Birds and some of them said no that looks very interesting and I don't know what to make of that I don't know what that is a couple people came out of their homes because they saw us looking up in the sky and filming and some people walking down the street stopped and some people even in cars stopped and pulled over to take a look at it to see you know what we were looking at and this incidentally was on my corner on the corner of we witnessed this from the corner of where my house is at okay so it was right above my neighborhood and you know initially someone said oh I just think that's birds but then even as he sat and watched it more and realized that they weren't moving at all they did not move across the sky it's as if they were just in that area of the sky and stayed still in one particular area of the sky as they the formation morphed so we'll pick up the story right there on the other side of this break ladies and gentlemen you're listening - what on earth is happening stay with us we'll be right back [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm continuing with the relation of the story from earlier today when I had a major UFO sighting we were you know looking at these craft and they did not move in relationship to the sky you know they stayed in one area of the sky and you know people will make the claim well a wall if it was birds there you may be struggling against the wind up there and you know it looks like they're not moving but they're you know making very little progress against a strong headwind or something to that effect it just I don't know how to explain to people who weren't there you just would have had to see it with your eyes you know a camera is going to only do it so much justice and again it's not like I'm sitting there with a camera rig I took my cell phone out of my pocket you know so the footage is as good as it is but when you saw these things through a pair of high-powered binoculars they looked perfectly spherical now you know people will also say well you know birds up at a high altitude can look you know like an orb possibly - but they maintained exact equidistant relationships to each other as well all of them well especially when you looked at them through binoculars and the thing that really you know as mote more people came to observe them most people were coming to the same conclusion that these did not look like birds and it did not look like something that was a natural event happening the thing that really threw me and really made me do a complete double take I mean I was already amazed at what we were witnessing but as we watch this first original set of objects slowly move over toward one direction of the sky they event they hovered for a long time I'd say over 10 to 15 minutes in exactly one area of the sky then started going to the eastern portion of the sky and then it looked like they faded you know they it look like they were rising higher and higher and higher and higher not just getting farther away but they were moving up in altitude and then they faded to a point where you could barely see them it was like they were just barely visible to the naked eye while that was going on almost in the same exact area of the sky that we were watching this first group at and we had been looking at this whole area of the sky like you know often you know trying to find them after like looking away and then looking back up toward that area of the sky you know just as this first group moved off directly over our heads manifested three more objects I three more groups of objects I should say actually it was like four groups of them and they just appeared out of nowhere now in the footage you can't see that because I had actually stopped filming on the first and second groups of film the the films the videos are broken up into three videos as I took them with my camera and nothing is retouched it's all just right straight from my camp my cell phone camera now the second footage there's not much in the way of the these objects because I was had started to look at them through binoculars at that point and therefore the footage gets kind of sporadic there but when it comes back in on the third video you multiple groups of objects these are the ones that appear directly over our head out of nowhere they just manifested there they just materialize there and what I mean suddenly I mean in a blink we were looking at them in one area of the sky this first group of objects then they slowly moved to the east as a group and then suddenly we looked up and all four of these sets of objects were there out of nowhere they did not come from anywhere else they were just suddenly there that's what puts me over the top to think that these weren't Birds they weren't anything natural and there's some kind of a technology or intelligence involved here now if anybody could explain to me how you know birds can suddenly manifest themselves and know the lighting conditions didn't change the sun angle didn't change we were looking at that area of the sky for almost a half an hour and there was absolutely nothing there and suddenly we looked up and there was these four groups of objects in the sky so I mean you know people will stretch to all kinds of lengths to make a skeptical exponent explanation to propose a skeptical scientific explanation for something that is unusual unknown and that's all I'm saying this was I'm not even trying to make a statement as to what the nature of it was it to me it was an unknown phenomenon I've seen flocks of birds before flying overhead in the city this didn't look anything like that flocks of birds I've seen weren't scintillating like this these were orbs I looked at them through a good set of binoculars they were spherical there was no movement on them to suggest flapping of wings as with geese that are huge and have huge wings these objects also must have been huge because the height that they were at in the sky and the size that they look you know visually to the perception of the eye means that these objects had to be big you know I'm thinking like maybe 30 to 40 feet each one of them and they were moving fast to relative to each other and you know to me it just doesn't seem like motion that a bird would do to move the way that these things were moving in relationship to each other of course people again will come down on both sides of the aisle on this you know again you'll have the true believers that are you know saying the Arcturians are here and you'll have the hardened skeptics that you know wouldn't make a difference if you know there they were intelligently controlled vehicles from you know beings that weren't from around here and came and took them on the craft themselves they still would say it isn't happening so you know you got the extreme right brain people you got the extreme left brain people all I'm saying is here's the footage this is my impressions of it make of it what you will and you know that's it and you know I'll give people a chance to you know air some of their feelings about what they thought think that this might be but once again the main thing here to me is these things moved in very strange patterns in relationship to each other when looked at through the binoculars they were perfectly spherical they were scintillating scintillating orbs is how I would describe them that they just simply looked like light in the sky lights in the sky I mean they were all bright you know and people say oh well white geese with the Sun reflecting on them you know look bright like that again you'd have to see it to your own eye the video footage is not even going to do it justice for the people who were actually there and you know I passed around my binoculars and had them all look through it the ones that said that they thought it were Birds all back down from that position after looking at it through but oculars they said no those aren't birds everyone who looked at it through the binoculars said that so you know that's that's just my explanation from the people who were actually there and saw it through a decent set of binoculars not one of them maintained the position that it was Birds after looking at it through the binoculars I mean other than that my take on this is that it could very well be some kind of intelligence that we are dealing with here that is non-human it could be something that is higher dimensional in its nature who knows and it also could be a technology that you very much so humans have developed that are using for some purpose or another that we aren't privy to I mean essentially that's my that's what I think the possibilities are I do not think that it was Birds because of the way that the second groupings of formations came into our presence again somebody could not determine that from the footage but you would have to have been there in person every person who was there in person was shocked when they looked up after watching that first round of them that first grouping of them almost disappear [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm talking about the very interesting UFO sighting that I had today and I'll continue to call it a UFO sighting because that's exactly what it was it's objects that we witnessed here in Philadelphia that were unidentified if anybody out there listening may have seen this phenomenon please feel free to call in or get in touch with me go to the contacts page of my website and email me and just put in the subject line you know I witnessed the sighting that you did or something to that effect I would say at the most we had about maybe 9 to 10 people out on that street corner simultaneously checking this out and overall maybe about 20 passed by and you know we asked some people what they made of it some just you know kept going there said oh I think it just Birds or whatever weren't really interested but most of the people who saw it were interested in it and thought it looked very odd and again the thing that was consistent is after seeing it through binoculars most people said no that isn't birds those are some kind of objects and they look perfectly spherical when seen through the binoculars the thing that struck me the most is that these things stayed stationary in one area of the sky for so long and simply shifted positions amongst themselves if you watch the video you could see that I pick a frame of reference like Street wires electrical wires on the street and frame the objects around that so you could actually see the area of the sky that they're in and that they do not move they they're not moving they're not traveling from one place in the sky to another at some point they did do that you know and then people will say well the air currents shifted at that time and you know I'm not saying I'm totally closed-minded the possibility of this but these things kept moving in relationship to each other in a very controlled fashion the entire time so if there were high winds up in the higher atmosphere that's very unlikely you know that these that these things would move in the way that they're observed to be moving and again I'm just trying to put out some plausible explanations here for what we're not seeing I again I just don't buy into the this is just a high flying flock of geese explanation again could it be that it could be I'm not going to totally close my mind onto that possibility either but again like I said if you saw it with your eyes and you saw through binoculars you would more likely than not rule that out you know I've I think it's a very low probability after seeing it through binoculars these things maintained exact distances between each other birds don't do that you know they would be drifting in and out between each other and you know separating and coming back together when you saw it through binoculars you saw the evenness of the spacing this was like a flotilla I mean it was like just something you know out of a science fiction movie and the thing again that really really struck me was when multiple groupings of them appeared over our head instantly with I mean absolutely no warning literally out of the blue or out of the milky white chemtrail Laden sky I should say you know we thought also could the chemtrails be playing a dual role here and what they usually do in geoengineering you know whether it's to a plasma Phi the sky or you know put tons of metal oxides into the sky for you know weather modification could there be another motive here that when there are possibilities that they pick things like this up on radar they're going out there and using the chemtrails simply as an obscuration mission you know so maybe they were simply trying to blanket the sky with cloudy layers so that people would not be able to see these things I don't rule that out as a possibility for why we had such an unimaginably heavy day of chem trailing here in Philadelphia I have no I mean I've been following the chem trail agenda since 1997 early 97 I was out there with a chem with an old VHS camcorder taking footage of the sky watching these planes lay down these trails and I'm telling you since 97 I have never seen a day of spring you're more relentless and nonstop than today here in Philadelphia I've never seen one like that I mean just look at those images if you could look at those images and tell me that's anything resembling normality I think you need to check yourself into the nearest mental hospital I mean that's all I can say because what else can you say when you look at those images anybody that is a geoengineering denier at the point seeing something like that right over their own head you have to be out of your mind and I mean I think possibly you know they do know when these sightings are in our skies they obviously get them very early on early warning radar and I think they you know they don't want people pondering any of the issues that come up with this look this is a very popular topic I mean my facebook page when I post these videos lit up with comments you know I post one of my videos it's like couple comments here and there you know natural law the morality but you post the UFO video and everybody goes nuts and there's opinions you know all over the place that range the full spectrum so you know it's very interesting what people find interesting to them what they want to talk about what they want to comment on you know this is a it's a hot topic definitely and I've submitted it to a couple of people in and will continue to submit it to a few people that I work with in the ufology field of research and you know I've already gotten back a few comments from them on the skeptical side on the you know could go either way side and on the side that they feel that this was a fleet of intelligently controlled craft again I come down on the side of it that more likely than not these objects are under some kind of intelligent control not going to go to the full you know it's definitely alien or other-dimensional although I don't rule out those possibilities either could this have to do with some type of scalar technology you know ionosphere 'ok heating or you know something to that effect who knows you know this could be weather modification this could be something to have that has to do with radionics it could also be something that is completely outside of our ability to even comprehend or understand you know this could be this could be something that is completely other dimensional in its nature again I'm not going to definitively come down and say it is this it is that it is that what I'm going to say what I don't think it was is I don't from what I observed today think it was just a flock of birds again many people are going to be hardcore on that because they'll compare it to other footage that looks similar and you know immediately jump to that conclusion again do like 100% rule that out no but I think it's a low probability based on being there at the actual scene of the sighting and seeing it through a decent pair of binoculars that's where I'm gonna say no to that hypothesis poor theory but again everybody who was there and who saw it with their eyes and then who saw through my binoculars said that they thought it was some type of craft and not birds with that having been said we're going to go to your calls in the second hour and you could chime in on what you guys think this was so don't go anywhere your calls coming up you're listening to what on earth is happening stay with us you know today disguise at night night divided today welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening into the second hour of tonight's broadcast I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm we're going to go to your calls coming up in the second hour and you could chime in on what you thought this UFO sighting that I had earlier today might possibly be all about before we do that I have a special guest on the line with us for the first segment of this hour is Bob tusk and a former host here on rbn who has a very special announcement that he wants to make and I'll also let Bob comment on what he thought of the citing Bob are you there with us I am mark thanks for having me for this segment and oddly I'm very interested in keeping an open mind and looking at all evidence that's out there for extraterrestrial encounters or whatever it might be so bottom line for me is I look at everything and take it with the great of greatest pinch of salt you know and that's how I go into things with that agnostic perspective I spoke about this sort of thinking and learning during my first for mine lecture and I think it was Robert Anton Wilson who put it best that you know you have to keep an agnostic mindset but at some point with enough evidence you have to then take that and move into the third stage of the Trivium if you will and go into that wisdom / rhetoric stage and and that's what you did after your observations and I and I commend that and I think we should all own up to our experiences and even our own experiences should be a to a certain extent looked at again through the lens of being an agnostic thinker but on that aside I digress I mean you and I could talk about that forever and I certainly feel that mark is being genuine folks with his claims here not for a second do I think he's doing this for the sake of being hyperbolic I got on the phone with mark shortly after this half then and he was genuinely moved by this he was genuinely under the impression that he had seen something and I believe that mark whether you disagree with this being a legitimate sighting whether you think it's birds or not is being completely genuine about this and has no agenda in presenting this and I think we need to put aside our egos and our desire to only talk about one thing or only think certain topics our game and other topics are too taboo to discuss and get over ourselves and be able to look at something like this and think about it freely and discuss it freely and not alienate somebody who dares to bring it up so screw you people out there who are hating and want to poopoo something just because you think that on the surface it doesn't look right all right so that makes sense mark absolutely and you know that's what I was just talking about during the break with you you know so many people in the UFO community don't want to discuss issues that people in the truth movement will discuss like conspiracies or you know the loss of freedom that you know humanity is experiencing and so many people in the truth movement don't want to acknowledge the existence of the possibility of extraterrestrial life or talk about anything having to do with you know something that is seemingly paranormal in its nature and I think these two movements really have to you know solve their their differences and come together and realize all of this is connected you know the whole human condition as I've talked about in the past and past shows during the cosmic abandonment series is connected with this this phenomenon of non-human intelligence operating here on this planet and these groups have to somehow narrow the gap that has widened between them and come together on equal ground and you know start bringing different parts of the puzzle to the table and say hey this is worth looking at and so is this and we need to keep an open mind about all of this stuff there's just too much closed mindedness that goes on within both of these circles as far as I'm concerned and I like to think that maybe I could act as a liaison between these groups at some point I think that might be a necessary move to make mark and I think you would be a great liaison to do so considering you're so rational and so logic driven but at the same time you also have you know a spiritual side for lack of a better way of describing it sure I could I talked about on my show a sighting that I had and it moved me I was driving home one night and there was weird red lights that moved in a way that was on some Flair like it did not move like a normal flare if it was a flare and I had to talk about it on my show so I think we're in the end of the day what this all comes down to mark is a lack of censorship we cannot censor our minds and turn out voices on anything if you experience something and that truth is there then by all means do not pussyfoot around it it is the truth or at least it's a perceived action that took place and therefore we should not have the censor that everybody wants the mandate and that's a very much similar theme to that of those in the so-called truth movement whatever that means or does not mean but that being said mark I'm very pleased to announce here first on the air for the first time that my humble show which is not about me at all it's about solutions it's about a revolution it's about cutting this nasty world that we live in into a place that makes it a little bit more sane and and peaceful for my child and my child's child and so on and so forth and it's coming back I'm starting again on Republic Broadcasting Network and other affiliates on Monday that's this coming Monday show will be on at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time that 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time and Mark passio will be one of my first guests mark and I have been doing this hand-in-hand for quite some time together I brought mark on way back in the day on one of the network's I was on he then went on the next network I was on and we've been trying to follow each other and work together ever since and once again we will be on the same platform and he'll come on my show I'm sure I'll be on Mark show from time to time in the future to talk about of course the free or mind conference which is so important and I can't stress it enough that if you're not getting involved with the free your mind conference on some level you are really missing out we need all the involvement that we can possibly get with this conference to make it happen financial involvement is important it's a necessary evil but any involvement that you can have in the conference we welcome it and so many people are coming together for this gathering of the minds that I'm just completely enamored and proud to be a part of it and humbled to be a part of it and humbled that my broadcast the Bob Tuscan show for lack of a better name will be coming back to the airwaves on Monday at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time so that's the big announcement on my end mark Bob congratulations on your return to rbn I know the show is going to pick up right where it left off setting high quality standard in broadcast media and I want to congratulate you for coming back on and everybody tune in to Bob Tuscan weekdays 7 p.m. Eastern eastern time right yeah its Eastern time and I appreciate that mark and you know what I really have this internal struggle they mean that I want to just vet out real quick the bottom line is something you know just like anybody else sometimes I wonder if I'm just doing it for my ego if I'm just doing it for the sake of thinking I'm a part of something and I struggle with that inner dialogue if you will but I think at the end of the day mark what I'm gonna do differently hopefully will bring some change I want to focus on solutions I want to take a real stab at the root of the problem at the root of the issues not the other symptoms that we get so caught up on all these surface level symptoms that become distractions but I want to get to the root of the problems and offer solutions and Mark I appreciate all that you do and absolutely Bob thanks so much for coming on to make that great announcement ladies and gentlemen Bob Tosca and check him out Bob Tuscan calm [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm before we go to the phone lines in studio I have my friend John who was also a witness to this sighting and who actually made me aware of it I want to bring him on quickly to get his take and his impression on the sighting that we witnessed John won't you give the listeners a little rundown of what you feel that you experienced and saw earlier today sure mark thanks for having me on the show tonight and it was good hearing Bob's voice also so it's great to know he's coming back shortly I could definitely say being there judging from the whole experience that you know I and I heard some of the other feedback from people who posted on Facebook that they thought you know it's very possible it could be snow geese or you know pelican colony you know but I think you could say what it could be your or what you think it may be you know it could be these glowing words that you know manufacture the crop circles or you could say it could be Palladian ships or some other you know higher extraterrestrial intelligence be it benevolent or malevolent but we don't really know that but I can't tell you exactly what it was but I could sit here tonight and tell you what it wasn't and it wasn't any type of bird geese Pelican you know any type of flying mammal because number one the altitude was way too high you're talking about over fifty thousand feet easy if these objects were probably in the stratosphere and number two I've seen numerous footage of geese flying and you could hear them we didn't hear any birds there was no to be heard no matter what the altitude was now being that we're on ground level and we're looking up over 50,000 feet possibly into the stratosphere and we sole individual orbs in equidistance in relationship to one another now they were kind of like hovering and floating in formations that were very similar to the geese formations which makes it very difficult for someone on the other side who wasn't physically there and to just take in the evidence that was available at the time and the only available evidence being there was a good set of binoculars and number two you didn't hear no geese so taking that into consideration you know I firmly believe it was some type of fleet of craft let me ask you a question when you looked at it through the binoculars what was your impression tell people what you saw visually when you looked at it as as clear as you were going to see it with the aid of a piece of technology like that at that moment I was just very you know made it myself for all these years you know I never bought a high-power telescope I at that moment I wish I had a high-power telescope but what I saw through the binoculars was quite amazing I saw like bright like specks that were kind of roundish in shape but they were very equally you know distant from one another keeping a very rigid you know tight formation you know they weren't like going in and out they were very you know stationary you know almost almost as if like you had a piece of wood or something and you poked holes through it and there was light shining through that piece of wood how how equally spaced you would see the light coming through that piece of wood that's literally what it was like and even when they moved like laterally you know like or upward and downward like you know if they changed altitude they would stay perfectly in formation with each other it was a very non organic movement or aspect of their movement as far as I was concerned if you see birds or animals moving in relationship to each other there's an organic flow to that type of movement there was no such organic motion to that it looked very rigid at least that's what I saw when I looked at it through the binoculars I mean would you concur with that oh yeah definitely definitely and and a most bird you know formations they're they're flying to their destination you know they're not looking to really stay in one section of the sky they're flying towards a destination they all have a route right these formations and there were four formations at one moment that magically appeared out of thin air because we were scanning the whole sky yeah that's the thing that freaked me out the most in the whole thing even seeing the first flotilla or fleet or whatever you want to call it when those four came over our head suddenly and appeared there that's when I felt that this was something otherworldly because there's no way that the ten people standing on that street corner would not have seen those approached from some portion of the sky I cannot bring myself to accept that somehow what all of our minds shut down simultaneously and we suddenly weren't aware of our surroundings just because we were witnessing this event going on in one portion of the sky none of us would have seen all four of these formations approach in one area of the sky directly over our heads and then we suddenly looked up and there they were out of nowhere that's the thing that did it for me to say I don't think that this is any kind of a natural phenomenon this is something that is beyond our comprehension or understanding take no no and when you're experiencing you know such a you know additi ordinary kind of experience like that you're pretty much scanning the whole sky to see if you if there's anything else you know if there might be you don't want to be focused on one leg and we were focussed I know I kept doing that I kept looking at other areas of the sky to say hey are there any more of them anywhere else yeah you had to you had to scan the sky even though the one formation that kind of faded out when we were looking towards the south eastern part of the sky that's when I think it just gained higher elevation to the point where that's what happened obscured by all the that's correct like it's of chemtrail that that the whole sky was an utter mess right it was a mess and I mean I that is what it looked like to me like they ascended in altitude and literally we're no longer in our in our visual perception range and won't work well when the multiple formations appeared I considered that a second sighting and when those formations appeared they were actually lower there were much more so we were able to get an observe you of it and that's in video three that we're referring does the third yeah I understand folks video one is with the first part of the sighting the first flotilla or fleet video to it you see a bit of them trailing off as they're moving slightly eastward at that point and then you know my footage becomes erratic because I'm looking through binoculars at that point and I'm not focusing on the taking of the video although the camera is still on in video three just before video three I had shut the camera off for several minutes because we thought the for the sighting was done and then I turned it back on after people said wow look up right over our head there they are again they materialized over our head out of nowhere for formations that's when I and that video I am pointing that camera directly upward it is not pointed laterally in any direction it is it is pointed directly at the zenith of the sky straight up they were directly over our heads and this footage happened right on my street corner practically right over my house ladies and gentlemen your calls on the other side John thanks so much for contributing your input and giving us your your take on this sighting thank you Mark you got it stay with us everyone we'll be right back [Music] [Music] we [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening calm so let's go to your phone let's go to the phone lines and take your calls the toll-free number to join us 831 390 443 let's hear from sadani in Connecticut you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hello mark yes good evening are you doing well I actually got the opportunity to meet you and speak with you at length at the Manchester in Connecticut event back in October yes the demystifying the occult seminar which hopefully I'll have out on video on in the not-too-distant future awesome and I said I did want to address my name as it's an item you've addressed the Donnie is not my legal name but it's also nothing I'm hiding behind and perfectly comfortable my legal forms of my name have changed I just you use it as an initiated name into a spiritually initiated name sure and I appreciate where you're coming from with that and people who are hiding you to not be hiding I actually had called this very early because I wanted to catch you have been attempting to get into the queue for a few weeks I was really hoping to speak to you more the order following layer but uh as discovered you transition to the other UFO topic as an experience alright for my youth I have what the comments to that as well but to even enter the arena on your show and thank you for having me I know it's with kind of a trepidation because there are so many layers and strata to everything and the UFO discussion is obviously no exception to that sure are you familiar with the film's connect tacky no I'm not Mike Hoffman the guy did adaptation okay big Hollywood screenwriter you should check it out I know you enjoy film and it's pretty immense the setting is an aging director and the beginning of it is kind of an eerie take on life and the way things are kind of you know about loss losing breaking down and he creates this masterpiece work where he's got people on set for 20 years essentially they're living their lives they have doubles it's a very macrocosm the microcosm kind of introspective it's very elaborate very interesting more people might be familiar with his work adaptation that a Nicholas Cage was anyhow it's it's with that kind of a take that we know there are so many layers to everything that's that's going on you know when I was a child I I began continually experiencing things where I lived in Connecticut kind of in a woodsy area and even now people who come up to where I grew up you know that doesn't take long at night begin to see things happening and many different diverse types of people have come to like what's that well give it a few more minutes it'll get stranger and more recently they were again kind of like your collective hallucination statement no that wasn't happening this was a very odd thing it was small but uh it just floated around and you've oh there were four of us who were sitting around in a northern town in Connecticut and we were talking and this thing just floated through and like very tiny but it your all it was very very weird so these things do occur oh there are millions of experiences around the globe and they are not part of our conventional life at the very least I know it scene of many different things is it okay to comment on the order following thread a little too sure go right ahead thank you I appreciate that I just want to say to that that you plea appreciate your work and what you do the tone you do it with and the forthrightness that you take in addressing issues from the angles you come at them with I mean dealing with the New Age cult and its particular brand of you know religiosity right what brought to bear is clearly it's just terrible a tough one for a lot of people to break out of for sure it is and you know I know for most people it's a shame because they come to their spirituality I believe because of the stress and tension that they live in they come there to find some relief for that so the last thing we want to hear is that they have to work and where they're coming to find some peace of mind so to speak but we have obligations be they world or what-have-you here and obviously that doesn't that doesn't really work to not fight the battle in the mind and realize that's not a place to be and I also appreciate the other angle coming at the various forms of brutality that we see in cases like Eric garner cases like the Ferguson case and just generally policed me to deal with those angles we obviously have tons of legislation as it's foregoing since 2011 and the Occupy movement what's come forward explicitly but obviously it's been building for at least 150 years here sure but that's the all the angles you come from very important I agree with so much of what you do and it's kind of with that that I'm reluctant to tamper with that at all so if allowed I would you know I almost feel sorry it's you know listening to you if you feel that the tenure for what you're getting an email or chat or whatever is themse to be sort of assaulting people who insist on remaining ignorant and just wasting your time and but at the same time perhaps to raise the bar in the caliber because they don't would like to constructively challenge you at that not abrasively if possible sure as regards the concept that all order following is innately immoral if you want to call it that because as a fellow as a terrorist I question the notion of the body that the body is obviously you know really the most consistent beam woven through all a satiric literature and if we relate the body there is clearly a type order following that every different element of the body in Estrada is working through and there's a kind of order of following it's an undercurrent that I see developing through some of what you're saying that could go awry and I think we hadn't role often to tamper with that because it's not the thrust obviously what your work is so well aimed at sure they know what I'm talking about order following I mean literally like a hierarchical structure of command where somebody is listening to what somebody else is telling them to do physically with their actions so you know it's not anything more esoteric than that it's simply if I command somebody to do something and then they do it you know they you know they've done that only because I've commanded them to do it not because they fought through the action and whether it's in harmony with spiritual law or not and they just did it anyway because they are ok with abdicating their personal responsibility and letting somebody do their thinking for them that's what I literally mean by order following in the strictest sense of the word and I hear you it's still a question off the model of body to some extent that there is I don't more what I call every term to my when I've taught you more or less importance but there is a all of these beings where there are superior and inferior where in the true sense as you may know or see or not see is with superior entities they really have more responsibility to the collective to be guiding that ship or the body and there is a hierarchy of direction and when you use the word cult and I know what call you are talking about very well even from my own personal background in it in some ways but do you just aggressively use the word and I'd be reluctant to because obviously cult is it can be tribal you notice when we say we're dealing with the cult of at on we're dealing with the cult of the black hole son we're dealing with the cult of Saturn so it's a question of who booked up you know who are you serving sure they it's not saver it's not a collective you know benefit to ever know the all to the all beings you're serving you know the Oblivion called the status right it's the cult of death I mean it's it's literally the cult of the dark Sun you know as I explained in my demystifying the occult seminar that's really the only cult its operating on this planet right now I mean they all feed into that one overarching cult of the dark Sun the Black Sun you know that that's this is one huge Tennessee dark solar material like we're probably dealing with I would say somewhere between were wasn't mentioned area okay we're going to a break we'll be back folks [Music] [Applause] [Music] there's a cooler side that we don't dare speak it's a wall between us no whip so we can treat it dear let there's nothing wrong welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening calm we're into the last segment of the show for this evening let's see if we can squeeze in a couple more callers let's hear from Glenn in Ontario Glenn you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hi are you talking to me yes I am yeah so would you be able to take a question on self-defense on what self-defense sure absolutely it's okay so what I'm wondering is you know for dealing with murderer or child rapist or something but they aren't actually in the act they've already done it you know lethal force still acceptable early because I sort of would think it is but you know just wondering your thoughts on it yeah I mean people will get into the whole debate of you know do we go and hunt a person down I guess if he's been a pariah on society and you know unrightfully you know killed other people I mean I guess you know people would have to make that judgment call would somebody have the right to defend themselves from somebody from that being in their community I would say that yes they would my my take on that is the best way of dealing with that is to morally educate people from when they're young so they don't turn into people like that you know and then you won't have to deal with that situation again that's why I always advocate for not keeping people in prisons I don't believe in the concept of any prison because all that does is ice they people from the the repercussions of their natural law failure to morally educate the young and if we try to just sequester them out of society then we don't deal with the negative repercussions that they create and we don't learn how natural law works to bring us the experience that we're having based upon what our actions were so it's a difficult one I would say the best way to deal with that is not get into that situation but of course there are people who are you know have grown up in an amoral capacity and murder people so I would say that the community has the right to deal with that in whatever way they so choose to deal with it you know read into that what you will yeah I agree with that and I think you're obviously right about the education you try and make peace on earth first right anyway um one more question ah so you guys were talking before about like the dark called cult of Han and all this so I what do you what do you think of Zionism do you do you think that's like a centerpiece and what they actually believe it's the same it's the same thing but it's the same ideology it's the same cult ideology it's just a different name for it the cult of the Black Sun that you know the the dark side of the Sun whatever you want to call it it's a dark solar cult that basically believes that their God they're going to control and own people you know and they're they're higher than the laws of the universe they're higher than the laws of nature and creation you know it's it's all the same cult it's it's there's just it's different you know different uh you know masks on the same face basically so Zionism is a part is a part of that people think it's simply a political ideology I would say it's a religion just like other occult religions and organizations and it works toward the same goals of control and enslavement of people you know and many of them were all too happy many who belong to that cult are all too happy to tell that's what their goals and agendas are so I've briefly talked about it on a past show when I got into dark kabul ism you know uh the clip otic Kabbalah I briefly spoke about Zionism in one of those podcasts if you go back and listen to that material it's there the climatic okay cool yeah Siri on wrote on that as well the Zionism being the same as the cult of Iran anyway thanks a lot of man you know you point you point out the obvious on how we can make peace on earth because that's uh proximity that's correlated to the intelligence of humanity and that's the amount of work the willing to put into that you know though and Glenn you're right on point with that analysis I want to thank you so much for the call and he's right you know it says so much about where we're at as a species in our condition because if the answer the solution is so simple it always has been the Golden Rule it always has been don't treat others like you don't want to be treated the way you wouldn't prefer to be treated you know I call it the apophatic variant of the golden rule the Golden Rule looked at in the negative don't don't use the golden rule and say treat others as you want to be treated how about we say don't treat others the way you would you would not want to be treated so if you don't want to be treated that way don't treat others that way then it becomes real unambiguous and so simple that a child can figure it out you know you don't want to be harmed defrauded stolen from raped have your rights taken away don't do that to other people period the end it's so simple it's almost stupid folks you know it can't get any simpler than that and humanity is proven we still can't grasp but we still can't understand it and we want The Associated suffering and death that's going to come with refusing to live according to that basic rule so you know it it it becomes a burden to keep having to get up and say repeatedly over and over things that which I already know and have come to understand that's what the great work is unfortunately everybody has to get it we got to get on the same page when it comes to that basic way of treating each other you know then we can be different in lots of other ways but until we have that common sense lay down as the foundation in all of our minds and hearts don't expect anything to change for the better here let's see if we could get a couple more calls and let's hear from Dan in Washington dan you're live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show I'm mark I with respect for the integrity of all of your efforts I I just wanted to try and provide a little bit of objective input and experience concerning your sighting today sure immediately upon hearing the you know the beginning of your claim I did some web search and the only augmentation that I can offer it comes from Stanford study of bird migration from Stanford University they quantified it with you know with data gathering the evidently words have greater lung capacities and mammals and there it comes down to energy and efficiency when they're in the migratory process my experience I'm not I I don't have any hornoff illogical background however I lived 20 years under the Pacific Flyway and in a very pristine part of Washington State and had opportunities to see patterns on countless times of what I saw and I I'm getting just a tiny bit ahead of myself first of all they saying I was not there so we only the only aspect the only argument that I can't that I don't know how to address is before aspect that you brought up but hopefully I might be able to provide you know insight we have very limited because we're coming down to the end of the show let me ask you a question well very well let me ask you a question what I would like an explanation for is how did four groupings of these objects suddenly appear over the heads of multiple eyewitnesses who were looking up at the sky that's the only question I really want answered personally I mean you know no one has been able to even touch that question or provide any kind of an explanation for that all of us scanning the sky for minutes were unable to see any part of their approach now to me you can't blame sun angle on that and you can't say you just have all untrained eye witnesses you know I've been looking into the sky since I was five years old you know what can make that happen I think that's a good place to end the show folks you know on a question that leaves a little bit of doubt and wonder that's a good place to take us into the next year I think that's all the time we have for this edition of what on earth is happening ladies and gentlemen remember there are only two mistakes you can make on the path to truth not starting and not going all the way we'll see you right here next year good night everyone [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]